Lula404 & jez92 by El amor prohibido

My name is Lucy and when I signed up for an online creative writing course I didn't realise I was also signing up for a best friend, let alone a boyfriend. Jez92 made my world go round but it was pointless, I'd never meet him would I? 


Being Nick Jonas, meeting 'real' people is hard so when I join and anonymous forum it's like freedom. Then I met this girl, there's always a girl right?, and I didn't want to be anonymous any more. But is it as easy as that? And since all I know about her is her username and the fact she lives in London, what chances have I got of ever actually meeting her?

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Chapter 1- Dear Student by El amor prohibido
Author's Notes:

A short chapter to set the scene! 

Dear Student, 


Welcome to our online creative writing course, we're glad to have you on board. As this is an international course, you will have online 'classmates' from all over the world. In order for you to communicate safely with the other people on your course we have set up an online chat forum which all students may join. We operate it on an anonymous basis which means you will not be identifiable for your own protection. From past experience we have found that students feel more comfortable sharing their writing if they are anonymous, therefore you will be required to create a username of your choice.


From Freya at The Online University 


Lucy's POV


I was so excited to start the course, I had always loved creative writing and since I was currently a studying history and politics it was going to be a breath of fresh air. The actual course itself was only a year long and wasn't to gain a qualification or anything like that, just a way to explore your creativity. It covered things like personal writing and song writing as well as complete fiction. It sounded like it was going to be right up my street


The forum intrigued me though. I'm such a people person, I love talking face to face and getting to know people so for it all to be done anonymously felt a bit disappointing but I just wanted to dive right in. I just had to come up with a decent user name. 


I decided on Lula, my dads pet name for me was Tallulah which became shortened to Lula. I entered it in the registration page and it came up a 404 error. I tried again and changed my user name to Lula404 in honour of the error. 


When I logged in for the first time there were a lot of people already saying hi, even going by a username I still felt nervous posting for the first time. Like a new kid at school but I bit the bullet. Carpe Diem! 


Lula404 - Hi everyone, looking forward to getting to know you all.



Nick's POV


The email confirmation for my creative writing course came through instantly. Everyone told me that they thought I was crazy signing up for it whilst we we were finishing our tour and about to start writing our next album but I just wanted something 'else' that was for me. 


Being in one of the biggest bands of the decade, you'd think I'd have friends for days but life on the road is lonely, really lonely. I watch my brothers with their wives and Kevin with his kids and I just feel like there's something missing in my life. I need something that's not just an extension of the name Jonas.


I read the email and about the online forum. Anonymous. I liked the sound of that. The whole reason I hadn't gone to a normal 'brick' university was because I knew that I'd never get peace just to be me and do my own thing, whereas online and anonymous anything was possible. 


I needed to come up with a username though. I thought about some of the characters I've played and nothing inspired me, then for some reason I got thinking about using my middle name Jerry instead. Too boring. Jez he sounds like a cool guy and I threw in a 92 for the year I was born and so, jez92  was born. 


I decided not to post straight away, I wanted to watch the group for a bit before I really got involved.

Chapter 2 by El amor prohibido

Lucy POV


Within the first few months the course forum was really up and running and whilst there were hundreds of members there seemed to be a core group appearing, and I was one of them. I hadn't imagined I'd get quite so it to it, but it was so much fun talking to likeminded people and sharing our work. After a while though the chat started to diversify from just our writing. We'd still talk about it but we were also getting to know each other, all be It anonymously. 


I'd never realised how liberating it was to be anonymous. I could say whatever I was thinking or feeling and I didn't have to worry about seeing these people outside the forum, although I did still self-filter to an extent.


It wasn't that I didn't have friends in real life, I had a fantastic friend group and as well as studying I worked in a coffee shop where I spoke to people everyday but there was something about the people online that I really connected with and despite my flat mate Josh making fun of me, I was forever logging in to keep up with the chat. He was convinced that I was actually talking to serial killers and sexual predators. He just didn't get it. When I'd had a bad day, the group just let me escape it and today, today had been a day from hell. 


After working an extra long shift at the coffee shop because someone called in sick, I had to run across town in the rain to make my lecture, getting soaked on the way only to discover it had been cancelled but I'd missed the email. Then when I got home Josh had eaten almost the entire contents of the kitchen so I'd had to shop before I could eat. FYI I do not recommend living with men who are gym bunnies. They eat EVERYTHING! 


Finally home and fed, I showered and put on clean fleece pyjamas and my fluffy slippers, poured myself a glass of wine and logged in. I needed a good laugh tonight. I wasn't disappointed when I saw who was online. 

- ilovenickjonas 

- twinklestarz

- MissLiterature

- jez92


Those were the 4 that I had connected with most. 


Group chat


**Lula404 has joined the chat** 


jez92 - welcome back Lula404, thought you'd rage quit the group after I thrashed you in last weeks debate on gender equality.


Lula404 - sorry to disappoint but some of us actually have jobs LOL


jez92 -  touché McDonald's must have been busy this last week


Ilovenickjonas- you two crack me up! Anyway, we've just been talking about this week's song writing assignment that we've to do in pairs and I totally think you two should work together.


Lula404- Great, How did I get landed with the dumbass of the group. Haha


jez92- you spelt hero wrong there and I think it would be fun. 


Ilovenickjonas- lets see who gets the best grade then.


Lula404- challenge accepted! 


Nicks POV


**Lula404 has sent you a private message request** 


I don't know why but it made me smile, we were going to have private contact. The past 6 months of talking to her as part of the group had been great. I could only imagine what our private chats would be like. 


'Hey punk, how are we going to tear these guys apart?' Was the first ever private message I got from her. It made me laugh. I wonder how she would have spoken to me if she knew who I really was. 


Of course we were going to kick the other two's butt. She was on a team with Nick Jonas, heck I write songs for a living, how could we not win? 


All week we messaged back and forth with our ideas for lyrics and I was actually impressed with hers. Not that they were better than my ideas but they were good. Talking about the lyrics had led on to more general chat and I asked more about her. I was curious. She had impressed me with her intelligence and quick thinking and all I really knew was she liked creative writing and music, studied politics and lived in London. There was something about Lula404 that really intrigued me. Normally when it comes to women I get taken in by good looks, then after a while realise that over and above their appearance, there's not much to them and then I get bored. I wondered what Lula looked like, would she turn my head if I met her in real life?


'Niiiiiiick, earth to Nick?' It was my brother Joe.


'What?' I asked annoyed he was interrupting our chat. 


'Are you on that dumb chat group again?' He laughed, peering over my shoulder. 'I'd have thought by 26 you'd be able to get a girl without an alias' 


'I'm not on this group to get a girl, it just makes my brain tick' I fumed.


'Sure thing bro! Getting a bit worked up there over it though aren't you?' 


'Shut up Joe'


'Anyway, get your shit together we're on live tv in 15 minutes' 


I checked my watch, I'd been online for over an hour talking to Lula directly and I hadn't even realised. I sent her a message to tell her I had to go. 


jez92 - sorry Lula I need to go, I've got some work to do.


Lula404 - I bet your manager at KFC can't wait for you to start ;-) speak to you soon x 


A kiss? Hmm.


'Come on Nick, you're holding everyone back' shouted Kevin getting frustrated.


'Ok, I'm coming' I said shutting the laptop lid, picking up my guitar and following him out of the green room.

Chapter 3 by El amor prohibido

Nick POV


I love and I mean love doing the late show, it's so much fun, even if it did drag me away from my chat. They always find dumb stuff for us to do and it just feels like hanging out with friends. After the filming was finished, my brothers and I went out to eat and then to a club to meet their wives Dani and Sophie. As soon as they walked in, I saw they'd brought a girl with them. Please tell me it wasn't another attempt at matchmaking. 


'Nick, this is my friend Taylor, we used to work together. Taylor this is my brother in law Nick' Dani smiled with a twinkle in her eye. 


Taylor was stunningly beautiful, I had to admit, and it had been a while since I'd been on a date so I decided to give it a try. I could see my brothers and wives watching me intently as I spoke to her. 


'So Taylor, what exactly do you do?' I started off.


'Oh my god. I can't believe I'm actually having a drink with Nick Jonas' she laughed. I smiled but she was already losing my interest. 


'I work in beauty, I love it. It's so much fun because it's always so different every day and it's fantastic to be able to make my clients feel beautiful for a living' 


I remembered a conversation I'd had with Lula who felt strongly that the beauty industry was only successful as it preyed on people's insecurities and that people should be made to feel confident in their own skin.


'But do you think anyone really needs make up to feel beautiful?' I asked her. 


Lula had argued that people were so obsessed by aesthetics today that the real definition of beauty had been lost. 


'Oh yeah, I mean some people are so ugly and then you do their make up and they're total catfishes' she laughed. 


I smiled. 'Yeah I mean Instagram, does anyone actually look like that?' I joked.


'Definitely not with the dog ear filters' she laughed.



The next morning Kevin called and I could tell that Dani was there with him and he had me on speaker. 


'So what do you think to Taylor then? You guys seemed to get on really well last night?' He asked.


'Yeah she seemed really nice' I replied.


'Nice? Is that the best you can do? Nice is literally one of the worst adjectives to describe someone, you've said it yourself so many times'  he replied shortly.


'Well she was beautiful, and funny. Is that better?' I asked.


'So you liked her?' Kevin prodded further. 


'Yeah I liked her but in a "it was a fun night but I don't think I'll see her again kind of way"' I explained.


'What! you two looked great together'


'Like I say she's beautiful but I just didn't feel it, I'm sorry, I tried' 


'Nick it's Dani, what do you mean you didn't feel it?'


'Well she just didn't challenge me, she agreed with me on most of what I said'


'So you mean you shared opinions and this is bad? I don't get it' 


'No, it's not bad, I guess'


'I know exactly what the issue is now' said Kevin butting in. 'It's that alleged girl online who you don't really know, could potentially be anyone and will probably never meet. I'm right, aren't I?' He asked pretty much hitting the nail on the head. 


'It's not her exactly, I just like when she challenges me and doesn't just agree'  I explained. 


'And you think if she ever finds out who you really are she'll be the same way?' He laughed. 


'I don't know' I said frustratedly.


'And you never will because you'll never meet her. You can't waste your life waiting for someone on your laptop. Why don't you give Taylor another chance. Take her for dinner, maybe it's just because you were in the club. Let's face it, it's not the easiest place to talk'


'Am I ever going to hear the end of this if I say no?' I sighed.


'I'll tell her 6pm tonight then' said Dani. 'Do you want to come to ours for dinner or out on your own?' 


