The Sister's Best Friend by csinyfan

Alayna, Kylie and Nick grow up best friends. Now I know what you're thinking, Nick and Kylie look familiar. That's because their last name is Jonas. What happens when they grow up and Alayna falls for her best friend's older brother? What if she finds out she's pregnant? How will these questions be answered? Start reading below to find out.



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The first time I've ever posted this story. I had started it back when JBFA 1.0 was still around, but had hit writer's block several times and I don't like posting until I at least know where the story is going to end.

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1. Prologue- The Beginning by csinyfan

2. Chapter 1- What Just Happened? by csinyfan

3. Chapter 2- Secrets by csinyfan

4. Chapter 3- Where? by csinyfan

5. Chapter 5- Can they convince her? by csinyfan

6. Chapter 6- Coming Home!? by csinyfan

7. Chapter 7- Will She Stay? by csinyfan

Prologue- The Beginning by csinyfan
Author's Notes:

The first ever time I've ever posted this story publicly! I'd love to hear your thoughts!

    I live an ordinary life with my parents, 2 sisters and a brother. But it's my best friend who you probably recognize. Her name is Kylie Jayne Jonas. Yes, my best friend is the only sister of the Jonas Brothers. Who am I, you ask? I'm Alayna Rachelle Quinn. But everyone I know calls me Lanie.


    Let's start by giving you a little background on me and my family. My parents grew up in the same church in New Jersey as Paul and Denise Jonas. They got married within a week of each other. Kevin and my older brother, Aaryn were born 3 days apart. 3 years later, Joe and my oldest sister, Kaitlyn were born 2 weeks apart. 2 years after that, I was born 1 week before Nick and his twin sister Kylie. My youngest sister, Katherine, was born a year and a half later, the youngest of both families. We grew up next door to each other, constantly over at each other's houses. My first memory is one morning 2 weeks after my 6th birthday. Because I was Nick and Kylie's age, I grew up best friends with them. And of course, being around Nick constantly meant that I grew up loving music.


    My mother had walked me and Kaitlyn down the sidewalk to the Jonas family house 3 hours earlier. Kaitee immediately went to get into some sort of mischief with Joe while I went in search of Kylie and Nick. It wasn't hard to find them. All I had to do was follow the music playing till I got to the bedroom they shared. I dragged my little guitar case down the hall and stepped into the bedroom. We were all teaching ourselves to play.


    I don't remember much about that day, but I have a definite memory of sitting on Kylie's bed with her and Nick many times. When I turned 13, Nick and I were both discovered at the famous hairdresser with his mom, Denise. He released a solo album which was not as popular, until he and his brothers formed their band. I began writing songs and finally found a sympathetic record record company executive who agreed to listen to one of my songs. He told me he liked it and thought I had a lot of potential. He agreed to help me record it and release it as a radio single. It became my immensely successful song, "Mary's Song". My story behind this song is that it's based on me and my sister Kaitlyn. Our parents and the Jonas parents always believed that Nick and I and Joe and Kaitee would grow up and fall in love. You may soon discover, well, I won't spoil it for you but it may be a lot more complicated than that.

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Chapter 1- What Just Happened? by csinyfan

5 years later:

    Well, I haven't grown up the way my parents would have hoped and prayed. My family among the celebrity world was known as the 'perfect' family. And perhaps part of it was me being a famous singer and actress but part was definitely my best friend, Kylie. You see, we moved to Los Angeles with the rest of her family when we were 14. And being young and thrown into the world of celebrities, we soon began trying all the things that I know my parents would have had a heart attack if they'd known what I was trying. Needless to say, among those mostly was drinking. I did try drugs once but soon decided I wasn't interested in those and switched to drinking constantly to alleviate stress. Of course, my parents also expected that their kids would always save their purity for marriage. And well, I did intend to, but well, one night when I was 16 and drunk, well, you'll soon see.

    "Lanie," Joe pushed my arm down to stop me from lifting the next glass to my mouth, "You've had enough. We should get you home."

    "But Joey," I whined.

    "Don't," he insisted as he pulled me off my barstool, “You know what your producer said about making a scene.”

    He pushed me out of the bar towards his car. I stumbled over to the passenger side where I somehow managed to get in without falling over. We drove back to his apartment but didn’t immediately get out once we were there.

    “What about Kylie?” I asked him as best as I could considering how drunk I was.

    “Kevin will make sure she gets home fine.”

