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"So where was I at this point? Did I achieve anything? Did I find anything besides Nick’s perfectly toned body? Did I get the answer I really needed? Did I get the answer I really wanted? No, I would still be the girl moping on what could have been instead what did. Nothing would ever be moving forward but just staying still. Nicholas was the only person who could make me feel completely incompetent and be oblivious toward it. I was in love with the one person I couldn’t have. He destroyed my heart about a trillion times and still smiled because he’s an idiot enough not to realize it.

I was enough of an idiot to let him snatch my heart in the first place." -Maya Kibble, chapter 13

What happens when the one person you wanted was the one best friend who was getting married to the one girl who had nothing in common with your one best friend and now that one best friend asks you to be the one best man - oh, one best girl?

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Well he’s always been my best friend. We’ve gone through so much together; groundings, mean friends, bad relationships, homework, and even deaths. You could or more likely should assume that we’ve pretty much inseparable. Everyone joked that we were like a married couple; always having our squabbles but in the end hug it out. Joe and Kevin would call me his ‘better half.’ It’s still something I laugh about each day.

 But now we’re older. He’s twenty-one and I’m eighteen. Our friendship is still as close as it’s always been but feelings inside of me have changed more than ever. I’ve fallen for my best friend and I didn’t even realize it. I blew off those butterflies when he was near, those blushes when he laughed, and that strange tingling buzzing through my whole body when he touched me in any way. I was in love and I became completely oblivious.  

But no worries, now I know. Does he know? I wish. Would I want him to know? Probably not. Besides, why should I try? He’s dating Miley.

“Becauseeeeeee Mayaaaaaa. He’s so much cuter with you than he is with Miley!” Selena panted. I rolled my eyes and waved her off my arm. She pouted as she crossed her arms against her chest. It’s a gesture I’m too used to by now.  

“Why should I even try, Sel? It’s like they were electronically programmed since birth to be a couple. She’ll be the girlfriend and I’ll always and forever be the best friend. It’s just how it works. Stop trying to mess up the system.” I saw her roll her eyes with the corner of my pupil. I mirrored her and got off my bed. “Besides, she’s so sweet. Why are you so mean about her?”  

“Because she made fun of me and Demi!” 

“Sel, you were fifteen when that happened! And you told everyone who asked that you were totally over that. Why are you bringing it up now?” I practically was about to yell.  

“Whatever Maya. All I’m going to say is that I’m not her biggest fan in the world.” She examined her nails and looked back up at me. I shook my head.  I sighed sadly.

“Why are you even assuming that I like him like that?”  

“Don’t think that I’m retarded. I see the way how you look at him and you smile and blush when he’s around. You’re in love, Maya! Ask anyone, we all see it. Well except for Nick, of course.” She shrugged. I was starting to get frustrated. Selena was completely going off balance with this whole thing. Okay, so maybe I sort of like him but she’s making it sound like I can’t live my life without him!  

My phone started to ring and the screen flashed Nick’s name.  

I'm only up when you're not down
Don't wanna fly if you're still on the ground
It's like no matter what I do
Well, you drive me crazy half the time
The other half I'm only trying
To let you know what I feel is true
And I'm only me when I'm with you

I felt my cheeks turn red as Selena raised her eye brows at my ring tone. “You don’t like him like that?”  

"Shut up.” I mouthed to her as I answered the call. “Hey Nick!” I said with a smile.  

“Yeah, totally don’t like him like that.” Selena said sarcastically as she got off my bed. I took my pillow and threw it at her. “Ow…?” I narrowed my eyes at her and focused back to Nick.  

“What’s going on there?” Nick asked.  I shrugged. “It’s just Selena being stupid. Don’t mind it if you hear yelling in the background. Anyway, what’s up?” My heart seemed to beat a little faster and faster to the point where it was skipping beats. I didn’t know what this was meaning but I kind of liked the feeling.  

“Well something amazing is going to happen tonight. I want you to be there. I’ll pick you up in two or three hours…?” My heart was literally about to pop out of my chest. I was speechless with a blank stare plastered on my face. I couldn’t help but smile and nod anxiously to the phone.  

“He can’t see you, loser!” Selena yelled.  

“Oh, right. Yeah. I’ll see you then. What do you want me to wear, by the way?” It sounded like he was tapping him fingers against whatever he was next to. Selena was staring at me, waiting for his answer. I was looking back at her in anticipation.  

“I guess something really nice. It’s going to be at a really fancy place.” Fancy? I hardly ever wear anything fancier than a jean skirt.  

“Right. Fancy. Okay, I’ll see you later, Nick.” Selena smiled from ear to ear, knowing that I didn’t posses anything for this attire than what I was currently wearing, which was shorts, a UCLA sweatshirt, and converse. No way in hell I’m wearing this, no doubt.  

“Thanks a bunch, Maya. You’re the best.” I half-smiled as we both shut our phones.  

“Hah, you? Fancy? Puh-lease. Go ahead, just ask. You know you want to, Miss Kibble.” I rolled my eyes at Selena’s cockiness. Joe walked in with a bag of chips he probably grabbed from Selena’s pantry.  

“Wazap, Girlfraands?” Joe asked in his best girly tone with chips stuffed in his mouth. I shook my head and turned away. Joe sensed something strange in the air. “No really, what’s up? I think I missed something. God, I did; didn’t I? I always do that! Seriously, you guys need to document these things.”

 “Joe, shut up. Okay, Selena. I need your help. Clearly, you know that I don’t have any type of girly piece of clothing on this planet. Please descend your fashion tips and advice to your humble friend in need.”  

“Hold up, why is she asking of your fashion tips and advice?” Joe looked back at the both of us.  

“She’s going on a date with Nick, tonight.” Selena smirked as she ran to her closet. She pulled out her phone and speed dialed quickly. “Hey Dem! Maya’s going on a date with Nick. I know! Finally! So could you come over and help us out? Thanks! Love ya too.” She quickly threw her phone on the bed and ran back inside her closet and started tossing random dresses to me and Joe.  

“AVALANCHE!” Joe yelled as he held his arms in the air. I was about to retort something back but Demi ran in quickly.  

“I’m here! Where’s our victim?” She looked around and pointed at me as she pulled me up and pushed me into the bathroom. I was taken aback at how serious Demi and Selena were taking this. She pulled out her make up kit and Selena’s make up kit. It was like a whole store in Sel’s bathroom. They had eye shadows of every color imaginable. Lip gloss of all shades. Eye liner of more than black and brown. “Okay, so how do you want to look?”  

I shrugged. “I don’t know. Nice?” She crossed her arms and sighed as she thought deeply. She smiled and started pulling random stuff out. Selena ran in the hallway holding up two dresses. One was a black and white strapless dress while the other one was a short pinkish-purplish dress that was tiered and could only hang on one shoulder.  

“Which one?” She pulled up both and had a questioning expression.  

“Um, the pink one!” I pointed to it as she smiled and ran back to her room.

 “Ladies and gentlemen,” Selena started overdramatically. Joe rolled his eyes as Kevin tapped his fingers impatiently. Demi just sat between them, trying to keep her excitement in. “I’d like to bring in the beautiful, amazing, totally spectacular… Maya Kibble.”  

I walked out in the dress, shoes, and all the makeup in front to show off. I felt so different than what I’m so used to. Before, it’s like I just knew what I looked like every time I left my apartment, but now I’m a completely different person and that’s the exciting part. I glanced at Kevin and Joe whose jaws hung low. Some people’s lower than others.  

“Wow Maya, you look hot.” Joe dazed. Demi elbowed him in the stomach by instinct. “Uhm, I meant you look warm in all this Los Angeles heat.” Saved himself once again, that Joseph. I tried to tug down the dress so it wouldn’t reveal my legs so much. I felt so… not clothed…. I guess.  

Kevin walked up to me and engulfed me in a hug. I returned the gesture but not too sure of it’s purpose. He let go and smiled at me. “I think what Joseph is trying to say is that you look absolutely stunning.” I blushed as I looked down at myself. Then, there was a knock on the door. I jumped a little and looked back at my friends. They gave me those motivational thumbs up. I looked up at Kevin. He pushed me a little bit. “Go get ‘em, tiger.”  

I let out a chuckle and walked slowly to the door. A small hallway led to the foyer of the apartment and the closer I got to it, the narrower the path seemed for me. It was like it’s my way to something new. Like’s it’s supposed to be some kind of conspiracy that you can’t even remember anything that just happened with in the last hour. All you want to do is see that one person.  

Once the narrow path finally ended, I opened the door to see Nick’s dazzling smile. I mirrored it as his eyes traveled down and up at me. Wait, did he just check me out? Holy crap, he did! I tried to keep a composed smile. “Geez Maya, you redefine the phrase, ‘something nice’.” I suppose that was a compliment. I stood stiff, and he could feel it. “What I mean is that you look beautiful.”  

Words can not describe how I felt. I was speechless that he said ‘you’ and ‘beautiful’ in the same sentence. I could already tell tonight was going to be pretty amazing. He stepped back as he offered his arm. I giggled as I intertwined my arm in his. He smiled as he led me to his car.  

We finally got to the restaurant. Let me tell you, this place seemed like it came straight out of a fairy tale. Lights hung across a white fence that bordered the whole restaurant. The walls were painted to make it seem like vines were draped around. The stars from above shown like little beams of radiance. I looked down as did Nick. He seemed just as impressed as I was.  

I looked around to find that we were the only people there; excuse the waiters and chefs. But he smiled as he searched for my reaction. “So?”  

“Oh, my gosh Nicholas. This is amazing. You didn’t need to go all out like this.” He smiled as he rubbed his neck.  

“I had to. There’s this girl and I really love her. She only deserves the best, especially from me. I just hope she’ll feel the exact same way as I feel about her enough for us to take this step together in our life.” Red seemed to formulate up to my cheeks and all around my face. I seemed to fumble a bit with the tiered part of my dress. “Thank you so much for being here, Maya. I love you.” He wrapped his arms around me as I did the same. The hug seemed longer than usual and I liked it. This gesture seemed so warm and loving, well all his hugs are like that but more of the hug that a guy would give to someone he possible liked.  

He kissed me on the cheek as he let go. I seemed to blush once again. I pointed to the small table set for two. “Let’s get to it, huh?”  

“Not yet,” He pointed to the door as a shadow seemed to appear. My eyes seemed to drop as I didn’t know that we had other company. A small petite girl with long gorgeous brunette wavy hair in a long elegant chiffon dress came in the room. She smiled glowingly as she was engulfed in a hug by Nicholas. “Hey, beautiful.”  

Yes, it was Miley and I knew that this night was starting to get downhill now. I scratched the side of my head nervously as I stood there awkwardly. As she spotted me there, her face seemed excited as she ran towards me and wrapped her arms around my body. “Maya! You look dazzling, love! What brings you to Nick and my date?” She wondered with a smile.  

I was about to run my mouth off with how I thought this was a date between me and Nick; a date where Nicholas would finally profess his love. Too bad, Nick came into the conversation. “Well, that’s why I asked both of you here. My two favorite girls, aside from Mom and the grandmas, are here tonight looking as striking as ever. It’s kind of like the way it could be the rest of my life. Maya, you’ve been with me for such a long time, you’ve become more than a best friend but a sister. You’re the one person who I go to when I have all this crap coming my way and you always know exactly what to say too. I may have lost a few friends with all this pop star stuff but you were always there in the end.” His little speech left a small smile on his face, but seeing Miley’s anticipation on what he was going to tell her made my smile vanish. 

He faced Miley with a large grin as he took both of her hands in his. I backed off a little. “Miley, although we’ve been through so much together through our teen years, somehow we managed to recover what we’ve had. I have this feeling inside of me that jumps all around and it can’t be controlled. Your smile brightens my day, your laugh brings joy within, your eyes leaves shivers down my spine and if I had to stand here and lists everything I loved about you, we would probably never leave. You’ve definitely made everything seem so much happier. With that said,” He took out a small black velvet box and knelt down.  

My heart ripped apart and all went through my mind was confusion, heart break, and pain all together. It clearly didn’t take too much to figure what was going on but I just didn’t know why I had to perceive this.  

“Will you be with me forever?” He revealed a six carat diamond and that’s when tears started to blur out my vision. I quickly wiped them away so no one could notice. Secretly, I wished she said no. I wished that she knew that she couldn’t get married when she’s barely twenty-one yet. I wished she said no so I would be able to tell him my new found feelings. I wished the initial answer was no.  

A tear shed upon her face as she nodded. “Yes. Yes. Yesss!” She jumped up so many times in her heels. Damn. A tear shed on my face too as I watched him slip the ring onto her finger in place of her purity ring.  And that’s when I snapped.  

I ran. I had no idea where I was going but I just left. I stopped for a second to slip off my heels but once I finished. I ran again. If my mother had seen me running barefoot, she would’ve killed me. She says it causes some kind of worm. I’ve usually listened to her but for right now, screw worms. 

While I was running, I actually took the time of what just happened. I was too busy running, I forgot to look back about this whole shenanigan. Wow, so Nick is actually committing himself to get married at twenty-flippin-one? That’s so… un-Nicholas. He’s just the person who knows when the right time for everything is. Why is he in such a rush to be married then? And Miley? I mean they just started dating like five months ago so what is he thinking?! But then again, they looked beautiful together. The way how they were mirror each other as they smile identically. The way how they both dress well it’s like John Kennedy and Jackie O.  

I was at the point where I was standing in front of a hot dog stand and a Seven Eleven. “This is safe.” I whispered. People were staring at me as if I completely ruined their seemingly short boring lives. I didn’t bother looking at them and walked to a wall close by.  

Then here came the tears.  

Tears flooded my face without any care anymore. I slid down as the tears still came. I frantically pulled out my cell phone as I clicked Selena’s speed dial. I lifted the phone up to my ear as I started to breathe heavily. It kept on ringing right after the other. Answer the damn phone, Selena. I groaned as more looks were pointed in my direction.  


“S-s-selena…?” I stuttered out as my breathing grew heavy again.  “Maya? Sweetie, is that you? What happened?” She instantly got worried and panicked.  

“J-j-just p-pick m-e-e up at-t the c-corner of Carrol-l B-b-oul-evard-d.” I slammed the phone as I threw it down on the concrete ground, more unaware that it was an expensive Blackberry given as a gift from the Jonases themselves.  

I cried harder as I covered my face and they quickly became completely soaked. I heard a faint calling of my name coming closer and louder. My head shot up as I looked to my right to find Nick running my way, flailing his arms to grab my attention. I got up quickly and wiped off my tears. I dusted off some of the dirt that were sitting on my dress. Poor Selena, I practically ruined her dress.  

“Hey,” He vented as he saw me. He noticed my puffy red eyes and held up his thumb to wipe away a tear. Feeling his hand on my face made me shiver. “What happened to you?”  

I shrugged, forcing myself not to look at his eyes. Sadly when performing this, he literally has me under his control. “Um, nothing. It was nice outside and it felt like a good time to go jogging.” I said with a sort of humorous tone. He let out a laugh which almost made me laugh. “But uh, I wasn’t feeling very good. I felt really woozy so I just had to leave. You should really go back to Miley. I’ll be fine but I’m sorry that I ruined your perfect evening.” It’s not like I was lying but the way how I put it made me feel such a horrible friend. 

“No, really it’s fine Maya. You were just a little under the weather. It’s okay. I just want to make sure that you’re fine. Are you alright? Do you need me to take you home?”  

His protection against me was something normal. It’s something that he’s done to me since we were younger. It’s something that a brother would do for his sister; only family is what we would be. “Um, no Selena’s going to pick me up.”  

I looked up at Nicholas who seemed quieter than usual and started rubbing the back of his neck. “So I’m guessing you’re turning your purity ring in for a wedding ring now.” I didn’t even realize how wrong that was but the fact that the word ‘wedding’ even managed to come out of my own mouth amazed me enough. I thought I would’ve broke down in tears and left him with a show.  

He let out a chuckle. “Yeah, I guess so too. I mean she’s just the perfect girl for me. She’s smart, beautiful, hilarious, and --.”  

Before I was about to gag, I stopped him in his generous compliments to his fiancé. “Slow down, Romeo. Save it for the wedding day.” He smiled big as my eyes traveled down in disappointment. Wedding day. “Why did you make me come anyway?” I spat out by impulse. I couldn’t believe the way I said it either. I never talked like that to Nick.  

It didn’t seem like he noticed though. “Oh well that’s the best part, I was going to tell you about this after but you kind of left.” I smiled with a small shrug of my shoulders. “Well I want you to be my best man! Well I mean my best girl because you’re not a man.”  

My whole body turned numb as shock was still seeping through. Did he just say best girl? What the hell is a best girl? “Um, why? Shouldn’t those people be like… I don’t know… not female..?”  

“I know. I know. But I knew that if I had to pick between Joe and Kevin that would just leave hell for me so I decided for the next best thing, and that’s you! A best man is like the groom’s best friend, brother, and side kick. You’re like that but in a girl way!” Somehow I didn’t feel this explanation touching at all. I crossed my arms against my chest and he could tell I wasn’t impressed. “Look Maya, please do it for Miley and me.”  

And I dared myself to look in his big brown eyes. I lost the control in myself. I nodded as I agreed. He smiled as he wrapped his arms around me and hugged my tight.  

“I love you Maya!” He said in his regular family tone towards me.  

I nodded as I patted his back. “I love you too.” Four words from me that he’ll never know exactly what they meant. Another tear shed once again as he kissed me on the cheek. At that very moment, I knew I was walking into hell.  

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t w o by The archive

I sat in the front passenger seat of Selena’s car. It was silent and I preferred it that way. But knowing Selena and how much she hates the quiet, she ruined everything. “So what happened?” She asked as she tapped her fingers impatiently on the steering wheel.  

I shook my head my head with my crossed arms and leaned up against the window. She nodded as if she understood an ounce of what I was going through. She had no idea what I felt about the guy I loved getting married. The guy I’ve been best friends is actually committed. She was stupid and knew nothing.  

I stopped myself because my thoughts were over taking my mind to where I was saying the worst about my own best friend. I’ve been so busy worrying about Nicholas that I forgot to even be nice to the only person who could possible understand. I sighed as Selena sensed that I was willing to tell her now. “He proposed to Miley.” I mumbled under my breath.  

“What?” She asked as she leaned a little closer.  “He proposed to Miley.” I muttered louder. Her eyes grew wide as she lost control of the wheel. I screamed as she swiveled a little in the wrong lane. Car honks fired as Selena took hand of the steering wheel once again. I clutched onto the car seat as if it was going to save my life. More than likely it would’ve since Selena seems to want to kill me. I looked at her and practically yelled, “ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?! YOU COULD’VE KILLED US!”  

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I can’t drive and pant at the same time. BUT IS NICK OUT OF HIS MIND? HE PROPOSED TO MILEY?!” She yelled back.  

Rage hit me again, remembering everything. “I KNOW! I CAN’T BELIEVE THAT! THEY’VE ONLY BEEN DATING FOR FIVE MONTHS NOW!” I yelled back as I shook my head furiously.  

“YEAH! TOTALLY! WHY ARE WE YELLING LIKE THIS?!” Selena yelled. I smiled with a bit of a laugh. The first real laugh I ever had in a while. Selena laughed too. “So why did you have to go though? I mean is he just asking to be smacked?” One guy passed by us as he flipped us off probably because of Selena’s previous road violation which could’ve left us all in a messy problem. She pretended not to notice though.  

“Well I.. uh, I am the best man or in my physical being am the best girl.” I said in almost a whisper. Too bad by Selena’s expression, I knew that she heard everything. I looked away not wanting to see what her next expression was.  

All I heard was a burst of laughter then banging on the steering wheel with her hand, then stomping on the car floor with her foot. I looked at her in shock. She looked at me with a humorous face as tears even started to roll down her cheeks from laughing so hard. I didn’t find this helping me at all so I crossed my arms as I stared her down. She started to fume down. “Whew, I’m sorry. But- but you’re a girl!” She started laughing again. I should’ve just jumped out of her car now.

“And your point is?”

"My point is that I thought you were stronger than this. I can’t believe you gave in so easily to actually agree to become his ‘best girl.’ Maya, do you know how much commitment you’re promising yourself into? It’s almost as bad as actually getting married. You’re going to be planning all this stuff for your best friend’s wedding when secretly; you’re in love with him! Did you ever take that into consideration, huh?”  

I sighed, understanding every word that came out of her mouth. “Yeah, I did. It’s just whenever I see him; I just lose myself and I’m speechless. It’s not normal for me but he’s my best friend and I guess this shows me that I truly don’t belong with Nick. Maybe this is just teaching me that it’s not possible for us to be more than what we already are. If that’s how it is, I guess all I really need to do is just make me get over him.” Selena nodded understandingly as she focused back on the road. “Somehow.” I whispered to myself.  

 The next day didn’t seem to help much. Saturday was always the day that Kevin, his five month pregnant wife, Ellie, their seven year old daughter, Kimberly, Joe, Nick, and I went to their home for dinner. It could’ve been quiet but Kimberly can be quite the chatterbox.  

Nick had told Joe and Kevin about his engagement last night. I knew about this because Selena called them hovering them over to ‘console and comfort’ me. They weren’t impressed that Nick hadn’t even told them about his proposal until twenty five minutes after Selena and I broke the news first. Once he did call, Kevin and Joe at least tried to leave the conversation with a smile upon Nick’s face. Oh and their take on Miley?  

Let’s just say they aren’t impressed there either.  

“Well you see, we love Miley as a performer. We love Miley as a person. Love her as a sister-in-law? Hell, no.” Joe had told me earlier in an over exaggerating manner. It made me laugh but somehow not in a good way.  

“And then Tanya was blaming me about taking her animal crackers, which was totally not true. Well okay so maybe one…” Kimberly blabbed on as I really didn’t even pay attention. I mean I love Kimmy’s stories and all but I couldn’t help but thing of that all mighty ring that was currently sitting on Miley’s finger.  

Kevin was driving while Ellie was sitting in the front passenger seat. Joe and Kimmy sat in the middle while Nick and I sat in the back. He rested his arm behind my back and suddenly whenever his skin brushed against mine, I shivered.  

God, this was going to suck.

“So Nicholas, when is your guestimate on when the big day would be?” I sat up to find Ellie hitting Kevin on the stomach. He rubbed his abdomen softly as he frowned. Ellie made a face and I knew they were both taking me into consideration which made me feel both worthless and sad.  

Nick once again didn’t notice and smiled. “Well Miley and I are both quite anxious into starting a life together. So we’re probably going to get married around the middle of August.” Everywhere from my toes to my fingers went numb and I knew that I wasn’t the only one. After Nick said this, there was another silence in the car, including from Kimmy.  

Joe coughed awkwardly to break the silence as he turned his back to where he was facing both Nicholas and me, “Err Nick, you do understand that’s only three months worth of planning. You haven’t told Mom and Dad yet. You’re just going to spring all this work on them like that? And you guys think I’m the stupid son of the family? Please.”  

Cue: Nick rolls his eyes. “Joe, that’s why we’re going there now, I’m going to tell them about Miley and me. More than likely they’re going to think it’s a wonderful idea!” Cue: Joe rolls his eyes. Kevin coughs in sarcasm and Ellie hits him in the stomach once again.  

My broken heart sucks ass, I swear.  

 Once we finally got to their house after the excruciating torture of a car ride, Kimmy grabbed Ellie’s and my arm as she ran outside to the Jonas’s backyard, which I find big enough to make another house.  

Kimmy skipped her way to the swings as Ellie followed behind and started pushing her forward. I sat down on the next swing, just thinking. Thinking about how the guy you secretly fell for all this time is getting married in three months and there was no way that in three months I come up with the words to tell him how I truly felt. It’s three months I might waste. It’s my last time before those infamous two words of ‘I do’ escape upon his lips.  

As I sat there, Ellie stared at me with a grin upon her face. “I know what you’re going through right now.” I looked up to her as she pushed Kimmy again.  

I gave her an irritated look as I shook my head furiously. “How could you possibly understand what I’m going through right now?”  

She picked up Kimmy off the swing and pulled her on her lap as she sat down on the swing next to me. “I went through it before. I was in love with my best friend when we were both seniors in high school. When we parted ways for college, I promised the day he visited I would tell him that I liked him. Well it didn’t seem to go as planned, as he came home with a girlfriend. It hurts. There were countless nights when I came home and just bawled. I felt like there was no way to soothe that pain within me. But then I realized that you’ll meet so many amazing people in your life that just came and went, Matt went as Kevin came. He was exactly the person I needed. So Maya, sweetheart, the moral of this long story is that sometimes you need to let go of some people to see if they’re worth holding on to all along.”  

I nodded as she held her hand above mine and closed her grip tight enough to grasp my hand within. I sighed. “This is going to be one hell of three months.” I mumbled.  

“No one said that it would be easy. But if you can get through it and realize what meaning you and Nick both have in the end, I’ll have a new found respect for you. You’re a strong girl. Stronger than I ever wished to be.” I smiled as I gave her hug.  

Kevin came out from the back door and told us that dinner was ready. I turned back to Ellie whose smile seemed to widen. I realized that I need someone who lights up any atmosphere to the point where every time I see them, I smile and it completely makes my day.  

Kimmy ran off her mother and to Kevin’s knees since that’s the highest she could reach. Kevin walked towards Ellie and I realized it was my time to leave the three alone. I stood by the door as I looked back.  

Ellie put her hand on Kevin’s forearm as he held Kimmy close. “Thanks.” She smiled.  

He gave her a questioned look. “For what?”  

“For being my everything when no one else couldn’t.” He grinned as he brushed off a strand of her dark brown hair off her face and they enclosed the gap within them we a kiss brushed between them.  I smiled in envy of them.

Kimmy was quite opposite of course as she made a face. “Mommy! Daddy! That’s gross!”  

 It finally came down to dinner time. Denise and Paul (why yes, I am on first name basis with both of them; I know you’re extremely jealous right now) sat at the ends of the table as Joe, Nick, and I sat on side, while Frankie, Ellie, Kevin, and Kimmy sat on the opposite.  

It was just as silent as the car rides. Nick started to tap his fork against his plate to some unknown song. I rolled my eyes but you could sense his nervousness. I was almost scared for him. I really shouldn’t be though so I don’t know exactly what was going on at the moment. Denise looked up at Nick’s excessive tapping of the fork.  

“Nicholas, sweetie, are you okay? You are a bit jumpy.” Denise said with a sense of concerned.  

“Oh no…” Nick mumbled but as he said this, Kevin kicked him in the leg. Nick yelped in pain as everyone was startled. Kevin gave him ‘that’ look and Nick knew there was no going back. “Actually, I do have some news.”  Paul and Denise’s eyes went up and that seemed to catch their attention a bit. “Wait is it honey?”  

Nick got up as he looked at us straight in the eyes. He seemed to regret a lot already. “Okay Mom, Dad, Franklin, I proposed to Miley.” Everything seemed to stop for them. Denise dropped her fork. Paul’s mouth hung wide and Frankie… well Frankie started laughing for some reason.  

I raised my eye brows as Frankie really was laughing so hard he started banging his hand against the table as Selena did to her steering wheel. Gee, this subject must be such a joke that I really can’t understand.  

“Nick, are you sure? I mean this is a bit soon given that you and Miley haven’t been dating for that long of a time. I don’t think you’re ready for such a promise. Denise, are you sure he said marriage? I mean we are getting a little older so it has to be our hearing or something.” He said. This discussion was going too well.  

I turned my head to Frankie. He was still laughing to the point where he was trying to breathe. “You… marry… Miley… joke.”  

“Mom, I know that this may be of a shock but I feel like I can’t control all these feelings for one person. I want to settle down with someone now. I know I’m ready! Why can’t you understand that I love her?!” His immortal words his me once again as I excused myself from the table.  

I could hear a bustling of chairs after I left and “Let me take care of it,” from someone. It sounded like Kevin so as he got out of his chair, I ran up the stairs quickly enough to close and lock the door behind me.  

I feel on Joe’s bed as I took a pillow and started yelling in it. I heard a knock on the door and knowing it was Kevin, I yelled. “Go away and leave me to my eternal unhappiness.” Good thing I was able to lock the door.  

I heard a dangling of keys as I groaned. Damn, I should have thought of that. He opened the door with a smirk. “Not that hard.” I rolled my eyes as turned on my side. “Okay, well you don’t need to look at me but I want you to listen to me. Clearly, this is hurting you a lot.”  

No shit, Nancy Drew.  

“And I think sooner or later you need to tell Nick of what you feel about him. You can’t bottle up these emotions long enough to the point where you’re going to lie to him for the rest of your life. I’m not going to let you do that to yourself. It’s not going to be rocket science for him to wonder why you keep on leaving him when he talks about Miley. Before you get yourself into more of a mess, you really should let him know now.”  

Let go or tell him? How was I supposed to know what to do? As questions flared through my mind endlessly, someone coughed to interrupt. I turned around to find Nick standing in the doorway. I looked back at Kevin who smiled and started to leave. Oh, crap.  

“Hey.” He said as he sat beside me on Joe’s bed. I smiled since I really didn’t want to talk. “Not feeling well again?” I sighed. At least, I didn’t have to make up another bogus story. I nodded but the guilt of knowing this was a better chance of telling him was aching.

 “Look I --.” We both started. We laughed a little bit as that was a common habit we shared.  

“You first.” I said.  

He nodded. “Well I talked to my parents about the wedding,” He said in a quiet tone.  I

t seemed disappointing to him.  

But for some reason, it felt like consoling to my heart. “Oh, really? What did they say?”  

His face lit up. “They approved!”  

I could’ve jumped out of a window by now. I tried to keep a happy face for him but still held a low positivism within myself. “Oh, that’s great!”  

“Yeah, they said as long as I do most of the planning and we meet with Miley’s parents, everything’s going to be great!” I smiled but when he wrapped his arms around me, I just really didn’t want to let go. The hug was another long gesture but it didn’t feel the same as last night. It was a heart breaking hug that could’ve killed a soul. He let go and looked at me as he tiled his head to the side. “So what was your news?”  

My lips went dry and I could hear my heart beating faster. “I, uh…”  

I heard something budge from outside the door and I instantly knew that Kevin had not really left me and was still there. I could still hear Ellie and Kevin’s voice ringing through my mind. “Sometimes you need to let go of some people to see if they’re worth holding on to all along.” And “Before you get yourself into more of a mess, you really should let him know now.” They didn’t seem to leave and I knew it had all come down to this.  I looked down as my hair covered my face a bit and a tear strolled down.  


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t h r e e by The archive

The next day for some awkward reason, Nick and Miley insisted I came along with them to meet the wedding planner. Of course my initial reaction was, “Sure. Why not? Let’s just put my heart and what’s left of my dignity in a blender while we’re at it?”


But then if I did say that, I wouldn’t have any dignity to begin with.  


So I did anyway, Selena and Demi came over to help me get ready to quite possibly make me look cuter than Miley. There’s a high doubt about that but you know how they can be at times. They threw me a pair of teal skinny jeans and a white tank top. It was actually kind of cute so I didn’t mind at all.  


“God, Nick is blind.” Selena sighed as she and Demi stood in awe of me. Clearly, transforming me to my opposite is something they enjoy. I rolled my eyes and got into my car. They waved from behind as I drove off in search of this ‘oh so exclusive’ wedding planner.  


“She’s done weddings from Brangelina all the way to TomKat.” Miley previously told me. Too bad I had no idea who she was talking about. Then Demi informed me that apparently Hollywood finds it clever to concoct relationship names as a part of their secret language. I find it retarded and quite lazy; what’s so wrong about just saying two names? 


But with that said, apparently this wedding planner is very hard to get. Though, Miley just had to have her as their wedding planner to make their day as special as can be so that it shall be engraved in their memories for a lifetime. 


Excuse me as I gag.                                                                                     


I finally drove into the hid away lot of the wedding planner. Hmm, fancy I see. I drove right next to Nick’s black and white Shelby Cobra Mustang that he was given as a present for his sixteenth birthday. The rest of the normal people, such as yours truly, had to wait at the more expected age of seventeen. Bummer being normal, isn’t it?  


Then again the one of the only perks of normal people, such as yours truly, really don’t need to go to some overpriced snob nosed wedding planner to plan a wedding that isn’t even yours. But then your not-normal friends insist that you should come because it sets the meeting at a fast pace.  


How does me showing up making anything speed up?  


Anyway, so I walk in and find Miley and Nick sitting in the waiting area decorated with flowers among them. Wow, this place is pretty fancy. Nick, as usual, was the first one to greet me with a hug, and then Miley followed behind. “You guys are still waiting for the planner?” I asked.  


Miley shook her head. “Oh no, we’re waiting for our maid of honor. She said she’ll be here any minute now.” Just as the moment she finished, the door flew open to a girl with brunette hair and enormous sized sunglasses. “MANDERRZZ!” Miley yelled in excitement. Nick looked around to see if anyone was now staring Miley’s sudden madness. He seemed really embarrassed. But Miley didn’t notice anything but then what I assumed is her maid of honor.  


When Miley engulfed her friend in a hug they started yelling at each in giddy, I suppose. I turned back at Nick who was now turning pink because his fiancé and her maid of honor were grabbing the attention of more astounded onlookers.  


The yelling stopped once the receptionist had just about enough audacity to go up to Miley and inform her about her and her friend’s disturbance to the peace. Nick seemed very relieved as he sighed. The girl greeted Nick with a hug then stood back with Miley. Suddenly, there was a silence. I was hoping for someone to introduce me I guess not. I held out my hand in front of her. “Hi, I’m Maya.”  


She look down at my hand with an expression that if I didn’t know better, I would have taken it as an insult. But somehow eventually, she shook my hand. “Mandy; Miley’s best friend.” I nodded as she quickly let go of her grasp. “Did you win some kind of contest or something?”  


If I was still the little twelve year old, I would’ve gone King Fu Grip (no pun intended) on this girl. But as I, the well-mannered eighteen year, just grinned and bared most of it. “No, I’m actually the best girl.”  


She blankly looked at me with no expression at all. I felt super uncomfortable at this point as if being Nick Jonas’s best girl was the most mortifying thing ever.

When she finally cam to words, all she said was. “Oh, that’s nice. But isn’t the best man supposed to be,” She stopped for emphasis, “a man?”  


Her tone towards me was starting to get on my nerves and I seriously don’t care at this point about Nick’s wedding. I was about to retort my answer in a way only Maya Kibble could. 


Then Nick abruptly stopped my madness. “Well I felt that I can’t really decide between my two brothers so since Maya has been like family to me all this time, it was only legit for her to be my best girl.” He laid his hand on my shoulders; as he rested his head on mine.  


Being this close to him left shivers down my spine. “Yeah, like family.” I echoed with a semi-convinced manner.  


“Oh well if that’s so,” Mandy completely changed her mood, “”then we have to have lunch one day.” She laid her hand on my arm. I don’t get how double-faced most of Miley’s friends act. It scares me and it’s really ticking me off. “It’s a must.”  


But once again, Nick stopped me, “That would be great. Wouldn’t it, Maya?” One of the hassles of being Nick Jonas’s best friend involves this: his mind grows into knowing exactly how I act and react to everyone I encounter. So being in this situation, he would know that I can no longer stand Mandy.  


Luckily, the receptionist, the same one who informed Miley and Mandy of their peace disturbance, came up to us to tell us that our appointment is now ready. She escorted the four of us out of the lobby and into another small room with two couches and a small arm chair that could only fit one person. Miley and Nick sat at one while Mandy and I sat at the other.  


It was quite awkward to say the least. 


When the wedding planner finally walked in, a sigh of liberation fell upon my face. I could no longer endure the silence between the four of us. “Hello, I’m Rebecca Duplechain.” Nick, Miley, and Mandy all greeted her with a handshake and once she was about address me, she made a face into why I was there.  


“I’m Maya, I’m the best girl.” She made the same face that Mandy made. Why can’t people just take it that I may be the first best man who’s not a man?! It’s not that big of a deal, really. Nick had to explain once again about his decision on me being his best girl. Her mouth formed an o-ed as if it was totally fine with her that the best man happened to be a girl. 


I have my doubts. 


“Well,” Rebecca, who was probably in her early forties, clicked her tongue as she shuffled through papers, “all I wanted to do today is get to know about what are your initial ideas for the wedding.”  


Miley seemed really thrilled as she took out a pink notebook with WEDDING written in big bold letters on the front. Even Nick seemed a little caught off guard. “I, oh uh, we really think a wedding from about three-hundred to four-hundred would be fantastic. I want the color palette to be tinkle-me-pink and light green, since those are our favorite colors. We should have a big garden wedding with the seats filling up the entire space and it overlooks the beach with a sunset. Then the reception would be in a big ballroom covered with beautiful decorations, delicious food, and great entertainment. I want there to be two gorgeous big white horses and a carriage to ride us off to our suite in another hotel. The guest lists would consist of Fergie, Jordin Sparks, David Archuleta, Paula Abdul, Randy Jackson, Mariah Carey Jessica Alba, Lil’ Wayne, LL Cool J…”  


My eyes were already turning big as Miley could have already passed up the one-thousand dollar budget.  


The scary part was that Nick seemed emotionless and quiet. The same way he acts like during an interview but this was none of the kind of course. Miley just kept on going off about her dream wedding while Mandy and Rebecca nodded. Nick looked away at the window and stopped paying attention to everything else that was going on in the room.  


Two big white horses and a garden wedding aside of the beach? This all seems… not Nick, I suppose. I’d never imagine in a million years that this is the way he would want to get married. Then again I never imagined him to get married at twenty-one either. Maybe Miley hadn’t even told Nick of her ideas and just wanted the wedding to be solely her ideas because we all know that Nick isn’t the one to choice big and grand rather than small and special.  

    My mom was in town that weekend and I promised her that I would take her out to lunch right after the appointment with Rebecca. Denise had told Mom about the whole engagement situation and apparently neither of them are that impressed. Mom told me over the phone that although Miley is a very sweet girl; she finds her too wild and outgoing. I don’t blame her, really.  “She wants horses at her wedding?” Mom said in dismay. I nodded as I sipped a bit of my Coke. She shook her head and I couldn’t help but giggle. “Now what is going on in her right mind that possessed her to think of horses?”  


I shrugged. “I don’t know and the sad part is that Nick probably didn’t have any way in this at all. I mean he would never want a guest list of four-hundred to six-hundred people, ever! This whole thing is just totally not him. I always imagined for him to have a small ceremony of just close friends and relatives. Something that’s special and close to the heart because the most expensive and grandest things in the world don’t leave memories.”  


“Honey,” My mom sympathized as she brushed off a stray hand off my forehead.

“You really have a big heart and are a wonderful person. It’s just too bad that


Nick doesn’t realize it.”  


I groaned. “You know too?” She nodded with a bit of guilt. “Who doesn’t know at this point?”  


“We’ve all known it from the start. It just occurred to you only because you’re growing up and so is he. Feelings and hormones grow with it too.”  


Damn it, hormones.   


“But you never know, everything happens for a reason, Maya. You know that’s been our motto forever and as much as you repeat it, it doesn’t seem like you’re taking it under too much consideration these days.”  


I sighed. Everyone seems like their helping me with putting their extra two-cents but it all just seemed like a blur of voices. Nobody could really feel that immense pain when I saw Nick. Nobody could understand how a little part of me breaks apart when I find Nick and Miley together. Nobody gets it. Why am I having people talk for me?  


Mandy doesn’t have the slightest clue into how to treat me correctly. She can pretend that she cares about whom I am and who I’m friends with but deep down she believes I’m worthless. It might be slightly true that at this stage, I’m not at my proudest. Though no matter what I do now, I know that somehow it will somehow impact the future, whether or not it was a smart idea. 


Miley may be one of the nicest people I will ever meet but she is definitely not the woman for Nick. And even though she said in her interviews that she would eventually marry Nick Jonas, it just seemed like a joke on her. Now that it’s happening, she can laugh. She can laugh at the people who hated her, the people who tried to manipulate her, and more importantly – me.  


And Nick. What about Nick? He sits there next to his soon to be wife, quiet and mute. It seems like he doesn’t want to have a say although it IS his wedding too. He has no idea that the person who may be the most in love with him right now is standing right next to him. She’s always been standing next to him this whole time and he doesn’t even notice.  


Well maybe if he sees that I do love him, would he love me back? Would he take me in as more than a sister, and this time as someone who’s far more important? What would he do? How in the world would I know? He seems to love Miley but not really in the sense of marrying.  


Words kept swirling through my mind once I got to Kevin and Ellie’s house to whom I offered to baby-sit Kimmy while they went to a function that night. I stopped to hear faint guitar strumming coming from upstairs. I walked forward and it became louder and more audible. “Speechless, over the edge, I’m just breathless.” He sang perfectly. I walked up the staircase and I could hear the melody became engraved in my head as I heard laughter a small young girl echo within the hallway. “You like that, huh?”  


I poked my head in the doorway to find Kimmy sitting in Nick’s lap as he holds his guitar in front of the both of them. Kimmy slowly strummed the guitar and in the end she giggled as a note came out. He smiled. I walked in as Nick looked up to me. “Hey.”  


“Oh hey. Sorry, that I’m here but Kevin really had to leave so he told me to stay here until you arrived. But I see that you’re here so I guess I should go now.” He said really quickly. He picked Kimmy off his lap and got up. 


I stopped him hastily. “No, why don’t you stay? Kimmy and I could really use the company.” Nick looked at the both of us as Kimmy nodded her head to rapidly, it made me dizzy.  


“Why not?” Kimmy yelled and jumped up on Nick. He let out a chuckle as he carried her up. “What do you want to do now, Kimmy?”  


“HOUSE!” She practically screamed, it’s mutual with us around. She jumped off of Nick as she took both of our hands and hurried us to the downstairs play room. Now thanks to Kevin’s extremely big paycheck, he built Kimmy the biggest play room imaginable. It has a slide, a big enough doll house to fit her, and life size Barbies all around. 


Let’s just state that she’s got it made for seven years old.  


She made us sit down at her tea table as she took out her plastic dining sets. “Okay, so I’ll be the baby of the house while you and Uncle Nick can be my mommy and daddy.” I was sort of hoping she wouldn’t have said that.  


I scratched my head nervously as if I took this role a little further than it needed to be. “Uh, why can’t we just play your Uncle and Aunt? It’s so much easier that way.”  


She shook her head with determination. “No silly! That’s boring!” She poured some pretend tea in the tea cups small and diligently. Nick tried to snag a sip but she lightly slapped him on the hand. “Ladies first, Daddy.”  


He seemed a bit defeated as he slid in his seat. 


“Now, you may eat.” We both exchanged a smile as we pretended to eat some of the food that Kimmy had ‘made’ us for dinner. “Daddy, I love you.”  


Nick smiled as he looked down upon her. “I love you too, sweetie.” He poked her in the stomach as she giggled. He was always so adorable with kids. It didn’t surprise me that he loves it when he plays house with Kimmy.  


“Mommy, I love you.”  


“I love you too, Kimmy-bear.” That was the nickname I gave her when she was too because she would never detach herself from all of my old teddy bears. I let her have all of them of course as a gift and that was the start of Kimmy-bear.  


“Now Daddy, tell Mommy that she’s beautiful and you love her.” My heart stopped as did the rest of my body. Nick grew quiet as well but Kimmy couldn’t keep in her laughter and giggles. This was planned, but why was I not to conclude that? Even she knows that I like Nick.  


Nick coughed awkwardly as he spoke, “Um Maya – “  


“Sweeeeeetheart.” Kimmy said as she expanded the syllable more than she needed. Nick raised his eye brow and looked back up at me. 


“Er, sweetheart, you are absolutely stunning and I love you.”  


The words, despite that they were fake, left me rigid. They seemed so real to me and I just wanted to hear them once more and maybe, just maybe, it would sound as if he really meant it. Although he didn’t really mean it, he smiled at me as I started to blush. I didn’t mean to but it just seemed to happen.  


“Now kiss her on the cheek!” Kimmy demanded.  


Nick seemed to laugh as he huddled over the table to kiss me on the cheek. Once again, I became stiff that I could hardly move. I felt as if I was to stay in the position forever. He sat back down and looked straight in my eyes.  


As if this was how it really was.

