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Reviewer: theOGjoehoe Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 08/10/2020 04:58 AM Title: THE AWAKENING

It is so good! Plz update soon(: 

Reviewer: theOGjoehoe Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 07/17/2020 12:44 AM Title: THE AKWARDNESS

This work is one of the best fics out there! Hope an update comes soon(: 

Reviewer: sofiesaysrawr Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 06/19/2020 11:20 AM Title: THE AWAKENING

Jesus how cold can someone be? I mean I get that this isn't an ideal situation but dear lord, Joe was so... wow. Kind of an ass? But like a sexy ass hahahah

I am so curious to see how this moves forward! Can't believe I waited this long to strat reading this.

Great start, Jay! 

PS I would so DIE is Joe walked out of the batrhoom in just a towel, hair all wet and just gaaahhhhh 

Reviewer: lisavslisa Signed [Report This]
Date: 06/15/2020 09:47 AM Title: THE AKWARDNESS

"you didn’t know I was in the shower. Mine was occupied" - I was wondering why he was in Joe's shower!

"You can’t think that you can be part of all my life  just overnight” - WTF JOE???

'So the jerk can fuck off until he makes up his mind.' - Exactly how I'd feel too.

“Are you going to stay mad at me for how long?” - YOU DESERVE IT.

“I think we have time enough time to play for a little” he flirted. - Wow, he is bipolar, isn't he? His moods change so fast, it's giving me whiplash!

I like that she actually wants to talk it out like adults, instead if bottling it up. I wish Joe had the chance to do the same, but I'm not sure he would have.

John can go straight to hell, I swear.

I'm glad they are talking - like adults! Both of them. I'm proud.

"start teaching me playing with these balls" - lol, my mind went really dirty with that line! Hahahha.

OHMYGOD, she needs to stop walking in on Nick. LOL. And oh god, Joe caught her this time!


Reviewer: lisavslisa Signed [Report This]
Date: 06/15/2020 09:33 AM Title: THE TRIP

“So why would you say all that? To play me?” - BOY, YOU BETTER NOT BE.

“He’s in Five seconds of summer” I corrected Joe. - LOL

“My God! You’re the worst adviser ever. Please never get a job as a counselor” - Hahaha. Silent, Nick. He's more of a listener. Haha.

“Ta da! That’s my advice” - Good advice, Nick. :)

“See you at home” - Ooh, shits getting real.

'I felt kind of weird sharing bed with him, since the two only times that we did, we were both drunk.' - Sober sex??? No? Damn.



Reviewer: lisavslisa Signed [Report This]
Date: 06/15/2020 09:10 AM Title: THE AWAKENING II

“Chris, what are you doing here? How did you even get here? You can’t be here” - OH GOD, who is he? Tell me she doesn't have a boyfriend! Okay, he's the ex. Whew!

OHMYFUCKINGGOD! CHRIS WOOD IS SO HOT. Like if he's the actor... mmm... drool.

'I swear I wanted to eat his freaking mouth right there.' - SAME. Every time I see him! lol

Listen, Joe needs to tone down the jealousy. Haha. Although, I like that he kind of likes her, but he's the one acting like a psycho now. Haha.

"You married a pop child star” - LMFAO

“Last night we weren’t friends, were we Lucy?” - No, you certainly weren't.

“Chris, you may want to hide your face, you don’t need to be part of all this” Nick suggested, but instead Chris smiled and showed his hand to the paparazzi. - of course he wants to be seen by the paparazzi to invaliate Lucy and Joe's relationship!

Joe lying on my bed, playing some game on his phone. - AHHH, I totally predicted this in my head!!

"I can't concentrate if you're half naked in front of me" I rolled my eyes. Seriously, Joe? So basic - I laughed out loud!

“He also said that I needed to stop acting like a jealous asshole, because you will get tired of me and then I’ll lose you and I’ll end up crying like a little baby” - SOLID ADVICE. lol

“I am jealous, Lucy. I’m jealous of my brother, I’m jealous of your hot ex, I’m jealous of anybody who looks at you like I look at you, because you make me feel like I’m floating. It’s a feeling that burns every part of me and I can’t control it. I can’t, and I hate everyone who feels the same way that I do, because I –and I don’t want to sound possessive– I want you to be mine and nobody else’s” - NOW HE'S GOT ME FLOATING! He better be sincere!

