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"So where was I at this point? Did I achieve anything? Did I find anything besides Nick’s perfectly toned body? Did I get the answer I really needed? Did I get the answer I really wanted? No, I would still be the girl moping on what could have been instead what did. Nothing would ever be moving forward but just staying still. Nicholas was the only person who could make me feel completely incompetent and be oblivious toward it. I was in love with the one person I couldn’t have. He destroyed my heart about a trillion times and still smiled because he’s an idiot enough not to realize it.

I was enough of an idiot to let him snatch my heart in the first place." -Maya Kibble, chapter 13

What happens when the one person you wanted was the one best friend who was getting married to the one girl who had nothing in common with your one best friend and now that one best friend asks you to be the one best man - oh, one best girl?

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At first I thought it would be some what of a relief to go to class the next day, I just needed to at least breathe away from Miley and Mandy over dose of wedding plans for just a few minutes. But no, classes were boring as they usually were. “And today’s exciting class is about animal reproduction…” in that same monotone voice all of them use as if that’s their only type of speech.   

Now as overwhelmingly exciting animal reproduction is, Miley found the only way to catch my attention was to call me during class. And of course, of all days to forget to turn off my cell phone, it goes off blaring ‘I Will Survive’ and I swear I just wanted to run out of there in tears. But I didn’t, I just smiled casually and took my stuff as I kicked myself out of the class.   

Apparently, Miley and Mandy just needed me to be at the site of where the wedding would take place. Well gee, Destiny, I understand that not everyone had a private tutor as you did and actually had to go to school to get there higher standard of learning. I sighed, slammed my cell phone shut, and ran to my car.   

When I finally got there, it was 1:29 and time was ticking until 1:30. Mandy stood there looking a bit impatient, Miley acting rather confused, and Nick who looked muy calliente (very hot) as always.   

Unfortunately, Nick was not the first to greet me. Mandy stomped her way directly towards me. “You are late.” She stated this very slowly and annunciated her words loudly. She sounded extremely stupid.   

“Mandy, I’m sorry but I was in the middle of a class and it doesn’t help that this place is across town. The traffic was -- .”   

She stopped me short. I didn’t even understand why she was so mad at me when it wasn’t even her wedding. Miley wasn’t saying anything because at that moment she was staring off at some unknown angle while Nick was… well Nick actually wasn’t even there. He must’ve left. “Maya, we needed you to be here at 1:00 and Rebecca has been waiting patiently just for you. You left a very important world-wide known wedding planner waiting for you? That’s disrespectful, rude, and plain retarded. I don’t think --.”   

This time a voice from behind stopped her abruptly. “Mandy,” The voice was low and soothing. A figure stood by me and rested its arm on my shoulder. I didn’t even need to look because I figured when I saw the curly hair in the corner of my eye; I knew it was either a mini version of Kevin or Nick. “Let it go. She had class. She didn’t even need to come here in the first place and the fact that she did makes me realize I have the best friend in the entire world. So save your breath for once, and just give her a break.”   

He always managed to be by my side no matter what. He always made me feel safe somehow. She pouted with an unflinching stature. But then a smile quickly brushed upon her face as she lifted her hand and waved widely above Nick and me to someone probably coming from behind both of us. “Hey!”   

My head whipped around to find Joe, Kevin, and an extremely pregnant Ellie running across towards us. I doubted Mandy was waving to Ellie since she barely knew her. Nor Kevin, because I knew for a fact that she was never very close to Kevin. He always seem to tell me that he didn’t really appreciate Mandy constant “stalkership” concerning Joe. So I figured she was waving to Joseph.   

Joe ran towards the three of us as he engulfed Nick and me in one big hug. He looked up to find Mandy staring at him wide-eyed with a grotesque smile upon her face. Creepy would definitely be a better word. Joe sighed under his breath and walked to her as he hugged her the smallest he managed but she some how was able to make the most of it.   

I’m taking it that she has a crush on him.   

Well sadly for her, Demi and Joe are on the range of becoming a couple. I love them together because they are two of my favorite people in the whole entire world. If only either of them would actually admit it to each other, maybe it would actually be official. But if Mandy dares walks into my life after this wedding, I swear I will scream. She will definitely never date Joe even if his life depended on it.   

It also kind of annoyed me that after Mandy had her fiasco about me being thirty minutes late, incomes Joe ten minutes later than I was and Mandy totally lets it slide by. Joe puts on his ‘cooler than you’ act for show as always and waltz around like the hottest thing in the world. Cue: Nick rolling his eyes and looking away.   

Rebecca comes in with manila folders all in her pin striped business suit glory. She glared at me for supposedly wasting her time but all I could really do was roll my eyes. What is she going to do? Take me off the wedding? With pleasure, it’s not like I’m actually enjoying this.   

