Best Friends by csinyfan


As far back as she could remember, Brianna had known Kevin, Joe and Nick. Now, I know what you're thinking, those names sound familiar. They are the Jonas Brothers. Of course, Brianna didn't think of them as famous, just her best friends. But what will happen when she starts to fall in love with her best friend? Will he ever realize? If you want to know the answer to these questions and many more, keep reading to find out.

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My 2nd story reposted on here! And probably my favorite one yet!

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Chapter 1 by csinyfan

    My name is Brianna Thomas. You're probably wondering why my name sounds a little bit familiar, well, it's not because I'm famous. It's because of who my best friends are. They are three brothers in a famous band that you've probably heard of, the Jonas Brothers. I don't think of them as a famous band of brothers, to me they are just Kevin, Joe and Nick, my best friends. But maybe I should explain how I know them.

    Well, to begin, my mother, Kaitlyn Thomas, was best friends growing up with Denise Jonas before they both got married and then when they did, they lived next door to each other in New Jersey. Denise got married first and about the time that she had her first child, my mother got married. 1 year later, they both got pregnant, Denise with her second child and my mother with her first. I was born on August 1, 1989 and as most of you already know, Joe was born on August 15, two weeks later. Growing up, Joe and I were practically inseparable. We did almost everything together. The first memory I have was when we were 5. It was a hot day in mid July.

    “Momma,” I bounced down the stairs wearing jean shorts and a baseball t-shirt, “Can I go over to the Jonas house now? You said I could once I had breakfast and had gotten dressed. Pleeease?”

    “Alright,” she said. But before I could run out of the house, she continued, “But first, just wait until I call Denise and let her know you're coming over.”

    She did, and the second she hung up and told me I could go, I bolted out the door and ran next door to see my best friend. As soon as I got to the front door, 7-year old Kevin opened the door.

    “Hi, Brianna,” he said, “Mom told me that your mom called and said you were coming over.”

    “Hi, Kevin,” I said back, “Where is he?”

    “Joe's still in bed, I think,” he answered, “You know how hard he is to wake up.”

    I hugged him and ran up the stairs to wake Joe up. When I got to his bedroom door, I opened it as quietly as I could and crept to just inside the door where I stood deciding how to wake him. Finally, I took a running start and jumped onto the bed. I landed and Joe sat straight up.

    “Whoa, Bri,” Joe rubbed the sleep out of his eyes, “You always do that. Maybe I should start locking my door.”

    “Aw, come on, Joe, you don't mean that,” I coaxed, “You wouldn't want to keep your best friend out, would you?”

    “Yeah, you're right,” Joe admitted.

    That wasn't the only time I woke him up like that. But don't worry, he always found some way to get back at me for it. Nick had been born 2 years before, which of course made him a two-year old toddler. I also now have a 1-year old sister, Emily.

Chapter 2 by csinyfan

Our lives were great, we grew up over at each other's houses constantly including one evening when I was 13.

    After camp I went running off the bus and over to Joe's house where 10-year old Nick was sitting on the front porch strumming a guitar.

    “Brianna, will you listen to my music?” Nick asked me as I ran past. I paused for a moment and said,

    “Maybe later. Right now I really need to see your brother,” I told him, trying to make sure he didn't see the tears that had been streaming down my face. I walked quickly into the house where I was hurrying so fast that I bumped into Joe on my way up the stairs.

    “Bri, what's wrong?” He looked concerned, “Did something happen at camp?”

    “My boyfriend broke up with me,” I started to sob harder.

    “Oh, Bri, I'm so sorry,” Joe pulled me close into a comforting hug, “Why don't we have a best friend movie night? We'll watch anything you want.”

    So, he settled me on the couch and went over to the movie rack to pick out what he knew was my favorite movie “The Notebook”. He put it in, came back over to the couch, grabbed a big, fuzzy blanket, wrapped it around me and held me tight as we began to watch. I only saw about a half hour of the movie because I had sobbed myself to sleep and Joe stayed there with me until Denise came in and stopped the movie. She insisted that we had to get ready for bed. Joe managed to wake me up enough to walk upstairs with his help. He helped me into bed and then went over to his own room. I wasn't able to sleep peacefully. I was having a nightmare, and soon I woke up panting. I saw Nick sitting on the edge of my bed trying to decide whether to wake me or not.

    “Nick, what are you doing here?” I whispered to him.

    “I was worried about you,” He whispered back, “can I stay here for the rest of the night? Just to make sure you're ok?”

    “Sure, climb in,” I patted the bed beside me. As he curled up beside me, Joe walked in the room carrying my favorite blanket.

    “Would this help you sleep better?” he asked.

    “Yeah, that and my two best friends staying on either side of me tonight,” I told him. So, he climbed into the bed on the side opposite where Nick was. He spread the fuzzy blanket over all of us and this time I slept the rest of the night peacefully, sleeping between my best friends.

    The next morning, I woke up to see Denise smiling down at the three of us. I sat up, careful not to wake either of them up.

    “Looks like you were able to sleep part of the night peacefully, at least,” Denise said to me.

    “Yeah, but I can promise you nothing happened last night, it was just two best friends coming in to comfort the third,” I felt like I owed her an explanation.

    “It's ok, we all trust you, Brianna,” she reassured me.

Chapter 3 by csinyfan

Things stayed pretty much the same for the next three years. Until the boys formed their band and started to become famous. Around this time, they and we moved to Los Angeles so that they could be closer to the music industry. It was around this time that my best friend, who had always been a girl magnet, started dating. When he was dating his first girlfriend, Mandy, it didn't bother me, I was just happy for my friend even though I hadn't dated since my first boyfriend who broke up with me. But then he broke up with Mandy and started dating Taylor Swift. At the moment when I found out, I started to realize that something had changed inside of me. I realized that I was falling in love with my best friend. Only I realized that he would never think of me as more than a best friend. So, together with my sister, Emily, I went shopping so that I could start dressing as a girl instead of being such a tomboy.

    “Bri, that dress is beautiful,” 12-year old Emily gasped, as she turned to see what I was trying on, “It would look even better with your hair down instead of always putting it up in a ponytail.”

    “Yeah, maybe,” I was trying not to blush, “I don't know, maybe I should stick with my old wardrobe. I don't really feel comfortable in these clothes.”

    “But, Bri, you're beautiful and those tomboy clothes don't flatter you as much,” Emily told me, “And you just might get Joe to notice you as more than a best friend if you try these new clothes.”

    I knew she was right, and we continued to pick out clothes until we were finally checking out and buying 4 big bags of clothes, shoes and accessories to update my wardrobe. As we were headed to my car, my phone rang.

    “Hello, Joey,” I answered.

    “You know I don't like it when you call me that,” Joe said.

    “Yeah, I do know, that's why I say it,” I told him, “did you need something?”

    “Oh, yeah, my reason for calling you, umm, we're going to a red carpet event tonight and I was wondering if you wanted to come along as a family friend,” he said.

    “Sure, Em and I were out shopping but we're headed home now,” I told him, “so, yeah, I'll meet you at your house later tonight.”

    “Ok, see you later, buddy,” Joe said.

    “See you later, buddy,” I repeated our customary phone call ending.

    Once Emily and I got back to our house, we went up to my room and she started to get me ready for that event later. I got dressed in a purple knee length t-shirt dress with a crop sweater on top. I also put on the best friend pendant Joe had given me for my 15th birthday. I also decided to wear a pair of red dangle earrings and gray ballet flats. Emily curled my hair until she was satisfied that it was perfect. She also put a little bit of makeup on me, not too much, just enough to make me look a little more grown up. When she was satisfied that she thought Joe would definitely notice me now, I got up and headed over to the Jonas house. Joe had already left with Kevin to pick up Taylor and take her to the event, so instead I went with the rest of the family. When we got there, Taylor had already gone inside but Joe was waiting for the rest of his family. When he saw me, his jaw dropped.

    “Wow, Bri, you're beautiful,” he said, “I don't think I've ever seen you like that before.”

    “You really think so?” I almost blushed.

    “Tay already went inside,” Joe told me, “so, can I escort you along the red carpet and then inside?”

    “I'd be honored,” I told him.

    So, that day went relatively well, except that Emily was wrong. At least from what I could see, she was wrong, Joe still only saw me as his best friend. As the band got bigger, the boys were doing more and more publicity things. And I drifted away from them. Until one day, about a week after my 18th birthday, my mom, my sister and I were getting packed up and ready to move back east to Maryland, where I had applied and been accepted to a college to continue my journey toward becoming a nurse. I had my entire room packed up in boxes ready to be loaded into the moving van. While I was waiting for the moving company to finish packing the van up with all of our belongings, I walked next door to see Denise who I knew was one of the few people still at their house.

    As I walked in the door, Denise, who saw me coming, grabbed me in a hug and said,

    “So, you're really leaving us, are you?”

    “Yes, Mom, Emily and I are headed back east to Baltimore where I'll be attending more nursing school. We'll be living in a townhouse in Owings Mills, which I already know is a Metro ride away from Johns Hopkins Hospital which is already interested in my career if I'm interested in working there after I've finished schooling.”

    “But shouldn't you wait to leave until you can say 'goodbye' to the boys before you leave? You know, they'll be disappointed to know that you've left without seeing them first. Especially Joe,” Denise told me.

    “Yeah, I know, it's just that we've already sold our house here and purchased the house in Maryland. And as you can see out your window, the moving company is already packing our things up in the van to transport them across the country. And they won't be home for another month, while my schooling starts in 2 weeks,” I explained to her, “So, you see, even if I wanted to stay and see them one last time before we leave, I can't. They won't be home in time for me to say good-bye. Please say it for me and give each one of them a hug for me. But make sure Joe's hug is a little bit stronger, since we were basically twins growing up. Tell them I love them all and I'll miss them.”

    And with that, I hugged her one last time, and walked out of that house that I'd had so much fun in growing up and headed back over to my own house where the movers had finished packing up the truck and were sitting in the cab waiting for us to pile into our car for our long cross-country journey. Emily wanted to sit up front with Mom first so, I climbed in the backseat for the long 27 hour drive. We had decided that we would all stop about halfway through to catch up on some sleep before finishing the trip. Halfway through our first day of driving, I was listening to music on my phone when I decided that I should call Joe. Just to talk and tell him where I was going so that at least he wouldn't be angry with his best friend for leaving and not saying anything. I scrolled through the contacts in my phone until I found Joe's number, chose “call” and waited for him to pick up.

    “Bri? Is that you?” Joe answered, “Is something wrong?”

    “No, nothing is wrong,” I told him, “but Mom, Em and I are headed back east. You remember how I always said that I wanted to be a nurse? Well, that's why we're leaving. I applied to a school in Maryland for a nursing scholarship and I got accepted.”

    “That's great, Bri,” Joe said, “But why didn't you stay to say 'goodbye' in person before you left?”

    “I wanted to, but my school semester starts in 2 weeks and you and your brothers won't be back to L.A. for a month,” I explained.

    That phone conversation, little did I know, would be the last one between us for quite a while. Mom, Emily and I got to Maryland and settled in quite comfortably. I started my nursing schooling and Emily had been told that she had a great voice and should consider taking singing lessons. She did, and soon began to grow as a professional singer. I completed my schooling and became an LPN at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

End Notes:

My chapters have definitely gotten longer since 'My Best Friend'!

