Lost and Found by tuckergolden888


Ashley was stolen when she was born, and she is just figuring it all out.  She ends up being twins with the one and only Nick Jonas.  Well after the family finds out that Nick can feel what is going on with his sister, Ashley starts having multiple seizures and has to be put into a medically induced coma to stop the seizure activity.  When she wakes up, she is unable to talk or walk.


After Ashley is sent to rehab, the family finds another girl, Alyson, who has been at the rehab center with no family for over a year.  They decide to adopt Alyson.  So not only does the Jonas family have one girl with a disability, they now have two.  Be part of this roller coaster ride as the entire family figures out how to take care of the girls.


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Repost of this story!  It was all messed up and so I tried to fix it by just deleting one chapter and it deleted the whole story.  :-(



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Chapter 1 by tuckergolden888

Lost and Found - Chapter 1

I am Ashley.  I was stolen when I was born.  I live in a house with a man that is really creepy, and he beats me until my back is red and scabby looking.  My birthday is September 16th.  One I look nothing like him.  I look exactly like the Jonas family.  Second, my birthday is the same day as, Nick Jonas.  I am sneaking out to go to a Jonas Brothers Concert tomorrow.  I have been entering radio contests, and everything I can to see if I can get a meet and greet pass.  I won one through Team Jonas.  I have also spent more of my money to get a sound check pass also.  So, we will see if this will work or not.  I hope it works, I hope they look at me, and are like confused. 

He just called me out and I just got kicked in the stomach repeatedly, this always happens whenever he wants me to get him something like a pen that is like three feet away from him.

I am also basically his maid, cook, and his housekeeper.  He does nothing at all.  I can’t wait until tomorrow.  It is going to be so much fun.  I sure hope they realize that I am their sister/daughter.  Even if they don’t, meeting someone who looks like me or is in my family will be nice.  Oh gosh, when he goes to bed tonight which should be right after dinner since it is a good dinner, and after good dinners he goes to bed right away.  I have to plan what I am going to say to them to prove it to them that I am their sister.  I just hope they believe me.  I am cleaning the lobster tails right now for his dinner.  I all of a sudden don’t feel good and it feels like I am about to puke.

Nick has an incredible amount of pain in my stomach right now.  I don’t know why, and I have an incredible amount of pain in my bottom.  This pain has been going on for years though and it always happens around the same time every day.  Anyways, I am on tour with my brothers right now. 

“Nick, bro you look like you have been hit in the gut, are you okay,” Joe said concerned.

“Yea, just the same pain in my bottom again and now it is in my stomach,” Nick said quietly.  My brothers know about this pain in my bottom, but my parents don’t.  I don’t want to tell them, because it will worry, get them stressed out and they will probably take me to see a psychologist.  I have never had any pain in my stomach; it feels like I am going to puke.  It is so painful and uncomfortable.  I think it might be time to tell my parents about this pain that has been going on in my bottom for years, and now the pain in my stomach.  Joe demanded on getting Mom and Dad as I started turning paler and paler by the second.  He said it was for the best, right before I puked all over the place.  Kevin luckily came to the rescue and got a waste basket for me.

Joe is really worried about Nick.  I know the reason he hasn’t told them about his pain in his bottom.  It is because he doesn’t want Mom and Dad to worry about Nick.  I run into Mom and Dad in the hallway.  “Mom, Dad, Nick is sick, come quick,” Joe yelled as soon as he saw them.  We walk back into the room as Nick was getting rid of his lunch.  As soon as Denise saw Nick getting rid of his lunch she went up and felt his forehead.  “Nick have you been testing lately?”

“I’m fine.”  Nick started talking really fast, “I wanted to tell you guys that I have had pain in my bottom for years now.  It feels like someone is hitting me, but really hard on my entire backside, from my neck to my knees.  Today, I got an awful pain in my stomach, it felt as if someone was cutting it in half, and I felt like I was going to puke and then I puked twice.  I have never felt this before; I just want to know what is going on.”  Both Denise and Paul were shocked to hear what came out of their son’s mouth.

It is the concert day.  Ashley is so excited.  I am now on my way to the concert.  I snuck out and everything went as planned.  Now all I have to do is plan what I am going to say and how I am going to do everything.  So far, I have that I will tell the meet and greet people that I need to be last to meet them.  Their parents need to be there also, so that way they know who I am and can see me.  I also have to tell them that I have to meet them alone, with only Big Rob there.  That way I can get the most amount of time to explain who I am.  Okay now I have to plan how I am going to tell them.  I think I am going to have to just tell them that I think I am their sister.  I really hope that it works.  I also have to prove to them that I am their sister.  How am I going to prove to them that I am their sister though?  I guess just tell them I have Nick’s exact birthday and that I look exactly like Nick and their well my Mom.  I printed out a picture of well my mom and a picture of me, last night before I went to bed.  I look exactly like Mom and Nick.  I hope that does the trick.  Oh, look at this, we are already here.  I guess planning takes longer than I thought.  I just figured something out; the buses come around the back.  So, plan one, wait for the buses.  Plan two, go to the sound check and see if I can ask a question, and see if they will let me talk to them in private somewhere.  Plan three, go to the meet and greet and see if I can meet them at the end.  Plan four; wait for them at the end of the concert.

I am at the sound check right now and waiting for it to start.  I am so nervous, what if I forget what I am going to say or explain to them.  They are taking questions and Joe just picked on me.  I just grabbed the microphone, “Can I speak to you guys in private please.”

This is so weird, that girl that Joe just called on looks exactly like Mom and Nick.  It is so weird, and she just asked to talk to us in private.  “Yes, you can talk to us in private, but may I ask what your name is,” Kevin asked curious.

“Umm, I can’t tell you that right now.  When we talk later, I’ll tell you,” Ashley responded.

Nick can sense something weird.  He feels like he can read her thoughts and is going to try to mind talk with her.  After Ashley asked if she could speak to our parents, I did some tricky mind talking, “yea we will go get them after sound check okay.”  We were both surprised that we could understand each other through this mode of talking, when she said, “this is weird.”  I of course agreed with her, because it was truly weird to have someone else’s voice in your head.

            “Would you mind telling me your name though,” I asked through our heads.  I really had no clue who this girl was and why I could talk to her through our minds.  It didn’t only surprise me but it sort-of really creped me out too.  She started yelling at me, that I couldn’t tell anyone at all.

 “Whoa, you didn’t have to scream that,” Nick mind talked.  “So, who exactly are you?”

“You really have no idea do you,” Ashley said, she was now starting to think that this was a very bad idea, and she was getting uncomfortable.  “I am Ashley, I think I am your twin, but I wasn’t sure, but now I am sure of it.”  Of course, Nick went wacko and started yelling at me telling me that I wasn’t his twin and that he didn’t have a twin and so-forth.  I calmed him down and asked him to bring his parents out when the sound check was done.

Do I really have a twin this is weird, right?  I must be her twin though.  I don’t know, but I had an incredible pain in my stomach yesterday though.  Nick has to ask if she got the same thing, and the whole thing about my backside hurting every day.  I’ll have to ask her about that too.  We said our goodbyes and told everyone that we would see them at the concert tonight.

A little while later, Ashley was starting to feel off and she knew she needed something with sugar in it soon.  I decided to mind talk with Nick, “Nick, can you please bring me something sugary.”

“Oh god, you are diabetic too,” was the response I got.

“I feel like I am going to faint out here, can you just bring me something before your parents come with you.  Tell your brothers that you forgot something on stage and grab something and bring it out please.” 

“I’ll be right there.  Check your sugar.”

“What do you mean, by check your sugar?”

“I’ll be right out with my meter and supplies, okay?”

Nick came right away.  There he is.  He is on stage, looking like a caring brother.  He is running down to me.  “Here Ashley,” Nick said giving me a meter.

“Uh, Nick I don’t know how to do this?”

“What do you mean,” Nick asked confused.

“The man I was living with took my meter away and threw it away right after I got diagnosed,” Ashley started crying “he doesn’t care about me and wants me to die.”  Nick just sighed and proceeded to test my blood sugar.

            “54,” was all Nick said.

“Is that low?” Ashley said.

“Yea that is low.  Here eat this,” Nick said as he handed me a bag of chocolate.

“Nick you can go now, I am fine.”

“No, I am not leaving until your levels are perfect,” he argued. 

I must have looked at him confused because he said, “you have to test after you eat something to make sure your blood sugar is good.”  It was silent for a couple of minutes.  I could tell that Nick was thinking through something.

“So, yesterday, I got an incredible pain in my stomach it felt as if someone was cutting it in half and then I puked twice.  Do you know where that came from or did you get it too.”

“I know where that came from,” Ashley said and started tearing up.  “The man I live with, kicked me in the stomach yesterday multiple times, and I also puked twice.”

Nick who looked totally surprised said, “Oh gosh, you are really my twin.”

Joe came running on stage looking for Nick.  “Oh, there you are Nick, we” Joe trailed off when he saw Ashley.  “Uh hi, who are you?”

            Ashley who was still teary eyed from telling Nick about what the man she lived with did to her, sniffled, “I am Ashley, and I think I am your sister and Nick’s twin.” 

Joe, who looked, totally surprised and shocked, said “how the heck did this happen?”

“I don’t know.  I still feel like I am going to faint and now puke.”

“Joe, go run and grab a waste basket,” Nick said just as Ashley leaned forward and vomited.  By the time Joe found a waste basket and got back, Ashley had vomited again.  “Joe goes get Mom and Dad; I don’t know what to do.”

While Joe was running off the stage, Kevin was running on the stage by the other side entrance looking for Joe and Nick.  “What happened and she is the girl that was at the sound check, isn’t she?” Kevin asked confused “except she wasn’t covered in vomit.”

“Yes, she is,” Nick said, “she is my twin sister,” Nick responded as Ashley puked yet again.

Ashley is sick.  Joe is going to find his parents because Ashley is throwing up and Joe is really freaking out and doesn’t know what to do.  He spotted his parents down the hallway, and yelled “Mom Dad, follow me, hurry.”  He could tell that his parents were confused but followed him anyways.  We get out to the stage, and we see Kevin rubbing Ashley’s back, Ashley being sick and Nick testing Ashley’s blood sugar.

Joe just came and got Paul and Denise.  We followed him out onto the stage where we saw a girl about Nick’s age hunched over a garbage can vomiting while Nick was testing her blood sugar and Kevin was rubbing her back.  Denise knew who it was right away and started crying, “It’s her.”

“Oh god, it is her,” Paul said as he started tearing up.

Joe was looking at them confused while thinking what the heck is going on.  “Do you know her,” Joe asked with caution. 

“I just can’t believe she is here,” Denise was still in shock.  She really couldn’t believe that she was there.  They thought that she didn’t make it in the hospital fire the day that Ashley Marie and Nicholas Jerry were born. 

“So how do you know her,” Joe asked very carefully.  He didn’t want to upset his Dad, but he looked as stunned as he had looked when Nick told him that she was his twin.

“There was a fire in the hospital that Ashley and Nick were born at about two hours after they were born.  Two nurses came in and took Ashley and Nick when the fire started, so I could help your mom get out safely,” Paul said.  “Well, they brought back Nick, but little Ashley didn’t make it back to us,” Paul was starting to tear up now thinking about that day again.  “We never told you or Kevin because we didn’t want you to freak out on us.”

“I sort-of remember Mom coming home sad but also happy, but I didn’t think too much about it.  I was just happy to be a big brother.”

Denise didn’t hear the rest of their conversation because she ran over to a very pale looking Ashley leaving a very stunned Paul and Joe behind.  “Ashley?” Denise said as she ran over to her.  She was just so shocked to actually see Ashley.

“Huh,” Ashley said sickly.  She didn’t care about anything right now.  All she could think about right now was her stomach and her headache and that she was just so cold.  She was shivering and felt like puking for the third time in the past twenty minutes.

I could just tell that she had a fever just by looking at her.  I’m turning into a worried mother, and I haven’t even known her for her whole life.  Denise yelled things she needed for her boys to go get, “Kevin, grab a thermometer.  Joe, grab a cold washcloth.  Nick, grab a bucket.”  Everyone left as Ashley soiled the trash can again.

Chapter 2 by tuckergolden888

Lost and Found - Chapter 2

Danielle is on tour with Kevin right now.  She and Kevin got married on December 19, 2009.  We are so happy together and I love him more than anything in the world.  She loved the way he cared for her.  She also loved the way he looked at her and made her feel special like she was the only woman on the whole entire planet and no one else mattered. 

Dani was in the middle of reading a magazine when Kevin came running into the room screaming something about a thermometer.  Before I had time to process what he needed, Joe came running in yelling something about a washcloth.  I for sure got what Nick needed when he came in yelling, “I need a bucket.”  “Here Nick use this,” I said as I rushed a garbage can under his mouth.

“So, Dani, you care more about Nick, than you do about my need for a thermometer?  Gosh my wife cares more about her brother-in-law then me.  Wow.”

“Well, I didn’t really want to clean up his barf and you would have made me clean up his barf.”  Dani said.

“Guys,” Nick interrupted their arguing over nothing really.  “Kev, the need of a bucket wasn’t even for me it was for Ashley.”

“Wait, whose Ashley?” Dani was thinking that it was fan that they met at the sound check or something.  She did not expect to hear what came out of Nick’s mouth next though.  That is for sure.

“My twin sister,” Nick answered like it wasn’t anything new and he had a twin for his whole life.

“What, but you don’t have a twin,” Dani said looking in between all of brothers totally confused.

Nick spoke up, “She was at sound check and I could feel her feelings, so I tried to mind talk with her, and it worked.  She was the reason I was getting all of that pain in my bottom for years and the pain in my stomach yesterday.”

This day has been so huge; the brothers found out that they had a little sister that was stolen.  After Ashley came into the backstage room that Kevin, Joe, Nick, and Dani were in.  Nick decided that it was probably best for Ashley to be sleeping on the bus.  It could get very noisy before a concert with all of the moving of equipment across the stage.

“Come on Ash, do you want to go to the bus?” Nick said.

“Yea,” Ashley said tiredly, she was about to fall asleep right there.

“Come here, Ash,” Kevin said as he picked her up and carried her out to the bus like a little child.  She ended up falling asleep in his arms a couple of minutes after they started there venture out to the bus.

Although the fans did happen to wake her up, she had a really bad headache, and her stomach was feeling a little off again.  Maybe she woke up with that or it might have been the noise, but it was probably some of each.

When they got her to the bus, Kevin went and laid her down on a bunk.  When he was laying her down her shirt came up enough to see bruises all over her stomach.  Ashley was luckily asleep, so Kevin moved her shirt up some more and he saw a ton of bruises all over her stomach.  Some were fading where others were newer looking.  “Uh, Joe, Nick,” Kevin said.

“Yea, what’s up?” Nick said as he came into the bunk area.

“She has bruises all over her stomach,” Kevin said nervously.

“H-h-how did she get them?” Joe asked tearfully.  He didn’t want anything to happen to his baby sister.  Even though he only knew her for less than two hours, he still loved her.

Ashley woke up right then with a major headache.  Her head hurt so much and adding to it was the light outside.  She sat up and found the blinds to close the window next to her lower bunk.  “Nick,” she minds talked.

“Yea honey,” Nick said out loud, “what do you need,” he said as he felt her forehead which was burning up.

“Bright,” Ashley’s sort-of mumbled out.

“Kevin, Joe,” Nick turned to them, “can you turn off all the lights, it is too bright for her.”

“Yea,” Kevin said.  Kevin and Joe were having a little conversation of their own about everything that was going on.

“Nick,” Ashley said.

“Yea honey,” Nick said concerned about the way she was acting.

“My stomach and back hurts,” Ashley said as she held her stomach and turned pale green.  Nick grabbed the bucket at the end of her bed and held it for her while she vomited.  “Oh honey, shhh,” Nick said as he comforted her.

“Are you done, honey?” Nick asked as Ashley shook her head and vomited again.

“Come on let’s lay down,” Nick said as Ashley finished vomiting and looked miserable and so tired.

Ashley screamed out in pain as she went to lay down.  Her legs, back and stomach hurt a ton.  “Nick,” Ashley said, but before she could say anything else, she started vomiting again.

“Kevin, Joe, can one of you go get Mom and Dad please,” Nick said as Kevin ran out of the bus looking for Mom and Dad.  He found them and Dani sitting in the catering area. 

“Mom, Dad, Dani come with me,” Kevin said as he came up to them, “I will explain on the way,” was all Kevin said before they all left the catering area.

Joe and Nick were back in the bus with Ashley who was still screaming out in pain, she was complaining of pain her legs and back.  They tried to get her lying down but she was just in too much pain to move at all.  “Joe, can you please test her blood sugar while I try to get her lying down again,” Nick asked while Joe went and retrieved Nick’s meter and lancet.

“It’s normal,” Joe said as Ashley started having a seizure.  “Joe, go see what is taking them so long,” Nick said referring to their parents as he got Ashley lying down and stood in front of the bunk, looking down at her, praying that she would be okay. 

            Ashley was still having the seizure when everyone got back on the bus.  “What is going on?” Denise yelled.  She had heard Kevin say that Ashley was really sick, and they needed to come quick.  Joe came running up to them and said that Ashley was having a seizure.  “Is it a diabetic seizure?” she asked Nick who was looking at Ashley like she was a hurt puppy.  “No, it isn’t Joe checked her blood sugar right before the seizure started and it was normal,” Nick said as he started crying.

            Everything happened so fast for Nick.  One moment he was finding out he had a sister and the next he was watching as paramedics loaded his twin sister into an ambulance because she had multiple seizures.  Nick was so scared for Ashley; he feared that she would never wake up again.  Nick had never seen anyone have a seizure before, he knew that diabetics if they didn’t watch their blood sugar could have one, but her blood sugar was normal when she stared having one which made him even more worried.

            “Ashley Jonas,” everyone looked up when they heard that name, “I just wanted to let you know that a doctor will be in to speak with you shortly.”  Big Rob had already found them a private waiting room, which everyone was grateful for, not to have prying eyes watching them constantly.

            “Rob, can you take Frankie downstairs to get a snack, I don’t want him to hear whatever the doctor is going to say, in case it is bad news,” Denise asked.

            “But Mom, I want to hear what is wrong too,” Frankie wined.

            “Sure, come on Frank let’s go get a snack.  We will get a snack and then come right back up here, okay,” Big Rob said as Frankie left reluctantly. 

             “Hi, I am Dr. Smith and I have been working on your daughter’s case,” the doctor said as he came into the private waiting room a couple minutes later.

            “What is wrong with my baby girl?” Denise asked as she dabbed her eyes with a tissue, she had been crying all night and was sick to her stomach with worry.

             “Ashley is in a coma,” was his answer to Denise’s question.

            “What, how did this happen,” Denise asked in sheer panic.

“If you just give me a minute, I will explain everything to you,” the doctor was persistent but also very kind.  “Your daughter is in a coma because she had so many seizures in such a sort-time frame.  This is the way of the body coping sometimes when a person has multiple seizures in a row.  We won’t know until she comes back to consciousness if her brain was affected or not.  There could be a good chance that it is, but we won’t know how much until she comes out, since she has had over fifty seizures since she has come in.  Some have been less severe; those are called myoclonic seizures.  These seizures are just brief jerks of the body.  Many people who don’t have a seizure disorder get them after they have had the hiccups or when they are just falling asleep.  Does she have a seizure disorder like epilepsy that we need to be aware of?”

“We don’t know, Ashley is Nick’s twin sister and we just found her today after seventeen and a half years,” Paul started getting emotional and tearing up.  He was really worried about her; he hadn’t seen her grow up or anything.

“She has multiple bruises all over her stomach also, do you know where that came from.

“Yea,” Denise said as she wiped her face with a tissue, “she was abused that is all she said to me.  Did she say anything to you boys?”

“She said that she was abused by her father, but that is it,” Nick spoke up.  He decided that it would be helpful to speak up and say something about it.

“Well, I am going to have to contact the police and have them talk to you about this, just so you know,” the doctor said.

“When can we see her,” Kevin asked.

“We are moving her to a room on third floor, so it shouldn’t be much longer, and you will be able to see her, I will have a nurse come out and get you when she is ready.”

“Okay, thank you,” Joe said as the family stood up and shook his hand.  They were all really worried about her.

After forty-five minutes of worry, the same nurse came into see them, “we have moved her up to room 367, I will take you up,” the nurse said as she led them up to Ashley’s Intensive Care Unit room.

“Two at a time for now please,” the nurse said as she left.  “Mom, Dad you go first,” Joe said.  Paul and Denise went in and saw Ashley; she was hooked up to so many machines, it was scary.  She had an oxygen mask on and had IV’s coming out of her every which way.  She looked so frail and much paler then when they had seen her a few hours ago being loaded into the ambulance.  Denise had ridden with Ashley in the ambulance to the hospital and watched her have multiple seizures, some lasting for a long time and others being short and quick.  She never came out of unconsciousness though, she just kept on having the seizures and never woke up once.

“I will send Nick in, I should probably fill Phil in about what is going on,” Paul said as he got up to leave a while later.  Paul didn’t know how to tell him that he had a daughter.  After some time, he finally decided to call and ask if Phil and Johnny could come down to the hospital.  The concert had already been canceled but no one knew why it was actually canceled.

When Nick went in to sit with Ashley he freaked out.  He had never seen anyone hooked up to so many machines and tubes.  “Wow, Mom, I didn’t know she was this bad,” Nick said as he got choked up.

“Oh honey,” Denise said as she pulled Nick in for a comforting hug as he cried into her shoulder.  Denise worried about all of her children, but her main worry was Ashley right now.  “The nurses said that you can talk to her and she will be able to hear you,” Denise told her second youngest son as he sniffled.

“Hey Ash, how are you feeling,” Nick said as he choked back on a sob.  “I want you to wake up so I can see those big beautiful brown eyes of yours, I really miss you Ash.”  When Nick finished, he got up and left the room.  Being in the room with Ashley was too much and felt like he had bricks weighing on his shoulders.

When he stepped out of Ashley’s ICU room, he would have collapsed on the ground had it not been for Kevin who grabbed him right away and led him over to the bench where Joe was sitting.  As soon as Nick was sitting down, he started sobbing. 

“Oh Nick,” Joe said as he clutched on to him and sobbed.  “Uh she looks so sick,” Nick said once he stopped crying.  Nick was glad that Frankie wasn’t there, this would have just freaked him out even more and he was already sort-of freaked out.

“Boys, can you come to the waiting room please, Phil and Johnny are coming down and I want you to be there when we deliver the news,” Paul said as he came down the hall.

“Yea, Dad, we are coming,” Kevin said as Nick looked up with a tear-streaked face.  “When are they going to be here?” Kevin asked.

“They just left the venue, and I am supposed to go meet them at the front desk,” Paul said as the boys all stood up and went to the waiting room to wait.

“I am going to head downstairs,” Paul said after giving them a little pep talk which Nick cried through, because he was so worried about Ashley.

Chapter 3 by tuckergolden888

Lost and Found - Chapter 3

            Paul and Denise were in the room with Ashley when she started moving her hand later on that night.  Denise was sitting by Ashley’s bed praying when all of a sudden, she saw Ashley’s hand move.  “Paul, she moved,” Denise said as Paul came over to look at his little angel who was now still again.  Then all of a sudden, she shook her left hand, almost like she had a cramp in her hand and was trying to get rid of it.

            Paul ran out of the room to the nurse’s station, “hi my daughter is in room 367 and she just moved,” Paul said out of breath.  As soon as the nurse came in the room, Ashley fluttered her eyes open.  “Ashley,” Denise said as she watched her only daughter open her eyes and then close them again.  “She is coming too; she might do that a couple of times though.  The lights may be too bright for her, most patients have problems coming out of unconsciousness if there are too bright of lights,” the nurse said as she went and turned off some of the lights to make it dimmer for her.

            Ashley opened her eyes when she realized that it wasn’t bright, she finally kept them open.  “Hey, do you know who we are?  Blink once for yes and twice for no,” Paul asked Ashley.  The nurses and doctors warned them that she might not be able to talk, so they were supposed to use the blink once, blink twice method to communicate with her.  She could only answer yes and no questions, but the Jonas family saw it as an improvement from nothing at all.  So, when Ashley just blinked once Paul and Denise were both in tears, so happy that she remembered them.  “Can you go out and get the boys please,” Denise said as she looked up at Paul.  Paul nodded his head and left. 

It was nearing midnight when Paul walked into the waiting room to wake up his sons.  “Boys your sister woke up,” Paul said as he stepped into the waiting room where he found Nick awake.  All that was left at this late hour was Big Rob, Kevin, Joe, Nick, and Dani.  Phil and Johnny had taken Frankie with them.  Kevin, Joe, and Nick had decided that it was probably best to keep Frankie in a routine and that meant a good sleep schedule at home in his own bed.  It was a tearful and hard goodbye for him, but it was really best for him.

            “Wake up your brothers, I am going to head back to the room, the doctor will be in shortly and I don’t want to miss it,” Paul said.  As soon as Ashley had woken up the nurse came in and paged the doctor and he didn’t want to miss what the doctor said.  As soon as his Dad left, Nick went over and woke up his brothers.

            Ashley was scared and didn’t know what was going on.  All she wanted was Nick, but she got these people with things hanging around their necks that she had no clue who they were or what they were doing to her and they were shinning bright lights into her eyes that were making them hurt.  “Nick,” Ashley mind talked, hoping that he could hear her.

            Nick heard a little voice in his head that wasn’t his, and he knew it had to be Ashley’s.  He smiled right then and there.  He was glad that she could at least mind talk and that she remembered him.

            When the doctors were done, Paul came out and got the boys.  “Boys, the doctor wants to talk to us,” Paul said as he held open the door for his three eldest to enter the room.  The first thing all of them did was they went over and kissed her on the forehead, before all finding a seat across the room.  Nick stayed by Ashley’s bed and held her hand, to which she did nothing, she didn’t even try to grip it, and this freaked Nick out a little bit.

            “Ashley is not doing as well as I had hoped she would, when coming out of the coma.  She is responding to voices right now, which is very poor.  Normally when someone is in this situation, they are typically able to wiggle their toes and make fists with their hands and they would close their eyes from the bright lights and be able to talk.  She is not doing any of those things right now.  We are going to take her down for a brain scan in the morning, to try to find out what is wrong with her.  We will just let her rest tonight, and I suggest you all do that too,” the doctor said.  “Do you have any questions for me?”

            “What does the prognoses look like right now?” Paul asked.  They were all worried about what was going on with her.

“Not good, but I won’t know until morning when we look at the test results,” the doctor said as he looked at the worried family and excused himself from the room.

The next morning around ten, the nurses came in and wheeled Ashley off to get some tests on her brain done.  “Ashley,” the nurse said as she came in with a very loud and noisy cart that scared Ashley.  Ashley started crying and got really scared when they were moving her over to the cart.

“We are going to take her down to radiology to have a CAT scan, she should be up in about two hours,” one of the nurses snottily said as Ashley was wailing with fear.  She had no clue what was going on and she was really scared.

“Can I go with her?” Denise asked.  She was worried about her.  She was just worried about how Ashley would react towards the machine they were going to put her in, and they wanted her in there.

“Sure, come on” the other nurse answered.  She was much more cheerful than the one who didn’t even talk to Ashley like she wasn’t even there or a person.

After Ashley and Denise left, Paul made the decision that he was going to go home and get some clean clothes and check on Frankie who had not been up to the hospital yet today.  “I think I am going to go home, get a nap and take a shower,” Paul said.  Everyone else agreed to do that also.

Paparazzi had luckily not realized that Kevin, Joe, and Nick were at the hospital, so it was a quick and easy out.  Once in the car, Paul texted Denise and told her that they were all heading home to get cleaned up and would be back soon.

            Meanwhile, Denise and Ashley were downstairs in radiology.  When they rolled into radiology Ashley started crying and screaming in fear.  She didn’t know what was going on or what anyone was doing and was scared.

            “Shhh, Ash, shhh,” Denise soothed her as she combed her hand through her hair to get her to calm down.  Denise figured that Ashley would be scared, but it was taking so long to get her calmed down and they hadn’t even started the tests or done anything.

            Ashley didn’t understand anything that was going on.  Sure, she could understand what people were saying to her and she knew who everyone was and where she was but that didn’t mean that she wasn’t scared.

Ashley also couldn’t speak so she didn’t know how to communicate that she was scared and confused other than to scream and cry like a baby.  She wasn’t a baby, but she couldn’t speak, so she really had no other way of communicating.

            The radiologist came in and started talking to Ashley and Denise about what was going to happen and how it was going to happen.  “We are going to transfer you over to this table, she said as she tapped the table, and then we are going to put you in this cool machine,” the radiologist said, she could tell that Ashley was scared so she tried to make it sound more fun.

            Ashley of course started freaking out when this was mentioned.  She was scared and was crying and didn’t know what was going on or what was going to happen to her in that machine.

            “Come on honey, let’s get you over there,” Denise said as she gently took down the sheet that was on her.  When she did this, she realized that the diaper they had put on her was soaking wet.  Denise didn’t know how long the scan was supposed to take and she didn’t want her to be sitting in a soaking wet diaper the whole time.

            “Do you have another diaper and some wipes that I could change her quickly before we do this,” Denise asked the radiologist.  After Denise changed Ashley which took some work to get her changed, they transferred her over to the table that would put Ashley into the machine that would take a scan of Ashley’s brain.  She was so scared and had no clue what was going on.

            They put headphones on Ashley before they put her in the scan that Denise would be able to talk to her through.  The whole experience was scary, but Denise kept talking to her and kept her calm.

            “They are almost done honey, they just have to take one more picture,” Denise said when they were almost done with the scan.  She could see that Ashley was freaking out and really worried.  “Okay, one more click and then you are done,” Denise said as the nurse pressed the button on the board to have it take the picture.

            “Okay, all done Ash, you did great,” Denise said as the nurses came out and started moving the bed out of the CAT scan.  Ashley was so relieved to get out of that machine.  It was too loud and scary, and the bed was hard.

            Meanwhile the rest of the Jonas family was headed home for a quick shower, some food, and a nap.  The nurses at the desk told them it would probably be around four hours before the doctor would keep up with the news.  Paul wanted to be there by the time the doctor came in to give them the news.

They wanted to talk to Denise, and they were going to see if she would take a shower and get cleaned up before the doctor came in.  Denise noticed they all looked a lot more rested when they came in.  “Shhh,” Denise put her hand up to her mouth, “she just fell asleep,” she then motioned them out into the hall with her hand.

            “Well, the scan went okay, she freaked out once we got in the room and she saw the CAT scan machine.  I finally got her calmed down after about ten minutes and the scan went great from there on.  She did perfect and was a little scared, but I think it really helped that I was able to talk to her through the headphones that they put on her.”

            “That is good,” Paul said as he went to hug her, “we brought you some clothes for you to get cleaned up.  There are community showers right down the hall and to the right.  Go get cleaned up honey,” Paul said as he handed her the bag that he had brought.

            After Denise reluctantly went down to the showers, Paul went and sat with Ashley in the ICU room.  She started to wake up shortly after he got in the room with Ashley.  “Ash,” Paul said as he got up and went over to his daughter when she started moving.

            “Hey how are you feeling,” Paul asked Ashley, who just blinked at him twice before she started gagging and threw up all over her gown.  Paul ran and got the bucket and held it under her mouth while she vomited again.  She then started choking on her vomit.  Paul pressed the nurse’s button; a team of nurses came in and was yelling things that Paul couldn’t understand as he got pushed out by a nurse.  A couple minutes later a team of doctors rushed in the room to help his daughter.

The Jonas family was sitting in the conference room later on that night when the doctor knocked on the door and came in.  Ashley was sleeping in her room.

“The coma did a lot of brain damage,” the doctor said as Denise burst into tears.  “What kind of damage,” Denise asked as she wiped her eyes.

            “The parts of the brain that helps us be able to speak and walk, is permanently damaged from the coma and seizures.  She will never be able to speak or walk again.  I am sorry,” the doctor said.

            “So, you are telling me that my sister will be unable to talk, but she and I are able to mind talk and have a conversation.  How do you explain that doctor,” Nick yelled at the doctor, he was mad?  It hit him a couple seconds later because he then started crying.  He would never hear his sister’s voice again she wouldn’t be able to walk or do anything.

