For the record.... by El amor prohibido

When I took a six month secondment in LA working at a record label, little did I think it was going to end up in getting into a relationship with Nick Jonas. I was supposed to be working on the Jonas Brothers account but I broke my golden rule of not mixing business with pleasure. 

Everything was fantastic until one crazy night in Vegas turned everything upside down. Not that I regret it, I just need to put my big girl panties on and fix the whole thing. 

But what if I don't really want to.... and what if he doesn't want to.... and what if my ex gets in the way.....

I guess we'll soon find out!

This story is set in the last year moving forward to the present so I'm trying to keep it close to actual events but with a certain amount of poetic licence. 

Let me know what you think. 

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Chapter 1 by El amor prohibido

I sat across the desk from him. His dark eyes boring a hole in my soul, our eye contact never once breaking. He was so damn hot, why did Nick Jonas have to be so good looking? And so effortlessly so, although he did know it. He was doing the nervous thing that he did when he bit his lip. The man next to me spoke and snapped me out of my chain of thought. 


'Mrs Jonas, if you'd just sign on the line here, your separation from Mr Jonas will become official and the divorce proceedings can begin' 


I looked at Nick, his eyes hadn't left me the whole time. 


I nodded and signed my name on the two copies - Abbi Jonas. 

Then I watched as he signed his. His eyes felt like they were begging me to change my mind, but I was resolved. 


'In our next meeting we will discuss potential divorce settlements' the lawyer continued.


'Oh I already know that, I don't want anything more from Nick, Mr Jonas. Just the divorce'


My lawyer looked at me like I'd gone crazy. I hadn't, I just didn't see that after a marriage as short as ours, that I was entitled to anything of Nicks. He'd been nothing but amazing but this divorce was a technicality and I didn't want any bad feeling between us. Truth be told, I didn't really want this all to be happening but it made sense. Our marriage was a mistake and this was the way to resolve it. 


My mind turned to our 'wedding day', not that you could really call it that. We'd been dating for 9 weeks when I went to Vegas for the first time ever, to see him and his brothers perform. Things were going pretty well between us but it was still early days. After the show the Villa One started flowing, with it being Nicks brand there was an abundance of the stuff and we both took full advantage. We were all rather tipsy when Nick had suggested we do something crazy-


'let's do something crazy, people do crazy stuff in Vegas!'


'Bro, your name is not entirely synonymous with crazy' laughed Joe


'Hey, I can be spontaneous!' 


'So Captain Spontaneity, What craziness do you want to do' I enquired.


'I don't know actually' he laughed


'Why don't you guys get married, what says Vegas more than a quickie wedding at the Little White Chapel' laughed Kevin in a veiled dig at Joe.


'Wanna say 'I do' then?' I joked 


'Fine then, let's do it!' Said Nick enthusiastically.


'I was joking!'


'I'm not! Let's do it'


So we all got into the cars that were waiting for us to take us wherever we wanted to go.


'Little White Chapel please' Nick instructed the driver.


We were all laughing because we knew he was just messing around. Nick was super cautious, there was no way he was going to marry me after 9 weeks.


We drove along the strip, still drinking and hanging out heads out the window and waving to people who were passing. You could see their faces 'is that.....' I was kind of used to that look by now. Nick and I had been papped kissing early in our relationship so we were in the public domain, but often people would look at me as if to say 'why her', and sometimes I wondered the same myself. What would Mr pop star want with me? Don't get me wrong, I wasn't a bad catch, I'm smart, not exactly poor and not bad looking, but this guy had his pick of women. 


I'd come to LA on a secondment with the Jonas Brothers' record label. Ordinarily I work for the London office but they were offering temporary secondments to LA for 6 months and I felt like I wanted new challenges so I went for it. I met the Jonas Brothers on my first week on the job when my boss Evan has asked me to join him in a meeting about their forthcoming tour and album. I was struck by how nice they actually were. Some of the artists I work with look so friendly on tv and then they walk through the doors of the label and the attitude comes out. I could see that these guys were different, far more genuine.


During the meeting, although Nick and Kevin wanted to focus and be serious, Joe lightened the mood with his goofing around. The expressions on Nicks face were hilarious and I watched him gradually getting more and more frustrated with his brother’s antics. It struck me that Nick was so business minded and organised and that was a pleasant surprise, so many other artists just come in and expect us to come up with all the ideas but Nick was in control, closely followed by Kevin. The one hour meeting turned into a three hour meeting, until finally we all had plans that we were happy with but during the three hours the ice was truly broken and despite finishing two hours past my contracted end time, the afternoon hadn't felt like work at all. As we'd left the conference room, Kevin asked if I'd like to join them and their wives for dinner. I had nothing else on and I was nosey to see their three wives so I said yes. 


I rode in a car with them to the restaurant, the conversation never stopped flowing and I felt amongst friends. They were all curious about me with my broad Scottish accent and how I'd come to be in LA. I love listening to people's take on fake Scottish accents and they were doing their best impressions of The Proclaimers '500 miles', they couldn't believe it when I explained I actually grew up 10 minutes from where the Proclaimers live in Edinburgh. Kevin in particular seemed to ask me a lot of questions about myself. It was as if he was trying to work out if I was trustworthy or not.


At the restaurant I was introduced to Dani and Sophie- Kevin and Joe's wives. 

'Can your wife not make it?' I asked Nick.


'Nick here is still on the shelf, no wives on the horizon there' Joe laughed.


'I'm just very picky, I can't help it if I haven't found the one yet' he defended himself.


'If it makes you feel any better, I'm still on the shelf too. I tend to put my work first and that's made relationships hard in the past. Besides it's fun being young and able to drop everything and move to LA for 6 months without having to take anyone else's thoughts into consideration' I explained.


'See guys, it's not just me!' Said Nick


'Aww look at you two little soul mates' smiled Sophie. 


The subject was quickly changed and we spent the rest of the night having a few drinks and lots of delicious Italian food- my favourite. I soon realised it was almost 11pm. 


'Thanks so much for asking me to join you but i really have to head home now, some dodgy group, the Jones Triplets or something are launching an album and I have to help with that first thing so I best get some sleep'


I went to put down some money towards the bill but Joe stopped me. 


'The Jones Triplets have got this, don't worry!'


'Well will you thank them from me when you next see them please?'


I put my jacket on and said goodnight. I walked to the door and went to order an Uber when I felt Nicks hand on my arm. 


'Hey, I'm heading home too, why don't I drop you off rather than you get a taxi?'


'That would be fab, I still don't know my way around so the driver could take me anywhere and I wouldn't know' I laughed.


Nick's driver was already waiting outside for him. I told the driver my address and off we went. It was only a ten minute drive to the tiny apartment that had come with the job. 


'Thanks again for tonight, I've not really met many people yet so it was nice to spend some time with cool people out of work'


'I don't think Kevin's ever been described as cool before so I'll be sure to tell him you said that!' Nick smiled, he had a beautiful smile, why were Americans teeth always so much better than their British counterparts? 


'Poor Kevin!' I feigned sympathy.


'Don't be silly, it's just all joking, I love my brothers very much. Do you have siblings?'


'No I'm an only child. I used to wish I did but I'm glad now. It meant I had my mum all to myself. Family time is so precious, can you tell I'm a big family person?'


'Yeah but that meant you couldn't form a band and travel the world with the people who you love and annoy you in equal measures'


'I'm doing ok with the travel on my own actually and I'm usually pretty good at finding people to annoy me. It's the love part that tends to allude me'


I don't know why, but talking to Nick felt really natural.


'I find that hard to believe!' He looked at me with his head tilted to the side. 


'Says you Mr Picky, I don't know why but I just was under the impression you'd be someone who'd be in a relationship'


'I've tried a few times, don't get me wrong. I just never found 'The One', you know, even with this face its hard' he pulled his finest front cover of Vogue magazine face.


We pulled up outside my apartment.


'Well it's been really nice getting to know you. I guess I'll see you in the office with all the planning for the launch and promo tour. Don't worry, I'll try and get you a good venues, like a McDonalds or a high school in the middle of nowhere' I laughed. 


'That would be excellent, I can't wait! It was good to meet you too. See you soon' 


I got out the car and waved as he drove off. I could tell I was going to enjoy working with these guys. It just made me more convinced that coming here was the best thing for me, not that I was running away from anything, I was just looking for something more for my life.


The next morning I sat down at my desk and logged in to my computer. 36 new emails since I'd logged off at 7pm the night before, and it was only 9:15am. Thank god for strong coffee. The pace in the LA office was a lot faster than I was used to in London but I liked it. Opening my inbox most of the emails related to the Jonases. I smiled, they'd been so nice the night before, especially Nick. I scrolled down and there was an email there from Nick himself. 


Subject: world domination 


Hey Abbi,


Thanks for your hard work on our project. I had a brainwave last night, I was wondering if you could find us a Dairy Queen to play at as well as McDonald's? 


See you soon

Nick Jones 

(The Jones Triplets)


I had to smile. I quickly googled Dairy Queen, it was new one on me, and typed out a reply 


Subject: re: world domination


Dear Mr Jones,


It is my pleasure to search out the best possible venues for you to pursue your world domination, I will endeavour to find you a Dairy Queen to play in. I've just had to google what it was though- I had no idea! 


Take care 



(New Wikipedia Dairy Queen Expert)


I received a reply within 10 minutes. 


Subject: Dairy Queen Outrage


Dear Abbi,


Who on earth doesn't know what Dairy Queen is? I am shocked, saddened and disappointed that you've never sampled their ice cream delights. This is something which must be rectified ASAP or I'm afraid I don't know if we can have you on our team.


Best wishes


Nick 'Outraged' Jones


It was like living in an alternate universe, I was having email banter with Nick Jonas, he'd been my cousins absolute hero when she was younger and she would lose her mind when I told her. I was just about to reply to him when I was called into the daily morning meeting, so he'd have to wait. 


Every morning we'd have a meeting to discuss all the different acts we were working on and designate tasks. Today my mind was out the window for most of it until Evan mentioned the Jonas name. That brought my attention back to the room. 


'So we had the Jonas boys in yesterday and we've got a lot of work to do on the promo tour and album launch. I've spoken to their manager this morning and he was delighted with the progress made in last nights meeting. Abbi, they were particularly impressed by you so you'll be staying on that account. Apparently you'd spoken to them about some potential venues so we can catch up on that later'


I smiled. McDonald's, Dairy Queen and a random high school. Those were definite potentials. I couldn't help but feel proud that they'd mentioned me though. 


The morning meeting should have been over by 11am but it ended up running over until 12. There were two new groups signing to the label and they were going to need a lot of work so that had taken forever to go over. Evan said we could all take an early lunch and then we'd get right down to it afterwards. I took my salad up to the roof terrace to make the most of the sun and to try and get to know some of my new colleagues better. It was such a welcome change to the grey damp of London and I was loving being able to wear summer dresses to work instead of thick jackets and tights. I was remarkably pale compared to the other girls in the office so I was taking every opportunity to get some sun that I could. 


There were four people working in my section with me but I liked one girl in particular, Aria,

she shared my wicked sense of humour and love of sarcasm and we'd talked quite a bit. Aria knew EVERYONE. And I mean EVERYONE! So she was useful to know. She was always introducing me to people.


'So tell me, because I'm intrigued, what did you do to get the Jonas approval? Give head? Three way? Bribery?' She laughed. 


'I'm not exactly sure, I actually ended up going for dinner with them last night and had a good chat with Nick and that was about it'


'Dinner with the Jonas Brothers? Not bad at all! Just be warned, Nick is notoriously hard to please and their manager is much the same. The only time they've named members of staff before was to ask for them not to be involved in their account' explained Zoe, who was also sat with us. 


'Literally no clue whatsoever then. Maybe they liked my accent or something'


'Maybe one of them likes you in general?' Aria suggested


'Yeah sure!' I laughed. 


As always lunch was over as soon as it started. When I got back to my desk I realised I hadn't replied to Nicks last email, I had to keep my clients happy didn't I? 



Subject: Dairy Queen Virgin


Dear Nick


I am sorry to have caused such negative emotions in you relating to my ignorance of Dairy Queens existence. In order to regain your trust and respect I will visit one on my way home after work and rectify the matter. Please let me know if you have any gourmet recommendations from the menu. Now I better get back to those darned Jones Triplets tour plans. Apparently I've had some good ideas regarding venues and I'm now assigned permanently to their account. 


The Jones Triplets New Tour Bitch 


I smiled, was it me or were we flirting? Maybe Aria was right? Never mind, mixing business with pleasure was a big no. Don't get me wrong, people who work in record labels are always having flings with the artists they represent but it's not a path I'd like to take. I've seen first hand what can happen if it goes wrong. A friend in London was removed from a certain client's account because the company was made aware that the relationship she had with him and his wife simultaneously didn't quite reflect the saccharine sweet image they tried to to portray him with. My job was my priority and I wasn't going to let anything get in my way. 


Evan came to see me.


'So Abbi, I'm really glad you've already got a rapport with the clients. As I've mentioned they are now your main designated client. So first before we start the work on the tour we need to work on the album launch. We need the promo, art work finalised, and most importantly a huge launch party arranged. The venue for the launch is arranged but we need new ideas, something that will make it stand out and make people see the Jonases as new but also build on their existing fan base. Easy!'

He smiled.


'Leave It with me, I'm happy to get on it right away. If you let me know the venue I'll go and check it out and see if I come up with any ideas'


'Fantastic, you're doing a great job and it's not going unnoticed. I don't know if we're going to let London have you back!'


'At the moment I'm not sure I'd want to go back! I just checked my weather app, it's torrential rain and close to freezing- and that's our summer!'


'Great well the boys are back in tomorrow so if you could get some prototypes drawn up we can dazzle them with your work. I'll email you over the brief'


After Evan walked away I checked my calendar for the next day, I had the meeting with the Jonases at 1 so I would go to the venue first thing in the morning. I already had a lot of ideas in mind for them. My email notification went, I thought it would be Evan with the brief but it was another email from Nick.


Subject: Gentlemanly duty


Dear Abbi


I would not be doing my duty as a gentleman if I didn't accompany you to Dairy Queen after work in order to make my recommendations in person. Pick you up after work? Let me know what time and where.


See you tonight?


Ice Cream Lovin' Jonas 



I messaged him back and said I'd meet him around the corner at 5:15pm. Was this a date?

End Notes:

Hope you enjoyed the first chapter of the adventure, please leave some feedback and let me know what you think!


Chapter 2 by El amor prohibido

Nick was waiting at the corner, as planned, but this time he'd brought his own car. It was a black Mercedes with dark tinted windows- very superstar! He got out of the drivers side as he saw me approach. 


'Hey, I hope you're excited and hungry!'


'My excitement is currently fever pitch I laughed'


'I have to let you know I've brought a couple of special people with me, they're sat in the back seat' 


'Oh, okay' I smiled, so this definitely wasn't a date, I felt a slight sense of disappointment.


'Why don't you get in and say hi?'


He opened my door for me and in the back were two beautiful little girls.


'These are my nieces Alena and Valentina, Kevin's girls. They like to check out who their uncle Nick is hanging out with and more importantly, what do we love girls????'


'Ice cream!!!' They chorused


'And who's the best uncle? Remember who's buying the ice cream'


'Uncle Nick!!!'


'No bribery involved there at all then?' I laughed.


'Well I have to bring my A game when Uncle Joe is the most fun guy around and I'm there doing risk assessments so they don't hurt themselves. You don't mind me bringing them do you? I remember you said you were big into family and anyway, it's the law I'm not allowed into Dairy Queen without them'


'Yay Dairy Queen!' Alena shouted


Nick was such a good uncle, the way he spoke to the girls was so natural. We played ispy all the way there. When we got there, another car pulled up beside us and two large guys stepped out. 


'Don't worry about them, that's my security. I tend to take them with me when I'm out with the girls. Like I said, I'm diligent with my risk assessments' he explained.


'And I passed a risk assessment? I'm very honoured!' I said helping Alena out her car seat. Valentina was giving me a very suspicious look, as if to warn me he was HER uncle Nick! 


'Will you hold my hand Alena? Just so we can stay safe in the car park?'


She nodded and smiled, she wasn't as much of a tough cookie as her little sister. 


'You speak funny Abbi' she laughed


'I know but do you know, I come from a place called Scotland and over there everyone speaks like me'


'Really? that's cool' her eyes were huge


'Sorry to interrupt but if you three want to take a seat, I'll order for us' 


'where I live there's a really old castle and a palace where Kings and Queens used to live' sitting down with the girls, I took out my phone to show them the Castle and Crown Jewels. The two security guys took a seat at the table next to ours.




'So do you girls like princesses then?'


They both nodded. Now this was a specialist subject of mine. 


'Who's your favourite?'


'I like Elsa' said Alena


'And I like Anna' smiled Valentina


'I love Frozen, I'm always singing Let it Go when I'm in the shower and pretending to be Elsa'


They laughed. I think I was winning them over. Slowly.


'Sorry to interrupt your chat ladies but look what uncle Nick has- Blizzards!'


'Yay!' The three of us said in chorus.


We ate our ice creams and they were yum.  


'I'm afraid girls, it's time to take you home to mommy and daddy' 


'Aww uncle Nick, we like Abbi can we not stay just a little bit longer?' Alena begged. 


'Not this time sweetie, but I'm sure you'll see Abbi again soon and if she's not too busy, why doesn't she bring you home with me?' 


'Would that be ok girls? I'm having so much fun with you too'


They both agreed and we went back to the car.


'Abbi' started Valentina




'Can we sing let it go now?' She smiled, her eyes twinkling at me. 


'If uncle Nick promises not to laugh at my singing' I replied 


'But uncle Nick has to sing too' said Alena. 


So we drove the girls home singing along to the soundtrack to frozen at full volume. It might not have been the date I'd hoped for but hanging out with Nick and the girls was so much fun. 


Nick pulled up at some gates that instantly opened and drove into the grounds of their beautiful home. It was absolutely stunning. 


'Come on girls time to go in' he said


I stayed put, not sure if I should get out the car too.


'That includes you too Abbi!' He smiled


So here I was at Kevin Jonas's house, having just been for ice cream with Nick Jonas and his nieces. I was clearly in an alternate universe. I was also mighty nervous, although I'd met Kevin and Dani the night before and obviously they must have thought I was ok for them to let Nick take the girls out with me but being in their home felt different, more personal. 


Nick walked straight in the front door, the girls and I walking behind him holding hands. He walked straight into the kitchen where Dani and Kevin were. 


'My goodness, you are honoured, Valentina is normally attached to Nick so for her to be holding your hand, you've definitely got her seal of approval' Dani looked surprised, but pleased.


'Abbi likes Frozen too like me Daddy' she said


'That explains it then' laughed Kevin 'Have you said thank you to Uncle Nick?'


'Thank you Uncle Nick and Abbi. Can you come another day and play with us?'asked Alena


'Of course I can girls, uncle Nick loves spending time with you'


'Not you uncle Nick, Abbi, she's fun. Is she your girlfriend' Alena persisted.


I blushed, Nick blushed and both Dani and Kevin stifled laughter at how awkward we looked. 


'Abbi is Uncle Nicks friend who just happens to be a girl' Dani explained


'And on that note, I better get going. See you tomorrow Kevin' Nick gave his brother a hug.


'And I'll see you tomorrow too, we have a meeting at one. Thanks for having me, your home is beautiful' 


'Well next time Nick brings you round, we should have dinner and the girls can show you all their many many toys' Dani smiled


'I'd love that, thank you'


Her words made my brain tick 'next time Nick brings you round' 


Back in the car Nick started the engine and let it go automatically started to play. 


'Woaaah no, I've had enough of that for one day' he laughed turning it off. 


'But it's my favourite song' I teased 


I felt his eyes looking at me 'are you for real?'


'No, but you believed me hahaha' 


'The girls really liked you, I'm glad I brought them with us'


'Well I wouldn't want you to have made an illegal Dairy Queen trip without them!'


'And I'm glad you came too' he reached over and squeezed my hand. 


'So am I, now I've popped my Dairy Queen cherry, that's one of my life goals achieved that I didn't even know that I had!'


'Would you like me to take you home now or do you want to go for a drink or something?' He asked.


'As much as I really want to say yes to that drink, I've got a lot of work to do at home. These Jones Triplets are apparently hard to please so I need to be ready for them tomorrow'


'We're only hard to please if you don't know how to do it properly' he smiled


I did a double take, what a double entendre. 


'Hmm, well I don't think I can go to work tomorrow and say sorry I didn't do the prep Nick, but I was out on a date with you. I mean, out for a drink with you. Sorry I didn't mean to say date'


I turned bright red. 


'Well I thought this was a date, but if I'm wrong then sorry for presuming' he looked a little disappointed. 


'Well I kind of hoped it was but didn't want to presume. What are we like?' I laughed 


'Like people on a date?' He raises his eyebrows.


'Well this has been some first date' I smiled.


We pulled up outside my apartment.


'So you're going to spend the evening thinking about me then?' He looked at me.


'If you mean planning your launch, then yeah'


'If it doesn't seem too much, why don't I come up and you can talk me through some of the ideas you've had?'


I wasn't sure what to say, so I hesitated.'em'


'Oh no pressure, it was just an idea, I'm really excited to see your ideas' 


'I'll be honest, you just took me surprise there. My apartment is literally tiny and my stuff is everywhere so I'm a little embarrassed. I didn't really think this morning I'd be having anyone round later'


'Look it's fine, honestly' he smiled. He genuinely seemed ok about it thankfully.


'I'll tidy up and you can come round another time, if you like? I've not even finished unpacking properly yet' 


'You don't need to explain to me, but I will take you up on the offer another time and of course, I'll see you at 1pm tomorrow'


'Yes you will! I'm off to see the venue for the launch first thing so hopefully we'll have a lot to talk about. Anyway, I best go' 


I leant in to kiss his cheek but he turned just as I did and I ended up kissing him on the lips.


'Oh I'm sorry that was meant to be on the cheek' I was mortified.


'Don't be sorry. I liked it. Normally when I go on dates the women are either trying to stick their tongue down my throat within the first hour or are trying to get me up into their apartments. But not you! That makes me like you more, anyway I'll say good night Abbi, don't stay up too late' 


'You too, see you tomorrow' 


I shut the car door and waved as he drove off then made my way to my apartment.  It was pretty nice but so small, it was an open plan studio flat, so everything was in one room, ideal for me on my own but not somewhere I'd want to entertain Nick Jonas. I mean the couch is so small, I sit on my bed most of the time. No matter how good looking he was, I was not inviting him in to sit on my bed on our first date. First date. What did that even mean? 


I fired up my MacBook to start work and there were already more emails to deal with but one from Aria caught my eye 


Subject: busted


Hey haggis,

You know in LA we have a heck of a lot of famous people which means photographers everywhere, so when you go for ice cream with hot property like Nick Jonas, you know it's going to end up online! 

You are so telling me everything tomorrow 



I clicked the link she'd attached and there was pictures of Nick and I in Dairy Queen, on Twitter with #WhoIsShe. it was no big deal, we were just friends having ice cream together. I saw the post had a lot of comments, so I made the fatal error of reading them 

'I liked him better with Milay'

'Jonas could do better'

'It should be me waaaaah'


They went on and on. For the first time I had an idea of how exhausting life in the public eye must be, living under constant scrutiny. I shut down twitter and opened up my project files. I had to make this the best ever album launch. Not only to make an impression with the office but also with Nick. I hated to admit it but I liked him, I also didn't know how well that would go down with my boss but I suppose I'd find out the next day. 


I clicked on to my Jonas project work and went over what I had already. Now I was getting to know Nick, I was getting to know who they were, what they stood for and how this reunion was such a big deal to them and their family. I worked until almost 1am and then fell into a deep sleep, so much so when my alarm went off at 6am, I snoozed it. I dozed for 5 minutes and checked the clock, 9am- shit! I was supposed to be at the venue by 9:30am.


I ran around like a headless chicken, throwing on the first thing I could find. Wide legged black trousers and a sleeveless and slightly too low cut blouse. Never mind, at least I was dressed. I pulled my hair back into a sleek bun, a quick slick of red lipstick and a sweep of my favourite black eyeliner and I was presentable. I made it to the venue by 9:45am. I apologised to the owner for being late. 


'Don't worry about it, Nick is here already and we've been talking things over' he replied.

Nick was here? The owner showed me into the room where the launch was to take place and there was Nick sat watching me walk in. He tapped his watch jokingly. 

'I know, I know! I worked late last night and my alarm didn't go off' 

'So come and let's talk ideas, now that you've eventually shown up' he rolled his eyes playfully


Nick, the owner and I sat for around an hour discussing our thoughts and ideas, and it seemed that Nick and I were on the same page. Often as he would talk, he would place his hand on my knee and I liked how it felt.


After an hour it was time for me to go back to the office, so I thanked the owner and shook his hand and looked at Nick. 

'Are you heading out too?' I asked. He looked a bit surprised.

'Yes, I can do. Would you like a lift back to the office?'

'That's not why I asked you but sure, if you're going that way, that would be fantastic'


Nick had his own car again, and he opened the door for me, then got in beside me.


'Thank you again for last night, I had a really good time' I smiled and watched as a smile spread across his face too.


'I'm glad, I wasn't sure what you were thinking when I asked to come up and you said no. I kind of thought I'd blown it'


'Don't be silly, I'm just waiting for you to take me to Taco Bell on our next date' I joked.


'I think I can do better than that. Leave it with me'


He pulled up around the corner from the office. 

'Thanks for the lift, see you at one?' I said.

'Looking forward to it' his smile was so naturally handsome. 

I opened the door to get out and he said my name. When I turned back round to look at him he said 'you forgot the kiss on my cheek this time'.

I pulled the door back in and leant over to kiss his cheek but he caught my chin in his hand and kissed me gently on the lips. It was heavenly. I pulled back for a second and then went back for more. This time he opened his mouth to me and our tongues met for the first time. I could have stayed in the car kissing him all day but I had to get in the office.


'I need to go to work now, I'm sorry, see you at 1?'


I blew him a kiss as I got out the car and rushed in to the office in a fluster. Aria was waiting for me and she giggled when she saw me.


'Have you seen Nick this morning? She raised her eyebrows.


'Erm yeah, I just left him, he was at the venue with me this morning and he just dropped me off'


'Thought so, you might want to fix your lipstick' 


Oh no! I hadn't thought. In the bathroom as I managed to reapply my lipstick in the right place, I realised Nick must now have red lips too and it made me smile. Back at my desk, I emailed him


Subject: hot lips 


Dear Nick,

I hope you enjoyed the free sample of my lipstick and realised you had it on before you saw anyone. See you at 1.



A x


I went to see Evan, I wanted to be up front about Nick and I. He seemed quite chirpy when I knocked on the door. 

'Come in' he smiled

'Hey, I just wanted to speak to you about something'

'You and Nick?'

'Oh you know?'

'The whole of the internet knows, that's how this town works' he laughed 

'And, is it a problem with work? because that's my priority'

'Look, if you like each other then go for it, so long as it doesn't affect your work, and with the plans you sent me last night, it certainly doesn't look like it's going to'


'I was at the venue this morning with Nick and we came up with some great ideas, I'll send them to you when I get back to my desk. Thanks so much Evan' 


When I logged back into my computer Nick had replied 


Subject: Red lips, red face



Thanks for the lipstick, the woman in Starbucks really liked it when I went in for a latte on the way home. You'll need to let me know the shade, I think it made my eyes pop.


N x


Waaaaaaah he'd sent a kiss back too. 


'Oooh kisses on an email' laughed Aria, I hadn't realised she was behind me.


'It could be worse, it could have been a naked selfie' I joked 


'Yeah because Nicks naked body would be absolutely torturous to the eyes! Anyway, you & I are having lunch. You've got a lot to tell me!'


'Glad I'm not the only one who would be truly offended by that sight!' I giggled.

Chapter 3 by El amor prohibido

Work was going fantastically well and I'd seen Nick at work the past couple of days but I was still waiting for an invitation to go on a second date. The anticipation was killing me and I was starting to think he'd changed his mind about it. Aria thought I should just bite the bullet and ask him myself but I wouldn't. The official reason being that 'I don't care either way' but the real one was 'I'm scared he'll say no'.


I was daydreaming again when Aria, Zoe, Stella and Leah, the girls from my section, crowded my desk. 

'Sooo, Abbi. It's Friday night and it's girls night, so you are coming out for your first taste of LA nightlife!' I'd say Aria was asking me to go out but I knew it wasn't optional.


'Well, I hope you know us Scottish girls are hardcore when it comes to clubbing!'


'This is what we like to hear, because here in LA we like to work hard and play harder!' Stella was smiling. 


Since it was Friday and quiet, we all left work at 4pm which gave me time to go shopping for something nice to wear. If Nick wasn't going to ask me on that second date then I might need to look elsewhere for a romantic interest so I may as well make an effort. I chose a black leather pencil skirt that was so tight that it was like a second skin and a black lace plunge neck body suit with barely there modesty panels. I had brought my favourite black stilettos from home that had silver spikes on, so they'd complete the outfit with my small red leather clutch bag. At home, I teased my hair into long waves, fixed my make up and headed to the bar to meet the girls.


'Who the hell is this hot chick?' Asked Zoe doing a mock wolf whistle.


'Haha, very funny! I just thought I'd make an effort. Since I've not had a second date, I thought I might have a look and see what else LA has to offer'


'You don't hang around!' Laughed Stella.


'I think I'm in the friend zone with Nick and I didn't come here to be lonely! So, you know! But now can we please stop talking about my shitty love life and let's get drunk instead'


The bar was one of those cool places, all glass, lights and chrome. It was a lot fancier than where I went with my friends at home


Around midnight Zoe announced we were moving on to the club. I had to smile. My favourite Scottish comedian Kevin Bridges does a really funny sketch about 'In the Club' and my friends and I usually do an impression of him when we're arranging a night out. 


The girls and I walked straight into the club, leaving all the people queuing up outside very jealous, but this was a perk of our job. Leah led us all to the VIP section and the security guy on the rope let us in. Even the VIP was busy but our booth was reserved, and a large bottle of Grey Goose vodka appeared as soon as we sat down. I could get used to this! We were all pretty tipsy already and the vodka was going down well but I was holding my own in the drinks stakes. A tray of tequila shots was delivered to us, with lime and salt. 


'Excuse me, we didn't order these' Leah spoke to the waitress. 


'I know, they're complements of the group in booth one' she smiled and left. 


Leah and I looked at each other and shrugged, free alcohol? Let's do this! We downed the shots and then decided to dance. Aria and Zoe seemed to have found men from somewhere so it was just three of us hitting the dance floor. At first we were just enjoying ourselves dancing and then it became just absolute goofing around. We went from pretending to hand jive, waltz and then went full on lap dance stripper mode, which was quite hard for me in my tight skirt. Unbeknown to us, because we were quite drunk and having a ball, we'd attracted quite a bit of attention to ourselves and soon there was some body builder type guy trying to grind himself against my ass. I turned to him and said, 'get yersel tae fuck man' which is exactly what I'd have said at home. The girls were in stitches and the guy looked bewildered- not a clue at all what I'd just said. 


'She means leave her alone' translated Stella. 


'Honest to God, how do I need a translator in a country where I speak the same language?' I laughed. 


'Possibly because since you've been drinking your accent has become thicker and thicker, it's hilarious' explained Zoe.


I shrugged my shoulders and laughed. Girls nights were the best. We headed back up to the booth where Aria and Zoe were in deep conversation with the guys they'd met. 


'I know, let's go and thank whoever it is in booth number one for the tequila!' I suggested


'Yeah because they might have even more' laughed Zoe!


'What are we waiting for then?' Leah was off.


Booth number one was slightly different to ours, it was definitely the most expensive in the VIP, it was designed to offer extra privacy and was about three times the size of the one we were sat at. Leah got there first and waved back to us to join her. 


'Hi, we just came to thank you for the tequila' she said and we stood there giggling behind her. 


'It's my pleasure' I recognised that voice, it was Nick and I realised he was looking at me and smiling.


'Oh Hi Mr Jones' I laughed.


'Why don't you three come and join us?' He offered, patting the seat next to him for me to sit down. 


'Oh I don't know, it's girls night so....' I was trying to play it cool but Zoe had already sat down next to some of Nicks friends and were chatting animatedly. 


'I think you've been overruled on that' he laughed.


'It would appear so!' I sat down next to him.


'Guys, this is Abbi that I was telling you about. Abbi, these are my friends....(he reeled off a list of names of the 8 friends) and obviously you know my brother Joe' so he'd told his friends about me hmm.


I waved and said hi and tried to play it cool but my heart was beating faster. I could see by the flush on Nicks cheeks he'd had a bit to drink too, and as he spoke he rested his hand on my thigh. 


'So did you enjoy the tequila then? Believe it or not that's my own brand' 


'Honestly, usually I'm not one for tequila but that was actually quite nice. The first time I did a tequila shot I was 17 and it was in a bowling alley. I took the shot and was nearly sick across the lanes because it was so disgusting' I laughed.


'17?!? Jeez, you guys do things differently over there don't you' 


'I was a wild child, what can I say. Except potentially sorry to my mother for all the stress I caused her' 


'I think I'd like to hear more about this wild child thing sometime. We got the pleasure of growing up Disney so you know, we had to keep everything PG'


'Don't worry, I handled it for us both' I winked, 'Anyway, were you just sending tequila to everyone or did you realise it was me?'


'I saw you walk in, who didn't. You look amazing'


'How's my lipstick?' I laughed


He didn't even reply, he just leant in, pulled my head towards his and kissed me. I could feel my nipples start to stiffen with the sexual tension and in this bodysuit I was sure everyone would be able to see. 