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f o u r by The archive

At first I thought it would be some what of a relief to go to class the next day, I just needed to at least breathe away from Miley and Mandy over dose of wedding plans for just a few minutes. But no, classes were boring as they usually were. “And today’s exciting class is about animal reproduction…” in that same monotone voice all of them use as if that’s their only type of speech.   

Now as overwhelmingly exciting animal reproduction is, Miley found the only way to catch my attention was to call me during class. And of course, of all days to forget to turn off my cell phone, it goes off blaring ‘I Will Survive’ and I swear I just wanted to run out of there in tears. But I didn’t, I just smiled casually and took my stuff as I kicked myself out of the class.   

Apparently, Miley and Mandy just needed me to be at the site of where the wedding would take place. Well gee, Destiny, I understand that not everyone had a private tutor as you did and actually had to go to school to get there higher standard of learning. I sighed, slammed my cell phone shut, and ran to my car.   

When I finally got there, it was 1:29 and time was ticking until 1:30. Mandy stood there looking a bit impatient, Miley acting rather confused, and Nick who looked muy calliente (very hot) as always.   

Unfortunately, Nick was not the first to greet me. Mandy stomped her way directly towards me. “You are late.” She stated this very slowly and annunciated her words loudly. She sounded extremely stupid.   

“Mandy, I’m sorry but I was in the middle of a class and it doesn’t help that this place is across town. The traffic was -- .”   

She stopped me short. I didn’t even understand why she was so mad at me when it wasn’t even her wedding. Miley wasn’t saying anything because at that moment she was staring off at some unknown angle while Nick was… well Nick actually wasn’t even there. He must’ve left. “Maya, we needed you to be here at 1:00 and Rebecca has been waiting patiently just for you. You left a very important world-wide known wedding planner waiting for you? That’s disrespectful, rude, and plain retarded. I don’t think --.”   

This time a voice from behind stopped her abruptly. “Mandy,” The voice was low and soothing. A figure stood by me and rested its arm on my shoulder. I didn’t even need to look because I figured when I saw the curly hair in the corner of my eye; I knew it was either a mini version of Kevin or Nick. “Let it go. She had class. She didn’t even need to come here in the first place and the fact that she did makes me realize I have the best friend in the entire world. So save your breath for once, and just give her a break.”   

He always managed to be by my side no matter what. He always made me feel safe somehow. She pouted with an unflinching stature. But then a smile quickly brushed upon her face as she lifted her hand and waved widely above Nick and me to someone probably coming from behind both of us. “Hey!”   

My head whipped around to find Joe, Kevin, and an extremely pregnant Ellie running across towards us. I doubted Mandy was waving to Ellie since she barely knew her. Nor Kevin, because I knew for a fact that she was never very close to Kevin. He always seem to tell me that he didn’t really appreciate Mandy constant “stalkership” concerning Joe. So I figured she was waving to Joseph.   

Joe ran towards the three of us as he engulfed Nick and me in one big hug. He looked up to find Mandy staring at him wide-eyed with a grotesque smile upon her face. Creepy would definitely be a better word. Joe sighed under his breath and walked to her as he hugged her the smallest he managed but she some how was able to make the most of it.   

I’m taking it that she has a crush on him.   

Well sadly for her, Demi and Joe are on the range of becoming a couple. I love them together because they are two of my favorite people in the whole entire world. If only either of them would actually admit it to each other, maybe it would actually be official. But if Mandy dares walks into my life after this wedding, I swear I will scream. She will definitely never date Joe even if his life depended on it.   

It also kind of annoyed me that after Mandy had her fiasco about me being thirty minutes late, incomes Joe ten minutes later than I was and Mandy totally lets it slide by. Joe puts on his ‘cooler than you’ act for show as always and waltz around like the hottest thing in the world. Cue: Nick rolling his eyes and looking away.   

Rebecca comes in with manila folders all in her pin striped business suit glory. She glared at me for supposedly wasting her time but all I could really do was roll my eyes. What is she going to do? Take me off the wedding? With pleasure, it’s not like I’m actually enjoying this.   

She took off her glance on me and turned to Nick and Miley. “So what do you think about it? Is it not gorgeous or what?” I turned my direction towards the sea arising from behind me. I did have to say it was stunning and I was purely jealous in a way. The sun was high above the clouds as is reflected the water in the smallest but most beautiful ways.   

My eyes directed itself towards Nick who was looking at the sea as well. His head turned and we exchanged glances. He smiled as I started to blush. I looked away quickly as I bit my lip.   

Miley nodded excitingly. “Yes, this is so pretty! What are you imagining?”   

Rebecca pointed to the whole lot. “I was thinking placing all the chairs around here and have them draped in pink for the bride’s side and light green for the groom’s side. I’ll find the perfect colors to make sure they don’t clash. Then a carpet of white is rolled with pink rose petals scattered across. It shall lead all the way to the end of aisle wear the groom and his men (she left out woman) shall stand to see you grace your way down. There will be an arch way draped with tulle above the minister. All your guests shall look on as you walk down the aisle in whatever dress you shall choice and the band will slowly play. Everyone would be in total awe of you and you and your groom glance at each other…”   

She trailed off and I didn’t even both listening to the rest of it. It wasn’t my wedding and I didn’t really need to hear some smooch fest about how Nick and Miley’s eyes will meet and blah, blah, blah. Do you really think that boosts my self-esteem?   

I let my feet lead the way as I started to go off towards the ocean. This part of the beach was cut off from the more public area. I stood by the coast line as the water floated over my feet. I shivered by the surprisingly cold impact it left on me. I turned away and looked down to see a stick sitting on top of the sand. I got down on my knees and started to inscribe words in the sand.   

M <3 N  

A small smile grew as I put down the stick. Then a shadow stood above her and she instantly knew it was Nicholas.   

“Fuck.” She muttered under her breath. She wiped off the sand on her palms and got up to end up face to face with Nick. “Hey.” I said quickly.  He looked down at the writing. “Well that’s awfully nice of you.”   

I scratched my head nervously. “Um, I can explain?” He stood there, waiting for an explanation. He didn’t change his expression but held that sarcastic smirk on his face. It was always hard to understand exactly what Nick was thinking at any time. “Well I guess I was – “   

“Leaving a mark for Miley and me?”   

I was a bit taken aback. There went another perfect chance. Damn.   

“Sure, I thought it would be cute.”    


“You thought it would be cute? Are you kidding me? Are you frickin’ kidding me?” Selena panted.   

I sighed as I handed her a mug of Ben & Jerry’s finest ice cream. She politely accepted. Demi sat in the chair on the opposite side of the room. She was already half way through her ice cream. “I don’t know. It’s so Notebook-y but with much hotter characters.” She emphasized. I raised my brow as Demi always had a different way of analyzing situations like this. “And Mandy was all over Joe like that? What a slut. I swear.”   

I smiled as I stared at Demi’s fidgeting. “You really like him don’t you?”   

She looked up to me as if I completely spilled the beans on this one. She shook her head anxiously. “Oh no. You must be mistaken, really. Joe has always been like family for years. It’s impossible for me to like him now.”   

“It’s not impossible.” Selena insisted. “Meet example A.” She pointed her index finger at me as I stared at her with glaring eyes.   

“Guys, no. I’m just suggesting that Mandy should give poor Joseph some breathing air. She’s like all over him and it completely disgusts me because he would never go for a girl like her. I mean she’s not her type at all. He needs someone who’s actually sincere and caring. He’s more interested in people who actually have an opinion about the world and the economy. He more likely to be paired with someone who can make him smile.”   

“Yeah, you.”   

“Shut up.”   

“You should tell him.”   

“No, I don’t need to. You haven’t so why should I?”   

It seemed to be Selena’s cue to ask me about my own love life. She turned away from Demi, who had sighed from relief, and towards me. “Maya, how long do you plan on holding this act of yours? Clearly not until the wedding day. Clearly not when they’re already happily married. So what are you going to do, huh?” I didn’t even bother looking at Selena since her face was already burnt in the back of my mind with her questions repeating themselves in my mind.   

“Guys, I really don’t want to talk about this wedding anymore. It’s not my favorite subject. It doesn’t involve my favorite people. It’s simply not something necessary right now. Drop it.” I said sternly. Everyone grew really quiet and I felt kind of bad.   

My cell phone broke the silence as it started to vibrate.   

I looked down as I found the words, “NEW TXT”, flash my eyes. I picked it up and opened the food. It was a text from Miley. Then, the immortal words struck my eyes like lightning.   


End Notes:
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f i v e by The archive

I came to the realization that shopping with Miley and Mandy was just another form of making me feel quite out of place.

While I wore my soccer socks, UGGs, and very little makeup except for black eyeliner, the other bridesmaids wore flowered dresses, heels, and so much makeup that they all looked painted on.   

They smiled and laughed as if their lies weren’t already slipping out of their teeth already. “You look great! Did you try that new diet that came out last week? You should try it!”   

The other person would smile and laugh. Didn’t she just insult her?  

But of course, I wouldn’t know these things. I was in the ultimate Barbie world.   

A saleslady finally walked up to us and kindly asked, “May I help you ladies?”   

Miley, whose back was away from the saleslady, turned around. The saleslady gasped at Miley’s face. “Oh Miss Cyrus, so pleased to meet you,” She shook her hand anxiously. Something was telling me that this saleslady was a big fan. “My name is Tamyka. Would any of you ladies like anything to drink?” Everyone shook their head or stood emotionless. “Well we were very much expecting you. How is Mr. Jonas?”   

She smiled and blushed. “He’s doing great. We’re both very excited about the wedding.”   

“Oh that’s great. May I see the ring?” And how could Miley pass up another chance to show off the four carat rock silently glistening upon her left hand. Tamyka and the bridesmaid once again looked upon in awe at that all holy ring. I looked away, seeing that ring way too many times. I’ve seen it way too many times for it to hurt.  

 “Well then why don’t we get this show on the road, shall we?” Tamyka finally offered.   I sighed and nodded as all of us followed behind. “Now is everyone here?” Tamyka asked.  

 Miley groaned as Mandy rolled her eyes. “No, we’re missing Carly, as usual.” Miley complained.  

 “I don’t even understand why you even asked her to be one of your bridesmaids. You guys haven’t even talked to each other in like twenty-six years or something like that.” Yeah Mandy, that totally makes sense when Miley is only twenty-one.   “My parents said it was the rightful thing to do so that we can actually get closer now as a family. It’s so stupid.” I rolled my eyes at myself. I didn’t even know why I was even listening to this worthless conversation.

   “Don’t get your thongs so stuck in a wring. I’m here. Now let’s get this over with, I have a date with Channing Tatum in an hour.” A voice came over to us. Everyone’s heads turned towards a petite girl with skinny jeans, a white shirt, dark purple scarf, and huge sunglasses that practically the size of her face.  Everyone stared at her as if she was some type of crazy woman. I just looked at her in shock. She was like the alter ego I only dreamt of. “Well what are you staring at me for?   

 I think I just found my hero.


  “Miley and I were never close; I mean never. Growing up with her left me in such a shadow, she was a cheerleader and signing up for child modeling contracts. I would just watch from behind the photographer and envied her to an extreme. Her mother would always buy her the nicest clothes any little girl would want and my mother just got me whatever looked nice at Wal-mart.” Carly said.

   It was a relief that at least someone would be nice to me and I would be able to relate to them because they’re not so different from me. She was the most like me out of all of these bridesmaids. “That must’ve been hard.”  

 “Well not really, I guess. When I turned eighteen last year, I decided to move to New York. I had at the most five dollars in my pockets and no where to stay. I can tell you now, I know that I’ve gone through more troubles than Miley and her posse could even handle.”  

 “That’s crazy. I don’t think I’d ever be able to handle that.”  

 She smiled. “So how do you know Miley?”  

 “Oh, well Nick is my best friend. I’m not a bridesmaid; I’m supposed to be the best girl. Err, if you don’t mind, could you not ask me why? It’s a long story that I’d rather just tell you at another time.” She shrugged and I let out a long breath. At least that’s one person I didn’t have to tell my secret to.  

   Soon the other bridesmaids left the dress store as did Miley since she had left for some photo shoot. Mandy said she’ll “watch” me and Carly try on our dresses for the wedding. As Carly looked really pretty in her dress, I stood in my dressing room shocked. 

 “Kill me. Kill me. Kill me. Kill me. Kill me.” I panted as I stared in the mirror in sight of the hideous dress. 

 Carly stood behind me as the three of us stared at the dress. She tilted her head to the side. “Well maybe if you look this way, it’s not too entirely bad.” I stared at them blankly as my head started to shift as well. Then I snapped out of this weird trance.  

 Imagine this: the sleeves were puffed so high that it made me appear like a Mexican matador, the beading and vomit-like color made me seem like a decaying Christmas tree, and the tulle backed up so much that it made my butt seem extremely massive.

  Was Miley and Mandy purposely making me look like a decaying, big ass-ed, Mexican Christmas tree?

   I knew I would be alone on this one since Miley was away with Nick and the wedding planner to talk about honeymoon ideas. (Don’t even get me started.) Mandy was left in charge of me, as if I needed to be babysat, and make sure that the dress they designed for me was just right.  

 Yeah right.  

  “I look ridiculous.”  Mandy, for only a second, was actually smirking. 




I shook my head, knowing what direction this was turning into. I placed my hands on my hips, surprised that I could still move my arms in this dress, and glared at her. “You did this didn’t you? You made them make my dress like this?”   

She inspected her nails as if she didn’t hear a word I just said. She took her glance off her cuticles and to me. “Well Miley had designed it herself. Now wouldn’t she a bit disappointed if Nick’s best girl refuses to wear the dress?”  

 “I know Miley didn’t design this entire dress. You must’ve had to do something with it.”   “Maybe, but there’s hardly anything you can do about it. You want to know why?”

  I shrugged at her stupid exterior. She walked over to me and whispered in my ear.  

 “I know your little secret.”   

 The words left shivers down my spine. For the first time, I was terrified. I was more terrified than learning that I liked Nick in the first place. I didn’t bother turning back to her. She had left her mark and I knew I was defenseless. 

 “W-what secret?” I stuttered. I doubted she believed that I had no idea what she was talking about.  I was right. She shrugged and inspected those nails of hers once again. Man, those nails must be miracle nails because she hasn’t taken her beady little eyes off of them. She snorted and looked back up at me. “I know that you have a little crush on your best friend, also known as the groom. So don’t you think the best thing to do is obey to my every command?”  I stood there emotionless.   

She raised her eyebrow and placed her hands on her waist. I sighed and look down. “Yes.” I whispered. 

 “Good. Now you’ll start with wearing this exact dress to the wedding. If I dare see one little change, that little secret will be exposed to all of the Miley, the wedding guests, the press, and Mr. Nicholas himself. I’d be careful with your words now, Kibble.” 

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N O J O K E.
s i x by The archive

There stood Miley on a pedestal as everyone looked at her in awe. Her veil cascaded softly on her long brunette hair. Her size zero dress fit her perfectly as I sat behind in shame. The bridal party would “ah” and “oh” while I just looked on. Every now and then Mandy would evilly glance at me while I just gazed away. Carly sat by me while resisting the temptation of flicking Mandy off by my requests.  

Miley turned around to face Carly and me. She giggled uncontrollably and managed to ask me, “Do you think Nick will like it?”  

I looked down as if it took time to think about. I could feel Mandy looking down on me. Everyone’s eyes were probably gazing down upon me. Once I finally looked up, I could sense Miley wanted an answer by now. I swallowed down hard. 

“He’s going to love it.”   


The last few days I was trying to stay away from the Jonases just to make sure that Mandy hadn’t already spilled the beans. Whenever I heard Nick’s name come up in a conversation, I could feel my heart pound within my chest, just ready to pop out. I hated lying. I hated lying to my own best friend.  

And now I have to pay for my feelings.  

How fair is that? 

My isolation away from the boys diminished as Nick called me, saying that he wanted to catch up with me. I could hear the poundings of my heart wanting to explode. I agreed because I just couldn’t pass up hanging out with him. Of course, that was before I realized that Mandy could’ve already told him.  For the rest of my life, I may be living in secrets and blackmail all due to one harmless crush on my best friend. I feel like I shouldn’t be undergoing through so much suffering.  

But then again… 

He’s engaged.  

I suffer because all I ever wanted in my life was someone to love me. I just needed someone to say that in all of the people in the world, I would be the only person who would eternally love and care for. Why was that so hard for me to find? Why was it always impossible? It was never impossible. You just never realized that the one person you need is the last person you suspected. 

Oh crap, am I so delirious that I’m going to start hearing voices in my head? 

My head started to ache and I knew I had to leave this apartment quickly. I could quite possible turn insane if I stay here another second. I picked up my belongings and ran outside.    


I sat down on his always comfy sofa as he did the same. “Guess what Mom sent me in the mail?” He asked me in excitement. It always appealed to him to tell any type of sudden news.  

I shrugged my shoulders. He ran over to his plasma screen, then to his cabinet of old video cassettes of “Beatle-mania: the Evolutionary Heroes” movies and many old musical movies. He pulled out one certain cassette and handed it to me. It didn’t have Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Ringo Starr, and George Harrison on it. It was written, “The Nick and Maya Show.”  

It was our first play we put on in his basement; the start of many to come afterwards. I gasped of course for I haven’t seen that video in years. In fact, I thought Joe accidentally threw it in the fireplace.  

But of course Joe would never do that right?  

He placed the cassette In the VCR (to which I’m surprised that he still owns) and sat next to me once again. And by next to me, I meant a meter way from me. Why all of a sudden was he now awkward around me too? 

While the video was rewinding, Nick and I started talking about random things and soon random things turned into wedding talk. I really was hoping he wouldn’t bring it up, but I mean how could he help it? He was the one getting married.  

He moved in a little closer. Now we were a quarter of a meter from each other. Well that’s a start. “How was the dress shopping?”  

Because he just I had to ask.

 I just sat there without a word but shrugged. “It was okay.” I knew that would be the only sensible answer that he would believe.  

“You know, I’m really happy that you and Mandy are spending so much time together. It shows that you are really putting an effort to make this wedding so special for Miley and me.” Do you honestly think I could even respond to that?  Luckily, the cassette was finished rewinding and Nick pressed play.  

The video started off with Nick selling tickets. He looked no older than eight and I was probably still five. Then it fast forwarded to what I assumed was the beginning of our play. Denise had taped a big white cloth to two arm chairs near by to pose as our own curtain.  

Nick said slowly in his eight year old low voice, “Ladies, gentlemen, and Joe,” Joe frowned at this. “The Nick and Maya Show!” I giggled at how cute Nick sounded when he was younger. The video proceeded as various songs came about. With both of their soft young voices, it was a bit inaudible to know what they were saying.  

We started to sing a song about fairies and bears. The song was about being lost in a forest and how wonderful life would be. Even as little kids, we were pretty good song writers. I would every now and then laugh and giggle as Nick would do as the same. I missed how much better it was when all we ever felt towards each other was just pure friendship.

  “So how has the wedding plans been on your side?” I asked him.

  He shrugged. “It hasn’t been that crazy quite just yet. I mean all the planning has sort of been Miley’s ideas. But of course, I’m going to have to have some kind of say in this somehow. Maybe it will start with the cake tasting of when the guys and I get our suits. But all the décor stuff, that’s Miley’s turf. By the way, did you get your dress yet?”

 Suddenly I became stiff; Mandy’s malign voice was circling in my head. “Um, yeah I did.”

  “And what does it look like? I bet you look great in it!”

 I managed to plaster a smile. “Y-yeah. It’s great. You’re just going to love it.” One lie after another was slipping through the cracks of my teeth. I felt another pang of guilt burning on the insides.


  “Wow, I cannot believe Mandy would stoop so low.” Demi exasperated in once again another carton of my Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. Selena nodded in agreement as did Carly and Ellie. “Why do you think she hates you so much?”

  “Who knows?” Carly chimed in. “It could be for her own selfish reasons that she just wants to hog the spotlight. Maybe it’s not just Maya, it could be everybody that she’s mad at.”

 Everyone stared at her strangely, would it be true that Mandy was completely suffering from pure insanity? Was Mandy really plotting to her revenge to sabotage her best friend’s wedding? If it was at all true, everything would make sense: Mandy is a complete control freak. “Guys, what do I have to do with this though? Why am I the one to go through all this crap? It’s just a simple crush! I mean this could easily go away if I just find someone else, right?”

 Everyone grew quiet. I sighed. Ellie spoke up amongst the silence. “It took awhile to get over my guy but when I met Kevin; everything else seemed to change for me. You should just really try to take things slow and soon everything will be in place to the point where you can find a decent guy. By the way, I mean don’t you need to find a date anyway?”  

My heart stopped. It never occurred to me that at any point I would need a date. What is the point in it anyway? It’s like dragging around a piece of beef to show off that you’re not a complete loner.  

On second thought, I could use a date.  

“Guys: I have a bit of a situation…” I could see everyone’s eye brows raise. “The only guys I’ve ever known were the Jonases.”  

Selena nodded through what seemed hard concentration. “I have a great idea!” She exclaimed. The whole room seemed caught off guard. “How about we start a dating service for Maya?”


“No seriously! Think about it: everyone who knows the Jonas Brothers know about their best friend, Maya Kibble. People always have these contests on who would end up dating which Jonas Brother, but what if all those lonely guys met the wonderful Maya Kibble? More than likely, there should be at least one decent guy in a big bunch for you to at least to drag as a date!”

 Oh no. NO. NO. NO.

 Nobody was protesting. Nobody was stopping her.

  Oh dear.

  Demi began to point at Selena numerous times. It didn’t seem like a very good sign. “You know, that’s not a bad idea! Maya, listen, it’s like who else knows you better, besides Nick, than your four best friends? We’ll find a good guy for you to bring to the wedding and whether or not you want to continue dating him after well that’s your choice! Come on Maya, please?”

 I shook my head. “No, there is no way! I refuse!”

 “Kibbs, seriously, it’s not a bad idea! Try it, you never know who you’ll meet in the end. If you’re lucky, Prince William would be first in line to meet you!” Carly insisted. I laughed at how silly all of them were.


  Everyone began to cheer.

 At this point, I wasn’t appreciating this at all.

  It didn’t seem like I was going to appreciate anything later.

End Notes:
well i can't believe i haven't updated in such a long time.
wow guys you are completely amazing :) keep them coming and don't forget to keep checking better off alone because an update will definitely be soon!
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s e v e n by The archive

Kevin and Joe had invited me over to play some video games. It was pretty much an invitation to the usual Thursday ‘off’ day ritual we share, but this time it was without Nick. Of course, considering my dilemma and what not, they decided against to not invite him. I mean more than likely he’s doing something total obnoxiously big for the wedding that he was forced against his will to do.  

Poor guy.  

The door bell rang and everyone took their eyes off Mario Brothers and onto Joe’s front door. We sat there for a while especially Joe. “Joe, aren’t you going to get that?” Kevin asked in a ‘duh’ tone.  “Oh, right,” He got off the pillow and toward the door. Once he looked through the peep-hole of the door and realized who it was, he stopped.  

“Who is it?” I asked but he ignored me. He slowly creaked open the door and started talking to the person on the other side.  

“Joe, what are you doing?” Kevin and I knew that voice far too well. We panicked because if Nick knew that we were hanging out without him, he would be so mad. We looked back at Joe whose hand was behind his back. “Joe, what do you mean that you’re feeding your cats? You don’t own a cat!” Joe started waving his hand behind his back. Kevin and I jumped off the pillows and began to hastily put away the video games and controls. “What’s that sound?” I could hear Nick’s confusion. 

“Those darn cats, “ Joe said in a loud voice. “They are such a mess!” Kevin turned off the T.V. as I picked up a deck of cards.  “Joe, just let me in!” Nick yelled, getting impatient. He slipped through Joe’s arms to see what was going on but all he found was…  

“Maya, do you have any trees?”  

“Nah, go fish.”

 “How long have you been here?” He asked. Kevin and I shrugged.

“Not long,” He shrugged as he sat next to me. He probably didn’t mind because playing go fish isn’t very exciting. Nick sighed, clearly exhausted. “Awh, did someone have a bad day?” I teased.  He looked up at me.

“Don’t get me started.”  Joe threw Nick a Red Bull and he kindly accepted.

Joe pointed at Nick. “I know that look. Bridezilla strikes again!” He then started singing the theme to all the old scary movies as he played on his air organ.  

Nick rolled his eyes and grunted. “Miley changed the invitation four times. If she doesn’t pick soon, I’m just going to tear a piece of notebook paper saying, ‘Hey! Show up at our wedding!’ and send it all our guests,” I laughed. “Oh Joe, guess who is Miley’s new bridesmaid?”

 “Madonna?”  He shook his head.

 “Jessica Simpson?”




 “The Olsen Twins?”


  Kevin, Joe, and I were taken aback. “Chill out Frobro. Who is this infamous new bridesmaid?” Joe asked jokingly.  

“Okay Joe, brace yourself,” Joe shrugged.  “AJ is her new bridesmaid.”


  “Dude, this isn’t good,” Joe obviously stated. We sat in the Jonas’s den. He laid down on the couch as I sat by him. If you saw us it would appear as if we were in a psychic’s office.

 “Joe, calm down,” Joe was practically freaking out the whole time driving back to his parents’ house for dinner. I could see Joe’s fingers shaking and his teeth chattering. His impatience was most annoying.

 “How can I be calm, Maya? The one single girl who hates me is going to be a bridesmaid!” He panted. I’ve never seen him this crazy so I guess in a sense I was sort of enjoying this moment. I shook my head since I should be a better friend than that.

 “Well she’s not really the one single girl who hates you…” I slowly said.

 He raised his eyebrows. “What are you talking about?”

  I then began to become all shaky just like him. “Well, Joseph, if you think about it; you’re a horrible breaker-upper.”

 “What in God’s three letter name is a ‘breaker-upper’?”  

“One who breaks up,” I stated. “Anyway, as I was saying, you’re not the world’s best relationship-ender – "  

“Ohhhh, I thought I was the world’s breaker-upper,” Joe interrupted. Clearly, he didn’t like to bare the truth when he’s in relationships. I could tell it’s a smidge of a touchy subject for him.  

“That’s not important. I mean you’re bad at ending it with a girl. There’s AJ, Ashlee, Taylor --.”

 “Hey, I was in England when I broke it off with Taylor.” He stammered.  

“You called her for twenty-seven seconds. Terrible.” I sat back in my chair and crossed my arms. “One – you never break it off over the phone. Two – you actually take the time to explain to her why. Good boyfriends care about what the girlfriend would think about him even just when they are about to break up. It’s that person’s last thought of you.”

 “Gee, thanks for you advice, Dr. Phil.” Joe grunted then sighed. “Besides, this is about the worst time for AJ to show up because I was just about to ask out ---. “ He stopped himself quickly.

 My happiness was growing and burning inside of me. I couldn’t wait until Joe revealed that he liked Demi back. It would just be so exciting to see two of my favorite people get together. “No finish what you were about to say. You’ve known me forever, Joe; I think you can trust me.”  

He smiled. “Okay, well there’s this girl I’ve liked for a while now and she’s really great and wonderful. I was kind of hoping that she would be my date for the wedding.” I couldn’t stop grinning.

 “Okay, so tell me who this girl is!”  

“Okay, it’s – “

 “Joe! Mom wants you to put your laundry in the washing machine. She said doesn’t want to feast her eyes anymore on that mountain you call your dirty clothes.” Frankie smirked. I frowned in the smallest way now that I’ll never know if Joe liked Demi back. Joe sighed loudly as he stood up from the couch and walked off. Frankie sat in his place and smiled at me weirdly.

  I was a bit creeped and definitely felt uncomfortable. “Um, may I help you?”

 “Maya, you’re a girl right?”  I raised my eye brow at him. Why do boys ask the dumbest of questions? “Well last time I checked and had my period that would be an affirmative.”  

He shivered at that thought I suppose but then shook it off. “Okay, well I’m sort of having a problem; a chick problem.” Of course, for a thirteen year old, that’s the best they could describe it. I nodded to indicate I was interested in helping him. “Okay, so you know how I’m dating Madison?” I nodded and grinned. Oh, how these Jonas boys are so fond of those Lovato girls. “Yeah, well Maddie’s freaking out about this wedding because that means I would be seeing Noah a lot and she knows that I used to be really close to Noah. She thinks that maybe I would cheat on her, which I would never do in my life. I don’t know what to do.”

 “Well do you really like Maddie?”

 “Maya, I love her.”

 Taken aback from his response, I quietly nodded. “Well I guess if you like her that much, she shouldn’t doubt you so much. Sometimes when you really like someone, all you think about is that person. Let her know that. Tell her that you’ll always be there. It would never hurt.” Frankie nodded and walked off to I assume talk to Maddie.  

Then I realized how I could really use my own advice sometime.   


After dinner which was really nothing important, I went straight for the basement which held over fifty guitars. I walked around, just eyeing each guitar as if there was one specific guitar that was the most perfect out all of them. It would be difficult since I’m pretty sure most of them are worth a fortune. But sitting by the rugged old couch was an acoustic guitar. I grinned as I found the perfect guitar.

  I sat down on the couch and picked up the guitar. I began to strum a few chords, making sure that I still had some sort of clue of what I was doing. Then the melody began to tie itself together and just flowed. I wasn’t too sure if that’s a natural thing for musicians but it became something exciting for me.  For a while now, I’ve been in a song writing mood. Well to be honest, I’m never in a song writing mood. I hardly play my guitar. Yeah, and to think my best friends are professional musicians, I hardly play an instrument. But with the few chords, Kevin and Nick managed to teach me, the song I was supposedly ‘writing’ wasn’t bad at all.  

I could hear footsteps coming down stairs. I began to debate: should I put away the guitar or keep on playing? If it was Kevin or Joe, I would probably just keep playing. They could even help me a bit. But if it was Nicholas, well clearly, I couldn’t keep playing then explain to why I’m writing a song in the first place. I’m writing about my undying love for you.

 That’s just a wonderful explanation right there.  

Luckily, it was only Ellie, who was abnormally large. “Oh hey Ellie.”

 “Hey sweetie, what’s up?”

 “Err, I guess just thinking?”  

She looked around the room and stared at all the guitars. “You like to think in a sea of guitars?”  

I shrugged with an unsure smile. “I guess that’s what I get for hanging out with rock stars all the time.” She smiled and patted my leg.  

“How have you been feeling lately?”  

I sighed. “Same old same old. I mean everything practically sucks right now. I know I can’t keep this secret but I just can’t tell him. It’s Nick. Besides, I have so much other work to do. I have to find a date for the wedding and I need to find some way to dispose to this hideous dress --,” I stopped quickly before I knew what I was getting myself into. “Um, nevermind.”  

Ellie frowned. “No tell me, what hideous dress?”

 “No, I shouldn’t. I actually should probably get back upstairs.” I got up quickly but she grabbed my arm and pulled me down. Damn, she has some grip. I sat down quietly. She gave me that certain look that she probably gives Kevin all the time to tell the truth. He was right, it’s hard to fight. “Okay, well Mandy, Miley’s maid of honor, sabotaged my dress. I’m not allowed to have it changed at all.”

 “Why would she do such a thing?” She said in dismay.

 “Because she’s a life-ruiner.” I said gruffly.

  “Well why don’t you just get a different dress?” As if anything was that easy. I shook my head. I might was well meet to my social death. I swallowed down hard and sighed. “She knows my secret. She knows about how I like him. She told me that if I don’t obey to her every command, she’ll tell him.”

  She looked down, disappointed. I could tell she wasn’t very happy with Mandy or me. She held her head high once again and offered, “Well why don’t you give it to me? I could just do some minor changes to it.”

 “I’m not supposed to change it all.”

 “Well it’s just a few minor changes to it. It can’t hurt.” She stood up and then looked back down at me with a frown. “You know, I thought you were stronger than this. You really don’t need this hurt if you’re just a little truthful.” I sighed and looked down. Her footsteps became less distinct and distant.

 The saddest part was that I agreed with her. 

End Notes:
ehh, it's pathetic i know. it's just another filler. next chapter, i'm SUPPOSED to show demi & sel's dating service. shall maya finally find her date? what will ellie do with the hideous dress?
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Spotted: All Slutty Cyrus with her beau and hubby to be, Nick Jonas, paying a visit at Rebecca Duplechain, the famous wedding planner’s, office. Seems like the All Slutty One has definitely put that ball and chain to good use.  

How delicately can we say this but…? Nicholas, WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO YOURSELF?  If you were thinking at all Nick, I’d get this baby annulled; quickly. -Perez Hilton 

“Okay, so we’re going to give you this computer chip to put in your ear so you can hear what we are saying.” Selena handed me the small ear plug. I slipped it in my ear. To test if it works, Demi starts tapping the microphone harder and harder.  

“AHHH!” I yelled.  

“Demi, I think it works.” Selena suggested. She apologized repetitively and I promised her that it was fine. I sat a few tables away and slid on my sunglasses to be less suspicious. I know; it’s dumb. It was their idea. 

I saw the first potential dater walk through the door. He was cute and pretty fit but not muscle maker because I don’t want to look like my date is half beast. He was a bit scruffy on the sides, though. Well maybe I could fix him up? He smiled as Demi and Selena greeted him. “Darrell,” He sat down across from them and Selena and Demi began with their questions.  

“Okay, so we’re here to find our best friend a wedding date. So let’s start with where you grew up?” Selena asked.  

“I grew up on a farm in Kentucky.” Well farm boys aren’t quite my type, but like I said I could fix him up.  

Demi furrowed her eye brows. She knew me better. “Riiight, well, what is your major?”

 “Oh, I don’t go to college.”  My heart stopped.

The last thing I need is a college drop out.  

Selena’s eyes opened wide. “Really? Well what would your profession be when you grow older?”  

He nodded a few times as if he was starting to think about it now. I could feel my hand rush to my forehead. This was going down the drain, quickly. Let’s just abort this whole thing. If the first one is bad, the rest can’t be any better.  “Um, actually, I was just going to stay with my mom for a few more years until I can get around. I mean who else is going to do my laundry?” He said humorously.  

No let me restate that, the last thing I need is some slum who still lives with his mother.

  Selena stood up quickly and politely asked him to leave since the interview was beginning to pour into other people’s interview. Obviously it was a lie since the next guy doesn’t show up until thirty minutes later. Demi sighed, “Well that went well,” She said gruffly. “I hope that there are better guys than that old bag.”

     Three hours later 

“So what do you do for a living?” It was the millionth time I’ve heard Demi ask that question to one of my ‘potential’ dates. Oh wait, potential is such a delicate word. More like unlikely.  

I sighed since this was getting me no where.  “Well thanks anyway, we’ll call you.” Demi said politely but I’m sure she’s aware that I really date guys who don’t still live with their mothers. It was the lastunlikely date to interview. Twenty guys and no luck so far.

 I took off my glasses and walked over to Demi and Selena. “Guys, this is just not working out. You can keep trying but I don’t think this is going to help me at all. I better go actually. I have class in ten minutes.” I quickly gave them hugs and ran over to my car.

 Am I just going to have to go to the wedding by myself? This is pathetic. I should just wave that stupid little white flag already. They win. They all win; Nick, Miley, and Mandy. They can take their prize, whatever that may be. I yelled out loud which I’m sure was a disturbance to the peace. I could tell people were turning their heads to me. I mean what else is more entertaining than seeing a crazy single loser PMS-ing?  

“Screw it.” I said gruffly.

 Why is everyone else finding someone to love? Madison and Frankie, Kevin and Ellie, Joe and possibly Demi? Why am I the unlucky one in the bunch? I mean I hardly kissed a boy in my lifetime except for Aaron Samuels who was dared by a bunch of bullies. It was God awful. He ran over to me and literally jumped on top of me; let me remind you I was only ten when this happened.  

But Joe and Nick had to run over and pull him off. That was the last time I saw Aaron. God bless him.

 I rolled my eyes and got into a parking space. I ran to get to the building. Dr. Spahn had changed her classroom number so I was completely lost. I was growing aggravated as I hardly knew where I was going. Room 1623a? That could be anywhere! I groaned and looked from classroom number to classroom number than all of a sudden I heard someone asked in a confused tone, “Maya?”  

Then bang.

  A few minutes later, he slowly fluttered his eyes opened. I sighed out, relieved and looked back up to everyone begged to help. “It’s okay guys. He’s good now!” They all sighed just as I did and walked back to their classrooms. The boy looked around, completely baffled. “Are you okay?” I asked faintly.

 He didn’t answer me right away but just sat up on the floor. “What happened?” He asked as he raised his hand to his forehead where he mostly impacted as he accidentally ran into a door. As he lightly felt it, I knew his forehead began to sting.  

“Oh, try not to touch it. It’s swelling up right now.” I advised. He breathed calmly. “But are you okay?”  

 “Yeah, I’m sorry, Maya.”  Taken aback that he knew my name, I held out a hand so both of us could get off the cold dirty floor. “How do you know my name?”

 “You don’t remember me?” He asked. To be honest, I had no idea who this guy was. I didn’t want to be rude or anything but he sort of expected me to just jump on him with an anxious hug. He opened his arms expecting for an embrace when all I could do is shake my head.

 “I’m sorry but I really don’t remember you,” I said quickly as I picked up my books off the floor. “I should go. I’m late for my class as is.” I walked ahead, clutching on my folders to my chest. From the corner of my eye, I noticed that he hadn’t moved but just stared back to watch me meander away.  

“Corey Goldman?” I could hear him say faintly behind me. His voice sounded desperate and clearly I must’ve known this guy somehow if he’s so set on reminding me of who he was. I stopped and turned around. “We were best friends when we were little. We played soccer and did plays together. You, Nick, and I always hung out until you guys moved away.”  

That’s when I realized who he was. Corey Goldman. Of course! He was Nick and my third best friend back in Wyckoff. We did practically everything together. We did play soccer together at the local playground and plays at the theatre in lower Wyckoff. He would come over and we would all play video games, more soccer, and all that fun stuff.

  Then I stopped. That’s all I could remember of him, nothing else when I was a teenager; even before we moved away. I walked back to him and smiled wondrously. “Wow Corey, I haven’t seen you in forever. How have you been? I can’t believe I didn’t notice you. How is the family doing? What have you been up to all these years? When did you move to L.A.?” I yielded myself, knowing that I was beginning to ask way too many questions already, but it’s hard not too if you run into an old friend.

  “I’ve been doing well actually. Caroline, my older sister if you didn’t remember, just had a baby recently and so she’s here with the rest of my family including me and the parents. What about you? Well besides touring and shadowing the Jonases pretty much.” He broke out a witty smile and I grinned.

 “Oh well yeah that and I’ve been starting classes here at UCLA. Hanging out with my friends around Los Angeles and hopefully finding a job in performing again. I miss being on stage, you know? I envy the boys so much because being in musicals with you and Nick was a big part of my life.” I nodded. Corey did the same and smiled again. It’s becoming a common gesture between us.  “How are the guys?”

 “Oh well they’re taking a bit of a break for a while. Kevin has a family, Joe’s still Joe of course, Frankie’s being a teenager in all that glory, and Nick, well Nick’s engaged.” I forced a smile quickly before I could stop.  

“Oh wow, engaged? That’s pretty hasty.”

 “Yeah, well he’s really happy and we’re all excited for him.” He nodded with a slanted grin. I did the same as I tapped my fingers against my notebooks that I was still clutching on to. He was about to open his mouth to ask for something but suddenly the clock timed the hour and a mad rush of impatient college students hurried out of the building to their next class.

  I was lead by the crowd away from Corey. “Wait… Maya… “ I could hear faintly behind me once again. I tried to look back to see if he was still closely behind but he was already blended into the huddle of students.  I sighed loudly almost to a scream as I realized that I didn’t ask for his number.  


“So what’s his name again?” Carly asked excited.

 I rolled my eyes. “Corey Goldman. He’s been my best friend for years but for some strange reason I stopped seeing him. I can’t really remember because it was such a long time ago but all I could remember is that Nick stopped talking to him and told me to do the same thing.” I shrugged as I walked with my cell phone close to my ear.

 “Ooo, mysterious. That’s sexy.” She gawked.

 “Please Carly, this is nothing. It’s just me running into someone from my past. Besides, I forgot to get his number so something is telling me that it’s not my fate to have any relations with him. Keep it to yourself, okay?” I could sense she was already disappointed by my unwillingness. I don’t need a date, much less a boyfriend. It’s just not in my fate either.

 “Fine, Kibbs. I got to go because Bridezilla and her family are coming here for dinner tonight. Pray for me.” I smiled as she hung up.

 I looked up at the signs of the stores above me, in search of a Harold’s Piano Place nearby. I could hear soft melodies as I walked forward. I was definitely close. I soon found many pianos in the windows and I knew I had found my destination. I walked in and was immediately greeted. “Good afternoon, may I help you?” The attendant offered.  “Is there a piano open?”

  She nodded and directed me to a small baby grand piano by the window. I thanked her politely and sat down on the bench. Her clattering heels were walking away behind me. I stretched my hands a bit before I could start playing. I began to place my fingers on each piano key that I could remember. The chords began to retrace in my mind and the melody was beginning to string itself together.

 After I fingered each note with the chord, I heard the door open behind me. “Good afternoon, Mr. Goldman? Your usual?” My heart stopped and I didn’t really know whether or not to turn around to say hi or stay coy and quiet until he acknowledged me first. Oh, how I wish the girls were here.

 I sat silently and began to play again but the chords and the entire song seemed to slip out of my mind. I groaned inwardly at myself and even more that he was coming by closer. “Fancy running into you here.” I turned around a little too quickly and there he was smiling down upon me. “Hey, I didn’t know that you come here.”

  “Well actually this is the first time I’ve been here,” I glanced around me. “I just don’t have a piano in my apartment and I was in the mood of song writing so I came down here. It’s nice too. Do you come here a lot?”  

“Well just like you, I’ve been in the mood for song writing but probably longer than you have. I haven’t exactly found that right inspiration but who knows? So until I find it, I’m just going to keep trying.”

 “Won’t they get annoyed that you keep showing up?”

  Corey raised one eyebrow. “Well gees Kibble, that’s a bit harsh. I’m hurt and offended that you would say such a thing.” I rolled my eyes and smiled. I haven’t heard anyone call my by my last name in such a long time. I miss it a lot since that’s what Corey called me a lot. “But besides that, my uncle Harold owns this place so they should get used to me by now.” I grinned once again. I didn’t understand why I couldn’t stop smiling. Then a buzz was heard coming from Corey’s jeans. He looked down and whipped out his cell phone. “Yellow? What are you talking about? Now? But I’m sort of busy right now, Mom.” He sighed as he still acted like a child. “Fine, I’ll be there in a few minutes. Okay, bye. Love you too.” He shut his phone and placed it back in his jean pocket. He looked back up at me and smiled weakly. “Duty calls. I better go but before I leave, could I get your number? Maybe we could get dinner sometime?”  

Then something stopped me. Did he just ask me out on a date?

 Then something else stopped me again. Holy crap, he just did ask me on a date. 

Crimson seemed to creep into my cheeks as I nodded cheekily.  “Sweet, let’s trade cell phones for a sec.” I handed over mine as he did the same. He hurriedly typed in his number and gave it back. “It was great seeing you again. We’ll catch up, okay? Tell Nick and all of them I said hey.” I nodded again and he shared a quick embrace then left. I sat back down on the piano bench, happily. Something tells me that it’s going to be the start of something great.  


“Knock, knock.” I heard someone mutter humorously behind my apartment door. I wiped off my hands with all my cooking being done. I took off my apron and threw it on my counter, then ran to the door. “Hey there,” Nick said happily and walked himself in. “What’s going on here?”  

 “I’m cooking actually.”

  “Wow, this house doesn’t seem to be burning. Nicholas is impressed.” I rolled my eyes at how stupidly he used third person with me.

   “Oh, I’m thrilled.” I muttered under my breath but loud enough for him to hear. He turned back and smiled beautifully. Silently, my heart began to ache but no more of this I kept thinking to myself. What a life, though. “As if you’re any better at cooking then I am.”

  “Sure I am.” He assured.   

“Hah.” I said sarcastically. He’s so full of himself.

  “I make the best eggs in the world.” He proclaimed and began to stance proudly.   

“Of course; because only culinary geniuses such as yourself can only concoct such a complicated dish.” He nodded in complete agreement. I’ve rolled my eyes so many times already, it’s beginning to hurt. “So how’s your day?”