            They had only known Ashley for a little over 48-hours, but a lot happened in those 48-hours.  Ashley started having seizures and then she went into a coma, and now this doctor was telling them that she has permanent brain damage and will never be able to speak or walk again.

            “Since she threw up earlier this afternoon she has been choking on her spit every time she swallows,” Paul asked the doctor concerned.

            “It could be a lot of different things.  It could be that she just hasn’t gotten everything that she needs to up, or it could be as easy as she has some phlegm.  It could also be that she will have permanent swallowing damage also.  I want to be safe so in the morning I was to take her down for a swallowing test.

            “Do you have any more questions for me,” Dr. Smith said as he stood up and gathered up his papers.

            “No, I think that is it,” Paul said as him and the family stood up and shook his hand.

Chapter 4 by tuckergolden888

Lost and Found – Chapter 4

Ashley got out of ICU the next morning.  She is in a regular room which means the whole family can visit at once, and they don’t have to worry about the room being so tiny and confined.  This also meant that Frankie could come and visit his big sister whenever he wanted too.  Children under 16 were not allowed in the ICU because of germs.

The swallowing test showed that Ashley isn’t able to chew up her food.  The brain damage from the seizures showed that she has troubles chewing, she either doesn’t know how to chew, or doesn’t remember that she is supposed to chew and then swallow.  So, she is now on a pureed diet, which basically means she has to eat food that is already in a soft form, so that way she can just swallow without having to worry about chewing.

Kevin, Joe, Nick, and Frankie were watching football earlier, but Ashley didn’t like that she started yelling and got very agitated while they were watching the game.

            They switched the channel over to the HGTV network which had Property Brothers on.  They were remodeling an 1870’s house that had a ghost in it and were having problems.  The ghost didn’t want them to remodel the house.  Ashley was finding it hilarious, she was laughing and smiling the whole time.

Denise noticed that Ashley’s legs were swollen during a commercial.  “Ash, honey, do your legs hurt,” Denise asked Ashley who just blinked at her once before tears started filling up in her eyes and she broke down sobbing.

            This caught Kevin, Joe, and Nick’s attention.  They turned off the TV and came over to Ashley and Denise “what’s wrong over here,” Kevin said.  Ashley just kept on crying, she was in pain, her legs hurt so much, and she just wanted to make it stop.

            The nurses and doctors came in and started testing for swelling in the legs and the calves.  Ashley of course started freaking out and crying because the machine was cold and hurt a lot when it was on her legs.  “Ashley,” Paul said, “if you are good, I will get you an ice cream shake, how does that sound?” Ashley blinked once and then tried to not cry for the rest of the ten-minute procedure.  She did start tearing up once after that but other than that she did great.

            As soon as the procedure was done, Paul went and got Ashley a vanilla shake, at her request, from the closet ice cream parlor, but not before asking everyone else what they wanted.

            “Come on Frank, let’s go get some ice cream, I’ll let you ride shotgun,” Paul said.  He could tell that the boy was getting restless and tired.  The nurse had also told them that they were going to come in and give Ashley a suppository to help get her bowels moving.  Paul didn’t want Frankie to see that happen to Ashley.

            “Hi Ashley, we are going to hopefully make your tummy feel a little better, how does that sound?” the red headed nurse said as she came in the room with a tray of supplies.

            Ashley blinked once, her stomach was hurting all day long today, and she wasn’t sure what was wrong, she just wasn’t feeling good.  Everyone who came into the room this morning knew it because she would scream and get very angry at them.

            The nurse took down the blankets and sheets and started removing her wet diaper.  They were changing her every three hours at the hospital so she wouldn’t get a rash.  “Can you help me roll her on her side,” the nurse asked Nick who was sitting next to her on the chair.  He stood up and took Ashley by her back and started rolling her to her right side, so she was facing him.

            The nurse first cleaned her bottom, since she was wet and then she explained that she was going to put a suppository up her bottom, she counted to three and pushed it in.  Ashley of course started crying when the suppository went up her butt.

            “Oh honey, shhh,” Nick said as he wiped her eyes with the pad of his thumbs.  “It’s all over Ash, it’s all over,” Nick soothed her.

            “You can roll her back now,” the nurse said to Nick who rolled Ashley on her back and then gave her a kiss on the forehead.

            “We will diaper you and it should only take around twenty minutes to work,” the nurse was pulling the diaper up through Ashley’s legs when she noticed that the suppository was starting to work.

            “When she is done, press the nurse’s button and I will come and change her,” the nurse said to the family.

            Just then Paul and Frankie came walking in the door with ice cream malts for everyone.  “Here Ash, let’s get you one of these,” Nick said as he walked over to the tray which had the shakes on them, “hey Dad, is there any special one for Ashley?”

            “One of the vanilla ones, Joe wanted just vanilla too,” Paul said back to Nick.  Everyone wanted something different, and they were all complicated, the only ones that weren’t where Ashley and Joe, who both wanted vanilla.

            Ashley enjoyed her ice cream shake and didn’t choke on it once; they gave her small bites and it took a long time to feed her, but she was happy to eat it.

            “Nick,” Ashley mind talked later on that night.  She had so many questions for him and she had been asking him all of them whenever they came to her mind.  Nick was feeding her pureed chicken, carrots, peas, pears, and she was drinking some water.  During the swallow test they figured out that she could drink anything, it was just the chewing part that she had a problem with.

            “Why do I have to eat this stuff that looks disgusting,” Ashley said as she looked at Nick.  She didn’t like this stuff one bit and she hadn’t even had a bite.  “I will just live on milkshakes,” she said to Nick.

Nick just laughed at her comment, “I don’t think you can live on just milkshakes,” Nick said to Ashley.

“Fine,” Ashley said as she opened her mouth.  It tasted exactly like chicken; it was just the texture that was a little weird.  She ended up eating the whole plate.

Denise wasn’t able to sleep at all that night; she was worried about Ashley.  So, when they came into check her levels in the middle of the night and found her low, Denise freaked out.  This was the first low Denise ever experienced with Ashley, since she has been in the hospital, she has been constantly high.

Ashley was not a happy camper to be woken up in the middle of the night for some juice.  She did drink all of the juice and was able to stay awake for another half an hour to make sure that she was all leveled out before she dozed off.

This is when Denise started to realize how hard everything was going to be, not only having a daughter who wasn’t able to speak or walk but a diabetic on top of that.  She could go low or high in a matter of minutes, she had seen Nick do that many times before, but he was able to tell someone or help himself before it got too dangerous, Ashley couldn’t even tell someone.  She would need around the clock care.

The next morning the doctor came in to do rounds.  “I heard that you had a pretty rough night Ashley,” the doctor said as he came over and started moving her legs, he then took out his flashlight and started shining the light in her eyes.

“She is having a little better reaction to the light, but not what I would like to see, she is still not closing her eyes as quick as I would like to see though,” the doctor said as he turned around to face Denise.  “I would like to get some blood work on her today, also.”

“I want to make sure that the lab work comes back okay.  If it does, I would like to move her to a rehab center for further rehabilitation,” the doctor said.  “I will get the lab work order in and they will be up shortly to take the blood, hopefully we have it back by tonight and then we can talk about rehab options.”

Ashley’s nurse came in to do vitals and change her diaper before the phlebotomist came in to take the blood work.  “Ashley how about we change you and then vitals,” Ashley’s nice nurse said as she waited for Ashley to agree, which she did by blinking once.

The nurse pulled down the sheets, and went about changing the very wet diaper, she had to roll on her side.  Denise helped roll her on her side and kept her there, she talked to her while the nurse was wiping down her bottom.

After she was done being changed and the vitals were taken the phlebotomist came in to take blood.  The doctor had already signed saying that if they couldn’t get it in the hands, to try the foot.  They got it right away in the foot though.

Later on, that night when the whole family was there, the doctor came in again this time with news, “her blood work seems fine, and we have done everything that we can here.  It is time for her to move on to a rehab facility.”

“Rehab.  What is she going to gain from rehab she can’t even talk let alone walk,” Paul asked the doctor?  He really couldn’t think of any reason why she would go to rehab; it didn’t make sense to him.

            “They will help get the equipment needed for Ashley so she can go home, we have done all we can do here,” the doctor said as he again looked in Ashley’s eyes with the bright light.

Chapter 5 by tuckergolden888

Lost and Found – Chapter 5

            The next day Paul and Denise were on a search for a rehab center that would take Ashley, they had two options.  They visited both of them that day.  The first one they went to be a hospital that had a small rehab wing, but it looked like most patients were still hooked up to monitors and it was very noisy.

            The second one they went to be a hospital, it looked like a little cottage, and it was called, Willow Hearts, it felt more like a home setting verses a hospital setting.  As they walked in the director came up, “Hi, my name is Alisha Willow, and I am the director of Willow Hearts,” she said as she shook their hands.  “I will show you around and then we will go talk about Ashley.”

            “We are a 20-bed rehab center for children and adults under the age of 21, all of our caretakers are nurses also,” she said as she showed them around the living room area.  “This is the living room area; we like everyone who is able to be out here during the day.  We do social activities, play games, and just hang out.  “They can and will go back to their rooms at certain times of the day, but we like to have the social interaction,” she said as they walked into another room.

The dining room had twenty round tables that sat ten each.  “We like to be family oriented; we encourage a family member to stay overnight with the kiddo, and also for families to come visit daily, we have a gourmet chef, who prepares all meals.”

“We have one room available right now, it is right here,” she said as she led them down a hall and into a room, it had a hospital bed and a sofa in the room along with a table and two dressers.  The sofa is a pull out and we have family bathrooms and showers for the families to use.

“Let’s go back to my office and we will talk logistics,” she said as she led them out of the room and into an office.  After talking with Alisha for over an hour they decided to sign the papers for Ashley.

While Paul and Denise were searching for a place for Ashley to go to, all of the boys and Dani were at the hospital with Ashley.  They were watching TV.  While they were watching TV, Ashley started crying.  She had pooped and was embarrassed, but on top of that she was uncomfortable.  Joe came over to her as soon as she started crying, “Ash what is wrong,” he said as he rubbed her back while she cried.  It was then that he smelled that she had gone to the bathroom.

“Oh honey,” Joe said as he pressed the nurse’s button.  “Yea my sister had an accident and she need to be cleaned up.”  Kevin, Dani, Nick, and Frankie all left the room to give Ashley some privacy.  She wanted Joe to stay with her.  Shortly after they left, the nurse that no one liked came in, ripped the covers off of Ashley, tore her diaper off, and roughly cleaned her up.

Ashley was shaking in fear the whole time.  The nurse stuck the thermometer up her butt, instead of in her mouth, and the blood pressure cuff around her leg instead of around the arm.  Joe had enough of this.  She was way too rough with Ashley and made it really scary for her.

            Joe sang to Ashley until she fell asleep, which didn’t take long because she was so exhausted from the whole procedure of just being changed and having her vitals taken.

            “That nurse needs to be fired or something,” was the first thing Joe said when his brothers and sister-in-law entered the room.  “She treated Ashley awful, she came in and ripped the covers off of her, tore off the diaper and cleaned her up very roughly.  She rubbed her bottom for like three minutes straight after she was clean,” Joe just shook his head.  He just wanted to yell at the nurse for hurting and scaring his little sister.

            “Aren’t nurses supposed to be nice and not scare their patients,” he said.  Kevin was furious that someone would hurt his little sister like that.  Kevin was the typical older brother; he was very protective of his siblings.  He remembered once when they were younger, Joe got beat up at school for something, and he became even more protective of Joe for a while.

            “There’s more,” Joe whispered.  “After she was done rubbing her bottom, she took the thermometer and stuck it in her bottom.  It was without warning; I don’t even think Ash knew what was going on.  She didn’t tell her or me what she was doing.  She then put the blood pressure cuff around her leg, instead of her arm.”

Right then Paul and Denise came through the doors with dinner for everyone.  “We brought dinner,” Denise said.  After they were done with Willow Hearts, Paul and Denise went to the grocery store to surprise everyone at the hospital and make dinner for them.  They had even called up to the hospital to cancel Ashley’s meal that was supposed to be coming around now and ask if they could puree some of their food.  The hospital was happy to do that for them.

  “Ash, are you hungry?” Nick said as he woke up his twin sister gently.  As soon as Nick asked if she was hungry, she opened her eyes and smiled up at him.  “Yes, I am hungry,” Ashley told Nick through their minds.

“Okay let’s see here, we have mashed potatoes, corn, stuffing, chicken, and cranberries.  Cranberries were one of Ashley’s favorite food.  They had found that out at lunch today, she got cranberries for lunch and she ate the whole thing, the rest of her lunch she didn’t do too good on.

“Ash did you like that nurse,” Joe asked his little sister who just blinked at him twice indicating that she did not like her and then she started screaming and getting really agitated.

By the time Denise had run over to her she was throwing a full-on tantrum.  She was now screaming, kicking, and crying.  “Shhh Ash,” Denise tried to get her calmed down, but she just kept on screaming at the top of her lungs. 

“Ashley Marie Jonas calm down right now,” Paul came over and tried to calm her down.  She of course continued to yell, kick, and cry.

“Ashley calms down,” Nick mind talked with her.  She stopped kicking, screaming, started breathing normal, and eventually stopped crying.

“Nick, can you interpret for me,” Ashley asked him through her mind.  She wanted to tell her family something, but she didn’t know how too.  She had been thinking about saying this for a long time and she thought that now was a good time.

“Sure,” Nick responded to her through his mind.  He didn’t know what she was going to say or do but it seemed like a reasonable request.

“I want to first of all say thank you for being here and supporting me, the daughter, and sister that no one knew about.  I am still confused to why this all happened but what I got from Nick is that I had a lot of seizures and then I went into a coma and now I am here.  It is scary for me to not be able to talk or do anything for myself.  I am scared to death that you will all forget about me and I will just live in this room,” Ashley finished mind talking with Nick who was repeating all of this to their family.  Ashley looked up and saw her whole family in tears.  “I don’t know how to communicate with you guys, I wish I knew a better way.”

“Oh honey,” Denise came running up to her and engulfed her in a huge hug.  “Don’t you worry about being here all alone, no one will ever leave you, okay Ash,” Denise said as Ashley’s eyes started filling up with tears.

Two days later they were moving Ashley to the rehab center that they had looked at.  When they got to the rehab center, by ambulance, the nurses were there to greet the family.  The first thing they did was transfer her into her own bed.

When they got to Willow Hearts, Denise looked down at Ashley who was looking around in pure shock.  They had told her that she was moving to a new place today, but Denise didn’t think she exactly understood what was going on.

            “Ashley, why don’t we change you and then we will go get you some dinner, okay,” the nurse that had a nametag on that said Amber on it came next to the hospital bed, lowered the rails, and then rolled her on to her side to get her pants down and then worked on changing her diaper.

            “Nick what am I doing here,” Ashley mind talked with him.  She was scared and had no clue why she was there or what she was supposed to do here.

            “You have to stay here so we can all learn how to take care of you and then you can come home,” Nick mind talked back with her.  Ashley just blinked at him once and then sighed letting him know that she understood what he was saying.

            Once the nurse was done changing her, she unlocked the wheels on the hospital bed and moved her out to the dining hall for some dinner.  “Well, this is a little strange,” Ashley said to Nick.

            Amber plugged the hospital bed into the floor and then she raised her up into a sitting position.  “Can one of you come help me get her sitting up in the bed more, it is hard on someone’s back to not be in the bend of the hospital bed,” she said as Paul came over to one side and took her under her arm like Amber did on the other side.  They counted to three and pulled her up, so her bottom was in the bend of the hospital bed.

            “If you guys want to look over the menu and then when I come back, I will put in an order for you all,” Amber said handing them three menus to share.

            “Ash what do you want,” Joe said as he looked over the menu with her.  “Ash they have your favorite cranberries, do you want those,” Joe said as Ashley blinked once indicating yes.  “How about chicken masala too,” Joe said as Ashley blinked again.

            Amber came back a couple minutes later, “has everyone looked over the menu and are you ready to order.” Everyone nodded yes indicating they were ready to order.  “Before I take your order does anyone have any diet restrictions, allergies anything like that?” Amber asked.

            “I am a type 1 diabetic and then all of Ashley’s needs,” Nick said.  He figured he would let them know since they had asked if anyone had any dietary needs.

            “Okay I will put that down in Ashley’s file that her brother is a diabetic too, what is your name so that way we know,” Amber asked Nick.  Nick was shocked he had never been treated this way before, no one had ever taken care of him like this.  He wasn’t too sure if he liked it or not.

            “Nick Jonas,” he said as he looked at Amber who was taking their order.  “We want to make sure that the families have a nice enjoyable time here too.  After they all put in their orders Nick sat down on Ashley’s bed and started mind talking with her.

            “That was a little strange,” Nick said to Ashley.  Of course, Ashley just started laughing out loud because it was the same thing that Ashley had said to Nick a couple of minutes ago. 

            “Oh, you think I’m funny do you,” Nick said to her out loud as he reached over and tickled her side, to which she just continued laughing and tried to get away from him.

            After they ate dinner, Ashley was pretty tired.  A new nurse named Rosanne came in to help get Ashley ready for bed.  “Ashley came on let’s stay awake for a couple more minutes,” the nice nurse said.  Everyone, but Denise left shortly after Ashley fell asleep a while later.

            They were up and ready by eight the next morning.  Another nice nurse named Nicole came in to get Ashley ready.  “Good morning Miss Ashley, morning Mrs. Jonas,” Nicole said.

            “Let’s get you ready for the day what do you say,” Nicole said to Ashley and then said, “after breakfast they are going to come in and get you fit for your wheelchair, how does that sound.”

            Ashley blinked once as Nicole pulled back the sheets and got to work on changing Ashley’s diaper.  Nicole didn’t say anything to the fact that Ashley had made a mess in her diaper.  All of the nurses in the hospital had to make it very clear to the whole family that Ashley had pooped and made a mess.  Nicole just went along and cleaned her up without saying a word about it.

            “Now, how about some breakfast,” Nicole said as she took the breaks off of Ashley’s hospital bed and pushed her out to the dining room.  This morning Ashley had pancakes and bacon.  While Denise had eggs and bacon.

            Kevin, Joe, and Nick came back at the rehab center after breakfast.  “Hey Ash, how was breakfast this morning,” Kevin asked as he came over and give her a hug.  Ashley blinked once, indicating it was good.

            “Did you miss me,” was what Joe asked when he came over to her along with a very big hug.  Ashley just rolled her eyes and blinked twice, just to make him mad.  She started laughing after Joe crossed his arms like a three year older who was being told by his mom that he couldn’t have the candy that he wanted to have in the grocery store.  “You are so funny Miss Ashley,” Joe said as he tickled her.

            “Hey Ash, how was your night,” Nick asked her to which she blinked once.  She however had a question, “where is Daddy, Frankie and Dani,” Ashley mind talked with him.

            “Dad had to take Frankie to school, but he is coming up soon and Dani is out to breakfast with her family who came to visit, but they will all be coming up later on this afternoon,” Nick said.

            “Okay,” Ashley said to Nick as her dad walked in along with a physical therapist who was here to fit her for a wheelchair.  “Hi, I am Tim, the physical therapist who will be fitting Ashley for a wheelchair.”

            Once Tim was done measuring Ashley for her new wheelchair, he got out more papers.  After they decided that she would need a tilting push chair, they had to pick the company that they were going to get the wheelchair through.  There was one company that make tilting wheelchairs, Invacare.  After briefly looking over the papers that Tim had handed them, they decided to go with the Invacare Solara 3G tilting wheelchair.

Chapter 6 by tuckergolden888

Lost and Found – Chapter 6

Three weeks later, the nurses had Ashley on a schedule every morning was get changed into clothes, brush teeth and then get up in her wheelchair, which had come yesterday.  Ashley loved it, it was pink, and it tilted back.  It had straps and hooks on the chair to hold her up along with foot straps and a tray.

Then it was off to breakfast which was for the most part only Ashley and Denise.  Denise and the rest of the family were learning how to take care of Ashley on their own.  When family members were learning how to prepare their kiddos food, they were called up by family to use a food purer.  “Jonas,” the cook called out to them.  Denise left Ashley at the table and went up to puree her food.

She got back and found Ashley sitting at the table with her iPad, which is hooked up to a DynaVox.  A DynaVox is a communication tool.  Since Ashley can’t speak, the DynaVox board has pictures and words on it so she can press the buttons and say what she needs or even have a conversation.  Ashley uses an iPad though with the DynaVox app installed into it.  It cost more for them to download the DynaVox app, but this way she can text her family through it.

“Morning, Aly,” Ashley said on her DynaVox as a nurse came and sat Aly down at her and Denise’s table.  Aly was Ashley’s best friend.  Aly never had anyone come visit her.  Everyone else had someone, but Aly never had anyone who came.  She wasn’t able to speak, except she constantly said Ma and Pa, she was able to walk, liked to dance, and do her princess wave to say hi to everyone.  Both Ashley and Aly had to have their food pureed and had to be fed.

“Hi Aly, how are you doing this morning?” Denise asked the girl at their table, who smiled and waved her hand at Denise, like a princess.

            “What do you say we go for a walk this morning with Daddy,” Denise said as she fed Ashley some of her food.  Ashley just blinked once, she loved going for walks with her Dad.

            Paul would come up to the rehab facility right after breakfast and he got Frankie to school, he would stay and then around 2:00pm.  Kevin, Dani, Joe, and Nick would come up to stay with Ashley while Paul and Denise picked up Frankie from school and ran some errands.  They would then come back around 4:00pm every day and they would all have dinner together and then leave so Frankie could get his homework done and get to bed at a reasonable time.  Since Ashley was going to be here for only two more weeks and then she would be free to go home, Denise had been staying less and letting the other members of the family take care of her.

            “Ash, Kevin and Dani are going to be staying with you tonight again,” Denise said as Ashley got a huge smile on her face and started blinking like crazy.  She loved it when her siblings stayed overnight with her.  Last week when Joe stayed with her, he snuck out and got a shake from the ice cream shop down the street for her after everyone was in bed.  Her siblings usually did something special for her though, and it usually involved watching a movie or food.

            “Bye Aly, we will see you later.  Come on honey, let’s go wait for Daddy and then we will go for a walk with him,” Denise said as she pushed her out of the dining room and into the main room where they sat and talked.

            “When is everyone coming?” Ashley said using her DynaVox.

            “You know that answer, Daddy comes after breakfast, Kevin, Dani, Joe and Nick come around 2:00 every day then Mommy and Daddy leave and bring Frankie back around 4:00 for dinner,” Denise said.  She asked this question every day.  Ashley just blinked her eyes once.  Even though she had the DynaVox, she still used the blinking system for yes and no because it was easier sometimes.

            “Daddy,” Ashley pressed on her DynaVox as she turned up the volume, as she saw her Dad come in through the doors and she was ready for her walk outside.

            After Ashley said Daddy, she pushed the button that said, “I need to be changed,” on her DynaVox.

            “Come on let’s go get you cleaned up, honey,” Denise said as her and Paul went down to her room.  Paul unstrapped her as Denise pressed the nurse’s button, “I need a diaper and some wipes for Ashley,” she said into the nurse’s button.

            A nurse came to the room with a diaper and a package of baby wipes to clean Ashley up.  “Do you guys need any help,” the nurse asked.  The family was taking care of Ashley more and more now.

            “No, I think we are fine,” Denise said as she took the supplies from the nurse and Paul lifted Ashley onto the bed.  The nurse left without saying another word.  They then undid the front of the diaper and pulled it through her legs to find that she was still peeing.  This was usual for her though.  About five minutes after she pooped, she would always pee.

            “Let’s wait until she is done,” Denise said as she held the front of the diaper up for her to finishing peeing.  Denise checked again in about twenty seconds, and she still wasn’t done.  Finally, after what seemed like eternity, she was done.

            Paul and Denise got to work on changing Ashley’s very messy and wet diaper.  They were getting good at this; they were almost pros by now.  They had figured out a way to do this, it was much easier with two people then it was with just one.  It was actually pretty much impossible with just one because Ashley liked to touch stuff she wasn’t supposed too, so having one person to keep her hands distracted worked very well.  They had tried everything from toys to just talking to her but none of it worked for very long.  You basically had to hold her hands and play with them while the other one was changing her.

            Once they got done changing her, they went for their walk.  “When do I get to come home,” Ashley asked using her DynaVox.

            “In about two week’s honey,” Denise said.  They found a bench in the park that they were walking in.  There was a park about a block from Willow Hearts, they went there on a daily basis with Ashley.

            “Do you want to come home, Ash?” Denise asked.  This was the first time that she had asked about coming home.  Ashley blinked once.

            “What about Aly?” Ashley asked on her DynaVox.  She felt bad for Aly, she had no one who came and visited her ever, and she seemed really connected to Ashley and her family.

            “What do you mean, what about Aly,” Denise said as she looked at Paul.

            “She never has anyone who comes to see her,” Ashley said on her DynaVox.  “Can she come live with us?”

            “Uh honey, we just can’t take Aly home with us, maybe her family lives far away or something, and just hasn’t had time to visit,” Paul said.

            “No, she doesn’t have a family,” Ashley said.  “She was in a car accident and her whole family died except for her, she has no relatives, no one.”

            “How do you know this honey,” Denise asked, she was tearing up from what she just heard Ashley say.

            “Nick, last time he was here overnight, we got talking about Aly, and he went and asked, and they told him, he had to sign some forms or something to get information on her, I guess,” Ashley said as she used her DynaVox.

            “Would you like it if Mommy and Daddy tried to talk to someone about Aly,” Denise said, as Ashley blinked once. 

            “Well, I think it is almost therapy time,” Denise said.  Ashley had therapy every Tuesday at 11.  Ashley did not enjoy therapy at all. 

“I don’t like her,” Ashley said.  The therapist that she was assigned to be with was an old crabby lady who never got the blinking system with Ashley.  She would be glad when she was done with therapy.  The therapist was only coming in once a week now to check on Paul and Denise, otherwise it was up to them to get her stretched and on her stomach every day and of course today was the day that she was coming.

“I know you don’t like her Ash,” Paul said.  Truth was he didn’t like her either.  She was too rough with Ashley and pushed her way over her limit.  He knew that therapists were supposed to push their patients, but when the patient is crying because they are in pain and almost having a panic attack, you stop.  She didn’t understand that, even after Paul and Denise both talked to her, she still didn’t get it.

First thing the therapist did today was legs, not Ashley’s favorite at all.  She almost wished that she could sometimes have a blowout poop when she was working with her legs.  That would teach her enough, but she couldn’t control when she did pee or poop, and she had already pooped today, so no luck again today.  Maybe next time, Ashley thought.  When her legs exercises were done, Paul scoped Ashley up and set her back into her chair for her arm exercises.  She was done with therapy in an hour.

“It’s lunch time Ash,” Denise said as she pushed her out to their normal table.  Today Ashley decided to have chicken strips and fries with honey mustard and her favorite cranberries.  Denise went up and pureed her food and got hers and Paul’s food.  Paul had decided on a chicken cranberry salad and Denise had decided on a chicken blue cheese salad.

After lunch, it was time for rest time.  Everyone had to go back to their rooms to take a nap or just relax.  Ashley always took a nap during this time; she was exhausted by this time of the day and always needed a nap.  Paul scoped her up and laid her down on the bed.  She was out in no time. 

“She must have been tired,” Denise said as she pulled down her pants gently to check her diaper.  “Here help me change her, she is soaking wet,” Denise said as she took off her diaper.  They typically changed her before she was asleep but today, she was tired.

“Paul, we need to talk about Aly, and what to do with her, I don’t know if I can leave her here, now that I know about her situation,” Denise said.

“Let’s check with Nick first and make sure that this isn’t made up in Ashley’s mind, before we go talk to someone about it,” Paul said.

“When she was doing therapy, and I said that I had to make a few phone calls, I called Nick,” Denise said.

“What did he say?” Paul asked.

“Nick said that he did go talk to one of the night nurses, and they told him that Aly and her family had been in a car accident last summer, and she had a traumatic brain injury, which left her unable to talk, and take care of herself.  She only had her parents and her, she is an only child, with no other relatives.  Paul, we can’t leave her here, she has become so attached to us,” Denise said.

“Okay, once Kevin, Dani, Joe and Nick get here, we will go talk with Alisha,” Paul said, as he looked over at Ashley who was sound asleep on her stomach.  She always flips over onto her stomach on her own.  If you put her on her stomach to go to sleep, she freaks out, so it’s easier if you just let her do it on her own once she is sleeping.

“I am going to call Nick and see if he can pick up Frankie then from school and come around 4 like normal.  Frankie has nothing for lunch tomorrow, so I was going to pick something up for him, this afternoon, so I will see if Joe, wants to go get him some food for tomorrow.

“Okay, you go make your phone calls, and I will keep an eye on Ashley,” Paul said, as Denise got up and left the room.

“Hi Alisha,” Denise said as she knocked on the director’s door later that afternoon.  Kevin and Dani had just got to Willow Hearts, Ashley was still sound asleep.  Nick was on duty of picking up Frankie, while Joe was on duty of getting lunch stuff for Frankie tomorrow.

“Hey guys, what’s up?” Alisha said as she looked up from her computer.

“We were wondering if we could talk to you for a couple of minutes,” Denise said.

“Yea sure come on in,” Alisha said as she minimized her computer screen and pushed back from her desk.  Paul and Denise each took a seat in the chairs in front of her desk.

“So, what’s up?” Alisha asked the couple in front of them.

“I don’t know how to put this, but Ashley is worried about Aly, because she never has any family or anyone that comes to visit her,” Denise started out the conversation.

            “Our son Nick asked one of the night shift nurses a while back, about Aly, because Ashley was getting so worked about her, and they said that her parents got killed in a car crash, and she has no one anymore, is that true?” Paul asked.

            “Ashley was the one to bring it up to us actually this morning on our walk,” Denise said.

            “It is a really sad situation that Alyson is in, yes her parents were killed in a car crash.  She used to be a normal 14-year-old, but during the car crash, she got a traumatic brain injury that left her unable to speak, feed herself, and she now needs 24 hours around the clock care, and as you probably noticed, she likes to wander a lot,” Alisha said.

            “Yea, we have noticed that” Denise said.

            “Yea, we can barely get her to sit down for a meal let alone to sit down and stay in one place for a long period of time,” Alisha said.

            “Well, what is she supposed to do then, just live here?” Denise said.

            “We have been trying to look for a foster home for Alyson since she could be released last October, she has gone to a couple of them, but no one has been able to keep her, they all complain about her cares.  She always ends up back here, I just feel so bad for her, and no one here is able to take her,” Alisha said. 

            “We want to talk it over with our family first, but if it is okay with them, we would be willing to adopt her and have her become part of our family.  She is already so connected to us and Ashley,” Paul said.

            “Wow that would be amazing,” Alisha said, in shock that they would even consider adopting Alyson and taking her home with them.

            “Let us talk about it with our family when they are here tonight, and by tomorrow we should have an answer for you,” Denise said.

            “Thank you so much,” Alisha said as she shook the couple’s hands as they left her office.

It was around 2:30pm that afternoon when Ashley woke up, she had taken a long nap.  When she woke up, and flipped onto her back again, she found Kevin and Dani in the room with her.  Her parents had left to go get Frankie and would be back around 4:00pm for dinner.

“Hey Ash,” Kevin said as she came over to her.  She smiled at him as he uncovered her and changed her diaper.  As soon as he pulled down her diaper, she went right for stuff that she wasn’t supposed to touch.  She liked to touch her private parts and the diaper.  It didn’t matter if it was clean or messy, she just liked to touch it.  Luckily, Dani noticed and stood up from her spot on the couch to come over and play with Ashley’s hands as Kevin cleaned her up.

“I have no idea how we are supposed to do this if we are alone with her, like what if she asks to be changed and we are the only ones with her, it will take forever,” Kevin said to Dani as he put on a new diaper. 

“Yea, I have no clue how anyone is supposed to do this on their own,” Dani said.

“Hey Ash, do you want to get up in your chair or,” Kevin said but was cut off by Ashley blinking once, “in your chair?” Kevin asked again to confirm as Ashley blinked once again.

Kevin scooped her up and put her in her chair.  He then tilted her chair back some, so it wasn’t up too far and put the iPad on her tray along with some sticky stuff to somewhat hold her iPad.  She had to be tilted all the way forward to eat, drink, and to get in and out of her chair, but other than that, she was free to be tilted to whatever angle she wanted.

