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Justice adjusts to life in LA, recording her debut album and dealing with her disability in a new environment. Along the way, her relationship with Nick continues to grow which causes its own set of problems. She learns there's more to it than just living your dreams.

Sequel to Teacher's Pet

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Story Notes:

Second part!

Not sure how many edits this thing will need, but things will change either adding or cutting out paragraphs particularly as the story goes on.

1. Prologue by staywritechill

2. Chapter 1 by staywritechill

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Prologue by staywritechill


The room I entered into was dark, woodpaneled and nondescript. It looks like every other business office I had ever seen. In the room was a long conference table two people sat at that table immaculately dressed in black blazers, the one's shirt slightly unbuttoned at the collar, to show off the span of smooth tan skin at his throat.

I had never seen Joe and Kevin Jonas like this, perhaps when they were at a red carpet event, but this wasn't a concert, this wasn't a fan meet and greet, it was a business meeting.

I felt rather than heard Nick come in behind me, the demeanor of the room had shifted and I could feel his soft, quiet presence. I sat across from Kevin and Joe as Nick took the unoccupied chair next to his older brother.

"I don't intend to keep you here long Justice." Kevin said in a gentle but no nonsense voice that told me he did not intend to waste time.

Then he pulled out a briefcase. A BRIEFCASE! Never in my life did I think I would see a Jonas brother, who I was so accustomed to seeing on stage holding a guitar or a microphone (in some cases both), sit down and pull out a briefcase, but then I was reminded Jonas Brothers Enterprises was a company plain and simple and this was the legal end of things.

He pulled out a stack of papers and dumped them unceremoniously on the table.

"This is your standard contract, four years, four albums plain and simple." Kevin walked me through the entire thing (all 10 pages of it) don't do this, do this, and you're required to do this. I'd watched stars grow up in Hollywood before and I knew if you did anything bad it reflected badly on everybody including a record label.

After fifteen minutes everything was almost finished. When you sign something like this it's not just signing your name once and you're done it's signing your name to every subclause on every stinking part of the contract. Finally I came to the last page which was essentially the signature essentially put my name on the label.

When I signed my name on the dotted line for the last time I looked at Kevin and he smiled the first time in half an hour.

"Congratulations Justice, welcome to Jonas Records." He reached out to shake my hand.

Joe beamed, "Congratulations Justice, you deserve it, you're really awesome."

Nick materialized somewhere behind me, I could feel his breath on my ear as he whispered,

"Congratulations, I think, I just found Disney's next big thing. "He sounded slightly smug, confident. I was slightly surprised when he kissed the top of my head, I had to give it to them the Jonas Brothers were unorthodox because aside from Kevin's congratulatory handshake feeling Nick's lips on the top of my head wasn't exactly how I imagined and getting my first business meeting with my new record label.


The next day I was with Nick again and he was giving me a tour of the studio. By the end of the afternoon I shaken hands with at least half a dozen people I also ran into a couple of the artists as they were coming in and out of the studio. We were coming down the hallway when I literally ran into a tall African-American girl who looked like she was about my age.

When she saw Nick her face broke into a smile.

"Hey Nick, you recording today?"

Nick smiled, "No Melina, just showing Justice around the studio, we just signed her."

Melina's face brightened, "Wonderful, I'll see you around."

I nodded, "See you."

Nick resumed our conversation as she walked away.

"Melina was the second person we signed to our record label, someone Kevin happened to overhear while out with Danielle somewhere."

We walked past one of the studios and Nick peered into the window. "Justice, I want you to meet someone."

Nick lightly on the door and a man I recognized as John Fields looked up.

"Hey Nick, hey man."

"John, I'd like you to meet Justice, the girl I was telling you about that I found that the young artists camp."

John nodded. "Yes, I remember, the only time you stop talking about her during the Administration recording sessions was when you were singing." He chuckled, then imitated Nick's overexcited voice, "oh my gosh, you have to hear her, she's amazing, incredible!" He quoted.

Nick blushed.

"Well nice to meet you Justice, I look forward to helping produce your album."

I nodded, "Thank you."

He winked as we left the room which caused Nick to blushed more, clearly he knew there was more going on between us then Nick was saying.


So much had happened in the past six months; I had attended the Young Artists camp, caught Nick's attention and gone from fan to best friend to girlfriend seemingly overnight. I was so much a part of his life now; I was in the Jonas inner circle so to speak I was the first person Nick had called when Danielle had gone into labor a few weeks ago. She had delivered a beautiful baby girl they called Madison who now had Kevin wrapped around her little finger, he, Joe, and Nick spoiled her rotten.

That was the turn my life had taken, but I wasn't complaining I was with Nick and that's all I really wanted.

I began recording later that week. In fact Nick was in the studio before I was laying down guitar, drums and backing vocal tracks.

"You don't have to do this." I said before I went to the studio for the first time, "I can get someone else."

"Why not?" Nick asked, "I'm right here."

"You're putting too much effort into this; it isn't even your project."

"Justice, I'm doing this because I want to not because I have to I want you to have a good album."

Our argument about his involvement in the project had started the night before when he was demonstrating warm-up exercises and breathing techniques.

"Stay straight." He kept saying and he would place his hands against my ribs under my diaphragm, pressing against my muscles as I sang. Usually, more often than not these motions at some point turned into a heated make out session, very distracting.

"Always warm up an hour before you sing and if we have to be at the studio at eight o'clock be up no later than 6:30.” (I grumbled at this I was not an early riser, another advantage to my dad being an early bird he usually up at that hour.)

I spent a lot of time in Nick's room at night. I enjoyed the serenity of being alone with him, but then he was only half dressed reclining on his bed with me lying next to him. I stayed like that until his mother (as well-meaning as she was) kicked me out of his room and banished me to Kevin's room across the hall. At some point during the night Nick had slipped into my room and we lay there in the dark kissing until we could barely keep our eyes open.

So here we were in the studio. I was getting ready to record "Unfortunate". Nick was standing close behind me his hands on my waist they were slowly sliding upward so they slid around the vicinity of my diaphragm and I gasped when I felt his hands pressed gently against my stomach.

"Just like we practiced, remember." He whispered in my ear.

I moaned in response.

"If you don't take your hands off me," I muttered out of the side of my mouth, "my recording session is going to turn into a make out session."

Nick chuckled quietly.

John Field's voice rang through the soundproof booth, "let's get going, don't distract her too much Nick." His smile said he knew exactly what Nick was thinking, and I watched with a small bit of satisfaction when the color started rising in Nick's cheeks. He was way too obvious.

It took me a couple of takes to get rid of my nerves but after three takes I had the song down.

"Good job." Nick called cheerily when I was finished. He ran into the booth and kissed me on the cheek. One song down fourteen to go.


"I have so many questions." I told Nick, "I know I need a manager of some kind, and a publicist and all the other technical people that every famous person needs, and I don't even know if I'll be famous! This album could be a complete flop and then it's back to Illinois!"

Nick laughed, "Don’t worry about that, my dad will help you find someone, as for a manager..." his face broke into an adorable smile, "what about me?"

"Okay..." I said slowly, "I'll think about it, we'll see."

I looked up at Nick quizzically. "Oh, and Nick, can I see about getting some throat lubricant."


End Notes:

Had this chapter up much later than I had planned. My morning was insane! Chapter 2 should be up later this week or early next week, my writing schedule is pretty packed right now.

Chapter 1 by staywritechill


"No! Absolutely not!

Voices rose and fell from the living room of the Jonas household. I was coming down the hallway back to the kitchen and they were progressively getting clearer, Nick was talking to his father and whatever he was saying his father wasn't agreeing with him.

