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Reviewer: chrysanthemums Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 08/16/2020 03:29 AM Title: Six.

Christmas with the Jonases, a dream indeed! Omg Denise that Nick is crushing on Courtney, too funny! Sigh... Joe and Courtney are so cute... I'm sure their Christmas will definitely get even better. More soon please!

Reviewer: chrysanthemums Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 08/16/2020 03:21 AM Title: Five

Ugh poor Courtney... and fucking Mattie, what an asshole! She really does deserve some more like Joe! Could they just get on with it already?! :P Another great chapter!

Reviewer: tokyoNova Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 07/30/2020 07:46 PM Title: Four

 “I had sex in the park yesterday morning,” Nick said casually, breaking the awkward silence. ← I legitimately laughed out loud. Joe and Courtney’s reactions proceeded to make me laugh even harder bc HOLY SHIT were they the perfect way to respond. Just picturing Nick as the one to say this? I can’t.

"How does a Jonas Brother manage to have sex in the middle of park, in broad daylight?" / "If you keep hanging around us a little longer, you might just find out," ← OH SHIT. I don’t think I realized/remembered that they were actually famous in this? And then, again, Nick. JFC. He’s on a roll! I really like this saucy version of him, lol.

And then Denise scolding him for being hungover and passed out on the couch? Knowing he’s the mama’s boy makes me giggle even more. So scandalous, Nicholas. I’d love for this to be what he was really like.

When Joe was having his little heart-to-heart with Denise and he told her that he was cheated on, my heart. POOR BB. (I genuinely wonder how she’d react in real life? Like, obviously she’d be consolatory, but I kinda wonder how she’d be if ever she encountered the girl? Like, if she’d be the vengeful mother and say something, or just handle it with ‘grace’?)

 Joe had knocked on every apartment door on the ninth floor, hoping to find Courtney easily.!!! I have two things to say about this. One, that’s so endearing, and like, the commitment! I mean, obviously he’s still heartbroken and grieving his failed relationship (even if he’s better off without it) but the fact that he likes Courtney enough to track her down like that? Be still my heart. 

Second, CAN YOU IMAGINE JOE JONAS CASUALLY JUST KNOCKING ON YOUR DOOR? Jesus, I’d probably shit my pants, lmfao. (Okay, back to being “lady-like”).

Obviously there’s chemistry here, but my god, I just want them together already!

(On to read your new story! Glad I get to read more of your work! <3)

- K

Reviewer: chrysanthemums Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 07/23/2020 02:45 AM Title: Four

Bahahaha oh Nick, what a way to break the silence! 

And ugh Joe crying while his mom held him... that broke my heart. 

Amazing as always! Can't wait for more Joe and Courtney!

Reviewer: Leopaula Signed [Report This]
Date: 07/22/2020 03:37 PM Title: Four

I so love this story, it’s got both dark and light and your story telling is so smooth, keep up the good work, can’t wait for the next chapter! :))

Reviewer: chrysanthemums Signed [Report This]
Date: 07/18/2020 11:50 PM Title: Three.

Omg I forgot about this! Both of their significant others cheating on them, with each other! Crazy! But more soon, Ais! So good!

Author's Response:

Thanks a million! :)

Reviewer: tokyoNova Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 07/16/2020 09:34 PM Title: Three.

This chapter. Holy shit. I'mma just jump into the review:

Nick and Courtney both came to a halt outside the door while Joe fished the key out of his pocket. ← When I tell you that I cackled. I didn’t even think about him still having her key!! And then him leaving her a note where he wished her well (albeit, it was a backhanded letter haha) but still! Even when he’s being “bad” he’s still a good guy. JFC. 

 He followed Nick and Courtney out of the apartment, releasing the breath he had been holding as he shut the door on the life he had once shared with her. ← This was so good! So poetic and pretty!

Joe ran too, albeit slower, seeing as he was known to trip on flat surfaces, ← Aisling, I CANT. The paragraph before this had me holding my breath, and then I got to this line and I barked out a laugh. We love us a clumsy King. XD

 Joe and Nick quickly put two and two together. /  Nick growled alongside Joe, who swore ‘Fuck no,” ← ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!?!?!?!?! I did not see that coming. Holy shit. And then this one:  “We’re leaving,” Joe stated loudly, while Nick grabbed Courtney’s hand. / “Don’t let him see you cry,” he whispered in her ear, while he squeezed her hand gently. ← THE BEST TRIO. I WILL GO DOWN WITH THIS SHIP!!! How dare you abuse my emotions like that, Aisling!!