Chapter 4 by csinyfan

    Well, it has now been 5 years since I've seen my best friends. I'm now a 23 year old head RN at a New York City hospital. I moved into an apartment with my sister, Emily, who wanted to get some more experience as a singer. Joe, of course, would also be 23 now, but a lot had happened for both of us since that last time we saw each other. I had kept on eye on the tabloids and the news headlines to see what was going on in the life of my best friend. Not long after I had left, Joe had gone through his very public breakup with Taylor Swift and then the boys began filming their first movie, “Camp Rock”. Then he began to date his co-star Demi Lovato. But that relationship didn't last long, and soon all the headlines were talking about was how he broke her heart and now she was in rehab. I knew that couldn't be the whole story. I mean, I knew my friend, didn't I? Or maybe he had changed more than I realized in the 5 years since I'd seen him?

    One day, after I got off of my shift at the hospital, I stopped by the nurses station to clock out when one of my fellow nurses, Julia, who was leaving at the same time I was, said to me,

    “Hey, weren't you friends with that band, what were they called, Jonas Brothers?”

    “Yeah, but I haven't seen them in about 5 years, why are you asking?” I asked.

    “Well, I've been a fan of their music, and I found out that they're doing a comeback concert in Radio City. And well, I won a pair of tickets to the show and I was wondering if you'd like to go with me. I thought maybe you'd like to see your friends again,” she told me.

    “Sure, I guess I would like that, I mean, I haven't seen or talked to them in 5 years. I don't even know if they remember me,” I said to her.

    “How could they not remember you? You were best friends with their family from the moment you were born, weren't you?” she asked.

    “True, maybe they will remember,” I said.

    The concert was the next day and Julia and I lived just on the outskirts of the big city. We commuted into the city every day to the local hospital and rode the subway home until we got to her stop which was 5 stops before mine. When I got off the train, I walked up the steps and down the block to our apartment building. I went up the stairs for our 5th floor apartment, let myself in the door and immediately said to Emily who was sprawled on the couch trying to write a song,

    “You know what Julia told me she won, today at work?”

    “No, what did she tell you?” Em asked.

    “She has tickets to a certain comeback concert at Radio City,” I told her.

    “Whose concert? Whose is it, Bri?” she asked me.

    “Wow, it's been a long time since anyone called me that,” I thought back several years.

    “Oh, that's right, the last person to call you that was Joe, wasn't it?” she remembered now too.

    “Yeah, he was. And that's who the concert is for, Joe and his brothers. The Jonas Brothers are back in the music world,” I finished.

    “And Julia has tickets to this concert?” Em asked, “Do you know how many she has?”

    “Yeah, she said she has a pair of tickets to the concert,” I told her as I moved closer to her to see what she was trying to write, “I'm guessing you're not having much success with that songwriting, are you?”

    “No, I'm not. Brianna, you were always the better writer between the two of us, would you try your hand at songwriting for me? If I ever make it big one day, I promise I'll give you full credit for the songs,” She was almost begging. Finally I agreed and told her that I would try to come up with something for her. As soon as I finished saying it, my Iphone rang. It was Julia.

    “Hey, Brianna,” she started, “I just found out that I'm not going to be able to go to that concert, but there's no reason why you can't still go. So, why don't you take both tickets I had and take your sister instead? She would have known their family too, right?”

    “Yeah, she did and she'll be thrilled when I tell her,” I said.

    “I'll stop past your apartment later tonight to drop the tickets off to you,” she finished.

    “Thanks,” I told her, before we both hung up.

    When I told Emily what Julie had told me, I was right. She started squealing and jumping around the room, finally saying,

    “We're finally going to see them again, Brianna. Do you think they'll remember us?”

    “I don't know, but I'm going to my room to see if I can get this idea for a song for you out of my head and on paper.”

    So I sprawled out flat on my stomach on my bed with my notebook and a pen starting to write some ideas for a song. As I was writing down this verse of a song I was calling “Firework”,


Do you ever feel like a plastic bag

Drifting through the wind, wanting to start again?

Do you ever feel, feel so paper thin

Like a house of cards, one blow from caving in?


    My phone rang. When I checked the screen, it showed a name and number that hadn't called me in 5 years. I pushed 'answer' and said,


    “Hi, Brianna,” he said back, “I know you're probably wondering why I'm calling since you and Emily haven't seen or heard from us in years, but we miss you. And...”

    “And you need something, right?” I anticipated.

    “Yeah, actually it was partly Mom's idea to call you. She doesn't exactly like Joe's choice of girlfriend right now,” he said.

    “Oh, and she thinks that I might be the only person to talk some sense into him,” I understood.

    “Yes, she does,” Nick said, “So, where are you exactly?”

    “Emily and I live in New York City now,” I told him, “but we actually have tickets to your Radio City comeback concert tomorrow night. Why don't we meet up afterwards?”

    “Ok, I'll send Rob out to bring you backstage passes later tonight,” he told me.

    “We'll be waiting,” I said, “Oh, and maybe it would be a good idea if Joe didn't know yet that I'm coming.”

    Nick agreed and we said 'goodbye' and both hung up. Soon after Julia stopped by and gave Emily the tickets. I could hear her thanking Julia for them. While I was trying to pen the rest of the song I'd started, I was scrolling on my phone to find out exactly who Joe was dating that Denise didn't like. I discovered that that girl happened to be famous model Blanda. From what I was reading online, I could see why Denise might not like her, but of course I wanted to hear from everyone involved the actual story instead of relying on the internet. While I was doing this, our doorbell rang again.

    “That'll be Rob, Em,” I called out to her, “Nick sent him with backstage passes for tomorrow night.”

    She answered the door, took the passes from Rob and stood there talking to him until I finally appeared out of the bedroom and he said to me,

    “Hi, Brianna, it's been too long since we've all seen you.”

    “I agree, but I guess the boys have been very busy lately,” I said.

    “Yes, they have, but they always had time for you before you moved back east, so I don't know why they didn't try to keep in touch. However, Mrs. Jonas asked me to tell you that she can't wait to see you again. And to say that the whole family is worried about Joe.”

    “I know, Nick expressed a little of that worry when he called me. I can tell you I certainly wasn't expecting him to call me after so long. But I'll certainly see what I can do to help. I sort of did a little web surfing, he's dating that model, right? What's her name, Blanda?”

    “Yeah, well, I better get back. They're probably still getting ready for tomorrow night. You know, it's been awhile since they were on stage as a band. They're a little nervous that the fans won't like them as much anymore. It'll be good for them to see two of their close friends in the audience.”

    “I hope so, and I don't think there's really anything to worry about with their fans. They still love the boys as much as they ever did.”


Narrator's POV

    And with that, Rob left and headed back to the venue to meet back up with the boys who were just finishing up and ready to head back to the hotel. When he got up to their floor, Kevin was peeking around his and Dani's door waiting. When he saw Rob, Kevin came out and said,

    “Nick told me what you were doing. Did Brianna agree to come backstage after the show?”

    “Yes, she and her sister are coming,” Rob answered, “of course, as Nick may have told you, Joe doesn't know yet that she is coming either to the show or backstage after. So, it's probably better if no one tells him yet.”


Brianna's POV

    I went back to the song I was trying to write for Emily and finally came up with these lyrics.

Do you ever feel like a plastic bag

Drifting through the wind, wanting to start again?

Do you ever feel, feel so paper thin

Like a house of cards, one blow from caving in?


Do you ever feel already buried deep?

Six feet under screams, but no one seems to hear a thing

Do you know that there's still a chance for you

'Cause there's a spark in you?


You just gotta ignite the light and let it shine

Just own the night like the 4th of July


'Cause baby, you're a firework

Come on, show 'em what you're worth

Make 'em go, oh, oh, oh

As you shoot across the sky


Baby, you're a firework

Come on, let your colors burst

Make 'em go, oh, oh, oh

You're gonna leave 'em falling down


You don't have to feel like a waste of space

You're original, cannot be replaced

If you only knew what the future holds

After a hurricane comes a rainbow

Maybe you're reason why all the doors are closed

So you could open one that leads you to the perfect road

Like a lightning bolt, your heart will blow

And when it's time, you'll know


You just gotta ignite the light and let it shine

Just own the night like the 4th of July


'Cause baby you're a firework

Come on, show 'em what you're worth

Make 'em go, oh, oh, oh

As you shoot across the sky


Baby, you're a firework

Come on, let your colors burst

Make 'em go, oh, oh, oh

You're gonna leave 'em falling down


Boom, boom, boom

Even brighter than the moon, moon, moon

It's always been inside of you, you, you

And now it's time to let it through


'Cause baby you're a firework

Come on, show 'em what you're worth

Make 'em go, oh, oh, oh

As you shoot across the sky


Baby, you're a firework

Come on, let your colors burst

Make 'em go, oh, oh, oh

You're gonna leave 'em falling down


Boom, boom, boom

Even brighter than the moon, moon, moon

Boom, boom, boom

Even brighter than the moon, moon, moon

End Notes:

Credit for the song Brianna writes for her sister goes to Katy Perry!

Chapter 5 by csinyfan

    Once I finished writing I put the paper on my nightstand, got changed into pjs of sweatpants and a tank and crawled into bed.

    When I woke up the next morning, I could hear Emily in the shower singing along with her Ipod playing an assortment of Jonas Brothers songs. I stretched and realized I wasn't going to fall back asleep, so, I got up and walked over to my closet and picked the outfit I'd wear to the concert tonight. I stayed in my pjs until about 2 hours before the concert and about that time I walked into the bathroom, got undressed, got in the shower, washed my hair and then got out and dried off. Once I was dry, I started to get dressed in a black sequin shirt and jean capris. I dried and curled my hair, threw on a little makeup, grabbed my purse, put on flip-flops and Emily and I walked out the door. We decided to take the subway to the venue and got there 15 minutes before the show started. The concert was great, the boys gave a great performance as usual. After the 2 hour show, Emily and I walked over to the side of the stage, where there were 2 guards preventing fans from getting backstage, but when I showed them the passes they separated just enough to let Emily and I through. We walked down the hall and around the corner to the door that I could tell was the dressing room since there was a group of reporters and cameras outside. When Rob saw us coming, he shooed all the reporters away and escorted us into the dressing room. Once inside, Joe looked at us with a puzzled look.

    “Joe? Don't you remember me?” I asked him.

    “No, should I?” he said.

    “You should be able to remember your best friend that you grew up with since birth,” I told him.

    “Brianna?” Joe just stared at me.

    “Yes, it's me, Joe,” I said, “It's been 5 years since the last time we saw each other.”

    “That's right, I do remember now,” he thought aloud, “Best friends, huh? I believe that.”

    “I hate to mention this, since I've been playing this moment when we see each other again over and over in my head, but the concert and seeing you again isn't the only reason I came. Nick was actually the first to get back in touch, in fact part of the reason he called was because your mom convinced him to.”

    “It was Mom's idea for you to come see us?” Joe looked confused, “I don't understand.”

    “Well, she was, er, is worried about you,” I said.

    “What? Me? Why is she worried about me?”

    “Because she and the rest of your family think that your relationship with Blanda is changing you. And from what I've heard, not in a good way.”

    “What do you think, Bri? Do you think I've changed?” he asked.

    “I don't know, I haven't seen you in 5 years. All I do know is that I want my bestfriend back and I'm not sure that I'll get what I want as long as you're with Blanda.”

    “I'm right here, Bri. You're not losing your best friend.” Joe reached out for me and pulled me into a better hug than I'd gotten in a long time. Not wanting to stop the hug, I tipped my head back to look up at him and said,

    “What about Blanda? Do you really think she's the one? Cause the best friend that I knew would never have wanted to be with a girl that his family didn't approve of.”

    “I don't know, I guess I just really thought that I was in love,” he said, looking down at me.