"Nicolas, you have enough on your plate right now, your album is coming out in a month, and you and your brothers have interviews and appearances for Disney you are required to do in the next few weeks. I know you mean well with Justice, but taking on the responsibilities of being her manager may be too much. I know she's your girlfriend, but that may not be the wisest decision."

"I started this I feel... responsible for her and I want to help her as much as I can."

Paul Kevin Sr. paused he seemed to be thinking something over. "I'll make you a deal Nick, you can act as her co-manager I'll do the rest, I only have Demi and you guys to worry about right now, I think I can probably take one more, besides Justice is going to need all the help she can get."

Nick nodded. He didn't say much for the rest of the evening; he had won his argument, for now.


My days seem to be falling into a routine. I went to the studio at Nick every day and we didn't get home until late afternoon. We took turns in the studio, usually at different times of day on different days. Sometimes I didn't see Nick at all because he was at the studio most of the morning. He was pulling his own project together at an alarming rate, and I was reminded he had recorded an album in a week straight

I was recording about a song a day and sometimes I would just spend time in the studio talking to John Fields as he manipulated instrumentals and the lead and backing vocals, I wanted to know how everything worked even if I wasn't directly involved.

I wasn't even done recording and I was already very busy. Mr. Jonas had orchestrated meetings between me and about six different people. There was my publicist, Tonya, but she didn't have much to do yet considering the ball wasn't even rolling yet and most of the tracks weren't even recorded.

My favorite day in the studio was when I recorded "Inside Your Skin". For once, Nick was there and not just to stand behind John Fields and watch the progress of my recording session over his shoulder, we made the decision For Nick and I to record together, since that was how we had originally conceived it. There was something about the song that needed him; as if he had grown into the essence of the song itself.

My dad was in the studio that day and putting my mother on speakerphone I sang the song for her as I recorded it.

"You're living your dream." My mother said, I could hear the pride in her voice and even though she hadn’t approved of my unorthodox approach to getting what I wanted she was happy for me.

"I love that song," I said smiling, "and other than "Only an Ocean Away" that is my baby."

"I know what it's like to have a special song," Nick said smiling, "you want to sing it all the time and you want to show people how proud you are of it, you want them to see how you feel."

I nodded. "Like you did when you wrote "Stay"." I said smiling.

Nick smiled from behind the microphone, "Exactly."


Finally on Sunday it was time to collapse. We had piled into two cars to go to church and other than the necessities hadn't said much. Joe and Frankie did most of the talking. I didn't see much of Kevin and Danielle until we got to church, they were conversing in hushed tones and when not holding hands they were surrounded by a gaggle of people admiring their two-month-old daughter.

I was relieved when we returned home (not that I missed going to church, but  I was so tired I wanted to spend time with Nick (mostly making out) and do nothing else, although I had the good graces to accept Kevin and Danielle's invitation to lunch at their house.

Their house was small for a house in LA, a modest two-bedroom house in a day lemon yellow with white shutters. A long driveway housed two cars, Kevin's Chevy Tahoe, which currently had a car seat in the back, and a silver two door they used when it was just the two of them.


The house was bright and cheery, comfortably seating eight people between the kitchen and the dining room. Danielle ran a hand through her hair as she sat down to nurse Madison. It was only a little before noon and she looked exhausted.

"You want me to make you a sandwich?" Kevin asked.

She nodded, "Sure, thanks Kev." She smiled.

So we had cold sandwiches for lunch, spread out between the kitchen and the dining room we talked quietly. Nick and I were sitting at the kitchen table and I was making short work of the ham and cheese sandwich he had made.

I looked up from my lunch at the sound of his blood glucose monitor, I raised my eyebrows.


His lips puckered as his face folded itself into a frown. "A little low, but lunch should fix that."

He was so occupied with his lunch there was a full ten minutes before he said anything.

"What you want to do this afternoon?" I asked.

Nick shrugged, "I've been tossing around some ideas for a couple of new songs, and Kevin mentioned something about going to play golf, I don't know."

"Personally," I replied, "I just want some alone time I've been on the go all week and I haven't even had time to sit down since this morning, I know you're probably sick of me by now but I just like spending time with you."


It was shortly after one o'clock when we returned to the Jonas house. Joe was going out biking with his roommates and Frankie was playing video games with a couple of friends. I headed for the other end of the house where I knew Nick’s room to be before I was even at the door the soft sound of an acoustic guitar reached my ears.

"Sounds good." I murmured, sliding myself out of my wheelchair and positioning myself on the bed, smoothing out his blue bedspread as I did so.

Nick set the guitar aside. "What you want to do now?" He asked.

"Oh, I don't know." I gave him a coy smile.

I fit perfectly into his arms and for a long time we didn't say anything and just laid there listening to each other breathe.

"Why do you always smell like cinnamon? I blurted out suddenly, in two seconds wishing I could take the statement back.

Nick laughed quietly, his fingers drawing small circles on my back.

"It's the throat lubricant, here." He slid off the bed and retrieved a small package from his dresser.

"I meant to give these to you the other day, but we've been so busy well..." he trailed off laughing quietly.

He opened the package, which almost sprayed lozenges all over the bedspread. Taking one, he unwrapped it and slid it into his mouth his tongue sliding over his full lips as he did so. I swallowed my stomach suddenly in knots.

"That's strangely attractive."

"Attractive?" Nick asked, he shrugged, "it's just cinnamon."

Suddenly his lips formed into a smirk. "You want a taste?" 

I leaned closer, breathing softly, "That would be... very nice..." My smirk mirrored his own.

He kissed me softly and slowly and gently his tongue probed at my lips which I automatically opened for him. I felt something sweet and sticky pass over my tongue, the cinnamon was surprisingly strong it was almost spicy, I swallowed almost reflexively, hot and spicy and unbearably sweet. Nick was getting very creative, his tongue stroked and his lips licked and sucked, forever warm and soft. The taste of cinnamon filled my nose and mouth and it almost made my eyes water I have lost track at this point who was kissing who; Nick and I were one and I didn't know where I ended and he began.

I heard him moan as he pulled me closer so I was almost sitting on his lap. We were kneeling, apart, but as close as we could possibly be. His fingers trailed down my body from my waist to the hem of my shirt where he paused.

I moaned into his mouth willing him to continue and slowly his fingers slid past the hem of my shirt and over the waistband of my jeans; then I felt him squeeze my butt I groaned shifting closer, my fingers scrabbling for the nearest part of him I could reach. My fingers began exploring down his neck, over his shoulders and down his back; they inched down his back painfully slow until I reached a spot at the top of his jeans. I felt skin and fabric under my fingers, the elastic of his boxers (gulp!). My fingers slid around lines and curves, muscles that flexed under my touch and I felt the fabric of his jeans that stretched over those muscles. My hand squeezed his toned backside and I got a groan in response, Nick's hips thrust automatically, as if his body already knew what it wanted, regardless of his conscious decision.

Nick groaned again, "Oh, you don't know what you're doing to me." He whispered.

I smirked, eyeing him up and down, I had a pretty good idea his body was sending clear signals.

He hovered over me gazing down at me with smoldering eyes. He was breathing heavily the scent of cinnamon still hung like a halo around him.

"I think you're delicious." I mumbled, but I knew he heard me because of the flush that rose in his cheeks.

"And you're sweet." He whispered, kissing my forehead.

We were lying on his bed again, I was pulled against him my fingers playing with the hem of his shirt again and I pushed it up slowly exposing his smooth skin.

