It's a Love Story {N.JxM.W} by lyssajonas



From the beginning of their friendship, they were two peas in a pod.


Always around one another, nothing could break the bond of Nicholas and Melissa. 


Even when the Jonas Brothers career started, thrived, and then ended... they were always together.


Follow along with the love story of a curly headed male, and the cutest brunette girl, through all of the firsts, the lasts, and the rollercoaster ride that life is. 




{or the one story where Nick Jonas falls in love with a fictional character who was his best friend through out his whole life, and realizes that she was always the one.}



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1. First Meetings {1} by lyssajonas

2. A Christmas Carol {2} by lyssajonas

3. Nightmares {3} by lyssajonas

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9. Please Be Mine {9} by lyssajonas

10. "It's the Jonas Brothers' New Year!" {10} by lyssajonas

First Meetings {1} by lyssajonas
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{{August 14th, 1994
Melissa's residence.
Dallas, Texas 
Kevin- 7|Joe- 5|Nick- 1 and eleven months}}

"So boys, we're gonna be on our best behavior while we're at Aunt Cindy's house, right?" Denise Jonas asked her sons as they walked up the sidewalk, with Kevin Sr. following behind the bunch. 

Kevin nodded his head, smiling up at his mother, "of course we will! But I will be with her brother the whole time anyways. Right Joe?" Kevin explained, looking at his younger brother who was walking beside him. 

Nick was in Denise's arms, quiet as he usually was, even with being a 2-year-old. Denise soon knocked on the door, and as the door opened, Cindy –Melissa's mother—stood in the doorway with a sleeping infant in her arms. 

"Come in guys, come in!" Cindy exclaimed softly, opening the door wide for them to file in. The rambunctious boys all got very quiet as Cindy sat on the couch to hand Denise the little brown haired baby.

All three boys were mesmerized by her, but Nick was the one that took the most liking to her. He had never seen such a pretty baby before. To him, it was like he was meeting the most important person in his life—well, besides his mother that is--. 

"Isn't she beautiful, Nicky?" Denise asked her son, who was anxious to touch the little girl. His little, chubby finger was held above the one-month old baby, and all he wanted to do was stroke her cheek. 

There were all these odd feelings inside the toddler at that moment, but most importantly he thought; who was this girl? 

Soon, Kevin and Joe made their way to Chris's room, and they began playing and doing things kids their age do; sports, games, and who knows what else. 
Throughout the day, the boys asked Nick to come and play with them, but the almost 2-year-old refused to leave Melissa's side as Denise and Cindy sat on the couch and talked about everything that came to mind. 

"Nicky, don't you want to go play with them?" Cindy asked him, but he just shook his head and let out a soft, "no. I stay with Lyss." he smiled at the two women, they let out a awwweee and let the little boy stay with his new best friend. 
{{September 20th, 1996.
Jonas Residence
Kevin- 8|Joe- 7|Nick- 4|Melissa- 2}}




"NICCCCKKK!!!" a curly haired toddler ran into the residence of the Jonases, with a dolly in one hand and her mother's hand in the other. 

"LYSSS!!" Nick exclaimed, his heart skipping a beat as he saw his young best friend, the two toddlers were basically inseparable. They never left each other when they were together, and if they weren't near each other; it may have well been because one of them got into some form of trouble. 

Nick had been painting before they had arrived, stopping only for that split second to summon her over, "wanna paint?" he asked, and the little girl nodded enthusiastically. 

Within minutes they were both covered in paint from head to toe, while Denise ran to the bedroom to find her camera, needing to capture this precious moment before the little rascals got away. When she made her way back, little Melissa was leaning over to give her best friend a cute little kiss on the lips, as in her toddler mind; it was harmless... wasn't it? 
Later that night: 

Denise and Cindy were sitting on the couch as Melissa was snuggled up in Nick's side, as the little boy tried to pay attention to The Hunchback of Notre Dame that was playing on the screen. 

"I think these two will honestly be together one day, dontcha think Cindy?" Denise asked her best friend as they watched their youngest children with pure admiration. 

Cindy nodded, agreeing with the brunette woman, "I think so, they have such a strong connection with one another, it's incredible to watch how they interact and how protective he is of her." 

At that moment, Joe and Chris were throwing pieces of popcorn at the now sleeping 2-year-old, Nick was not having that, so he scooted Melissa away from the boys as best as he could, trying to keep her away from them. 

"Guyssss! Stop!" Nick whispered, not wanting the cute little girl beside him to wake up. He gave his brother and Chris the evil eye, all the while sticking his tongue out at them. 

Every time Nick thought about her, or looked at her, he couldn't stop himself from loving her even more. Yes, he was so young... but there was something about Melissa... maybe it was how much she looked up to him, or the sweetest little giggle she let out as he told her a corny joke. Or maybe it was how she loved being around him. It made his head spin sometimes, but he couldn't help himself with already falling in love with her. 
{July 10th, 1999
Dallas, Texas
Toys R Us Store
Nick- 6|Mel-4} 

Nick and his mother were walking down the aisle at the closest Toys R Us Store in the area, and Nick had been bugging his mom about going and getting his best friend the best birthday present in the world. 

"Okay Nicky, you can get her one gift, Aunt Cindy said the she is really into The Little Mermaid at the moment." Denise told her son who was looking around at all the toys that were surrounding them.

It had taken about 30 minutes or so for them to find a Ariel doll that stood about 15 inches tall and came with a couple of outfits that could be put on her. 

Nick automatically knew that the doll was the one for Melissa, as he knew her better than anyone, right? 

"Are you sure this is the one you want to get her Nicky?" She smiled down at the 6 year old, knowing how much the little girl meant to him. 

"Yup. I'm sure. She will love it." he said plainly, laughing slightly as he held the box to his chest. 
They soon had paid for and wrapped the doll's box nicely, and made their way to the park where Melissa's 5th birthday party was to take place. 

Once Nick had laid his eyes on the young girl, he bolted over to her, his little feet running as fast as they could. 

Melissa, who was wearing the most beautiful little Ariel dress, let out a giggle as she was immediately engulfed in her best friends arms. "Hi Nicky." she blushed, her curly hair bouncing everywhere. 



Throughout the whole party, Melissa stayed right by Nick's side, not wanting to be away from him at all                    


Throughout the whole party, Melissa stayed right by Nick's side, not wanting to be away from him at all. Her heart raced every time he was near her, and even though she didn't understand it... none of the feelings that swirled in her mind; made since. She knew that he was meant to be her best friend. That there was just something about the two of them....

...and that's how their love story began... 

A Christmas Carol {2} by lyssajonas

{November 24th, 2000
Madison Square Garden 
Nick- 8|Melissa- 6}

Melissa was so excited to get to go see Nick perform, she wouldn't shut up at all for days... really, days! Everywhere she went, she told people, "I'm seeing my best friend in a musical soon!" no matter if it was a stranger or not. She told everyone. 

When the Jonases moved to New Jersey for Kevin Sr's job, the Wood's followed, knowing that if they had separated the two best friend's all hell would break lose. 

This was the first time in a few weeks that she was seeing him, as he had been so busy with rehearsals, voice lessons, and head shot photoshoots that he could barely see his own family. 

But Melissa's family walked inside the backstage entrance, with Aunt Denise in front of them, leading the way, "Ready to see him perform?" she asked the bouncing 6-year-old as they made their way towards the children's dressing room. 

Melissa smiled big up at her Godmother and as soon as her little brown eyes landed on her Nicholas, she was lost in a trance. Now she may just be six, but just like how Nick had known those few years ago that... she could feel the ever-growing love between the two of them. 

"Hey, Lyss." Nick waved at her, and as soon as those words left his mouth, she ran up to him, engulfing the small boy in the biggest hug. They had been apart for almost a month, but that was too long... way to long for the two young kids. 

Immediately sensing there was something off about her best friend, she held him at arm's length and looked at the 8-year-old, "Nicky, is there something wrong?" 

He tried his hardest to play it cool, like there was nothing going on inside his head, "Oh, Me? There's nothing wrong Lyss." he whispered, his nervous brown eyes looking down at his best friend. 

"There has to be something wrong, Nicky. You're shaking and lying to me. I can tell when you lie to me." she said quietly, and reached for his hand, giving it a light squeeze. 

The young boy let out a sigh, "you know me so well..." he chuckled, "what if I fall on stage? or don't sing the right note? what if I go out there the wrong costume? Lyssa, HELP!" he nervously stuttered out, his small hands holding onto her shoulders, shaking them slightly. 

Melissa giggled, embracing him tightly, "You will do fine Nick. you have practiced for this for so long. Tonight is the night you will show the world that you can do this. I love you Nicky..." she blushed and chewed on her lip as she smiled at him. 

Within an instant all of his worries went away, like she changed everything. All the young boy heard in her little speech was the words "I love you" it made butterflies erupt in his ever-nervous tummy, and that toothy grin appear on his face. 

"I love you too Lyssa." he whispered, and pulled the small girl into his arms. After a few short seconds, he kissed the top of her hair gently, taking in the moment, hoping to never forget it. 

Meanwhile Denise and Cindy were trying not to make it obvious that they were watching, and internally freaking out because they were just too damn cute. Out of everyone in the two families, they were the ones that always knew the young kids were meant to be. 

Denise leaned close to her best friend, "did they just...?" she whispered, totally forgetting that her son has to be on stage in a matter of minutes. 

"I think so..." Cindy mused, a grin on her face. The two loving mothers were and always will be the first supporters of Nick and Melissa's budding romance. 

"Okay Nicky, we have to go get you to stage left." Denise said, not wanting to interrupt the cute moment... but she had to. "You can see your lovebug afterwards, promise." 