'Come to yours' I replied finally defeated. 


'Good, see you tonight' said Kevin.


I hadn't been online for almost 24 hours so I logged in to the group. Instantly seeing a  message from Lula. I clicked on it eagerly. 


Lula404- hey jez, I've been thinking, I know we're not supposed to but do you want to swap numbers and talk by text instead? My number is 078********* if you want to. 


I read it and read it again. She had given me her number. It made me feel excited and worried all at the same time. If she called me then she might recognise my voice or was this the opportunity to tell her who I really was or did I just stick to the site? Texting made so much more sense though. 


I bit the bullet and put her number in my phone, after finding out the international dialling code. Now just to work out what to put in the message. 


'Hi Lula, it's jez. This is my number' I sent


That would do, it was a start. 


She replied quickly.


'I thought you'd decided I was too much of a weirdo when you didn't get in touch. Glad you did though' 


'So now we're texting, do you want to know my real name?' I ventured.


'I actually don't, I've got a picture of you in my head and it's easier talking to you without knowing exactly who you are. That's why I was thinking stick to text and no calls?' She said 


'Sounds good to me, I know what you mean. So what are you doing right now?' 


I was so relieved.


'I'm in work now but I have a lecture in a while, what about you?' 


'Just at home and having dinner with my brother and his wife tonight. '


We ended up talking by text for over an hour, she was so easy to talk to. I wished she was the one coming to Kevin's for dinner tonight.

Chapter 4 by El amor prohibido

Lucy POV


I totally put myself out there by giving jez my number, it was not something I would have usually done but I couldn't stop thinking about him. I'd really enjoyed having worked with jez, he had a way with words that most men don't have. His lyrics were the most beautiful words that would make me want to cry,  then the next message would be a rude joke that made me laugh. I just wished I could actually know him properly. I'd spent all day waiting for a response to my message, I was like a cat on a hot tin roof at work- every sound my phone made I jumped. He'd really made me sweat it waiting for his reply.


I wondered what his real name might be, I know it was meant to be anonymous but I decided his name must be Jeremy, jez is short for that isn't it? All his profile said was 27, USA and creative mind. It wasn't much to go on but I imagined him to be geeky looking, definitely used to have braces, tall and skinny. I know, zero stereotypes were harmed in the making of this mental image, but I like him. 


He is one of few people who can challenge me mentally which is a complete must but the guys I meet here in England would rather talk sports or go drinking with their friends. A guy with a smart mind is so much hotter, and a smart guy with a good body is even better I thought to myself. My thoughts tailed off as I was rudely interrupted.


'Lucy, are you ready to go yet?' Shouted my flat mate Josh. 


'Yes I am, I was just saying goodnight to...' I started


'Jez yes I know now let's go, the karaoke isn't going to sing itself is it?'


Tonight was Wednesday and that meant karaoke night in the local pub where Josh works. Karaoke was one of my favourite ways to wind down. I do write some of my own songs and I also play the guitar a little but nothing beats belting out 1980's power ballads to a room full of people. The pub's clientele was a mixture of students and old men but I seriously love it and it's a good excuse for a drink with my friends too. 


I sent one last text and threw my phone in my bag. 


'Goodnight Jez, enjoy dinner with your brother. I'm away to sing my heart out at karaoke. I'll try not to smash too many glasses with my high notes. But no promises on not smashing the contents of the bar! X'


The pub was packed with all the regulars tonight, and our friends were there too. Josh went right behind the bar and hung his jacket up and got to serving us a round of drinks. I could tell it was going to be a good night.



Nick POV


Dinner with Taylor, Kevin and Dani was like a form of torture. The only bonus being the alcohol that flowed. Taylor was definitively not for me at all. Don't get me wrong, she didn't do anything wrong, it just didn't feel right. Then to make it worse, when Dani and Kevin left the room at one point she all but jumped on me, trying to kiss me. That's so not my thing. Don't get me wrong I like strong women but she was full on throwing herself at me. 


The relief when Kevin came back in was immense, I made my excuses and left shortly thereafter. They couldn't say I didn't try with her because I did. 


When the cab dropped me back to my Jersey apartment it was just before 10. It was shameful. Here I was alone yet again. After a few more drinks I decided to message Lula. It would be about 3am in the morning where she was but she'd get it when she woke up. 



'Hope your night turned out better than mine. My brother was trying to set me up with a woman and she just wasn't right for me. Who knew it was so hard to find someone special?'


I put the phone down and poured another drink but a tone told me I had a message back. 



'Tell me about it. I'm a hopeless romantic, yet totally hopeless at finding romance in the first place. I think the future for my love life is just cats, cats and more cats haha' 



'Why are you still awake, is it not 3am where you are?' 



'Yeah but my flat mate brought everyone back to ours for a party so now I'm still ridiculously drunk and I can't sleep and I've got work in 5 hours. Think of me!'


Think of you? I've done nothing but think of you. I picked up my guitar and started to play music to the lyrics we'd been working on. They were fantastic, if it didn't mean she'd find out jez was me. I'd record and release them tomorrow, that's how good they are.



'And there was me thinking you were going to keep me company when you text. I hope you're not sleeping on me'



'I'd never be that brave! What do you want to talk about?'



'Well since were both rubbish at love, why don't you tell me about your ex's?'



'I've dated a lot and I have had a few girlfriends but nobody that really, what about you?



'Last year I was seeing a really nice guy or so I thought but it turned out he was just using me for sex, which is flattering because it means I'm obviously good in bed but not great for the heart as you can imagine. Apart from him though most men I meet just want to hook up and disappear the next day and that's just not who I am. So that's why I now own a vibrator'



'Well there's one confession I wasn't expecting to hear tonight' 



'I'm so embarrassed I can't believe I just told you that, I'm sorry, too many shots' 



'Don't be, remember I'm always on the other end of the phone for you and hey it might not be a vibrator buy my right hand wrist is definitely more muscular than the left, if you get what I'm saying' 



'Thank you just for being you Jez. It's weird part of me really wishes I could meet you and know you in real life but I can't talk to anyone else in the world like I can talk to you right now. I think you're my online soulmate x'



'I think you might just be mine too x'

Chapter 5 by El amor prohibido

Lucy POV


I can't believe I told Jez that I owned a vibrator last night. Even though I'd never meet him it was still embarrassing, he'd seemed totally cool about it though which made it better though. That's what I meant about him being easy to talk to. It just flowed and there was never even any real regret.


I'd felt sad when the writing course ended, there were other people on there that I would have loved to have kept in touch with but none I wanted to have my personal details that I had shared so willingly with Jez. He hadn't turned up with an axe to kill me yet so I took that as a success. 


Today was going to be a slog with this mix of exhaustion and hangover. It was just a relief that I had unlimited free coffee at work or I doubted I'd have survived the morning. I decided that if I made it to the end of the day that I would treat myself with my favourite Chinese food. Josh would be working but my friend Anna would be free and I could do with a bit of girly time. 


I'd managed to make it to the end of my shift and made it to uni in time for lunchtime. Next on the agenda was making it through a double politics lecture, without either sleeping or vomiting. I went to the canteen and found Josh and his friends. There were a couple of cute ones but I was sure they saw me as one of the boys. They were all sports studies students and so muscular and fit, it was just nice to look at them but sometimes conversation was a bit over my head. 


'Hey Lucy' said Josh's friend Derek moving his bag so I could sit next to him. 'How's your day been?'


'It might have been better if I didn't have work at 8am and you guys hadn't kept up so late and made me do so many shots' I groaned. 


'If you come out with the boys, you have to keep up with the boy's' Josh joked. 


'Excuse me I did quite well, and anyway, you know I'm an honorary lad now' I contested. 


'True, so how about the Chelsea score last night?' He asked in general, and I zoned out. The English premier league wasn't a specialist subject. I took the opportunity to check my phone and I found a message from Jez. 



'How's the hangover? Today?'



'I'm officially broken. I actually want nothing more than to hide under my duvet but instead I've just finished work and I'm at uni for the rest of the day'



'Serves you right for being so smart. I didn't get to go to uni. I wish I had'



'I love it here, don't get me wrong but just not with a hangover. Actually it wasn't easy for me to come either' 






'Yeah, my mum and dad split up just as I was about to sit my exams and I took it badly. I nearly failed but a teacher helped me through them. Then because my dad had left my mum really couldn't afford to pay for me to go to uni so I took a couple of years out to work to save up and here I am, working like mad to pay for it all myself but I think that makes me work harder because I don't want to waste the money. I don't see my dad anymore which is tough though'



'You've been through a lot but I can relate, my parents went through a really rough time financially and it was hard on us all. I started working young and felt a lot of pressure to help support us but it worked out in the end and my parents are still together. It really made me who I am today and I think that's why I always try and work so hard. I'm scared that the same will happen to me'



'I think as long as you've got love in your life and the right people around you then you can get through anything. A friend on the end of a text also helps ;-)' 



'Where do you see yourself in the future? I mean what's next and beyond that' 



'Well I'm starting to give up on Prince Charming coming to rescue me from my life of servitude. My dream growing up was always to get married and live happily ever after with a man like my dad but I've had to re-evaluate that idea. I guess he's the reason I have trust issues with men. That's why I like you, you don't make false promises that you can't keep. 

In terms of what's next, I'm looking at masters degrees, potentially abroad but I'm not sure. I guess the world will be my oyster. I'd love to travel too. What about you?'



'I'm just going to keep working with my brothers for the time being and then who knows, we have to travel a lot and sometimes it's overrated. Just keep believing your Prince Charming is out there, you deserve to be happy'



'You do know that some people referred to Ted Bundy as a Prince Charming don't you?!? Be careful what you wish for! Anyway I need to go, speak later x'



'I'll be waiting for your text x'


'Lucy? Earth to Lucy!' Said Josh


'Sorry what?' I looked up at him.


'Lunch is finished, Time for double politics' he laughed, knowing the pain it would cause me. 


'See you soon Lucy' Derek called after me and I gave him a wave. 


I walked to class imagining Jez as my Prince Charming coming to carry my out of my lecture to save me from Professor Laing and his monotone voice, but he never arrived. Damn you Jez for getting my hopes up I laughed to myself as the second hour began.

Chapter 6 by El amor prohibido


Nick POV


I thought back to her revelation the night before and looked back over our conversation and I realised that she felt as comfortable talking to me as I did her. The band was going great and I just wished I could share that part of my life with her. Part of me thought that I could, but would she even believe me? I mean come on, who meets an internationally famous guy on a creative writing course, except she actually had.


