For the record.... by El amor prohibido

When I took a six month secondment in LA working at a record label, little did I think it was going to end up in getting into a relationship with Nick Jonas. I was supposed to be working on the Jonas Brothers account but I broke my golden rule of not mixing business with pleasure. 

Everything was fantastic until one crazy night in Vegas turned everything upside down. Not that I regret it, I just need to put my big girl panties on and fix the whole thing. 

But what if I don't really want to.... and what if he doesn't want to.... and what if my ex gets in the way.....

I guess we'll soon find out!

This story is set in the last year moving forward to the present so I'm trying to keep it close to actual events but with a certain amount of poetic licence. 

Let me know what you think. 

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Chapter 4 by El amor prohibido

I rapidly got changed- I put on my best lacy teal lingerie, a short skirt and a white work blouse but I left it open enough so he could see my bra poking out. I removed my contact lenses and put my glasses on and tied my hair up in a high pony.




Nick was 5 mins early but I was ready for him 


'Hi, Mr Jonas here for a meeting'


'Come up, third floor' 




I was glad he'd carried on the charade because he didn't know what was going to hit him next. 


He knocked at the door, I took a deep breath and opened it, half chewing on a pencil. His eyes were all over my body. He opened his mouth but nothing came out.




'Come in Mr Jonas, as you can see I take my negotiating very seriously' 




As he shut the door I purposely dropped the pencil.




'Oops clumsy me, let me get that' I bent over with my ass pointing in his direction, knowing fine well my skirt was so short he would have had a full view. 




'Well, eh, this is like no other meeting I've ever had' he finally found his voice. 




'I hope you will only be having meetings like this with me for the duration of the exclusivity deal? Should it go ahead obviously’ I replied 




'Goes without saying. Abbi, come here and give me a kiss' 




'No, no, no, that's not how this works Mr Jonas, I'm fully in charge of this meeting' his eyes were huge, and I could tell as well as turned on he was slightly nervous. Never breaking eye contact. I pushed him towards my bed. 




'Sit down sir, now let me explain, I believe in visual aids during presentations and I also like to be very hands on with my work'




I started to run my hands up and down my body. I could see by the growing bulge in his trousers that he was loving it. I slowly unbuttoned my shirt and then took his t shirt off. I pushed my body against his and kissed him hard. His hands grabbed my butt and he pulled me on top of him. Within seconds, his pants were down and my skirt was up at my waist. He didn't waist time taking my panties off, he just pulled them to the side and let me guide him inside me. 




There's always a risk when you've had fantastic drunk sex with someone that the sober re-run will be terrible but this was definitely not the case. Although we were all over each other and things were moving quickly, I could tell Nick got off on eye contact. He loved to see the pleasure he was giving me, just about as much as I liked receiving it and the opposite was true as well. Watching his face and hearing the deep moans coming from him just made it so much better for me too. His little sharp intakes of breath and the way his leg was trembling underneath me told me he was getting close. Nick moved his position slightly and hit my G spot perfectly. I threw my head back in absolute ecstasy and his hand reached up to grab my hair and as he pulled it I came hard, and he followed seconds later.




'So is that it decided, so you think you can live with these terms?' I asked, still panting from my orgasm.




'You had better believe it, I'd be mad to let you go after that...presentation' he pulled me in for another kiss. 




'Nick, you do know I'm only here for 6 months at the moment don't you? Then I'm back to London'




'That's 6 months away. Shall we just say Carpe Diem and see how things go?'




'Then Mr Jonas, you have a deal!' I shook his hand. 




'You're wild in the bedroom, I've never been with anyone like you before' he smiled.




'Well hopefully that's a good thing?'




'It's a very good thing' he blushed. 




We crawled into my bed and cuddled into each other. 




'I could get used to this Nick' I smiled




'And this is also a very good thing he replied' 




We lay for a while in comfortable silence, my head was on his bare chest and he was wrapping my hair around his finger. It just felt so normal to be doing this with him. Things had moved way quicker than I would have ever have imagined. 




'Abbi, I just want to be upfront here, I don't usually just jump into bed with girls, let alone ones that I've only been on one date with. I don't know why it's different with you, but it is. I just don't want you thinking this isn't special because for me it really is' 




'It hadn't honestly even crossed my mind. Like if I think now that we've only had one date it doesn't feel like it and this just feels right. You just feel right.' I squeezed him tight. 




'So what do you want to do now?' He asked




'Fall into a deep sleep?' I was so comfortable and warm wrapped up in Nick, I didn't want to move. 




'How about we go for a walk first? We can maybe get to know each other a bit better before we do that again' he winked.




