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A morning with Joe and Sophie and their little family.


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I have had this story in my head for almost 3 weeks and maybe it was knocking around before then but it was an issue of how to write it… Finally wrote it.

1. Family by staywritechill

Family by staywritechill
Author's Notes:

Meant to have the story of Friday, but I had a procedure on my foot that day and was pretty tired. Then I was busy with my family on Saturday, Sunday is church and now I finally got around to posting it.

A baby's wail broke the silence of the early morning.

Joe Jonas opened one eye and rolled over careful not to wake his sleeping wife though he was sure Sophie would be up momentarily. Groaning, he made his way to his daughter's room.

He returned moments later with the two-month-old tucked against his bare chest and by then Sophie was awake and sitting up.

"I assume someone wants breakfast."

Joe chuckled.

"That's definitely a yes."

The baby seemed quieter but not content as she was still fussing restless.

"Bottle or boob?" Joe asked casually.

Sophie held out her arms for her daughter.

"Well seeing as I haven't pumped since yesterday and there's nothing to put in a bottle. Sophie snorted, "I'd like to see you nurse her."

"Afraid that is above my qualifications." Joe replied as he crossed the room to retrieve a clean shirt and pair of jeans.

"So that puts you on burping and nappy duty." Sophie replied fondly.

Smirking, Joe mock saluted.

"I guess that's one way to wake up before coffee," Joe mused as he absently flipped through his phone. "Though I have to say I preferred the smell of coffee."

"You video calling Nick and Kevin today?" Sophie asked.

"When do I not, Alena and Valentina probably have more pictures for their cousin."

Sophie chuckled.

"That's great, except I'm afraid we're out of room on the fridge."

There was a beat of silence and the only sound was of a baby hungrily nursing.

"When do you think we'll be able to see everyone again."

Joe shrugged.

"Thanksgiving, Christmas… Next year?"

"Yeah, I thought we would have more progress by now but…" Sophie trailed off.

"We can't really do anything until stuff opens back up, until people figure out how sports events and concerts are going to work. I want to hit the road as soon as possible and we have a bunch of music burning holes in our pockets."

"I guess consider this an extended vacation," Sophie murmured, "I'm certainly not taking any more projects until Willa is a little bit older, maybe next year." She shrugged.

Just as she spoke Willa hiccuped while Sophie switched her to the other side.

Joe flopped down on the other side of the bed.

"I don't know… I just want to do something again, real work, a man can only do so many puzzles and Lego sets."

"At least you get to watch Willa grow up." Sophie murmured.

Joe reached over to stroke his daughter's head, soft, downy dark hair. "I just want her to see what her dad and uncles do," he murmured reflectively, like when Alena and Valentina came to the shows to watch Kev, I want that for her… and for me."

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