Selena Gomez

Nick Jonas has a lot of regrets, namely hurting his ex girlfriend Selena Gomez. When he saves her one night from being assaulted he thinks this is second chance. But she's carrying around a lot of dark secrets...secrets that could prevent this possible second chance from happening. Will their love conquer it all or will it all fall apart once again?



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From the beginning of their friendship, they were two peas in a pod.


Always around one another, nothing could break the bond of Nicholas and Melissa. 


Even when the Jonas Brothers career started, thrived, and then ended... they were always together.


Follow along with the love story of a curly headed male, and the cutest brunette girl, through all of the firsts, the lasts, and the rollercoaster ride that life is. 




{or the one story where Nick Jonas falls in love with a fictional character who was his best friend through out his whole life, and realizes that she was always the one.}



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