Talking to her had given me so much inspiration to write and she also kept me thinking. Our manager Phil was so delighted with the new songs I took to him and my brothers that he decided we were almost ready to record them and start the new album. He just needed to find a studio for us to record in, amongst all the chaos that our reunion was causing.


'Jeez Nick, these words are pretty deep, she must be really special. Tell us, who is she' Phil laughed after I played my most recent song to him. 


'Oh we know already, she's secretly a 75 year old male who hides behind a computer screen' Joe said, winding me up on purpose. 


Phil looked at me and grimaced.


'Well Nick, whoever he or she is, keep talking to them, they clearly bring out the best in you but I'm curious, beautiful women throw themselves at you all the time. Why online dating?' Asked Phil.


'She likes me for me, not my looks or my name. She doesn't even know who I am. Anyway we're not online dating, we're friends and we just text each other sometimes' I replied. 


'All the time' Kevin corrected me.


'Not all the time' I contested by I was given away as my phone vibrated and I opened the message immediately, hoping it was her.


'See what we mean?' Shrugged Kevin. 


'Actually it's mom so shut up, she's asking if we can all make dinner when we're back' I said looking between them.


'Yes! Moms cooking!' Said Joe pumping his fist in the air. 


I was so grateful to her right now for changing the focus of the conversation.


'So shall we go and sign some autographs now?' Asked Kevin, walking over and waving over the balcony of our hotel room causing the girls below to go wild. The fans in Montreal were always crazy, they'd chased us through the airport that morning and since we'd checked into the hotel they'd been downstairs screaming like mad. Joe and I joined him on the balcony and waved too.


'Niiiiiick' 'Jooooooe' 'Keviiiiiin' came the cries. I couldn't help but smile at the fans enthusiasm.


'Look Nick. That's what real life women look like' Joe joked again.


'Come on then, our adoring public awaits' I smiled, completely ignoring him. 


We signed autographs and took pictures with the fans that were waiting for almost an hour and then it was time to head to the arena for an awards show we were performing at. Phil had set up a number of performances before the tour began so we could find our feet on stage together again. Being on stage always made me feel alive in a way that not many things could. 


After the show I was pumped, we had a couple of drinks but Kevin soon left to go up to his room to FaceTime Dani. Then Joe and Sophie disappeared to theirs hand in hand. I felt so alone, even though the girls outside were still screaming my name. Fame was lonely. I text Lula in the hope that she was awake.



'I've had a crazy day today and just wanted to talk to you but I know it's late where you are so not sure if you'll be awake after your late night last night x'


I sat with my phone in my hand waiting for the three little dots to appear telling me that she was replying, but they didn't come. I knew she was asleep. I sighed and ordered another drink.


A while later a beautiful French Canadian woman appeared. 


'Drinking alone?' She asked nodding to the whiskey in my hand.


I had a fuck it moment. 


'I won't be if you join me' I smiled at her as she sat down and I signalled for the waitress. 


'What would you like to drink?' I asked her


'Same as you is fine' she blushed.


'We'll take the bottle and another glass please' I smiled. 


The girl who'd joined me told me her name was  Audrey but everyone called her Aude. She really was a natural beauty and very much my type on paper. She seemed fiesty and confident and I liked it, we drank for a few more hours and the conversation flowed easily. I found myself relaxing in her company which I took to be a good sign. We were flirting and I even considered asking her for dinner the next night. Then I caught the time on my watch. We were up early the next morning.


'I'm really sorry Aude, I need to go to bed now, I've got an early start' I explained standing up. 


'Why don't I come to your room with you then? I wouldn't want you to be lonely in bed' she said with a wink. 


I froze. Before Lucy I might have considered her offer. (What? I lost that purity ring years ago). This time however was different. She was beautiful but she was throwing herself at me and it was a total turnoff. 


'I'm sorry Aude, I appreciate that offer but I'm going to have to say no this time' I said trying to let her down as gently as possible. 


She looked shocked that I'd turn her down. 


'Well I'll write down my number if you change your mind' she said. 


'I won't. Goodnight' I said walking out of the bar. 


As soon as I got into my room I punched the huge feather pillow on my bed. How could a stranger make me feel this way? What was Lula doing to me.

Chapter 7 by El amor prohibido


Lucy's POV


It was growingly frustrating that jez was the man in my phone and not in real life. He was slowly showing himself to be my dream man, except I didn't know if he felt that way about me or if there was any point in me allowing myself to feel that way. He was so far away but as we continued to talk constantly he felt so close to me. I just couldn't help but feel there really was something there for both of us.


Since I was now in my final year of uni, I was working as hard as I could and my friends were convinced I was taking life way too seriously; between work and my course, my only source of excitement was the Wednesday karaoke at the pub and Jez of course. We'd still never shared photos or talked on the phone, the thought of it scared me. 


My flat mate Josh came home from the pub quiz one night, I'm normally on the team but I was studying again, my finals were approaching rapidly. 


'Right Lucy, we've been talking and we need to get you laid'


'Excuse me? We?!?' I was perplexed, ' since when has my sex life, or lack thereof been up for discussion?' 


'The team, anyway, you know my friend Derek that you thought was hot- you know 6ft 2 of muscle, gorgeous brown eyes, tanned skin and basically built by gods? Well he's asked me to pass on his number to you' he said waving a piece of paper at me.


'That's great' i said less than enthusiastically.


'Look girl, go on the date, give him the night of his life and then decide if you like him. It's been way over a year and you need some sugar sugar' said Josh gyrating his hips. 


'You are insufferable, but I'll go, ok? happy?' 


'Too happy' he said jumping up and down. 


My phone beeped with a message and I smiled when I saw it was jez.


'Let me guess who that is? The only person who ever evokes a smile from you. Does he even know his very existence is cock blocking you?'


'Shut up Josh. He just makes me realise that the guys around here are absolutely crap. This guy likes me for my mind and the way I am without me shoving my tits in his face. What could be better than that?'


'A lap dance from Channing Tatum?'


'You've got me there' I had to laugh. 


Finally Josh left me to talk to Jez. 



'I've just agreed to go on a date, what am I even thinking? Sure the guys hot and girls fall at his feet, but he's so not me it's scary but my flat mate is adamant I need to get laid haha' 


Nick POV


When she replied telling me she was going on a date and her friends wanted her to get laid I felt strange. I mean she was my friend and we talked all the time but it wasn't real so why did I feel like this? Why did I wish it was me? And as for her getting laid, it made me feel angry. 


'Morning' I mumbled to Joe and Kevin as I walked into the rehearsal space. We were getting ready for our tour to kick off and had to work out our movements, basically so no one fell over Joe who was usually found bouncing about all over the place when we performed.


'Woah, someone got out of bed on the wrong side this morning' laughed Sophie, who'd come along to watch. 


'Something like that. Can we just get this done guys?' I said 


'Nick, just because you've got pms doesn't mean you take it out on us ok?' Replied Joe. Trying to keep it light but I could tell he was annoyed with me. 


'Sorry guys, I've just got something playing on my mind' I apologised.


'Internet girl again?' Asked Kevin with a sigh. 


'You know I hate when you call her that, but yeah it's her'


'What's happened now?' He said rolling his eyes.


'I feel stupid saying it out loud' I sighed, running my hands through my hair.


'Just tell us Nick. Once you get it off your chest maybe you'll be able to concentrate better?' Suggested Sophie. 


'Ok ok, she's going on a date and talking about getting laid by someone. Happy now?'


'And you're jealous?' Asked Joe, clearly fed up hearing about her 


'No, not jealous, I just...'


'Why don't you just tell her it's you? You're going to be in London in a couple of weeks, you could meet her face to face and see if there's a spark there?' She suggested.


'I just don't want to ruin things between us, I can tell her anything and she tells me everything too. I don't want that to change'


'Well bro, you've got a decision to make then. tell her how you feel or have to hear everything about her getting laid by another guy' shrugged Joe, as if it were that easy


That hadn't even crossed my mind.


The night she went on the date I wished her luck but I couldn't stop checking my phone. I'd told her to text me as soon as she'd got back to tell me how it had gone. Really though, I just wanted to know if he'd got to take her home. I know it's ridiculous but hey I must be a jealous guy. Eventually around 2am her time I got a message from her.



'Had a good night, probably won't see him again though x'


What the hell did that mean? 



'So did you get laid then? Lol!'


Oh god that sounded really full on.



'No. We ended up meeting up with a load of mutual friends and it turned in to a group thing. I don't feel that way about him and I'm not just going to give it away to just anyone. They'd need to be as special as you x'


I felt relieved, I didn't want to share her, but she wasn't really mine to share.

Chapter 8 by El amor prohibido

Nicks POV


It had been over a year since we'd met on the chat group and there was not one day that went by that I didn't think of her or we didn't talk and I never ever grew bored. We shared every part of our lives together except for our identities, but apart from that not one single topic was off the table with us.


It was when she told me about her love of music and songwriting that I got really interested though. I'd begged her to send me some of her work and she'd eventually sent me a video of her singing, not that you could see her face properly, just her right arm and the guitar. I was actually really impressed, she had a good voice. I told her that I wrote too and she asked me to sing for her, but how could I? She'd surely know, so instead I sent her lyrics and told her I write for others, not myself. 


Phil had finally booked us a studio in London to record our album and then we had a one off ore-tour warm up show before kicking off our tour in Europe. I was delighted he'd chosen London and I found myself imagining that I'd walk past her in the street and instantly somehow know it was her. Let's face it though, London is huge and I get to go next to nowhere on my own anyways. Sophie had suggested I should ask to meet her whilst I was there but I was just too nervous. 


After we finished our first day in the studio Kevin handed me my phone back. He and Joe had insisted I wasn't paying proper attention because I was too busy on it and confiscated it that morning. Of course when I turned it back on there was a message from Lula.



'Guess who I served at work today? Nick Jonas! What's the chances?' 


I read and re-read her message. She'd served me? I replayed my day in my head. We'd been out for breakfast, coffee and lunch. Where had I been? Who had served me? I couldn't remember, it was so frustrating. I knew I had to get more information from her. I had to act cool. 



'Nick Jonas? Seriously? What was he like?' 


Although I'm not sure I entirely wanted to hear what she thought, I'd been having a bad day and hadn't really been at my most friendly. 



'It's hard to tell, I didn't really talk to him but he seemed ok, polite enough but seemed a bit grumpy but it was early lol' 



'He obviously didn't know how lucky he was to be served by you' 



'He might not have been that lucky, I think I overcharged him by accident though, I was actually just about to text you at the time and I pressed the wrong button, I hope he didn't notice'



I realised immediately who she was, she'd served me in small Italian coffee shop around from the studio that morning, that was the text that made Joe take my phone. I thought at the time my order seemed expensive but more to the point she is cute and she's actually real. Lula is real! And she cared more about texting me back than Nick Jonas- even though we were one and the same. 