"Every time you even show a bit of skin the girls go nuts," I murmured, Nick chuckled, but he sounded slightly embarrassed. "the lower the better." I stated matter-of-factly. Nick's laugh turned into a strangled cough and his cheeks turned flaming red.

"Don't be embarrassed." I said smoothly, "You have a great body."

"What do you like better," Nick quipped, "my muscles or my cinnamon breath?" He smiled wryly.

"I don't know," I mused and I leaned down to plant a trail of kisses down his stomach where a thin patch of hair disappeared into his jeans. His body still had me burning with curiosity, and even though I was the older one I still felt very naïve. I kissed his lips thoughtfully. I still had a lot to learn.


Nick and I might as well have had a sign above us but said "we had a steamy hot make out session this afternoon" because nearly everyone seems to notice. My dad had kissed me and said "you smell like cinnamon" and Joe laughed and asked "how many of those that you have today". That was something that was stuck in my mind for the next few days; Nick and his "cinnamon kisses". The entire time I was finishing my album I couldn’t go into the recording studio without thinking of that afternoon.


End Notes:

Was trying to decide how much to leave and of the dialogue at the end of the chapter. Like I said, I'm trying to eliminate some of my corny dialogue. My writing style has changed a lot and the words I use are different.

Chapter 2 by staywritechill


I finished recording the second week in September. There wasn't a big hullabaloo afterwards that would come later with the release of a single and the full album release which was due for release in late January. At the moment I was not the center of attention because Nick's second album with the Administration was due the following Tuesday, September 16, his birthday.

The single, "While the World Is Spinning" had hit the charts the last week in August it had steadily been climbing up Disney's radio charts for the past three weeks, now at number 15 respectively. Needless to say, as a fan and a girlfriend I was extremely happy.

The morning of the album release I was in an extremely good mood. I breezed into Nick's room even before he was out of bed; I would've been jumping up and down on his bed if it was within my capabilities.

"Nick..." I sang softly, "Rise and shine curly top!"

Nick groaned and rolled over pulling his pillow over his head, "don't call me that..." he grumbled.

"Would you prefer "Nicky?" I asked with a smirk.

"Absolutely not!" Came the vehement response from underneath the pillow. "Why are you in such a good mood this morning Justice?

"I'll give you three reasons," I said cheerfully, "one, your album comes out today and I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's reaction, your fans are awesome if I do say so myself, two, it's your birthday, and three, your mom just gave me the best pancakes I've ever tasted. Oh, and by the way, your dad says get up we leave in forty minutes."

Finally, with a groan of resignation Nick slowly slid out of bed, his curls were slightly disheveled and he still looked sleepy. I let my eyes wander appreciatively over his slender body, still wondering how someone so slender could be that muscular.

"See you in five." I said cheerfully as I left the room.


Forty minutes later (if you exclude the ten minutes it took Nick to eat breakfast, mouthfuls of pancakes punctuated by a series of yawns) we were whizzing through the streets of LA in a black SUV with tinted windows Mr. Jonas and the head of the Jonas Brothers security hovering over us like protective shadows.

Nick was on what the fans called a "Twitter Tour" in which he would tweet where he would be locally and show up at random places. I had followed this earlier in the year.. fun stuff.

Nick was currently ignoring me and tapping away at his IPhone, telling the fans the next location. Ten minutes later, we arrived at the first location and as soon as my wheelchair was out of the car I was out of there, conspicuously melting into the throng of fans, no need to give the paparazzi something to gossip about.

"See you later." I mouthed over my shoulder to Nick and immediately he knew what I was doing, I was back to being a fan no one but the Jonas family knew I was his girlfriend.

I enjoyed myself immensely enjoying the stunned looks on the girls faces when Nick looked at me, he even sang a verse of "Stay" to me looking me straight in the eyes. Someone was very lucky.

At one point he said, "I think we have time for one more." The fans began shouting out song titles but Nick seemed to hear me, or he was specifically listening for my response.

"While the World Is Spinning"!" I shouted, and saw Nick nodded ever so slightly and he and his guitarist Sonny began the recognizable notes of the song.

"Can't be more obvious she is in pain, won't even let me in from the rain, although windows are locked again she's afraid, of everything I have to say to her face..."

He launched into the chorus, the guitar chords carrying his strong voice.

"So try to my eyes and tell me no lies, surprised, nothing has changed everyone has to lie sometimes, do you know what it's like to make up your mind? Don't be alarmed when sinners stand while the world is spinning."

The entire morning was like that. Nick would play five songs at every stop, he was in his element and he liked being with the fans, I may be his girlfriend but I was still a fan, I liked listening to him.


Sometime, almost three hours later we broke for lunch. I stayed in the car to avoid prying eyes and Nick disappeared and he, Mr. Jonas and the bodyguard Mike were back five minutes later with corn dogs, chips, and soda; root beer for me and Diet Coke for Nick.

"Sorry to keep you confined.” Nick said quietly.

 “If the paparazzi see us together they're going to have a field day... I'm not ready for that yet."

Nick slid his free hand (the one that wasn't holding the corn dog) around my shoulders "don't worry about it we'll deal with it when it comes."

I was still paranoid about the paparazzi, I knew it would have to deal with them eventually.


Nick's nineteenth birthday was quite the party. The boys had invited all their friends, but I didn't get the chance to talk to anybody because there were so many people. At some point the friends left and it was just the family; Mrs. Jonas made an excellent dinner and we sat around the table talking. Afterwards we watched a movie and Kevin, Danielle, Madison, (who was asleep in Danielle's arms) and Joe went home for the night (although Joe and Kevin trapped Nick in a hug that had me sandwiched in the middle, they found this extremely amusing). Sometime before eleven Mr. and Mrs. Jonas and my dad went to bed leaving me and Nick alone.

"What do you want to do now birthday boy?" I asked with a sly smile.

"What do you want to do?" Nick questioned, raising his eyebrows slightly.

"Oh I don't know," I murmured trailing my fingers up his shoulder, "I have a few ideas."

Nick smiled, and that was all I needed I leaned over to kiss him and in a few minutes he had me pulled onto his lap. After a while he picked me up, hooked my legs around his waist and headed in the direction of his room.

Needless to say we were occupied for a bit, and I gave Nick the best birthday present I could and afterwards we fell asleep wrapped in each other's arms.


Two days later I was getting ready to leave LA. I would be back in a few months and Nick would call me every day so I wasn't worried.

"I'll call you every day." Nick whispered in my ear as he gave me a tight squeeze, "I'll see you after Christmas okay?"

I nod silently against his chest. I was going to miss being with him, I was going to miss being in his embrace and I was going to miss our make out sessions that sometimes bordered on the edge of control.

He kissed me softly, a kiss I immediately deepened winding my arms around his neck pressing my lips to his. I moaned against his mouth and he pressed me closer his tongue sliding along my bottom lip. My fingers wrapped into his curls one last time, tugging at them gently, which elicited a soft moan from Nick, I loved it when he did that.

As we pulled apart I could faintly smell cinnamon.

"Did you sing today?" I asked.

"A little." Nick replied with a small smile.

I smiled, "I'm going to miss that too, nobody else uses throat lubricant on a daily basis."

Nick chuckled kissing me softly.

"I love you." He whispered.

"I love you, Nicholas Jerry Jonas," I whispered, his full name flowing off my lips so automatically I didn't even notice it, I found it silly sometimes when the fans refer to the boys by their full names, but this time it felt right.

"I love you, love you Justice Isabella Rose." Nick murmured, his face lighting up in that adorable innocent smile I loved so much.