  He sighed silently. There wasn’t much need for any words at this point. I practically knew everything by now, but he did anyway. “I’m exhausted. Truly, I’m exhausted. Hopefully tomorrow will be more exciting since you’re going to come with us to get our tuxes.” I smiled at how outrageous that would be. Nick, Kevin, Joe, and the band as his groomsmen all together in a suit shop.

  “Anyway, what about you? What did you do today besides cook?”

  “Well I was with Selena and Demi to – “ I stopped myself. I couldn’t tell him that I wasn’t finding a date. It just shows that I can’t even find a decent guy to show off and I don’t need to look like a complete idiot in front of my best friend and secretly the love of my life. “weeent shopping.” I spotted. He nodded. “Then I went to classes but guess who I actually ran into.”  

 “Hmmm?” He muffled as he had my food stuffed into his mouth already.   

“Corey Goldman.” He scrunched his forehead suddenly with not a pleasant look. I stopped to wonder why he was all of a sudden being quiet. “What?”

  He put down the food he was about to put into his mouth. “Why did you run into him?”   

“Well to my surprise, he goes to UCLA. We literally ran into each other and at first I didn’t recognize him but then he reminded me of how we were best friends. You know, you, him, and me. Then we talked for a while then I had to leave to get to my class, forgetting to get his number. Then after class, I went to the piano place only to find out that his uncle owns it so I found him there. I finally got his number and we’re going to go out to dinner soon.”   

He cocked his head back. He wasn’t thrilled or happy that I found one of his best friends when we were younger. It got my annoyed. “Like on a date?”

  “Yeah, sure.” Irritation was surfacing in my voice and I knew that Nick was starting to notice. “Why? What’s wrong with Corey?”   

“It’s a long story. Just keep your distance from him, okay? Maybe I’ll tell you later but I actually need to get back to Miley. We have more wedding talk to deal with. Bye.” He quickly kissed my cheek and then left all at once. It was such a blur that all I could remember was long story.  

 I didn’t even get to tell him that I was thinking about asking Corey to be my date

n i n e by The archive

Dreaming about the day when you wake up and find that what you’re looking for has been here the whole time. And if you see that I’m the one who understands you. Been here all along so why can’t you see? You belong with me.


“Wait so what did he say?” Selena repeated one more time, exasperatedly in her phone. I wiped off the imaginary sweat off my forehead, sat on my bed, settling the phone on my shoulder to my ear, and then began fidgeting to close the straps on my heels. After Nick’s sudden departure from my apartment, something between the two of us left me quite uneasy. It was awkward most of all just thinking about it.


“He just told me I should stay away from Corey then he left.” The word felt so harsh in a way since I had never used it to point at Nick. I sighed hard and I didn’t really want to speak about it any more. Selena understood how uncomfortable I felt about the sudden disappearance and she claimed that she had work to do at 1 when it was merely 10 o’clock. I didn’t mind and shut the phone quickly once the door bell rang.


I picked up my Chanel handbag off the kitchen counter and slung the metal straps on my shoulder. Just before Nick was about ring the door bell again, I opened the door. I smiled weakly as his did the same and slung his head slow.



The moment I climbed into Nick’s car, the overall feeling was, well, quiet. It hasn’t been that way in such a long time, well truthfully quiet because the only reasons we would hold a grudge against each other was for some lame reason like taking his socks. But I knew this time it felt different. Nick coughed a few times quietly while I shifted incessantly during the ride.


I didn’t even think we were trying to ignore each other or purposely make it awkward, but it just happened.


Smart of me to just switch the radio to drown out the silence, Nick nodded and seemed satisfied that he wasn’t the first to take the ‘oh so lethal’ gesture. He relaxed his shoulders but his grip on the steering wheel tightened just a bit more. Man, if he clutched on that thing any harder he would’ve just diagnosed himself Arthritis.


Not thinking about it might help me so it won’t feel so friggin long. I turned my head to the window to see the houses that was only two blocks away from my apartment complex pass by briskly, like a jog. How was I really going to tell Nick that I was bringing Corey to the wedding, his wedding, when for some God given reason he repelled him with a passion? Was I going to tell him at all since at this point, I don’t even know I’ll get passed a simple greeting? Was Nick even going to speak to me at any point today? I mean I am his best girl, aren’t I sentenced to have some type of conversation with the groom?


For some reason, it all felt so confusing. Nothing at all made sense.

By the time Joe and Kevin, who brought along Kimmy, scrambled into the car with the band following behind in another car, they both sensed a bit of tension in the car. But of course, Joe merely thinks before he opens his mouth and says humorously, “Who died in here?” Kevin elbowed Joe in the stomach.

Joe began to pat his stomach by the sore Kevin must have left him.


“So Nick,” Kevin said in a very business-like tone, “Garbo and the rest of the guys are going to meet us at the hotel. I’m sure I gave them the right room.” Nick nodded silently and that was the end of the conversation from there.


 Everyone once in a while, Kimmy would ask why we were so unusually quiet. Joe would shrug, wondering the same, Kevin shook his head and ‘shh’ them.


It felt like forever and a day by the time we got to the hotel. Nick parked his car and I quickly unbuckled by seat belt to release myself from this car confinement. Everyone did the same and one behind the other (Kimmy was clutching onto Kevin’s hand) into the hotel and upstairs to the room.  


The tension seemed to have dissolved a bit once the boys eyed their blazers all hung up on headless mannequins for show all around the room. A smile finally cracked on Nick’s face as everyone sighed in relief that something at least made him happy today. Michelle in her always styling motif was lint rolling the other suits. “Hey guys just take a look and tell me what you like.”


Everyone smiled began to wander around. Kimmy was making her own suggestions on what everyone should wear. Michelle put down the lint roller and started walking toward me. “Hey Maya, so Ellie handed me the awful looking dress,” She made a gagging sound while saying this, “she told me the whole story and we both want to help.” She pulled me in another spot in the room for what I suppose more privacy.


I sighed. “You’ve got to be kidding me. Michelle, this is not what I wanted.”

“I know, Maya, but when she explained to me her plan; I couldn’t agree more. We both said,” She crouched down to me to whisper, “at least before the wedding you should tell him.” I was ready to oblige but she stopped me first. “And for some God awful reason, he doesn’t feel the same; then wear this dress and he’ll realize how truly beautiful you are with this dress on and those feelings locked up in your heart. Just think about it, Kibbs.”


I didn’t respond. I looked down to the carpet and crossed my arms against my chest. This was so unfair. Everyone in the whole world was seemingly to know what was going on except for me. “Thanks.” I began to tap my fingers on my arms impatiently.


She smiled softly. “Okay, well the dress is in the bathroom. You can try it on at any time while we’re here.”


“Do I have to?” I began to whine as if I was still a young girl. She rolled her eyes playfully and pointed to the bathroom. I sighed and agreed to her demands. I was literally about to meet my doom.


By the time I turned around, the good ol’ band was in the room already gazing upon the perfectly ironed blazers. They incessantly touched it like it was a brand new puppy to them. They whipped their head to see me watching them intently. They smiled and waved me over. I walked over and greeted them all with hugs. As we let go to look at the white and black lined suit, I could feel more than one hand padding my back continually. I rolled my eyes and turned at them. “Don’t even say that you know too…”


They put down their hands and looked away quickly.


“Oh GOD!” I exclaimed as I laid my head safely in my hands. Nick seemed to jump a little to my exclamation. I innocently waved to them and told them to continue with whatever they were doing. They did as they were told and turned around. “Who told you?” I whispered.


Everyone knows, Maya.”


I didn’t even know who said it but I shut my eyes and began to breathe in and breathe out slowly. I had no other ways to handle it. This was getting ridiculous and I was even surprised that Nick didn’t even know by now. I have some really loyal friends if they are willing to keep a secret from their other friend this long.

“You can’t just let him marry someone he doesn’t love.” Garbo said in an irate voice.


“Well do I have much of an option?” I said at the point of annoyance. Later, I would probably found to be punching a hole in some kind of wall.


“We’re just saying that you of all people should know that he’s marrying for all the wrong reasons. It’s not because of Miley. It’s not because he wants to start anew. He feels obligated for no reason. But Miley just wants to get her hands on him before anyone else does.”


I shook my head nervously and barely looked up at them. “I don’t believe that.”


“You better believe it, babe. The kid’s screwing up his life right before his eyes.” Lawless eyed.


“Stop being such girls.” I hissed.


I sighed and time just seemed to pass by because after however many hours Nick took to pick his tux, he finally choice his top six. Top six.

Tux after tux went by so slowly. I nodded and ooh-ed with the others like I was supposed to. I even gave an extra thumbs up to the groom. It was torture at it's best. I just wanted to bolt out the room faster than a group of alpacas. Finally after he chose his tux with bow tie, Michelle wiggled her eye brows at me.

I sighed hard and wanted to die right there. I didn't say anything but everyone else in the room was confused to what was going on. Michelle cleared her throat. "Uh, Maya would like to show you gentlemen the dress she chose for the wedding. Wouldn't you, Kibbs?"

I didn't respond but gritted a smile. I pushed myself off the bed and to the bathroom to show off myself in a way I never wished to.

End Notes:
okay okay, i know this is REALLY REALLY LATE. i haven't been inspired and i feel like this chapter is a platter of nothing. so i'm sorry. i have no idea when i'll get any inspiration soon but i hope soon! love you guys!
t e n by The archive

Young love birds, Nick Jonas and Miley Cyrus, are ready to tie the knot! Having announced the engagement only days ago, the big day seems to be only weeks away! Rumor has is that the dress is designed by Vera Wang herself. The bridesmaids are her backup dancers and the maid of honor is best friend and side kick, Mandy Jiroux. On his side are his brothers, Joe and Kevin Jonas, alongside the band. Ironically, his best man is his long-time best friend and personal assistant, Maya Kibble leaving for her to naturally to be his ‘best girl’. We’re expecting a traditional wedding with an outstanding invite list. John Travolta, Vanessa Williams, Stevie Wonder, and other superstars are rumored to be invited to this ceremony. It will certainly be a night to remember! – Us Magazine


I fiddled with the rouched bodice stitched together on my chest with the newly satin fabric. It was hard to believe that under that ugly frock. I had to keep on pressing on the dress with my hands to make sure it wasn’t just a dream. I looked at the golden mirror in front of me and looked at the stranger staring back at me. I didn’t even feel like I was me. I felt different. I wasn’t sure if it was supposed to be a good different or a bad one. I wasn’t even sure if I was going to find that out anytime soon.


I took my pony tail out and my hair gently fell on my shoulders. I slipped off my converse and stood barefoot. I took a few minutes just to take it all in. I could hear a soft muffling behind the door. “She’ll be out soon,” I heard Michelle reassuring. She knocked on the door. “Maya, honey, this isn’t the time to move at a glacial pace.”


I sighed and nodded at myself in the mirror. I slowly walked to the door and clutched onto the door knob. I twisted it with all my might as if it weighed a thousand pounds. The door opened itself and I walked out to expose myself.


It was quiet. I looked down not even wanting to see their expressions. I heard a cough and maybe even the movement of a nudge. “Wow,” was the only thing I heard.


I looked up to see everyone just staring at me with their mouths wide open. I felt like I was standing in front of them naked. It couldn’t possibly have been this embarrassing. It’s amazing how easily my friends can make everything awkward. My fingers were tangled up behind my back. Could this room be anymore quieter?


John Taylor scratched his head, silent.


Nah, now it just got quieter.


My eyes drifted towards Nick. His mouth wasn’t wide open. He wasn’t moving around. He didn’t even look at my face. He was staring at the dress, motionless. I wanted to just smack his face just to make sure that he was still alive.


Just when I was about to speak, my voice didn’t even seem like it was ready to talk. I forced myself enough to get out a weak “Guys? Is it that bad?” I emphasized that more than anything.


Joe’s low raspy voice said first. “No way, Maya. I’ll think you look great.” A small smile finally cracked on my face. Michelle giggled a little bit on the sidelines. The others agreed with him as a chorus at separate times. Kimmy released herself from her dad’s grasp and ran up to hug me.


“You look really pretty.” She stated as she tugged onto my dress. She pulled me down to her height for her to tell me a secret. “You’re prettier than Whiney.” The fact that Miley ended up being ‘Whiney’ made me laugh harder than anything in the world. I kissed her gently on the forehead.


“So groom,” Michelle started. “What do you think of your best girl?” She wiggled her eye brows.


He rolled his lips back and pressed them into a smile, sort of. He gave me a thumb up.


Someone’s really got a way with words.


I sighed, picked up the dress, and went back to the bathroom to take off the dress.


So maybe the worst was over.


For the day, at least.


After I finished getting dressed and in order, we retreated back to our cars and to our regular routines. I was the last one to be dropped off in the route. Nick passed by my house quickly and kept on driving. “Um, you sort of missed it.” I said dumbly.


He turned the steering wheel to the left. “Yeah, I thought you might want some lunch. Is that okay with you? I mean you don’t have a date do you?” He raised his eye brows but kept his eyes on the road. He was probably hoping that I would say yes just so he can reprimand me.


The ride was quiet as the previous. This time I really tried to add in some small talk, but the talk was so small it was hardly visible.


We finally arrived to the restaurant. He put on his sunglasses and hat, while I pulled my hair in a pony tail alongside my sunglasses. Disguises were no use from the beginning since cameras seem to be flashing from the moment we stopped the engine. I breathed out and opened the door to see cameramen almost climbing and pushing me back into the car. I pushed against them and tried to find the door as well as I could. It was a lifesaver that I had my sunglasses. If I didn’t I’d probably be blind by now.


Questions were all yelled at me at the same time. Some asked about Miley, about being a best man in a sexist way, Mandy, or Nick. I ignored them all and pushed harder through them. I could’ve punched someone just to get through. I was sick of the questions and just wanted to get a friggin meal, for Pete’s sake.


I made my way through and waiters asked politely and pushed the paparazzi out of the restaurant. I sighed out and we were directed to our table. It was a relief just to breathe again.


From the moment we sat down, it began quiet. I don’t exactly know when noise would come in at all today but it was a bit late. We both just stared at the menu as if we needed a lot of time. The truth was that we both knew what each other was getting. He knew I was going to order the chicken Caesar salad with dressing on the side and he was going to order a hamburger with lettuce, pickles, and tomatoes but no onions with a side of fries that I would eventually share with him.


Something boiled inside of me that had heated at just the right temperature that I was through with having to play along. I threw my menu gently on the table. It startled him though since it was rather not like me. He looked up and I crossed his arms against my chest. “What is this, Nick?”


It was a rather odd question for his apparently. He looked around the room for the obvious answer. “Uhm, a restaurant?


I shook my head. “No, what we’re doing.”


His eyes drifted down to our menus. “Ordering food?”


“No!” I frustrated. “What we’re doing right now! We haven’t actually talked to each other all day. Why are we torturing ourselves by giving each other’s best friend the silent treatment?”


He sighed as if he was holding his breath for a long time. “I know.” He admitted. “It’s hard to ignore you, Maya. You’re my best friend and I got mad at you for something that wasn’t even your fault; just his.”


I furrowed my brows. The red in my face seemed to be dimming down. “Do you mind explaining everything?”


His eyes directed downward. It wasn’t hard to figure out that I wasn’t going to get what I had asked for. I knew that I was going to really get it out of his system to explain everything between him and Cory that somehow I didn’t ever know about. This wasn’t the place for him to tell me something as evidently big as this.


 “Ever since you told me that you saw Corey.there was something inside of me that just burned. The burning sensation didn’t deteriorate but just grew rapidly. That kid was my best friend and he just left the both of us. He left us for this stupid reason that I could never tell you in this capacity.” He fiddled with his fingers in a circular rotation. “You’re my best friend, Maya. You’re the world to me and to ever see you hurt. It will kill me to see you fall apart. He’s just not the guy for you. I love you so much and I would never let anything bad happened to you.”


I didn’t respond.


 It only hurt me that he thought I wasn’t hurting at all.


 Later that day, we went to a local garden store close by the beach. The sun was about a few hours from setting. We walked through the fresh cut roses that were currently resting in buckets of half empty water. We touched the soft petals on each flower that were so unique and different. Nick had walked on the other side of the shop. He was gazing at the ugly zinnias. “Hey Maya, what about this?”


I raised my eyes at the unattractiveness in such a flower. “Are you honestly asking for an early divorce?” He let out a few laughs while I smiled small.


“I guess my flower picking skills don’t really excel. Did you find anything?”


I shrugged and walked over to the roses. “There are always roses. You could pick out the pink ones. Miley would love that.” I smiled widely at home though his response was rolling his eyes and sighing loudly.


His fingers rubbed against his temples in small circles to seemingly relieve stress. “I swear, Maya, if see another pink object again, I’m going to shoot myself.” His two fingers pointed to his forehead as if he really was.


I laughed loudly like the old days. “Well then how about orchids?”


We stepped towards the delicate orchids. The sweet smell of the unique flowers was as fragrant as a beautiful garden. I smiled and pointed at it. “These flowers are better than the pinkest rose.”


He rolled his eyes again. “Okaay, but what’s so great about them?”


I sighed at his oblivion. It would be so much easier to explain flowers to my best friend if he was a girl. “Well have you ever seen an orchid before? Have you ever seen how simply beautiful they are? They don’t need to be big or outrageously gorgeous. They just sit there next to the bouquets of roses, carnations, and lilies. The bouquets are beautiful but too much. Orchids just sit there waiting for someone to pick them up and show them off.” I said slowly and sadly; stupid orchid analogy.


“Hmm, okay. Well I guess we’re going with the orchids.” He smiled beautifully to me. He waved over a worker. “Hi, I need to place an order for some orchids.” He turned back to me and laughed. “Wow, thanks Maya for helping me pick out flowers for the wedding and saving me from sighting another pink thing to the ceremony. You’re the best.” He hugged me tight and walked to the worker to place his order.


I turned back to the almost sunset. It reflected the ocean under it with colors of a crisp blue and orange. I looked down at my empty hands, on near verge of screaming. “F.” I sighed to myself.


He walked back and smiled with the receipt in hand. “You want some ice cream?” I nodded.


With ice cream in one hand and spoon in the other, we walked along the beach. The sunset was halfway in the ocean. “So be truthfully honest,” I turned to see his eye brows furrow. “What did you really think of my dress?"


He pressed his lips together.


This was starting very well.


He turned his head back to me. “You want me to be deathly truthful?”


I sighed and laughed at the end. “That would be helpful.”


“Okay, I thought you look absolutely stunning. I mean I’ve seen you in dresses before but to know that is how you’re going to look at my wedding…” He stopped and smiled. “I hate to sound all cheesy and such. Well actually I don’t, because you tend to be just as cheesy as I do but still. Um, I guess the fact that you are going to be this beautiful best girl is really going to make me the best wedding ever. I don’t need the biggest ice sculpture ever mastered. I just need you and my family there by my side; just like you’ve always been.”


I smiled widely. Even though I was completely in love with him, his words were so wonderful to my heart that I didn’t know exactly what to say. He knew that I agreed and he wrapped his arms around me in a tight embrace. It was nice to at least have a civil moment.


Then an incessant buzz was coming from my back pocket. I excused myself to pick up my cell phone. One missed call it noted. A few clicks into the phone and I went straight to voice mail. Doesn’t Demi and Selena realize that I’m a bit busy at the moment?


“Hey Maya, it’s Corey. So what does it take to get the Maya Kibble to call a guy? Seems like a lot. Well if it takes me to find out your address and carry you so we can meet up, I just might. Please, just call back. Thanks."


I shut the phone and looked straight ahead at Nick. He smiled and waved at me.


I looked down at my phone and back at him.


So much for a civil moment.

End Notes:
ahhh! i got some inspiration. what you think? not bad, huh?
hah, anyway if you noticed i did delete my other story, Better Off Alone. I just felt that the story line was too common that why would anyone want to read the same thing. so with that said i did have an idea but i\'m not too sure if people would read it because it is very unique... i guess i\'ll make up some kind of synopsis:
the jonas family is at the highest point of their career. the boys are popular than ever, performances at a different city every night, invitations at royal parties, the list goes on. sadly, for the jonas family this is the lowest point of their family life. fame has gone to everyone\'s heads and humility is more than taken advantage of. denise jonas has feared that her family may have lost their entire spirit.
suddenly, something is wrong with the tour bus and the jonases are in the middle of nowhere. denise takes advantage to tells of a story greater than any fairy tale written: her own.
okay so what you think? do or not do? thanks guys the feedback has been amazing!
e l e v e n by The archive

“I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to disobey Nick and get him furious for some God-known reason but Corey used to be one of my best friends. It would be so great just to catch up with an old friend. I just don’t want Nick to be mad at me. They’re both my best friends yet I have to choose between the two of them. This is so wrong.” I rambled furiously.

“Kibbs, calm down. What exactly did Nick say about Corey?” Carly asked as she propped her legs on my bed.

“He was talking about this burning sensation then how he couldn’t tell me the entire reason in the restaurant but he did something really bad and he left the two of us. He didn’t want to see me get hurt and he said he loved me like he always says. Then we stopped talking about it, end of story.” I paced across my messy room and kicked random clothing items to leave me a way.

“What did Corey say?”

“He said that he wanted to hang out. It was pretty much a guilt trip to why I wasn’t calling him.” I sighed.

“Okay, well do you have any idea why Nick hates Corey?” She tilted her head to the side.

I looked Carly straight in the eyes. “No, not really. I mean that was such a long time ago and I was really young.”

“Then why does all of this have anything to do with you if you don’t even know what’s going on between the two of them? Nick doesn’t have authority over you. You have authority over yourself and if you want to meet up with one of your friends, then go ahead. He shouldn’t stop you just because you felt like hanging out. I mean it’s not like the two of you are going to have sex.”

I rolled my eyes. “Fine. You have a point. I’m going to call him.” I nodded to myself, very confident.

“Okay, call him.”

“I will.”

“Right now.”


“No, right now.”

“Shut up.”

“Not going to.”

“You suck.”

“You know you love me.”

“Stop it. Only Gossip Girl can say that.”

Carly picked up my house phone and pelted it at me. I sighed and began to dial his number. I picked up the phone and to my ear. The dial began to ring. Carly smiled widely. Don’t pick up. Don’t pick up. Don’t pick up. It was already the seventh dial tone and I initiate that as no one there. I put the phone down and smiled at Carly. “See? He didn’t answer.”

I was about to hang up the phone but suddenly I heard a voice yell. “Hello?”

My eyes widened itself to the point where they were about to fall out of its sockets. “Answer it, stupid!” Carly mouthed.

I panted it as I forgot everything that I was supposed to tell Corey. “I… uh… um… hi?” That was all that came out of my mouth. I had no idea what I was doing right now. My heart was beating so fast that the thumping was pounding loud in my ears.

“Maya?” It was ironic that that was the first thing he responded. “Is that you?”

“Mhm.” I mumbled.

“Wow, it’s about time you called me. I thought I was being seriously rejected.” He joked. I smiled and giggled a little bit nervously. “Are you okay? You sound a bit jumpy.”

“I’m fine.” I reassured through a lie even though I was sure that my mind was calming down a bit. “Anyway, I apologize for not calling any sooner. The craziest thing happened. I couldn’t find your number on my phone.” I held my arms up in a questioning look at Carly. She reacted as if I was the stupidest person in the world. I most certainly felt that way.

“Oh, really? I could have sworn when I gave you my number, you put it in your cell phone. That’s weird. And don’t you have a blackberry? I mean they hardly make that mistake of losing numbers.” He said in a matter of fact tone. He didn’t fall for my excuses and knew me a bit too well.

I smiled and laughed into the phone. “You got me. So as an absolution of my lack of lying, would you like to maybe get lunch together? It would be great if maybe we could catch up a little more.”

I could his hear his smile widen on the phone. “That would be as you said great. What time should I pick you up?”

“Um, how about 12-ish?”

“Sounds good. See you later.”

“Bye, Corey.”

“Bye, Maya.”

I shut the phone and threw it back at Carly who gladly caught it. “So how do you feel?” She said with a hopeful grin. I shook my head and sat down next too my plush pillow and onto my mixed pile of dirty and clean clothes on the floor. I diminished myself within them. I didn’t feel very well; almost sick to my stomach. I had never gone against my word, especially to Nick. Even though the feeling was intended to make me feel like a rebel, I truly felt like a scum.

“Like a traitor.”

“Don’t say that.” Carly said. I threw her a painstaking look and her eyes drifted away from mine. “All I’m telling you is that when you grow up no matter what circumstance you’ll be under with him, you can’t have him controlling what you do. You’re in love with your best friend, okay sure that sucks for you but if anything seeing and meeting up with other guys will help you see that other fish in the sea.”

My head laid down on the pillow. “Okay, I get where you’re going. But I don’t think you’re grasping my concept. I’m in love with Nick. He is the fish for me. Corey is in an entire different part of the sea. As I am swimming for Nick, I obey what he tells me because as his best friend and the chick who’s in love with him. It’s just how it works. I think Corey just swam like Dory and showed up in the wrong sea and the wrong time.”

“No, Corey has perfect swimming timing. I think you’re just afraid of going to a different part of the sea. All I’m trying to tell you is that you shouldn’t be scared of having different options when this entire genius plan of yours to win over your engaged best friend’s heart. It’s nice to know that you have someone that you can always lay back on.”

“But that’s leading him on.”

“Don’t think of it that way. You just need variety.”

As nice as Carly was, I wasn’t sure if I should believe the b.s. she was trying to serve me. I wasn’t going to lead Corey on. He’s a nice guy and he seems to deserve a girl who isn’t in love with someone else. He deserves a girl who will provide the unconditional attention that she would give back to him.

But on the other hand, I did want to explore my options. What was I going to do if all this was to shatter? Clearly, it’s taking a lot out of me to conjure up the strength to say anything to Nick. I’m scared of change. I’m scared of the change that’s occurring right now. But is there honestly anything I can do about it? It seems to be forming all by its own.

“Come on, get your lazy ass up and get ready.” Carly smiled. I offered back a smiled and we both walked back to my closet.

It was 12:03 and still no knock or ring on my door. Great. Variety seemed to be running late today. Everyone knew that I couldn’t stand having late appointments, though I tend to be late all the time. Carly kept on reassuring that he was going to show up or she would personally call him and give him the earful he deserved. “I hate it when people are late.”

“Maya, give it a rest. He’ll be here.”

I sighed and leaned up against my wall. I tugged against my short white dress incessantly to the point where the thread could have just popped off. I was more nervous than when I was taking with him on the phone. I had no idea how was I going to get through this date. I might have brain aneurism in the middle of ordering.

My heart was about to rip out of my chest. I couldn’t control it. Then the door suddenly rang. Oh crap. I may have just peed myself silly. “Okay, you can do this, Maya.” Carly started chanting. “You are the ship. Sail the sea, baby girl.” I nodded and began to perform lengthy punches and extreme stretching from head to toe. I’m sure I looked ridiculous as usual.

I nodded constantly to myself all the way to the door. I opened it with a smile while Carly was probably lurking from behind. Corey smiled back in jeans, converse, and an old Beatles hand t-shirt. He looked very cute. “Hi.” He said shyly as he rubbed the back of his neck nervously. I blushed a little bit. Behind his back he pulled out a red rose. Red was seeping into my cheeks a little bit more. I could hear Carly giggling behind me. I almost forgot she was there. I politely took the flower and settled it on the counter. “Shall we go?” I nodded and he took his arm and I wrapped my arm through his.

“Have fun, you kids!” I heard Carly chant from the doorway as we left. I rolled my eyes and ignored her.

The procession to the restaurant was just like any other date; the dates that I hardly have time to experience. He opened the door for me. He held out my chair for me. He left me order first. I never get to go on an actually date. It was surreal.

We were through with ordering and I’ll be honest to say that it was all really awkward at first. “So have you been lately?” I asked.

He shrugged. “I’ve been recording a bit. I’ve been auditioning for a few musicals too.”

Musicals? I soon became jealous. I wish I could do Broadway again. It was my secret obsession to one day sing, dance, and act again. I doubted myself that I would never get to do such a thing in my future. “That’s amazing. What roles for what plays?”

“There are a few new plays in the making. I auditioned for the major roles all the way down to the minor roles.” He said.

I smiled. “Seems like someone’s desperate.”

His smiled mirrored mine. “I suppose so. Broadway is something I always crave. Ever since we were little, it was my life. I mean it was awkward telling people while I was growing up that I was into singing and dancing. It annoys me more than anything to get that whole “Wow, you’re so gay” monologue I get every time. That’s why I’m mostly excited to talk to you. You know what I mean.”

I nodded in agreement. “Of course, I know what you mean. I’ve wanted to go back into Broadway since the day we left. Although all four of us have done shows, they don’t feel the way I feel. They get to perform at much bigger auditoriums every night. It’s a much better feeling. Even though I could probably never end up becoming as famous as the Jonas Brothers, Broadway is the closest thing to it. Just like you, it’s something I crave internally.”

He laughed and his smile was such a simple radiance. “Well, I understand your jealousy towards them but they just sing. I mean I hate to sound terribly mean about it when you think about it do they really pour out their feelings like Broadways stars? I don’t think so. It’s a misconception. But you know, I think you should come to one of my auditions some time.”

I shook my head, doubting myself once again. “I don’t know about that, Corey. I haven’t done Broadway in such a long time…”

“Then start now.”

I sighed. “I mean what if I totally screw up the entire audition? I will be mortified and probably be the laughing stalk of all musical scouts out there. I don’t think so.”

He rolled his eyes. “Who cares if you screw up? Besides, what the scouts really look at how a person picks up after a mistake. So technically screwing up is adding up points.”

I laughed loudly and took a sip of my water.

“Besides, I remember you on Broadway. You’re the entire package. You act impeccably. Your dancing is crisp and clean. Your singing…“ He stopped and smiled to himself. “Your singing puts the biggest of stars to shame.” The redness was beginning to form again. “Besides all that, you’re extremely beautiful so that doesn’t hurt either.”

My cheeks were burning from the red by now.

“So what is the lovely Maya Kibble doing lately?” He said smoothly while leaning back in his chair with a smile. “Well besides being the most renowned assistant to the most renowned band, of course.”

I smiled. “Pretty much that and all this wedding stuff to deal with.”
Minutes past quickly and laughter was far from retiring itself. “So she runs up to me in my dress and tells me that I looked so much pretty than ‘Whiney’.” He laughed hard at Kimmy’s mistake of mispronouncing Miley’s name.

“She seems like a cute kid. How old is she?”

“She’s seven. Kevin and Ellie had her when they were twenty-one.” I nodded slowly. I didn’t want to expose that story more than I needed to be exposed.

He could tell that I didn’t want to talk about. He nodded. “So tell me because I’m really intrigued. What is it like to have to work with Miley Cyrus and her minions on this wedding? It must be great to live in pink paradise.”

I sighed and rolled my eyes. “Oh gosh, Nick and I were talking about that recently. We both can’t stand the color pink anymore. There’s just this line that you cross when you are really obsessed with that color. Miley and her friends are miles across that line.” He chuckled. “I mean Miley’s such a sweet girl. Granted, she doesn’t always think before she acts on something but she’s young. When you’re young, you make mistakes.”

He nodded slowly. He began to speak softly. I wasn’t all too sure what he said but I could hear a mild, “You have no idea…”

I leaned in. “What did you say something?”

His eyes shot up quickly. He shook his head. “No, I didn’t say anything.”

I narrowed my eyes at him and became unsure.

He looked at his watch. “What time is it? Geez, it’s already three o’clock.”

I smiled softly. “Time flies, huh?”

“Yeah, well I guess it’s easy to talk to you. Everything that’s stressful and tightening, it’s just loosens itself.” He said with a small smile. I looked down and tried to hide the red again. I’ve never blushed this much in my life. “Let’s get you home.”

We both got up and walked back to the car. “Actually instead of driving back to my apartment, could you drop me off at Paul and Denise’s house? It’s a few minutes away. I’m so sorry if that’s inconvenient for you but I have to help Nick and Miley with the final guest list.” I asked.

“Oh no, it’s fine.” I smiled and thanked him again. In the car we began to talk about the olden days. The days of just hanging out in the old auditorium that was down the street. Always pulling pranks on the prima donnas of the shows. Running through the aisles and stealing candy from the concession booth during rehearsal.

“Remember while Bobby Howard was going over lines, you, Nick, and I would go behind his back and mock him? Oh man, that was great. I wonder how he is? I mean I remember he was one of the meanest bullies I’ve ever encounter in my young life.” I sighed and shook my head.

“Yeah.” Corey mumbled. He soon grew quiet after I brought up Bobby Howard, so did I. Bobby would always pick on Nick and Corey saying that they were gay and then he told me that I was probably really a man. I used to cry over the hurtful things he told me.

“I think this is it.” I pointed the house. He came to a stop and pulled into park. I unbuckled and turned to look at Corey. “You should come in. I’m sure my mom and Nick’s parents would be happy to see you. Then you could finally meet Miley and Mandy.” I smiled.

He sighed with a smile. “Yeah I’m sure Nick’s parents would be happy, but I’m not too sure about Nick. And as tempting as that last offer was, I probably should get going. I actually have to baby sit for my sister’s baby.”

I laughed. “You baby sit?”

“Hey, don’t make fun. I need the money to put in my savings, Kibble.” He joked. “I happen to be a great baby sitter, thank you very much.”

I laughed. “That’s man-tastic.”

He rolled his eyes and smiled again. “Okay, get out. Before you get in trouble.” I nodded gave him a quick hug and got out of the car. I stood in front of the open window and bent down. “We should do this again.”

He nodded. “Why, of course. Maybe some day when I’m not babysitting.”

I nodded as well with a sly smile. “Yes, we shouldn’t intrude on that.” He waved and drove off. I smiled widely as the car grew farther and farther away. The satisfaction of hanging out by myself and actually enjoying myself was long over due. I earned it through all this drama with the wedding. I never really had my own reason to be proud of myself or happy that I was just able to be me. That’s what Corey made me feel; not Nick Jonas’s best friend but just Maya.

With my own set of keys, I walked into the big house and set my things down by the staircase. I could hear the quarrelling voices in the dining room. One higher pitched voice, one less annoying higher pitched voice, and then a lower voice out of the three filled my ears as I walked closer. They seemed to be bickering about the invitation list. I wasn’t too surprised.

“Hey guys.” I said. The three of them turned their heads and smiled at me. Well not everyone smiled at me but do we really need to say who? “How are the invitations going?”

Miley sighed sadly. “Nick and I are negotiating whether or not to invite Aly and AJ Michalka.” She turned to Nick and said, “I mean you invite Selena Gomez but I can’t invite Aly and AJ?” I knew where this was going any day.

Miley was still jealous about the fact that ‘til this day, Nick hangs out with Selena Gomez only because they both knew they would be better off as friends. Selena hangs out with us, especially me, all the time but Miley over thinks it and forces her to believe that Nick may be cheating on her. As everyone knew, Nick wouldn’t ever do that to anyone.

“Miley, Selena has been one of my friends from the very start. I don’t think of her as one of my ex-girlfriends but as one of my best friends. Don’t stress because you might be jealous -- .”

She interrupted him swiftly. “Nicholas Jerry Jonas, I am not jealous. I just not grasping your concept of not inviting Aly and AJ just because your brother is holding a bad rep with them but Selena has been on my nerves for years. It’s almost the same thing. So it’s either let me invite Aly and AJ and everything will be honky dory or no Aly and AJ and no Selena.”

It just wasn’t right that Miley was running her mind into misconceptions. Nick didn’t have much of a choice at this point. He knew that if he didn’t invite Selena, their entire friendship would be shatter and so would the rest of ours with her. He sighed and nodded slowly. Miley smiled widely and kissed him lightly on the cheek. I turned my head away from them and rolled my eyes.

I just showed up and I was already tired of all of this. I walked over to the kitchen. “I’m going to get something to drink. Anyone want anything?” I asked.

Miley turned around. “Yeah, could you get me and Mandy two diet cokes? Nick, you want one?”

Nick nodded. “Yeah, I’ll get them with Maya. I don’t think we put any in our refrigerator yet. They’re probably in the cooler out back.” We walked to the back door. I turned to Mandy who was intently staring at me walking back with Nick. She hadn’t forgotten anything of the dress shopping fiasco. She still held something big and strong against me. I looked down sadly and proceeded with walking.

“So has it been like that the entire time?” I asked. I turned to look at him and he rolled his eyes. “Wow, that bad.”

“Terrible. She’s so different when Mandy’s around. I feel like Mandy’s telling her to be bossy to me so she could get her away. It annoys the crap out of me because it’ll make me feel like I have no say in any of it. Thank God you’re here, Maya.” His arms stretched open for enough space for me to fit in them. I smiled and hugged him tightly. I could feel his weariness in the hug and I didn’t have much of an intention to let go any time soon. One last tight squeeze then he kissed me on the cheek. We both let go and smiled at each other. “So how was your appointment today?”

A lie. The first lie I’ve ever told him. “Oh it was great. I’m sorry I was running a little late. I see that you need my help more than ever now.” He laughed.

His eyes looked deep in mine. “Maya, I’m really happy that you’re my best friend. You would never do anything to hurt me, ever.”

I smiled weakly.

t w e l v e by The archive

But I never want to see you unhappy. I thought you want the same for me.
- A Fine Frenzy

Selena sat sad on my couch as she watched me apply my eyeliner on. She was more than thrilled when I asked her to come over. The thrill diminished once I told her that I actually enrolled her to come with me to eat lunch with Miley and Mandy. I mean did she honestly think that I was going to eat a meal with those two alone? 

I would just shoot myself. 

“I cannot believe I am doing this. I mean are you out of your mind? I think you have completely lost it!” She yelled. I didn’t turn around but continued to apply the makeup. “Fine, I’m leaving.” She got up and walked to the door. 

I turned around quickly and stopped her. “Please Selena, do this for me. You know what Mandy is trying to do to me. Just be by my side during this whole thing. It’s just going to be an hour. I promise. If it exceeds those sixty minutes, I will excuse the both of us.” 

She pouted and nodded. “Okay, but why did you have to invite me? I mean you know how much Miley and me cannot be by each other.” 

I placed the cap back on the eyeliner. “Yes, I know. I just think this would be a great time to have closure. This grudge between the two of you is immature and cliché. You guys should grow out of it and start anew. It’s only the best for Nick.” I assured. 

“You are the best for Nick, Maya. I don’t know why you’re holding the both of us against our wills.” 

I walked away for her to retrieve my purse. “Okay, this conversation is over. Let’s go.” 

The restaurant that Miley suggested was not too far away from my apartment. We walked the way over, not talking a lot since Selena promised she wouldn’t complain anymore, which was what I’m sure all she had to talk about at the moment. 

The paparazzi did end up finding and eventually stalking Selena and me. They began to repeat ask us where we were going, what the plans for the wedding were, if Selena was jealous of Miley, so forth and so on. We walked silently, hand in hand, hoping that one person didn’t lose the other. The flashing of the cameras were hardly bothering to me since it was already brought as 

We made our way into the restaurant and it was completely empty. Miley and Mandy really didn’t have to ask for the closing of the restaurant just so the four of us could have a sixty minute lunch. Not long after, a waiter came to s and walked us all the way to the back of the restaurant. They asked for the restaurant to close down just so we could sit in the back when no one would see us either way? 

We walked over and Miley and Mandy got up with wide and friendly smiles. Of course it soon faded away when Miley saw Selena standing quietly behind me. “Oh,” She said in her frown. “Hi.” Selena gave back the same sad greeting. Maybe forgiveness may have been too much to ask for. 

We sat down in the table setting that anyone would assume; Mandy and Miley at one side and Selena and me on the other. I was sitting across from Mandy and vise versa.

Awkward? Yes.

Unexpected? No.

I laced my fingers within my other fingers. There was no interaction between the tribes except for when Mandy would complain how long the service was taking to hear our orders. Miley stared at her menu for a few minutes and looked up at me with a smile. “So do you know what you’re going to get Mandy?” 

“Probably a small salad.” 

I wasn’t too shocked about that. She eats like a bird; no not even a bird. She eats like an ant. 

“What about you, Maya?” 

I shrugged as I looked back at the menu. There were very few options to what you could eat. I was almost rating this restaurant as not a restaurant. “Um, I don’t know. Maybe a hamburger.” I shrugged. 

Mandy quietly snorted. My eyes glared at her as she was continue to quietly giggle. Her eyes met mine and she calmed herself down. 

Selena looked up at Miley, waiting for her to acknowledgement. Miley met her eyes and looked back to her menu. I looked down at Selena’s hand. It began to form in a fist. My hand placed itself over hers. She let go and relaxed it. “So has the planning on your part been? It’s been really stressful on our half.” I asked as politely as I could. 

Miley placed down her menu and shrugged. “It hasn’t been all that crazy yet. I mean I’m sure once the dresses have been finished tailored it will be pretty hectic. My schedule has been ridiculous with other events that have been planned months before he even proposed. I heard you and Nick took care of it. That was so nice for you, sweetie. Thanks a billion.” I smiled weakly and stared back at the menu. 

The waiter eventually showed up. He took our orders and then our menus. Miley and Mandy began to talk about how they should get manicures soon. Their cuticles were beginning to look absolutely dreadful. I looked down at my fingernails. I didn’t even know what cuticles were. I hadn’t had a manicure in years. I didn’t have anyone to go with. Do you think the boys would want to get their nails done? 

Yeah right.

“So Selena,” Miley said with a sly smile and a smidge of sarcasm in her voice. This wasn’t going to start of end well. I began to drink my water as if I didn’t hear her greeting. “You seem especially quiet.” She wiggled her eyebrow. It was as if we were in Junior High again. 

Selena’s head shot up in surprise by being suddenly called on. She shrugged her head to the right. “Oh sorry, what were we talking about?” 

Mandy rolled her eyes from the sidelines; clearly she was encouraging Miley acting rude to my guest. The water in my glass was near empty. I was going to need a few more glasses soon…

Miley smiled again. “So have you been dating anybody lately?” 

Selena’s head shook. “Oh not really. I’ve been a bit busy to be dating.” 

“Well have you been dating since Nick? Is that truly possible for you?”

My fingers twiddled around my wet straw. I raised my hand to the attendant. “Excuse me, waiter? Could I have another glass of water?” 

“I mean you probably haven’t been that busy. Or have you just been so down about him after?”

Selena did not make eye contact with anyone. 

“I mean I don’t blame you at all. He’s so hot and amazingly toned. He’s super sensitive and really nice. Honestly, that’s just too bad he broke up with you.” Her words were getting under the skin of more than one person. 

My hand rose higher. “Could you make those two glasses of water?” 

“It’s just so ironic that Nick came back to me right after your little shindig with him. He just had to know what he was missing all along. We all knew that it wouldn’t last. Now look at Nick and me, we’re getting married!” She said happily. I narrowed my eyes at Miley. I didn’t understand the person she was trying to portray. Although her friends weren’t the most polite of girls, I knew that this wasn’t the Miley I knew of. 

If I could, I would stop Miley at any point. I wouldn’t prevent a physical fight and a broken heart. I tried to break in but Mandy’s invisible lock on me was still hooked on. I had to leave one of my best friends alone to be told off. 

My head turned to see both of Selena’s hands balled up in fists, ready and armed. It was too late to calm her down, she was boiling inside. She forced an intentional not nice smile. “Well I probably would have gotten over Nick a lot faster if someone wouldn’t have been bitching to get him back again.” 

That was it. 

I might need three glasses. 

Miley’s lips pursed against each other. Her arms crossed against her chest. “Only showing that Nick doesn’t deserve some Texan hoe-bo. I mean everyone knows that we were so much cuter than the two of you.” 

“Is that all you care about? What other people think of your possessions? Do you always check on how many people are jealous of you? Nobody cares. World starvation is still going on in this world but you’re so selfish to not even care. Get over yourself.” She looked at Mandy and me. I didn’t look up but just stared down at my three glasses, the fourth was on the way. “I can’t even believe the two of you can stand her.” Her eyes darted at mine. “Especially you, Maya, how dare you let her talk to me like that after all I’ve done for you? We both know that this is not what we wanted.” 