“Guys, can we talk to you before we leave tonight,” Denise said after dinner that night.  The whole family was now at the center, and they wanted to talk to them tonight, so they could get an answer back to Alisha tomorrow.

“Yea, what’s up?” Joe asked.  He was pushing Ashley out of the dining room.

“Come on let’s go back to Ashley’s room, and talk,” Paul said.  He didn’t want anyone else hearing them talk.

“So, what’s up Dad,” Joe said once they were all in Ashley’s room and sitting down.

“Your Mom and I went and talked to Alisha today, about Aly,” Paul said as Ashley lifted her head up and smiled.

“Yea, what about her Dad?” Kevin asked.

“Well as you might have noticed, Aly never has any visitors or anything,” Paul said as the family nodded their heads.

“Why doesn’t she get any visitors, do her parents live too far away to come and see her?” Frankie asked.

“Well, no honey, her parents are no longer here with us,” Denise said.

“Wait, so her parents are dead?” Frankie asked, to make sure he understood his mom.

“Yes unfortunately, she was in a traumatic car accident last July with her parents and both of her parents were killed and she got a traumatic brain injury,” Denise said as she looked around at her kids.

“Anyways, what your mother is trying to say, is that we are thinking of adopting her and bringing her home with us.  They have tried countless foster home situations with her, and she always ends up being sent back here within 72 hours, no foster home is able to take her,” Paul said.

“Really,” Ashley said on her iPad.  She was thrilled that her parents had talked to Alisha and wanted to adopt her.

“What will happen to her if we don’t take her,” Joe asked as Ashley gave him the death stare.

“If we don’t take her, she will more than likely live here until she ages out, which is at age 21, and then she will go into a group home, somewhere in LA.  Also, no one here is able to adopt her,” Paul said.

 “Do you have any more questions?” Denise said as she looked at her family, as Ashley blinked twice.  Everyone else shook their heads.

“Okay well then do you think we should adopt her?” Paul asked, as Ashley went crazy and started blinking like crazy.

“Okay, so we have a vote from Ashley, now what about everyone else?” Denise asked.

“I think we should do it,” Dani said, as everyone else agreed with her.  They could do it, or she hoped that her parents-in-laws were able to do this.

“Okay, I think this settles it then, we will tell Alisha in the morning and then we will tell Aly in the next couple of days, so no one say a word to her okay,” Denise said as she looked at Ashley who rolled her eyes, sighed, and blinked once.

“Ashley, are you excited about Aly?” Kevin asked his little sister, as she blinked once, and then pressed a button her iPad, that said, “Aly is my little sister.”

“Now you aren’t going to say that to her are you, Mom and Dad want to tell her about this, alright,” Kevin said.  As a big brother, he wanted to make sure that it was clear to her that she wasn’t supposed to say this to her.

“I won’t,” Ashley pressed on her iPad, as she went to another screen.  She then went back to her family screen and pressed a button that said Kevin on it.  “Kevin is my oldest brother.  He likes to play guitar and eat sushi, GROSS.  Besides the sushi part, he is a pretty amazing brother.”

“I like the sushi part, Ash,” Kevin said.

“Yea, it was all I could get on the button to say, or I would have said more amazing things about you,” Ashley said on her iPad and then smiled up at Kevin.

“Thank you, Ash, do you have one for everyone in the family?” Kevin said as he came over and looked at the iPad screen that she had up.  On the top of the screen, it said family.  It had two tabs dividing the screens apart.  The two tabs said people, and pets on them.  Ashley blinked once.

“That is really cool, I liked how you got it to separate into two different tabs, one for people, and the other for pets,” Kevin said.  When they had set it up, it didn’t have any of these cool features, but Ashley added them.

“Yea, I tried to put them all together, but it got to confusing, so I had to change it,” Ashley said using her iPad.

“So, Ash what should we do?” Kevin said as he looked at Ashley after their conversation was done.

            “Watch a movie in bed,” Ashley pressed on her iPad.

            “Okay Ash, Dani and I brought some new movies for us to pick from,” Kevin said, as Ashley blinked once and smiled, she was so happy.

            “What movies?” Ashley asked using her DynaVox.

            “We have Fly Away Home or the Parent Trap,” Kevin said as he held up the movies, so she could see them.

            “Fly Away Home Ash?” Dani asked, her sister-in-law as she blinked once and smiled.  Ashley loved animals.

            “Okay, it’s Fly Away Home then,” Kevin said.

            “Kevin, can you get the movie set up while I get her in bed?” Dani said as she moved her iPad out of the way and unstrapped her from her chair.  She then lifted her the way they had been taught and got her into bed.

            “Ash, do you want to get in your pajamas?” Dani asked her to which she blinked once and then indicated that she wanted to talk more by waving her hand around.

            Dani took the iPad off of her chair and brought it over to her in the case.  Ashley made a sentence, using the DynaVox app, “Kevin goes get ice cream later.”

            “You want ice cream,” Kevin said as he turned around.

            Ashley blinked once and smiled as she opened up Angry Birds to pass the time waiting for Kevin to start the movie.

            “What I’m I your servant, I’m just supposed to stand here and hold your iPad while you play Angry Birds,” Dani said in a joking matter.

            Ashley closed out of her game and went into the DynaVox app and said, “Well yea.”

            “Come on Ash, time to get changed,” Kevin said as Dani took the iPad and turned it off.  She set it on one of the tables in the room and plugged it in.

Dani went over to the closet to look for pajamas for Ashley.  She gave her two choices of pajamas tonight.  One was pink with hearts all over them and the other one was blue with snowflakes on them.  “Hey Ashley, what color pajamas do you want tonight, pink with hearts or blue with snowflakes on them?” Dani asked her sister-in-law.

            “Ash, what color pajamas do you want tonight?” Kevin asked her to which she just stared into space.  When Ashley stared into space, this typically meant that she was about to start pooping or that she was already pooping.

            “Ashley, do you have to go potty?” Kevin asked his little sister, as he looked down and saw that she was already pooping.  It was going all over the bed.

            “Oh Ashley,” Dani said when she came back from the closet with the pajamas.

            “I need some help over here Dani,” Kevin said as he was trying to figure out how to get her cleaned up.

            “You go get a shower chair, and I will stay here with her,” Dani said as she took Ashley’s hands and started playing with her hands to keep her occupied. 

            “Come on let’s get you in the shower chair, just in case you need to go more, while Dani and I clean this up,” Kevin said when there was a slight break in the pooping.  Kevin scooped her up in his arms and set her on the shower chair, which had a bucket already attached to the bottom of the chair.

            Once Kevin and Dani got Ashley cleaned up and into her pajamas, they started the movie, Fly Away Home.  He would go get ice cream from the little ice cream shop down the street in a while.  Ashley would probably fall asleep anyways during the movie, so he would wait for a while and then go get the ice cream.

             It was about halfway through the movie when Kevin looked over at Ashley and saw her sleeping.  “I knew this was going to happen,” Kevin said as he got up off the pull-out couch and turned off the TV.  He then laid Ashley’s bed down and checked her diaper again.  She was dry so Kevin left her for now.  He checked her blood sugar before bed, it was normal and then he turned off the lights and crawled into bed next to Dani who was sound asleep too.

Chapter 7 by tuckergolden888

Lost and Found – Chapter 7

            Around 3 am the next morning, Ashley woke up screaming at the top of her lungs.  Kevin and Dani woke up and were by her bed in a split second.

            “Shhh,” Kevin said as he brushed his hands through his little sister’s hair to hopefully calm her down.  She was now not only screaming, but she was also kicking her legs.  She was upset, but Kevin nor Dani knew why she was so upset.  They would have to get her to calm down first, and then they would try to give her the iPad and see if she would tell them.

            This is when Ashley started grabbing at her stomach, while screaming still.  “Honey, is your tummy hurting?” Dani asked Ashley who blinked once.

            “Shhh,” Kevin said as he brushed his hands through his younger sister’s hair.  That was when they heard a loud fart come from her, and then a distinct poop smell.  It was really odd, because Ashley had been typically constipated since she had become part of the family, and now she has had a bowel movement, twice in a span of six hours or so.

            Once Ashley was calmed down, Dani handed Ashley her iPad.  Ashley went into the speaking app, and said, “sorry for waking you guys up, I had a scary dream and then my tummy was hurting.”

            “Oh honey, it’s okay, do you want to talk about your dream?” Dani asked as Ashley blinked once.

            “An ice cream cone tried to eat me, and it turned into a scary man, who was what was really scary,” Ashley said on her iPad as she still had tears dripping down her face.

            “Oh honey,” Kevin said as he wiped the tears from her face with his thumbs.  “Can we get you cleaned up?”

            “It was so scary,” Ashley said using her iPad.

            “It’s okay, it was just a dream,” Kevin said as he came and sat down on the side of the bed.  Ashley just blinked once and sniffled with tears coming down her face.

            “Honey, can we change you now,” Dani said as Ashley blinked once.  Kevin reached over and pressed the button that would lay the bed down, then he stood up and pulled down her pants very gently.

            “Well, you didn’t leak all over like earlier tonight,” Kevin said when he pulled down her pants to see that she had no bowel leaking from the diaper.

            “Okay, let’s get you cleaned up Ash, what do you say?” Dani yawned as she stood on the other side.  She was so tired, and just wanted to crawl back into bed and go to sleep.

            “Dani, go back to sleep, I have this,” Kevin said.

            “It will be easier and quicker with two people anyways, plus she is almost sleeping, so we can both work on changing her,” Dani said as she nodded towards Ashley, who was almost asleep again.

            “Okay,” Kevin said as he took off the tabs on his side of the diaper, while Dani did the other side.  Kevin turned around and grabbed the wipes and a clean diaper while Dani took down the diaper, to find another huge poop in the diaper.

            “Well, that one is almost as big as the one earlier,” Kevin said when he turned around again with a package of wipes and the clean diaper.

            “Yea, she has always been on the constipated side, so I don’t know why she has gone so much today, your Mom said that she went this morning too, or yesterday morning, I guess it is now,” Dani said.

“I don’t get it, who knows maybe it is a new thing, or maybe her digestive track is messed up,” Kevin said as he took a wet wipe and started wiping her down.

            “Yea, but these past two ones have been solid and huge, so I don’t know what the issue is,” Dani said.

            “Well, we can talk about it in the morning, let’s get to bed,” Kevin said as he turned off the lights and covered Ashley up again.  Kevin and Dani had finished getting Ashley cleaned up, while she was sleeping soundly.

            It was soon enough time to wake up and have breakfast.  “Good morning Ashley,” Dani said as she brushed her hands through her sisters-in-law hair.  Ashley woke up and yawned, and then flipped back over on to her stomach again, as if to say, ‘no I am not waking up yet.’  Dani had gotten her onto her back already.  Ashley loved to sleep on her stomach.

            “Come on, we have to get up, and ready for the day Ash,” Kevin said as he came in from the bathroom.  Ashley did not move at all, but she opened her eyes, and looked up at Dani and then blinked them twice and closed them again.

            “She said no,” Dani laughed, as she looked at Ashley.

            “Come on, we have to get going, today is going to be a fun day,” Kevin said as he came over and flipped her back onto her back.  Ashley just let out a big sigh.

            “Come on, let’s get your diaper off,” Dani said as she grabbed a hold of Ashley’s hands as Kevin undid the tabs on the diaper, to find that Ashley had another huge solid poop.

            “Another one Ash are you feeling okay,” Kevin asked her, as she blinked once.  This one is her third very huge solid poop, since last night.  Well, it was technically her fourth, because she had another huge poop in the bucket attached to the shower chair last night also.

            After breakfast was done and cleaned up, and the family had arrived, it was Saturday, so Frankie had come too.  “Aly, you want to come with us, we want to talk to you for a minute,” Denise said as she led Aly down to Ashley’s bedroom.

            “Come on Aly, let’s sit down,” Denise said as she got Aly to sit down for a minute.

            “Aly, our family wants you to come home with us, is that okay,” Paul said.

            “Pa,” Aly said as she ran over to Paul and hugged him.

            “Yes, I am your Pa,” Paul said as he had tears in his eyes. 

            “Well, she understood at least,” Denise said, with tears in her eyes.  The entire family was really nervous about if she would get that she had a new family, or if she would even accept them.  It could have gone a completely different way, and Aly could have not understood, or she could have gotten mad and not wanted to go with them.

“Go hug your Ma now,” Paul said as Aly walked over to Denise. “Ma,” Aly said as she hugged her.

            “Okay, now go hug your brothers and sister,” Denise said as Aly went around the room.

            “So, are you guys adopting her?” Alisia asked when she saw the family of eight heading out of Ashley’s room and into the main area again.

            “Yes, we are,” Denise said.  “She seemed to understand it, as soon as we told her that we wanted her to come home with us, she ran towards my husband and said Pa.”

            “Well, that is great news,” Alisha said.  “We will get her moved over to Ashley’s room then, if that is okay, and teach you everything that you need to know about her, and she will hopefully be able to go home next week with Ashley.”

            “That would be great,” Denise said.  “Thank you.”

            “Aly, do you want to go for a walk?” Paul asked his newest daughter.  Paul and Denise would have to go to the courthouse and get her officially adopted, but that would be for them to figure out tomorrow.  Today was all about enjoying Aly as a new member of the family.

            “Walk, I go,” Ashley said using her iPad.

            “Yea, you can come too,” Paul said.

            “Everyone?  Go to Park?” Ashley questioned using her iPad.

            “Yea, everyone can come, and we will go to the park,” Paul said, as they all left Willow Hearts for the park.

“Aly, you want to swing?” Kevin asked her when she ran over to the swings and was pointing at them.

            “Okay Aly, we have to sit down, if you want to swing,” Kevin said as he got her to sit down on the swing.

            “See isn’t this fun,” Kevin said as he sat down on the swing next to her.  Aly just pointed and started babbling away about something else, that Kevin nor anyone could understand what she was saying.  Aly mainly made noises, and no actual words were said.

            “Aly, what do you think of being part of this new family,” Kevin asked Aly who just squealed as she pointed at Kevin and Dani, who was also sitting next to Kevin on another swing.

            “Yea, are you excited to become part of our family, Aly?” Dani asked as Aly again squealed.

            “Aly do you want to swing?” Kevin asked as Aly shook her head no and then started babbling on about something, unknown to both Kevin and Dani.

            “Ah,” Aly said as she put her pointer finger on the outside of her nose.

            “What’s wrong Aly?” Kevin asked, as he was closest to Aly.

            “Ah,” Aly said again as she kept her finger on her nose.

            “Aly, does your nose hurt, is that what you are trying to tell us?” Dani asked her, as she nodded her head.

            “Where does it hurt Aly,” Kevin said as both him and Dani got up and off of the swings to come look at Aly’s nose.

            “Ah,” Aly said again as she pressed on her nose a little harder than she had been doing before.  This is when she started crying, she didn’t get what was wrong with her, all she knew was that her nose hurt.

            “Aly, shhh,” Kevin said as he tried to get his little sister to calm down.  She calmed down a couple seconds later and went back to her babbling about nothing in particular.

            “Well, that was interesting,” Kevin said as he sat down in one of the swings.

            “Yea, it really was,” Dani said as she sat down on another swing.  In the three weeks that she had known Aly, she had never seen her cry or get upset over anything.

            “I just hope that her nose is okay, she wouldn’t let me look at it,” Kevin said.

            “Ashley, what do you think of having another sister?” Joe asked his sister when they got under the large oak tree in the shade.

            Ashley went into her app, and pulled up the family section of her app, that they had programed for her.  She pressed a button that said Aly on it, and it had a picture of a girl, “Aly is my little sister.”

            “Yea, I know, do you like having Aly is your little sister,” Joe asked his sister.

            “Yea, she seems nice, and I like her,” Aly said on her iPad.

            “Well, that is good,” Joe said.

            “Joe is my second oldest brother; he likes to sing.  He does a lot of dangerous stunts.  If he is being safe, and not doing anything too dangerous, he is a pretty good brother,” Ashley said on her iPad.

            “Aww, you are so nice to me,” Joe said as he put his hand on his chest as Ashley rolled his eyes.

            “Well, you are dangerous sometimes,” Ashley said as she smiled at Joe.

“Okay, I guess that is correct, I do, do a lot of dangerous stuff, that probably makes mom go crazy,” Joe said.

            “Yea, you are probably right, we just all worry about you,” Ashley said using her iPad.

“How do you know I am dangerous sometimes, and you worry about me?” Joe asked.  Ashley was having a good day today; she was talking in complete sentences.  Sometimes, she wasn’t able to comprehend enough to make complete sentences.  The doctors had originally told them that she would never be able to answer anything besides basic yes and no questions, let alone have a complete conversation.

“Oh, I have heard many stories from Nick,” Ashley said.

            “Oh gosh, what ones has he told you?” Joe asked.

            “The one where you skateboarded off of the garage roof at your old house in Wyckoff,” Ashley pressed on her iPad.  “And others too.”

            “What other ones Ash?” Joe asked.

            “I saw videos, Nick showed me videos, of other ones too,” Ashley said, using her iPad.

            “Oh really, what ones?”  Joe asked.

            “I don’t know the one of you killing time that one was really funny,” Ashley pressed on her iPad.

            “Oh, you liked that one didn’t you,” Joe said as Ashley blinked once.

            “Funny,” Ashley pressed on her iPad, as she smiled at Joe.

            On the playground area, Nick and Frankie were playing, well Nick was sitting on the ground, well the hyper-active 10-year-old boy was playing on the playground.  The family was thankful that there was a park with a huge playground within walking distance from Willow Hearts, because at times when they were learning how to take care of Ashley, it was boring, and they didn’t always want to have Frankie in the room, seeing everything, he was too young to see a lot of the personal cares and such.

            “Nick, when is lunch, I am hungry,” Frankie said as he climbed on the monkey bars.

            “I don’t know bud, but probably around the time that we go back,” Nick said to the young boy.

            “Okay, I will just wait then,” Frankie said.  “I don’t know what to get, what are you going to get?”

            “I don’t know either Pal,” Nick said.

            “Okay, well I hope we go back soon,” Frankie said as he went back to playing on the playground structure.

            “Hey Frank, what do you think about Aly,” Nick asked.

            “I like her, she is really nice, and I think she will be a good fit for our family,” Frankie said.

            “Wow, talking so grown up, are we?” Nick said.

            “Hey, I just really like her and think that she is a good fit,” Frankie said. 

            “That is cool,” Nick said.

“What do you think of her Nick?” Frankie asked innocently.

            “I think that it is going to take some adjusting, but I really like her, and I know that Ashley does too,” Nick said.

            “Yea, all she talks about is Aly,” Frankie said.  He had enough of Ashley always constantly talking about Aly, he wished that sometimes, she would just shut up about her for a couple of minutes and talk about something else.

            “Yea, I know, but hopefully that changes now, I just think she wanted her to become part of our family,” Nick said.  Ashley talked to Nick about all sorts of things, but in the recent weeks it had been much more about Aly.

            Meanwhile, Paul and Denise were enjoying some time alone, on a park bench, under a nice big shade tree.  Joe had Ashley under a big tree not too far away from them.  Nick and Frankie were on the playground, playing.  Kevin had taken Aly over to the swing set and had Aly sitting on a swing.

            “Kevin is such a good brother,” Denise said as she pointed over at Kevin and Aly, she had been watching them for the last five minutes at least, Aly just babbling away to Kevin, with her noises and sounds.  Kevin occasionally would say yes, or mmm, to show her that he was listening to what she was saying, even if he couldn’t understand what she was saying.

            “Yea, he really is, all of the boys have done a great job with adapting to Ashley, and now Aly,” Paul said, as he was too looking over at them.

            “I wonder what she is telling him about,” Denise said.

            “Yea me too,” Paul said as he looked over at Ashley with their oldest middle son, Joe.  They were sitting under a big oak tree.  Ashley was pressing something on her iPad while Joe was listening and answering back.

            “Should we head back, I think it is almost time for lunch.”  They had been at the park for over an hour.

            “Yea we should probably start going,” Denise said.  Nick was playing with Frankie on the playground.  Joe and Ashley were talking under a tree and just enjoying the weather, and of course, Kevin, Danielle, and Aly were over on the swings.

            “Come on guys we have to get going, if we want lunch,” Paul said to his seven children.

            “Come on Aly, you want lunch?” Kevin asked as he got off of the swing and stood in front of her and helped her stand up off of the swing.  Aly was pretty stable and good on her feet on even grounds.  She did need help sitting down and standing up, because she was just so unstable when sitting down or getting up, so she just falls over.

            “Frankie, we have to get going,” Nick said to his younger brother who was playing on the monkey bars at the moment.

            “No, five more minutes,” Frankie wined.

            “Do you want to miss lunch Frank, I know you are hungry, you were just telling me that you were hungry,” Nick said.

            “Okay,” Frankie said as he hopped off of the monkey bars and ran over to his parents and the rest of his family.

On the walk back to Willow Hearts, Aly’s pants had gotten wet, she decided that she wanted to walk in every puddle, from the thunderstorm and pouring rain that they had gotten last night. 

Chapter 8 by tuckergolden888

Lost and Found – Chapter 8

When they got back to Willow Hearts, there was an overwhelming smell of poop that all happened to hit them like a ton of bricks.  “One of the girls just pooped,” Denise said.

            “Well Ashley has pooped three times since last night, so it shouldn’t be her,” Kevin said.

            “What, when?” Joe asked concerned about his little sister.

            “She pooped once all over the bed when we were getting her ready for bed, and then we put her on the commode with the bucket underneath of her, and she pooped again, and then in the middle of the night she woke up crying.  She had pooped then, and then this morning she had also pooped.  I mean all of them were solid and not lose or anything, it’s just strange,” Kevin said.

            “Yea, which does sound strange,” Joe agreed.  Nick had overheard and nodded his head too.

            “I guess she pooped four times then,” Kevin said.  “There was just so much poop, it is all blending together.”

            “Yea,” Joe said as he looked over at his Mom, who was trying so desperately to get Aly to stay still so she could check her diaper to see if she had pooped or not, but she was not having it.

            “Well, that is no use, it is her anyways, I can smell it,” Denise said. 

            “I also think that this one pooped too or is in the process of pooping,” Joe said as he pointed to Ashley.  He was standing next to Ashley, and she just started smelling it too.

            “Okay, come on let’s go change them both, Frank you want to come back with us, or are you okay out here,” Paul said to the ten-year-old boy who was curled into the couch next to Dani, half asleep.  The playground and heat of the day had worn him out.

            “Don’t worry Paul, I’ll keep an eye on him,” Dani said.

            “Thank you,” Paul said as he walked away from the family and over to Alisha’s office where he knocked on the door. 

            “Alisha, can you help us change Aly?” Paul asked.  They really weren’t sure how to go about changing her, they didn’t even know how to change her, let alone where.

            “Yea, we moved all of Aly’s stuff down to Ashley’s room, so hopefully everything should be there,” Alisha said.  “I will just be a minute, why don’t you guys start heading down to their room, and I will be right there.”

“Thanks,” Paul said.  “Denise, they moved everything over to Ashley’s room, so we can start heading down there.”

“Okay, come on Aly, let’s go down this way,” Denise said as she directed Aly down the hallway to Ashley and Aly’s new room.

“Sorry, that took longer than I thought it was going to take,” Alisha said as she came into the room.

“It’s fine, we just got down here anyways,” Denise said.  Aly was keen on trying to explore the room.  Paul and Denise were letting her explore the room, while they waited for Alisha to come into the room.

“So, as I am assuming you know, but Aly wears diapers just like your other daughter does, but she wears pull-ups instead of briefs, because she doesn’t like to lay down to be changed.  We have tried both briefs and pull ups on her and the pull ups seem to work better, but you guys can try the briefs on her too,” Alisha said.

“Okay,” Denise said.

“We also do all of her changes in the bathroom, because she needs to sit to be able to put on the pull up, and it is easier to have her sit on the toilet, when we are doing this, especially if she is messy,” Alisha said.

“Come on Aly, let’s go in the bathroom, and show your parents how to change you,” Alisha said as she helped Denise direct her towards the bathroom.

“Paul, are you coming?” Denise said as she tried to direct Aly into the bathroom.

“Dad go learn how to take care of Aly, we can handle Ashley alone,” Kevin said.

“Okay, if you are sure, I am sure your Mom can tell me later how to do it too,” Paul said.

“Dad, we are fine, we have one more person than we normally have when changing her,” Joe said.

“Okay, if you are sure,” Paul said as he followed Denise, Aly, and Alisha into the bathroom.

“Okay, so as I was saying out there, we change her in the bathroom, because it is easier,” Alisha said, once they were in the bathroom.  Aly doesn’t like to lay down to be changed.  She actually gets very agitated if you try to get her to lay down to change her.  It is easier to change her standing up, instead of laying down.  We sit her on the toilet, because we have to put the pull-up on her and she needs to be sitting down to do that,” Alisha said.

“Okay,” Denise said, she was taking notes on how to do this, just in case they forgot.

“We also usually have two people, but you can do it with one person, but it is a lot easier if there is a second person, just to move things along quicker, so she doesn’t have to be sitting on the toilet as long,” Alisha said.

“Okay, so it is easier with two people, but we can do it with one, if needed, right?” Denise said, as she wrote down two people needed on her notebook.

“So, pants are first,” Alisha said as she pushed her shirt up, so she could take down the pants.  “So, there are perforated lines on each side of the pull up, so they can easily be pulled off.

“Aly, we need to sit down now,” Denise said as Alisha was trying to get her to sit down on the toilet.  Both Denise and Alisha got Aly to sit on the toilet a couple seconds later.

“So now we remove her pants, and these are wet, so we will change them too,” Alisha said.

“Paul, can you go grab a pair of pants for her,” Denise said.

“They are in her cabinet,” Alisha said.

“Okay, I’ll be back,” Paul said.  As soon as Paul left, they heard a trickle of pee in the toilet.

“Good job Aly,” Denise said, she wasn’t sure if she was supposed to praise her or not, but she thought she would.

“Yea, she will sometimes pee in the toilet.  We keep her in the pull-ups, but it is really a hit or miss with her, sometimes she goes, other times she doesn’t,” Alisha said.

“Well, we can work with keeping her in pull-ups, Ashley will never get out of diapers, so it is fine for her to be in pull-ups,” Denise said.

“Pa,” Aly said as he came into the bathroom with a clean pair of pants for her.

“Hi Aly,” Paul said as he handed the pants to Denise.

“Pa,” Aly said as she pointed and waved at him.

“Okay Aly, we are done and going to stand up,” Alisha said as she helped Aly get off of the toilet.  Aly went right over to Paul and started “talking” with him.

“Aly, you need to listen to Alisha, we can talk later,” Paul said.

“Come on Aly, we need to get you cleaned up and pants up, then you can go talk to your Pa,” Alisha said.

“Ma,” Aly said as she walked over Denise too and tried to talk to her also.

“Hi Aly,” Denise said as she tried to keep Aly in one place while Alisha was trying to talk to Denise and trying to get her bottom cleaned up.

“Here, I can help get her cleaned up too,” Denise said as she took about three wipes from the container sitting next to them on the floor and started wiping her bottom.

Back in the bedroom area, Kevin, Joe, and Nick were just laying Ashley down on the bed to get her changed.  “Ash, are you hungry, what are you going to have for lunch today?” Joe asked her, as Ashley just smiled up at him.

“Okay, let’s get your pants off Ash,” Kevin said as both him and Nick were in the process of taking off her pants.

“Gosh, Ash, you really had to go, didn’t you?” Joe said as Ashley blinked once.

“Yea, this is like her fifth one in the past 24 hours,” Kevin said.

“Ash are you feeling okay,” Nick said as he was getting her cleaned up.  Ashley blinked once and smiled up at Nick.

“Where is Dani?” Kevin asked.

“She is out on one of the couches, with Frankie who is sleeping,” Ashley mind talked with Nick.

“Apparently, she is out on one of the couches, with Frankie, who is napping,” Nick said.

“How do you know that?” Kevin asked as he continued to get her cleaned up.

“Oh, Ashley told me,” Nick said.

“Thanks Ash,” Kevin said, as he was using the last wipe on her.

“That is creepy how you guys can talk,” Joe said as Ashley just started laughing.  She did find it a little creepy at first, but now she is used to hearing Nick’s voice in her little brain.

            “Okay Ash let’s get you on your back again,” Nick said as him and Kevin rolled Ashley onto her back again.  Once on her back, they taped the diaper back up, and pulled up her pants.

            “That feel better Ash,” Kevin said as Ashley blinked at him once and smiled.

            “Come on let’s get you back in your chair,” Joe said as he came and picked her up, and set her down in her chair, while Nick tilted the chair back.

            Once she was in her chair again, Nick held her back, while Joe strapped her in.

            “Okay Ash, what’s for lunch today?” Kevin asked as he pushed her out to the dining room area for lunch.

            “Cranberries, and Grilled Cheese,” Ashley said on her iPad, as Kevin pushed her up to their normal table.  “And milk,” Ashley added at the last second.

            “You want anything else?” Kevin asked as Ashley blinked twice.

            “Aly, we have to sit down for lunch,” Denise said as she got Aly to sit down for her lunch.  This was when Aly pointed to her nose again and started crying.

            “Aly, what’s wrong honey, let Mommy see your nose” Denise said as Aly pressed harder on her nose and started crying again.  Denise then tried to gently take Aly’s hand away from her nose.

            “Ah,” Aly said again through her tears.

            “Shhh Aly, if you move your finger, Ma, can see what the problem is and we can fix it, okay,” Denise said as Aly continued crying and pressed harder on her nose, which made her yelp in pain.  Denise then saw that her nose was bleeding, and it was coming from under her finger.

            “Aly, what’s wrong sweat pea,” Paul said as he came over and gave her a kiss on the top of her head.

            “Ah,” was all Aly responded with.

            “Here nose seems to be bleeding and she won’t let me look at it,” Denise said.

            “Here Aly, give me your hands,” Paul asked her as he sat down in a chair next to her.

            “Ah,” Aly said as she put her hand in Paul’s for a brief second before she took it back up and placed her finger on her hand.

            “Nope Aly, give Pa your hands,” Paul said as he again got Aly to place her hand in his.  This time Paul made sure to hold on to them, so she wouldn’t be able to pull them away.

            “Ah,” Aly said as she once again started crying.

            “I know that hurts, doesn’t its Aly?” Denise said as she looked at her poor daughter’s nose to find a big cut on it that had started bleeding.

            “Oh Aly,” Paul said as he kept a hold on her hands as the young girl cried in pain.

            “It’s okay honey, just let Mommy get some wipes, she will be right back,” Denise said as she walked away to where the wet wipes were on the wall.  Willow Hearts had wet wipes on the wall of pretty much every public space.  That way family members could always grab a wipe to wipe something down or up.  They had used these wipes multiple times with Ashley already.  Ashley drooled constantly, so it was always nice to have wipes nearby to be able to wipe her mouth off.

            “Shhh, Aly, look at Pa,” Paul said as Aly looked over at him, with tears dripping down her cheeks.

            “Aly, Mommy’s back,” Denise said as she wiped off her nose, where it was bleeding.  It took a while, but she finally got the cut to stop bleeding.

            “Sorry, I had to take a phone call about a potential kiddo, there family is coming to take a tour in the next couple of weeks,” Alisha said, when she came into the dining room again, to help the Jonas’ learn how to make Aly’s food.

            “It’s okay, we had to take care of a cut on her nose anyways, that was bleeding,” Denise said.

            “Oh, she gets those often, we aren’t really sure why, but once they stop bleeding, they seem to be fine,” Alisha said.

            “Okay, maybe we will take you to the doctor when you come home Aly, just to make sure that everything is okay,” Denise said.

            “Ma, ah,” Aly said as she pointed to her nose again.

            “Mommy knows it hurts Aly,” Denise said.

            “Okay, so if you both want to come with me, I will show you how to prepare Aly’s food,” Alisha said.

            “Just a minute, we don’t know that she wants yet,” Paul said as he went and sat down by her again.

            “Aly, do you want grilled cheese, or chicken strips,” Paul said as he put out two hands.  They had seen the other nurses do this when they were asking her what she wanted to eat.  Aly put her hand in his left hand, which meant she wanted chicken strips.  “With fries Aly?” Paul asked again as he put out two hands and she put her hand again in his left hand which meant yes.