I prolonged the moment, I didn't want to let him go I toyed with his dog tag twirling his purity ring around my finger (which was currently on the chain around his neck) staring into his mesmerizing brown eyes until the lady over the loudspeaker announced the boarding of my flight and I held his hand until time and space pulled us apart. Even five minutes later I could still feel the softness of his skin.

End Notes:

"While the World is Spinning" NJATA- lyrics by Nick Jonas

Chapter 3 by staywritechill


Four Months Later


After New Year's I was back in LA.My parents had come to a decision to keep the house in Illinois though I had long since vacated my apartment. They thought it would be best particularly if I was coming back and forth; at least a few times a year. At least for now, since no one knew how long I would be in California. I was still undecided if I could even afford to move out there permanently.

As soon as I saw Nick at the airport I flung myself into his arms and had no intention of letting him go. We were inseparable (no pun intended) for the next few days Joe joked we were like twins separated at birth because we were together constantly.

I woke up the following Monday staring at the ceiling of Kevin's room trying to remember where I was, then I remembered I was at the Jonas house, preparing for my album release in a few weeks. The single "Inside Your Skin" was due to drop Friday and the album coming out on the 20th, today I had a photo shoot.

I squinted at the clock on the nightstand; the red numbers reading 10 after eight, the photo shoot was in a little over an hour I had to get moving.

"We have to go!" I said impatiently to my dad as I pulled a lightweight lilac sweater over my head. "I still have to eat breakfast."

I bolted down my breakfast, Nick watching with an amused smirk. "Slow down," he said chuckling, "we don't have to leave for an hour."

I looked up from my cereal bowl, milk dripping off my chin, "Who are you," I said with a small smile, "my manager or my boyfriend?"

Nick continued to laugh softly. He leaned over the back of my chair and kissed me softly, "Both, I think."

"Don't let one interfere with the other." I said softly against his lips.

"I don't intend to." Nick murmured.


An hour later (well close to an hour and a half when you count in the traffic) we arrived at the studio and I was bustled off to hair and make up. I hardly recognize myself when they were finished, I hardly ever wore make up, I looked older, more sophisticated. At wardrobe I was wearing a slinky satin top and dark washed jeans with moccasins on my feet my hair cascading down my back, perfect but simple.

When Nick saw me his jaw dropped. "Wow," he breathed, "you look beautiful Justice."

I ducked my head feeling embarrassed, "Thanks."

The photographer a man in his mid-30s came over to shake my hand.

"Hello, I'm Matthew Davis." He smiled.

I frowned at him, "Do you want me in the chair or not?" I asked, not sure what action he was going to take things.

"Let's do both, I want to see all of you."

He took a couple shots of me in my wheelchair against a white backdrop and a couple against the dark backdrop that he took pictures of me reclining on a stack of pillows; casual, sophisticated, seductive (well almost).


In the end they shot a number of pictures of me in various poses, at least he got my good side without my spastic hand or the weird way my knees bent when I wasn't sitting in my wheelchair, although my favorite pose was me sitting at an old-fashioned writing desk with paper and pencil and papers scattered crumpled on the floor. After an hour or two I was done and I couldn't wait to see how they came out and which pictures would be used for the album art.


Nick and I chilled out after that we got together with Rob Hoffman and he took some pictures of us, good ones and the professional aspects could be stripped away and it was just Nick and Justice, boyfriend and girlfriend and not Nick and Justice, manager and artist. For the first time I relaxed, I leaned over to kiss Nick as the camera flashed, unaware we were being watched.


The next morning I had an interview with Ellen DeGeneres and it was this interview that began a sequence of events that almost made me lose Nick forever.

"So how do you like it here in LA?" Ellen asked.

I nodded, "it's nice, I enjoy being here." I said carefully, aware every word I said would be put under a microscope later.

"You were just signed to the Jonas Brothers record label a few months ago, and it was Nick Jonas who discovered you correct?" She asked.

I nodded again, "I went to a camp he was teaching and he really liked my songs." (and a bit more I thought)

"Your dad told us that the doctors said when you were born you wouldn't be able to do anything, so I guess my question is how does it feel to be living your dream?"

My face broke into the first true smile since I had been on camera. "It feels great! I'm so happy there are many people to help me."

"So tell us about your album, what's your sound like?"

"I guess it's just soft rock, maybe more acoustic times, I don't know." I shrugged.

"You recorded with Nick Jonas correct?"

I nodded, "well, not exactly, he did my backing vocals and that's it." I tried to keep my voice neutral.

"Inside Your Skin" what exactly is the song about?" Ellen asked she looked politely interested.

"Well..." I chose my next words very carefully, "it's about wanting to know someone, wanting to know someone so intimately and deeply that you almost become a part of them, and no, I don't mean physically." I didn't mention that Nick had inspired the song that was the last thing the media needed.

"I hear you mention Nick a lot, any connection?"

"Well, "I said, suddenly having a picture of a slightly aggravated Joe Jonas in my head when he'd been asked about the purity rings for the ten millionth time "he is very important to me." I said carefully.

"You seem to be a little bit more than that." A picture of me and Nick kissing showed up on the viewing screen next to her. It had obviously been taken with a zoom lens from a different angle and you couldn't see our faces, but Nick’s  curly hair was unmistakable.

Here was the other shoe dropping, I was in trouble.


I couldn't get off the set fast enough as soon as my performance was finished I raced to find Nick and Mr. Jonas.

"Nick, the press knows about us the paparazzi got a picture when we were in the park yesterday."

"I know," Nick said darkly, just as his dad walked into the green room holding a tabloid.

"This isn't good Nicholas, obviously we couldn't keep your relationship with Justice a secret forever, but the ball’s in their court that gives them the upper hand. They seem to think you just took on Justice because you felt sorry for her because of her disability."

"That isn't true!" I spluttered, my face heating up in indignation.

"I know," Nick said quietly, "but sometimes the media twists your words and says the complete opposite of what you meant."

A determined look crossed Nick's face, his mouth set in a grim line. "Dad, I want to issue a statement to the press, not a full press conference... it doesn't need that, just a reliable paper I want to give our side of the story."

"Are you sure, son?" Mr. Jonas asked, he looked concerned.

"People who buy Justice's album won't understand some of her songs without it. I want her to be able to tell the full story behind "Inside Your Skin" honestly."

Less than an hour later Mr. Jonas had Tonya on the phone,

Nick took the phone out of his father's hand, "Tonya, this is Nick Jonas, I want to issue a statement, no, I'm not doing it over the phone meet me at the house in fifteen minutes."


Fifteen minutes later Tonya, Nick and I were seated in the Jonas's living room. Tonya had a notepad propped on her knee, her eyes shifting from Nick to me and back again her pencil poised.

"So, what do you want to tell them?"


End Notes:

I cleaned up a lot in this chapter omitted some things for clarification and redundancy and changed a few things to explain how Justice was dealing with certain things in regards to her disability.

Chapter 4 by staywritechill

What did we tell them appeared online the next morning.

Nick Jonas’ Mystery Girl Revealed the headline screamed.

Nick and I had explained things straight up and point blank. Now I knew how Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez felt when they were dating him, (of course they hadn't gone public either) it wasn't exactly encouraging to have pictures of you and your boyfriend plastered across every website and blog in the country and beyond. Although, as annoying as it was for Nick this was routine.

Out of sheer force of habit I checked Team Jonas on my laptop. As was predicted the drama had subsided and the girls were back to talking about everyday occurrences. Although there were still a few posts here and there, "who is she?" With a reply that often read "it's none of our business, it's Nick's" here we go again I thought.

Taking a deep breath I opened a new topic. Pausing I thought about how to phrase my post, either the girls would hate my guts or they'd be behind me 110%, but I also didn't want the moderator to freak. Before throwing caution to the winds I called Nick into the room.