As much as it blows that both Joe and Courtney were fucked over by the same fuckers, I’mma say it again. IT’S A SIGN. They’re obvs meant for each other.

No words were exchanged between them, there was no need, because in their hour of darkness, they were there to comfort each other. Nobody else could truly understand the heartache they felt.*clutches heart*

Jesus. Your ability to screw with my heart in little more than 1k words just...sighhh. You’re so talented.


That’s all.

- K

Author's Response:

Your reviews are out of this world!! I love them!! 

I'm such a Joe girl, definitely always the good guy in my books haha.

We absolutely love us a clumsy King, it's the best haha.

I'm soooo glad that you love this trio!! I've loved revisiting them!

Thank you sooo much!! You're the best!

Reviewer: tokyoNova Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 07/16/2020 08:58 PM Title: Two.

Woof. That scene with Joe as soon as he got into his car? My heart. POOR BB. For as much as that hurt though, the immediate scene after, with him calling Nick? AGAIN, my heart. But for good reasons. I kind of imagine their relationship actually being a lot like this in real life, and that just wrecks me in the best way lmfao.

(I’ve also been watching a lot of Kingdom lately, so seeing Nick being all brotherly and shit is just...sigh. I’m such a sucker.)

I said it in the last review, I’ll say it again: Angelina is a mother-effing dipshit. The fact that he had a picture of her sitting on the side table, and that it was the first thing he saw when he walked in?? I’ve got my lower lip out and everything, bc BB is such a good boyfriend. (Low-key kind of wish I’d thought to throw away my sheets and stuff when I got cheated on.)

 “I was just going to bring a six pack,” Nick mumbled, “But it sounded like you needed more than that.” ← JFC. Refer to the above comments. MY HEART.

Nick followed suit and together they hurled the bags unceremoniously across the room, laughing in satisfaction when they heard the contents shatter. ← Picturing them drunk and doing this is legitimately making me LOL.

 “We have got to stop meeting like this,” she laughed, reaching out to stabilise the teetering boxes, causing Joe to snicker slightly at her cheesy joke. ← I ALREADY SHIP THEM SO HARD. But also, if them literally running into one another wasn’t a sign, idfk what is.

The alcohol had lowered his inhibitions and he had spilled his guts out to Courtney, who listened graciously and offered profanities where necessary. /  “Despicable,” she muttered, “What a dickhead,” ← For real. A girl after my own heart. What a champ lmao.

I love your Jick bromance. I love Courtney.

Yet another wonderful chapter, Aisling! <3


- K

Author's Response:

Oh my god your reviews are everything!!!

I aboloutely love Joe and Nick's relationship, and I imagine them to be a lot like this in real life. But who knows hahaha

Aaaaahhhh, so glad you ship Joe and Courtney, I think she's definitely my favourite character I've written. I've had a lot of fun re-reading all about my previous characters lately.

Thank you so much for reading and thank you for the kickass review!! You're amazing!!


Reviewer: luckystars Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 07/16/2020 05:49 PM Title: Three.

Boys suck. Throw rocks at them. 

I just hope no one wound up with alcohol poisoning. 

Also - did I say drunk ideas are the best bad ideas?! Admittedly, better to have found out now...but like, finding out while drunk. Ugh.

Like I said, boys suck. Throw rocks at them.

Author's Response:

Boys undoubtedly do suck! They could do with having some rocks thrown at them!

I agree, finding out while drunk is a pretty sobering experience.

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!

Reviewer: luckystars Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 07/16/2020 05:44 PM Title: Two.

...oh boy. drunk ideas are the best bad ideas ever. 

I'm guessing Joe isn't Joe in this? (by that I mean famous) Cause he didn't accuse Courtney of stalking...nor did she blink, even a little bit, at his existence.

Author's Response:

Drunk ideas are defintely the best bad ideas and I have had quite a few of them myself.

Joe is famous in this, it's referenced in the next chapter actually. Their first interactions have happened under frazzled circumstances so when the dust settles, Courtney sees Joe clearly for the first time.