I sat quietly not looking in her red mad eyes. I didn’t want to end up welling up from the deceit I’ve given her. I shook my head with my eyes still low. “I’m sorry.” She grabbed her purse and pushed her chair forcefully. I jumped at her harshness. As I heard her footsteps, I got up from my chair and ran after her. “Selena!” 

“Don’t talk to me right now, Maya. I can’t believe you.” She yelled back. I pulled her purse handle and brought her back to my face. Tears were streaming down her cheeks and her eyes were red and puffy. “You left me out there to die, Maya! You left me there to get hit by the glamour train! Of all the people in the world besides Demi, I would’ve thought that you would’ve at least tried to stop her.” 

“Selena, you know why I can’t do that.” 

“Who gives a care of what Mandy is holding against you? How dare she hold your friends against yourself?! You are a stronger person than this and you’re putting all of us through a lot of hell because you’re too scared to tell one boy that you love him! Don’t you grasp that you’re going to have to tell him somehow? Why would anyone stupid enough let her true love marry someone else?” 

“I am not stupid.” 

“Oh really? Then tell Nick how you feel, tell Mandy she’s a bitch, and inform Miley to get over herself. You do all of that, then we’ll talk again. But for right now, I don’t need to be sharing a meal with any of you. I’m going to meet up with actual friends who would stick up from me anytime. Bye.” 

She walked away from me and stared as she felt farther and farther away. I was making everything difficult for everyone because I was being the difficult one by not telling Nick. But I couldn’t tell him, there wasn’t any time to formally tell him. I just couldn’t bring myself to do such a thing. I felt alone. 

I sadly brought my feet back to the restaurant. Surely, the entire kitchen staff was blankly staring at me. I didn’t look back for I already seemed like a fool. Miley was already paying for the meal and Mandy was applying powder to her nose. They acted as if nothing had happened to me. I had boiled inside but resisted on acting upon it. This was how I was going to be until the wedding. 

I sat back down and they did not ask of Selena’s status but began talking about the honeymoon. I tried to zone out of the conversation and finish my many water glasses. 

What just happened? Did I just have a fight with one of my best friends? Is she ever going to talk to me again? Did I honestly just let Miley talk her down like that? Did I just let everything get thrown out the window like my sanity? Who was going to leave me next? 

I sighed. I couldn’t believe what I was doing just to hide a secret. Everything is completely blown out of proportion because I’m scared. I just couldn’t tell Nick though. I couldn’t. Nick doesn’t deserve to know a secret that big. I don’t deserve to get my heart broken everyday seeing married man and his wife. 

“Maya… Maya… MAYA!” My head turned back to Miley waving her hands in front of my face. “Are you still bummed out because of Selena? I mean I have better friends than her. I’ll introduce you to nicer more considerable people. She doesn’t deserve you as a friend.” Her words hurt and I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I resisted from out bursting once again and nodded. “Anyway Mandy and I were talking about…” she turned to Mandy and blushed. “Stuff and I was wondering… “ She stopped and giggled. “if you would like to help pick out some lingerie.” 

My entire body went numb. I couldn’t do this. Was she out of your mind? In love or out of love, you don’t ask the groom’s best friend on what he would prefer when it came to lace material. I couldn’t witness her in barely anything. I refused to do what she was asking for. I was sure she didn’t ask for it, that it was surely Mandy’s idea.

My eyes went from seeing Miley’s sweet begging eyes to Mandy’s dark and wicked eyes. I knew I didn’t have a choice. I looked down at my fingers and nodded slowly. “Sure, that would sound fun.” 

Miley began to giggle in happiness. Mandy did the same. I forced a smile and began to pick my belongings up. We walked back to their car and we drove off to yet another death trap. I looked out the window and thought everything over. Each day I go with this scandal, I lose a little more of myself. I’m losing my mind, my heart, myself. 

Sooner we got to a boutique called Burlesque Beauty Boutique. Of course, that was the name. Miley’s smile had widened in only a matter of milliseconds. I sighed and walked behind them. 

“Hello, how may I help you?” Asked a short fragile girl whose entire body was covered with tattoos and piercings. She frightened me to the point where I couldn’t look at her anymore. The bad part was, that wherever I looked there was something completely disgusting or repulsive just staring back at me. I looked down at my shoes. That seemed safe. 

“Hi, I’m getting married and I need something naughty to wear for my honeymoon.” Miley said seductively. I rolled my eyes and wanted to gag my way out of here. 

“Oh, then I have the perfect thing for you. You can go in the back to a dressing room while I get a few things.” Miley nodded and we walked back. I couldn’t believe myself. I was really going through with this. I just wanted to shoot myself. My heart was beating louder and louder. 

The human painting and dart board handed Miley a few scanty pieces of… I don’t know what to label them; they aren’t clothing to me. Mandy and I sat outside the dressing room on a bench. Mandy smiled slyly at herself. She was concocting a new plan. I was familiar with her evil gestures. “It’s just too bad that you lost your friend, little Maya.” 

“I cannot believe you would stoop so low to a girl who did absolutely nothing to you. Why are you doing this to me?” I begged. 

“That’s irrelevant. But it’s always feels rewarding to know that you can get whatever you want.” She whispered back to me. “I feed off of fear. It inspires me to be better than the rest.” 

I looked away. My eyes were already welling up. I quietly sniffed, hoping that Mandy wouldn’t hear me. I was wrong. 

She turned to me and puckered his lips. Her voice lowered to a child. “Oh, suck it up and put your big girl pants on. Didn’t your mommy teach you that you can’t have everything you want?” I wiped away my tears quickly. I felt so alone in a world of flames and death. 

“I’m ready!” Miley said happily. Mandy turned intently back to Miley with a smile of an angel. My expression didn’t change from just being a blank face. Miley came out in a sequined push up bra and platinum booty shorts. Mandy began to clap giddily. “What do you think?” She twirled around. 

“I love it! You look like naughty pop star in this!” Mandy said excitingly. 

Miley turned to me as she bit her lip. “Do you think Nick will like it?” 

I stopped. I sat quiet, looking like I imagining the two of them during their honeymoon. Mandy’s eyes were burning at me by the side. Everyone including the human painting was staring at me, waiting for the verdict. I then felt a sharp heel in my calf. It was intense and painful just like Mandy. Mandy kicked me again. I forced a smile. “He will love it.” 

Miley’s smile reappeared. “Yay! I’m going to try on the next one.”

That’s how it was for the next nine or ten outfits. Mandy would force her heel in my calf and I would force an answer. She eventually choice five of them and said she would look over them more intently next time. I was the first one to go out of the store for I hardly could stand it anymore. 

Without a doubt, Miley looked beautiful in everything she wore; this did include lingerie. I was just a small girl who didn’t have anything to show off but rocker best friends. Scanty outfit after another, she looked beautiful no matter how ridiculous they were designed. I could feel my self esteem and dignity diminish even more and more. 

I could feel my tears accumulate in my eyes. Miley could see them. “Maya, are you alright?” She placed her hand on my shoulder. I shivered at her gesture. 

I sniffed and wiped them away. “Just my stupid contacts.” 

“Oh, well do you need a ride home?” The last thing I needed from them was a ride home. I shook my head and politely refused. “Okay, well I’ll see you later then, sweetie.” She gave me a quick hug and walked to her car. I looked up to Mandy who smiled spitefully at me. My eyes pointed down for I couldn’t stand her face anymore. 

As Miley’s car was far away from the two of us seeing each other clearly, I picked up my phone and angrily realized that I had no one to call. I didn’t want to bother Selena. I already hurt her enough. I couldn’t call Demi because more than likely Selena ran to her, complaining about me. Carly wouldn’t really get it and probably wouldn’t be of any assistance to me other than to advise that I party hard. Joe and Kevin would at least understand but the thought that Nick would probably be with them would not be suitable for him to know.

I went through the list of everyone and it only narrowed down to one person. 


I didn’t need another person to know my secret. It wasn’t worth it anymore. But I just did need someone right now; anyone at this point. I dialed his number and brought it to me ear. A few dial tones buzzed until I received an answer. “Hello?” 

“Corey? It’s Maya.” The shaking in my voice was audible and the sniffs were loud. 

“Maya, are you okay? Where are you?” I told him that I was by the lingerie shop. He didn’t ask anymore questions. The tears flowed down my cheeks like rivulets on my face. My makeup was likely to be washed away. I wiped them away, smudging my makeup even more. “Okay, stay there. Tell me where you are and I will pick you up in a few minutes, sweetie.” He said with tender care. I told him the directions and he advised me again not to move. 

I shut my phone and I let the tears flow harder. My voice was shaking and my breathing grew louder and harder. 

I couldn’t bring myself to believe the horror I was placing in my heart. I placed my palm over my chest. I felt dizzy and confused. 

In only a matter of seconds, Corey showed up in his Chevy red truck. He jumped out the car and ran to my side. Seeing him and coming to my rescue made my tears fall faster. He didn’t say anything and neither did I. He slipped his arms around my waist and I cuffed mine behind his neck. I cried hard in his shirt and I felt the material soak wet pretty quickly. “Sorry about the shirt.” I mumbled in his shirt. 

He pulled me away and looked in my eyes. “I could care less about my shirts. As long as you’re okay, you can cry oceans in my shirts.” I buried my eyes in his shoulder again. We stood there. I cried my eyes out until it began to hurt. I knew I wasn’t finished. He pulled away and brought me back to the car. “I’m bringing you to my favorite place in the entire world. We’ll talk. We’ll laugh. We’ll cry. It’s all your call. I just want you to know that I’m here for you.” I nodded into his chest and continued to be embraced by his strong arms

In the first time in what seemed like forever, I felt safe.

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t h i r t e e n by The archive

Future Mrs. Jonas and a few friends who were said to be Mandy Jiroux and Maya Kibble visited a very x-rated store, rumored to be the Burlesque Beauty Boutique. It seems that Miss Miley is excited for her honeymoon day and to de-ring her short term fiancé, Nick Jonas. Scandalous? We think so. 
- Just Jared

It took a while for us to get to our destination. My tears had dried up during the ride. We didn’t talk at all. The only noise was of the wind speeding by due to the windows pulled down and the soft rock of Forever the Sickest Kids in the background. I looked out the window to see nothing but sparse patches of grass which is surrounded by mostly sand. 

“Corey, I just wanted someone to talk to; not someone to kidnap me and leave me in some deserted place.” Suddenly, Corey veered off the empty road and onto the beach, my eyes came into contact with the most breathtaking sight I have ever came into terms with. My eyes alike with my mouth had not changed from its wide and hung position. From the corner of the eye, I could see Corey’s side smile as the gaze at me. The tears were hardly noticeable anymore, but a smile appeared quickly. “And how exactly did you find this place?” 

He shrugged. “I get bored easily.” I giggled softly and looked back at the ocean. “So are we going to just sit in my truck the whole time?” He asked sarcastically. 

I rolled my eyes and made my way out of the car. Immediately, my feet met the sand and it swooshed in my toes. I slipped off my heels and my feet felt the pure softness of the sand. It was so calming that I couldn’t believe such a place existed. “So does this place have a name?” 

“My secret hideout. Whenever I’m stressed, I come here and relax.” 

“This can’t be legal.” I breathed out. 

He shrugged again. “Maybe so, but what’s the fun in that?” 

I laughed and walked towards the ocean. Rolling my jeans up to my knees and I could feel the cold water slip backwards and forwards all around me. I closed my eyes and in my mind I felt true serenity. Everything that had seemed to crash upon me a few minutes ago seemed to just leave. 

Suddenly, I felt someone lift me up to their chest. My feet were no longer in touch with the ground. I laughed and smiled, my eyes still closed. I imagined that Nick and I were actually together. We were enjoying life as we took it. We loved each other unconditionally and never wanted to leave each other’s side. I dreamt of that moment at this exact moment. 

Waiting to see Nick’s smiling and dazzling eyes staring back at mine, I opened only to see Corey’s sly side smile as he gazed at me. My smile wasn’t as happy as it was earlier but I still smiled for Corey. 

He put me back down and we began to walk back into the two beach chairs that were already set up. In front of the beach chairs was a bonfire already set up. Under the boardwalk, there was a big dusty red ice chest. Corey walked up to it and took out a few essentials; two water bottles, a lighter for the bonfire, and a party size bag of chips. “This is a party isn’t it?” He asked with a sly smile. 

I nodded. This was his secret hideout. He had everything here when it came to venting. It made me wonder how many times he had come here in the past. This place was beautiful and could possibly be the only thing that held me back in Los Angeles. “We’re definitely going to need some entertainment.” He beamed. 

The bonfire was lit and the bag of chips was half gone. The sun was close to setting and the shades of orange, red, and yellow had reflected the blue and green of the ocean almost perfectly like a painting. I smiled as my head turned to Corey. His smile reflected off of mine just like the sun and the ocean. “Okay Mr. Music Man, let’s see what you got.” I challenged him. 

He rolled his eyes. “I’m not just going to sit here and sing. Come on, let’s dance.” My eyebrows furrowed in confusion. “Like dance, with me.” I smiled as I got up and stood in front of him. He intertwined his fingers in mine as he held me close. It was awkward at first but then my bones began to relax and I laid my head down on my chest. He’s lips were close to me ear as he whispered.

Be not so fearful now my love
I’ll come and cover you with wings
be not so anxious all the time 

Listen to how the highway sings
I know the ghosts of memory
are waging wars inside your mind
just walk with me into the light
you will be fine

I could feel myself slowly sway to the song as he played. It was ironic that his song had so much of an attachment to my situation. I closed by eyes to just imagine a place where everything could just be happier. Corey would sing to me from days on. Mandy would be actually nice to me. Love would overcome the anger each day. 

I know the walls are closing in
I know your heart is in your throat
under the blue TV screen light
into a new dream we shall float
leave all those books upon your shelf
there is no need for certainty
the answers come when you embrace the mystery
You move so fast
just take it slow
my love will follow you wherever you may go
my love will follow you wherever you may go

My eyes were almost drifting off in a sweet slumber. Corey’s voice had soothed every pain in my body. He never seemed to let go or distance himself either. He still held me close and sang closely. The ocean was the beat of the song and he was the melody. 

You’re up against the yellow lines
and you’ve been holding on so tight
when all your dreams went up in smoke
you stumbled out into the night
and you’ve been running all the time
your troubles follow you around
and all the people that you meet just bring you down

Be not so fearful now my love
Ill come and cover you with wings
be not so anxious all the time
listen to how the highway sings
I know the ghosts of memory
are waging wars inside your mind
just walk with me into the light
you will be fine

You move so fast
just take it slow
my love will follow you wherever you may go
my love will follow you wherever you may go

“Very nice.” I commented on his song. A grin played upon his face as he playfully bowed to me. We turned to the sun as it was slowly setting. He rested his arm around my shoulder. The bonfire was crackling. The sun was half way into the ocean. The waves splashed to and from the sand. Beautiful was an understatement but it was all true. 

Corey was just someone I decided I could go to when I was stressed. He didn’t have to know about my love for Nick. I just wanted someone to just hang out with when I couldn’t handle my situations well with Nick. I needed a smile from someone. Corey granted me such a gift. He was another big brother to me. It was something I truly appreciated from him. 

Day for day, I began to hang around Corey more often. It was secret though. I just couldn’t tell Nick about my meetings with Corey. Clearly, it was something important that kept distance between the two of them. I could have just not been around Corey but there was this warmth and comfort about him that made me crave for more. I couldn’t leave; just not yet. 

I was happier now. I think that should have been the most important thing in my life. I even had this crazy idea that maybe; just maybe, my crush on Nick would maybe not be as big as it used to be. As crazy as it was, I wasn’t going to actually deny it. 

The next day, Nick wanted to do some “wedding planning stuff” with Joe and me. The excuse for Miley was that she had to make an appearance in Texas and couldn’t make it. Such a surprise? 

I traded by dirty black converse for my white pumps which seemingly fitted perfectly with my vintage tee and black pencil skirt. I slipped on my Ray Bans and dashed out the door. I drove to Joe’s apartment where Nick was staying to pick both of them up. My heart began to beat faster and faster because I was nervous. Well being nervous was definitely an understatement at this point. 

The California heat wasn’t in any comparison to the pressure that was leaving my in a sweat. I had to repeatedly wipe the sweat off my forehead. I even thought that I was going to pee in my brand new skirt. 

Oh man, that would have definitely been a sight. 

I sighed as I switched on my radio, trying to find music to keep my thoughts at a minimum.
1.) “The seven things I hate about you. The seven things I hate about you a33;“ “

I immediately switched to the next station. I did not want Miley’s screeching or her cheesy songs stuck in my head. I had enough of her and her lame messages about Nick and every other guy she’s dated in her life. 

2.) “What is love? Baby, don’t hurt me. Don’t hurt me --.” 
Not even going to comment…

3.) “You’re leaving me, hanging. When did your heart go missing? a33;“ “ 

I groaned out loud as I just turned the radio off all together. Finding a song to diminish my worries about loving my best friend was never going to be found. I wasn’t nearly as close to my destination as I wished. I had no other reason at this point not to unfold my thoughts. 

What if I was still in love with Nick? What if it’s true that he’s the one for me? What was I going to do? I would be talking to herself everyday wondering what could have been. She wouldn’t have a boyfriend. She wouldn’t have a husband. She wouldn’t have a life. She’d be boring, never knowing what do with herself. She’d despise people who were in love and wish that they would somehow be as uneasily unhappy as she was. She’d be bitter and cry her little eyes out until her body couldn’t possibly produce enough tears. 

I stopped and realized. “Oh, I’m already like that.” I sighed and made my swift left turn onto Joe’s street. Bitterness was truly a gift that only really unhappy people dealt with. I was almost one of them. I didn’t want to be bitter but thinking about it made me like that. 

Wait, didn’t just a matter of minutes ago I was almost happy that I almost over Nick? Why am I mad now? Am I bipolar?

I sighed once again and parked into the nearest spot by the gate. I wanted a quick run away if things ended badly. I slowly dragged my heels to the door, the elevator, and then eventually the top pent house of the apartment complex. My heart was racing like wheels on an expensive and lavish Lamborghini. My feet were shaking like an earthquake ready to destroy. My head was spinning like a top ready to drop over. 

This was it. I repeated it over in my head. I knocked softly on the door, awaiting an answer. No answer. I knocked a little louder and a faint, “Open up.” Still no answer. I rolled my eyes and picked out one of my bobby pins. I got on my knees and stuck the pin into the lock. With small movements of the pin, the door opened by itself. 

A smile of self accomplishment brushed upon my face. I got off my knees and walked in. I wasn’t even far from the door; already I heard a loud snore from the master bedroom upstairs. I rolled my eyes and I took off my heels so I could run faster. 

Joe’s head was snug into the plush pillow. The blanket was contorted and twisted half off the bed and the corner of his bed. The idea of him getting ready and then fell back asleep as long gone. He was still in his pajamas. I walked closer to him. His eyes were closed tight to each other. A pool of drool was by his mouth. “Ew,” I mouthed. 

My lips were close by his ears as I spoke, “It’s alright Demi, Joe hang out with you today.” His eyes shot up quickly and out of bed he was. Soon he realized that Demi was no where in sight and he glanced at me madly. 
“Are you out of your mind, Maya?” 

I shook my head but pointed to his alarm clock. “No but I think you are. We were supposed to have left in a few minutes but you’re still asleep. Get your butt out of bed and get ready or do I have to dress you myself?” His eyes widen as he ran to his bathroom. 

I smiled to myself as I made my way to Nick’s bedroom. I wasn’t expecting him to be awake either. My heart was settling down for I was ready to see the same sight as I saw Joe. I breathed out slowly as I opened the door. 
I froze at the sight that was before me. Nick was only wearing his boxers. My eyes widened and my cheeks felt on fire. “Oh my god, I am so sorry Nick!” I couldn’t manage to move. My eyes were fixated on his perfectly toned abs and his muscular arms. I felt sinful and a shame. It was so horrible but I couldn’t look away. I craved for him at this point. I wanted to be in his bare arms and to be held forever just like my dream. 

His voice scared my eyes away. “It’s alright, Maya. It’s not like you haven’t seen me wearing a bathing suit.” He said with no shock in his tone. I nodded gradually and closed the door behind me. 

The image was burned stuck in my head as I sat on Joe’s couch. What as I supposed to do? No matter how many times I try to change my mind, he always brings me back to him? What was so great about Nick anyway? I mean when you think about it all you have to ex out his sweet nature, his jokes, his quiet nature, his protective ways, his toned arms, his beautiful smile, his a33;“ 

It wasn’t until I realized I may have been stuck forever. 

So where was I at this point? Did I achieve anything? Did I find anything besides Nick’s perfectly toned body? Did I get the answer I really needed? Did I get the answer I really wanted? No, I would still be the girl moping on what could have been instead what did. Nothing would ever be moving forward but just staying still. Nicholas was the only person who could make me feel completely incompetent and be oblivious toward it. I was in love with the one person I couldn’t have. He destroyed my heart about a trillion times and still smiled because he’s an idiot enough not to realize it. 

I was enough of an idiot to let him snatch my heart in the first place. 

I kicked off my heels and brought my feet to the couch. Boys, especially the Jonas kind, take forever to get ready. I was sure we weren’t going to leave in ten minutes. I decided to turn on Joe’s plasma flat screen. Flipping through the channel, not sure what I was looking for, it all seemed to be the boring shows. I stopped at Cartoon Network to watch my morning cartoons. 

I heard a door shut close from upstairs. I heard an internal groaning that was very familiar. Nick was ready. My heart was beginning to beat faster again. The picture of him without a shirt was burning my brain and letting it melt. I looked back to the cartoons as if I didn’t hear a thing. He came downstairs to sit right beside me. “Hey Nick,” I greeted with an unsure smile. I didn’t know what kind of expression I was supposed to show him. “I’m really really really sorry for earlier.”

He shook his head as if I was speaking nonsense. “Maya, calm down. It’s fine.” He flashed his teeth to me and watched the cartoons. My brain just melted at his dazzling smile and just in return gave him my not as gorgeous half smile. “Aren’t you a little old for this?” 

I shook my head as if he was speaking nonsense. “Aren’t you a little young to be getting married?” I said back in a forceful tone. What was I doing?! He laughed loudly. His reaction took me by surprise. His face was turning red from the laughter that he couldn’t contain. My eye brows furrowed at him as he couldn’t stop giggling. The redness began to settle down. “Yeah, I’m going to just act like that wasn’t odd at all.” I looked back at the television. 

“Man Maya, I love you. You’re one of the biggest reasons why I enjoy planning my wedding. You make it so much more fun.” I forced a cheesy smile and fixed my eyes back on the television. I felt curly hair laying on top my lap. “I’m tired. I don’t want to go.” 

I patted his coat of hair. “Yeah, I’m not really jumping out of my chair either but it’s your wedding and we’re only doing this to make you a happy man.” Words were still lies that my mind had already rehearsed to spit out. His head nodded in my knees as he didn’t answer back. My arm was dangling over his shoulder, dead. He raised his hand up to mine and intertwined our fingers. He tightened his grip around my hand and never seemed to let go. 

He picked up my hand to his lips and kissed it softly. My hand went numb and my eyes looked at Nick who was still staring at my hand. Was he flirting with me? He turned on his back and his eyes were staring back at mine with a happy smile. The feeling of this moment is quite hard to describe. My brain was hardly processing any of this. “You’re so weird, Nick.” It was all that I managed to whisper out. His shoulders shrugged. 

He looked at my stomach and I began to tense up. I hated my stomach and always believed it to be the worst part of my body. I started to suck in my abdomen gradually to seem maybe a bit slim. He began to poke my stomach. I twitched a little since he always knew that I was easily ticklish. He poked again and again as did my twitching. “Oh Maya, my ticklish friend…” He said playfully. 

Now, I was giggling out of control. “Nick… I’m… going… to kill… you…“ I managed to say in between my incessant laughing. Nick got off my lap and tickled my sides. I tried to get up to run away but Nick stood up as well. I turned away to escape his wrath but he pulled me close to him and wrapped his arms around me to poke me even more. Corey’s strong arms were in no comparison with Nick’s. I felt like an army of soldiers couldn’t defeat me. I laughed even harder as Nick still tickled me. 

His laugh was in sync with mine; alto and soprano. We were like one moving together as one. My heart was dancing in my chest. Nick didn’t seem fixated on anything else but making me smile. I didn’t want him to ever let go. I wanted to be this way forever. 

Wishes come short terms of course when Joe awkwardly came into the room. A sarcastic smirk was plastered on his face. I rolled my eyes as I detached myself from Nick’s hold. “Did I interrupt something?” A stricken look was burning through my eyes and towards him. He was hitting the perfect spot for me to kill him. He was probably trying to get back at me. 

“Shut up, you neurotic ass.” The voice wasn’t coming from my own but from Nick’s. Joe pretended to feel hurt and walked to his kitchen to retrieve bottled water. I turned to Nick who had given me a quick smile. I began to turn red as I slipped my heels back on.

I’ve realized something very important that I should have known my entire life. 

Maybe not liking Nicholas Jonas was just not possible. 

Even for his best friend.

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f o u r t e e n by The archive

“It is a curious thought, but it is only when you see people looking ridiculous that you realize how much you love them.”~ Agatha Christie

“So what’s the agenda for today?” I asked Nicholas. He turned back to take out his Blackberry. 

“Well we meet up with Rebecca to check out table settings around 11-ish, catering, and all that jazz. After that we can pretty much do whatever we want but we have to get back home with the ‘rents by 4.” I nodded while Joe continued to his water. “Let’s go?” He walked to the door as we followed behind. 

We got into Nick’s shiny convertible. I raced Joe for shotgun and he pouted as he didn’t get his way. Not my fault that it’s hard to run in skinny jeans. He was still pouting as Nick drove us to our destination. “I think it’s pretty retarded that Maya and I have to go to this in place of Miley.”

“Your mom’s retarded.” Nick retorted with all seriousness in his tone. I rolled my eyes. 

Joe shrugged it off and smiled sheepishly. “Hey Nick, 1990 called. They want their comeback back.” I rolled my eyes at how stupid they were acting ago; typical. 

“So Nick,” I said a bit over exaggerated. “Let’s play a game of 3 questions?” I winked at Nick for we were going to play a little game. 

“Oh yes Maya, let us play a game of 3 questions.” Nick winked back. “I will go first. So is our little Joey having a crush?” 

“Hmm, I think so.” In the rearview mirror, I could see Joe’s head shoot up. A smile of satisfaction played upon my face. This was just way too easy. Joe scrunched up his nose and looked back down at his phone as if he didn’t hear us. 

“Is our little Joey falling hard for a certain girl?” 


“Is this certain girl’s name rhyme with ‘Zemi’?” 

“Yes, yes, and yes.” Nick brought his hand up to my face, requesting a high five. I slapped my hand against his. We laughed as we looked back at Joe who was beginning to turn red. Embarrassment is a type of satisfaction that only our family gets. 

“Maya, you know it’s not like that.” He said with a small grin. He was totally bluffing. When Joe liked a girl, he can’t lie about it. 

Especially with Demi, Joe gets easily embarrassed. As everyone knows, Joe met Demi when filming Camp Rock. He was really nervous to meet his on-set “love”. When he met her, it was totally obvious that he had immediate feelings for her. Now that I think about it, it was the same for her as well. They were both major dorks and love to be crazy. They are both amazingly talented. I really hope Joe gets to ask her to be his date for the wedding and later his girlfriend. 

We’re all dying to see him ask her out but he procrastinates! Who knew you can do that with a girl? Somehow Joe manages and pushes off the day he’s going to ask her. Everyone’s pushing him far enough to the point where he’s willing to kill us. We don’t mind as long as he admits he likes Demi. 

“Joe, stop acting like you’re an idiot. You know you like her. We all know you like her.” Nick said obviously. 

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Joe mumbled inaudibly. His phone began to ring and it made Nick and me both jump a little. Joe picked up his phone with an anxious smile. “Hey Demi.” 

My heart flitted as I was witnessing the cutest couple in the world. I pushed myself towards the backseat near the phone and screamed, “HEYYYYYY DEMIIIIIII!” 

Joe pushed my face out of the way and I scrunched my eyes at him. “No, that’s not Maya. That’s just… a cow dying on the side of the road; no biggie.” I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms against my chest. Doesn’t he understand I’m trying to help him so he doesn’t screw up asking out Demi? Nobody gets my assistance anymore. I turned to Nick who gave me a look that told me to back off and let it be. I rolled my eyes again and looked back at the road. 

It took no time for us to get to the wedding venue. Rebecca and Demi were standing right outside, waiting for our arrival. Demi’s broad and toothy smile had widened at the site of Joe. Rebecca had no expression like she always did. She wore her long skirt and turtle neck shirt like the last time we met up with her. It boggles me that she wears such a wardrobe in the muggy Los Angeles summer. 

Nick was ready to get out of the car before I even had time to think. I unbuckled my seat belt as I heard a click from the door opening. My head shot up to see Nick smiling down at me while holding the car door open. He held out his hand to assist me out of the car. I smiled with not too much anxiousness. I didn’t want to lose my cool too fast. I placed my hand in his palm and he pulled me out of the car. “Thanks.” I said. He nodded with another dazzling smile. 

“Why don’t you ever open the door for me?” Joe whined, ruining any type of romance in the moment. We both rolled are eyes and didn’t respond. We walked towards Demi and Rebecca. Demi’s shy smile was glowing to Joe as she waved in the smallest way she possible could. Nick and I both gave her a quick hug then she smiled as Joe engulfed her into a hug. They were so cute; it made my heart melt. 

“Let’s get started?” Rebecca asked. Nick nodded and we followed her inside the building where the reception would take place. Banners of light shades of green and pink were hung into a beautiful cascade of Crayola colors. They were many tables of unique settings that were beautiful in a different way from the one before. “Just take a look and tell me your top five. I’m going to just have a word with the caterer.” Nick nodded again and walked off to one side of the big room. Joe and Demi went another way as did I. 

I looked down at the superb gold trimmed plates and utensils. A perfectly white daisy was sitting by each table setting. The center piece was a vase with candles lying on top. It felt serene as did each of the tables. It was hard to choose only one that I really liked. 

I ran into Joe and Demi who seemed very happy with each others presence. “So which one do you guys like?” Demi and Joe shrugged at the same time. I’m sure they weren’t even paying attention to the tables at all. 

Later on, we finally came to telling Rebecca our favorite tables then she told us she was going to end up telling us her decision. We retreated outside where the ceremony would be held and there was a table set for four that had many mini cakes in the middle. My sweet cravings were growing within as I could hear a bit of a grumble in my stomach. 

We sat down and began to eat each one. Smiles and “mmm’s” were visible and audible to the rest of the table. While we were eating, Rebecca came up to our table. “It seems that I have chosen the right ones. If you could excuse me, Mr. Jonas, we need to talk about expenses.” Nick got up from the table and followed Rebecca. 

It was the three of us left sitting. Demi and Joe were exchanging small smiles. “Demi, could we talk?” She showed a hint of a frown because she had to leave Joe. She knew what we needed to talk about and excused her from the table as did I. 

Joe frowned. “Why is everyone leaving me? Fine, I’m just going to sit here and eat my cake!” 

“It’s okay, he’ll get over it.” I promised Demi. She smiled and laughed as we walked towards the beach. We slipped off our shoes and squished our feet into the soft sand. “So I wanted to talk about Selena. I assume that she talked to you about what happened. What did she say?” 

Demi held her boot heels close and looked down. “I can’t tell you everything but she’s just really disappointed that you can’t even stand up for her. I mean you have to understand what she’s trying to say. She knows what Mandy is doing but is Mandy really an authority to make you not even stand up for one of your closest friends? Really Maya, you and Selena have been like sisters through everything. She’s seriously hurt.” 

I sighed hard and brushed my long curly hair out of my face. The consequence of her words was way too accurate that I couldn’t face away. “Yeah, I know. It was a mistake but I just don’t know what to think anymore. I feel like I can’t even make decisions that abide by my own choices anymore. Everyone is talking for me and I’m just sick of it. I want to stand by her side but I know that I just can’t. I’m not as strong as Selena, Miley, or even Mandy. Everyone knows I’m just a girl that hides behind Nick, Joe, and Kev. Even though we’re not talking anymore, tell her I’m really sorry that everything ended up like this.” 

Demi’s eyes were sad and put her hand in mine. “I’ll talk to her, promise.” I smiled and hugged her tightly. “Everything will be okay.” She whispered to me soothingly. I nodded into her dark brown curls. “So could I ask you a question and do you promise not to judge me about it?” 

I broke off the hug and smiled for I knew exactly what she was heading the conversation into. “Okay…” 

“So, I don’t know what to think but I feel like Joe’s either seriously flirting with me or totally leading me on. If I wished hard enough, he’s flirting with me. Do you think he likes me?” 

I smiled. “Could I be truthful?” 

Her eyes slanted. “Maybe…” 

“I THINK HE TOTALLY LIKES YOU! You and Joe are so adorable together and the way he looks at you is something that Joe hardly gives girls unless he really likes them. It’s just a hunch but I really think he likes you, maybe even love.” Her eyes widened and she blushed. “I can ask him for you but really I don’t even need to ask.” 

“No, if you could but try not to make it obvious, could you ask him? I don’t want to end up looking like a big idiot. I really like him, Maya, maybe even love…” 

My heart was like melted butter on a frying pan. “Oh!” I engulfed her into a big hug as hard as I could. This moment was making me the happiest I’ve ever been. Two people who I forever love and adore are going to be together! We jumped while still hugging in circles by the shore. I’m sure we looked like complete morons but why are we to blame? 

Time came by fast and it was near 5 ‘o clock. Demi had a photo shoot at 6 and the boys and I were heading to their parents’ house for dinner. The car ride was fun. It hasn’t been that way in a while. We sang to our favorite Rooney songs along the drive. Joe danced in his seat, fastened very tightly for safety purposes. Nick and I made a duet, a very bad one I must add. 

Before I knew it, I was in their driveway still rocking out in my seat. We all laughed our way into the house. Denise had greeted the three of us and asked for my assistance for dinner. She didn’t dare ask the boys. We try our hardest to keep them away from appliances, especially Joseph. 

“So how are the weddings plan with Nicholas and Miley going for you, sweetie?” Denise said with her sweet Italian motherly smile. Denise, Ellie, and I were in the kitchen making dinner. Ellie with her even wider stomach was chopping onions while I was helping Denise with the pasta.

I shrugged while stirring the red sauce. “It’s okay. I kind of imagined it differently.” 

“What do you mean?” Denise asked. 

“Well I definitely imagined Miley doing a lot more planning than me; that’s a starter.” I said in an aggravated tone. “I imagined people not judging me for taking a title that was meant for my opposite gender.” I was lucky that Nick, the boys, and Kimmy were upstairs playing video games. I would have been so loud the entire southern California community could have heard me.

“Wait Miley hasn’t been showing up at the appointments with Rebecca?” 

I shook my head as hard as I could imagine to exemplify my anger. “No, so it really doesn’t help with my situation with Nick if she leaves me to do all her dirty work.” Waiting for Denise to tell me some soothing words, I hear four words that I regretting hearing. 

“What situation with Nick?” 

‘Don’t ever assume because you will make an ass of you and me,’ and an ass I was at the moment. I stopped cold in my tracks, silent and eyes wide open as if they’ve never closed before. I looked over to Ellie who was intently chopping the unions in smaller and tinier portions. She was stalling and acting as if she’s deaf. Denise was still staring at me and I tried to look away from her glance. It was rather difficult since she was practically in front of me. 

“Maya, I’m going to ask again, what situation with Nick? You know if there’s anything that involves one of my children, I need to know.” This time her voice and expression were far more severe than the first time she asked. Ellie didn’t seem like she was jumping out to save me anytime soon. The onions looked like salt grains at this point. “Maya?” She asked again. 

I sighed and put down the stirrer. I brushed my hair away from my eyes and looked up at them before my confession. Ellie finally turned around with regretting eyes. They were both waiting for me while I stupidly stood there, for the first time wordless. “Denise, just please don’t judge me on this but…” 

The room felt smaller. My breathing was straining. Denise and Ellie seemed to be closer and closer. Was the world squeezing itself to make me extremely uncomfortable or was I just getting mentally fatter? I’m a delusional wreck and I must confess my undying love to these two people I’ve practically known forever. I was willing to lie to Denise but Ellie would never let that get past her. 

“Maya, please…” Denise began to beg. She was starting to worry. She didn’t need to and that was my problem. I was making her feel bad and I was merely standing in this lonely spot of the house. I’m making this way too dramatic. If I don’t tell her now, I might never. 

“I’m in love with Nick.” I blurted out. I immediately shut my eyes as if I was going to be shot within the next second. Luckily, no bullets and no sound; I waited for her to maybe faint or something, but I didn’t hear anything. I slowly fluttered my eyes open to see her with a surprisingly exasperated look. Her eyes grew gleefully with a sappy smile playing across her face. This didn’t look very good. 

Soon enough, her arms were wrapped around my shoulders. “Oh bless you heart,” I was taken aback by her gesture but reluctantly hugged her back. She eventually let go but clutched on to my hand. She looked back at Ellie. “I’m going to take a walk with Maya. Get Kevin to help with the food.” Ellie nodded and walked off to get Kevin. Denise took off her apron and led the way outside and we proceeded to walk. “So tell me. “She said wondrously. “What brought this on suddenly?” 

I shrugged. “It’s so hard to explain about how I first realized I loved him. It just dawned on me that all these years the one boy I never guessed I would love was the one boy who I could ever love.” I looked down at the gravel, just replaying such shameful words in my head over and over again. “Just knowing that my timing was just that off makes me feel a loveless fool who could never get a date. It scares me to know that everything is just going to change when he says those murderous words of ‘I do’. We could never be friends after that. I just can’t let myself take that on.” I shook my head and was silent for a moment. Denise did not say anything either. She knew I wasn’t finished. I wasn’t near finished. If I was to say everything I felt about this whole thing, we’d be there for years. 

I sighed slowly. “I would give the world to stop everything that was working against me right now. I would but I just couldn’t do that to Miley. I couldn’t do that to Nick. I just can’t be selfish.” 

Denise didn’t say anything first. I looked over at her to see if she still had a pulse. She looked like she was thinking hard about my novel of an explanation. She stopped and brought me to a nearby bench. She took my hand again and set it in her lap. “Oh sweetheart, it truly warms me to hear you tell me about this. I’ve only dreamt about this moment where you would come to realize your feelings for my Nicholas. You two knew each other your entire lives; it would only take such an amount of time to feel this way.” 

I nodded and as I’m sure everyone knew, since it was ‘so obvious’ to everyone. Just hearing it from 

Denise made it sound a lot easier than it was. “If only life could be that simple…” 

“No one said the greatest things in life were the easiest to achieve. But I know you, I know the type of young lady you’re becoming and I definitely know that you will be great at anything. I don’t let my Nicholas fall for just any girl. You are the girl that I feel is the one.” 

Hearing Denise tell me that made my heart flip. She didn’t mention Miley, Selena, or any other girl that Nick has previously dated. She only said me and no one else. I never dated Nick in my life but the fact that she knew I was the one was somehow soothing. “What about Miley?” 

“Well then there’s Miley. Nice girl, she’s such a nice girl. She’s very polite, beautiful smile, great conversation skills, quite pretty and has a good head on her shoulders. She has the standards of a great person. I just don’t think she has the standards to be the wife of Nicholas. Nicholas needs a girl who won’t be so outgoing and always talking. He wants to talk once in a while, you know? He just doesn’t want to intrude.” 

It didn’t make sense to me. She was telling me that Miley wasn’t the girl for Nicholas yet she didn’t stop it? Doesn’t she understand how EASY that would have been on me? No one will listen to me but certainly Mama Jonas. “I don’t get it, Denise. Why are you letting Nick make a huge mistake? I mean excuse me if I sound rude but why aren’t you stopping your son from making this decision?” 

Denise looked up at the faded day and night sky. She breathed in the air around us as if it was her last. She looked down at me with a gentle smile. “My son isn’t stupid. No one in our family is stupid. He will know in time. I trust it. I believe that he loves you as much as you love him. He just doesn’t see it as quickly as you did. Give it time. Don’t rush the time you have now. He will come, mother’s promise.” I smiled and wrapped my arms around her. She kissed me on my cheek and brushed my messy hair in her fingers. It felt so easy to tell her anything. It’s always been that way. 

If Denise was right about Nick, I knew that the greater things in life were just something I was going to have to work for. I was okay with it. I shouldn’t rush Nick so much to see such intense feelings. It’s not worth to waste the previous time I have with him now. I want to be his best friend forever. 

We walked hand in hand back to the house. Immediately as we arrived, I could sweet smell of Italian red sauce flow through my nose. A smile played across my face as we entered the dining room which was already set for dinner. Nick was sitting down with an empty seat beside him. Joe was close to sit in the empty chair but Nick smacked him out of the way. “Maya’s sitting there.” 

Joe raised his arms in a sarcastic yet confused tone. “Well where am I going to sit now?” He groaned.

Nick shrugged casually and pointed to Kimmy’s play table by the counter. “You can sit with Kimmy and her stuffed animals. She might want the company.” He winked at Joe while he slumped over by the kiddie table. I walked in and Nick turned around with a smile. “Sit next to me or Joe will take your spot. Please don’t let him sit next to me; he’s an incredibly messy eater. He’s like a tropical storm over spaghetti.” 

I laughed and nodded as I sat down. Everyone sat at the table eventually. Ellie sat by Kimmy’s end of the room and next to Kevin. “Kevin, babe, could you get me some yogurt and pickles? I’m craving something salty and sweet today.” I scrunched my face at how gross that combination was. Man, I might not want to have babies if I end up combining two random things and call that a meal. 

I turned to Kevin who pretended to shoot himself behind Ellie’s back. Nick and I began to laugh and hide our laughter while Ellie was watching us. Denise had sat down with a big mixing bowl of salad set down on her side of the table. Paul sat on his side and Kevin came back with the jar of pickles and a Yoplaid yogurt in both of his hands. “As much as I miss my childhood, could I please sit at the big boy table?” Joe asked immaturely. Everyone turned their head at him in confusion. 

Kimmy tugged him back to the table. For a seven year old, she had a pretty good grip on a grown man. “Nooooooooo, you have to feed Mr. Giggles his food!”

Joe begged to be excused to Paul. Paul shrugged and pointed at Kimmy. “You seem tied up, son. Can’t help you.” 

Joe scrunched his face and turned back to Mr. Giggles. Kimmy screamed in joy. “Thanks Grandpa!” Nick and I began to laugh at how silly this was. We proceeded with grace before our meal. Nick took my hand in his as we prayed. I felt guilty not paying attention to Paul’s always beautiful words but my pulse was at the points that my hands could have been shaking. I felt like an idiot just sitting there while everyone else was praising God, I was creepily staring at my wrist. 

Before I knew it, everyone was letting go of each other’s hold. There I was, being the usual ass I am, still holding Nick’s hand in praising stature. I let go quickly and my face turned red.

I am such a creeper. It’s not even funny.

Nobody seemed to even notice and began to dig into the food. I sighed out softly as I could feel the stress off my shoulders. Dinner was fabulous as always. Eventually, it was time to go back to L.A. and hit the hay. We said goodbye to the family and drove back. 

Half way the drive, I felt a sudden shiver in my pocket. “AH!” Nick and Joe were startled at my sudden scream. My heart was pumping from the shock. I clutched my hand on my chest. 

“Maya, what the hell is your problem?” Joe grunted from the back. I pulled out my cell phone and held it out for the two of them to see. “You are a grown eighteen year old and you still can’t react like a normal person to vibrate? You are such a pain, Maya.” I rolled my eyes and I looked down at my cell phone. 


After my cell phone stated the obvious and I clicked OK two or three (million) times, I finally found out who the text was from. My eyes grew wide as I saw the sender was no one other than Corey. I tilted my phone enough so Nick couldn’t see the words on the screen at all. It wasn’t very subtle but it was the best I could do. 

“Hey, playing @ the Bueler’s around 9-ish. It would b GREAT if you came by.” 

“Who’s it from?” A nosy Joe said from behind me. I turned around and almost immediately his head was close by my head rest. He was staring at my now shut phone. I put the phone back in my pocket and moved away from Joe’s very close face. 

“Joe, I have personal space issues. Back off, like now.” He raised his hands in defense and sat back in his chair. Nick laughed softly at my irritated response. 