"Should I tell the fans?" I asked looking up at him questioningly.

To my surprise Nick chuckled, "I think they'd figure it out by now, your name is on the website isn't it? Your real name?"

I bit my lip. "Good point."

Sure enough my inbox was flooded with messages most of them with the heading "it's you" or "you're Nick's girl"

I looked at him with a worried expression. "Should I cancel my account?"

"I can't tell you what to do," Nick said in a straightforward serious tone, "what it comes down to is do you trust them?"

"They always said they wouldn't be mad if a Jonas was ever dating a girl from the fan club," I laughed shortly, "they say we're like sisters."

"You can't control everyone's reaction." Nick said quietly, "Someone's always going to be jealous."

I wasn't sure how I felt about being a fan and dating a Jonas because it put me in an awkward position I couldn't be the stereotypical fan girl anymore (even at 24) and be Nick's girlfriend, it just didn't make sense. So in the coming weeks that was something I had to contend with and figure out where my loyalties actually were and where I was going to draw the line.



So I had come through my first encounter with the fans relatively unscathed, but now that we were "out" we were was fair game, but I couldn't worry about that now I still had much to do before my album was released.

Nick and I were watching a baseball game on TV (or rather he was watching I was sitting curled up next to him trying to look interested) when there was commotion from the front room and a door slammed followed by Joe's loud voice.

"What do you want to do now, Demi?" He asked.

The bright cheery voice of Demi Lovato reached my ears, I could almost hear her smile, but Joe made you do that anyway.

"You know I suck at chess, what about Twister?""

"Great!" Joe said enthusiastically, I'll see if Justice and Nick want to play."

"Who's Justice?" Demi asked.

"Nick's girl," Joe replied flippantly, "but get this Demi, she's 24," he chuckled quietly, "you'd never know the difference, she's so... innocent."

I chuckled to myself, innocent? Me? Clearly he hadn't seen me when Nick and I were making out. Naïve, yes, innocent, no, not in my mind anyway.

Joe poked his head into the living room, "Hey, Nick, Justice you want to play Twister?"

I looked at Nick, who barely moved his eyes from the TV. "Not right now, thanks." He replied.

I pouted, "Spoilsport." I muttered, "stupid Yankees game."

The TV came off with a snap. "You dissing my Yankees?" Nick asked raising his eyebrows, his expressiongoing from serious to amused in a split-second.

"So what if I am?" I challenged, "Get that hot looking butt of yours off of the couch and do something fun for a change!"

"Okay..." Nick said slowly, "fine, I'll play, two games!"

Through this entire exchange Joe was nearly dying of hysterics. "Hey Justice, do I have a hot looking butt too?" He asked smirking.

"I am not at liberty to say, considering I am dating your brother," I said seriously, "but as a fan I say yes, although, it depends on the jeans, the song, and the day of the week."

Joe's face formed into what I had dubbed "the Jonas pout" all big brown eyes, long eyelashes and full turned down lips.

By now even Demi was laughing, I slid into my wheelchair whacking him on the arm as I went by, "come on, hot shot let me see what you got!"


The game was... interesting to say the least Joe and Demi against me and Nick. Joe and Demi were losing mostly because Joe fell on his butt every five minutes. Nick, on the other hand was doing surprisingly well, but I was reminded he had won a limbo competition at a radio station, going so low he was practically lying on the floor.

No one seemed to notice the sexual tension that crackled between Nick and I. Our bodies brushed or Nick's hips would move a certain way...

At one point I was sandwiched between Joe and Nick, my shoulders against Joe's chest and the rest of my body pressed against Nick my feet on the red and green circles my legs spread in a rather unflattering position Nick hovering over me breathing heavily. Not helping. I was lucky I didn't fall over because as soon as my arms or legs went out-game over.

"I'm slipping into the lava and I’m trying to keep from going under," I mumbled in a low voice so only Nick could hear, "baby who turned the temperature hotter cause I'm burning up, burning up for you baby."

Nick knew what I meant, but seeing as he couldn't say anything without Joe and Demi over hearing his only response was a smirk.

Nick ended up winning the Twister game his limber body never ceased to amaze me, and I was reminded of how small he really was. Nick wasn't a big guy, and not overly muscular (even Joe, who had biceps that could make the girls swoon, wasn't a big guy) he was slender (another word I never used to describe a guy) and I was stunned by how small his waist was. Needless to say I was a little surprised. when I had seen him pop a handspring like it was nothing, his body arcing easily. That has been in 2008, when he was fifteen.

A wide smile spread across Demi's face. "Wow, I'm impressed Nick."

"And you said you didn't want to play." Joe said grinning, "Justice obviously enjoyed that." He winked at me causing me to blush furiously.

Demi reached across the mat to introduce herself.

"Hi, I'm Demi."

I laughed, "I know who you are, and hi I'm Justice, I really like your music its cool," I pretended to hold a guitar; "rocker chick."

Demi laughed while Joe put an arm around her shoulders,

"Yeah, she's pretty awesome."


Afterwards we broke up the four of us going into separate directions, but not before Demi and I promised to get together sometime, it was nice to have another girl to talk to.

As Joe and Demi headed out the door to go knows where Nick and I headed for his room. As soon as his brother was out of earshot Nick whispered, "Did you really mean the "hot looking butt" comment?"

"Maybe...?" I raised my eyebrows.

"Just what exactly were you burning up for during our hot game of Twister?" It was Nick's turn to raise his eyebrows.

"Well, then get your "hot, sexy butt" in your room and I'll show you."


By Monday things had started to pick up again. Tuesday morning I had an interview with Radio Disney during which they played "Inside Your Skin " the song was a hot commodity on their station right now since I was the new up-and-coming artist. It was the typical questions, how were you discovered, what is your album like, what was it like working with Nick Jonas, questions like that.

"How does being disabled affect your approach to your career?" The DJ asked.

"Wow, good question." I smiled, "Well, things take a little longer and we always have to call location sure they're accessible before we go there, but other than that just like any other artist." I shrugged.

"How is it working with the Jonas Brothers, more specifically Nick."

"It's been great!" I said, well aware a big smile spread across my face at the mention of Nick's name. I cleared my throat, trying to sound professional, "Nick is an amazing songwriter, and I’ve been able to learn a lot from him he has quite a unique perspective on the world."

It was there in the studio I heard my single for the first time. Yes, the song had been out for a week, but there was little time to listen to the radio, even on my computer.

"Wow!" I breathed, "that's amazing!"

The DJ over to shake my hand, "It's a fantastic song." he smiled, "Thank you for coming in."

I nodded, "My pleasure."

"Justice Mathewson, everybody!" The DJ announced and everyone in the studio clapped.


"There was--wow!" I gushed when I got back to the car where my dad, Mr. Jonas and Nick were waiting for me.

I was slightly surprised when Nick picked me up out of my chair and spun me around squeezing me tight, we were both laughing hysterically.


I also launched my website that week. It was simple, sort of like Demi Lovato's, sophisticated but girly at the same time, black and white with lavender overtones. The site didn't have much now other than advertisements for the album and it's in pieces of news and links to my Facebook and Twitter. I was sure there would be tour dates up eventually, but that was a few months away.


By the middle of next week Disney had me shooting a music video for "Inside Your Skin" it was a bit behind the release of the album, but it would be released by the second week in February on Disney Channel just time for a new batch of shows.