            “You know what she wants,” Alisha said.

            “Yea, chicken strips and fries,” Paul said, as he followed her and his wife to the counter where they would be ordering the food.

            “You basically prepare Aly’s food the same way as Ashley’s, except Aly needs her food to be a runnier, where Ashley’s food is only in a soft format, so she doesn’t choke.  Aly has swallowing issues, hence the reason why she and that majority of people are on a pureed diet.  Ashley is one of those rare cases where she doesn’t have any swallowing issues, only chewing issues,” Alisha said as she walked over to the counter where the food was being prepared.

Chapter 9 by tuckergolden888

Lost and Found – Chapter 9

            It had been a week since the Jonas family had adopted Aly.  Yesterday, Paul and Denise went and officially adopted Aly.  Aly’s name was now officially Alyson Faith Jonas.  Aly didn’t have a middle name, there was no middle name for her in any of her documents.  Paul and Denise chose Faith, because to enrich Faith into their children’s life meant the world to the parents.  Paul and Denise had prayed hard about choosing to adopt Aly, and then to find out that she never had a middle name, they had to put a stop to that nonsense and give her a middle name.  It was the first thing that came to Denise’s head when they were thinking of middle names.  It just sort-of stuck.

            Last night Denise had stayed overnight with the girls while the rest of the family went home to get the house ready for the big welcome home, for both girls.  Today was the day that the Jonas family would be bringing home both Ashley and Alyson.  The Jonas family had decided to stay in their current house for now, and just add on to the house.  Down the road they would probably move somewhere else, but it was easier to just do some add-ons now, rather than move houses. 

They had built a ramp on the house and added an extension with an elevator, so Ashley could get upstairs to her bedroom.  They had also added on another bedroom for Alyson too.  The family had decided to do a Jack and Jill bathroom sorts of thing.  Instead of the traditional Jack and Jill bathroom, they had decided to put in a hallway that would connect both girl’s bedrooms.  On one side of the hallway would be a closet, which would hold supplies, like extra sheets, blankets, pillows.  This closet would also house all of the girl’s extra supplies, so their diapers, wipes, and under pads, and everything else that they needed for the bathroom would be in this closet.  Then on the other side of the hallway, would be an accessible bathroom that would work for both girls.  Denise wanted to put doors on either side of the hallway, because both of the girls often needed night care, so she didn’t want to wake either one up.  You would also be able to enter the room, through the bathroom in the hallway.

Aly didn’t need a hospital bed, but Ashley did need a hospital bed.  They had purchased a regular bed for Aly, but they had got railings on the bed, just so she didn’t fall out.  Here at Willow Hearts, Aly moved around a lot in her bed, and they had railings on her bed here, so the family thought it was safer to put railings on her bed.

“I need to be changed,” Ashley said using her DynaVox one morning after they ate breakfast and were just hanging out.  Ashley was sometimes able to tell people when she needed to be changed, but not all the time.

“Come on Aly, let’s go back to our room and get cleaned up from breakfast,” Denise said, as she helped Aly stand up from the chair.

“Once they got back to the room that the two girls shared, Denise was determining how she was going to do this on her own.  So far, the Jonas’ had made sure that they always had two family members around to help with diaper changes and stuff.  They would have to do this at some time when they were at home though.  Denise had decided that she would start with Ashley and then do Aly.

“Okay, come on Ashley, let’s get you changed first,” Denise said as she removed the iPad and took off the tray.  She then lifted her onto the bed.  She removed her pants, and then she opened the very soiled diaper.  Ever since last week, Ashley had been pooping three to four times a day.

“Ashley don’t touch anything, okay,” Denise said, as she grabbed some wipes, before she actually removed the diaper.  Of course, though when Denise went to reach for the wipes, Ashley touched her private parts. 

“Ah,” Ashley said as Denise looked at Ashley again to see that she was touching her private parts and the bowel that was in the diaper.  For whatever reason, Ashley loved touching her bottom, it didn’t matter if she was clean, wet, or dirty, she just liked touching her bottom during diaper changes.

“Ashley Marie Jonas,” Denise scolded her daughter.  Ashley didn’t listen to her and continued touching her private parts, and the poop that was on them.  When saying Ashley’s full name didn’t work, Denise cleared her throat and gently grabbed her hands and moved them out of the way, so she could get her cleaned up.

After she had Ashley, all cleaned up, in a new diaper, her pants back on her, and she was back in her chair.  Denise went to work on changing her other daughter, Aly.  “Come on Aly, let’s go potty,” Denise said as she led the teenager into the bathroom, took down her pants, removed the very wet pull-up, and got her sitting down on the toilet.  The Jonas family had figured out a way to do this with just one person this past week.  Yes, having two people here made it easier, but it was easy for just one person to do it also.

“Ah,” Aly said as she pointed at the wall.

“Yea, it’s the wall isn’t it,” Denise said as she took off Aly’s shoes and pants, so she could get a pull-up on her.  They would have to figure something else out at home, so it is easier for the family to do this.  It just took way too long to take off her shoes pants every three to four hours, to put on a pull-up.

“Ah,” Aly said again as she pointed at the wall.  Aly then started having diarrhea in the toilet.

“Aly, honey, are you feeling, okay?” Denise asked the teenager, as Aly kept on pointing to the wall.

“Aly, I am going to leave you here, while I go check on Ashley, okay,” Denise asked her youngest daughter, who started babbling on about something or another, while pointing at the wall.

“Hey Ashley,” Denise said, when she came out of the girl’s bathroom.

“Hi Mommy,” Ashley said on her DynaVox system.

“How are you doing?  Are you excited to go home with Mommy and Daddy, your brothers and sister?” Denise asked Ashley, as she blinked once.

“We will be leaving in just a couple of minutes, Mommy just has to go get you sister off of the potty, and then we will go wait for Daddy to come,” Denise said.  Sometimes, it was hard for Paul and Denise to keep straight what their kids called them.  The boys typically called them just Mom and Dad.  Ashley called them Mommy and Daddy, and then Aly, called them Ma and Pa, it was sometimes confusing.  Although Frankie sometimes still called her and her husband, Mommy and Daddy, it depended on the mood that he was in, or mainly how he was feeling.

“Daddy, go home,” Ashley said on her iPad.

“Yes, that is right, we have to wait for Daddy and then we can go home,” Denise said, as Ashley blinked once.

“Ma,” Aly said as she squealed in excitement and pointed at her, as Denise came into the bathroom to get her off of the toilet.  The smell in the bathroom was horrifically awful, it apparently didn’t seem to bother Aly, because she was her normal usual happy self.

“Yea that’s right, I am your Ma.  Aly tried to hug her, but it was extremely hard for her to do so, since Aly was sitting down.

“Come on Aly, let’s get you off of the potty,” Denise said as she helped Aly stand up.  When she helped her stand up, the smell was even more horrific, and the toilet was full of liquid diarrhea.

“Aly, honey, are you feeling, okay?” Denise asked Aly as she felt her forehead before she went to clean her up.  She felt a little bit warm to Denise, but not too bad.  Denise decided to just move forward with getting her daughters poor bottom cleaned up.

“Aly, you get to come home today with Ma and Pa,” Denise said to Aly, as she tried to dance around the bathroom.  Aly loved to move around, she never stayed in one spot for very long.  The reason the family called her movements dancing, was because whenever she moved, she looked like she was dancing to get around.

“Ma,” Aly shrieked, as Denise was trying to still get her bottom cleaned up.  Denise tried to keep her in one place, and that was hard enough, let alone doing this while cleaning up a bottom full of diarrhea.

“Yea, Aly,” Denise said, as she pulled up Aly’s pull-up and her pants.  Denise had finally gotten her cleaned up, after what seemed like an eternity.

“Ma,” Aly said as she pointed at the wall again. 

“Aly, what is it with you and walls in the bathroom?”  Denise asked her youngest daughter.  For whatever reason, whenever Denise or one of her family members take Aly to the bathroom, all she did was point at the wall.

“Come on Aly, we have to wash hands and then we will go find Ashley,” Denise said as she got Aly over to the sink.

“Ah,” Aly said as she tried to pull her hands away from Denise, who had just taken them and put water on her hands.  For whatever reason, Aly hated washing her hands.

“Aly, we have to wash our hands after we go potty,” Denise said as Aly started crying.  This was a battle that the family had every single time they took Aly to the bathroom.

“Look Ma will wash her hands, with you,” Denise said as Aly just continued crying, but let Denise put soap on her hands, scrub them up and then rinse them off.  Denise then got the towel off of the counter and dried off Aly’s hands.

“Come on let’s go find Ashley,” Denise said as she led Aly out of the bathroom and into the main room to find Ashley, looking at her iPad, she was probably watching something or playing a game on it.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Jonas family was just finishing getting the house set for when the girls came home.  Frankie had made a sign that said Welcome Home and hung it above the fireplace, with some help from his brothers.

“Uh guys, I have an idea, Frankie said, from his seat.

“Yea, what’s up?” Paul asked the ten-year-old boy.

“What if Kevin, Joe, Nick, and I gave both Ashley and Aly a kiss on the cheek, forehead, or wherever when they got in the car,” Frankie said confident with his idea.

“I really like the idea Frank,” Kevin said.

“Yea, it sort-of resembles that we are accepting them as siblings and that we do actually love them,” Joe said.

“I like the idea Frank, let’s go for it,” Nick said. 

Sure, it was a little odd, but it was the ten-year-old’s idea, he had come up with it all on his own, and was proud of the idea, so the older siblings went along with it too.

“Dani, you can do it too, if you want,” Frankie said as he turned to look at Dani who was sitting behind him with Kevin.

“No, I think this a thing for you and your brothers to do with them,” Dani said.

“Okay,” Frankie said as he started playing with his hands, something that he did when he was nervous or worried about something.

“Hey, what’s wrong Frank?” Nick asked.  Nick was sitting next to Frankie, so he was the only one that could see.

“Nothing,” Frankie mumbled quietly, as he continued playing with his hands.  Nick thankfully dropped the subject and let his little brother be.

A couple minutes later, the ten-passenger van pulled up in front of Willow Hearts to pick up Ashley and Aly.  The van had and the typical two front seats, an empty row for Ashley’s chair, behind that it had two rows of bucket seats, and then finally it had a bench seat that held three more people. 

“Hi girls, are you ready to come home with us?” Paul asked, as he looked at Ashley who had a huge smile on her face.  He then looked over at Aly, who just did her princess wave at him.

“Oh guys, we will miss you so much,” Alisha said as she came up and said goodbye to the entire Jonas family.

“We will miss you too,” Denise said.  “We will come visit though.”

“Thank you, we appreciate when we get visitors who come back, the staff especially appreciates it.  We have a picnic in the summer, and all of the kiddos and their families who have graduated, come back for it,” Alisha said.

“We will sure come back for that, won’t we Ash,” Denise said, as Ashley blinked once to indicate yes.

“Okay, we better get going,” Denise said after everything was loaded in the car already.

“Yea, we will see you guys soon,” Alisha said.

“Thank you so much for everything, we really appreciate it,” Denise said.

“Your welcome call if you need anything,” Alisha said.

“Here let me take her,” Paul said when they got out to the van.  Paul had already got Aly in the van, she was sitting in the seat behind where Ashley’s wheelchair would go, and already had her seat belt on.

Paul got Ashley tied down and made sure that Aly’s seat belt was on her.  Paul and Denise had to take Aly to the courthouse last week to finalize her adoption.  Aly did not like her seat belt and had figured out how to take off the seat belt.  Denise had looked online and had gotten a seat belt guard that would hopefully stop Aly from taking off her seat belt.

“Pa,” Aly said as she waved at him and smiled.

“Hi Aly, are you excited to be going home?” Paul asked his youngest daughter, who just did her princess wave, an indication that she was happy.

“I think we are ready to go,” Paul said as Denise got in the car.  They were on the road a couple minutes later after Denise had checked to make sure that everything was in the car, and that nothing was forgotten at Willow Hearts, which nothing was thankfully.

It was about ten minutes into their drive home, that Aly started coughing and gagging.  Before Denise could turn around in her seat or anyone else could do anything, poor Aly had thrown up all over the floor of the van and Ashley’s wheelchair.  Denise leaned down and grabbed the garbage bin that was on the floor of the van.

“Nicholas, can you get this,” Denise said as she reached back as far as she could.  Nick unbuckled his seat belt, reached forward, and got the bucket, just as Aly finished throwing up.

“I hope that it isn’t a stomach bug,” Denise said, as she debated how to take care of Aly, who looked really pale and like she didn’t feel well.

“I am sure she is just fine Denise; I am sure it is just a little car sickness, we will be home soon,” Paul said as he looked over at his wife.

“I am just worried that she is,” Denise was saying as Aly started coughing and gagging again.  Nick took the garbage bin from between the seats, where he had stored it and attempted to get it under her mouth.  Aly wasn’t having anything to do with it though, it was almost as if she didn’t even realize that there was a bucket for her to throw up in.  Sure, some of the puke got in the bucket, but most of it ended up on the floor and seats again.

            “Nick, I will take over, you go sit up by your father,” Denise said as she took off her seat belt and turned in her seat.

“Denise don’t climb back there, I will pull over,” Paul said, as Denise continued climbing in the backseat.

“I got her Denise,” Dani said as she stood up and pulled Aly’s hair out of her face and put it up in a bun on the top of her head, just so no more vomit would get in her hair.  Dani was a very nurturing and caring person.  She loved taking care of people and will make a great Mom someday.

“Denise, please wait for me to pull over, then you can climb in the back with her,” Paul said as he found a spot on the side of the road to pull over.

“Thank you honey,” Denise said, as she sat back down.

“Well, are you going to go back with her?” Paul said, once they had pulled over and Denise wasn’t moving to go by Alyson.

It was right then that Aly started coughing and gagging, before starting to vomit again.  This time the act of throwing up upset her though, because as soon as she was done, she started crying.

“Oh honey, Ma’s coming,” Denise said as she opened the car door and went around to get in the back with her daughter.

“Of course, she doesn’t climb back through the car, instead she puts herself in danger, and goes around the car,” Paul said, as he shook his head.

“Nick, do you want to go upfront,” Denise said as her son nodded and climbed out before Denise climbed in and took Nick’s seat.

“Oh Aly,” Denise soothed her as she felt the teenagers head, which was burning up.

“Are you buckled in Denise, can we go,” Paul asked his wife.

“Oh honey, you don’t feel good, do you?” Denise said to Alyson as she opened her mouth again for another mouthful of vomit to come up.

“It’s okay Aly,” Kevin said as he reached over and touched the now sobbing girls’ arm.  The past two vomiting episodes that Aly had, the crying got worse each time.

This was how the rest of the car ride home went.  Aly would either be puking or crying.  They made it home about a half an hour later.

“Okay, let’s get Aly out first, and then everyone else can get out,” Denise said as she pressed the button to lower the ramp in the minivan.

“Mom, do you need any help?” Joe asked.

“Yes, if you wouldn’t mind helping, that would be great.  Can you take her in and upstairs to the girl’s bathroom, while I get stuff downstairs?

“Sure, come on Aly, let’s stand up,” Joe said as he took the girls hands and helped her stand up.  Once she was standing, Joe helped the crying girl walk down the ramp, and into the garage, where Aly started coughing again and before Joe knew it, she had thrown up all over the garage floor and Joe.

“Uh, a little help would be nice,” Joe said stepping backwards as Aly continued throwing up.

            “Come on Aly, let’s go inside,” Kevin said as he helped Joe get his little sister inside of the house.

            “Joe, why don’t you go get cleaned up, Kev and I will get her up to her room,” Dani said.

Chapter 10 by tuckergolden888

Lost and Found – Chapter 10

            Ashley and Alyson just got home from Willow Hearts, the Rehab Center, that the Jonas family had picked out for Ashley.  The family decided to adopt Aly, one of their longtime residents.  Ashley was at Willow Hears for about a month before the Jonas’ realized that Aly had no family left.  Both of her parents, her only family, had died in a car crash.  Aly was in the car crash with her parents, but left the car crash with severe brain damage, which left her non-verbal, and dependent on someone all the time.

            Aly happened to get super sick on the car ride home.  She had basically non-stop threw up the entire way home in car.  She was so sick.  This morning when Denise took Aly to the bathroom to change her diaper, she had diarrhea.

            “Oh, come on Aly, let’s go get cleaned up,” Kevin said when they got upstairs and were walking down the hall towards the bathroom that the girls were going to share.

            They were just about to go around the corner to the bathroom, when Aly let out a little cough, before throwing up all over the carpet.

            “Oh honey,” Dani said as she rubbed the teenagers back as she gagged and sputtered.

            “I’m coming Aly, Ma’s coming,” Denise said, as she rushed up the stairs and into the hallway that Kevin and Dani were standing in with Aly who was puking all over the hallway.

            “Oh Aly,” Kevin said as he rubbed his sisters back, as she continued to throw up all over the carpet.

            “Come on honey, let’s get you in the shower,” Denise said when Aly was done throwing up and was just standing their sobbing.

            While Denise, Kevin and Dani got Aly in the shower and all cleaned up, Nick was helping his Dad get Ashley out of the car and into the house.  They were both struggling with the tie-downs that were used to tie down Ashley’s wheelchair, so it didn’t move around in the car.  Denise had been the expert on the tie-downs, but Paul and Nick couldn’t figure out how to get them undone.

            “I got one, I don’t know how I did it, but I got one,” Nick said as he tried to figure out how he got the front tie down off.  He had just pulled on the tie-down, and it had come.  He tried the back tie-down and it didn’t want to work either.

            “Dad, are you having any success?” Nick asked.

            “No unfortunately not,” Paul said.  Paul got most of the vomit cleaned up from the floor, so they wouldn’t have to push Ashley through the vomit.

            “Okay, well let’s keep on trying then,” Nick said as he continued to attempt to get his twin out of the car.

            “See room,” Ashley pushed on her iPad while her twin and father were trying to get her undone from the car.

            “Yea Ash, we will go see your room as soon as we can get you out of the car, we promise,” Nick said.  Nick knew that Ashley wanted to see her room.  She had been talking with him about it for the past week.

            “Okay, I think I figured out how to get her out, let’s see if this one works,” Paul said, as he got the second tie down undone from her chair.

            “How did you get it to work?” Nick asked confused.  He couldn’t figure out how they worked.

            “There is a red button on the tie down, you press and hold that while you undo the tie down from her chair,” Paul said.

            “Oh, I see it, I got it,” Nick said, as he got the tiedown untied.

            “Okay, Ash, let’s get you out of the car, how does that sound,” Paul said as Ashley blinked once and smiled up at her father.

            “Ashley let’s get you out of the car, and then we will go see your room,” Nick said as he pushed her down the ramp and into the house, and over to the elevator.

            Once Nick and Ashley were upstairs, Nick showed her, her room.  Ashley was so excited to see her room.  Ashley was in awe of her room.  It was the biggest bedroom she had ever seen.  “This is a big room.  This room is much bigger than my old room at old house with the scary man.  My old room was a very tiny closet,” Ashley mind talked with her twin.  The room that she had before she came to live with the Jonas family was basically a walk-in closet.

            Nick was surprised that his twin actually remembered something about her old life, this was the first time that she had said anything to him about her old life.  “Honey, how much do you remember about your old life,” Nick mind talked with her again.

            “I remember it all, that man that I lived with was really mean and didn’t seem to care about me at all, he would,” Ashley mind talked with Nick, until she could no longer go on and burst out sobbing.

            “Oh honey,” Nick said out loud he came over and hugged his twin sister.  Poor Ashley was scared and still didn’t get why this mean man would take her and then be so mean.

            “It was so scary,” Ashley mind talked while sobbing into his chest.

            “Shhh, it’s okay Ash,” Nick said as he tried to sooth her.

            Joe was walking right past Ashley’s new bedroom when he heard crying.  Joe stopped and looked in Ashley’s room to find Ashley sobbing into Nick. 

            “What’s going on in here, is everything okay?” Joe asked, as he walked into Ashley’s bedroom.

            “Hey,” Nick said as he looked up at Joe.

            “Tell Joe,” Ashley mind talked with her brother.

            “You sure Ash?” Nick asked out loud as she sniffled and blinked once to indicate yes.

            “Ash just told me that she remembers everything that happened to her in her old life,” Nick said.

            “When I saw my room, it just brought up all of these memories,” Ashley typed into her iPad.  “I lived in a very tiny closet, so seeing my new big, huge room, just brought up memories.”

            “Oh Ash, I am so sorry that you lived in a very tiny closet, and that he was so mean and that your old life was so rotten,” Nick said out loud to her.

            “It’s okay,” Ashley pressed on her iPad, as she sniffled, she still had tears running down her face.

            “Hey, it’s okay to still be scared Ashley,” Joe said as he got down on his knees by her chair.

            “It was so scary and awful, I don’t want him to come finds me, that is what I am most scared about,” Ashley pressed on her iPad, as she continued sobbing.

            “Honey, it is going to be okay, we will be sure that he doesn’t come find you,” Nick said as he wiped away his sister’s tears with the back of his thumbs.

            “Thanks guys, I think I want to tell everyone about everything soon.  For now, can we not tell anyone though,” Ashley said.

            “What aren’t you going to tell anyone Ash,” Kevin said, he wanted to be sure that his little sister wasn’t doing anything wrong.  Before she got her iPad for the first time, the family had installed some parental controls on her iPad.  The family still wasn’t sure what her cognitive abilities were, so they just wanted to be safe and not let her see or do anything that was inappropriate or could get her in trouble.

            “First of all, where did you come from?” Ashley said on her iPad quite surprised to see her older brother now in the room with her, Joe, and Nick.

            “I came from the bathroom, Aly kicked me out,” Kevin said as Joe, Nick, and Ashley all started cracking up.

            “Why did she kick you out?” Joe asked, still laughing.

            “I think she wanted some privacy, she did puke again, and she now has diarrhea,” Kevin said.

            “Oh, poor thing,” Joe said.

            “So, Ash, what don’t you want anyone to know?” Kevin said, still concerned that his little sister was doing something inappropriate or worse illegal and would go to jail.

            “You can tell him Nick,” Ashley mind talked.

            “Ashley told me that she remembers everything from her old life, and that the room brought back memories, because she lived in a very tiny closet and now, she has a huge room and everything, but she doesn’t want anyone to know right now, she said that eventually she wanted to tell everyone, but she’s not sure when, right Ash,” Nick said out loud as Ashley blinked once.

            “You did much better this time, bravo,” Ashley said on her iPad as an applauding noise came out of her iPad.

            “You’re so funny Ash,” Joe said as he came up and tickled her side a little bit.  Ashley started laughing, it was much better than a couple of minutes ago, when she was sobbing into Nick.

            “Wait, where is the bathroom?  Now that I have seen my room, can I please see the rest of the house?” Ashley said on her iPad.

            While the brothers were taking Ashley on a tour of the house, Denise and Danielle were giving Alyson a shower and getting her cleaned up and into pajamas, so she could be warm and comfy for the rest of the day.

            “Aly, are you done yet?” Dani asked.  Aly was sitting on the toilet sobbing; she just didn’t feel good at all.

            “Oh honey, come on let’s get you in the shower and once we are done, we will get you in comfy clothes, how does that sound?” Denise said, as she helped Aly stand up and walk over to the shower chair that her and her sister would share for showers.  They had ordered two cushions and back rests though.  Just so they could switch them out for each girl.  Alyson’s seat cushion and back rest was red, where Ashley’s seat cushion and back rest were blue.

            While Denise and Dani were helping Alyson walk over to the shower chair, she started peeing.  “Oh honey, it’s okay,” Dani said as Aly started crying.  She just didn’t feel good.  Poor Alyson had cried the entire way home in the car, after she had started throwing up.

            “Let’s get you all cleaned up,” Denise said as she started getting her wet with the already warm water from the shower.  She first got her hair wet, to wash her hair.  A couple minutes later, Aly was turning pale green again.

            “Aly,” Dani said, as she reached out of the shower and grabbed a bucket that Denise had brought up with her.  Dani attempted to get it under the teenager’s mouth for her to puke this time.  Some of the vomit went in the bucket, but most of it ended up on the walls of the shower and in her hair once again.

            After Aly was done throwing up, she started sobbing right away.  She didn’t get why, she was so sick, and what was wrong with her.  All Aly knew was that she didn’t feel good, but she didn’t understand why she was so sick.

            “It’s okay Aly,” Dani said as she rubbed the teenagers back.

            “Ma,” Aly said through her sobs.

            “Oh Aly, it’s okay, let’s just finish your shower and then you can watch TV, how does that sound?” Denise said, as Aly just cried.

            Denise and Dani both helped Aly get downstairs after she was dressed in pajamas.  Dani had put Aly’s hair up in a bun on the top of head, just so they didn’t have to be washing her hair after every time she puked.  Right when they were about to get in the elevator to head downstairs, Aly started coughing and gagging again.

            “Here Aly,” Dani said as she held up a bucket that she was carrying with her just in case Aly got sick.  Of course, though Aly didn’t realize that the bucket was there and just puked all over the carpet again.

“I swear she is just like a toddler, unable to let you know when she is going to puke, and then when we do see it coming on, she never wants to use a bucket,” Denise said, as they turned back around and headed back to Aly’s bedroom to get her changed again.  This time on the way back to the bedroom, Aly started having diarrhea.

            “It’s okay Aly,” Dani said as she led her into her bedroom.

            “I think she is ready for a nap, and I think we can just do it on the bed, and she might actually fall asleep.  Can you please go grab me an under pad, wipes, and a pull up,” Denise said, as she led her to the bed, she first pulled down her pants, just so no puke would get on the bed.  When Denise pulled down Aly’s pants, she could see that her pull-up was still filling up with diarrhea.

            “This isn’t going to work honey, let’s go try the potty,” Denise said as she led Aly back into the bathroom, where she pulled down the diarrhea filled pull-up and helped her sit on the toilet.

            “Ah,” Aly said as she pointed at the wall, before turning pale green once again.

            “Alyson, here,” Denise said as she grabbed an empty bucket that was sitting on the counter and got it under her mouth, just in time for her to puke.  This time Aly did better at getting the vomit in the bucket, but she still didn’t do perfect.  This time she pointed her head towards the bucket for about the first two coughs or so, and then the rest was all over the floor again.

            “Oh Aly,” Dani said as she came into the bathroom with a new pull up and pants, since the pants that Aly had on were now covered in both diarrhea and vomit.

            “Shhh,” Denise said as she rubbed her daughters back, as she continued gagging, coughing, and puking.  Poor Aly was now just vomiting liquid.  There was nothing more left in her stomach, considering she had been basically puking non-stop for now over two hours.

            “Ma,” Alyson cried, as tears dripped down her face.

            “It’s okay honey, we can get you cleaned up, it’s okay Aly,” Denise said.

            “Ma,” Alyson repeated again as she pointed at the wall once again.  For whatever reason Aly had some fascination with walls.  No one could figure it out, but she was always pointing at a wall.  Even when she was this sick, she was still pointing at the walls.

            “Dani, can you go get us a washcloth, please,” Denise asked her daughter-in-law.

            “Sure, do you want it warm?” Dani asked, as Denise was already turning on the water to get it warmed up.

            “Yea,” Denise said, as Dani came back in with a washcloth and put it in the warm water.

Once Denise and Dani had Aly all cleaned up, they both helped Aly stand up from the toilet.  Both Denise and Dani wiped off her bottom with some wipes before pulling up the pull-up and her pants.

            “Come on Aly, let’s head downstairs now,” Denise said.  It was better to get her downstairs in between vomiting episodes, just so they wouldn’t have to go get her cleaned up again and start all over.

            Once Denise and Dani got Aly downstairs, they helped her lay down on the couch.  Dani had put a sheet, towels, and a blanket on the couch, for Aly to lay on, just so that way if she did get sick, it wouldn’t get all over the couch.  Denise then covered her up with a blanket and then towels on top of the blanket, for less clean up obviously.

            “I think she is about to fall asleep,” Dani said, as she looked down at Aly, whose eyes were almost closed.

            “Yea, well she needs sleep, which is for sure,” Denise said, as she felt the teenager’s forehead.

            “If you are okay, I am going to go see what Kevin is up too,” Dani said.

            “Yes, I am okay, thank you so much for helping with her,” Denise said as she looked down at Alyson, who was now sleeping.

            “You’re welcome,” Dani said as she left the room in search of her husband.

            Denise decided that she was going to go clean up the girl’s bathroom.  They didn’t need this nasty bug spreading, that was for sure.  She made sure that Aly was still sleeping, before heading back upstairs to clean up.

            Meanwhile, Nick had just finished giving Ashley the grand tour of the house, when they bumped into Denise who was carrying a load of puke covered towels downstairs.

            “Hi Mommy,” Ashley pressed on her iPad.

            “Hi honey,” Denise said.  “What have you guys been up too?”

            “We just went on a house tour,” Nick said.

            “What did you think of the house Ash?” Denise asked.

            “Nice, bigger than the old house I used to live in with the mean old man,” Ashley typed out on her iPad.

            “You remember your old life,” Denise asked, surprised, as Ashley blinked once to indicate yes.

            “Hey, after I get these in the wash, I was going to make lunch, are you guys hungry?” Denise asked to which Ashley blinked once.

            “Yea, I could go for a sandwich,” Nick said.

            “Honey, do you want a sandwich,” Denise asked, as Ashley blinked twice, to indicate no.

            “Okay, you tell me what you want when I get out of here then honey,” Denise said as she disappeared into the laundry room.

            “Cranberries, yogurt, applesauce, cottage cheese,” Ashley pressed on her iPad when Denise reappeared a couple minutes later.  Those were her four favorite foods; they were foods that she was able to eat without being pureed.  Ashley found the texture of some foods a little strange, but she was okay with most foods.

Chapter 11 by tuckergolden888

Lost and Found – Chapter 11

            Alyson was super sick and had been pretty much non-stop throwing up since the family got home a couple of hours ago.

“Can we go see how Aly is doing?” Ashley mind talked with her twin after lunch was done.

            “Sure, do you know where she is?” Nick mind talked back, as Ashley blinked twice.

            “I saw Mom and Dani bring her downstairs before lunch, but I don’t know where they went with her,” Ashley said.

            “Well, I bet she is in the living room then,” Nick said.  That was typically where his mom would put sick puking kids.  Nick had been sick on that couch multiple times.

            When they got into the living room, Aly had just woken up, she was looking around for someone, right before she puked all over herself, the couch, and the floor next to the couch.

            “Uh we need some help in here,” Nick said as he rushed to get a bucket under his little sister’s mouth.

            “Coming,” Paul said, he had heard Aly wake up and start to cough, so he was rushing into the living room at the same time that Nick and Ashley got into the living room.

            “Oh Aly, it’s okay,” Paul said as he came in and took over.

            “Sorry Nick, sorry Ashley, you guys can leave if you want.  I have her,” Paul said.

            “It’s okay, we have all puked before, do you need anything?” Nick asked his father.

            “Yea, can you go grab some towels and another bucket,” Paul said as Nick ran off and grabbed four huge beach towels and a clean bucket.

            “Thanks,” Paul said when Nick brought in the bucket and four huge beach towels.

            “You’re welcome, anything else?” Nick asked.

            “No, I think we are okay for now,” Paul said as he held Aly’s head, so it was pointed in the bucket as she continued vomiting.

            “I heard her start to get sick, as I was coming upstairs,” Denise said, as she came into the living room to find Paul helping Aly throw up into the bucket that he was holding.  Denise was downstairs doing laundry.  She was in the process of putting dirty puke covered towels in the washing machine when she heard Alyson start to puke.

            “Ma,” Aly said as she looked up and pointed at Denise, right before she started crying.

            “Hey Alyson, it’s okay, Ma’s right here,” Denise said, as she sat down by Aly and rubbed her back.

            “Well, we obviously didn’t cover the couch too well did we Aly,” Denise said as she rubbed her daughter’s back, as she started coughing again, right before puking all over Paul and the floor.

            “Oh honey, it’s okay,” Paul said as he tried to direct her head into the bucket.  Aly was not having that though, she kept on puking all over the floor.  Paul had moved out of the way and was now beside her, instead of right in front of her.