I pulled back and smiled, he was looking at me as if to question why I'd stopped. 


'So Nick, how come I get a kiss like that but no second date?' Alcohol makes me quite blunt, can you tell?


He smiled 


'Because, as you probably know,  I've had a lot on this week and because I want to make sure our second date is even better than our first. But how about we go out on Sunday?'


'I'll have work early on Monday so it can't be a late one, but yes Sunday sounds good' my stomach was doing backflips with excitement. 


'I was thinking daytime anyway so that sounds good to me'


He pulled me in for another kiss. These were one pair of lips that I would never get bored of. 


We spent the rest of the time at the club either talking or kissing. Zoe and Leah had also paired off with some of Nicks friends too. So when the music stopped and the lights came up, no one wanted the night to end.


'So who's coming back to Nicks for a party?' Shouted Joe!


'Why is it always my place?' Nick laughed.


'Because bro, just because!' He replied. 


'Will you and your friends come Abbi?' Nick asked me personally.


'Yes she and her friends are coming' shouted Zoe.


'Looks like I've been given my orders' I laughed 


We took a convoy of cabs back to Nicks house. It was the ultimate minimalistic bachelor pad; streamlined, sleek and gadgets for everything. I could see why Nick wouldn't want parties in his house, like his work he looked like he was a perfectionist around the house. He definitely ironed his pyjamas I thought. 


'Abbi, can you come and help me get some drinks?' Shouted Joe.


'Yeah sure!'  I followed him into a room full of liquor, Nick was definitely stocked up. 


'What will I grab?' I asked


'I just want a quick word first, if that's ok'

'Yeah sure Joe, what's up?'


'Do you like Nick? Like really like him?'


'Yes, obviously, why?'


'I'm glad, because he really likes you and I've seen him hurt before and I don't want to see it again. I guess I'm just a bit protective of him'


'Joe, there's nothing to worry about with me. No secret husbands or boyfriends or anything scandalous in my past. Trust me, my interest in Nick is genuine'


He smiled. 'Grab as much as you can and let's get fucked up then!'


We walked back into the lounge where everyone was, placing the alcohol on the table. 

'Bottoms up guys!' Joe shouted.

I poured myself a vodka and orange and sat next to Nick who was drinking a beer. 

'You can't half drink' he smiled

'Perks of being a wild child- a hardened liver and increased alcohol tolerance level'

He put his arm around me and pulled me closer to him. 'Want a grand tour of the house?

'Yes please, I'm nosey!' 


He showed me all round the house including his infinity pool, hot tub and studio. 

'And last but not least, this is my bedroom'


'Holy crap, that bed is literally bigger than my whole apartment' I was astonished, I'd never seen anything that big before. 


'Sit on it, it's the most comfortable bed ever'

I skipped the sitting and lay right down. 


'You're so right, it's so comfy'


'Know what makes it even more comfortable?


'What?' Our eyes met. 




He climbed on top of me and kissed me. I could feel myself getting so turned on. Soon our clothed bodies were grinding against each other, slight moans coming from us both. He stopped momentarily.


'Do you want to, you know?' He asked bashfully.


'Get naked?' I enquired


'More than get naked, I'd say' he raised an eyebrow playfully.


'Is this a good idea? I really want to but would you not rather take it slowly' I asked 


'Fuck slowly!' He replied. 


'Then yes, I'd love to fuck you slowly' 


I have never taken my clothes off so fast. I knew that sober I'd never have done this but I was so horny I couldn't hold back. 


We didn't even make it under the covers. Nick pulled out a condom from his drawer and I put it on for him. We pretty much skipped foreplay and went straight to the main event. I climbed on top of him and poised myself to feel him inside me for the first time. I lowered myself down and groaned as he filled me up. 

'You feel so good' he whispered. Slowly we built up momentum. Nick was good but I took control. I know exactly what I need from sex to get me off, and I was going to have it. I got him to move up the bed into a sitting position and I felt him even deeper inside me, and as for the extra friction on my clit, it was working for me to say the least. I was getting closer and closer, I felt my legs getting weaker. 


'Cum for me Abbi' he whispered


'Your wish is my command' I said as I felt the waves of my orgasm come over me. I could feel me tighten around him. His breathing changed and I could tell with the increased speed of his thrusts he was close too. 


'Bend over' he commanded.


I obliged and felt him slide into me again, I was so wet for him. Again he started to get close but I felt my orgasm starting again


'Pull my hair, pull it hard'


Soon we were both in the midst of a simultaneous orgasm when Joe and his friend came in. 


They laughed as we scrambled for the covers.


'Now that's one sight I will never forget, my brother actually getting laid' he laughed. 


'Joe, fuck off' Nick replied breathlessly. 


I couldn't help it but laugh. 


Joe shut the door and Nick started tickling me,

'Find that funny do you?'


'The whole of the club could have walked in right then and I wouldn't have cared, that was fantastic. Joe is so cheeky though'


'Yeah, not all of us jump into bed with every girl we like. I mean now him and Sophie are together he's a one woman guy but before.... wow'


'So you like me then?' I asked


'I really like you. Seriously, sex isn't something I like to share with just anyone. Like I told you before I'm very picky' 


'We should really go back through to the party, check what damage Joe has done this time' 

I laughed again but he was serious


'You've no idea the breakages he has caused, and then he tells me he’ll bring superglue next time'


We dressed and went back through. I'm pretty convinced my pupils were in a love heart shape. As we walked in they all clapped, Joe had obviously told them all what we'd been up to. I didn't care though, he really likes me.


'Sorry to break up the party, but Zoe and I are just going to head home. The tequila is starting to hit hard. Are you coming Abbi?'


'You can stay here with me if you like?' Nick asked


'I'm just going to go, hangovers are better in your own bed and I'm a bit passed the good old walk of shame'


'Another time then?'


'Definitely' i kissed his forehead.


'Ubers here!' Leah shouted.


'See you Sunday?' I asked.


'See you then' and he kissed me again.


'Come on Abbi time is money when it comes to Uber!' 


'Bye everyone' I waved 


As soon as the Uber pulled away, Leah and Zoe were on me like a pair of hyenas. 


'Details, we need details. Was he good, size, everything, we need everything'


I could see the driver raise his eyebrows in the rear view mirror.


'Everything was good, very good and very satisfying' I smiled. 


'Imagine sitting in a meeting with him on Monday knowing you've screwed him and still trying to be professional' Leah smirked 


'We're going on another date on Sunday too'


'You are one lucky bitch!' Zoe said shaking her head. 


They dropped me outside my apartment, and as I got through my door. I started jumping up and down with excitement. I had it bad. 


The next morning I had it bad too, a hangover that was. My usual cure at home was irn bru but I doubted I'd find that here. I was craving fatty food but my fridge was near empty. I really needed to go food shopping. By lunch time I felt a bit more human and decided to leave for a walk and to find some food. I pulled on some grey sweats and a white cropped vest top to try and get some tan on my upper body. I accessorised with dark glasses and a navy blue cap. Anything that could hide my eyes from the daylight would be a winner. 


The fresh air was helping but my stomach was rumbling loudly, I managed to a restaurant offering an all day breakfast, thanks the heavens and went in. The food and strong coffee saving my life- til my next hangover. I checked my phone as I finished my coffee and I had an email from Nick.


Subject: exclusivity 


Dear Abbi,

I hope you enjoyed last night as much as I did and I'm hoping we're still ok for tomorrow? I'll pick you up around 12pm from your apartment? 

FYI I had one of those Jones Triplets on the phone. They said they're pissed that they're not receiving the same level of service as I am. I just told them that was non-negotiable as it was a one on one personal service offered only to one person at a time. Was that ok, I didn't want to presume anything. 


PS I don't even have your personal number yet. 


N x



Subject: re:exclusivity


Dear Sir,

As you know I am a business women and I take all deals very seriously. The happiness of my clients are tantamount. However, I'd like to review the terms and conditions of the exclusivity deal before I commit myself to anything further. 


Kind regards 


(No kiss to emphasise the business tone of my email) 


Subject: terms and conditions


Dear Madam-

Please find below my proposal and T&C's thereof.


Will you please be my 'official' girlfriend.



A. You're mine exclusively in a dating sense 

B. That you will allow me to take you out on dates and treat you like a lady.

C. That you will let me pull your hair like last night regularly.

D. That you will never stop keeping me on my toes

E. That you wear that leather skirt again. Your ass looked fantastic in it. 


Yours hopefully 




Subject: due process 


Dear Sir,

I have passed your proposal onto our legal department who will scrutinise it and make any changes and will get back to you within 7-10 working days. 


Said leather skirt will promptly be cleaned and returned into service shortly.


Best wishes




Subject: availability 


Dear madam,

You're driving me crazy, are you free now to discuss the matter in person. 

I feel a certain urgency in the matter arising as I write this, which I would like you to attend to urgently. 7-10 days is unacceptable for your most favourite client.

Let me know where you are and I can come and collect you, should you be available of course.


Yours, in anticipation,





Subject: meeting arrangements 


Dear Sir,

Meet me at my apartment, number 6 on the intercom. I shall be there in approximately 20 minutes, awaiting your arrival. Please bring any materials you may require to ensure negotiations go smoothly, however please also be aware that I will be leading the proceedings.


Yours excitedly, and potentially exclusively, subject to confirmation.



I was ten minutes from my apartment so raced back, I had a plan for Nick that would blow his mind- literally

Chapter 4 by El amor prohibido

I rapidly got changed- I put on my best lacy teal lingerie, a short skirt and a white work blouse but I left it open enough so he could see my bra poking out. I removed my contact lenses and put my glasses on and tied my hair up in a high pony.




Nick was 5 mins early but I was ready for him 


'Hi, Mr Jonas here for a meeting'


'Come up, third floor' 




I was glad he'd carried on the charade because he didn't know what was going to hit him next. 


He knocked at the door, I took a deep breath and opened it, half chewing on a pencil. His eyes were all over my body. He opened his mouth but nothing came out.




'Come in Mr Jonas, as you can see I take my negotiating very seriously' 




As he shut the door I purposely dropped the pencil.




'Oops clumsy me, let me get that' I bent over with my ass pointing in his direction, knowing fine well my skirt was so short he would have had a full view. 




'Well, eh, this is like no other meeting I've ever had' he finally found his voice. 




'I hope you will only be having meetings like this with me for the duration of the exclusivity deal? Should it go ahead obviously’ I replied 




'Goes without saying. Abbi, come here and give me a kiss' 




'No, no, no, that's not how this works Mr Jonas, I'm fully in charge of this meeting' his eyes were huge, and I could tell as well as turned on he was slightly nervous. Never breaking eye contact. I pushed him towards my bed. 




'Sit down sir, now let me explain, I believe in visual aids during presentations and I also like to be very hands on with my work'




I started to run my hands up and down my body. I could see by the growing bulge in his trousers that he was loving it. I slowly unbuttoned my shirt and then took his t shirt off. I pushed my body against his and kissed him hard. His hands grabbed my butt and he pulled me on top of him. Within seconds, his pants were down and my skirt was up at my waist. He didn't waist time taking my panties off, he just pulled them to the side and let me guide him inside me. 




There's always a risk when you've had fantastic drunk sex with someone that the sober re-run will be terrible but this was definitely not the case. Although we were all over each other and things were moving quickly, I could tell Nick got off on eye contact. He loved to see the pleasure he was giving me, just about as much as I liked receiving it and the opposite was true as well. Watching his face and hearing the deep moans coming from him just made it so much better for me too. His little sharp intakes of breath and the way his leg was trembling underneath me told me he was getting close. Nick moved his position slightly and hit my G spot perfectly. I threw my head back in absolute ecstasy and his hand reached up to grab my hair and as he pulled it I came hard, and he followed seconds later.




'So is that it decided, so you think you can live with these terms?' I asked, still panting from my orgasm.




'You had better believe it, I'd be mad to let you go after that...presentation' he pulled me in for another kiss. 




'Nick, you do know I'm only here for 6 months at the moment don't you? Then I'm back to London'




'That's 6 months away. Shall we just say Carpe Diem and see how things go?'




'Then Mr Jonas, you have a deal!' I shook his hand. 




'You're wild in the bedroom, I've never been with anyone like you before' he smiled.




'Well hopefully that's a good thing?'




'It's a very good thing' he blushed. 




We crawled into my bed and cuddled into each other. 




'I could get used to this Nick' I smiled




'And this is also a very good thing he replied' 




We lay for a while in comfortable silence, my head was on his bare chest and he was wrapping my hair around his finger. It just felt so normal to be doing this with him. Things had moved way quicker than I would have ever have imagined. 




'Abbi, I just want to be upfront here, I don't usually just jump into bed with girls, let alone ones that I've only been on one date with. I don't know why it's different with you, but it is. I just don't want you thinking this isn't special because for me it really is' 




'It hadn't honestly even crossed my mind. Like if I think now that we've only had one date it doesn't feel like it and this just feels right. You just feel right.' I squeezed him tight. 




'So what do you want to do now?' He asked




'Fall into a deep sleep?' I was so comfortable and warm wrapped up in Nick, I didn't want to move. 




'How about we go for a walk first? We can maybe get to know each other a bit better before we do that again' he winked.




'Urgh you had to be an active man, give me 5 more minutes here and then we'll go. Ok?' I cuddled right in and he just kissed my head.




I had to admit I liked this, I liked it very much but I just wasn't sure I was the kind of girl that Nick needed in his life, there was a lot about me that he didn't know. He seemed to be very full on, very quickly and that for me was normally a huge turn off, but there was something about him that piqued my interest. Nonetheless allowing this level of affection and intimacy was foreign to me, and was making me start to freak out a little bit.




I jumped out of bed, 'so we better get going if you want to go for a walk, it's getting dark outside' I smiled, going to my wardrobe to find more appropriate clothes.




'That's actually a bonus for where we're going' he smiled, getting out of bed himself. I watched his muscled back, my eyes trailing down to his ass as he bent over to put his pants on, then his thighs. He was some specimen and clearly no stranger to a gym.




'I know you're perving on me' he laughed.




'Thats one of my terms of this exclusivity deal. I get to perv on you, and you get to like it!' I laughed




'Oh I do, believe me, I really do' 




Finally we were both ready and left my apartment, we walked side by side, not holding hands but they would frequently touch by accident. 




'So tell me, who is the REAL Nick Jonas then? I know the work version but who are you deep down?'




'Wow, thats a deep one. Are you sure you're not a closet journalist with a question like that?'




'You just fascinate me, I watch you live your life in the spotlight every single moment of the day but I know that's not all of you. Plus if I'm honest, apart from at work, I've never really read or seen much about you guys and I'm glad. I want to know you, not the idol version'




'Ok, well let's start at the beginning then. My name is Nicholas Jerry Jonas, I was born September 16th 1992 in Texas. I have three brothers, music and acting are my passions but I also love sports, fast cars, art and good tequila. I have an eye for fashion and design. I hate to lose and my biggest flaw is I’m a perfectionist. Your turn' 




'So, I'm Abigail Jayne Millar, but my friends call me Abbi. I was born the 12th February 1988 in Edinburgh, Scotland. I moved to London 2 years ago to work for Universal. I also love music, all different artists and genres. I like to work hard but I also like to play hard. I love dancing, drinking anything alcoholic and my family. My biggest flaw is I’m constantly late and I can’t be wrong, I always have to be right' 




'Oh an older woman eh?' He laughed.




'And don't you forget that, we're talking age before beauty here Jonas' I elbowed him gently in the ribs. He caught my arm and pulled me into him.




'You're so different to the girls I usually meet, where have you been all my life?' He smirked.




'Well that's not cheesy at all is it' I giggled ‘anyway, I just told you- Edinburgh, Scotland’ 




‘I knew we should have toured there before now, anyway we're nearly where we’re going so let me cover your eyes'




'I didn't realise we were actually going somewhere in particular' 




He covered my eyes with his hands and led me around the corner.




'Yeah, and here we are' 




He took his hands away and I realised that in front of me was the LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) and outside, was an amazing art installation. It was around 200 authentic 1920's/30's street lamps all refurbished and lit up. 




'This is beautiful, I just don't have the words' I was frankly speechless.




'Good job I'm the song writer then, seeing as you have a limited vocabulary' he smiled.




'Tell you what, I won't steal your job if you don't steal mine- deal?'




'I don't know, I'm pretty good at eating lunches on roof terraces and sleeping late on work days' 




'Hey! I slept in once and it was your fault!' I defended myself. 'I think you should apologise for that remark though, but you'll need to catch me first' 




I ran off through the lights with him not far behind me. The apology was soon forgotten and we played in amongst the lights like a pair of kids. In and out, chasing each other round and around, until we ran right into each other. I couldn't resist the look of his lips and I just grabbed him and kissed him hard and of course he kissed me back too. 




'Oh my God look it's Nick Jonas' someone said loudly and the next minute Nick was surrounded by people, desperate for photos and autographs. I stepped back and watched as he dealt with them all graciously. He was so at ease with the attention but to me it was totally alien to hear total strangers talking about me, almost to my face. A group of girls in their late teens were the worst-




'Look I think that's his girlfriend' I overheard someone else say. 




'Who even is she? I mean look what's shes wearing. Haha haha' 




'Do you think he needs an eye test? She looks like such a bitch'




It was really really hurtful, but I put on my fake smile and kept up the bravado until I heard Nick tell the people who he was talking to that we had to go. I didn't know how to play it as he walked towards me but he smiled and took my hand as we walked away. Safe out of earshot I had to ask;


'How the hell do you deal with all that? Like you don't get a private moment to yourself at all. And now they've all seen us together'




'And... so what?? They've seen us together? Well we are together so it's no big deal'




'I just didn't realise it would be 'official' everywhere yet' 




'Is this a bad thing?' He looked genuinely concerned.




'No, not really, just I haven't even told my friends and family at home about you and I yet'




'Were you thinking we'd keep things quiet? I really feel like you're worrying a lot about this and you don't have to' 




'Honestly I hadn't really thought about it, to me you're just Nick, a normal guy that I really like. I'm not used to the whole relationship thing anyway, this is just a lot to take in' 




'Really? How many relationships have you had?'




'Two. One was more serious than the other but that was over three years ago now, so I'm out of practise at all of this'




'Hmm, I wouldn't have said you were out of practise that by your 'presentation' earlier on' he smiled.




'I'll take that as a compliment' i stuck my tongue out at him. 




'And I'll take it as a compliment that you're willing to take a chance on me'




'And so you should, you're hardly a catch are you Jonas' 




'That's the thing with us penniless musicians, we just can't admit we'll never come to anything'




I liked that he could keep up with my sarcasm.




'So since we've seen each other tonight, does that mean you want to give tomorrow a miss?' 




'Are you kidding me? Do you know how much I'm enjoying myself right now?'




'Not as much as you did earlier?' 




'Well that's true but seriously, if we've got 6 months then we need to make it count'




'Good point, except I've seen your schedule, I know how busy you guys are going to be for, well for forever really'




There's ways and means to make things work, you know, if only this country had road, rail and air travel links. Let's stop focusing on the negatives' he smirked.




'Ok, ok, so how are you feeling about the album launch then? Like what we're doing with it? It's actually been really nice working this close with you. I can tell a lot about you by your work ethics'




'We are so up for this, it's been a long time coming. I mean you see us as a band and a family now, you've no idea what it's been like the past few years. It was pretty hard for us all so that's why we want this to be just right, it's not just us 'coming back' it's us healing as brothers and we want people to know that we're more solid than ever and our music is the best ever'




'I dunno, pom poms was quite a bop' I said sarcastically.




'Don't talk to me about that song!' He shook his head.




'Believe me, I'm joking!' 




'Well here you are, back home so I'll give you a kiss goodnight and I'll see you tomorrow at 12? I'll pick you up here' he pulled me in for a big hug and kiss. 




'Thank you for a very interesting meeting today, it was fun to say the least and I'll see you tomorrow. I'll even try not to sleep in!'




'And just to check, is that exclusivity deal a go ahead?' 




'Well Mr Jonas, you did impress me with your negotiating skills earlier. So yes, I think that would be acceptable' I gave him another kiss. 




'Oh and tomorrow bring swimwear, I almost forgot' 




'Swimwear?? Where are we going?'




'You'll see!' He said getting into his car. I stood at the pavement and waved him goodbye. This guy had some effect on me. My usual suit of armour had melted that first night, he had me like putty in his hands. This was so unlike me. I decided to call my best friend at home, it was 10pm here so it would be 2pm in England, she would be at work in a clothes store but she was the manager and always has time to talk. 




'Hey bitch' answered Carmen




'Oh hey asshole! I missed your chat so I thought I'd phone and distract you from the day job'




'Nothing to do with an ice cream date with a certain pop idol?'




'Well aye, that as well. I honestly can't believe what's happening, one minute I'm in a meeting at work  with him and then the next I'm jumping his bones, and then the next he's asked me to be his girlfriend. Like who the hell does that these days?'




'Gentlemen do that, not the weirdos that you usually pick! So what did you say?'




'I said yes after some negotiations' I laughed.




'Does he know about you know what,m?'




'He strikes me as a very wholesome boy, I think I'm best waiting a while before I drop that bombshell'




'You and a wholesome boy, has the sun affected your brain? I mean when I saw you went for ice cream with him and his nieces I had to do a double take. This isn't you at all!'




'I know it's not. It feels good though and anyway, I'm here for 6 more months and he's touring etcetera so I'm just going to relax and enjoy it. The plus side is he is pretty good in bed and I think I've only slightly scared him in that respect so far'




'There's plenty of time yet, anyway, some of us work and don't spend the day shagging our clients so I best go!'




'I know you've shagged a client before so keep it shut you! Love you!'




'Technically he didn't buy anything so not exactly a client. Love you too bye!'




Carmen always knew what to say or do to make me feel better, but she was right, if Nick and I were going to get serious, there was something I really needed to talk to him about. 

End Notes:

Ooh, secret alert! 

Can anyone guess what it might be? 

Chapter 5 by El amor prohibido

I was ready on time for Nick picking me up, this guy was doing things to me without even trying, I was never early for anything. I was still confused about what we were going to do so to cover all bases I wore a long turquoise maxi dress over my navy blue bikini, lots of bangles, beaded sandals and a straw fedora.  The weather was so beautiful that I decided to wait outside for Nick to pick me up, which he did in his convertible camaro with the top down. He insisted on getting out to open the door for me, with a kiss. 


'You look amazing' he smiled.


'Thank you, you look pretty darn fine yourself. sooooo......where are we going?' I was dying to know.


'You'll see!' He smirked.


I wasn't lying, he did look hot. He had a white v neck -shirt with Navy shorts that were tight enough to hug his body just perfectly. His body that I couldn't get out of my mind.


We drove in the direction of the beach, chatting all the way, conversation was flowing well. Every time his hand even so much brushed me, it was electric. I hoped wherever we were going that we'd get some time alone to make the most of these fireworks. After about 45 minutes we pulled into a private marina. Nick parked the car, and opened the door for me. 


'So we're going out on a boat then? I've never really been on a boat before!' I was so excited.


Nick took my hand and led me over to a stunning 60' yacht, and helped me board. It was mind blowing, but a definite reminder that Nick and I lived very different lives. The only boat I'd been on before was a booze cruise in Spain, and I didn't remember much about that. Whereas here was Nick, at home on a boat that cost who knows how much! 


He led me into the main part of the boat which was a large seating area, and introduced me to the captain that would be sailing us for the day. There was also a chef on board who was going to cook for us and another member of staff who was going to serve us. He showed me the bathroom and I noticed that there were also two bedrooms on the boat, knowledge which I might need later on, I thought to myself. 


'I feel like I'm in a parallel universe, this is crazy!' I was almost spinning around trying to take it all in. 


'Never let it be said that Nick Jonas doesn't know how to treat a lady' he replied.


'Haha, it's been a while since I was called a lady' I laughed.


'Well, you're my lady now' he pulled me into him and kissed me. 


The waitress brought us some drinks- a beer for Nick and a glass of Prosecco for me. I went to take a sip- 


'Wait a second, I want to make a toast first;

To many more happy days together and a fantastic album launch party' he smiled. 


We clinked glasses.


'Oh can I just add something' I quickly butted in, 'to the success of our exclusivity deal'


'I can definitely drink to that' he smiled, finally taking a sip, now let's go up on deck!'


I followed him up and on the deck we're two loungers with towels already laid out for us, alongside a cooler full of beer and more Prosecco. We took our seats on the loungers and the boat set sail out of the marina. I looked across at Nick, who was laid right back, beer in hand, looking unbelievably hot in his ray ban aviator shades, and smiled, he squeezed my hand and smiled back. 


'I could get used to this' I said


'I want you to get used to this, because I want to be able to get used to doing this' he replied, leaning over to kiss me.


We sipped our drinks as the boat headed along the coastline. Nick pointing out some of the sights along the way; Santa Monica Bay, Venice Beach (where his show Kingdom was based) and the Malibu Mountains to name but a few. It was so warm that he changed into white swim shorts, showing his tanned muscular legs off perfectly. I followed his lead and took off my dress, leaving me in my navy blue halter neck bikini. I knew his eyes were all over me, and I loved it. 


Our relaxation was broken by my phone ringing, it was my best friend Carmen again. 


'Hey bitch' I answered. Nicks eyes almost popped out his head, he excused himself to go inside, I think he was trying to give me privacy


'Hey slag, how are you? Just wondered what you were up to? Still bumping uglies with your client inappropriately?'


'Funnily enough, I'm currently on a yacht drinking Prosecco and enjoying the hot sun with the aforementioned client and having a great time!'


'Photo or you're lying!'


'I'll go one better, I'll FaceTime but only for a minute, ok?'


I changed the call to FaceTime to show her my view of the Pacific Ocean, and then turned the camera so she could see me.


'Ok you weren't lying about the yacht, but where's this hot man that's grabbed your attention?'


Nicks voice butted in before I got the chance-

'He's not here just now, it's just me and Abbi' he said jokingly.


'Holy shit, Abbi, you were right. I see what you mean! Those abs though!'


'Carmen, do you actually have a mute button? You know he can hear you right?' I giggled.


'Eh yeah, listen to me Mr Jonas, you look after my best friend for me, I can see she really really likes you in her eyes and that's not like her at all!'


'Yes thanks Carmen, time to stop talking now!'


'Oh yeah and talking of not talking, Sean was in my work asking for you yesterday. I told him you were in LA and he said you hadn't told him'


'Yeah, there's a reason for that as well you know. Anyway I'll speak to you soon! Byeeeee'


'Bye Abbi and bye Nick. Those shorts are hot by the way, they cling in all the right places' 


I hung up on her, she was an outrage. Hence why we were friends. 


'So that's my best friend from home Carmen, she's off her head but that's why I love her!' I explained.


'And she can see in your eyes that you really like me? I must be doing something right'


'You're doing almost everything right'


'What am I missing?'


'The fact that you're not kissing me right now'


We locked lips again but as much as I was enjoying the kiss I felt angry, Sean had a bloody cheek to be asking Carmen for me. I'd made it clear that I didn't want to hear from him again. He wasn't the reason I came here but he did help make the decision to come a lot easier, and as for Carmen mentioning him in front of Nick, I'd deal with her later


Nick pulled away and smiled. 


'So this Sean guy? Is he your ex?' Nick asked.

Oh shit, here we go. I had three options

A. Truth

B. Half truth

C. Complete Lie


I wasn't quite ready for the A option and as much as the C option was appealing, I settled on B half truth.


'We did have a relationship but it didn't work out. I did some work for him but it didn't end well so we don't talk anymore and I don't really know why he'd be looking for me' I shrugged. 


Nick nodded and smiled but I could tell he wasn't entirely sure of what I'd said.


'Anyway, chef has just finished making our dinner so let's go in and eat' he smiled.


Dinner was lush, and definitely not Taco Bell! 

The menu was:


Starter - scallops with bacon 


Main course - filet mignon with fondant potatoes and selection of seasonal vegetables 


Dessert - chocolate soufflé 



After dinner, we went back up on deck to watch the sunset. It was the most romantic thing I'd ever experienced. 


'Remember when you asked me where I'd been all your life and I laughed, I'm starting to wonder the same thing' I whispered to Nick




'Really, no one has ever done anything like this for me. It's just perfect. Thank you so much' 


'You're worth it, thank you so much for letting me do this for you'


'But for our second date, you've set the bar quite high' I laughed.


'I've already got plans for another actually, come to the album launch with me as my plus one'


'I can't Nick, I've got to be careful with work, I don't want to blur lines and make them think I'm putting you before my job. Obviously I'll be there to watch but I'm helping to run the show, I promise I'm all yours for the after party though, that goes without saying' 


'I just want to show you off, that's all'


'With how good that album is, believe me, you guys have more than enough to show off'


'Ok ok, I get it' he looked deflated


'Any other time I'd be more than happy to be your plus one as long as work isn't involved'


He looked deep in thought.


'Then come to a gala dinner with me the Friday after, it's for a charity I'm involved in and my brothers and their wives are coming with them'


'Ok, that sounds great, what the hell do I wear though?'


'Leave that to me, I'm being dressed by my stylist and I'm sure he'll be able to hook you up with something as stunning as you are. We need you to smash that red carpet!'


'Red carpet? Are you for real? Can't I just meet you in there? I'm not a big public attention kinda girl' I was starting to worry what I was getting myself into. 


'No, I'm serious. It comes with the territory of being my girlfriend unfortunately. I'm sure after a few times you'll get used to it and I promise to be there holding your hand the whole time'


'Well if you insist, I'll try and do you proud' I half smiled thinking shit shit shit. I hadn't taken this into account. 


'Great, I'll message my stylist now and get him to set you up with an appointment'


'Fantastic' he was totally not picking up on my fake enthusiasm. 


'And you can get hair and make up done with Sophie and Dani'


'Awesome' I was running out of positive vocabulary 


'Oh and by the way it's in New York, so can you try and get the day off work, it's about a 5 hour flight, I think we're scheduled for 9am so we have time to get ready and we can just spend the weekend at my apartment there. Don't worry I'll have you back in time for work on Monday' 


'What if I can't get on the same flight as you though?'


'That's unlikely, we're taking a private plane' he laughed. 


'Ooh wanna join the mile high club' I joked.


'Haha, nice idea but it won't just be us on board' 


'Shame!' I winked.


We eventually got back to the marina around 10pm and Nick had arranged a car to pick us up since we'd rather overindulged on the Prosecco and beer. I cuddled into Nick in the back of the car and laid my head on his shoulder. He kissed the top of my head. 


'Donyou want to stay at my place tonight? It's closer than yours?' He asked


'I'd love to but I have work in the morning and need my clothes' 


'Well what if I come to yours instead, we can go past mine and I can grab some clothes and then ride into work together in the morning?' He suggested.


Ordinarily I'd have said no but he must have caught me in a moment of weakness, I couldn't bare for him to leave me.


'I'd really like that, I do have a meeting first thing though so I can't be late' 


'I know you have an early meeting- it's with us!' 


'Oh yeah, Prosecco brain!' I laughed


As planned, Nick picked up an overnight bag from his place and came back to mine. 


'Sorry it's not as fancy as your place' 


'As long as it has you in it, it's fine by me'

He grabbed me and kissed me passionately, our tongues finding each other desperately. Soon we were peeling each other's clothes off, but this time it was different, there was no sense of urgency or rush. We were taking our time and appreciating each other's bodies. Kisses and light touches showered down on my body, starting on my neck and working the way down to my breasts. Nick gently licked my nipples and continued to move downwards, he kissed over my stomach and I started to hold my breath in anticipation of him going down on me, except he didn't. He came back up next to me and started kissing me on the lips again. I decided it was his turn to feel kisses all over his body, but I wouldn't stop on his stomach. I trailed my fingers up and down his abs, whilst kissing my way down his chest, then following his hip bone into his groin. He was so hard for me, and when I slipped him deep into my mouth he groaned-

'Holy shit that feels good'


'Mmm' I mumbled back, my mouth was too full to talk. Now I'm not one to brag, but sex is something I know I'm good at, and by the way Nick was reacting he also agreed. He kept lifting his head up to watch what I was doing but then throwing his head back when it got too much for him. 


'You need to stop doing that... uh... if you want me...uhhh.... to be able to perform' he barely managed to speak- which was a good sign. 


I stopped what I was doing. 


'Do you really want me to stop? Or do you want me to keep going'


'Up to you, I just eh don't think I can last much longer' 


I took him back in my mouth and let him finish there. His whole body jerked and contorted. Job was a good un! 


I moved back up the bed and lay beside him, watching him catch his breath. Eventually he asked me 'what the hell did you do to me? I'm broken! I literally can't feel my legs!'


'That was my plan Mr Jonas, now I'm going to tie you up whilst you're weak and lock you in that cupboard and keep you here for my pleasure' I did an evil genius laugh. 


'Trust me, you don't have to lock me up, I'll willingly stay here for your pleasure' 


'Even better, I can't remember where I left my ropes and chains are so that's useful actually'


We cuddled into each other, and he fell fast asleep within minutes. Apparently sea air can have that effect on you but I was more focused on the effect Nick was having on me. I didn't like people sleeping over but here he was and I wanted him there. I felt like he was bringing out the best in me but at the same time it was scary to a commitmentphobe like me, but Sean was in that back of my mind. What is it about ex's rearing their ugly heads when you least wanted them to? And now he knew I was in LA. Why did Carmen open her mouth??? As pissed off as I was, I fell asleep minutes later too. 


**Beep beep beep**


Urgh, my alarm. My arm reached out to hit snooze automatically but ended up thumping down on Nicks cheek.


'Oops sorry!' I giggled. 


'No wonder you're always late, that snooze button is almost worn out!' He laughed. 


