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Hello everyone! Back in the day I posted on Mibba, I didn't even know this site existed back then! I'm going to be posting my "When" series that was popular on Mibba. I posted the first chapter of the first story on September 14, 2009. Wow. I know. My username on Mibba at the end was all.this.time;; (shoutout to all the Fastlife fans!) so if you recognize me or my story, please let me know!

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World I Never Knew by JonasLuvr425 Rated: pg-13 [Reviews - 9] New!

         Angela Matthews grew up being told she was beautiful by everyone. She was given anything and everything she ever wanted, completely spoiled. Guys wanted to be with her and girls wanted to be her. When her parents died in a car crash when she was eighteen, she wanted to prove she could live alone and take care of herself. One day, while cleaning, she knocked a lit candle over, causing a large fire to erupt in the house. While trying to escape, Angela caught fire and received terrible third degree burns on the left side of her body.

         Thankfully, Angela survived. She had a tough few months in the beginning, trying to cope with her new body. It was hard to move at first, even speak. The first time she looked in a mirror, she cried and smashed it. She thought she was hideous.

         Upon her return home after months of rehab, she found things still in disarray and damaged from the fire. She didn’t seem to care. Her house was far enough away from anyone else to be seen. She stopped answering the door when visitors came because they all acted awkward around her. No boys were vying for her attention anymore. Girls seemed happier without boys looking for Angela’s attention.

         It was then that Angela believed she would never be loved. She became cold. Bitter. She locked her doors and didn’t let anyone come in. She was a recluse and a shut-in. People soon became frightened of her. She had inherited everything when her parents died, and it was a LOT between what they had and what had been inherited from her grandparents.

         Now, at twenty-five years old, Angela has yet to find love. She truly believes she will be a lonely old hag. One day, when an unsuspecting young man knocks on her door looking for shelter, things start to change. In the modern retelling of the Disney classic, Beauty and the Beast, she learns of inner beauty and is shown a world she never knew before.

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Characters: Danielle Jonas, Denise Jonas, Frankie Jonas, Joe Jonas, Kevin Jonas, Nick Jonas, O/c Character, Paul Jonas
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The next five months following William’s death were difficult for everyone. Faith’s stomach grew larger with every passing day, as did the worry as to whether or not it was Joe’s child she was carrying. Meg had permanently moved in with Faith and Joe, who had finally moved into their own home together. Lizzy was finished up her senior year and was spending her summer in Texas with Faith and her mother before going off to college.


Kevin and Danielle have still been trying to get pregnant without any luck. Frankie was getting ready to start his junior year of high school. And Nick... had kept his distance from the family.  He moved back into the house he had lived in with Faith and he and Charlotte officially started a relationship. Needless to say, Joe and Charlotte haven’t talked, let alone had any interaction, since William’s funeral.


With Nick out of the picture for now, things were close to perfect for Faith and Joe. The only thing that bothered them was the fifty percent chance that Nick was the baby’s father, and that would just create even more problems. With only about two months left to go in the pregnancy, Faith is just about ready for the baby and she knows that Joe will be right by her side. She’s just worried about what will happen if Nick is the father and whether or not he’ll actually be there. Her world will either fall apart or be completely stable. And that thought scares her to death.

Categories: Jonas Brothers
Characters: Danielle Jonas, Denise Jonas, Frankie Jonas, Joe Jonas, Kevin Jonas, Nick Jonas, O/c Character, Paul Jonas
Series: The 'When' Series
Chapters: 22 Table of Contents
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“I’m in love with Faith. I’ve loved her since the day I met her. I knew she was the one but… Nick got to her first.”




“But, it’s not like we have to build up for anything. We have a house. We have money. We have a great family to support and help us.”


“Faith. I’m just not ready to be a Dad yet, okay? Can we drop it?”






“I can’t wait to be a Dad.”


“You will be.”




“When you find the right girl.”


“What if I already found her?”


“Then… you should go and get her.”




“I knew it! You can’t go less than twenty-four hours without calling someone about the stupid record.”


“Faith, this is my job!”


“And I’m your wife, Nicholas. Think about that next time you say anything to me about your job.”




“Faith… do you love Nick?”


“Joe… of course I do. You know that.”





“Has Faith’s husband… his name is escaping me… has he been around lately? She hasn’t mentioned him in a while.”


“His name’s Nick. Uh yeah… of course he’s around. He’s just super busy working on his new album.”


“She did mention he has been working a lot. The few times she does talk about him, she changes the subject.”


“To anything in particular?”


“You, mainly. About your job and how funny you are and how you can cheer her up… When she talks about you, I can see the happiness in her eyes. That happiness is gone when she talks about Nick.”






“You want me to just spontaneously kiss my sister-in-law.”


“It could go one of three ways. One, she could end any kind of relationship with you. Two, she could pretend that nothing like that ever happened and try to keep your relationship as it is now. Or three, she could leave Nick, for you….It’s your decision, Joe. How big of a risk are you willing to take?”





“Nick, it’s me. I’ve been at the restaurant for about half an hour now and you’re still not here. I don’t know if you’re stuck in traffic or what, but if you could call me that would be great. Call me. Bye.”





Those were the thoughts… the memories… that ran through their minds as his rough hands slid up her body. His fingers grazed over her bra as he pulled her dress down. Their breaths came in pants as they made their way to the bedroom, a trail of clothes leading down the hallway. The sensation of the friction between them was like nothing either of them had ever felt before. It felt real. It felt right.

Categories: Jonas Brothers, Jonas Brothers > Romance
Characters: Danielle Jonas, Denise Jonas, Frankie Jonas, Joe Jonas, Kevin Jonas, Nick Jonas, O/c Character, Paul Jonas
Series: The 'When' Series
Chapters: 20 Table of Contents
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It was the happiest day of Faith Dugray’s life. Her wedding day to the man she had been dating for the past three years: Nick Jonas.




The entire room burst into applause as the newlywed couple entered the venue. The two walked in, arms linked, smiles bright as they made their way to the dance floor. A song started playing that the two had mutually decided on and their bodies started flowing across the floor.




At one point, Nick pulled his wife close to his body and she rested her chin on his shoulder, her eyes closed.




“I love you,” he whispered into her hair. His breath was warm on her ear and she smiled. She breathed in and opened her eyes.




Her gaze instantly locked with those of a man who could make her heart flutter faster than her husband. A man who she was seemingly infatuated with but couldn’t… wouldn’t… betray her husband for. A man who, if she for some reason ever truly wanted, would break the heart of her husband in more ways than one… because it was his brother.




Joe turned his eyes away from the girl he was in love with who was now his sister-in-law and Faith sucked in a deep breath.




“I love you too,” she whispered, turning her head to kiss Nick’s neck.




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Categories: Jonas Brothers, Jonas Brothers > Romance
Characters: Danielle Jonas, Denise Jonas, Frankie Jonas, Joe Jonas, Kevin Jonas, Nick Jonas, O/c Character, Paul Jonas
Series: The 'When' Series
Chapters: 23 Table of Contents
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