If I had to describe the video in one word it was--cool! The video was shot straight black-and-white and then it was overlaid with lots of the video effects that showed splitting and conjoining of two figures, emphasis on the "crawl inside your skin" image. And then there was a part of me shot in the studio on set, typical music video. Although, the introduction of video was shot using any rain machine so it looked like I was standing out in the pouring rain.

I asked Joe, Nick and Kevin to be in the music video. Nick had become my central focus, as he was in the song while Joe and Kevin became my dissolving shadows along with about 30 other extras.

I didn't see the music video until almost a month later. I had actually turned on Disney Channel in the Jonas' living room (which probably didn't happen very often) shortly before seven o'clock. For once everyone was home and even Danielle and Madison had come over to watch the premiere.

When the video was over everyone clapped and my dad saw an opportunity to make a joke. "Time to pop the champagne!" He teased.

I rolled my eyes, "No, don't think so, considering my boyfriend is an old enough to drink."


End Notes:

Burnin' Up-lyrics by Jonas Brothers

Starting to edit this thing down particularly concerning Joe and Demi's relationship, but more about that later. I also change several minor details either for relevance or clarity.

Chapter 5 by staywritechill


I was just coming down from my weeklong high when Kevin and Danielle made an announcement (no, not that type of an announcement, not yet, anyway)

"We need a break," Kevin announced, Saturday morning after my video had premiered, "Danielle and I are going out and we need someone to watch Mady."

All eyes shifted to me. "Why is everybody looking at me!" I exclaimed, "do I look like I can run after a six month old? I love you Kevin, but I don't know, I would need another set of hands and legs and essentially another body."

Kevin's eyes shifted to his brothers.

Joe raised his eyebrows and Nick made a face, which I considered comical under the circumstances.

"What you don't want spend some quality time with your niece?" Kevin asked.

"But we have to change diapers!" Joe whined, and I bit back a laugh as his expression transformed into a characteristic pout that didn't quite fit his 21-year-old face. "Can I at least invite Demi, Mady is going to require all hands on deck."

I looked over at Danielle who was wearing a very amused smile.


That afternoon, granted as Nick and I have nothing on our schedule at the moment we were going shopping. The boys had an awards show in a few weeks and Nick needed a new shirt.

I was rather impressed the Jonas boys enjoyed going shopping. Any other guy my age would be sulking and complaining their face screwed up in a sour expression. It was quite enjoyable, shopping with Nick, despite the detour we took to the music store while he poured over various guitars and other equipment (at heart he was still a geek, music, music, music).


I had never been shopping in LA before, so I didn't know any of the stores, but I got a kick out of walking into department stores filled with designer clothes, something that didn't happen to me very often. After walking around to about three different stores I found what I wanted.

"What about this?" I asked, I pulled a blue and green striped shirt off a rack, "this will go nicely with the navy blue blazer you have."

Nick held up another shirt. "I like this," he was holding up a dark blue and purple striped shirt, "it'll go better with what Kevin and Joe are wearing, they're dressing darker and it helps to be a sort of color-coordinated."

I shoved the shirts into his arms. "Try these on; I want to see how they look."

After much deliberation Nick and I compromised and agreed on a blue, yellow, and lavender striped shirt. Afterwards Nick looked at me,

""Is there anything you want?" He asked.

"Me? No, you don't have to," I laughed, "I have enough shirts already."

Nick smiled, "I want to buy you something, besides if we're going to be going to parties you need something nice to wear."

An hour later we walked out with a shirt for Nick and a very fancy midnight purple Vera Wang cocktail dress.

"My dad is going to flip when he sees that dress!" I fumed as Nick and I drove back to the house later that afternoon.

"I can't wait to see you in it. Nick said smoothly.

"I shouldn't have let you buy it." I said softly, "when will I ever wear it? Not while I'm in Illinois that are sure."

"There will be time." Nick said softly pushing a lock of hair back from my face.


We returned back to the house at around five o'clock. Kevin and Danielle were leaving for their date sometime before six o'clock, as the reservation for the restaurant they were going to was at 6:30 and Mr. and Mrs. Jonas were also going out, that meant me, Nick, Joe, and Demi would be alone with little baby Madison, oh joy!

The scene before everyone left was complete chaos. My dad had left to go to a movie while the Jonases were trying to get out the door in one piece. Danielle was holding a fussing Madison looking stressed, Kevin looked overwhelmed, Mrs. Jonas was trying to find her purse and Mr. Jonas was trying to find his hat. Danielle handed Madison to Demi (who had arrived some 15 minutes before) who handed her to me, but the six-month-old only tried to climb off my lap which was a good for feet from the ground, not a good idea.

That's when it happened.

Nick was standing next to me and I was bouncing Madison on my lap trying to get her to stop crying and then, bam! There was baby spit up all over Nick's new shirt.

I think I screamed, which only caused Madison to cry more, Danielle had taken Madison back looking apologetic, and Nick, well he just looked disgusted.

"Dani," he said sounded like he was speaking through gritted teeth, "this was a brand-new shirt!"

"Nick, I'm sorry..." Danielle mumbled.

"No," Nick said quietly, his frustration quickly simmering, "it's just a shirt I'll take care of it."

I ran a hand through my hair. Danielle was holding Madison trying to clean her up without getting spit up all over her blouse. Five minutes later she had handed her back to Demi and Madison was still screaming. Finally I lost it.

"I can't take it anymore!" I said sharply, over the cacophony in the foyer, "I've got an album coming out in a few weeks plus I have appearances coming out the ears and now I have babysitting duty for my boyfriend's niece who I don't even see all the time!"

And without another word I headed in the direction of Kevin's bedroom before my tears could fall any farther and slammed the door.

Five minutes later there was a knock on the door. "Go away Nick!" I said sourly, "I don't want to talk right now."

"Justice, it's Demi, please let me in."

A few minutes passed before I opened the door. Demi walked in slowly and sound the edge of the bed.

"Why did you blow up at Kevin and Dani?" She asked softly, her voice barely above a whisper.

"I don't know!" I spat, still furiously wiping tears away from my eyes.

"Madison is a baby, these things happen, it's not Kevin and Dani fault they just need some time away."

I nodded, "Don't you think I know that!" My voice is still on the edge of hysterics, "Demi, it wasn't just Madison, it's other things too, I have ten million things to do before this stupid album comes out, I have God knows how many appearances and promotional pieces to do in the next two weeks, and the top of that as good as my relationship is with Nick is I feel like I'm pushing him."

Demi's brow furrowed, "How so?"

"When we kiss, when we make out (Demi made a face) I can tell how turned on he is and I can't just give it to him because, well you know, the ring."

"Do you respect him for that?" Demi asked.

"Of course I do!" I exclaimed, "I'm Christian too, it's just hard to pull against something when you feel like the other side is winning."

Demi looked sympathetic.

"I really thought we were going to go there, the night Madison was born Joe, Nick and I went back to the hotel and well Nick and I got a little bit... sidetracked. There he is sitting on the bed wearing nothing but a towel and then we start kissing and I can feel him well you know..."

Demi blushed, "Okay, too much information, you're talking about my best friend here."

I bit my lip, looking sheepish, "Sorry."

"Talk to Nick." Demi said softly, "he'll understand, he knows you want to wait for him, but I think you both want the same thing it's just going to be an issue of what you choose to do about it."


An opportunity to talk to Nick had yet to present itself, unfortunately now was not the time. Madison at last had stopped screaming bloody murder and was currently being rocked by Joe, he and Nick would pass her between them bouncing up and down and rocking her back and forth, Nick shifting from foot to foot humming softly.

While the boys entertained Madison, Demi and I cleaned up the kitchen, her washing  and me drying.