    “I have a question for you, though,” I said, “Do you, after your unsuccessful relationships, think that you are meant to be with someone else famous?”

    “Probably not. What do you think I should do, Bri? Do you think I should break up with her?”

    “I don't know, do you see yourself with her, later in life, married, with kids?” I asked.

    “No, I guess I don't,” he answered, “Maybe I was meant to stay single for a while. But at least I still have my best friend.”

    “That's right, I'm right here, Joe,” I told him, finally breaking out of the hug, “What would you say if I suggested that we have a best friend movie night?”

    “I'd say that's a great idea. What movie do you want to see?”

    We went back and forth trying to decide on a movie that we both loved while we headed back to Joe's hotel room. Emily went back with the rest of the family to catch up with Nick who she had always been closer to growing up since she was only about a year younger than him. Joe and I finally settled on the first Avengers movie. When we got back to his hotel room, he dug around in a bag searching for the movie while I rummaged around the kitchenette looking for a snack. I finally found a popcorn popper, a bag of unpopped popcorn and a bowl and started it popping while I searched for some oil and salt to season it. Once I was done, I brought the popcorn over to the couch where I sat down cross legged to wait for Joe to get the movie ready. When he did, he walked over and sat down and I moved the bowl of popcorn from my lap to between us so we both could reach it. We had eaten everything in the bowl by the time we were only 20 minutes into the movie. By the time we were halfway through the movie, I grabbed Joe's fleece Yankees blanket off the back of the couch and started to wrap it around myself. When he saw what I was doing, Joe reached around me and pulled the blanket around both of us with his arm holding it around me. Since his arm was wrapped around me, I rested my head on his shoulder. The movie didn't end until just before midnight, and we were both so tired that we didn't even go to bed. We just stayed on the couch, my head eventually ending up resting on his chest and his head tilted back against the back of the sofa while his arms were wrapped around me holding the blanket around both of us.

Chapter 6 by csinyfan

    We must have stayed there all night because when I woke up, I was sprawled out on the couch still wrapped in the blanket. But I didn't see Joe, until I heard some rustling coming from the kitchenette. So I rolled over onto my stomach and looked up to see Joe making waffles.

    “That smells good,” I said.

    “Good, cause they're ready to eat if you want some,” he said back.

    I got up, walked over, grabbed a plate and a fork and speared 2 waffles onto it before sitting down at the table to eat. We sat eating our breakfast in silence until we had both finished 3 large waffles. I broke the silence saying,

    “Those were good, but now I'm so full I don't think I could fit anymore in for a while.”

    “Yeah, I know what you mean,” he said.

    “So, what is on the schedule for today?” I asked.

    “I'm not sure, but I think Dad said we're going to Baltimore for a show at First Mariner Arena. Doesn't your family live in Maryland?”

    “Yeah, they do,” I answered, “In fact, if your family doesn't mind, I'll come with you and visit them.”

    “You know they won't mind. They think of you as one of our family,” he answered.

    We threw away our paper plates and Joe cleaned up the pan while I wiped down the table. I had just finished when my phone's ringtone, “Can't Have You” went off. I started searching around the room looking for my phone. I saw the way Joe was looking at me when he heard my ringtone so, I said,

    “Just cause I hadn't seen you in 5 years before last night doesn't mean I haven't kept up with what you and your brothers have been up to. And I happen to love that song.”

    As I finished saying that, I finally found my phone where it had slid slightly under the couch. I picked it up and pushed “answer”.

    “Hello, who is this?” I answered, not recognizing the number that was calling me.

    “Brianna? I know I haven't seen you in a long time, but certainly you remember a very close friend from Maryland,” The voice on the other end of the phone call said.

    “Renee? Is that you?” I asked.

    “Yes, but why did we lose touch? We haven't talked since you left for New York 2 and a half years ago. But we need to talk now.”

    “Ok, well, right now I'm with a friend who I grew up with, so, could you hang on while I put you on hold for a couple minutes?”

    “Sure, I'll be here,” she said.

    I put the phone on hold and turned to Joe, saying,

    “You know what? Why don't I go back to my apartment to pack up a few things and I'll meet you back here in the lobby. Call me when you know what time your family will be leaving,” I told him.

    “Ok, we'll see you later,” he said as I walked for the door. When I was walking to the subway, I put my phone back up to my ear and said,

    “Hey, Renee, I'm back.”

    “Are you still in New York now?”

    “Yes, and I reunited with the Jonas family. You remember I told you that I grew up with them ever since I was born.”

    “Yeah, I do remember you saying something about that.”

    “Well, I went to see them in concert last night, and then spent the night with my best friend in his hotel room,” I told her, as I heard her gasp, “No, no, don't worry, not like that, it was a best friend movie night. And not only that, but, they're headed into Baltimore for a show downtown and I'm coming with them. Where are you right now?”

    “You remember how I live in Pennsylvania, right?” she said, “Well, I still do, but I'm in Maryland now, visiting my family. Hey, if you're coming here, why don't you come to church with us? You haven't been to that church in several years, have you?”

    “I'll see if I have time,” I promised her, “And if I do, I promise I'll come see you.”

    “Ok, see you soon,” she said before hanging up the phone.

    By the time Renee and I were done talking, I had walked up from the subway and up to my apartment. When I got up there and walked in the door, I immediately saw Emily, who was sprawled out on the floor again still trying to come up with another song.

    “You know who called me today? Someone I hadn't heard from in several years,” I wanted to make her guess. She looked up from her papers that were spread all around the room, and said,

    “Who, Brianna?”

    “Renee. You remember from when we lived in Maryland a couple years ago,” I told her.

    “You mean, Renee, the one who had the brother that you had a crush on? What was his name?” she asked.


    “What? You know you did,” she insisted.

    “Fine, maybe I did, but I haven't seen him in years,” I retorted.

    “Alright, think what you want for now. But talking to Renee on the phone can't be the only reason you seem so excitable, can it?” she asked again.

    “Ok, it's not the only reason. Joe wants me to come with their family to Maryland where they're doing a show downtown. And Renee has invited me to go to church with her when I come down,” I explained to her.

    “Sounds like fun,” Emily said, “Wish I could go too, but I have too much to do.”

    After we were done talking, I went into my room to pack up my bags so that I'd be ready when Joe called me to let me know when they were leaving for Baltimore. I packed up my suitcase with a week's worth of clothes. Once I'd finished packing, I jumped in the shower, washed my hair, then got out, dried off and wrapped myself in a towel to go out to my closet to pick out my travel outfit. When I had it, I walked back into the bathroom to put on a blue striped maxi dress with a dark blue jean jacket on top. I wrapped a tan colored scarf loosely around my neck before drying and lightly curling my hair. As I was finishing my hair, I heard my phone's ringtone, once again the Jonas Brothers “Can't Have You” going off on my bed. I set down my curler, went out, grabbed my phone, saw that Joe was calling and answered.


    “Hey, Bri,” Joe said, “You said to call you when I knew when we're leaving, so, Dad finally figured out that we're leaving at 5:00."

“Ok, I was just finishing up getting ready and then I'll head down to the subway and ride over to your hotel.”

    I finished with my hair, slung my purse over my shoulder and grabbed my rolling suitcase handle while sliding on my silver with pink rhinestone flats and headed for the door. I said 'good-bye' to Emily and stepped outside, making my way to the subway. I carried my suitcase down the stairs to wait at the train station for the next available train. After I'd been sitting on the bench waiting for 10 minutes, I pulled out my Iphone to check my latest text messages. I had one from Joe that read:

    'where are u? It's 4:30 and dad wants to make sure that ur on ur way.'

    I pushed 'reply' and started to type:

    'At the subway station now. Should be there in 15 min. See u soon.'

    As soon as I finished typing, a hand touched my shoulder. I jumped and spun around, staring at the young man behind me, saying,

    “Michael? Is that you? Renee's brother, right?”

    “Yes, she called and told me that you were here. She also said you were going back to Maryland to see friends and family,” Michael said.

    “Yeah, I am,” I told him, as he settled down on the bench next to me, “My best friend invited me to go down with them to see them perform and your sister invited me to go to church with your family.”

    He continued to talk as we got on the next train that showed up until it got to the stop closest to the hotel where I was meeting the Jonas family in the lobby. As I made my way up to the hotel, I thought back on how I wasn't as close with Renee's youngest brother, Michael but that I was closer with her and her other brother. When I got there, we all left and climbed into the cars that were waiting to begin our trip. Kevin and Dani traveled in one car themselves, Nick, Frankie and their parents were in a second car and Joe and I were in the third car. We spent the first hour and a half playing “Uno” to pass the time. After several dozen games, Joe drifted off to sleep next to me while I dragged my sketchbook out of my bag to do a little drawing. I was midway through a new drawing of my best friends when Joe's head shifted and landed hard on my shoulder. I grimaced as my shoulder started to ache.

    “Brianna, you alright back there?” Rob asked from his driver's seat.

    “Yeah, I'm fine. That turn back there just made Joe's head land on my shoulder hard. And of course he is still sound asleep.”

    I closed up my sketchbook realizing how sleepy I was too, so, when he shifted again, I leaned my head on his shoulder which was the last thing I remembered until I woke up the next morning on a bed in what looked like a hotel room. I sat up, heard Joe in the shower, and walked over to the window. When I looked outside, I saw that the hotel I was in was the one right outside of Oriole Park at Camden Yards. I turned around when I heard the bathroom door open.

    “You're awake,” Joe said, “I hope I didn't wake you up.”

    “No, I didn't even know that I was moved out of the car. I'm assuming it was you who carried me in here, right?”

    “Yeah, and my mother was the one who changed you into your pajamas. In case you're worried,” he said.

    “I wasn't worried,” I reassured him.

    Joe continued to get ready for their concert while I showered, got dressed and headed to church to meet up with Renee and her family again. I ended up getting there late, so, I just crept in and sat in the back. When the service was over, I walked down to the front where Renee was standing with her mom. The band was still finishing up their song from the end of the service.

    “Hi, Brianna,” Renee said as soon as she saw me walking toward her.

    “Hi,” I answered, “So, it's just you and your mom here now?”

    “No, you're probably remembering my older brother, Josh,” she said.

    “I know, you and my sister, Emily both thought I had a crush on him.”

    “Well.... Did you?”

    “Honestly, I don't know. Maybe a little, but I've always had a small crush on my best friend too.”

    “You mean, that best friend that I jumped to conclusions about when you said you were in his hotel room?”

    “Yeah, you're right, that's the best friend.”

    “So... Does he have feelings for you too?”

    “No. At least, I don't think so. He's always just acted like I'm his best friend.”

    “Well, I may know someone who does.”

    “Wait, are you...are you talking about who I think you're talking about?” I asked her. Instead of answering, Renee directed my attention up to where the band was cleaning up. I was confused at first but then remembered back to when I lived in Maryland. She was pointing to the band's drummer, her brother, Josh. I went to the concert that night. And then my best friends continued with their tour while I went back up to New York and started to date Josh. We dated for the next two years and he moved next door to my and Emily's apartment. One night, the night before my 25th birthday, I got off my shift at the hospital, left and walked down to the subway to head home. As soon I walked in the front door, Emily immediately shouted,

    “Happy day before birthday, Brianna!” She quieted down then and added, “Oh, I'm headed out to get some groceries and Josh is in your bedroom. He said he wanted to talk to you about something. Didn't say what, but I'll let you find out.”

    I walked into my room and saw him with his back to me, so he didn't see me come in. So, I said,

    “Em said you wanted to talk about something.” He turned around and started,

    “Well, it's really more of a question. Bri, we've been together for 2 years now. And you know I had a crush on you long before that, and I think you did too. So, my question is, will you marry me?”