Nick pouted, kissing the brunette's cheek one last time before following the rest of the cast out of dressing room. 
After the show: 

Melissa was so proud of her best friend, she couldn't keep the smile off her face. She hurried backstage with her Aunt, holding onto her hand tightly, as she didn't want to get separated from her. 

Once again, as her little doe eyes fell on her best friend, she gasped and ran to the boy. "Nick!!" she exclaimed and ran into his arms. "You did s-so good!" she smiled, kissing his cheek. 

"Okay you two lovebugs, smile for the camera." Aunt Denise grinned, the two kids smiled over at her. Nick's arm held tight to his best friend's waist, as he wanted to spend every waking moment with her. 

Melissa didn't let go of Nick at all for the rest of the night, was honestly too scared too. She knew that he had many more performances in the next couple of weeks... Nick wasn't just hers any longer, she had to share him. He was a "professional" Broadway star now, and she knew that he would land any other role he was going to try for in the future. 

"Mom, can Lyss spend the night tonight?" Nick asked as they made their way out to the lobby where the rest of both families were waiting for them. 

Melissa's eyes lit up at his question, "Aunt Cindy and I knew you two would ask..." she laughed gently, "of course she can, you know she's always welcome in our house." 

"Thanks Mom!!!" Nick exclaimed, as they found their families, which congratulated Nick on doing a job well done. 



To celebrate a job well done, both families had gone to a nearby ice cream shop


To celebrate a job well done, both families had gone to a nearby ice cream shop. Both Nick and Melissa would not let go of one another for anything. The curly haired lad keeping his eyes on her at some points as well. 

"Okay you two, what flavor do you want?" Denise asked them, looking down at brunette kids, a grin on her face. 

"I'll get whatever Nicky is getting..." the young girl responded, giggling just a little after. Her small hand came up to her lips to try and hid her embarrassment. 

"Superman, please!" he exclaimed, his toothy smile gracing his lips. 

Denise shook her head slightly at the child like antics from the two, before looking over to her other sons; getting their orders. 

She ordered everyone's ice cream, finishing with Nick and Melissa's, "...and two child cones of Superman ice cream please." 

The family sat down all together, as Nick and Melissa found a small bench to sit on, their little bums sitting so close together that you'd think that something odd was going on... but it was just normal for the two young kids. 

After getting everyone ready for bed, and the family said their nightly prayers, Nick and Melissa were in the bathroom, giggling as they usually did. Nick kept smiling over at her as they brushed their teeth. 

She blushed wildly and spit her toothpaste foam out, "Why are ya lookin' at me like that, Nicky?" she asked, and giggled. He just shook his head and grabbed for her tiny hand and pulled her to his bedroom. "Oh, no reason, just cause you're my best friend." he said. 

She pushed him lightly, smiling wide. Their love for one another slowly increased as each day passed by. And that's the way it should be. 

That night, Melissa fell asleep curled into Nick's side as he held onto her tightly, never ever wanting to let her go.

Nightmares {3} by lyssajonas

{March 2004
Wood Residence
Wyckoff, New Jersey
Nick-11|Melissa- 9}

The two young lovebugs were always together, no matter if they were at home, or at school. You couldn't get the two of them to separate from one another. 

When you think about it, the way they acted with one another... people think that they were together. I mean, technically they were; but in reality they weren't. 

"Do you think that the record deal people will get back to you guys?" Melissa asked Nick as they sat on the couch in her house. 

He sat there, the goofy grin he usually had, placed on his face, "I honestly don't think so. I mean, I don't have that much credibility, I've only been in a few musicals..." he said, looking over at his best friend. 

She sighed, "Yeah, Nicky... a few Broadway musicals. Not every 11 year-old can say they have experienced what you have." she said softly, and reached over for his hand and held it gently in her small one. 

"Okay, yah... I get what you are saying. I have done a lot with those types of musicals... seen and done a lot of things that other kids my age haven't." he replied, holding onto his best friend's hand softly. "What if the execs say I'm too young? For me to come back in a few years when I have matured?" he questioned, looking at the whole situation in a entirely different light. 

"That won't happen... you are amazing and so beyond talented, that they will have to give you a chance." the brown-eyed girl tried to convince him. Nick's hands were shaking and his breathing was becoming heavy from the internal fear. 

"You think so?" he whispered, looking into her eyes; seeing hope and encouragement in them. 

"I know so." she replied, leaning over and kissing his cheek lightly. When her lips pressed against his skin, a small spark caused the two of them to gasp. As she pulled away, a deep blush creeped up on her pale cheeks, "I...I" she whispered. 

A minute or two later, Melissa's mom came in, interrupting the two of them. In her hands was a small platter that had lemonade and snacks for the two young kids, "okay Melissa, stop psyching him out, he will get the record deal. I bet you, but here's some snacks. Oh, Nicholas, your mom called and said that she wants you home in a few hours." Cindy explained, setting down the platter than smiled at the two. 

They kept on making the puzzle they had started that day, talking and snacking as they worked. Nick kept sneaking glances at the young girl, a grin on his face. Now that he was older, he understood that why his cheeks burned every time Melissa was mentioned, or the butterflies that erupted in his tummy every time he looked at her. 

Even if they were still way too young to actually comprehend any of this, he still knew in his heart that one day this was the girl that he was meant to be with. He didn't really understand why he felt this way, but this curly haired brunette little girl just brought out the best in him. 
Later that night: 

Nick had gone home about an hour after they finished the puzzle, and was sulking the whole way. They lived two houses down from one another, and in the two pre-teens minds they were basically worlds apart. 


No matter how hard he tried, he just couldn't sleep. There was too much on his mind from the record deal to the current musical, to Melissa... He kept tossing and turning and finally after about an hour of trying... he got up, slipped on his shoes and snuck out of the house. 

He quickly made his way to Melissa's window, and slowly but surely opened it, and climbed into her room, "Hey Angel?" he whispered, seeing Melissa laying in her bed, shaking violently. He automatically knew what was causing the tremors, as she had told him a few months back about her reoccurring nightmares. 

He went right into action and slid beside her. "Shhh, Lyss. I'm here. It's me, Nick." he said, his raspiness coming out slightly. After a few seconds, her small frame soon began to calm down, her eyes opening as she noticed who was beside her. 

"N-Nicky...?" she mumbled, not knowing if she was still in her nightmare, and he saved her there... or if this all was real. 

He smiled at the girl, nodding, "it's me. I couldn't sleep without you." he said softly, holding the girl close to his side. It was like as if he sensed something was wrong with his best friend, and that she needed him. "we've spent so much time together lately... that I needed to see you, to be with you and make sure you're okay." he whispered, hoping that they both wouldn't get in any trouble once the sun came up in a matter of hours. 

Melissa yawned and scooted her body down slightly, to where her head was resting on his chest. "I-I always want you here Nicky..." she whispered and began to fall back asleep, to the sound of Nick's heart. 

From that night on, Nick slipped in through her window, no matter if it was a school night or if he had rehearsal bright and early the next day. The two kids needed the other like they needed air to breathe, not clearly understanding why... but they both knew that there was some underlying reason why.
A few mornings after the first time, Cindy had come into Melissa's room to wake her up, and stopped in her tracks as there was not just one body under the blankets but two. 

Not taking into question who it was... she knew automatically. I mean, the shoes beside the bed, or the shirt neatly folded next to them weren't a dead giveaway... right? 

The blonde-haired woman slowly made her way out of the bedroom, and called the Jonas residence, knowing that Denise would definitely be wondering where Nick was. 

The phone rang five times before the other line picked up, "Hello?" 

"Hey Denise, have you been wondering where Nick is?" Cindy asked, a grin on her face, as she sat down on her bed, her eyes not leaving her daughter's bedroom door. 

"I was just about to call you, please tell me he's there." Denise's panicked voice flowed through the line, as there was some rustling heard in the background.

Cindy smiled, "yup. and you might want to come check this sight out." 

"I'll be over there soon. Make sure they don't wake up." 

The line went dead, and within minutes Denise was at the front door and the two mothers made their way up to Melissa's room. 

What they walked into was a sight to see; 


There in front of them were Nick and Melissa lying side by side, and their hands interlaced together, Cindy and Denise were standing there in awe

There in front of them were Nick and Melissa lying side by side, and their hands interlaced together, Cindy and Denise were standing there in awe. 

"If they don't end up marrying one another one day, I will be shocked." Denise whispered to Cindy, in amazement of how much her son honestly cares for the young girl. 

"Oh trust me, I have a hunch that they will." Cindy whispered back, escorting her friend out of the room to go start a pot of coffee for the two of them, waiting for their kids to wake up. 


Lovebug {4} by lyssajonas

{September 25th, 2005
Jonas Residence
Nick- 13|Melissa-11}

Nick had been working on this song for far too long, he just couldn't get the lyrics right. 

He didn't really know why this was so hard for him to work on. It was crazy that him and his brothers had written their first album almost completely by themselves with no problem. Maybe it was just because this song was so special to him, and he just had to get it right. 

Have you guessed who this song was inspired by? 

"Now I'm speechless
Over the edge, and just breathless
I never thought that I'd catch this love bug again
Hopeless, head over heels in the moment
I never thought that I'd get hit by this love bug again"

His messy handwriting could be sometimes very hard to understand, but it was legible. At least he thought it was. 

Besides having an amazing voice that always caught people's attention; his song writing was fantastic. A force to be reckoned with, because if you got him going, he could have a song done completely in a hour. 

An hour soon passed by, and he was halfway through the song, and needed some major inspiration, maybe he could ask his mom if Melissa could come over? 

