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Ellie, a sweet little six-year-old girl is very cuddly but has challenges of her own.  When the Jonas family decides to adopt her and have her be one of the family, they don’t realize how hard, but also how amazingly rewarding it is going to be.  Ellie makes the family’s life complete.  Ellie goes from a closet in an orphanage to a house, but not just any house, the Jonas Brothers house.  Little Ellie is in for a shocker for sure once she gets home.


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Chapter 7 by tuckergolden888

Waiting on Life – Chapter 7

          Ellie took the band news a lot better than they thought.  She of course, asked lots of questions and got scared when Kevin was holding the guitar.  Overall, she took the news pretty good though.

          It was really early the next morning when Nick heard a little girls scream come from across the hall.  He woke up startled and ran across the hall to Ellie’s room to find her tossing and turning in her bed crying and screaming.

“Ellie, wake up,” Nick said as he gently woke her up from her nightmare.   When she woke up, she started crying and tried to move away from Nick, she was so scared that he would do something to her.

          “Nicky,” Ellie cried when Nick got her in his arms.  “Scary,” she said with tears dripping down her face.  She was so scared that something was going to happen to her, she didn’t want to go back to the orphanage.

          “Ellie, do you want to tell me what your dream was about?” Nick asked after Ellie stopped crying.  He wanted to know but only if she wanted to tell him what it was about.  “Mr. Larson,” Ellie said as she cowered into Nick some more, as if she was scared that this Mr. Larson was going to take her away from him.

          “What was Mr. Larson doing in the dream,” Nick asked the little girl who was still cowered into his lap scared to death.

          “He was kicking me in the tummy and yelling bad words at me,” Ellie said.  “He did that every night, except for one night and that night was scary.”

Nick was afraid to ask her, but he knew he had to, he couldn’t just let this go and do nothing about it.  “What did he do baby girl,” Nick said using the nickname he and his brothers used with her when she was scared or crying.

“He got naked and then he made me touch something on him that was going hard and then he got me naked and then he stuffed it in my bottom,” Ellie cried, “it hurt.” 

Nick had no clue what to do with the news he had just heard come out of his baby sister’s mouth.  He knew he had to tell someone though.  He scooped Ellie up in his arms and went to wake up his oldest brother, Kevin, who was sound asleep.  “Kevin,” Nick said as he shook him more violently then he did with Ellie.  “What Nick,” Kevin said as he sat up confused and then he saw that his little sister was crying and reaching out for him.

“What’s wrong El,” Kevin said as he stood up and grabbed her out of Nick’s arms, to which she cuddled into Kevin’s chest and cried.

“We have a problem, Ellie has been abused and possibly raped too,” Nick said spelling out the words he didn’t want Ellie to hear.  “I didn’t know who to go to with this kind of information.”

Kevin looked down at the little girl who he loved so much; he didn’t even want to think about how someone could do this to such a little innocent girl.  They know that she was neglected and probably abused at some time or another, but they had no clue that she was sexually assaulted.  Before he left the room, he looked back at Dani to make sure that she was still asleep which she was.

“Come on let’s go wake up Joe, maybe the three of us can talk to her more,” Kevin said as Nick walked into Joe’s room to find him sound asleep.  “Joe, wake up,” Nick shook him to wake him up.

“What is going on?” Joe moaned as he looked at the clock and saw the time.

“Ellie was abused and possibly raped at the orphanage,” Nick said but he didn’t spell out the words this time because Ellie wasn’t in the room, her and Kevin were back in her room.  Kevin was changing her very messy diaper that she woke up in.   

Kevin, Joe, and Nick were still trying to get her to calm down.  She kept on saying, “what if Mr. Larson comes back and gets me,” over and over.  She was so scared that he was going to come back and get her and do what he had done to her before.  After an hour and half of trying everything from singing to rocking her in the rocking chair to giving her a bath hoping she would calm down with the warm water, she finally fell asleep out of pure exhaustion.

“Good night, Ellie,” each brother whispered as they kissed her on the head before leaving the room.  “I think we all need to talk about what went on there with Mom and Dad in the morning, hopefully we can do it before she wakes up,” Nick said as he stretched, he was exhausted.

“Yea, I’m beat, night,” Joe said as he walked into his room, climbed into his bed, and fell asleep.  Kevin and Nick did the same, however before Kevin went to bed, he set his phone alarm so he could wake up early.  As he snuggled up to Dani she woke up, “what’s going on,” Dani asked.  She had woken up shortly after Kevin had left the room and had been dozing ever since.  “Ellie just had a nightmare, I’ll tell you more about it in the morning,” Kevin said as he drifted off to sleep.

The next morning came early for Kevin who woke up to his alarm at 6 a.m. he wanted to get up so he could be ready to talk to his parents when they got up.  He was also hoping to talk to Dani before he talked with his parents and brothers.