Chapter 7 by csinyfan

    Now, I know what you're thinking. I should be thrilled. A guy that I really do like is asking me to marry him. But as you know, I may have appeared to have squashed my feelings for Joe. But even hearing Josh call me 'Bri”, I don't know, it brought back old memories, since the only guy before who ever called me 'Bri' was Joe. So, I did what anyone would think of doing, I said 'Yes'. But deep down, I knew I would never be completely happy with anyone but Joe. The next night, unknown to me, Emily and Josh were planning a surprise birthday party for me. So, when I got off my hospital shift that night, it felt like any other normal night, but as soon as I got to the bottom of the stairs of our building, I could tell something was off. The minute I turned the doorknob and walked in, everyone yelled “Happy Birthday”. I calmly (at least as calmly as someone can do anything when everyone they know is at a surprise party for you) shut the door behind me and looked around the room. Everyone I could possibly think of was there. Mom, Emily, Josh, Renee, even the Jonas family were all there. I plopped my bag and keys down on the kitchen counter and began to enjoy talking, laughing and having a good time with my friends and family. About a half hour into the party, I said,

    “I suppose it's time to reveal the secret that Josh and I share. We're engaged.”

    As soon as the words left my mouth, almost everyone's jaws dropped. Except Joe's. I didn't have time right then to think about what the downcast look on his face meant because Emily said,

    “Wow, Brianna, that's great news. I'm sure I speak for everyone here when I say that we're all happy for the two of you.”

    More talking and laughing followed until I saw Joe slip out onto my balcony so I followed him. When I stepped out of the door I said,

    “Are you alright?”

    “I don't know, Bri,” he answered, “Are you really in love with him?”

    “I think I am,” I stared at him, trying to figure out what was going on in his head.

    “Well, then, you're my best friend, I'm happy for you. As long as you're really happy.”

    “Thanks,” I told him, as I stepped closer and wrapped my arms around him in a tight hug. We stayed like that until he broke away, saying,

    “I gotta...I gotta get home to feed Winston.” He turned around and I thought he might have been fighting back tears but I couldn't quite tell. Emily and Renee started to help me plan my upcoming wedding. We planned to hold it in 6 months in a simple ceremony. One day, about 2 months before the wedding, I was in my apartment figuring out a menu to discuss with the caterer when I heard a knock at the door. I walked over and opened it.

    “Oh, Nick, hi,” I stammered out, “What are you doing here?”

    “I wanted to ask if you were sure you're making the right decision about your upcoming marriage to Josh,” he asked.

    “I think so,” I told him.

    “You're probably wondering why I'm asking, right?” he said.

    “Yeah, you're right,” I said, “I am wondering that. So, what is your reason?”

    “My reason is Joe. His mood has changed drastically since you revealed your engagement. Lately, he's been staying in his apartment. He's been very distraught and it's been a long time since I've seen him smile and laugh. You have to go see him.”

    Nick left, and I debated what he'd told me. I couldn't decide if I wanted to dig those skeletons out of my closet. But finally I decided that since we were, er, are still best friends that I would go see what was going on. I took the subway to his apartment where I used my spare key in the lock when he didn't answer my knock. His dog met me at the door and I bent down to pet and hug him and said,

    “Hey, Winnie. How are you? Where is your daddy?”

    Winston stayed right by me until I stood back up and then he walked over to his food bowl on the floor and stared at it, then back at me.

    “Are you hungry? Haven't you been fed today?” And I walked over to the kitchen, dug around till I found the dog food and filled the bowl. While Winnie was completely distracted by his now filled bowl, I wandered around trying to find my best friend. When I walked into his bedroom, I saw him sitting on his bed with his back to me, so, he didn't see me come in. I walked over and sat down next to him, and said,

    “I know I asked you before if you were ok, but I'm not sure that your answer was really true.”

    “Alright, you're right, I'm not ok. But it doesn't matter cause you're getting married and are happy with Josh,” he started.

    “But...What exactly are you saying?” I stammered.

    “What I'm saying is that I'm in love with my best friend. I first realized when you revealed your engagement,” he finished.

    I stayed there with him just as a friend to try to comfort him. But my mind was so much busier than my body for a while. All I could think was that I'd waited for years for him to tell me that he loved me, but now of course I was engaged. So, what should I do?

Chapter 8 by csinyfan

    Before I knew it, my wedding day was here. And I still didn't know what to do. Finally it hit me. I did like Josh, but my heart would always belong to Joe. I mean, we did grow up together since we were babies. Sometimes I thought that I knew him as well or better than I knew myself. So, I sent Josh a quick text asking him to come see me. When he got in the room, I told him that he deserved to marry someone who really loved him. And that I did like him, but that my heart would always belong to someone else. The first thing he said was,

    “It's Joe, isn't it?”

    “Yes, it is,” I hoped he wasn't upset, “I didn't really realize it until the surprise party you and my sister threw for me.”

    “It's ok, I'm not mad,” he said, “As long as you're happy, that's all that matters. He's a lucky guy. I hope he knows that.”

    “Thanks, he does, or at least he will soon,” I handed him back the ring and gave him a hug, continuing, “I hope we can still be friends, though.”

    He agreed and I returned to my apartment. I called Nick, told him the news and what I'd decided and asked him if when they got back from tour if he could come up with some reason to bring Joe to my apartment. He said he would be happy to help me with that and then we hung up so I could go start my next shift at the hospital and he could get back to show prep for their next stop on the tour.

    One month later, there was just one show left on the tour. My phone rang 2 hours before and my new ringtone, Thomas Rhett's 'Be A Light' started going off. I stepped out of the bathroom, one towel around me and one wrapped up with my hair. Trying to remember where I'd laid it, finally I found it on the kitchen counter. I walked over, picked it up and pushed 'answer'.

    “Hi, Nick. How's your tour going?”

    “It's going great. How are you doing?”

    “Ok, he still doesn't know, does he?”

    “You mean Joe? No, he doesn't have any idea that you called off your wedding. But I know he's been faking that he's happy for the fans.”

    “Well, that's why you have to get him here.”

    “Yeah, back to you. And hopefully soon back to his fun loving self.”

    2 days after the tour ended, I was sitting in the rooftop garden on top of my building when Nick texted me saying that they were on their way. He practically had to drag his brother along. Halfway to my apartment, Joe said,

    “Where are we going again?”

    “I told you, you're headed to see an old friend who has a surprise for you,” Nick said, without giving anything away.

    When they got to their destination, Nick told him to take the elevator up to the roof to find out what the surprise was. Because I had recently upgraded and moved up to the penthouse suite, my landlord had also given me exclusive access to the roof and allowed me to decorate it however I liked. I was sprawled on my couch on my stomach reading and waiting for Joe to step out of the elevator. Finally, he did and I got up, walked over to him, wrapped my arms around him and said,

    “Did you have any idea where Nick was bringing you tonight?”

    “No, absolutely none,” he answered, while wrapping his arms around my waist, “Why did you want to see me? I mean, I know we were best friends, but you're married now. Where is your husband by the way?”

    “He doesn't exist, at least not yet,” I told him.

    “Wha? What are you talking about, Bri?” He looked confused. Instead of answering, I slid my left hand into his and waited for him to realize that my ring finger was bare. I could tell he was feeling my hand thinking something was off but not being sure what that was. Finally, he looked down and began to rub my finger where my ring should have been.

    “Bri? Where is your ring? You are married, aren't you?” He finally asked.

    “No, I'm not, Joe,” I told him.

    “But, I thought you said you were in love with him.”

    “I thought I was at first, but then I realized that while I did like Josh, and still do, I wasn't in love with him. At least not in a way that I should be in love with my husband. Instead I realized that I'm in love with my best friend.” I finished.

    “You're in love with me?” Joe asked.

    “Yes, I am,” I told him, “ I think I always was, but that I pushed it aside when I thought you were happy with someone else.”

    “You mean, when I was dating Sophie?” He stared down at me.

    “Sort of,” I told him, “you dating Sophie resurfaced my feelings, but it started as far back as your relationship with Taylor.”

    “Really? Bri? Why didn't you say something sooner?”

    “Because I was afraid to, Joe,” I tried to hold my tears back.

    “What about now, Bri? Are you still afraid?”

    “Only if my bestfriend isn't in love with me.”

    “Then you don't need to be afraid anymore, cause I am in love with my best friend.” He just stood there holding me until I stopped shaking and tipped my chin up to look at him. As soon as I did, he scooped me up and carried me over to the elevator. We went down to my penthouse suite but when we got to the door I said,

    “You're going to have to put me down or we're not getting inside.”

    He did and I dug around in my pockets to find my key card till I found it, slid it into the door lock and pushed the door open. I walked into my closet to change while Joe went into the bathroom.

    I walked out 10 minutes in my favorite hot pink pair of yoga pants and pale pink racerback tank. Since I was waiting for Joe to come out of the bathroom, I pulled down the blankets on my bed and climbed in, lying backwards down onto my big fuzzy purple pillow. I didn't open my eyes until I heard the bathroom door open. I peeked my eyes open just enough to see him settle onto the couch. I then opened my eyes wide and sat up.

    “Are you going to stay over there by yourself all night?” I asked him.

    “I was, why do you ask?” he asked his own question.

    Instead of saying anything else, I patted the bed beside me, urging him to climb in next to me. He did and we curled up and snuggled together until we both fell asleep.

    The next morning, I woke up when I felt my phone vibrate on the dresser next to the bed. Since Joe was still asleep with his arm wrapped around me, I stayed in bed and reached for it. I saw it was Emily calling me so, I hit “answer” and whispered into it,

    “Em, is something wrong?”

    As soon as she started talking, I could tell she'd been crying. “Oh, Bri, it's Momma. She was diagnosed with cancer. The doctor recommends that she should be resting, not running her store. But Bri, she won't listen to reason. She's still running it. Please, you have to come home. She listens to you. And she won't rest like she should.”

    “Oh, my, goodness!” I was still whispering, but I was shocked, “Of course, I'll come home as soon as I can get a flight. Emily, don't worry, I'll be there to help you through this.” As I was saying this, I started to sob. So, we both hung up and I fell back against Joe's chest and continued to sob while he was still sleeping. I shifted off of Joe and curled up next to him and continued to cry until he woke up. He finally did and I was still shaking with sobs. So, he said,

    “Bri, what's wrong?”

    I turned over trying to wipe tears off my face and answered,

    “Emily called me to tell me some bad news.” I started to sob again, before trying to continue what I was saying, “She said that my mom was diagnosed with cancer and that she should be resting but she's insisting on still running the store she started up.”

    He pulled me into a tight hug and just sat there holding me until I finally stopped shaking and said,

    “I have to go home, Joe. Emily needs me. She says that I may be the only person who can convince our mom to rest. I have to get on a flight back home as soon as possible.”

    “Of course you do, Bri, in fact don't worry about that. I'll take care of getting your plane ticket and I'll even drive you to the airport myself.”

    “Joe, I can't let you do that for me.”

    “Come on, Bri, let me pay for my best friend's ticket. I'd love to be able to come back with you and see your momma again but you know I have the tour coming up to get ready for.”

    “I know, alright, I give up. You can pay for my ticket. And I know, my mom was like a second mom to you and your brothers just like your mom was a second to me and my sister.”

    “Yeah, you and Emily were the daughters that mom never had.”

    Later that night, Joe drove me to the airport and he waited with me until my plane was boarding. We sat together quietly until just as the announcer said, “Flight 208 to Newark, New Jersey is now boarding” when Joe said,

    “Bri, before you get on that plane, will you be my girlfriend?”