'I was late once! Don't judge me! Anyway, I heard a rumour that my first meeting will only be on time if I am, so he's at my mercy!' I lay back down and pretended to go back to sleep, fake snores and all. 


He climbed on top of me and started to tickle me awake.


'Okay okay!' I gave in. 


It killed me to ignore his morning glory but I had to shower. I kissed him and headed to my tiny bathroom, showered, brushed my teeth and came out. Nick went in behind me and did the same whilst I got dressed and did my make up. I checked my phone for the time and saw I had a couple of text messages-


From: Carmen

Omg your pictures are online with Nick. You make such a cute couple. Even Perez Hilton thinks so and that man knows! I just can't believe you've got it so bad for a man, you've never been like that for a long time. Since Sean really! Sorry I mentioned him btw, I was just shocked to have seen him after this time. Just enjoy yourself and forget about him. 


From: Mum

Hi sweetheart, not spoken to you in a while, hope you've not forgotten about us now you've got a famous boyfriend haha. Carmen was telling us all about him when we saw yesterday. 

Oh and Sean came looking for you so I gave him your new number. Hope that's okay. Love you xxx


From: (maybe Sean) 

So LA eh? I thought Carmen was lying when she told me but your mum told me the same thing and then I see you all over some boy band guy on the internet. I bet you've not told him all your little secrets have you? We need to talk soon x


Sean, Sean, Sean, Sean. I was sick of his name. I could feel my blood pressuring rising, and my anger building. I decided to google what Perez had said about Nick and I to take my mind off it.


'It would appear Nick Jonas is back off the market, he's been spotted around town with this new girl several time's in the past week and I think we can all agree they look pretty loved up. So far all I know is she works for his record company and she is one lucky lady!' 


The article had a picture of us holding hands and kissing at the LACMA, and another of us getting off the boat the night before. Honestly there must just be wall to wall photographers here in LA. 


Nick came out the bathroom in a cloud of cologne. 


'Ready to go?' He smiled, picking up his bag.


'Ready to take your life in your hands with my driving?' I laughed 


'I didn't realise you actually had a car, I just assumed you wouldn't'


'Yeah, it's a stunning,  bottom of the range, second hand pink fiat 500. What more could I want?' 


'Wow that's a fantastic car, I need to get me one of those' he joked.

Chapter 6 by El amor prohibido

I pulled up outside the office.


'So what do we do now? One of us go in first or do we go in together?' I asked. 


Nick laughed, 'we should definitely comando crawl in with cam cream on our faces. Are you kidding me? Our pictures are everywhere and your boss is fine with us so why would we go in separately?'


'I don't know, it just feels a bit weird strolling in to work with you going hey guys this is my boyfriend' 


'Why not?? I'm offended by that. Am I not good enough for you?' He joked.


'Well I am slightly ashamed of you but you know, I'm sure I'll get over it!'


We got out of the car and walked into my office together. Although we were early Aria was already in work.


'Well if it isn't love's young dream! Good morning Nick & Abbi, I'm guessing you just car pooled to save the environment, no other reason?'  She raised her eyebrow playfully


'Yeah something like that' I laughed. 


'Would you like a coffee Abbi? I'll go grab us some while we wait for my brothers, how about you Aria?' Nick offered 


'Yes please!' We both replied. 


The minute he left Aria was on me, wanting to know everything! 


'So uncle Perez tells me you two are all loved up and it looks like he was right! And now you've got him getting our coffee? You must be epic in bed!'


'You had better believe it, and he's not bad either thankfully!' I shrugged playfully.


'Morning ladies' Evan shouted to us all as he walked in. 'Big meeting this morning Abbi, hopefully you're ready for it and didn't spend too much time out on a yacht over the weekend?'


I rolled my eyes dramatically 'well it was a rather stressful way to spend my Sunday!'


'Morning Evan' said Nick walking back into the office with our coffees. He handed Aria her coffee and gave me mine with a kiss on the cheek. By now the office was full so I blushed deeply, I could feel everyone's eyes on me. 


'Nick, do you want to come through with me just now and we can give Abbi a buzz if we need her' said Evan.


'Yeah no problem'


My eyes followed his tight ass across the room, it looked phenomenal in his fitted jeans.


'Earth to Abbi' laughed Zoe.


'Sorry guys! So did everyone have a good weekend?' 


'Not as good as yours clearly but yeah it wasn't too bad!' Said Leah. 


Kevin, Joe and Phil, the Jonas's manager arrived and I took them into the boardroom. Instantly Nicks eyes caught mine but I looked away trying to be professional.


'So the launch this Friday....' began Phil. 


The meeting was long and boring, if it hadn't been for Nick in the room, I don't know how I'd have made it through. We were going over and over the same stuff. Joe was literally sat playing with a Rubik's cube at one point and even Kevin's eyes were half glazed over. Nonetheless by the end of the meeting it was decided that we were completely ready for the launch on Friday. Thank goodness for that! Evan grabbed Phil for a quick chat as we left the boardroom so I took the chance to speak to Nick, Kevin and Joe before I headed back to my desk. 


'Great meeting there ay?' 


Joe rolled his eyes 'you know I like that they want out opinions and we do want to be involved but that's an hour and a half I'm never gonna get back!'


I laughed. 'It's my job and I know exactly what you mean!'


'I nearly forgot to mention because my brain shut down, our parents are flying in tomorrow for the week. Would you like to come and join us for a family dinner at our place on Wednesday? All the extended family are coming too so it would be good for them to meet you, seeing as you and my bro seemed to be joined at the hip' asked Joe


'Yes, I'd love to join you, thanks very much for asking me' I saw Nick was smiling.


'See Nick, that's how you ask her to have dinner with your parents, he was worried you'd say no!' Joe totally busted Nick.


'It would be my pleasure to meet the people who made you guys' I smiled. 


'I can't wait for them to meet you, call you later?'


'Absolutely. Have a good day guys!' I said waving them out the office. 


'Meeting the parents eh?' Laughed Aria. 


'You don't miss a thing do you?'


'Nope! So how are you going to make a good impression then?'


'Now that's the hard bit!'





On Wednesday after work, I stood in front of my wardrobe, what do you wear to meet parents and make a good impression. I literally had 20 minutes to get ready before Nick was going to pick me up. I had never cared so much about meeting anyone's parents as I did right now. From my hair to make up, from shoes to jewellery, I over thought everything. I still wasn't ready when Nick arrived. I buzzed him up and when he came in to my apartment his jaw dropped. 


'Either you cant choose an outfit or you've been robbed and the thieves ransacked the place' he shook his head.


'I just want your family to like me Nick. Let's face it, I'm not the kind of girl you usually bring home am I?'


'Definitely not, you're smart, caring, funny, you make me smile and most of all you keep me on my toes. You don't just follow me blindly. Plus not just any girl gets to meet my mom, so take it as a massive compliment. Now can you please just pick an outfit so we're not late to Joes!'


'Okay, okay. What about this blue skater dress and these sandals?' I held up the first outfit I'd tried on.


'Perfect, now please let's hurry. I hate being late'


Decision made, I was ready in minutes and we made good time getting to Joes, it was only a short journey so I had no idea why Nick was worrying. He opened the car door for me, as he always insisted on doing, took my hand and led me into the house. My nerves were all over the place. I knew how much family meant to Nick and I knew that If this didn't go well then it wouldn't be a good thing for us.


'Hey everyone, we're here' he announced, walking into a massive lounge area. 


Nicks mum and dad both stood up and rushed to him to give him a hug. He'd told me in the car it had been three months since he had last seen them and you could see how much they had missed each other. As they broke away from the hug his mum, Denise, turned to me.


'So you must be the famous Abbi that we've heard all about then?' She greeted me with a lovely hug. 


'I guess I must be. It's really nice to meet you both. Nicks told me a lot about you' 


'Well let's go and eat and we can get to know each other better' said Paul. 


My instant gut reaction was they were suspicious of me, and who wouldn't be, I mean here I was a record company employee and their son was a millionaire heart throb. I just hoped they'd see that Nick's money meant nothing to me. 


Nick pulled my chair out at the dinner table for me and sat down next to me. Opposite me was Sophie and Joe, next to me was Paul. I wasn't quite sure how I'd fit into the dynamic so I decided to sit back and observe at first. Thankfully because I knew the brothers and their wives plus Alena and Valentina, it wasn't so scary. 


'Abbi, can I sit beside you?' Asked Valentina, who appeared next to me from nowhere, grabbing my hand. 


'Honey, you sit over here with Mommy and Daddy just now and you can play with Abbi after dinner, I promise' said Kevin


'Aww daddy' she huffed. 


'So you've won over our Valentina hey?' Asked Paul.


'Yes, the girls came out for ice cream with Nick and I. Then we made uncle Nick sing frozen songs all the way home, didn't we Valentina?' 


'Yes and Abbi is going to come to our house and play princesses with us too' she said. 


'I'm too excited for it Valentina, now I'll take you back to daddy and we can play again after dinner, ok? I promise!'


'Yay!' She said 


As I took her over to Dani and Kevin, I noticed Nick and Paul in deep conversation. Nick didn't look entirely happy but as I made my way back over to them, Nick painted on a fake smile.


As I sat back down I detected a slight atmosphere between Nick and his dad. 


'Is everything ok?' I whispered to Nick.


'Yeah, it's fine' he replied, less than convincingly. 


'So Abbi, Nick tells us you've only been dating each other for a little over a week, and now you're here meeting us. Don't you think things are moving a bit quickly between you two?' Paul asked rather briskly, loudly enough for everyone to hear.


'Dad!' Nick exclaimed. 


'No, Nick. I totally understand where your dad is coming from, things are moving quickly between us and I can see why that makes you worry Paul. But I promise you, my feelings for Nick are genuine and I have no ulterior motive. I don't want anything from him, just to spend time with him. I know how hard he works and I admire and respect that, and he equally knows first hand how hard I work too. If you'd rather, I can go and leave you to it?'


I was really upset but was just managing to hold it in. 


Paul's expression changed.


'You can understand that people always want things from our boys and we only want the best for them'


'Dad, if you saw how these two are together then you'd know you had nothing to worry about' Kevin explained 


'Dad. Abbi is my girlfriend and means the world to me so I'd really like it if you could support our relationship and just trust me'


'I'm sorry, I think I came across wrong there. Abbi, please accept my apology'


'It's fine, honestly. We all only want the best for the people we love' I replied.


'Shall we eat now?' Asked Sophie, changing the subject quickly. 


'What have you made us this time honey?' Asked Denise


'I believe the caterers have made us a big turkey dinner since we're going to miss thanksgiving at home this year because of the tour' she smiled. 


That seemed to be the ice broken and it almost felt like the elephant that was in the room had left. Paul was actually a very funny, charismatic man and I could see a lot of Nick in him. I loved that they were sharing memories and family stories, the food was amazing and the wine was delicious, even if I did limit myself to two glasses to make sure I kept my halo on for a change. 


We moved into the living room after dinner and I sat with my best friends Alena and Valentina playing dolls and drawing, while Nick spent time with his parents. Talk soon turned to the album launch and how proud Denise and Paul were of the boys writing and performing together again. Nick was so passionate when he spoke about it, I loved watching his face light up and the enthusiasm boiling over as he spoke about future ideas too. 


'And of course most of the launch is thanks to Abbi's hard work. It pays to be nice to the people who work at your record company, you get the best treatment' he laughed. 


'All you had to do was buy me a coffee in that case' I smiled back at him.


'Now where would the fun in that have been?' 


'So Abbi, will you be at the launch?' Asked Denise.


'Yes, but I'll be in work mode unfortunately,  but Nick has made me promise to come out with you all afterwards. I'm so looking forward to it. It will be my first time seeing them play live so it will be really special in that way too'


'You've never seen them play live? Oh you're going to love it!' Said Dani.


'I know the words to Year 3000 If that helps' I joked. 


'It might do if it were on the set list' laughed Joe.


'Seriously though, I've listened to the new album a lot and I love it and I guess I'll just need to check the set list and get my YouTube on for the other tracks'


'Wait til you see their hair in some of the old videos Abbi, some of the styles are truly a work of art' giggled Sophie 


'I shall keep that in mind, although truth be told when I was younger I looked like Dora the explorer so I can't really say much either'


'I like Dora, she's cool' said Valentina, making everyone smile. 


'Well everyone we better get the girls home, they're getting really sleepy. But thanks for having us Joe and so good to see you Mom and Dad' said Kevin. 


'Oh but daddy, we're playing with Abbi' grumbled Alena.


'I know sweetie, but I need to go home to bed now too. I've got to go to my work in the morning but I will see you very soon, I promise' I said.


'Thank you' mouthed Dani.


'I really do have to go actually, I've got some work I need to do before tomorrow' I told Nick.


'Okay, I'll take you home then'


'Don't be silly, I'll get a cab, you stay and spend time with your parents' 


'I'll sort a car for you then, I'm not having you going in cabs alone at night' 


Nick had a car pick me up ten minutes later to take me home. 


'I'll speak to you tomorrow, bye!' I said shutting the door.


'Bye!' He waved. 


I went home feeling pretty good, apart from the start, the night had gone well. Meanwhile back at Joe's, Nick wasn't so happy.


'Dad, do you know how embarrassing that was for her? I asked her to meet you because she's important to me. She's different to the other girls I've dated. I need you to trust my judgement please'


'I'm sorry son, you know I just worry for you. How many girls want to get with you just for status or fame or money? You can't blame me for being cautious' 


'Trust me dad, I think she could be the one'


'Wait What?' Spluttered Joe half choking on his drink.


'I said, I think she could be the one' Nick repeated.



All week in the office the buzz was about the album launch on Friday. Part of me was excited for it but at the same time it would mean Nick wouldn't be in the office as much anymore. Their US promo tour was scheduled to start shortly after the launch and I was dreading it. I already had meetings with other artists scheduled in my diary for when they left. I hated it. 


When Friday eventually came, I arrived at the venue early to make sure everything was in order. The venue was an old retro cinema with a stage all set up with their and their band's instruments. Behind we were going to be showing a VT of them through the years for the older fans to reminisce and the new fans to catch up. 


The band had already done their sound check and were backstage doing all their pre-show stuff. I checked all the promo materials were in place and spoke to the owner with Phil, their manager, to check everything was good with him and that everyone was happy, and thankfully they were. Shortly thereafter the guests started to arrive. There were a mixture of people from the industry and fans amongst the audience and the atmosphere was fantastic. There was such a buzz about this album. I popped backstage to wish Nick luck. I walked into the room where the band were getting ready.


'Hi everyone, just wanted to wish you good luck for tonight. I know you won't need it though. This album is kickass!' I smiled. 'Five minutes to show time so if everyone else cares to follow me, I'll take you to your seats'


Nick came over and kissed me on my cheek but I could see by his face he was in the zone. 


'I'll be singing to you' he whispered. 


I led the family to their seats and stood next to Denise while the boys came on stage. 


'Hello! Thanks everyone for coming to the launch of our first album in ten years, it means so much to us to see you all here tonight' I saw Nick look out across the crowd looking for me, our eyes met and I saw his face light up. Denise noticed too.


'You've made our son a very happy man these last couple of weeks' she said.


'And he's made me very happy too'


'Look after him for me, he's got a heart of gold but when he gives it to someone, he gives his all and he's been really hurt before'


'I have no intention of hurting him at all, he's one in a million and I really really care about him'


'Then we'll get on just fine' she smiled.


Just then they started to play. Now I knew they were good from what I'd seen on tv and by listening to the album, but live they were something else. They also made it look so easy and effortless. They were born to be on the stage. All in their own individual ways. I'm not going to lie, I was blown away. They smashed every single song on the set list. 


'And finally, we're going to play one last song for someone special' Said Nick.


I immediately recognised the opening chords to Year 3000. He'd remembered.


I made sure to join in with the fans singing and dancing along at the front of the stage so he could see me. 


Once they were finished their set, they did a simultaneous online and in theatre Q&A. They then did an autograph signing for the fans while Phil, Evan and I spoke to all the professionals who were there, distributing their press pack, talking about the new album and what was next for them. It was while I was talking to a journalist from a Canadian music magazine about their tour that I realised how long they were actually going to be away for. 3 whole months. The journalist was actually flirting outrageously with me and I was doing my best to be polite but he was really creeping me out. 


'So, I was wondering if you'd like to come out for a drink after this wraps up here?' He asked.


'Thanks that's really kind, but I'm busy with these guys afterwards'


'I didn't have you down as a groupie type' he laughed.


'No, I'm not a groupie', I smiled, 'I'm Nicks girlfriend' I turned and waved to Nick and he waved back.


'Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't realise'


'Don't worry about it, no harm done'


'Can I get a picture of you and Nick for our magazine then?' 


'I don't think your readers would be interested in me' I laughed.


'Are you kidding, Nick Jonas, most eligible bachelor is off the market, of course the readers would be interested!'


I was about to decline again when Nick came over and put his arm around me protectively, instantly the journalist snapped our picture. Nick didn't care one bit, but I did. The more photos there were of me in circulation, the more I worried about Sean and what he'd do.

Chapter 7 by El amor prohibido

After the launch was finally over, it was time to party, so we headed to a private club for drinks. To describe it, it was old school luxury with a modern twist- very Nick. As we got out of the cars, the brothers stopped to pose for photos before they entered the club, then Dani and Sophie joined them, and then Denise and Paul. 


'Come on Abbi, you too' Nick walked over and pulled me into the family huddle. His arm around me, it would be obvious to anyone who saw these pictures that we were together. I was past caring about Sean and his stupid threats, I was on a high from the success of the night and my incredibly sexy boyfriend wanted the world to know he was with me. What more could I want? I felt like part of the team and I loved it. 


Evan, Aria, Zoe, Leah, Stella and a few others from the office weren't far behind us and equally as ready to party. The Jonas's had secured the whole of the  VIP section for us, so we all sat down and the drinks began to flow. It was amazing to see the brothers so energised. Joe was bouncing about all over the place, Kevin was super animated and Nick was glowing with success. He stood up and shouted to catch everyone's attention. 


'Hey everyone, I'd like to raise a toast so charge your glasses people'


I looked up at him, he made my heart beat faster.


'I just wanted to thank everyone here for making tonight even better than we could have imagined. 

First of all I'd like to thank my brothers for believing in us enough to try again. I love you guys beyond words. 

Mom and Dad, I'm so glad you could be here with us tonight to share this with us as we start over, we wouldn't be here if it weren't for your love and faith in us. 

Our band, you guys rock and we couldn't do it without you. 

To Evan and all you guys from our record company, thanks for all your support and hard work over these past months. 

To Sophie, Dani and Abbi, thank you for being by our side through all of this crazy stuff. We love you loads.



We all drank and cheered.


'Did he just say he loved you?' Whispered Stella


'I don't think he meant it in that way' I replied


'Sounded like it to me' nodded Aria.


'Me too' chorused Leah and Zoe simultaneously. 


Nick cama and sat next to me, putting his arm around me. 'Having fun?' He smiled. 


'Yes I am, and you were amazing tonight. I'm so proud to be your girlfriend, I hope you know that'  I kissed him on the cheek.


'And I hope you know I meant what I just said'


'What do you mean?'


'I mean that I love you, I know it sounds crazy and I know it's fast but...' 


'I love you too' I said, despite myself. 


'You do?'


'I really do' 


'Woohoo!' He shouted loudly as I blushed. 


'What's up bro?' Asked Kevin.


'She loves me too, I'm on top of the world!' He ran over and gave him a high five. 


'Nick I think you might be a little bit drunk!' I laughed.


'Not yet, soon will be though so you had better catch up!' He handed me another shot and took one for himself and we downed them together. 


'I'm going to spend a bit of time with the girls now, I'll be back though' I promised. 


'Not soon enough!' He pulled an over exaggerated pout. I kissed his pout and then headed to the busy dance floor to find the girls.


'You were right, he said he loves me and I said it back!' We all squealed and jumped up and down. Tonight was unbelievable. The girls and I danced and drank and danced and then drank some more! 


'I'm going to go and find Nick' I smiled, feeling rather tipsy. 


When I found him I realised that if I was drunk, then Nick was absolutely smashed. 


'I thought you'd gone and left me. Where did you go?' He asked stroking my face. 


'I was just dancing, where's your mum and dad?'


'they went home, they were tired' he kept pulling me towards him as if to get me to straddle him but I was resisting.


'I think maybe we should go too'


'You just want to get me away from everyone so you can get naked, I know your game' 


'This is true, however I also think you're a very drunk man who really needs his bed'


'Joe, Joe? Am I drunk man? Abbi thinks I'm drunk'


'Nick, you've not been this drunk in a long time' Joe laughed. 'But then neither have the rest of us. What a fucking night!'


Eventually I got Nick into a car and headed back to his place. He was almost sleeping before we got there, and when we pulled up outside, I had to help him in to that house with the help of the driver. We got him on to his bed where he collapsed down laughing his head off at goodness knows what. I thanked the driver and went back to Nick.


'Good night then' I asked


'Best night ever, you said you love me' 


'You said it first though' I stuck my tongue out 


'And I meant it' 


I went to the bathroom to change and by the time I came back, he was snoring his head off. I undressed him and he didn't even flinch. I had to laugh, he was completely comatose. I tucked him into bed and cuddled up beside him. His bed was really comfortable but I still couldn't sleep. I lay for a while just replaying the night in my head and then I decided to go online and see if there were any reviews of the launch up yet. There were a lot of fan pictures and videos but best of all the fans had absolutely loved it. There wasn't a bad review, yet, but it was a relief, I'd worked hard on that. 


As I scrolled through the photos I saw a picture of Denise and I deep in conversation but smiling. The caption was 'Nicks mom and his new girlfriend'. Then I found another one of Nick and I outside the club, thankfully on our way in when he was still able to stand by himself. We were looking into each other's eyes and folding hands, we looked like any couple in love. But he was Nick Jonas so obviously it was causing a stir. There were so many comments on it, asking who I was, guessing who I was, denying I was his girlfriend, how old I was and all sorts. I felt like replying and telling them but I knew there was no point. I guess for as long as I was going to be with Nick, this was how it was going to be. I put my phone down closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep with my head on his shoulder. 


I woke before Nick so I dressed in a pair of his shorts and t shirts and went downstairs to see what food he had in to make him breakfast, he was going to need to line his stomach. His fridge was massive but the contents disappointing. This clearly wasn't a man who cooked. Thankfully I was able to find bacon and eggs, so I made him a bacon omelette. I took it up to him with some fresh orange juice and 2 headache tablets. As I opened the bedroom door, he woke up. 


'Morning' he croaked 


'Feeling ok?' I asked


'I think I drank too much last night!' He groaned lying back down. 


'Safe to say you definitely did, but I've made you some food and I've got some tablets for your sore head' 


'You're the best, it's no wonder I love you' he said sitting up slowly.


'I do try you know' I curtseyed to him as I put the tray on his lap, then kissed the top of his head. 'I'm going to go and shower while you eat. You should check out the fab reviews of last night, they're absolutely amazing. Some nice pictures of us too'


I left him to his breakfast, showered and then came back to bed to join him.


'Your phone was going crazy while you were in there, I didn't want to answer and overstep the mark but there were calls, texts and emails' 


I sat and began to read through my emails, a lot related to last night and were reviews coming in from the press that Evan had forwarded to me, which I read out to Nick. Then I moved on to my texts. Just about everyone I knew was messaging me to say they'd seen me with Nick and asking if I were dating him. 


'All my friends want to know about us, it's so funny all the messages from people trying to ask without asking' I explained.


' Well lets make it Insta-official then' he suggested taking out his phone. 




'Why not, you're my girlfriend and I want to take a picture with you' 


He pulled me in towards him, I wrapped my arms around his body and laid my head against his chest. He took the photo. I looked at the image on his phone, I was obviously fresh out the shower, he was bleary eyed and we were clearly in bed. You didn't need to be a genius to work out we were together. 


'Are you ready for the crazy?' He asked


'As I'll ever be' I shrugged.


He pressed the share button, added a few hashtags, tagged me and then posted it. 


'I'm sure no one will even really care' I said. 


'I wouldn't bet on that' he laughed, watching the likes and comments on the post that were already flooding in. 


Another text arrived on my phone 


Sender: Sean

You can't ignore me forever. Just because you're all over the town with Jonas and posting pictures of the two of you. Remember I've got some photos of my own of you that I could post. You won't be in LA forever. See you soon x


Sender: Me

What is wrong with you? What do you actually want?


Sender: Sean

You know what I want. And you know that I'll get it too. 


Sender: Me

Drop dead 


'Are you ok?' Nick asked


'Yeah, yeah, I'm fine, just read something the wrong way but it's fine'


'As long as you're sure? You look really serious there’


'Honestly, everything is fine. Now what are we doing today seeing as it's our monumental two week anniversary?'


'We could go anywhere you like, as long as there's no loud noises, bright lights or strong smells. I think I must have eaten something bad, I feel terrible' 


'Yes of course, you ate something, nothing to do with the alcohol then?' I asked sarcastically 


'Shhhh don't mention that' he said rubbing his forehead.


‘Want to stay here then? Watch movies and get take out later? Or alternatively, I could actually use the appliances in your kitchen and cook for you properly? Saying that I’ve not got my car with me so I unless you want to lend me one of yours then I can’t go shopping’ 


‘Funny you should say that, there’s something I wanted to show you, give me ten minutes for the room to stop spinning. 


‘You can’t do that, show me show me’ 


He groaned and got out of bed, sliding on his slippers and robe. He took my hand and led me to his garage, where a brand new white Audi A1 was parked. 


‘You can take this to the store’ he said


‘You trust me driving your car?’ I laughed 


‘No, but since this is your new car, you can do whatever you like with it’


‘Are you for real?’ I screamed taking the keys from him. 


‘Yes I’m for real, as much as your pink fiat is a dream come true, I don’t really think it goes with my cool guy image, do you? And seeing as we’ll be spending a lot more time together, I thought I’d set you up with some new wheels’


‘I don’t think the fiat goes with anyone’s image really, except maybe for Barbie’ I laughed. ‘But a car? You actually want to give me a car?’ 


He nodded.


The car was amazing, leather interior, the works. Personally I was most excited about the reversing camera- it had never been a strong point! 


‘I took the liberty of putting a CD in it for you too’ he explained. 


I pressed play and it was the new Jonas Brothers album. 


‘Will you guys sign it for me?’ I asked in a pretend fan voice.


‘Already done, and I remembered your cousin is a big fan so we’ve got a parcel of stuff for her too’


‘You are just so thoughtful, thank you so so much!’ I wrapped my arms around him and squeezes him tight’ 


‘You’re worth it, I hope you always know your worth. You deserve to be happy’


It was a world away from what Sean used to say to me.


‘Thank you so so much, I’m going to head home in this awesome outfit, get changed into something less so, go shopping and I’ll be back soon. Okay?’ 


‘You just want to go cruising in your new car’ he laughed.


‘Yeah, watch me baby, I’m going cruising for bitches down at Walmart, hell yeah!’ I laughed as he shook his head. 


‘Well I’m going back in to wake up a bit more, see you when you’re back’ he kissed me on the cheek. ‘Have fun, but be safe’ 


The garage door opened and off I went. I connected my cell phone to the car and had my playlist absolutely pumping. ‘Sorry Nick, my Jonas Brothers album can wait for just now’ I said to myself. 


I was rocking out to No Doubt when my phone rang, I didnt really know how it all worked but somehow I managed to answer.


‘Hello?’ I answered happily. 


‘Hello, is that you Abbi? 




‘It’s me, David, Seans brother’ I gulped. 


‘What is it?’ I snapped.


‘Are you ok Abbi’


‘Yes I am, I’m sorry for speaking to you like that David, Seans been awful the past weeks so hearing from you is just a bit of a shock after all this time’


‘That’s why I’m phoning you Abbi, he’s going crazy. He won’t stop obsessing about what you’re doing. He’s stalking you and Nick on social media. I’m trying to calm him down but he’s even been talking about flying to LA to see you. He’s also been in mums loft getting out all the photos of you and everything’


‘He’s freaking me out, I don’t know what his problem is’


‘It’s because he always hoped you’d go back and he sees how happy you look now. He keeps saying that you took it all away from him and he’s going to get you back whatever it takes. I just thought you should know’


‘Thanks for telling me David, Sorry he’s put you in this position’ 


‘It’s ok. Just look after yourself. Stay safe Abbi’ and he hung up.


Stay safe was a strange way to end a conversation. 


Chapter 8 by El amor prohibido

Nick was meeting his stylist on Monday at his place and insisted I come so that she could find me something to wear to the gala. I was so used to shopping alone or with girlfriends so it felt a bit strange going just with Nick on my own but as soon as I met the stylist I discovered Nick had already spoken to her about me and she had a selection of dresses with her for me to try. 


Nick was wearing a black satin tux so I could have really had any colour I liked but he'd told her my favourite colours were blue and green so she'd picked some of those but the dress that caught my eye was a gold coloured dress, so completely different to anything I'd ever worn before. 


'Try it on' Nick urged


He put on his tux for a last fitting and I emerged from the bedroom in the golden gown. It was glamour but not in your face. It had a high neckline but was almost completely backless. It was cut in a fishtail style and absolutely stunning to be blunt. 


'That's the one!' Said Nick.


'You think? I feel a bit too bling, maybe I should try something a bit more subtle' 


'Absolutely not, you're wearing that' he pulled me over to the full length mirror and put his hand around my back. 'And this is how we'll look smashing that red carpet together' he smiled, then started showing off his best red carpet poses. 


'I think you had better teach me some of those, I'm clueless'


'You'll be fine. Just relax and enjoy it' 


'Easier said than done' I grimaced.


The stylist pinned the dress in a couple of places for slight alterations but apart from that, I was good to go. 


I wasn't going to see Nick for the next two days because he had a lot of tv and radio interviews to do, normally that wouldn't usually bother me if I was seeing someone but this time I was actually finding it hard. I watched him on one of the tv interviews he was doing and they asked him about me. The things he said about me just made me miss him more. 


Thursday finally came and I was going to spend the night with Nick so we could fly to New York first thing. I still couldn't get my head around the fact I was going on a private jet the next day. I finished work as early as I could and headed over to Nicks in my Audi. I couldn't wait to see him, but when I arrived the house was in darkness. I tried the door handle and it was unlocked. I felt really uneasy, had Sean come to LA and found me? 


I tiptoed in and heard a noise from the kitchen. I looked at one of the heavy ornaments Nick had. Should I pick one up just in case I had to hit someone? I decided not too, but kept on tiptoeing in. Then I heard another noise- Nick singing. I walked in to the kitchen and Nick had set up the small dinner table and there were candles everywhere. So romantic. 


'You gave me a fright!' I laughed


'I saw you sneaking in on the cameras so I thought I'd give you a nice surprise' he said standing to kiss my cheek. 


'Have you cooked?' I asked surprised


'Does putting stuff in the stove count?' He asked playfully 


'Definitely, but honestly l think it's how you take it out that counts! I'm absolutely starving'


Nick took a lasagne out of the stove for us and put it on two plates with a side salad. 


'I made the salad myself' he said. 


'It's actually the best part of the meal, I have to say' I said pouring us both a glass of red wine.


It turned out he'd ordered the lasagne from his favourite Italian restaurant and also had tiramisu for desert too. It was absolutely delicious.


'I've got something for you, come on' he said walking towards the living room. I followed him without question. He handed me a small gift box. Which I immediately opened excitedly. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. 


'Is this?'


'Yes, it's a key for here. I want you to use it whenever you like. I like the thought of you being able to be here waiting for me when I'm working late or I'm coming back from work. I had the key chain specially made. It's got your initial on it, and a heart to always remind you that I love you. 

'It's perfect! Thank you. I promise you're going to get sick of the sight of me from now on' I kissed him right on the lips, and what lips they are. I could never get bored of feeling them against mine. 


We flopped back on to the huge L shaped couch, our lips never separating once. Once he sat up, I straddled him, hitching my skirt up so that I could. His hands went straight to my ass as if they were magnetised. 

'Where are your panties?' He asked

'This skirt is too tight to wear them'  I shrugged

'So you've had no underwear on all day? 


'Look at what the thought of that does to me' 

I looked and saw his hard on desperately trying to push its way through the navy sweats he had on. 

'Feel what the sight of that does to me' I took his hand and placed it between my legs so he could feel how wet I was. 

'You really want it don't you? He asked. 

I was already unbuttoning my shirt so he could play with my breasts. Then I pulled his t shirt off and raised myself up on my heels whilst he pulled the sweats down. Within seconds we were both naked on the sofa. We kept kissing and I felt him so hard underneath me. I took matters into my own hands, literally and started to move my hand up and down his rock hard shaft. He gasped at my touch, nuzzling his face between my breasts. 

'I can't take this anymore' I said hungrily, guiding him inside of me. I let out a loud moan, it felt so good. I started to rock back and forth on him, he lay further back into the couch but I stayed upright. Nick was very visually turned on, in terms of him being able to see my pleasure made him enjoy what we were doing even more. His eyes and hands roamed my body, both of us making completely involuntary noises of pleasure. He could tell I was getting closer and closer to my explosion and skilfully took his thumb and rubbed it against my clit. Within minutes my legs were turning to jelly. He grabbed my hair and pulled it right back. It just tipped me over the edge. I felt my muscles tighten against him as I tried to maintain the rhythm we'd built up. I didn't have to try for long as he also joined me in his orgasm. His legs twitched under me as he gave his last, hard thrusts. Then pulled me down towards where he was lying. 


'I could do that with you every day of my life and never get bored' I said, resting my head on his chest, looking up to his flushed face. 


