Surrogate by staywritechill

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Nick and Justice, now parents to a toddler daughter hit a roadblock when they start having trouble conceiving a second child. However, it is Kevin and Danielle who offer a solution.


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So here is the last of the saga stories. Don't know what's going up after this as I have for other stories I'm working on right now. I also don't know how much editing this particular story needs, so there may be a lot of changes.

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Chapter 1 by staywritechill


I glared reproachfully at the negative sign on the drugstore pregnancy test. Nothing.

Nick poked his head around the bathroom door, "Anything?"

"I don't get it, we weren't even trying last time and presto we're pregnant, but this time..."

Nick put a hand on my shoulder, "Don't worry Justice it will happen when it's supposed to happen."

"Says the man who's been wringing me like a towel for the past three weeks." I mutter.

"Hey," Nick said consolingly, "I'm frustrated too, believe me it's sort of stops being fun."

My mind wandered back to when we first started trying for a second child, it had been a few months ago when our daughter Destiny was a little over a year old. It had been a round of endless nights, every night the exact same thing. As soon as Destiny fell asleep we got into bed. At first we had been optimistic and we had tried for almost a month. After a while it was like "here we go again" and so on and so on.

Kevin and Mr. and Mrs. Jonas had been as supportive as they possibly could and suggested everything from spa treatments to a private vacation, although the closest we could get was a trip to New York for Joe's new movie. Kevin and Joe tended to speak about us with smirks and smiles on their faces, they knew what we were trying to do and knew full well why we randomly disappeared at intervals for no particular reason at all.

The most interesting foray had been in the bathroom of a theater where the boys had had a gig. It was like a scene straight out of a movie, a series of sloppy kisses and clothes shoved aside. It had been fast, hard, and desperate one last ditch effort on Nick's part to give me something I really wanted. The entire incident had had Joe in stitches for weeks, but despite  the red face I shrugged it off and chalked it up to Nick's after-show adrenaline.

Most of the family was quiet about our "problem" although Mrs. Jonas did bring it up occasionally, but it was mostly "it will happen when it's supposed to" and we left it at that. Joe seemed to find it funny not the problem itself but how hard Nick and I were trying and weird places when we were on the road we tended to try. Kevin and Danielle were supportive, but I occasionally caught them giving each other a look I know said they felt sorry for us but they were better off not saying anything. Easy for them to say, they hadn't had any problem getting pregnant Danielle had gotten pregnant on their first try sometime after the world tour in 2010 and Madison had been born the following summer.

The difference in opinions was sometimes a sore spot I respected Mr. and Mrs. Jonas's opinion because they were older and knew more, I respected Kevin and Danielle's opinion simply for the fact they were married and had three children by now. Well, Joe I tended to leave out of it, he was the only single brother now.

"Where did you do it today?" He would tease with a grin and I would punch him in the shoulder and go on with my business, although sometimes Demi would take care of that for me.

The other thing that it happened in the past year had been the birth of our daughter Destiny, she was almost 2 years old now and was the apple of Nick's eye. Destiny and Kevin's daughter Madison were unusually close they both shared a love of music and would sit on the piano bench next to Kevin or Nick belting out either the theme song from Barney or "The Itsy-Bitsy Spider".

Joe and Kevin had nearly died laughing one afternoon when the Nick had been playing some of the old Jonas Brothers music and Destiny and Madison were sitting next to him on the couch and he had started playing a few bars of "Poison Ivy" and immediately Destiny and Madison chime in:

"Everyone's allergic to poison ivy, everyone's allergic to poison I-I-vy."

"Mom! You should've got it on video!" Kevin managed to get out between laughs it was so cute!"

"The fans will like that one," I chuckled afterwards, "definitely YouTube material!"

Of course getting them to do it again was a different story, but we had finally captured it a few weeks later when we had all come over for a family dinner and the boys had pulled out their guitars again.

This time it was "Black Keys" Madison knew most of the Jonas Brothers music foreward and backwards by now and she was only four.

"And black keys never looked beautiful," Destiny chimed in.

Destiny echoed nearly every word Madison said, until Madison whined at Kevin.

"Daddy! Destiny is messing me up!"

"She can sing too sweetheart." Kevin reminded his daughter, which only made her pout until Nick gave her something else to do.

Kevin of course had a phone rolling the entire time.

"This is so going up on YouTube!" Joe enthused, as his bespectacled eye peered through the camera lens. "I can't wait till I have my own kids!"

"You'll make everybody jealous you'll be the best dad in the world!" I commented from where I was sitting on the couch.

Destiny, who was now sitting on the piano bench next to Nick reached out a small chubby hand to touch the black and white keys.

"Black keys beautiful." She pronounced, her fingers hitting random keys "pretty, pretty, pretty!"

Nick smiled softly, "That's right sweetheart."


I smiled at the moment Nick and his daughter sitting on the piano bench together, where Nick's hands still resting on the keys. Destiny looks like a miniature female version of Nick, she had perfect porcelain skin, ruby red lips, big brown eyes and dark hair that fell in ringlets down her back. Her hair was almost the exact same color as Demi's, which was still dyed a dramatic black. Although you could see a rainbow of color when the light hit her hair ranging from light brown to caramel, matching her father's curls perfectly.


Needless to say the video of my daughter and niece got many hits, so many they had decided it wouldn't hurt to put up a video once in a while. Kevin had even done a video of Kyle and KJ playing the bongos, which was very reminiscent of a three-year-old Nick doing the same. The fans were fascinated by our children, who were proving to be as talented as their parents.


Raising a child when both you and your husband had full-time jobs was a challenge. Destiny was everywhere! Sometimes she was babysat by Mrs. Jonas or by her aunt Dani so she could play with her cousins. Although there are some days where Nick and I were both up a tree (so to speak) and could not get into work without one of us taking her along. Nick and I tried to lock in whatever time in the studio we could, but that was few and far between. Nick was the one with the 9-to-5 job, then you would come home and watch Destiny while I was in the studio from nine a clock to 10:30 PM. I was currently recording my third album and could use all the time I needed.

This worked most of the time but on the rare occurrence Nick needed to drop everything and go into work he took Destiny with him, particularly if I happened to be out. So sometimes he would be bringing a play bag and diaper bag  into a meeting or setting up a play station in the corner of a recording studio. Destiny loved going to the recording studio, the equipment seemed to fascinate her and sometimes the technicians would amuse her by letting her play around with some of the old tracks and mix them anyway she wanted.

She giggled when she had increased the tempo of one of Nick's songs so much it was the equivalent of a dance beat and it sounded quite ridiculous. Nick had kept the cut just for the heck of it and had brought it home to show me. Maybe my daughter had a future as a soundboard technician.

So this was what my life was like when Nick and I were trying to conceive our second child. Our time alone in the evening was the only time we had (when we had it) hence the reason for our weird rendezvous between gigs.

"Maybe we need help." Nick said one evening when we were lying in bed, "with you know..." he blushed in the dark.

So that began the discussions, and this involved the entire family to a degree. We discussed everything from in vitro fertilization to adoption, but finally it was Kevin and Danielle who provided the ultimate solution.

"Nick, Justice, Dani and I have a proposition for you." Kevin said one afternoon after church when the family was at the Jonas house for Sunday brunch.

End Notes:

Only minor edits on this chapter so far. I'll try to update on Tuesdays as usual. Trying to sandwich edits between my longer projects and video editing.

Chapter 2 by staywritechill

"Well we talked and prayed about it and we want Dani to be a surrogate for you guys."

"A what?" Nick asked as if the thought had never crossed his mind.

"A surrogate." Kevin repeated. "You know, Dani would carry the baby since Justice can't."

A slightly alarmed expression crossed Nick's face, "you mean you would--" he trailed off and made a face.