I had to see her again, so the next morning I got up early and made another stop at the coffee shop. I saw her immediately, she was again behind the register. I watched as she served the person in front of me. She had long dark hair that was up in a messy bun with long tendrils around her face and dark rimmed geek glasses. She wore a little eye liner but other than that she looked completely natural. She caught me looking at her. 


'Hello again , I have a confession, I realised after you left yesterday that I'd charged you wrongly so your drink today is on me' she smiled. 


'Seriously? I didn't realise, honestly don't worry, we all make mistakes sometimes' I replied, smiling at her. 


'I insist! Is it to take away again?' She asked firing up the coffee machine. 


'Since it's quiet I think I'll sit in' I replied. 


'No problem, take a seat and I'll bring it over' she answered. 


I sat down in the corner and watched her make my drink, there was one other girl working with her and they were laughing and joking together, she really did have the most beautiful smile. 


'Here you are' she said putting the cup down in front of me. 


'Thanks' i replied, not really knowing what else to say but she was already back behind the counter. I saw her pull her phone out of her pocket and send a text, at which point my phone beeped loudly and I saw her looking around as if to check the person she was texting was there and of course I was, she just didn't know it yet. 


I read her message


'Nick Jonas is in again but my guilt got too much so I gave him his drink for free lol'


I replied 


'I'd have made him pay for it himself, he's made of money' 


As soon as I sent it i turned my phone onto vibrate, then reading back my message I cringed, if or  when she found out it was me it was going to come across as me bragging. 


She replied again


'Money isn't everything though is it?  As the legendary Beatles once said Cant buy me love' And she was certainly right. 


I watched her smile and put her phone away.I opened up the newspaper that had been left on the table and started to read. The main headline was about immigration.


'Hey just to apologise again, here's a muffin too. If you want more coffee just let me know because if you're anything like me it takes a fair amount of caffeine to wake you up this early' 


'Thanks very much, I'm just reading this article on immigration, it's really interesting' I knew human rights was her thing.


'Really? I think it's absolutely appalling how immigrants are treated in this country....' and she launched in to a great monologue. She was so completely passionate.


'I'm really sorry' she blushed 'I have strong opinions and sometimes I forget that not everyone wants to hear them' she said finally taking a breath.


'Actually what you said was really interesting'


'I'll leave you to your coffee in peace now' she blushed.


'My names Nick by the way' I blurted out, holding my hand out for a handshake. What an idiot I thought. 


'In the nicest possible way, I know who you are, but I'm Lucy. Good to meet you though' and she shook my hand with a smile.


Except she didn't really know who I was.

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Chapter 9 by El amor prohibido

Nick POV


I went into the coffee shop to see her every day after that. We'd talk about what was in the news and just pass the time of day, she was just as captivating in real life as she was by text. As usual I went into the coffee shop that Wednesday. I had something I really wanted to give her but when I went in there was a huge big guy behind the counter, definitely not her. 


'Erm hi, is Lucy in today?' I asked looking around. 


'No, she's had a problem with her car this morning so I'm covering her shift, can I help you? My lattes are just as good as hers, I promise' he laughed. 


'I'll take a macchiato instead actually, one shot of sugar free caramel, to go' 


'Will you see Lucy?' I asked as he made my coffee. 


'I'll probably see her tonight at karaoke in the Anchor, why?' 


'Oh I had something I wanted to give her, could you pass it on to her for me?' I asked showing him the envelope I had. 


'Yeah I can give it to her if you want?'


'Great, I'll just write a quick note'


I scribbled on a napkin 


'I thought I'd give you 2 tickets to our show this Friday in case you wanted to check it out. They're backstage passes too so maybe see you there? Nick' 


That wasn't too much was it? Too late, I handed the guy the envelope and as I left I heard the girl behind the counter say 'you do know that's Nick Jonas don't you?' 

He replied 'who?' 

And I had to smile. 


Back in the studio I was first one there and rather than get angry with Joe and Kevin's tardiness I messaged Lula/Lucy.



'Good morning, hope you're having a good day today?x'



'It would be except for my stupid car!!!! Karaoke tonight though and I'm going to let my hair down. Can't wait! Wish you could join me x'


I googled karaoke Anchor London. A Facebook page came up and I clicked on it. There were pictures of the place, it looked like a cross between a student union and an old mans club. A few more pictures in I found some of last weeks karaoke night and there was one of her on stage singing her heart out. I heard Kevin and Joe coming in so I screenshot her picture and the pub address. Why? I wasn't quite sure but I did anyway. 


The day in the studio was really productive and we finished early. I grabbed Steve the sound engineer, 'do you know anything about the Anchor pub?' 


'Yeah we go sometimes after work, it's a not really your kind of place though, why?' 


'Oh long story. A friend of mine mentioned they'd be there tonight and I thought I'd check it out' I tried to play it cool.


'It's karaoke night tonight, it can be a good laugh. There's a group of us going tonight so you can sneak in with us if you want? We're going for about 7:30pm so we can get a good table' 


'Cool, I'll see you there' 


I got in the car with Joe and Kevin.


'So call me fbi Agent Jonas but is this sudden interest in a pub anything to do with the girl online?' Asked Kevin. I just looked away.


'Seriously Nick. You've never even met her, she could be an 85 year old man with two heads and a tail for all you know' sighed Joe.


'Actually I have met her' I said meekly.


'What? When? How have you had time we've been busy constantly. The only time you've been anywhere is to that coffee shop....' said Kevin, the penny dropping. 'Does she work in the coffee shop?' 


'Yeah she does and she is like no one else I've met for a long time' I smiled thinking of her. 


'Didn't she call the police and report you for stalking when her so called internet only friend turned up in her workplace?' Laughed Joe.


'No, she actually doesn't know that's me' 


'So let me get this straight- you're talking to the same girl in person and online and she thinks you're two different people?' Said Kevin


'Well yeah but you make it sound weird' 


'Eh because it is' said Joe shaking his head.


'Oh and I missed the bit where he wants to stalk her at the pub she goes too' added Kevin looking at Joe.


'I'm just going for a drink with the sound guys and she may or may not be there. And whilst I'm telling you about her, I've given her tickets and passes for the show on Friday'


'Jesus Nick, are you going to tell her the truth because this is starting to get weird' Joe asked.


'I will, I'm going to tell her in person on Friday after the show' 


'You have to' sighed Kevin.


Back at the hotel I dressed down, I didn't want to be recognised. From the pictures I saw that most of the guys who went wore jeans, hoodies and trainers, so I put them on and a black cap, taking care not to choose anything bright or flashy. I met Steve and his friends and headed into the pub. We got a table in the back corner and I was able to sit behind a pillar where I wouldn't be seen. Steve went to the bar so I didn't have to. He knew if I was spotted it would be carnage. He handed me my bottle of bud and I scanned the room, which was filling up quickly, but Lucy but she was nowhere to be seen. I was really disappointed. 


Soon the karaoke began and there were a few takers for the spotlight on the tiny stage at the front but she still wasn't there. I resigned myself to the fact that she wasn't coming but Steve's friends were really cool and we were having a good time so it wasn't a wasted night. It was nice to chill without being noticed, even if the singers were awful. I'd started my 4th beer when I heard her voice. She was singing Bonnie Tyler 'Total Eclipse of the Heart, one of her 80's power ballads. It sent a shiver down my spine. I craned my neck so I could watch her, she was even better live. 


'She's good isn't she?' Asked Steve.


'Really good' i answered completely wrapped up in her.


'She's here nearly every week, Dave there has the biggest crush on her' he pointed to his friend at the end of the table. 


'Do you blame me? If she didn't have that boyfriend I'd have made a move by now' he laughed. 


'Boyfriend?' I asked as casually as I could. 


'Blond guy behind the bar watching her sing. Or at least I assume he is her boyfriend, they're always hugging' Dave explained.


Boyfriend? She'd never mentioned a boyfriend. As the song ended I felt disappointed, I wanted to hear more. It didn't help that the person who got up next was the worst yet. I watched as she went over to the bar and hugged the blond guy, the alleged boyfriend and I felt so jealous. Part of me wanted to go right over there and tell her how fantastic she was but there was a girl who walked past me a few times and I was convinced she'd recognised me. So when Steve offered to get another round in, I declined and left.

Chapter 10 by El amor prohibido

Lucy PoV


My friend Anna came over excitedly. 

'I swear I just saw Nick Jonas here' 


Josh laughed 'in this pub? Are you having a laugh, Lucy's the biggest celeb we have here' he said ruffling my already messy hair.


'Seriously, I swear he was watching Lucy' she insisted 


'Actually it is possible, he's recording in the studio near here and I've spoken to him a few times' I said, not wanting them to know I'd seen him everyday at work and shared some great conversations with him.


'What are we talking about?' Asked Mike, who'd just arrived, throwing his arm around Anna.


'Apparently Nick Jonas was here watching Lucy sing' laughed Josh, sarcastically. 


'Oh talking of whom, he was in work this morning and asked me to give you this' Mike said taking an envelope out of his pocket and handing it to me. 


Everyone looked at me as I blushed. I was very confused but really touched when I opened it to see the tickets and his note. He was really sweet but I wasn't sure about going, VIP treatment. Not mention backstage passes weren't really my thing, but they were adamant I had to go. 


'You never know he might be head over heels for you and you can get married and live happy ever after in his LA mansion' Anna said laughing.


'Careful now Anna, she only has eyes for her secret online lover that she's never seen or actually spoken to in real life' Josh was making fun of me yet again. I wish I'd never told him about Jez but he was my flat mate and knew nearly everything about me. 


'He is not my online lover, he's just a friend who I can talk to about everything' I corrected him. 


'That makes you light up like a Christmas tree every time he messages you!' Laughed Anna.


'Sorry, what?' I replied, I hadn't heard him because I a message from Jez had come through as he'd spoken. 


'Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I rest my case- look at her!' Josh continued. 


'Shut up' i said punching him on the arm and he pulled me in for a hug. 


'Maybe concentrate on your job for a bit rather than trying to wind me up' I said pointing at the queue of people waiting to get served. 


I took my phone out and read Jez's message again



'Just realised its karaoke night. Knock em dead- I'm sure you will x'



'Thank you, I've already sang once but a few more shots and they'll need to surgically remove the mike from my hand. You were quiet today, I missed you x'


I sang a few more songs, had a few more drinks and then headed home early-ish, I had work in the morning and I was opening which meant I had to be there for 7am to catch the morning rush hour. 


