Connection, or lack thereof by staywritechill

Nick continues to explore the theme of distance, discovering that doesn't always entail the physical kind.

Part four of Tales of a Spaceman

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Series: Tales From a Spaceman
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Something of a continuation of "The Tough One".

1. Bad connections by staywritechill

Bad connections by staywritechill

Nick had always found his writing to be therapeutic. Whatever he was going through usually writing a song about it helped him process it. That was definitely needed in a time when the world had come to a screeching halt.

The next song he was working on needed to serve two purposes. He needed to fill a gap between "Don't Give up on Us" and "Spaceman" and he needed to find a place for the other idea that had been bouncing around in his head in the form of a riff he had played on the keyboard, which he was sure would be elaborated on by Greg.

"I like that riff." Greg commented absently, "Definitely something to work with."

"I like this idea of being apart but being together like even if you mess up, you're together, you know." Nick began.

"I think I get it." Greg said with a laugh.

"I understand." Maureen mused, "the way you say it it kind of makes sense… Sort of." She laughed.

Nick shrugged.

After establishing the main idea of the song the lyrics flowed easily. One line led to another which led to another.

"Maybe use that riff for the chorus and the pickup there?" Greg suggested. He played part of the riff on his own keyboard then elaborated what Nick had originally written.

Nick nodded.

"Play that again." He sang a stanza he had written on his phone.

Greg nodded again and Maureen smiled.

"I think we got it, or at least the gist of it."

"These are some hard ideas." Greg commented. "Hard ideas to put into words."

"Yeah." Nick laughed. "It hasn't exactly been an easy year either, so bring on the hard ideas. Maybe it will make people think when they hear it. At least that's what I'm hoping."

"That's my man, always thinking." Greg replied laughing.

Nick propped his chin up on his knuckles.

"Hey, it's when I do my best work."

"When's Priyanka coming home?" Maureen asked changing the subject.

"End of the week." Nick answered.

"I bet your eager to see her again."

Nick chuckled, smirking.

"That, would be an understatement."

Afterwards, Nick found himself humming part of the song he now called "Heights" that in and of itself was the best word to describe the song's idea of being disconnected together.

He was still cutting together the demos he hadn't gotten around to recording in the studio in the past few weeks while he was good at writing and recording independently, a producer he was not; despite his brief foray into it in 2013. Nick felt more comfortable having someone else behind the soundboard. It was still hard to write and record and produce all by yourself. Even though his project was far from finished, Nick waited for Priyanka to come home and he was sure he would have more to write about after that… So much more.

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