Suddenly a look of understanding passed over Kevin's face and I saw him blush slightly, but it was Danielle who spoke up.

"No Nick, it would be YOUR biological child," she looked uncertainly at Kevin, "well a doctor can explain it better than I can."

"It's all your stuff dude." Kevin said with a wry smile that was quickly turning into a smirk and I watched in amusement as Nick's ears when a violent shade of pink.


A week later Kevin, Danielle, Nick and I were sitting in the waiting room of a LA fertility clinic, the room was covered in various stages of human reproduction as if to illustrate said points there were many women in the waiting room in various stages of pregnancy. The entire atmosphere despite the fact he had one child already seemed to make Nick decidedly uncomfortable.

"Mrs. Jonas." A nurse asked from the doorway, both Danielle and I looked up.

"Mrs. Justice Jonas." The nurse clarified.

Without saying much of anything the four of us trudged back to the examination rooms.

Twenty minutes later a jovial looking doctor with a head full of gray hair entered the room.

"Good morning! I'm Dr. Silverstein, Mr. and Mrs. Jonas, correct?"

"Which one?" Kevin asked with a chuckle.

The doctors gaze went from Kevin to Nick and back again.

"Brothers?" He asked, it was more statement than a question.

Kevin nodded.

"How may I help you?"

"My husband and I have had some problems conceiving," I began, "we already have one child, a little girl, but we can't seem to get pregnant this time around."

"We were wondering if my wife could act as a surrogate for my brother and his wife." Kevin added.

"Well, let's see what the problem is first." Dr. Silverstein replied, he turned to me I'll need blood work on both you and your husband."

I nodded. We signed the consent forms and waited another twenty minutes for another couple of nurses to come in and do blood work.Along with bloodwork they also took other samples from Nick to check for other problems. I don't like needles but I'm not scared of them, my entire policy with blood work is to just deal with it, it will be over in a few minutes. While I squirmed and shut my eyes Nick took the entire process in stride and I was reminded he was used to needles he pricked his fingers every day.

"Well you're a champ aren't you?" The nurse praised as she drew the needle out of Nick's forearm and put a Band-Aid over the small pinprick.

Nick shrugged looking slightly embarrassed. "Diabetic," he muttered, "I'm used to it."

"We'll have the results by next week and then Mr. Jonas," he turned to Kevin, "we can evaluate your wife is a possible surrogate."


A week later we were once again sitting in the office when Dr. Silverstein walked into the office with a file folder and sat down on a swiveling chair with a smile.

"Well, I have your results. Mr. Jonas," he addressed Nick, "it seems that we can find no possible problems from your side of things," he gave Nick a small smile, "your wife is also clear which tells me there is no possible explanation for infertility, but these things happen occasionally and well... your body doesn't work quite the way it's supposed to and when you need two pieces of the puzzle they both have to work." He gave us a reassuring smile. "So which brings us to next order of business and that's testing Danielle here." He smiled.

"I need your reproductive history and a few other things," Dr. Silverstein said, "just to gauge to see if he would be a good candidate."

"I'm 26 years old and I have three children," Danielle recited, "one a set of identical twin boys."

"And how did those pregnancies go?" Dr. Silverstein asked.

"Mostly normal," Danielle answered, "the twins came three weeks early, but that's about it."

Dr. Silverstein nodded as he finished writing his notes. "Right then, Danielle I'll need blood work on you just check for a few things, but if that's clear we can proceed to proceed with the insemination."


Danielle's blood work came back clear by all accounts she was a healthy 26-year-old woman, which was good news.

"Now that that is all taken care of, Nick, Justice I need something from you. Justice, I need you to take these pills for 30 days, they will increase your ovulation and give us a better selection when picking samples for insemination."

I went out of the office with a prescription for fertility drugs and knew I would be taking them for the next month and in the meantime Nick and I would go on with our lives just because it solved our problem doesn't mean our nighttime activities needed to come to a stop, but it was back to using condoms again.

End Notes:

Good news! I have a new story and series coming later this week, it will follow Nick in lockdown and quarantine as he writes new music. I was heavily inspired by Spaceman and what Nick said about writing the album. May possibly be an eleven part series.

Chapter 3 by staywritechill


It was about an hour after we put Destiny to bed down the hall and Nick and I were now in bed alone. I had been taking the fertility drugs or about two weeks and now it's waiting game two more weeks before we could go back and another week or so before embryos could be implanted.

Nick rolled over in bed. I was lying on my stomach looking at him out of the corner of my eye.

"Are you going to surprise me?" I asked softly.

It was a nightly routine of ours, and then make being control he could do whatever he wanted, touch me, kiss me anyway he wanted.

"Close your eyes." He whispered.

I felt the bed shift, felt his body leaning over me. He began to massage me his soft gentle hands kneading my skin. They were a strange combination, Nick's hands, they were amazingly soft but at the same time they were slightly rough from the calluses on his fingertips, both from playing guitar and pricking his fingers.

His hands began and my shoulders and slid all the way down rubbing as he went. We got to my waist he gently began to pull away the sheet exposing the rest of my body, which was nearly naked at the moment. I was a modest person by nature so usually wore clothes to bed in this case though I was only wearing underwear,  so I didn't feel completely exposed.

Nick's hands ran over my bottom and squeezed lightly, as I let out a soft moan. His fingers ran up again dipping his fingers into the waistband gently pulling the material away.

"So beautiful." He murmured, as he studied me prone nude figure. He studied mean like he was studying a work of art like he wanted to know everything; he knew everything but still had more to discover. His hand began at my ankle and worked its way up, sliding, stroking, caressing. Finally he reached my thighs again, his fingers slid in between my legs stroking the soft inner skin, I moaned already feeling arousal building within my body. Suddenly his lips replaced his hands and I felt his lips, moist and soft exploring, exploration I knew could lead to other things.

We made love after that, slow and gentle it hadn't been like that for weeks something we did just to enjoy each other's bodies and reconnect to each other, it was Nick and Justice time like it'd been on my first headlining tour when Nick had banishing everyone from our floor of our hotel and told them he was not to be disturbed for at least an hour and we would just lying on my bed and make out, at the time going just far enough to drive Nick crazy.

Afterwards Nick was propped up on his elbows looking down at me still trying to catch his breath. His body hummed inside me, like the resonating fading chord of a guitar string. For a while we just laid there staring at each other simply in awe. Nick pulled out slowly, sliding out of bed to dispose of the condom and clean himself up. He slid out of bed like some apparition from a fantasy novel almost ghostly pale in the dim light and I had this sudden image of Edward Cullen from the Twilight Saga on his honeymoon with Bella, naked, slender, pale and breathtakingly beautiful.

"I see you walk across the room and nothing but the moonlight... I like to see you in the dark, see you in the dark." I murmured.

Nick smirked as he climbed back into bed.


A few weeks later we went back to Dr. Silverstein.Today we were harvesting the eggs which would help make the embryos to be implanted later.

"The procedure will take about twenty minutes, we will sedate you, you won't feel a thing."

Nick helps me change out of my clothes and into a gown and after that I am wheeled into a sterile room, put on an IV and given some form of sedation. I remember them probing around with the ultrasound (vaguely) and then I don't remember much after that.

I wake up what seems to be two seconds later to see Nick's smiling brown eyes. "Hey sweetheart." He whispers.

"All finished." Dr. Silverstein announced, "now I'll give you some time to get dressed and meet you back here in ten minutes." He leaves the room leaving Nick to help me finish getting dressed.

Dr. Silverstein returns a few minutes later carrying a clipboard and a small plastic cup.

"Now that we have taking care of your part," he nods at me, "here's where Nick comes in," he pushes the plastic cup into Nick's hands, "I need a semen sample from you."

