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"So where was I at this point? Did I achieve anything? Did I find anything besides Nick’s perfectly toned body? Did I get the answer I really needed? Did I get the answer I really wanted? No, I would still be the girl moping on what could have been instead what did. Nothing would ever be moving forward but just staying still. Nicholas was the only person who could make me feel completely incompetent and be oblivious toward it. I was in love with the one person I couldn’t have. He destroyed my heart about a trillion times and still smiled because he’s an idiot enough not to realize it.

I was enough of an idiot to let him snatch my heart in the first place." -Maya Kibble, chapter 13

What happens when the one person you wanted was the one best friend who was getting married to the one girl who had nothing in common with your one best friend and now that one best friend asks you to be the one best man - oh, one best girl?

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Hey y’all! So I’m really sorry about not being able to post up the sequel. I was planning on doing so right after the last chapter, but for some reason, my computer completely freaked out on me so I couldn’t do it. Now that my computer is better and I’ve had some time to edit stuff, I can finally post the sequel called Through the Mistakes.

One last thing before I go, I wanted to tell y’all that I had to change “Maya” from Janel Parrish to Vanessa Hudgens. Frankly, I found it incredibly difficult to find pictures of Janel to begin with and let’s be honest, the amount of pictures of Vanessa are pretty endless. So, I hope that doesn’t freak you guys out even though it really shouldn’t.

Much love and hope you guys like the sequel!


PS: 1019 REVIEWS?!


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