Once he got his breath back he said;


'I wish you could just come on tour with us and then we could do it every day' 


'Me too, it just seems like it's coming in so fast. I'm going to miss you but then I keep thinking about going back to London and it makes it even worse'


'Is there no way you could transfer here permanently or at least for a little longer? Or there are a lot of record companies out here that would be crazy not to hire you' 


'Ah but they don't have you as a client so how could I perv on you in meetings then? I don't know Nick, it's a big step moving here permanently when most of my life is in London'


'But your love is in LA. Just think about it, please' he asked, pulling a fake fur throw down from the back of the sofa, wrapping our naked bodies up in it. Staying in LA was getting more and more tempting all the time. 


'Do you want to watch a movie in bed? Since we've got an early morning and I'm exhausted?' 


'Yes but before that you need to shower and get your clothes for tomorrow set out. Trust the professional traveller' 


'Well this unprofessional traveller likes to leave everything to the last minute' 


'Don't make me make you do it' he laughed


'Oh yeah! And what are you going to do?'


He stood up, lifted me and put me over his shoulder. He cheekily slapped my ass and carried me over to the huge shower, turning it on easily 


'Do as you're told for a change' he said with a grin


'Only if you come with me' I said pulling him in with me. 


Under the warm water we started to kiss again. 'I just can't get enough of you' I said. 

'Same' he said, hitching me up against the wall and fucking me hard and fast, both of us quickly finding our climaxes. 


'See if you told me that was going to happen  I'd have come in the shower without a fight' I laughed, going to wash my hair. I saw Nick had bought me a selection of toiletries and smiled. He was so thoughtful. 

'Can i use your shower gel?' I asked

'I got some for you?' He looked puzzled 

'I know, and they're perfect but I just want to smell like you tonight' 

He shook his head and handed it over. 


We finished in the shower, I borrowed Nicks hairdryer and then we went to bed. Never mind watch a movie, I was out cold as soon as my head hit the pillow. All to soon though Nicks alarm was sounding to tell us it was 5:30am. Torture! 


I changed my mind when we arrived at the airfield to take the private jet however. We sailed through security and on to the plane. For the first time in my life I was the first one there, bar Nick of course. Their manager Phil, Dani's brother Mike, Kevin and Dani weren't far behind us but Joe and Sophie arrived just before we were due to take off. 


'Sophie, I think you might actually be my late soul mate' I joked 


'You're going to drive Nick crazy!'


'She already is' he said grabbing my hand and squeezing it. 


'I try my best' I ruffled his hair, knowing fine well it would annoy him. 


This private jet was unbelievable, I was taking it all in. I'd been on board them before but this one was super fancy, white leather seats and an oak veneer interior. Besides the two pilots we had a stewardess to serve us once we were airborne, and as soon as we were the champagne was brought out for a toast to tonight. 


'What do you think?' Asked Nick?

'Well when you're used to travelling economy everywhere it's nothing out of the ordinary is it?' I joked. To be honest, I hadn't flown economy in quite a long time but I knew it would be funny. 


The 5 and a half hour flight was a breeze in such comfort and we landed around 4pm New York time. We were ushered straight into cars and taken to the plush hotel where we were staying. Dani, Sophie, and I were taken straight  to a suite where hair and make up artists were waiting for us. I had a soft glam look, with golden eyes and a red lip to compliment my dress and my long dark hair was tonged into sleek waves. 


Dani had her hair pinned up in a messy chignon and make up was a dark smoky grey eye to compliment her pink lips and light rose pink gown. 


Sophie had 1960's twiggy inspired eye make up with her hair straight and sleeked back. She was wearing a patterned white short dress. 


We stood together in front of the huge mirrors the stylists had brought. I hadn't seen myself dressed up like this for a very long time and excuse the modesty but I looked hot! If I didn't blow Nick away tonight then I never would. The three of us stood checking ourselves out. 


'Damn girls we look hot!' Said Dani


'I hope the boys look half as good as us' I joked. Just then there was a knock at the door. The stylist answered. 


'There's three handsome men at the door looking for their dates, shall I let them in? She asked.


'Go on then' I laughed.


Joe, Kevin and Nick walked in looking absolutely gorgeous. 


'Ladies, ladies, ladies. You're truly breathtaking' said Kevin twirling Dani around. 


'You look even better in that dress than I remembered' Nick said. 


'And you Mr Jonas look good enough to eat' I replied. 


Joe and Sophie were in the corner whispering to each other. The newly wed feelings were still clearly rife between them. Their chemistry was second to none. I wondered if people looked at Nick and I like that. 


'Ready to go?' Nick asked. 


'As I'll ever be!'


The six of us made our way to the cars downstairs waiting for us. There were already photographers waiting for us there, but our security pushed them out the way and helped us pass. 


'That is absolutely crazy, I can't believe how much they intrude on everything that you do'


'You've only seen parts of it so far. There's some countries where it's a lot worse than this believe me' he explained 'but we're nothing without our fans and this is just part of what our career entails but I do love the times I can slip out under the radar' 


'Wait til I get you back to Scotland, you'll have no issues there. As long as you wear a kilt and no underwear you'll blend right in' 


He laughed. 'I have been to Scotland before you know'


'Ah but never with me!'


The car pulled up and he could sense my anxiety over the red carpet. 


'You look amazing and we're going to smash this. Just remember I'm here holding your hand and I won't let go, ok?'


I nodded and he exited the car and walked around to my side, knocked once then opened the door. He extended his hand to me and helped me out of the car. The other 4 just behind us. Immediately I saw Nick our on his 'game face' and I tried to do the same. As we walked the carpet and he was asked questions, he never once let go of my hand as he had promised. I posed when required but it definitely didn't come naturally to me. 


'Abbi, can you come and speak to us for a minute?' A journalist from some celebrity tv channel asked. I looked at Nick and he nodded. 


'So Abbi, our viewers are desperate to know more about the girl who's walking the red carpet with Nick Jonas, tell us about yourself'


'I don't really know what to say' I laughed, 'I'm really not that exciting'


'How did you meet Nick?'


'I work for Nicks record company and we just met and hit it off, and that's been it ever since'


'That's some accent, where are you actually from?'


'I'm from Edinburgh, Scotland. But most recently I was living in London which is why it's so bizarre at the moment' 


'So are you going to be living in LA permanently now?'


'I haven't decided yet, but I do absolutely love it here' 


Nick squeezed my hand to let me know it was time to move on. We spent several more minutes talking to people and posing for pictures. Nick and I, the girls and I, the brothers alone and then the 6 of us. Then finally we went inside.


'Need a drink?' Asked Nick asked, raising his eyebrow playfully. 


'Amongst other things' I laughed. 


We were shown to a table near the stage and drinks magically appeared in front of us. Dani picked up her glass of champagne and downed it.

'I hate red carpets, I'll never get used to that part' Sophie and I did the same, in solidarity of course and the drinks were instantly replaced. Next was dinner, Sophie had warned me, if they offer beef or chicken always take the chicken, so I'd had chicken in a pesto dressing with vegetables. It was pretty good but not outstanding. Then once the dinner was cleared people started to take to the stage and made speeches. I recognised a comedian from the tv and he was really funny, the free flowing wine making him even funnier. Then Nick, Kevin and Joe stood up. 


'Where are you going?' I asked


'Did I forget to tell you, we're performing' he smiled, walking away and blowing a kiss to me. Within 5 minutes they were walking out on stage. Dani, Sophie and I were up on our feet whooping and cheering as they played a medley of Sucker and Only Human. 


'I can't believe they charge us $10k to watch our husbands perform' laughed Sophie. 


'Whaaaaat?' I asked


'Yup, the tickets for this are $10k a pop. For a subpar chicken dinner it's a bit too much!' She replied 


I mentally began estimating the cost of this date, it was crazy! The boys joined us after their performance and we laughed, drank and danced the night away. 


We spent the rest of the weekend chilling out in New York, I even had my first visit to the Statue of Liberty. I was such a tourist, taking pictures of everything, but most of all my gorgeous boyfriend. We shared a few on our public Instagram accounts but the rest were just for us. While we were on our way back we looked online at the pictures of us the night before. The few words I had said to the journalist were everywhere with added bells and whistles. 


'Look at this one, they're saying we're planning our wedding so I can stay in the USA' I laughed. 


'Wait til you're pregnant with my brothers secret love child' he laughed.


All in all though, I'd apparently come across well because all the articles, and there were many, were in our favour. Apparently my ability to fly below the radar had become a thing of the past.

End Notes:

This one was a bit of a filler chapter- get ready for fireworks in chapter 9. 

Chapter 9 by El amor prohibido
Author's Notes:

I absolutely loved writing this chapter. A lot is about to become clear!

Coming into work on Monday was one massive come down after New York. It was also weighing heavily on my mind that time was running out for us, both before he went on tour and I went back to London. I couldn't help but wonder how it would all work itself out. My romantic life had never been a walk in the park to be honest. Why couldn't I just for once pick someone who would be an 'easy option', Nick definitely wasn't and Sean certainly hadn’t been either. That's what I'd loved most about him at the time but what I loved at first soon became what I hated the most. 


Mid morning I received a massive bouquet of flowers, all my favourites. Nick had a way of just knowing these things. The card simply said 


'My darling Abbi. I love you. See you soon x'


I had to laugh, I was seeing Nick that afternoon, he was coming into the office to at the end of the day discuss the release of Only Human in a couple of weeks, so yes he would see me soon. I decided to send him a quick email to thank him for them though, so he knew that they'd arrived. 


Subject: floral sex

Hey handsome,

Thank you for my beautiful flowers. You're such a gentleman. See you this afternoon



Subject: re: floral sex

Hey beautiful. 

I'm afraid they weren't from me this time, didn't they have a card?

Love you Nx


Subject: silly me 

You're right, silly me didn't read the card. They were actually for Aria.

Love you too xx


So they weren't from Nick.


Sender: me

Did you send me flowers? 


Sender: Sean

Yes, did you like them? I chose them especially.


Sender: me

Please don't do that again. 


Sender: Sean

See you soon Abbi x


Why did he keep saying that to me? I wasn't going to engage him further but it was starting to unnerve me. 


'I need to find me a man who sends flowers like that' laughed Aria. 


'They're nice aren't they? But I'm allergic to them so you can have them if you like otherwise I'll need to throw them out' I lied, I just wanted them gone.


'Waste not want not' she said taking them to her desk. Good riddance. 


I was so busy catching up with the calls and emails from Friday that the day flew by. It was soon 4pm and I was sat down with the man who had stolen my heart, his two brothers plus Phil, their manager. Evan had let Aria and I take the meeting as he had someone important coming in to see him and he knew that we could handle it. 


'So Mr Jonas, I believe you're releasing a new track, and you're here to discuss how we shall be promoting it' I joked in my best proper English accent. 


'Abbi, no word of a lie, you sounded just like Soph when she gives me a row' said Joe. 


'Ooh kinky' I laughed. 


We did eventually get down to business, as well as having a laugh, then Evan knocked on the door. 


'Hey guys, I just wanted to introduce this guy to you, this is Shane O'Leary, absolutely massive artist in the UK at the moment, as you'll know Abbi, and he's just agreed to sign for our label here in the states'


My mouth dropped as he walked into the room.  He was 6ft 4inches tall, tanned yet freckled skin, blond surfer looking longish messy hair and a smile to die for. His muscular physique would make almost any woman weak at the knees. 


Phil, Nick, Joe and Kevin stood up to shake his hand and welcome him to the label, but his eyes looked past them and fixed on me. 


'Hey Abbi, nice to see you' he said completely overly enthusiastically. 


'You too, it's been a long time' I replied in a salty tone. 


'You guys know each other?' Asked Nick, looking between us.


'Oh Abbi and I go way back, and I hear you're dating now. So look after her, she's special to me' his words were just laced with poison. 


'Yeah, We grew up together and moved in the same circles for a long time'  I explained


'That makes perfect sense then, Shane has asked for you to work with him Abbi' explained Evan.


'Oh with all of these guys different projects I'm not sure I'll manage Evan, I'm sure someone else could give him a lot more attention than I could' I was inwardly having a panic attack.


'Don't be silly Abs, I know you, you'll do the best job for me possible, you’ve always done your best for me' Shane said. 


'It's fine, we've looked it all over and once the Jonas's are off on tour, that's when he'll will need you most so it will all work out' Evan was firm in his tone and I could tell I didn't have a choice. 


'Well it was good to see you, but I just need to get back to this meeting now' I smiled falsely.


'It's ok Abbi, we're good, we've got everything we need' said Phil. 


'Hey Shane, before you go. Abbi and I are going out for dinner when we're finished here, do you want to come and join us? You and Abbi can catch up and since we're going to be sharing a label, it would be good to get to know you too' offered Nick. 


'I'm sure he's busy' I tried to hint that I didn't want him to come with us. 


'Don't be silly, I'm never too busy to catch up with you Abs!'


I did my best fake smile. 


'Sounds great then' 


Evan took him back to his office whilst we finished up and I got my coat. 


'Did I detect an issue between you two?' Asked Nick looking slightly suspicious. 


'No, not at all. I was just very surprised to see him here'


'His music is really good, but I'm guessing as a friend you'll know that already' Kevin said. 


'That song about his lost love, the lyrics are unbelievable. Whoever she was must really have broken his heart, you can really feel his pain' added Joe. 


'Is that the one that goes- 

Nick sang his lyrics and I felt sick


'Yup but believe me, he's not as nice as he makes out' I said quietly. 


Shane and Evan came out his office and shook hands.


'Who's ready for dinner then?' Asked Shane rubbing his hands together. 


'Aria, why don't you join us too?' I had a brainwave.


'Sure, dinner with two of the hottest men on earth, who could turn that down?' She laughed. 


I popped to the bathroom to text Carmen straight away 


Sender: me

Never guess who has signed to my label and guess who he wants to work with? And I'm currently going for dinner with him, Nick and Aria from the office. Brilliant.


sender: Carmen 

Tell Nick, I'm sure it will be fine. 


Sender: me

Easy for you to say.


I put my phone in my bag and looked at myself in the mirror. I was all over the place, how was I going to manage to eat dinner with those two together? 


I came back out the bathroom to find everyone waiting for me. Nick as always went to take my hand but Shane got in first with a big hug. 

'I've missed you Abs, it's been too long. Imagine making me come all the way to LA just to be able to talk to you!' He smiled but he meant it. 


I pulled my way out of the hug and took Nicks hand. 


'Imagine!' I replied sarcastically.


'I've got my car downstairs, I'll drive' said Nick. 


'I’ll need my car for the morning though so I need to take mine too' I explained. 


'I'll come with you then Abs and we can catch up on our way to dinner then' said Shane not even asking. 


'I'll come with you then Nick if that's ok, I don't want to get in the middle of an emotional reunion' laughed Aria. 


Nick nodded but I knew he was noticing something odd was happening. 


Shane and I jumped in my Audi and followed Nick and Aria ahead. It was a 45 minute drive to where we were going to eat and this was the first time that I'd spoken to him in over a year. 


'So, dowant to tell me what the hell is going on?' I asked. Shane was his stage name. I only ever called him his real name- Sean. 


'Well apparently writing an album of songs about you,  that got to number one in the UK , didn't work. Flowers didn't work, I saw them on Arias desk by the way. Phone calls and texts didn't work, so I'm here in person to tell you I still love you and I want you back' 


'Are you kidding me? Like for real kidding me? You're coming out to dinner with my boyfriend and I and you're saying this to me?' I was making sure to keep a fake smile on my face because I knew Nick would be looking in the rear view mirror.


'I messed up before, I messed up badly and I realise that now. I wanted to sort things in London, then I found out you were here and then all of a sudden you're like a bloody celebrity all over magazines and tv with HIM in that car there. Do you know what that's doing to my head?' 


'You messed up? You make it sound like an one off thing. What you did, what we did was wrong. I just want to move on and leave all of that in the past' 


'You still love me though, I can tell' 


'Sean, I love Nick, not you. I'm sorry but it's true' 


'If that's the case then why doesn't he know who I really am?'


I paused. Why hadn't I told him the truth?


'Because when you get involved in my life things always get messy. We had a good 4 years together but look at you now. You've got the world at your feet. You could have any girl, so move on' 


'Did it ever occur to you that I can't? Tell me though, apart from my existence, what else haven't you told Mr Purity-Ring?'


'That's none of your concern' 


'So he doesn't know the good stuff then, might be interesting if I have a couple too many drinks tonight and my mouth starts opening' 


'I am warning you, keep your bloody mouth shut' 


'Just remember now I'm signed to your label, all the lovely alone time we'll get together' he winked and placed his hand on my thigh. His touch was always electric to me, but he wasn't the one I loved. I hesitated for a second and then pushed his hand away. 


'Seriously stop It' I told him through gritted teeth


'It took you long enough to tell me there. I think maybe you were enjoying my touch a little bit too much there for a girl I'm a committed relationship'


'Just because you still turn me on, it doesn't mean anything'


'Do you think Nick would let me join you two for a little ménage a trois?' 


'I wouldn't let you, so get that idea out of your mind'


'But Abs se could remember the good old times?'


'I try not to remember. All that was a long time ago, you know that'


He placed his hand on the top of my thigh and grabbed it hard, he knew I liked it rough. 


'Just remember though Abs, I know the real you. How about I ask Nick if he would like me to tell him what his girlfriend really likes in bed' 


'How about you take your threats and piss off?' I asked, ignoring the vice like grip on my thigh. 


'Because if this coming to LA to get you back thing doesn't work, Ill need to find another way’. 


'Fuck you Sean'


'With pleasure' he grinned squeezing my leg and then finally letting go. 


‘Seriously though, can we change the subject now. You’re doing really well right now, I’m proud of you, I can see you’re really going places. You have the potential to go stellar in the industry. Don’t let the past, our past, stop you.’ 


The rest of the car journey was in near silence. My brain was working overtime, how could I get rid of Sean and how could I keep all of this from Nick? I even considered murder but with  an insanity plea.


We pulled up outside the restaurant and I took the chance to warn him again.


'Just keep out of my relationship with Nick, ok?'


'We'll See' he stuck his tongue out childishly. 


Argh he was so irritating. 


Nick and Aria were just ahead of us as I handed the key to the valet. Yet again there were photographers lurking and Sean grabbed me to have a photo with him. I wasn't impressed at all but smiled anyway. We caught up with the other two at the table. 


'Sorry about that Sean here decided he wanted to get papped with me' I explained. 


'Sean? Sorry, I’m confused, I thought your name was Shane?' Asked Nick, clearly putting two and two together. 


'Yeah my real name is Sean but for some reason I decided to call myself Shane for a bit and it just stuck so that's the name I use for my music now' 


I saw Nicks face, he clearly now knew that he'd invited my ex out for dinner with us. 


'So you grew up with Abbi then?' Nick asked


'Yeah we did, then I moved down to London with her when she got her job there but our friendship didn't last long once we got there because she got so busy with work and I really focused on my music' 


'Yeah I've heard some of your stuff, it's really good. You must have had some heartbreak to write some of those lyrics though' he was fishing for details.


'I did, I went through a hellish break up with someone I still loved but you know it gave me an excellent first album so I can't complain' 


'That's tough, it's hard to have a clean break when you still love someone isn't it' Nick persisted. 


'It depends if you're the one still in love or not doesn't it?' I said pointedly. 


Aria sat as if she were in the audience of the Jerry Springer show watching digs and unsubtle references fly between the three of us. 


Eventually we ate dinner and conversation became less intense but I felt Nick watching every single interaction I had with Sean. At every opportunity Nick held my hand, as if to send a signal to Sean.


Once we finished I offered Aria a lift home but she declined and took a car home with Sean who has half drunk. 


I followed Nick to his house in my car. I was dreading the conversation that was about to take place. I parked in my usual spot and turned off the ignition. I took a deep breath and Nick opened my car door for me to get out. He held his hand out to me, but his expression was serious. 


We walked in to the house and I went straight to the wine rack and grabbed us a bottle of red and two glasses and took it through to sit with Nick.


'So I'm assuming that "Shane" is actually your ex, Sean, the one that was looking for you?' 


I nodded.


'And when were you going to tell me? You know before I made a fool of myself and invited him for dinner with us might have been nice' he took a drink. 


'Look I honestly didn't know he would be coming to LA. I have zero feelings for him now. He is literally insignificant to my life'


'Except he's not, is he? He's your new client at work. You know the same place we met? How am I not supposed to think the worst?'


'Because you know me, and you know I'd never cheat on you' 


'Do I though Abbi? Do I really know you? It's all been galas and flights and shows, have we skipped a part or something? I just don't know how my girlfriend could forget to tell me that someone so well known was her ex. I don't like this. I don't like it at all'


'I promise, he's my past and you're my present and future, you've got nothing to worry about at all. Now if it's ok with you, I'm going to go and change into my pyjamas'


He nodded clearly unhappy with me. 


I was back within 5 minutes wearing my short and tee PJ's.


'What's that red mark on your thigh?' Asked Nick. 


I quickly realised that it was the marks from where Sean had grabbed me in the car.


'Oh, I'm an idiot and banged it on my desk today' I lied 


'Hmm' he replied


There was something about Sean that just made me have to lie to people and I hated it. 


That night in bed, I pulled Nick towards me, he'd barely spoken to me since he discovered who Sean was and had turned his back on me as soon as we got into bed, which I didn't like at all. 


'Please don't be angry, I'm sorry I didn't tell you. I can promise you, nothing will happen between us'


'Just tell me the truth in the future. I felt so stupid back there. Don't do that to me again' 


'I won't, I'm sorry' I replied, cuddling in to him. This was going to be some rollercoaster ride with Sean in town.

End Notes:

Let me know what you think! 

Any predictions? 

Chapter 10 by El amor prohibido


Nick was awake before me the next morning. I half opened my eye to see how long I had before my alarm went off and saw him lying on his back with his arm draped over his face. His usually gentle expression was replaced by a different, more frustrated one. 


'Morning handsome, you're awake early' I said, still half asleep.


'I couldn’t sleep last night' he muttered


'Really? You should have woken me up and I'd have kept you company' 


He raised his eyebrow, 'a bomb could have gone off last night and you'd have slept through it' 


'This is true, but it makes me sound like a better girlfriend if I offer, doesn't it' I smiled, happy to see his frown soften.


He curled in to me, burying his head into my chest and wrapping his arms around me. He felt more vulnerable than before. He was always assuming the role of my protector but here he was cuddling in to me, like a child who needed their mother. 


'You do know I love you Nick, don't you?'


'And I love you too but I just can't help but feel jealous that you were with him first. Worst of all, it makes me nervous that he obviously still loves you and now you're going to be working together so closely' 


'Don't be silly, we’re ancient history, and anyway even if he did still love me then it makes no difference to me or us. I’m with you and that’s not about to change' I kissed his head gently. 


'I know he still does, I saw it in his eyes the first time he looked at you and when I couldn't sleep last night I read the lyrics to the songs on his album and they're nearly all about you. I write songs for a living, trust me I can tell' 


'Can we just ignore him, you know starve the fire of oxygen and it'll go out?' I said frustratedly, getting out of bed. 


'Ok ok, I'm sorry' Nick apologised. 


We ate a quick breakfast together before I had to leave for work. I made sure to kiss Nick and tell him I loved him before I left, I didn't want him worrying.


I was in the office in good time and thankfully so was Aria, I had to explain to her. 


'Oh. My. God. So at what point were you going to explain to me that "Shane" is your ex? He is soooo hot' She exploded with excitement. 


I told her to keep it down and we stepped into the break room to talk in private. 


'That was literally one of THE most awkward moments in my life yesterday when he came in with Evan. I didn’t even know he was in LA and the last time we saw each other things didn’t exactly go well’ 


‘Did Nick know he was your ex? He seemed pretty shocked, like as much as I was’ 


‘Nick knew I had an ex called Sean but didn't know that he was actually "Shane" either. Obviously he does now, and he's not happy about it, at all. I'm going to try and talk to Evan, I really cant work with Sean. In the past when we worked together it's either ended up in a massive argument or the complete opposite and I can't deal with the drama that man brings’ I explained. 


'He seems so nice though and he's so hot' she laughed 


'He is hot, he's really hot, too hot to handle almost and if you multiply that by 100 then you get how good he is in bed, but he's trouble'


'He's asked me for a drink tonight after work, but I said I'd make sure it was cool with you first ' she said


'Go for it if you want but just be careful. He's not as nice as he seems, but maybe he's changed in the past year. I know I have' I guessed I had to give him the benefit of the doubt. 


As we walked out the room, Evan was strolling across the office, I caught up with him and asked for a minute in his office. 


'Evan, it's about Sean, I mean Shane. I’m really sorry but I can't work with him. I didn't say yesterday but he's my ex and it's really awkward. We've got a proper love/hate relationship and I'm worried that will impact my ability to do my job' 


'So Nick got jealous then?' He replied rolling his eyes.


'Wait? How did you know?'


'The guy literally wrote a song about it and I think most men would be jealous if their girlfriend had dated Shane but it was one of his terms that he set out before signing here that you deal with him so I'm afraid that's what has to happen’


‘He’s doing this on purpose to get to me, he just makes me feel so awkward’


‘He told me you used to be together when we met and said he can handle it, so you'll just need to do the same. I know how professional you are. Look, this should be an easy one for you, his first album is amazing and it's already had some success here without an official release so we want you to work on that straight away. I’ve scheduled him in as your 10am today so you can get the ball rolling. Just try and do what you did with the Jonas's again and I'll be very impressed' 


'Believe me, I'll not be doing anything with Shane that I do with Nick Jonas' I muttered trying to regain my sense of humour. 


'I don't know Abbi, Shane even turns me on' Evan joked back 'and why did you never let on that you could sing too? Sean told me that those female vocals on his track 'Someone you Loved' are yours, they're fantastic, and you had a UK number one without even trying' 


'Some of us are far better off behind the scenes' I replied, leaving his office. 


I went back to my desk and emailed Nick, the Jonas’s had interviews all morning and were having some studio time today so I wouldn't be able to talk to him on the phone today. 


Subject: I miss you already 

I just wanted to tell you how much I love you. See you soon Ax


Aria came over to fill me in- 

'So, I just called Sean and said I'd have a drink with him tonight after work. Oh my god I’m so excited! And thanks for being cool with it'


I smiled but inside I was far from cool with it, I was almost, dare I say it, jealous. 


I opened up my Jonas schedule to see how I could fit Seans album launch in. It would be tight but the ideal date seemed to be the week after I was going to go to New York with Nick and we'd earmarked that weekend to spend time together here in LA before the tour kicked off the following week. That was supposed to be our time, but work had to come first. 


The office door opened and without even looking up I could tell by the reactions that Sean had walked in. He had that air about him that made people melt around him, he'd had that ability ever since we met and he used to have that influence over me, but not anymore. 



'Good Morning Abs, where do you want me?' he greeted me breezily. 


'Back in London? Does that work for you?' I grinned sarcastically.


'Always with the sarcasm Abs, you know it’s the lowest form of wit, don’t you?' he smiled. 


I showed him into the meeting room and sat opposite him so he couldn't touch me. 


'Sean, I need you to just be normal with me for once. We're here for business reasons, and nothing else. I'm happy with Nick and I hear you're going out with Aria tonight , so can we just respect that?' 


'You can't tell me you don't want me tie you up and whip you right now, just like the good old days' he said, as if it was the most normal thing in the world to say. 


'As awesome as that would have been at one point, it's not going to happen ever again so can we please focus on the album launch. I'm cancelling plans with Nick to do this for you, so it better be worth it' 


'Already putting me before your boyfriend? Ay? And what does Nicky Boy say to that?' 


'He doesn't know yet, but that's a me issue and I'm not going to discuss it with you. Anyway, business talk. What kind of launch are you thinking about? Do you have any preferences?'


'Definitely reverse cowgirl' he laughed


I started to pick up my stuff to leave, it was a pointless meeting. 


'Hey Abs, I'm sorry, I've pushed you too much' He somtood up and walked around the oval desk towards me. Soon we were face to face and so close I could feel his breath on my face. We stood in silence for a moment, I could feel the old spark starting to reignite and it scared me. An email notification came through on my phone, snapping me out of it. 


I sat down again and read it, of course it was Nick.


Subject: I'm sorry 


I'm so sorry for how I was last night, I do trust you, I know we're meant to be together. See you tonight. 

Love you to the moon and back. Nx


The guilt enveloped me. I had to stay away from Sean as much as possible. 


'Right sit down and shut up and let's get this done' I instructed 


'You know I love it when you tell me what to do' 


I sighed and threw my head back in frustration, he was turning everything into innuendo. 


'That gave me a flashback there, but seriously I'm ready now to get this done' he smirked


Our meeting ended up running way over but by the end we had made some great plans for the launch and a showcase and I was excited for it. 


'Want to grab lunch?' he asked


'Okay' I nodded 'but none of your funny business. Ok?'


'Abs, I'll respect your relationship for as long as I see that you're happy'


'Well no more revelations ok? When I'm ready to tell Nick about my past properly, then I will'


'Ok, ok, now let's go eat, I'm starving' 



We headed to a local burger place and talked normally for a change. I asked about his family, who I missed dearly, his writing, our mutual friends and in turn caught him up with my life. 


'How's Carmen?' he asked.


'Fucking nuts as normal. You know what she's like. She's meant to be coming out here at some point so I'm sure you'll see her' 


My phone rang, it was Nick. 


'I'm just going to take this' I said, stepping away from the table. 


'Hey, I thought you couldn't talk today?'


'Aren't you happy to hear from me?'


'I'm always happy to hear from you Nick, you know that. So how's it all going?' 


'Great, we've done a load of interviews this morning. There were a few questions about you, apparently you've attracted a lot of attention with that dress at the gala. Anyway, we're just heading to the studio now to work on the new tracks so I thought I'd call you while I had 5 minutes. What are you doing? Sounds busy?'


'I'm having lunch with Sean, we had a meeting about his album launch this morning that ran over so we're just having some food before I head back to the office'


'Oh, ok'


'Don't worry, it's literally just a catch up between old friends and nothing more. He's actually going out with Aria tonight on a date'


'I trust you Abbi, it doesn't mean that it's not hard to hear that you're with him when I can't be with you, anyway that's us at the studio now so I need to go, I love you' 


'I love you too' 


I walked back over to the table. 


'I need to go back to work now Sean. I'll be in touch about the launch ok?'


'No problem. Don't miss me too much.' He winked.


Back in the office it took me a while to re-focus. Time to plan Sean the best launch possible. For all he was an idiot, I did still want the best for him. I started thinking of possible venues that would reflect his personality. I wondered if a swingers club was a step too far then kicked myself, I had to stop thinking about him in relation to sex, it was a dangerous combination. 


I decided to do his press release first and then look again at the album launch. I sent the completed press release to Evan to proofread and he was happy. By then, I'd strategically managed to book a relatively small up and coming venue for the launch in Downtown LA, at least that way I'd still get some time with Nick that weekend. Sean was incredible at acoustic sets so I’d gone for that angle. I added the venue details to the press release and emailed it to Sean and his manager for their approval. I also asked Sean for an up to date picture to add on. 


Subject: my favourite photo 

Abs, this is amazing. Thanks so much. I wanted to attach my favourite photo of us together but I thought the filters at your work might block it so have this one instead. 

Sean x


He'd attached a photo of us at our high school leavers dance. 


Subject: not suitable

Sean, I need one on your own.

Thanks Abbi


He eventually sent back a shot of him with his guitar on the beach near where we grew up, where we'd spent so much time together. It was  a fantastic photo and I decided not to read too much into the location. I added it to the press release and sent it out. Now I just needed to let Nick know that he'd need to share me that weekend. 


Subject: terrible girlfriend

I'm so sorry Nick, I've had to schedule Seans album launch for the Saturday that we're meant to be spending time together in LA. I promise apart from that I'll be all yours- as always. You could always come with me? 

I'm sorry again 

Love you, Ax


Launch sorted, I set to work on the showcase and managed to get him an interviews on a couple of tv talk shows. For all Sean was a dick, he was a dick that I wanted to do well. Primarily so he'd leave me alone. 


Sender: me

Showcase is a week on Saturday. 

Tv interviews Your manager has the list of

Album launch is August 15th in LA, as I told you previously. 

Don't say I'm not working hard for you! 


Sender: Sean

Looking forward to spending all this time together.


Sender: me

This is just work


Sender: Sean

Keep telling yourself that.


All afternoon I worked between Sean and Nicks projects, it was like art reflecting life, a real juggling act and it was making my head hurt. I was glad when I was done for the day. Just as as I was leaving Sean came to collect Aria. I watched as they gave each other a big hug and it made me feel slightly uncomfortable, which only increased as we all got the elevator down together. He was making her giggle by tickling her neck as she spoke to me, but his eyes weren't really on her, he was watching me trying to gage my reaction. 


'Have fun guys' I said as they got out on their floor. I went down a further two floors, into the underground carpark and headed back to my apartment in my precious Audi. I was supposed to be staying at Nicks waiting for him to come home from the studio but I just needed to be alone. I took a shower and threw on Nicks t-shirt and boxers that he kept at mine now because they smelled of him and lay down on my bed for 5 minutes. 


Suddenly there was loud knocking at the door which completely took me off guard, I realised I'd been sleeping. I answered the door cautiously and there was Nick. I happily let him in, still adjusting to being awake again. 


'Are you ok? I kept calling you and you didn't answer and then you weren't home when I got back from the studio so I was worried'


'Sorry, I had a headache so I came back here instead and I must have fallen asleep'


'I think I recognise those pyjamas actually' he laughed, his twinkle back. 


'Do you want them back?' I asked playfully.


'You can wear them just now' he replied.


'Are you sure because I can take them off right now if you want?' I watched as he realised what I was actually saying. 