When we were finished making the kitchen look presentable, we returned to the action. Joe and Madison were watching Camp Rock and Joe was singing along with the movie.

"You're the voice I hear inside my head, the reason that I'm singing, I need to find you I gotta find you your the missing piece I need the song inside of me, I need to find you I gotta find you."

Madison babbled happily grabbing Joe's shirt.

Demi laughed. "You've got quite the audience Joe." She chuckled.

Joe looked up at her and grinned, "what can I say, kids love me." He looked up at her and winked.

They were so cute together Demi and Joe sometimes I wish they would put the fans out of their misery and just started dating already.

Suddenly Nick appeared fully dressed his hair still damp, I assume he had taken a shower.

"What's up stud muffin?" I asked softly, twirling a lock of his wet hair around my finger.

"Shower." Nick replied.

"Drying dishes." I answered.

Nick spoke over my head to Demi, "Thanks a lot Demi, this means a lot."

She smiled, "No problem."


Nick didn't say much most of the evening, we didn't have a lot of one-on-one time (tonight that belonged to Kevin and Danielle, and I was sure they were going to do more than just go out to dinner, something that was a little bit more private). We took turns entertaining Madison, but by 7:30 or so she was sound asleep curled protectively against Joe's chest.

After that we were quiet (so we didn't wake Madison) Nick and Joe played a couple rounds of checkers, and I read a book, while Demi checked her Twitter and listened to music.

I don't know what time everyone came home because I was half asleep when they did. Kevin and Danielle looked blissfully happy their faces slightly flushed whether from the cold or something else I didn't know. The older adults looked slightly amused at the four younger adults collapsed on the couch; Joe looked at his brother with a sleepy smile, barely moving so he didn't disturb his sleeping niece.

Kevin only smiled, "Thanks a million man." He whispered as he bent to pick up his sleeping daughter.

I smiled, the Jonas Brothers always made me smile I think it was moments like this when I could really see their true love for each other they made it all worthwhile.

End Notes:

Gotta Find You- lyrics c. Disney, Camp Rock

Chapter 6 by staywritechill


Sometime shortly before church the next morning found me knocking on the door at Kevin and Danielle's house. When the door opened and there stood Kevin, only half dressed (excuse me while I freak out) his hair looking extremely disheveled.

"Justice?" He sounded surprised, "What are you doing here?"

"Can I come in? I need to talk to you and Danielle."

"Sure! No problem."

As I maneuvered my way into the kitchen and Danielle looked up, she was standing at the sink washing dishes; Madison was in her high chair, babbling happily.

"Good morning Justice," She said pleasantly, "to what do we owe this early-morning call?"

I ran a hand through my hair, not unlike Nick did when he was nervous. "I want to apologize."

Kevin looked puzzled, "For what?"

"I want to apologize for yelling at you guys last night, I shouldn't have, it's just I have a lot of my mind lately and it's just sort of getting to me."

Kevin looked sympathetic, he smiled kindly. "It's okay. You're right, you're dealing with right now, and well, getting an album out is a lot of work, trust me I know, particularly if you haven't done it before."

I nodded, "then there's Nick, well... we're sort of always in a state of emergency if you know what I mean."

Kevin's eyebrows rose then he laughed, "Not putting the moves on my little brother are you Justice?" The smile he gave me made me blush.

"Well we--" I stuttered, still blushing furiously.

"Time for church Kevin." Danielle said pointedly, as she reached to pick up Madison, she turned to address me, "Justice, please tell Denise we will be there in fifteen minutes."

I nodded, "will do, see you in a few." I headed out the door, anxious to put out the fire on my still burning cheeks.


Sunday came and went and soon it was Monday again. After another day of interviews and appearances I was looking forward to my lunch date with Demi which was scheduled for the following afternoon.

That afternoon couldn't come soon enough, by the time I saw Demi I was sure I looked tired and harassed.

"Tough day?" Demi asked sympathetically, as she sat down at the table across from me at the small café we had decided to have lunch at.

"Tell me about it." I groaned.

"It gets easier, I promise." She smiled reassuringly. "Anything exciting happen I should know about?" Demi asked.

"You mean other than my album coming out?" I asked. "Kevin decided it would be fun to tease me yesterday," I said casually, "about dating Nick, he said I was "putting the moves on him".

"Really?" Demi looked amused. "Nick's a great guy," Demi said reflectively, "he needs a girl that reflects what he needs, he need someone who understands his lifestyle, who's going to let him be who he is, let him be in his moods and not push him about it."

"The only moods he gets into are when he's writing a song and he's not going to let the idea go until it's down on paper. Don't ask me to figure out the vagaries of the Nickverse."

Demi laughed, "Nickverse? Seriously, you just made that up!"

We were quiet for a while we ate our lunch in relative silence and we were just paying our bill when it happened. They were like a pack of jackals, stalking their prey and when they were within striking distance they grab you. I am of course talking about the paparazzi. Within five minutes of walking to Demi's car they had surrounded us, there were about ten people all with microphones and cameras.

"Demi!" One shouted, "Care to comment on your relationship with Joe Jonas?"

Demi kept walking, her teeth clenched.

"Justice, how has being disabled affecting your rising career? Justice, care to comment on your relationship with Nick Jonas? Has he given you his purity ring?"

What kind of question is that? None of their business that's what!

We reached the car, Demi holding onto the door handle as if it were a life preserver; taking a deep breath she turned to face the paparazzi.

"For the last time I am not dating Joe Jonas! He is my best friend," she allowed herself a small smile, "and that's all I'm going to say."

I slid into the passenger seat and Demi threw my wheelchair in the backseat, keeping the car between her and the gaggle of cameras. Not the way I wanted to end my afternoon.


When I returned to the Jonas house Joe and Nick were waiting for me.

"Have you seen the Internet?" He asked, looking like he was trying to suppress a smile.

"No, why?" I asked, suddenly confused.

Joe grabbed the laptop and sat down on the couch placing the computer on the table, Nick hadn't said much as he sat down next to his brother looking over his shoulder. Joe's fingers flew over the keys and within ten seconds he had pulled up a website.

"Just Jared posted this about five minutes ago, I'm sure it's on Oceanup too."

"Great, that's just what I need."

I stared at the screen. There were pictures of me and Demi from our lunch outing. "Demi and Justice Go out to Lunch" the headline read. Oh yes, very exciting.

"It's okay, Justice," Nick said soothingly, "it happens to us all the time and we're used to it, well, it is annoying but... what can you do?"

"Make fun of them, we do." Joe quipped, "We know they're there most of the time." He grinned.

Nick shot his brother a no-nonsense look, "That was a rhetorical question Joseph."

I shook my head, "You're crazy."

Joe turned those big brown eyes on me (darn him) "You know you love me for it." He replied innocently.

"Of course I do you big dork!" I said affectionately.

I stared at the computer screen for another minute.

"Paparazzi’s hiding in the bushes trying to make a dollar..." I muttered, the lyric from "Star struck" automatically coming to mind.


End Notes:

"Starstruck" lyrics c. Disney

Actually accidentally pulled two chapters at the same time so this chapter is a little bit shorter where it ended up breaking. Next chapter will be up later this week as usual.

Almost forgot I put the Starstruck lyrics in here, but they fit the scene well.

Chapter 7 by staywritechill


Nick and I were in the studio putting the finishing touches on my album. I had fallen asleep and next thing I knew Nick was shaking me awake. It took me a few minutes to realize I had fallen asleep. I was trying to clear my head from some erotic dream I had been having my body still buzzing.

"You fell asleep." Nick said matter-of-factly.

"Yeah..." I rubbed my face trying to clear my head, back to work.