"What--what! Nick splutters his eyes widening his face going slightly pink.

"You heard me." The doctor smiled softly, "you can do it at home so you're more comfortable, I'm sure your wife will help you," he looks over at me and I catch the barest hint of a smirk cross his features.

Nick sinks into a chair looking slightly stunned. "Relax, it'll help trust me, go home take a bath light some candles..." he smiles again. The color seems to rise in Nick's cheeks and he is fidgeting in his chair like he wants to bolt out of the room it never ceased to amaze me how easily Nick got embarrassed, particularly if the subject was on something rather personal. The doctor looked at Nick with a sympathetic smile.

"Think of your wife it will all be worth it in the end I promise. Oh, by the way I need that sample no later than 7 AM on Monday it needs to be in the lab when we do the fertilization that day, sperm doesn't last long outside the body." He rattled off this information like he was reading it from a textbook, although I could see this didn't make my husband feel any better.

Nick nodded mutely.


"Where is Joe when you need him," I quipped as we exited the office, "this is the part where he would say ’AWKWARD!’

Nick nodded fervently, a small smile appearing on his face for the first time since the doctor had informed him of his little "task" for the weekend.



End Notes:

"See U in the Dark"-Honor Society

I actually have a friend who was a surrogate a couple of years ago. She delivered twins.

Chapter 4 by staywritechill

In the meantime, Nick, Kevin, Danielle and I waited for the embryos to be transferred, without process would take a few weeks before they were ready. An embryo could be grown in a lab in a matter of days so the upcoming appointment was planned down to the week.

The morning of the insemination finally came, it was early about nine the clock Nick had postponed a meeting and a recording session (something about new single he was writing) just say could be at the doctor's office. We had left our children under the watchful eye of Joe, who I had suggested take them to the playground at least to burn off some energy, to which he readily agreed.

We all talked in the hallway as Danielle is getting changed and go back in the room five minutes later. She is awake with only some local anesthetic to make things more comfortable, we talk quietly as the procedure gets underway.

The embryos are transferred in a small catheter, there are four of them (so it is a possibility all of them could take and she could be pregnant with quadruplets; not that I want that many kids at once). Dr. Silverstein transfers two embryos at a time and by the time he is done manipulating everything the entire procedure takes no time at all.

"Now it's a waiting game," Dr. Silverstein says with a smile, "give it a couple of weeks. we'll see if they'll take, well, at least one."

Danielle nods, smiling.

Everyone surrounding Danielle is smiling, Kevin is looking down at Danielle love overflowing in his expression, something words could never say. Nick and Kevin exchanged a look. A look I imagine they exchanged before they perform, a smile, a nod, a pat on the back; only a look siblings would know. It still surprises me how affectionate they are, with the fans and with each other, most guys don't even tell each other they love each other, but it's there in their banter on stage in the way they put a hand on each others shoulders when they're singing, that is the look I saw in their expression now and it warmed my heart.

Kevin reaches down to help Danielle up off the examination table, when she is standing on her feet again he still hasn't let go of her hand, a smile plays on his lips, his still hasn't lost that look of wonder he has on his face whenever he looks at her because she is forever and always the center of his universe.


A few days later there was a knock on my door, little did I know (quite unlike Demi's visit a few weeks ago) when I opened that door my life could be changed forever.

I opened the door to find Danielle standing there a wide smile stretched across her beautiful tanned face.

"I have news," she announced, "this is going to make your day." She looked around, "is Nick home?"

I shook my head, "He said he wouldn't be home until at least four." I replied.

Danielle looked at her watch, "yeah, Kevin should be home by then, I have the kids with a sitter at the moment so I have time."

"How are they doing?" I asked.

"Good. Madison is coming along with her piano lessons and she is begging Kevin to teach her guitar, but he thinks she's too young right now, the boys didn't even start playing guitar until they were well into their teens."

"You know they have guitars for kids," I commented, "Kevin doesn't have to sacrifice one of his precious babies so his daughter can learn how to play guitar." I chuckled quietly.

Danielle chuckled too, "Yes I know how Kevin is about his guitars." She shook her head smiling.

"How are KJ and Kyle?" I asked.

"Like two miniature tornadoes." Danielle replied smiling, "you know how toddlers are, or in the case of this family we have to watch our instruments, yesterday they were using the drum set as a trampoline."

"Nick wouldn't like that." I replied smirking slightly, "I swear he'd go into cardiac arrest before anybody would end up touching his stuff."

Danielle nodded grinning. "How's Destiny?"

"Fine." I replied, "sometimes she reminds me so much Nick it's scary, I swear she is his personal shadow, she follows him everywhere. She's just as fascinated by music as Madison is only she hasn't reached the destructive phase yet," I laughed quietly. "She bangs on the drums and she plays piano with Nick, and sometimes she sits on his lap when his playing guitar; she loves that I think if it were left up to him he would have her playing by the time she is three."

"That sounds like Nick alright." Danielle said smiling softly at the mention of her brother-in-law.

"Destiny is so much like Nick," I repeated, "she is quiet and prefers to amuse herself rather than go play with others I also think that has a lot to do with the fact that she is an only child at the moment, but she does enjoy Madison's company I think she's the closest thing Destiny will ever have to his sister...unless Nick and I have a another girl."

Danielle nodded and we continued our conversation about our children and our husband's daily activities.


It was sometime after five when I heard the door slam. Destiny was up from her nap and ran to the door at the sound of her father's voice.

I also heard another pair of footsteps and another voice I recognized.

"Nick, where do you think Dani is she wasn't at the house... I gave the sitter another 20 bucks to watch the kids for another 10 minutes..."

Danielle smirked and I could tell she was trying not to laugh she put a finger to her lips and whispered, "Watch this."

And I watch as Danielle creeps through the kitchen through the far side door so she is just behind where Kevin and Nick are. There is a pause and then a startled yelp comes from the direction of the foyer and I am reminded of his character in JONAS in some weird way how Kevin can manipulate his voice to sound at least two octaves higher.

Another squeal comes from the foyer which I know to be Destiny as Nick picks her up.

"Daddy make pretty music today?" She asks and I can just see her now, head cocked like an inquisitive little bird as she looked earnestly into Nick's face.

"Yes sweetheart." Nick says softly.

I smother a laugh and head in the direction of where I can hear voices. Destiny pulls at the lapels of Nick's jacket, and I know he had a meeting today, "Daddy sing!" She instructs.

"Not now sweetheart." Nick murmurs.

Destiny tugs insistently on Nick's jacket, "Sing!" She says firmly.

Nick and Kevin exchanged a look, I look I know they have exchanged many times on stage a raising of eyebrows a completely silent conversation that can convey information in thirty seconds flat. Kevin begins a gentle rhythm with his hands and Nick begins singing the chorus of "Love bug" Kevin harmonizing every once in while. As their few melodic notes quiet the toddler in Nick's arms Kevin reaches out for Danielle who is still standing next to him looking down at her with a small smile.

"Dani what are you doing here?" Kevin asked, "Marcie said you had gone out."

"Why do you think I'm here Kevin? I'm here to tell Justice and Nick our good news."

"You mean their good news." Kevin says with a grin.

"What?" Nick asked, looking from his brother to his sister-in-law in turn.

"I'll be right back." Danielle announces dancing in the direction of the living room. She returns a few minutes later carrying her purse, out of her purse she pulls a small plastic bag and out of the bag she pulls a small plastic stick, beaming  she hands it to me.

In my hands I hold a pregnancy test--a positive pregnancy test.

"You serious?" I ask looking up at her and she nods and grins. Nick lets out a whoop and I am out of my chair so fast I can barely breathe and he is spinning me around laughing-just laughing until the room is a blur of color.