I dragged myself to work and started to set up for the day. I found myself half watching the door for Nick coming in. Every time a customer came in I got my hopes up and I didn't even know why. I was joined at 8am by Sally in time for the morning rush but 9am it was calming down. The door opened again and I stood behind the register. It was Nicks brothers; Joe and Kevin. 


'Hi, we heard the coffee is good here so we wanted to come and see for ourselves' said Joe smiling sweetly.


'Yeah your brother is a bit of a regular now, is he not with you today?' I asked looking back towards the door hopefully.


'He's running late' said Kevin. 


'Oh. That's not like him, anyway what can I get for you both?' I smiled. 


The brothers ordered their drinks to sit in and spent all the time it took for me to make them talking to me, they sure liked to ask a lot of questions. I told them it was nice to meet them and gave them their drinks and moved on to the next customer. Not even 5 minutes later Nick walked in. 


'Good morning, the usual?' I greeted him with a smile.


'Yes please, and how are you today?' He asked leaning over the counter to watch me make his drink.


'Good thanks, I was out last night so my voice is a bit hoarse' I joked. 


'Relatable' he smiled. 


'I'll bet! I take it you're here to meet your brothers, they're just over there. It was nice to meet them finally too' I said pointing to where they were sat. I saw Joe look up and catch Nicks eye. His expression changed and I saw an odd look shared between him and them. 


'Yeah, yeah I am here to meet dumb and dumber over there' he replied ever so slightly unconvincingly.


'I got the tickets from Mike by the way, thanks very much, it was a nice surprise' 


'Can you make it, I'd really like it if you could, I mean if you're free' he stuttered. 


'I'm sure I can pop in for 5 minutes or something' I joked


'Oh right' he replied looking disappointed. 


'I'm only joking, of course I'm coming and I'm bringing my friend Josh with me' I smiled.


'Seriously? You love to wind me up, don't you' he smiled


There was a queue building up so I handed him his drink and said I'd next see him on Friday at the show because I was off work for lectures the next morning. Even as I served the other customers I kept an eye on their table, wishing I could hear what they were saying as they looked really animated but it was just too noisy. I gave them a wave as they left. 


'He's totally in to you' whispered Sally, making me shake my head. 


'Next please' I called ignoring her.


Except I was quite into him and I didn't know how it made me feel. Why would be be interested in me and why did it make me feel like I was betraying Jez.

Chapter 11 by El amor prohibido

Nick POV


'I still cannot believe you just went in there to see her' I fumed as we got back to the studio, I'd only just managed to hold it in until we left the cafe.


'We had to see who this internet femme fatale was for ourselves' laughed Joe


'She actually does seem like a good person though, she came across quite humble and was totally normal with us' said Kevin.


‘And she does make a good cup of Joe’ laughed my eternally unfunny brother Joe.


'I wondered where the car was this morning when I came down and then I questioned where you two clowns were but now I know. And you said I was stalking her! What do you guys call what you just did?' I demanded.


'It's so obvious you like each other though Nick, why don't you just bite the bullet and ask her out properly?' Asked Kevin. 


'Because she lives in London and I'm based in LA and travelling all over the world constantly, how would that work? Don't you think I've thought about it? She's the only girl I've really felt anything for in a long time and it just can't happen. Even though all I want to do every time I see her is grab her and kiss her. Every time I get a minute I want to talk to her. When I close my eyes she's who I see. I even dream about her. Okay happy now' I said, surprising myself at my outburst. It was the first time I’d even admitted those things to myself.


Their eyes were huge in surprise. They looked at each other and back at me and laughed.


'You're in love bro' said Kevin punching me on the arm.


'You've got it bad' added Joe, 'wait til I tell Soph she was right' 


'Yeah well she also has a boyfriend so it doesn't matter even if I was in love with her, which I'm not' 


'Ah the sweet sound of denial in the morning dear brother' laughed Joe. 


'Maybe if you put as much effort into recording these damn songs as you did trying to wind me up about Lucy then the album would have been done by now' I answered storming past them, only making them laugh harder.


What the hell did they know? I huffed to myself. And even if I was in love with her, what was the point. It couldn't ever work, could it? So why was she the only person in the world I wanted to talk to about it? Without really thinking it through, I picked up the phone and text Lula.



'Have you ever really fallen for someone, knowing it can't happen but you just can't help it?'


I pressed send. I saw those three dots appear almost instantly.



'Yeah, I have, but we've only ever text each other and he lives in the USA so it's complicated. LOL. God I hope that's what you meant or I sound like a total idiot'


I rubbed my head in my hands, she'd fallen for me too but she just didn't know it was me. Why hadn't I told her. If I say no to that then I lose her and make things awkward but if I agree then she might not give the real me a second glance. That’s what I liked about her, she didn’t  see me as Nick Jonas. She saw me as the real Nick.This was one fubar situation.



Lucy POV


I pressed send on the text and instantly regretted it. I'd just told him I'd fallen for him like a complete weirdo, and what was worse he wasn't replying. I’d clearly got it wrong. I just hoped I hadn’t lost him as a friend for good. 


I spent all day hoping he'd message me back but nothing. Complete silence all day. I'd messed up. I had lost him and it hurt, it really hurt. At least I had my night out with Josh to look forward to and seeing Nick perform for the first time was going to be cool too. 


'So Josh, will I do for my first ever Jonas Brothers gig?' I laughed spinning around.


'If Nick Jonas doesn't throw you over his shoulder and kidnap you for his sex slave dressed like that then he's just plain stupid' he joked


'And if Joe Jonas doesn't do the same to you, then I'll have to have strong words with him' I laughed back at him.


I'd decided that I was going to put the sadness to one side and enjoy myself tonight. I dressed up as Josh promised me that he and I were going to hit the town after the show. He was going to help me drown my sorrows. He kept saying 'can you lose something you never really had in the first place' and maybe he had a point. So why did my hands feel empty without my phone and why was there was a void in my heart without his words? 


At the gig we entered through the VIP entrance as Nick has instructed and strolled into the bar area like we owned that place. At the bar we stopped to take stock of our surroundings. There were so many people I recognised from celebrity magazines in there that I was shocked. It wasn't that I'd expected to be there alone with Nick but I was pretty sure that I'd just seen Victoria Beckham and her daughter. Oh wow! I felt like a total imposter. I was sure people were looking at me and wondering who I was and if I'd got the wrong entrance.


A large security guy appeared. 

'Is there a Lucy and Josh here?' He asked. Everyone looked at each other, I was mortified. 

'We're over here' shouted Josh waving to the guy. 

'Can you come with me please' he asked. 

I downed the drink that I'd literally just been handed and followed him. If I was about to be chucked out then I wanted at least one free drink. He took us through a cordoned off area and knocked on the door marked 

'Nick Jonas Dressing Room'


'Come in' I heard him shout and the security guy pushed the handle and let us in. Nick was sat on a sofa getting ready for the show. 


‘Hi Lucy’ Nick said. 


'Hey, thanks again for the tickets' I said with a smile.


'Thanks again for coming' he said eyeing Josh suspiciously. 'I take it this is Josh, your boyfriend?' He asked awkwardly. 


Josh and I took one look at each other and burst out laughing. Nick looked confused. 


'Haha, I'm sorry Nick but you're more my type than she is, if you get what I'm saying. I'm gay! I'm just her flat mate. She's completely single and ready to mingle' said Josh giving me a hug and aiming a wink at Nick.


'But he does prefer Joe' I joked, embarrassed that he'd just emphasised to Nick that I was single. 


'Well I'm about to do my warmups so I'm going to have to say bye for now, but I just wanted to catch you and say that I hope you enjoy the show. And remember your passes for afterwards'


'Well we'll be able to come back for a while but I'm taking Lucy out to cheer her up afterwards, she's had a falling out with a friend' explained Josh. 


'We're actually going out to a club afterwards, why don't you hang around and come with us?' Nick smiled. 


'That's really kind but...' I began


'But nothing, count us in' said Josh excitedly whooping.

Chapter 12 by El amor prohibido

Nick POV


Lucy and Josh were in the front row and it was such a buzz to see her watch us perform, we made eye contact so many times and I could see her and her non-boyfriend Josh were having a ball. I'd already half decided that tonight I was going to make a move when we got to the club. A couple of drinks for Dutch courage and I was going to try and tell her how I felt about her and maybe who I was too.


When they came backstage after the show she threw her arms around me and hugged me. It was completely unexpected but felt great. 'You were amazing' she said. Her touch was sending shockwaves around my body, I didn't realise quite how much I'd wanted it until that moment. Oh boy.


'Who's ready to get messy?' Shouted Joe, signalling to the door to leave for the club. We all jumped into the cars that were waiting and Lucy sat next to me, with Josh on the other side. Her hand brushed my leg repeatedly as she was talking and I wanted so much to reach out and grab it.


I guided her through the VIP line with my hand on the small of her back and she smiled at me, I was starting to think she was as in to me as I was her. But even after a few drinks I still felt nervous,  I was enjoying her company so much and I didn't want to spoil it. I excused myself to go to the bathroom leaving her at the table laughing with the others.


'So have you told her yet?' Asked Joe, grabbing me on my way back to her.


'Of course I have and she's totally fine with it, honestly' I hated lying to my brothers but I'd do anything to get them off my case and get back to Lucy so this was just a little white lie. I promised myself I'd tell her tomorrow. 


I slid back onto the sofa beside Lucy and got even closer to her than before, causing her to look at me, like really look at me. She bit her lip nervously and smiled. I smiled back at her. I knew for sure now that she felt the electricity between us too. As my confidence built, I placed my hand on her knee and she smiled. She didn't move it away, she simply lay her hand on top of mine and continued talking to the group. Every now and then I’d catch her eye and she’d smile. 


As we were about to leave the club I knew time was running out, so I seized the opportunity, leant in and kissed her. I'd been waiting for this moment for a long time, since she was only my Lula, and now she was my Lucy. Her lips were soft and warm and they were against mine and then her tongue found mine. I put my arms around her waist and held her and she did the same in response. 


'Come on Nick, the cars waiting' shouted Joe. 


This moment could not be over already, what if I never got this chance again. What if she sobered up in the morning and decided it was a mistake. There were too many what if’s to leave it to chance.


'Come back to the hotel with me' I said, half asking her and half begging her. She looked at me awkwardly. 


'Nick I don't do one night things, I'm really sorry if I've mislead you' 


'No, that's not what I meant. I just don't want this night to end and I want to spend it with you' I explained sounding like something out of a bad chick flick. 


