I stood silently as tears fell down my face, pretending to be overwhelmed by the joyous occasion when the truth was there was nothing joyous about this day. I bit down on my lip resisting the urge to stop this. I could feel the words forming on my lips. Don’t do it Nick! I love you! I laughed internally. After 14 years I hadn’t had the balls to say it, but I would choose today of all days to let him know how I feel. Yeah right!



Categories: Jonas Brothers, Original Fiction, Misc. Fan Fiction, Nick Jonas & The Administration > Family, Misc. Fan Fiction > Romance
Characters: Nick Jonas, O/c Character
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Ana is a successful actress in Spain. She has it all, so why is she hiding out in Joe and Sophie's LA house? 

Is Nick really ready for what hurricane Ana is about to do to his life? 

Or will it all end in tears? 

All that is certain is that there will definitely be a lot of drama along the way. 

This is definitely not your typical love story!

Categories: Jonas Brothers, Jonas Brothers > Crime, Nick Jonas & The Administration > Family, Jonas Brothers > Mystery, Jonas Brothers > Romance
Characters: Danielle Jonas, Joe Jonas, Kevin Jonas, Nick Jonas, O/c Character, Sophie Turner
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