As if God had read his thoughts, his mom knocked on the door, leaning against the frame a grin on her face as she looked at her son. "Hey, Melissa's mom just called, asking if Mel could come over, is that okay with you? Or do you wanna keep going at that song?" 

Nick's brown eyes perked up and he grinned, "I'd love for her to come over, she's been asking me to teach her the guitar anyways." he said, setting his beat-up notebook aside and also his guitar. 

Denise nodded, "it's about her, isn't it?" her feet slowly made their way across the room up, "you can tel me if it is. We all know you have a crush on her." she smiled weakly at him, ruffling his curls. 

"Mom!" his innocent voice squeaked and pressed the battered notebook against his chest... a few seconds went by and he smiled, "...yah... yes it is." he replied to her question and laid the notebook back on his desk. 

"Well, I know it'll be perfect... when you write about her, you always know what to say." she said softly, kissing his head, and went to go call Cindy back, "love you Nicholas!" she called out to her semi-middle son. "love you too!" he yelled back and went to change out of the sweatpants that he was wearing. Even though he knew Melissa wouldn't mind one bit. 

As Nick cleaned up just a bit, making sure his little curls looked well, and that he didn't look that tired for the young girl. Within a couple minutes there was a soft knock at the door and Melissa walked in, a smile plastered on her face. Even if they had just seen each other a few hours prior, his heart always skipped a beat as he laid eyes on her. 

"H-Hey Nicky." she whispered, and came up to him, hugging him tightly, "how's that song you were telling me about earlier? Got any inspiration?" she asked, her little hands not letting go of him. 

"It's going well... and yes, I think I did find my inspiration... I'm looking right at her." he tried to sound romantic, but it failed so badly. "Was that too cheesy?" he chuckled, his little curls bouncing.

The eleven-year old blushed like crazy, as she stepped back and plopped her little butt onto his bed. "Yup... it was." she whispered, taking one of his pillows, and held it close to her chest. 

"Well, when it comes to you, I can't help myself. You make my heart race just when I look at you." he replied, sitting back down at the desk after putting on some music to drown out the silence. 
{Flashback to the day before:}

Melissa and Nick were on their way home from school, walking a bit behind their siblings as they wanted to just be alone and be able to talk about anything their little hearts desired. ", that's what happened in my science class; a girl's project blew up in her face!" Melissa exclaimed, her brown eyes brightening as she spoke to her best friend. 

Nick was listening to her speak, at least he thought he was, but he didn't really remember the story she had just spent five minutes telling him about. "Oh yeah? That sounds cool angel." he mumbled, his signature grin plastered on his face. 

"You weren't paying attention, were you?" she asked, frowning instantly as she really didn't know why Nick was being that way. 

He shook his head and sighed, "I'm sorry Lyss." he whispered, stopping her and pulling her to a nearby tree, "but there was something I wanted to tell you..." he said, leaning her against the oak tree. 

Her brown eyes looked at him confused, and she kept a hand on him, needing to feel the comfort of knowing he was still there. "w-what's that Nicky?" 

"I..." he started, his emotions and worries getting the better of him, and he looked down at how close they were to one another at that time. He had been feeling so different with Melissa for the longest time, and the most important worry always kept coming up... she was still a baby, eleven years old. He didn't want his preteen thoughts confusing her. 

But he bit the bullet and just went for it, his head leaning closer to her, and pressed his little lips against hers. She immediately let out a soft gasp and within seconds it was over. 

"I wanted to tell you that I love you Lyss, I always have, and I really wanted to do that, for a while now." he blushed and leaned his forehead against hers. 

Melissa giggled, and pecked his lips once more. "I love you too Nicky." she whispered and pulled them to start walking again, her hand not leaving his for a second. 

{Flashback: End}

Even though she was coming off with a vibe that she had forgotten about the kiss had occurred the day before; she still remembered every second of it. 

"So, when will I be able to read or hear this song?" she asked, sitting up on her knees to be able to reach over for the beloved notebook, and flipped through a few pages, seeing titles like; Hello Beautiful, Inseparable, Just Friends, and Lovebug... 

"Is this the song?" she asked, knowing that the other songs were probably without a doubt, about her; but she was more concerned with the last one. "Yup, wanna hear some?" he asked, grabbing his guitar. 

She eagerly nodded her head, waiting for her best friend to come back and sit beside her. His young, beautiful voice bounced off the four walls that surrounded them. 

"I kissed her for the first time yesterday
Everything I wished that it would be
Suddenly I forgot how to speak
Hopeless, breathless
Baby can't you see?

Now I'm...
Yeah oh
Now I'm speechless
Over the edge, I'm just breathless
I never thought that I'd catch this love bug again
Now I'm hopeless, head over heels in the moment
I never thought that I'd get hit by this lovebug again
Lovebug again"

A Little Bit Longer {5) by lyssajonas


{November 16th, 2005
Somewhere between Pennsylvania and New York

Nick and his family were traveling all around the United States promoting the band that they were in the process of forming. Things were going great, they had just started the Fall 2005 Tour where the boys were performing in front of a couple hundred girls a day in malls and other places.

But Nick was trying to get used to not only maturing more and more each day. But he  was currently trying to get over a particular struggle. He hadn't told anyone this yet, but he wasn't feeling all that great the past few weeks-- no months. He knew that if he told his family... or even Melissa, they wouldn't leave the poor boy alone, and would start treating him differently. 

But at that time, they were traveling from Pennsylvania to New York for a show that they had in two days. The preteen  had been asking every hour on the hour for them to stop to go to the bathroom. 

It concerned his eagle-eyed mother, who had also realized that her 13-year-old son had also lost about 15 pounds since Halloween just a few weeks back. That wasn't normal whatsoever, "Hey Nick, you okay?" she asked her son. 

Nick was sitting in the back of the cramped van, sweating profusely and needing another water bottle that was packed away in the cooler in the trunk. "Huh? Y-Yeah momma, I'm fine. Why wouldn't I be?" the preteen stuttered out, his eyes looking into the beautiful ones of his mom's. 

A million thoughts were swirling around in his head, did he really not look like he was okay? Why was he so dang thirsty? When would the next rest area be coming up? 

"I just wanted to make sure, you just haven't been yourself lately." she said defensively, knowing that something was definitely bothering her son. She soon turned back around, giving her husband a concerned glance. The both of them knew sooner or later they would have to stop off at a doctor and check to make sure the thirteen-year old was in good health. 
The next day: 

Denise walked her son into the doctor's office, taking a deep breath as her motherly instincts kicked in, what if there was something seriously wrong with him? 

Soon, the doctor had walked in, a chart in hand, "So what seems to be the issue here?" she asked, beginning to do all of the normal "doctor" things that are done on patients when they are being seen for the first time. 

"Well, Nicholas here, has been losing excessive weight over the past few weeks, always needs to go to the bathroom, and is thirsty all the time." Denise began to explain as Nick leaned back against the wall, his arms folded. 

The doctor immediately knew what the issue could be and sighed, "I am sending you two off to the hospital, they will explain there what is going on when you get there. Good luck Nicholas, and you will be fixed up in no time." she said urgently and ushered them off. 

Once they had gotten to the hospital, they were put into a room, and many tests were begun on Nick. His anxiety and blood pressure were extremely high, but the most concerning issue was; his blood sugar was over 700. 

"You have Type 1 Diabetes, Nick." 

Those were the words that hit him hard, he was stunned to be quite honest. His head was spinning as he really didn't know what Diabetes was and was scared shitless. 

What did all this mean? Would it cause him to not be able to do things he loved anymore? What would Melissa think of him? The last thought caused him to look over at his mother, and chew on his bottom lip out of habit. 

"Mom? Did you call Aunt Cindy? Can I talk to Melissa?" Nick asked as they sat there in the hospital room, they had been sitting there for days, the next week of the tour had been cancelled. The doctors had told them that they needed to get Nick's sugar down to a manageable level. After all of those things were finished,  they would be able to discharge him. "Can I have that notebook that I put in your bag?" he threw a million questions at his mother. 

"Yes, I called Aunt Cindy, but remember Melissa's at school right now, so once she gets home, and Aunt Cindy explains what happened... you can talk to her, okay?" she asked her son, knowing that he was dying to hear the young girl's voice. She handed over the notebook and a pen, knowing how his creative mind worked at a time like this. 

"Got the news today
Doctors said i had to stay
A little bit longer and I'll be fine

When I thought it'd all be done
When I thought it'd all been said
A little bit longer and I'll be fine.

But you don't know what you got 'til it's gone
And you don't know what it's like to feel so low
And everytime you smile you laugh you glow
You don't even know, know, know.
You don't even know"

For the next hour, he sat there singing small verses and writing what would be one of the Jonas Brothers' biggest hits in about three years' time. With Nick, when he goes through something traumatic or needs to speak his mind about something... writing a song was the way he dealt with his issues. Confiding in people in the moment wasn't what he normally did... his lyrics was his outlet. 

Three more days had passed, and the boys had a show just hours after he had been discharged. He was feeling 100% better, and now was able to understand that because of the lack of insulin and other medicines that his body needed; that was why he had been feeling so poorly. 

Denise didn't tell Nick that there was a surprise waiting for him at the show. Someone he rarely got to talk to for the past week was waiting rather impatiently for him to make his appearance. Melissa had been a complete mess, not understanding what was going on, and why Nick had been in the hospital. 

She was sitting behind the curtain backstage with her mom, waiting for the mother-son duo to finally come to the venue. As soon as she heard Nick's cute little voice, her whole demeanor perked up. 

"LYSS!!" she heard him exclaim, she jumped off the chair she had been sitting in, and ran to the teenager. He held onto her tightly, not ever wanting to let go. "I-I was so worried about you." she cried, tears welling up in her eyes. 