'Nick come on or we're going without you' shouted Joe again impatiently.


I looked at her, took her hand in mine and pulled her gently. 


'come with me, please' I begged her, with my best puppy dog eyes.


'Will you just go with the man' ordered Josh.


'Okay, okay, how can I say no to you' she conceded, kissing me on the cheek. It felt so good. I put my arm around her and took her to the car where Joe and Kevin were waiting and their eyes nearly popped out their head when they saw she was coming back with us. 


'We're just going to have a few more drinks' I explained, holding her hand in mine. 


We got the driver to take us to the back of the hotel and snuck in so no photographers could catch us. Lucy and I went straight up to my room and I poured us a drink. I couldn't take my eyes off her, she was over by the window looking out across the city as the sun was starting to rise. I walked over and joined her, handing her the drink. 


'Thanks' she said 'it looks beautiful out there, doesn't it? I love the city when it’s quiet’


'It’s nowhere near as beautiful as you are' I told her, making her blush. 


We sat down on the sofa and talked for a while but she started to yawn. 


'Why don't you sleep here for a bit, you look really tired' 


'As long as it's not weird then yes please, I'd be asleep in the back of the taxi before I got home' she replied yawning again. 


I took her through to my bedroom and handed her some shorts and t shirt to wear. She changed in the bathroom and I lay in bed waiting for her. 


She came out and looked bashful but none the less she got in beside me and lay facing me, just looking at me and smiling.


'Can I kiss you again?' I asked her. 


She nodded and we kissed again and again and again. As turned on as I was and I think she was, the kiss stayed as just a kiss and we both fell asleep in each other's arms. It felt as amazing as I’d imagined it would. 


At 10am the phone in the room woke us up, it was Kevin asking if we wanted to go for breakfast. Lucy said no though, she wanted to go home and change. I felt really disappointed, I wanted to spend every minute that I had left in London with her but I did understand at the same time. She did however agree to meet me for dinner later that evening.


'Give me your number in case there's an issue' she said 


'Sure it's, its...' It hit me, she would already have me saved as jez so I couldn't give her it. 'I mean I would but it sometimes doesn't get incoming calls, so I'll give you Kevin's number, ok?'


'Sure' she said.


I stood at the door and we shared our first sober kids. I watched as she walked to the lift, giving her one final wave. She was amazing. I was in trouble. I was in deep.


Lucy PoV 


I blushed when I got in the lift as it was only me and Joe and I could imagine what he was thinking when he saw me doing the walk of shame.


'Looks like you and Nick had a good night' he said with a knowing smile. 


I wanted to tell him that we hadn't had sex like I assumed he was thinking but instead I just said 'yes thanks'. I was too busy up on cloud 9 to find better words. 


'I still can't believe it, Kevin and I tried to set him up with girls all the time and failed, then he joins an internet chat room and finds you. It's crazy. I'm just glad he came clean and told you he was jez last night though. Kev and I told him to come clean but he just wouldn’t' he said as the lift doors opened on the ground floor.


I felt sick. Nick was jez all this time? I'd told jez everything and Nick couldn't even tell me it was him when he knew who I was? I felt devastated. Last night was the first time in a long time I'd felt something for a man and now I felt betrayed. How could he have done that to me?


'Actually Joe, he didn't tell me. You just did. So thanks for that' I said feeling like I was about to cry. I ran outside and jumped in the taxi that was waiting for me.


Josh was almost behind the door waiting for me when I got in.


'Tell me everything! was it wonderful? Did you see him naked?' He said excitedly. 


'Nick Jonas is an asshole and I don't want to talk about it' I said 


'Woah did he hurt you?' Asked Josh getting protective.


'Not physically. But I did find out who jez is'






'Whaaaat did he tell you that?' 


'No, that's what worse, Joe did. Nick doesn't know that I know. He's asked me to go out for dinner tonight but he can bugger off' 


'So let me get this right Lucy, you fell for jez who turns out to be Nick Jonas who you also have feelings for and now you're going to act upon this new information by standing him up when basically he's your dream man?' 


'Piss off'


'What did I say?' He looked confused 


'You made sense' I admitted.  


'So why don't you go and meet him tonight as planned and give him the chance to explain? What's the worst that could happen?' 


'Indeed' i replied.

Chapter 13 by El amor prohibido

Nick POV


I sat down to breakfast with Joe and Kevin trying to conceal the massive smile that was etched on my face.


‘Good morning gentlemen’ I said pulling my chair in at the table. 


'Soooo, tell all was it as amazing as you hoped with Lucy. We saw the kiss and the holding hands and I believe she may have just spent the night' winked Kevin.


'It was even better than I’d imagined, honestly, I've never wanted to kiss someone as much as her in my life. And yes she stayed over but sorry to disappoint you if you're waiting for juicy details but that's as far as it went. She didn’t throw herself at me, she left me wanting more and I respect her for that' 


'So when are you seeing her again?' Kevin asked excitedly. 


'Tonight for dinner, I can't wait, I don't know what it is that she's done to me but I love it. In fact, I can admit now, you were right, I do love her' I even surprised myself with the last part of the statement but it was true, she had me hook, line and sinker.


'So tell us how did she take it when you told her who you/jez were?' Asked Joe, who up until then had been uncharacteristically quiet and looked slightly shady.


'I kinda lied to you last night. I haven't actually told her yet but I'm definitely going to tonight, I need to be honest with her so this can really go somewhere. I just hope she feels the same as I do. And Kevin she's got your number for now. If I'd given her mine then she'd realise who I was and I don't want her to find out any other way than by me telling her. It's the least I can do' 


My phone rang, it was about an acting part I'd auditioned for so I got up and went to answer it, little did I know at that time Joe was confessing to Kevin that he'd outed me as Jez already.


When I came back to the table the two of them were acting slightly strangely. 


'I got the part guys’ I said excitedly, their reactions were somewhat lacklustre. ‘Yay! You know you could at least pretend to be happy for me, right?' I said


'You know we're always happy for you Nick' smiled Joe


'Even when it comes to Lucy?' I asked raising an eyebrow. 


'Especially then' said Kevin with what looked like a fake grin. 


'You guys are so strange sometimes' I laughed. I was so excited about tonight that nothing could bring me down. I just had to find the right words to tell her. 



Lucy POV


I spent most of the day in my room overthinking everything as usual. Last night had been amazing with Nick and that’s why my emotions were on such a rollercoaster. I went between being angry and frustrated to floating on air and back again. 


I felt like Nick and I had such a connection last night in person, it really hurt that he hadn’t told me. But those kisses, those kisses we’d shared were the dangerous kind, the kind that make you fall in love. They were also the kind that make your clothes fall off but Nick hasn’t pushed me, he was a true gentleman. So he must respect me after all. My head was fried! 


I went and talked to Toby for a while, telling him how things were with Nick would have been absolutely perfect but the whole Jez thing was getting in the way for me. Knowing that he'd kept something so big from me already was a bit of a red flag and I didn't know if I could get past that. 


The biggest hurdle of all was the fact that I was in London and he would be all over the world. I sat and contemplated the practicalities of an international relationship. Could it work? I was an old romantic though, I believed in love and love could conquer all, couldn't it? Love, was this even what it was? And if so why did it have to begin based upon a lie? There were so many unanswered questions. The first one I had to answer was if I still wanted to meet him for dinner tonight.


I went back and forth so many times but after a lot of soul searching, and slight coercion from Josh, I came to the conclusion that I was going to go and give Nick the chance to explain. Our history as Lula and Jez meant that I had to at least give him the opportunity.


Despite it all, I had butterflies in my tummy knowing Nick and I were going on our first real date. He picked me up from my flat in a fancy car and took us to a lovely little restaurant that I'd never seen before. He was so complimentary, telling me I looked beautiful and how lucky he was to have me with him. Everytime I looked at his lips I thought about the kisses the night before and wondered if tonight would be the same. I knew I wanted it to be, but only if he came clean.


He picked the wine with ease and the food was to die for. Conversation between the two of us just flowed effortlessly. He was so full of life when he was telling me stories and I could tell that over the past 18 months there had been a lot that he'd wanted to tell me about his life as Nick Jonas that he couldn't as Jez, he'd had to hold back a massive chunk of his life and I knew it couldn't have been easy for him. Yet in a way it did hurt that I'd let him in to every part of my life thinking he was doing the same. 


By desert he still hadn't come clean and I was running out of patience. Every time I looked at him, my eyes were willing him to tell the truth. If I was going to allow my heart to fall any further for him, I needed to know I could trust him to always be honest. 


'So Nick, tell me, what qualities do you look for in a woman?' I asked trying to move the subject on. 


'Good question. I'll admit I've always been lead by appearances but after past experience with relationships purely based upon looks not working out, I've come to realise that I like a strong, modest, intelligent, fiery, beautiful woman who isn't only with me for status or money. Someone like you really. So what about you?' He asked with a smile. 


I looked him straight in the eyes and took the hand that was closest to me in mine. 


'What I look for most of all is someone who is honest and knows that they can tell me anything. If there's no honesty then there's no point in even going any further, wouldn't you agree?' This was his opportunity. I just hoped he'd take it.


I watched him as he looked down at his plate and took a second. A guilty look spread across his face and for one minute I was convinced that he was going to keep quiet.


'Actually, there is something I wanted to tell you about me, that I should have done long before now' he paused, took a deep breath and began 'Around 18 months ago I signed up for an online course and there was an anonymous chat room. I met some people in the group and got on well with them but one girl- Lula stuck out for me. We wrote a beautiful song together and she gave me her number. We started texting pretty much constantly and I found myself falling for her but I was scared, terrified actually, that if I told her who I was then she would change or it wouldn't be real anymore. So I didn't tell her. Then I came to London and never thought that I would find her, find you in real life. Then when when we spent time together in person I realised that you were so much more than I even thought possible. You didn't even care about the Jonas name, you could see beyond it and then I kicked myself that I'd never tried to meet you before. Then when we kissed last night it confirmed that I am 100% head over heels in love with you and I don't ever want to imagine my life again without you in it' 


I sat for a second processing all the information. 


'Say something, please Lucy' he begged me. 'Have i overstepped the mark, have I read this all wrong?' His eyes were glued to me looking for my reaction.


'Don't be angry but Joe told me this morning that you were jez. I almost didn't come tonight. I felt angry and betrayed. I felt like you were making fun of me' I started.


'I would never....' he butted in.