“No really who was it?” Joe asked again, nosily. He’s such a chick sometimes. Who knows? Maybe he will end up gay like everyone says because he’s acting like a girl more and more each day. 

“Joe, could you act like a guy for once and not gossip like an old lady? If it’s personal, it’s personal. I don’t listen in on your midnight calls with Demi about how you would totally prefer riding a bike on a tight rope than sky diving which I think are two things you should NEVER EVER do in your life if you plan on living.” 


“Wow Maya, seriously? You are a creeper.” Nick scoffed. 

I shrugged casually. “What can I say? I’m obsessed with the two of them.” 

Nick started laughing, his eyes still intently on the road. “Man, I can’t imagine what you would be like if you were acting like that about Miley and me.” Neither could I… 

He laughed again while I heard Joe scoff in the back. I laughed nervously as it got quiet in the car. I didn’t want to upset him by seeing Corey when I perfectly said I was more likely staying at my apartment. I felt guilty even that I was seeing Corey behind his back, but what was I to do? Carly told me that Nick doesn’t control my life and I don’t always have to abide by his rules.

I finally came around making my decision. I was going to go and the guilt was beginning to diminish piece by piece. Nick, as much as a best friend he was to me, wasn’t going to just control my life. Corey had so quickly became such an important part of me that it would be only so hard that I let go of him now. Nick had to understand that I really just don’t care about what happened twelve years ago.

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f i f t e e n by The archive


It’s a strange thing for me to talk about; this thing called impulse. I’m not the type of person to jump out of my seat to just say what’s on my mind. I mean as you can see, I’m definitely the “suffer in silence” type. I never hated being like that since I was always in the background. I was never in the spot light. I didn’t hate that either. I hate being recognized for anything. I never stood up for myself. This happened to be the only time that I regretted this. 

I just wanted to tell Nick that I’m not taking sides like he assumes. I want to tell him that his childish games are not my style and neither should his. Maybe if I still had enough impulse out of me, I would tell him that I loved him but I doubted that. We should probably just save that one for another time.

I slipped my phone back into my pocket. “It was just a classmate. He’s asking about a test coming up.” I mumbled quickly. It sounded like mush and it only reminded me how horrible I am at lying. I can’t handle it but this whole dilemma has put me through enough lies. I looked back at Nick who was just nodding, seemed like he wasn’t going to ask any more questions. I breathed out slowly, thankful. 

We got back to Joe’s condo and they dropped me off by my car. I said bye to them with a hug and climbed out of the car. The car went back into drive and as I turned around, I fluttered an innocent wave. As Nick and Joe were far from any distance, I took out my phone and called Corey. I brought the phone to my ear and awaited his answer. 

After a few rings, I heard loud echoes and screams in the background. “Hello?” He screamed in the receiver. 

“Corey?” He didn’t respond so I picked up my voice. “Corey?!” I shouted again. 

“Sorry Maya! I can hardly hear you but I really want you to come over at Bueler’s. I’m playing in about fifteen minutes and I think you’ll have a great time. I got to go but I’ll see you later!” He hung up immediately as did I. I got into my car and began to drive onto the interstate. 

I had heard about Bueler’s before. Carly had talked about it a few times and always told me to hang out with her there. I was never a part of the party crowd. I’m such an introverted person it makes me a freak. Even though this was true, I’m sure if Corey was there, I’d probably be fine. 

I proceeded to drive down the same interstate until I could already hear music seeping through my rolled up windows. It was already loud and my heart was beginning to beat at its foreign rhythm. People were beginning to form a life outside the door. It seemed pretty jam packed. As I looked for a parking space, I took out my phone and called Corey again. “Hello?” He yelled in the same tone he did the first call. 

“Corey, how am I going to get in? It’s way too crowded out here!” 

There was silence and at first I thought he had hung up on me. Then he made a positive sounding reaction, “Okay go to the back of the building, I’ll get you in.” 

“This doesn’t sound legal.” 

“Why do you always play by the rules? It’s not as fun, I’m promising you that, Kibble!” He hung up the phone and I placed mine back into my pocket. I managed to find a suitable parking space and squeezed out of the car. Once I was in the street and still breathing properly, I tried to run in my heels as fast as I could to the back of the building. I didn’t want to get mobbed by a crazy fan or security. 

I’ll admit: the back of the building was kind of sketchy. When you first get to the back, where the crowd’s voices were almost a whisper, dim lights began to flicker and smoke was coming from the air vents. You can hear the continuous shutting and slamming of various band cases, even some drum sticks dropping through the thick walls. I walked as fast as I could to where Corey could have been. Just when the dimming lights were turning dark, someone took my hand. 

I was ready to scream my lungs away until I faced the person who happened to be Corey. He shut his hand over my mouth so I couldn’t scream anymore. While his hand was clumped over my mouth, his foot was keeping the door opened. He took my hand and brought me inside without another word. 

He took his other hand off my mouth and then placed over my head a V.I.P. pass. “Hey there Kibble. You weren’t scared out there were you?” He wiggled his eye brows as if to play with me. 

I rolled my eyes and turned away. “You just had to bring me through the shadiest part of the building.” He laughed and engulfed me into an embrace. I hugged him back as if I was happy to be able to feel another living creature. We both let go and he brought me to the back dressing room. 

“I want you to meet the band.” I walked in on four other really hot guys: Gabe, background vocals and bass guitarist, Callan, guitarist extrodinaire, Weezy G., keyboards, and Mikey on drums. They all pleasantly gave me a hug. “This is Maya, the one I’ve been telling you about.” Gabe rolled his eyes with a goofy smile. 

“Thank God, we finally meet THE Maya! That’s all he ever talks about: Maya this, Maya that, oh Maya looked great when I saw a33;“ AH!” Gabe was unfortunately interrupted by Corey who had thrown a pillow aimed directly at Gabe’s face. I was already turning red as I faced Corey who was blushing the same way as I was. 

“Just ignore Gabe, I usually do.” Corey reassured. I began to giggle and looked back at Gabe who was making childish faces at Corey behind his back. They acted like total boys just like the Jonases. I felt like this was how I always ended up. In a boys’ dressing room and hanging out with the boys who were ready to play a concert. It happens way too much to me. 

A backstage worker stuck his head into the dressing room. “Guys, on stage in five.” Corey nodded and turned back to his band. Everyone began stood up from the couch and formed a circle. They wrapped their arms around each other’s shoulders and rested their heads down. 

“Dear Lord, we hand on our music to your will. Bless this concert and give us the strength to do our best. Amen.” Corey prayed. Everyone responded ‘Amen’ back and ran out of the room. I looked back at Corey with an anxious smile. “Wish me luck.” He said in a nervous tone. 

“Good luck.” He grabbed me in a last hug and as he let go he ran with his band. I walked behind them and as they went on stage, I stood behind the curtain to see their performance. 

“HELLO ALL DRUNKEN OF LOS ANGELES!” Corey shouted in the mic. A roar of screams had responded back to him all at the same time. I had no idea that Corey had this many fans in the Los Angeles area. I looked back at Corey who flashed his smile at the audience and maybe even winked to the girls repetitively shouting his name. “ARE YOU READY FOR THIS?” An even higher pitched scream came from the entire bar. “1,2,3,4…” He counted off. 

I don't look back I'm a forward thinker
Don't think I'm a wreck but you beg to differ
And you always smile when you tell me it's over

He turned over to me and winked. A wide smile grew on my face and I began to scream from behind the curtains like everyone else was in front of the stage. I felt myself sway to the song from side to side and the song’s rhythm lead the beat in my heart. The audience was out of their seats and jumping up and down along with Corey. 

I lose track of time but this you already know
think out in rhyme but like sounds better when it flows
and still you smile you tell me it's over, yeah.

Yeah, is it enough?
It's never enough to sell yourself for less than love
It's keeping me up through the morning
With no warning

I was looking down and I was dancing around to the song. At first I thought I looked stupid being the only one dancing, but I turned around and all the backstage hands were dancing too. I smiled and continued to dance. I poked my head a little bit to see that everyone was really getting into the song too. Corey was already covered in sweat as was the rest of his band. He didn’t care but began to jump with his guitar in hand almost the way Nick and Kevin do in their concerts. I yelled again for Corey. 

Lately I've been numb I swear I'm getting better
Or it's just begun it really doesn't matter cause
The way I see Things will end as they're meant to... 
Just like we do

Yeah, is it enough?
It's never enough to sell yourself for less than love
It's keeping me up through the morning
You're the only way that I want
But is it enough to tell you again just one more time?
You go and leave me abruptly with no warning, with no warning

If you could take a hint from me
Wait for that moment of release
Where everything was meant to be
I'm thinking, honestly, you'd never ever take this from me. 
With no warning 

The rest of the concert was fabulous; so it was good. Plus, I said “fabulous” so it HAD to be good. When they got off stage after their continuous standing ovation that made the audience have a hard time sitting again, they ran back to their dressing room with sweat and all that glory. “GUYS, THAT WAS EFFING AMAZING! I mean did you see that girl who almost threw her bra at me? She was hot!” Callan exclaimed. Corey rolled his eyes as he finished an entire two liter water bottle. 

Weezy scoffed from the couch. He looked like he got rained on from all his sweat. “She was aiming for me but you got in the way. Get it straight, Callan.” Everyone started laughing and high-fiving. It was a concert high that of course I was definitely used to. “What did you think, Maya?” Weezy asked. 

“I must admit. I’ve been to a lot of concerts but this had to be on my top ten.” 

The boys chanted and slapped each other’s hand with a high five. “Let’s get out there, boys.” Corey walked out the room as did everyone else. Corey had let me walk in front of him, just to make sure I didn’t end up getting lost in the sea of people. The rest of the band had already dispersed into crowds of onlookers and fans to chat with. Corey had never left my side that night. He always introduced me to everyone he talked to. He seemed really excited that I was there supporting him. I smiled for once being appreciated for something as small as I did. 

It was almost 11 and I had a party to help coordinate the next day. I couldn’t risk getting yelled at by Mandy because I was not as energetic as she hoped that I would be. It wasn’t even her or my wedding yet she’s all worked up because we have to plan this “Bridal Party Party.” The name was already stupid anyway. 

Corey was wrapped up in socializing with everyone around him; I found it hard to tell him I had to leave. I began to tap him until he started slapping him. I didn’t want to be rude, but I couldn’t stay any longer. I finally caught his attention. “Hey, is something wrong, Kibble?” He asked with a worried tone. I shook my head and pulled him outside. 

“It so hard to tell you in there; that place is so packed.” I sighed. Corey laughed a little with a smile. “Anyway, I wanted to tell you that I have to go. I have a wedding party to attend tomorrow and if I don’t, I’m going to be skinned alive with a Channel heel.” Corey laughed again. “Anyway, this has been terrific. I had no idea that you were that renowned in Los Angeles and your music is amazing! Wow, I couldn’t even believe how outstanding this whole concert was.” I realized that I was beginning to ramble on and on. 

Corey raised his eyebrow, curiously. “You seem a bit shocked for a girl who’s toured around the world with a much more famous band than mine. Nick would definitely be disappointed.” 

Yeah, he would, I realized sadly. He would definitely be disappointed about a lot of things right now. “Yeah.” I mumbled. 

“But if you really liked my songs, I’ll send you some mixes of my music.” I nodded anxiously. “Okay, well why don’t you get some rest. I’ll talk to you tomorrow.” I nodded again and embraced him in a hug. Even in a hug, I could feel Corey was sad to let me go. He was too happy that I was with him here. 

I eventually broke off the hug and walked back to my car, away from Corey and the blaring music that you can hear clearly twelve blocks away from Bueler’s. I turned back in a quick glance and Corey who was silently glancing back at me. He turned away and slipped his hands back into his pockets. A faint smile crossed my face. I surprisingly had fun tonight.

Morning came quickly, way too quickly. The sun was too bright, my hair was too messy, my breath was too gross, my alarm clock was too loud; typical morning. I pushed my feet out of bed and onto the floor. I scrubbed my face and brushed my teeth hard to look not so horrible today. I pulled out the first thing I found in my closet and threw it on. I knew I was close to pressing time. I didn’t bother putting eye shadow and just threw blush, lip gloss, and mascara on my face. 

And you know what? I didn’t look all that bad. 

Maybe I should stop trying from now on, it suits me. 

As I searched through my shoes, I heard my door open. “Hello my dearest beeetchhhh.” Carly was here already. I walked to the kitchen and found Carly sitting on top of my counter with a Starbuck’s cup in her hand. She was wearing leather skinny jeans, black heels, sheer white tank top, and a vintage vest. She looked like the third Olsen twin but maybe a little less psycho. “Well don’t you look nice, impressing someone today?” 

I rolled my eyes and slipped my heels on. “Nothing you don’t already know. But if you’re scratching and urging for something new, I hung out with Corey last night.” I lifted my eyes to see Carly’s eyes pop open wide. 

“Excuse me?” 

“Okay do you want me to break this down slowly? I…. me…. went….to…hang out….with….Corey.” 

“I’m not a whale. I’m just a bit shocked that you decided to go against your better judgment and Nick’s hold over you about seeing Corey. Let me be the first to say, I’m impressed.” I rolled my eyes and walked away to get a bag. 

“I’m not a complete loner. I hope you know that.” I stated with a very flat tone. It was her turn to roll her eyes and she jumped off my counter. “Let’s get this over with.” Carly nodded and took her Starbucks with her. I shut the door behind me and we proceeded to go on our way. 

When we finally got to the reception place, lavish cars were already flowing in. I parked my car and searched for the boys. Many cocktail dresses and cocktail trays were in my way to find any male coming my way. That is until I was attacked. “AHH!” 

Joe wrapped his arms around me and pulled me over his shoulder and proceeded walking. I turned my head to see everything upside down. All I could say was thank God that I was wearing pants because if I were to be wearing a dress, I would be flashing the entire wedding party of God knows what. 

With Carly close by our side, we walked into the lavish restaurant. I felt a little stupid, making my entrance by Joe’s shoulder. “Put me down.” I scolded and he immediately did so. Even Joe was shocked by how beautiful the room was. Miley must have begged for it from Nick because I know for a fact that this was definitely not Nick’s choice. 

“Woah.” We all said in surprise unison. 

“How could Nick even afford this?” I asked still open jawed. This was way too good to be true. 

Joe groaned furiously. “Well there goes our XBOX money…” 

After staring at the ceiling for maybe four more minutes, I finally looked down to see Nick, who I must state didn’t seem all that thrilled, waved at us with a change of emotion and dazzlingly smiled. He walked over to us and I turned to Carly, “Hey, stay here.” But before I knew it, Carly was slowly slipping away towards the open bar. I looked over at her and she was shaking her head. “Joe?” He was creeping away too.

“Woah, is that an ice sculpture of Miley and Nick?” He walked over to the other side of the room. 

I sighed and forced a smile on my pathetic face. “Hey.” 

He came and gave me a hug. I hugged back but the ironic thing was that he didn’t seem to let go. I didn’t mind it either, of course. He whispered softly against my ear. “Thank God you guys are here. I have no idea who all these people are.” I shivered a little but laughed. I could feel his cheeks form a smile again. I smiled with him too just to know that he was happy. 

We finally let go and he directed me to sit next to him. Once Nick sat down it seemed like everyone else was beginning to sit down too. As I sat down, I looked up to see Mandy’s beady eyes smugly staring at me. With no smile, I stared back. I was in the mood to put up with her right now. 

Everyone finally sat down with each other at their own tables and Nick and Miley stood up. Miley happily took the initiative to take the lead on greeting people. They’re all her friends anyway. “Morning y’all, so thank you for attending our Bridal Party Party! Enjoy the food and people and just to let everyone know, the invitations have been sent out as of today!” Everyone began to cheer while the boys and I simply clapped. 

I turned to see Joe with no expression at all while Kevin looked dead because he was probably up all night, handling Ellie’s mood swings. I frowned just thinking about. Joe was probably hanging out with Demi right after her photo shoot last night, if I even guessed. I tapped Joe on the shoulder. “So?” 

“So what?” He shrugged. 

Swiftly reminding myself that Mandy was across the table, I lowered my voice to a whisper. She was talking to another bridesmaid anyway. “I know that you hung out with Demi last night so spill now.” He looked down with a smile but shook his head. He was being in denial once again. 

“No idea what you’re taking about.” 

“Would you stop thinking that I’m so stupid that I can’t tell whether or not you’re keeping a secret from me? I know you too well, darling.” I fluttered my eyes and wiggled my eye brows. His smile grew wider and his face turned slightly red. He’s so obvious; I don’t know why he assumes he isn’t. 

“Okay, yes I did hang out with her and after this crap for a party; I’m going to hang out with her again and ask her to be my date for the wedding.” I felt all sappy and sweet on the insides and Joe began to roll his eyes. “Don’t tell anyone please. It’s a secret.” I held my pinky out and Joe wrapped his pinky around mine. 

“I’m so excited.” 


Joe was sitting at the open bar, thinking about what to tell Demi as he asked her to be his date. He could hardly wait to ask Demi and he would do anything to leave this party to hang out with her. He tapped his fingers against his beer bottle nervously. “Hey there.” Joe jumped a little only to find that Mandy was sitting in the chair next. 

“Oh hey Mandy, what’s up?” 

“Nothing really, you seem pretty bored.” She laughed, flirtingly. Joe wasn’t paying attention to her signals; he was too busy thinking about Demi. All he could think about was her smile, her voice, her style, and her eyes. He was enchanted. 

“Not really, I’m just thinking about stuff.” He shrugged simply.

“Demi maybe?” She smugly smiled. Joe became stiff and stood straight as he shook his head. “Oh Joe, please. I know you like her. I think it’s cute.” She took his hand and entangled her fingers in his. He felt really uncomfortable with this and wanted to immediately leave. Although he wished, he knew that he couldn’t make a big scene.

“Yeah, thanks.” He tried to keep his words short and this conversation. 

“But here’s the thing,” She said while stroking his hand softly. He felt a shaking sensation in his leg all the way up to the rest of his body. This wasn’t ending up very good. “I kind of have this crazy crush on you.” She giggled flirtatiously but Joe’s throat felt very dry at this point. He just nodded and took a big swig at his beer. “So I had this crazy idea that maybe you and I would be each other’s dates for the wedding.” 

“Oh, I don’t know about that…” 

She stopped him quickly. “I wouldn’t be so quick to oblige.” She came in closer and set her lips close to Joe’s earlobe. “I know about Maya’s little secret. You don’t do exactly what I tell you, I will publicly humiliate her by telling every living thing in my way about her and Nick. Now you wouldn’t do such a thing like that to cause your friend all that?” She backed away with a sly smile and a sip of her martini. 

Joe looked down at his hand that was holding Mandy’s. He felt shameful about his feelings at that very moment. He wouldn’t be able to tell Demi his true feelings about her because one girl had to be so vicious enough to stand in his way. He would gladly tell Mandy “no” but how could he possibly do that to Maya? That was selfish for his better kind. He wasn’t going to ruin someone else’s life for himself. 

He knew he didn’t have much of a choice. He swallowed down on his throat but didn’t bother taking another sip of his beer.


End Notes:
i'm sure there's not going to be a lot of people reading this on a monday night. but for all those procrastinators out there: this chapter is for you(:
love you,
s i x t e e n by The archive

“Maya, I’d like to introduce you to someone special.” I’ve heard that phrase about a million times that entire morning. I throw a fake but almost convincing smile to the “someone special”, that “someone special” politely shook my hand or even took the scary yet dangerous risk of hugging me. After that, Miley would pass me over to the next “someone special” that I just had to meet. I wonder if she’s realized that I’ve seen these people about maybe a million times before, but you certainly don’t correct Miley. 

Miley hooked her clutch on to my index and middle finger. If she pulled it, she could have decapitated two of my fingers straight off my hand. Her excitement was way too overwhelming at ten in the morning. 

I soon began to feel bad for always criticizing her. I mean shouldn’t she be excited for getting married? I would be. 

There was something that just seemed a little off during the rest of the party. Joe was so quiet, sitting in his chair at the table. He took slow and cautious sips of his beer as if someone had poisoned it. I put my Shirley Temple next to his beer and plopped in the chair next to his. He didn’t seem to notice my entrance. He was dazing out in no where like a creeper. “Are you okay, Joe? You seemed a little… creepy?” 

When he heard my voice, he jumped then once he noticed it was only me he stood straight. “No, I’m fine.” He mumbled. 

It was quiet after that. For once in a while, I didn’t know what to say to Joe. I scratched the back of my head, confused while trying to think of something to tell him. “Um, so are you still hanging out with Demi after this?” I punched him in his arm and began to playfully flirt with him. 

“No,” He said forcefully. It was rather shocking to even hear him use that type of tone with me. I didn’t know what was going on with Joe but it was really ticking me off. “I don’t like Demi anymore. Get over it.” I sat there, not moving at all nor not understanding what just happened. Since when had he been so sensitive? 

I hated being hated and it seemed like Joe really didn’t like me right now. I just wanted to know what I did wrong to make him be a total ass to me. I sat there, with no intentions to get up from this empty feeling chair. Had I said something mean to him? Had Demi changed her feelings for him and in some twisted and creepy way it was my entire fault? 

I wanted to leave and see Corey. He had already been texting me like crazy to know when I was getting off from this party. “I have to go.” Joe mumbled. I was startled to hear his soft and raspy voice. I nodded back to him and he got up from his seat to walk away from the table. I looked back at his posture. His shoulders sulked down to below his chin and his head fell below his heart. I felt a heap of emptiness and loneliness within the distance between us. 

Suddenly, I heard a clatter from toe to heal step by step, trailing right behind Joe. I didn’t need to guess who it was; Mandy. She turned around in a glamorous twirl and smiled smugly at me. I stared back at her, with no interest in sight. She pursed her lips into another wicked smile and walked faster towards Joe. She wove her fingers in his. He didn’t look back at her but walked forward. 

I didn’t know exactly of what was going on but I knew that Mandy had slapped her perfectly polished fingers against some innocent person’s narrow face. 

It was thirty minutes later; nobody had decided to leave which meant I couldn’t either. Garbo, John Taylor, and Lawless had tried to keep conversation with me but I just wasn’t in a talking mood. They realized it too and walked off to talk with the other people. AJ even came up to me with an unusually friendly smile. “How are you, my love? Oh, look how much you’ve grown up since I’ve last seen you! You look so cute!” How long has it been since I’ve last seen her? Two years maybe? Is this her way of cordialness? Because it sucks. 

I shrugged with a shy smile. “I’ve been good. Thank you. How have you been?” I asked properly. 

She giggled gleefully. “Oh, nothing; just hanging out working on a new CD with Aly.” 

I nodded. 

Usually a nod means that you don’t want to talk to a person due to circumstances that restrict you from socializing with the outer world. It’s a legit rule. Clearly, AJ never learned that rule. “Yeah, so did you hear about this new guy I’m dating? OH MY GOD, Maya, he is GORGEOUS! He’s my date for the wedding and I really want you to meet him. He has sandy blonde hair, kind of like mine but just a little less girly. His eyes, ohmigod, listen to this, his eyes are piercing blue and it just makes you fall right into them. Like when I was dating Joe, no offense because I know he’s like your brother, but Joe has pretty much no comparison to this new guy…” 

I had no idea AJ was fluent in gibberish. 

I nodded. I smiled. I added my fair share of “oh’s” and “ah’s”. I tried to enclose this pathetic one woman conversation but she wouldn’t shut her mouth. I wanted to smack her. 

“Anyway, enough of me,” Thank God. “What about you? Do you have a boyfriend?” 

“Not really. I’m seeing someone right now.” 

She began to clap her hands anxiously with a creepy smile. “OH-MY-GOD, tell me who. Is he cute? Is he like exactly like my guy? Ohmigod, wouldn’t it be so weird if our guys happened to be related? We could be like sister-in-laws! How cool would that be?!” 

My eyes widened and I forced a smile with it too. Was she insane? “Um, his name is Corey. He’s an old friend and we’re just friends right now. I’m really not dating him.” She nodded then smiled. “Well it was nice talking to you,” I said trying to enclose the conversation. She nodded and grabbed me into a hug. 

I got up from my seat and went to walk over by Carly who was talking with Lawless and Garbo. “Hey,” I said softly. Lawless and Garbo greeted me with a nod. Carly smiled sweetly towards me. “I officially hate parties.” 

Carly nodded in agreement. “Yeah, I go to parties like every night and let me tell you, this one: two thumbs down. Plus Miley and Nick are going to have some kind of family get together. This day gets only better and better.” I rolled my eyes and turned them back to the big room. I couldn’t find Joe anywhere. I couldn’t find Mandy either. It was so confusing to find him leaving with Mandy. Last time I checked, he completely and totally hated her. Where in all that hate had he become attracted to her?

“Seems like they really hooked a ball and chain on you guys. I’d just shoot myself.” Garbo laughed with Lawless. I laughed sarcastically as if each scoff was a well enough sign that I was close to break them. They realized neither Carly nor I was laughing with them. Their smug smiles soon diminished followed by a nervous sip of their beers.

“You know I’d probably enjoy this wedding a little bit more if I knew that the bride wasn’t the most repulsive, insensitive, narcotic bitch who had a “look-at-me-I’m-famous” attitude about life.” She slipped her hand through her long brown curls that were so much like Miley. She probably doesn’t realize how much she’s like her cousin. If I told her, she’d smack me until I took it back. 

“She’s not that bad, Carly,” Garbo shrugged. “She’s chill at genuine times just most of the time she’s very very excited… about life? I guess.” 

“Whatever. This party needs to end, seriously.” 

The party finally ended and I couldn’t want to hang out with Corey. I was just about to head to my car but a hand and a screech of my name pulled me back. I sighed sadly and turned around with a forced smile. “Hey Miley.” 

“Hey, cutie! I was hoping before the dinner party tonight, you and I could go on a little shopping spree to get something cute to wear tonight! I mean you don’t have plans today, right?” She looked at me like I wasn’t supposed to have plans today. Garbo was right; I felt like I wanted to shoot myself. I looked back at her. She had her always anxious smile played across her perfect skin; her perfect hair, perfect clothes, perfect body. I was ashamed for someone like me to be standing next to her. 

Without speaking, I nodded. Clearly, I wasn’t going to see Corey today. 

“Yay!” She exclaimed loud enough for the entire city of Los Angeles to hear her clearly. She climbed into the passenger seat of my car. I guess I was her personal chauffer today. I got into the driver’s seat and turned on the car. It was pretty quiet at first; I should just blame her. “So how has everything been with school and stuff?” 

I shrugged as I took a swift left turn out on the interstate. “It’s been tedious, y’know UCLA. I’m just working hard enough to get a job in the end. Plus with all the wedding stuff, it’s been certainly stressful. I work hard in school for my dad. I work hard for this wedding for Nick.” I smiled weakly then so did she. “Oh, and you of course.” Her smile broadened. 

“That’s so sweet of you.” She got quiet; a side of her I wished I saw more often. The silence was intense in its most subtle ways. She seemed upset and not happy. It was odd because she was so excited for life in just a few minutes ago. 

“Are you okay?” 

She looked up, shocked; like she wasn’t expecting me to comment. “Oh? Oh, yeah. I’m fine. Really.” I waited just a little while longer. She was likely to break. “Maya, could I ask you a question?” 

“Yeah sure.” 

She shifted in her seat as if she was at most uncomfortable. “I don’t know why I’m asking this. I’m actually kind of embarrassed but… I just have this honestly weird feeling that Nick may not want to get married. I feel like he’s just not as happy as an engaged man usually is.” She looked down and laughed in her breath as if she wished she didn’t say anything at all. 

I was quiet. For the first time, Miley wasn’t confident about herself as she always was. I made a U-turn to the other side of the freeway. After my turn, I knew she was expecting an answer by now. “Uhm yeah,” I laughed silently. “I couldn’t ever be exactly sure how to tell you exactly why he would be like that. But I think, don’t assume Nick doesn’t want to go with this wedding. In fact, I know that he can’t wait to be married with you.” I swallowed hard on my throat. 

He’s just the type of person who keeps music as his top priority. It’s taking him time to process that it’s not about his job anymore. He has to share his life with someone he truly cares about for the rest of his life. He knows that and I don’t think he would want to be with anyone else but you.” 

“You really think?” 

I laughed softly and came to a stop for the red light. “Miley, I know.” 

No one would understand what I just did at that very point. No one would understand why I did what I just did at that very point. Despite her always happy exterior, inside way way way deep inside, she’s someone just as insecure as I am; surprisingly even more. I’m not the type of person to bring down her self-esteem because I love her fiancé. 

“Maya, I just don’t know what I’d do without you. There’s something you have that Mandy, even though she’s my best friend, could never grant me.” Yeah, let’s start with intelligence… 

I parked into the first space I could find. Miley and I both got out of the car with similar smiles and into the glamorous store. Miley slipped her hand into mine. “Get whatever you want, it’s on me.” She said with a friendly smile. 

I looked around and all I could see were beautiful dresses and outfits I could never ever think about buying. They looked and even smelled expensive. “Miley, you really don’t have to.” I refused. 

She shook her head as she gave her bag and my bag to the attendant. “Don’t be so silly. I only pay for my friends. I’d like to say that you’re almost like a sister to me. You don’t pressure me to be someone I’m not. You are just so relaxing to talk to and even I couldn’t tell Mandy everything. I want to base our friendship on trust. I trust you with so much, Maya. I hope you feel the same way about me.” I forced a smile and nodded with faint understanding. She hardly knew anything at this point. She smiled apprehensively and threw my hand that pushed me towards the middle of the store. “Let’s shop!” 

I was actually shopping with Miley Cyrus, the girl who was engaged to the boy I truly loved. All we had in common was Nick and yet I was actually enjoying myself. We tried on dresses together and I didn’t even check the price tags. I was wearing outfits I would never wear and I was hanging out with a girl I would never hang out with. The moment was so unreal. 

We finally came to picking outfits. Miley chose a black woven dress that she could easily pull off. Of course, my case was a little more difficult but somehow Miley ended up picking a dress that somehow looked not bad on me. She chose a pink and gray color block pleated strapless dress for me. I looked okay for once. “You’ll knock out any guy who’s in your way, my darling.” I smiled shyly and handed the dress over to the cashier. Miley passed over her golden credit card like a petty dollar bill. I received a box with tied with a tulle bow. This was all getting over my head. “Why don’t you put on now? You can wear it for the party tonight and you’ll look so fabulous!” 

The attendants didn’t seem to have a problem with it. More likely they couldn’t have a problem with it. So I put the dress back on and came out to show it off once again. Miley grinned with anxious smile once again. “Miley, I don’t know what to tell you but thank you so much.” 

“It’s my pleasure, my love.” 

Eventually we got back to Miley’s house. The only people who were in the driveway were Kevin, Ellie, Denise, and Paul who were conversing seriously. We both got out of the car and greeted them. “Where’s Nick?” Miley asked. Kevin pointed inside and we nodded. We walked into the house together and I felt different, even confident. 

Nick was standing in the middle of the room, casually talking to Trace, Miley’s brother who surprisingly looks nothing like her. When he realized that we were in the same room, he looked at us. He didn’t walk towards us, he didn’t even move. He seemed a little shocked. I didn’t know whether or not he was looking at Miley or me. Miley came to him and greeted him with a kiss. I looked down and she and Trace had left the room to get the food ready. 

The only two people in the room were Nick and me. 

I could’ve sworn I was going to break out in hives.

End Notes:
OHMIGODDDDDDDDDDD. I GOT FEATURED?! yeah so i'd like to thank all my reviewers, the admin, and God for giving us the jonas brothers. because without them, none of this would have happened.
ps: you guys rock. seriously.
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If I had to choose between loving you and breathing, I would use my last breath to say “I love you”.” a33;“ Unknown.

I stared at him as he stared back. No one was in plain sight. A twist of a smile danced upon his face as he walked towards me. “You look fancy.” He said childishly. I rolled my eyes as he placed his hand on my hips and his other hand around the other side. I hugged around his shoulders. “Very fancy.” He whispered against my ear lobe. I tried my hardest not to shiver but the boy has mysterious ways. 

We both let go and walked towards the kitchen which Trish and Billy Ray had already cleaned by now. I greeted them with a kiss on the cheek. “Do you guys need help?” I offered to Trish who looked way too much like Miley. She shook her head. I smiled and turned around back into the living room where the extremely pregnant Ellie and extremely tired-looking Kevin were sitting. 

“Maya, I’m ready for this baby to just pop out.” Ellie sighed out. She breathed in and out slowly and cautiously. I laughed and sat right next to her. She rubbed her stomach from side to side. “I feel like Jupiter’s growing out of my stomach.” I rolled my eyes and gently touched her stomach. 

“I don’t understand why you goes don’t want to know the gender. I mean I can’t wait nine months just to figure out two options.” 

She shrugged. “I suppose it’s weird. But I love surprises, Kevin doesn’t. It all evens out.” Kevin stuck his tongue out as he pulled out his phone. She punched my shoulder jokingly. I smiled for a few minutes but it soon diminished when Paul came into the room with a distraught look. 

Paul looked at Kevin and me and instructed us to come outside with him. I excused myself from Ellie’s view and she nodded. Kevin and I walked out to the spacious front yard by the lavish cars where Paul was standing nearby. “What’s wrong, Dad?” Kevin asked, clearly concerned. Paul hadn’t answered until Nick had walked out in a matter of seconds. 

“Do any of you know where Joseph is? I’m worried sick and he hasn’t answered any of my calls. I’m about to call the police.” He said with a forceful tone. I clasped my hand over my chest as if to hold my heart from beating faster. I looked over at Nick who was rubbing the back of his neck; a sign that he was nervous, scared, or both. Kevin already had his phone out, flipping through his contacts. “Try to get a hold of him and do not tell your mother. We cannot have her stress about this.” We nodded and separated. 

“I hope he’s okay.” I said in a weepy voice. A hand had clasped into my palm. I looked up to see Nick with a courageous smile. 

“Don’t worry. We’ll get a hold of him.” And almost in that same second, a familiar sleek black convertible had driven into the driveway. He parked right in front of us and got out of the car. He seemed different, definitely not Joe. He threw his keys at Kevin. 

“Go and fetch me a parking space.” 

Kevin furrowed his thick eye brows and threw the keys back. “I’m not your slave. Go ‘fetch’ your own parking space. I hope you know that your family was worried sick about you. We were about to call the police.” Joseph rolled his eyes and walked forward, straight into me. I was ready to rip those skin-tight skinny jeans off his legs. Nick pulled me back.

“You’ll get over it.” 

I looked over at Nick who was as confused as I was. “Since when did he become such a diva?” I said with an annoyed tone. Nick shrugged and walked with me back inside. A buzz zinged in my dress pocket. Nick walked ahead and I stayed back. “Hello?” A sob was the response. It was a sob that was too familiar for me to ask for a name. “Demi? What’s wrong?” 

“M-Maya-a h-he… h-h-he…” I could hear a loud sniff on the other line. I pressed my hand over my hear to get a better reception. “He-e-e said-d…” 

“Demi, who are you talking about?” 


My forehead wrinkled in confusion. What could Joe possibly done to make Demi cry? “Okay, okay. Calm down. What did he tell you?” My hand rushed to my head. I felt a headache in the process forming. 

I could hear her heavy breathing into my ear piece. She was trying to calm down but it wasn’t helping out. She let out a long sigh and then she was ready to talk again. Her voice was soft and weak. “Okay so we already planned that we were going to hang out today. He didn’t come at the planned time. I just assumed that he got caught up at the bridal party --.” 

“Party.” I corrected. 


“It’s called the Bridal Party Party. You missed another ‘party’.” I corrected again. What was I doing?

“Whatever, anyway, I called him to make sure he was okay and then he told me… he told me…” 

This wasn’t going anywhere. “What did he tell you, Demi? I can’t help you if you don’t tell --.” 

“He said that he would never date a girl like me!” She yelled then she bursted out crying again. “I mean how could he say that? I mean who was I kidding? I’m not a Mandy, Camilla, or a Taylor! I’m ugly Demi! No one, especially Joe Jonas would spend two seconds of their time with me!” I could hear her panting from the other side. 

“Calm down, he told you that he would never date you? He just randomly brought it up?” 

I could hear another sniff and then a silence on the other line. Nothing was making sense to me right now. “No, I told him I liked him and that’s when he said he would never date a girl like me. Maya, I thought you said he liked me back! This is all your fault because I confided in you and this what I get? I feel like an idiot for telling Joe about my feelings and most definitely telling you that I liked him in the first place. I can’t talk to you anymore, Maya.” 

She hung up the call and our friendship. 

So there I was. I felt lost and confused in the last seconds of my understanding. I sat down on the marble sidewalk and become completely still. What has happened to my life? I was in love with my best friend but I was lying to him by hanging out with someone he clearly despises. My best friends don’t talk to me anymore. My so called “brother” is becoming and primo Danna and treating everyone like his slaves. My thoughts and feelings were controlled by a total psychotic for a maid-of-honor. Everything is screwed up and it seems like nothing will ever be the same. 

I buried my hands into my palms and I felt them soak and fall to the marble sidewalk. I had practically lost control of everything because I refuse to speak my mind. I’d lost people who I loved the most. If I lost them now, who did I truly have left? Everything is too much a secret now. Everything is truly gone and it’s my entire fault.

I sat there and never decided when I was ever going to get up. Behind the house, you could hear the shore of the beach close by. I wanted to run into the waves and disappear. No one would ever see me again and maybe life would be a little easier. I wiped away my tears dry. 

Suddenly, I heard a slam of the door and a brisk jog to my side. “Maya!” I looked around to see Nick in a distraught manner. “We have a problem.” He took both of my hands and pulled me up. I looked at him with a questioned look. Obviously, he hadn’t noticed I was crying. Go figure. 

“Ellie’s water broke.” 

My eyes had grown wide and both of us ran into the house. In the living room you could see Ellie on the couch, writhing in pain. Kevin was by her side who seemed like he was writhing in pain as well. There was a shattered vase by the couch which could only mean so many things. I ran to the couch. “Nick, get the car started. Joe and I will get her to the car.” He nodded and ran out the house. I looked up at Joe who was wrinkling his nose as if he wasn’t going to do it. I looked up at him and narrowed my eyes. I wasn’t in for bitchiness. “Do not mess with me, Joe.” He did what he was told and held Ellie by the arm. 

I looked over at Kevin who still had a painful look on his face. “Kev, go back to your house and grab a bag for a few over night stays. You are the only one who knows where everything is. Meet us back to the hospital as fast as you can.” He barely responded and zipped outside. “Let’s get her into the car.” Joe and I held her up while everyone else followed behind. 

“AAAAH.” She screamed while walking with us. She clutched onto my hand and I felt it turn red.

She climbed into the car and I ran to the other side. Once I got in, I held onto Ellie’s hand again. “How are you holding up, sweetie?” 

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!” She screeched as her response. Her hold onto my palm was beginning to turn a bright purple. She gave me this raging look in her eyes. 

Nick was speeding into the fast lane that would lead us to the hospital. I looked back at her and sighed. “Well that’s good to know.” I said, trying to be as casual as I could. My eyes went back to Nick whose eyes had met with mine through the rearview mirror. If I could read eyes, I definitely would have thought his eyes “smiled” back at mine.

Our eye smiling was interrupted by Ellie’s grasp tightening over my quite abnormally small hand. “GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH.” She screamed again. 

“Okay Ellie, what we’re going to need you to do is start breathing like this,” I instructed quick breathing techniques to her. She nodded and repeated what I did. I heard another voice quick breathe. I looked up at Joe who was doing the same and looked almost faint. “Not you Joe!” He stopped immediately and looked back at Ellie. 

“Look at it this way, Ellie. You’re going to look a lot hotter after this baby!” 

I smacked my free hand to my face out of ignorance. Ellie looked back at him with sarcastic eyes. “I swear Joe; you better hope you come out alive by the end of all of this.” I looked up at Joe’s outstretched eyes and he grew quiet. Ellie turned back to me. “How far away is the hospital?” 

“We’re almost there.” She closed her eyes and laid her head on my lap. 

“Get this baby out of me.” She demanded. 

Nick finally got to the hospital and drove up to the entrance. Joe and I pulled Ellie out of the car and into the lobby. “Hi, my friend a33;“ “ 
“HOLY FUCK, THIS THING HURTS LIKE HELL!” Ellie screamed by my side. 

I pointed to my friend in pain. “Yeah a33;“ that.” 

The receptionist stood up and pointed at one of the interns. “Could you get this woman a wheelchair please?” 

“Okay, on three you’re going to have to push again.” The doctor said calmly but on the other side, Ellie was burning in pain. She clutched onto my hand and I’m sure I was undergoing major blood loss by now. She didn’t seem to notice nor did I expect her to. “


“Okay, honey, you’re doing great. Now another push on three; 1, 2, 3 a33;““ 

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!” Ellie screeched for about the fifth time. Her grasp left a distinct mark on my hand. Feeling in my fingers was long gone. Joe almost passed out twice from breathing too quickly along with Ellie. She looked at me with excruciating eyes that burned in the back of my mind. “Maya, where’s Kevin?” 

I looked back to see just maybe he was hiding from us but no, he wasn’t. I turned back to her and shook my head sadly. I knew the only person she needed there right now more than anyone else in the world was Kevin. Where the hell was he? Doesn’t he understand his wife is having a BABY?! 

She sighed angrily and began to quick breathe again. “We’re going to need another push, Ellie. I can almost see the head! On three once more, 1, 2, 3 a33;“ “ 

“GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!” She yelled this time in a very high pitched tone. I was hoping so much this was going to be over. I looked over at Nick who was sweating as much as Ellie. His hand was nearly purple as was mine. Joe had given up a long time ago from his near fainting. 

“It’s almost out!” 

“Maya, WHERE is Kevin?” She demanded. 

I was getting nervous. “I don’t know, Ellie.” 

“I can see the little head now!” 

“Maya, I NEED him here!” 



“I’m here!” 

Then the scream of a little infant had filled the room and the laugh of a young man watching upon his new baby son blended in a joyous celebration. The baby squealed while being wrapped in the arms of the obstetrician. “Sir, are you the father?” She looked over at Kevin nodding anxiously. “Would you like to cut the umbilical cord?” 

Kevin nodded more willingly than most fathers and cut his child’s umbilical cord. Then in his strong arms, had laid an eight pound baby still squealing. 

He brought the baby over to Ellie. She was breathing hard and drops of sweat were trickling down her pretty face. With the baby between them, you could paint a picture of such a happy family. Ellie’s weak giggle with Kevin’s overbearing laugh had mixed beautiful symphony in rejoice of their new child. 

I could feel an arm rest on my shoulder. Nick had the most tired look on his face weakly smiled at me. I laid my head on his shoulder and he didn’t let go because we both knew we had helped Ellie in the most beautiful human act ever. 


“I can’t wait to see the baby, Mommy!” Kimmy said for the millionth time. She was running all over the room and hopping off the walls in excitement. We were all too tired to put up with it. Ellie had given birth at about 11 near midnight. Kevin had to pick Kimmy up from the house while she was fast asleep. 

Kimmy ran over to Nick and me who were close to fainting of need of sleep. “Auntie Maya, where do babies come from?” She asked innocently the most dangerous question. 

I felt nervous and not sure of it. I looked over at Nick who was smugly smirking. “Well I mean I’m hardly the person to ask that, dear. Why don’t you ask your uncle Nick?” I reflected his smug smirk and he pouted nervously. Kimmy ran over to Nick and jumped into his lap. 

“Well you see, Kimmy, uhh.” He scratched the back of his neck nervously. Everyone was awaiting his important answer. Kimmy looked up to him with her big blue eyes that were much of her mother’s and curly brunette hair that she certainly inherited from her father. “Well, you see Kimberly, there is a big machine in heaven called the baby machine. You see, God formulates this machine to mix the parent’s… um… things… together and BOOM!” He smacked his hands together and startled everyone. “You have a baby.” 

Kimmy nodded slowly as if she knew everything in the world now. Ellie and I were laughing so hard, our faces were turning red. Nick wiggled his eye brows and played a little more with Kimmy. Kevin was brushing off the stray strands of hair resting on Ellie’s face. They couldn’t wait for the baby either. 