Reviewer: luckystars Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 07/16/2020 05:38 PM Title: One.

"Who the hell cheats on Joe Jonas?"

...I was thinking, "who the hell gives a dude a key to the apartment...and then cheats on him in said apartment?" Like, you actually want to get caught don't you? Geez.

Interesting beginning. Bitter Angry Joe is kind of hot. Can't even lie. 

Author's Response:

Angelina definitely left herself open to being caught, she didn't even try very hard. At all!!

Bitter Angry Joe is definitely kind of hot... 

Thanks for reading and reviewing

Reviewer: chrysanthemums Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 07/12/2020 09:35 PM Title: Two.

Love Courtney!! She's amazing! 

And nothing more entertaining than drunken Joe and Nick, combined with their brotherly love. 

So good Ais! Keep the chapters coming!

Author's Response:

Thanks Chrystal, glad you still like it after all these years hahaha

Reviewer: tokyoNova Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 07/08/2020 04:02 PM Title: One.


I remember seeing your banner on the last JBFA, but I don't think I ever read this story?? Now I'm facepalming so hard bc damn, have I been missing out!! What an intro!

Joe was such an unbelievably thoughtful boyfriend, like why on earth would you jeopardize that relationship? Angelina is a mother-effing dipshit.

Your attention to detail and the voice you have when you write are so immersive. I adore it! This line is the perfect example: Joe slotted the key into the lock and jiggled it, until he heard it click. He hummed a random melody to himself as he walked into the messy apartment. <-- I feel like your word choice and minor details make your voice so distinct, and it's just. so. smart.

At first he thought it was an intruder, but the sound of a loud moan caused his heart to stop, and all the blood to drain from his face as his brain slowly registered what was happening. <-- Such a suckerpunch. Jfc. As soon as I read this I was audibly going, "nooooooo".

This man was fucking his girlfriend, his hands on her hips, urging her to go faster, resting on the exact same place as Joe's hands had rested the night before. When Angelina threw her head back in ecstasy, signalling that she was close to her spine-tingling orgasm, Joe suddenly saw red.  <-- Again, the power of your details. Holy shit. This made me almost sick to my stomach. (Also kind of cackling bc this review is pretty much just me copy/pasting your story back to you haha).

When Angelina had the nerve to say, "please don't hurt him". Bitch. Are you kidding me. Your priorities! NUH-UH. And then her proceeding with the, "Joe, wait". Like what could you have possibly said to him in that moment? 

Also, Joe could've done a lot worse than the eggs, and I would've found him wholly justified. Just sayin'.

"Fuck," the girl swore, "My heart," she yelped as she dropped to her knees, trying to desperately push the splintered ceramic remains together. Joe laughed darkly at the irony of the situation. <-- I love this. How fucking clever!

I'm genuinely amazed at the intensity of the rollercoaster of emotions you managed in like, a thousand words. *bows in reverence* You've got me crazy invested already. I can't wait to meet this new character/love interest!!

Bravo, my dear, bravo!

- K

Author's Response:

Karissa!!! You have no idea how much you just made me smile!! This review is intense! I'm so glad you liked it! I wrote this so long ago, but I got all sorts of emotional as I re-read it recently!

Thank you so much for all your kind words, I really hope that the next chapters are just as good!

You're the best! Thank you!

Reviewer: chrysanthemums Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 07/07/2020 10:38 PM Title: One.

Aaahh!! I had forgotten how good this was! So excited to reread! 

Ugh I really do hate Angelina. What a stupid girl! But on the flip side... I do love an angry Joe... 

Can't wait to read more!

Author's Response:

I mean, who doesn't love an angry Joe! 

Thank you so much for reviewing, as always!

Reviewer: JGee Signed [Report This]
Date: 07/07/2020 09:13 PM Title: One.

Angelina is the worst!! I can't wait for more

Author's Response:

She is the worst! Thank you so much for reviewing!

Reviewer: Leopaula Signed [Report This]
Date: 07/07/2020 05:54 PM Title: One.

Omg, this is soo good! Poor Joe! I’m dying to know where this is going? Will he turn into a badass? Or will someone rescue him? Keep the chapters coming please! :))

Author's Response:

Awh thank you! I orginally posted this in 2011/2012 I think and it's fully complete so I should be able to post updates regularly.

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