    I stumbled my way up the stairs to Joe’s front door. He opened it and soon I was lying on his couch, trying to remember what had happened that had made me drink that night. See, I was impaired, but not so drunk that I wasn’t aware of what I was about to do.

    The next morning, Denise stopped by to check in and make sure Joe had been successful getting me back to sleep off the alcohol. Well, what she walked in on was not what she was expecting.

    Joe and I were sprawled in his bed, wearing nothing more than his sheets. And I think your imagination can do the rest. Needless to say, Mrs. Jonas was NOT happy.

    “Joseph! Alayna! Wake up now!”

    “Mom!” Joe sat straight up, saw where he was and who was next to him, and continued, “Oh, dang, Mom, this is not what it looks like.”

    “Oh, really, then what does this look like?”

    “Well, I guess it is what it looks like, but, Mom, I love her. And I wouldn't change what happened. Maybe the timing, but other than that...”

    Just then I finally opened my eyes to find Denise's eyes boring into mine. I sat up and pulled the sheets up to cover as much of me as I could before stammering,

    “Mrs. Jonas, I'm so sorry. I don't know what happened, I mean, I know What happened, just not why. Please, I beg you, don't tell my parents. It won't happen again.”

    Her eyes softened slightly as I climbed off the bed, taking the sheet with me as I grabbed my clothes, which were conveniently all in one pile and ran into the bathroom trying hard not to start crying until I was by myself.

    I dropped the sheet in a heap on the floor, stepped into the shower, turned on the water and began to try to wash away all the evidence of what had happened last night. As I scrubbed I finally began to sob. Soon I was just standing there, water flowing over and around me while I stood my head in my hands, tears flowing down my face.

    Outside the bathroom, Denise was perched on the edge of the bed while Joe pulled on sweatpants and an old tank.

    “What were you thinking, Joe? She's your sister's best friend. And she's 2 years younger.”

    “Yes, mom, she's younger and Kylie's best friend. But I don't know, it just felt right. I love her, mom.”

    “Even though not 6 months ago she and your brother broke up?”

    “Yes, but Nick was the one that broke up with her, they're still friends and it was because of that I got closer to her and realized I loved her.”

    “You realize though, that this can never happen again. And no one else can ever know.”

    “But, Mom!”

    “Don't 'But, Mom' me,” Denise went back to being stern, “I thought I had raised you to wait until marriage and I know Lanie's parents would be disappointed, but what's done is done. Can't be undone but we won't tell anyone. Understand?”

    “Yes,” Joe hung his head, “I understand.”

    Finally satisfied with that response, Denise left the bedroom. I finally turned the water off, wrapped a towel around me, sunk down to the bath mat covered floor and continued to sob. As soon as he was sure his mom wasn't going to walk in the room again, Joe came into the bathroom and sank down to the floor beside me.

    “I'm sorry I got you into this whole mess.”

    “Thank you,” I looked up, wiping the tear stained streaks off my cheeks, a weak smile showing through.

    “I certainly didn't mean to make you do something you'll regret.”

    “You didn't make me do anything I didn't want to at the time. I could have stopped you anytime, but I didn't. This whole mess is as much my fault as yours. And I don't totally regret our decision last night.”

    “You don't?”

    “No, I heard what you told your mom and what she said to you.”

    “You did? Then you heard me tell her that I'm in love with you?”

    “Yes, but she's right, you know? We're both with Disney and this incident would be frowned on by their executives.”

    I soon got dressed and went back to my parents' house, knowing full well that I would never be the same again. I also realized that he wasn't the only one in love. I loved him. Still do. And I don't regret what I did. Maybe I didn't exactly promise to save myself for marriage, but I did promise to save myself for 'the one' and it was this moment that I thought I had kept that promise.

Chapter 2- Secrets by csinyfan

    2 years later, I'm now 18 years old. Joe, of course, is 20 now. We had decided a month after that one night, that we would start dating in secret, hiding it from everyone. The fans, our parents, the rest of our families, everyone. And well, being legal now, let's just say, stuff happened. I was in my apartment in L.A. one day when Kylie came over. I heard a knock on the door so, I walked over to it, opened it and said,



    “Come in. Come in,” I started before suddenly getting serious again, “Actually, Kylie, I have something I need to tell you. And you can't tell anyone in your family. Not even your mom, especially not your mom.”

    “Ok, Lanie, I promise, I won't. What is it?”

    “Well, and you're the first person we've ever told, but your brother and I have been dating for the past 2 years.”

    “What? Wait, you and Nick?”

