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Hello and welcome to all! We are so glad to welcome you back to the relaunch of JBFA 2.0. We hope you feel the nostalgia of the stories posted and enjoy all the amazing new works of art! Welcome back.
Site News


Wow. This is extremely surreal. First and foremost I want to say WELCOME BACK

Before we begin this I want to give a huge shout out and have everyone thank our amazing site owner THERESA and our site tech KALI for making this all possible. They both have put in so much work even while dealing with their own personal lives just so that we could have our site back. They could have just said no, thats enough. It's gone. But they didn't. They did everything they could to bring it back and for that we should all be so thankful. 


In January of 2019 we got the news that our previous hosts had (without care) completely wiped our whole site out. It was absolutely heartbreaking. I can only speak for myself but JBFA wasn't just a silly little fanfiction website for a boyband, it was my whole teen life and more and I know that alot of you reading this now truly felt the same. We created stories, used our imaginations, and put out amazing work for thousands of likeminded people to read and experience. We made friendships that have lasted and will last for the rest of our lives. We supported one another through reviews on stories, twitter, facebook, etc... JBFA was therapy for many, many people and I know that even though the traffic on the site had slowed everyone was blindsided when it just vanished. 

But we weren't going to just accept that. 

And now here we are. 

Theresa, Kali, and myself have been making plans for the last year to try and rectify the situation we were handed. We couldn't let this be the end of JBFA. It was and is too important to many of you. Two months after we found out that JBFA had been deleted the boys announced their return and that just pushed us even more.

I know that a lot of you were hoping for all of the old content to still be on the site, but unfortuantely we just werent able to make that happen (though Kali searched high and low for a back up of the content). To be honest though, a fresh start may be good for us. While we may not have all of our favorite stories available to read, there will be many stories reposted by our old favorites and there are going to be a ton of new stories for everyone to read. It will be less cluttered and less unfinished stories to wade through so hopefully it'll be a little more accessable. 

For anyone that may have lost their story previously I do want to mention that we have a DropBox account full of stories that people have saved to their computers before we closed. While we don't have all of the stories there may be a chance that we DO have yours so PLEASE feel free to email us to find out. In the same regaurd, if you yourself have stories saved to your computer also please email us so that we can add them to the drop box, we want nothing more than to have people retrieve their stories that have been lost in the deletion of the old site. 

Some of you I'm sure will be wondering what kind of things outside of the stories will be happening on the site that we had previously and I can tell you that EVERYTHING PREVIOUSLY ON THE SITE WILL BE BACK. Features stories, challenges, games, awards. It'll all be happening just as before. The first one being a challenge. 


We are going to use the current world situation for inspiration this month. We want to hear about how the Jonas' have been spending their quarantine. Are they fighting? Playing pranks? Falling in love with their neighbors through the window? You tell us... Use those amazing minds and create something wonderful. 

The rules are as follows:


1st Place - Your choice of 1 item off the Jonas Brothers Merch site, featured story for 30 days, front page post, twitter reccomendation. 

2nd Place - Featured story for 30 days, front page post, twitter reccomention.

3rd Place - Twitter recommendation 


I MENTIONED SOMETHING REALLY IMPORTANT ON TWITTER BUT I KNOW THAT NOT EVERYONE HERE FOLLOWS US SO I WANT TO SAY IT AGAIN: Before the old site was shut down things had died down a little bit. I know that there was a major lack in reviewing/commenting which in turn caused a lot of writers to slow down with their writing. It gave them less of a drive because they felt as though their work wasnt being recieved or liked. So in the wake of the new site I want to bring it back to how it was in the beginning. If you read, please review. Let that author know that you liked their work. It doesn't have to be a long winded book review but even just a "Great chapter" is something. It brings the moral up and shows that our community is here to support one another and boost eachother up!

The next thing I want to address is that some of you may notice there are some stories that are already posted on the site. We decided that before we opened we wanted to have at least something to start off with so we created an account (the archive) to post stories from before the site had gone down. This was a HUGE task so I reached out on twitter and some wonderful ladies offered to help me out with this! I would like to acknowlege them and thank them for helping upload which pushed the opening of the site to come quicker. So thank you @Nanii2437 @brittditto @Jonarmyprobs @skeleton__girl @_kelseyharris @azaccardox3 @nickjninja and @biisolaa You ladies are absolutely wonderful and I couldn't be more thankful for your help.

ALSO - if one of your stories is posted on this account and you would like it to either be removed or just to post it yourself, please email me and I will do so!

Another special persion I want to thank is @devotedtonickj on twitter who singlehandedly has been promoting our site every single day in anticipation of the opening. She has sent out tweets to not only those in the JONAS fandom but also other sites, trying to bring more amazing talent to our site. So THANK YOU. You are amazing. 

Now, im sure you all are sick of me rambling on.. but I just wanted to say one more thing. I really hope that this new site can be just as important to you as the old site was and if you weren't on the site before I want you to feel welcome and creative. This site has and always will be more than just a fanfic site or a fandom site. We're a family. So welcome or welcome back and I can't wait to see all the incredble work you guys create. 

If you see something wrong on the site or need ANYTHING please don't hesitate to get in contact with me



--Courtney on 05/22/2020 10:14 AM