When he has stopped spinning me around I pause for a moment or two trying to clear my head.

"While the world is spinning..." I mutter dryly, without missing Nick's amused smirk. I looked up at Kevin and Danielle beaming.

"Thank you, thank you so much!"

Danielle smiles, "no problem Justice."

While this entire sequence has transpired Destiny only looks confused.

"Destiny, you're going to be a big sister."

"Sister?" She asks, still looking confused.

"Aunt Dani is going to give mommy and daddy a baby." I explain, but how else are you supposed to explain to an almost 2 year old why her aunt was pregnant and her mother wasn't.

Another round of hugs goes around and Destiny is sandwiched between Nick and Kevin as they hug one last time.

"We better go," Kevin says looking at his watch, "or Marcie is going to think we abandoned our children."

Nick chuckles quietly.


End Notes:

Sorry this is a day later than normal but today was going to be pretty busy I have my new wheelchair being delivered and I have to shoot my vlog for my YouTube channel, that's going to take me most of the afternoon.

Chapter 5 by staywritechill
Author's Notes:

Back on Tuesday updates with the story for now, but that may change depending on how busy I get.


News of Danielle's pregnancy hits the fandom like a wildfire. It is the sole topic of conversation for almost three days and I think what impressed the fans most was why she's doing it in the first place.

With the news of Danielle's pregnancy all current plans for the next tour were put on hold. Aside from their individual projects the Jonas Brothers as a band were currently on hiatus until further notice. This disappointed the fans but they were supportive all the same and everyone's twitter is in the Jonas family was flooded with good luck and well wishes.


"I can't believe you would do this put four months of preparation for the next tour on hold? Even if Danielle can't cope with Kevin do you think that is really necessary?"

Nick nods importantly. "What affects one of us affects all of us and I don't think Kevin is going to leave Danielle for very long at a time she is pregnant and she has three other children to look after, there just isn't time right now." He puts a hand on my shoulder, "trust me, the fans will understand."

Once again one of the world's most popular bands had come to screeching halt, once again other lives are pushed to the front while their careers took a backseat. This had happened since Kevin had gotten married almost five years ago when the boys had gone in three different directions in hopes of pursuing individual dreams.


In the meantime Nick and I discussed the possibility of moving and for the next few weeks Nick began looking at houses that were fit to accommodate a family of four and my special needs.

One afternoon he comes home with a big smile on his face (a rare occurrence in Nick's case).

"What has you smiling so big?" I ask with a laugh.

"We do you see!" Nick enthused and he hustled us out to the car and began driving I can tell he is excited because he had that jumpy look he had when he was excited or nervous.

The car pulled up outside a modest white house with a tree in front. Attached to the tree was a tire swing, on which in a few years time I could see our children playing.

"Five bedroom, 2 1/2 baths, a deck and a pool out back." Nick announced, "I bought the house last week, I wanted to surprise you and Destiny."

"It's wonderful!" I whispered.

Nick grinned, "wait till you see the inside."

The house inside was very spacious, with hardwood floors except for the bedrooms and the bathroom in the master bedroom looked like something out of a magazine (which I suppose it was). There was a tub large enough to swim in and a place I could imagine spending many happy hours with Nick long after Destiny had gone to bed.

"What do you think Destiny?" I asked my little girl, "do you like the big house?"

"Big house." She looked around with wide eyes, "Where am I going to sleep?"

"That's up to you." Nick answered, "there is a room for mommy and daddy, and a room for the new baby and then there are two more rooms and you can pick."

I wheeled around the house with Destiny on my lap and after observing all the rooms she picked the one in the far corner of the house, one that overlooked the backyard. The room was almost a perfect triangle with big bay windows and a window seat that turned out to be a large chest.

"It's like a princess room!" She exclaimed and she immediately began running around the room looking out the windows and bouncing up and down.

I was immediately reminded of a 16-year-old Demi Lovato playing a princess in one of Disney's original movie, and at the moment I didn't know why, maybe because the way my daughter was carrying herself at the moment reminded me of that.

And that is how Princess Destiny Demetria found her castle.


Moving day was a hassle. It was a series of shouted instructions a clutter of boxes and furniture that were stacked in haphazard piles and there were at least four more people in the house than normal. Joe, Garbo and Jack had all come over to help move the big stuff, but Joe being Joe had decided he was going to play hide and seek with Destiny amid the mountain load of boxes instead of moving them out in the direction and moving van.

"Honestly Joseph!" I exclaimed, "You're twenty-three not ten!" I rolled my eyes where was Demi when you needed her, the only person that could bring a true balance to Joe's personality and gives a happy medium between his childlike enthusiasm and who he was as your average twenty something.

I missed Demi I really did, I could just see her and Joe helping decorate the house there laughter ringing in the large space as they made the big chores of furnishing the house seem easy. Things haven't been the same since Joe and Demi broke up both of them were quieter more subdued and Joe's seem to be throwing himself into other things and his nieces and nephews were the only people who could make him smile nowadays.

It was after that day watching Joe play hide and seek with my daughter and wishing it was Demi he was chasing through the maze of boxes, and while I had respected the decisions they had both made on behalf of their relationship, I missed the camaraderie Demi had with the Jonas family though why she had severed ties with the majority of us (she still texted me occasionally) remained vague. I had yet to sort out why she had made the decisions she had since the majority of it wasn't public knowledge. For now, it was mostly speculation.

Chapter 6 by staywritechill


Moving in was just as hectic as moving out had been. Then it took about another few weeks to get everything organized, but in the meantime we made do with what we had out which meant dishes to eat off of and beds to sleep in.

A room down the hall from Destiny's bedroom had been designated the music room. While Kevin had one set of drums over at his house, Nick had another not to mention the numerous guitars and a piano, but even that took coordination and Joe acting like a traffic cop (much to everyone's amusement) to bring in all the instruments.

The last thing we brought in were some surprises for Destiny, including a toddler bed with a canopy, a small child's vanity and a wardrobe, because my daughter was spoiled and had a lot of clothes. When Destiny saw the room for the first time she squealed and began running circles around Nick bouncing up and down.

She was such a little diva, the room looked like something out of a fairy tale and Joe and Nick had spent all afternoon decorating that big room so it looks like everything a little girl could ever want.

"I hope I never see another one of these things again!" Joe complained, as he held up another faux pink boa that was draped haphazardly across Destiny's dresser.

"Just wait till you have a daughter," Nick chuckled, "you won't even care!"

"It's so pretty!" Destiny said appraising the room,

I poked my head into the room, "nice job guys, looks like this castle is ready for a party."

"Yes, mommy, party!" Destiny exclaimed.

Soon Joe, Nick, and Garbo were all sitting in the Destiny's very girly room having fruit juice and chocolate chip cookies. The entire incident was rather comical and I wish I had had a camera at the moment because I could have gotten some pictures that would have had the fans dying of laughter. I was taking the last of the chocolate chip cookies when I looked critically at Nick.

"Blood sugar?"

Nick shrugged, "I'm fine Justice, a cookie or two isn't going to kill me." He smiled one of his half smiles and reached down to ruffle Destiny's curls. The next time I looked up Nick was still sitting at the small table in one of Destiny's little chair his diabetes supplies spread out on the table pricking his finger. Destiny like Madison and Kevin's other children seemed fascinated by the entire process of Nick testing his blood sugar and Destiny stood there watching him with wide eyes.

She'd seen him do this many times and it didn't seem to bother her other than seeing the initial drop of blood on his fingertip.

"Daddy okay?" She asked cocking her head to look up at him.

"I'm perfect sweetheart, I actually needed that cookie right now," he leaned down and stroked her hair, "thanks sweetheart."

It was a perfect image something I wish Joe would capture with his camera.