'Urgh you had to be an active man, give me 5 more minutes here and then we'll go. Ok?' I cuddled right in and he just kissed my head.




I had to admit I liked this, I liked it very much but I just wasn't sure I was the kind of girl that Nick needed in his life, there was a lot about me that he didn't know. He seemed to be very full on, very quickly and that for me was normally a huge turn off, but there was something about him that piqued my interest. Nonetheless allowing this level of affection and intimacy was foreign to me, and was making me start to freak out a little bit.




I jumped out of bed, 'so we better get going if you want to go for a walk, it's getting dark outside' I smiled, going to my wardrobe to find more appropriate clothes.




'That's actually a bonus for where we're going' he smiled, getting out of bed himself. I watched his muscled back, my eyes trailing down to his ass as he bent over to put his pants on, then his thighs. He was some specimen and clearly no stranger to a gym.




'I know you're perving on me' he laughed.




'Thats one of my terms of this exclusivity deal. I get to perv on you, and you get to like it!' I laughed




'Oh I do, believe me, I really do' 




Finally we were both ready and left my apartment, we walked side by side, not holding hands but they would frequently touch by accident. 




'So tell me, who is the REAL Nick Jonas then? I know the work version but who are you deep down?'




'Wow, thats a deep one. Are you sure you're not a closet journalist with a question like that?'




'You just fascinate me, I watch you live your life in the spotlight every single moment of the day but I know that's not all of you. Plus if I'm honest, apart from at work, I've never really read or seen much about you guys and I'm glad. I want to know you, not the idol version'




'Ok, well let's start at the beginning then. My name is Nicholas Jerry Jonas, I was born September 16th 1992 in Texas. I have three brothers, music and acting are my passions but I also love sports, fast cars, art and good tequila. I have an eye for fashion and design. I hate to lose and my biggest flaw is I’m a perfectionist. Your turn' 




'So, I'm Abigail Jayne Millar, but my friends call me Abbi. I was born the 12th February 1988 in Edinburgh, Scotland. I moved to London 2 years ago to work for Universal. I also love music, all different artists and genres. I like to work hard but I also like to play hard. I love dancing, drinking anything alcoholic and my family. My biggest flaw is I’m constantly late and I can’t be wrong, I always have to be right' 




'Oh an older woman eh?' He laughed.




'And don't you forget that, we're talking age before beauty here Jonas' I elbowed him gently in the ribs. He caught my arm and pulled me into him.




'You're so different to the girls I usually meet, where have you been all my life?' He smirked.




'Well that's not cheesy at all is it' I giggled ‘anyway, I just told you- Edinburgh, Scotland’ 




‘I knew we should have toured there before now, anyway we're nearly where we’re going so let me cover your eyes'




'I didn't realise we were actually going somewhere in particular' 




He covered my eyes with his hands and led me around the corner.




'Yeah, and here we are' 




He took his hands away and I realised that in front of me was the LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) and outside, was an amazing art installation. It was around 200 authentic 1920's/30's street lamps all refurbished and lit up. 




'This is beautiful, I just don't have the words' I was frankly speechless.




'Good job I'm the song writer then, seeing as you have a limited vocabulary' he smiled.




'Tell you what, I won't steal your job if you don't steal mine- deal?'




'I don't know, I'm pretty good at eating lunches on roof terraces and sleeping late on work days' 




'Hey! I slept in once and it was your fault!' I defended myself. 'I think you should apologise for that remark though, but you'll need to catch me first' 




I ran off through the lights with him not far behind me. The apology was soon forgotten and we played in amongst the lights like a pair of kids. In and out, chasing each other round and around, until we ran right into each other. I couldn't resist the look of his lips and I just grabbed him and kissed him hard and of course he kissed me back too. 




'Oh my God look it's Nick Jonas' someone said loudly and the next minute Nick was surrounded by people, desperate for photos and autographs. I stepped back and watched as he dealt with them all graciously. He was so at ease with the attention but to me it was totally alien to hear total strangers talking about me, almost to my face. A group of girls in their late teens were the worst-




'Look I think that's his girlfriend' I overheard someone else say. 




'Who even is she? I mean look what's shes wearing. Haha haha' 




'Do you think he needs an eye test? She looks like such a bitch'




It was really really hurtful, but I put on my fake smile and kept up the bravado until I heard Nick tell the people who he was talking to that we had to go. I didn't know how to play it as he walked towards me but he smiled and took my hand as we walked away. Safe out of earshot I had to ask;


'How the hell do you deal with all that? Like you don't get a private moment to yourself at all. And now they've all seen us together'




'And... so what?? They've seen us together? Well we are together so it's no big deal'




'I just didn't realise it would be 'official' everywhere yet' 




'Is this a bad thing?' He looked genuinely concerned.