 At the moment we were in over a table study in a stack of photographs trying to pick an appropriate album cover.

"What are you looking for?" Nick asked, "as far as your style and look?"

"Sophisticated but not over-the-top." I answered shortly.

From the bottom of the pile Nick pulled the photo of me sitting at the old writing desk.

"How about this one?" He asked handing it to me.

I nodded.

He shuffled through the photos again then he looked over at me.

"You tired?" He asked.

I nodded, "To be honest I'm really bored."

Nick laughed, something I didn't hear very often, but it seemed to happen more when he was really comfortable with someone like his brothers or a good friend.

"Okay, let's take a break." Nick said easily and he sat down in the chair next to me.

I took a deep breath; I had to say this while I was alone with him when it was just the two of us. "Nick, I need to talk to you about something, something important."

Nick raised his eyebrows, "What about?"

I bit my lip. "Well, it's about us I... I worry when we kiss when we are really into it I'm pushing you. I'm not pushing you to take the next step I--I can feel you when we kiss..." I swallowed, studying his face for a reaction. He was biting his lip, something I knew he did he was concentrating or nervous a blush was spreading slowly across his face.

"Come here." He said softly. Effortlessly he lifted me onto his lap like I was a little kid.

"Don't worry about me," he said gently, "you're not pushing me I can handle it, just don't let it be the state of emergency." He winked, at the reference to his song lyrics.

"Yeah, easier said than done when you're really turned on." I muttered.

Nick kissed my forehead, "Exactly."

Then his mouth met mine. Slowly at first then harder and harder, his fingers tangled in my hair and pulled me closer. I pulled him closer as close as I could my fingers automatically reaching for his hair. When I got bored from the litany of kisses I pulled away and began kissing his neck. My lips trailed down leaving a path of open mouth kisses then back up to his ear where I began sucking his ear lobe.

He moaned, his breath reduced to short pants. My hands slid down his body, down his torso and over his stomach my fingers grasping the hem of his shirt slowly pulling it over his head. Nick whipped the garment over his head and it landed somewhere in the shadows of the dark studio. We resumed our ferocious kissing, kissing so fiercely to a point that Nick almost fell out of the chair, which obviously wasn't designed to hold our combined weight in such a position.

My fingers traced and teased, over his stomach again and tracing a path where light hair disappeared into his jeans. My hands of their own accord slid lower, I felt his body twitch hardening almost instantly beneath my fingers.

Nick froze, his breath caught somewhere in his throat. He had pulled out of the kiss, leaning his head back against the back of the chair, which was being pushed to the limit, trying to catch his breath.

"Do that..." he panted, his hips jerking against my hand, "do that again."

"You sure I--" I began.

"Justice--" he seized my wrist where it was still lightly resting against his groin. "Do it... I... like it." He enunciated the last two words.

I resumed my gentle stroking feeling embarrassed and slightly stupid; I hadn't done anything like this to a guy before. It felt too intimate.

"Kiss me." Nick murmured, he was still partially reclined in the chair. I covered his face with kisses resuming my pattern from his ear to his collarbone, contentedly sucking his earlobe again. He moaned low in his throat something that rose from deep inside him, this along with my gentle caresses seemed to be too much because as his back arched he almost fell out of the chair and I almost fell off his lap.

I continued to explore both of my mouth and my hands, my lips trailing across his face over the bridge of his nose and I turned my head gently kissing each one of his freckles. He murmured quietly, but that murmur turned into a moan as he shifted impatiently.

"More Justice, let me tell you how much I want you... how much I need you." He paused and kissed my lips sucking on them briefly.

I did this he asked and was rewarded as his expression glazed over again and this time I really did think he was going to fall off the chair, but his feet were braced against the floor as if he was trying hard not to let himself go. I was rewarded with another low moan, his lips were parted and his breath was coming in short gasps.

I continue to kiss him as I touched him my lips sliding across his jaw to his throat, I could feel his vocal chords vibrate under my lips, the sound he made sounding almost animalistic, and something that started like a whimper that almost sounded like a purr.

I laughed quietly. "You know Nick, that sound you may just now... very sexy." I smirked.

I could hear the smile in Nick's voice, "slow down sugar, I'm diabetic." He was laughing softly gently kissing the top of my head.

I sighed and wrapped my arms around his neck my nose still nestled against his throat.

"We better stop." I murmured, and I placed a kiss against his throat again. "Or Mr. President is going to be in a state of emergency."


The following Tuesday I was woken up insanely early by Nick.

"For Pete's sake Nick, do you realize what time it is?" I groaned.

"Three things," Nick said in a business like voice befitting of his serious demeanor, "one, it's pay back for that time you had me up early on my release day, two, we have to leave in half an hour, and three I wrote you a song."

"I'll play it for the fans when we go out today, I may release it as a single later." Nick was saying on our way to the bookstore where I was doing my release.

"What if no one shows up?" I fussed.

"People will show up." Nick said confidently, "I put out a tweet this morning."

"What? "My girlfriend is releasing her album today I am insanely proud of her?" I asked coyly smiling up at him.

Nick beamed, his eyes sparkling, "something like that."

Chapter 8 by staywritechill
Author's Notes:

This story was much shorter than I thought lol


The scene that greeted me was chaos, a clamoring crowd that was nothing but a sea of faces.

"You sure about this?" I muttered to Nick.

Nick gave my shoulders a reassuring squeeze, "Don't worry, you'll be fine."

With security flanking us as Nick and I walked into the store amid the screams and squeals of the fans, which I was used to it was just being on the other end of it, but I found overwhelming. We were directed to a small corner of the store there was a stool and an acoustic guitar on the stand and I was reminded about what Nick had said about the new song.

As soon as we were set up and they led the crowd in I got a good look. I was relieved to see a lot of the girls were wearing Jonas T-shirts so I at least picked up some of the Jonas fan base through my music, but it helped that Nick was singing background vocals on the CD, and they would buy it just to hear his voice.

"Your fans are here." I murmured quietly.

"They're here for you too," Nick said quietly, "it's not just about me today."

I did everything I possibly could before the crowd of one hundred and fifty that had gathered in the store today. I performed, "Inside Your Skin" and "Only an Ocean Away" as well as a couple of covers. Then it was Nick's turn he sat on one of the stools and pulled his guitar across his knees. Very softly he began to strum.


How do you do it girl

when we're supposed to be working

how do you do it girl, the things you do?

How do you do it, I got sensation coming through

wish you would slow down

Cause you got me going insane


He winked at me and I blushed. I knew exactly what he was talking about the situation in the recording studio a week ago.


Slow down little girl

you wouldn't know

slow down, I'm not ready to go

slow down you got me going crazy

my body is screaming ready to explode,

slow down girl slow down

Cause now it's not my time...


The song reminded me of "State of Emergency" it was saying the same thing, the temptation is there but I'm saying no. The fans wouldn't know what that song was about, but I knew all too well. I looked over at Nick and smiled and again he winked.

The rest of the month went relatively quickly Nick was making plans to release that song "Slow Down" on iTunes and I was in the process of consulting Hollywood Records, via Jonas Records about possible tour dates to come later that summer, or early spring.

So it came to the end of another day sometime in early February when the rest of the country was still in deep freeze it was a relatively balmy 75° in LA. Nick and I were going for a walk, just walking saying nothing in particular admiring the sunset that was going down. I was going home soon, at least temporarily, I wasn't needed back in LA for at least another two months, but I knew as sure as the rest of the fans knew (maybe a little more) that Nick would always be there. As he always sang "I'm gonna stay" and no matter what happened I knew he would.


End Notes:

Slow Down lyrics by me

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