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Summary: Anna Hamilton laid in a hospital with men asking her questions about the event. She wasn't willing to answer any until she had spoken to Joe. Little did we know that a goodbye could be so significant...
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Chapter 1 by The archive
Adrenaline; [Joe Jonas] 01
Within room 528 of the Mariner's Hospital, one of only three in the Florida Keys, laid Anna Hamilton. Deep wounds hacked into her body. Broken ribs, fingers, and an arm. A brace hugged her neck firmly. Bruises encompassed nearly her whole body. Her condition was patronage to the onslaught of horrors the last two days had harbored. One of the four men in the room couldn't bring himself to look at her decrepit body. Instead he stared out the window at the calming waves of the ocean. People always found tranquility in the ocean, but Anna would never make that mistake again.
Anna watched as two police officers conversed outside her open door, mumbling with horrified looks on their face. One of them, a tall blonde man whose police cap was tucked under his left arm, gave a fleeting look in the room to steal a glance at her, only to be met with her hurt and confused eyes. He quickly looked away and led the other police officer away from the door. Anna's eyes slid across the men who were actually standing in the room, each in a perfectly tailored navy blue suit. One held a tape recorder, one held a pen poised to start scribbling on his small notepad, and another stood at the head of her bed, his arms crossed against his chest. She let her eyes settle longest on him, since he was the one speaking.
"Miss Hamilton we need your statement. This investigation can't go on without it." The man urged her, never taking his eyes away from the young woman.
Anna looked at the two men who were waiting to record her every word then back at the man who was questioning her, "I want to see Joe."
The four men all looked at each other suddenly, even the one who was acting as if he had seen something particularly spectacular in the ocean. They exchanged some sort of meaningful look before the man with the questions turned back to her, "I'm afraid we'll need your statement before you can see anyone."
"I'm not answering any of your questions until you let me see Joe." Anna replied defiantly as a stout nurse came in clutching a clipboard close to her chest. She didn't say anything as she checked the various machines but didn't write any numbers down like Anna had expected. The woman was still holding tight to her clipboard that she knew her charts were on. She raised an incredulous eyebrow at the woman but it went ignored.
Apparently, the men in the room hadn't noticed anything the nurse was doing and pressed on with their mission, "Anna you're the one that was out there these past two days, we weren't. We don't know what happened, do you? We need you to tell us everything."
"What part of I want to see Joe are you not quite understanding?" Anna was starting to get aggravated now and the beeping on one of the machines she was hooked up to starting to increase in volume and speed.
The nurse's head snapped up to the noisy machine, her eyes flickering over the numbers and her mind computing something. She quickly turned to the men and pointed an accusatory finger at them, "She's fragile, you can't upset her this way. You need to go and come back later."
The men started to object but the one who seemed to be in charge, the one with the one prying question, silenced them and ushered them out of the room, closing the door behind them. Anna let out a sigh, unsuccessful in her request to talk to Joe. She hadn't seen them since… well, since it all ended. She didn't know if he was okay or where he was or anything. No one had even mentioned him to her since she woke up in that bed.
The nurse walked over to the door and closed the blinds over it so no one could see in. Anna's mind raced back to the odd way the nurse had been acting and the beeping started to increase on the machine again when the nurse closed in on her. Eyes full of panic, her mouth started to open to scream for help but the nurse's face suddenly softened and she held a finger to her lips.
"Shhh, sweetheart it's okay." She offered in a warm voice. She finally pulled the clipboard from her chest and set it down on the edge of Anna's bed, "I needed to get them out of here so I could give you this without them seeing."
The nurse took a piece of paper from the clipboard and handed it to her patient. Anna looked down at it and the machine went erratic for a second from the flip her heart did when she saw Joe's handwriting.
"You've seen Joe?" She whispered to the nurse, "Where is he? Is he okay? Do you know why they won't let me see him?"
The nurse soothingly rubbed her hand, "He's in lockdown in the Intensive Care Unit. He's fully conscious and expected to make a complete recovery. He even managed to write this note himself."
Anna gulped and nodded before lowering her eyes to the paper that had Joe's chickenscratch excuse for handwriting. Her eyes skimmed over the words and by the end she had an unsatisfied frown on her face. She huffed to herself before reading it over again to make sure she had understood. Her face twisted up, Joe knew she would do anything that he asked of her but this isn't what she wanted to do. Folding the paper up, she looked at the nurse with a defeated expression, "You can send those men back in now. I'll answer their questions."
The nurse looked a bit surprised but nodded and exited the room. Within a minute the men were back, standing in their same spots as before. Anna raised her gaze to the one with the questions and gave him one simple statement that would unleash all the details of the two days that had led to that moment, "No vacation goes unpunished."
