TMI by staywritechill

Nick writes about one of the better things about indulgence.

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Series: Tales From a Spaceman
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Story Notes:

Sticking Nick's theme of indulgence I wrote this around "Sexual". I like how the music accentuates the lyrics and the old-school type of feel it has to it.

1. Martin Gaye on the track by staywritechill

Martin Gaye on the track by staywritechill
Author's Notes:

Sorry I've been AWOL for a while, been stuck on my writing and busy with other things. I have something else coming that all have posted hopefully by next week another one shot unrelated to this series. Fluff incoming!

Nick sang under his breath as he moved around the bedroom. He could feel Priyanka's eyes on him; almost feel her smile. He flipped on some classics on the stereo on a low volume which quickly filled the room with an ambience he loved.

"Someone's in a good mood." His wife commented.

As if it wasn't obvious.

Nick smirked at her over his shoulder.

"Why wouldn't I be? All this time alone with you."

"That's one way to put it." She gave a little laugh. "All these months I thought you'd be sick of me."

Nick swept her into his arms and spun her around, at this point it didn't even matter that she was slightly taller than he was.

"You? Never!"

Then he began kissing her, which put a quick end to their conversation.

Nick took his time as his kisses followed a path, it was never the same even he like to keep their life in the bedroom somewhat interesting. At some point he tossed his shirt across the room and worked Priyanka's pants down her legs. She was dressed somewhat casually today since they didn't have anywhere to go… Not that that mattered.

It wasn't even the foreplay that Nick liked best it was just watching her; watching her watch him the light in her eyes with each motion and movement. He wished he could capture her spread out then, naked and glowing before him. He started with his mouth and then moved to his fingers sliding them between her thighs and watching her react in pleasure. With a satisfied smile he watched her come. That, however, was just the beginning.

Their lovemaking paced itself to the music, slow, rhythmic and unhurried.

Down her neck and over her shoulder.

Take a breath…

Fingers replaced lips and vice versa.

Lips down her spine.

A shiver of pleasure.

It's like they can read each other's minds in the direction they go. Nick only paused to adjust the music. He watched Priyanka until the light is b will anished from the room; until the sun has risen again and he can see her face the sun casting her in an ethereal glow. Those were the things he could write songs about.

He almost expected the reaction he got from his co-writers.

"That's almost TMI, man." Greg exclaims sounding amused but exasperated at the same time.

"What else would I write about?"

Greg chuckled.

"You got me there."

"So you want music to have sex to?" Maureen asked.

Nick grinned in a satisfied way.

"You got it!"

"I can do something with that." Greg commented and he plays few riffs on the keyboard changing the instrumentation as he goes.

"Swing the melody a little… As if you could dance to it." Nick commented.

"You still pulling from more of the soul R&B angle with the 70s or 80s influence?" Greg asked, playing another chord and testing something out.

Nick nodded in confirmation.

"That's my jam, I like continuing to use old and new influences."

Greg nods making a noise in confirmation in case Nick isn't looking at his computer screen.

"Doesn't everybody, I mean, all these artists nowadays…"

"I want to do something that's uniquely me," Nick replied, "but yeah."

Greg returned to his keyboard and played out a series of chords while Nick pulled out a beat that was slow and steady.

"One song to have sex to coming right up!"

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