    “No, not Nick. He broke up with me just before. Joe. Joe and I have been dating in secret for 2 years.”

    “Oh, well... I don't know what to say. I guess, if you really like him.”

    “I do, Kylie, I didn't realize it at first, but I love him. But I have a problem.”

    “What could possibly be wrong with falling in love?”

    “Nothing. With falling in love, that is. But it's what may have happened as a result of it.”

    She seemed to know what I was trying to say before I said it, and her jaw dropped before she said,

    “Lanie? Are you trying to tell me that you might be pregnant?”

    “It's possible. I don't know for sure. I did buy a test that I was just about to use before you showed up. So, I can find out for sure.”

    “So, you're saying I might be an aunt?”

    “Yes, Kylie. It's possible, you might be an aunt.”

    I went into the bathroom. 20 minutes later, I came out, tears stained on my cheeks.

    “Well? Are you?” Kylie seemed almost excited.

    “Yes,” I almost couldn't speak. I had been crying so hard, “yes, I am.”

    “Wow, that's amazing. Are you going to tell him?”

    “Kylie, I can't.”

    “Why not? He deserves to know. The baby is part of him too.”

    “I know, but that's not why I can't. See, before we were officially dating, well, we were drunk one night. And I think you can guess where I'm going with this. Your mom was insistent that nothing could ever happen between us again. I promised her that it wouldn't if only she wouldn't tell my parents. I have to leave.”

    “Lanie, you can't. You can't leave. Your family is here. We all love you, Lanie. I do, your parents do, my parents do, our siblings do, but most importantly, Joe loves you. I mean, if he was willing to keep your relationship a secret for 2 years, he must love you a lot, Lanie.”

    “Kylie, do you have any idea what Disney and the fans would do if they found out that I'm pregnant with Joe's baby and we're not married?”

    “But...Lanie...” She stammered, still trying to figure out a way to convince me to stay and face an even tougher future for me and my baby.

    Eventually I, at least temporarily, convinced her that she couldn't change my mind. I did tell her that I was going to leave a letter for Joe to find after I was gone. And that she could announce that he and I had been dating as soon as I was gone and Joe had read the letter. She promised to carry out my wishes and I finally convinced her to go back home. Once I was alone again, I began to pack my bags until I heard another knock at my door. When I peeked out of the peephole in the door, I realized it was Joe. I ran and hid my bags in the closet where I knew he would never look and let him in my apartment.

    We ended up going back to his place and staying together the whole night. The next morning, I woke up and realized that he was still sound asleep. So, I crept out, leaving the letter I'd written him on his dresser.

Chapter 3- Where? by csinyfan

Joe's POV

    I woke up and sat up in bed as soon as I realized that Lanie wasn't there. Where did she go? I got up and padded into the bathroom, thinking maybe she'd gone in there to get ready for the day. It only puzzled me more when I realized she wasn't there either. I just stood, my back against the bathroom door, thinking, until I saw a piece of paper on my dresser. I knew it hadn't been there the night before, so, I walked over, picked it up and began to read it.

    'Dear Joe,

    I'm so sorry. I hate to do this. I know you may never understand why I have to leave, sometimes I don't myself. But I do. Take care of my heart. I'm leaving it there with you.

                Your own Lanie.'


Narrator's POV

    Joe wasn't the same after reading Lanie's letter. Of course, she wasn't either. But we'll get back to her soon. And of course, Kylie knew what was really going on since Lanie had confided the truth in her. She could tell when her brother had read the letter, and right away she went and did what her best friend had asked and told her parents. Now, her whole family knew that Lanie and Joe had been dating but not yet the truth about why she had left. Denise wasn't even mad that they had kept it a secret from her. As soon as she saw how devastated her son was, she realized that Joe really loved his sister's best friend. But Kylie had promised her friend not to tell about the pregnancy, even though she wanted to, she knew it wasn't her secret to tell. She knew if anyone should tell it, it would have to be Lanie.

    Meanwhile, Lanie had moved to New York City where she got a job as a fashion designer for a big magazine. She moved into her own apartment there and began to prepare as best as she could for her baby.

Chapter 5- Can they convince her? by csinyfan

Lanie's POV

    I laid my hand on my belly while I rested on the couch before deciding what I was going to do that evening. Before I could decide, the doorbell rang. I stood up and slid over to the door, opening it without really thinking who it might be. As soon as I did, I almost wished I hadn't.

    “Lanie?” Kevin seemed to almost not believe who was standing in front of him.