'I'm not finished' I said firmly. 'Then Josh made me realised that if I loved you as jez then I love you even more as Nick. But I swear to god that if you lie to me again or hide something like that from me- I'll cut your balls off and wear them as earrings. Okay?' I smiled. 


'I like my balls so okay, I promise you honesty. I could just buy you some nice earrings instead?' He laughed.


'I'll buy my own thanks' I giggled.


I could see the relief in his eyes as he reached over the table and pulled my hand up to his lips and kissed it.


'No more secrets, I promise' he said, and I absolutely believed him.


After dinner we walked around the city for a while just talking, it was dark and no one paid the blindest bit of attention to Nick. As we walked his hand found its way into mine and we ended up at first holding hands, moving on to him having his arm around my waist and my head resting against his shoulder. 


‘How would you feel about staying at the hotel again with me tonight? He asked as It came into view. 


‘I think that’s an excellent idea, I don’t have work until 10 so I won’t need to rush away too early’ I replied. 


‘I just text Joe to say we were coming back to the hotel, he’s asking if we want to have a drink with him and Kevin. You don’t have to say yes’ Nick said.


‘Sounds good’ I said squeezing his hand. 



End Notes:

How cute are these two! 

Chapter 14 by El amor prohibido



Lucy POV


I was so nervous going with Nick to meet Joe and Kevin. I know I’d met them both before but this time it was different, I really wanted to make a good impression with them. I knew how much their opinions mattered to Nick. 


‘Nick I’m nervous’ I giggled. 


‘Just be you and you won’t go wrong’ he said kissing me on the cheek. 


‘I’ll try’ 


‘But don’t tell Joe that I told you about Jez, I want to get him back’ he smirked


‘How far do you want to go?’ I said raising my eyebrow at him, making him laugh.


We walked hand in hand into the hotel and up to Joe’s room and Nick did their secret knock, or so he called it. It was actually Kevin who answered- 

‘Come in you two love birds’ he said, with a smile. 


Joe looked between the two of us, clearly wondering what had been said, if I’d thrown him under the bus and told Nick what he’d said.


‘I’m just going to go up to my room for something, back in 5, ok?’ Nick said, and left me there alone with Joe and Kevin. 


‘So did you have a nice dinner?’ Asked Joe. 


‘Yes it was good, I was just a bit worried because my husband sometimes goes to that restaurant too, and I didn’t really want him to see me with Nick. As much as we have an open marriage we like to help each other choose our other partners so he might have killed Nick’ I said deadpan.


‘You’re married?’ Asked Joe, looking stunned.


‘Yeah but we’ve only got the two kids just now so no need to settle down yet, is there? Anyway, I haven’t told Nick yet so don’t say anything’ I said enjoying it way too much.


Joe and Kevin looked light deer caught in the headlights. They didn’t know what to do with themselves. 


A minute later Nick walked back into the room and handed me a hoodie.


‘That will keep you warm’ he said. 


‘Thanks, you’re too sweet’ I said, Joe was still sat with his mouth slightly open in shock. Then I looked at Nick and we both lost it, we were both crying in laughter and the other two had no idea why.


‘You brothers, just got pranked!’ Laughed Nick. ‘In future Joe, don’t let your mouth flap quite so much, ok?’


‘Oh my god Lucy, you had me so convinced this 6 foot 9 guy was going to burst through the door with a gun and kill Nick at any time!’ Laughed Joe, finally seeing the funny side. It was a stupid prank but it totally broke the ice and we spent the next few hours just drinking and talking together. Nicks hand was never far from mine and it just felt right being like this with him. 


‘Well Lucy, I guess we should head along to my room now’ said Nick, yawning and stretching. 


‘I think you could be right, it’s almost one’ I replied.


‘Well you crazy kids have fun’ smirked Joe. I could immediately tell what his dirty mind was thinking. 


‘We will!’ I said, closing the door behind me. 


We walked to Nicks room and as soon as we were inside he kissed me just like the night before. I’d waited all day for him to kiss me, it felt so good. I felt his hands dare to venture down to my butt and pull me even closer into him. I let out a slight moan, he was turning me on so much and from what I could feel pressing against my leg, he felt the same way too, but it was too soon. I eventually pulled myself away from him.


‘Can i borrow some pjs again please?’ I asked, and he gave me some shorts and a tee to sleep in. We climbed into bed and I cuddled in to him, his arms leaving me feeling like I was in the safest place in the world. I cuddled right into his chest. I felt him kiss me on the top of her head, and then he said.

‘I love you Lucy’ 

It too a second to process but I moved my head back, looked right at him immediately replied 

‘I love you too’. 


Now it’s not that I’ve never thought I’d been in love before, it was that I’d never known it for certain, like I did now.


It felt awful when I woke up the next morning and I had to leave him to go home and get ready for work, but he told me he loved me again and sealed it with a kiss that turned my knees to jelly. 


Nick POV

I honestly didn’t know where those words came from last night  but I meant them, and I know she did too. Honestly I wanted to do a back flip off of the bed with how happy I was but I decided to hold her as tight as I could. Now things were just going so well it was weighing on my mind what was going to happen when it came time for me to go again, but I knew for certain my heart was staying in London with her. 


Joe and Kevin were waiting for me when I was ready, which made a pleasant change. We had an interview to do on BBC radio. We got into the black SUV waiting to take us to the audio. 


'So last night together bro, are you going to do the dirty??' Laughed Joe, slapping me on the back. 'I can give you some tips if you need them' he winked.


'If she wants to take it further then there'd be no complaints over here but it's her call, and thanks for the offer Joe but no tips required' I smiled. I smiled every time I thought of her, but especially when I imagined what it would feel like to have all of her. 


'So what's the plan once we leave? Have you talked about how are you guys going to make things work with the distance?' Asked Kevin, always the practical one. 


'We're going to talk about it tonight and honestly I've no idea but i know I'm not letting go of her, absolutely not. These last three days with her have been the best. She makes me feel alive inside. I think about her and it's like butterflies in my stomach....' 


'Okay Romeo we get it, she's the one!' said Joe shaking his head. 'Don't you think Kevin and I know how it feels to be in love. Just make yourself happy and enjoy it, ok? It's not always easy but when you find the one then it's worth it'


'But remember, if you do do the dirty tonight, just remember to have safe sex kids, because once you have kids it’s very hard to have sex!' joked Kevin. 


‘That’s us at the BBC guys’ shouted the driver as we pulled up. 



BBC radio 1 interview with Nick Grimshaw aka Grimmy 


Grimmy: hey everyone I’m here with the Jonas Brothers today 


**cheering in the studio**


Nick: Hi, it’s great to be here


Joe: Hello UK


Kevin: Hey everyone.


Grimmy: so the Jonas Brothers are back together and going strong then? 


Joe: eh yeah, we’ve just spent the last two weeks here recording our next album too, so things are going from strength to strength for us, and lots more to come besides.


Grimmy: I was at your one off show the other night and it was fantastic. How is it playing in front of an audience again.


Kevin: for me the performance aspect was something I really missed in our hiatus and I love that my girls can come and watch us now. I 


Grimmy: so a little birdy has told me Nick that you’ve been making new friends in London, and you were even spotted looking at property here, that’s exciting! 


Nick: yeah I have been, I’ve always loved London, it’s a magical crazy place where anything can happen


Grimmy: and sometimes the tube even runs on time. No but seriously that’s great news. So why London then?


Nick: it sounds kinda cliché but there’s a girl and I’d like to be closer to her.


Grimmy: wait a minute Mr Jonas? You have a SECRET LONDON LADY? How do I not know about this.


Joe: well we certainly know all about her.....


Kevin: oh yes! 


Grimmy: well I think I might need to get a new hat from the sounds of this! 


Chapter 15 by El amor prohibido

Nicks POV

I was looking forward to Lucy coming to the hotel after she finished work. We'd been texting all day in between her customers and my media interviews and planned a quiet night in. This time I’d asked in advance and she was going to stay over with me. Since the BBC interview my social media was off the hook asking 'who is she?' I wasn't ready to share her with the world yet though, for now she was all mine.


When she got to the hotel, she had jumped in the shower straight away. She said she couldn't take the smell of coffee on her hair much longer. It was so tempting to burst in on her in the shower. Knowing that she was naked a mere 6 feet away from me was killing me. I imagined the water running down her body. All Joe's chat all day about Lucy and I getting physical had clearly triggered something in me but I knew she wanted to take it slow. I also knew that it would be worth the wait


'You look a bit red in the face' she chuckled as she stepped out the bathroom to join me where I was sat on the sofa. I'd pulled a pillow on my lap hoping she wouldn't notice what the thought of her naked was doing to me, but she made it worse when she came and lay with her head on the pillow. I immediately saw that her white pyjama top was ever so slightly see through because it was damp and she had no bra on. What was she trying to do to me? Whatever it was, it was well and truly working.


'Nick, after tonight, what happens? I really don't want this to end' She asked breaking my sexual thoughts and bringing us back to reality with a bump. 


'There's no way that this is the end, this is just the beginning for us Lucy, I promise. I honestly hate that this is all falling into place just as I'm leaving, I wish I could take you with me so much' I told her truthfully.


'If this was in a couple of months time after my exams I'd take you up on that. In fact I'd be packed by now and half way to the airport' she replied, not a hint of humour in her eyes.


'Seriously?' I replied, surprised.


'Was that too much? I guess I can be a bit full on sometimes' she suddenly looked self conscious and uncomfortable.


'Lucy I don't think you get the fact I was being serious too' I reassured her. 'If I could be your Prince Charming and sweep you off your feet right now then I would but you didn't survive all those double politics lectures to skip your final exams, did you?’


'Well no, I guess you’re right. So why don't we see how things go and you can come back after my graduation in June and ask me again if you still feel the same way?' She suggested, I could tell she still wasn't fully convinced I was being serious but I guess the proof would be in the pudding! 


'Deal' i replied kissing her on the head and looking up at the tv again, again trying to ignore what was happening under the pillow. After a moments silence, she spoke.


'Nick, can you just kiss me properly again please. I think I'd like to get naked with you right now. If that's ok with you, that is?' she said sitting up, taking me completely and pleasantly by surprise. 



Lucy POV


I don't know where it came from but I just told Nick I wanted to get naked with him and now was kissing me and we were peeling each other's clothes off of me as I manoeuvred him off the sofa and towards the huge bed.


'Are you sure?' He asked looking at me. He was stood there just in his boxers and I was just in my pj shorts. Was he for real? I'd never wanted anything more.


'Never been more sure' I replied, as we took our final items off.  We stood for a moment taking each other's bodies in. Nick was now standing completely naked in front of me and his body was even better than I'd imagined, and I could tell he clearly liked what he saw in front of him. I reached out and touched his face and kissed him again. 


