For the record.... by El amor prohibido

When I took a six month secondment in LA working at a record label, little did I think it was going to end up in getting into a relationship with Nick Jonas. I was supposed to be working on the Jonas Brothers account but I broke my golden rule of not mixing business with pleasure. 

Everything was fantastic until one crazy night in Vegas turned everything upside down. Not that I regret it, I just need to put my big girl panties on and fix the whole thing. 

But what if I don't really want to.... and what if he doesn't want to.... and what if my ex gets in the way.....

I guess we'll soon find out!

This story is set in the last year moving forward to the present so I'm trying to keep it close to actual events but with a certain amount of poetic licence. 

Let me know what you think. 

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Chapter 30 by El amor prohibido

'While we're on a roll fancy telling my Dad and Carmen with me?' I asked once Denise had finally hung up.


'Let's face it, we're going to get lectured by everyone so we may as well get it over and done with' he said stretching up. 


'I know, but in our defence I was on the pill and clearly your swimmers work well' I joked. 


'I'll take that as a compliment' 


'Nick, what just happened between us...'  even I wasn't sure what I was about to say.


'It's ok, it won't happen again' he said shortly, pressing Carmen's contact on my phone. Shortly after her face popped up.


'Well you timed that well to be in a warmer country for lockdown, it's bloody raining here and how boring is it? ' she started rabbiting.


'Ah, but we've found something to take our minds off lockdown now' I said.


'You're back together? Oh my god please say you are' she looked excited.


'Nope, we're happily divorced, but get ready to say I told you so....' Nick and I looked at each other. 


'Nooooooooo. You're pregnant! I knew it, I bloody knew it. Congratulations!!' She was jumping up and down with excitement. 


Nick and I let her get on with it until she finally stopped talking about babies,  being the best aunty and her expression turned serious


'I know I'm a prick and the last person to give advice but will you two please just stop all the bullshit, you're going to be parents now. Just be the best ones that you can be and stop trying to make things work that don't, ok?' 


'Ok Oprah, we get it!' I laughed, inwardly knowing that she was right. 


Next on the list was my Dad, and his reaction took me by surprise; he was completely delighted to know he was going to be a granddaddy as he was already calling himself. He didn't mention money or work once, it was strange. My mum was slightly more hesitant but I think she bought the fake happy front I was putting on, and as she always said, I was big enough and ugly enough to make my own mistakes. 


'So what about Sean? Shall we call him too?' Asked Nick, who I could tell was starting to enjoy telling people. 


'I'll tell him later' I bluffed, knowing fine well he already knew. 


'Come on, you know he'll be excited for you and with how close you two are, I thought you'd be desperate to tell him' he continued. 


'It's fine, I'll tell him in a bit' I replied.


'There's something you're not telling me, I can feel it' he pushed and pushed. 


'Ok, I already told him, happy now?' I snapped.


'So you told him before we told our families?What the hell?'


'I already told him because before I came here he told me he still loves me and wants us to get back together so it was only fair that I told him first, ok? Happy now?' I explained.


'HE WHAT? And what did you say?' I'd never seen him so angry.


'Nick, you and I are divorced now, it's none of your business, but as it goes I told him I wanted to wait until after the divorce and heal from all this bullshit before I made any decisions'


'So do you still love him? Abbi, I need to know'


'Why? What does it matter to you who I do or don't love?' 


'Did you miss the part earlier when I told you I still love you? Or are we pretending that didnt happen too?'


'I'm actually more mindful of the fact that we both signed a legal document yesterday saying that our relationship was completely over.' I stood up and left him in his office alone.


We didn't speak for the next three days. Luckily LA mansions are excellent for a game of adult hide and seek and we barely saw each other. I will admit though, I did still make his dinner each night. I was making us risotto that night when my Dad called me. 


'Hey' i answered 


'Abbi, I've sorted you a spot on a private flight back to the UK tomorrow. It's permitted because it's classed as repatriation. The flight is at 10pm from LAX. I'll send you over some information. I'm not happy you being stuck over there on your own'


'Dad, I'm with Nick, I'm ok'


'He's your ex husband, that's hardly enough support for what you're going through and I've got it on good authority that the governor is about to issue a shelter in place order any time now'


'Do I have to decide now?'


'No, but this could be your last chance to leave for a long time' 


Great, more decisions to make. 



The next morning I was getting ready to go for a walk when Nick appeared in the kitchen.


'Just going to get some exercise. I feel huge already' 


'You look great' he muttered before turning to leave. 


'Nick, before you go, my dads offered me a flight home tonight' I said, stopping him in his tracks.


'Are you going to take it?'


'Do you want me to take it?'


'No, you know I want you to have the baby here' he replied, his face softening.


'Then I'll not take it, but let's cut the crap. We need each other right now, more than ever' 


'You're right, do you want me to come on that walk with you?'


'I'll just see you when I'm back' I told him. I enjoyed being alone. 