'No, not really, just I haven't even told my friends and family at home about you and I yet'




'Were you thinking we'd keep things quiet? I really feel like you're worrying a lot about this and you don't have to' 




'Honestly I hadn't really thought about it, to me you're just Nick, a normal guy that I really like. I'm not used to the whole relationship thing anyway, this is just a lot to take in' 




'Really? How many relationships have you had?'




'Two. One was more serious than the other but that was over three years ago now, so I'm out of practise at all of this'




'Hmm, I wouldn't have said you were out of practise that by your 'presentation' earlier on' he smiled.




'I'll take that as a compliment' i stuck my tongue out at him. 




'And I'll take it as a compliment that you're willing to take a chance on me'




'And so you should, you're hardly a catch are you Jonas' 




'That's the thing with us penniless musicians, we just can't admit we'll never come to anything'




I liked that he could keep up with my sarcasm.




'So since we've seen each other tonight, does that mean you want to give tomorrow a miss?' 




'Are you kidding me? Do you know how much I'm enjoying myself right now?'




'Not as much as you did earlier?' 




'Well that's true but seriously, if we've got 6 months then we need to make it count'




'Good point, except I've seen your schedule, I know how busy you guys are going to be for, well for forever really'




There's ways and means to make things work, you know, if only this country had road, rail and air travel links. Let's stop focusing on the negatives' he smirked.




'Ok, ok, so how are you feeling about the album launch then? Like what we're doing with it? It's actually been really nice working this close with you. I can tell a lot about you by your work ethics'




'We are so up for this, it's been a long time coming. I mean you see us as a band and a family now, you've no idea what it's been like the past few years. It was pretty hard for us all so that's why we want this to be just right, it's not just us 'coming back' it's us healing as brothers and we want people to know that we're more solid than ever and our music is the best ever'




'I dunno, pom poms was quite a bop' I said sarcastically.




'Don't talk to me about that song!' He shook his head.




'Believe me, I'm joking!' 




'Well here you are, back home so I'll give you a kiss goodnight and I'll see you tomorrow at 12? I'll pick you up here' he pulled me in for a big hug and kiss. 




'Thank you for a very interesting meeting today, it was fun to say the least and I'll see you tomorrow. I'll even try not to sleep in!'




'And just to check, is that exclusivity deal a go ahead?' 




'Well Mr Jonas, you did impress me with your negotiating skills earlier. So yes, I think that would be acceptable' I gave him another kiss. 




'Oh and tomorrow bring swimwear, I almost forgot' 




'Swimwear?? Where are we going?'




'You'll see!' He said getting into his car. I stood at the pavement and waved him goodbye. This guy had some effect on me. My usual suit of armour had melted that first night, he had me like putty in his hands. This was so unlike me. I decided to call my best friend at home, it was 10pm here so it would be 2pm in England, she would be at work in a clothes store but she was the manager and always has time to talk. 




'Hey bitch' answered Carmen




'Oh hey asshole! I missed your chat so I thought I'd phone and distract you from the day job'




'Nothing to do with an ice cream date with a certain pop idol?'




'Well aye, that as well. I honestly can't believe what's happening, one minute I'm in a meeting at work  with him and then the next I'm jumping his bones, and then the next he's asked me to be his girlfriend. Like who the hell does that these days?'




'Gentlemen do that, not the weirdos that you usually pick! So what did you say?'




'I said yes after some negotiations' I laughed.




'Does he know about you know what,m?'




'He strikes me as a very wholesome boy, I think I'm best waiting a while before I drop that bombshell'




'You and a wholesome boy, has the sun affected your brain? I mean when I saw you went for ice cream with him and his nieces I had to do a double take. This isn't you at all!'




'I know it's not. It feels good though and anyway, I'm here for 6 more months and he's touring etcetera so I'm just going to relax and enjoy it. The plus side is he is pretty good in bed and I think I've only slightly scared him in that respect so far'




'There's plenty of time yet, anyway, some of us work and don't spend the day shagging our clients so I best go!'




'I know you've shagged a client before so keep it shut you! Love you!'




'Technically he didn't buy anything so not exactly a client. Love you too bye!'




Carmen always knew what to say or do to make me feel better, but she was right, if Nick and I were going to get serious, there was something I really needed to talk to him about. 

End Notes:

Ooh, secret alert! 

Can anyone guess what it might be? 

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