The nurse came in with a swaddling infant in her arms. A smile had filled Kevin and Ellie’s faces to see their newest addition to their family. “Here’s your healthy baby boy.” The nurse handed the baby to Ellie. She touched the head of the beautiful child and looked back up at Kevin. 

“So what do you think of Paul Kevin Jonas III?” She said with a teasing smile. 

Kevin’s mouth hung low in shock. “Seriously?” She nodded and he took her and passionately kissed her. 


I walked out by the waiting room in search of Joe. “Joe?” A head shot up by the television. I walked by him and sat down. “Hey, where have you been? I’ve been looking for you everywhere. Your parents are here.” 

He shrugged silently. “I’ve just been hanging out here.” He become quiet again and awkward. It was time to find out what was wrong. 

“Are you okay, Joe? You seem really different.” 

He stood up stiff and uncomfortable. He shook his head and denied. “No, I’m definitely fine.” I looked at him again and he knew I wasn’t buying this load of bull. He sighed and slumped over his shoulders. “Okay, I’m not. I’m sorry I’ve been acting like a complete idiot. I’ve just been stressed and overworked. I thought I had everything together but I suppose I don’t.” He shook his head disappointingly. 

I placed my hand over his and clutched onto it. “Joe, we’re all stressed and overworked but that doesn’t mean you should give up. You’re talented and amazing and you shouldn’t give in so easily to be a fool. You are much smarter than that. I know it.” 

A small satisfying smile played across his face. “I’m sorry but I just don’t want to see you fall with me. I feel like out of the three of us I want the most for you. I want you to be your best and be just as amazing. You’re the little sister I’ve always wanted. I mean I prayed each and every day for a baby sister but no, I got Nick.” I laughed softly. “I just want the best for you.” I nodded and understood each word he breathed. He kissed my forehead softly and still held my hand close. 

I just knew there was still something else he wasn’t spilling.

End Notes:
ehh, this is alright i suppose.
but i really want you guys to read my new story!
it's my first challenge entry and i really want good feedback (or bad if you must)
thanks a lot guys.
e i g h t e e n by The archive

I got home about eight at night. I checked my mailbox downstairs, expecting to have absolutely no mail as usual but to my surprise, I had a CD. I wrinkled my nose in confusion and pulled it out of my mail box. The hand writing was nearly too familiar. “Because you always need a good pick-me-up. Love, Corey.” I smiled softly and closed the mail box behind me. 

The moment I got up to my apartment, I put in the CD into the stereo. 

“Hey Kibble,” Corey sounded nervous even on the CD. “I hope this isn’t weird for you but I wanted to make a small CD for you. So I hope you like it. 1,2,3,4…” 

I picked you up and lifted your wilted frame into the sun.
I was taken back, yeah i was taken back,
and by the time i caught my breath,
you had blossomed into something that i did not expect.

and if it takes all night,
I swear i'll wait,
for you,

sunlight, sunshine,
all for you my daisy.
we're getting this before you leave,
all for you my daisy.

Suddenly, I was in a good mood and began to dance around my apartment happily and clumsily. I was hardly in this great of a state. I banged my head to the steady beat of Weezy. The fact that Corey went through all this trouble to make me a CD put me in a happy place. 

I took my phone and dialed Corey’s number. I waited for the numerous rings until he finally picked up. “Hello?” 

“Hey!” I said excitingly. “I got your CD. I absolutely love it!” 

He laughed on the other line. “Thanks. What are you doing right now?” 

“Nothing, just hanging out at my apartment. Do you have anything in mind?” 

“I don’t know. Maybe, going with you to our favorite hiding spot?” 

I smiled childishly. “I’ll be out in five.” 

“I’ll pick you up.” 

We closed our phones shut and I went to mirror to make sure my makeup was still okay. I went outside and to the street to not surprisingly finding Corey already parked out. I grinned widely and climbed into his sturdy red car. He proceeded to drive to our secret spot. “So what’s up with you?” I turned to face him. 

He shrugged with his side smile. “Nothing really. I’ve been helping out with the family and stuff. What about you?” 

“Well Ellie gave birth to her new baby! It was absolutely exhausting but it was the best experience I’ve ever had.” He laughed and took a swift left turn onto the empty highway of sparse grass and sand. 

“Woah, how was that?” He asked with an amused smile. He probably couldn’t imagine any of us helping a woman in labor. Well to be honest, I can’t imagine myself helping a woman in labor either. I laughed softly as Corey came to a stop to our secret spot. As I unbuckled my seat belt, Corey had swiftly gone to my side of his truck and opened the door politely. Our smiles reflected off one another as he took my hand to let me out. 

I breathed out calmly as if it was my first. “Still looks the same.” 

“So how has everything been? Y’know with the wedding stuff?” I turned me head to Corey who was sitting down in his beach chair. I sat in the opposite one. He threw a Coke at me which I perfectly retrieved. 

I shrugged as I took a sip of my coke. “It’s been a complete bitch. But I work hard for Nick because I only want the best for him.” My eyes went back to the ocean. 

“You like him, don’t you?” 

My head whipped to Corey who held a smug smirk. “I hardly know what you’re talking about.” Involving him into this was far too much for me to handle. I could feel my cheeks boil red from the embarrassment. He didn’t take his beady little eyes off of me, waiting for me to break the barrier. What was he expecting from me? A five hundred word essay on how I don’t want to talk about my personal yet completely twisted love life?

“I hope you don’t think I’m falling for this bull. You’re a horrible liar. Just admit it, Maya. You’re in love with him.” 

“Fine, I’m in love with him. Okay?” My eyes looked up to the sky and I yelled at it with all my might. I could hear a chuckle beside me. I turned to Corey who couldn’t control his laughter and was basically splitting a gut from giggling like a little girl. I rolled my eyes and walked over to the ocean alone. 

I could hear the bustling of running behind me. I ran to the ocean and sunk my feet into the water. If only I could just run into them and disappear so I wouldn’t have to face Corey. “Don’t be so embarrassed about it, Maya. I’m one of your best friends. You shouldn’t feel so awkward about saying stuff like that.” I turned back to see his smile shining down on me. 

“I suppose so.” 

“Come and give me a hug.” I smiled as I wrapped my arms around him. I felt so good to be able to know at least one person who wouldn’t judge me. 


“So someone’s birthday’s coming up soon…” 

I looked up at Carly who was smiling overly excitingly. I shook my head as I drained the rest of my coffee in the drain. “It’s just another year of not having a boyfriend. The Chinese should totally have a ‘Year of the Non-Boyfriend’,” I’d totally change cultures, really. 

“Well what are you going to do for your birthday?” 

I shrugged as I turned back to her. “As far as I’m concerned, the Jonas’ are just bringing me to dinner. You can come too since right now you’re my only friend who would want to come. I don’t think Selena and Demi like me right now.” 

She tilted her head, confused. “Demi too? What happened?” 

“Demi hates me because she thinks I sabotaged her relationship with Joe when I did absolutely nothing. I don’t want to be caught in drama if she’s going to make up stuff. The only sad thing is that she was going to make me a big cake for my birthday. I guess not this year. And Selena was going to bring her trick candles so I could make multiple wishes on my cake. I guess not this year either.” 

I could feel Carly’s hand on my shoulder. “Well I’m going to be there, the Jonas boys, your mom, and Corey. Is Corey going to be there?” 

“Probably not, I mean as much as I would want him to be there; I don’t want there to be tension between Corey and Nick.” 

“But you hardly know what went down between them in the first place.” 

I shrugged again. “Yeah, I guess. I don’t know. I just don’t want there to be stress on my birthday. I’ll probably just hang out with Corey before the party or something.” I could feel Carly’s always nosy eyes still staring at me wanting more. I couldn’t possibly hand her more. How difficult for her was it that I just didn’t want Nick and Corey to be there? She wouldn’t understand it would she? 

“Whatever, Maya. I’m just saying this could be great closure.” 

“I don’t want closure. I want peace, Carly. Let me celebrate my nineteenth birthday in peace.” 

She sighed melodramatically as if she was normally breathing practically. She picked up her bag and ran over to kiss me goodbye. “I’m going to go shopping. Call me if you need anything.” I nodded and her clunking shoes to her jingling bangles had left the apartment. 

I looked over to that empty notebook and keyboard that was staring right back at me. It was anxiously calling my name, knowing that I needed to vent through something that I wouldn’t yell back at me. I walked over with water glass in hand. 

Turning on the keyboard was switching the light of a new world. Nobody was going to tie restrictions around me right now. Nobody was going to tell me wrong. I practiced a few very wrong cords then once they began to collide perfectly I played them over and over again. I wrote down the exact cords onto the now written notebook page.

“’Cause I don’t know who I am, who I am without you,” I sang, slightly off key, to the piano cords. I sang it again this time on key more. I proceeded with pure improvising. “All I know is that I should.
And I don't know if I could stand another hand upon you. All I know is that I should. 'Cause she will love you more than I could. She who dares to stand where I stood.” I sighed out with the release of the chord. 

It was the first time I didn’t completely give up on writing a song. Could that have been the chorus or merely a verse? It was chorus material so I suppose that I would keep it that way. I was speaking music talk and loving every minute of it. I don’t know why the boys complain so much about how they don’t like it sometimes because I LOVE it! 

The feeling of venting about true feelings and emotions only made me want more. What else could I possibly say? What left was there? 

I sang it over again as I pictured myself singing it to Nick. “’Cause I don’t know who I am, who I am without you. All I know is that I should. And I don’t know if I could stand another hand upon you. All I know is that I should.” 

“‘Cause she will love you more than I could. She who dares to stand where I stood.”

End Notes:
it's not so great. but i'm making SURE that the next chapter is. it shall be drama filled and heart welling because i know how much you guys love that. ;)

much love,
n i n e t e e n by The archive

Oddly, this morning I did NOT wake up to my alarm clock. I woke up to Nick reading my diary on the other side of my bed. “For a girl whose traveled around the world with a famous rock band, your diary’s pretty bland.” All I could think of at that point was ‘Thank God, I haven’t written in my diary in months. He could have been making a dangerous move.’ 

I sat up in my bed and buried my face into my hands from pure exhaustion. “Nick, what are you doing in my bed? I’m trying to sleep.” I laid back into my bed and closed my eyes in hopes of a sweet slumber. I could hear movement besides me and as I fluttered my eyes Nick was laying on the other side of my bed staring back at me. 

“You haven’t seriously forgotten what today is?” Oh, please, let it not be my birthday. I shrugged and closed my eyes again. The one time you show up in my bed and I don’t feel like seeing your dazzling smile. Go away, Nick Jonas. “It’s your birthday, Maya!” I shut my eyes even more to enclose them, hoping to cause permanent damage. Those deathly words playing off his lusted lips. How dare he? “I know how much you hate celebrating your birthday but I think you’ll have fun today.” 

I fluttered my eyes open to see his promising face. How could I possibly pass that up? “What’s going on, Nick?” 

“Well since you are my best friend in the entire world, I’ve decided we’re going to spend the entire day together all leading up to dinner at my house with the family and a few friends. I mean we hardly spend time with each other these days and I know you’ve been busting your butt with the wedding stuff. I feel like I barely give you credit for everything you’ve done for me. I want you to have the time of your life today.” 

It was the first thing that sounded so good coming from his mouth. I smiled in the smallest way trying to hide any excitement because truthfully I was. I was going to spend the entire day with Nick? How could I take that down? I sighed slowly and loudly as if I was at my death wish. “Fine, you’ve got me. I’m all yours, Jonas.” I didn’t realize how terrible that even sounded. 

Nick didn’t seem to mind though. He smiled a toothy grin that he hardly hands out. “Alright, go and get ready. Your breath stinks.” I rolled my eyes and not a hint of embarrassment had hit me. He’s told me repulsive comments all the time. I ran over to my closet and tried to find my best outfit. 


. I was finally ready and as I looked back in my mirror, I put on my best willing my smile. I wasn’t convinced but it’ll do for now. I looked back once more at my outfit. I wore a burgundy tiered strapless dress and wore my black converse just to suit. I had to place one more piece of jewelry and I was close to happy. As I finished I got out of my bathroom and found Nick still sprawled on top of my bed. 

“Ahem,” I coughed to catch his attention. He looked up and broke into a grin. Was he satisfied or merely mocking me? I groaned and turned away. 

“No, you look great, like the birthday girl should.” My lips almost formed a smile but I restricted. Keep it cool, Kibble. “Let’s go?” We both nodded in unison as he held out his arm. I took his arm in mine and we walked out the door. On the way to the car, we locked eyes for a moment. “I want you to have the best day of your life today, Maya. I’ll search the world for everything you could possibly want.” 

I could feel my heart melt into purely liquid. He was breaking my heart out of pure kindness. I felt weak in the knees and almost asked him to carry me to the car. But was I seriously out of my mind? I locked my knees steadily and we walked still arms entangled to the car. 

I was expecting his black and white ’69 Mustang but instead found a stretch limo in the middle of the very narrow parking lot of the apartment complex. “Well this is a pleasant way to start, Nicholas.” I looked at him with an amused grin. He smoothly smiled back as he let me in the car first then followed behind. 

“Our discussed destination, Mr. Jonas?” The driver politely asked. Nick nodded in approval and by that very second, the car went off. Ugh, I hate secrets. 

“Where could we possibly go at eight in the morning? It’s Los Angeles, Nicholas. This isn’t Wyckoff where everyone’s an early bird.” I said dumbfounded. He shook his head pleased as if I fell into an obvious trap. Even the driver was laughing along. He then swiveled the screen separating the three of us up. 

“Who said we’re going to Los Angeles?” He wiggled his eye brows. “Everything’s a surprise today, Maya. That’s why people have birthdays, silly.” He played with my hair slightly as to not mess it up. 

The ride seemed impossibly short, talking about everything you could imagine; from the boys, to Wyckoff, to performing, to plays, to school, to everything not wedding for once. Suddenly the car came to a stop, Nick grinned satisfied and myself, well a tad confused. “So to your destination on a wide chain of destinations.” The driver opened the door for the both of us. Nick got out first and held his arm out once again. I held my hand into his arm but was still dumbfounded to where exactly we were. 

I looked at my surroundings. Constant cars passing by the two of us and the sky wasn’t as bright as I remembered from being in Los Angeles. Nothing was familiar and very different. I turned my head to Nick and clutched onto his arm. “Nick, I’m so confused right now. My brain’s going to explode from not understanding anything. Where are we?” 

He looked up at the sign of the small building in front of us. It read “Hilda’s Bakery” and a wide smiled filled the bottom half of my face. A massage amount of memories dating back to the earlier days in Wyckoff appeared in my mind all at once. I turned back at Nick whose smiled seemed just as similar to mine. “Are you serious, Nick? Are you serious right now?” I almost said in a screech. The excitement couldn’t contain my voice to a minimum. 

“I was going through all ends to find this place. I knew that Hilda had to have another bakery around. I gave her a ring and she couldn’t wait to see the both of us again so she flew in all the way from New Jersey to here, and you know how much she hates airplanes.” I laughed loudly and I looked back at Nick with a childish smile and the two of us ran inside. 

Almost immediately we were welcomed in with hugs by people I have yet to recognize. When we pulled away from the tight hug, Hilda’s daughter, Angelle, stared back at us with a dazed smile. She seemed older and definitely more refined. “How are you kids? Oh, how I’ve missed your smiling little faces. She pinched Nick’s cheek as if he was a baby doll. I smiled as I looked on. 

“We’ve definitely missed seeing you and Hilda back in Wyckoff.” Nick said trying to detach himself from Angelle’s hold. 

“Oh, that’s right, Mama. Why don’t you kids go and sit down? The bakery’s closed down for just the two of you. I’ll bring out all of your favorites and maybe even Mama if she’s not still tired. That old woman despises air flights but still did it for you two! So hold on tight.” We nodded as we stared back at each other. 

“I cannot believe you right now.” I said breathlessly. 

He shook his head. “I told you, babe, this day is all yours.” 

I giggled but was interrupted with a loud groan from a familiar Italian old lady almost like my Italian grand mother. Nick and I turned to see her walking slowly towards us. It was the best she could do. The both of us got up to help the lady towards our table. “Oh, my babies,” She said with a bright smile she didn’t preferably give many people. She kissed the both of our cheeks, slightly messily and held onto our hands just like the old days. 

She sat by our table and still held both of our hands with a tight clutch. “How are you Hilda?” I said was I rested my hand on top of hers. Her smile was genuine and so friendly, something I’ve missed for so long, of course alongside her famous Cannoli. 

“Oh, I’m fine, my flower. I’m just getting older as always.” I smiled softly and nodded understanding. “But I hear it’s your birthday, dear one. Oh, how I live for these days with the Jonas children.” She turned as if steadily on beat to see her daughter holding a cake in her hand and other family members holding dozen of other foods in their hands. They set the birthday cake in the middle, my favorite: half strawberry and half chocolate. Then they sang their own Italian rendition of “Happy Birthday.”

While eating the wonderful food that was practically all around me, Nick had gotten up and began to kiss everyone good bye. “We should go. It’s only the beginning of our surprises. Thank you so much.” Slightly sad, I got up and paid my goodbyes. 

We got back into the limo then Nick said to the driver, “Next stop please.” 

The car went off again. “Where to next?” 

“Stop asking questions, Maya. I’m going to stop talking to you if you keep pressing for answers.” 

I rolled my eyes and sulked back into my seat. He smiled happily. “Smile, it’s your birthday.” Yeah, that’s a perfect excuse to make such a lethal gesture. But having Nick for the rest of the day was something I couldn’t help but smile. I never have that anymore. I might as well enjoy it. He snapped as if he forgot something and carefully walked to the other side of the moving limo. “I can’t believe I almost forgot one of your birthday presents?” 

“Did you just say ‘one of’?” He nodded his head that wasn’t facing me because he was searching for something. He turned back around with a bag in hand. He carefully walked to my side of the limo. He playfully jumped into the seat besides me. He handed me the beautifully wrapped box with the biggest bow in the history of bows. 

I carefully opened it trying my hardest not to make a big rip. Then once at the core of the gift, laid in my lap were two framed photos. The first was the two of us playing on swings. I was smiling and laughing at Nick. Nick, well, I don’t know what he was doing. I was trying to decipher between sneezing, being nauseated from the swing, or oddly laughing. I laughed loudly as did Nick. 

I looked at the second picture which was of Nick and me from only a few weeks ago at a party. It was so sweet, it made my teeth ache. It surprised me of how much we changed. Nick’s hair got curlier and curlier, my hair got longer and longer. Nick’s a big rockstar, I’m the rock star’s best friend. I softly laughed as did Nick. 

“This is the best.” I smiled as I kissed Nick on the cheek. He smiled happily. 

“Don’t forget it’s only the first.” The car stopped again. For all I knew, we were in Africa. Nick let me out of the car then almost immediately we were met by a flash of lights and camera flashes. “Follow me.” Nick mumbled into my ear as he held close onto my hand. The flashes grew louder and faster. I wasn’t worried about them making some kind farfetched story about Nick and me becoming secret lovers. Everyone knew we were best friends. If someone read a story about Nick and me they would think it’d be the funniest thing in the world. It’s so typical. 

“Happy birthday, Maya!” Some of them while flashing their cameras. I restricted from wondering who had wished me a happy birthday. I find it so creepy they know that. I looked down and focused on not stumbling over. Finally, Nick led me into some type of glass door. Once again confused of where I was, I looked up to find the ultimate shining of many jewels and crystals surrounding me. 

“What the?” 

All around me was glistening off the bright lights in the ceilings. “Welcome to Tiffany’s.” Whatever Audrey Hepburn was feeling when she was in Tiffany’s but I’m sure it was in no comparison to what I was even trying to think. I can’t even afford to pee in a place like this none of the less have something from this. I turned back to Nick who was smiling once again. “Anything is yours.” 

I took Nick’s hand into mine and we walked around the entire store together. Everything was beautiful. Everything made my eyes tear from being so shiny. As nice was everything was, only one thing had caught my eye: a heart locket in the shape of a key. I couldn’t help but smile and daze at it. 

“I think we have a winner.” Nick said to the nearby attendant. She nodded and took it out of the case. 

“Nick, you really don’t need to.” I tried to refuse but he shook his head as if I spoke complete nonsense. 

“Maya, don’t even go there.” He dazzled once again and I shook out of the trance. This day was hopefully never going to end. I laughed as if this was all a dream. Did I honestly just accept a gift from Tiffany’s? “Let’s go. We have much more to do.” I took the Tiffany’s bag from the attendant then Nick’s hand outside again. 

The flash of cameras recharged itself for another photo op. My hand had never let go of Nick’s as we found our way back to the car. Yet again there was another present, awaiting my approval. I laughed and shook my head. It was an orchid. The same orchid I was telling Nick about. I laughed as I turned around to see him laughing with me. “You remembered?” 

He nodded. “I never forget.” 

“That’s three presents already, Nick! Really, this is enough!” 

He shook his head like I spoke true nonsense. “Don’t be silly.” He nodded to the driver who began to drive again. 

I looked at my watch. It was already 12:58. “Damn, time went quick.” I said with a flabbergasted sigh. His soft laugh filled my heart like a glass of water. Suddenly, I could feel the vibration of my cell phone. I whipped it out to look at the caller’s name. It had flashed “Corey” all over it. Luckily, Nick had turned away to look on at the streets. My eyes traveled back to the cell phone and by instinct, I clicked “Ignore.” I just don’t want drama right now. 

The car ride was pretty quick. Almost too quick to hold a conversation with Nick. We got out again and we were on Rodeo Drive, known for their amazing stores and shops that many people cannot afford. “Welcome to shopping heaven, my friend.” He pulled my hand and guided me to the Christian Louboutin store. I almost died and went straight to heaven. 

Inside were the most beautiful shoes ever created. I regretted wearing my shoddy and threadbare black converse. “Hello Mr. Jonas, how may we help you?” The first store attendant walked up to the two of us with a professional smile. 

“Show us your best shoes.” 

By the end of the visit, I found myself switching ratty old black forty dollar converse for five-hundred dollar black patent leather heals with gold lining. This was my Cinderella moment and somehow Nick was my fairy god-mother and my prince all at the same time. How unique. 

“There’s just one more surprise.” 

There’s a shocker. 

“Nick, you can’t be serious.” I was overwhelmed by all the presents from only one person. 

“Last one, I promise.” 

We stopped in front of yet another store but this time a dress store. “Oh no, oh no.” I shook my head hopelessly. He pushed me into the store and practically strapped me into the first chair in the store. He won again. Wonderful. 

The dress Nick chose for me to get was a gold tiered dress that fit almost perfectly and somehow matched exactly with the shoes. What a surprise? I had to admit I looked pretty good in the outfit Nick completely picked out and somehow I felt happy in it as well. Was that possible? I felt good about wearing a dress for the first time ever? 

This day got weirder and weirder. 

I walked out the dressing room and to Nick who seemed surprised himself. “You look great, Maya.” Red seeped into my cheeks and boiled warmly. He couldn’t take his eyes off of me and it felt good and completely awkward at the same time. Well that sure feels good, not. “We’ll get it.” I turned back to take it off but Nick stopped me in my tracks. “No Maya, you’re wearing that to dinner.” I cocked my head to the side, brain dead. “Yes, I just said ‘to dinner’. Come on, let’s go.” 

He held out his arm and still very brain dead I held my arm in his. “Nick, I could kill you right now if you weren’t the best person in the entire world.” 

“I try. I try.” He said in the most pompous pretending manner. I smiled and shook my head at how silly he was being. “Let’s go.” He pulled out his arm for what I could have assumed the final time. With the most sincere smile I could plaster, I took my hand in his arm and we both walked off towards the car. “One last surprise.” 

I didn’t respond but an eye roll and a smile. 

It was nearly sundown. How did it even become night so quickly? The destination didn’t seem all too far away. In fact it was very familiar to me but before I could double take, Nick had placed a scarf over my eyes to shield me from any further notice. “No peeking.” He said with a laugh. “We’re here.” He said through almost a whisper. 

I could hear the car door click and open to the sound of sea shore. Nick held onto my hand and led me out the car. I’m blindfolded, wearing very expensive heels, and holding onto Nick’s hand; this can’t possibly be good. I’m likely to trip and fall flat on my face. How lovely. 

“Nick, seriously, where are we going?” 

He didn’t answer but still led me forward. He was probably not going to answer any of antsy questions that I would smack across him before our destination. Suddenly we both stopped in our tracks, I was completely puzzled. “We’re here.” He pulled off my scarf and I found the greatest sight I’ve seen in my life. 

“SURPRISE!” Practically half of the universe yelled at me. I laughed out of a mixture of amusement and shock. Everyone was smiling back at me, dressing just as nicely as me. People I haven’t seen in years were there, my famous friends, and my mother. Oh, my mother. I practically leaped towards her and wrapped my arms around her. She kissed my forehead as she laughed into my long tresses. 

I had looked up behind the huge crowd of people who were sending hugs and kisses my way. Lighting up the sky was the seaside amusement park in Los Angeles, the famous park that was currently empty besides my friends. I looked back at Nick, my mouth was hung wide and low. “Are you kidding me?” I yelled at him. He shook his head with a smirk. I let go of my mother in an instant and wrapped my arms around Nick. 

“Happy birthday, Maya. I hope this is makes your birthday the best.” 

I broke away an inch and looked up at Nick. “This is the best. I love you, Nick.”

He looked back down at me and dazzled brighter than the shinest roller coaster. His hand came up to my face and brushed off a loose strand of hair off my forehead. 

"I love you too."

End Notes:
OHHH GOSSSH. i couldn't help it. i love this chapter with a passion. i mean this isnt the drama i was promising you because that will be NEXT CHAPTER, which will be coming out very soon. i love you guys too much to stop now. (:
t w e n t y by The archive

I felt on top of the world. No, I felt on top of the universe. Never had I ever had this feeling that everything was going okay for me. My mother was back with me, my best friend had never left my side, and Mandy was no where in sight. What more could I ask for?

Then I looked around the amusement park in search of someone truly importantly to me. 


If I had one more wish to ask from Nick, it would to have Corey here. But I already demanded from Carly that I didn’t want him here. I’ll just hang out with him sometime later. 

“How’s my girl?” I turned to my mom whose arm was hanging around me. I felt at home and no one could make me feel that way other than my own mom. I lifted my head from her shoulder and turned towards her. I nodded with most assurance and rested my head back. Within a near distance, Nick was coming my way. He had changed into a gray suit looking handsome like he always was. 

“I hope I’m not interrupting but Maya, there are a few people who’d like to see you right now.” He said very properly. He winked sullenly with that sly smirk of his. I looked back at my mom as if I needed her approval. She nodded and gave me a motivational push. Nick held out his hand and I took mine in his. It felt just right. 

He led me towards the stage where many people were already standing by. We stood before a blonde whose back was facing us. “Ahem.” Nick coughed to catch attention. The blonde turned around to only be one of the best people in the entire world. 


Van Duyne, of course. 

I leaped onto Mandy who had extended her arms for a hug. “MANDY, WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!” I yelled out on the top of my lungs. When I’m excited, my voice has a hard time staying at a normal tone. 


She caressed my hair and didn’t let go of her hold. “You thought I wasn’t going to show up at my baby’s nineteenth birthday? Are you out of your mind? I wouldn’t miss this moment for the world!” I let go and as I looked upon her genuinely happy smile. I could tell she was barely lying. 

Nick had laid his hand on my waist and his lips on my earlobe. “The show is about to start. I’ll see you in a bit.” I turned back, so near to his soft lips and nodded with no answer whatsoever. He smiled slyly and run towards the back of the stage. 

“Hello everyone!” Everyone had turned their attention towards the stage. Before everyone was Demi waving and smiling at the crowd around me. She couldn’t have possibly come here without at least wanting to come just a little bit before being forced. “Before the show starts, I’d like to just tell the birthday girl, that I hope you get everything you deserve. I love you.” A few ‘awe’s’ were voiced maybe a little too loudly. A valid grin was handed back to Demi through my teeth and she smiled back. 

It won't be long
'Til the summer is gone
Get your party on
so sing along

Hold on tight
it’s a crazy night
Get your party on
so we're screaming out loud

Everyone cheered on Demi as she blew kisses to the entire crowd then looked down to me and exclusively blew a kiss for me. I blew a kiss back as if it was real. She looked back towards the crowd. “Now, ladies and gentlemen, the wonderful PARAMORE!” 

Now when I caught myself
I had to stop myself
from saying something that
I should have never thought

of you, of you
you’re pushing and pulling me
Down to you
but I don't know what I want
No, I don't know what I want

The entire concert was filled with performers who are my best friends (such as Paramore, Rooney, Forever the Sickest Kids, and Metro Station) and others who I’ve had an unhealthy obsession with (such as The Academy Is…, Fall Out Boy, and Cobra Starship.) I never sat down during the entire concert just like everyone else. I was having way too much fun. After Cobra Starship finished “Kiss My Sass”, Gabe said with that dashing smile of his. “Now, friends, please welcome the great, the mighty, Nick Jonas!” 

I laughed and clapped the loudest out of everyone. As Nick stepped on stage, wearing a black suit different from what he wore earlier, everyone screamed for his entrance. He waved shyly to the crowd with his ukulele in hand. One of the stage hands had brought two stools on stage. “Yeah, I paid him to say that.” A mutual laugh was sounded. “So Maya has been my best friend for as long as I can remember. She’s been with me through thick and thin in all kinds of situations. She has always been my girl and always will be my girl.” I could hear Jordin Sparks behind me letting out a huge “AWWH.” I laughed and continued to listen to Nick’s heart melting speech. “So to help me with this new song of mine, I’d love to have Maya come up here with me.” 

My eyes grew wide and slightly scared. Everyone began to cheer for me to get up on stage. I looked over at Mandy who softly pushed me towards the stage. I tried my best not to go too quick yet pace myself. I need to stay smooth. Being in heels that were not of an average height for me, I felt pressured to stay calm and walk straight. The steps towards Nick were a little on the steep side so I tried my best to climb them quickly. I could feel the back of my heel shake and quiver. I was almost at the last step but somehow tripped over the ledge and almost tripped. But thankfully, one of the stage hands took my arm to help me get back up. 

Real smooth.

I bashfully grinned at Nick who was trying to hide his laughter. He got up from his chair and sat me down at my stool. “Maya, I wrote this song for you and I hope you like it.” He counted off softly then began to play his ukulele. Screams and shouts of praise grew from the audience to start the song off right. The lights shown bright on just Nick and me for everyone to look on. 

You make my dreams come true
and I love 
all the small things that you do, like blink 182
you make my days go better and the way 
that the sun is shining through girl its all because of you

He took his eyes off his ukulele for a second and looked straight at my eyes as if no one else was watching. He gave me a small wink that let chills down my spine. Was he truly planning on letting me fall off stage? If he was, he was so close at this point. He set his eyes back on his ukulele and proceeded to intently play.

And I know its tough right now but you’ll get it together
and just know that I am here through all kinds of weather
I won’t ever leave your side day or night or whenever
but right now I gotta say

I could distinctively hear Mandy yell “Ow, ow,” to Nick which made the both of us laugh. He looked back up towards me as if on instant and didn’t take his eyes off this time. My small and sensitive smirk had only grown in a bright smile in a matter of seconds. His smile had reflected off mine and he never let it fall. I didn’t want him to.

that you’re a 
show stopper you are so hot and I cant get you off my mind
show stopper you’re a jaw dropper
when I see you in the lights
you make everything alright
and I know that Id be fine if I had you

I could hear the Veronicas screaming our names. I laughed and waved back at them. Joe even yelled, “I love you, Nick!” to embarrass him on stage. Typical. Try not to ruin it for the both of us, Joe. Nick brushed it off and didn’t stop. He smiled once more at himself. I think to myself: he never acts like this on a regular day.

You make me wanna dance
cuz I’m happy but just know that I can’t dance
so I’m sorry in advance

My stomach was tickled by laughing so hard with the rest of the crowd. He seemed happy that I was happy at that very moment. The heat off my back from the bright lights was in no comparison to the blush on my cheeks that turned even redder. 

you make the stars shine brighter and the way
that the moonlight hits your eyes makes me wanna be your guy
and I know its tough right now but you’ll get it together
and just know that I am here through all kinds of weather
I wont ever leave your side day or night or whenever
But at this moment I just wanna say, I just gotta

that you’re a 
show stopper you are so hot and I cant get you off my mind
show stopper you’re a jaw dropper
when I see you in the lights
you make everything alright
and I know that I’d be fine if I had you

Every time he said “If I had you,” I wondered the meaning behind those four words. “I think I’ll be fine too,” I just wanted to yell that back to him. It would’ve been so inappropriate on so many levels if I did. But I couldn’t help it; every word he sang to me gave me another reason to love him more. 

You make me feel like I’m flying
no one can stop me from feelin
the way I do now no denying
that you got me going and now I’m falling

show stopper you are so hot and I cant get you off my mind
show stopper you’re a jaw dropper
when I see you in the lights
you make everything alright
and I know that Id be fine if I had you

If I had you
If I had you

He sang those four words three more times. I wanted to hear him say them over and over again. They sounded so sweet and real in my ears and felt so right inside my body. I wanted him to serenade me all night long. How could something so wrong feel so right in the moment? 

Show stopper you are so hot and I can’t get you off my mind
show stopper you’re a jaw dropper
when I see you in the lights
you make everything alright
and I know that I’d be fine if I had you

He finished with a soft ukulele solo that decrescendo-ed to a stop. Almost immediately, everyone got up from their seats and applauded. Nick stood from his stool and took a bow. He looked back at me and smirked. He held out his hand for me to take. Happily, I held his hand in his and bowed with him. Then he took my hand and pulled me in towards him. His soft lips had kissed my cheek then towards my ear lobe. “Happy birthday.” 

Could a birthday possibly be this great? Could a birthday possibly be this grand? Could a birthday possibly involve falling even more for your best friend? Clearly it does since I answered “Yes” to each of those questions. 

Who knew the girl who was always on the sidelines became the star in one night? Thanks to someone special, everything I could have ever imagined was coming true. 

Nick, who had changed back into his gray suit, had come up from behind me. He spared me one last award winning smile. He said nothing but pulled me hand towards the Ferris wheel. I didn’t say anything back but followed him towards the wheel. Once off the ground, it all felt so good to just see all of Los Angeles with the only person that mattered this much.

“How is your night?” He wrapped his arm around my waist as I rested my head on his shoulder. 

“Words can’t possibly be put together in the English language to sum up how great this night is. Nick, how can I repay you? I really don’t deserve any of this.” I shook my head and everything else in my body.

He shook his head back at me as if it was a comeback. “Are you kidding me? Maya, if anyone deserves something like this it would be you. I mean you think I’m going to do all of this for Joe?” I laughed loudly and shook my head with a ‘no’. “Maya, nobody in the world, not even Miley, means to me as much as you do. You’re always by my side no matter what.” 

I smiled softly and laid my head back down. 

But Nick had sprung up and began to pick out of his pocket. “I have one more surprise.” Was he being serious? What more could he possibly do for me? My head shook quickly, hoping to refuse. “Maya, I promise, last one.” He said with a devilish smile.

“You said that for the last two times, Nick.” 

“Well this one right here is my last surprise.” He pulled out yet another Tiffany’s box. How much jewelry was he planning on giving me? I could hardly accept his gift but I know that if I didn’t he would throw a fit. I took the teal box in my hand and slowly opened it. Inside was the same locket that he bought me earlier. I looked up at him and cocked my head, confused. As I held it between my hands, he slowly opened the locket where a picture should be. But as I looked in it, there were already two pictures in it. 

Of him and me. 

“I had someone put in pictures while you were preoccupied with everything else. I needed you to understand that no matter where we go and who you meet and when I’m with Miley and we don’t spend as much as time anymore, you understand that you have been and always will be the first girl who has ever captured my heart. So just as the shape of the locket, you keep and always will keep 

Despite my resent to his mention of Miley, who apparently could not make it to the party because of work, I managed to gasp out. “Nick, this, this may be my favorite present out of all of them.” I could practically inhale the sweet smell of Old Spice deodorant. He was so close to me, I couldn’t bare it. “This night, no this entire day, has been the greatest day of my life. The thing is it’s not about the gifts and presents you’ve given me all day long. Yes, they are nice I should add. But the fact that you’ve spend the entire day with me just to make sure I’m happy could be the sweetest gift you’ve ever given me. No one in the world could possibly replace you in my life.” 

Every word and every moment counted right now. A blush of red was seeping through his soft cheeks as he dazzled through a smile. I looked back down at the necklace and unlocked it so I could start wearing it. “Let me get that.” Nick said, always being the gentleman. I gave him the locket and twisted to where my back was facing him. I pulled my hair up so the lock wouldn’t get tangled in my strands. 

I could feel his warm breath pressing against my shoulder blades as he fumbled with the lock. Once secured, he pulled down my hands and let my hair fall. I turned back around to him as looked down at my new necklace. 

“This is so unreal.” 



Smiling and waving to my many colleagues was all an act. I was only looking for one person. That person was Demi. I couldn’t stay away from her. I needed to tell her everything before Mandy, the psychotic one, can even find out. I pushed through the hordes of celebrities coming my way. She had to be here somewhere. I would die without having said one word to her tonight. 

The more people who weren’t Demi, the harder I pushed through. She’s here, I can just feel it. 

If I was Demi, where would I be? 

I let my mind ponder through the question in search of an answer. Then without even thinking about it much longer, I turned around to where the waves of the ocean crashed upon the soft white sand. Though it was dark in comparison to the flashing lights of the amusement park, I could still see someone walking along the edges of the beach. I found my answer and took a dash for it. 

As I was sprinting towards her, which I must add is a good jog; I was hardly processing the words to what I would even say to her. Would she even listen to me after I practically told her I’d never speak to her again? I would because after my hang up with her, I knew I could’ve died. I need her now, more than ever. 

Demi was almost in a near distance which only made me run faster and harder. She was so close that I could smell the aroma of her sweet perfume trickling on my chest. She was intoxicating. I could see her clearly now. She was wearing a black strapless mini dress that hugged her curves almost perfectly. I dashed for the target with nothing else in mind. 

She walked slowly yet paced herself to the beat she was quietly singing to herself. 

How do you know, he loves you? 
How do you know, he's yours? 
Does he take you out dancing just so he can hold you close? 
Dedicate a song with words meant just for you?

She sighed out slowly and looked away, not even noticing that I was standing here the entire time. She began to throw rocks into the ocean, in hopes they would hop off. They didn’t. I walked slower and quieter so she wouldn’t hear me so obviously. 

I huffed out a breath before singing back in response. 

He'll find his own way to tell you, with the little things he'll do
that’s how you know, that's how you know, he's your love.

She jumped up slightly before turning around to see me. Once realizing who I was, she turned back while rolling her eyes. She acted as if she hardly cared my existence but I knew her too well. She secretly wished me to forever stay. Secret or not, I wouldn’t leave her. “I know you’re not the happiest with me right now.” 

“How long did it take you to realize that one?” She retorted. 

I ignored her attempt to be sarcastic and kept on going. “I can’t tell you everything. It’s not my place to say anything. But I will tell you this, you shouldn’t believe everything you hear. How long will it take you to realize that you don’t live in Dallas anymore? You live in L.A. and almost everywhere people are manipulating each other to get what they want. It’s how the world goes ‘round here.” 

She stood quiet, still looking onto the seashore. I walked closer and closer. She tried to move over away from me but she couldn’t escape so easily. I didn’t care if she would refuse to speak to me again. I just needed her to listen to me just for this moment. “Demi, you’re the inspiration that gets me up in the morning. Well you and Chuck Norris but he’s something different.” I attempted to be funny but no reaction whatsoever. Great. 

“I love you more than you think. I love you more than this ‘little sister’ crap I’m supposed to hand to every interviewer. You’re the reason I want to be happy. You’re the reason I want to still have this life. I want you and nobody else. Nothing can hold back these feelings. Please, Demi, please. Just speak to me right now.” 

Slowly but surely, she turned to face me. “Joe, I’ve fallen for you from day one. That moment I even saw you, you were someone I knew I could hardly replace. Even if this may all be an act, you still hurt me. No, you didn’t hurt me; you broke me. Hearing those words was like a death sentence for me. You don’t even understand how hard it is for me to actually love a man. I loved you and fell for you so hard. Then you made me realize, I can’t ever give my heart to anyone but myself.” 

I cupped my hands over her face. Her frightened and scared eyes had burned into mine. All she needs is someone to care. I want to be that someone. “Then give me your heart now. I promise I will protect my life with it. I just need to know that you can accept me back. Take me for who I was not what I’ve become. I’ll be the man you want, no you need. Just take me.” 

She was so close that I could hardly resist staying away. Her lips, so soft and breathtaking, were so close. That aroma that drove me in from a distance was pushing against my chest at this point. I could feel her heavy breathing against my mouth. She couldn’t take it either. It was at this point, I closed the gap and barrier between us. 

I pressed my lips softly on hers. I placed my hand on the small of her back while my other on the back of her neck. She resisted holding back but without a thought I could feel her arm traveling up my arms. She never broke away but stepped closer. Her arms, no longer fragile yet strong, traveled to the side of my face. 

The kissing had only grown heavier at this point, not even breaking away for a breath yet. She kissed with every might in her body. I took it, pleased. My tongue had pressed against her teeth, she resisted once again. I broke away for a needed breather but looked straight into Demi’s eyes. “Let me in.” 

She shook her head with a sly smirk. “You have far too much to work for, Joe. You’ve got to show me that I’m the only one for you.” 

I still held her close to my heart. “There are certain circumstances that won’t allow us to be together. I will fight them for you, for the both of us. When we’ve conquered all ends, I’ll be yours forever. But for now, you can’t tell anyone, not even your family or Selena. This is something too precious to be destroyed by drama and a bunch of Hollywood crap. I want us to make it through.” 

She nodded. “I want us to make it through too.” 

“Then let’s take this slowly. You are not just another girl to me. You’re the girl I want to spend the rest of my life with.” I could feel her head nod once again in my chest. The night was closing into a departure in a matter of minutes. Everyone would wonder where we were then wonder why we’re together. I broke away from the sweet hold that I didn’t want to let go. “You should head back. I’m sure Selena’s worried sick about you.” 

Seeming scared to let go, she leaned on for one small yet sweet kiss. Once the both of us broke away, her hands smoothed down my arms to my hands. She held onto my hands for as long as she could until she knew it was time to let go. Not any of hold of me, she began to run towards the park. 

She was already far away at this point so I decided to follow behind but slowly. 

I finally professed my love for the most wonderful girl in the world. I know that the moment the wedding ends, we will run away together and finally be with each other officially. I could hardly wait. 

Then something diminished my happiness in a quick second. Someone was at the gate, holding a bouquet of flowers. He was pacing back and forth almost like a nervous wreck. I’ve seen his face far too many times in the past. His face was of a killer yet his mask was of some angelic cherub. I had to tell Nick. I had to tell Nick that Corey Goldman was here.



We were at the very top of the Ferris wheel, Nick and I. We were at the very top of the world, Nick and I. Nothing could possibly make this moment any better. Nick’s arm was safely around my shoulder and his hand was fastened into mine. I turned back to see him grin down on me. A small smile played on my face. I can feel him all around me. The way I’ve always imagined it to be. 

There was such a small gap between the two of us. His breath was pressing on my face, inviting me in. This was it. This was the moment. I could feel Nick closing in the gap between us. We were in synch with each other. His lips were so close to mine, I was ready to seal the deal. 

“NICK! NICK! NICHOLAS JONAS!” We were stopped abruptly by a familiar voice, trying to catch Nick’s attention. Well he sure did, Joe. We both looked down to Joe flinging his arms up and down. Nick let go of my hand quickly and kept them safely in his lap. We’ve ruined everything. Things like this would happen to me. “You have to get down here now!” Joe yelled up to us. 

Nick groaned internally. “I’m so sorry about that.” He mumbled over to me. He was regretting almost kissing me? 

Without another word, I nodded my head and turned away. Now it was awkward. 

Once back safely on the ground, Joe stood before us hands on his hips in a distraught manner. “You have to see this.” Nick got up quickly and I followed slowly behind. This had to be good. Joe stopped once seeing that I was following behind. He shook his head. “Why don’t you just stay here, Maya? It’s your birthday. I just need to talk to Nick about some paparazzi stalking at the door.” He was stalling something away from me. I knew it too well. I turned my back at them and began to walk the other away. 