"I'm okay now, don't worry. Everything will be okay..." he mumbled, not letting go of her for a second. "I thought about you all the time, hoping that you weren't too upset about all this." he said, kissing her cheek gently. 

"I didn't know what was going on. I still don't..." she whispered, wiping the few stray tears away that had fallen. "Are you okay? What happened?" she questioned, her small hands clutching onto the shirt he was wearing. 

"I'll explain it to you another time babe, okay? Just know, I'm never ever leaving you." he grinned at the young girl, interlacing their fingers together as they made their way to the "stage" so he could help in getting things set up for the performance. 

Melissa looked over at her best friend, trying to figure out if there were any physical differences... he just seemed a little happier, and much healthier. 

The concert was the best one yet, everyone had given their all knowing that the next performance wasn't promised. Nick knew he had done so well, because Melissa was there with him in the front row... cheering him on wanting him to know she would always be there for him no matter what. 

"So, I'll wait 'til kingdom come.
All the highs and lows are gone.
A little bit longer and I'll be fine.
I'll be...fine"

Seizures {6} by lyssajonas


{April 11th, 2006
Wood Residence 
Nick- 13|Melissa- 11}

"Good luck tonight Lyss!" Nick's smooth voice flowed through the house as he came in through the door. He had wanted to come see her before she went to the soccer game that she was going to play in. Maybe it was the fact that he always spent the few hours after school, with the young brunette, or that he was slowly falling in love with her as each day passed by. 

"Hi Nicky!" the young girl exclaimed, running up to him, as he caught her in his arms. Melissa surprisingly had tried out, and also made the soccer team at their elementary school. And they had the first game away tonight. "...and thanks." she blushed and kissed his cheek. 

Denise smiled at the two of them as Cindy walked back in, "I hate to cut this short guys, but we need to get her up to the school." Cindy sighed, handing Melissa a light jacket. 

Everyone thought it was all going to be okay, that nothing bad was going to happen to her.  When in reality... she really shouldn't have gone to that soccer game, should've never gone without her parents there. 

3 Hours Later: 

The game had just started, everything seemed like it was going well as the preteen girls were running along the field.  Except for the fact that Melissa was feeling super lightheaded and really didn't feel all that great. She was spacing out, not focusing on one thing. She sat on a bench next to the field and tried to keep calm. She really was not doing all that great until suddenly, her head started to spin, and her left eye started to twitch. 

Then soon enough her body began convulsing and she collapsed to the ground, her head slamming against the grass with a loud thud. After those few seconds of hearing the game instantly stop and screams from parents all around, her whole world went black. 

"Melissa? Sweetie, wake up." a nice mom tried to wake up the still shaking girl. No one really understood what was happening, and Melissa honestly was scared shitless. 

"Am I dying?... oh my God, I must be dying!... why does everything hurt so bad?!" 

The distant sounds of an ambulance filled the air and Melissa's brown eyes began to open. She looked up and saw a nice paramedic lifting her onto a gurney. "Hi love, can you tell me your name? And how old you are?" 

Melissa whimpered, her mind so foggy, she couldn't speak, her mouth still shaking slightly, "I-I... I-I...." she mumbled, her eyes half-lidded as she looked at the paramedic. 

"Shhh, you can answer that when we get to the hospital." he said, "Is there anyone who is coming with us?" the paramedic called out to everyone that was looking on. There was a mom that stood up and hurried over to the scene, "I will!" she exclaimed and climbed in the ambulance after they had slid her gurney in there. 

At the Jonas Residence:

They had just finished dinner, the silence being broken as the phone began ringing, everyone wasn't expecting it."Hello?" Denise asked, not thinking that the everyone's lives were about to change... especially Nick's and Melissa's. 

"Wait, wait Cindy... slow down. What happened?... What?! Is she okay? Are you at the hospital?... Well, let us know how she is, do you need anything?... Okay, just let me know. Tell her we love her, and if she needs to talk to Nick, just call us back.... Yeah, mhm. Love you too. Bye." by the time Denise hung up the phone, Nick was alert and standing beside her, trying to get as much information as she could. 

"What happened?!" Nick asked, tears in his eyes as he tried to understand what had happened to his best friend. 

"Nick, I think you should sit down." Denise said, as they walked to the couch, and she let out a breath, "Melissa had a seizure at the game. She has been taken to the hospital, and she is doing okay." 

At that moment, Nick's world stopped... his heart instantly broke, and he didn't know what to think or do. "Can you take me to the hospital? I need to see her, make sure she really is okay. She needs me Mom." he begged, tears welling up in his eyes. 

Denise felt horrible, she really wanted to take him to see her, to give him that chance to show her that she was going to be okay in the end. But she knew that he probably wouldn't be able to see her, she was probably being taken to do tests and other things of the like. "She needs her family right now Nick. I know you want to see her, but she will be staying in the hospital tonight, most likely. So, please stay here tonight." she said, her eyes glistening with tears. She hated seeing her son so upset. 

"But she needs me." he cried, a few tears falling, he usually never showed his emotions... but right now, he was so worried about her, he couldn't help it. 

Denise sat there for a few minutes, contemplating. "Fine... but we're only staying for a few minutes. Do you think she'd need anything from the house?" she asked the 13 year-old and got up to grab their coats and slip on her shoes. 

Within 15 minutes they were walking out of Melissa's house as Nick had the young girl's teddy and blanket in his hands. "Thank you, mom." he said and kissed his mother's cheek as they got in the car. 

The ride to the hospital was silent as they were both on edge worried about Melissa. They hurried into the hospital and were told that her room was on the second floor at the end of the hallway. 

Nick took a deep breath in and opened the door, Melissa was sitting on the bed, talking with her mom and dad as her body was exhausted. As soon as she caught a glimpse of her best friend, her heart began racing, "Nicky?!" she exclaimed lightly. 

He grinned at her, and made his way up to the girl, "hey angel." he whispered, and stood next to her, "I brought you these, thinking you'd need them." he said softly and handed her the teddy and blanket. "are... a-are you okay?" he asked. 

She scooted over to make room for him, and he climbed in next to her, "I'm okay... don't know e-exactly what happened, but now that you're here... I'm better." she smiled weakly, and she leaned against him, instantly cuddling into his chest. 

That night, he stayed with her along with Melissa's mom. The nurses weren't all that happy that he stayed with her, but as they noticed how much the girl needed the young teen... they let it slide. Anytime the boy was away from her, Melissa's heart raced and she began shaking. It was like they helped one another stay calm and mellowed each other out. 

They were each other's missing puzzle piece.

Inseparable {7} by lyssajonas


{Sometime in early 2007
Jonas Residence; 
Little Falls, NJ
Nick- 14, Mel-12}

It was a normal school night for the Jonas family, Melissa was hanging out at their house as she normally did. The tension throughout the family and in the atmosphere was heartbreaking. 

Kevin Sr. a few months back had resigned from his job, resulting in the family losing the house they had lived in for so long. Not long after that, the boys had been dropped from Columbia Records, meaning they were not signed to a label any longer. 

Dinner was just getting finished up, and Nick and Melissa set out to help Denise clean up the table and start dishes. But little did anyone know, everyone's lives were about to change all because of a company that had had their eye on the band for a while. 


Kevin Sr. hurriedly went over to the phone, answering it immediately, "hello?" 

"Is this the Jonas residence?" 

"Yes it is, may I ask who is speaking?" Kevin Sr. asked, waving his hand at the boys who were causing a ruckus like they usually did. 

"This is the head of the Disney Channel, and I also have the president of Hollywood Records on the line. Is there anyway we could fly you and your family out to LA?" 

Kevin Sr.'s eyes went wide, "yes, yes of course. When would you want us out there?" He couldn't believe that the band... the family was given a second chance. 

"As soon as possible."  the person on the other line said confidently, "we would like to get the boys in the recording studio right when they get here, and we already have their first Disney Channel appearance lined up." 



{Sometime in the middle of 2007Sunset Bronson StudiosLos Angeles, CA}


{Sometime in the middle of 2007
Sunset Bronson Studios
Los Angeles, CA}

The three Jonas boys and Melissa excitedly made their way into the elite Studio, each of them couldn't contain their excitement. Nick held onto his best friend's hand, not knowing what to expect from filming a TV show. 

They weren't actors, they were singers. At least that is what they thought....

"Welcome, welcome!" one of the crew members exclaimed, motioning for the four of them to come closer. "Who do you have with you? We have to get passes."

Nick looked up, "We will need three passes please, one for each of our parents and one for my best friend." he squeezed the young girl's hand reassuringly. Knowing full well that she was worried that she wouldn't be wanted at the studio by others. 

There definitely was one person they hadn't met yet that wouldn't want her there.... she was a brunette little bitch. 

"Miley is in wardrobe right now, how about you boys go on with her to get ready for the day?" the nice crew member asked, pointing back to the hallway. 

"Thank you." Kevin smiled. 

The oldest Jonas opened the door that was clearly marked, wardrobe, and they walked in, making sure that Nick found a seat where Melissa could be nearby. 

"Boys! Hello!" Miley exclaimed, coming up and hugging each one of them. "It's so nice to meet you!" she blushed, holding onto Nick just a little longer. 

Yes she had done her research on them, listened to their first album, and had already grown a liking to the cute and sensitive one.

"Who is that?" she pointed to Melissa like as if she was a fly on the wall. —get what I did there...? Lol.— 

"Miley, this is Melissa... my best friend." he grinned, coming up and wrapped his arm around the girl who was looking up at Miley with a worried stare. 

"Oh... at first I thought you were gonna say she was your girlfriend or something..." she sighed in relief, her hand going over her heart. "Well, nice to meet you." she choked the words out like as if it was life or death. 