            “It’s okay Aly,” Denise said as she continued rubbing her daughters back.  Alyson was done throwing up a couple minutes later.

            “Come on honey, let’s go get cleaned up again,” Denise said as she and Paul both helped Aly stand up and walk towards the elevator, that they took upstairs.

            Meanwhile, Kevin, Joe, Dani, Nick, Ashley, and Frankie were all hanging out in the kitchen together.

            “Dani, can we make cookies?” Ashley asked on her iPad.  Dani had made some of her famous chocolate chip cookies for Ashley when she was at Willow Hearts, and well Ashley loved the cookies.

            “If we have all of the ingredients, we sure can,” Dani said, as she looked around the kitchen for all of the ingredients.  “It doesn’t look like we have chocolate chips, how about we make sugar cookies instead, does that work?”

            “Maybe we can give some to Aly and she will feel better,” the ten-year-old boy said.

            “Yea, maybe, but I don’t think Aly wants to eat right now, I bet her tummy isn’t feeling too well, but I bet she will have one when she is feeling better,” Joe said.

            “Yea, I guess so,” Frankie said, as he looked down.

            “Hey, she isn’t going to be sick forever, it is only for a couple of days,” Kevin said.

            “But she just got home, and she is my new sister, and I just wanted to hang out with her, and now I can’t,” Frankie said, as a tear dripped down his cheek.

            “Frankie, I bet she will be feeling better before you know it, okay,” Nick said, as he came over and gave his little brother a side hug.

            “Okay, I guess you are right,” Frankie sniffled, the ten-year-old boy now had tears dripping down his face.

            Denise came downstairs right then carrying another load of dirty towels.  “I swear all she does is puke, and she doesn’t even puke in the bucket half of the time, it is all over the place,” Denise said as she was passing through the kitchen.

            “Here Mom, I will help you with those,” Joe said as he followed his Mom into the laundry room to help do laundry and clean the puke filled laundry.

            “Here Mom, why don’t you go take care of Aly,” Joe said, as he took over doing the laundry.

            While the sugar cookies were in the oven cooking, Dani went into the living room to see if she could help Denise clean up from Alyson.

            “Hey, can I help with anything in here?” Dani asked, when she got into the living room.

            “Yea, if you want to start cleaning the wall that would be nice, I apparently tried to cover everything else, except for the carpet and the wall, I even covered the end of the couch, but forgot the wall,” Denise said.

            “Gosh, that is a far way for puke to go,” Dani said.

            “Yea, I never even thought that it would go that far,” Denise said, as she went about putting stain stuff on the carpet and then vacuuming it.

            “Where is she?” Dani asked.

            “Oh, Paul has her upstairs, he is giving her a shower.  This is what we used to do when the boys were sick, one of us would be on clean up child duty, while the other one would be on clean up mess duty.  We usually gave the kids the option of who they wanted to clean them up.  This time Aly chose Paul, which I was surprised about, the boys almost always picked me for cleaning them up,” Denise said sadly.

            “Well, I am sure Aly was just confused about who to pick, and she probably picked him, because she probably saw him first, I am sure she didn’t mean too,” Dani said, as she continued cleaning up the wall.

            “Yea, I am sure that she didn’t mean it, it’s just that I have had some of my most memorable moments with my children when they are sick, that was when they were the sweetest to me,” Denise said.

            “Well, I am sure that Aly will want you at times during this sickness, she probably won’t be better anytime soon,” Dani said.

            “Yea, the fact that she is still puking every couple of minutes, and that it went all over the living room and even hit the wall, probably means that she will probably be this sick for a couple more days at least.  I just hope that it doesn’t spread and that no one else gets this,” Denise said, as she continued cleaning the carpet.

            “I’m sure no one else will get it, with your cleaning abilities,” Dani joked.

            “Yea, I hope so too,” Denise said, “where is Ashley?”

            “She wanted to wait by the cookies in the kitchen, I swear she is like cookie monster, she loves cookies.”

            “Yes, she does,” Denise said.

            “Yea, when I brought those chocolate chip cookies into Willow Hearts, she ate almost the entire batch of them that I made,” Dani said.

            “Yea, I felt bad though, that night after everyone had left, she was complaining about her stomach hurting, but she didn’t throw up or anything,” Denise said.

            “Well, that is good,” Dani said.

            “Yea, I also think that the issue was that she was also getting her period, because it came that night,” Denise said as she continued cleaning up the reminder of Alyson’s puke.

            “Cookies done,” Dani and Denise heard come from the kitchen right before the timer went off to indicate the cookies were done.

            “Okay Ashley, we are coming,” Dani said as she and Denise came into the kitchen to find Ashley sitting by the oven waiting for the cookies to be done.  Ashley had been given the option of hanging out with her brothers somewhere, or to stay here and wait for the cookies.  Ashley obviously chose to wait here for the cookies to be done.

            “You are right Ash, the cookies are done,” Dani said as Denise took the breaks off of the push chair and pushed her out of the way, so Dani could open the door and get the sugar cookies out of the oven.

            “Cookie,” Ashley said on her iPad.

            “Yea, they have too cool first, but you can have the first one, okay honey,” Dani said, as Ashley rolled her eyes.  She was not a very patient person.

            “Don’t worry Ash, they will be ready soon,” Dani said.  Ashley just let out a big sigh.

            It was later on that night, after cleaning up poor Alyson at least thirty more times, she was finally in bed and asleep for the moment.  Both Paul and Denise were getting Ashley down for the night and into bed.  Ashley had pooped in her diaper downstairs a couple minutes ago and she was in major need of being cleaned up.  Paul kept a hold of Ashley’s hands, while Denise took down her pants, and then removed the diarrhea filled diaper.

            “Oh honey,” Denise said as she felt Ashley’s forehead.  “She is sick, this was exactly how Alyson started out too.”

            “What do you mean this was exactly how Alyson started out?  She threw up in the car.  The diarrhea started after, didn’t it?” Paul said confused.

            “No, at Willow Hearts, when I took her to the bathroom, she had diarrhea, which is the only reason I said that, and then about forty-five minutes or so later, she started throwing up,” Denise said.  “I am going to get Dani to put her hair up.  The last thing we need is her puking in her hair and us having to get her up for a whole shower tonight, plus I have a feeling that Aly is going to be puking all night too.”  Aly was puking about every five minutes right now.  It had slowed down some, but it still was quite often that she was puking.

            “She just fell asleep so hopefully she sleeps for a while,” Paul said as Denise finished getting Ashley cleaned up.

            “Yea let’s hope so,” Denise said.  “I am going to go get Dani, and I will be back.”

            “Dani,” Denise said as she knocked on Kevin and Dani’s bedroom door when she was walking downstairs to get more towels and another bucket.

            “Yea, what do you need?” Dani said through the door, she was just getting into her pajamas.

            “Can you put Ashley’s hair up when you get a chance?” Denise said through the door.

            “Yea, we will be right in,” Dani said as she finished putting on her pajamas.

            “Wait, did she say Ashley’s hair, or did she say Alyson’s hair?” Dani turned to her husband who was laying on the bed.

            “I don’t know what she said exactly,” Kevin said as he lounged on the bed.

            When Dani got to Alyson’s room, she found her sleeping and her hair was still in the bun on the top of her head, like she had done a couple of hours ago, after her shower.  She was confused, so she walked through the rooms into Ashley’s room to find Paul standing by Ashley’s bed.

            “Hi Dani,” Paul said as he waved.

            “Hey, Denise said something about getting Alyson’s hair up again, but she is sleeping, and her hair is still up,” Dani said.

            “Well, I don’t know what she was saying about Alyson, but I know that Ashley has caught the bug.  We just got her cleaned up from the runs, so if you could put her hair up that would be great,” Paul said.

            “Yes, of course I can,” Dani said as she stepped over to where Paul was standing, talking with Ashley.

            “Are you feeling okay Ash?” Paul said, as Dani was brushing Ashley’s hair to put it up in a bun.  Ashley was starting to go pale.  Ashley barely had time to blink twice, before starting to retch and then vomit all over herself and the bed.

            “Ashley,” Dani said as she stepped back as to not get any of the vomit on her.

            “Dani, can you stay here with her, while I go get a bucket,” Paul said.  Paul stepped into Alyson’s room to grab her bucket.  There was no way that Aly would use her bucket anyways, and it was the quickest bucket he could find. 

            “Sure,” Dani said as she rubbed Ashley’s back.  Poor Ashley was now starting to show signs of this bug that both Alyson and Frankie had caught.

            “Here Ash,” Paul said, as he brought the bucket into Ashley’s bedroom again and sat it next to the bed.

            “We should probably get her in the shower too,” Dani said, as she and Paul took the covers off of her bed very carefully as to not get any of the throw up on the floor or anywhere else.

            It was right then that Ashley started gagging again.  Paul grabbed the bucket that he had sitting on her bedside table and held it up to her mouth for her to vomit, a second time.

            “Oh Ash,” Paul said after she was done throwing up.  “Well, we now know that whatever Alyson has, it has passed to Ashley too.”

            “Well let’s hope that it doesn’t pass to anyone else then,” Paul said.

            “Let’s hope so too,” Dani agreed with her father-in-law.

            “Come on Ashley let’s get you in the shower before you start throwing up again or having more diarrhea,” Paul said, as he took off Ashley’s diaper, before scooping her up into his arms and lifting her into the shower chair, that Paul went and got when he retrieved the bucket from Alyson’s room. 

            “Ashley, what is the matter honey,” Paul said as he was trying to a screaming Ashley get her strapped into the shower chair.  Ashley typically didn’t scream, so it was a little concerning that she would start to scream.

            “Hey shhh,” Dani said, as she rubbed Ashley’s back.

            “Hey, I am back, sorry it took a while, Joe wanted to talk to me,” Denise said, out of breath from running around.

            “Well, she has started the puking phase; she has thrown up twice so far.  We were just about to take her into the shower,” Paul said.

            “Oh honey, I thought that she wouldn’t start throwing up until later on,” Denise said, as she looked at Ashley who was just sobbing.  “Paul, can you please change her sheets, while I go get her cleaned up,” Denise said, as Ashley started coughing, before throwing up all over herself, the carpet, and Denise.

            “It’s okay honey, let’s get you in the shower,” Denise said to Ashely who was just sobbing.

“You look like you need help, let me help,” Dani said.

“Thanks, can you stay with her, while I go change quickly,” Denise said to Dani, as she was already pushing Ashley to the bathroom.

            “Sure,” Dani said, as she followed Denise and a very sick Ashley into the bathroom.

“Oh honey, it’s okay,” Denise said, as soon as she got her to the bathroom.

            “I hear Aly getting sick too,” Dani said, as they were pushing Ashley into the bathroom.

            “Why don’t you go get her, we will get them cleaned up   together,” Denise said, as she got Ashley into the bathroom as she started having diarrhea again, this time all over the bathroom floor.

Chapter 12 by tuckergolden888

Lost and Found – Chapter 12

Ashley and Alyson had gotten home from Willow Hearts just this morning.  Right before they left Willow Hearts, Aly started having diarrhea.  Then about twenty minutes later, once they were in the car and on the way home, Alyson started throwing up everywhere.  She basically threw up about every two to three minutes the entire way home.  Aly threw up pretty much every two to three minutes until about 8:30 that night or so.

            Around 8:45 that night, Ashley had pooped, so both Paul and Denise went upstairs with her, because she liked to touch things she wasn’t supposed too, so two people had to be there for every diaper change.  Anyways, when they took down the diaper, they realized that she had diarrhea and not just solid regular poop.  They knew that she had caught the bug, because this was the same exact way that Alyson’s had started about 8 hours earlier.

            “Mom, I don’t feel so good,” Frankie said as he wandered into the girl’s rooms, right before midnight.  Neither Paul or Denise had gotten much sleep, considering that they were both cleaning up either one of the girls or both.

            “Frankie does your stomach hurt?” Denise asked as she went over and felt the 10-year old’s forehead to check for a fever.

            “Yes,” Frankie complained as he grabbed onto his stomach.

            “You are running a fever, so let’s take your temperature, okay honey,” Denise said, as she reached over and grabbed the thermometer that they had been using on the girls.

            “Oh no,” Frankie moaned as he grabbed onto his stomach while getting up to run into the girl’s bathroom.  Denise was after him with a bucket and a washcloth.  Frankie barely made it to the toilet and pulled down his pants before he started having diarrhea.

            “Well Frankie is now sick too,” Denise said as she came out of the bathroom after making sure that he was okay and had a bucket within arm’s reach in case he was to be sick.

            “How do you know that?” Paul asked.  He had just gotten back from changing his shirt for the third time since 8:45 or so.  Between both girls puking and not being able to tell them when they were going to be sick, it was bound to happen.  Aly had puked all over him the first two times, and Ashley had puked this last time all over him.

            “He just came in here complaining about his stomach hurting and then ran to the bathroom, he hasn’t thrown up yet, but he’s not too far away, he already has a fever,” Denise said.  “The girls didn’t start a fever until after they had puked for the first time.”

            “Are you sure he didn’t,” Paul was saying.

            “Mommy, I don’t feel good,” Frankie yelled from the girl’s bathroom, before starting to throw up.

            “Coming honey,” Denise said as she went into the bathroom to find Frankie throwing up in the bucket that Denise had put by him in case he had to puke.

            “Oh Frankie,” Denise said as she rushed over to her son and rubbed his back, while he gagged and sputtered into the bucket.

            “Ugh, why do I have to be sick,” Frankie said after he was done throwing up for the moment.  His stomach still hurt, and he still felt nauseous, but he wasn’t puking at the moment.

            “Can I take this to clean out, are you done or not yet?” Denise said.

            “Yea, I am done,” Frankie said, as he wiped his mouth with this wrist.

            “I am going to go get more buckets for you and your sisters, but call if you need anything, okay,” Denise said as she left the bathroom.

            “Well, I guess I am now sick,” Frankie sighed once his mom left the bathroom.  Frankie had just pulled up his pants, flushed the toilet and was washing his hands, when he again felt his stomach start doing flips.  He raced to the toilet and barely got his head over the toilet before he started vomiting.

            Paul had heard his youngest start to throw up and raced into the bathroom to find his son, standing over the toilet puking.  “Oh Buddy,” Paul said as he rushed over to him and rubbed his back as he continued throwing up in the toilet.

            “It came on so fast Dad,” Frankie cried after he was done throwing up.  “My stomach woke me up and it was feeling a little off, so I came in here.  By the time I got in here, I really had to go to the bathroom.   Then I started puking.  I am so cold Daddy,” Frankie said as he shivered.

            “Come on let’s get you warmed up,” Paul said as he helped Frankie stand up and then led him out of the bathroom and into Ashley’s bedroom.

            “I am going to go check on Aly, you, okay?” Paul asked his son, who didn’t exactly look the best.

            “Yea, I am fine,” Frankie said, as he shivered.

            “Here use this if you need to be sick, okay,” Paul said as he grabbed an empty plastic garbage can and sat it beside him.

            “Thanks Dad,” Frankie said as he once again shivered.

            “I will be back,” Paul said as he heard coughing and gagging coming from Alyson’s room.
            “Aly, what’s going on?” Paul said as he went into her room to find her coughing, gagging, and vomiting all while crying.  The family had found out earlier this afternoon that Aly did not like throwing up at all, it scared her and would make her upset.

            “Shhh, baby, shhh,” Paul said as he reached for a bucket and tried to hold it under her mouth, while soothing her.  As Paul got the bucket under her mouth, Aly threw up again, but it went past the bucket.

            “It’s okay Aly, just get it all up,” Paul said as he tried to sooth her.  Poor Alyson had thrown up so much today.  She was so sick, she was puking, had a fever and diarrhea.

            “Okay honey, what do you say we go into Ashley’s room, how does that sound,” Paul said as he helped her stand up from the side of her bed and led her into her big sisters’ room, where he helped her sit down on a chair.

            “Frankie, can you watch her, while I go strip her bed for the millionth time today?” Paul asked, as Ashely started gagging.

            “Oh Ash,” Paul said as he got over to her, and grabbed a bucket to hold under her mouth.  Unlike Alyson, Ashley actually knew what to do with a bucket and threw up into it.

            “I’m back, oh my what happened in here,” Denise said as she went through Alyson’s room to get to Ashley’s room.

            “Yea, Aly threw up all over the place again, I was just going in there to strip the bed and then this one started puking,” Paul said as Ashley threw up again.

            “Oh honey,” Denise said, as she looked over at her husband helping Ashley who just continued throwing up.  It just kept on coming up.

            “Once she is done, I want to test her again just to see where she is at,” Denise said.

            “Okay,” Paul said, as he continued rubbing Ashley’s back as she continued to throw up.

            Soon enough Ashely was done throwing up.  “Honey, we have to test you, we want to make sure that your blood sugar isn’t too high or too low,” Denise said as she came over with her testing equipment.  This was the one and only thing that Ashley absolutely hated, she hated being poked and prodded.  Ashely squeezed her hands shut and moved them, so her mom wouldn’t be able to grab them to test her.

            “Honey, Mommy will be quick okay,” Paul said, he was still standing by her with a puke covered shirt on from Alyson.  Paul would go topless, but then he would probably have to jump in the shower every time one of the girls threw up on him, so this was easier.

            “Ahhh,” Ashely screamed at both of her parents with tears running down her fever flushed cheeks.

            “Ash, we have to do this, it will be quick, we promise,” Denise said, as she once again tried to grab a hold of Ashely’s hand.  This time she got her hand, quickly pricked it, and kneaded the blood out of her finger.

            “What is it?” Paul asked, he couldn’t see what her levels were at.  Denise was holding the meter, so he couldn’t see it.

            “She’s a little low, she’s not out of target yet, but she is lower than what her normal blood sugar is.  I am afraid if we try to give her something, it’s just going to come out again,” Denise said.

            “Yea, you are probably right,” Paul said.  “Is there anything we can give her right now?”

            “Uh, maybe we can try to give her a very small amount of ginger ale, which has sugar in it, but will also make her stomach feel better,” Denise said.

            “Okay, I will go and get a can, maybe we can try it with Aly and Frank too,” Paul said.

            “Yea, good idea,” Denise said as Paul left the room to go get a can of ginger ale for the three sick kids.

            “Mom,” Joe said as he came into the girl’s room about five minutes later.

            “Yes Joseph,” Denise said.

            “I just puked,” Joe said, as he shivered.

            “Okay, sit down, I am going to go get some air mattresses as soon as your Dad gets back, we can set up in here, I don’t want this spreading anymore then it has too,” Denise said.  “Frankie is also sick, he’s in the bathroom.”

            “Mommy,” Frankie called out from the bathroom.

            “Coming honey,” Denise said, as she hurried into the bathroom to find her 9-year-old son, puking in the garbage can by the toilet, while sitting on the toilet.

            “Oh Frankie,” Denise said, as she felt his forehead once he was done throwing up for the moment.

            “Mommy, my stomach hurts so much,” Frankie complained as he grabbed it and started having explosive diarrhea in the toilet.

            “Uh mom, I need some help out here,” Joe yelled. 

            “Frankie are you okay for now?” Denise asked the young boy as he nodded his head, as he continued having explosive diarrhea.

            “Mom, they are both puking,” Joe yelled, as he started getting nauseous and not feeling good again either.  Maybe it was seeing his sisters puke or maybe it was just time for him to puke again, or maybe it was some of both.  Joe quickly leaned over and grabbed a bucket that was sitting on the ground and got his head over its milliseconds before he started puking.

            “Oh gosh,” Denise said when she came out of the bathroom, to find Joe, Ashley, and Alyson all puking.  Ashley and Alyson were throwing up all over the place.  Ashely was vomiting all over her bed for about the tenth time tonight, and Alyson was puking all over the floor.  Paul had sat Alyson in a chair that was in Ashley’s room, so besides, her puke getting all over the floor, it was also getting all over the chair too.

            “Gosh, what’s happening in here,” Paul said as he came in the room a couple minutes later with a couple of cans of ginger ale along with a couple of glasses and about 12 straws.

            “Joe came in and said he had just puked, and then I was in the bathroom with Frankie, and then I came out here and all 3 of them were puking,” Denise said.

            “Well Nick is sick too, I walked past his room, and heard him puking, so I went in and helped him.  He didn’t want to come in here, so he is down in his room,” Paul said.

            “Well, that is crazy, I will go talk to him, can you keep an eye on them please,” Denise said as she left the room to go talk Nick into coming down to the sick room.

            “Nicholas,” Denise said as she walked into her son’s bedroom only to hear noises of retching coming from the bathroom, followed by the toilet being flushed. 

            “Ugh,” Nick groaned out as he slumped against the wall of the bathroom and closed his eyes for a brief second.

            “Nick why are you in here, Dad said that you didn’t want to come into the girl’s rooms,” Denise said as she got down on the floor by her flushed looking son.

            “I am sorry Mom, I didn’t want to have anyone worry about me, you guys have enough to worry about with Aly who can’t seem to puke in a bucket and Ashley who is sicker than me at the moment,” Nick said, as he put his head over the toilet again, right before starting to throw up again.

            “Oh Nicholas,” Denise said as she rubbed his back, while he vomited in the toilet.

            “Mom, you don’t need one more child to worry about, you already have Ash and Aly to worry about, that is why I didn’t come in,” Nick said after he had stopped throwing up and the nausea had subsided for the moment.

            “Nick, which is a crazy thought, please come into the girl’s room, plus Frankie and Joe are in there also sick,” Denise said.  “You are not the first one to get sick, besides the girls.”

            “Well Joe and Frankie, they are Mama Boys, and can’t handle puking without you,” Nick said, stubbornly.

            “Nicholas, your brothers and sisters are just as sick as you are, can you please come into the bedroom with them, just so your father and I can keep an eye on you,” Denise said.  She was exhausted, she had been up all night with puking kids.

            “Uh Mom,” Nick said, as he again went pale green.  Nick barely had time to get his head over the toilet, before throwing up.  As soon as he started puking, he started having diarrhea in his pants.

            “Oh Nick, it’s okay honey,” Denise said, as she soothed her son, while he puked and had the runs.  Denise rubbed Nick’s back, as her son continued puking.  It seemed like every time he would heave; he would have more diarrhea.

            “Mom, I am sorry,” Nick said after he was done throwing up.

            “It’s okay Nick, it has been happening to your sisters all night long, don’t worry about it, we will get it cleaned up,” Denise said.

            “Thanks, I am so tired, you think you have an extra bed over in the girl’s room,” Nick said.

            “Yea, I think we can figure something out, why don’t you get cleaned up.  I will go get you a garbage bag for your pajamas, and when you are ready, come on down to the girl’s room.  I will also grab you another bucket and bring it in here too, Denise said, as she turned around and went retrieve the items that she told her second youngest son that she would get.

            “Thanks Mom,” Nick said as he closed the bathroom door.

            While Denise was on her way back to the girl’s room after delivering the garbage bag, clean pajamas, and a bucket to Nick, she decided to peak in on the only healthy ones in the family, other than herself and her husband.  Both Kevin and his wife Dani, were sleeping soundly in bed.  She decided not to disturb them and pray that the four of them didn’t get sick.

            “The girls just fell asleep,” Paul said when his wife came back into the room.  Ashley was sound asleep in her bed and Alyson was sleeping on the chair sitting up.

            “Okay, good, how are Joe and Frankie doing?” Denise said, after looking around and not finding either of them in the room with them.

            “Frankie wasn’t doing good, so Joe offered to take him into the bathroom and that was like 5 minutes ago.  How is Nick?” Paul asked.

            “He isn’t doing too good, but he is going to come down here, he was getting cleaned up,” Denise said.  “I was going to get some air mattresses to set up in one of the girls’ rooms.”

            “I already did that, they are over in Aly’s room, I figured we could put the sleeping ones in that room and the sick ones in here, minus the girls.  That way we can be near them when they wake up, but the other ones can get some sleep,” Paul said.

            “Yea good idea, plus that way we are really close to them if they do need us,” Denise said.

            “Exactly what I was thinking,” Paul said as he sat down on a chair in Ashley’s room.

            “We should take shifts, you go to sleep for a while, and I will stay up with them, and then we can switch,” Denise said.

            “They are both sleeping, and Joe is helping Frankie, let’s both try to get some sleep, before they are up again,” Paul said.

            “Okay, Denise said as she sat down in a chair next to Paul and closed her eyes for a couple of minutes.

            Well, a couple of minutes turned into about three hours before they were woken up, by Ashley, who this time was just crying.

            “Honey, what’s wrong?” Denise said, as she got up and rushed over to Ashley’s side, but not before grabbing a bucket and a towel in case they were needed.  Ashley just continued crying, she didn’t feel good and just wanted to sleep, but her tummy was hurting her.

            “Oh honey, your tummy is upset again?” Denise said, as Ashley blinked once and then went pale green, before starting to gag.  Denise rushed to get the bucket up by her mouth.  Denise barely got the bucket up by her mouth, and she started puking.  Ashley coughed, gagged, and sputtered until her stomach was empty.

            It was then that Alyson woke up and started coughing.  “I got her,” Paul said, as he got up out of the chair that he was sitting in and made his way over to Alyson with a large beach towel.  This trick had sort-of worked earlier when she was getting sick, to use a large beach towel instead of a bucket.

            Denise and Paul could hear the other room start to stir.  They first heard one boy start to gag and cough, and before they knew it all three of the boys in Aly’s room were gagging and coughing.  “Go help them,” Denise said to Paul.  Aly had just finished puking into her towel.  She had actually done pretty well and had they had gotten most of the puke in the towel this time.

            “Are you okay with these two?” Paul asked.

            “Yes, I think Ashley is almost done, and Aly is done, so we should be fine for a couple of minutes.  As soon as she is done, I am going to go wake up Kev and Dani,” Denise said, as another huge mouthful came out of Ashley’s mouth.

            “Ma,” Alyson croaked out, as Denise was helping Ashley.

            “Yea Aly, what do you need?” Denise asked, as Alyson coughed a little bit, before starting to throw up again.

            “Alyson,” Denise said.  Denise didn’t have enough hands and she had sent her husband into the boy’s room to help them, since they were all puking at the moment.  Denise just let her throw up on the floor, since she didn’t have enough hands to help both her and Ashley.  This way Denise would only have one child to get cleaned up, instead of two.

Chapter 13 by tuckergolden888

Lost and Found – Chapter 13

            Ashley and Alyson had been home for about ten days now.  Ashley, Alyson, Joe, Nick, and Frankie were all feeling much better.  That nasty flu bug had lingered around for about 72 hours.  Thankfully, no one else in the house got sick.  Paul and Denise thought that for sure, they would all get sick since it seemed to spread so quickly, but no one else showed any symptoms.

            The family was getting into more of a routine.  Actually today, Kevin and Danielle were leaving from Los Angeles and were heading back home, to New Jersey.  Joe was also heading back to his house, which was only a couple of miles down the road from the Jonas household.  He had to get back to his house and routine.

            Nick was also sadly leaving.  He was heading to New York for a play that he was going to be in on Broadway.  The play was called How to Succeed in Business.  Nick had actually landed the lead role.  He was super excited to go back to Broadway, but he knew that his family would miss him, especially Ashley.

            “Hey, what do you say, we go out for ice cream this morning, make it a sibling thing before we all leave,” Kevin said to Ashley, Alyson, and Frankie.  Kevin, Joe, and Nick had talked last night about how they would be able to include the girls and Frankie in something that they would all like to do, before everyone went their own way.

            “Ice cream,” Ashley said on her DynaVox.

            “Yea, ice cream Ash,” Joe said.

            “Before lunch, I am in,” Frankie said.

            “Ahhh,” Alyson screamed excitedly as she pointed at her brothers.

            “Okay, then let’s go get you two changed before we go,” Joe said, as he pushed Ashley to the elevator.

            “Come on Aly, let’s stand up,” Nick said as he helped her stand up and then took her hand, so she could walk upstairs to the girl’s bathroom.  Alyson freaked out over the elevator and never wanted to go in it, so they had to help her walk up the stairs.

            When they got upstairs, Alyson refused to go to into the bathroom to be changed.  “Come on Aly, we have to go potty, so we can get ice cream.”

            “Grrr,” Aly growled at her brother, as he tried to lead her into the bathroom.

            “Aly, you want ice cream, right?” Nick said to her, as she screamed.  “Well then we have to go potty.”

            “Grrr,” Aly said as she growled at Nick again.  For whatever reason, Alyson did not like going potty anymore.

            “Aly, we have to go potty before we leave, we either go potty, or we don’t get ice cream,” Nick said, as Aly once again growled at him.

            “Mom, can you please help here,” Nick said as Denise walked by them in the hallway with a load of the girl’s clean laundry.

            “Sure, let me put this down,” Denise said as she went into Alyson’s bedroom and set the laundry basket on her bed.  When Denise came back out, Aly was still growling at Nick.

            “Aly, which is enough growling, come on let’s go potty,” Denise said as she tried to get her to go into the bathroom.  Aly was not having it; she just kept her ground and continued growling.

            “Aly, you are in despite need of being changed, come on honey, let’s go potty,” Nick said as Aly continued growling at him.

            “Ahhh,” Aly screamed at Nick, as she grunted and started filling her diaper with poop.

            “Why do you always poop right before we change you Aly?” Nick asked.  At least once a day, if not more, before they change Aly, she poops.  Sometimes it is mere seconds before they take off the diaper that she starts pooping, other times it is as they are taking off the diaper.

            “Okay Aly, we now need to have you sit on the potty, especially if you are doing a poo-poo honey,” Denise said as she gently took her daughter’s hands and guided her into the bathroom. 

Alyson growled and grunted at the same time, as she filled her diaper with more poop.  Aly usually grunted when she was pooping or in the middle of pooping.  That was one way you knew she had pooped.

“Come on honey, we have to sit on the potty,” Denise said as she pulled down Aly’s pants.  Aly was already in desperate need of being changed, she was super wet, and now she had a poop filled diaper along with a ton of pee, so she needed to sit on the toilet, it would be way too hard to change her when she was laying down.

Denise tore off the diaper and got her to sit on the potty to hopefully finish off pooping and maybe go pee too.  “Nick, can you go grab me some clean pants, a pull-up and some wipes.  Also, why don’t you grab me one of Ashley’s absorbent pads.  We will try one of those on her to see if this holds more pee, she only got up about an hour ago, and the diaper was ready to overflow and then with the poop it did.

“Okay,” Nick said, as he went out into the hall closet where he ran into Joe, who was helping Kevin change Ashely.

Meanwhile in Ashley’s room Kevin and Joe were in the process of doing a second diaper change on Ashley.  Ashley had been wet when they were laying her down to change her.  They changed her and got her all cleaned up.  Just as Kevin was lifting her back into her wheelchair, Joe heard a loud fart come from Ashley.

“Ashley, why are you pooping now, why didn’t you poop earlier?” Kevin asked his little sister, who just looked up at him with a mischievous smile, as she continued pooping.

“Tell us when you are done honey,” Joe said, as Ashley blinked once.  “I am going to go get her supplies,” Joe said.

“Okay,” Kevin said, as Joe disappeared into the hallway, where he ran into Nick.

“Hi, Aly is pooping so it might be a while before we can leave,” Nick said.

“That’s okay, we are on our second diaper too, Ash was wet when we changed her.  We then put on a clean diaper and as we were getting ready to lift her into her chair, she pooped,” Joe said.

“Yep, same with Aly, we were getting ready to change her and then she pooped, so she is now sitting on the potty.  We are hoping that she finishes her pooping.  You know how Aly is, she gets shy and nervous and then she won’t actually finish pooping,” Nick said.

About fifteen minutes later, both girls were done pooping and were in clean diapers again.  The siblings headed out for a pre-lunch ice cream treat.  The brothers loaded up both girls in the van.  Frankie sat in the first-row bucket seat behind Ashley’s chair with Alyson in the other bucket seat.  Joe sat behind Frankie, while Nick drove, and Kevin sat in the passenger seat.  The six siblings made it to Cold Stone ten minutes later.

“Okay Ash, what do you want?” Kevin asked her as he got down on her level.

“Cake Batter and Sweet Cream,” Ashley said on her iPad.

“Mixed together honey,” Kevin asked her.

“Yea, with Oreos and Caramel and Fudge,” Ashley pushed on her iPad.