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Adrenaline; [Joe Jonas] 02
You've probably heard of those people who are all work and no play. It's hard to imagine for us laid back folks who want to live every moment of their life to the fullest. Where's the fun in life without any play, right? Well it would probably boggle your mind to know that someone like me, who loves the play part of life, was in a serious relationship with a man like Joe who was all about the work part of life. Maybe we balanced each other out or maybe love trumps everything else in life. Either way I felt like we were made for each other. You might be wondering, hey wait, how can you incorporate your work-obsessed-boyfriend into your play-obsessed-life? Well, I guess that just goes to show how laid back I am. I don't hound him about taking less time at work so he can spend more time with me. It's almost better this way because then I can cherish the time that he does give me. It makes our moments together even more special.
What exactly is this job that he's married to? I mean, it's got to be some fantastic stress-free dream job, right? I don't see the appeal in it but he seems to like it so I support that. He's some sort of a financial analyst for a big corporation in New York City where we live. I'm not entirely sure what that entails but he's really accomplished for his age. He's the youngest one at the company at his level and it's because he is so dedicated to his work. Apparently everyone he works with is all about the work too since everyone's wives were complaining about them never being around at the Christmas party last year.
With most of his time monopolized by work you can probably imagine my thrill when Joe surprised me with a trip for two on a cruise around the Florida Keys. I was actually going to get five full days with Joe all to myself. How he got the time off from work, let alone the self restrain to stay away, I had no idea but I wasn't going to look a gift horse in the mouth. He came home from work one evening with the brochures and tickets in hand, his eyes eager to see my excitement. I was used to him doing little things to show he really cared; stealing kisses when I didn't expect it, bringing me flowers when there was no special occasion, taking me on day trips to the zoo or park or any place I ever mentioned being interested in, calling me just to tell me how much he loved me during the day. This, this was nothing little like that. This was huge. I was shocked.
I was completely ecstatic and spent two weeks shopping, packing, and preparing for the trip. I was so sure that this trip was going to be what really sealed the deal for Joseph and me. We had been dating for almost two years and I was hoping that a proposal was right around the corner. I wouldn't put it past him to plan this big trip just in order to pop the question. Still, I wouldn't get my hopes up. Joe always did have a way of throwing me for a loop right when I thought I knew what was going on.
The flight was smooth, what I thought was sure to be foreshadowing the entire trip. What could possibly go wrong? I should have never thought those words. Those words are as good as the key to Pandora's box.
"That's the boat?!" I gasped as we pulled up to the dock. I had seen cruise ships in movies and sometimes docked at the New York Cruise Terminals but never this close before. I mean this ship, it was huge! I had imagined it would be maybe one football field length but this was more like four end to end.
Joe seemed amused by my excitement at the simple magnitude of the ship itself. We weren't even on board yet and I was already rocking back and forth on my feet eager to explore. He squeezed my hand and looked down at me with a toothy grin, "You're adorable when you get excited, you know that?"
I scrunched up my nose. He was the only person who ever called me adorable and I was never entirely sure that description was accurate. I felt him nudge my side then kiss the top of my head reassuringly. He knew my expressions so well.
As we neared the ramp to board the boat I felt my heart do a flip. An honest to God vacation with my workaholic man, I couldn't believe it! My face lit up as Joe handed over our boarding passes and we were issued small ID cards that would be used for everything on the boat from the gift shop to the bars to scuba rentals. We set our luggage onto one of the huge carts after it was tagged then finally got on the boat.
"Baby thank you so much for this, it's completely unreal!" I squeezed his hand in a vice grip and held onto his arm right above his elbow with my other hand. Apparently to most other people on the ship this was just any other vacation since my giddy attitude was earning some confused looks by the other passengers. Joe ignored them just as much as I did. This vacation was about us. It was our time to spend together and forget about everything back home- including work.
"I figured it was about time we get away." He kissed my temple then looked around, "Do you want to go up to the top deck and watch everyone waving goodbye as we launch?"
"Oh I've always wanted to do that!" I might seem over excited but this was something I had never done before- give me a break.
Joe chuckled the way he always does when he's entertained by me and pulled me up the stairs with him. We squished between a family and an elderly couple and looked over the railing. Good thing neither of us are afraid of heights because the top deck of a cruise ship is way up there.r39; I leaned my head against his chest but jumped when the horn blew announcing our departure. He chuckled again and wrapped both arms around me.
He dipped his head down and whispered in my ear, "Wave goodbye baby."
I leaned completely into his safe arms and waved to the strangers on the dock. This was supposed to be a vacation of sun, relaxation, and love. Little did I know that goodbye was more significant than I'll ever be willing to admit. r39;
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