    “Yes, Kev,” I stepped to the side, letting him walk in and shut the door, “What did you want?”

    “Besides the obvious, for you to come home, just to know why you left.”

    “You can see what my reason is.”

    “You left because you're pregnant?” He asked.

    “Yes, I'm pregnant.”

    “But is it... is Joe the father?” Kevin stammered out.

    “Do you really have to ask that?”

    “I guess not. But I just wanted to make sure. You know, he hasn't been the same since you left. In fact, he sold his apartment and moved back in with Mom and Dad only a month after. He hardly goes out anymore. And he certainly doesn't smile or laugh now. Why did you really leave, Lanie?”

    “Because we were all with Disney. And you know what would have happened if they and the fans had found out that Joe wasn't as 'perfect' as he was portrayed. Kevin, I did it to protect him and this baby. I don't want her to grow up surrounded by rumors of scandal.”

    “Her? Is it a girl?”

    “I don't know for sure, just a mother's intuition.”

    “But you know he wouldn't have cared what Disney or the fans, or anyone for that matter, thought of him. He loves you, Lanie. And he would love this baby if you would only give him a chance.”

    Finally Kevin, at least for now, gave up on trying to convince me to come back with him. Little did I know at the time he wasn't the only member of his family there to do just that. The next day, my doorbell rang again. This time when I answered it, Nick was standing outside my door. We went through a very similar conversation until Nick finally said something that Kevin hadn't even tried.

    “Well, Lanie, if you won't come home with me, I'll stay here. You can't raise this baby alone.”

    “Nick, no, you can't.”

    “Yes, I can. I'm 18 too. And perfectly capable of taking care of myself. This is only a 2 bedroom apartment. Since you need 1, I need 1 and the baby will need a nursery, we'll have to move to a bigger place. Don't worry, I'll pay for the upgrade.”

    “Nick, please, no,” I pleaded with him, but knowing him well enough to know that he wasn't going to give up.

    “Your only other option is coming back home with me. So, which will it be, Lanie?”

    “And face Joe after I left him? I can't, Nick. He won't be able to forgive me for leaving, especially after he knows why.”

    “You don't know that. And will you if you don't give him a chance?”

    “No, of course, I can’t know if I don't...But, Nick, you don't understand, that night when I was 16. Joe had to bring me back to his apartment where I was supposed to sleep off the alcohol. Well, eventually I did, but other things happened. You can probably guess. Anyway, your mom made us promise that nothing would ever occur between us again. How can I face her now that we obviously have been together and have created a baby?”

    “She knows now that you were dating. She's even glad that you made Joe so happy.”

    “But, if I made him so happy, why didn't he try to find me himself? Why isn't he here instead of you and Kevin?”

    “He did look for you, Lanie. For the first month after you left he searched everywhere he could and the next month he hired a private investigator. By the third and fourth months with no new news from that investigator, he finally gave up hope of ever finding you again. It made him crazy not knowing where you went, Lanie.”

    “Really? He did look for me?” Tears almost started to form in my eyes.

    “Yes, he did,” Nick pulled me towards him in a hug and helped me sit down on my couch.

    He sat there for a while just trying to comfort me. Finally it dawned on me that Nick wasn't going to give up on getting me to come home with him unlike his brothers. So, I agreed, thinking that if Joe didn't want to ever see me again, I could at least come back here to New York.

Chapter 6- Coming Home!? by csinyfan

Nick's POV

    When Lanie finally agreed to come back to Texas with me, I sent her into her bedroom to pack up her things while I called home. The phone rang twice before Kylie answered,


    “Kylie? Is that you?”

    “Yeah, Nick, it's me. Where are you? Mom and Dad are worried sick.”

    “Umm.. I'm in New York.”

    “New York? Why?”

    “Because I overheard Kevin on the phone with Danielle and put two and two together. Long story short, I found her, Kylie.”

    “Found her? Who, Nick? Who'd you find?”

    “Lanie. I found Lanie. She finally agreed to come home with me.”

    “Really? She did? But it's only been 6 months. Is she still pregnant? Oops.”

    “Are you telling me that you knew all along? But you never told anyone. You know how distraught Joe's been since she left.”

    “I know, Nick, but I couldn't tell him or anyone. She made me promise not to. And I knew if anyone was going to say anything about it, it had to be her.”

    “Alright, I understand why but now that she's agreed to come back with me, you need to help me get Joe to the airport when we fly into Texas.”

    “Ok, I'll think of some way to get him to the airport. What day are you flying in?”