Later that evening long after Destiny was invented came into our bedroom to the sound of Nick's sitting crosslegged on the bed playing his guitar.

"Quiet," I whispered, "you'll wake Destiny."

Nick looked up, "What, do you have something better in mind?" He quirked an eyebrow.

"Actually, I do." I headed in the direction of the bathroom and motioned for him to follow.

Within minutes I had lit the candles I kept in bathroom while Nick got the water running and dousing large amounts of bubble bath in the large tub. I turned off the lights and began undressing, letting the mood soak into my very skin. Nick was humming quietly as he stepped up behind me and began undoing my bra, his hands ran down my body, pulling off my shoes, my socks, my jeans and finally my underwear. He looked me up and down looking satisfied.

In one quick motion he had pulled his shirt over his head and began undoing his belt. He pushed his jeans down his slender muscular legs and I marveled again how I was blessed with such a handsome husband.

I bit my lip waiting for what was coming next. Nick scooped me up in his strong arms and gently placed me in the tub then he slowly climbed in beside me, careful not to disturb that the candles resting on the rim of the tub.

"This is nice..." he murmured.

He took me in his arms and began kissing me softly. I sank into the kiss running my hands through his now damp curls. I moaned, shifting my body against his, his hands roamed my body, along my shoulders, down my back; squeezing my bottom making me squirm.

"You know if we keep up like this we may have another baby on the way before you know it." I murmured.

Nick chuckled softly, a sound that was as relaxed and as his humming or any sound that his vocal cords help and make. He rested his forehead against mine and softly kissed my forehead before returning it to my mouth again.

"Let me make love to you Justice." He whispered, even the way he said it sounded romantic, like something he would write about.

My consent was only a murmur, a drowsy response mumbled against his lips.

Nick pulled me to him, pull me so close I could feel his heartbeat tapping the rhythm against his chest, he pulled my legs around his waist and I could feel his erection throbbing against me.  His eyes are dark with desire as he pulls me deeper, so far I can feel myself slipping, so far I don't think I know where he ends and I begin.



End Notes:

I feel like it's been forever since I've actually uploaded on here. LOL! Since my last uploaded gotten a new computer and you have a completely different set up and I had a total brain fart about how to log in here, so that took me a while. I also forgot the older stories I was editing were on my other computer… So I had to retrieve those.

Hopefully I will have the next part of the Spaceman series up by next week once I can actually sit down and write it, but I have a lot going on right now and am in the process of writing other things other than fanfic and such.

Chapter 7 by staywritechill
Author's Notes:

Well I goofed! Missed a chapter so I have to fix a few things. That's at least one way my writing is change since I wrote this is I didn't have chapter headings.

Consider this new chapter 7 heavily edited.

sense into him because I was sick and tired (as a bystander) of riding on his woe as me express, me and about thousand other fans wanted the old Joe back, the Joe they could make Demi laugh and vice versa.

When the door finally opened Garbo was still in pajama pants and a T-shirt, and needless to say he looked surprised to see me.

"Justice, what are you doing here?" He asked running a hand through his short brown hair, he looked unkempt and he needed to shave.

"Where's Joe, I need to talk to him, now!"

"I don't know... I think he's still in bed."

I can't the space between the front door and the back room in a few feet and for once I didn't care how much noise I was making or how many things I bumped into or ran over. For once I was glad Jack wasn't there or I would've had two people looking at me like I was crazy; there was only one person I wanted to wake up this morning. Frankly someone who I thought needed a reality check. I knocked on the door, softer this time, and from under the covers came a groan in response.

"Joe, it's Justice, wake up please, I know you are."

There was a grumble from the vicinity of the pillow. I nearly jumped at the voice that came from behind me, I turned around to see Garbo standing behind me.

"Good luck Justice, trying to wake Joe up is like trying to wake a bear, it's not easily done and I don't recommend it. Even if you did get him out I doubt you'd get him to listen he's been sulking like this for days the only time he ever comes alive is when he's all for playing with Madison, Destiny and the twins, other than that it was Demi 24 7." He chuckled lightly.

I rolled in the direction of the still closed blinds throwing them open, and if I had been walking I would've looked purposeful.

"I'm not to let him lose the best thing that ever happened to him." I said firmly, "I don't care if I have to hit him over the head with a frying pan he's going to listen!"

I throw open the blinds, "Rise and shine superstar!" I said pulling a line from Camp Rock, because frankly the person in the bed was acting as reproachful as Shane Gray had.

There was a groan and a yelp from the bed as Joe finally rolled over.

"Well good morning to you too!" He said sarcastically, "thanks for the wake-up call Justice I really needed that!"

I rolled my chair over next to his bed and plopped myself down on the bed spread.

"You listen and you listen good, there is a girl out there that has done nothing but love you, love you since you were 18 years old and then you unceremoniously out of the blue you decide you're done? Something about that doesn't add up Joe."

Joe glared at me for a minute before bursting out,

"I got cold feet okay! Do you realize how fast we were going from 0 to 60 in no time at all, not to mention how much pressure the public was putting on us to be so much more than what we were? I love her Justice, but aside from the "Jemi" fans (I could almost hear the air quotes) no one else does, no one else loves us." He ran a hand through his disheveled hair, the fans all want a piece of me and the majority of them can't stand it but I'm happy with someone else who isn't them. Sometimes I wish I could get away from this, sometimes I wish I could just stop being Joe Jonas for a while."

I sighed.

"Look, I'm sorry if I came across as being pushy and maybe that's the fan in me talking. Sorry." I said again. "I'm going to try really hard not to tell you what to do Joe, if you move forward with her great, if you don't, that's okay. Just be careful with her, Demi is my friend and I can't stand to see her in a place like she was all those months ago. I don't even think she knows what to do about it.

Joe considered.

"Fair." He mumbled.

Then he reached over and through an extra pillow in my direction.

"But did you really have to barge into my house and into my bedroom to give me the third degree?" Now he looked exasperated.

I turned to climb back into my wheelchair. "We're throwing a party for Danielle tonight, you coming?"

Joe rolled his eyes smirking, "of course, count on it."


Later that afternoon I was helping Kevin set things up for the party. I was "supervising" Kevin's cooking seeing as the only person I trusted near the stove other Danielle and Denise was Joe.

"Come on Justice, it's steak, hot dogs and burgers how hard can it be?" Kevin asked just as something on the grill burst into flames.

"Apparently hard because unless you want your family eating shoe leather I'd call Joe."

"What! You have no faith in my culinary skills?"

"Nope! Sorry!" I replied, reached for him him Destiny.

Destiny tugged on my shirt. "Mommy, where is Aunt Demi and Uncle Joe?"

At the moment I didn't have an answer for her, but my daughter's question had got the wheels in my head turning again and I was determined to do something about it.

"Daddy, are Uncle Joe and Demi coming?" This time the question came from Madison, who was currently Demi's personal shadow, or she had been until the breakup.

Kevin raised his eyebrows at me, I knew the look, the filling in the question he was asking, "did you call Joe?"

"I told him this morning." I replied.

"Demi?" Kevin asked.

"Not yet, I can call her right now though." I answered.

Her phone rang three times before she answered.

"Hey Demi, it's Justice, you coming to the party tonight?"

"What party?" Demi asked.

"It's sort of a party for Danielle, you know baby shower type of thing, I know she's only two months pregnant but still... Joe didn't tell you?"

"No," Demi said flatly, "he didn't. In case it wasn't obvious, Justice, we aren't exactly on speaking terms right now, if ever." Her voice still sounded hard"

"Demi," I softened my tone, "the kids really miss you AND Joe and I think Madison misses your jam sessions she loves hearing you play guitar."