By the time Kevin got out of the shower Dani was awake.  “So, what was the nightmare about?” Dani asked.

“As you know, Ellie was definitely abused at the orphanage.  We are now thinking that she was raped at the orphanage.

“Raped, as in what I think it is?” Dani asked scared.

“Yea, she had a nightmare last night about someone named, Mr. Larson abusing her and then he proceeded to sexually assault her.  She was freaking out and she kept on saying that last night too, so I definitely think something did happen to Ellie.”

“Oh my God,” Dani said shocked.  She felt so bad for little Ellie who had to go through all of this.  No one should have to go through this but especially a little cute, sweet innocent girl should never have to go through any of this.

“Yea, I was shocked too, we did everything from singing to her, rocking her in the rocking chair to even giving her a bath.  She finally fell asleep after about an hour, she just cried and cried.

“Poor thing,” Dani said as her heart broke for the little girl who was still sleeping in the room across the hall from them.

“I think we are going to talk to mom and dad this morning before Ellie wakes up.  I don’t want her to get freaked out again and cry like that ever again.  I am going to go wake up Joe, Nick, Mom and Dad,” Kevin said as he left the room to go wake up his brothers and parents.

Once he got everyone awake and downstairs after they had told their parents what happened last night, they started talking about what to do with Ellie.  “I think” Paul started talking but then got cut off by hearing a huge clunk and Ellie cry on the baby monitor they set up. 

Joe ran up to her room and found her on the floor crying.  He ran over and scooped her up in his arms, thank god she wasn’t bleeding or not breathing this time.  Joe was able to get her calmed down by walking around the room singing a lullaby to her. 

“Come on Ellie, let’s change you,” Joe said as he walked into the bathroom where her changing table was along with diapers, wipes, creams and powders were at that they put on her every time to prevent diaper rash.

As Joe took off her pants, Ellie giggled and Joe spoke with her to keep her occupied, since she wasn’t a huge fan of having her diaper changed.  After Joe changed her very wet and messy diaper, he took her downstairs in her pajamas.  They sat on the couch in the living room, where the rest of the family was talking.

“Joey, my head hurts,” Ellie complained.  She didn’t get why her head hurt so much.

“I know sweetie, let’s try not to fall out of bed again tomorrow,” Joe said.  “I think we need to get bed rails for her bed because she has fallen out of bed three times already this week.”

“We will go shopping for them today how about that El,” Denise said to the little girl who was sitting on Joe’s lap.  Ellie just nodded and went back to playing with the button on Joe’s shirt.  Ellie loved playing with buttons and hands, especially fingers.  If there was a button on your shirt, she would play with that for sure but if there wasn’t a button on your shirt she always went for your hands and fingers.

Their conversation was done but Paul and Denise still wanted to talk to Joe about last night, so when Ellie started pooping, Kevin said, “Dani come on, you can help me.  We will get her ready for the day Mom,” Kevin said as he came over and picked Ellie up.

Kevin and Dani took her upstairs, laid her on the changing table in the bathroom and got to work on changing this messy diaper.  Kevin being the nice and awesome older brother he was, talked to her and kept her occupied while he cleaned her up.  “Come on, I think you need a bath,” Kevin said after he surveyed the messy diaper and realized that it would take a lot longer to clean her up with wipes verses just a bath.

“I’ll get the water running,” Dani said after she came in with clothes to put on Ellie and saw the open diaper that was full of poop along with little Ellie.

“Okay, thanks,” Kevin said as he leaned over and kissed her on the lips before she went and got the water running.  “Kevy, don’t hurt Dani,” Ellie said as she looked on with tears threatening to fall.  Kevin and Dani pulled away and both looked at Ellie who had started crying.

“I wasn’t going to hurt Dani,” Kevin told Ellie who was sitting there crying.  She was scared that Kevy was going to come and make her hurt like Mr. Larson did.  “Yes, you were,” Ellie cried fearful.  “Mr. Larson did that before he hurt me, I didn’t like it, it hurt every time he did it.”

“I wasn’t going to hurt her Ellie.  El, I would never hurt you or Dani, you have to understand that” Kevin said to Ellie.  Dani started filling up the bathwater right behind them.  She could hear everything they were saying and talking about.

“Come on let’s give you a bath, and then we will get you in your clothes,” Kevin said as he picked her up and sat her in the bathtub for her to get cleaned up.  Once her bath was done, Kevin and Dani dried her off and dressed her in a purple dress.  Dani then put some pig tails in her hair and picked her up and took her downstairs for some breakfast.

“Ellie, we are going to get you some railings for your bed and then I think we are going to go to the store and pick up some dinner, anyone want to come with us,” Denise said over breakfast that morning.

“Are we still planning on golfing guys,” Kevin looked at his brothers and they all agreed to go golfing with Kevin.