“Just a second, let me check to see if we bought your purer, or no,” Kevin said, as he went into Ashley’s backpack and looked for the portable purer that purees her food when she is out at restaurants.  Ashley wouldn’t be able to have Oreos or anything hard in her ice cream because she could choke on it.  She would be able to have Caramel and Fudge though.

“Do we, have it?” Ashley asked on her iPad.

“Yes, it looks like we have it with us, so you can have whatever you want,” Kevin said.

“I want Oreos in my ice cream,” Ashley said.

“Okay, do you want both chocolate and vanilla or just one,” Kevin asked.

“Both,” Ashley said.

 “I will have a like it with cake batter and sweet cream, along with both kinds of Oreos and Caramel and Fudge,” Kevin said.

“Is that it?” the person said who started making Ashley’s ice cream.

“No, I will have a Like it with Chocolate Devotion,” Kevin said.

“Is that it?” the person asked again.

“No, we are all here as a group,” Joe said.  “I will take a Dough for It in Like It.  Frankie, your next.”

“I will take a Like it with French Vanilla and Fudge,” Frankie said.

While everyone else was ordering, Nick was trying to get Aly to decide what she wanted.  She kept on pointing at the chocolate ice cream in the display case.  “Aly, do you want anything in it or just chocolate?” Nick asked his little sister, who just kept on pointing to the chocolate ice cream.  Nick even tried to guide her down to where the mix-ins were so she could look at them and she did not want to go down there.

“Come here Aly, Nick is going to get your ice cream, let’s go sit down,” Joe said as he tried to get Aly to walk over to a table.

“Ahhh,” Aly said as she pointed at the ice cream that she wanted again.

“I am getting it for you Aly, can you go with Joe, I will bring it over, I promise,” Nick said.  Kevin, Nick, and Frankie were going to help carry over all of the ice creams, while Joe took Ashley and Alyson over to a table.  Ashley was already sitting by a table waiting for her ice cream, but Aly was refusing to move.

“Yea, can I get like it size of chocolate first, so we can get her to sit down,” Joe said.  Aly was just not wanting to leave her ice cream.

“Yea here you are,” the person said as she handed Joe Aly’s dish of ice cream.  As soon as Joe had the ice cream in his hand, Aly went with him willingly.

“Aly, are you ready for your ice cream?” Joe said as he got Alyson sitting down.  Once she was sitting down, he grabbed two towels out of Ashley’s backpack.  He put on up around Ashley’s neck and put the other one around Alyson’s neck.

“Ahhh,” Aly said as she pointed at the ice cream.

“I know, are you ready for ice cream?” Joe said as he took a small bite on a spoon and fed it to her.

The sibling ice cream date was a success.  Ashely, Frankie, and Alyson all enjoyed their ice cream, along with the three older brothers.  It was now time to say goodbye to Kevin, Danielle, and Nick.  Since Joe lived in Los Angeles, he was going to stay overnight for one more night, just to hopefully the transition of them all leaving a little bit easier.

“Don’t leave,” Ashley pressed on her iPad before she pressed the speak button that would speak the sentence she wanted to say.

“Oh honey,” Kevin said, as he got down to her level.

“I want you to stay,” Ashley pressed on her iPad.

“I know you want me to stay, but we have to go home, we can’t stay honey,” Kevin said, as Ashley sighed with tears streaming down her face.

“Why, please,” Ashley said with tears streaming down her face.

“Honey, we have to go home, but Nick’s play is coming up and then we will see each other a lot that week, okay,” Kevin said to Ashley who blinked once at him and sniffled.

“I know honey, we will see you soon, okay,” Kevin said, as Ashley blinked once.  “Remember, we are only a text away, and now with your cool fancy iPad, you can text us anytime you want, okay honey.”

“Yea, I will still miss you so much,” Ashley said on her iPad.

“Okay, we have to go now, but we will talk tomorrow, okay,” Kevin said, as Ashley sighed and blinked once.  There was no way she could get Kevin and Dani to stay any longer.

Ashley didn’t want any of her brothers to leave, she just wanted them to all stay here forever.  Next to say goodbye to her was the person she was dreading saying goodbye too, her twin brother Nick.  As soon as Nick walked over to say goodbye to his twin, Ashley started sobbing.  She had held it together pretty well when she was saying goodbye to Kevin, but now she was full on sobbing, saying goodbye to Nick.  She was going to miss him so much.  Who was she going to talk to and who was going to make her happy?  Yea they could still mind talk but it wasn’t the same as seeing him every day.

“Shhh, Ash, you know what?” Nick said as he waited for her to look up at him. 

“What,” Ashley said on her iPad.

“You will be coming out to New York in two weeks for the first show and we will do something, just the two of us then, okay?”  Nick said as he grabbed her iPad and typed when she was going to see Nick in the calendar and he set the alarm to go off four times, from three days on, that way she would be able to know when she was going to see him again.

“I don’t want you to go, stay,” Ashley mind talked with her brother.

“Oh honey, I know I would love to stay also, but I really can’t, I have to go out to New York to do work,” Nick said.

“But why, please stay here with me,” Ashley mind talked through her tears to her brother.

“I can’t, I am so sorry honey.  Remember when I told you that I used to be in plays when I was younger on Broadway,” Nick asked.

“Yea, and that is how you became Nick Jonas and not just Nick anymore,” Ashley mind talked with him again.

“Yea, your right,” Nick laughed, “so I have to go out and do another play, okay honey, plus you are going to be coming out to New York in a few short weeks and we will do something when you are there, just the two of us, I promise,” Nick repeated again.

“Okay,” Ashley sighed as she put on a little bit of a smile for her brother.

“You all good now,” Nick asked as his twin blinked once.

“We have to go, we will see you in two weeks Ash, I promise,” Nick said as Ashley sighed with tears still dripping down her face.

“Should we head to bed girls?” Joe asked.  It was their bedtime.   Kevin, Dani, and Nick had stayed the whole day with them through dinner and until pretty much bedtime.

“Probably, you start school tomorrow Aly and your back-to-school tomorrow Frankie,” Denise said.

“Yea,” Frankie sighed, as he turned and went upstairs.  Frankie wasn’t a big fan of school, so for him to have the week before Christmas off because he was sick, it was so nice.

“Poo-poo,” Ashley pressed on her iPad.

“Come on let’s get you to the potty then honey,” Denise said.  Ashely could sometimes tell them when she had to poop, but not every time.

“Grrr,” Ashley grunted as she filled her diaper with poop.

“Ash,” Joe and Denise said at the same exact time.

“Come on let’s get you upstairs and changed into pajamas and ready for bed, we will also get you out of that stinky diaper, how does that sound Ash?” Denise said a couple minutes later.

“Yea poo-poos all done,” Ashley said on her iPad.

“Ahhh,” Alyson said as she pointed at her sister.

“Aly, is that Ashley?” Denise said as she got Alyson to stand up and hold on to Ashley’s wheelchair so they could head upstairs to get ready for bed.

“Pa,” Alyson said when they started walking towards the elevator that they had just built on to the house so the girls could get upstairs easily.

“Aly do you want to go with Pa, instead?” Denise asked.  Aly wasn’t a huge fan of the elevator.  The elevator made her nervous.  The stairs took her a long time and were hard for her to get up or down, but she preferred them instead.

“Come on Aly, we will take the stairs, Joe you want to help?” Paul asked his son.

“Sure,” Joe said.  Aly had recently let go of someone’s hand and had almost fallen, it was safer and easier to have two people, that way if she did start to fall backwards, she wouldn’t get hurt.

“Come on Ash, let’s go upstairs and get you changed,” Denise said, as she pushed the button to the elevator.  Thankfully, Ashley didn’t seem to be scared of the elevator, or they would have a really big issue on their hands.

Chapter 14 by tuckergolden888

Lost and Found – Chapter 14

            The next day was a Monday, which meant back to school, after winter break and being sick, for Frankie.  Alyson was also starting school up this morning.  “Good morning honey,” Denise said as she went into Alyson’s room and woke her up.

            “Ma,” Alyson said when she saw her Mom standing by her bed, getting ready to pull down her pants so she could remove her diaper, before helping her stand up and get in her shower chair.

            “Hi Aly,” Denise said as she pulled down her pants and removed her wet diaper.

            “Ma,” Alyson said as she grunted a little bit before starting to poop all over her bed.

            “Alyson Faith,” Denise said as she rushed to get a clean diaper under her and get it taped up.  This would happen pretty much every day, at least once, if not more.  Aly was a very good pooper, she pooped at least twice a day if not more.

            Soon enough, Aly was done pooping, so Denise removed the clean poopy diaper, got her cleaned up a little bit, helped her sit up on the side of the bed.  She then helped her walk over to the shower chair.  Denise helped Aly sit down on the shower chair.  She then pushed it into the bathroom, where she finished getting her undressed and helped her brush her teeth, before pushing her into the shower to get cleaned up.

            “Aly, you get to start school today,” Denise said while she was shampooing her hair.

            “Ma,” Aly said happily while Denise was getting her all cleaned up.  Once she was cleaned up, Denise brought her out of the shower and dried her off.  She then took her back to her room, where she helped her stand up and walk over to her bed, where she was going to lay her down to get her in new clothes.

            Denise decided that morning, that she would try to lay down Aly to get her changed into her clothes.  This would hopefully take away the refusal to get dressed, because she had to stand or sit or do something that she didn’t want to do.

            Meanwhile, Paul was waking up Ashley and getting her ready too.  Since right now they only had one shower chair, the girls had to take turns using it.  Each girl had her own back and seat cushion though, but they only had purchased one shower chair to start with.  Although, they were going to have to purchase another shower chair, just so they could each have a shower chair for the girls at the same time.

            “Good morning Ashley,” Paul said as he came into Ashley’s room and opened the blinds.  Ashley blinked once at him and smiled.  She was so happy.  Ashely usually did not like waking up for anything.  However, this morning, for whatever reason, she was up and ready to go.

            After Denise was done with the shower chair for Aly, Paul grabbed it and set Ashley in it, so he could give Ashley a shower.  Once Ashley’s shower was done, he took her back to bed and laid her down on towels.  As soon as he got her laying down, Ashley started peeing all over the towels.

            Once she was done peeing, Paul got her dressed quickly and he then put her in her chair, so they could go down and eat breakfast, before starting their day.  “What do you want for breakfast honey,” Paul asked his daughter when they were in the elevator on the way downstairs.

            “Yogurt,” Ashley said using her iPad.

            “Of course, you love yogurt Ash,” Paul said when they were going out of the elevator.

            “I love yogurt,” Ashley pressed on her iPad.

            “I know you do honey,” Paul said as he pushed her into the kitchen, where he parked her by the table.  He went to the fridge and got out a yogurt for Ashley.

            “Honey, do you want vanilla, peach, or strawberry?” Paul asked his daughter.

            “Peach,” Ashley responded back on her iPad.

            “Okay,” Paul said as he grabbed a peach yogurt out of the fridge, grabbed a spoon and opened it, before walking over to where Ashley was sitting.

            Denise came into the kitchen, holding Alyson’s hand.  She sat her down at the table and went to get her a yogurt, which she would feed her.  Both girls loved yogurt, in the past week and a half or so, both girls had gone through about 40 yogurts or more.  If they could eat them for every meal, they would.  Neither of the girls were huge fans of purred food.  So, when they refused to eat their purred food, yogurt was a great back up, plus it gave them protein.

            “Frankie we are leaving in 10 minutes,” Denise yelled up the stairs.

            “Coming mom,” Frankie said as he ran down the stairs.

            “What do you want for breakfast?” Denise asked, when he came sliding into the kitchen.

            “Toast please,” Frankie said, as he sat down at the table.

            “So, Paul, did Ash poop last night?” Denise asked her husband, as she put a piece of bread in the toaster for Frankie.

            “No, but she peed when I was dressing her, all over the towels,” Paul said.

            “Way to go Ashley,” Frankie said, as he stood up and got out the peanut butter for his mom.  Ashley just smiled over at him.

            “Come on time to load up,” Paul said after Frankie was done eating his toast.

            The family made it to the high school where Alyson would be attending about a half an hour later.  “Hi, I am here with Alyson Jonas,” Denise said as she stood with Aly at the check in desk at the front of the school.

            “Ma,” Aly said as she pointed at the doors.

            “Yea honey, we are going to go through those doors in just a minute, we have to wait for someone to come get you and then you can go,” Denise said.  Denise had left Paul and Ashley in the car since this was only supposed to be a quick drop off.  Paul and Denise had gone into the school with Aly last week, towards the end of Winter Break, just so she could meet all of her teachers and that way they would know how to take care of her also.

            “Hi Aly, do you remember me, I am Ms. Davis?” the teacher as, as Aly pointed at her and smiled.  Aly was always happy to go with whoever, so there was no hard goodbye for Aly, she was gone in a split second or so.

            Once Denise got out to the van again, they were on their way to drop of their next child, Frankie at the elementary school just around the corner.  Once he was dropped off and set.  Frankie was reluctant to go back to school.  He had been dreading it all winter break.  “Mom, do I have to go,” Frankie complained.

            “Yes, you do have to go to school,” Denise said.

            “I know, but I don’t like school, it’s boring,” Frankie complained.

            “I know honey, but everyone has to go to school and get an education,” Denise said.

            “I just really hate it though, can’t I just not go,” Frankie said.

            “No honey, you have to go to school, it’s good for you to learn,” Denise said.

            “Ugh, fine,” Frankie said as he left the car.

            “Well, he was in a chipper mood this morning,” Ashley pressed on her iPad.

            It was now time for their next errand, this time for Ashley.  What Ashley didn’t know was that they were going to go look at adult day programs for Ashley to go to during the day, just so both Paul and Denise could have a break.  It was hard enough having one child that needed 24/7 care and then try to add in a second child.

            “Ashley, we are going to go look for a place for you to go during the day,” Denise said as Ashley looked at Denise with a confused look on her face.

            “Honey, we are going to go see if we can find a place that has fun things to do during the day, like how Aly goes to school, but since you are too old to go to school, we are going to find you a place like that for you to go,” Paul said, as he turned around in his seat to look at Ashley.

            “Why?” Ashely said on her iPad.

            “Mommy and Daddy think that this will be good for you,” Denise said.

            “I don’t want to go,” Ashley typed on her iPad.

            “How about this honey, how about we try this until we go see Nick in New York, and if you still don’t like it then we will talk about taking you out,” Denise said.  Ashely just looked down and blinked once, agreeing to do this for these short couple of weeks.

            “Ash, we are going to look at two different places today, before we take you somewhere and it will be up to all of us to decide which one you like.  We aren’t going to put you in a place that you don’t feel comfortable in, okay,” Paul said.

            “Okay,” Ashley pressed on her iPad as she let out a big sigh.

            It didn’t take long for Paul, Denise, and Ashley to get to the first adult day care place.  This one would be ideal for location because it was really close to both Alyson and Frankie’s schools.  The other one was a little bit farther, but not too far down the road from the schools.

            “We are here,” Denise said as they pulled into the parking lot.

            “I don’t want to go,” Ashley pressed on her iPad again.  Ashley did not want to go anywhere.  She was happy staying at home with her parents.

            “How about we make a deal Ash,” Paul said as he drove to the first location down the road from Frankie’s school.  “How about we try to go here for 2 days a week until we go see Nick, and then if you still don’t like it, we will talk more about it then.  Does that work?” Paul said.

            “How many times?” Ashley pressed on her iPad.

            “That would be four times and if you still don’t like it then we will talk about other options, okay,” Denise said, as she looked back at her.

            “I guess that works,” Ashley pressed on her iPad as she sighed.

            “We are at the first place,” Paul said as they turned into the driveway.

            “Do I start today?” Ashley pressed on her iPad, as she looked up at her parents with tears in her eyes.

            “Oh honey, we won’t start you today, we are going to go look at a couple of places today, and you will probably start next week sometime.  Is that okay?” Paul said.

            “Yea,” Ashley sighed, as she pressed yea on her iPad.

            This first place was called Adult Day Care Center.  It was an adult day care for all ages.   The outside looked nice, but when they walked in it didn’t look to welcoming and friendly.  When they went on the tour of the place with the director, they found that everyone was in their own little room with no interaction between people at all.  It was also very loud because people were unhappy to be in rooms alone.  It also really smelled.

            “I didn’t like that one,” Ashley said on her iPad when they were heading back to the car.

            “Yea, neither did we honey, you won’t be going to that one, we promise,” Paul said, as he gave her a kiss on the top of her head.

            The next one they went to was just a couple more miles down the road from the Adult Day Care Center.  This one didn’t exactly have a much better name.  The place was called The Health Center instead of Adult Day Care Center.  “We are here Ash,” Denise said, as Paul drove into the daycare center.

            “Half,” Ashley’s iPad started talking.  Ashley was pressing ‘half days’ on the iPad, but it stopped working in the middle of the sentence.  When this happened, Ashely got very upset and pushed her iPad off of her tray.

            “Ashley what was that you just pushed off of your tray?” Paul said as he looked back in the rearview mirror that they had purchased so they could see both girls in the backseat.

            “Was that your iPad honey?” Denise asked, as she looked back to see that Ashley’s iPad was not on her tray anymore. 

Ashely blinked once and looked down.  She was still not too happy with this situation of a day care place for her.

            “You can’t do that honey,” Paul said, as he found a parking spot at Aspen Hearts.  “You know better than that, one of these days your iPad is going to break and then you won’t have one anymore.”

            Ashely then did something that she had not done before, she started screaming and kicking.  She figured that might be the only way to get her parents to listen to her.  Ashely really did not want to go to an adult day care, she would rather stay home with her Mom and Dad during the days.

            “Ashley honey, shhh,” Denise said as she came to her daughters’ side.  They had never seen Ashley like this before, it was totally new.

            Ashely finally broke down sobbing.  She did not like acting this way, she was just trying to get her parents attention with saying that she did not want to go to a daycare center.

            “Honey, it’s okay,” Denise said as she wiped the tears from Ashley’s eyes.  “Shhh, we only have one more to look at today, and if you still don’t like it, we can talk about more options.  Okay.  Plus, I think you are going to like this one, it is connected to Willow Hearts.”

            Ashely perked up and looked at her mom with a small smile.  “That got you perked up right away,” Paul said.

            “Willow Hearts,” Ashely exclaimed on her iPad.  She loved the place where she lived for a couple of months.  She had only been home for 3 weeks and she was already missing it.

            “This is an extension of Willow Hearts, it’s not actually Willow Hearts honey, but it’s for people who need a spot to go in the day, like you,” Denise said.

            “I don’t want to go,” Ashley said on her iPad.  She was not too happy about going to a new place.

            “I know you don’t want to go honey, but remember our deal,” Paul said, as Ashely blinked once.

            “Do you think that you can try it, it’s just until we go see Nick.  When we come back from seeing Nick, we will reconsider, we promise,” Paul said.

            “Okay,” Ashley pressed on her iPad as she sighed.  “Poo-poos now.”

            “Okay come on we will get you to the bathroom honey, just give us a second,” Denise said as Ashley blinked once and held in her poo-poos.  Ashely was determined to make it to the potty to do her poo-poos in today.  She did not like laying down at all to be changed and for poo-poos it always took longer.

            “Come on honey, we will get you to the potty in just a second, okay.  Do you think you can wait?” Paul asked as he pushed her out of the van.  Ashely blinked three times to indicate maybe, I don’t know.  She really had to poop, so she wasn’t sure if she was going to be able to make it or not.

            “Okay, Ash, we will get you there,” Denise said, as they pushed her into the center.  Paul and Denise found the large accessible family bathroom right away.  Paul pushed her into the bathroom, while Denise turned on the lights.

            “You still have to go poopoo honey?” Paul asked his daughter, who surprisingly hadn’t started grunting yet, like she did every other time that she asked to go poop.  Ashley blinked once really fast, to indicate yes, I really have to poopoo.  Denise was undoing her footplates, removed her tray, and took off all of her belts that she had on her, while Paul got out wipes and a chuck from her backpack.

            “Come on honey, let’s get you on the potty,” Denise said as she helped her stand up and then walked her over to the toilet, where Paul pulled down her pants and took off the diaper.  The diaper had a little bit of poop in it, but not too much and was soaking wet.

            “Okay honey, you can poopoo now,” Paul said as Ashely grunted as a big plop landed in the potty.  She continued grunting until she was done.  Ashely then started peeing on the potty too.

            “Good job honey, are you done yet?” Denise asked, she was holding her up.  They didn’t have a commode to set her in, so both Paul and Denise were holding her up.  Ashley blinked once to indicate yes.

            “Okay honey let’s stand you up, Den do you want me to do this, and you wipe and put on the new diaper,” Paul asked his wife.

            “Sure,” Denise said as Paul and her switched spots in the bathroom, so Denise was in the back and Paul was in the front.  Denise was so much better at putting on the girl’s diapers when they were standing then he was.  Half of the time whenever he put on Alyson’s diaper it would start leaking and hers was a pull up, so not that hard, but whenever Denise would put it on, it wouldn’t start leaking.

            “You ready Ash,” Paul asked as Ashley blinked once.  Paul stood her up as Denise grabbed some wipes and wiped down her daughter.  Ashely had pooped a lot, which was good, since she hadn’t pooped since last night.  Ashley was normally an overnight pooper, which would almost always mean that Paul and Denise would wake up to a surprise in Ashley’s diaper.  Where Aly was a random time pooper, she would poop whenever and wherever she felt like it, sometimes on the floor during a change, sometimes in the shower, sometimes in her pull up, sometimes on the potty, it really depended on when it would come.

            “At least you let us know when you are poopooing, unlike your sister who poopoos whenever she feels like it right,” Denise said as she was wiping down her daughter’s bottom with wet wipes.

            “Yea yesterday in the shower, she started poopooing,” Paul said as Ashley started laughing.

            “Oh, you find that funny Ash,” Denise said as she put on the diaper and then pulled up her pants.  Paul then walked with Ashley over to her wheelchair, where he sat her in it and got her strapped in while Denise cleaned up the little mess they made and flushed the toilet.

            “Are you feeling better now honey,” Paul said as he gave her a kiss on her forehead when she was all put back together.

            “Thanks, I really had to poopoo, glad it went in potty and not in diaper again,” Ashely said from her iPad.

Chapter 15 by tuckergolden888

Lost and Found – Chapter 15

            It had now been two weeks.  Today the family was heading out to New York to see Nick in the Broadway Play, How to Succeed in Business.  To say that Ashley was excited was an understatement, she was ecstatic that the day had finally came when she would get to see her twin, her other half.

            Ashely has gone to the Health Center two half days a week for the past two weeks.  She seemed to be enjoying it.  They had planned it so that she was there over lunch time.  After lunch they all had a rest hour, where they got everyone out of their chair to lay down.  Paul and Denise liked that, so Ashley went to the Health Center from 10:00am to 3:00pm.

            “Mommy,” Ashley pressed on her iPad that morning before they were to leave to go see Nick in his play.

            “Yea honey, what do you need?” Denise asked Ashley.

            “Aly’s diaper overflowed again,” Ashley pressed on her iPad, it took her a while to get it all typed out.  Ashely’s iPad had buttons programed from Aly, diaper and again, but not overflowed, so it took her a while to spell that word out.

            “Thanks honey, come on Aly let’s go get a clean diaper and pants on you,” Denise said as he helped Aly stand up and then led her into the downstairs bathroom.  Aly did not enjoy having her diaper changed, but she went along with it.  It was actually easier if it was only one person instead of two people, it made it go quicker and easier.  If there were two people, Aly always got distracted and always wanted to “talk” with the other person instead of getting changed.

            “I will be back honey, I have to go get you some clean pants and a new diaper and a pad, okay,” Denise said to Aly who nodded at her.  Denise was about to leave the bathroom when she heard a plop in the toilet, indicating that Aly was pooping in the potty.  Alyson had only pooped one time in the potty, and it was when she first got sick, and they were still at Willow Hearts.

            “Ma,” Aly said as tears started streaming down her face.  She didn’t know what was happening with her body and was scared.

            “It’s okay honey, Ma is right here, she won’t leave you, just finish going poopoo it’s okay honey,” Denise said as more plops landed in the toilet.  With every plop Aly seemed to get more upset.

            In the kitchen, Ashley and Frankie were hanging out waiting for when they would be leaving.  The ten-year-old boy was getting restless and tired of waiting.

            “Frankie, watch movie, blanket, cold,” Ashley pressed on her iPad.  Ashely’s iPad was supposed to say, “Frankie can we watch a movie I am cold,” but instead it turned out like that. 

            “Yea, come on Ash, let’s go watch a movie,” Frankie said as he took off Ashley’s breaks on her wheelchair and started pushing her into the living room.

            “Hey guys where are you going?” Paul asked as he put his hand on Ashley’s tray.  Frankie wasn’t allowed to push Ashley on his own, just because he was a little short and couldn’t always see where he was pushing her, and they tended to crash into walls.

            “Frankie, watch movie, blanket, cold,” Ashley repeated again on her iPad.  Ashley didn’t always like to clear off her iPad, she could do it at time, it was just hard for her to do it.  She just didn’t always do it.

            “We are leaving in about a half an hour, so a movie won’t work right now, but how about you guys look for a movie on Netflix and you can watch it on the plane together,” Paul said.

            “No, watch TV, blanket, cold,” Ashley said using her iPad.

            “How about we change you before we leave and then if we have time, you can watch TV.

            “No, wet poo-poo, watch TV,” Ashley said on her iPad.  She did not want to be changed, she wanted to watch TV.

            “Come on we will be quick, I will make sure you have time to watch TV, I promise,” Paul said.

            “Fine, watch TV after promise,” Ashley said on her iPad.  There was no way she was going to get out of being changed.

            “Yes, we will make sure there is time to watch TV, before we leave, I promise,” Paul said, as he took her away from Frankie and pushed her to the elevator.

            “Frank, why don’t you go get ready to go too,” Paul said, as Frankie sat down in front of the TV.

            “Ugh, okay,” Frankie said, as he got up and went to make sure he had everything packed and ready to go.

            “Poopoo,” Ashely said on her iPad as she started grunting, and indication that she was going to be filling her diaper any second.

            “Ashley, are you done?” Paul asked as he was taking off her tray upstairs in her room.  Ashley blinked once to indicate yes.

            “Okay honey let’s get you changed then,” Paul said as he lifted her onto the bed, like they had been taught how to do at Willow Hearts.  Paul laid her down and then pulled down her pants.

            “Ahh,” Ashley screamed when Paul pulled down her pants.

            “Yea, but we aren’t going to touch anything right?” Paul said as Ashely blinked twice to indicate no.

            “Okay, promise Ash,” Paul said as Ashley blinked once to indicate yes, this time, that she promised.  With that Paul took off the tabs on the diaper and pushed it through her legs to find no poop in the diaper, it was soaking wet, but there was no poop in it.

            “Ash, you sure you went poopoo,” Paul asked as Ashley blinked once to indicate yes once again that she had gone poopoo, or it felt like she had gone at least.

            “Well, there is nothing here, so I am just going to wipe you down, and get a new diaper on, how does that sound?” Paul asked, as Ashley blinked once.

            Once Ashley was up in her chair again, Paul and she headed back downstairs.  “Why don’t you start looking at something for you and Frank to watch on the plane, I am going to go check on your sister and mom and see how they are doing,” Paul said.

            “Okay,” Ashley said on her iPad, as Paul went to the downstairs bathroom.

            “You need any help in here?” Paul asked as he opened the bathroom door.

            “Yea, can you go grab us a pull up, a pair of clean pants, and some wipes please, she went poop,” Denise said.

            “Yea, I’ll be back,” Paul said, as he ran upstairs and grabbed one of Alyson’s pull ups, and a package of wipes.  He then came back downstairs and helped get Aly off of the toilet.

            “Come on honey, it’s time to stand up,” Denise said after she had taken off Alyson’s pants, put the pull up around her ankles and put some clean pants on her.

            “Pa,” Aly said as she pointed at Paul excitedly.

            “Hi honey, come on let’s stand up so we can get you cleaned up.  We are then going to see Nick and Kevin today,” Paul said as he helped Alyson stand up.

            Denise grabbed some wipes and started wiping her down to get her clean.  “Good job honey, you got all of the poopoos in the potty,” Denise said, as she continued wiping Alyson’s bottom to make sure it was clean.  “Now only if she could somehow tell us that she had to poopoo, we could get it in the potty and not in the diaper, which would be nice.”

            “Yes, it would be, I just don’t know how we are going to do that, unless we set up a time every day that she sat on the potty, but that might be harder, because we would have to stay here with her and keep her occupied while waiting for the poop to come,” Paul said.

            “Yea, which might be hard to do, I mean she basically started pooping pretty much as soon as I sat her down on the potty,” Denise said, as she continued wiping her bottom down, before pulling up the pull up and then her clean pants.

            “Okay Aly, what do you say we go get ready to go see Nick,” Denise said, as she led her out of the bathroom, while Paul stayed back and cleaned up.  Occasionally they would throw the wipes in the toilet, but not every time, especially if Aly had pooped.

            “Daddy, poop now,” Ashley said on her iPad when he came out of the bathroom a couple minutes after Denise and Aly had come out.

            “Okay Ashley let’s get you to the potty then,” Paul said as Ashley got really quiet before letting out a big grunt and a fart at the same time and then started pooping in her diaper.

            “Done,” Ashely pressed on her iPad once they got upstairs and out of the elevator.

            “Do you want to sit on the potty or no?” Paul asked his daughter who blinked at him twice to indicate no.   Then to make herself even clearer, she pressed no on her iPad.

            “Okay, let’s lie you down then,” Paul said as he took her iPad and set it on her bedside table.  He then took off her tray and unstrapped her from her multiple straps that held her up and in her chair.  Ashley had a four-point harness that held her upright and then a seat belt, and her feet were always strapped down too.  It took some time to get her out of her chair every time they needed to do a change.

            Once Paul had her laying down, he quickly took down her pants and then removed the full diaper.  Ashley tried to touch it, but Paul got her to stop for a couple of seconds.  He got the big chunks of poop off of her front area, before rolling her to her left side.  Once there, he pulled the diaper out from underneath of her bottom and wiped her down with even more wipes until she was clean.  Once she was clean, he slid another diaper under her and rolled her on her back again.  Paul then brought the diaper up through her legs and taped it up, before pulling up her pants.

            “You have to be feeling better Ashley,” Paul said as he strapped her back into her wheelchair with her multiple straps.  Ashley blinked at him once and smiled.

            “Good, come on now that both you and your sister have had big poops, let’s head downstairs and wait for the car service to come pick us up,” Paul said, as him and Ashley headed downstairs in the elevator.

            While they were in the elevator, Ashley was trying to clear the screen on her iPad, and she accidentally pressed the screen again, so it said “Daddy, poop, now, done.”

            Ashley kept on trying to press the big clear button on her iPad, but she kept on hitting the window that had her sentence in it from before.  If Ashley’s iPad wasn’t in the exact right spot on her tray, it was harder for her to reach the buttons she wanted to press with her hands.

            “Ashley, do you have to go potty again, or no?” Paul asked after the third time she said her sentence again.  Ashley would repeat her sentences if she didn’t get heard.  Ashley blinked twice as she once again tried to clear the box, but it wasn’t working.  She got frustrated then and pushed it off of her tray.

            “Ashley you can’t throw that off of your tray, just because you are frustrated, you can ask us for help, not push it off of your tray,” Paul said as he bent down to pick it up.

            “Help,” Ashley pressed on her iPad, as she smiled up at her father.

            “Yea, just like that honey,” Paul said as he reached over her head and pressed the clear button on the iPad.

            “Thank you, help,” Ashley pressed on her iPad.

            “You try again, I know that you like having your screen cleared off, so you try instead of asking us for help all the time,” Paul said, as Ashley tried again to press the clear button, but she just wasn’t able to press the button.

            “Help, please now,” Ashley pressed on her iPad.

            “Thank you for trying honey,” Paul said as he pressed clear on her iPad for her.  “We will ask the speech therapist if there is something else, we can do to help you with this.”  The week after they got back from New York City, they were going to meet with a physical therapist, an occupational therapist, and a speech therapist, all on one day for both girls to try to see if they could help them with anything.

            “Hard,” Ashley pressed on her iPad.

            “What is so hard Ash,” Paul asked.  They had been warned that some days or even hours her brain might not be able to make full sentences or comprehend what they were saying.

            “Hard, can’t hard,” Ashley pressed on her iPad.