    My jaw dropped as I was just about to pick up my bags to head for the plane, finally I was able to speak and said,

    “Absolutely, Joe, yes, I'll be your girlfriend.” I wrapped my arms around his neck to give him a tight hug before letting going and continuing,

    “However, unless I want to miss my flight, I have to go. I promise I'll call you as soon as I get to my mom's house.”

End Notes:

Intially I wasn't going to make any changes to either of my first 2 reposts to the new site, but in an effort to update a little, made Joe's last girlfriend in this story before Bri, Sophie. This is not to say that I don't like them as couple, quite the opposite.


I also updated Bri's ringtone to Thomas Rhett's recent release of 'Be A Light' as a little reminder with all hate and drama swirling around right now...

If we could remember that no matter what your skin color is, we'll all human and can only control our own words and actions. I know it's easy to judge someone else (we all do it, even if you try to deny it), but if we could remember to think before blurting out the first thing hurtful thing that comes out of our mouths (or keyboards), wouldn't this country (or world) be a better place?


I promise I didn't mean get preachy, but after all the negativity I've seen on FB and Twitter, I thought what better way to remind us all to be kind was through music! Seriously, if you haven't heard this song, I highly recommend it!

Chapter 9 by csinyfan

    4 hours later, I had already landed and had rented a car to drive to my mom's house. I pulled into her driveway, parked, got out, walked up the front door and knocked. 5 minutes later, Emily opened the door.

    “Brianna! You're here!” She grabbed in a great big hug, “So, what happened back in New York? Nick called and told me that he was helping you get back together with Joe.” She released and stared at me, waiting to hear what I had to say.

    “It went really well. Em, just before I got on my flight back here, he asked me to be his girlfriend, and I said yes,” I told her.

    “That's great, Bri,” she replied, “I told you he was really in love with you. He just didn't realize it at first.”

    “Em, is Mom here now?”

    “Yes, for a change she is in her room, and I hope she's resting,” she told me.

    I walked upstairs to see her and as soon as I stepped into her room, she said,

    “Brianna, you came home! Emily said she was going to call you.”

    “Yeah, she did, Mom,” I hugged her.

    We both sat on her bed catching up on everything we'd missed in each other's lives. We just sat there talking for 45 minutes and I was finally able to convince her that if she would stay home and rest only going out to go to her doctor, that I would take over the running of her store. You see, after we had moved to Maryland, we had been to a resale shop that bought clothes, shoes, purses and all kinds of things. And my mom decided she wanted to use the small fortune she'd inherited from her parents to open a store of her own. When we were done talking, I went down the hall to call Joe and let him know that I'd gotten in safely. I stayed there with my mom and Emily for about a year and a half. Don't worry though, Joe and I didn't lose touch this time. We constantly talked on the phone or video chatted back and forth. In fact, one day after I'd been back in Jersey for about a year, I was at the store finally training a store manager so that my mom and I wouldn't have to be at the store everyday. While I was taking a short break letting Rebecca (that's the name of our new manager) have a trial of what it's like to run the store without me there, I sat down back in my office and pulled out my Iphone to call Joe. I dialed his number and waited. 3 rings later, he answered,

    “Hello, Bri, how are things going with your mom?”

    “They're going ok. The doctor says she's responding well to the chemotherapy. But she's still got a ways to go before she's totally beaten the cancer.”

    “When are you coming back out here?”

    “I don't know, Joe. If I leave, she'll try to run her store again even though I've fully trained a manager to do all that for her. I want to come back, Joe, but she's my mom. I can't leave her yet.”

    “I know you can't,” Joe sighed, “it's just that I haven't seen you in a year except through a computer screen.”

    “I know it's been a long time, and I hope I'll be able to leave soon,” I told him as we finished talking. 

6 more months passed and my mom was making a lot of progress towards beating her cancer. She finally convinced me that she would be alright and that Emily could take care of her now. So, she convinced me to buy a plane ticket and travel back to the Jonas family house in Texas. One day, I finally paid for my ticket which was scheduled to take off 2 weeks later. That gave some time to pack my bags back up for my flight. 2 days before I would travel to the Newark airport, I called Joe and left him a voicemail when he didn't answer.

    “Hey, Joe, it's Bri. I just wanted to let you know, in 2 days I'll be on a plane headed out to see you. My mom's doing much better, she's not quite out of the woods yet, but she was actually the one who finally convinced me that I needed to focus on taking care of myself now. In any case, you won't have to just look at me through a computer screen anymore. I'll be there in just a few more days. Anyway, I'd better go, so much more to pack and get ready before I'll be ready to leave. Call me when you get this and you have time. I love you.” Little did I know as I hung up the phone, that everything was about to change.


Joe's POV:

    I looked down at my phone one day when my brothers and I were on a break before soundcheck for our first show. 'One Missed Call' flashed across the screen, so, I thumbed through and saw that I'd missed a call from Bri. I listened to her message, a smile slowly growing across my face. I tried calling her back when I knew she should be on her plane, but it went straight to voicemail. Thinking that was strange and that she certainly would have answered, I decided to call Emily to see if she knew whether her sister was already on the plane. As soon as Emily picked up, I knew something was wrong,

    “Hello?” The voice on the other end was trying hard not to cry.

    “Emily? It's Joe.”

    “Oh, Joe, what's up?”

    “Umm, I just got Bri's message. I tried calling her but she didn't answer. She is on her plane, right?”

    “So, you haven't heard?”

    “Heard? Heard what?” I knew I was starting to sound worried, but I didn't care. I mean, this was my best friend we were talking about.

    “Joe, she was on her way to the airport to get on her flight out to you, and the taxi she was in was hit by a drunk driver.”

    “What? But she's alright, isn't she? Can I talk to her?”

    “I'm afraid not, Joe, I mean, she's alive. Barely, but she's at the hospital. She's in a coma. That's where I am right now. I'm sitting by her bed......Joe, are you still there?”

    “I'm sorry. I just can't believe what I'm hearing right now,” While I was still on the phone with Emily, I called to Dad saying, “Dad, I need to tell you and Mom something,” I continued saying to Em, “I'll do everything I can to delay this tour and come out to see her and let you get some rest so you don't have to be at the hospital so much.” As soon as we hung up, my parents were standing in front of me so, I told them everything,

    “That was Emily. You know, Brianna's sister. I called her after hearing Bri's phone message and trying to call her but she didn't answer. Emily said that Bri was in an accident on her way to the airport and that now she's at the hospital in a coma. Dad, I know we were supposed to go on tour, but I have to go back to Jersey to see her. Emily said she's barely holding on.”

    Mom answered first,

    “Of course you do, we'll push the tour back as far as you need to. I'm sure the fans will understand. I mean, by now they know all about you and Bri and they've known her ever since you and your brothers have been famous.”


Narrator's POV:

    As soon as they were done talking, Joe and Rob immediately began packing and caught the first available flight from Texas to New Jersey. They arrived at the Newark airport at 4 pm eastern time. And went straight to the hotel that they would stay in to drop off their luggage before heading straight to the hospital. Before they got there, Emily had gone down to let the front desk and hospital security know who was going to show up. They almost didn't believe her until she called Joe and passed her phone over to the head guard and let him prove who he was. She walked back upstairs to Brianna's room where she continued to wait for Joe to get there. Hospital security came to the parking lot to escort them in when they arrived and Joe immediately went up to Bri's room.

    As soon as Emily met him outside the hospital room, he said,

    “Emily, how is she?”

    “The doctor says she's resting comfortably right now. But, Joe, she's not out of danger yet. Apparently there was a lot of swelling on her brain when she was brought in.”

    “Is she going to live, Emily? What do you think? I can't lose her. I haven't even gotten a chance to tell her how I really feel.”

    “Joe, are you telling me that you're in love with my sister?” Emily said, “And let me guess, you didn't fully realize until you heard that she was in critical condition at the hospital, right?”

    “Yeah, you're right,” he admitted, “Do you think she'll come out of it?”

    “I think she will. I mean, you know Bri's a fighter, Joe. She's going to fight it.”

    “True, she's definitely a fighter.”

    Finally, the doctor, who had been in Bri's room since Joe got there, came out, and said,

    “Brianna is stabilized for now. We'll obviously keep a very close eye on her to make sure there aren't any significant changes. However, you can both feel free to go in and see her.”

    As soon as the doctor finished saying this, Emily headed down to the cafeteria to get some dinner while Joe walked into the room to sit next to the bed and hold Bri's hand.

    Brianna remained in the coma for the next 3 months. And Joe went and stayed in her hospital room as often as he could. Obviously the cross country tour had been postponed.

Chapter 10 by csinyfan

    Finally, on June 1, 2015, only 2 months before her 26th birthday, Brianna began to stir.


Brianna's POV

    My eyes fluttered open. They wandered around the room as I tried to focus on my surroundings. Finally I saw Emily sitting slouched in her chair. I croaked out,

    “Em, is that you?”

    “Bri? You're awake!”

    “What happened to me?”

    “You were in a taxi on your way to the airport to catch your flight to Dallas. But the taxi was hit by a drunk driver. You've been in a coma for 3 months,” Emily explained.

    “3 months! But Emily, where's Joe?” I was shocked.

    “Don't worry, he's been here almost non-stop since you were brought in. He's just down at the cafeteria now getting some dinner. I'll call him and tell him to come up,” She reassured me. She pulled her phone out of her pocket and chose Joe's number and pushed “call”. He answered after 3 rings and Emily said,

    “Hey, get up here now. She just woke up.”

    Joe must have run all the way up to my room, because he got there 10 minutes after the phone call ended.

    “Bri! You're awake! Has the doctor been in while I was gone?” He said as fast as possible.

    “Whoa, Joe, slow down. No, he hasn't been in, at least not since I woke up,” I told him, “Just wondering, but I know you and your brothers were supposed to go on tour when I was coming out to see you. Did you?”

    “No, we postponed it, so I could be here at the hospital,” he answered.

    “But, you must have a lot of upset fans.”

    “Yes, but it didn't matter. I wasn't going to let my best friend lie in a hospital bed unconscious by herself. Mom and Dad agreed that we would delay the tour as long as needed until you were recovered.”

    “That's so sweet, but, Joe, you have to start planning another tour.”

    “No, not till you're better and out of here.”

    “I know how stubborn you can be. Joe, go on tour. Do it for me.”


    “Don't. I promise as soon as the doctors say I'm well enough to leave, I'll come join you on tour.”

    “You promise? And we can talk on the phone until you get out of here?”

    “Absolutely,” I finished. I sat up in my bed being careful not to pull out my IV or other cords, and pulled Joe closer to me in a great big hug. They began planning that new tour from right there in my hospital room. Once I'd been awake for about a week, the doctor told me I could get up and walk around. So, one day, I watched the brothers perform on Good Morning America to announce their upcoming tour. After they finished, I called Emily to ask her to bring my guitar in when she got to the hospital. Until she came I grabbed my notebook and began to write down some lyrics to what I thought might turn out to make a good song. As soon as she got there and handed me my guitar, I immediately started to strum out a tune to go with my lyrics. Once I had the tune, Emily begged me to play and sing it for her. I finally gave in and began it.


I Stand

When you ask me, who I am:

What is my vision? And do I have a plan?

Where is my strength?Have I nothing to say?

I hear the words in my head, but I push them away.


'Cause I stand for the power to change,

I live for the perfect day.

I love till it hurts like crazy,

I hope for a hero to save me,

I stand for the strange and lonely,

I believe there's a better place.