Once breakfast was done, Denise and Ellie headed out to the store to get bed railings and dinner.  As soon as Denise put Ellie in the car and she realized what was going on, she started crying.  She hated not being held.  Let’s just say the ride to the Target was awful for both Ellie and Denise.

Once they got to the store Denise took Ellie out of her car seat and carried her to the carts.  She couldn’t carry Ellie and the stuff that they needed.  They didn’t only need bed rails, but they also needed toilet paper, paper towel, laundry soap, and more diapers and wipes for Ellie.  Denise sat Ellie in one of the cart baskets and she started wailing.  She didn’t want to have anything to do with being in this cart.  “El, if you are good in the store Mommy will let you pick something out,” Denise said to the little girl.

However, when the cart started moving and Ellie realized that Denise would be right in front of her, she found it fun.  When they got into Target Denise went right for the bed rail section and got one box that had a pair of them.  This is when Ellie again started pooping.

“Come on El, let’s go change you,” Denise said as she found a private family bathroom that had a changing table in it.  Denise didn’t know if she was supposed to do this, but she brought the cart into the bathroom with them.  She had done that with her other kids sometimes when they were younger and rode in the cart.

          “This has been your third poop since this morning hasn’t it, El?” Denise said as she wiped some of the poop off with the diaper before taking wipes and wiping off her bottom.  Luckily, it hadn’t been a too messy of one, so that was good.

          When Denise was done changing her, she went to put Ellie back in the cart and she started crying again.  Once Denise told the little girl that she would be fine, they went back to the store and found the things that they needed. 

At the end Denise went and found the stuffed animal section.  She found two bears for Ellie to choose from, one was light brown and the other was dark brown.  She held them both up in front of Ellie and said, “You can pick one.”

Ellie pointed to the light brown bear and hugged it very tight, this was when Denise realized that it had a little hole in the head and had stuffing coming out of it.  “Honey, there is a little hole in the bear, can we put this bear back and you can have this one,” Denise said as she held up the same bear only though it didn’t have a hole in it.  Ellie agreed and latched onto the bear that didn’t have a hole.

“Come on we have to go get dinner at the grocery store and then we can go home,” Denise said to Ellie who was looking very tired all of a sudden.  Denise looked at her watch and realized that it was close to her nap time.

They hurried through the grocery store, Denise only stopping to pick up the ingredients to make Steak Fettuccini Alfredo, for dinner.  Ellie was half asleep by the time they got out of the store and in the car.  When they got home, Ellie was sound asleep.

Nick got Ellie out of the car, took her upstairs, changed her, and put her down for a nap.  “Hey Mom, how did she do at the store,” Nick said as he came into the kitchen where Denise was making lunch for everyone, she would leave some for Ellie for when she woke up.

“Good, she did a lot better than I thought she would of,” Denise said, “she loved the cart, but she did have another poop, was she messy when you changed her?” she asked Nick.

“No, she was just soaking wet,” Nick said as he went to help his Mom cut up vegetables for lunch.  “I came back early from golf, but they should be back around one,” Nick said.

“Why did you come back early from golf,” Denise asked as she put down her knife, wiped her hands and looked at him.

“My blood sugar was off, but it got fixed,” Nick said.

“Yea you could have fixed that out there, so why did you come back?” Denise asked again this time firmer, she wanted the real reason.

“My golfing arm was hurting, I think I pulled something, so I came back here to ice it and take some medicine, it is feeling better now,” Nick said as they heard a cry come from the baby monitor in the kitchen.

“I’ll go get her,” Nick said as he got up to get her.  Ellie definitely had a cognitive delay; she is always waking up crying but then she talks, and she also can’t sit up or control her pee or poop.  She also has a hard time understanding a lot of what they say, they only need to use simple words with her, words that she will understand.

“Hi Ellie,” Nick said as he walked into her room to find her crying in her bed.  “Nicky,” Ellie cried when she saw him come into the room.  Nick checked her diaper before he took her over to the changing table and saw the blue line on the diaper indicating that she was wet.

He lifted her onto the changing table and go to work on changing her diaper.  Once he was done changing her, he threw the used diaper in the trash, picked her up and took her downstairs.  “Come on let’s go downstairs and eat some lunch,” Nick said as they went downstairs.

“Where Beary,” Ellie said, as she looked for him.  When she couldn’t find him, she started crying. 

“Ellie, who is Beary?” Nick asked her, he had never heard of Beary.

“Mommy,” Ellie cried when they finally got to the kitchen which took them forever in Ellie’s mind.

 “She wants someone named Beary,” Nick said completely clueless.

“Oh she wants him,” Denise said as she went over to the she went over to a plastic bag from Target that had the railings and stuff in it and pulled out a bear and gave it to Ellie who hugged it and stopped crying immediately.

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