I looked back as they were already far away towards the entrance. I began to proceed walking far from them but towards the entrance. 

Paparazzi. Yeah right. 


Joe dashed towards the entrance while Nick unwillingly walked behind. “This has to be good.” Nick mumbled anxiously. Joe didn’t turn back but nodded. Nick had other things revolving in his mind. He’d prefer to be with Maya then consoling issues that only Joe would want to resolve. 

What could possibly be such a problem that had to interrupt Nick from trying to give Maya the night of her life? 

They were close to the entrance and stood a boy far too familiar to both of them. He walked back and forth with a bouquet of yellow roses in his hand. Inaudible words were coming from his mouth, like he was rehearsing a script. Nick narrowed his eyes and became ready to confront with the intruder. “What are you doing here, Corey?” He said forcefully. 

His eyes came into contact with both of the boys. Corey’s eyes were not as strict as Nicholas’ but became nervous. “I just wanted to say happy birthday to Maya. I swear.” His voice cracked from hopes of not getting beat up by the end of the conversation. Joe’s arms crossed against his chest while Nick still stared back at Corey. 

“I don’t care if you’re here for Maya. There’s no way I’m letting you in here. How dare you even try to talk to her after all you’ve done?” Joe said walking closer towards Corey. Corey’s shoulders tensed at the sight of Joe getting into his personal space. Joe hardly cared. 

“Joe, back off of the kid for chrissakes.” Joe moved back towards Nick. “Look, I’m going to give you a warning this time. But if I see you hanging around Maya, I promise I will make sure you never show up in the Los Angeles area ever again. Okay?” Nick was no longer the sensitive and quiet rockstar. He was the over protective best friend who takes no crap. 


When standing behind a tilt-a-whirl, you can only see so much. I could see Joe and Nick manipulating so poor kid who wanted to get it. Who in their right mind would want to crash a party to see me? How creepy is that? I was near to yelling at the tilt-a-whirl conductor, hoping he could quiet the ride. I would’ve looked so stupid. 

Nick’s back covered my view of whoever was trying to get in. I cocked my head to the side and then to the other side, still not a great picture. I decided to run over to the fun slide. It was a better view and I could almost hear them. I could hear Joe’s overly protective voice yell at the boy. “…Even try to talk to her after all you’ve done?” What is he talking about? Joe began to move closer towards the kid. 

The boy was so familiar but I could hardly see his face under the dim lighting. Who could he possibly be? Why wouldn’t Joe and Nick let him in? 

Then it hit me. 

There’s a boy that obviously knows me well since he’s at my birthday. Joe and Nick seem to really not like him because apparently he did something to me. If you could take every boy in the world and narrow them down to all of these traits, you could only get one man in the end: Corey. 

I don’t know what could have possessed me to such a thing but I ran from behind the slide and over to the entrance. Nick’s eyes had widened as his forceful eyes had decreased to subtle and quiet. I looked over at Corey who seemed more than relieved to see me. Joe, however, was bewildered. “Maya, maybe you should go. We’re just talking to an old friend who was actually just about to leave.” Joe placed his hand on Corey’s shoulder as if he thought he would hide everything from me. Corey tensed up suddenly.

“Joe, stop lying to me. I hope you don’t think that I don’t know who this is. Give him a break. I’ll talk to him.” Then came out a side of me that Joe and Nick never see. I was more than happy that Corey was here. It’s not their place to make Corey turn back around. It’s my birthday and I’ll cry if I want to. 

Look at me, I’m quoting songs.

Taken aback by my sudden outbreak, Nick and Joe almost immediately turned back around towards the park. They proceeded to walk but at times would look back to glare at Corey. My finger revolved in a circular motion to signal them to turn back around. I turned back at Corey who looked more relieved than earlier. “I’m sorry about that.” I didn’t even know why I was sorry for it. I didn’t know what was between them. 

Corey brought up his hand to signal an ‘okay’. The yellow rose bouquet was still in his hand, slightly crumpled from his nervous clutch on them. “They’d look a lot better if I didn’t fear for my life.” I shook my head and took the flowers out of his hands. Once, in my arms, the two of us grew quiet. I was waiting for him to say something because I knew he wanted to. He just didn’t seem to know what to tell me. “Um, so the flowers aren’t really my only gift. My other present is in the car, could you come with me?” 

I looked back behind me to see if Nick or Joe was lurking back at me obviously. No sign of them anywhere. I nodded back at Corey who began to walk towards the parking lot. I followed after him but didn’t speak, neither did he. Soon, his sturdy red truck was in sight. His pace increased towards the car. He opened the rear and spread a blanket over it. He climbed in then helped me into it. 

In the truck of his car was sitting his guitar. He let me sit down first before he followed. He placed the guitar in his lap and looked me deep in my eyes. “There’s a song I’d like you to hear. I really hope you like it.” A hint of blush rushed into my cheeks as I smiled shyly. His hands began to brush against his acoustic guitar to begin with the cords. 

Every time I see your smile
it makes my heart beat fast
and though it’s much too soon to tell
I'm hoping this will last

He looked back up at me with a sly smirk. My smile reflected off of his in response. He didn’t take his eyes off of mine. His bright blue eyes even in almost darkness were piercing light towards me. I could have fallen in them. I could feel him all around me.

Cause i just always wanna have you right here by my side
The future's near but never certain
At least stay here for just a night
I must've done something right to deserve you in my life
I must've done something right along the way

I just can't get you off my mind
And why would I even try
Even when I close my eyes
I dream about you all the time

A chuckle had escaped my mouth as he continued to sing. My arms were wrapped across my chest, almost scared to let him in. His face had almost fallen to a more serious tone. Where was this all coming from? Where was he going with this?

Cause i just always wanna have you right here by my side
The future's near but never certain
So please stay here for just a night
I must've done something right to deserve you in my life
I must've done something right along the way

And even if the moon fell down tonight
There'd be nothing to worry about at all
Because you make the whole world shine
As long as you're here
Everything would be alright

He stopped with a hint of a smirk. He began to play until the last lyrics. The feeling within me was at the most confused, frazzled, loved, and a little nauseous. I swallowed hard on my throat in a guilty manner. Maybe that would ease away the blame.

I must've done something right to deserve you in my life
I must've done something right along the way

He ended with the last cord and a smile. It almost seemed like the song had made me look at him in a completely different way. I smiled back at him as I clapped softly. “That was a very sweet song. You know, I’m really happy that I have a friend like you.” His face fell and a completely different tone washed over him. 

He put down his guitar gently and came closer to me. “The truth, Maya, I can’t say that I feel the same way about you.” I cocked my head to the side in confusion. He placed his palm over my hand and began to clutch above it. “Maya, I’m in love with you.” 

“Wait, what?” 

He sighed with a hint of amusement. “I know. It’s a bit on the shocking side. It’s crazy for me to even admit it but I just need you to know.” He looked up in my eyes and never ripped them away. I could feel his hand squeeze upon mine. My mind instantly shut off. In fact, I felt every working system in my body sudden dysfunction. I felt completely confused and frazzled. I couldn’t tell what I felt. I couldn’t tell you anything at this point.

“What do you expect me to say to that?” I felt my face harden as I stared back at him. His smile had faltered into a more serious tone. 

For the first time, his eyes no longer traveled towards mine. Nervously, he looked down at particularly nothing and shook his head. “I don’t expect anything of you, Maya. The only thing I need you to know is that I love you.” It was the second time he said those words. I couldn’t process them as easily as I had hoped. 


“And yes, I hadn’t forgotten about your feelings for Nick. I can’t promise lavish presents such as necklaces, dresses, shoes, or amusement parks,” In unison, we both looked over at the open park just for my friends and me. “But I will promise you this, no matter what happens, I’ll always be here waiting for you.” 

I could feel water formulate in my eyes and begin to drip down my cheek. Where did the tears come from? They salty droplets of water burned in the corner of my eyes. I could feel Corey’s hand climb up my face to wipe the tears. His touch was soft 

“Even if you don’t take me in the end, I’ll always love you because you’ve always been the only girl to ever capture my heart. I need you to know, Maya, that no matter what; I’ll always be here, just waiting.” 

“Corey… please don’t.” I shook my head, hoping he would immediately change his mind. 

He didn’t. He let his lips kiss my cheek softly. I didn’t move or respond. My body couldn’t move from utter shock. What was I possibly going to do now? Something was causing me from refusing Corey’s feelings for me. I couldn’t tell him. Was it maybe that somewhere inside of me I felt the same way? I couldn’t tell. 

“I’ll be waiting.”

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t w e n t y o n e by The archive

Hours, minutes, and soon seconds had passed so quickly. I found myself lying in my bed, sprawled across the mattress. I didn’t even know how I ended up back in my apartment. I didn’t even know that we left the amusement park. Thoughts in my mind began to escape like the wind. I couldn’t process anything for my mind was so filled with Corey and Nick. 

My fingers brushed through my hair with a loud groan. How could I have possibly not realize what Corey was trying to tell me all along? The smiles and smirks he passed me were much more than friendly. Even the way that I felt in his arms, I felt loved and secured. The fact that he hasn’t left my side just bewilders me. He was sending me a message and I was too ignorant to even see it. 

Then there’s Nick, the boy who I’ve grown to love. I can’t see a moment without missing him. I can’t not smile and feel the butterflies around him. I knew that he was the one person in my life that I needed but somehow we were being pulled apart in separate directions. If fate isn’t agreeing with me, why should I even bother? 

I sat up in my bed, my blanket covering all around me. My tired eyes traveled to my night stand where the picture frame of Nick and me, one of the many pictures he had given me last night, sat right by the other picture frame of Corey and me at his concert. I picked up Corey’s picture and placed it on my lap. 

Then, we were just friends, best friends even. The goofy faces we posed for the camera were silly and childish. I thought that was what our relationship was supposed to revolve around, I thought wrong now. As I looked back at this picture, my thoughts and feelings tried to recoil back before all of this. I couldn’t find them because the only memory that popped back into my imagination was of last night. I can’t be with him but I can’t imagine being without him.

I rested the frame back on the stand then picked up the second one. Nick had flashed a genuine toothy grin in the photo, a smile he doesn’t usually pass around so easily not even to Miley very often. My arms were wrapped around his shoulders in a hug as he tied his against my lower waist. I could almost feel his arms around me again in my bed. I shivered off the invisible arms and looked back at the photograph. Our smiles were so happy and bright as if we were almost laughing. 

I could feel the warm tears bake in my eyes. The rivulets of salty water rolled down my cheek bone then trickled down my chin. What could I have honestly done? Why is everyone asking so much from me? Why is it that everyone in the world can love someone but me? Nick, who was my soul mate under secret conditions, was marrying for the wrong reasons and the wrong person. My love for him had extended across the universe. Come to think of it, maybe the universe couldn’t possibly suffice. 

Corey, the boy whose friendship with me had lit on fire in only a matter of weeks, had fallen for me in that same short matter of weeks. He had never left my side through everything while hiding intense feelings. I don’t know anyone besides myself who would do that. He’s giving up everything he has for me. He makes me feel special and loved in ways that not even Nick could. 

The tears had only run faster. My fingers rushed to my eye lids as I brushed them off quickly. I could hear the front door click open. The clank of heels traveled towards my bedroom. Carly’s voice moved with her. “God, I hate dress fittings. I’m ninety-seven pounds and yet all of her bridesmaids make me feel like a porker. How wrong is “ 

She stopped in the middle of my doorway to see the tears fall down like rain. Her face fell as she ran to my side. Her fingers trailed against my lower eye lid to chase the tears away. Her arms wrapped against my back as I rested my head against her shoulder. 

“Well sure as hell that we are definitely not going to that stupid dress fitting.” 


A week had passed without seeing Nick or Corey. I got out of helping with the wedding for the time being since I got a ‘horrible cold’ after the party. Nick immediately understood and reassured me that I wasn’t missing anything. If I had to do something specifically, he would drop it off at the apartment but so far nothing. 

Corey, on the other hand, was slightly more difficult. He constantly called, left messages, even tried to pass by my apartment. I just couldn’t handle seeing him at this point. He left me so confused with myself to the point of near insanity. Between the two of them, I hoped not to see Corey. I cared too much for him to see him get hurt because of me. 

A week had passed without going outside, in fear that I might bump into either of them. I hardly ate, drank, bathed, or possibly moved. 

“You can’t be locking yourself in your apartment, Maya. This is unhealthy to an extent. You need to get out of this room, apartment, no, building!” Carly yelled. I didn’t listen to her. I didn’t listen to anyone. I didn’t listen to my growing stomach telling me that I was becoming a fatass. 

I felt lonely. I wanted to. 

“Okay, I had absolutely no other option. I brought out the big guns whether you like it or not!” Carly enforced as I stagnant in my couch. She stomped over to my front door and pulled it open. “Hello Mrs. Kibble, I’m getting really worried about her.” She mumbled to my mother. I could hear my mom’s old bought-back-in-the-eighties heels walk in my general direction. 

“Maya, this is silly.” 

I sighed loud and looked at her worried eyes. “Mom, could you please just let me be for once in my life?” 

She shook her head, refusing. “In your dreams,” She scoffed as she sat beside me and slung her arm around my shoulder. “You shouldn’t be hiding from two people who are obviously very important to you. You don’t look good instead you look completely ridiculous. You can’t escape from your problems like that. You must resolve them. So I want you right now to take a bath because you smell like a garbage can and Carly and I will take you out tonight.” 

I groaned and sadly got up since my mother wouldn’t let me hear the end of it.

Some way or some way, I somehow managed to take a footstep outside of my apartment. The bright golden sunshine nearly blinded my eyes. I threw on my teal Ray Bans to shield my eyes of that dangerously vivid star. I could hear Carly mock me besides me. I held back the urge to flip her off but the presence of my mom threw me off. 

The first few hours of the rigorous torture for a night out was surely painstaking but soon enough it managed to become better for me. Being with my mom and Carly truly did make my a little better. We went out to watch the newest Brad Pitt movie then went to dinner at my favorite restaurant. 

“Honey, I think you should talk to Corey.” My mom said slowly almost unsure. 

I looked at her as if she was crazy and shook my head, no. “No, mom, I am not going to do that!” 

“Sweetie, you’re trying to hide again. You can’t run away from your problems. Do I need to tell you that once again?” I hated it when she was right. I flailed my arms in the air to make my not lose my mind in public. “Would you do it for me?” 

I pursed my lips as my eyes drowned with remorse. “I’d do anything for you, Mom.”

Her motherly smile made me feel worse. She gave my shoulders an encouraging squeeze then pointed to an opposite direction for me to see none other than Corey. My heart stopped in its place and I felt my breathing weaken. Corey seemed just as nervous as he slipped his hands in his back pocket. “Better think fast.” My mom whispered in my ear. 

I turned to hold her back but she and Carly had fled the park already. I groaned inwardly before looking back to see him coming closer. “Hey.” I said almost in a whisper. He’s sly side smirk greeted me ‘hello’. “How have you been?” I asked awkwardly, attempting my best at small talk. 

He shrugged. “Nothing, how have you been?” 

“Alright.” Horrible, really. 

“Fantastic,” He nodded slowly and uncomfortably. He brushed his fingers through his sandy brunette hair. Then he shook his head and stomped his feet hard in the ground. “Look, I can’t stand this, Maya. I really need to talk to you.” 

I shrugged as I crossed my arms, composedly. “Well we are talking.” 

He smiled, even amused. “This is true. What else is true is that I really miss seeing you, so I was hoping that you would to talk with me at my house. Not on a date of course. I want to hang out as a friend going to another friend’s house, nothing romantic and all plain fun. I want us to be the way we were before all these events happened. Please?” He pleaded. I looked straight in his begging puppy dog eyes. I fell so deep. 


His smirk hastily grew into a wide smile as he took my hand and led me to his house. We stood in front a town house probably two blocks away from the park. He opened the front door to expose loud screams and shouts coming from another room. He sighed loudly and scratched his head nervously. “They must be playing charades again.” 

I giggled and followed behind him into the townhouse. 

“Mom, I’m home and I brought someone special!” He let me walk before him as we paced towards the living room. The family was completely wrapped up in their game of charades that didn’t notice Corey and me standing in the middle of the doorway. “Ahem,” Corey coughed to catch their attentions. Their heads shot up, confused and frazzled. “Guys, you remember Maya?” 

His mother stood up from the couch and greeted me with a tight and warm hug. “How are you, darling? Wow, I feel as if I haven’t seen you in, well, twelve years. What a pleasant surprise?” She turned back to her family and wrapped her arm around mine. “Everyone remembers Maya, right?” 

I hardly remembered that I haven’t seen the Goldman family in years. They made me feel like I was apart of their family and never left. It was like another clan of Jonases to me. Corey’s mother, Charlene, is exactly like Denise in so many ways. She’s so nurturing, caring, sweet, and hilarious. Corey’s sister, Kallan, reminds me of Ellie. She’s sarcastic but means the world. Kallan’s baby daughter, Mary, could possibly be the cutest baby girl in the entire world! 

I suppose the fun caught up to me too quickly so I excused myself to use the restroom. Once finished, I could hear Corey and Charlene discussing something important, almost in a whisper. I stood behind the wall separating us and leaned my ear against it to be able to hear. “Have you told her yet?” She asked. 

Corey shook his head, a ‘no’. “I’m getting around it, Mom.” He seemed like he wanted to avoid the conversation by sinking his head low. 

She picked his chin up and met his eyes with hers. “Sweetheart, I know you’re trying to protect her but don’t you think you’re destroying her by not telling her everything? She deserves to know since you two seem to be serious.” She smirked while taunting her blushing son. 

He shook his head another ‘no’. “We’re not dating, Mom. She’s in love with Nick Jonas but she knows that I love her.” Her eye brows furrowed, confused. “I know it’s all really screwed up but I just don’t want to tell her right now. She means way too much to me for it all to just get screwed up with the past.” She set her hand on top of his and began to soothe it. 

I walked in, pretending as if I didn’t hear a thing. “I should go.” 

Corey nodded and began to follow behind me. “Let me walk with you.” I said goodbye to the family before leaving. 

We walked slowly while attempting to get a taxi. We made small talk but it didn’t last long before descending into an awkward silence. I waved my hand in the air and luckily haled a cab towards my way. I turned back to Corey and kissed him on the cheek for goodbye. “It was nice to be with your family, as friends, of course. You know, maybe, it would be a nice idea if you came and met my family. My family being my mother plus the Jonases.” 

He pursed his lips together. I’m sure he didn’t see that one coming. “Are you sure about that, Maya? I must remind you that Nick and I are not best friends at the moment.” 

I shook my head. “I know that but you two are people that are truly important in my life. If you guys can’t work out whatever happened, I’m not sure how I can operate. Do this for me if you care. I’ll have a talk with Nick and everything will be fine.” I reassured with a slight smile. 

He nodded slowly. “Okay.” He brought my hand up to his lips and pressed it against the back of my palm. I smiled softly and once let go left with the cab. 

Instead of leaving for my apartment, I had told the taxi driver to head to Kevin and Ellie’s house. Nick always went to their house on Saturdays to watch the kids while Kevin and Ellie went out for the night. Then he would sometimes sleep over so he could carpool for our traditional Sunday night family dinners. 

My heart was beating against the inside of my skin, ready to pop out at any minute. I wasn’t sure how I was going to tell him about my invitation for dinner with Corey. It was obviously a cold subject to bring up towards him. He holds grudges like he holds a not-ever-going-to-show-my-teeth-to-a-camera smile. 

But I wasn’t going to let him win every time, if no one was planning to tell me what was going on letting Nick be stuck in a room with Corey wasn’t going to stop me. Everyone’s feeling sorry for me for an unknown reason and I’m tired of it. I need to hear the obvious truth that every person in my life is somehow hiding from me. 

I refuse to no longer be sympathized for. 

Hell, I want to be loved. 

The cab stopped by the drive way of their house. I paid the driver what he deserved respectively then stepped out of the cab. I walked towards the front door, knowing exactly where the spare key was hiding. I poked my hand through the bird house, one of many from the fans, hanging by the door and retrieved the key. 

Once in the house, I could hear a soft acoustic guitar playing with soothing vocals laid out on top. Identifying where Nick was, I walked up the steps and to Ellie’s room. Standing near the doorway, I found Nick playing his guitar for Ellie’s lullaby. She laid across her bed, tucked in safely as she looked on her uncle singing to her.

Well I had my ways, they were all in vain, 
But she waited patiently.
It was all the same, all my pride and shame, 
And she put me on my feet.

They call her love, love, love, love, love. 
They call her love, love, love, love, love.
They call her love, love, love, love, love.
She is love, and she is all I need.

“Night, my love.” He whispered Ellie’s curly black locks before kissing her good night. Her safely closed eyes whished away into a sweet slumber. Nick turned to see me and seemed surprise. “What are you doing here?” He led me into the guest bedroom that he currently resided in.

I shrugged as I sat on his bed. “Just wanted to give you some news.” 


He sat besides me, leaning his shoulder against mine. “What I’m about to tell you is a lot. You may not like what I say but you’re just going to have to suck it up. Keep in mind what makes me happy.” He arched one of his eye brow higher than the other in confusion. I slipped my hand in his and warningly smiled. 

“Okay, well I ran into Corey and today and we went back to his place with his family. I felt so happy hanging out with his family who I haven’t seen in years. By the end of the night, I realized that that was what I really needed. I want all of these barriers and grudges behind all of us and start anew. You and he make me happy. That is why I want him to come with us for our family dinner.” 

I felt his hand tighten in mine as his teeth clenched against each other. “Why would you want that?”

I twisted my torso enough for me to see Nick’s dark brown eyes meet mine. “Because I know you’d do anything that would make me happy.” 

A hint of a smile suppressed his lips. 

“You know, that I’ll do anything that would make you happy. I guess this also makes the list.” A grin escaped within me as I rested my head against his shoulder. His lips kissed my temple before laying his head above mine. I had finally made Nick realize of who I was becoming. 

It was only a beginning.

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t w e n t y t w o by The archive

Everything was literally set. 

5:00 PM: Corey would swing by to pick me up.
5:15 PM: We would be on the road towards the Jonas residence.
6:00 PM: We’d be at the door, holding my favorite brand of ice cream for the chocolate brownie.
6:01 PM: We’d head straight into all the awkward greetings and reunions. Nick would more likely try to ignore and avoid Corey at all costs. I would roll my eyes and pretend like everything’s okay. 
7:00 PM: Dinner will begin and we’d talk about old New Jersey memories.
8:00 PM: Nick and Corey would have gotten so wrapped up in their old memories, they’d practically become best friends again. 
9:45 PM: End of the night and the dinner, we’d go home. 
10:30 PM: I’d sleep like a baby knowing that everything will finally be okay. 

It’s a plan. 

“Are you sure this is going to work?” Demi asked, slightly panicky, leaning up against the side of my closet. She looked across towards Carly and Selena who shrugged, unsure themselves. So yes, after some constructive conversations, Selena and Demi have become my best friends again. It took a few million ‘IAMSOSORRY’-ies to them but they forgave me in the end. 

Now everyone showed up at my apartment after lunch for a pre-dinner-pow wow to boost my self esteem and confidence. Only my friends would do such a thing. 

“This is so going to work, guys. I don’t know why you doubt this.” I yelled from my closet while trying on several different types of jeans. “When I went with Corey to meet his family, I felt happier than I’ve felt in years. That’s what I want Corey to feel. I want Nick to get over this fetish over holding a grudge against Corey. I want to be able to get over Nick.”

I stood out from my closet, wearing orange skinny jeans with a bright orange flowery top. 

“I want everything to be okay.” I whispered as if my wish would come true. 

Selena dangled her skinny toned legs off my bed and nodded compassionately. “I want that for you too.” A small smiled appeared from under my lips. “I also want you to take off that horrid outfit. For Christ’s sakes, Maya, are you trying to resemble a fucking caution sign?” We all began to giggle while I ran back into my closet. 

“So what are you going to do if you don’t get what you want in the end? What if Nick still hates Corey?” Carly asked, seriously. 

“I don’t know.” I shrugged to myself, completely unaware of the answer to her question. I looked up, down, then all around me, hoping for a sign to pop up to me as the answer. Nothing, absolutely nothing showed up. I was all alone if everything in the end did crumble. No one could possibly help me because I caused it to happen. 

But that was just a risk I was willing to take. 

I pulled out my red flannel shirt with my black skinny jeans and black pumps. I brushed off the pieces of lint that hung on my jeans before making my debut. “I’m speaking for myself by saying I think we have a winner.” Demi said while eyeing my outfit. I nodded actually agreeing while I stared at myself long enough in the mirror. “You better hurry, it’s about 4:45 and I’m sure you haven’t started your makeup.” 

I rushed over to my bathroom as I let Demi do my makeup the way she always does her own. By an amount of seconds, I was ready to leave. I took my black Chanel clutch into my palm and turned back to my friends who gave a convincing yet almost encouraging looks. I shrugged my shoulders with an innocent smirk. I could already see Corey’s big red truck parked out in the front. Everyone began to give me one big heartening hug. I let go before turning my back towards my only sense of comfort. I was walking into a complete world wind of possibilities in a night. 


Maya was growing further and further away, to the point where you had to squint your pupils enough to see her almost clearly. Demi, Selena, and Carly stood behind watching practically their child walking forward and never looking back. Selena leaned back and crossed her arms against her chest. “Well I’m coming back with a box of tissues tonight.” 

Demi nodded agreeing. “I’m picking up the ice cream after this.” 

“I think John Tucker Must Die will be a good pick during all of that.” Carly mumbled. 


The car ride was silent just out of being a nervous wreck. I sat straight up in the laid back car seat while tapping my finger tips against the windowsill tensely. I was scared of being closer and closer towards their house. I almost asked Corey to turn back and go some other day (well really never). The palm trees on either side of the interstate passed us quickly. I sighed slowly letting all the anxieties slowly decrease. 

“Maya, you look like you’re going to pass out. What on God’s green Earth is your problem? Do you want me to roll down your window? You seem a little pale.” Corey asked me with a strictly concerned expression. I shook my head and gradually leaned back into the chair, needing to relax. 

We’re hardly close. I’ll just take this time to take a breather. 

“We’re here.” 

Well so much for that. I groaned while picking up my ice cream in the process. My door clicked open, ready for me to pass through. Corey held out his hand, helping me out. I smiled as we walked together towards the house. I can do this. I can do this. I repeated these words in my head while pacing through the long drive way. But then once closer, I felt myself yelling in my head. I can’t do this. I can’t do this. 

Get a hold of yourself, woman. 

I mentally slapped myself before allowing Corey go ahead and ring the door bell. Suddenly shouts of “I’ll get it,” and “No I’ll get it. I’m the best looking brother,” became audible through the door. I sighed loudly, knowing this was already in a wreck. The door opened to Frankie and Joe smiling, well only at me. 

I pointed over at Corey. “You guys remember Corey, right?” 

Frankie, not knowing him well since he wasn’t born yet, extended his hand out to greet him. Corey was near to except but Joe pulled Frankie back and shook his head. “Hey Maya.” Joe said happily as if Corey had not stood beside me. Please let Joe be the only jerk tonight. 

After epic fail number one, we walked into the spaghetti sauce aroma filled house. I practically attacked my mother when in sight. She smiled and appropriately greeted Corey like she used to. Kevin was next to greet me and being the gentleman I knew him for, he greeted Corey just like an old friend would and introduced him to Ellie and Kimmy. Corey smiled and met the entire family. Then Denise and Paul said their respective hello’s towards us like they normally would. 

All who was left was Nicholas. 

Nick and Miley were in the living room, feeding milk to Kevin the third while cradling him in Nick’s arms. I smiled as I walked towards them. “Hey there,” I said smoothly while their heads shot up. His grin grew widely as he kissed my on the cheek as his greeting. Miley gave me a tight hug. Then he stopped in his tracks, realizing Corey was right behind me. I gulped and faced Corey. “Corey, you remember Nick? Nick, you remember Corey, right?” 

They both nodded, emotionless. Nick took the initiative to hold out his hand first. A small smile appeared on Corey’s face as he shook Nick’s hand in his. Miley did the same as Nick after.

I turned around and wiped off the sweat trickling down my face. This was just too intense already but it seemed to be going at least somewhere. I’m not sure where but definitely not at the starting point. I small grin played across my lips as I nodded. This should be okay. 

Just at that same second, Denise poked her head into the living room. “You kids ready for dinner?” 

Nick nodded and turned back to Corey and me. “Let’s go?” We nodded in agreement as the four of us began to walk towards the exit but Nick held me back. Miley turned back, alarmed. “Why don’t you save me a seat, Miles? I won’t be too long. I just have to talk to Maya about something real quick.” She nodded as she bestowed a quick peck on the lips. 

Gag me with a spoon, why don’t you? Do you really need to kiss before you leave a room?

He turned back to me with serious gaze plastered on his smooth face. “Look, I wanted to talk about your birthday party. We need to talk about when the two of us were on the Ferris wheel together.” I furrowed my eye brows at his severity. “Maya, I a33;“ “

I knew that he clearly over thought this. I shook my head and placed my hands over his palms with a reassuring squeeze. “Nick, if you regretted almost kissing me then that’s fine. We can just act like it never happened, okay?” I smiled innocently before letting go slowly of his hands. I turned back on my heel, leaving for the dining room. 


After Maya’s sudden departure from the room, Nick had looked down at his empty hands. He shook his head with an amused grin. “Thanks for letting me finish, Maya.” He said disappointingly. He was planning to tell her something different than she assumed, actually the opposite. His eyes traveled towards her. She was the only person in the entire room who actually stood out. 

Pursing his lips, he slowly paced back to the dining room where everyone was beginning to take their seats. The aroma of fresh spaghetti and baking brownies left in the oven had traveled around the entire house. Hungry faces had stared back at the dinner, ready to eat. 

In the Jonas household, you were not allowed to touch a piece of food without a blessing first. After Paul had finished the blessing, everyone began to dig in. 

At the beginning of the dinner, silence overruled the crowded room. It was so silent; the sound of chewing and crunching became audible. Maya looked around, hoping someone would take a shot at a conversation. The tension was just too thick to slice through. Her eyes traveled from each of her sides. On her right was Corey as tense as ever. His fingers shook nervously as he twirled his fork around the noodle. 

He turned his head to smirk at Maya. She smiled back before looking at her food again. Nick, who was sitting on her left, hadn’t even touched his food. He played with his noodles with the fork, gazing at absolutely nothing in particular. Maya turned to him and tapped him lightly at the shoulder. He jumped spontaneously before whipping his eyes her direction. “Are you okay?” She said in almost a whisper on instinct due to the silence. 

He nodded and threw an unsure thumbs up back at her. She raised her eye brow but looked back anyway. The quiet resumed to take the table. A clamor of forks and spoons against the glass plate soon became the melody of the dinner. Uneasy looks were passed from either side of the wooden table, pleading one another to stop the stillness.

“So,” The single consonant word had startled everyone. It came from Kevin. “How have you been, Corey? What are you doing now?” A sigh of relief exhaled from Maya’s body as she could finally relax. The same came from everyone else. 

God bless Kevin Jonas. 

The tensing of Corey was visibly decreasing as he flashed a smile. “I’ve been good. I’m going to college, taking music history classes, while playing some night gigs with my band.” 

Kevin nodded, seemingly impressed, while Joe and Nick scoffed seemingly not impressed. Maya ignored their discourteous responses and kept my attention on the calming conversation. “You’re in a band?” Kevin asked. 

Corey nodded. “Yeah, it’s definitely not as big as the Jonas Brothers but we’re pretty known in the area.” In the corner of my eye, she could see Joe and Nick exchanging mocking faces to each other behind Corey’s back. Maya lifted my left foot and struck her heel in Nick’s shoe. 

“OW!” Nick screeched while holding on to his stubbed foot. She pursed my lips as she slid her heel over to her other foot, avoiding the attention. Eyes were darted on Nick, astonished by his response. He laughed nervously and shook his head. “I was just saying, ‘OWW OWW’ because of Corey’s band. Good job, man.” Joseph was basically about to split a gut from laughter. Maya glared at him with a treacherous glower that silenced him swiftly. 

Miley poked her head, beaming over to Corey and me. “So how did you and Maya meet?” 

The question caused deathly stares daggered towards her. She didn’t see them though; she was caught up to hearing an answer. Maya cleared her throat before answering on behalf of both of them. “Well, I was on my way to class, late as always, I suppose it didn’t help that my teacher changed the classroom. I was searching around then all of a sudden I hear my name being called. I turn around and see Corey hitting head first into an open door.” A few chuckled alongside Corey and Maya. 

Corey began to chip in, more comfortable than he was before. “Yeah, and when I was conscious again, I saw Maya and a bunch of other people waiting for me to wake up. It was definitely an embarrassing moment for me. I had to remind her who I was, telling her about how Nick, her, and I were best friends…” He continued to explain how they met but looking down, she could see under the table, Nick’s palm form a fist, veins popping through his wrist. 

She let her hand fall over his fist, settling him down. Gradually, the fist unfolded resting against his lap settled. Maya sighed; realizing calming down Nick was really all he needed to resist the urge. 

“So you and Maya knew each other before?” Miley’s constant questions were making Nick impossibly uncomfortable. He wanted to stop her to a hush but he couldn’t do that in front of Maya and especially Corey. He took another swig of his white wine, letting the alcohol soothe down his throat. 

Maya grew quiet, letting Corey take the lead for speaking. “Well I lived down the street from Nick and Maya; we practically lived with each other. We played soccer in our neighborhood playground together, we went to school together, and we performed in plays together. We were best friends and practically inseparable.” The word struck through Maya’s heart and Nick’s alike. It was certainly unexpected.

“Really, Corey?” Nick’s voice had sprung heads. The tone starched in his voice was hard and rigid. He wasn’t nearly as happy-go-lucky as Corey. “It may have been awhile ago but I know for a fact that we were inseparable, as you say. In fact, there were points of time where Maya and I wondered what happened to you.” 

Maya’s eyes widened, realizing where Nick was heading himself into. She tried to hold him back but he was far too ahead of himself already. 

Corey’s eyes were burning with fear and shock mixed together. He shrugged nervously, raising his hands attempting to defend himself. “Well, I mean I did make some mistakes that I’ve regretted in my past.” 

“Is that so?” Nick spat back. 

“Well of course, if I’d taken back any moment in my life it would have been specific times back in Wyckoff.” 

Nick scoffed, shaking his head in disbelief. 

Corey, who was beginning to get ticked at Nick’s casualty to ignore his honesty, turned in his seat to face Nick. “What are you shaking your head for?” 

“I hope you know how stupid you look right now.” Everyone furrowed their eye brows, in shock or confusion. Maya leaned back, sipping her champagne hoping to get herself away from the conversation. “You act like this poor little sick puppy, asking for charity from people you left years ago.” 

Maya whipped her head towards him, astounded. She held her hand on his forearm, hoping to calm him down. “Please Nick, don’t do this.” She begged in almost a whisper. 

He shook his head before letting go of my touch and standing up from his chair. Corey had done the same. Maya could feel her heart drop, wishing and praying this would just end. “How dare you come into my house and act like everything is okay when sure as hell is not okay?” Veins were beginning to pop from the temples of his forehead. 

“Because I want everything to be okay, Nick!” He yelled back. 

He scoffed while walking closer towards Corey. “How could you want something that doesn’t exist anymore, Goldman? Twelve years ago, you had everything but you threw it away for popularity and looks. How could you? No, how dare you?” His voice was growing louder and angrier. 

Everyone sat in their seats, motionless and scared of Nick’s sudden fury. 

Corey sighed out, irritated while looking away from Nick’s burning eyes. His voice began to soften. “I already told you, Nick. I’ve made some mistakes in my life. I regret them completely and entirely. Please don’t put something against me that’s caused me so much pain.” He pleaded Nick. 

Nick laughed, seemingly amused. “It caused you pain? It caused you pain? It caused everyone pain, you idiotic good-for-nothing waste of a human being! You honestly think that you’ve suffered more than all of us? You take away everything!” 

Maya got up from her chair, refusing to take any of this. She stood between the two people who were the most important but now I didn’t know where they stood. Fume had risen from both of their eyes. She raised her hands, separating the two of them. “This is enough. Nick, you have got to lay down on him. This is ridiculous. You promised me this wouldn’t happen.” 

He shook his head, no longer taking that promise. “I can’t promise not to cause an altercation with a killer.” 

Her mouth hung wide while shaking her head in complete disbelief. “Why are you calling him that?” 

He aimed an accusing finger against Corey’s chest. “He killed your dad.” 

Wait, what did he just say?

She whipped her head over to Corey, who was growing paler by the second. Maya’s hands dropped between the two of them. She felt the room spin, leaving her light headed. She stuck her feet planted in the ground, not backing out now. Her breathing grew heavier and her mouth hung wider. She didn’t have any type of feeling in her fingers. “Excuse me?” 

“I can explain.” He said, guiltily. 

He could explain? Why isn’t he claiming it all to be a lie? 

“You can explain?” She spat out with disgust. 

He held on to her arm, hoping she wouldn’t leave him. She threw off his hold but allowed him to speak although she didn’t want to hear about her father. It would reduce her to tears. She felt Nick lay his hand on the small of her back but Maya flinched away from his hold as well. She didn’t want to be holding on to anything or anyone. 

“Well you see, like I said I had made some poor mistakes, but one night after practice Bobby Howard and his friends invited me to ride in their car with him. So I didn’t really know what to say, they were big, cool, and kind of manipulative. I felt no other choice but to go with them.” Resentment flashed in his eyes, wondering whether or not to go ahead. Nobody was ready to leave just yet, they had only begun. 

“I didn’t know where we were going but it seemed like we were heading for New York. One of the guys had brought alcohol in Bobby’s car. The rest of them began to grow rowdy, practically inhaling the liquor down their sorry throats. Bobby hardly cared about how he was driving too, nobody was on the streets at that point so he drank carelessly.” Maya felt the goose bumps slither against her skin, waiting for the entire story to falter. 

“Well they were near to handing me the alcohol just before we began to see this bright light heading straight for us. I guess Bobby must have swiveled into the wrong lane, leaving us to hit direct compact with the other car.” He swallowed hard against his throat, almost trying to hold back tears. “The driver of the other car was Maya’s dad.” 

In that very moment, the world had stopped directly on its axis. Time did not move and neither did people. Water no longer streamed down into an ocean and the moon stopped revolving around the earth. Life was still and motionless, almost without life. 

A raging fire illuminated within Maya, igniting her. She pressed her finger against Corey, slightly pushing him back. “You lied to me. You lied to me, Corey. How could you?” Her voice so close to yelling had frightened the entire room. Nobody ever heard her like this before. 

He shook his head, desperately asking for forgiveness. “Maya, I’m trying to tell you that it was all a mistake and being in the wrong place at the wrong time!” 

She ignored his plead before turning her heel against her own mother. “And you! You told me that he had a deathly heart attack and never let me see him in the hospital! You lied to me too! You all lied to me! How can I trust any of you?” Her voice at the top of her lungs and her heart at the top of its rate were in no comparison to the heavy weight holding her against the ground. 

She wanted to die. She wanted to whist away. She was right to let go. At this point she could no longer hold on to anything or anyone. 

Maya’s mother, fright holding on to her, shook her head. “Sweetie, I couldn’t take your pain if I told you exactly what happened. You were so young and I didn’t want you to know that someone close to you was in to the whole scam! I didn’t want to disrupt you so the only way I could help was to have you bare it.” 

The tears that she tried her hardest to hold back were soon creating rivulets against her cheeks. They burned in the corner of her eyes until they fell. She couldn’t bare to be in this room. She couldn’t bare to be by people she no longer trusted. Maya ran out of the dining room and towards the guest room where she hid herself away. 

Corey’s whose eyes were filled with the salty tears shook his head. “I never meant for this to happen.” He said in almost a whisper. “I am so sorry.” Nick shook his head too but no in this same way. He knew that this all happened on the account of Corey. 

“Well I’m not sorry, you son of a a33;“ “ But before he could finish, Nick threw a punch straight across Corey’s crying face. Corey shrieked to the ground, while finding his nose dripping with blood. “Don’t you ever think about seeing Maya again!” He yelled down at Corey as if he was completely inferior. Kevin had jumped up from his seat and restricted Nick away from Corey. 

Kevin looked down at Corey, feeling regretful of not stopping anything earlier. “Get up Corey, I’ll get you home.” He turned to Nick, furious with his actions. “And you, check up on Maya. We’re going to have a long talk with you.” 


I fell to the ground almost immediately as I walked in the guest room. Heavy and unbearable tears restricted me from being able to move. The world kept on moving while I wanted everything to be at a standstill. I couldn’t keep anymore. I could have so possibly lost everything in its path. I felt naked in the middle of Hollywood Boulevard. 

Everyone I could have so possibly trusted with my life just threw everything I thought I knew off a cliff. 

My mother, my own blood, had lied to me for eleven years. No one could have so possibly held a longer lie than her. When everything went wrong, I went to her. When people changed, I went to her. Now, I felt like both problems have occurred and now I don’t know who to go to.

Corey, who I thought was my only salvation, had taken away the person I knew the least. My father had so much left to teach me about the world and yet Corey took it away by childish mistakes. No, a child wouldn’t be an accomplice to taking a life. Someone completely stupid would. 

Then Nick, who was trying to protect me the entire time, had lost his complete control. But he did it for me and yet somehow I didn’t know what his intentions were. I couldn’t differentiate whether or not he screeched for my true and complete feelings or to vent himself from the idea of losing a best friend. 

Everything wasn’t the same. The way I saw a person was completely introverted from what I used to think of them. Nothing felt right. Nothing felt safe. 

Tears shed quickly like rain down my face. I brought my knees up to my chin, lying against protected barriers. Pain grew from forehead all the way down to my toes. I felt absolutely nothing else but the suffering taking my heart away. 

A bang vibrated from the door of the room. “Maya?” Nick’s worried voice filled my ear with sorrow. “Maya, please open the door. I can’t stand you being like this.” He said while banging against the wooden frame. I sat silently not letting any movement through my body. The tears quietly flowed down, now running down my knees. 

I could hear a muffling from downstairs. “Thanks a lot for ruining our family. I hope you go to he- “

“Nicholas,” Paul said sternly. “We’ve heard enough from you tonight. Kevin bringing him home and when he gets back, we will have a long discussion about your behavior but for the time being wait for Maya. She’s gone through too much tonight.” After his scolding against Nick, the front door slammed to a close. 

“Maya, please, open the door. Corey has left and everything is okay now. Please, just open it for me.” He begged once more. I felt my head shake to itself despite he couldn’t see me. My bare arms shivered and my teeth clattered. “Can I just warm you up a bit? You sound like you’re freezing to death. I won’t do anything but keep you warmer.” 

I sighed before turning around to unlock the door. Nick stood silently, looking down at my balled up position. He sighed slowly and cautiously before pulling me into his arms. This was when I cried my hardest. His protective and strong arms were wrapped against my fragile waist. “Please don’t let go.” I whispered through the tears. 

I felt his head shake, agreeing to my request. 


End Notes:
wow, so this is perhaps one of my favorite chapters to write despite that it's incredibly depressing. i never really described feelings such as these. so it's definitely a new thing for me.
anyway, i like JUST bought the JB cd. and wow much? it's absolutely fabulous and i already have favorites! "fly with me", "black keys", "turn right", and "keep it real." i'm obsessed with the new horn section because you don't really see that a lot with pop rock artists. i think they complete the songs perfectly!
anyway, i wrote a one-shot while writing this chapter. it's nelena because i had to vent over the whole 'niley resurrection'. yeah i'll admit, i cried for a few minutes but i guess if it makes nick happy then i'll be happy too.
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t w e n t y t h r e e by The archive

“You know what, babe? I don’t think I’ll be heading home soon. Why don’t you go ahead and take my car? I’ll just get a ride from Joe in the morning. I just can’t leave Maya like this.” Nick whispered to a sullen yet worried Miley. I heard her head nod, due to the heavy ear rings she wore, before kissing him goodbye. “I love you too.” 