I don't know if the sky is heaven,

But I pray anyway.


And I don't know

What tomorrow brings

The road less traveled

Will it set us free?

Cause we are taking it slow,

These tiny legacies.

I don't try and change the world;

But what will you make of me?


'Cause I stand for the power to change

I live for the perfect day.

I love till it hurts like crazy,

I hope for a hero to save me.

I stand for the strange and lonely,

I believe there's a better place.

I don't know if the sky is heaven,

But I pray anyway.


With the slightest of breezes

We fall just like leaves

As the rain washes us from the ground

We forget who we are

We can't see in the dark

And we quickly get lost in the crowd


'Cause I stand for the power to change,

I live for the perfect day.

I love till it hurts like crazy,

I hope for a hero to save me.

'Cause I stand for the power to change,

I live for the perfect day.

I love till it hurts like crazy,

I hope for a hero to save me.

I stand for the strange and lonely,

I believe there's a better place.

I don't know if the sky is heaven,

But I pray anyway.


    “Wow,” Emily's jaw dropped as soon as I finished, “Bri, that was great!”

    “You really think so?” I asked.

    “Absolutely I do. I think you should think about performing professionally.”

    “No, I couldn't, Em, I just couldn't.”

    Right then my doctor walked in and started by saying,

    “Brianna, how are you feeling?”

    “I'm feeling much better. The occasional headache but none of them have been too bad. When do you think I'll be able to get out of here?”

    “Well, it's Thursday, so, I'd like you to stay until at least Saturday. If nothing significant changes for you, I don't see why you wouldn't be able to leave then.” He finished up changing my iv among other things and then walked out of my room.

    “That's great news,” Emily said.

    I pulled out my phone, chose Joe's name from my contacts and pushed “Call”. It rang 3 times before I heard:

    “Bri? Is that you? What's going on?”

    “I just wanted to let you know that my doctor was in just a few minutes ago.”

    “Oh? What'd he say?”

    “That he wants me to stay until Saturday and if nothing changes, then I can most likely leave.”

    “That's great, Bri! And then you'll be coming out here on tour with us. And we'll be together again, right?”

    “Yes. You're doing a show in Toronto tonight, aren't you?”

    “Yeah, and then we do a couple shows in New York. We'll be in Jersey on Saturday.”

    “Where's that show in Jersey?”

    “We'll be doing 2 total, one at PNC Bank Arts Center and one at the Music Pier on the Boardwalk in Ocean City. Saturday and Monday.”

    “I'll be there for that Saturday show. I can't wait. I've been wishing I was there the whole time I've been in the hospital.”

    “I wish you'd been here too. But I'm just glad you're coming soon.”

Chapter 11 by csinyfan

    The rest of that week felt like it crawled by, but finally Saturday morning had arrived. And the doctor did indeed keep his promise, he signed my release papers and I was ready to leave. Emily had brought me one of my pairs of lavender yoga pants, a plain white tank and a baggy 'Baltimore Ravens' sweatshirt. I changed into them as the doctor was signing. He finished by the time I was done and Em and I gathered up our things and walked out of the hospital to her car.

    We arrived back at our mother's house. Emily went in to see how Mom was doing and I walked upstairs to my room to start to pack up to join my best friends (and boyfriend) on tour. I packed a medium suitcase with clothes and slid my toiletries bag into it when I was done with the clothes. I gathered up the outfit that I would change into after taking a shower and carried it into the bathroom. I got undressed, stepped into the warm water and began to wash my hair and body. 20 minutes after I got in, I stepped out of the shower, dried off and got dressed in white skinny jeans and a pink striped henley tee shirt. I towel dried my hair and walked out of the bathroom.

    I perched on my bed and picked up my notebook that I'd started writing song lyrics in. I sat cross-legged scribbling down lyrics and then picked up my guitar to strum out a tune. A half hour later, I closed up my notebook, packed it up with my guitar into its case and carried the guitar, my suitcase, extra bag and my purse downstairs to the front hall where my mom and Emily were standing waiting for me to come down.

    “So, you're headed out on tour now, right?” Emily asked.

    “Yeah,” I answered, “I promised Joe I'd join them on tour as soon as I got out of the hospital. And I think the taxi's waiting outside to take me to their tour bus. So, I'll see you later.”

    I carried all my luggage out to the cab, climbed in, told the driver where to take me and I was finally back on my way to see Joe and his brothers. 45 minutes later, we pulled up to the front of the venue. I got out, paid the driver, gathered up my luggage and walked over to the attendant to show him the backstage pass I had. He immediately called for someone else to come out with a golf cart to take me and my stuff over to the bus that Joe and Nick shared on tour. When we got to the bus, I got out of the cart, walked over to the door and knocked. Not 5 minutes later, Nick opened it and said,

    “Brianna! You're here!” He half turned back into the bus and called, “Joe? You in there? Bri's here.” He walked out to grab my bags off the golf cart while Joe walked from the back of the bus and said,

    “Bri! You came!” Joe grabbed me in a tight hug. I stepped closer into his hug and we just stood there until Nick came back over from the golf cart with my bags. I took my guitar case and carry-on back from him and he carried my suitcase in. I stayed on tour with them until the last of 3 shows in Los Angeles 1 and a half months later. Little did I know but Joe had a surprise planned for me and everyone in the audience.

    Halfway into the show, Nick announced the next song would be an old crowd favorite, “Hello Beautiful”, knowing full well that it was one of my favorites too. Looking back, I realize that Denise must have been in on the plan too, cause she made sure that I was backstage in just the right spot so I could see everything on stage. They sang the first verse and chorus before pausing for Joe to say,

    “By now I'm sure that all of you out here have heard the rumor that I'm dating someone but no one quite knows who. Well, that special person in my life is my best friend Brianna Thomas. We were born 2 weeks apart and have been close ever since. Bri, will you come out here?”

    I wasn't sure what was going on, but I walked out onto the stage with a very puzzled look on my face. As soon as I was standing next to him, Joe continued by saying,

    “Bri, twice now I've thought that I've lost you. First, when you were engaged and then when your sister told me that you were in that accident. I promised myself after you came back from the hospital that that wouldn't happen again. I love you, Bri, and I won't lose you again.”

    “I don't know what to say to that,” I told him on stage.

    “You only need to answer one question,” he said, “Brianna, my wonderful best friend, will you stay with me forever and be my wife?”

    My jaw dropped at the same time that the crowd let out a collective “Aww”. He walked over to me, got down on one knee and pulled out a little velvet box. He opened it to reveal a beautiful large diamond ring with two smaller diamonds on either side. My hands went to cover my nose and mouth in shock. I finally wiped the tears out of my eyes and said,

    “Oh, my! Joe, I don't know what to say.” I paused to catch my breath before saying, “Oh, who am I kidding? Of course I know what my answer is.” I paused again, this time just to tease Joe before telling him my answer. “Yes, Joe, absolutely yes, I'll marry you.”

    He stood up, slipped the ring on my finger and hugged me. Then the guys continued to sing the song they'd started before the surprise, right to me.

Chapter 12 by csinyfan

    Afterwards, they continued the concert while I walked back to Joe's touring bus to wait for them to finish the show. That tour continued all the way through September and I stayed on tour halfway through August. But when the guys did a show in Silver Spring, Maryland, I took a bus ride out to see Renee and her family. You remember, Renee, don't you? Of course you do. Well, I got there too late on a Saturday night, so I rented a hotel room. I should say, the hotel management basically bent over backwards to make sure I had the best room available since by now everyone knew that I was Joe Jonas's fiancée.

    “So, Ms. Thomas, we have a great room available for you on the eighth floor. And for you, it's free of charge,” the concierge said, “here's your access card. Let us know whenever you need anything.”

    “Thanks, I will,” I responded as I took the card and headed for the elevator. As soon as I got up to my room I plopped down and sprawled out on the big king sized bed. From my position on the bed I reached for the phone that came in the room, dialed Renee's number and waited for her to answer.


    “Renee? Where are you?”

    “Brianna? I'm in Maryland again, visiting family. Where are you?”

    “I'm at a hotel in Baltimore. Can you meet me here? We need to catch up.”

    “Sure I'll be right there.”

    I stood up and began to unpack my bags. Once I'd finished, I sprawled back out on the bed with my song notebook. I stayed there writing until I got a call on the room phone from the front desk letting me know that Renee was on her way up. As soon as she got in the room, she saw me writing and said,

    “Emily told me that you had sung for her and that you had a great voice. I saw an ad for a coffeehouse downstairs tonight. You did say that we needed to catch up, what if we go and I can hear you sing?”

    “I don't know, I've never performed in front of anyone except family before. Not sure if I feel comfortable enough to do it.”

    “Oh, come on, you'll do fine.”

    It took some convincing on Renee's part, but finally she did. And we were then headed out to go for a walk around the Inner Harbor. As we walked, we talked about what had been going on in our lives since the last time we saw each other. Finally, she asked,

    “So, what's been going on with you and Joe?”

    “Well,” I fidgeted with my ring, “He, well, one night on tour about a month and a half ago, he asked me to marry him.”

    “Wow, Brianna, that's great news! Do you have a date yet?”

    “No, the wedding is still in the planning stages. Although, I think my mom and sister are starting to plan a shower for me.”

    “Hearing your big news, well, it makes me a little more nervous about the coffeehouse tonight. See, when I found out you were coming, I may have mentioned it to my brother. And I may have convinced him to play tonight, thinking that I might have been able to convince you to sing after what Emily told me.”

    “Ooh, I see what you mean. It could possibly be an awkward meeting since the last time I saw him was when I ended our engagement and now I'm engaged to someone else.”

    2 hours later, we walked back to the hotel cutting our trip short when a large group of people recognized me and began to gather around us. When we got back we went up to my room and she went next door to the room that I'd convinced the front desk to let her stay in. I started to get ready to perform. At 6, Renee called me to tell me that she was headed downstairs to see her brother and I told her I'd come down in a half hour. So, at 6:30, I picked up my guitar and walked to the elevator to ride it downstairs. When I got there, I saw Renee standing by the counter talking to the person serving food and drinks. I could also see Josh's drums set up over in the corner ready to be played but he was nowhere in sight. I set up my guitar in its stand right next to the drums, knowing full well that Josh would recognize it. I went over and stood by Renee until she half turned and said,

    “Hey, Bri! Look who showed up again.”

    I turned around and saw Josh right behind me. I stood there like a statue just staring at him. Finally, I managed to get out,

    “It's been a long time since I've seen you. How are you doing?”

    “I'm ok,” he tried to answer, “still trying to get over you. But I'm not sure how well that's working.”

    “Then it's probably a bad time to tell you that Joe asked me to marry him and I said yes.”

    “Oh, I was kinda hoping you might reconsider your answer to me.”

    “But I would love for us to still be friends just like I said before.”

    We moved over to where we'd both be playing later and sat and talked until a large crowd had started to form and the rest of the band was ready to start. I picked up my guitar and began to play with the band following. Then I began to sing the new song I'd written.