It was like he couldn't take it anymore and he picked me up and lay me on the bed, my legs instinctively wrapping around him and pulling him with me. Our kisses were becoming more intense and so much more forceful. I felt so ready for this, I trusted him completely. He put on a condom that he must have had hidden nearby and I knew it was definitely about to happen. I took a deep breath, giddy with the anticipation. I felt his hand go down between my legs and guide himself inside me. It felt so good sliding in slowly that first time that I groaned. 


'You like that?' He asked looking as flushed as I felt. 


'Uh huh' Was all I could reply as his hips began to thrust. We both had our eyes open looking at each other. He looked so serious but I could tell he was loving it too. 


'On your back, I want to go on top' I whispered in his ear, and he turned doing exactly what I told him. I could tell this was a favourite of his by his facial expression as his hands roamed his body. There was so much we knew about each other, yet so much still to learn, and this was a fantastic place to start from my point of view. 


We both got louder as we got closer, his hips reaching up and thrusting so he could get as deep inside me as possible and soon I could hold back no more. Nick Jonas officially gave me the best orgasm of my life and as I continued to ride my way through it he came too. 


Afterwards we lay next to each other holding on to each other as if our lives depended on it., wrapped up in the crisp white cotton bed sheets, trying to catch our breath. That was certainly one hell of a first time. 


'So does that mean we're official now?' He asked smiling at me.


'I'd be offended if we weren't' I replied kissing him again. 'I guess I'll just need to get rid of my vibrator now' I giggled.


'I dunno it could be fun' he laughed. 


'I love you Nick'


'And I love you too Lucy, I always have'


'By the way, did you hear my radio interview today?' He asked.


'Erm no, but I'll get it on catch up tomorrow if that’s ok?' I replied feeling kind of awkward, I should really have tuned in earlier but work was crazy.


'You should do, I think you'll like it' he replied with a smirk that intrigued me.


We spent the rest of the night in bed watching movies, just enjoying each other's company and lots and lots of kissing . 


I was so happy but the next morning reality bit as I watched him leaving for the airport, taking my heart with him. No sooner had I waved him off through tears, a text arrived 


Jez: (I still hadn't changed his contact, probably never would)

'Don't worry Lula, your Prince will be back for you soon. That's a promise. Love you x'


I got home to Josh, flopped on to the sofa next to him and buried my head into his muscular chest. He pulled me in for a hug and my tears started to fall. 


'So, do I dare ask?' He said eventually.


'These are happy tears I guess. He told me he loves me and I love him but he's gone and I miss him so much already' I explained.


'Just remember how long you guys got by on just texting, it won't be forever, and this time you know he'll be back to hold you in his arms for real' he reassured me, stroking my hair.


'I know, I'm just sorry that Joe turned you down for Sophie. We so should be double dating' I smiled, grateful to have such an amazing support.


At bedtime I plugged my earphones in and listened to their BBC interview, the way he spoke about me in front of all those listeners brought tears to my eyes again. He was talking to Grimmy about how he’d found that special someone-


'If I didn't believe in love at first sight before, well I do now. You'll be seeing me in London a lot more from now on' he said and it was almost as if he was talking to me through his interview. I knew Nick was the real deal. 


From the moment Nick left, we spoke morning, noon and night either by text, FaceTime or call. It was hard not to be with him but not quite as bad as I'd have imagined. Their tour was going well and I loved seeing the countries he was in even though it was just through the camera on his iPhone. Nick was also exceptionally romantic in that he sent me a postcard from everywhere they stopped just to let me know he loved me. I bought the cutest scrapbook and kept every single one.


In my life, my final exams were squeezing the life out of me but the end of uni was now in sight. I had also been promoted to assistant manager in the coffee shop. Not exactly rock n roll but I was getting paid more to do the same stuff as before. It just wasn't the same without the excitement of knowing Nick wouldn't be there every morning. 


The day finally came and my exam results were published. I had to check twice, and of course Nick was the first person I text. I couldn’t call because he was in a tv studio.



My degree is officially finished!!!! I got a first!!!! I might apply for a job as the Prime Minister, I couldn't do much worse than Boris Johnston xx



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I went out that night with all my friends and boy did we celebrate. I was on the opening shift at work the next day but I threw caution to the wind. 


I got home at 3am and tried to call Nick to tell him all my drunken thoughts about him but his phone was off. Looking back the poor guy had a lucky escape, I was seriously drunk!

Chapter 16 by El amor prohibido

Lucy POV


Despite being half hung over and half still drunk, I was on the opening shift again, not my favourite but it meant I'd have the whole afternoon to feel sorry for myself. It was still funny having spare time now that my degree was finished. I was just taking a bit of time to plan my next move. I'd been checking out graduate employment schemes but nothing had really caught my eye yet. 


I still hadn't heard back from Nick after I'd left him my drunk voicemails, he was probably somewhere laughing at the state of me. I missed him so much and I just couldn't wait to see him, he'd told me they'd be in Germany in a couple of weeks and he was going to fly me over to be with him. I couldn't wait to be back in his arms. The thought of the warmth of his body was keeping me going today because in true London style, it was pouring with rain. 


I was bouncing between thinking of him and planning how to survive the day ahead with my hangover as I got near to the shop and I was so distracted that I didn't see him. All of a sudden I felt a hand on my arm. I turned around to punch whoever it was and saw it was Nick, soaking wet waiting for me.


'Bloody hell you scared me there' I slapped him on the arm my heart was pumping. 


'I'm sorry, I didn't mean to' he said stifling a laugh. 


'Why are you laughing at me? You just about gave me a heart attack' I punched him in the arm.


'I'm sorry but your face was too funny'


'Thanks!' I said fumbling for the keys, the heavy rain making it almost impossible to see.


'Lucy' he said looking at me intently .


I smiled back at him, so completely delighted to see him.


'Can we just get inside first?' I said finally winning and finding the keys in my bag. I looked up at him and he grabbed me and pulled me in close for a kiss, causing me to drop the bloody keys again. I pulled back from him and his face looked confused.


'At least let us get into the warmth before we do that again' I smiled, picking them up from the pavement.


We went inside and he pinned me up against the wall and kissed me again this time even harder than before. He made my legs go weak. 


'Nick. I can't believe you're here, you should have told me you were coming' I began. 


'Shh!' He said raising his index finger to his lip. I stopped immediately and watched in stunned shock as he proceeded to get down on one knee and produced a ring.


'I know we've not known each other physically for that long but you're the one person in the whole world who knows the real me and loves me for who I really am. That never asks me for anything but would give me everything that you have. Whether you're Lula and I'm jez or you're Lucy and I'm Nick there's a reason why we met. I can't imagine the rest of my life without you in it, and I don't want to. Will you be my wife? Lucy, will you marry me and let me be your Prince Charming for the rest of your life?


I stood there with my mouth open.


'Yes' I whispered without even thinking about it. 


'Did you just say yes?' He asked and I nodded, bending down to meet him on his knees as he placed the ring on my finger. I stared at the diamond I was now wearing, then I looked back at Nick and threw my arms around him and kissed him again. We were interrupted by the sound of someone trying the door. Argh customers, I'd almost forgotten about them.


Nick POV


I sat and watched her run around serving her early morning customers and setting the shop up, her ring sparkling every time it caught the light. After I'd left her a few months back I was in no doubt at all that she was the one for me so back in New York I'd commissioned Tiffany's to make a ring as unique as she was. I knew she wouldn't want it to be huge and flashy, just modest and classy like her. I hadn't planned the proposal entirely, I just knew I was going to fly in and surprise her and it had just felt right. I was just glad she’d turned up for work after hearing how drunk she was in her messages.


As soon as the queue died down and Sally had turned up for her shift, Lucy brought over a coffee each for us and sat down. She was twisting her ring around her finger, she looked in awe of it, and even more beautiful than I had remembered.


'Do you like it? I had it made especially for you' I told her excitedly.


'I don't like it you dummy, I love it, and I love you. I'm just so so surprised. I can't believe we're going to get married' she was so happy, and it made me even more happy.


‘I still can’t quite believe you said yes, anyway next question, do you remember what you said last time about if I came back in a few months and asked you to come with me then you would?' I reminded her.




'Have you got a passport?' 




'Will you leave with me? I'm flying to Paris on Friday and then we've got the tour to finish but then I want you to live in LA with me? Forever' 


'Friday? That's two days away. Wow you don't hang about do you?' she asked, looking a little overwhelmed.


'It's ok, I know it's quick, and if it's too fast, a ticket will be there for you to bring you to me whenever you're ready'


'Oh I'll be ready for Friday. You're not leaving me behind again' she laughed. 


It was the best news ever. 


'We need to celebrate tonight' I said


'What do you want to do?' She asked, her eyes twinkling brighter than the diamond on her finger. 


'Excuse me Lucy, it's Wednesday, you know what that means don't you?' I said with mock sternness.


'80's power ballads at the Anchor?' She laughed 


'Exactly that! We'll just need to find us a duet'


When we arrived at the Anchor that evening, I saw Steve from the recording studio and introduced him to my new fiancé. His friend Dave looked gutted and very confused. 


We then sat at the bar with Josh, Mike and Anna having some celebratory drinks, they couldn't believe we were getting married and she was leaving with me. Neither could I, but nothing made me happier. 


Lucy dragged me up on the stage with her and handed me the second mike. 


'Tonight my fiancé and I are going to sing you a song together but I apologise, he doesn't sing very well' she announced waving her ring finger in the air, making everyone laugh as the opening chords of ' I got you babe' by Sonny and Cher played.


I looked at my future wife and knew that however crazy this all seemed, she was the one I was going to spend the rest of my life with.



I got you babe - Sonny Bono


They say we're young and we don't know

We won't find out until we grow

Well I don't know if all that's true

'Cause you got me, and baby I got you


I got you babe

I got you babe

They say our love won't pay the rent

Before it's earned, our money's all been spent

I guess that's so, we don't have a plot

But at least I'm sure of all the things we got


I got you babe

I got you babe

I got flowers in the spring

I got you to wear my ring

And when I'm sad, you're a clown

And if I get scared, you're always around

Don't let them say your hair's too long

'Cause I don't care, with you I can't go wrong

Then put your little hand in mine

There ain't no hill or mountain we can't climb


I got you babe

I got you babe

I got you to hold my hand

I got you to understand

I got you to walk with me

I got you to talk with me

I got you to kiss goodnight

I got you to hold me tight

I got you, I won't let go

I got you to love me so

I got you babe

I got you babe

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