"I can't say I'll come… I told you…" She sighed, "it's complicated… It's not just Joe it's just me I have to do what's best for me."

"Can you at least FaceTime to talk to the girls?" I asked.

"I don't see why not," Demi replied, "at least for a little bit."

I hung up the phone with a flourish and grinned at Kevin, "Mission accomplished!"

Kevin held out his hand for the phone, "Then give me the phone so I can call that brother of mine so we end up eating something that resembles food."


By six o'clock that evening the party was in full swing.

Between plates of food everyone was talking and laughing, the boys had set up a makeshift stage on the lawn and Destiny, Madison, Kyle and KJ were doing their own concert. If you could call a bunch of random noises from plastic instruments music, but it was the thought that counted. Madison was really the only person who could play a real instrument, even if the song she could play with only "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star".

Kevin even got up on stage once and accompanied her playing I chuckled to see this multi-platinum recording artist playing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" on his guitar, but at that moment he wasn't Kevin Jonas, he was just dad.

Afterwards, as the kids got tired Danielle poked her head out from the back door from where she stood on the patio.

"I think there's somebody on the iPad that wants to talk to the girls." She called. Her smile said she already knew who it was.

Then the girls ran back inside while Joe, and Kevin picked up the twins. Danielle had the iPad set up and ready to go by the time everyone made their way into the living room.

"Who is it mommy?" Madison asked.

"A special friend of yours that Aunt Justice asked to say hello to you since you haven't seen her in a while."

There on the screen was Demi and she grinned when she saw the girls who squealed in response.

"Aunt Demi!"

I listened with half an ear as the girls chattered away telling Demi about their "concert" in the backyard. Somewhere in the distance I heard KJ squeal and a sippy cup bounce and roll across the floor.

"That sounds like fun." Demi replied, "I wish I could have seen it."

"Why didn't you come?" Madison asked. "Don't you love us anymore?"

"Honey, I have a lot going on right now." Demi replied softly, "I'll call whenever I can and when work doesn't make me too busy. I still talk to your mom and your aunt when I can, okay."

Two heads nodded. For now it was the best answer Demi could give. Things like addiction and an eating disorder didn't make sense to a two and a five-year-old.

End Notes:

So much has changed since I originally wrote this LOL I'm still trying to tie up various plot points and have things make sense.

Chapter 8 by staywritechill


While Joe and Demi fielded a firestorm of fan and media attention dealing with their breakup I had more important things on my mind. Danielle was going for a 17 week ultrasound and there was just enough time for everyone to get off to come by the office and have a look, even if it was just for the afternoon.

Kevin and Nick met up outside the doctor's office exchanging a brief hug before we all walked inside. When we sitting in the examination room waiting for the doctor we didn't say much of anything.

"Are the bets in?" Kevin teased, "what's it going to be this time boy or girl?"

"Boy." Nick and I said simultaneously.

"The Jonas family always has boys, period, end of story." I said firmly.

We continued talking as we were moved into the exam room and were still having a light conversation with Dr. Silverstein knocked on the door.

"Hello," said Dr. Silverstein from the doorway, "and how is everybody today?"

There was a general murmur of agreement.

"How are you?" Dr. Silverstein turned to address Danielle who nodded.

"I'm fine, getting kicked in the ribs and I'm driving Kevin crazy, but other than that... I'm fine." Danielle replied.

"Well let's have a look then." Dr. Silverstein said as Danielle lay back on the table pulling up her shirt to expose the soft bump on her stomach.

Dr. Silverstein moved the probe around on her stomach for a few minutes before locating what he wanted. Then he turned to Nick and I,

"Do you want to know the sex?" He asked.

We both nodded.

"You are having... a boy by the looks of things."

"No surprise, there." I muttered. " Madison, Destiny, Kyle, KJ and the new baby could form a band; so begins the next generation of musicians."

Nick chuckled quietly.

If I knew Nick he was restraining himself from bouncing off the walls, now he would have a son he could do all the sports stuff with, and I was reminded again that Nick Jonas wasn't just a musician he was a self-proclaimed sports fanatic! This entire concept of our children's occupations began a spirited argument between Nick and I on the way home from the doctor's office.

"He doesn't have to play guitar," Nick challenged "neither does Destiny, he could be a baseball player... or an astronaut I don't care!"

"Your family wouldn't be YOUR family without music!" I reasoned, "music is in your blood Nick, it always has  been and always will be and it will be the same with our children. Okay, so maybe they don't start "Jonas the Next Generation" but your son is probably going to be the jock that is in the rock band or the band geek that plays violin."

Nick chuckled, "Violin, huh?"

"Maybe he'll play backup for you someday." I said wistfully.

Nick chuckled again. I didn't think I could ever get tired of that sound.

"Yeah when the Jonas Brothers have their comeback tour at age 50."

This time, Nick and Kevin both laughed.

"Don't think we'll wait that long." Kevin chortled.



Chapter 9 by staywritechill


Four months later

"Okay, remind me again WHY I am watching this?" Nick asked.

I rolled my eyes. "Because your brother's on silly! The world hadn't lived until they had seen and Joe Jonas cook. If I remember you weren't complaining the last time he made you dinner."

I had him there.

The view on the TV was a studio audience, and then the camera went in for a close-up of a woman in her mid-30s, Rachel Ray.

"Our next guest is the one third of the amazingly popular Jonas Brothers and besides singing and acting he has a few more tricks up his sleeve, please welcome Joe Jonas."

Cue the screams and the applause as Joe walking out on stage smiling and waving looking very handsome in a sleek silver suit.

"How are you?" Rachel asked.

Joe nodded, sitting down, "I'm good."

"Now I know all this stuff about you, you sing, act and now I'm hearing you cook." She looked impressed.

"That's right," Joe replied, "I started messing around a few years ago during one of our world tours started throwing stuff together and learning styles and picking things up where I could, even picked up a few things when we were over in Europe."

Rachel's eyebrows rose and she looked to the audience for approval, and she got it in the form of ear shattering applause.

"You even set up a kitchen in your bathroom is that correct?"

I heard Nick snicker from somewhere behind me.

Joe laughed as pictures of him wearing an apron and set up in a small cramped space popped up on one of the screens.

"We were in Canada and I was just trying things out there wasn't any other space-there was another bathroom though."

They cut for a commercial break then. When they came back they were showing Joe and Rachel set up in the studio kitchen.

Joe looked out of place beside her, he'd taken off his suit jacket and had his dress shirt rolled up to the elbows, off-the-cuff, typical Joe. They were making some sort of pasta dish, I didn't catch the name.

"Ever made anything like this?" Rachel asked.

Joe laughed shortly. "I can make a decent lasagna and I pull recipes off the Internet, but other than that..." he shrugs. "I mean my family is Italian on my mothers side so..." Another shrug.

I watched him after that, the way he flayed and sliced a couple of chicken breasts, while Rachel put pasta in boiling water. His hands were sure and steady and he looked comfortable, as comfortable as he did while he was on stage. It was like Nick and his Broadway acting he was just another side of him people had to get used to.

"Look," Rachel commented to the audience, "Joe Jonas can cook how many girls will love that!" There was a cheer and a screamer to from one section of the audience, which I'm sure was filled with Jonas fans.

Joe looked up at the camera and grinned, he looked slightly embarrassed that people were praising his other skills other than something music related.


I was impressed at how well Joe could keep up, he was a quick study and he moved effortlessly, like he did on stage as surefooted with a knife in his hand as a microphone.

Finally the meal was complete and it sat on the counter on a plate steaming pasta and vegetables I'm sure smelled heavenly.

"Here, you try it." Rachel encouraged, and I watched as Joe plunged a fork into the plate of pasta twisted in some onto a fork and put it into his mouth. As he swallowed there was a small smile on his face, a satisfied smile.