    “Probably tomorrow or the day after. I'll call you when we're getting on the plane.”


Narrator's POV

    Alayna walked out of her bedroom, all of her things now packed up in 3 suitcases and 4 duffel bags. Nick had called and gotten two airline tickets for tomorrow at 3 pm from New York to Dallas. Meanwhile, after he called Kylie again the next day, she set about convincing her brother to go to the airport with her. Only she didn't tell him he was going to the airport.

Chapter 7- Will She Stay? by csinyfan

Kylie’s POV

    “Don't worry, Nick,” I reassured my brother, “I'll get him there. He'll see her again. And then it'll be up to him where this all goes.” We hung up and I stuck my phone in my back jeans pocket before walking up the stairs towards Joe's room in our parents' house. I knocked on his door as soon as I got to it. When I didn't hear an answer, I tested the knob. It turned, so I slowly entered the room. It was more of a mess then I remembered. But of course, 6 months ago and before it would have been Lanie who would have cleaned it for him since Joe was always messy. I pushed a pile of clothes away from the door on the floor with my foot. I could hear him in the bathroom, so I wandered around until I stopped at his dresser. I saw a piece of paper that I could tell had been folded and unfolded dozens and dozens of times. I picked it up and opened it, soon realizing it was Lanie's 'good-bye' letter. I could tell that this letter had been held and stared at a lot, but I set it down, went over to and knocked on the bathroom door. I heard my brother mutter, “Come in,” so I opened the door and walked in.

    “Joe? You ok?” I asked him. He didn't answer from where he was perched on the edge of the tub, so I put the toilet seat down, perched on the edge of it and continued, “What's wrong?”

    “I don't know, Kylie, I really don't know.”

    “You miss her, don't you?”

    “I guess so, but now I'm mad too.”

    “Mad? But why?”

    “Cause she left. She left without any explanation. The note she left, she told me to 'take care of her heart' because she was 'leaving it with me'. But if she really loved me, she wouldn't leave. You're her best friend, do you know why she left?”

    “Actually, yes, but I can't tell you. Before you start hating me too, it's not because I don't want to. I do, but it's not my secret to tell. If anyone's going to tell you, it has to be Lanie,” I took a slight risk saying her name out loud.

    “I'm not mad at you. I believe that you want to tell me.”

    “You've been in the house too long. Come out with me.”

    It took some convincing, but, finally I got him to agree to come with me. While he was picking through his closet for something nicer than sweatpants and the old sweatshirt he was wearing, I started to pick up some of the things on his floor and tried to clean his room up a little. We got into my car and began to just drive through town, but before we started out I sent Nick a quick text, saying,

    'Convinced Joe to get out of the house. Where r u?' Not 5 minutes later, he sent back,

    'On flight now. 45 min out. I'll text again when we r landing.'


Lanie's POV:

    Before I truly knew what was going on, Nick had me sitting on an airplane flying back to Dallas. Part of me feels relieved and excited to see Joe again, but part is scared. I have no idea how he'll react to me coming back and what he'll say when he realizes that I'm pregnant. My face must have been showing some of that fear, cause he soon looked straight at me and said,

    “Lanie, are you ok? You look terrified.”

    “I am, Nick. I'm terrified how Joe'll react when he sees me. And what our families will say when they realize I left because I'm pregnant.”

    “You're going to be ok. Even if Joe won't accept it, which I haven't given up on, you know that Kylie and I are on your side. We'll both stand by you through everything.”

    I rested my head on his shoulder as I tried to relax. I tucked my hands up inside the sleeves of the oversized sweatshirt I was wearing. It was the only thing of Joe's I'd taken with me when I left. I always wore it when I tried to make it not so obvious that I was pregnant.

    I finally managed to fall asleep for a little while, until Nick was waking me up telling me that we were landing in Dallas. As soon as I heard him say it, the butterflies started to grow again in my stomach. As we were landing, he called ahead, to Kylie, I'm assuming, to let her know that we were almost there. I pulled off the oversized sweatshirt, put it back in my carry-on bag and put on another top that suited my expanding belly better. Once we got off the plane, I realized what Nick had been trying to organize. Not only did I see Kylie, but apparently part of the plan was to bring Joe to the airport. From where we were I knew he couldn't see me yet, but that would soon change. He turned to say something to his sister and she must have seen me and said something back to him causing him to turn his head back. Now he was looking straight at me. I could see the look of shock on his face as he continued to just stare at me.

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