"You as well..." Melissa said softly, knowing that this girl was going to give her some major trouble within the near future. 
{August 6th, 2007
Jonas Residence- CA 
Nick- 14|Mel- 13} 

Time passed slowly, Nick and Melissa got closer and closer. But as Disney got word of the band, and the boys practically lived in the recording studio, the young curly haired boy was trying to stop his growing love for the girl. But he knew deep down in his heart, that she was the one for him. 

Everything started changing, the boys had guest starred on Hannah Montana on Disney Channel that led to them getting signed by Hollywood Records and recording their first —successful— album and that's when the Jonas Brothers had blown up, literally. 
"Lyss, are you coming with us to the event?" Nick asked as he leaned against the doorframe of his room, his eyes not leaving hers as she got ready in front of the mirror he had above the dresser. 

The young girl had been spending the summer with the Jonas family out in California, as she really had nothing better to do back at home. 

Melissa's head shot up as she smiled at the boy, "yah, babe. I can, what.... are you gonna miss me or something?" she grinned at him as she got off the bed that they shared most nights and grabbed her small purse. 

"Yah, sure Angel, if that's what you wanna think." Nick's voice cracked with nervousness and Melissa came up and kissed his cheek then headed out of the room. 

The event they were going to was a small gathering Hollywood Records was throwing for the release of the boys' album. Everyone was so proud of them to say the least. 

Later that night:

The party was in full swing, they had already sung S.O.S, and Year 3000. All the while, Nick was failing miserably at trying to flirt with Melissa, it was quite a sight. 

Joe came up to his younger brother, who was currently lost in thought watching as Melissa talked to different people, "so have you kissed her yet, young Nicholas?" Joe joked, holding a half empty cup in his hand, and a grin plastered on his face. 

Nick shook his head, shushing his older brother, "shut the heck up, Joe! I haven't yet because I don't want to ruin our first real kiss together, she's special to me... you should know this." he sighed, a blush creeping up on his cheeks. 

Joe smirked, "You better do it soon, before she figures out that most of the love songs on this record are about her. What about Lovebug? Why didn't we put that on the album?" he asked, looking down at Nick, "I mean... you wrote it how long ago?" 

"Three years ago now..." Nick answered, shutting his mouth after as his best friend came up, her hair curly, and a bright smile on her features. "What'd I miss?" she questioned, resting her arm on her best friend's shoulder. 

Nick coughed, shaking his head, and felt his heart stop, "N-Nothing Angel, we were just talking about what we have to do next week, with the Hannah episode premiering, and the store meet-up to get the album at midnight." Nick covered up, wrapping his arm immediately around her waist. Even though he knew that the young girl knew him inside and out, he was still nervous. 

Melissa looked at her best friend skeptically, as she always knew when he was lying, "You s-sure?" she asked, her hand still resting on him. 

Nick nodded, smiling down at the girl he was hopelessly falling for, "Positive babe." he said, nodding at his brother before walking off with his best friend. 

{When they got back to the Jonas Residence:}

Melissa sighed as she changed into one of Nick's old shirts and a pair of her pajama shorts, she had a burning feeling that they had been talking about her earlier, and she really didn't know what to do. 

"Nicky?" she asked as she stepped back into the bedroom they had been sharing since she came out to California, "yes, Angel?" he smiled at her, already ready for bed. 

She bit her lip as she climbed beside him, "D-Do... do you love me?" she questioned, her heart racing fast. She really had no idea where the question had come from, but she wanted.... no needed to know the answer. She didn't look him in the eye, as she knew that if she did, she'd do something her little 13-year-old self was definitely not ready for. Or something she thought she wasn't ready for...

Nick looked at her, beyond surprised, "Of course I do, what made you think that I don't?" he asked, pulling her gently to sit in between his legs. He instinctively reached up, and stroked her blushing cheek with his thumb, heart beating faster than normal. 

Melissa shrugged, leaning into his touch as it was making her feel things she didn't understand. "I-I don't know... I mean, I know you love me... but do you love me... love me?" she asked, her eyes connecting with his. She hoped that the way she said her statement would cause the curly to understand what way she was trying to get him to think. 

Nick's heart bursted with love for the young girl, but he still was beyond nervous at her words, "well what do you think, Angel?" he asked, interlacing their hands together. 

What he saw at that moment was; fear, worry, and most importantly... love. Pure, honest love. Something that the two teens definitely shouldn't be feeling or know anything about at their age. The love surrounding the two of them, was the kind of love that people only dream of finding one day, and miraculously the two young teens found that love in one another. 

Melissa blushed, not quite believing what they were speaking of at that moment, "I-I don't know... that's the thing, I can usually read you like a book... but when it comes to this... to us? I can't decipher any of it." she whispered, tears welling up in her eyes, as she tried to keep her composure. "...and that's the part that scares me most, because I don't want to ruin what we have with one another... then again we're so young and we have our whole lives ahead of us." she whispered, speaking about the subject like as if she was a fully-grown adult. 

Nick wiped away the ongoing tears that fell from her eyes, "I understand that, I usually can tell all of your moods or when something's wrong." he said and leaned over so their foreheads were resting gently against the other's. "but I promise you this baby..." he started, his young voice full of love for her, "I love you more than you could ever think." he whispered, "and I could never ever fathom hurting you, or losing you. You mean too much to me. You are the one thing in my life that keeps me... me." 

Now, some would say they were way too young, and that this whole crazy thing would crumble to the ground. But when you saw the way the two were with one another? It all made sense. I mean... it was Nick and Melissa.... Melissa and Nick, they could get through anything with one another by their side. 

Then something occurred at that split second in time that Melissa had been dreaming of for a while now... Nick leaned forward and placed his plump little lips on hers, sparks flying for the both of them. 

One thing was for sure, they were made for one another, soulmates. 

"I love you." Melissa whispered breathlessly.

"I love you more my beautiful angel." the curly whispered back, his small, calloused hand resting on her cheek.

The Tour Life {8} by lyssajonas


{December 27th, 2007
Uniondale, New York
Nick-15|Mel- 13}

Melissa stepped out of the van, looking up at the huge arena that the boys would be opening for Hannah Montana at, she never thought that they would get this far so soon. It was crazy to think that just last year at this time, they were playing for 200-300 people at the most. 

"So, you will be back on a flight to New Jersey, 2 days after New Year's. Aunt Denise is going to be flying back with you, how does that sound?" Cindy asked, as they grabbed the girl's suitcase out of the back end of the car. 

Melissa nodded, smiling at her mom, "that's fine. I-I'm glad I get to spend this time with the boys since they have two more tours planned for next year." she said softly as they made their way into the arena. 

Aunt Denise was standing there waiting for the mom and daughter duo, "welcome guys!" she exclaimed and hugged them both, a big grin on her face. 

"Nick is in the boys' dressing room down the hall if you want to go find him." Aunt Denise offered, pointing behind her. Melissa nodded and began the trek to the room. her footsteps were drawn to a halt as she heard Miley speaking. 

"But Nick don't you want to go out with me, Joe and the dancers tonight?" Miley's whiny, high-pitched voice broke the silence. 

"I already told you no, Miles." Nick's cracking, young voice responded. "Sorry, but Lyss is coming on tour with us for about a week, and she's coming today. I want to spend time with my best friend." 

"What does that bitch have that I don't?" she exclaimed, her eyes scrunched as she glared at Nick. 

"Ugh!" she screeched, stomping her foot as she bursted out of the dressing room, glaring at Melissa, "so you're the 'best friend'?" she asked, a little bit of jealousy in her voice. 

Melissa's eyes were wide, and her heart was beating fast, "U-Uhm... y-yeah, y-yeah, I am." she stuttered out, chewing on her bottom lip. 

Miley still had this possessive look in her eyes, "just know that I will win him over, I hear the way he talks about you, and how his eyes light up when you're—" 

"That's enough Miley, now go." Nick interrupted her, as he came up to the door. He grabbed ahold of Melissa's hand and pulled her gently into the dressing room. 

Miley rolled her eyes, walking away with the attitude she was oh so good at using to her advantage. 

Once the two young kids were sitting beside each other, Nick's beloved guitar placed in his lap. She leaned her head against his shoulder, "even though I had just seen you a few days ago... I missed you." she blushed and rested a hand on his thigh.

In the last week, the Jonas' had been home for Christmas, but the very next day they had to drive out for the show, even though they had literally been apart for a whole 24 hours... she felt incomplete without Nick.

Nick grinned and leaned over to kiss her head softly and moved her closer to him. "I completely understand babygirl." he whispered, some curls falling right in front of his eyes as he stared into her chocolate brown eyes. 

Later that night: 

The concert had been a huge success, and the boys were exhausted. From Nick's hand stands, and Joe jumping into the dancers' arms, and so much more. 

Everybody was ready to pass out, and Melissa smiled gently at Nick as he took off the button-down shirt that clung to the tank top he had on underneath. "the concert was amazing!" she exclaimed, kissing his cheek and blushed right after. 

Joe and Kevin grinned at one another as they watched in awe of the love that the two teenagers shared. Even though everyone was quite used to the way they were, it still was an amazing sight to watch. 

Nick smiled big at the teenaged girl and interlaced their hands together as the whole Jonas crew made their way out of the arena. Melissa slipped the hood of Nick's extra winter coat over her head to shield herself from the fans, media and the constant snowfall. 

As they stepped onto the bus, taking off the coats they had on. The 15-year-old smiled at his best friend, still not understanding how he was blessed with her. 

"C'mon babe." Nick whispered, grabbing ahold of her hand and walked through the cramped bus to the bunks. 