Reviewer: lisavslisa Signed [Report This]
Date: 06/15/2020 08:44 AM Title: THE FRIENDSHIP

'If you think about it, Joe wasn’t jealous because of me, he was jealous because of Nick.' - This is true and I hate it.

“Legally I can. We’re married, Lucy” - BRO, you still need CONSENT in marriage!

“I know you don’t believe me. But I do know. The way he has treated you these past days, the way he looks at you. Geez, he doesn’t even try to hide it” - I want him to be jealous because he likes her not because Nick metaphorically stole his toy. *ROLL MY EYES*

“I’ll be good to you, I promise” - YOU BETTER!

'His big smile and wet hair was, in some way, making some effect on me that it was impossible for me to take my eyes off him. ' - Cause he's SEXY AF.

“John was the one who told me to get you out” - at least he's being honest with her.

“Because, you’re a great story. I mean, us. You and me." - I KNEW IT.

"Most people want us to have kids already” - I ALMOST CHOKED. LOL.

“She’s not my girlfriend, not anymore. I have a wife, remember?” - WOW. Is he for real? Or is he playing games??


“If you hadn’t put that smile on your face, I would’ve jump on you and hit you as hard as I could” - SAME HERE, GIRL.

“Oh wow. It’s Mrs. Jonas” - It's getting catty up in here!

“You should ask your hubby, he knows it very well” - THOSE ARE FIGHTING WORDS!


“You’re crazy if you think Joe’s defending me." - HE BETTER BE!

“You and I are going to dance” - Get your QUEEN! Yesss!

“She’s coming with her girlfriends, come here” - Hmm, I don't know how I feel about this. Is he really defending her or is he trying to make Sophie jealous?

“I think she left. Wanna continue?” - GET IT!!!

"I like it better when I say wife and your eyes shine” - oooooooooh, giving me goosebumps.

“Gosh, you’re so beautiful” - TRUTH COMES OUT WHEN YOU'RE DRUNK!

Aww, I like his re-telling of the night they met.

“If you kiss me right now, I’ll probably won’t forget it” - he's playing with my emotions! He better not be playing with Lucy's!

'the smile on his face was bigger than his own ego.' - LOL. FACTS.

OMG THEY'RE GONNA DO IT. They're gonna get the jump start on making those kids the people wanted! LOL.

Reviewer: lisavslisa Signed [Report This]
Date: 06/15/2020 08:00 AM Title: THE JEALOUSY

'Joe got into a huge fight.' - I'm gonna give him props for defending his wifey!

'Not many people had the ability to empathize with someone not saying much and Nick was one of those people.' - This definitely seems like Nick. Spot on!

“That’s great! My sister also got her degree in Psychology! Maybe I should introduce you both and you can talk about how fucked up these people are” - L-O-fucking-L

'I like him pissed.' - is she starting to actually like him? I HOPE SO.

I have a picture in my mind of how I want this story to go in my mind and Nick definitely isn't the one Lucy ends up with, so every time he goes after Lucy or is nice to Lucy I'm like "BOY, YOU BETTER NOT!" lol. I need a hate-to-love relationship with Joe and Lucy. Haha. :)

"I was wondering if you wanted to come with me" - cute, he's trying to make peace... hopefully.

“I doubt I have better taste than you, so I don’t think I can help” - okay, I need her to try too! They're very hot and cold. hahaha.

“Please wear your ring” - why do I think this is all for publicity? :(

'Joe got a little bit closer to me while walking, so I knew Joe saw them too.' - yep, publicity... :(

"Your wife is really pretty" "Isn't she?" - BOY, I SWEAR, YOU BETTER STOP PLAYING. He better mean this for real.

"I mean, last night we spent hours in my room talking and I thought that he might have said something or whatever” - I thought Joe might get jealous or something, but NO he had to be a dick.

“An asshole you gladly fucked and married” - BOYYYYYY. I'm gonna reach through this fanfic and smack you!

“Is this why you came here? Because I was hanging with Nick?” - ooooh, he IS getting jealous. LOVE IT.