            “Just a second Ash,” Paul said as they got downstairs once again, and he had to maneuver her out of the elevator.  He couldn’t concentrate on what Ashley was saying was hard while he was getting her out of the elevator and holding the door open at the same time.

            “Okay honey, what is so hard,” Paul asked once they were out of the elevator.  Ashley just moved her eyes to look at her iPad.

            “Is it your iPad that is so hard honey,” Paul asked as he pressed the clear button on her iPad for her.  Ashley smiled up at him this time as a thank you.

            “Good asking Ashley,” Paul said, as the doorbell rang.

            “There is the van, are you ready to go see Nick?” Paul asked as Ashley blinked once very fast and then give him the biggest smile ever.

            “Movie,” Ashley pressed on her iPad.

            “Yea, you can watch a movie with Frankie on the plane honey,” Paul said as she blinked once.

            “Frankie, movie, choose,” Ashley pressed on her iPad.

            “Yea, we can choose a movie once we are on the plane Ash,” Frankie said as they headed out of the door.

            They got loaded up in the van.  Ashley was tied down in the wheelchair part of the van, while Denise and Alyson were sitting right behind Ashley in bucket seats.  In the back was Paul and Frankie.

            “Alyson and Ashley, are you girls excited for your first plane ride?” Denise asked the girls as they got closer to the airport.  Alyson was looking out the window at all of the planes taking off.  Paul and Denise had assumed that Ashley had never been on a plane.  They weren’t sure about Alyson though.  Maybe she had been on a plane, they didn’t know.  They didn’t really know a lot about her background, other than she was in a tragic car accident with her parents and they were both pronounced dead at the scene.  Alyson then had a very traumatic brain injury.  It was a miracle that she was alive today and that she was able to walk and understand what people said to her, let alone being able to communicate back to them, even if it wasn’t in a traditional way.

            “Ya, Ma,” Alyson said as she pointed at the window.

            “Yea, it is a plane Aly,” Denise said as she did the sign for plane in American Sign Language.  They had just started communicating with Alyson in ASL at times.  Aly hadn’t responded back in sign language to them yet, but she seemed to enjoy the signs, because she either squealed or smiled whenever someone did a sign.

            The driver pulled up to the airport drop off area and opened the trunk.  Paul got out of the van and helped the driver unload all of their luggage while Denise and Frankie unblocked Alyson and unstrapped Ashley from the car.  Denise also made sure to grab both girl’s emergency seatbelt covers from the car.  These had specific informaton on them for each girl, if they ever happened to be in a car accident or something, the medics at least know something about them.  Denise had just gotten them in the mail yesterday.

            Once the family of five was in the airport, they first got checked in for their flights.  Once that was done, the family headed to security.  As they were headed to security, Ashley pressed on her iPad, “blood sugar check please, low.”  Ashley had two buttons in the blood sugar area of her DynaVox.  The first one was a red arrow pointing up, meaning that her blood sugar was high, and the other one was a blue arrow pointing down, meaning that her blood sugar was low.  Ashley wasn’t always able to tell them where her blood sugar was at, so right now the family was checking it on a regular basis, but in a couple of months, they were going to get her a Dexcom, which would alert the family when her blood sugar was off.

            “Okay honey come on let’s stop over here, she just said that her blood sugar was low,” Denise said to Paul.  This was one of the first times that she was actually able to distinguish and tell them what was going on with her blood sugar.

“Good job Aly, stay sitting down honey,” Paul said to Alyson who was trying to get up from the chair that Paul had set her in.  She wanted to be over by Denise and Ashley because she kept on pointing at them and saying Ma.

            “Okay honey, what finger do you want,” Denise asked as she took out her daughter’s diabetes supplies.  Ashley pointed out her left pointer finger.  Denise took the needle and gently pierced her skin, before kneading the blood out of her finger gently.  Once a drop was on her skin, she put it up to the meter, where it beeped that she was low.

            “Okay honey, what do you want for your snack to raise your sugar,” Denise asked Ashley.

            “Applesauce,” Ashley responded on her iPad.  Ashley could only have applesauce or juice to help raise her blood sugar, because she wasn’t able to eat anything that she could choke on, like candy for example or anything that was hard.

            “Ash, here,” Denise said as she opened up the sugary filled applesauce that was in her backpack for one of her snack options.  She also grabbed out a spoon and fed her the applesauce.

            “Okay, that is it honey, we will check you once we get through security okay,” Denise said as she leaned down and gave Ashley a kiss on the top of her head.

            “Come on let’s get going,” Paul said as he helped Alyson stand up. 

Chapter 16 by tuckergolden888

Lost and Found – Chapter 16

            The plane ride was uneventful.  Ashley and Frankie did watch a movie together, but that was pretty much the plane ride.  Ashley also took a nap, which was good, considering she was up until 4:00am last night throwing herself a party about seeing Nick today.  Joe was getting into New York tomorrow, he had some business that he had to finish up before he left for New York for a couple of weeks, so he was flying out tomorrow.

            “Nick,” Ashley mind talked with him as soon as they got to his apartment.  She had been counting down the days since he left.  She missed him so much, it was unbelievable.

            “Hey Ash,” Nick said after Ashley had calmed down, she was so excited to see her twin.

            “I missed you, Mom and Dad are making me go to a daycare.  They make me eat this gross disgusting mush for lunch, it isn’t good at all, apparently it is supposed to have extra fiber or something in it so I can poop,” Ashley mind talked with her brother, as she rolled her eyes.  “I think everyone gets some fiber or something at lunch, because everyone seems to poop during the rest hour.

            “Well, how is it except for the gross lunch,” Nick mind talked back to her.

            “Good, we went to the Los Angeles Zoo last week, which was fun, and we listen to music and have a morning time.  We also have rest hour, where we all lay down and can stretch out, and apparently poop too,” Ashley mind talked with her brother and she smiled up at him.

            “Well, I am glad that you like it honey,” Nick said, as he kissed the top of her head.

            “Nick, what are we doing tonight?” Frankie asked a couple of minutes later.

            “How about we take Ashley and Alyson to Johns for pizza and garlic knots,” Nick said.

            “Pizza,” Ashley pressed on her iPad, as she smiled up at her brothers.

            “Yea, Ash, but there are also garlic knots too, those are the best thing in the world,” Frankie said.

            “Okay, I guess so,” Ashley pressed on her iPad.

            “Pizza sounds good to me, before we go, should we get you both changed, you are probably both soaked right now,” Paul said, as Ashley blinked once to indicate yes.

            “Come on, I will do you Ash, you and Mom can do Aly,” Nick said, as he took off her breaks and pushed her down the hallway and into a bedroom.

            “Is this my room,” Ashley asked, as she looked around in complete awe.

            “Yes, this is our room, we will be sharing while you are here, is that okay with you?” Nick asked as Ashley gave him the biggest smile and blinked once. 

Nick had volunteered to keep Ashley and Alyson at his apartment while they were visiting.  That way his parents could have some rest and a break from always having to take care of the girls.  Frankie had the choice of staying at the hotel with his parents or staying at Nick’s apartment with the girls.  He had chosen to stay at Nick’s apartment.  He had already told Nick that he wanted to sleep on the couch.

            “Good, now come on let’s get you tray off of you so we can get you changed so we can go to dinner,” Nick said, as he took Ashley’s iPad and sat it on the nightstand that he had set up for her.

            Once both girls were changed and ready to go, the family left Nick’s apartment to walk to John’s for dinner.  They were going to be meeting Kevin and Danielle at dinner also.

            “Okay Ash, what do you want for dinner?” Nick asked on the way to restaurant.

            “Pizza,” Ashley responded on her iPad this time instead of talking with him through their minds.

            “Well, I think we all figured that Ash, what do you want on your pizza?” Nick asked, he was sitting next to her.

            “Cheese,” Ashley pressed on her iPad.

            “Is that all you want honey?” Nick asked.  They had never really had pizza with the girls before, so they didn’t really know what they wanted on it.  Ashley blinked once at him.

            “How about this, I am going to get cheese pizza too, so how about you, Aly and I share a pizza, does that sound good Ash?” Dani asked as Ashley blinked once again to indicate yes.

            “Dani help,” Ashley pressed on her iPad, as she went into her people file and then clicked on Dani’s name.  She then taped on the word help.

            “You want me to help you eat honey?” Dani asked, as Ashley blinked once.

            “Okay, then I think we need to trade places Dani,” Nick said as him and Dani traded places, so that way Dani could help Ashley.  Kevin had offered to help Alyson eat, so he was sitting next to her already.

            “Dani, help, wet,” Ashley pressed on her iPad.

            “Do you need to be changed honey?” Dani asked, as she looked at Ashley.

            “Yes, poopoo too,” Ashley pressed on her iPad.

            “Okay honey let’s get you to the bathroom then,” Dani said, as she stood up and pushed her towards the accessible bathroom.

            “Poopoo now,” Ashley pressed on her iPad as she grunted and filled her diaper.

            “Ash, I wish you would wait for the potty for these things,” Dani said.

            “Sorry, more in potty, wait now,” Ashley pressed on her iPad, as she squeezed her butt cheeks together to try to hold the rest of her poop in.

            “Okay, I think I might need someone to help me,” Dani said once they got into the bathroom.

            “Okay, hurry poopoos coming,” Ashley pressed on her iPad.

            “Who do you want to help us honey?” Dani asked, as Ashley started staring straight ahead and did not respond to her.  Dani texted Nick and asked him to come in.  Nick would be the only one to get her out of this funk that she was in.

            “Hey Dan, what can I help you with?” Nick asked as he came into the family bathroom.

            “She said that she had to use the bathroom, and now she has just been staring ahead and not responding to anything I say to her,” Dani said as she panicked.

            “Ash honey,” Nick said out loud, as he went over to her and touched her.

            “Hurry Nick, poopoos coming fast,” Ashley mind talked with him, as she looked at him for a brief second all while trying to hold her butt together, so no more poops would escape.

            “Okay, come on honey, let’s get you on the potty then,” Nick said out loud and looked at Dani.  Both Nick and Dani both worked on getting Ashley onto the toilet.  Nick undid her footplates, while Dani worked on getting her unstrapped from her wheelchair.  As soon as she was unstrapped, Nick helped Ashley stand up.  Dani immediately pulled down Ashley’s pants for her, while Nick walked her over to the toilet.  Once they were at the toilet, Dani tore off the very full diaper and put it on the floor, then both Nick and Dani helped Ashley sit on the toilet.  As they were sitting her on the toilet, a piece of poop had fallen off of Ashley’s bottom and landed on the floor.

            “It’s okay honey,” Dani said, as Ashley started freaking out over the piece of poop that was on the floor.  Here, I will clean it up.

            “Thanks Nick,” Ashley mind talked with him a short while later, while she was still pooping.

            “Yea Ashley told me that her daycare apparently gives everyone something in their lunch to make them poop, because after lunch they all get out of their chairs and stretch out and then they all poop apparently,” Nick said.

            “Don’t tell Mom,” Ashley mind talked with Nick.  “Also, if you are bad and screaming or not cooperating, I learned this the hard way on the first day, they push something up your butt and then you have an explosive poop.”  Nick repeated what she was saying to Dani.

            “Oh my gosh that is awful honey,” Dani said, she felt bad for her sister-in-law.  No one should have to have to eat something that makes them poop and then if you are being bad to use a suppository to calm the person down, this is something that should not be happening.

            “Okay, we need to tell Mom about this,” Nick said.

            “No, I am not supposed to tell Mom and Dad, I could get in big trouble, the next step is an enema, I really don’t want one of those things,” Ashley mind talked as she cried.

            “I know honey, shhh, that is why we need to tell Mom, if you want, I can do all of the talking and tell her,” Nick said out loud to Ashley as she sniffled and gave him permission by blinking once.

            “Okay sweetie, are you done yet?” Dani asked, as she wiped away tears.  Ashley blinked once and then farted and let out some liquid diarrhea.

            “Sweetie, when did you last go to your daycare?” Nick mind talked with her.

            “Yesterday,” Ashley mind talked back with him, as she continued having diarrhea.  Once she was done with that she peed in the toilet.

            “Did they do the same thing to you yesterday honey?” Nick asked out loud as Ashley blinked once and then motioned for the iPad with her hand.  She wanted to say more about this, and she wanted Dani to hear what she had to say.

            “Here Ash,” Dani said as she held her iPad while Nick held Ashley on the toilet, to make sure that she didn’t fall off.

            “I don’t know, I like it okay other then they seem to be obsessed with my pooping and peeing schedule.  Also, if you are just wet, they also rub your tummy and then they stick something up your butt to make you poop too.  All they want is just poop in the diaper, so I try not to tell them when I am wet,” Ashley pressed on her iPad.  At times, Ashely’s brain worked just like normal, but then other times she was able to communicate like a normal person.  It was very odd.  Nick even had times where she would only say a couple of words to him that didn’t really make sense and he had to put it together.  Her brain went in different waves.  It was strange, that’s for sure.

            “Are you done now honey?” Nick asked out loud, as he moved into a different position to be able to hold her up, so Dani could wipe her and then put on a new clean diaper.  Ashley blinked once.

            “Gosh Ash, you really had to go, didn’t you,” Nick said as he looked over his twins’ shoulder while holding her up to see a toilet full of every kind of poop you could imagine, from complete liquid diarrhea to hard rock-solid bowel and everything in between.

            “Okay honey, let’s get you in a clean diaper, do we want to lay her down or how do we want to do this?” Dani asked, she had gotten her petty much cleaned up.

            “I think laying down would probably be easier, here let’s put her in her chair, her chair reclines back, so she can be in a flat position.

            Dani put the diaper down on the seat as she reclined her wheelchair, so it was completely flat.  Nick then picked her up and carried her to her wheelchair, where he laid her right on top of her clean diaper.  He then taped it up.  Dani then sat the wheelchair back up right, so Nick could come and lift her up into a standing position again, so they could pull up her pants.

            “You feel good Ash?” Nick asked as Ashley blinked once at him.

            “Hey guys,” they heard a knock on the door followed by Kevin’s voice.  “Can we come in.  We have a pooper out here too.”

            “Sure,” Dani said as she opened the bathroom door so they could come into the bathroom.

            “Alyson you too,” Nick said as he helped Kevin walk the teenager over to the toilet, where he quickly took down her pants and removed the full diaper.  He then helped her sit on the potty, while Kevin grabbed the wipes on the counter still from Ashley.

            “You can tell him Nick,” Ashley mind talked.  “I just don’t want Mom or Dad to know yet.”

            “So, Kev, Ash told me when she got to my apartment that Mom and Dad are making her go to a daycare,” Nick said.

            “What is so bad about that Ash, I think it is good that you are getting out of the house,” Kevin said, as Ashley blinked twice at Kevin and then looked at Nick, as if to say, “no, there is more.”

            “Well, the daycare isn’t exactly good, let’s say.  According to Ashley, they feed her gross mushy food, and after lunch they do a rest hour, where everyone gets to lay down and stretch,” Nick said.

            “Yea, which is what Mom liked about the place, she liked that they had a rest hour and that Ash got to get out of her chair to lay down and stretch.  We talked about that a couple of weeks ago,” Kevin said.

            “Kev, wait,” Dani said, as she was trying to get Alyson cleaned up from her explosive poop that was everywhere.

            “Anyways, at lunch they put something into everyone’s food to make them poop during rest hour, and if you didn’t poop during rest hour, they stick a suppository up your butt after rest hour,” Nick said.

            “Yea, and then if you complain about anything, they do that too, and if you don’t stop, they will use an enema,” Ashley pressed on her iPad.

            “Oh my gosh, have you ever gotten the enema or suppository?” Kevin asked, almost afraid to hear the answer, as Ashley blinked once to indicate yes.

            “Which one honey, the suppository or the enema?” Nick asked as he used a low-tech method of asking Ashley.  He put both of his hands out and she directed her head towards his left hand, meaning she has had the suppository, but not the enema.

            “Oh sweetie, we need to tell Mom and Dad about this,” Kevin said.

            “No, we can’t, I will get into big trouble, which is what they told me on the first day that if I told my parents I could get into big trouble and have an enema for an entire day,” Ashley pressed on her iPad as tears streamed down her face.  She was so scared about this, she did not like going to the daycare on bit.  “How can I tell Mom and Dad that I don’t like it when I promised them that I would try a daycare for three months before backing out.”

            “Oh Ash,” Nick said, as he came over and hugged her.  “It is going to be okay.  If you want, we can all tell them together or we can just tell them what you told us.  We need to tell them one way or another at some point.”

            “Can we tell Joe tomorrow and then tell them at some point after that,” Ashley pressed on her iPad.

            “I think that is a good plan honey, if you want Joe to know before we tell Mom and Dad that is one hundred percent okay,” Kevin said.

            “Kev, can you help me stand her up,” Dani said.  “I think I got her as clean as I can get her for now.”

            “Don’t worry Dan, I can throw her in the shower when we get back to my apartment tonight before bed,” Nick said.

            “Yea, which might be what you have to do, I think I got most of it cleaned up, but there might still be some.  It was everywhere, we are just lucky that the diaper didn’t actually explode.  It just exploded all over her butt,” Dani said as she continued wiping her bottom.

            “Okay, we will get her cleaned up in the shower tonight when we get back to the apartment,” Nick said.

            “I think I got most of it, but it might be helpful just to put her in the shower and scrub her down and then do a rinse,” Dani said.

            “Okay, we will do that,” Nick said.

            “Can we not tell Mom and Dad yet, I want to tell Joe first,” Ashley pressed on her iPad.

            “Yes, we won’t tell Mom and Dad until you give us the okay honey, but we do need to tell them at some point okay,” Kevin said, as Ashley sighed and blinked once.

            “Okay, let’s go get some pizza,” Nick said once Alyson’s diaper was on and her pants were up again.

            The pizza and garlic knots were super good, and it helped keep Ashley’s mind off of what she had to tell her parents at some point during the little vacation.  Ashley wanted more garlic knots.  She knew she had to ask using her DynaVox and her words, but she didn’t want too, and plus her iPad was dead.  So, she just screamed instead of mind asking Nick for more.  He was too busy talking with Frankie anyways.

            “Ahhh,” Ashley said as she kept on getting frustrated because no one was paying attention to her.

            “Ash, what do you want?” Dani asked, as Ashley looked at her dead iPad.

            “Yea, which is your iPad, you can reach it,” Dani said, not realizing it was dead.

            “Ahhh,” Ashley said, as she pushed her iPad off of her tray.

            “Ash,” Dani said, as a waitress came through with a tray of food and almost slipped on Ashley’s iPad.

            “Ashley, you can’t just push your iPad off your tray like that, now what do you want, use your iPad,” Dani said as she tried to turn on Ashley’s iPad finally realizing it was dead.  “Oh, it’s dead.”  Ashley gave Dani a duh look.

            “Ahhh,” Ashley repeated again, hoping to get her point across without asking Nick for help.

            “What do you want?  Do you want more food?  Are you still hungry?” Dani said.  Ashley was just looking at the table.  Ashley smiled when Dani finally realized what she wanted and blinked once to indicate yes.

            “Okay honey, what do you want?  More Pizza or more garlic knots?” Dani asked, as she looked in the basket with the garlic knots in them.  Dani put out two hands, they were now down to doing choices with low technology since her iPad was now dead.

            “Ahhh,” Ashley said as she moved her head towards Dani’s left hand that was for garlic knots.  Then to make herself even more clear, she touched Dani’s hand with her own hand.

            “Okay honey, I am getting you them, just a second, I have to puree it for you,” Dani said as she grabbed a garlic knot and a small amount of milk and then put them both into the manual food purer. 

Chapter 17 by tuckergolden888

Lost and Found – Chapter 17

“Come on Alyson we are going to put you to bed as soon as we get upstairs,” Denise said when they arrived back to her son’s apartment.  Denise had never seen Alyson be this tried or cranky before, she was barely able to stand up let alone walk, she was so incredibly tired.  Considering it was extremely late here on the East Coast, and they had taken an exceptionally long plane ride today, plus it was already over a half an hour past Aly’s normal bedtime at home, so she was very tired.

“Denise, she needs to get cleaned up, we had a messy blow out of a poop at the restaurant.  I tried to get her cleaned up as best as I could, but she could probably use a quick scrub and rinse off in the shower,” Dani said.

“Okay, we will do that, come on sweetie, let’s go potty, and then bed,” Denise said, as she got her in the apartment and headed towards the bathroom that her and Ashley were going to be using when they were here.

“Ash, what do you say we get you in bed now,” Nick said, knowing he was going to have a crazy hectic morning.  Nick’s parents were not staying at his apartment with him.  This was going to be his first night with the girls alone.  Frankie was also going to be staying here, but he couldn’t really help with personal care, since he was so young.  He could help with keeping them distracted though if needed.

Ashley blinked once and looked at her iPad that was sitting on her tray, still dead and not working.  It made her very frustrated, and she made sure to let everyone know tonight how frustrated she was about her iPad.

“Yea, we will get that charging Ash, come on let’s get you in bed, you are probably soaked and in need of a change,” Nick said, as Ashley smiled up at her twin.  He could tell that her diaper was wet because it was so big and had expanded.  Plus, after she poops, she usually has a very wet diaper shortly after that.  Also, since they couldn’t really do a good diaper change at the restaurant, he assumed that her diaper was soaked and had probably overflowed some.

“Sorry, I was so grumpy tonight,” Ashley mind talked with Nick, once they were in the bedroom that she was going to sharing with her twin for tonight.

“It’s okay honey, come on let’s get you in bed,” Nick said as he took off her tray and plugged her iPad into the wall charger that was already set up on her bedside table.  As Nick picked up Ashley and lifted her onto the bed, Nick saw that her diaper had majorly overflowed, and urine was all over her seat cushion.

“Sleepy,” Ashley mind talked with her twin.

“You can go to sleep honey.  I will get you all changed into pajamas and cleaned up.  Before you go to sleep, where are your pajamas?” Nick asked Ashley.

“Big pocket in the zipper of the suitcase,” Ashley said, as Nick went over to her suitcase and unzipped it.  He found the zipper that she was talking about and grabbed out a pair of blue snowflake pajamas.

“Are these, okay?” Nick asked his twin and Ashley blinked once to indicate yes.

“Come on let’s get you undressed and into pajamas,” Nick said as he pulled down her pants to find an even wetter diaper then he had imagined.

“What are we going to do tomorrow?” Ashley mind talked with her twin.

“I think Mom and Dad are going to take Frankie and Alyson to Kevin and Dani’s house in New Jersey, while me and you hang out together, is that okay with you?” Nick mind talked back.

“Yes,” Ashley mind talked and blinked at the same time.

“Also, Joe is coming at some point tomorrow, I don’t remember when his flight gets in, but he will be here too, does that sound like a good plan,” Nick asked Ashley as he helped her roll to her side, so he could wipe her down.

“Yea,” Ashley said as she smiled.

“This is the reason you are so wet, you poopooed again,” Nick said as he took a swipe and wiped her bottom with it.  As he was wiping it, he realized that she was pooping at this moment.

“Kevin, I need your help in here,” Nick yelled out of his bedroom door.

“Yea, what do you need?” Kevin asked as he came down the hallway.

“She is pooping again.  Can you please help me get her on her commode chair?  I think there is a bucket next to her commode chair in the bathroom that we can use to put under it, she isn’t going to be able to make it to the toilet,” Nick said as Kevin ran and got the commode chair and bucket to put under the chair.

“Okay, come on Ash,” Kevin said as he picked her up off of the bed and set her in the commode chair, while Nick held the chair.  As soon as Kevin got her sitting in the commode chair, Ashley’s poop landed in the bucket.

“Good thing we put the bucket there, now does it look like it is aimed up under there or no?” Nick said.  He was still in the back and couldn’t really see the front.

“I think it looks good, the first poop landed in the bucket, I don’t know about anymore though,” Kevin said as another poop started coming out of Ashley’s butt and plopped down on the carpet.

“Well, that one didn’t work Ash, we need to get you a bigger bucket or get it somehow attached to the chair,” Nick said, he could tell that that poop hadn’t landed in the bucket, it landed right behind the bucket on the carpet.

Ashley was soon enough done.  Kevin picked her up and laid her down on the bed once again, while Nick moved the commode and cleaned up the carpet a little bit.  He would vacuum in the morning, but he at least got the big parts up and it cleaned up.

“Come on Ash, let’s put on a clean diaper and then you can go to sleep,” Kevin said as Ashley was trying so hard to flip over on her stomach, her favorite sleeping position.  “Just a minute, two minutes, we have to get you cleaned up and then we will put a diaper on you, and you can get as comfy as you want.”

When Nick went into get Alyson up the next morning, he saw that her chin was bleeding.  “Aly, what happened?” Nick asked her as he came over to her with a warm washcloth and tried to put it on her face.  She wouldn’t let him put it on there and kept on batting his hand away and turning her head whenever Nick tried to get the washcloth on her mouth.

“Ahh,” Alyson screamed at her brother as he came towards her with the washcloth again.

“I know sweetie, I know, let’s take a picture so we can send it to Ma,” Nick said as he took out his phone and took a picture and sent it to his mom.

Meanwhile in the hotel, Paul and Denise were just getting ready to head down to breakfast before heading over to Nick’s place, where they would pick up Alyson and Frankie and take them to New Jersey to see Kevin and Dani’s new house, while Ashley stayed with Nick in New York and had some twin bonding time, as she had called it.  Denise’s phone went off just as they were leaving the room that morning.  She looked at it and saw a text from Nick.  She quickly opened the text to find a picture of Alyson with a bloody chin.

“I have to call Nick, I will be there in just a minute,” Denise said to her husband.

“What about?” Paul asked concerned.

“Aly’s chin is bleeding again, and she doesn’t want anyone to touch it,” Denise said as she held her cell phone up to her ear.

“Poor thing,” Paul said.  For the past couple of weeks, Alyson had been waking up with a bloody chin, and they weren’t sure why or how it kept on happening.

Denise: Hi Nick

Nick: Hi Mom, what do I do, she won’t let me touch it or get anywhere close to it, she just keeps on screaming at me, whenever I get close to it.

Denise: I know honey, you just have to take her head in your hands and gently wipe it off, she won’t like it and she will scream at you, but it’s the only way to get it clean and to stop bleeding.

Nick: Okay Mom, I will try that and call you back if it doesn’t work.

Denise: Okay, bye honey, we are just heading down for breakfast and will be there right after that.

Nick: Bye, see you then.

            After Nick hung up the phone, he gently pressed on Alyson’s face and she let him, surprisingly.  “Now that your chin is all cleaned up, should we go change you and get you into clothes,” Nick said to his sister.

            “Ya,” Alyson said as she stayed laying down in bed.

            “I know sweetie, but we have to get up to get changed,” Nick said, as Aly finally allowed Nick to pull her up and to the side of the bed.  Here he helped his little sister stand up and then he walked with her towards the bathroom.

            Once Alyson was all changed and cleaned up, he went and woke up Ashley.  “Ashley,” Nick said as he gently shook her awake.  She was laying on her stomach.  Ashley would sleep all day if you let her, she was exactly like Joe in that way, she would sleep forever.

            Ashley woke up and looked up at Nick and blinked twice as if to say, ‘no, I am tired, let me sleep.’

            “Ash, come on Mom and Dad are going to be here soon and then we are going to hang out today, just me and you,” Nick said, as he rolled her over and removed her diaper, before setting her in the shower chair that he had just gotten done showering Alyson in.

            Once Ashley was dressed and ready, Nick went to wake up Frankie.  When he went into the living room, he found him up and dressed already.  He was folding up his blanket that he had used last night to cover him up.

            “Wow, Frank, I didn’t think you would be this neat,” Nick said as he looked around his living room.  Frankie had all of his clothes in his suitcase that was zipped up and he had folded up his blanket and was putting his pillow on top of it at the end of the couch.

            “Yea, well recently I like my room to be clean and organized,” Frankie said.  “Plus, Mom told me that I had to be neat here, so.”

            “Well, that is very nice of her to say, but you don’t have to be neat here Frank, you should know that by now,” Nick said.

            “Yea, I know,” Frankie said as he sat down on the couch.

            “Well, aren’t you fancy,” Nick said.

            “Nick, poopoo now,” Ashley pushed into her iPad.

            “Come on let’s get you to the potty then Ash,” Nick said, as Ashely blinked at him once and tried to hold her poop in her body and not have any escape into the diaper that she was wearing.

            “Hurry,” Ashley mind talked with Nick once they got into the bathroom and had shut the door.

            “I know, I am hurrying as fast as I can, I can tell you really have to go,” Nick said, as he unstrapped the straps by her feet, before swinging the knee braces out of the way and then the footplates.  Nick then worked on getting all of the straps that was holding her into her chair undone.  He first did her seatbelt, then he slipped off the hooks that go over her shoulders to hold her up.  Last he took off the straps that hold her upright in her wheelchair.  Nick then picked her up and sat her on the toilet.  “Don’t go yet honey,” Nick said, as he quickly stood her up and pulled down her pants and tore off the diaper that already had poop in it.  Nick then sat her on the toilet, just in time for a big poop to leave her body and plop into the toilet.

            “Go now,” Ashley mind talked with Nick.

            “Yea you can go now, thank you for waiting sweetie,” Nick said, as Ashely continued pooping.

            Once she was done, Nick got her off of the toilet and laid her down on the floor, before wiping her bottom and putting a clean diaper back on her.

            It was then that doorbell phone went off indicating that someone was here, it was probably his parents.  “Frankie, it’s Mom and Dad, can you tell Theo to let them in, please,” Nick yelled out to his brother.

            “Yea,” Frankie said as he answered the phone that was attached to the wall by the front door.

“Hello,” Frankie said, as he petted Elvis’ head.  Elvis had slept with him last night on the couch.

“Hi, this is Theodore, whom am I speaking with?” Theodore, the doorman asked.

“You are speaking with Frankie, I am Nick’s brother,” Frankie said.

“Well, you have some guests Mr. Jonas.  A Mr. Paul Jonas and a Mrs. Denise Jonas, are here to see Nick, can I send them up?” Theodore said.

“Mm, do I want to see my parents today or not?” Frankie joked.  “I guess, you can send them up.”

“Okay, I will send them up then,” Theodore said as they said their goodbyes and hung up.

            “Nick, Mom and Dad are here, do you need any help in there with Ash?” Frankie asked.

            “No, we are all done, we just have to do a blood sugar check and then we are set,” Nick said, as he took out Ashley’s blood sugar kit.  Nick unzipped it and tested her sugar for her.

            “What is it?” Ashley asked Nick through their minds.

            “It is a little high, so I am going to have to give you a shot, where do you want it honey?” Nick asked his sister.

            “My arm,” Ashley sighed, she was used to this by now.

            “Okay, let me get it all set and then I will do it sweetie,” Nick said as he fiddled with the shot to get it on the right setting.  “You ready,” Nick said after he had sanitized her arm with an alcohol wipe.  Ashley just blinked once as Nick give her the correction shot.

            “Now we wait like we always do,” Ashley said using her iPad.

            “Yep, we have to wait just a couple of minutes,” Nick said.

            “Okay,” Ashley said on her iPad.

“Let’s go see if Mom and Dad are up here yet Ash,” Nick said as he took the breaks off of her wheelchair and pushed her out of the bedroom and into the living room.

“Ash, are you sure you want to stay here with Nick?  And Nick is it okay if she stays here with you?” Denise asked.

“Joe makes grilled cheese please,” Ashley said.

“I guess we will have to go to the store to get the ingredients for grilled cheeses this morning, I don’t have any bread or cheese,” Nick said, as Ashley laughed.

“Like grilled cheese,” Ashley pressed on her iPad.

“I know you want grilled cheese and I know you like it sweetie,” Denise said.

“Blood sugar low,” Ashley then pressed on her iPad.  She then pressed, “Blood sugar high.”

“Are you feeling off honey is that what you are trying to say?” Paul asked, as Ashley blinked once.

“Okay, come on let’s test you,” Paul said.

“I just finished testing her, and she was low, so she could still be low, I don’t know,” Nick said.

“Come on we will get her all fixed up for you,” Paul said as he pushed her out of the room and into the kitchen.

“Nick are you sure you are okay keeping her today, I don’t want to put a burden on you, she can be a handful at times,” Denise said, knowing what it was like to be around Ashley all day long.