'Well actually, I think I need both items back with the utmost urgency, now you come to mention it' 


I grabbed him and pushed him onto my bed. 


'I want you so bad' I whispered into his ear, then nibbled his neck as I stepped out of his shorts. He then lifted the t shirt over my head. I stood in front of him completely naked. 


'I want you to fuck me hard, as hard as you can' I instructed him as he undressed.


He nodded, looking slightly confused and potentially a little intimidated, but all the same he grabbed me by the ankles and pulled me down and into a position where I was bending over the bed, him stood behind me. I felt him pause for a second.


'Do It hard, I need to feel you inside me right now' 


I felt him enter me and I started to move with him, gradually taking control of the pace. 




'I don't want to hurt you' he said


'You won't I promise, please just as hard as you can' he obliged, even if he wasn't sure. 


'Pull my hair' i instructed. 


He picked my pony tail up and pulled it. It felt so good. 


'Again, more' I told him, feeling my orgasm building quickly. It took over my body and it was immense but he hadn't had his yet.


'Are you ok?' I asked 


'Yeah, I'm just not into being that rough. I'd rather make love to you gently' he was blushing. 


I was horrified, I'd been so selfish and make him have sex like Sean and I used to. 


'I'm so sorry, I didn't think, why don't we get into bed and take things slowly?' I was mortified.


He smiled and moved up on the bed, I followed him and climbed on top of him. I looked him in the eyes whilst he ran his hands over my body and I moved back and forth gently. It still felt so good but so different. As he was about to climax, he pulled me into him and held me tight and I kissed his neck as his body jerked underneath me. 


'That was so good, I've missed you' he panted 


'I've missed you too' I replied. 


'When I didn't know where you were, I was worried'


'Nick, did you think something was wrong or that I was with someone else?' I asked. 


'Would you be angry if I said a bit of both? I'm just finding the whole thing so hard to get my head around'


'I'm not angry, just sad that it's making you feel this way'


and I was angry Sean was making me feel this way too.

End Notes:

So we're starting to see a bit more of how Sean and Abbi's relationship was. Is it any wonder Nicks feeling jealous? 

Question is, can Abbi stay away from Sean?

Chapter 11 by El amor prohibido

The next morning the Jonas's were going back in the studio, and since I knew my work diary was empty until after lunch, I decided that I would join them, in a professional capacity obviously. The next few weeks were going to be crazy busy for us both so I was making the most of every second with Nick that I could.


Although I've been in the studio with a lot of the artists, being there and watching the Jonas Brothers work together was different. There was a certain magic at work and it was a privilege to watch their creative process. Nick was methodical and a perfectionist, Joe was impulsive and adventurous with sound and then Kevin brought the two sides together with some incredible lyrics and guitar riffs. 


The song they were working on was for their next album, despite the latest only just having been released. Kevin explained that since their reunion their creativity was in overdrive. That, however, didn't mean it was plain sailing. I watched as Nick and Joe locked horns over the lyrics for the chorus. Kevin stepped back. 


'Even my negotiating skills have limits, prepare yourself for bloodshed' he joked. They started to get really frustrated with each other. Voices were raised and things were banged on desks.


'Wait, wait! What about if you change the order of those lyrics and go up a key, that should work' I suggested. 


Nick looked at me, surprised, then tried it. 


'That works better actually, thanks' he smiled apologetically.


'I actually like that better too' agreed Joe, slightly embarrassed.


'Who knows, we might make it out of here unscathed after all' said Kevin shrugging. 


I stayed and watched as they took the song into the booth, it sounded incredible but Nick being Nick recorded his parts at least three times more than the other two. In the meantime Kevin and I sat and talked about the girls and what they'd been up to recently. Joe was busy talking to Sophie on the phone. 


'You know, this Sean guy has Nick shook' said Kevin suddenly.


'I know and believe me, I hate it too. I didn't expect to see him in LA, let alone have to work with him but Nick has absolutely nothing to worry about' 


'Nick has had his heart broken before and it was awful, my family and I just want to protect him, but I think he's found in you what I found in Dani. Just reassure him'


'I will Kevin, thanks for being you' I patted him on the back and smiled.


'And what are you two talking about?' Asked Nick coming out the booth and putting his arm around me. 


'I was just saying to Kevin that I need to get back to the office I'm afraid, please try not to kill Joe whilst I'm away'  


He pouted 'I hate when we have to say goodbye, let me walk you out to your car'


I said my goodbyes to everyone else and walked to my car with Nick. 


'I know I'm not going to be around much these next couple of weeks but knowing you'll be there when I get home makes it easier. I just wish you could come with us more' he looked so serious.


'I know but I promise I'll be with you every single minute that I can be' I put my arms around his waist and pulled him into me. We shared a kiss that sent shivers down my back, then he opened my car door, I got in and drove off towards work. 


As much as the goodbye hurt, I realised I felt more relaxed now than I had at any time since Sean arrived, and all because I'd blocked him out of my life for a few hours with Nick. 



As predicted, the next two weeks were wildly busy. Nick had a lot of tv and radio interviews across the country as Only Human was released. The sound of his voice on the radio, the sight of his face on tv and the empty bed next to me at night was a constant reminder of how much I missed him. The world tour was going to be a killer and we still hadn't discussed what I was going to do when my 6 months in LA were up yet either. 


Whilst he was away, I worked hard with Sean leading up towards his showcase. We appeared to have reached an impasse and he'd stopped being so in my face, although he still made the odd inappropriate comment. He actually seemed to be really into Aria which was a relief. I was glad to see him happy but it did unnerve me how much he could tell her about me.


The afternoon of Sean’s showcase, I met Aria early at the venue to set up but she didn't seem her usual self. I was rather concerned and asked if she was ok. She shook her head


'Can I talk to you in confidence?' She asked. 


'What's he done now!' I asked jokingly, worrying about what she was going to say.


'So last night Sean and I were out and he invited me back to his place. So you know, we got into bed and at first he was gentle and so attentive but then he started to get really rough with me. He tied my hands above my head and put me face down on the bed. Next thing he was being so rough, and pulling my hair. Then he started slapping my ass. It really stung but I didn't say anything. Then he came quickly and I mean he did finish me off but I'm so confused by it all. It's just not what I'd expected. I'm sorry for telling you about sex with your ex but I didn't know who else would understand. Did you used to do that together?'


'Yeah we did and more. That's just Seans thing. If you don't like it though then you need to tell him or if it makes you feel better then you need to agree on a safe word'


'And my ass feels like I can hardly sit down'


'Arnica helps that' I remembered that feeling well. I used to like it the next day, it always reminded me of what we'd been doing the night before.


'There's something else. When he came I'm pretty sure he said your name, he said that he didn't and he said 'Ari' but I'm not sure'


'He wouldn't say my name and anyway he calls me Abs, not Abbi so don't worry about it' I reassured her. 


'Thanks for listening to me, I know it must be slightly awkward to hear'


'Only because Nicks been away so long and I can't wait to jump on him when I see him tomorrow' my heart beat faster at the thought of him.


'Are you ok girls?' Asked Evan walking in


'Yeah, I was just running through tonight with Aria' 


'Perfect' he smiled. 


As soon as I could, I text Sean.


Sender: me

Safeword??? Asshole, she wasn't ready for that. 


Sender: Sean

Or were you just not ready to hear about it? It was funny, I said your name when I came but I covered it up. I guess that's what happens when I'm pretending it's you there. 


Sender: me

Keep pretending, it ain't ever going to happen again.


Sender: Sean

What is it Nicky boy says? 'I still get Jealous'


I busied myself with all the prep I needed for the night ahead, I was working hard to take my mind off everything. One more day and I'd be back with the real love of my life. 


Set up complete, Aria and I went back to the office to get changed and then took a car to the showcase, picking up Sean on the way. He sat in the middle between us, insisting he take a selfie with us for his social media. 


'Out with my best girls #showcase' and he tagged me in it. Almost instantly Nick commented on it, as if he'd been paused waiting for it- 


'Look after my girlfriend, for me. See you tomorrow Abbi x'  


Nick obviously didn't realise what Sean classed as looking after someone's girlfriend. I watched uncomfortably as Sean ran his hand up and down Arias leg. He knew it would get to me. Then he kissed her. I swear he'd have had sex with her there and then if he could have. 


'Keep it PG-13 guys' I laughed. 


'Sorry, I didn't think' he lied.


As we pulled up at the venue there were screaming girls waiting outside for him. I took the opportunity to lay down the law to Sean before we got out of the car. 


'We have 2 security guys waiting out there for you but we didn't anticipate such a big crowd so you need to be careful. Take as many pictures as you can and sign as many autographs as you can but you only have 30 minutes til sound check, no more than that, so don't get carried away! There will be some fans inside tonight, but it's primarily for journalists and people in the business so you can't muck about. Like a pre-launch, launch. You've got 6 songs to play. Now don't fuck it up'


He nodded.


'You two are so funny, it's like a mom talking to her child' laughed Aria


'I like a woman who takes control' he laughed 


'No, you need a woman who takes control' I scolded him.


We got out the car and things went crazy. The crowd were all over him and he was loving it. All the work I was putting in with his promotion was clearly working and I was delighted. There were a load of photographers there too and with so many camera flashes, I was glad I'd made an effort with my outfit. I'd worn Nicks favourite leather skirt with a white chiffon blouse- professional for the showcase, yet ready for going to the club afterwards.


One of the fans stopped me on my way in, since I'd had so many pictures published and shared of me, I was often being recognised now.


'will Nick be here tonight?' She asked.


'I wish he was, but he's not in LA just now' I explained.


'You're so lucky to have such good looking boyfriends' 


'I am aren't I, don't tell Sean but I think Nick is way better looking, don't you?'


She laughed in non-committal way. 'Can I take a picture with you?'


'Of course' I smiled, as she handed her phone to her friend to take a picture, Sean appeared  from nowhere and jumped in the picture with us blowing the girl's mind. I said goodbye and left him talking to her as I  continued into the venue with Aria. Sean came in not far behind us and started the sound check, I went to message Nick, but he'd messaged me first. 


Sender: Nick

How dare you wear that skirt without me there, especially when I know what's underneath it. Joking, you look beautiful. I'm stalking your insta and I'm starting to think you're going to be more famous than me. Good luck tonight, love you Nx


Sender: me

I'll sign your chest for you tomorrow since I'm the famous one now.  Love you more x


The night went well, and Sean behaved himself and focused on his music which went well and Evan was happy. Hopefully this meant that my chances of staying in LA were growing. 


A big group of people from work headed to the club afterwards with Sean. They were all drinking heavily but I was purposely careful, I didn't want to look like the walking dead when I saw Nick the next day and I wanted to keep my guard up around Sean. He and Aria weren't holding back though and I knew they were doing more than just alcohol. I just prayed that no one else would realise. A drugs scandal was the last thing he needed when things were going so well for him. 


'Do you want a couple of lines, you know what it does to you?' He asked


'Not anymore, I haven't done that in a long, long time, I don't need to with a man like Nick' 


'Ouch that stings, just as much as Aria's ass is going to tomorrow' he laughed. 


'Remember, safeword this time. Don't hurt her, she's not like you' 


'Or you, you mean' he smirked.


'You clearly don't know me anymore. You can't hold on to who I used to be'


'When you realise you still love me and come back to me, I know you'll be exactly the same as before' he shrugged. 


'Neither of those things are going to happen, so don't hold your breath ok? I'm going to go now, have a 'banging' night' I knew Sean on coke was unreal in the bedroom and I knew what Aria had in store for her.


I arranged a car to pick me up and left them all to it. At least I’d be fully functional the next day. 


I was at home waiting for Nick when Evan phoned me the next day. He sounded majorly hung over 


'Abbi, where did you sneak off to last night? What a success the showcase was, you should have stayed at the club and celebrated, you don't know what you missed' 


'Oh I think I've got quite a good idea how a night out with Sean goes' I replied. 


'He showed us some old videos and pictures of you by the way, very nice' my blood ran cold. What had he shown them? 


'Oh haha, which ones?'


'You two recording 'someone', you when you had your emo phase, and with your friend Carmen at Halloween when you went as the rocky horror show' 


'Listen Nick doesn't know that's me singing, and I'd rather be didn't for now, ok?'


'You'd better tell the whole office that then, Sean was telling everyone. I don't know why you want to hide it, it’s awesome’ 


'I just do, it was such a personal song that we write together, and it was never meant to be released then all of a sudden it's all over the radio in the UK and it's all 'who's that girl' and I was still trying to get over Sean so I told him not to mention that it was me. I thought I'd got away with it' I started to tear up. 


'I didn't realise it meant so much, listen I'll talk to everyone' 


'Thanks, I appreciate that' 


'Anyway, apparently there's been excellent feedback on the showcase so I'm going to check it out. You all ready for the album launch?’ 


'Yes it's all done. He's got a busy schedule in between but nothing his manager can't handle, so I'm going to crack on with all my other stuff' 


'Great, I don't know what I'll do without you if you don't stay!' 


I smiled, 'I have been thinking about it actually' 


'Well I think there's a position with your name on it coming up actually' 


'Wait, What? Are you trying to tell me something here?'


'Yes, there's a permanent job here for you if you want it. You can sign the contract as soon as the 6 months are up’


I squealed 'thank you so so much, you won't regret it' 


I emailed Nick straight after I got off the phone. 


Subject: surprise!!!!

I've got big news for you but because I like to tease you, I'll tell you when you're home later. Be excited! Love you! Xx


He replied almost instantly. 


Subject: re: surprise!!!!

Joe just read your message and is now convinced I'm about to be a daddy lol. I've also got a surprise for you too. It's going to be a good night tonight xx


Subject: FAO Joe

Dearest Joe,

No need to worry about being an uncle again, sorry for any fear caused!

With love from the unpregnant Abbi x


Subject: uncle Joe rocks 

Hi Abbi, 

I will have you know that I will make your future children an amazing uncle one day! 

Best wishes Uncle extraordinaire 


I laughed. It was also reassuring that Nicks closest brother and confidant believed that we had a future together. 


I couldn't help but notice Aria hadn't been in touch yet, I hoped she was okay. I was due to meet Sean for coffee soon for the follow up on last night, so I'd ask him then. I just hoped he hadn't pushed her too far. Not that it was any of my business of course. 


We met at a lovely little beachside cafe and I sipped on my latte and he drank a double espresso. 


'So how do you think last night went?' I asked


'It was good, she chose her safeword and only used it twice. I think she's coming around to our way of doing things' he smiled.


'That's literally not what I'm asking, you know fine well that I was talking about the showcase. From our point of view it's been really really positive and believe it or not I'm so proud of you, you killed it' I gave him a hug.


Evan arrived to join us. 'I've got good news and bad news, the bosses loved last night but they now want us to bring the album launch forward two weeks. Social media is off the hook and they want to capitalise on it'


'I'm supposed to be in New York that weekend with Nick, it's the Jonas Brothers video shoot and I'm there working. I said, checking my diary'


'New York ay? Here's an idea, let's do the launch there instead and you can combine the two? I know the perfect place. This way we can get Sean in front of more people and we can schedule tv etc there too. I'll tag along too and we can work between us. What do you think?' 


'Great idea, I love New York and can't think of anyone I'd rather be there with than you Abs' said Sean


'Brilliant, I’ll email the details of the venue I'm thinking of and I'll let you get on with sorting it. I'm now going home to die of this hangover. See you on Monday' he waved to us. 


'I'm going too, Nicks home soon. I'll see you later' I leant over and kissed his cheek


'I miss you Abbi' he whispered, finally showing his true vulnerability. 


'Bye Sean', I left him to it.

Chapter 12 by El amor prohibido

When I pulled up at Nicks, he came running out to meet me. 


'Oh my god, you're home early' I screamed throwing myself into his arms.


'I wanted to surprise you so I took an early flight' he said, holding me tightly.


'Best surprise ever! Is that what you were talking about yesterday?' I asked, as he lead me in to the house, his brown eyes twinkling with excitement. 


'No, but I want to hear yours first, tell me!' 


'Guess who's been offered a permanent job in LA??' I squealed.


'You're staying? That's absolutely amazing, I’m so happy' 


'I know things are going fast Nick but I want you to know, I'm staying because of you. It's not going to be easy moving here full time and leaving London behind but I really think we're worth it'


'I agree and if your new job doesn't come with an apartment, I might be able to find somewhere for you to live, if you wanted to' he said gesturing to his house. 


'Sounds interesting, Now what's my surprise?' I'm not good with either surprises or waiting, so this was torture. 


'Slightly less exciting but....(dramatic pause) weekend you're coming to Vegas with us and I weaved my magic and Evan's letting you finish early on Friday and start late on Monday so we can make the most of it'


'Vegas?? Argh!!!! I've never been to Vegas, I'm so excited. And that means I can come to your show too?'


'Front row VIP baby, only the best for my girl!' 


I grabbed him and kissed him on the cheek. 


'You are the best for me Nick' I said in a cheesy fake American accent.


'I hear last night went well?' He asked as I was almost suffocating him with my hugs.


'Yeah, the showcase was good but I wasn't really feeling it at the club so I was home early. They were all off their faces on coke though so it wasn't exactly fun when I'd only had 2 drinks'


'I don't honestly know why people do that stuff, it wrecks lives and makes people act like complete idiots' he replied, clearly disgusted.


'Yeah, I know' 


'I'm going to take a shower and then I'm all yours ok?' Nick asked and I grudgingly let go of him. 


I lay on the bed while he showered my mind went back to when Sean and I were together. I'd always been the sensible one. We'd been close from the day we met on our first day at high school aged 11. Everyone at school used to make fun of us for being boyfriend and girlfriend because we were with each other the whole time but at 11 that idea had seemed disgusting to us. 


Then as we grew up and hormones hit things began to change. I kept finding Sean eyeing my new curves and when I went on my first date, Sean had punched the guy because he wasn't good enough for me. I watched as he grew more and more handsome and the girls threw themselves at his feet but never told him how I felt.


I left school with top grades and got a place studying business studies at a prestigious university and decided to leave home. Of course Sean had to come too, somehow blagging his way into a music course at a nearby college despite only having one qualification. It went without saying that we were going to live together and we found a modest flat where we'd spend night upon night singing and writing songs and that's how it had happened for the first time. We were drinking cheap wine and writing a song about falling in love when we both looked each other in the eyes and realised we were no longer just friends. That was the night he took my virginity. 


He, of course, had slept with other girls before, but I had planned to wait, for what I didn't know but apparently I found it in Sean that night. He was so gentle with me and because it was with him, my first time was special. Afterwards, we fell asleep wrapped in each other's arms but when I woke up then next day I freaked out and tried to pretend it hadn't happened. I wanted to carry on as it was before because I didn't want to lose my best friend, but the next night he came and climbed into bed with me again and I couldn't resist him. 


About a month later he tied me up and blindfolded me for the first time and I discovered that I liked things rough. Over the next few months he introduced me to new positions and sex toys, some which I almost needed a diagram to figure out. He was always careful to check I was enjoying it and I was. His main fetish however was taking photographs and videos of us together and at the time it seemed harmless fun. 


In every aspect of life, Sean enjoyed pushing the boundaries. Alway looking for something more exciting and that's when he discovered certain drugs made sex even better for him. I wasn't keen, I didn't agree with it but one night we got drunk and he offered me a line of coke and told me it would make sex even better, so I did it. 


I don't remember much of that night apart from the phenomenal sex, but I never did it again. I'd soon realised Sean was on a path to self destruct, so I called it off with him and knuckled down with my degree, somehow scraping a first class honours. 


After graduation I got a job at a small independent record label in Edinburgh and moved into a flat back home, Sean in tow. I can still remember the day that he told me he loved me for the first time, it was the words I'd wanted him to say for so long. Then he got himself clean to prove how much I meant to him and of course I'd taken him back like a mug. 


'Are you ok? You look like you're dreaming?' Asked Nick, drying himself off from his shower. 


'Yeah, just thinking about what an amazing time we're going to have in Vegas, I am the most excited person ever!' technically a white lie, but still true.


I watched with a smile as he pulled on some clean clothes, and we headed to the kitchen. 


Nick opened the refrigerator to get a drink and laughed. 


'I don't think I've ever seen so much food in my house before'


'I've been here a lot while you've been away, and I'm going to cook for us tonight as well so I went shopping'


'I like it, it makes the house feel like a home. It feels a bit lonely when you're not here now' he admitted.


'I do have a bit of bad news for you though' I realised I hadn't told him about New York yet.


He nodded as I explained to him that I could still make it to New York but I'd be working with Sean while we were away. He looked disappointed but said understood. 


'That reminds me, I need to call the venue back. What day is your shoot again? I'll try and get a different night' 


'Saturday, I really would like you to be there if you can, all the family are going and the concept means you can all have cameos, it's going to be fun' 


I called the venue on speakerphone while I started making dinner for us- proper spaghetti carbonara. Nick sat at the counter watching me cook and listening, so we were both equally as deflated when the manager at the venue explained it was Saturday or nothing for the launch. I had no choice but to book it. I'd just need to find a way to make it work. 


'I tried my best, I'm so sorry' I said dishing us up two plates of pasta and salad. 


'It's fine, just Sean getting in the way again' he sighed, taking his first bite. 


'I know, I hate it too' I replied as my phone started ringing. 


'Who is it?' I asked Nick as he picked it up. 


'Guess who!' He said looking completely fed up. 


'Turn it off' I said 'this is our time' 


'Are you sure? It might be important?'


'Right now you're the most important thing in my life so turn it off, and I'll turn it back on when I'm on my way to work on Monday' 


Nick switched it off and smiled the most genuinely happy smile I'd seen him do for a long time. 


'Do you want to come to Kevins for a family dinner tomorrow?' He asked


'Of course I do, will the girls be there?'


'Yes they will! It might be a bit of a late one though, it's an early birthday thing for Joe seeing as we'll be away for his 30th' he explained.


'This is our weekend and if we're having a late night at Joes then so be it! I've got work clothes here and if I'm too hungover or still too drunk to drive, I can get a cab to work' 


'Excellent idea' 


After dinner we went out onto the terrace and lit the fire pit. We cuddled up on the circular sofa and everything felt right. Nick was telling me all about his week and about plans for the tour. I moved to lie with my head in his lap, and looked up at him, smiling. 


'What?' He asked wrinkling his nose up? 


'Nothing, I was just thinking if I could save this moment forever then I would' I felt completely at peace and it was wonderful.


'We should have a drink to our future' Nick said and went back into the house to fetch us some drinks. So this is what really being happy feels like. 


Nick reappeared through the glass patio doors with drinks but all of a sudden, I wasn't thirsty anymore. I was hungry, for him. 


'Come here' i beckoned him to me and took the glasses out of his hands and placed them down, then I pulled him towards me. He instantly read my mind. 


'I want you to make love to me Nick'


'I thought you liked it harder?'


'I want you to show me how you like it' 


He did answer, he simply started kissing me. It felt strange allowing him to lead the way, I normally took control but tonight I wanted him in control. Even though he was just kissing me it was sending shocks up and down my body. His hands began to trace their way around my body, over my t shirt. I felt my breath hitch as he stroked my nipples, still kissing me. He then released his lips from mine and began to kiss down my neck where he stopped and gently removed my t shirt. He looked at me with such absolute passion in his eyes before continuing down to my nipples with his tongue. Slowly and softly it flicked side to side. I grabbed the curls on the top of his head. 


'Gently remember' he said, only stopping momentarily. Then his kisses and licks and nibbles headed further south until he reached the top of my shorts. Again gently and maintaining eye contact he removed them and then looked me in the eyes before disappearing between my legs. I felt the tip of his tongue touch me and toes began to curl with the pleasure. My breathing and noises were all over the place. As his tongue moved back and forth slowly, he inserted his index finger inside of me.


'Oh my god', I could feel that it had made him smile but he kept on going.

'Nick, please can I feel you inside me now. 


His tongue stopped moving,  

'Are you sure?' He asked. 'Mmm' i replied. 


I helped him to remove his shorts and tee and gasped as I took in all of his body. He positioned himself on top of me and I let him enter me. I was already so close to orgasm but Nick started to move his hips back and forth slowly. My head went back as I gasped for air, my hands roaming his body and my eyes locked on his. There was literally no one else but us in the world for me right then. Our momentum built up slowly but even as we reached our peak together, we were still making love slowly. 


Nick had left me speechless. He lay next to me and pulled a blanket over us. 


'How was that?' He asked smiling


'That was seriously the best I've ever had, i actually feel slightly emotional' I said wiping a tear that had formed in the corner of my eye.


'Aw don't cry' just come here and let me hold you. I curled into him and he wrapped us up in a blanket and we lay back and watched the stars for hours in comfortable silence. 


The next day was Joes birthday dinner and I was so excited. It was another chance to spend time with Nicks family and get to know them better, and hopefully they might feel a bit better about Nick and I being together. 


'What should I wear?' I asked Nick


'Nothing, you should just go naked'


'Thanks for your help there my love' I said pulling a face at him. 


'You could wear a sack and still look good'


'Any other cliches you've got stored up for me?' I laughed.


'Let's go shopping then' he said


I soon learned that shopping with Nick Jonas is neither quick or cheap. That man has expensive taste. Everything he picked out for me was designer, with a huge price tag, but he found a dress that was to die for. A knee length dark khaki/olive green dress. I tried it on and fell in love. It was $950 but I decided to treat myself. I handed it to Nick to look after while I tried on some shoes too, they were leopard print stilettos and I loved them. They were another $700. I chose a bag to match at $500 too. I took it all to the cash desk to pay and soon discovered Nick had paid already. 


'You don't need to buy me things' I chastised him.


'I know, but I want to' be smiled. 


He'd also bought a coordinating button down shirt to wear. Talk about couple goals. 


When we arrived at Kevin's the girls came running out to greet us. Alena running right past Nick to get to me. 


'It's been so long Abbi, why didn't you come?' She asked. I told her about how busy I'd been and how much I'd missed her and Valentina, who was currently cuddled up in Nicks arms and although I didn't want children for a long time to come, seeing him with Valentina was making my ovaries twitch. Alena and I went to sit next to them on the couch, Alena quickly installing herself on my knee as soon as I sat down. Denise and Paul arrived shortly after us and we're surprisingly nice to me. Even Joe whispered 'I think you've won them over' 


'What did Abbi win?' Asked Alena loudly. 


'Oh I won a prize in a competition' I bluffed 


'And tell her what the prize was' said Joe clearly on the wind up. 


'It was a bunch of flowers' I said taking inspiration from the huge vase in front of me. 


'That's a boring prize. It should have been ice cream she laughed'


Joe was so excited tonight for his pre-birthday party that he was hyper, his jokes were so awful they were funny and I watched as Sophie hung on his every word. Then I looked at Dani and Kevin who just worked in perfect sync with each other, tending to the girls  and looking after one another. I wondered if one day Nick and I would be like them.

We had a beautiful dinner and then the drinks came out. 

'I'm just going to put the girls to bed' said Dani, as they made their way around the room giving goodnight hugs. 


'Could I help or even do it for you?' I asked.


'Pleeeeeeeasee mommy, please can Abbi put us to bed?'


'Okay but you need to go to sleep after your stories and remember to brush your teeth'


I took both girls hands and led them upstairs, got them into Pj's, brushed teeth and I let Alena pick a book, she chose 'The Gruffalo' by Julia Donaldson. It was my cousins favourite book so I knew it off by heart. 

'A mouse took a stroll through the deep dark wood...' I began, getting completely over enthusiastic about the story and doing all the voices, including a very broad Scottish accent for the Gruffalo himself. The girls loved it and as promised settled down to sleep right after. I sat for a minute and watched them, and then went to tiptoe out, only to discover Uncle Nick was behind the door listening to the story too.


'Did you enjoy your story?' I whispered


'We all did, the baby monitor was on' he laughed 'I came up to tell you but I didn't want to interrupt your performance'


I went downstairs and everyone clapped and I took a pretend bow. 


'Thank you for that Abbi, you're hired as live in nanny now' laughed Dani. 


'No, thank you for letting me. Your girls are just so much fun'


We didn’t stay late so the next morning so I wasn't hung over but I was tired, so much so it took a double shot of espresso to get me to work.  As I logged into my computer Sean appeared leaning over my desk. Here we go again, but I did my best to be polite.


'Good morning' 


'Good morning? Where have you been all weekend? I tried to call you so many time's' he seemed really angry.


'Why what's the matter?'


'It's fine now but you can't just ignore my calls'


'It was the weekend so yes I can'


'I wonder what your boss would say?'


'He’d say I was entitled to time off. Now is there a point to this Sean? I have a private life and you need to get over it'


'Oh so you were with HIM then? He demanded through gritted teeth. 


Aria walked into the office, and it was like someone flicked a switch. 


'Sean! I didn't know you were in today' she walked over and kissed him. She was smitten.


'I'm not officially babe, I'm just here to see you and invite you out for dinner tonight' he smiled 


'Sounds fantastic' she said, grinning ear to ear. 


'Pick you up at 5. See you ladies soon' he said walking out. 


Had he seriously come to work because I hadn't answered his calls?

Chapter 13- the wedding by El amor prohibido

As soon as Sean knew I was going to Vegas and I wouldn't be available, he became very high maintenance. I couldn't wait to get a break from his emails and calls about nothing in particular. 


Nick had left for Las Vegas on Wednesday and I impatiently waited for Friday. Nick was acting strangely though and I had a strange feeling he was up to something.


Friday came eventually and when I finished work at 12pm, a car was waiting to take me to the airport. This was my first time going to Vegas and as the plane was coming in to land at McCarran my mind was blown by some of the sights, first of all the dessert, the mountains and then the Las Vegas strip itself, it was so exciting, but most of all I couldn't wait to see Nick. I text him the minute I could turn my phone back on.


Sender: me

That's me landed safely, just in the car on my way to you now. Next time send a helicopter, it would be faster to get to you xx


Sender: Nick

Oh no, that's my fun over if you're nearly here. It's been all strippers and pimps and ho's without you- joking of course.

Love you xx


Sender: me

I can always turn around and go home if you want to get back to your fun times. Love you too xx


Sender: Nick

It's ok, I'm running out of money anyway and I'm sure we can make our own fun times xx


Sender: Sean

Have fun in Vegas. Sorry I couldn't make it. 


I certainly wasn't sorry! I was glad!


Once I finally got through security, I immediately I saw a driver with my name on a sign, I'd be back with Nick soon.


'Hello, Ms Millar?'

'Yes that's me' I smiled

'Follow me, the cars right outside' he said taking my bags from me.

'But I do have to apologise, we've had a mix up with bookings so unfortunately there are two others sharing the car with you'

'Oh, okay. No problem at all' I smiled.

I really couldn't be bothered with small talk but as long as it didn't take forever to get there I didn't care.

Unlike the normal cars Nick usually arranged for us, the driver led me to a black stretch limo. Very Las Vegas. He opened the door and I climbed in.


'Surprise!' Carmen and Nick were hiding in the back of the limo. 


I couldn't speak, I just burst into tears, Carmen was just as bad, she threw herself onto me and we hugged each other as if our lives depended on it. 


'I'm so happy to see you both' I eventually managed to say, tears of happiness streaming down my face.


'Thank Nick here, he flew me in to surprise you and I'm here for the next ten days!' Carmen explained. 


'Does that mean you're coming to New York next week too?' I squealed. 


'Yes I am and Nick said we can be in the the video too. It's going to be so much fun' she said rummaging through the mini bar.


I turned to Nick and gave him the biggest kiss on the lips. 


'You're amazing, thank you so much for getting Carmen here. You're the best boyfriend ever'


'I agree, she's lucky to have you. Thanks Nick. Now let's make a toast' She handed Nick a beer and opened a bottle of champagne, handed it to me and then took another out the bar and opened it for herself. 


'Carmen, people usually make a toast with a glass of champagne, not a bottle' Nick laughed.


'Don't judge me' she winked. 


'Let's raise a toast to having the best ten days together and all the mayhem that comes with it' 


'Here's to the mayhem' I shouted then drank a big gulp of the champagne. 


Nick also raised his bottle, looking slightly less excited about potential mayhem but joined in with our craziness nonetheless.


It wasn't long before we were pulling up in front of the MGM Grand hotel, where we were staying, and where they had a show the following night. Their manager Phil was negotiating a residency at the Park MGM for 2020 and it was a good way to warm up for the full tour starting the next week. 


'What do you think?' He asked.


'I think this place is bloody mental!' I replied. Carmen nodded in agreement. 


'Yeah, but you know what they say, what happens in Vegas! Shall we go and meet everyone else?' He asked, taking my hand and leading me past the photographers who had assembled.


'Sounds good to me but can I see our room first?' I asked Nick, pulling my best puppy dog eyes that I knew he wouldn't be able to resist.


'That's my cue to head to the bar and wait for you there' laughed Carmen 'remember now kids, use contraception' she shouted after us. She was a riot. 


I always forget that Nick and I have a very different idea on what constitutes a hotel room. To me a hotel room is a bed, in a room with a bathroom. To Nick a hotel room is actually a  suite, usually bigger than my apartment, and this was no exception, this was a sky loft, over two floors.


'Holy shit Nick, this is amazing!' I said immediately as he opened the door.


'Wait til you see the infinity spa bath!'


'In a hotel room?!?'


'Yeah, I thought you'd like it, I booked it especially.


'I think we both might need an early night tonight then. You know those one hour flights are exhausting!' I winked sitting down on the end of the bed.


'You, my love, are a genius!' He replied, sitting down next to me and taking my hand. 


'No, you are. I can't believe Carmen's here and you did all of this for me. Thank you so much. These past few weeks have been hard and this is just what I need.'


'Correction, it's just what we both need' he smiled. 