Here's the thing we started out friends

It was cool but it was all pretend

Yeah, yeah

Since U Been Gone


You dedicated you took the time

Wasn't long till I called you mine

Yeah, yeah

Since U Been Gone


And all you'd ever hear me say

Is how I pictured me with you

That's all you'd ever hear me say


But Since U Been Gone

I can breathe for the first time

I'm so moving on

Yeah, yeah

Thanks to you

Now I get

What I want

Since U Been Gone


How can I put it? You put me on

I even fell for that stupid love song

Yeah, yeah

Since U Been Gone


How come I'd never hear you say

I just wanna be with you

I guess you never felt that way


But Since U Been Gone

I can breathe for the first time

I'm so moving on

Yeah, yeah

Thanks to you

Now I get (I get) what I want

Since U Been Gone


You had your chance you blew it

Out of sight, out of mind

Shut your mouth I just can't take it

Again and again and again and again


Since U Been Gone

I can breathe for the first time

I'm so moving on

Yeah, yeah

Thanks to you (thanks to you)

Now I get, I get what I want

I can breathe for the first time

I'm so moving on

Yeah, yeah

Thanks to you (thanks to you)

Now I get (I get)

You should know (you should know)

That I get, I get what I want

Since U Been Gone

Since U Been Gone

Since U Been Gone


    I continued on to sing about 3 more songs. Afterwards I set my guitar down and walked over to the counter where Renee was standing while the band continued to play.

    2 and a half hours later, I hugged Renee and Josh good-bye and headed back up to my room. 3 days later, I got a call from my sister. I walked over to the window overlooking Baltimore's Inner Harbor. I pushed 'answer' and said,

    “Emily? What is it?”

    “Brianna, I did something I shouldn't have.”

Chapter 13 by csinyfan

    “What is it, Em? What happened? Is it Mom again?”

    “No, Mom's fine. It's something I did that caused something else to happen. Bri,” She started to sob before continuing, “Bri, I'm pregnant.”

    “Oh, my! But...”

    “I know what you're thinking, Bri. No, I'm not married. What do I do now, Bri?”

    “Umm.. Well, first, does Mom know?”

    “Yeah, I told her just before calling you.”

    “Everyone knows you back there at home. They'll know all about you. What do you think?”

    “I can't raise a baby. Bri, you're getting married. Will you raise it as your own baby?”

    “Are you sure? I think you'd be a great mom.”

    “But I want to be married before I take care of a baby. What if I come to Dallas to be near you and where no one will know me?”

    “Absolutely! If that's what you really want, I'll start to search for the right apartment for you to live in,” I told her.

    “Yes, Bri, it is what I want. I'm not ready to be a mother, but this baby will be born. After all, it's not her fault that I'm pregnant.”

    We finished talking and both hung up. About 2 hours later I had packed up and was almost ready to leave my hotel room to head back to Dallas when my phone rang again. This time it was the Jonas family publicist who said,

    “Brianna, we have a problem. I was just browsing the press sites and apparently somehow they got a picture of you with a guy. And they're spinning it as though you're cheating on Joe.”

    “What? What picture? Send it to me.” She did, I looked at it on my phone and realized who it was. “Oh, no, I'm not cheating. All that happened was a goodbye hug between friends. And on top of that he's my ex-fiancée.”

    “Ok, then we need to set up an interview so that you can say that officially on the record. Then the paparazzi will move on to someone else's life.”

    She got me scheduled to go on the Today Show for an interview. It took me only 1 day to travel and be in New York for that interview. I arrived 20 minutes before I was going on and immediately went to hair and makeup where they touched me up and I waited till I was called to go up to the set.

    “Next up we have a visit from a young lady who apparently has some explaining to do. A young lady named Brianna Thomas,” Co-host Matt Lauer began the story, “Isn't that right, Savannah?”

    “That's right, Matt. You might think that the name Brianna Thomas sounds familiar. Well, that's because she's engaged to a famous rock star. That's right, it's Brianna, fiancée of Joe Jonas,” Second co-host Savannah Guthrie said as I walked out, “So, Brianna, I understand you're here to put the rumors swirling around you to rest.”

    I moved to shake her hand and sit down while saying,

    “Yes, Savannah, as most of you already know, there's a rumor going around along with a picture of me with an unknown guy saying that I'm cheating on Joe. Well, I'm here to say officially that the rumor is NOT true. And as for the picture, yes, I've seen it and I can tell you that I am not with anyone but Joe, my Joe.”

    “But,” Savannah continued, “Who is the man in the photo?”

    “The man in the photo is a close friend who also happens to be my ex-fiancée. I was simply giving him a goodbye hug after singing at a coffeehouse for the first time.”

    20 minutes later, the interview was over and I was in a cab traveling to the airport where I'd catch a flight back to Texas. When I got to the waiting area for my flight, my phone rang.


    “Hi, Brianna, it's Demi.”

    “Oh, hey, Demi, how are you?”

    “Doing ok. I wanted to find out if you'd be interested in joining me for a trip to Africa.”

    “That would be an incredible experience. I'm definitely in, Dem,” I told her.

    By the time we were done talking, I was sitting in my seat waiting to hear that the plane was taking off. Not 5 minutes after hanging up, the pilot announced that very thing. As soon as we were up in the air and I could turn my phone back on, I called Joe.

    “Bri? What's going on?”

    “Well, the two main things, I'm going on a trip to Africa with Demi and Emily called to tell me that she's pregnant and wants me to raise her baby.”

    “Oh, wow, was not expecting you to say that.”

Chapter 14 by csinyfan

    Later that night I was landing in Dallas and driving to the Jonas family house. I immediately went up to my room where I shut my door, tossed my bags on the floor and flung myself down on my bed. I stayed there until I heard a knock at my door. Without moving, I said,

    “Come in.”

    I heard the door open, barely lifted my head and saw Nick standing in the doorway. He just stood there watching me until I finally picked my head up.

    “What? Did you need something?” I asked before burying my face in my pillow again.

    “No, I don't need anything. I just came to see if you're ok,” he asked as he walked over and sat down on the edge of my bed, “You know this is a lot like that time when you were 13 and I came in cause I heard you having a nightmare and wanted to make sure you were ok.”

    I sat up next to him and said, “Yeah, you know you and Joe were always my two best and closest friends.” I sighed and leaned my head on his shoulder, “Where is he, by the way?”

    “Not sure, but I'm sure he'll be back soon,” Nick answered.

    After sitting there 15 more minutes, my phone rang. It was Emily letting me know that she had arrived at her apartment. We had decided that she would live there just a few blocks away from me until the baby was born.

    6 months later, I had arrived back home after my trip to Africa with Demi. Emily and I had communicated constantly either video chatting or talking on the phone. And of course Joe and I kept in touch all the time too, including our conversation 2 months ago.

    One night, after Demi and I returned from visiting a newly built school for young African girls, we walked into the cottage we were sharing. I went into my bedroom knowing it was 8 pm here and that made it 1 in the afternoon in Dallas. I pulled my favorite big fleece blanket off the back of the couch. It was an old navy blue fleece blanket of Joe's that I had started using anytime he was on tour and I had brought it with me on my trip to Africa. Whenever I wrapped myself in it, I felt like Joe was right there with me even when he wasn't. So, it was for that reason that I got it and curled up in the big comfy armchair in my room with my phone. I chose Joe's number from my contacts and hit 'dial'. I waited while I heard 5 rings, but he didn't pick up and I left a message.

    "Hey, Joe, it's Bri! I just thought I'd call to check in and see how you're doing. How's your family? And my sister? Have you been checking in on Em for me? I love being here and the kids here are great, but I miss you. Demi and I have been talking and we'll be here about 2 more months. Please call me back. I can't wait to hear your voice and see you again."

    As soon as I was done recording my voicemail and had hung up, I realized how tired I was. I set my phone down on the table next to the chair and wrapped myself completely in the blanket, feeling comforted that it still smelled like my fiancé. I fell asleep in a matter of minutes.

    The next morning, I woke up at 7:30 am to my phone ringing on the table. I picked it up, saw it was Joe's number calling me back and I pushed "answer".

    "Hey, Joe, I didn't know when you'd get a chance to call me back."

    "Yeah, we were doing soundcheck when you called. We just finished the show."

    "How did it go? And what time is it there?"

    "12:30am. It went great. Wish you were here though."

    "Whoa, didn't realize it was so late there. I wish I was there too. I know you guys always put on a good show. How's Emily doing?"

    "She's fine. Came to tonight's show."

    "Great. I've been thinking while Demi and I have been here. There are so many orphaned kids here, I would love to adopt. You know how much I want lots of kids. And I know you do too."

    "Yeah, and you know Mom can't wait to have grandkids to spoil."

    "Well, I imagine you'd like to get a little sleep after that show. So, we should hang up for now and we'll talk later. In fact, maybe we can do a video chat later."

    "Yeah, I'd like that. It's been too long since I've seen you."

    "I agree. Well, then, I'll see you later. Say, 10 in the morning for you, which will be 5 in the afternoon here for me?"

    "Alright, it's a date. Or at least as much of a date as we'll get for a couple more months."

    And with that we hung up. He went off to get some sleep and I got up, folded my blanket and walked into my closet where I picked out a pair of jean shorts and a bright orange tank. I went into the bathroom, took a quick shower and got dressed. As soon as I finished, I left the cottage and walked over to the local orphanage where I was meeting the social worker I had been talking with off and on for the last few months.

    "So, as I was telling you, if you're looking to adopt, we are looking for a home for 5 year old twins, Mikayla and Benjamin. They've been here the longest because so far no one has wanted to adopt more than one child and they refused to be separated," Maggie told me.

    "That is so sweet that they won't let anyone separate them, but sad that no one has wanted to adopt both of them. I want to."


    "I want to adopt both of them."

    "Shouldn't you talk it over with Joe first before making such a big decision?"

    "I did mention it to him and he seemed to like the idea. And I'm sure he'll back me up on this decision absolutely. He has been my best friend basically since we were babies with a short 5 year break when I moved back east."

    Maggie immediately began to fill out the necessary papers for the adoption while a worker at the orphanage went to bring Mikayla and Benjamin out to meet me. As soon as they came into the room, Mikayla walked quietly over to me and said, shyly,

    "Are you going to take us home with you?"

    I crouched down beside her so I could look right in her eyes and said,

    "Yes, sweetie, I am."

    "But you are going to bring my brother too, right? Because I won't go with you without him."

    "Don't worry, of course your brother is coming too. I wouldn't dream of separating the two of you."

    "So, you're going to be our new momma?"

    "Yes, in fact, I'm getting married soon. So, you're both also going to have a new daddy too."

    The adoption papers were written up. I signed them and took them with me since Joe would need to sign them too when I got back to the States. The twins and I walked back to my cottage where they curled up on my bed to take a nap on a softer bed than they ever had before. I picked out a book and began to read until I noticed that it was 5 pm so I dug out my computer to get ready for the video chat with Joe. I waited another 10 minutes and then his face popped up on my screen.

    "Bri! Sorry I'm late. Nick stopped over and we got to talking and brainstorming some lyrics."

    "It's ok. Gave me some time to think."

    "About what?"

    "Oh, lots of stuff. I was starting to plan out a few wedding details and I was looking over adoption papers."

    "So, you found just the right little one for us to adopt?"

    "Little ones, actually. See, the social worker was telling me about these 5 year old twins, one girl and one boy, who wouldn't let anyone adopt just one of them."

    "What are their names?"

    "The girl is Mikayla and the boy is Benjamin."

    "Nice names. Are they there with you now?"

    "They are actually taking a nap at the moment but would you like to meet them?"

    "Yeah, definitely, can I?"

    "Sure, let me go get them."

    I got up from the chair, set my computer on the table and walked into the bedroom. I sat down on the bed next to Mikayla. She must have been awake because she opened her eyes and said,

    "What is it, Momma?"

    "Would you like to meet the person who will be your new daddy?"

    Her eyes lit up and she nodded her head before waking her twin and telling him. I scooped both of them up, carried them out and set them down on the couch. I picked up the computer and said,

    "Well, Joe, here they are. This is Mikayla and Benjamin. Miki, Benny, I grew up with him since we were younger than you. We probably know as much about each other as you two do."