I had only just gone out the front gates when my phone rang.


'Hey Abs its me'


'Is it not the middle of the night at home Sean?'


'Yeah it is but I'm not at home, I'm in the car that's flashing its headlights at you' 


I walked towards the car and realised it was true, he was here. I got in the passenger side next to him and threw my arms around him, he was the familiar face I needed to see. He explained that he'd got one of the last flights out of the UK and was staying in a place that belonged to someone from the record label. He told me he couldn't take the thought of me being here and doing this without him. 


'Does anyone know you're here?' I asked


'Nobody' he smiled 'except you now'


'Let's keep it between us then, I can't be bothered with the drama'


'I agree. Do you know Abbi, being pregnant really suits you, look at this belly' he said smiling, placing his hand on my tummy.


'I better go but I'll be in touch, ok?' I kissed him on the cheek and got out of his car, absolutely delighted he was here but utterly confused by my emotions. 


I walked for miles trying to process everything, I didn't realise how long I'd been away but Nick looked worried when I got back. I explained I'd just got carried away and he told me to let him know what I was doing in future. I felt like I was on a curfew, realistically though, i knew it was only because he cared.


That night my father was right, the shelter in place order was given, but I let the flight to London take off without me, I couldn't bear to have the baby without Nick, even if I may never admit it to him.


By now, it was April and I was 23 weeks pregnant, over half way there. We had another appointment to see the dr for a check up for baby and I scheduled but as we were about to go I caught Nick smirking. 

'Excuse me Jonas? What's so funny' I said with my hands on my hips.


'I don't think we'll be able to keep that to ourselves much longer, do you?' He laughed pointing at my belly.


'Is it really that big? I was hoping it was just my imagination' 


'It's really that big' he laughed so I threw a cushion at him.


Sophie and Joe had decided not to do a big public reveal on her pregnancy and we'd taken their lead but my bump definitely had plans of its own.


In the car we were both in a great mood and looking forward to see our baby. We were chatting excitedly but his phone kept ringing and he was ignoring it. 


'Just answer it, for gods sake' I laughed.


'It's ok, I'll just speak to them later' he said putting it on silent and throwing the phone down where I couldn't see it.


'Who is it?' I asked suspiciously.


'Nobody important' he said looking uncomfortable. 


'It's ok, I get it, is it a woman' I asked trying my best to be ok with it. 


'Kind of yeah' 


'Ok, that's all you had to say' 


'Abbi...' he sighed


'It's fine, we're divorced, you can see who you want now, I think that's how it's meant to work' I said with a false laugh.


We went into the Drs appointment and saw the baby again, who was doing great, and my health was good too, everything was how it should be. We'd decided not to find out the gender for the time being but we left with the newest pictures of the baby, and now my head was in the right place it was a buzz to see our little person growing and developing. 


After the appointment we stopped for ice cream because it was so warm. All of a sudden, there were three photographers who came from nowhere and immediately started clicking away. Nick took my hand protectively and led me back to the car, but we both knew that was the secret gone.


Exclusive- Nick Jonas is going to be a daddy! 


Photos taken earlier today show Nick and an obviously pregnant Abbi in LA today. The newly divorced couple, who are quarantining together, have surprised us all...again... this time with a baby. 



Back at the house I immediately made myself busy in the kitchen. 

'I'm going to make us some lunch, you should go and speak to your woman' I said trying to sound cool.


'OK' he said and walked into his office, shutting the door. 


I decided on a grilled chicken salad. I was trying to eat better for the baby, but I'm such an emotional eater. All I wanted to do right now was face plant a bowl full of melted chocolate and cover myself in marshmallows. Nick having a new woman was completely unsettling me. I just hadn't seen it coming. I guess it was inevitable though, but I hadn't expected it to be this soon. My mind kicked in making me worry about how I was going to cope seeing him with someone else whilst I was left holding the baby. My chain of thought was broken when the smoke alarm sounded; I was burning the chicken. I quickly sorted it but Nick came running out of his studio to check I was ok. 


'I'm fine, I just got caught up in my thoughts and forgot what I was doing' I explained, wafting the smoke away from the chicken. 


'Were those thoughts about who I was talking to' he asked.


'If i said no I'd be lying' I admitted.


'It's not what you think, ok? You and the baby are my main priorities right now'


'I'm sorry I shouldn't be dictating to you, you're entitled to be happy, just because I'm not ready to move on, doesn't mean that you shouldn't' 


'You're not ready to move on from me?' he asked me, taking both my hands in his.


'What do you think?' I said barely able to look at him. 


'I didn't know' he replied kissing me on the head. 'Look, I'll be back in a minute if you can manage not to burn the salad again' he said making fun of me. 


'No promises' I replied


He reappeared with his huge iPad. 


'Come and have a look at this' he said. 