She took off her glance on me and turned to Nick and Miley. “So what do you think about it? Is it not gorgeous or what?” I turned my direction towards the sea arising from behind me. I did have to say it was stunning and I was purely jealous in a way. The sun was high above the clouds as is reflected the water in the smallest but most beautiful ways.   

My eyes directed itself towards Nick who was looking at the sea as well. His head turned and we exchanged glances. He smiled as I started to blush. I looked away quickly as I bit my lip.   

Miley nodded excitingly. “Yes, this is so pretty! What are you imagining?”   

Rebecca pointed to the whole lot. “I was thinking placing all the chairs around here and have them draped in pink for the bride’s side and light green for the groom’s side. I’ll find the perfect colors to make sure they don’t clash. Then a carpet of white is rolled with pink rose petals scattered across. It shall lead all the way to the end of aisle wear the groom and his men (she left out woman) shall stand to see you grace your way down. There will be an arch way draped with tulle above the minister. All your guests shall look on as you walk down the aisle in whatever dress you shall choice and the band will slowly play. Everyone would be in total awe of you and you and your groom glance at each other…”   

She trailed off and I didn’t even both listening to the rest of it. It wasn’t my wedding and I didn’t really need to hear some smooch fest about how Nick and Miley’s eyes will meet and blah, blah, blah. Do you really think that boosts my self-esteem?   

I let my feet lead the way as I started to go off towards the ocean. This part of the beach was cut off from the more public area. I stood by the coast line as the water floated over my feet. I shivered by the surprisingly cold impact it left on me. I turned away and looked down to see a stick sitting on top of the sand. I got down on my knees and started to inscribe words in the sand.   

M <3 N  

A small smile grew as I put down the stick. Then a shadow stood above her and she instantly knew it was Nicholas.   

“Fuck.” She muttered under her breath. She wiped off the sand on her palms and got up to end up face to face with Nick. “Hey.” I said quickly.  He looked down at the writing. “Well that’s awfully nice of you.”   

I scratched my head nervously. “Um, I can explain?” He stood there, waiting for an explanation. He didn’t change his expression but held that sarcastic smirk on his face. It was always hard to understand exactly what Nick was thinking at any time. “Well I guess I was – “   

“Leaving a mark for Miley and me?”   

I was a bit taken aback. There went another perfect chance. Damn.   

“Sure, I thought it would be cute.”    


“You thought it would be cute? Are you kidding me? Are you frickin’ kidding me?” Selena panted.   

I sighed as I handed her a mug of Ben & Jerry’s finest ice cream. She politely accepted. Demi sat in the chair on the opposite side of the room. She was already half way through her ice cream. “I don’t know. It’s so Notebook-y but with much hotter characters.” She emphasized. I raised my brow as Demi always had a different way of analyzing situations like this. “And Mandy was all over Joe like that? What a slut. I swear.”   

I smiled as I stared at Demi’s fidgeting. “You really like him don’t you?”   

She looked up to me as if I completely spilled the beans on this one. She shook her head anxiously. “Oh no. You must be mistaken, really. Joe has always been like family for years. It’s impossible for me to like him now.”   

“It’s not impossible.” Selena insisted. “Meet example A.” She pointed her index finger at me as I stared at her with glaring eyes.   

“Guys, no. I’m just suggesting that Mandy should give poor Joseph some breathing air. She’s like all over him and it completely disgusts me because he would never go for a girl like her. I mean she’s not her type at all. He needs someone who’s actually sincere and caring. He’s more interested in people who actually have an opinion about the world and the economy. He more likely to be paired with someone who can make him smile.”   

“Yeah, you.”   

“Shut up.”   

“You should tell him.”   

“No, I don’t need to. You haven’t so why should I?”   

It seemed to be Selena’s cue to ask me about my own love life. She turned away from Demi, who had sighed from relief, and towards me. “Maya, how long do you plan on holding this act of yours? Clearly not until the wedding day. Clearly not when they’re already happily married. So what are you going to do, huh?” I didn’t even bother looking at Selena since her face was already burnt in the back of my mind with her questions repeating themselves in my mind.   

“Guys, I really don’t want to talk about this wedding anymore. It’s not my favorite subject. It doesn’t involve my favorite people. It’s simply not something necessary right now. Drop it.” I said sternly. Everyone grew really quiet and I felt kind of bad.   

My cell phone broke the silence as it started to vibrate.   

I looked down as I found the words, “NEW TXT”, flash my eyes. I picked it up and opened the food. It was a text from Miley. Then, the immortal words struck my eyes like lightning.   


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once again, sorry for the sucky filler. i don't understand why i'm not getting any interesting chapters that are actually appealing to me. it's been a long week and i just can't wait for it to be saturday because that's when i'm going to my first homecoming! i'm so excited! you really have no idea :)
but on a different note, does anyone want a title sign for your story? i'm really in the mood of extreme giving so i really want to do something! pretty please?
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