“Yes, I am sure, it is 100% okay, I can even take Alyson too if you want me too,” Nick said.  He was trying to make it easier on his mom, and for her not to have the stress of having to keep an eye on Alyson.  Even though Alyson couldn’t walk without help, he knew how hard it was to keep an eye on her.  She constantly had to be watched in case she did try to stand up, and she also had a seizure disorder too.  Ashely also had to be constantly watched for a seizure disorder or if she started choking.  You were not able to leave them alone in a room, because if Ashley started choking, she could die and if Alyson tried to get up and walk, she could get hurt.  Also, if either one of them started having a seizure, you had to time them and know what you were doing to be able to help them.  Thankfully, the entire family had gotten trained on both girls for seizures, before they had left the rehab center.

“Yea, if you wouldn’t mind, but let’s ask her, if she wants to go to Kevin and Dani’s then we will take her if not then she can stay here with you,” Denise said.

“Okay, sounds like a great plan, why don’t you go ask her, I am going to go see what else I need for groceries,” Nick said.

“Aly, honey, can Ma ask you a question?” Denise asked the teenager who was sitting on the couch.

“Ya,” Alyson said, that was one of her only words that she could say.

“Okay, do you want to come with Ma, Pa, and Frankie and go see Kevin and Dani, or do you want to stay here with Nick and Ashley?” Denise asked as she put two hands out so she could decide.

“Ahhh,” Alyson screamed at her mom.

“Aly, what is going on?” Denise said as Alyson kept on screaming at her.

“Grrr,” Alyson said, as she continued to scream at Denise.          

“Aly, do you have to go poopoo?” Denise asked, as she lifted up Aly’s shirt and rubbed her tummy for her.  That sometimes helped her tummy feel better and it almost always helped her poop whenever someone did it.  It was then that Denise heard a quiet soft sound in Aly’s diaper followed by a poopy smell.  Denise continued rubbing her tummy for her to make sure that all of the poop was out of her.

“Ma,” Aly said as she looked at her Mom.

“Are you done honey, are you ready to go get changed Alyson?” Denise asked.

“Ya,” Alyson said.

“Okay, come on let’s stand up, so we can go get changed,” Denise said as she got Alyson standing up and then helped her walk to the bathroom.  Once in the bathroom, she pulled down Alyson’s pants.  She then tore off the pull up that she had on.  Denise then grabbed some wipes and got the big chunks of poop off of her bottom before she helped Alyson sit on the potty.

“Ma,” Aly said as she pointed at the wall and started peeing in the toilet.

“Good job Aly,” Denise said as she took off Alyson’s pants and then put a clean pull up on her legs and then put the pants back on her.  Denise then helped her stand up, and kept her standing up, while she wiped her bottom off some more before pulling up the clean pull up and then the pants.

Chapter 18 by tuckergolden888

Lost and Found – Chapter 18

            It was decided that they would take Alyson and Frankie with them to Kevin and Danielle’s house, so that left Nick and Ashley alone, just like Nick had promised Ashley, they would have a day where it would be just them and no one else.

            “Grilled cheese for lunch please,” Ashley pressed on her iPad shorty after their family had left to head to New Jersey for the day.

            “Yea, we will go get the ingredients so when Joe gets here, he can make you a grilled cheese, I just got a text from him saying that he was just getting ready to board the plane in Chicago, so he should be here in another couple of hours,” Nick said, as Ashley blinked once.

            “What do you say we go for a walk with Elvis and then we will stop at Whole Foods on the way back,” Nick asked his twin.

            “Yes, Elvis walk,” Ashley said on her iPad.  She had an animal section on her iPad, and in that was a button that said Elvis, walk, with a cute picture of a dog on a leash.

            “Okay, come on let’s get going, are you okay, do you need anything before we go on the walk, and to the store,” Nick asked his twin.

            “Yes, my diaper is wet, I need to be changed,” Ashley pressed on her iPad.  Ashley had a cares section on her iPad too and she had multiple buttons on her iPad for the bathroom.  She had two for the toilet, one that said poop, and one that said pee.  She also had two diapers, one that said dirty and one that said wet.  Ashley was almost always able to tell if she was wet.

            “Okay honey, let’s go change you, do you have to pee or poop also, or no?” Nick said as he pushed her towards the bedroom that they shared last night once again.

            Ashley navigated to her cares page again and once there she pressed, “I am all done, no more pees or poops.”

            “Okay, honey, come on let’s get you changed then,” Nick said as he took off her iPad and then removed her tray, before unbuckling her and picking her up and laying her on the bed, which had railings on it, just so she didn’t roll off.

            Once he had her laying down, he pulled down her pants and then undid the front of the soaking wet diaper.  Nick then helped her roll on her side so he could get her all cleaned up.

            “Nick, walk when,” Ashley mind talked with him.

            “Yea after we get done changing you, we will go for a walk Ash,” Nick said out loud as he rolled her onto her back again and taped up a clean diaper.

            “Walk now,” Ashley mind talked with her brother. 

            “After we get you in your chair we will go for a walk, thank you for not touching anything Ashley,” Nick said out loud as Ashley smiled up at Nick.

            “Come on let’s get you in your chair again, then we will go for a walk,” Nick said, as he picked her up off of the bed and sat her in her wheelchair.  He then got her all strapped in, before putting on her tray and handing her the iPad.

            “Tell Joe when he gets here, so we can tell Mom and Dad tonight, with Kevin and Dani,” Ashley pressed on her iPad.

            “Yea, we can do that, we will do that over lunch, how does that sound sweetie,” Nick said as Ashley blinked once.

            “Come on let’s go for a walk and then we will go to the store and pick up the grilled cheese stuff,” Nick said as he pushed his sister to the front door of his apartment.  He put on his coat and his sisters’ coat.  He then called Elvis and they left for the walk.

            “Cold, brrr,” Ashley said about two minutes into their walk.

            “Do you just want to go to the store honey and then home or do you want to continue on the walk,” Nick asked, as he came in front of her and held out both of his hands for him to choose from.

            “Home, cold,” Ashley pressed on her iPad instead.

            “Okay, come on let’s head back then, we have to drop off Elvis anyways before we head to Whole Foods,” Nick said.

            “Thanks Nick,” Ashley pressed on her iPad.

            “Your welcome honey,” Nick said as he continued walking to the corner, where they would turn and head back to Nick’s apartment.  He wanted to get Elvis to poop.  He was hoping that he would poop in the time that it took to get back to the apartment, or he would have to just keep on walking.  Thankfully right then Elvis pooped.

            “Good boy Elvis, come on let’s go home,” Nick said as they turned around and headed back home.

            “Brrr, cold,” Ashley pressed on her iPad once again.

            “I know honey,” Nick said.  They still had to go out and get the grilled cheese ingredients unless he called his personal shopper to do it for him.  He would give Ashely the choice of going to the store or having his personal shopper pick up the ingredients for him once they got Elvis home.

            They got back up Nick’s apartment a couple minutes later.  Nick decided to leave Ashley’s coat and scarf on for right now.  Just in case she did want to go shopping with Nick or not.  “Ashley, I am going to leave your coat on for now, let’s get Elvis inside and make sure he has enough water and then we will head out, okay,” Nick said, as Ashley blinked once.

            “Grilled cheese Joe make,” Ashley pressed on her iPad.

            “Yep, we will ask Joe to make grilled cheese when he gets here,” Nick said.

            “Watch,” Ashley pressed on her iPad.

            “You want to watch Joe make grilled cheese Ash?” Nick asked.

            “Yes, tell Joe about Health Center and watch grilled cheese,” Ashley pressed on her iPad.

            “Yea, we will do that as soon as Joe comes.  Now I have a question for you honey,” Nick said, as Ashley blinked once and smiled up at him.

            “Okay, Ashley, do you want to stay here and see if I can get my personal shopper to go pick up the ingredients needed for grilled cheese, or do you want to go to the store and pick up the ingredients,” Nick asked his twin as he took her iPad off of her tray and held out two hands, one for each choice.  Ashley turned her head towards the one on her right side, which was the one for going to the store.

            “Okay, then let’s get going,” Nick said, as he took off her breaks.

            “Walk outside?” Ashley asked on her iPad.

            “Yea, we have to go for a walk outside,” Nick said.

            “Cold, brrr,” Ashley pressed on her iPad.

            “Do you want to go or no?” Nick asked as he came around in front of Ashley, who blinked once to indicate yes.

            “Delete help delete,” Ashley pressed on her iPad.

            “You want help deleting your screen, Ash?” Nick asked as Ashley blinked once.

            “Okay, thank you for asking,” Nick said as he pressed the delete button on her iPad.  Ashley’s hands weren’t exactly able to do a lot.  The doctors weren’t sure if she had some sort of stroke along with the seizure or not.  Her brain damage was so bad, that it was hard to tell where it was actually from.

            “Nick, diaper change, go, store, grilled cheese, Joe,” Ashley said.

            “Do we need to do a diaper change before we go to the store honey?” Nick asked his twin.

            “Wet, very wet, pee lots, yes,” Ashley said.

            “Thank you for telling me that you need to have your diaper changed honey, come on let’s go get you cleaned up,” Nick said.

            “Pee more now,” Ashely said.

            “Do you want to sit on the potty, or no, Ash?” Nick asked as Ashley blinked twice to indicate no.

            “Okay, come on let’s go lay down then,” Nick said as he took her iPad and sat it on her bedside table, then took off her tray, and leaned it up against the bedside table.  Nick then got to work on taking off all of the very complicated straps that were in place to hold Ashley up.  Without these, Ashley couldn’t hold herself up for more than about 30 seconds and that is on a good day.  He then finally picked her up and laid her down on the bed.

            “Nick, reset iPad, it wasn’t working earlier,” Ashley mind talked with her twin when he got her laying down and had pulled down her pants to reveal a very wet diaper.  The wetness indicator on the diaper was bright blue, indicating that she was extremely wet.

            “I will reset it once we are done here and I get you back in your chair, okay,” Nick said as Ashley smiled at him and blinked once.

            “Nick, when is Joe coming?” Ashley asked her twin as he was wiping her front parts down.

            “I think in about an hour, so as soon as we get you back in your chair and ready, we are going to head out, so we are here when Joe gets here,” Nick said.

            “Can’t he let himself in, like he does at home?  He comes and visits us a lot,” Ashley said.

            “That is cool that he comes and visits you, but he doesn’t have a key, so he would be waiting outside for us,” Nick said.

            “Oh okay,” Ashley said.

            “Okay Ash, we are done, good job at not touching anything,” Nick said as he picked up his sister and set her in her wheelchair.  He then put back on all of her straps and then her tray.  Nick then sat down on Ashley’s bed and did a quick reset on her iPad.

            “Thanks Nick, you are the best brother ever,” Ashley spoke to him in his mind.

            “You’re welcome honey, thanks you are the best sister I have,” Nick mind talked back with her.

            “What about Aly, I am your only twin though,” Ashley said thorough her mind as she looked up at her twin brother.

            “Okay, Ash, wait for that to be done and let’s get going,” Nick said as he pushed her out of the bedroom, but not before grabbing the used diaper, wipes and under pad that he had used on her.  He made a quick stop in the hallway bathroom and threw them away and washed his hands quickly before they left the apartment and headed to the Whole Foods that was a couple of blocks away.

            Nick and Ashley were at the store about twenty minutes later.  Nick had made a list before they had left this morning of stuff that he needed also, besides the grilled cheese ingredients.  What he didn’t know was that Ashley had also made a list on her iPad.

            “Okay, the first thing we need is vegetables,” Nick said.

            “Grocery List,” Ashley spoke aloud on her iPad.  “Ashley’s yogurt, onions for grilled cheese, tomatoes for grilled cheese, bacon for grilled cheese, pepper jack for grilled cheese, jalapeno spicy peppers for grilled cheese.”

            “Ashley, is that what you want on your sandwich?” Nick asked his twin, who blinked once.

            “We will get those ingredients for you,” Nick said, as they went around and picked up the necessary ingredients for the grilled cheese and everything else that Nick had on his list.

            “Cranberries, yogurt, cottage cheese,” Ashley pressed on her iPad when they were almost done shopping.

            “Ashley, I have all of that already at home for you and Aly,” Nick said, as Ashley blinked once.  She believed that her twin had everything that she had requested on her list at home for her.

            They barely got home and got all of the groceries unpacked when Nick smelled something coming from what he assumed or hoped was Ashley.  “Ash, did you poop?” Nick asked his twin as he looked over at her and saw that she had her pooping face on.

            “Yea, pooping now,” Ashley pressed on her iPad, as she silently grunted.

            “Ashley, why don’t you tell me these things before you poop honey?” Nick asked.

            “Sorry, it just started coming,” Ashley mind talked as she grunted and lot out a very loud fart at the same time.

            “Ashley, let me know when you are done okay, and I will get you all cleaned up,” Nick said as Ashley blinked once

“I am done, need change, poop,” Ashley announced on her iPad right then.

            “Okay, come on let’s get you changed,” Nick said as he put the last thing in the fridge.

            As soon as Nick had Ashley laying down and had pulled her pants down, Ashely started touching her very soiled diaper.  “Okay Ash, I am going to take this off and you promise not to touch anything right?” Nick asked as Ashley smiled up at him and blinked once.

            Just as Nick was starting to wipe her front up, the phone by the door rang.  “Uh, that is probably Joe, I have to go let him in Ash.  Are you going to be good and not touch anything?”  Nick asked as Ashley blinked once.

            “Okay, I will be back then,” Nick said as he went into the living room to answer the phone to talk to Theo.

            Meanwhile in the bedroom, Ashley was getting upset and frustrated laying there doing nothing.  “Ahhh,” Ashley screamed at the top of her lungs, until Nick came back into the room.  This time he had Joe with him too.

            “Ashley Marie Jonas,” Nick scolded his sister for touching her private parts and the poop that was all over her hands now.  “You told me you were not going to touch anything.  Now we have to clean you up and the mess that you made,” Nick said, as he got her hands away from the diaper.  This just made Ashley mad, she started to kick and cry.

            “Ashley, you need to calm down,” Nick said as he tried to wipe her down again.  This was the main time that she would get mad because she didn’t particularly like being cleaned up even after she just went pee half of the time, she would act like this.

            “Ashley,” Joe said as he gently took her hands away from her diaper and held onto them as Nick finished cleaning her up.  She was still crying a bit, but she was willing to have Joe take her hands and wipe them down with a wet wipe.  This kept her distracted for long enough for Nick to put on a clean fresh diaper.

            Nick then picked her tiny body up and put it back in her wheelchair with help from Joe.  Joe held Ashley upright while Nick put on all of the confusing straps.  Nick then put-on Ashley’s tray, and then he put her iPad on her tray.

            “Nick, we need to tell Joe,” Ashely mind talked with her brother.

            “Yea let’s go out to the kitchen and we can tell Joe, okay,” Nick said out loud, as Ashely blinked once.

            “What do you need to tell Joe?” Joe asked, as Ashely just sighed and looked to Nick for advice on how to tell him.

            “Come on let’s go get started on lunch and we will tell him,” Nick said.

            “Tell me what?” Joe asked concerned.

            “We will tell you while we are eating lunch,” Nick said.

            “Making,” Ashley said on her iPad and looked at her brothers.

            “Okay, what’s for lunch?” Joe asked, as he pushed Ashley out to the kitchen, he was starving.  He had only had time for a muffin this morning before he got on a plane and headed to New York.  The flight that he took only gave him one small bag of peanuts and another small bag of pretzels.  They thought that this was supposed to last him for the five-and-a-half-hour flight.   Were they crazy?

            “Grilled Cheese,” Ashley pressed on her iPad.

            “Yea, we went to the store this morning and got all of the ingredients didn’t we Ash?” Nick said.

            “Yea walk with Elvis, grocery store, diaper change,” Ashley pressed on her iPad.

            “Is that what you did this morning honey?” Joe asked as he pushed her into the kitchen.

            “Yes,” Ashley pressed on her iPad.

            “Is grilled cheese what you requested for lunch today Ashley?” Joe asked, as Ashely blinked once.

            “Joe makes it,” Ashley then pressed on her iPad.

            “She requested that you make her a grilled cheese, I guess she didn’t want me to make one for her,” Nick said.

            “Yea, because you can’t cook,” Ashely pressed on her iPad.

            “Yea, I guess that is true Ash, isn’t it?” Nick laughed, as Joe took out the ingredients to make the grilled cheeses for himself and his siblings.

            “Nick, can we tell him now,” Ashely pressed on her iPad.

            “Ash, what do you need to tell me?” Joe asked his sister.  Nick had mentioned something about it when they were getting Ashley back into her chair, and now Ashely actually saying something on her iPad.

            “It’s about the Health Center,” Ashely pressed on her iPad.  She then looked at Nick as if to say, you can tell him about it.

            “What about the Health Center Ashley,” Joe said, growing concerned.  He had driven by it one day, and it looked nice on the outside, but not super nice.

            “They are mean, I don’t like it there,” Ashley pressed on her iPad.

            “Why don’t you like it honey?” Joe asked as he looked at Nick who told Joe everything that Ashley had told him last night.

            “That is insane, we need to do something,” Joe said.

            “They told me that if I told anyone, I would get in big trouble, and I don’t want to get in trouble,” Ashley pressed on her iPad.

            “Don’t worry, you won’t get into trouble, but remember we do need to tell Mom and Dad tonight,” Nick said, as Ashley sighed.

End Notes:

It is all right now, let's hope it stays that way.


But what do you think is going to happen when they tell their parents tonight?


Let me know.  I am sorry that this all got goofed up too. :-)

Chapter 19 by tuckergolden888

Lost and Found – Chapter 19

            After lunch, Joe, Nick, and Ashley watched a movie, until their parents, Kevin, Dani, Frankie, and Alyson all arrived back at Nick’s apartment for dinner that night at the apartment.  Kevin and Dani had checked into the same hotel that Paul and Denise were staying at while they were in the city.  They had decided that since Paul and Denise wanted to see their new house that they had just moved into, that they would come the night before, but then head back home for the night.  Then today, they were going to get a hotel for the rest of the time that the family was in the city, which was through the weekend.

            “Riley, Maci?” Ashely asked Kevin when she saw him later that afternoon.  Ashley hadn’t seen her favorite niece puppies last night.  Kevin and Dani had promised that they would bring Riley and Maci to Nick’s apartment with them tomorrow.

            “Dani has Riley and Maci, they are outside right now, but they will be coming in,” Kevin said, as Ashley smiled.  The family didn’t get too many smiles out of Ashely, just because of her brain damage, her emotions were always all over the place, so there wasn’t a lot of smiling going on.

            “We have to talk all of us about tonight, I don’t want Frankie to hear,” Ashley pressed on her iPad.

            “Joe, Nick,” Kevin called as him and Ashley were passing by them in the living room.

            “Yea, what do you need?” Joe asked.

            “Come with me,” Kevin said as he pushed Ashley down the hallway so his parents couldn’t hear what they were talking about, not yet anyways.  Joe and Nick followed, like lost puppy dogs who didn’t know what was going on.

            “We need to talk about tonight,” Ashley pressed once her brothers were all within hearing range and they were out of the kitchen.

            “Dani and I already started talking about this last night on the way home,” Kevin said.

            “Yea, I don’t know what we are going to do, because Frankie for sure shouldn’t hear everything that she has been through,” Nick said.

            “Yea, probably not Aly either, except who knows if she would understand it or not,” Joe said.  Alyson was way lower than Ashley was, she barely understood when they told her to sit down, and even then, they had to physically help her do the sitting down.

            “Dani and I thought that she would take Frankie and Alyson for ice cream after dinner, but Ashley do you want Dani to be here also, or are you fine with it just being us and Mom and Dad?” Kevin asked, as Ashley finally broke down sobbing.  She was so scared to tell her parents.

            “Honey, what do you want?” Nick asked his twin after she started sobbing.

            “Ice cream, I don’t want to tell them,” Ashley pressed on her iPad.

            “I think that it is super important that you are there with us when we tell them, but we can do the talking, you don’t have to do any talking okay honey,” Joe said as he got down to Ashley’s level and talked with her.  Ashley sniffled a little bit and sighed.

            “How about Dani brings back ice cream for everyone, how does that sound?” Kevin asked Ashley who gave him a little smile and blinked once.

            “Come on let’s go get ready for dinner.  Do you need to be changed before dinner?” Kevin asked his sister who sighed and blinked once to indicate yes.

            “Okay, come on let’s go get changed then.  Nick, can you go grab Aly, we changed her before we left, but she probably needs to be changed again, that way she should be ready after dinner,” Kevin asked his brother.

            “Sure, you guys go get Ashley started and I will get Aly, we can probably do her laying down too,” Nick said.  As long as Alyson wasn’t pooping at the moment, they could do her diaper change laying down.  Yes, doing it standing up and with the toilet was sometimes easier and quicker, but Aly liked to yell and complain a lot.

            “Yea, she pooped when we took her last time, so she should be good until at least tonight,” Kevin said, as he turned into the bedroom that Ashley was sharing with her big brother during this time.

            “Okay, thanks,” Nick said, as he walked into the living room, where Aly was sitting on the couch watching TV with Frankie.

            “Come on Aly, we have to do a diaper change,” Nick said, as he tried to get her to stand up.

            “Ahhh,” Aly screamed at her brother and pointed at the TV.

            “Come on Aly, you can come back to this, but we need to do a diaper change before we go eat dinner,” Nick said as Alyson looked up at him with a big smile.  Aly loved food, so mealtimes were her favorite times of the day.

            “Yea, come on Aly, we have to stand up, so we can do a diaper change and then we will come out here again and you can watch TV until dinner,” Nick said as he led her down the hallway and into his bedroom, where Kevin, Joe and Ashley were.  They had just gotten Ashley laid down on the bed and were removing her pants when Nick and Alyson arrived.

            “Okay Ashley let’s see what, do we have here?” Kevin asked as he undid the tabs of her diaper to find that it was a little wet.

            “Nothing is in there,” Joe said, he was distracting Ashley while Kevin did the diaper change.

            “She peed, just not a lot, but it is wet,” Kevin said as he started wiping her front down with wipes before asking Joe to help her roll.

            “Okay,” Joe said, as he continued distracting Ashley while Kevin got her cleaned up.

            “Come on Aly, we have to lay down, so we can get changed,” Nick said across the room.  He was trying to get Alyson to sit down on the floor so he could lay her down so he could change her.  She was in major need of being changed.  Nick could tell that her diaper was soaked.

            “Why are you doing it here and not in the bathroom,” Joe asked his brother.

            “It seemed easier to do it this way then the other way, plus that way we can put an actual diaper on her, that way she won’t wet through while they are out getting ice cream tonight,” Nick said, as he finally got Alyson to lay down on the floor.  Aly’s pull ups didn’t hold very much, they were good for around the house, but for long trips or going out, they weren’t very useful, because one pee and she would basically overflow the diaper.

            “I don’t know why Mom thinks that the pullups are easier, it doesn’t make sense, she always wets through them, and Mom always complains about how she got the couch or a chair wet,” Joe said, as he shook his head and Ashley laughed at him.

            “Of course, Aly the one time we do this, you poop, of course,” Nick grumbled as he took down the pull up.

            “Again Aly, you pooped before we left our house,” Kevin said as he finished taping the clean diaper on Ashley.

            “Yea, apparently she had to poop, because it is all over and it is a lot,” Nick said.

            “Here, I will come help, Joe can you get Ashley in her chair and finish her up,” Kevin asked as Joe nodded his head.

            “Okay Ashley, what do you say we get you in your chair?” Joe asked as Ashley blinked once.

            “Do you need some help,” Kevin asked as he rushed over to Joe who was trying to get the breaks on Ashley’s wheelchair while he had her in his arms.

            “Yes, please that would be helpful,” Joe said as Kevin put on the breaks and then tilted back the wheelchair, so Joe could easily lay her in her chair.

            “Thanks, your chair was getting away from me Ashley,” Joe said as Ashley laughed.

            “Here, I will help you get her back,” Kevin said as Joe rearranged Ashely’s shirt, so no skin was showing, before Kevin grabbed Ashley under her arms and Joe took her under her legs.  They then lifted her back into her chair.  Joe got her straps on her and then Kevin tilted the wheelchair forward, so she was in more of an upright position.  Joe put on her tray and then gave her the iPad.

            “Joe help say tonight,” Ashely pressed on her iPad.

            “You want help knowing what to say tonight?” Joe asked his little sister who blinked once, he had understood her, and Ashley was happy.  Sometimes her family didn’t always understand what she was saying or wanting to say, and it really annoyed her.

            Once both girls were cleaned up, it was almost time for dinner.  Joe had helped Ashley put into her iPad what she wanted to say tonight to start it out.  She then hoped that her brothers would help her out.

            Dinner was very good; however, Ashley didn’t really eat a lot, she was too nervous about how her parents were going to take the news, especially her mom.  For dinner tonight, they had steak, Nick, and Ashley’s favorite, with carrots and mashed potatoes.  Alyson had eaten all her dinner, but Ashley hadn’t.

            “Are you done Ashley?” Paul asked as Ashley sighed and blinked her eyes once.  Paul took her plate up to the counter.

            “Are you feeling okay sweetie,” Denise asked as she felt her daughter’s forehead.  She really hoped that she wasn’t coming down with the flu again.  The last one was long enough and they for sure didn’t need a repeat of that again.  Ashley just blinked once as she looked down.

            “Denise, I am going to take Frankie and Aly for ice cream after we are done with dinner, I will bring back ice cream for everyone else,” Dani said.

            “Ash, do you want to go get ice cream?” Denise asked as she was getting out her testing supplies to make sure that her blood sugar was in the right range.

            Ashley blinked twice to indicate no, even though she really wanted to go with them, she knew that she couldn’t.  Plus, she had to stay here and talk with her parents.

            “You really don’t feel good do you honey?” Denise asked as she once again felt the girl’s forehead.

            “Nick, save dinner,” Ashley mind talked with her brother who was helping his dad get out containers to put the leftovers away.

            “Dad, where is Ash’s food?” Nick asked as he looked for her plate but couldn’t find it anywhere.

            “I put it up here, I wasn’t sure what your mom wanted me to do with it,” Paul said, as he handed the plate to Nick.

            “Good, she wants me to save it for her,” Nick said as he looked over at his mom fussing over Ashley and making sure that she was all healthy and good.  Nick knew why she didn’t eat anything.  Ashley was so nervous about telling her parents about what had happened at the center.  To be honest, he didn’t blame her though.

            “Come on let’s head out guys,” Danielle said, as she helped Alyson stand up.  Once Dani, Frankie, and Aly were all bundled up in coats and hats, they three of them left.

            “Mom, Dad, can you come in here for a second,” Nick called from the kitchen. 

            “Sure, just give us a second,” Denise said as her and Paul were cleaning up the living room, from where Frankie had stayed last night.

“You ready for this Ash?” Joe asked his sister who sighed and blinked up at him.

“All you have to do is just press this square, okay,” Kevin said.  The brothers had been in the kitchen with Ashley while Nick put away the dishes that his father didn’t know where they went.  Joe and Kevin had just gotten what all of them had decided on to put into her communication device earlier today up on her board for her.

            “Okay, ready,” Ashley pressed on her iPad, as she sighed, and then deleted her board, so that way it would be ready for when she pressed the square that Ashley and her brothers had decided on to say.

            “Yea, what do you all need?” Denise said as she came into the kitchen.

            “I don’t like the Adult Day Care Center.  They are mean and make me poop, I don’t like it,” Ashley said.  She had pressed the square, just as Kevin had told her to.  She then looked at her brothers for more.

            “What, I thought you said you liked it,” Denise said, completely shocked that Ashley had just told them this.

            “Well, Ashley told me this yesterday when she got here, she said that she doesn’t like the daycare that she goes too, because they feed them some gross mushy food for lunch that has something in them to make them poop during rest hour.  Then if you don’t poop during rest hour, they give you a suppository or sometimes an enema,” Nick said.

            “Also, if you don’t obey or corporate, they give you one of these too,” Ashley pressed on her iPad.

            “Mom, it isn’t good, we need to get her out of there, she said she has had a suppository before, plus have you seen her poop, last night it was everything from diarrhea to hard rock solid.  We need to get her out of their Mom,” Nick said.

            “Also, what are they doing with the other adults who are there, I am sure that Ashley doesn’t know everything that goes on in there yet, she has only been going for a week and a half,” Kevin said.

            “Wasn’t a requirement for the place was you had to be non-verbal?  They said that they had great speech services and would get the adult speaking or using their vocal cords or something like that,” Paul said.

            “Yea all they do is care about your pooping and peeing schedule, also if you are wet or pee, they press on your tummy with this machine thing that is supposed to loosen your bowels and they give you a suppository.  All they really want is poop,” Ashley pressed on her iPad once again.  Her brothers were proud that Ashley was actually participating in the conversation.

            “Mom, I drove by it last week on my way somewhere and it looked like it was nice on the outside, but I don’t know what it looks like on the inside,” Joe said.

            “Yea, neither do we really, we drop her off and then come pick her up and they already have her outside and ready to go,” Denise said.  “That was also a perk from other places that we had researched and made phone calls to saying that you had to come into the place to pick up and drop off your child.  Now I know why they didn’t want anyone to come in there.”

            “We need to get her out of there before it gets any worse.  No wonder they also only want non-verbal adults too, because they won’t be able to communicate what goes on in there,” Paul said.

            “Do they take your iPad away from you sweetie?” Denise asked.  That was her worst fear and worry that they took away her voice.  Ashley did use her iPad, somewhat, not as much as they wanted her to, and she would get upset that she couldn’t do something like delete her message box, or when it didn’t work, but she did use it.

            Ashley blinked twice at her mom, saying no they don’t.  She then started mind talking with Nick, hoping that he would get what she wanted and that he would just repeat everything she said.

            “They don’t take it away unless you are being bad.  I haven’t had mine taken away, but I have seen other people get theirs taken away,” Ashley told Nick.  Thankfully, her brother got what she wanted because he repeated what she said.

            “We need to get her out of there, and report them or something,” Paul said.

            “They make me poopoo, I don’t like it there,” Ashely pressed on her iPad as she started crying.

            “Oh sweetie,” Paul said, as he came over and hugged her.

            “I know you don’t like it honey, you don’t have to go back, we won’t be sending you back,” Denise said, as she came over and gave Ashley a hug too.

            “Promise,” Ashley pressed on her iPad.

            “Yes, we promise, you will not have to go back there, we are going to call tomorrow honey and get you out of that place, okay,” Paul said, as Ashley looked at her brothers who had helped her so much with all of this, before blinking once.

            “Diaper wet change,” Ashley pressed on her iPad.

            “Here I got her,” Joe said as he took off her breaks and pushed her out of the kitchen and down to her and Nick’s room.

            “I will go with them,” Kevin said, as he got up and followed, knowing that they would need help.

            “Paul, what are we going to do, that was the best rated one in LA,” Denise said, as she sat down and put her hands in her head.

            “Wait, that center was the best rated one in LA,” Nick said disgusted as he came and sat down by his parents.

            “Yea, which is why we went and looked at it, I guess it isn’t the best rated one.  When did you find out about this?” Denise asked her son.

            “She told me yesterday when we got here, she told me at first that they made her poop and gave her some mushy gross food for lunch every day.  Then as the night went on, she just kept on telling me and us even more.  I guess she told Dani all about it when she took her to the bathroom last night at John’s.  Then I helped some because Dani was confused,” Nick said.

            “Why didn’t she tell us before now?” Paul asked his son.

            “Well, she didn’t tell you everything, but I guess they told her and everyone this on the first day, that they can’t tell their parents about this, or they will get in trouble and by trouble, they mean putting an enema in her for hours.  Now she did say that this has never happened to her before.  She has gotten a suppository there before, but not an enema,” Nick said, as he sat down by his Dad.

            “How, she has only gone twice,” Paul said.

            “Yea, I know, but just how did this happen?” Denise said as she put her hands in her head.

            “I have no idea, but I feel bad for her and for everyone that goes there, how awful,” Paul said.  “We have to do something.  I don’t know what we are going to do, but we will figure it out tomorrow, let’s wait for Dani to get back with Aly and help get both girls into bed and then we should head out and get some rest at the hotel.”

            “Yea, you are right,” Denise said.

End Notes:

Big Chapter for the family!

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