"What shirt do you want to wear tonight?" he questioned, skimming through his packed suitcase. 

"Whatever one you want to give me." she replied, her eyes lighting up as she looked at him. Small footsteps brought her closer to his small frame and her hands wrapped around him from behind. 

"I'll be there to hold you through the night, well be running so fast we can fly tonight..." he sang softly, as he turned himself around to peck her nose lightly. 

The next day: 

Melissa was the last one to wake up and moved over in the cramped bunk knowing that Nick wouldn't be there beside her because of the promo things him and his brothers had that morning. 

As she laid on her stomach and reached for her phone, she felt her stomach burst with butterflies, as she seen a text from Nick; 

From: Nicky💕Hey baby, sorry i didn't wake you before i left, but good morning. Mom stayed back to be with you. love you. d84;a039;

She texted back a "I love you more💕then slipped out of the bunk and went to put her hair up in a high pony then went and hung out with Aunt Denise for a while before they both got ready to head into the venue. 

The day went by slowly, always dragging on slower as time went by. She knew at some point she'd have to encounter Miley and seeing as the pop star really didn't like her all that much, made Melissa's anxiety shot up sky high. 

As soon as she saw Nick finishing up the soundcheck with his brothers, it made all of her worries disappear. Her heart swelled with love for not only Nick, but also his brothers. Saying she was proud of them was an understatement; she was their number one supporter besides their parents. 

She was pulled out of her thoughts as a certain brunette girl came up to her with the most smug grin on her face, "You know, Nick is gonna be mine soon. He even kissed me last week before we all left for Christmas."

Melissa didn't want to believe Miley, she really didn't. Because in all honesty, who is more believable? Her best friend? Or the girl that was just trying to get under her skin?... Exactly. 

She shook her head, "N-No... he wouldn't of... you're lying." Melissa stuttered out, her heart racing so fast she was struggling to breathe. 

Why did she care so much if he had kissed her? Was it really that obvious that she had a crush on him? 

Miley laughed at the teen's change of composure, "Yes he did. All my dancers are witnesses." she grinned, basically lying through her teeth. 

Melissa's brown eyes welled up with tears as her mind raced with a million thoughts. She couldn't get another word out, she was too stunned. 

The only thing that was clear in her head at that moment, was... run. 

She ran as fast as her feet could carry her, back to the tour bus that was in the parking garage. Her eyes red from trying to hold herself together, not letting anyone see her sudden mood change. 

But there was one person who noticed the tears welled up in her pretty little eyes. "Mel?" Joe called after her, his heart breaking as he knew that his tour mate was the reason for her being like that. 

Joe hurried over to his younger brother and rested a hand on his shoulder, "Miley said something to Mel... you need to go check on her." he said quietly, grabbing the guitar from Nick. 

The 15 year old ran out the door and flinched as the bus door slammed against the frame hard. 

Melissa dropped down on the mattress of Joe's bunk as sobs wrecked her little body. Her hands tightly grasped onto her beloved stuffed animal with a death grip. She was so engulfed in her own confusion and sadness, she didn't realize when Nick came looking for her.

"Angel?" he called out quietly, his long curls bouncing with every step. "What did she say? Why did you run away so quick?" he asked, standing by his bunk and sighed as he seen her little feet sticking out of his brother's bunk. 

"Go a-away!" she cried out, her body shivering, she really wanted to be alone... but she wanted her Nick too. She was so conflicted. 

Nick pulled the curtain back and kneeled beside Joe's bunk —as it was on the last level of the bunks— "baby, will you explain to me what Miley said?" he asked, his voice soothing and comforting. 

Melissa's little brown eyes peeked up at him, as a whimper left her lips, "she... s-she said that you g-guys k-kissed... and that she was gonna t-take you away from me..." she cried out, hiccuping slightly. 

He sighed, rubbing his hand over his face, "I would never, ever kiss her. And you are the only girl in my life... well besides my mom." he chuckled, his lopsided, toothy grin coming out. "I would never dream of hurting you like that." he said softly and set the pillow to the side and pulled the trembling girl into his lap. 

"Y-You promise?" she mumbled, her eyes still glossy as she reached her hands out to clutch onto him. 

"I swear." he said softly and pressed a lingering kiss on her forehead lightly. 


End Notes:

now i love Miley with all my heart, but for the plot, and the timeline's sake, i had to make her a bitch. and quite honestly? i think teen Miley would've acted like that when it came to Nick 🤷🏻‍a92;a039;

Please Be Mine {9} by lyssajonas







{March 22nd, 2008
East Rutherford, New Jersey


The When You Look Me In The Eyes Tour had been a huge success, they went all around the country, 39 shows in a span of about a month and a half. 


Melissa had visited once or twice on weekend shows, but she really missed the boys and the family... especially Nick. They texted constantly, and she wore his clothes, that he had left behind for her. It was basically all she wore nowadays. 


But now the tour was almost over, and they had a few month break before the next tour started. The next album was recording well, and they had just finished the promo photo shoot for Camp Rock, everything was perfect. 


At least that's what Melissa wanted to think, her life was sort of falling apart —as much as it could for a middle schooler—. She was teased for knowing the boys, didn't have that many friends and her parents were always fighting... but knowing that Nick was going to be home for at least a month, made all the anxiety and tears worth it. 


Her Nicholas was gonna be home soon... that's all that mattered. 
Before the Concert: 


Melissa walked in the venue with her mom behind her, and a Jonas hoodie and cute jeans on. She felt like she was on top of the world, like all the worries from school were nonexistent. 


As soon as her eyes landed on Nick she grinned making her way to him quickly. It had been too long since they were together. She didn't know what the boy had up his sleeve, because when he noticed her, he broke out into a huge grin. 


"Lyss!" he exclaimed and as she hugged him tightly, she let out a sigh. "I've missed you." he whispered in her ear. 


"Mel!" Joe smiled big and soon the 13-year-old girl was being engulfed in another bone crushing hug. "How have ya been girl?" he asked and laughed gently. 


Besides Nick, Joe was the other Jonas she was incredibly close with, she texted him on the daily and always felt safe with him... crazy right? 


"Can I steal you away for a few minutes?" Nick asked, looking at the girl with a grin. Joe kept a gaze on the two young teens, knowing just what his brother was about to do. 


Yah... the teen definitely had something up his sleeve. 😍


Melissa nodded and followed him as he interlaced their hands together. She chewed on her lip as nerves bubbled up inside of her, she really had no idea what he was doing. 


Soon they had made their way into the bus, and he slowly walked them to the very back, somewhere that Melissa had no idea even existed. 


She let out a gasp as there was the most beautiful sight before them. Nick had set up multiple pillows and blankets and twinkling Christmas lights, she was beyond impressed. 


"W-What is this?" she stuttered, her eyes widening as she looked at Nick as he climbed onto the make-shift bed. She followed after him, sitting criss-cross apple sauce not letting go of his hand at all. 


"So... I brought you here, because I wanted to spend some alone time with you... but I also wanted to ask you something." he nervously began. He let go of her hand, the two of them sighing from the lack of contact. 


"You know that I have written many songs about you... but this one I never told you it was specifically about you." he said softly, grabbing his guitar from beside them and began strumming softly. 


"They come and go but they don't know. 
That you are my beautiful
I try to come closer with you. 
But they all say we won't make it through


But I'll be there forever, 
You will see that it's better,
All our hopes and our dreams will come true, 
I will not disappoint you, 
I'll be right there for you 'til the end, 
The end of time, 
Please be mine" 


Melissa's eyes filled with tears as he sang the all too familiar lyrics and she had to reach up and wipe away her tears. 


"Will you be mine? Will you be my girlfriend?" he asked, as he set aside the acoustic guitar and chewed on his lip. 


Melissa let out a giggle and nodded fast, "of course I will. I've been waiting for you to ask for forever." she exclaimed and scooted closer to him, pressing her lips against his lightly. The two of them sighed from how foreign but familiar it felt. Her small hand rested on his cheek as they shared the innocent kiss. 


Not to be cheesy or anything, but it was like the whole world stopped turning, like it was only the two of them that mattered. And at that moment, it really was just the two of them. 


"I love you so much." she whispered, and blushed like mad. Nick pulled the girl against him, basically having her sit in his lap. He just never wanted to let her go.


"I love you more, my angel." he replied, leaning his forehead against hers. 


Soon the two lovebugs had to get up and leave the comfortable makeshift bed and as they walked back out of the bus, Nick stopped her before they stepped out. 


"Wait, babe. I wanna give you something." he said softly and reached around his neck to unclasp the medical alert necklace that laid on his chest. 


Melissa gasped, shaking her head fast, "b-baby, no. you need that. it's yours." she said softly and rested her hand on his, the deep red blush still gracing her face. 


He smiled and turned her around slowly, placing the necklace's chain around her neck, and as he clasped the necklace on her, he leaned over to place a soft kiss on the back of her neck. "It's yours now angel, you mean everything to me and more, and besides... I have a new necklace enroute to the hotel as we speak." he grinned. 


She nodded and as she faced him once more, she leaned over and kissed him lightly. "I-I love you." she whispered, "thank you." she smiled as they continued back into the venue. 


Nick and Melissa were both grinning like fools as they made their way backstage and Aunt Denise was the first one to notice how much closer the two were. 


"So, what's up you two?" she asked, smirking at them, honestly figuring out what had just occurred before they even explained themselves. 


"Mom!" Nick exclaimed and held Melissa's hand tighter, not wanting her to leave his side. "does something have to be different?" he asked, groaning softly. 


Melissa giggled, leaning her body closer to her boyfriend's, she really never thought that he'd get the courage to ask her, and now that time was here. 