"You’re mine and I don’t want to share you with my brother” - POSSESSIVE MUCH???


Author's Response:

I also need a hate-love relationship between Joe and Lucy. But they are not easy to handle, you cannot fuck with them, they know their shit.

Reviewer: lisavslisa Signed [Report This]
Date: 06/15/2020 07:19 AM Title: THE PRETENDING

"There's no marriage. Do you see a husband around here?"- Hahahaha. Exactly!

"My beautiful wifey" Took me a second to understand he was pretending. - took me a second to realize he was being a DICK.

"Kiss me" He said in my ear. - hmmmm, I want him to flip his behavior now. I want him to actually want her to kiss him!

'he was so handsome when he drank.' -girrrrrrrrrrlllll, you know

'He got closer so slowly until he rubbed his nose with mine" - this gave me chills. make it good, Joseph!

'With that simple kiss, all displeasure towards him disappeared. Now I was starting to know what I was thinking when I married him.' - careful, girl.

'If I hit the bartender from last night was because he deserved it, he was hitting on me and he wouldn't stop.' - at least she's starting to remember.

"Do. Not. Fucking. Touch. Her" - GO OFF, HUSBAND!!!

Author's Response:

''Do. Not. Fucking. Touch. Her'' that scene was one of my favorite to write, I just imagined him being so protective over Lucy. 

Do youthink Lucy is going to remember that night???? 

Reviewer: lisavslisa Signed [Report This]
Date: 06/15/2020 06:41 AM Title: THE AGREEMENT

My boy Joe better start being nicer!!!

"we give the girl some money and then, end of story." - SMH

“She and I are not toys to play, John. I'm not gonna let her get into this mess” - GOOD BOY!

“Caring about you wife already, Joe?”- his manager is a complete dickhead.

“Dear, you married a pop star, remember?” - condescending asshole.

“I'm his wife, remember?” - PREACH, sis!

"since when you don’t know how to man up?" - Tell him, Nick!

'my first instinct was to hit her so hard in her arm' - LMFAO

'my legs stopped when I saw Joe trying to enter his room with his lips kissing a tall blonde.' - WHAT A MOTHERFUCKER. I am officially MAD at him!



Author's Response:

Tell me that Nick isn't a cutie???? I wish I could marry him in vegas too...


when Joe was kissing that blonde.. arrggg! Even I got mad writing it !! 

Reviewer: lisavslisa Signed [Report This]
Date: 06/15/2020 04:41 AM Title: THE AWAKENING

“Still fangirling, huh?” - LOL. Yes sir.

“Yeah, we got married” - He definitely wouldn't be the worst person to wake up married to. Haha. Sign me up!

'Last night wasn't me marrying that celebrity. That was someone else.' - LOL. Was it? Was it really? Perhaps your drunk alter-ego?

“Direct sources to the singer claim that she had been following him around for days, even weeks” - oh, don't you love the media?? Very good twist with the fan pics of their very short courtship. I wonder how those are going to come back to haunt them later. lol

'You can bet your cute little ass' - hey, at least he's attracted to her, she's got that going for her. :)

I love this so much already. It's totally got Katy Perry 'Waking Up in Vegas' vibes and I love it!!!! <3<3<3



Author's Response:

omg. this is a very detailed review! I loved it ! thank you for reading it!!!! <3<3 <3


Perhaps your drunk alter-ego? that was excatly what happened!!!!! 

trust me, those fans pics are not so far from haunting them !!! 


I actually never heard Waking up in Vegas, but I'm going to listen it like right now. 

Reviewer: laurenelena Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 06/07/2020 02:54 AM Title: THE AKWARDNESS

Love it SO much! I can't wait to see what happens next!

Reviewer: laurenelena Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 06/02/2020 11:06 PM Title: THE TRIP

I love it! Although TBH I'm really starting to like the idea of Lucy and Nick!

Author's Response:

You doo???? that's so cool.... ! I MIGHT put some Lucy and Nick in the next chapters, let's see what happens!!

Thank you for rewiving! I'll be updating soon! xoxo 

Reviewer: flamesontheskin Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 06/01/2020 06:54 AM Title: THE JEALOUSY

Favorite. Vegas. Fanfic.

Author's Response:

I LOVE YOU !!!!! <3

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