We got ready and headed down to the casino bar to find Carmen, Joe, Sophie, Kevin and Dani. Nick explained that Carmen had flown in the day before so knew the whole group already, so it didn't surprise me one bit to find her in amongst them all, being the centre of attention, despite being the only non celebrity. 


'Woohoo! Look who it is!' Yelled Dani, who was already rather tipsy. 


'About time!' Laughed Carmen. 


'Come and have a drink, we're on shots now' said Joe handing Nick and I one each, which we both knocked back


'It's been a really long day but I'm sure I can manage a few shots with my favourite clients' I explained with a small dramatic yawn.


'How was work?' Asked Sophie.


'Busy, it's "Shane's" album launch next weekend and he is one awkward person to work for. Still a million times easier than those Jo Bro's though, especially that Nick' I joked


'Hey, cheeky! Its worked out well in the end though, hasn't It' smiled Nick, rubbing the small of my back. 


'Not bad, I guess' I said kissing him on the cheek. 


'How's Shane getting on? I mean is he ready for the launch?' Asked Kevin. 


'He's doing well, his albums sales have rocketed even without an official launch but after next weekend they think it's going to get really crazy- which is good but with him already being so demanding, I'm not looking forward to it!'


'I'm half surprised he's not turned up here in Vegas with you' Nick said without thinking. 


'Heck no!' I laughed 'I'm off work, he's someone else's problem this weekend'


We had another drink then headed to the casino floor. I had never been in one before so Nick was explaining it all to me. He took me to the roulette table, gave me a chip and told me to pick a colour- red or black. I chose black and won $100! I was well chuffed with that. Joe on the other hand was playing Blackjack in a private room in the high limit area, spending god knows how much. I was more interested in Nick, Carmen and the Tiffany glass ceiling than gambling though. 


After a while I whispered to Nick 

'Do you want to go upstairs now?' 

He nodded and we made our excuses and left, hand in hand. 


'Have a good night fuckers' Carmen shouted after us, making us laugh even more.


Barely back in the room, Nick started to slowly take off my clothes. Although I'd only had skinny jeans and a shirt on, I had the most beautiful black lace lingerie underneath, that I'd bought especially for the occasion and slipped on earlier. 


'Someone's been shopping' smiled Nick, clearly approving what he saw


'Because someone else is worth it!'


'Well whoever that is, tell them that I appreciated it too' 


While the spa bath filled up, we got into bed in only our underwear, me in my black lingerie and him in his tight black boxers that hugged his ass perfectly. The sight of him like that was enough to turn me on but his magical fingers soon set to work on me. 


'I can feel you're very happy to see me' he said.


'Same' I said, putting my hand into his boxers, and slowly moving my hand up and down his shaft that was so ready for me. Gentle as ever he started to move his kisses down my body, finally stopping between my legs. Pulling my thong to one side he let his tongue do it's work. Gently at first, tormenting me with its tip, then he built up momentum and found the exact pressure I needed. I moaned and squirmed underneath him, he turned his body so that I could reach him too. I took him deep into my mouth and he groaned. 


We took each other to the edge then stopped to get into the spa bath which was ready. He got in first and after removing my lingerie I climbed in, on top of him. The water was the perfect temperature and the bubbles just made it perfect as we made love to each other, reaching our climaxes together. Afterwards I climbed off him and lay next to him, sipping the champagne that he'd strategically placed next to the bath. 


'I think I like Vegas' I said 

'I know I love you' he replied

'And I love you too but I know after that I'll remember Vegas forever' 


Little did I know, I really would remember Vegas forever, but for a another reason. 


Nick and I made love for hours that night, it was bliss. With Sean off the radar, it felt like a weight was lifted and my mind was clear to focus on Nick and our relationship and give him the attention he deserved.


The morning sun woke me early, we had clearly forgotten to close the blinds last night. Nick was still asleep so I went into the incredible shower, to wash the remains of the night before away. 


'Good morning' smiled Nick strolling into the bathroom butt naked as I washed my body. 


'It definitely is a good one now I've seen you and little Nicky' I said licking my lips.


'You weren't saying he was little last night were you?' He asked, getting into the shower beside me. 


'Care to remind me again?'


'The pleasure would be all mine' he picked me up and had me there in the shower up against the wall, with warm water running down all over our bodies contrasting with the cold of the tiles against my back and heightening my senses.


'I guess we better go and get breakfast' I said, grudgingly, once we were finished in the shower. 


'Yup, you've got a busy day ahead' replied Nick.


'I do? What else have you got planned for me?'


'We've booked you ladies in for a spa afternoon whilst we get set up for the show. Massages, facial, sauna, pool, then hair, make up and nails for tonight'


'Jeezo, I don't think I've ever spent so much time getting ready for something in my life. I just hope the night will live up to the hype, I've heard the band are a bit dodgy'


'Hey, you're coming to see the Jonas Brothers remember! Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back' He laughed 


'Meh. Seen better. I'm sure I saw Aaron Carter when he was like 10 once' 


Nick was chasing me around the room trying to flick me with his towel for my cheeky comment when there was a knock at the door. It was Joe and Sophie. 


'Are you guys coming for breakfast?' 


'Two minutes and we'll be down' promised Nick. 


I quickly blasted my hair with the dryer and got changed into a simple summer dress and sandals and a slight hint of make up and I was good to go.


We joined the rest of our party in the restaurant. I had Carmen on one side of me and Nick on the other, life was good. 


The manager of the hotel came to join us. 


'Mind if we have some pictures of you guys for our website' 


'No problem at all' Nick said pulling me closer, and I did the same to Carmen. 


We all smiled for the photographer who was waiting.


'Can we have a copy of the picture please?' I asked. 'I'd like to remember this weekend forever' I asked


'Sure, I'll have it brought up to your room' the manager said.


We spent the morning by the pool, all 7 of us together, but after lunch I went with the girls for our spa day and the boys went off to do their thing. The spa was incredible, from the moment we arrived we were treated like princesses. I am not ashamed to say that we made a good head start on the night and drank a fair few bottles of champagne between the four of us and it went right to our heads. We were acting like absolute idiots. On our way back to our rooms to get ready for the night we found a poster with the Jonas Brothers faces on, advertising that nights show, and took it in turns to take pictures of each other next to it, then posting the pics on our instagrams with the caption. 


'Oh my god I know them' #welovejonasbrothers 


We thought we were the funniest people in the world right then.


We ordered room service to Dani's room and had some food to line our stomachs before we started to drink again. After dinner, we had kind of sobered up a little. We got dressed together in Dani's room and stood posing for selfies in the mirror. My Instagram was literally on fire with comments and people liking my pictures.


I had a midnight blue V necked dress on, Carmen was in a lighter blue, Dani was in her favourite pink and Sophie in black, we looked HOT! 


'We better go and find our menfolk before the show and wish them luck' said Sophie.


The three of them started laughing when they realised how drunk we were. I made Nick take about 20 selfies with me.


'You must be drunk Abbi, you never usually let me take pictures of you'


'Hey when you look this hot, it should be illegal not to take pictures. I mean me not you' I joked pointing at myself.


Nick took some pictures of us on his phone and shared one to his Instagram too. Then we started making stupid tik toks and posting them too. It was like a social media blitz, I did worry for a second that it may be provoke Sean but I put it to the back of my mind.


The show was phenomenal, we were all dancing and singing along, but after the show was crazy, tequila everywhere and whatever else I could possibly imagine to drink. We were all hammered when Nicks idea of doing something crazy came up, but by the time we got to the place where I had to fill in a form and show my passport to book the wedding I was pretty sober. I think. 


Then we'd headed to The Little White Chapel. Apparently we were lucky and they could fit us in, I think the Jonas name probably helped us out a bit. Nick told them we wanted the top package and whilst he had his dark blue check suit on from the show earlier, I picked out one of their ready to wear white wedding dresses. It wasn't what I'd have at my real wedding but for this it was fine. They gave me  bouquet of satin flowers and we picked some gold rings to give each other. It was basically the biggest game of make believe I'd ever played. 


We were 'married' by Elvis with Joe and Kevin as the best men, and Carmen, Sophie and Dani were the bridesmaids. Apparently the whole thing was even live-streamed as part of the package. I didn't care though, I was just wondering what it would be like to do this one day for real. We said our vows, gave each other the rings and then kissed for the first time as 'husband and wife'. We had our photo taken with Elvis and put it online. What a laugh. Nick and I both set it as our screensaver. 


Afterwards we'd went out clubbing, me still in my dress and we had a ball, but also a ridiculous amount of alcohol. By the time we got back to our suite, we managed a quick drunk fumble and then fell asleep on the sofa. Romantic wedding night or what. 


I woke up the next day with the white dress still on. We hadn't even undressed properly the night before. I woke Nick up to have a laugh at it.


'Check me out in my wedding dress' I joked, striking dodgy catalogue model poses. 


'You looked amazing last night, and you still look amazing today Mrs Jonas' he said pulling me towards him. 


'I'm absolutely starving, can we go and eat after my shower?' I asked 


'Yeah, sure. I said we'd meet everyone at the restaurant'


I slipped off the dress's and got in the shower wondering on a scale of 1-10 how hungover Carmen was right now. That was some night!

End Notes:

So that's how it happened!!!!


Chapter 14 by El amor prohibido
Author's Notes:

The fall out from the wedding! 

I wrote this and the wedding as one long chapter but decided to split it into two. That's why I'm posting the two together. 


As we got in the lift to go for brunch Nick asked me a huge question- 


'when we get back, do you want to come and live with me, officially? I mean technically half of everything I own is now yours' 


'Haha, Very funny!' 


'And do you think you'll take my name?' He really was over excited.


'Yeah, Abbi Jonas. I like the sound of that actually!' I laughed, Nick was taking this way too seriously. 


'Where's your ring by the way? We can go and look at better ones later today but until then, that one means you're my wife and I'd like you to wear it'


'Okay, I'll put in on if it makes you happy' I slipped it on my finger from my bag where I'd put it the night before for safe keeping.


'Doesn't It make you happy, seeing as you're my wife now and all?' He looked slightly annoyed.


'I don't know why you're so serious about all this' I shook my head. 'Now give me a kiss and cheer the heck up! We're in Vegas baby!'


As we walked in the restaurant, Carmen, Kevin, Joe, Dani and Sophie jumped up shouting 'congratulations!' There was a banner and balloons that they'd conjured you from somewhere. They were all taking the joke too far. It was so OTT.


'So that was some night last night wasn't it Abbi?' Laughed Sophie.


'I feel like I've been run over by a bin lorry'


Sophie laughed, 'she means garbage truck' she explain to Kevin who looked none the wiser.


'So welcome to the club Mrs Jonas. It's very exclusive, only room for 4 members at a time, well 5 when Frankie gets a bit older' said Dani raising her glass of mimosa to me. 


'Thanks, I'm looking forward to my privilege card coming in the mail!' I humoured her.


'I can't believe my bestie is a Jonas now!' Smiled Carmen. Even she was at it, the joke was rapidly wearing thin. 


'So, does this mean you're going to stay in LA permanently?' Asked Joe 


Just then my phone rang, it was Evan. 


'Sorry guys, two minutes, I need to take this call' I excused myself and headed out of the restaurant.


'Hey Evan, how are you?' I answered a brightly as I could. 


'I hear congratulations are in order, your wedding photos are top of every gossip collumn, looks like you had a great time last night'


'Yeah it was a blast, we're just about to eat something and try to recover at the moment, this hangover needs food’ 


'I've been asked by upstairs to call and let you know that because of your marriage to Nick, we're going to have to take you off his account now. It's to protect us all, should anything go wrong'


'Evan, it was only a Las Vegas wedding, it's not even a real one, surely that's a bit excessive' I was getting annoyed, if I didn’t work with Nick I’d see him far less and I didn’t want that to happen because of a stupid Vegas wedding.


'Abbi, you're married to a client now and we have to maintain our levels of professionalism, regardless of whether you marry in Las Vegas or St Paul's Cathedral. We need to ensure impartiality for our clients and to make sure all of the acts you work with feel equally as important'


'No but that's what I'm saying, it was just a Las Vegas wedding, it wasn't real, like not in the legal sense, it was just a laugh' I didn't know how to explain it.


'Are you serious? I’ve the livestream and it's most definitely real' 


'Wait, what??' All of a sudden the penny dropped why everyone was taking the whole thing so seriously- I was actually married. To Nick Jonas. I was Abbi Jonas. 


'I...I....didn't realise it was legal' I felt sick, I couldn't tell if it were the tequila from last night or the shock. 'I thought it was just pretend and we were doing it as a laugh’


'For gods sake Abbi, you seriously didn't know?' He was laughing his head off. 


'It's not fucking funny Evan. I really need to go and speak to Nick, I'll see you tomorrow when I'm back' 


'No honeymoon?' Evan laughed.


'That is also not funny!' I replied and hung up on him. 


Shit shit shit. Only I could get married and not even know. My mind turned to Sean. If the pictures were everywhere then he was bound to know, and he’d be on the top of the list of people waiting to go mad. Then I thought of Nicks mum and dad and how they were already wary of me.


On my phone there were so many texts from almost everyone I knew congratulating me but one specifically caught my eye. The one that I dreaded even more than any other. 


From: Sean

Congratulations on the wedding. Can't believe you didn't invite me. After all I was at your last one. But I'm guessing Nick doesn't know about that yet? 

See you when you're back x


From: me

Sean, you and I work together these days, that’s it, you don't have a say on my life anymore. Please just be cool.


From: Sean

It just reminded me of all the things I know about you, that your 'new' husband doesn't. 


From: me

You have no idea about what he does and doesn't know.


And so it began. I threw my phone back in my bag and stood to catch my breath and my thoughts too. I was going to try to bluff Sean, but he wasn't an idiot and always saw through me. I needed to tell Nick about my last, but I needed to find the right time, and now wasn’t it. I looked at the ring on my finger that Nick had given me the night before, I loved him and he loved me. Those were the only certainties right now, but was I ready to be his wife? 


'Are you ok, My darling wife?' It was Nick, he'd come to find me. I nodded but the tears starting to run silently down my face told a different story.


‘Hey, don’t cry beautiful. Let's get you cleaned up and you can tell me all about it’, he put his arm around me and led me gently to the ladies bathroom. 


'I'll wait here for you, see you in a minute' he kissed me on the cheek and I threw my arms around him. 


'I love you Nick, I hope you will always know that'


'Of course I do, you'd have never have married me last night if you didn't and likewise the other way around too. I'm so happy we did though, you mean the world to me Abbi'


'Back in a minute' I pulled away and walked into the bathroom. I cleaned my face up and gave it a splash of water to try and make my eyes less puffy, then reapplied some more concealer and mascara to try and make me look more human.


As promised he was waiting by the door when I walked out. He took my hand and squeezed it, and we walked back to the restaurant. By now word must have got out that we were there because despite hotel security's best efforts there were photographers everywhere taking our pictures, and rather than walk past quickly, Nick slowed down so they could take our picture, I saw in his eyes he was so happy and It made me sick to know that there was the potential that Sean could bring that all crashing down. 


Back in the restaurant Joe was laughing 


'oh yeah, here's the newlyweds back, I wonder what they've been up to?' 


'Work called me, they had to let me know that they're taking me off your account since I'm now a Jonas myself so I got a bit upset and Nick helped me get myself together'


'Ah but how did he do that?' Laughed Sophie. 


'Hey. Don't talk to my wife like that' Nick laughed pulling me in closer.


'Have you spoken to Mom and Dad yet Nick? You really should tell them before they read about it online' Kevin was often the sensible one.


'Yeah, I called Mom this morning when Abbi was in the shower, they're flying out today to see us. We're going to have a family dinner tonight, you're welcome too Carmen, and then they're going to come to the show tomorrow night' smiled Nick.


'What about your Mom Abbi?' asked Kevin.


'No, not yet. She doesn't use the internet though so I'll wait a bit longer because of the time difference' 


My phone vibrated in my bag for the hundredth time. I took it out and there was a text from Carmen.


Sender: Carmen

Those tears weren't about work were they? It's Sean isn't it? 


Sender: me



I put my phone and away and looked at my husband talking animatedly beside me. I decided there and then, I was going to be his wife, and I was going to be the best one I could be. 


I whispered to Nick

'Can we have some alone time after this?' I needed to talk to him.


'You’ll need to hold that thought til later, Joe and Soph have arranged for us all to go on a flight over the Grand Canyon and then Dani's mom and dad are flying in with the girls, I'll warn you Alena will want to know when we're going to have a baby. She's asked Sophie everyday since their wedding'


'Sounds Great', blatant lie, 'I hope she's not disappointed in us not having a baby for quite some time yet. I'm way too young and immature for that! I mean I just got married in Vegas after all' I laughed. 


'I'm happy with that, we've got all the time in the world' he smiled, 


'And I said we'd spend some time alone with my Mom and Dad tonight, they were a bit bummed that we got married without them there so I think they want to talk to us about it, but don't worry, it'll be fine' 


'Sorry to drag your wife away from you Nick but can I borrow Abbi for a bit?' Carmen asked, clearly seeing me drowning. 


'As long as you're both ready to go in an hour for the flight' said Sophie.


'No problem Carmen, we've got a lifetime to spend together now' added Nick 


The minute we walked into Carmen's room I lost it. ‘Calm down mate, take it one thing at a time ok?' She reassured my, rubbing my arm and handing me a bottle of water. 


'So I didn't know that was a real wedding last night'


Her eyes were huge. ‘How the hell did you not know? Even I knew and you're the smart one' 


'I thought I'd seen it on tv that it wasn't but anyway I haven't even told Nick everything about me and now I feel like I can't but Seans already sticking his nose in reminding me of all the stuff he can tell him and it's pushing me to the edge. Working with him in general is pushing me to the fucking edge. There's always something that he's got to bring up or turn everything sexual. I'm scared of what he's going to do next. His brother David warned me to stay safe and I thought it was weird but I'm really starting to wonder what the hell this is all about'


'I'll speak to him, leave him to me' she almost had steam coming out of her ears. 


'I don't even know if it's a good idea to talk to him, I just don't know what to do about him. Why did he have to come to LA?'


'Because he never could let you go, especially when he saw you doing well'


'And what if he still can't let me go? What do I do then? He’s literally followed me around the world’ 


'I honestly don't know and there's not much we can do right now. How about you just enjoy the first weekend of your marriage and we can work out how to deal with that prick on Monday?'


'Ok, I guess’ 


The Grand Canyon flight was great, it was really something to see but my head was all over the place. We care back to our suite to change for dinner but getting the chance to be alone for the first time, we did as all newlyweds do and took the chance to have sex. We'd just finished and lay down in bed breathless when there was a knock on the door. We looked at each other and rolled our eyes. Ever the gentleman, Nick threw on shorts and a robe and went to answer it while I dressed properly. 


I heard him open the door 

'Mom and Dad!' He exclaimed loudly so I'd hear and wouldn't come down naked. 


They obviously didn't realise I was upstairs because the minute the door shut they began.


'Nick, is Abbi pregnant?' His mum asked, she sounded worried. 


'What? No! Why?'


'Well fill me in, why the hell were you so stupid as to marry her? This is not going to last and just think of the damage it's going to do to your career and your image, you've spent too long working hard to throw it all away. You and your brothers are just starting over and I can’t believe you've been this selfish, thinking only of yourself' his dad was really ripping into him 


'Did you not even stop to think that it might just be because we love each other? And you know want to spend the rest of our lives together? Anyway Kevin and Joe have been nothing but supportive so it’s not causing any issues’


Way to go Nick, I thought.


'Yet, not causing issues yet. I saw you on that live stream, you were drunk. I've spoken to our lawyers and if we act quickly we can get it annulled and then it will be like it never even happened' 


'No Dad, it's not up for discussion. We're married now and that's final'


'You don't even have a pre-nup, do you know how much this is going to cost you in a divorce? You know women like Abbi look at men like you and see dollar signs. She could walk away with half of  everything you've worked for all these years' 


'She's not like that dad, she loves me and I love her and that's all there is to it' 


I had to save Nick from his dad, I took a deep breath and went down the stairs to the lounge area where they were. 


'Hi. I'm really sorry for all of this trouble, honestly I never expected to marry Nick this weekend but I do love him and I want to be with him for the rest of my life. I don't care about his money or any of that stuff, I love the person he really is underneath all of that. I know we've been stupid and it’s been so fast but I know we can make it work. I'll sign anything you want saying I want nothing from him but we are going to be together' Nick protectively put his arm around my waist as I spoke.


'We didn't realise you were here Abbi, I'm sorry you had to hear that' Denise apologised. 


'No its fine. I understand why you're wary of me, you hardly know me' I began.


'And you hardly know our son' interrupted his Dad. 


'But I know that what you're saying about me right now comes out of your love of Nick, but you need to know that I feel that love for him too and that will never change'


Nick pulled me closer into him.


'I'm sorry Mom and Dad, either you support us or you don't, but nothings going to change here' 


'Ok son, it's just such a big thing to get married and we were upset to find out afterwards that we'd missed it, you know how much we love you. If you two are serious about making your marriage work then we're behind you with our support. Welcome to the family Abbi' his Dad had obviously realised it was non-negotiable. 


'Thanks, I appreciate it. I promise I won't let you down' I said hugging Denise who had held her arms open to me. Paul still looked less than convinced.


'I'll just go and get ready, back in a minute' said Nick heading back upstairs, leaving us alone in an uneasy silence. 


‘Don’t break his heart’ was the only thing his Dad said to me. 


The family dinner was in a beautiful private dining room and the atmosphere was far better than it had been in our room. Dani's mum, Dad and brother Mikey had arrived with Alena and Valentina. Carmen had wasted no time in introducing herself to Mikey and the two of them were talking away like they'd known each other forever. Sophie's parents were also there too, as we walked in they'd all stood up and congratulated us. 


As predicted, Alena and Valentina were asking about babies and asking if I was their aunt now. I looked at Dani for her approval. 


'Yes girls, you can call her your aunt Abbi now' she smiled. 


'So are you going to be going on honeymoon?' Asked Dani's Mom. 


'Unfortunately I'm back to work on Monday, I've got a big album launch next weekend in New York to sort out but with the guys being there too, it means we'll have a weekend together and I'm working on a surprise for Nick too' I smiled at him.


'Don't you think you and Nick have given us enough surprises recently?' Laughed Denise. 


'Good point, but this one doesn't include a legal ceremony thankfully!' And everyone laughed.


'So could your mother not make it out here?' Asked Paul. 


'Not yet, she said she'll come soon though. She's never flown before so it will be a big deal for her, she was as surprised as you when I told her she had a new son in law' 


By the end of dinner Paul seemed to be coming around to the idea of me as his daughter in law, and even hugged me as we said good night. It was all going to be okay. 

Chapter 15 by El amor prohibido

Monday came too soon, I was only grateful that Nick never did, especially seeing as second of alone time we’d had over the weekend we’d been naked. I loved sex with Nick, it had such an intimacy that sex with Sean had lacked. With Sean and I, it was animal, pure animal, the more outrageous the better buy with Nick we made love, it was the only way to describe it. Even if he was a little vanilla compared to my tastes, if you get


When I’d walked into the office there were white balloons and congratulations banners all over my desk. It was a really nice touch from my co-workers but, even though I was only doing a half day at work, I hated knowing Nick was back at his house, I mean our house, with Carmen and not me. And to top it all off. The only client I had to see that day was Sean, who’d insisted on the meeting. I headed into see Evan before Sean arrived.


'Congratulations Mrs Jonas! Have you got over the shock yet?' he smiled, coming out from behind his desk to hug me. 'I spoke to IT and had your work email changed for you, so you're even work official now, although I don’t think I really had to tell them, Brittany in IT is Perez Hilton’s number one fan and he’s had your wedding all over his blog!’ 


'Seriously? That's just crazy! It's only just sinking in that it's reality, I have to keep looking at the ring to remember it’s real' 


'No wonder! Did you tell Nick you hadn't realised it was legal?' He was smirking at my stupidity.


'No, and I'm not going to, that’s our little secret. We're married now and we're happy so that's all that counts, plus have you seen my husband he's HOT!'


'Absolutely! But not really my type, I prefer Kevin’ he winked. ‘Anyway, you've got Sean coming in soon, I know things have been tense there, hows he been with the news?'


'He's only messaged me once and unsurprisingly he wasn't too pleased, but it's not up for discussion with him. So I was wondering, do you think you could sit in with our meeting today, just in case it's awkward?' 


'Unfortunately I can't, I've got a meeting with upstairs so I can't change it. I'm sure he'll be fine though' 


'I wish I was as convinced! I meant to ask, my "husband" and his brothers are in tomorrow, who's taking over their account?'


'It will be Aria, we thought she'd be the best bet after her working so closely with you' 


'I'm glad, I've got faith in her and I'm sure they'll be happy with that'


Aria knocked on the door, 'Abbi, that's Sean here. He's in the meeting room waiting for you. Congratulations by the way, I watched it on livestream!’


'Thank you!' I said dreading what was about to happen. 


'Good luck with Sean' said Evan holding up his crossed fingers to me. 


I took a deep breath and went to the meeting room. 


'Hey, how are you?' I said brightly 


'Not as married as you are. Nice ring by the way. I just wished you had sent me the registry details, I'd have bought you a toaster' his face was like thunder. 


'So, moving on, the album launch on Saturday. We're almost good to go, how are you feeling about it?' I said ignoring the frostiness.


'You can ignore what's happened but we still need to talk about it' he growled. 


'Why? Why do we need to talk about it. You and I are over, I've moved on. I love Nick, I'm married to him and we're living together and that's not going to change. I want to be friends with you and I care about you a lot but we only work together now and I don't want it to be awkward'


'Well it is going to be awkward. You know that I love you, I always have and I always will and one way or another I'll get you back. You just watch this space. I'll do whatever it takes. No matter what that is' 


'That's the thing though, there's nothing that you can do. I loved you for a long time and I'll never forget that but that's done now. Please just be happy for me'


His demeanour changed and he meant over the desk towards me, making me feel intimidated and all but hissed his words at me, 'Happy? Fucking happy? I told you before, I know things your new husband doesn't. It would be a shame if he were to find out that you're not all that you make yourself out to be' 


I stood up to meet him, face to face and bit back. ‘People change Sean, most people grow up and that's what I did, and that's what you need to fucking do too. You're with Aria now, so why are you so bothered by me' 


'You know me, always a woman on the sidelines but it's always only ever been you for me and deep down I know you feel the same about me. Nick will never make you as happy as I can. Tell me, do you sit on his face like you used to do mine? Does he tie you up and make you beg for him to fuck you even harder? Has he seen you with a woman yet? Because if not then you’re with the wrong man and you know it’


It was all getting too much, he was scaring me. 'Look I honestly can't do this with you anymore but because I do care about you as a friend, despite everything, I'll do your album launch this weekend but after that we're done. Someone else from the office will take over. We can't work together, we never could and we still can't' 


'I signed a contract based upon me only working with you, so sorry but you can't get rid of me that easily' 


'If it comes to it then I'll resign'


'Haha, as if you'd do that' he looked so smug, I wanted to rip his face off. He really felt like he had the upper hand, and right now it felt like that to me too. 


'Watch me. I mean it Sean, back off and let me be happy' I stood up and went to leave the room but he blocked my escape route and came so close to me, grabbing my arms to keep me still. 


'You'll only ever really be happy back with me, we both know it. All you need to do is get an annulment and we can start over' he whispered with a smirk that I desperately wanted to slap off his face.


'You're deluded. Now as everything's sorted for Saturday, there's no need for us to see each other until Friday. Nick has actually said you can travel on our private jet with us, and that offer is still open but fucking behave yourself. Now let me go before I scream and have you removed from the building'


'This is not over' he said letting me go.


'It is now' I said walking out of the meeting room. I walked straight into the bathroom, locked the door and burst into tears. Sean had the ability to ruin my marriage and my life and knowing him he'll happily do it. 


I stayed in the bathroom to give Sean time to leave the office, taking off my blouse in the cubicle I saw he'd left big red marks on my upper arms. Thankfully he wasn't there when I came out and went straight to Evan but he was still in his meeting. I went back to my desk and sent him an email. 



Dear Evan, 

It is not longer feasible for me to work with Shane. I am happy to complete the album launch but after that I can no longer work with him. Should that be an issue then I will be forced to resign. 




I loved my job but I was completely prepared to give it up. Sean was affecting my mental health and I just couldn't do it any longer. I was respected in the industry, I was sure I could find another job easily. Hell I'd wash cars for a living if I had to. 


I emailed Nick once I'd calmed down to show him my new email. I needed something to cheer me up and he was usually the cause of my happiness.


Subject:email address 

Hi husband, 

Just wanted to show you my new email address. I've told work that after this weekend I'll not be working with Sean anymore. 

Just wanted to let you know x


He replied almost instantly, he'd said he was going to work in the home studio today but my prediction was Carmen was still talking the ears off him.


Subject: re:email address

I love the name Abbi Jonas, almost as much as I love Abbi Jonas herself. I'm not going to lie, that's the best news about Sean. Carmen is great, I can see why she's your best friend but my god does she ever stop talking??? See you soon, Nx


Evan came to see me straight after his meeting.


'What's happened?' He actually looked really concerned. 


I felt my emotions building 'Can we go to your office?'


'Abbi, are you ok?'


'Your office' I said feeling the tears prickling in my eyes. 


In Evans office I poured my heart out, I told him everything and he was shocked. I even showed him the marks on my arms. I was worried Nick would see them and go off the deep end, but thankfully they were starting to fade.


'Shit Abbi, I didn't realise it was as bad as that. You should have told me. Look, you don't need to do this launch on Saturday, Aria and I can handle it, you can go with Nick this one last time before hand over'


'No, I'll do it, if I don't Nick will wonder why and I don't want him to hate Sean anymore than he already does. I've got everything in place for the weekend plus Aria will need to be at the shoot with you, but this is the last I'm doing for him'


'I have total respect for you for that, let's just hope he behaves. Do you you want me have a word to him?'


'No, just please try and keep him away from me as much as possible. I don't want to be alone with him'


'I will do my best Abbi, he's way out of line'



So that’s how it became that almost exactly one week to the day since I became Mrs Jonas that we boarded the private plane to New York for Seans album launch and The Jonas video shoot. The plane was full, with Joe, Nick, Carmen, Sean, Evan, Aria and I. Kevin was at home with Dani in New Jersey so was meeting us in the big apple. I'm pretty sure the only reason Nick had offered Sean a seat was just so he could keep an eye on him with me but I let it ride. Private planes were the way forward and I felt safer with Nick there.


When we boarded I sat next to Nick and cuddled into him. I knew he was disappointed I would miss the shoot but at least I was going to be in the same city and I'd be with him every night. I was going to enjoy our time together as much as possible with the Jonas tour looming. After take off, I released my seatbelt, sat on his lap and cuddled in. I felt Seans eyes on me, but I didn't care. I looked at Nick and his eyes seemed like windows to his soul, like he was searching for something in me, Sean put him on edge. I smiled and let my lips find his, I loved his kisses, they just melted me. Normally we tried to be more subtle when people were around but it just felt right this time, and hey, we were newly weds, until Sean shouted:

'Get a room you two, there will be no mile high club under my watch' making everyone laugh. 


Except Nick and I of course. It did however make me really self conscious so I sat back in my seat, rested my head on Nicks shoulder and went to sleep. That was the best bet to block him out. 


'Hey beautiful, you need to wake up, we're almost there' Nick woke me gently. 


'I was so tired, sorry if I've drooled on you' 


He smiled. 'No drool, don't worry. It just means you'll have plenty of energy later on. Are you coming with us to The Tonight Show? We're going straight after we land, we're performing and doing an interview and I'd like you there with me'


'Absolutely, I wouldn't miss it for the world,  but then I need to go and check out the venue for tomorrow with Sean and Evan'


'Do you have to go? Can't Evan handle it? Just this once' begged Carmen. 


'It won't take me long, I'll be back before you know it. You can get the bed warmed up for me coming back, ok? Because I want you really badly right now. So by the end of the night....well you can fill in the blanks' I whispered in his ear and winked at him.


It was my first time to the Rockefeller centre and watching the show being taped was so exciting. I stood at the side of the audience with Aria, Carmen and Sophie, who was filming in NY but had managed to join us. I watched proudly as Nick, who was dressed in a baby pink suit and white trainers combo that only he could pull off, spoke about me lovingly. He was really animated in the interview and both Joe and Kevin were in excellent spirits too so it was going pretty well, from both a record company and proud girlfriend standpoint.


'Well Nick, hows the first week of married life treating you, you certainly surprised us all. But tell us, what did you see in your record company exec girlfriend who holds the key to your budget?' He laughed.


'My wife is an amazing person, I didn't really believe in love at first sight until I met her and getting married in Vegas just seemed like the right thing to do. And the fact she holds the budget, well it helps. In fact she's actually over there watching us just now'


The camera panned over to where we were stood and the three of us gave a wave' 


'So Joe, Sophie's been in NY filming, tell me again why the video shoots here?' Jimmy laughed


'I obviously miss Sophie like mad when she's away so if we can combine schedules then it's win win. And obviously we wanted to see you too Jimmy' He shmoozed 


'Kevin, where's Dani tonight to complete the trio of beautiful women in your lives?'


He held up a photo of  the three of us girls on the Gala red carpet. 


'She's at home in Jersey with the girls tonight but they're coming to the shoot tomorrow so it will be a proper family affair'


Except I wouldn't be there. I sighed. 


'I wish I was coming Sophie. I thought it would be better being in NY at the same time as you all but it's torture knowing Im so close but can't be with you' I whispered


They started playing a game called 'know your bro' and it was so funny to watch but my phone was buzzing- Sean and Evan telling me to hurry up. 