Aunt Denise chuckled, "'Cause I know you two better than you think. You two are official, now aren't you?" she questioned, as Cindy walked up with the rest of the boys. The two mothers knew this was coming sooner or later, but they both really didn't think the curly headed boy had the guts to ask her. 


But they were dead wrong. 


"Wait, wait wait... you finally asked her? congrats guys!" Joe exclaimed and gave his brother a huge thumb up. 


Melissa nodded, and blushed even more as she looked at the people that meant the most to her, "Yeah guys, we are now dating." she said, her voice soft as she peeked up at Nick. One hand clasped in his, and the other holding onto the necklace that was around her neck. 


Aunt Denise and Cindy hurried up to the couple, hugging them and kissing their heads in pure excitement. From the very moment the two teens met, everyone had a hunch that they were meant for each other. 


Now some may think that this would be the end of the story, that YAYYYY finally they got together, right? Well you're wrong, there's going to be many ups and downs and things that come in Melissa and Nick's way, trying to tear them apart. 


This was just another chapter in their love story, will they stick by one another's sides and make it to the end? You'll have to wait and see... 

"It's the Jonas Brothers' New Year!" {10} by lyssajonas
Author's Notes:

{there will be moments in this chapter, where you're like "oh this sounds familiar!" well it definitely will, because a lot of the second half of this chapters dialogue is from the 3D movie. i was watching it and thought it fit really well with the story and flow of the chapter. so yah. bare with me!}


{July 4th, 2008
Toronto, Canada
Nick-15| Mel- 13} 

Melissa smiled big as she looked at the amphitheater, she couldn't believe that the boys had come this far and were selling out big venues like this. A few years back, no one had ever dreamed of things going the way they had... That the boys second "official" tour would be completely sold out.  

The past few months since Nick had asked her to be his girlfriend had literally been a never-ending rollercoaster ride. Their first movie; Camp Rock; the Disney Channel Original Movie that they costarred with Demi Lovato in, had come out a few weeks back. 

The movie was a huge success, something that no one had even imagined would happen... happened. 

Melissa also was asked by the boys' management to make a short cameo in the A Little Bit Longer's debut single's music video that was conveniently Burnin' Up. Those couple of days on set were an amazing experience, except for the times that Selena Gomez tried to flirt with Nick... that pissed her off. 

But now that the summer was here, and the huge tour was just about to start. Melissa couldn't wait to be on tour with the boys for a few months. As this was their first actual summer tour, their first taste of fame was just in their grasp. 

They were filming a 3D movie at some point and Nick was constantly writing the next album. 

There were days where Nick dropped everything just to spend time with his girl, as in his mind... she was the most important thing, she always would be. But most times, the music had to come first, as it was indeed his job. 

"Hey Mel!" Joe exclaimed as she walked onto the huge stage, with a JoBro tank top on and cute purple shorts. "Have a nice nap?" he asked, flipping the mic around, almost hitting himself in the head... almost is the key word there. 

"Yah, but where's Nick?" she asked, her cute little heart-shaped sunglasses covering her brown eyes. 

Joe smiled, knowing she'd ask about her boyfriend, "he's in the back, cooling off and writing with Demi." and just as he finished his sentence he had flung the mic right on his face, "shit!" he exclaimed, groaning loudly. 

Melissa giggled, "Joseph, what have we told you about doing that? Now, did you learn your lesson?" she 'lectured' him, patting him on the shoulder gently. 

Joe smirked, "Yes I did, Little Mama. Now go find your boy toy." he laughed, pointing to the side of the stage. 

She made her way back into the air conditioning, placing the sunglasses on top of her head and blushed as Nick looked up at her; his signature goofy smile on his face. 

"Hey angel." he said, scooting over on the couch for her little bum to sit next to him. "I missed you." he whispered and kissed her head before looking back over at Demi. 

Demi and Nick were currently working on a song for her new album, called Stop the World, "So if we put the hook here, and those cords along with it, it sounds good, yah?" Demi asked, strumming her acoustic guitar gently. 

Nick nodded, grabbing the pen that was sitting in front of him, "what were those cords again?" he asked, writing them down as Demi told him. 

Melissa just sat there in awe as the two collaborated, it really was phenomenal that they worked so well together. "What do you think about this babe?" Nick asked, starting the song as Demi sang so effortlessly. 

Melissa clapped her hands and smiled big as they finished right before the end of the first chorus, "I love it guys. it's great." she exclaimed. 
Later on before the concert, literally right before it: 

The violins were heard playing the beautiful melody that everyone had begun to memorize ringing through the amphitheater. Everything seemed like it was going perfectly, but then Kevin was heard screaming, "GARBO LOST HIS PACK!"

The young teenage girl —who was kneeling beside the boys' lift— jumped into action, hurrying off to try and find it. 

Don't understand what that means? Lemme explain... Because Garbo didn't have his 'pack' that means they don't have the bass playing at that moment, that's not good. 

A minute or two later as the violins began to dissipate, Melissa ran back to the lift, "I found it!" she exclaimed, the beloved pack in her hands. She handed it to one of the stage people and then came back in front of Nick and smiled big at him. 

"Good luck baby, I love you." she mouthed to him, getting a grin and a "I love you more" from her boyfriend. 

The concerts from there on out had been super successful, every fan that had bought a ticket, showed up. As time went on, Melissa and also the boys' mom's birthday had come and go, and the new album's release was getting closer and closer. 

{August 8th, 2008, 4:31am
Trump International Hotel & Tower
New York City, New York
Nick- 15|Mel- 14} 

Big Rob walked into the huge conjoined hotel rooms, making his way through the kitchenette, then walked over to the first Jonas' bed, "Hey Kevin, time to get up buddy. Gotta roll." he said, leaning over and turning on the bedside table light. 

Kevin sleepily groaned, leaning up and rubbed his eyes, "I know, what time is it?" he yawned, looking up at Big Rob. 

Big Rob smiled, "can you get up? I have to wake up the others, it's 4:30 man." 

Kevin being the talkative person that he is, kept asking questions, "okay, yah... how long do we have?" 

The big bodyguard simply said before leaving the dimly lit room, "5 minutes... living the dream, baby."

The next wakeup call on his list was Nick and Melissa, so he slowly made his way to their bed, that of course had a guitar at the end of it, sitting nicely against the frame. "Nick, Mel... how'd you two sleep? Get up guys, we gotta go." 

Big Rob leaned over, patting the almost 16-year-old on the shoulder, as Nick sleepily spoke, "What time is it?" 

"4:30, get up, alright?" Big Rob asked, knowing that getting everyone up and ready quickly was always a hassle, but he quite honestly hoped that Melissa would help get the curly haired boy up. 

Melissa leaned over to her boyfriend and kissed his cheek, half coherent. "C'mon babe. You guys have a busy day today." she whispered in his ear, her hand resting softly on his chest. 

Nick groaned, "I know... one more minute." he pressed his head against Melissa's shoulder, pulling her closer to his body. 

"No guys, were living the dream, we gotta go." Big Rob coaxed, making his way into the last room, and definitely the hardest wake up— Joe.

"Hey Joe, gotta get up brother. You gotta move." Big Rob said, once again turning on the bedside light. 

Joe; who always caused problems, groaned, "Dude, go away man." 

Big Rob simply responded, "No, we gotta go." He did something that he normally never has to do, which is pulling Joe's dead-weight body to the side of the mattress. 

Joe's attitude came out as he exclaimed, as Big Rob pulled him, "No, I'm sleeping dude! I'm sleepi—" he was interrupted as the bodyguard hit him with a pillow that Joe wasn't laying on, "Let's go!" 

"Why'd you hit me man?!" Joe asked, rubbing his head where he had been 'assaulted'. 

"We gotta go." Big Rob stated, then walked back to make sure everyone else was awake. 

About five minutes had passed and the four of them were sitting at the huge table in their hotel room. There was so much more food waiting for them than they actually needed. 

Kevin was sitting across from Nick, who had Melissa sitting next to her boyfriend, with her head resting on his shoulder. There was Joe sitting at the head of the table, dozing back to sleep. 

The eldest Jonas grabbed his fork and clanked it against his water glass, then threw it to Nick who was also trying his hardest not to fall back asleep. Melissa giggled as she felt Nick flinch, and groan softly. 

"Okay, so here's today's schedule, 7am, we—" Kevin began as he read the email off his phone but was rudely interrupted by Joe who seemed to be more awake then he was the minute before. 

"EARTHQUAKE!... Just kidding." he laughed, as his hands shook the dining table. The eldest Jonas shook his side softly, "Yah, yah, so funny..." Kevin mumbled. 

A few seconds later, Joe exclaimed again breaking the slight silence that overtook the room. He shook the wooden table once again, "AFTERSHOCK!" 

The waitress that was assisting them that morning, came up with a plate in hand. She smiled at Kevin as she sat it down in front of him, "I'm sorry about him, thank you." Kevin said apologetically to her. 

Joe then picked that moment to speak up, "Do you have any peach jelly?" The waitress nodded to Joe and went to her cart to grab the little container of the jelly he requested, handing it off to Joe, "thank you."

Kevin continued on with the schedule, "—7:30, we are leaving for rehearsals, at 8:12, Burnin' Up with the anchors on stage." 

Meanwhile, Nick wasn't paying attention to his older brothers whatsoever. His thoughts and eyes were set on his girlfriend, who was eating her cereal, not even realizing that her boyfriend was admiring her. 

Joe was struggling getting the jelly out of the jar, "Joe, are you still listening?" Kevin asked, bringing Joe out of his thoughts. 

Joe's head immediately shot up, "Huh? Oh, yah. I am." he said, then looked up at the waitress, who was waiting for him to choose between waffles and pancakes, "pancakes please." 