    "Do either of you have any brothers or sisters?" Miki asked.

    "Yes," I answered, "I have a sister, Emily, and Joe has 3 brothers, Kevin, Nick and Frankie."

    Miki, Benny and I stayed in Africa for those remaining 2 months. After that we traveled to the airport headed back to Dallas. 3 hours into a 9 hour flight, I scrolled through my phone's contacts till I found Joe's number and hit 'dial'.

    4 rings later, he answered, saying,

    "Bri, what's going on?"

    "We're headed home. A 9 hour flight into Dallas. We're 3 hours in right now."

    "So, you'll be arriving around 3 pm, right?"

    "Yeah, that's right."

    "I'll be there. To pick you and the twins up at the airport."

    "Sounds good. I'll see you then."

    We had a layover stop at Baltimore-Washington International. And our connecting flight to Dallas-Fort Worth International was delayed by an hour. But we finally got on our plane and took off. We landed 3 hours after take-off. As we were taxiing to the gate, I said to the twins,

    "Well, we're getting close to your first look at America outside of the airport."

    "Momma?" Miki looked up at me, "I'm kinda scared."

    "It's alright, I know it's a lot to take in all at once. But you'll get used to it." I reached my arms around her to comfort her.

    15 minutes later, I carried Miki and my carry-on out of the plane with Benny walking beside me. We walked over to the food court and I got the twins both a McDonald's Happy Meal. We took our food over to a table and I pulled out my phone while Miki and Benny munched on their chicken nuggets and fries. I dialed Joe's number and waited.

    "Hello? Bri?" he answered.

    "Hey, where are you?"

    "We're at the airport. The twins are eating at the moment. Where are you?"

    "Rob's parking the car. We're headed in now."

    End of flashback.

Chapter 15 by csinyfan

    Mikayla and Benjamin are settling into their new life well. Now that they know they're not going to be separated, I finally convinced them that it would be good to have separate bedrooms. Emily's pregnancy is about 7 months along now. She's scheduled for a doctor's visit in a couple days and I'm going to join her since I'll be the one raising the baby. It's now October and Joe and I are also planning for an April wedding next year. I was in the master bedroom, sitting in the middle of the bed. My computer and papers were spread out around me as I was planning details for the wedding. I was just getting to deciding who I wanted in the wedding party when I heard a light knock at the door.

    "Yes?" I lifted my head. Joe opened it and poked his head in, saying,

    "Emily just got here. Thought you might want a little help with that wedding prep and I think she needs something to distract her."

    "Thanks, I'll just plug in my computer and head down."

    When I walked in the living room, Emily was sitting on the couch next to Denise talking. I sat down next to Em and said,

    "Em, are you up for doing a little wardrobe shopping for the wedding with me?"

    "Yeah, sure, let's go." She tried to get off the couch but her 7-month belly made it very difficult, so, I gave her a hand and pulled her up on her feet. As soon as she was on her feet, she grabbed my hand and placed it on her belly. I felt the most incredible feeling, the baby kicked.

    "Just think, Bri, one day you'll be feeling that inside of you."

    We headed out to my SUV to take a shopping trip to the mall. By the time we came out we had found and purchased an over one shoulder princess style wedding gown for me. As well as a flower girl dress for Mikayla and a ring bearer suit for Benjamin. We headed home again and went up to my room to start figuring out a location. So, now it's going to be an outdoor April wedding in a gorgeous location in upstate New York.

    The next day, Emily and I headed to the doctor's for a new sonogram to see how the baby was doing. We waited in the waiting room until the nurse called my sister's name. Once she was done, we went out to grab some lunch before heading back to the Jonas family house.

    2 months later on December 20, life got much more hectic. We were getting ready to spend Christmas together as a family, when from my room where I was wrapping gifts, I heard my sister yelling my name. I knew, without hearing what she was saying, what that meant. I grabbed my jacket and car keys, helped Emily into the front seat of my royal blue Mustang and took off for the hospital.

    Emily's delivery room was a hub of activity while the doctors were getting her ready and monitoring the baby's progress. Finally, 5 hours after all the activity started, I was holding the new little baby boy. Having handed him to me, the nurse asked,

    "How am I filling out the birth certificate? Is Emily's name going on it as the mother? And who is going on it as the father?"

    "Umm, well, I'm going to be raising this little guy, so, I guess put my name as the mother. And my fiancée will be on it as the father."

    Now knowing that, she went back to the nurses station to finish writing that up while the doctors were finishing up with Emily. Later that day, she was finally ready to leave and the last thing we had to do was figure out a name for this baby boy. Since Em was turning her right to raise him over to me, I figured the least I could do was let her name him. She finally decided on Carter Mason as his new name. The nurse filled that in on the birth certificate, handed it to me and we headed home.

    When we got home, I got out of the car, went around to the back seat and picked up Carter. I bundled him up in his blanket and carried him in the house where I knew everyone would be waiting to see him. As soon as we walked into the house, Denise and Dani came running over to us, immediately cooing over the little baby in my arms. Emily pushed past everyone and raced up the stairs to the guest bedroom. We had talked in the car, and she had told me that she didn't want to remain here in Texas. Instead she would be heading back out east to move on with her life. I left Carter with Denise and the rest of the family and took my sister to the airport for her flight back east.

Chapter 16 by csinyfan

    3 years later, Joe and I are 2 months away from celebrating our 3rd anniversary. Miki and Benny are now 9 years old and have adjusted well to their new life. Carter is now a 3 year old bundle of energy. 1 year into our marriage, we hit a small bump when I was told by my doctor that because of the accident I'd been in and as a result of the coma, I would be unable to have any children of my own. Obviously, Joe and I were both devastated. We so desperately wanted a big family. Finally we settled on adopting again once we'd come to terms with never being able to conceive. We are now the proud parents of 6 month old Mexican born Mariana Sophia Lopez whose parents put her up for adoption when they realized they wouldn't be able to afford the expense of another baby when they could barely keep food on the table for their other 3 kids.

    That's why, when we got the next bit of news it shocked us. See, I hadn't been feeling well, so I went to the doctor just to make sure I hadn't come down with the flu especially being around our new little Mariana Jonas. And well, you'll soon see what that shocking news was.

    "Mrs. Thomas?" the nurse called me back to the examining room. See, I still used my maiden name for certain things so that I wouldn't be recognized right away.

    15 minutes later, my doctor, Dr. Sara Rodriguez, came in and immediately said,

    "Well, from the information the nurse got from you, I can definitely tell you that you do not have the flu or even a cold."

    "Ok, that's a relief. But then how do you explain the symptoms I was having?"

    "Umm... Well, that's the interesting part. I know you were told that because of the car crash you were in, you would be unable to conceive a baby on your own. And that is a possible symptom of the kind of accident you were involved in, but apparently you were wrongly diagnosed."

    "What exactly are you telling me?"

    "I'm telling you that whatever doctor told you that you would never be able to have any babies of your own, was wrong. In fact, that's the reason you weren't feeling well. You're pregnant."

    "Are you serious?"

    "I am absolutely serious. You are most definitely pregnant. I even checked your test results several times to make sure I was reading them right."

    I left the doctor's office in shock as I headed home. As I walked in the front door, Mariana crawled over to me and squealed looking up at me. I bent over, scooped her up and carried her into the living room where I set her down on her infant play mat.

    "You'll never guess what the doctor said was the reason for my not feeling good," I started to tell Joe the news. He got up from where he'd been playing 'Clue' with Mikayla and came over to me asking,

    "What did she tell you?"

    "You remember when we were told that we'd never be able to have any kids of our own?"

    "Yeah, I remember. Why?"

    "Because Dr. Rodriguez told me that the doctor that told us that was wrong. Apparently I am capable of conceiving."

    "So, what are you telling me, Bri?"

    "Joe, I'm telling you, that my doctor says that I'm pregnant."

    "Really?! That's great news."

    "Yeah, it is. It's our miracle baby."

    Dr. Rodriguez had told me that I was 3 weeks pregnant, so Joe and I decided to wait another month to tell our families. One month later, I woke up with Joe's arm wrapped around my belly to Ana crying in her nursery. I slid his arm off me and got up to go comfort her. When I walked back into our bedroom, I heard my Iphone vibrating on the nightstand. So, I picked it up and answered, whispering into it,


    "Hi, Brianna," Denise sounded way too chipper for so early in the morning, "I was just calling to let you know that we're hosting a party for Alena's 2nd birthday. I know it's late notice but we're getting together later today at 4 pm."

    "Ok, we'll be there, Denise," I answered before we both hung up simultaneously.

    I put it back down and crawled back into bed with my husband who by now was already awake. I rolled onto my back and he shifted his arm back onto my belly where he began to rub our unborn baby. We stayed there just like that until we heard the twins begin to stir in their rooms.

    Several hours later, we were finally arriving at the Jonas family house where Kevin and Dani's daughter Alena was having her 2nd birthday party. We had also decided to tell the family our news that night as well. As soon as I walked in the door, Alena ran up to me, yelling,

    "Aunt B!!!! You came!" She leapt into my arms as I then carried her into the playroom and set her down where Carter and Mari had settled in on the floor. I walked over to Danielle and we began to talk. Finally when I decided the conversation had worked its way there, I told her,

    "You know, Dani, how disappointed I was when Joe and I found out that I wouldn't be able to conceive?"

    "Yeah, I know you were both devastated to find that out. What is it, Bri?"

    "Umm, well, I went to the doctor cause I wasn't feeling well, and, well, she kinda told me that apparently the doctor that told us that was wrong. I am perfectly capable of having a baby. In fact, she told me that I'm pregnant. But you can't tell the rest of the family yet. I want to let Denise have that honor. I'm gonna go tell her in a few minutes and let her tell everyone else."

    30 minutes later, everyone was ecstatic and the room was buzzing with this new news.

    That was 6 months ago. Now I'm 9 months very pregnant and just went into labor about 5 hours ago. Joe, of course, is sitting in a chair pulled up to my bedside. Kevin, Dani and Nick are down in the hospital cafeteria watching our kids, Mikayla, Benjamin, Carter and Mariana.

    Finally, after another 2 hours, for a grand total of 7 hours spent in labor, we are the proud parents of Haley Olivia Jonas, born 6 lbs 2 oz at 3:18 pm August 14th, the day before her daddy's birthday.

    10 years later, I felt like my life was complete. I've been happily married to my best friend for 13 years now. Joe and I are both 40 now but as in love now as we ever were. Our oldest adopted kids, Mikayla and Benjamin, you might remember them. They are now 19 years old. Miki just finished up nursing school a couple months ago and has moved into her own apartment not too far away. Benny is still living at home while he continues his studies at law school. Carter, our nephew who only knows us as 'Mom and Dad', is now 13 and trying to conquer the challenges that are the teenage years and puberty. Mariana, our little Mexican princess, just celebrated her 10th birthday. And our 'miracle baby', Hailey, she's our very special little 9 year old princess since she's our first biological child. She's also got her father wrapped around her little finger. She wasn't our last though. A year later, we discovered we were pregnant again. 9 months later, the newest member of the family was born. Adam Joseph Jonas is now our little 8 year old bundle of energy. That's right, he's named after his father just first and middle names flipped. We planned for Adam to be our last baby. Well, life continued as we planned it for the next 7 years. 2 years ago now, we were surprised by news that we were pregnant again for the 3rd time. Once again we are the proud parents of now 18 month old twins, Tiana Emma and Noah Logan. Maybe one day I'll tell you the story of that surprise, but for now our family of ten is now complete.


The End.

End Notes:

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