I turned the TV off at that, there was some actor or actress on that I didn't even know the name of (despite living in LA for almost 2 years). I was proud of Joe I really was that he was spreading his wings and doing something different, like Nick had with his solo career.

 Demi and I made the decision to meet up-her place not mine, which was several hours north of LA. Despite what others and the fans I was still in contact with may think we didn't see each other that much anymore and mostly communicated by text.

"What car you taking?" Nick asked when I informed him of my plans.

"What car do you think?" I retorted, "I can't take your Mustang and I doubt you'd let Jessica drive."

Nick chuckled.


"I'm hiring a driver and taking the SUV, ours, not a rental. For obvious reasons."

Nick nodded.

"Are you good to watch Destiny?"

"Absolutely. I'll take her with me if I have to."

"Sure," I replied with a laugh, "like taking a toddler into a business meeting is ever good idea."

"We'll manage," Nick replied, "if I get into a jam I can always call my mom. You know my parents will always bail us out." He chuckled quietly. "By the way, tell Demi I said hi."

It was the first solo trip I had taken since getting married or having a child. It was the first real time I had traveled around California without having to do something for work. As the driver pulled the car around from the side drive and Jessica helped me into a seat while securing my wheelchair she shook her head.

"I'll never get used to the idea of having "a driver" it's just weird."

I shrugged.

"Too pompous?"

Jessica chuckled as she pulled the last of the tiedowns tight.

"Maybe a little, no offense."

The drive took less than two hours maybe a little bit more if we hit a snag of traffic which was typical for LA, but once we got out of the city the traffic was more predictable.

Demi's house was a typical California residence that resided outside of the busy part of LA it was opened and airy, multistoried, had several winding drives, and a couple small decks and patios.

As soon as Jessica ring the bell Demi opened the door.


We hugged.

Then she led me inside.

"I guess you're kind of stuck to the bottom level, but I got good seating down here, I promise." She smiled. Today however, I didn't know if it was her real smile or the practiced one she put on for cameras and the public. I didn't want to spend the entire afternoon psychoanalyzing her. The entire idea gave me a headache.

I made introductions with Jessica and Demi nodded again.

"I remember. I just don't think I've seen you in a year, not since Joe and I broke up."

We fell in the easy small talk and Demi showed me around the places of the house I could get to and told me about the places I couldn't.

"I got this room on the third floor that I mostly used for writing and recording and… Other things." She smirked then laughed.

"Okay, maybe I don't want to know." I replied.

"Nothing bad…" Demi defended, "just nothing I would mention to certain people or to small children."

We wandered back towards the main sitting area.

"I'm also getting a roommate." Demi elaborated in a low voice. "I've been seeing a therapist, at least have one on speed dial since I got out of rehab last year. You can kind of call it a safety net." She chuckled in a bitter sort of way.

"Is there something I should know about?"

Demi made a face.

"Nothing I feel like elaborating on right now. Like I said, it's complicated and I'm working through things."

She pushed a strand of her dark hair behind her ear; she had gotten her ears pierced again and now had several cartilage piercings.

"Okay, just remember I'm here if you need anything. Even if you just shoot me a text." I finally replied.

"Some of my crap (I knew she wanted to use a different word) is a little complicated for just a text."


End Notes:

Like chapter 7 I pretty much gave this chapter a facelift. I'm still in the process of rewriting Demi's storyline, which will take a while.

Chapter 10 by staywritechill

Late summer was a busy time for us, I was putting the finishing touches on my album and July meant Madison and Destiny's birthdays. It was funny the girls have been literally a day apart Madison on the seventh and Destiny on the ninth, they were as close as sisters could be without being so. 

Nick and Kevin went all out and we threw a big party, and I even heard Nick humming "Set This Party Off" under his breath every once in a while. The party was loud and boisterous with children running around everywhere, adults looking slightly harassed, and the occasional interrupting "twang" of a guitar. Once everything had sort of settle down Kevin sat down in one of the chairs his guitar across his knees and began playing "Happy Birthday". 

The performance was punctuated by cheers and applause from the adults and squeals of excitement from the children especially Madison and Destiny. Then it was time for ice cream and cake and by the entire end of it Destiny, Kyle, and KJ had more cake and ice cream on their faces than on the plate. 

Danielle was in relatively good spirits the entire time and she wiped off Kyle and KJ's faces with a smile, laughing quietly as she attempted to wash the frosting out of their unruly curly hair. It was not a rare occurrence nowadays to see Kevin, Joe and Nick with a squirming toddler one arm and a guitar in the other, and Kevin hurried to put down his guitar as twins are hard to handle when you're eight months pregnant. 

"Come on KJ," Kevin soothed, "what's the matter?" 

"Cake!" KJ said firmly, pointing to the table where his high chair was vacated. 

"Not now buddy, you're making quite a mess and making things quite difficult for mommy." 

"Joe!" Kevin called over his shoulder, "A little help please!"

Joe bounded over from where he was playing with Madison while I was a few feet away watching the entire thing unfold. "Just help me clean them up!" 

"Sure, Kev, no problem." Joe replied with a grin. 

Five minutes later Kyle and KJ are stripped down to their training pants in the driveway and Joe is spraying them all over with the hose as they are squealing in delight.

I watched the scene with some amusement while trying not to laugh at my brother-in-law's solution to the messy toddlers. Meanwhile I was simultaneously thankful for Kevin and Danielle's privacy fence the world didn't need to see a bunch of toddlers in their panties.

"Uh, Joe, I don't think that's what Kevin had in mind." 

Then of course Joe pulls his shirt over his head and turns on the sprinkler and a few minutes laterhe has joined the fun, much to the amusement and joy of the kids. While Kevin, Danielle Nick and I are watching the entire scene in varying forms of the amusement and exasperation.

"Grow up!" I nearly shout laughing at Joe, "you're as bad as the kids are!" 

Joe only shrugs, grins that amazing smile of his that had "heartthrob" stamped all over it.



Almost a month later it is time again for the Teen Choice Awards. The Jonas Brothers had been nominated for Best Group and Nick has been nominated for Best Male Artist I have also been nominated for Best Female Artist and my song "Falling Through The Cracks" has been nominated for best summer song. 

Danielle had been having mild contractions for most of the day, but she brushed them off and said they were nothing to worry about him and the baby probably wasn't coming for at least another week. So we sat through the next two hours watching award after award. Every once in a while I would see Danielle wince and then her expression would clear and it was as if nothing had happened.  

Unfortunately, the Jonas Brothers did not win best group but Nick won for best male artist and I won for best summer song. The award came as a total surprise considering I didn't think my fan base was that big.  Our duties to the press were cut short when Danielle suddenly grab Kevin's arm, and something in her body posture told me she had another contraction, a big one. 

We barely made it to the limo, just as we were all sliding into our seats there was a splatter of liquid on the pavement. 

"Get us to the hospital," Kevin ordered, "NOW!" 

The driver, a man in his late 30s nodded brusquely. Meanwhile Kevin had his phone clamped to his ear, I assume calling the hospital. Almost immediately after he hung up he began dialing another number.

"Who else are you calling?" I asked as some part of my folded wheelchair bumped me in the shoulder.

"The cops." Kevin replied shortly. "I think were going to need an escort for this and not just for the obvious reasons."

The drive to the hospital with tense. Kevin and Danielle sat on one side of the limo and Nick and I sat on the other. Sitting next to Nick and I was Joe who was unusually quiet. It wasn't until the limo had turned a few more corners and the police escort was guiding asked safely through traffic he spoke.

"Afraid we made a bit of a rude exit there Kev," Joe said lightly, "think we left the paps sort of spinning their wheels." 

Kevin chuckled dryly. 