'Tell Nick I'll be back at the hotel ASAP' I said to Carmen leaving quickly, gutted I'd missed their performance. 


I met Sean and Evan at the venue and it was perfect. It kind of resembled a cave, and had low ceilings which was perfect for acoustics. I'd taken a bit of a risk booking somewhere I'd never seen before but Evans recommendation had paid off. Sean got his guitar and went up on stage to have a play around. The stage was set up simply for him, he had his guitar and a piano, which he would play himself too. He was a one man show.


'Come and sing our song with me' he asked. 


'Absolutely not, I don't sing anymore, you know that' I said giving him a death stare. 


'Come on it'll be fun and there's only us three, sorry 4 here' he waved to the owner who was sat by the bar.


'Sean, take a telling. I'm not doing it' 


'Booooo' he hissed into the microphone. 


Sean has never understood why I hadn't tried to pursue a career as a performer but singing was something I enjoyed privately, not publicly. The song that everyone kept banging on about was recorded in a community studio as a demo in 2015 and was never meant to have seen the light of day. Until he released it in the UK, with me billed as an uncredited female vocalist and the whole 'who is she?' Scandal has helped with the songs publicity. Thankfully, and surprisingly, considering Seans big mouth he'd never told anyone.


I watched as he picked up his guitar and started to play,it felt like old time's, when I used to sit in half empty pubs around Scotland and then London, watching him play his music. I'd followed him around like a love sick puppy until he decided to pay the groupies, who formed as his success started to grow, more attention than me. By that point in our relationship I'd met Carmen and when I realised it was time to leave Sean, she took me in to her flat and I just never left again. I pulled myself back from the reminiscing as he finished his second song. 


'That's Great Sean, I think we should call it a night and save this for tomorrow, don't you Evan?' I said, desperate to get back to Nick who would be back in the hotel by now. 


'Yes, she's right Sean. I think we should go. Why don't the three of us go for a couple of drinks before heading back though?' 


'Sounds good to me' said Sean jumping down from the stage.


'I need to get back to Nick' I said, trying to worm my way out of it.


'Nonsense, this is work and your boss is telling you we're going for drinks!' Joked Evan


'Okay just a couple then' I insisted. Trying to stop myself from punching in the face since he knew I wanted to stay away from Sean.


Evan took us to a crazy bar near the hotel that he went to every time he came to New York. The atmosphere was fantastic and the music even better. We soon lost track of time and how many drinks we'd had. We played drinking games and got what I can only describe as shit faced.


The bar rang it's bell for last orders


'Shit what time is it?' I asked


'It's almost 2am' laughed Sean, who was as drunk as me. 


'I need to go' 


'Too late. I just got us a last drink for the road' said Evan, handing me yet another Vodka and orange juice. 


I downed it and slammed it on the bar.


'Now I'm leaving!' I said. Evan and Sean joined me but as we got outside Evan realised he'd left his jacket on his chair inside and had to go back for it. Whereas I hadn't taken a jacket in the first place and was shivering. Sean noticed and took his off and wrapped it around me. Right then a flash went off. I knew immediately this was going to look like something it really wasn't. Urgh. I'd need to deal with it when I was sober.

End Notes:

So Sean is starting to give away more of Abbi's secrets. 

She did tell Nick she was a wild child when she was younger but maybe that wasn't quite how he imagined her to have been! 

Chapter 17 by El amor prohibido


When I got back to the hotel and had to ask for a key as I hadn't been back there yet. I was embarrassed by being so drunk in such a fancy place but the receptionist looked amused by me. I made it upstairs to our floor and managed to find our room then I did that drunk thing where by trying to be quiet you end up making more noise and burst into the room, the door slamming off the wall loudly. The room was in complete darkness but Nick jumped up and switched the bedside lamp next to him on. 


'You just gave me one hell of a fright. Where have you been? I waited up for you but gave up, why didn't you answer your phone?' He asked clearly angry. 


'I ended up going for a couple of drinks with Evan, I just lost track of time and my phone died' I said almost falling over a chair. 


'Just a couple? You're absolutely smashed. Look at the state of you' he sighed and then got out of bed to help me. 'Whose is the jacket?' He asked, knowing fine well. 


'Sean gave me it because I was cold' 


'I should have known he would have been involved somehow' His face was red with anger but he still helped me undress and get into bed. 


'I love you so so much' I said cuddling into him and falling asleep. Again. 


I woke up to an empty bed and a hangover from hell. Despite my bad behaviour, Nick had left me a note telling me he loved me and would see me later. There would be no "couple of drinks" tonight I resolved. Work then back to the hotel and time with Nick. I checked my phone for the time and there was a text message from Carmen. It was simply 'OMG' and a link that I immediately clicked on and there it was, the picture of Sean and I from the night before. The headline was-


'The luckiest girl in the world?


Abbi, Nick Jonas's new wife, was pictured last night in New York getting rather cosy with UK musician Shane O'Leary. Despite Nick also being in New York there was no sign of him.

Abbi, who works for Shane's record label, is also rumoured to be the heartthrobs ex-girlfriend and by the looks of it, the chemistry is still there. 

The two are in town for Shane's US album launch. The album has had a phenomenal success in the UK, reaching the top of the charts and a number of the songs are rumoured to be about his break up with Abbi. She's one lucky girl having two of the hottest men in the world right now in her life, but Nick Jonas better watch his back by the look of this picture'


Fuck, Fuck, Fuckity, Fuck. 


Nick Jonas didn't need to watch anything, he had nothing to worry about. I called Evan who was at the Jonas video shoot.


'Have you seen the articles online about me and Sean?'


'Yeah, it's fantastic publicity isn't it. All the "rumoured" stuff really adds an interesting spin to it, don't you think?'


'Evan, who is the source? Do not tell me it was you' 




'Evan was it you?'


'Oh come on it was going to come out eventually anyway and it gives your client some free publicity' 


'He's not just my bloody client though, is he? Has Nick seen it yet?' I demanded. 


'Don't know, but don't think so, he's been busy filming since first thing. He wasn't happy with me dragging you out last night, that's for sure. Anyway, I'll see you at the venue tonight, they're about to go for a take. Bye' 


And he hung up. I punched my pillow. Evan wasn't to know he was opening a whole can of worms but he should just have kept his big bloody mouth shut. This was turning into a circus.


I got ready and decided to go for a quick walk to clear my head before I met Sean. I left the hotel and headed towards the shops. I needed some retail therapy, but I soon became aware that I was being followed by photographers who began shouting about where Sean and Nick were, and kept trying to get my attention. It was scary and now I realised why Nick had told me to take security with me these days. I weaved in and out of people but everywhere I went they seemed to be. I ended up going into the first clothes store I saw, grabbing an item and hiding in the changing room. I burst into tears as soon as I shut the door. Soon thereafter a knock came on the door.


'Are you ok m'am? Asked a lovely woman 


I opened the door. 'No, not really'


'I know who you are, are the photographers here following you?' She asked 


I nodded


'Come with me, I'm the manager. I'll call you a cab and we'll get you out of the back door' 


I followed her and sure enough she helped me to escape. 


'I can't thank you enough' I said squeezing her hand.


I got back to the hotel and went to my room and I wanted to call Carmen and tell her everything that had happened but she was of course at the video shoot and would tell Nick and I didn't want that. So I sat and brooded over it myself, I was more worried about else was going to come out. I'd have to tell him eventually but tomorrow was our 9 week anniversary. 9 weeks, it's too new to throw even more Drama into the mix.


My chain of thought was interrupted by someone at the door, I knew exactly who it would be.


Sure enough, it was Sean. The cause of my increasing headache. 


'Can I come in?' He asked


'I don't think that's a good idea, do you?' I asked blocking his way into my room 'Have you seen what's been written about us?'


'Yeah, I thought it was a nice picture and it wasn't untrue, all of it, was it?' 


'No but I can only imagine how that's going to feel for Nick when he sees it'


'Oh he hasn't seen it yet, ouch!' He laughed 


'It's not funny. Let me grab my bag and we'll go. Your first interview is in 30 minutes' 


Ignoring me, Sean followed me into the room, I leant over the back of sofa to grab my bag and quick as you like Sean was over pressing himself up against me. I wanted to hate it but felt myself get slightly turned on. 


'You know, you should really tell Nick it would actually a massive turn on seeing you with another guy, I can help out with that if you like. I mean look at what you still do to me' he said turning me around and gesturing to his crotch, the tent in his trousers showing how turned on he was too. I was so glad he couldn't see how turned on I was too.


'It's never going to happen, tell Sean Junior to behave and let's go' I snapped, pushing I’m away.


Sean's day started with interviews and they went well, despite questions about our relationship which we managed to skirt round nicely and then we had time for a quick dinner before heading to the venue for the sound check. 


Evan joined us as the venue filled up. Audience in place, all that was left for me to do was to introduce Sean and then it was down to him. 


'Hello everyone and thank you for coming tonight to Shane's US album launch. As you will all know, he's an artist who is going places and you'll soon see why for yourself. There will be a Q&A at the end and there are promo packs available for the press. So take it away Sean. Enjoy'


I stepped to the side of the stage and stood watching with Evan. Sean had 8 songs to perform and as much as I hated him, he was really talented and I found myself singing along quietly with him. Memories of us writing some of the songs together flooded back and made me feel really emotional but I reminded myself that I was there to be professional. The crowd were enjoying the music and most were dancing, this was a great sign. As he finished the last song on the set list, I joined him back on stage to thank everyone for coming, but instead he spoke into his microphone. 


'And since she's here tonight, I was wondering if the extremely talented Abbi here wouldn't mind performing the song that we wrote and recorded together for you all' 


'No, no, no. I'm sure no one wants to hear that' I said through gritted teeth, but it was too late, he was already sat at the piano playing the opening chords. 


I had two options, I could either leave him there alone and make him and I both look stupid or I could just sing the damned song. Neither were appealing and as he was already singing the first verse I didn't have much choice. The first chorus was also his and then it was time for my verse. I was so nervous, I couldn't look at the people watching, instead Sean and I maintained eye contact whilst I sang with him, our voices meeting into one at points, his raspy tones taking over and then my longer notes. It felt like there was no one else in the room watching. 


This was our swan song, we wrote it after we split and tried to build a friendship out of the ruins of our love and we'd poured our hearts into it, just like we'd done again tonight l. Apparently the audience loved it because their applause at the end awoke me out of the trance I was in. I broke Seans eye contact, breathless, and I turned to face the audience. That's when I saw Carmen, Nick and Joe stood at the back of the room watching. I couldn't even read the emotion on Nicks face but I just needed to get out of there.


'Well thanks for throwing me in at the deep end there Shane' I said my voice shaking.

Everyone laughed, 'Now I'm going to hand you over to Sean and Evan here for the Q&A session. I'm away for a stiff drink and a lie down after that' I fake laughed and I walked off stage. 


Evan looked at me puzzled as I walked past him. He'd thrown me in at the deep end with the press, now it was his turn to flounder. I made my way to Nick who was stood sipping a bottle of beer. People in the crowd all wanted to talk to me but I needed to get to Nick.


'Hi, how much of that did you just see?' I asked as I finally made it to him.


'All of it, you were amazing Abbi' said Joe hugging me.


'Why didn't you tell me you sang, not to mention that it was you on THAT track?' Asked Nick, clearly somewhat in shock.


'We recorded that song a long time ago and I never thought anyone would hear it. My singing voice is strictly for let it go with the girls now' I tried to make light of the situation


'You're good Abbi, you shouldn't hide it' he kissed me on the cheek but I could tell he was holding back.


'I've been telling her that for years, she used to sing with Sean around the pubs years ago but after they split she just stopped and then she still ended up as the UK number one for 3 months' Carmen filled him in, like some proud parent with bragging rights.


He looked shell shocked, I knew number 2 was the Jonas brothers biggest chart position in the UK with Sucker, technically his wife was more successful than him in the UK. I wrapped my arms around him and kissed him on the lips, the only way I could distract him from it all.


'Keep it PG-13 guys. I've seen it all once before remember. This is not the time or the place' said Joe 


‘Oh you didnt!’ Laughed Carmen


‘The image of the two of them is burned into my mind for all eternity’ he laughed.


'So how was the shoot then? I thought you'd be at it til a lot later than this' I asked. 


'Mr Dedicated Husband here made us all work through breaks so we could be done in time to make it here to support you' explained Joe


'But I think you surprised me more' laughed Nick, although not entirely convincingly. I felt a coldness from him and it was making me nervous.


'I'm just going to say goodbye to Evan and Sean and let them know I'm going to go and then can we please get the hell out of here?'


'We'll come with you' said Nick, taking my hand to lead me through the crowd.


'Hey, that was great, you guys nailed that' Nick said to Sean, his arm wrapped firmly around me, when we finally made it over.


'Can we get a picture of the three of you together? Asked a press photographer.


'Joe, Nick and Shane?' I asked


'No, you, Nick and Shane' he replied 'you in the middle Abbi'  


Oh the irony. I definitely was in the middle I thought, as Nick and Sean instantly put their arms around me for the picture. 



When we got back to the hotel, Carmen and Joe went their separate ways, leaving me with Nick. He had initially been quiet and wanted to go right to bed but I wouldn't let him. 


'We need to talk about this' I begged.


'What's to talk about, you co-wrote and sang a song that was a number one hit in the UK and you did't tell me? I mean, where's the grey area in all that? How could it slip your mind to tell your husband that? 


'There's a reason why I didn't tell you'


'Oh go on then, this will be interesting' I could tell he was hurt and angry in equal measures.


'I didn't want to tell you because I didn't want to remember it. If I blocked it out, it didn't happen. No one was ever supposed to hear it, we recorded it years ago in a stupid little community studio and he promised me that it wouldn't see the light of day but as with all the promises he's ever made, he lied'


'I hate what he does to us Abbi, he always seems to throw problems our way. Look at us, just married, already arguing and it's because he couldn't help himself but stir things'


'It's just what he does, he enjoys playing people, you just need to stop letting him in'


I saw Nick's demeanour soften.


'I'm just sad you couldn't share that beautiful voice with me and how do you think it makes me feel that I couldn't even identify your voice on the radio? I should have known. I've even sung along to you without even knowing. It hurts Abbi' he threw himself down on the bed backwards. 


'It's literally one song, there's no secret album or anything. Just remember after this weekend I'm not working with him anymore'


'I suppose that's one good thing about all of this, I don't need to worry about you seeing him at work now'


'Why are you worrying about him?'


'Because unless you're blind, it's obvious he still loves you and I don't know Abbi, the way you are with him, it makes me question if you don't still love him too'


That cut deep. I grabbed my bag and without saying a word left him lying there. I knocked on Carmens door, 'can I sleep here tonight?'


'So It didn't go well then?' She asked. I gave her a death stare. 'Yeah it went fucking fantastically well, in fact so much so that Nick just signed me to his record label. What do you bloody think?' 


'Sorry, stupid question. Look Abbi, I hate to be the one to say I told you so, but...'


'You told me so' I finished her sentence for her. 


'You need to make sure that you tell Nick everything now, otherwise this is just going to keep happening. You've already told me Seans been threatening you. It's better Nick hears it all from you, rather than that asshole, or worse from a tabloid' 


'How can I tell him now though, do I just sit him down and say oh by the way, that's not the only thing you don't know about me, your new wife? I need to let this blow over first. And you're going home the day after tomorrow, what the hell am I going to do without you here?'


'What you're going to do is fix things with Nick, I've never seen you so happy. He's a good man and he brings out the best in you but you need to tell him the truth. When you really love someone you can forgive them, it was also so long ago, remember that'


'I hope so, I really do love him'


'I know you do! Now get some sleep!' 



There was nothing more inevitable in this city of 1000 cameras that my performance with Sean had been posted on YouTube and shared all over social media by the time I woke up hugging Carmen the next morning. A further google of my name brought the photo of me in the middle of Nick and Sean, it was everywhere. I checked my favourite gossip column.


'Abbi Jonas revealed as the secret voice!'


Pictured last night at Shane O'Leary's album launch, Nick and Abbi Jonas put on a united front after allegations that she and Shane were more than just friends. Last night, however, a video shared on YouTube has revealed Abbi to be the secret voice behind the hit 'Someone', and watching their performance, it's clear for anyone to see that the chemistry between the two is clearly still strong. I wonder how Nick felt watching that! 


Fantastic, as if Nick wouldn't be angry already, now that. I sat quietly contemplating my next move when my phone rang, of course it was Nick.


'Where did you stay last night?' he asked almost immediately. 


'With Carmen, where else did you think I'd be?' Asking already knowing the answer. 


'I didn't know, that's why I'm asking. When are you coming back?'


'I'm literally down one floor so I'll come up now if you want me to ' 


'Only if you want to'


'See you in a minute' I said and hung up.


'Carmen, I'm going back upstairs. I need to sort this out'


'Just tell him the truth'


'I'll try'


She rolled her eyes, the sooner the better. I didn't have you down as a chicken'


'I'm not a chicken, I just don't want to ruin things'


'As your best friend I'm obligated to tell you, you're being a fucking idiot right now Abbi'


'I'll take that, right I'm away, wish me luck' 


I took the stairs up to our suite, I was going to tell him the truth, it would all be fine. I opened the door and Nick was sat on the sofa waiting for me, his beautiful brown eyes gazing up at me as I walked in. 


'I'm sorry Abbi, I shouldn't have spoken to you like that. He's the idiot in all this. I've been awake all night thinking about things and we can't let him get in our way'


'I agree, and you don't have to apologise, it's me that should be sorry. I love you so so much' 


'So I've decided that we're going to go and upgrade our wedding rings today and I believe I owe you an engagement ring too' 


'Seriously?' I asked.


He nodded, 'so much so you need to go and get ready right now, I've got an appointment for us at Cartier to go and pick them out’


How could I tell him everything now? It would have to wait for a better time.

End Notes:

The song I always imagine Sean and Abbi singing is 'someone you loved' by Lewis Capaldi

Chapter 18 by El amor prohibido

Sender: Sean

Have you filed for an annulment yet? X


Sender: me

Why won't you leave me alone, I've clearly moved on.


Sender: Sean

Because you know fine well I want you back and you know I usually get what I want


Sender: me 

Not this time.


Sender: Sean

I'm sure if Nick knew the half of it, he'd be the one filing for the annulment 


Sender: me

Are you kidding? The past is the past Sean, you need to stop living in it.


Sender: Sean

You were always good to me when we were together, and I've got the photos to prove it. I've got an idea, why don't we spend one more night together and if you decide you don't feel the same way then I'll leave you alone, once and for all. 


Sender: Me

I've got a better idea. GO FUCK YOURSELF


Sender: Sean

Don't say I didn't warn you.


The messages had increased from Sean over the next month or so. Ranging from the nasty to the desperate. I wanted so badly to tell Nick about the specifics but there just never seemed to be a good time; the tour had kicked off, I was crazy busy at work and then when I could fly out to be with him, it was always such a whirlwind. This weekend though, he was flying back to spend the weekend with me and I was going to tell him. 


Despite my initial shock, I loved being Mrs Jonas. It still gave me a buzz to see my new name written down, and the stunning wedding and engagement rings he'd bought me reminded me of his love constantly. Nick was a fantastic husband. So thoughtful and loving. He paid attention to the smallest things and never let me down and in return I tried to do the same for him.I just hoped that he'd forgive me for what I was about to tell him.


Work was going well, as odd as it was to see Aria dealing with my husbands business and Evan dealing with Sean, I had some great new clients. Evan had been right, I would never have been able to remain impartial; Nick was my world. I just needed to get through today at work and he'd be home. My chain of thought was interrupted by an email from Nick.


Subject: I miss you 

Dear my Mrs Jonas

Not long now, I can't wait to see you. A whole weekend with the one I love the most is just what I need

Your N x


Subject: miss you more 

Dearest husband,

You've no idea how much I want to be with you right now. I've missed you so much, I'll show you just how much later.

All my love, Axxx


I was so distracted at work that Evan sent me home early, I was just in the door when Carmen called.


'Hey ho!' I shouted excitedly.




'What's wrong Carmen?' I instantly knew by her voice there was something wrong.


'Are you alone?'


'Im just home, Nicks flying in for the weekend’


'Sit down'


'You're scaring me, what's wrong?'


'It's Sean'


'What's he done now?'


'Well there’s an online exclusive on your wedding'


'What's that got to do with Sean though, I don't understand' 


'I meant your wedding to Sean, not Nick. The photos could only have come from him' 


'Why???? Why does he want to ruin my life like this? He's fucking with my work and private life now'


'I take it Nick doesn't know yet?'


'No, I was going to tell him tonight face to face but what if he's already seen it?'


'I'll send you the link. At least you're clothed in these ones though, what if he tries to sell the other pictures he has?'


'Honestly I'm about to lose my mind' 


'Oh Abs, I dunno what else to say but I'll have my phone next to me all night, call me if you need anything, ok?'




2 hours of me pacing the floor later, Nick finally arrived home, picking me up and spinning me around.


'I've missed you so so much' I said, cherishing his touch, not knowing what was about to happen next.


'I've missed you too' he replied enthusiastically, he clearly didn't know.


I kissed him and hugged him as hard as I could.


'Come to bed, I want to show you how much I missed you Mrs Jonas' he said pulling my arm towards our bedroom.


'Nick, I can't. I need you to come and sit down and listen to me. I know you're not going to like it, but I need to tell you something I should have right at the start'


He nodded hesitantly and we sat on the sofa. 


'Please just let me talk, ok?' 


'Ok' he nodded.


'So today there's a story in the press at home about me and Sean' I began.


He shifted uncomfortably in his seat. 'And? There's been plenty of those, it's all bull, just ignore it' 


'I can't, because this one is true, it's about, it's about when Sean and I got married' there, I’d finally said it.


'You're married, what? I don't understand ?'


'We were married but obviously it was a complete mistake. We were young and stupid but we got divorced and he never quite got over it' I took a deep breath. 'I didn't know how to tell you and then I had to work with him and it just got complicated'  I didn’t even get the chance to go into the rest. 


'For fucks sake Abbi' Nick shouted as he pushed past me and left the house. I knew he was crying but I didn't follow him, I knew I was the last person he'd want to see. I decided I'd wait here for him until he got back. 


Sender: me

Well done Sean. I hope you're so proud of yourself trying to ruin my life? 


Sender: Sean

Like you ruined mine when you left me? You know how much I loved you. 


Sender: me

Sex doesn't mean love. You'd do well to remember that


Sender: Sean

Come to London and we can test that theory. If not, I've got plenty of momentos of you to keep me occupied. Wonder if Nick would like to see? 


I broke down in tears. This was exactly what I'd feared, I knew Sean would try and use anything and everything against me. This is why I kept men at an arms length, and the worst thing was the only one who I had let in was the last person I wanted to hurt. 


After an eternity of sitting in the dark waiting for Nick to get back, I heard a car pull up outside. I ran to the door but it was Joe. He was so ice cold with me.


'Nick thought you'd still be here. He wants you to leave and he will be in contact in due course. In the meantime he doesn't want to hear from you. I can't believe you Abbi, why didn't you tell him. People can forgive things you do, but not if you don't tell them. He's really really hurt'


'I can't explain Joe, I was young and I was stupid and I've tried to forget it even happened. I love Nick beyond words and I'd never want to hurt him. I tried to protect him by not telling him the truth but it's backfired massively and I can't take it back'


'Give him space, it's a lot for him to take in, for all of us to take in'


'It's just one giant mess'


'Yes it is Abbi, it's a huge fucking mess of your making. Now, Nicks asked if you can stay at your apartment for the time being'


'That figures' I replied. I went back into the house and packed a bag, and passed Joe on my way out. 


'Tell Nick I love him, and that I'm sorry, please Joe. I'm sorry to you all. There's not much I can do now but what I can I will do, you all don't deserve to be tangled in this mess' 


I got in my car and drove off, taking one last look back at the house, I saw Nick getting out of the back of Joes car. I'd not seen him in there because of the tinted windows, and I knew he'd heard the whole conversation. He'd heard me tell Joe that I loved him and I was sorry and he'd stayed in the car. It was obvious to me, I'd all but killed our relationship.


I drove home like a maniac, parked and ran into my apartment past the photographers who were waiting for me, looking for a reaction to the story. I locked the door behind me and that's when the tears began. Once I eventually regained my ability to talk I checked my phone. It had been on silent since I left the house. Carmen had tried to call me several times and there were all sorts of messages from everyone, all except Nick. The one person who I wanted to hear from.


Sender: Me

Nick, thank you so much for the last 3 months together. You've showed me what love really is and made me the happiest person in the world and I really hoped that we would make it, but I know how much I've let you down and hurt you by not being as honest as I should have been. I love you and always will x


He didn't reply. 


I called Carmen back.




'Oh Abbi thank god you're ok! I was worried when you didn't answer, but I think I've found a way of stopping Sean from leaking the private pictures of you'




'You can get an injunction'


'What does It matter now? Everything's screwed up anyway'


'Well, I spoke to my cousin Edward, remember the lawyer? And he said that you can stop him as it's considered as revenge porn'


'I don't care anymore, Nick knows I was married to Sean and doesn't want to see me. I think it's over anyway and I just want to come home' 


'get a flight back and we can sort this out then? Edwards a good lawyer, and you need to get away for a bit'


'I'll try' I promised.


I phoned Evan as soon as I hung up from Carmen.


'I'm sorry to call you at such a late hour, but I really need the next week off, I've got an emergency in London that I need to attend to urgently and I can't do it here'


'I was up anyway, Abbi, are you ok?'


'I really can't talk about it just now, please can I have the time off? I literally need to fly back ASAP' 


'I did see the article and wondered what would happen. Take two weeks. Just take care of yourself' 


I was straight online and booked a flight for the next day. If this was his reaction to me being married before, what was going to happen when he knew the full extent of what Sean had on me. I couldn’t do that to him. 


Sender: me

Congratulations Sean. You got what you wanted. 


Sender: Sean

I knew it wouldn't take long. I've had an offer for my full story though, I wonder how much else I should tell them or show them. 


Sender: me

Why though, you've got what you wanted now? My life is fucking ruined and I'm having to come back to sort all of this out. Why drag me through the mud like this? 


Sender: Sean

I'll make you this offer one last time. Spend one night with me and I'll destroy all the pictures. Your choice.


I called Carmen back. 'I'm coming, pick me up at Heathrow at 6pm. Let's nail this fucker'


I spent the whole flight trying to work out my next move. All around me people were sleeping but my mind was in overdrive. Sean had gone too far and I wanted him out of my life once and for all. Carmens plan of getting a legal injunction was technically the best way to stop him but I knew Sean better than that and knew how he worked. He'd never allow the law to get in the way of what he wanted, I needed a better plan, or should I just spend that night with him and it all being over?


As soon as I landed I text him. 


Sender: Me

I've just landed in London and thought about what you said in your last message, and ok one night. I can come round tomorrow night? x


Sender: Sean

I knew you'd see sense, come round at 6 and I'll cook. Missed you x


Carmen was amazing when I got back, she'd bought all my favourite comfort foods and made sure my room was ready. I flopped into my own bed and slept right through until lunchtime the next day. 


'Edward is going to meet you tomorrow at 2, okay? He’d got the paperwork all sorted, it just needs your autograph’ Carmen informed me.


'I actually don't know if I'm going to go through with the injunction' I said covering my face because I knew what she was about to say. 


'Are you batshit crazy? This needs dealt with and right away. Think of Nick, he doesn't deserve a scandal like Seans planning. You two will never work it out if you have that hanging over you' she was shouting at 100 miles per hour. 


'Look I've already decided that there’s no future for Nick and I. I love him too much to put him through all of this. But remember I of all people know how Sean works so please just trust me. After tonight the pictures will be dealt with ' 


'Are you going to fill me in on the specifics? I like a good evil genius plan. Especially when it's yours' 


'I'd rather not, not til after’ I sighed, knowing she’d talk me out of it.



I arrived on the doorstep of Seans London flat at 6pm on the dot, took a deep breath and rang the bell. After an age he answered, with an apron half folded over tied around his waist and a joke chefs hat on. Classy.


'Come in Abs, I've made your favourite' he smiled pulling me in for a hug, planting a kiss in my cheek.


I forced a smile on my face 'thanks, it smells really good' I said walking through the door. 


'So? What do you think to the place? It's amazing how much money people have thrown at me for my second album already so I did what I knew you'd tell me to do and I invested it in this property' 


'How incredibly grown up of you. But yeah, it's really nice, I loves the original features and this kitchen is amazing'


'It's just how you wanted it to be isn't it? I remember you used to tell me when we had our student flat all the things you'd do to it if it were our own and I kinda just went with what you'd said' 


Looking again, I could see what he meant. It was slightly creepy now he came to mention it. 


'Yeah, it is very me isn't it?' I smiled nervously. 


'I thought that if I made it just how you'd like it then maybe you might consider coming and living with me again?' His beautiful blue eyes were huge. 


'Oh Sean, don't do this. You and I both know it wasn't the house or the kitchen or the sofa that didn't work, it was us- as in you and me. We loved each other but it wasn't enough. That day we got married, when we stood there and said those vows, we meant every word of it, but we changed. I changed, I grew a pair and realised I didn't want to be controlled by you anymore. I wanted to be my own person. Then you started cheating on me and I knew about it but I just ignored it'


'You knew? All along?' He looked genuinely surprised


'Yes of course I knew, I knew every time and when it stopped bothering me I knew we were done. That's why I left you and that's why I divorced you. Not the cheating but because I felt nothing anymore'


'I always thought it was the cheating' he looked dejected. 


'And it was easier to let you think that, but when you've now ruined my marriage and my happiness with your blackmail. I'm not going to sit back and pretend it was a bed of roses'


'It's hardly blackmail, I was just kidding'


'Kidding about what?'


'Kidding that I'd release those naked photos and videos of you. I couldn't do that to you and your family' 


'Sean you just released our wedding pictures to the press, you told them the whole bloody story from start to finish. How the hell am I supposed to put trust in you not to share anything now? So you said that if I spent one more night with you, and I'm assuming you meant sexually, that you'd destroy all the photos. Am I right?'


'Well yeah I did say that but....'


'So I'm right?'


'Well yeah'


'Right let's get it over with then' and I lifted my dress over my head, and stood in my underwear in front of him


'What are you doing?' He asked puzzled, then a smile came over his face, realising exactly what I was doing.


'If by me having sex with you one more time is going to stop you from blackmailing me and ruining the rest of my life then I'll do it. I don't want to, I feel nothing for you, but I'll do it if it means you will leave me and Nick the fuck alone from now on. But after that I will never see or speak to you again, do you understand?'


'Your tits look fucking amazing' he said picking me up and putting me on the kitchen island I'd told him I'd always wanted.

End Notes:

So, do we think this is only going to be a one night thing???

Has she lost her mind?

Let me know your predictions!

Chapter 19 by El amor prohibido
Author's Notes:

A second chapter tonight, shorter than usual but this is from Nicks point of view

Nicks POV


What are you meant to think or feel when you find out that your wife has been married before and didn't think to tell you? Well I felt like I'd been kicked in my stomach and winded. Then of course my Dad had his opinion on the whole thing. Joe called him to tell him what had happened and obviously he'd seen the article online and he couldn't wait to phone me and tell me exactly what he thought.


'Nick, I told you I wasn't sure about her, right from the start, you should have listened'


'Dad, Dad, I get it. I know she's not who you wanted me to marry but I did and that was my choice' 


'Well she proved me right didn't she? I knew she wasn't all that she made out she was. You know all this about her now and still want her to be your wife, knowing she hid a marriage from you and then went ahead and worked with her ex husband? And then there's also the issue with the fact you were too stupid to consider a prenup, Nick this could cost you a lot of money to make her go away'


'It's costing me more than money, my heart feels like it's been ripped out and what's worse, I know she's the only one that can fix it'


'Nick, I think you need to stay away from her, she has done enough damage to our name'


'But I love her and I know she loves me too. Believe me I've done nothing but think things over since she told me'


'Love? Don't make me laugh, you barely know each other. She wanted you for your fame and for your money. You were just too stupid to see it. Its time to get our lawyers involved and see what the hell we can salvage from this mess'


'Dad, I want to speak to her first, before we do anything else'


'Fine then, go and speak to her but mark my words, you will not be able to trust a single thing she says ever again. If you're lucky we might be able to get the marriage annulled but if not then it's divorce and that's when it gets expensive. Have you got the Audi back yet?'


'No, why would I? It's her car' 


'You paid for it though?'


'That's my decision, not yours'


'I am only doing this to protect you son. I love you so much and I hate to see her  destroying you. You've worked too hard to let her take all of this away from you' 


'And what if I want to stay married to her?'


'Then obviously Mom and I will support you in that decision, but right now it's obvious, she's not what's best for you and that's all we want. I know I sound harsh on her but it's because I'm hurt too, believe it or not I was actually starting to come round to her and maybe I even thought she was the one for you'


'I still think she is though'


'That's a decision only you can make son' 


Since the whole wedding scandal unravelled I've been hearing from everyone what I need to or should do and I'm so sick of it. She lied and it kills me, I feel it eating me up inside. To know she was married to Sean of all people. 


Everyone is now screaming about a prenup but she's never once asked me for anything since we've been together and that makes me think that it's not been all about the money. But Dad is so super cautious because we've been hurt before by people only out for themselves. 


I replay that day on my couch over and over again in my head and think of all the questions I wanted to ask her but didn't. I've picked up my phone to call her repeatedly, but I get as far as her contact and I have to step away from it. I know I asked her for space and she's sent one text but nothing else in over a week. I don't know what that means, is it because she's respecting my space or because she's been busted. All I know is that she's off work, Evan told me that much, but what is she doing with her time? There's so much in all this that I don't know and she's the only one who can tell me. 