Kevin again went back to the schedule, "...9am, post-show taping. Then 9:15, finish Good Morning America, then we depart for Central Park to finish our music video, we film it in 3D." Joe again was not paying attention to his older brother, still distracted by his jelly-less toast. 

Big Rob stood to the side of the table, pointing to the door, for the waitress to leave. "... 3:30pm, CD listening party at the Highland Ballroom, we will perform about 3 songs. Then at 5pm, interviews..." 

Kevin looked up at Big Rob, realizing that the waitress had indeed been standing there the whole time, "how long was she standing there?" 

Big Rob shrugged, "5 seconds." 

Nick then spoke up, and leaned closer to his girlfriend, "She was— Joe, she was standing there because you're like, 'Can I have the jelly please?... like do you have any waffles?... pancakes will do.'" Nick mocked his brother, as his girlfriend gasped. 

She gave him the look, slapping his arm lightly. "Be nice to your brother, baby." she said softly, her morning voice coming out fully. 

Joe grinned at the young girl, "Thank you Mel, but seriously dude, did you see her buy the quake joke? That works every time!" 

Nick of course had to encourage his brother's distractions and continue the conversation, "You've been doing that earthquake thing since you were in like third grade." 

Big Rob finally stepped in, stopping the brothers and said, "Stop playing around boys." 

Joe sighed, "But what's wrong with 'earthquake'?" he asked his brother, disregarding what their bodyguard had said. 

Kevin and Melissa were the only ones who heard the man, and Melissa nodded while Kevin spoke, "Sorry Big Rob, these boys don't know how to behave..." and Melissa tried to stop the two boys, "Boys, stop. Listen to Big Rob!" 

Nick leaned closer to Melissa, "Just stop doing it." he said. 

Kevin rolled his eyes, clearly annoyed over the fact that Joe had wound Nick into his little immature antics. "Guys, guys, stop playing these earthquake games." 

Joe grinned over at Kevin, "well I suggest sometime today, Kev picks up some new pajamas." the eldest Jonas gasped, looking down at himself—he was wearing a plaid, fleece robe. 

Nick then reached his hand out to Joe to do a bro-ish like handshake, "Ohhhhh!" the two middle Jonases laughed. 

Nick looked at his older brother, "you showed him." he said jokingly. All the while Mel sat there looking at Kevin, rolling her eyes. 

Kevin who was clearly getting super annoyed, said in a funny voice, mocking the 18-year-old, "Ooo, aftershock, can I have your number?" 

Big Rob finally interjected the situation, "we gotta go guys." 

Kevin looked up, worried, "are we late?" The body guard nodded, coming up to the table, "Yes, let's move." 

Joe looked up, his senses coming to, "Where are we going?" Everybody didn't know if he was trying to act dumb? But then again... it's teenaged Joe we're talking about here... kidding, well kinda. 🤷🏻‍a92;a039; 

Kevin sighed, "Joe, just follow." Everybody began to get up from the table, except Joe, who was still in a daze. 

"Which way?" Joe asked, as Melissa and Nick held hands as they walked back to their room to finish getting ready. 

Big Rob took this moment to his advantage, and pulled Joe out of his chair, while Joe was laughing, "this way, I'm assuming?" 

An hour later, they were sitting in a van, Nick and Melissa in the way back. With Joe and Kevin in the middle, and was Big Rob driving. Nick's head was resting back against the seat as Melissa was laying close to him. 

Once Nick caught a glimpse of the traffic they were currently stuck in, he sighed, "this is a mess, do you see this? this goes all the way down to Broadway." 

Kevin looked back at Nick and Melissa then back at the never-ending traffic, "unbelievable." he muttered. 

Meanwhile, Joe was being his ole' obnoxious self, paying attention to the game on his phone, "Yes! I just beat my high score." 

Nick rolled his eyes, interlacing his hand with Melissa's, "Yah, and were gonna be late for our show." 

Kevin looked at Joe, then pulled his phone out of his hand, slipping it into his jean back pocket, "Big Rob, this traffic is killing us. We're on in another hour, guys." 

Melissa looked over at Nick, a worried look on her face, but that diminished quickly as Nick leaned over to kiss her lips gently. 

Joe who was currently pouting about his precious phone being taken away, spoke up, "There's nothing we can do." 

"Helicopter?" Nick asked. 

Big Rob replied, "already on it." Kevin nodded, looking out the window, trying to figure out how they'd get out of this situation more quickly. 

Joe grinned, "Big Rob, nicely done." 

Big Rob placed his hand on his ear and spoke, "Yesir, tenth and Broadway." 

Kevin said softly, "that's so close." 

"Yah, but we're gonna have to leave the car here." Nick interjected, chewing on his lip nervously. 

"Yeah, but guys, I put this car on my credit card." He chuckled, trying to bring some humor to the situation, like he always does. 

His comical sentence was interrupted when there were deafening screams quickly surrounding their car. "—and, why are there fans?" 

Big Rob sighed, "we got trouble." he spoke to his in-ear, his voice definitely sounding a bit stressed. 

Kevin gasped, "how did they find us?" 

Joe cried out, "BIG ROB! NO!... EARTHQUAKE!" this time it really did feel like one, at least for them it did. 

Nick and Melissa both placed their hands over their ears, and the young girl looked at her boyfriend with fear. As this was the first real mobbing situation of the sorts that she was experiencing. 

Kevin looked back at Joe, "Not now! We have to get outta here!" he began to try to open his door, but there were too many fans surrounding them. "I can't get out Big Rob." 

Big Rob began to get out easily, which was a surprise, "stay inside you guys." 

Joe looked out the windows worriedly, "Where is he going?" 

Melissa whimpered, leaning closer to Nick who seemed very conflicted on if he should be helping with his girl's anxiety or trying to figure out how to safely make it to the gig on time. 

Kevin began to feel more and more concerned as the seconds ticked by, "I'm trying to get out of the car...." a minute or so later an idea came to his mind, "we have to go through the roof." 

Nick nodded, looking at his girlfriend who instantly seemed to calm down a little as he rested his hand on hers. "let's try it, ready?" 

Fans began to scream louder as they caught a glimpse of one of the boys. Kevin was the first to slip through the roof, then Joe next and lastly it was Nick and Melissa. 

By the time Nick was done helping her out, Kevin looked back at them, and waved them along, "come on!" 

Big Rob called out as Kevin tried to get him to come with them, "Go, Go! Save yourselves!" 

Soon they were running through the streets of New York City, the fans following after them. Even though this was all being filmed for their 3D movie, the fear of being trampled by the rambunctious girls was very real.  

Joe was the last to make it to the helicopter as he had gotten distracted by a few cute girls, we're talking about Joe here, remember?

Kevin climbed in the awaiting helicopter, poking his head out as he looked at their head bodyguard, "how'd you get here so fast?" 

Big Rob shook his head, "Don't worry about it, just get in!"
{August 11th, 2008, 11:00pm
Trump International Hotel & Tower
New York City, New York}


Big Rob shook his head, "Don't worry about it, just get in!"——————{August 11th, 2008, 11:00pmTrump International Hotel & TowerNew York City, New York}                    

The boys, Melissa and Big Rob climbed in the cramped elevator, as they were on their way to the "album release" party in Times Square. 

Melissa was leaning against Nick as Big Rob went over the "ground rules" for how everything would go once they got there. "This is gonna be real out of control, we were told that there are thousands of girls waiting... been waiting since this morning, actually. Once we get there, we do what we gotta do... walk out, and that's it... ya know what I mean? Just stick by each other, and Mel remember, don't let go of either of the boys." 

Melissa nodded, her hand not leaving Nick's already. She wasn't planning on letting go of the teen till they made it safely back in the hotel room later that night. 

It had taken them forever to actually get to Times Square, as there were girls and police men everywhere. Joe was the first one to make a sound, as everyone was clearly in disbelief. "Oh my gosh..." he whispered, "oh my goodness..." 

Nick pointed, "it goes all the way." 

Joe exclaimed, "it's New Year's Eve. Oh my gosh!" he grinned, getting overly excited. 

Kevin grabbed the walkie talkie from Phil, realizing just what Joe had just said, "It's like it's the Jonas Brothers' New Year everyone... it's the Jonas Brothers' New Year." 

The vans safely pulled in front of the Virgin Music Store. Kevin of course was the first one to get out, standing on the car for a brief second to wave to the fans. Then Joe and Nick both followed what their older brother had done, doing the same. 

Big Rob led the way as they made it into the store, each boy holding onto one another and Melissa was safely in the middle of Joe and Nick. 

Everyone in their crew, each bought a album right as the clock struck midnight. Joe was the first one to officially buy A Little Bit Longer, as he walked away from the register, he took the album out of the small baggy, holding it up, "YAHHH!" he exclaimed. 

Nick and Melissa were both dead on their feet as they got back to their room, "can I just sleep in one of your shirts babe?" Melissa asked, already stripping herself of her clothes. At this time of night and knowing what time they had to be up for the next day. She didn't care that she was practically naked in front of her boyfriend. Even though the couple hadn't taken that next step in their relationship yet. 

Nick smiled and nodded to the innocent girl, "sure, angel." he said softly, going over to his suitcase and grabbed one of his extra shirts he kept with him, just for her. "here baby." he said, coming up to her, helping her slip it over her head. 

After her face was visible, he leaned down and kissed her lightly. "I love you. thank you for being here with me this summer." he sincerely whispered, his chocolate brown eyes searching her identical ones. 

"Anything for you." she responded, after a few seconds, she yawned, kissing him once more. They quickly got situated in the bed, and snuggled into one another, and drifted off to sleep. 

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