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Reviewer: mandyLOVESjobros Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 06/18/2020 04:05 AM Title: Chapter 1

Yoooooooooo! I feel extra excited and sneaky that I found this before K actually told me about it. ;)

I can't believe I'm reading something of yours! What a freaking thrill! And it's so good! I'm so happy that you're delving in to this because I know it'll be awesome for not only you, but the rest of us readers too! Writing is thrilling and I'm only just remembering that. JBFA is actually powerful haha

Nick shakes his head, probably assuming that Ty would completely miss it and fall flat on his face upon exiting the kitchen. Which... wasn't Rose's plan at all, she would swear.

Tyler seems so sweet lol I think he's going to be a great cause of comical relief in this! Though, Rose has her own thing going for sure! I like her. 

God, Elle is such a damn saint sometimes

Elle does seem like such a saint! And although Rose may be frustrated with the arrangement that was Elle's idea, I can so tell that she loves this girl. She obviously can't help but to love her because it sounds like she's always got Rose's best interests at heart.

Tyler wasn't in a semi-committed relationship, so he didn't get sex on a regular basis anyway. (Except when he did, of course, slut that he was.) Him agreeing to the whole affair wasn't that shocking.

I can't believe Tyler agreed to join in! Yay for group effort! haha

Rose thinks about moving in to kiss him out of a last-ditch attempt at breaking his breakup, but she startles at a nearby, "oh fuck!" from Tyler before their ears are met with a crashing noise and more cussing.

This moment was so sweet. It's freaking chapter 1 and I kinda wanted to smush Nick and Rose's faces together already haha. 

And then there's Tyler slipping on the coat. What'd I say?! Comical relief and with perfect timing too! lol

Well! I enjoyed reading your writing so much!! I'd like to welcome you to the writing side of it (not that I'm really that much of a qualified person to do that) and it congratulate you!

Can't wait to see what's in store for these characters!



Reviewer: ebarrett617 Signed [Report This]
Date: 06/17/2020 01:06 AM Title: Chapter 1

This is so good!!! I can't wait to read more!

Reviewer: tokyoNova Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 06/16/2020 03:04 PM Title: Chapter 1

BRUH, I literally had to refrain from just outright starting this with A************T!! But I did refrain, bc I want you to keep your anonymity, if that's what you want.

"Persistence was strong in Rose from birth though, so she actually says, "sigh," dragging out the vowel dramatically. / She sees the corners of his lips quirk up" <-- MY GRIN. I love this little detail/exchange.

They move slower across the page now which means she has been given unspoken permission to break his attention away from the book. <-- And then this? I mean, COME ON. *applauds*

MOTHERFUCKER. I just read what she said next and I wanna quote that too. It's so good, A. Really. 

"Dick, please, a shopping spree I could have handled. This wasn't that; this was a rampage." <-- I die. XD

"I mean, you should have seen her pick up every item in the store and try on each like twenty times over before deciding that her soon-to-be betrothed would like her better naked anyway." <-- *spits coffee* The way you worded this, fuck, lmfao.

"Why must you make our no-sex-because-we-just-want-to-be-friends policy so difficult to uphold?" Nick shakes his head like it's some great mystery instead of Rose just being a bitch after spending the entire day listening to Elle gush about Joe. <-- And cue the record scratching bc WAIT WHAT?? Up until this point, I had assumed Elle and NICK were together. Was that intentional, or did I just read that entirely wrong? LIKE...I mean...what? Hahaha.

I'm so genuinely thrilled now at this change in dynamic between Rose/Nick, but I am also so genuinely like, stunned. Bc of the above. 

Nick and Rose had been sleeping together on and off for about a year. In that time, Nick dated one girl, who dumped him as soon as he revealed what transpired between the friends, and Rose had been out on a date only twice. Joe thinks that there's deeply emotional feelings that Rose and Nick won't admit, and Elle thinks they're both just lazy and like the convenience. But they do both agree that it wasn't healthy and needed to stop. <-- Fuck, I quoted a novel, but. FUCK. This is so good, and smart, and well written? But also, the bolded part of that quote especially is my fave and made me laugh at loud bc, like...kind of same? *cringes*

And if Elle knew how to command, then Joe knew how to persuade. Elle made the bold statement, but Joe was the one who managed to convince them all to embark on this <-- Need I even at this point?

Three more months of Rose asking Joe if oral counted, only to always receive a "yes" in response. <-- I just laughed so. fucking. hard. A****! I'M DYING. This from you is everything I never knew I needed.

Breakfast, schmeakfast. <-- I snorted when I read this. Solely for the reason bc I thought of you, (not Rose,) reading this. You and your hard boiled egg and handful of almonds...

I love how the jacket did end up coming back around. And I appreciate this line: "Which... wasn't Rose's plan at all, she would swear" even more.

I am already enthralled by this story, A. And I can't believe you kept a secret all this time! I CAN NEVER KEEP THESE SORTS OF THINGS SECRET. But if you can't tell from my enthusiasm, I'm kinda low-key thrilled you did, bc this is so fun for me!

I love you. I'm so proud of you. <3

- K

PS. It was this line: "It's a story about love and friendship and how the two mix and clash and shift and last" that give it away. (And also your play on the lyrics, bc that is such a you thing.) ;)

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