I sat next to him at the counter with our food and he opened up a file. It was plans for a nursery. I looked at him confused, as he explained the woman on the phone was actually an interior designer that he'd asked to design a nursery as a surprise and that's why he didn't want to talk to her in front of me, but he didn't want me jumping to the wrong conclusion and getting upset. I felt so embarrassed but touched, the nursery they were planning was beautiful in shades of pale grey, mint green and lemon to keep it neutral. 


'You know jealousy tends to only happen when you still love someone Abbi' he said out of nowhere. 


'I guess so' I replied.


'It's true, that's why I hate it so much when I hear you talking to Sean' I gulped at that, did he know he was here?


'What exactly are you trying to say?' I was confused.


'You're one of the most intelligent people I know, I'm sure you can work it out for yourself, no?' 


'You're so frustrating sometimes' I rolled my eyes. 


'That's why you love me though, isn't it?' He asked.


'Probably just as much as my lateness and untidiness make you love me' I replied jokingly.


'I love almost everything about you, just not those characteristics' I looked at him and saw he was being serious.


'Nick, what are you really saying here?'


'This last month with you here and us spending time together has made me realise, I can't live without you. If you need to go to London for 6 months, we'll find a way to make it work'


'Are you for real?' 


'Have i overstepped the mark? I'm sorry' he looked confused at my reaction.


'Remind me Nick, what was the final straw that pushed us to the divorce??? And now you're telling me to do it and we can make it work? You're an absolute mind fuck' I was shouting with frustration. 


'Tell me, what do you want then?' He banged on the counter


'I want to be with someone who understands that my life and my work is equally important to theirs and can support me in my decisions. ' 


'And gives fantastic back rubs?' He said standing up and trying to rub the tension out of my shoulders 


'Nick, stop. I don't want to fight. Can we just let it go now' 



That afternoon Nick was doing video coaching with his acts for The Voice and he asked me to help, apparently my experience in the business would help him. It meant us being filmed together for the first time in a long time, which felt strange but when we were doing the coaching it was like the cameras weren't there. We did have a couple of friendly disagreements over song choice and certain advice but it was fun overall and I enjoyed doing something productive again. He even let me have a spin in his fancy red chair. 


The weeks of lockdown were flying past, which meant the pregnancy was too, at the start of July and I was over 8 months pregnant. Nick and I had actually spent a lot of quality time together and I enjoyed it. Without the title of husband and wife hanging over us it felt so much more carefree. Romantically, I'd done my best to kill off any of those feelings inside me but we had hugged a few times and were definitely sitting closer to each other on the couch but that was it. Each night we'd go into our separate rooms.


One night, just like every night, we said goodnight and headed to bed, but once in bed my head wouldn't switch off. So I tiptoed into Nicks room. It was pitch black and I think he was asleep, so I got in beside him. I laid my hand on his chest and my head on his shoulder. He didn't say a word, so I just went to sleep. It felt so intimate and I'll admit, it was the best sleep I'd had in a long time. 


When I woke in the morning, our bodies were intertwined, just like they always used to be, but he was already awake’ 


'Morning' he said, reaching out to touch my bump which I swear was bigger than yesterday. 


'Morning' I smiled back, taking back control of my arms and legs.


'Did you feel that?' He asked as the baby kicked his hand.


'Yup, someone wants to say good morning to Daddy' I smiled.


'So you wanted to sleep next to me then?' He raised his eyebrow at me expectantly.


'I just really needed a hug last night, hormones are out to get me' I explained, remembering last night and how much I’d wanted him to wake up and kiss me.’


'Well you know my arms are always ready for hugs when you need them' he said pulling me into him.


'I'll keep that in mind. Now what do you want for dinner tonight, I'm going to brave the grocery store'


'You don't need to do that, we can order online'


'I am going stir crazy in here, I'm going out!' I insisted.


Thankfully he backed down and that was it. I drove to the nearest grocery store and started to load the cart with everything we needed. The face mask that I had to wear pretty much disguised me but the bump was really giving me away. I walked around into the final aisle and came face to face with Sean. 


'Are you stalking me?' I laughed. 


'I need to eat too you know'


We both took our shopping to the register and paid, then he insisted on putting my groceries in the car for me. I gave him a hug and we agreed to meet the next morning. Apparently that was the moment that his presence in LA stopped being a secret.


Shane O'Leary and Abbi back together?


Spotted today in LA, Abbi getting close to her ex Shane. Abbi, who is believed to be pregnant with ex-husband Nick Jonas's baby was seen with her ex today. Are they getting back together? Watch this space. 


I got back from the grocery store and Nick was sat in the kitchen. 


'Find anything good at the store?' He asked


'Just the usual stuff' I replied, putting the groceries in the fridge.


'No ex boyfriends hanging about outside, no?' I realised what he was getting at. 


'Oh you mean Sean, yeah I saw him'


'And he just so happened to be there? Sure thing Abbi' and he walked away. Why was it that every time we took a step forward we ended up taking several back?

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