"Well it was either that or have the baby born right there." Nick said shrugging, his face unreadable. 

Danielle's contractions were getting stronger and she was all but leaning on Kevin for support. Meanwhile Kevin was furiously dialing their parents to let them know what had happened. 

"Okay." Was all he said before he hung up. "They're going to meet us there." He informed everyone, we all nodded simultaneously. 


For once I was glad we had the police escort, tonight we needed it. Even the fisheye windows I could hear sirens wailing and the honking of car horns. As Danielle's labor progressed Nick got more and more agitated and I was sure if we weren't confined to the limo he would've been out of there, even when Madison was born the entire scenario made him uncomfortable. 

We were ten minutes from the hospital when it happened. I heard Danielle gives a soft groan and knew something had shifted in her labor pattern. 

"Kevin..." Danielle whispered frantically, "the baby's coming!" 

"Yes sweetheart. "We're almost there." Kevin said softly. 

"No, Kevin! Now!" And she placed his hand where I knew the baby's head to be. The police sirens gave one more frantic wail which seemed to echo the moan emitting from Danielle's lips and I was relieved to see the sign that read "emergency" glaring like a beacon somewhere ahead. I felt the car turn and Danielle let out another moan as the vehicle shifted. 

“Well this is a state of emergency.”  I said laughing quietly. Next to me I hear Nick chuckle softly. 

As soon as the car had stopped Kevin dashed out of the limo and into the doors of the emergency room. He came out a few minutes later followed by two nurses and Dr. Silverstein (who thankfully had been on call) who was still pulling on his lab coat as he dashed out the door. 

The limo door open and letting in a cool night breeze. 

"How far along is she?" Dr. Silverstein asked. 

"Her water broke 20 minutes ago." I informed him. The nurses were already forming a shield around the open door one was pulling Danielle stockings down her legs and almost jumped back at what she saw. 

"Oh my gosh, honey, you didn't say anything about her crowning." One of the nurses was talking to Kevin, who only looked dazed and shellshocked.

"Danielle, this baby is going to come fast, hang on." Dr. Silverstein was all business but there was still a smile on his face. 

Danielle gave two more pushes and the baby was out, getting cleaned up by the nurses and being wrapped in a blanket one of them was holding. Afterwards Danielle could finally sit up and after being helped into a wheelchair by Kevin was wheeled into the emergency room. They were just going in when Mr. and Mrs. Jonas and Frankie pulled up in another car. 

"She had the baby in the back of the limo," Joe explained, "talk about a fast delivery." 

We must have looked a sight all dressed up in our nice clothes, the nurses were looking at us like we had just come from a different planet. Nick got me out of the car and into my wheelchair while Joefollowed behind, catching up with their parents and his youngest brother.

Ten minutes later, we were all up in in the postpartum unit. The nurse finally brought the baby in a smile on her face. She made it to hand the baby to Kevin who shook his head. 

"No, it's not mine it's my brother Nick's, actually. My wife was their surrogate."

"Congratulations." The nurse said smiling as she placed our newborn son in Nick's arms. 

"Well someone was certainly in a hurry," Nick said chuckling, "one of the few Jonases who isn't fashionably late." 

"Have you picked a name?" The nurse asked. 

"Jeremy." I said abruptly, "Jeremy Alexander Jonas." 

Nick nodded, "I like it." He looked down at his newborn son and smiled, a real smile, a smile that said he was truly happy. 


Destiny didn't see her brother until the following morning when Danielle was discharged, as they had kept her overnight for observation considering she had delivered in less than ideal circumstances. 

The moment was so perfect as everyone was exclaiming how beautiful little Jeremy was my eyes fell on my daughter as Nick placed her brother in her arms. As his arms wrapped around them both he leaned over and kissed her hair, the moment was perfect event if I had planned it right. With the morning light coming through the open window made them look like angels. I didn't think I had ever had seen anything so beautiful.

End Notes:

It's pretty much a wrap on this story. I got a little bit more to be posted next week then it's back to working on the Spaceman series which will be edited and posted between Tuesday and Thursday. I'm anxious to really get going on and I have a lot of ideas.

Chapter 11 by staywritechill



Three Months Later

The next few months passed quickly, Nick and I had settled into a routine as a family of four and were still shuffling children back and forth like playing cards around our busy schedules and it was one of those rare days where everyone could just spend the day together, no one had to be in studio and Demi wasn't filming a movie or TV show; it was just a normal Saturday afternoon. 

What better way to spend the afternoon then on Malibu beach, where four children had been put into bathing suits and were running around in and out of the surf. I was keeping a watchful eye on Destiny (as much as I could) as I continued to rock Jeremy back and forth in the sling I was carrying him in. 

"Nicholas! Keep an eye on your daughter please!" I watched with a smirk as Nick ran after Destiny who had wandered a little too far into the lapping waves. He scooped her up in his arms and she giggled, her laughter ringing across the beach as he began to tickle her. 

Kevin was playing with the twins in the water as they laughing and splashing, his head of dark curly hair just visible. Madison, at the moment was by her mother on the beach getting her sunscreen reapplied. 

"Don't go too far," Danielle called after her, "and Kevin, I keep an eye on her please." Repeating the same words I had yelled to Nick moments before. 

Under the shade of an oversized umbrella, which had been provided at Nick's insistence and seconded by my personal assistant I cradled my youngest who was slung over my torso.

Jeremy cooed contentedly from his sling, though I knew he would be tired or hungry in a few hours. In my free hand I was talking to Demi via FaceTime. It's not that she didn't want to join the family instead she had more going on at the moment, or so she said. She respected Joe, Nick and Kevin in a professional sense and accepted where they were personally but that's as far as it went.

"Yes Jeremy, you're a cutie." Demi cooed. Then our conversation turned to back to how things were going with a new baby in the house. By now, I had related to Demi what had happened the night Jeremy had been born.

"Well, shit." Demi replied with a laugh when I told her. "That's one way to make a headline."

I laughed in agreement.

"I don't think that's what we were going for, at least not intentionally. Everyone was too busy panicking that the baby would be born right there at the awards. Maybe we were trying to avoid what had happened with the twins."

Just then, Nick came back Destiny.

"I think someone needs more sunscreen and her hat." He told me while he tried to calm destiny's wet hair out of her face with his fingers. Meanwhile, she was trying to pull him towards her cousins who were attempting to build a sand castle with Kevin nearby.

"It's in my bag." I told Nick, as I shifted carefully so as not to jostle Jeremy too much.

Eventually everything wound down. Demi insisted she had to go and said something about going on a hike with her roommate Natalie. Children got tired and the sandcastle was forgotten, even Kevin and Nick were concerned about getting sunburned.

Jeremy was just waking from his nap and beginning to fuss and I knew it was time for his afternoon feed.

I also had just enough time to see Joe's latest Instagram post, he was currently hiking with friends which was the only reason he had declined our outing.

"Looks like he was biking too." I told Nick as we began packing up and he and Kevin began wrestling the large umbrella into submission.

"How's Demi?" Nick asked.

"Good." I replied mildly, "she said she was going hiking too."

"Good to hear she's getting back to things, heard scuttlebutt from around the studio she was working on an album too." Nick murmured.

"Seems she's been up to a few things according to her Instagram feed." I murmured. I didn't elaborate. As a fan and as a friend to me it didn't matter if Demi was no longer close friends with the Jonas family, as long as she was happy and she was living the life she wanted. What would happen when our paths crossed in person again I didn't know, we were both knocking around the idea of doing a collaboration together in the studio, but things had to line up.

I was reminded once again of my present situation as Jeremy began to wail; definitely hungry.

Shelving my runaway thoughts I headed for the car, as far as what happened in the future only time would tell.

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