After the worst nights sleep ever I realise I need to see her so I get in my car and drive over to her apartment. I can see her car, the Audi that I bought for her, in the secure car park, so she must be home. It takes me a solid five minutes to pluck up the courage to ring her bell, no answer. I call her, her phone goes straight to answerphone so I decided to buzz the concierge.


'Hey I'm looking for Abbi from apartment 6?'


'I'm afraid no one of that name lives here'


'Come on man, I'm her husband and I can see her car is in the carpark. She's not answering and I'm worried about her'


'I'm sorry, she's not here right now, but if you have proof you are who you say you are, she's left a letter for you. I'll buzz you in'


'Here you are Mr Jonas, I'm sure you'll understand with all the current media interest that we have to be careful with our residents privacy. Abbi asked me to pass this on to you if you came by while she's away'


'Ok thanks' I mumbled and left. Once in my car I tore the envelope open. The letter smelled of her perfume and I recognised her beautiful handwriting straight away. 


'Dearest Nick,

First of all, I want to tell you I love you so so much. Since the day we met, if I'm honest with myself, but I've let you down in a massive way. I didn't mean to lie to you but I realise now by not telling you, I was lying. I made a mistake back then marrying him in the first place, and I made another mistake by not owning up to it now. 


If you have got this letter then I am currently in London, I have had to come home to try and deal with the fall out from all of this with Sean. But I know it's too little too late in terms of us. I've broken your trust and hurt your image potentially beyond repair. So as much as this kills me to say, when I get back to LA, I am going to file for divorce. I need to set you free from the shit storm which is my life. Please don't worry, I don't want money or anything from you, I just want you to be able to move on. I'll never forgive myself for what I've done to you, and I'll never ever stop loving you, that's why I'm letting you go. You deserve a lot better than me.

All my love

Abbi xx



I read it three times, the only part that would stick in my mind was that she wanted a divorce. After a month, she wanted a divorce. I needed my brothers. I called Joe-


'Joe, can I come over? I need to talk to you and Kevin, I need big brother advice'


'My door is always open bro, I'll call Kevin. See you when you get here. Keep a cool head and drive safely' 


He could obviously tell how upset I was. 


When I got there Joe was in the kitchen with Kevin and Sophie.


'Do you want me to go?' She asked.


'No, it's fine. Read this' I put the letter down in front of them and they all read it silently. 


'So she's talking divorce, but what do you want?' Sophie asked


'I don't. I keep trying to be angry at her, I mean I can understand why she didn't tell me at first and then things moved so fast but I knew what I was doing in Vegas and for me, nothings changed but Dad thinks she was only with me for the money'


'I think you should wait until she's back from London and speak to her properly. It sounds like she's written that letter in a hurry. Maybe with a bit of time and space she will realise that you can get through this. It does sound like she's trying to protect you' said Kevin 


'It's clear for anyone to see that you love each other, if you can forgive her then there's no reason you can't move on from this. But can be sure she's told you everything now?' Asked Sophie


'I don't know, I hope so but I didn't even know there was something she hadn't told me before'


'I guess the only thing you can do now is wait until she's back' said Kevin, rubbing my shoulder. 


'I thought about going to London to talk to her, what do you think?' I asked, playing with my wedding ring that I'd refused to take off. 


'Nick, we're literally leaving for Detroit tonight. You can't cancel shows for her. The best advice is to give each other space and see what happens. Your whole relationship has been on fast forward. She might change her mind while she's away' Kevin always gave me the most sensible advice. 


'But you do need to prepare yourself for the possibility that she's made her mind up' Sophie added, slightly less hopefully. 


I wasn't ready to give up on our marriage yet. The next day however it was in the English press that she had been seen going into his house in London. There were even pictures, of them hugging on his doorstep, him kissing her cheek, and her wearing a dress that I had bought for her. I wanted to rip his smiling face off. So much for all her assurances there was nothing between them. So it didn't altogether surprise me when a legal letter arrived a few days later telling me she had filed for a legal separation. Dad said it was the best option but it still didn't feel like it.


'A separation is a smart move Nick. It takes immediate effect and stops any her having any entitlement to your money straight away and you can later apply for the divorce later' he explained.


'Sounds Great' I replied sarcastically.


'Nick, this isn't easy, but at least she's being reasonable. A clean break and fresh start are just around the corner'


And to top it off. It was my birthday.

Chapter 20 by El amor prohibido

Within days the alleged details of my 'affair' with Sean were all over the press, so I knew Nick would have seen it. As one tabloid put it-


‘Shane’s ‘Abbi’ and He Knows It’

Shane O’Leary looked like the cat who got the cream last night, as he welcomed his ex Abbi, wife of Nick Jonas, into his home with a kiss. Our sources in LA tell us that Abbi and Nick are currently filing for a separation, after less than 4 months of marriage amid claims of her cheating with Shane. It looks to us like those claims may just be true! 


I also knew he'd received the court papers my lawyer had sent regarding our legal separation. Since I no longer needed an injunction against Sean, I’d used the lawyers appointment to start the proceedings. I know that it might sound ridiculous filing for a separation over photos that would now never see the light of day, but there was more to it than that. I had my reasons; I'd realised I'd only ever hurt Nick, I was too damaged and he deserved better. The faster we got out of this marriage and he was able to move on the better. 


There was also the fact I was too scared to let him love me, not that I’d ever admit to that. 


Carmen was absolutely furious with me, she told me over and over that Nick and I were made for each other and that I needed to let the past go but it was easier said than done. She also went crazy at me being seen with Sean again. I hadn’t even had the chance to explain it all to her because she wouldn’t listen to a word I said. As for Sean, I hadn't heard from him since that night, which was at least one reason to be cheerful. 


I spent the rest of my time in London hiding in my room, eating and watching films that made me cry so I could blame them for my tears. I just had to remember this feeling of emptiness would pass and I could go back to keeping everyone out. The only other productive thing I did was to negotiate a permanent move back to the London office, with a promotion. I’d have a week back in LA to pack up my things and tie up loose ends. Like signing the official separation agreement with Nick.


When Carmen got home that night I had to make her listen to me, she needed to know I was coming back for good. 


‘Carmen...’ I called after her as she stormed through the door I’m a dramatic fashion. 


‘Unless you’re telling me you’ve seen sense, I don’t want to hear it’ 


‘I’m moving back to London permanently. I have a week back in LA and then I’ll be home again. I just thought you should know’ I turned to go back to my room.


‘Permanently? Please tell me this has nothing to do with Sean?’


‘I’ve dealt with Sean, he’s no longer got anything to do with my life. If you’d let me explain before, you’d know that’


‘You’re on self-destruct mode, you’ve left the only man I’ve ever truly seen you love because you “might” hurt him. You’re hanging around with your poisonous ex and now you’ve given up your life in LA. So please forgive me if I wasn’t doing backflips in anticipation of hearing about you and Sean. I’m only being tough on you because I bloody love you, you absolute idiot’ 


‘Look, with me and Nick, it’s just got too much, it all went too fast and I’m scared because I know I’m only ever going to hurt him. You’re right I do love him but I just can’t, I can’t do it to him. I need you to respect my decision, please. I need you right now’ 


Obviously we were now both in tears and hugging each other. 


‘You’re a fucking idiot and I can’t understand what the hell you’re doing but I’ll respect that’s what you’ve chosen, even if it is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. Now tell me, what is the truth about Sean, it’s killed me not knowing’ 


‘I can do one better than tell you actually’ 


‘You didn’t!!!!’ She squealed. 


'Do you want to hear it?' I asked looking up the file in my phone. 


'Are you even serious, play me that recording right now!'


Seans voice came out of my phone-


'Stop, stop. I'm sorry. Put your dress back on Abbi. This isn't right' 


'So you've changed your mind now or what?'


'I've fucked up badly, I'm sorry, I'm so so sorry. I always just thought you were angry with me because of the cheating. I just thought if you'd spent one night with me then you'd remember all our good times and want to be with me again. I wish I knew all of what you've just told me before. Oh my God I'm so ashamed of myself' 


'Just remember, it's not just my life you've ruined now, it's Nick's too. He didn't ask for any of this, he just loved me, that's all he did wrong'


'I don't know how I can even begin to fix this do you want me to call him and speak to him?' 


'Stay away from me and Nick. You can't do anything to fix it now, it's too late. The only thing you can do now is give me the photos and videos of me and move on and be happy yourself'


'That's the thing Abs, I don't even have the videos or photos. I burnt them all when you left me'


'Wait, so you're now telling me that the thing you've made my life hell over for years doesn't even exist anymore?'


'No, I'm sorry'


'Do not speak to me ever ever again, and stay out of my life' 


The last sound on the recording was me slamming his door closed. The press hadn't seen that part, had they?


I watched Carmens face as she took it all in. 


'You're an absolute lunatic. That was a risky little game was it not? What if he'd insisted on going ahead?'


'I'd have done it to prove a point. But I haven't told you the best part, he's only just found out I recorded it because I've sent him a copy too, just so he knows I've got an insurance policy'


'Oh my god, I love the irony, you stopped him releasing a video of you by taking a video of him!'


'I told you to trust me, didn't I?' I smiled. 


Back in LA, I had seven days. Nick tried to talk to me a couple of times before I got back but we faced each other for the first time at the Courthouse. I was already sat waiting when I saw him walk in with his parents by his side. I was there alone and instantly regretted turning down Carmens offer to come back to LA with me. I kept my head bowed, I didn't expect for one minute they'd want to talk to me, outside signing the papers. 


'Abbi?' I raised my head and Nick was in front of me. 


'Yes?' I answered, it was the only word I could muster, he still took my breath away. 


'Can we talk for a minute?' 


'Ok', I replied and he signalled for me to follow him around the corner. My heart beat faster. Seeing him again only confirmed that I was still head over heels for him. 


'You look really well' he said, looking slightly awkward.


'Thanks, you look well too. But I'm guessing you didn't want to discuss how well we both look, so just tell me, what is it? This is hard enough'


'There is something I need to know before we sign these papers'


'What? I fucked up and lied to you, what more do you need to know'


'No, not that'


He leaned in and kissed me. Despite myself I couldn't help but kiss him back. This was a total mind fuck. His arms went around me and I melted. If felt so good, so familiar but I eventually found the strength to pull away.


'What was that?' I asked gathering myself together 


'I needed to know if you still love me as much as I love you and I know now that you do. So why the hell are we here doing this today' 


'I've told you, I'm doing this for your own good because I love you'


'That's bullshit as well you know. Look if you can honestly tell me it's what YOU want I'll go in there right now and sign those papers and you can get on with your life and I'll try to find a way to get on with mine without you'


'Nick, Abbi, they're calling you in' shouted Denise


'And if I can't?' I looked Nick in the eyes.


'Then we go in there and tell them it's off, the separation, everything and we go home and actually give this marriage the go it actually deserves'


'Nick, come on, everyone is waiting' shouted his dad


I walked away from Nick as fast as I could, tears rolling down my face. This wasn't what I wanted but I had to put him first. As I rounded the corner at top speed his dad grabbed my arm.


'Don't do this' he looked me right in the eye.


I was taken aback 'It's whats best for Nick, you were the one that warned him about me in the first place, you should be happy'


'I can see now that this is wrong, seeing you today. you clearly both love each other deeply'


'He deserves better than me. Now let go of my arm please' 


I walked into the office and sat down, Nick followed me in and sat opposite me. I just about held it together as I signed my name Abbi Jonas for what would probably be the last time. I could hardly bear to look at Nick. His eyes silently pleading with me not to do this, but I had to. 


As soon as it was finished I literally picked up my bag and ran out to my car. There were cameras everywhere taking my picture and I felt a panic attack about to begin. I turned the key in the ignition and drove off, just in time to see Nick watch me drive past, luckily my huge sunglasses would have hidden my bloodshot eyes and the tears falling from them.


The girls in the office tried to cheer me up but as soon as I got home that night I'd found myself pining for Nick. Everything in LA reminded me of him, and the tour publicity was everywhere. I didn’t turn on the tv or the radio that whole week because they'd be there. I'd told myself life had to go on but it was hard to listen to my own advice when I usually got things so badly wrong. 


Evan and the girls in the office rapidly arranged a leaving night for me on Friday, the day before I was due to fly home. I was actually really excited about it, I wanted to say goodbye to everyone and at the same time it meant my LA adventure would officially be over.


Evan had pulled some strings and booked a large section of the VIP area in the hottest new club. We got there super early and the drinks were flowing immediately. I was trying to be careful with how much I drank though because I didn’t fancy a hangover on the plane but Evan was insisting that everyone had to do shot after shot after shot!


'Careful now Evan, the last time I drank like that I accidentally got married in Vegas' I laughed 


'Erm, talking of Vegas, don't look now Abbi, but Nicks just walked in with Joe and Kevin and a load of people' he said as quietly he could with the music pumping. 


Seeing Nick tonight was the last thing I needed. I tried to play it cool and look over my shoulder but Nick immediately noticed me and I could see him whisper to a girl whose arm was linked in his. 


'Where's these fucking shots then Evan, I think I need them now!'


'Coming right up!' He replied. 


5 minutes later, shots galore appeared on our table. 


'Drink up bitches!' I shouted happily throwing back shots galore. Except I wasn't happy, the man I loved was across the room with another woman and it was all my own fault but I couldn't let him see how upset I was. 


After those shots disappeared a tray of tequila shots appeared. I realised it was Villa One. I immediately knew who'd sent them over. How dare he. I was irrationally furious. I stood up and walked over towards his table. He saw me coming and smiled, standing up and walking towards me, he clearly thought I was happy to see him. 


'Thanks for the drinks but I don't really drink tequila anymore, it makes me do stupid things' 


'Like marry me?' He asked pointedly, raising his eyebrows. He was clearly tipsy too, I could hear it in his voice. I ignored his comment. 


'I'm leaving for good tomorrow so LA will be all yours again, you won't need to worry about bumping in to me anymore' 


'But what if I want to bump in to you' he asked.


'Then you're crazy, you can do better, like her maybe. Now if you'll excuse me I'm leaving, I've an early flight and I've got a habit of being late and apparently you're here with another woman anyway so....' 


'So.....she's my friends sister, nothing shady, I just walked in with her' 


'Sure Nick. Take care of yourself' and I walked away before I said too much. 


I went over and said goodbye to all my friends from work and left the club, even though it was still early. I stood outside in the cool evening air waiting for my uber when Nick appeared at my side, wrapping his ridiculous designer multi coloured bomber jacket around my shoulders, that probably cost my months salary. 


'What do you want?' I asked rather harshly.


'I want to make sure you get home safely' 


'Well I'm a big girl, I'm sure I'll manage' I said as I slightly stumbled. 'Bloody heels' i muttered.


'Yeah I can see that but I'd rather make sure you were home safely though. You are technically still my wife you know'


'Really, I must have forgotten that' I replied sarcastically. 


My Uber pulled up. 


'Thats me, I'm going now, bye Nick' I went to kiss his cheek, and just like on the first date he turned towards me and the kiss landed on his mouth. I stepped back in shock and got into the cab but he opened the opposite door and got in too. 


'What are you doing?' I snapped.


'I told you I'm making sure you get home safely' he said, clearly going nowhere. 'And you've got my jacket'


'Ok but no funny business' I caved in. His eyes always had a way of winning me round. Could you blame me?


The club was only a ten minute drive from my apartment, but we didn't say a word the whole way. When we pulled up I don't know why but I was surprised that Nick got out of the car with me. I’d imagined he’d carry on back to the house we once shared. 


'Where are you going? I asked


He didn't reply, instead he took my hand silently, and I let him. Despite my alcohol consumption, I managed to get the building door opened and we went upstairs. Still in silence. I opened the door to my apartment and we both walked in like it was a completely normal thing to do.


My ready packed suitcases were already by the door, making sure I was ready to leave on time in the morning. I had to be at the airport by 9 so I knew it would be a struggle after a big night out. 


'Very organised' Nick remarked running his hand across the top of them. 


'Very unlike me you mean?' 


He smiled. 


'So you're definitely leaving? For good?’ He asked still running his hands along the top of the cases


'Yes, but obviously I'll be back to finalise the divorce in a few months time as arranged' I said kicking my shoes off.


Nick walked over and put his finger against my lips to silence me. 


'Please let's forget about that for the night, I just need to be with you. I miss you so so much'


'I miss you too, I hate that this has all happened' I admitted.


'Please come and just let me hold you' he asked.


We ended up climbing into bed fully clothed and falling asleep in each other's arms. It was the best sleep I'd had in a long time. When my alarm went at 6am, Nick didn't even stir. I managed to release myself from his arms, dress and write him a note without him waking up. 


'Dear Nick,

I wanted to wake you but you looked so peaceful. I kissed you while you slept and said goodbye because I don't think I could manage to say it to your face when you were awake. I'm sorry again. I do need you to know, nothing happened with Sean, he’s out of my life completely now.

I've left the key for my car for you too. Thanks for everything you did for me. We'll always have Vegas but it's time to move on now xx


Somehow I managed to wheel my two cases out the door without waking him. I took one last look at him as I closed the door to my apartment, it took everything I had not to wake him up and tell him I wanted to stay with him, but instead, I left him there asleep. Like the coward I was.


Chapter 21 by El amor prohibido

Sender: me

Carmen, I've landed. Open the vodka, we're going out tonight, I need to get shit faced and pretend half of 2019 hasn't happened. 


Sender: Carmen 

Are you sure this is a good idea? 


Sender: me

No but when has that ever stopped us before? 


I grabbed my luggage and headed to find a taxi. I immediately saw some press photographers at the exit. Oh fantastic I thought, buy they didn't even look at me, they were waiting for Harry Styles who'd been on the same flight as me. It was a relief not to have to care about people watching me anymore. 


The air outside was cold and damp- typical London and with it being the end of October it was dark early too. One of the things I liked the most about London were the lights and as the taxi weaved it's way through the traffic to get me home, I realised how much I'd missed it here. The taxi dropped me at my front door and I took out my key to open it, I realised I'd put the keychain on it that Nick had given me. I held it tight I'm my hand for a second and then opened the door.


'I thought I'd said we were going out?' I looked at Carmen, sat in her chair wearing fleecy pjs and bunny slippers, sipping a hot chocolate topped with a ridiculous amount of cream and marshmallows.


'I'm staging an intervention, alcohol is not going to make this better. It's what got you here in the first place. You need to face up to what's just happened otherwise it'll eat you up' 


'I just want to forget everything' I said, sinking into my chair, and reaching out for the hot chocolate she'd made for me too.


'No you don't, yes it might make life easier but you had too much fun to forget it all, and anyway how can you forget it when you still love him?' 


'I told you, thats not up for conversation. We are now legally separated and there's no going back' 


'Abbi, you're one of the most amazing people that I know but sometimes you are one of the most fucking stupid, stubborn arseholes that I've ever met. Why are you doing this to yourself and to him?’


'To protect him from me' 


'Bollocks to that, you got scared and left the one person in the world who loves you as much as I do. Where's your logic? You hurt him because you didn't tell him the truth, you should have been honest from the start but it’s not too late' 


'Fuck you and fuck your lecture' I raged.


'Want a spoon for your cream?' She asked in reply, walking to the kitchen.


'Yeah and two chocolate biscuits' I huffed back at her.  




I was right back to work on Monday morning, and to be honest my new job was ace. Basically I was now the Evan of our office and because industry people had seen my work, with Shane and the Jonas Brothers I was often requested by name: Abbi Millar. I changed it back as soon as i started back at work. The name Jonas had been a blessing and a curse for me.


Sean was still leaving me alone and I’d heard he was back in LA but I'd also heard through contacts that he wasn't doing as well as they'd hoped because of his poor attitude and unpredictable behaviour. Clearly no one could handle him like I could. He was so frustrating, he had so much potential but my days of dealing with him were long gone, so why did I still care so much?


A week down the line, I had just finished leading my weekly team meeting when my phone rang and I saw Evans number pop up, it was strange, I hadn't heard from him since I left LA.


'Hey stranger!' I answered, excited to hear about what I'd been missing. 


'Hey you! How's London? Let me guess- cold, dull and wet?' 


'Wow, scarily accurate! You must be psychic!' I laughed 'so to what do I owe the pleasure?' 


'I'm about to ask you something, and I want you to keep an open mind and just let me finish what I'm saying ok?' 


'Okay.....' I replied, intrigued. 


'So MTV Europe awards are coming up, yes?


'Yes, We've got a couple of acts nominated'


'So have we actually, and you know both of them really well'


'I don't like where this is going'


'Keep an open mind remember. So anyway The Jonas Brothers have been nominated for best group and Shane or Sean whatever you want to call him, has been nominated as best newcomer and best male' 


'That's great, so what's the next part of the story, come on spit it out' 


'Well we've had MTV request that they both perform but they don't just want Shane' he explained


'If this is going where I think it's going then you can just stop now Evan' 


'It would be a one off and never happen again, you can put that chapter to bed' he pleaded. 


'Oh that chapters been in bed so long it's unconscious'


'Just think about it, please. Sean really wants you to do it' 


'Oh I'm sure he does. You know my feelings on singing in public and the EMA's are not just in public they're like in front of everyone I've ever met times a million. I'm not a singer!'


'Please just take some time and think about it'


'Ok. Ok. But the answer will still be no'


'Abbi, I'm going to level with you. If things don't get better with him we're going to have to drop him from the label. He's got too much potential for that but he's losing us money. I'm asking as a favour for him, please will you consider it?'


'I'll think about it, but I don't know how I feel about seeing Nick again. It's not just about Sean'


'I need to know by 10am your time tomorrow' 


We said our goodbyes and hung up, my first reaction was to bang my head on my desk. The second of course was to call Carmen. 


'Hello, CJ's boutique, Carmen speaking, how can I help you?' 


'Shoot my ex?' 


'I'm sorry, I'm afraid you'll need to be more specific, we've got details for more than one on our system' she was enjoying this.


'The narcissistic, self destructive one who's currently messing up his career and apparently needs me to sing with him at the EMA's to avoid being dropped by his record company'


'In that case I can definitely offer a hitman, would you rather an arsonist or a sniper'


'Both please, I'd like to ensure it's final' 


'Ok, no problem. I've booked you in for a personalised consultation with myself in half an hour' 


As promised, Carmen burst into my office armed with coffee and cakes, and I relayed the full story to her. 


'Right you have two options, do one last thing for him and reopen old wounds or let him suffer for his own idiocy but blame yourself forever. However we will get seats for the EMA's and a free trip to Spain if you do it so I say fuck it. Just do it. YOLO and all that' she said, not the reaction I was expecting at all.


'YOLO? Who even are you? But ok, I'll do it'


'Get Evan on the phone now and tell him' she had a way of talking me round. She then picked up my phone and dialled Evan before I changed my mind.


'Hey Abbi' he answered, 'have you made a decision already? Please say it’s a yes!'


'Ok, I'll do it'


'Yes, fantastic, I knew you wouldn't let us down' I could hear pure relief in his voice. 


'But I will be emailing you a list of T&C's'


'Anything you want! This is going to be great' 


Carmen squealed as I put the phone down. 


'I can't believe you've talked me in to this' I said to Carmen, banging my head off the desk again.


'I better get back to work, but see you at home. Your turn to cook, bye!' She said almost skipping out of my office.


I took the opportunity to work out some T&C's for me agreeing to this.


Subject: Bigger rider than Beyoncé 

Dear Evan,

Here's my T&C's-

-Carmen will be attending as my plus one. 

-We expect all expenses to be paid and to be in a half decent hotel, and don't forget breakfast. 

-I am not Sean's date to the awards and will spend as little time as possible in his company.

-I think it goes without saying that Nick and I should be kept apart

-I need a fabulous dress and stylist

-I will never ever do this again


That ok?

Abbi x




Carmens POV


Since Vegas I've been keeping in touch with Sophie and Dani and the three of us know that Abbi and Nick are as equally stubborn as each other but are so totally made for each other. He misses her but her running out on him and leaving a note broke him and she doesn't want the divorce- regardless of what she says. She cries at night but doesn't think that I notice.


We've been looking for an opportunity for them to 'bump' into each other for ages and I can't believe the EMA's in November will finally do that. It will be two months since they last saw each other and hopefully they'll both be a bit clearer as to what they want, and if not we will give them a gentle push.


I don't actually think she should do the EMA's, she hates singing in public and especially not to help Sean but if it gets her and Nick back together then it will all be worth it. That, and the all expenses paid trip to Seville won’t be too abismal. I just hope she sees why I made her do it in the end. I started a group chat as soon as I left Abbi.



Ladies we have an opportunity- guess who's going to be at the EMA's at the same time? That's right Abbi and Nick (not to mention I'm obviously going too) So what are we going to do? (Aside from get them drunk and recreate Vegas?) 



Yes yes yes! Let's get this done! I think even just them seeing each other face to face will help!



But if they won't see each other, how do we get them face to face?



We need to get Kevin and Joe in on this. Between the five of us they won't know what's hit them. 


*Sophie added Joe to the chat*

*Dani added Kevin to the chat*



Hello ladies, dunno if Soph was meant to add me to this but hope you're having an awesome day. 



Hey, I'm here too Joe. Dani's just explaining it to me. Apparently we have a secret mission



It's called Operation Seville (Get Abbi and Nick back together) 



Espionage? I like it, you've got my attention. 



Ok everyone, First rule of group chat, is that no one talks about group chat. We all know Abbi and Nick would freak if they knew we were doing this.



So what's the plan or is that the million dollar question?


The chat went on for the best part of the day, it was a good job I was the manager and could delegate the work for the day so I could stay focused on the matter in hand. Abbi was either going to love or hate me for this. 



Abbi POV


Evan messaged back agreeing to it all. I still can't believe I'd said I'd do it. Especially now he's telling me I need to do a couple of rehearsals with Sean before the awards. I'm hoping the fact that he's been quiet means he'll not be a problem. I text him to set it up. 


Sender: me

When are you back in the UK we need to plan a rehearsal?


Sender: Sean

Back next week. I'll arrange a location and let you know. Hope you're ok x


Sender: Me

Great. Let me know ASAP. 


He sounded civil which was a good thing but when I turned up to the rehearsal space a week later, I realised why. The second I laid eyes on him I could tell was clearly using drugs heavily again, he was high as a kite, white powder around his nostrils and barely coherent. Part of me wanted to turn around and wash my hands of him but I couldn’t.


'What are you doing to yourself Sean? You should be on top of the world right now and look at you. Fucking things up for yourself again. Well zero sympathy here. I agreed to do this for you and you're going to agree to do something for me' I was in no mood to mess around.


'What?' He said sniffing heavily as if to clear his nostrils. 


'After the EMA's you're going to rehab, and so help me if I have to drag you there myself then I will'


'Do you really think I need it?' He asked as if he was totally fine. 


'No, I know you need it. God it kills me to see you like this, this isn't you. What the hell happened?'


'I've been using for years, you know that, but sometimes it just gets out of hand. After you left my flat that day and I realised what I'd done, well this is the only way to keep the guilt away or it's just too much. I'm sorry, I'm so sorry for hurting you all of these times.' 


I hugged him and felt his body shake uncontrollably as his tears fell. We had a complicated relationship but I couldn't let him kill himself slowly like this.


'I'm going to get you into the best facility and you're going to go and get strong again, ok? But you need to promise you'll give it your all, I’m not ready to bury you, you understand?’ I asked crying too


'I promise I'll go to rehab, but on one condition- that you try and work things out with Nick. You two are made for each other and I know I messed it up for you' 


'I don't know if I can, I think I've done too much damage' 


'You'll never know unless you try' he was right for a change.


'Right let's get some coffee and sort ourselves out, then we can go and sing this song' I said, drying my eyes.


'Just please Abbi, please keep this just between you and I. You know what this would do to my mum, it would kill her. Please don’t tell anyone’


'I swear Sean, only you and I will know' and I meant it. It was best all round if no one knew what we were up to. 


After the rehearsal I dropped Sean off at his house. Before he got out of my car I told him that we'd drawn a line in the sand today and I would support him but as his friend and nothing more. He nodded and thanked me. 


Once I got home I was straight on the phone to some contacts. In the record industry drug problems are prevalent, he wasn't the first client I'd had to arrange rehab for, but he was the one I cared about the most. I managed to get him a place in a fantastic place not far from Seville, he'd go the day after the EMA's. 


Now I just had to work out how I'd keep the promise I'd made him and fix things with Nick. If that was even possible. 

Chapter 22 by El amor prohibido
Author's Notes:

As I mentioned before, the song I imagine Sean & Abbi singing is Someone you loved by the amazing Lewis Capaldi! 

'Carmen, do I look ok?' I asked her for the millionth time. 


'Bloody stunning, now remember half of looking good is confidence, so tell yourself you look good'


'I look good!'


'I can't hear you!'


'I LOOK GOOD' I shouted laughing.


'You two make too much noise' laughed Sean as we pulled up beside the red carpet. 'Put your phone away Carmen come on' he nagged as the door was opened for us to step out. 


As we got out of the car I put on my fake press persona and stepped on to the red carpet. My dress was quite tame compared to some of the others, it was a back scuba material dress with long sleeves, collar and a large silver zip down the middle which the stylist had paired with bright red shoes. My hair was down and make up was relatively natural with a dark red lip. The same lipstick that I shared with Nick in a kiss in our early days, it always made me smile when I wore it.


Carmen bypassed the red carpet and went inside leaving the two of us to it. 90% of the questions for me involved Nick and I became like a robot, most answers 

'Nick is an amazing man and I wish him all the happiness in the future' and then move on. 


'So is it true that you're back together with Abbi, Sean?' Asked a reporter.


'Not true at all, she's far too good for me. She's just a good friend who I can always count on' 


'So no romance in the air between you two?'


'None whatsoever!' I laughed, elbowing him in the ribs. 


'Are you looking forward to seeing Nick tonight Abbi?'


'Of course I am, he means a lot to me' oops I'd opened up a little too much, time to move on. 


We stopped for more pictures but I didn't answer any more questions. 


'Right let's go and see who Carmens found' knowing my friend only too well, she'd probably be having a drink with the head of MTV and telling them how to run the channel better. Alas no, she was stood talking to Sophie and Dani, who promptly waved me over.


I hadn't seen them in ages and wasn't sure what their opinion of me was anymore. 


'Stranger!!!!' Shouted Sophie, giving me a hug. 


'It's so good to see you' said Dani doing the same. 


'It's so good to see you too' I said genuinely feeling it.


'I'm going to leave you ladies to it' said Shane, clearly overwhelmed, walking towards our seats.


'I can't believe you're going to be on stage tonight Abbi, you must be so excited!' Said Dani.


'So you heard? I'm actually shitting my pants right now. I want to have a drink for Dutch courage but I'm scared if I do then I'll fall off the stage!' I giggled.


'Well that's one way to get famous I guess' laughed Sophie.


'And it's a risk I'm willing to take for you' said Carmen thrusting a glass of whatever fizzy wine it was into my hand.  


'Okay, one drink Carmen, that's it!' 


There was an announcement made for everyone to go and take their seats so we started walking to where we'd been shown on the seat plan and there he was, Nick, and worst of all he was talking to Sean. 


'Is It too late to leave?' I whispered to Carmen.


'Man up' she said and I started an internal monologue telling myself that Nick and I needed to talk at some point, but when Nick saw me coming he walked away. 


'Well that went well' I said to Sean. I'd promised him that I'd try and speak to Nick tonight but clearly that wasn't going to happen. 


'He wanted to wish us luck for our performance' he clearly still cares so that's a good sign for your promise' Sean smiled.


The show began and it was amazing, there were a good few acts that I'd worked with or seen in their earlier days performing but all too soon I got the tap on my shoulder to tell me it was time to go backstage to warm up and get miked up. I started to wonder if I should have worn my Nikes instead of these huge heels the stylist insisted on, I was convinced I was going to fall. 


Thumbs up and Sean and I made our way to the darkened side stage to take our places. It was a simple set. Him on his piano and me on a stool next to him. I started my breathing exercises to keep me calm because I felt like I had a pulse in my brain with all the anxiety, which wasn't helped when I realised my stool was directly angled towards Nick's seat. He was trying not to look at me but he couldn't really get away with it. The cameras at awards always focus on people's ex's just in case they have a funny reaction and he knew that. 


'It's a pleasure to introduce an MTV exclusive Shane O'Leary and Abbi Jonas performing their number one hit 'Someone' together'


I wanted to shout 'That's not my name anymore!' But I couldn't, I had to focus on my fake smile and trying not to vomit on the piano keys. Sean was perfect and then it was down to me. 


'I'm going under and this time I feel there's no one to turn to,

This all or nothing way of loving got me sleeping without you.

Now I need somebody to hear, somebody to know.

Somebody to have, somebody to hold. 

It's easy to say but it's never the same, I guess I kind of liked the way you helped me escape' 


Every last word I sang to Nick. He knew and I could see he felt it. At the end of the song he stood up and clapped for us. I don't know what anyone else's reactions were- apart from Carmen, I could hear her whooping away, but Nick was smiling and he was looking at me. Maybe I could make it work. 


A while later it was time for the Jonas Brothers to appear on stage. They were doing a medley and part of it involved them walking along an aisle in audience, which just so happened to be right next to my seat. Sophie and Dani joined us to watch the performance too. Joe stopped and kissed Sophie, Kevin kissed Dani and Nick smiled at me again. A smile was a start. I'd take that.  As always they blew me away.


As Dani and Sophie walked back to their own seats I said to Carmen 'I'm going to try and talk to him tonight' she looked stunned. 


'I think that's an excellent idea' she smiled


'I agree' said Shane