Currently, I was in the Jonas guest room, locked away from everyone else besides Nicholas. I wrapped the warm blankets around myself to protect from such harm that I felt was coming my way. Nick had never left my side the entire night. I didn’t want him to do that though. 

Here I was, some poor little girl, wrapping herself in a blanket away from the rest of the world. My best friend and my rock killed my father. My mother had lied about it nearly most of my life. And to top it off, I was unconditionally in love with my true best friend. I didn’t ask for my life to be completely messed up. I didn’t want to be sympathized. 

The crying had decreased from the hour before. Now it was just a quiet sobbing that kept my heart at rest. I couldn’t see Nick but I knew he didn’t leave the room. He didn’t want to leave and that’s what scared me the most. He wasn’t leaving for me even though I knew I couldn’t be the same way for him in the near future. 

I let my mind wander away from the toils that hit within from the night and towards Nicholas. 

His eventful wedding was nearly the end of the week. Even though, we should be bustling around the clock, busting our butts for this wedding, the week had seemed incredibly slow. Nick didn’t want to include me in the rest of the planning, telling me I had already done enough. There wasn’t possibly enough I could have done for him. Nick is more helpless than people assume. 

He was marrying for the wrong reasons. I’m slightly biased for my situation but none of the less; he shouldn’t be getting married in the first place. When you see the two of them, you wouldn’t actually believe they found love in each other. They fell in love with love but not with each other. That upset me the most, knowing you want love that’s not really love. 

I wanted love more than anything in the world. The love that Nick was providing me was unbearable from his overprotection. 

I turned my head slightly to see him, sitting on the desk chair from across the room. The moment we locked eyes, he jumped up from his chair and to my side. “Is there something wrong, Maya?” I shook my head, ‘no’. Frazzled he began to ask once more, “Well do you need anything to drink? Do you need another blanket? Is it too cold in here?” His concern was suffocating. 

I shook my head and pointed to the space on the bed besides me. “Just hold me, Nick. Please.” He nodded before climbing into bed next to me. I felt his arms wrap around my waist, pushing me closer to his strong chest. Silently and slow tears riveted against his shirt. He didn’t seem to care though. I knew he wanted to just assure my safety. 

Pick up all your tears
Throw 'em in your seat
Leave without a second glance
Somehow I'm to blame
For this never-ending racetrack you call life

His voice had soothed me into a sweet slumber, not detaching from his calming hold. 


I had woken up to the very concerned voice of Kimmy. Nick, sitting up in the bed closest to the door, had listened to her quiet plead. They didn’t realize I was awakened from my silent movement. I watched the two of them speak to each other through whispers. 

“Uncle Nick, is Auntie Maya going to be okay? I don’t like it when she’s sad. Mommy and Daddy are getting scared.” Kimmy’s voice was dripping with worry as she clutched onto her tattered teddy bear. A frown over bared her small and petite face as she looked up to Nick with a sad expression. I was causing so much trouble to this family that it was tormenting the little ones. 

“Auntie Maya will be okay. She’s just going through a hard time right now. Why don’t you see if Grandpa or Grandma has started breakfast yet?” She nodded but before leaving Nick held her back. “And promise me something okay? When you feel sad or something is going wrong, you’ll tell me right?” She nodded before raising her little arms to request a hug from her uncle. 

A small smile grew over Nick as he hugged his niece back. After their hug, she had ran back through the hallway. Nick, turned back to me, and rested next to me again. Before wrapping his arms around me once more, I looked up to him. “Nick?” 

Uneasy to realize that I was already awake, he looked down at me with concern. “Yes Maya?” 

I looked down at myself before looking back. I resembled a complete mess. “Maybe I should go. I’m causing too much of a nuisance for your family. I’m so sorry for this.” I tried to wiggle myself out of his arms but he didn’t allow me too. 

“Maya, this isn’t my family. This is our family and we’re not letting you go until we are completely sure you’re okay.” His lips crashed softly on my forehead as I nuzzled my messy curly hair in his neck. “We love you as much as our hearts can love. We, especially Kimmy, don’t like it when you’re like this.” 

I nodded, agreeing with him. “Okay.” 

After a few minutes of simple napping in each other’s arms, we decided to finally get up to the smell of fresh pancakes brushing against our noses. Nick had quickly changed into a simple gray tee and dark wash skinny jeans. I looked at myself in a nearby mirror, still wearing the outfit I had worn yesterday. Before I could turn back around, Nick had clothes in his hands, passing them to me. “The shirt’s mine and the rest are Ellie’s.” 

He left the room to leave me to change in privacy. I threw on the white v-neck shirt and denim shorts as fast as I could but it seemed that I was going at a slower pace than I was imagining. I felt sluggish and unwilling. 

“Are you okay in there?” Nick asked, fretting through the door frame. 

Finally, I was able to get out of the door, well really stumble. Nick held me by my waist, leading me to the bathroom. My makeup was smeared around my face in twisted directions. I sighed loudly, trying to take off all the black makeup smudged around my cheeks. 

Suddenly Nick stood by my side, picking up a wet towel, wiping my face from the dark makeup. “I’ll help you there.” His hand rested against my neck; his warm hand had made my entire body shiver in response. His opposite hand taking the wet towel and brushing it softly against my cheeks. His breath, escaping his mouth, hit through the cave of mine. I felt my body tremble quietly, hoping to he didn’t realize. 

All of a sudden, he brought the towel down finished wiping off my makeup but he never let go of his hold on my neck. We were in the same position in the amusement park on my birthday. My heart stopped all at once, not allowing another beat until he moved. Too bad he didn’t. His dark brown eyes never letting go of sight. He didn’t set me free because at this point, I was becoming his. 

“Beautiful once again.” He whispered against my lips since being so close. My throat was dry from all the tense, settling in my body and rushing all throughout. I was anticipating Nick’s warm lips crashing against mine. I felt him begin closing the gap separating our hearts. His breath was pressing against my face like wind, refreshing and soft. 

I felt his lips barely brush against mine by being just so near. 

“Kids! Come down, please!” Denise yelled from downstairs, allowing Nick to jump out of his hold from me. Once again, another failed attempt to kiss Nick. This has got to be a sign that it’s plainly a hopeless cause. Nick began to walk ahead towards the kitchen. I let myself sigh of disappointment before following behind him. 

The smell of crisp bacon brushed against my nose. Everyone, seeming to await my entrance, had stared at the kitchen door. Once in the doorway, they immediately looked away as if they didn’t notice me at all. They were expecting me more than they were for Nick. I pressed my lips into an awkward grin and found my seat next to Frankie and further away from Nick. 

The breakfast seemed to resemble the beginning of last night’s dinner, except less of a chance of a fight turning out. I looked down at my cereal, stirring the Frosted Flakes into the milk, creating less of a meal and more of mush. I felt beaming eyes down on me, as if to interrogate. I felt at the least, uncomfortable. Denise, who seemed the most worried, settled her fork against her plate and intertwined her fingers in each other. 

“So Maya, sweetie, did you have a good sleep last night?” She asked, trying to start a needed conversation. Paul seemed to appreciate but kept quiet from behind. 

I kept quiet as well, only reminiscing Nick’s strong and protective arms wrapping against mine. I could feel them drape over my small waist in the middle of the room despite knowing very well that he was on the other side of the table. I nodded slowly, not looking up at them. I’m sure I was causing more tension by not attempting to talk. I didn’t feel like it. 

“Well maybe we could go out today? You, Ellie, and I could go for a day out on the town. That sounds like fun, doesn’t it?” She tempted wiggling those Italian eye brows. As fun as it did sound, I didn’t feel like going back to Los Angeles. I shook my head of a sure ‘no’, not speaking again. I could hear a sigh of near defeat from Denise. 

“Grandma, is she okay?” Kimmy asked, tugging against Denise’s sun dress. She shushed her scared granddaughter quiet. Kevin coughed before pulling his daughter in his lap. All eyes had not taken attention off me. I felt smothered by concern and worry. I pushed back from the table and excused myself vastly before running back to the bed room. 

Closing the door behind me through a slam, I ran over to the window and cracked it open. The sunlight beamed over me and rays sulking in my hair. I breathed in the fresh air that I wasn’t receiving in this tight house. I pulled my bare foot on the window sill and climbed my way to the roof. 

I slowly walked on the very tip of the roof before sitting down on it. I didn’t realize that from their house, you could see clearly the ocean crashing against the clear sand. I pulled my knees to my face before resting my chin against it. I let the light breeze trickle over my bare lower arms and legs. I breathed in and out, trying to contain calm. 

I heard a bustle below me and a quiet grunt. “Maya?” Joe called. 

I rolled my eyes. I can’t possibly be left alone at the Jonas house. The people here just cared, a lot. I could see Joe willing effort to climb his way to my directions. Within clear sight, he waved to me childishly as I smiled weakly back at him. 


He smiled almost through a chuckle. “So how you holding up?” 

I shook my head, not even sure if I’d ever find an answer to his question. “I couldn’t possibly know anymore. My life just got a lot more complicated.” I sighed loudly, wrapping my hands over my legs. 

Joe looked over at me, still smiling. “I think I can keep up.” 

I pursed my lips and twisted them in a confused smirk. “I just can’t stand it anymore. I feel like I try so hard to make everyone else happy and I feel like I don’t have enough happiness for myself. I wanted Nick to be happy with this wedding. I wanted Selena and Demi to be happy with Miley and Mandy. I wanted my mom to be happy despite that I wasn’t with her anymore. I wanted Corey to be happy with you and Nick. All that want and I got no need out of it.

“I felt this unconditional love for my best friend. I knew that out of every person in the world, he was the only person who made me feel happy. He can’t even fathom how much he’s done for me his entire life. He’s so oblivious to the obvious but somehow I love him for it. It’s just that for the first time, he’s making the mistake. He’s marrying someone he obviously doesn’t love.

“I’m committing myself to an event that I can’t even believe in. I’m taking my entire life to make this the best day for him and yet I’m lying the entire time. So I guess the only reason why I befriended Corey so quickly was only because I felt this escape when I was with him. I didn’t have to care about hideous dresses or flowers. He just wanted to do whatever made me happy

“For the first time in what felt like forever, I found someone who only stayed for me and absolutely no one else. He was truly a friend and now I just don’t even know. I don’t know who I have anymore. No offense of anything but when it came down to it. I thought that Nick was my rock. Well that didn’t work out so well, and then I found Corey. That ended up being a bust too. 

“Even my own mother, the only blood family I had left.” 

A single tear shed slowly. I threw my head against Joe’s shoulder. He wrapped his arm around me, it didn’t feel the same way as Nick’s hold but it had to do. “Those who work the hardest will receive the greatest gifts life can give. I guess it’s just taking some time for you but I know that one day, you’ll be the happiest person in the world.” 

I nodded into his shoulder, the breeze rushing through our hair. “I hope so. I really do hope so.” 

Joe kissed my hair and I felt him smile in it. “I know so.” 

A whistle blew below us. We crouched low enough to see Nick hanging from the window. “Hey, you want to do for a bike ride?” He asked me, dazzling with the sun perfectly setting above him.


Settling in the handlebars of Nick’s bike, he climbed behind me, fastening his palms against the ends of the handlebars protectively. The breeze was growing stronger now that I was on ground level. Almost sneaking up behind me, Nick rested his chin against my shoulder. I felt somewhat more comfortable and leaned back on the bike. 

Growing speed on the bike, I felt the breeze blowing against my face. I let out a giggle because Nick was taunting me, challenging that I might fall off the bike. I just knew that he wouldn’t do that though. When I laughed, he made sure that he laughed with me. When I smiled, he let out a wide grin himself. 

This was how it was supposed to be and I knew it specifically. 

Leaning back closer into Nick’s chest, he let out a subtle grin before kissing my cheek. 

The breeze suddenly felt like a wind storm in a good way of course.

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t w e n t f o u r by The archive


With the help of Nick and his family, I managed to get myself healthy enough to get back to my normal life. I realized through this process that the only real family I could ever have was the Jonases. They were more than just close friends but people who cared more than anyone else in the world. I loved them for what they’ve always down for me as they did the say for me. 

The next day, I had to make it to the wedding venue for preparations for their big day. Nick had promised me that I didn’t have to show up but I wanted to anyway. I’m not just going to drop my responsibilities for something as important as his wedding, no matter how much I don’t enjoy it. 

I drove up to the building which had a drastic change of scenery. A horde of balloons, flowers, and pink had basically taken over the entire area of where the ceremony would be held. A group of workers began to string lights around the bushes and flowers, tediously working. My eyes trailed over to seeing Miley and Mandy, taking control of the entire show while Nick stood behind, quiet and letting his fiancé and her best friend take care of things he should have a say in. 

Nick, who hid under his Yankees cap, locked eyes with me. When he saw me, his smile shown through the bright sunlight as he waved me over to him. I waved back and dragged my feet over to them.

The closer I was, the easier it was to hear Miley’s scream at Rebecca, the wedding planner. “What do you mean that the china isn’t in yet? My wedding is in six days and people as incompetent as you don’t seem to grasp that. I’m Miley Cyrus not effing Kristie Alley. Tell them if I see paper plates and plastic cups set up on my tables, I will kick their asses in the next third-world country!” 

My eyes set wide as I witnessed Miley’s outburst. I could see Rebecca’s life flash right through her eyes as she ran to make numerous phone calls. I glanced over to Nick quickly as he buried his hands in complete embarrassment on his fiancé’s part. Mandy seemed completely satisfied with Miley’s extreme attitude as she pursed her lips into a smile. 

Figures, she’s putting Miley through Bitch Mode: 101.

Miley and Mandy turned their perfectly done hair towards me as I innocently waved to them. Mandy rolled her eyes behind Miley’s back as Miley threw me into a hug. “Oh Maya, I’m so sorry for what happened. Are you okay?” Her hug wasn’t so much of an embrace but more of a wrestling maneuver. I tried my hardest to enjoy it but I felt absolutely squished between hundred pound girl’s arms. 

“Miley, let go of her. She can’t breathe.” Nick said, beginning to detach Miley’s hands off my back. I let out a huge sigh once out of her hold. I mouthed ‘Thank you’ to Nick as he winked back at me. Butterflies fluttered in my stomach crazily. 

“Nick, why don’t we check on the stage inside? I want to make sure that they’re enough space for both of us when we perform.” Miley hadn’t ripped her eyes off her cell phone but knew well that Nick was listening to her. Wow, I’ve never heard of a wedding becoming a concert. Nick didn’t look very excited either but followed Miley inside either way. 

I sighed, realizing it was only Mandy and I still outside. Wonderful. 

I looked away from her and pretended to text someone on myself despite that I had no one to text. I could hear her chuckle to herself as her heels clicked against each other. She was walking closer and closer, her overbearing Dior perfume closing me in a dead zone. “So I heard about your little fiasco for a dinner. That’s too bad you missed your only chance for a boyfriend.” 

I rolled my eyes but didn’t look back at her. She was close behind me and I felt her icy breath against my skin. I could feel her wickedness tie me a hostage. I wrapped my arms against my chest, holding down my guard. “It’s nothing you need to know, Mandy. It’s personal and I find you to be that important in my personal life.” 

Mocking me, she sarcastically acted hurt by placing her hand on her chest. “Oh, well isn’t that a sucker punch to the heart. I guess some people aren’t lucky enough to be in relationships. Those people are just so unfortunate and lonely.” She smirked to herself like a witch. 

“Like you’re one to talk.” I muttered. 

Her grin burned with the intense sunlight through my skin. “Actually,” She started off in a ‘matter of fact’ tone. “I am in a very committed relationship. I think I might have found the person who completes me and truly understands me. Basically, I found my life partner. It’s a circumstance that you wouldn’t be able to understand.” 

I scoffed, not taking her seriously at all. I furrowed my eye brows with a sly smile in tack. “So I’m assuming you found a shrink for a boyfriend. Thank God, and I thought you would end up crazy.” 

It was her turn to roll her eyes but she still clicked her tongue as if I had not shaken her at all. “Oh silly, Maya. He’s better than a shrink. He’s Joe Jonas!” She shrieked in excitement. 

Raising my eye brows higher than usual, I began to laugh at her face. I laughed harder than I could have ever imagined. Was she serious? Joe would date her? Man, this is the best lie she’s told me so far! Wow, who knew she was this hilarious? I took about three more minutes to throw out all my laughter and giggles but she didn’t smile or flinch. She looked more serious than a heart attack. 

“Wait, you’re being serious?” 

“As a heart attack.” 

I sighed out before throwing my hands in defense. “Wow, and I thought you were crazy. Now, I just think you’re a psycho. Good luck, babe but I know that for a fact that Joe likes his girls…um, what’s the word? Oh, yeah, normal.” I shrugged to her sarcastically. 

“I wouldn’t be so sure, Maya.” 

Okay, whatever psycho.

I didn’t respond to her ridiculous antics and began to inspect the scenery for the wedding ceremony. Pink had completely suffocated the entire lawn; pink chairs, pink orchids, pink tulle, pink ribbons, pink walkways, pink arches. You name it, it’s probably pink. 

How can Nick possibly keep sane when everything seems to be just one color?

Mandy followed behind, clicking her five-inch heels closer towards me. Her vicious smile reappeared as she held her hands safe on her small hips. I already knew that face. She was concocting some condescending conversation or comment to me that’s supposed to make me feel bad. “So, did you start planning?” 

Furrowing my eye brows, I turned on my heel and looked at her. “Planning what?” 

Her mouth hung wide in amusement and complete shock. I still had no idea what she was babbling about. She let out a stunned giggle before resting her hand against my shoulder. I wanted to flick it off but she basically grabbed onto it. “How sad, what kind of best girl would you be if you didn’t even realize your responsibilities?” She fluttered her perfectly mascara-ed eye lashes. 

“Would you please cut to the chase, please?” 

She guarded her chest with her arms folded still with a snarky smirk. She honestly wasn’t going to give it much rest. “You need to plan the bachelor party.” I felt my entire heart drop and nausea hitting me like a strong pang. A soft chuckle was sounded through her lip-glossed lips. She knew she had won this meaningless banter. I didn’t respond nor did I recall any movement. An internal numbness traveled in and out of me. 

She continued. “Well I’ve been working on this for maybe a few weeks. There’s a strip club in downtown Los Angeles that I know she’s been eyeing on for quite a while. We’re going to invite all the bridesmaids and a few other friends. If you want to come you can, but I’m sure you have some planning to get to. Don’t worry, I understand.” 

Her viciousness wasn’t very calming at the moment. I felt the entire world spin around me while I stood still. It wasn’t much the fact that Mandy acted as if she understood but more of the idea of me planning a bachelor party, also known as a strip tease fest. What was the point of those parties anyway? If you really wanted to liberate being single, why are you getting married anyway? Or if you wanted to have one night to commemorate your last days of being single, wouldn’t you want to spend it doing something you would do when you were single? 

When I’m single, I usually don’t intend on going to strip clubs.

Wait, I am single. 

And to top everything off, it’s a bachelor party; not bachelorette party. I have to watch desperate women prying over the guy I love. I am supposed to witness Nick getting publically done. How do you even contain poseur? 

“I see that this is difficult for you. Good luck with it. Maybe, I’ll offer you some places I know.” 

I scratched my head nervously, not flinching away. 

“Mandy, come on, we’re going to be late for last dress fittings!” Miley called her over, before kissing Nick goodbye. He didn’t seem all too thrilled that his fiancé was leaving once again. After pulling away from Nick, she waved ‘bye’ to me and Mandy smirked evilly to me then proceeded to run after Miley.

Nick slowly walked over with a white poster board in his hand. He waved it over to me with a not-so-thrilled expression. “Miley wants us to finish the seating chart for the reception.” I sighed, becoming not thrilled either as Nick and I sat on the grass. After a few minutes of scrambling which guests would be best sitting next to another and such and officially stating that all ex-girlfriends of Joe must be at least six feet away from him and one another, Nick and I began small talk. 

Realizing that as the best girl, I had to somehow bring up the worst topic of conversation in the history of conversation topics. As much as I refused, I had to literally mentally push myself further enough. “Nick?” 

He looked up, making a small noise with his lips to point out that he was listening. He raised his eye brows, waiting for me to say something. I was trying to figure out how to word it and somehow make it less awkward. “What?” He asked, becoming confused all at once. 

I sighed and start fumbling with my fingers. The more I thought about it, the more I felt like I was losing IQ points. My lips pursed together then moved to the side into a cheesy smile. I smothered my face into my palms, probably exaggerating a bit. I’m sure Nick took it all by surprise. “Nick.” 

“What, Maya?” He asked. 

I sighed. “How am I supposed to plan a bachelor party?” I cried as I flailed my arms in the air. Instead, as a normal best friend would do, of consoling me and making sure I was okay, Nick decided it would be best to cry out in laughter. I furrowed my eye brows, slightly disappointed in him. The thing is, not only was he laughing; he was laughing in hysterics. 

Well, thanks for that buddy. 

“I don’t find this funny.” I said as I crossed my arms into each other. Nick, trying to speak through the extended giggles, shook his head as his face began to turn a ripe red. His breathing began to strain as he tried to keep composure. “Nick, seriously, I’m going to leave.” I sat up, ready to head out but he pulled me back so hard that I fell back to the chair. 

“Look,” He cleared his throat, beginning to settle down. “I’m not making fun of you or anything but I think it’s really cute that you want to plan a bachelor party for me.” His eyes sparkled, asking for forgiveness. I rolled my eyes, refusing to take his dazzling smile. He took my hand and entangled my fingers in his. “But you really don’t need to do that. I know you’re my best girl and stuff but I’m not going to put through something that’s going to make you uncomfortable.” 

I groaned and scratched my head of all the problems. I cannot believe what I’m about to say to him. “Nick, just because I’m a girl doesn’t mean that I can’t plan out a bachelor party. Besides why do you assume that I’m bringing you to a strip club? There is no written rule that there has to be hookers and strippers throwing themselves at the groom.” 

He raised his eye brows, taken a back. “So what? You’re going to bring us to the mall or something girly?” 

My eyes, beginning to narrow, glared back at him. “It will be fun. Just give me some time to plan okay? I’m just glad this will be the last of my worries.” His fingers, still gripping onto mine, brushed against the bridge, leaving a convinced smile on my lips. Nick, on the other hand, wasn’t so convinced. He was forgetting to tell me a minor detail. 

He slipped his fingers through his curly locks, as if to pursue me. “Well, Miley was really supposed to tell you this but I guess she stalled so I’m just going to let you hear it. So you know that for whatever reason why, Miley wants to have this elaborate concert during our reception. She’s making Mandy sing a song, which I’m sure she gladly accepted, forcing Joe and Kevin to sing a song, she wants to sing a song, I have to sing a song, and leaving only one spot left, the song for our first dance.” 

I let my eye brows furrow once more, this time I was truly confused. “I don’t understand where you’re going here, Nick.” 

He sighed, his hold onto my hand growing tighter and stronger. “Miley wants you to sing for our first dance.” 

I let go of his hold and buried my face back into my hands, it was where they belonged. I shook my head, almost near to tears. Is she crazy? Is he crazy? Are they crazy? I can’t do that. I can’t write a song in only a matter of days. But then again I can’t do a lot of things that this wedding’s putting me through. I wanted to puke right in front of him and throw up on the pink tulle that engulfed the entire ceremony site. They both made me feel sick anyway. I can’t do this. I can’t write a song and sing it before the guy I loved and his at-that-point wife! How sick is that?

“Don’t be scared. You’ll do fine and if you need help writing a song, I’ll totally help you.” 

I shook my head and smiled, this time not so convinced. “I’ll be fine. I should get going though and start writing my song. I’ll call you when I’m finished, okay?” He nodded before pulling me into a hug. I rested my head against his broad shoulder and kissed his cheek softly. A small grin appeared on his face, trying to hide away from me. 

I turned on my heel and began to walk back over to my car. I felt Nick watching me as I left. I could picture him shove his fingers into his pockets, not knowing what to do now. He didn’t smile but a frown didn’t appear. He would just watch maybe tilt his head, but just watch. 

As I drove to the piano place, I let words flow through my head, hoping that they would rhyme and then sooner or later a song would come out of it. Absolutely no inspiration was coming to me and it made me almost furious at how Nick, Joe, and Kevin where able to do it and yet I couldn’t. Unlike Nick, I don’t suddenly get an idea then pull out a number one single out of my ass. 

I’m Maya Kibble and I am not a musical genius. 

I’m sure the only reason why Miley would want everyone in the bridal party to sing because she wants to make sales off her new CD. I know it. The process of writing then showing off a song was long and strenuous. Not everyone has a song written for them, sometimes people actually work.

Y’know, I’m near to convinced that it wasn’t Miley who suggested I sing the first dance song, I’m sure Mandy thought of it first and practically shoved the idea down their throats. What would Miley do? She’s can’t go against her best friend, no matter how big of a bitch she is. Mandy wanted to sabotage me and for whatever reason she wanted to, she was close to leaving me a complete wreck. 

But Nick’s begging eyes were practically burned in my mind. Obviously, he’s pleading for me to sing this song. I can’t possible fathom why but he truly did want me to. I can’t just say no to him, it’s almost impossible for me to do so. It’s Nick. It’s my best friend. It’s the one I love. 

I know I’ve let him down but it’s not like that now. This time I’ll never let him go. 

Wait, what did I just say?

I know I’ve let him down but it’s not like that now. This time I’ll never let him go. 

That’s good. That’s really good. How did I come up with something like that? Since when did I start thinking about song lyrics? Wow, maybe, I’ve been spending too much time with the Jonases. I pulled the car into the parking lot before practically running into the piano store. Immediately understanding my musical fury, the attendant brought me to the nearest piano. 

It was as if another person had come out and taken over. My mind had raced with notes and words running through my head. I didn’t know where they come from but somehow I was just let my fingers do the talking. Music was starting to come out naturally and easily for the first time. Maybe spending enough time with the Jonases was becoming a good thing. 

Before I knew it, the entire song was finished. A small smile of satisfaction rose through my face as I dropped the pencil on the music stand of the piano. I was ready to fall asleep on the keys but I’m sure they wouldn’t appreciate that. 

As I began to put my belongings away, I heard another melody ringing through my ears and a familiar voice singing with the beat of the piano. My eyes looked around the room and I could only find myself residing in it. The melody still resumed to play. I stood up from the grand piano and let myself lead to where the song was being played. 

The more I walked, the easier I could hear the song. I could hear the slow and soft bass lead the beat of the continuous melody, progressing from octave to octave. The song was slow but not dragging. The voice settled above it perfectly. 

When you're dreaming with a broken heart 
The waking up is the hardest part 
You roll outta bed and down on your knees 
And for the moment you can hardly breathe 
Wondering was she really here? 
Is she standing in my room? 
No she's not, 'cause she's gone, gone, gone, gone, gone....

The song being played was from a small closed room. Whoever was playing obviously wanted privacy. Not wanting to disturb them, I sat at the small wooden bench besides the door. I rested my head against the wall behind me, letting the music take me away with it.

When you're dreaming with a broken heart 
The giving up is the hardest part 
She takes you in with your crying eyes 
Then all at once you have to say goodbye 
Wondering could you stay my love? 
Will you wake up by my side? 
No she can't, 'cause she's gone, gone, gone, gone, gone....

My eye brows lifted at the truth of his words. He was saying something out of his own heart, as if from a cold and hard heartbreak. Suddenly, I heard the pedal pop back up. He was finished playing, as if to just give up. He sighed loudly almost in a groan and pushed back his piano stool. This was my cue to leave. 

I got up and walked quickly to leave, I didn’t want to seem like an intruder or even worse, a creeper. The attendant seeming a bit frightened by my sudden dash to leave, simply nodded while furrowing her eye brows. Close to the exit, I heard a door behind me open then close as quickly as it opened. The person stopped in his tracks, sounding really confused. “Maya?” 

I stood cold and bit my lip, slightly nervous. I slowly turned on my heel, waving my hand in the process. He smiled back, the same expression as I held. “Hey Corey.”

End Notes:
yay for new update! so i guess this one's alright. i'm not really sure what's coming up next because i don't want to rush it right now. a have a few chapters left but i'm really debating on whether or not i'm gonna do a sequel
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t w e n t y f i v e by The archive


I stood before the Jonases house, Madison besides, waiting for the answer. Nervous jitters began to explode between Madison and me. Anxious smiles were reflected within us. We couldn’t wait. We truly couldn’t. I turned back to the still closed door and knocked once more. Joe told me he’d be here so why did it seem like he wasn’t here at all?

A shuffle of feet and screams were sounded through the door. “No, I’m going to answer.” One bantered, probably from Joe.

A squeakier voice, assuming it’s Frankie, had protested back. “No, I want to!”

“I’m older!” Before another protest was sounded the door opened to Frankie and Joe smoothly leaning against the door frame. On instinct, I rolled my eyes before allowing myself into the house. Before I even made into the living room, Madison and Frankie had already run off to the backyard. I looked over at Joe, who was smirking down at me devilishly.

“What are you drooling at, you loser?” I mocked at him. The devilish grin grew as he wrapped his arms around my waist. Smiling up at him, I pressed my hands against his strong chest and poked his cheeks childishly. Bending his head a little lower, his fingers trailed against the line of my jaw, leaving me to shiver in reaction. He wanted that to happen. He wanted me to feel inferior but I wasn’t having anything of it.

I pulled away and stuck out my tongue playfully. He rolled his eyes but linked our fingers together as he led me upstairs and towards his room. I walked into the assumed messy room of Joseph. The walls were covered by old band posters and memorabilia of his childhood back in New Jersey. Slowly grazing over to his dresser where laid many frames of old friends and new. My fingers trickled against the fine wood and to the picture frames. The frames were filled with a picture of Maya, Mandy, Amelia, the band, and a few people I didn’t know, then to soccer and play pictures.

An amused smile played across as I cheekily looked over at Joe. “Nice hair cut. You should try it again.” I said, pointing over to his distinguishable “bowl cut”. He scrunched his face and shook his head refusing. I laughed, still admiring the family picture back from their old Wyckoff house. All of them were still so young and happy, much different from what they were now. My eyes traveled back into Joe’s. “Do you miss it? Being in New Jersey?”

Joe shrugged his shoulders, unsure, while sitting on his bed. I followed behind. “I don’t know. I have my moments of wishing for other things to change. I miss that when I was back in New Jersey, people didn’t care what I did. People didn’t care if I jumped off a building, as long as I came back in time for dinner, I was still okay. Now, I have to pressure myself each and every day of making sure that I’m still the Joe Jonas that people want me to be. I can’t be what people want me to be. All I can really be is Joe, not Joe Jonas. Plus I really miss my Joe-hawk.”

He suppressed a laugh to himself as I simply nodded, resting my hand against his strong shoulder. He wrapped his arm around my waist, holding me close to him. I could smell the Tag body brushing against the outer bridge of my nose, sending a shivering sensation down my spine. “What about you?” He asked.

I shook my head, unsure of my answer as well. “Well I guess moments like this; I thank God each day for what position I am but then again the entire road that got us to this point was anything but a fairy tale. Fame comes with a certain price that sometimes I can’t pay. One day, I’ll run away from it all and become another person. One day, I’ll do it and no one can stop me.” I smiled at myself at how satisfying each day that would be to no longer be Demi Lovato. I lifted my eyes back to Joe who nodded with a smirk.

He connected his eyes with mine as he held his free hand cupping against mine. I leaned the rest of my body against his as he held me closer. His breath pressed against my pale skin, allowing a blush of red to seep through. His lips touched softly against my forehead while he brought his opposite hand to cup the other side of my face. “Can I run away with you?” He whispered against my ear, his lips pressing against my ear lobe. I closed my eyes, nodding to allowing such an easy request.

No longer taking the restraint, I closed the gap separating me from his lips. Holding the back of his neck to connect the two of us, the kissing still stood sweet and calm. Then, Joe’s hands let go on either sides of my face and traveled down to my waist, slowly bringing his hands under my shirt. Making distance between us possible, I could feel Joe’s tongue slide against my bottom lip, leaving me to let out a moan breathlessly.

“I love you, Demetria Devonne Lovato.” I felt his heavy warm breath stifling against my lips, trying to find a sense of self-control as he slowly pulled away. I didn’t want the sensation to end on such a short notice but knowing what would end up did allow me to pull away as well. He twisted my messy curled locks around his finger as he did the same with my heart.

“I love you too, Joseph Adam Jonas.”


Silence echoed throughout the room as Nick and I wrapped wedding favors together besides a crackling fire place and the soft melody of Elvis Costello playing behind us.

My eyes wandered towards him every second or another to see if he would lock eyes with mine but no, he was too caught up in making sure the CDs were perfectly symmetrical. So I’m going to marry someone who’s incredibly obsessive compulsive, how exciting.

Pulling my head back whilst wrapping my curly brunette locks to my right shoulder, my eyes locked in their corner as they awaited to see if Nick would compliment my new high-lighted hair. Nothing though, because he was still twisting the pink and blue bows around the CDs.

Biting my lips in a frustrated manner; I slid over slyly to be besides him closer, hoping he’d take notice in it. He didn’t flinch though, still purely concentrated on the fish net pink wrap and tied it around the giveaway CDs.

Finding myself jealous of gift wrap, I rolled my eyes and turned the other way to let the hot air cool through my head. Nick still didn’t realize that I was attempting to make some type of move on him that didn’t seem to be at all effective. I could have mooned him but all he would have said, while still perfectly wrapping the giveaway, “Miley, your ass is getting in the way of the lighting hitting on the CDs. Please, pull up your pants before I pull them up for you.” And he would say that in the most monotone, uninterested voice you could possibly imagine.

Tossing the CDs on the ground happened to startle Nick. Of course, a CD dropping on the floor would catch his attention than me throwing myself towards him.

“What was that for?” He muttered as he picked up the CD and began to wipe off the dust with his thumb. He reacted as if I shot the CD and threw it over a cliff. He was sensitive about a non-living item of plastic but not around me? “These sort of don’t come cheap, you know.” Yeah well apparently your affection doesn’t come cheap either. Frustrated enough that he was taking even MORE interest in the CD, I dug my nails into the scale beneath my locks. “Are you okay, Miley?”

Groaning from the center of my stomach, I turned to him and see a frazzled look upon his face. “I don’t get it. I can’t even try to attempt to catch your attention, Nick. You’re acting as if you’re in another planet right now. Our wedding is in five days and you’re not being at all affectionate towards me. What’s wrong with you? Huh?” Raising my newly waxed eye brows, Nick began to lose eye contact with me.

His slipped his fingers through his fine curly locks and shook the hair away from his eyes. “I don’t know what you’re talking about, Miles. I’m fine and assure you that.”

Sighing and pulling the favor out of his hands and into mine, I brought Nick into arms. He seemed slightly astonished by my hold but reluctantly rested his hand against my shoulder. “I know something is wrong. Don’t you think I’ve known you long enough to know when or when you aren’t happy?” He shrugged, still resting his head besides mine. He seemed more than unhappy but truly out of bounce, maybe confused.

“I just feel like all of is happening so fast. Don’t you ever think that maybe we’re going a little too fast? Maybe all of this is too sudden and not planned out well. I don’t want to be making a mistake here, Miles. I want to get married with the best intentions that it’s the right thing to do.” For the first time, I could see a sense of regret sparkling through his light brown eyes. I pulled away and furrowed my brow. “Are you saying that you don’t want to get married?”

He shook his head and began to flail his arms to refuse my assumption. “No, it’s not that. I want to marry you; I really do want to marry you. It’s more of the idea of marriage. I’m scared of what’s too happen. I’m scared of all the changes. For the first time in my life, I’m scared of the future. I don’t want to be scared but I can’t help it, you know?”

I unfurrowed my brow and nodded slowly, not quite grasping where he’s going away with this. “Nick, I know for sure that without a doubt, we are doing the right thing right now. I know that I love you more than anyone in the world. You make me happy. You make me excited. You make me proud. You make me lively. I hope I’m like that way for you. . If you’re scared of the future, take my hand now and I’ll take you where you need to be.” I smiled softly as I tucked in a stray curl behind his ear. Brushing his cheek against my palm, he took it in his hand and kissed it gently. “I would really like that. But you know what else would make me happy?”

I shrugged, moving closer towards him. “What?”

He pursed his lips, thinking diligently about what to say next. “Okay, I think it would be a fantastic idea if you decided to get along with Demi and Selena, especially Sel.” Flabbergasted to a high extend, I pulled away with my mouth hung wide. Nick only rolled his eyes back at me. “Come on, Miles. This entire grudge between the three of you is about the stupidest thing I could be witnessing. Selena and Demi are two of my best friends and if you can’t handle that, then I really can’t be happy. Please for me?”

He pouted his lip for me to fall deep into the trap. It was way too easy to fall for it though. Sighing aggravatingly, I nodded to his futile request.

Keeping my forehead pressed against his, he smiled back at me and kissed my nose as I scrunched it whilst. After then, he got up from the floor and walked besides Elvis upstairs. I watched behind as he seemed more and more distance from me. I knew that no matter how much I’d comfort him, there was still something strong out there pulling him back.

I just wish I knew what or maybe who was pulling him back so far away from me.


My heart began to beat fast deep in my throat. I couldn’t choke it down because I felt no feeling in my entire body. Corey, whose eye brows were raised high enough to wrinkle his forehead, looked back at me to wait for me to say something back to him. Wording wasn’t really coming to my head well at the moment. I couldn’t process much after that.

“Um, hey?” I said in the most awkward way possible. Walking over to him and seemingly that the entire world stopped until I did, I smiled gently towards him. He smiled back. “How are you?” I tried my hardest to keep a regular conversation growing but technically seeing someone who got beat up by the one you love on your account is rather awkward.

He shrugged, inviting me into the practice room he formally used. I sat on the piano bench besides him, making sure for a definite space between us. “I’m doing fine. Finishing up summer school. What about you?”

I shook my head and let out a rather annoyed groan. “Corey, I can’t do this. I’m just going to start off stating how awkward all of this is. I mean I just don’t know how to pretend everything’s normal around you anymore.” He grinned, completely agreeing. “I just wanted to apologize for that night. Everything just got out of hand and I shouldn’t have accused you for what happened. I know it’s not your fault.”

He dropped his head and obviously seemed relieved. “Thank you. I really didn’t want to make it more impossible for you to live. I’m sorry about that.”

A small inaudible chuckle and a smirk had appeared on my lips. I shook my head, not letting it all go out of proportion. “Don’t be silly. My life was already screwed before you showed up. I guess you just made it seem slightly bearable.” I shrugged sheepishly, sending Corey to slightly laugh. I turned back to him, this time seriously. “But I don’t think a relationship between the two of us is going to work. I can’t tell you ‘I love you’ the same way that I tell, well, you know who.” I blushed hard, turning away from him to hide the extremely red cheeks I donned.

He nodded, not fighting back on the harsh truth. “I get it. So maybe I got the timing incredibly screwed but trust me when I tell you that I’ll always still love you no matter what. No matter if that means we’re together or not. You’re still an amazing and beautiful girl with talents that you can’t even see yourself.” Hiding my bright red cheeks once again, I smiled.

“Thanks. You’re not so bad yourself.”

Beginning to blush himself, he then turned to me with a complete different yet excited expression. “So, guess what?” I raised my eye brows, waiting for him to continue. “We have this gig tonight back at Bueler’s and there’s going to be a ton of talent scouts from New York. Talent scouts for recording companies and casting companies for Broadway plays. You should swing by and watch us play or even better, you’ll sing with us.”

He continued on his rant on how a wonderful idea it is to have me sing with his band. My heart stopped and I can’t breathe, move, and nearly think. “Excuse me?” I muttered out. He yielded his monologue in mid-sentence to stare back at me. His clear sea water blue eyes grew wide and dilated. “Corey, I’m not going to do that. I can’t do that in front of all those people and scouts.”

He held my hand and began to squeeze it to somehow motivate me. “Come on, Kibble. You’ll do great and you only have to sing one song.” Shutting my eyes, I tried to give this a good thinking. The problem that I was completely stage frightened did not serve any help whatsoever. I knew that Corey was on the verge of begging which I found rather nice of him, though. It would be a good opportunity and I almost didn’t want to regret it in the future.

Scratching my back of my head nervously, I scrunched my nose but nodded in the process. “Fine.”

Hugging me tightly, an image of falling off the stage flashed in my mind.


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t w e n t y s i x by The archive

Wrapping myself closely by the comfort of Nick’s cotton white v-neck tee, I brought the stitch of the shirt to my nose and breathing in Nick’s scent of Old Spice cologne. I was likely to not ever wash this shirt but it was okay and I was completely fine with that. Smiling to myself, I walked over to where Nick, Miley, Mandy, and the rest of the bridal party were standing. Joe waved me over anxiously, seeming to be the most excited to see my entrance.

I waved back, shielding my eyes from the shining rays of the Los Angeles sun. Now more able to see clearly, I could see Carly speaking with Joe and Kevin while AJ was standing near behind gazing at Joe. Wow, that’s just a tad creepy on her part. My eyes wandered over to Mandy and Miley yelling at poor Rebecca while Nick just witnessed behind. As I came close, Nick locked eyes with mine and his frown grew into a wide smile.

“Hey.” He said gently through his soft lips. Twisting my smile into a sly smirk, Nick wrapped his arm around my waist as he pulled me into a hug. I could see Mandy, raising her eye brow from behind. I didn’t care to raise my own eye brow back at her. I could care less at this point. Letting go, I looked back at Miley, throwing an accusing finger at Rebecca.

“I don’t care if I have to drag them by my bare hands; there is absolutely no excuse for why the custom designed drums with crystal inscribed Mr. and Mrs. Jonas.” Miley panted to her subordinate, also known as Rebecca. When your eyes went over towards Rebecca, you could see her life flash right before her eyes. And for the first time because you hardly see fear in the mighty Rebecca Duplechain, you feel extremely sorry for her and maybe even want to safe her.

But I’m actually scared of Miley myself, so I looked on from behind. My head turned back to Nick who was gazing down at the familiar t-shirt. Bringing his head down towards me ear, I leaned in to hear him closely. His warm breath trickling from my ear and towards my back neck, I could feel a smile wisp within his lips. “Nice shirt.” A small smirk rose through my chin as I nodded in agreement.

My eyes trailed to Mandy, intently gazing over Nick and me. My smile faltered into an emotionless silence as the same with Nicholas besides me. Raising her eye brow, she turned her back against us to look over her best friend. Feeling the wind push against my back, I whipped my head to see the ocean ripping its wave against the bare sand. It only caused to bring me in. I walked over to the naked beach, allowing the sun, wind, sand, and water to take me in.

I could hear footsteps trailing behind. I knew it was Nick but I didn’t mind. If he wanted to follow, he could but I wouldn’t make much of it. I slipped off shoes from my feet and let the sand sink through my toes. Smiling to myself as I let the sun wrap its warmth around my cold body, I lifted my eyes to the shining sunshine from above.

Shutting my eyes closed, I was more than sure that Nick was standing beside me. “If looks could slaughter, your fiancé murdered the entire bridal party, the wedding planner, and the cleanup crew.” I muttered. A small chuckle was voiced from Nick, giving me a reason to flutter my eyes open and notice his reaction. Seeing him smile only made me smile along with him.

“Yeah, I guess. At least it gives me more to look forward to after the wedding, she’ll be normal again.” He shrugged casually, looking on to the endless ocean before us. I nodded, not turning back to him as I watched the ocean with him. “I didn’t know that the process of planning your wedding suddenly makes you not want to get married as much.”

Seeing only the humorous part to his last sentence, a small chuckle alongside a head nod came through as a response to me. Silence besides the whoosh of the waves riveted between us. Scratching the back of my neck nervously, I realized I was only making the moment more awkward for myself. Looking from the corner of my eye, I could see that Nick didn’t seem weirded out himself. He seemed calm yet thoughtful.

“Once I’m married, you know what’s one thing I’m going to miss the most?” He asked in nearly a whisper. Letting my head turn towards him silently, I waited an answer that he was almost unsure to let out. Another small smile twisted in his lips as his eyes locked with mine. “I’ll miss seeing you every day.” My eyes faded as it looked down at the rough sand beneath us.

“I’m going to miss that too.”


July 7, 1999

A seven year old Nicholas Jonas began to race faster and faster than his best friend, five year old Maya Kibble. Taunting the little girl as he sped past her, he stuck out his tongue and before heading closer to the finish line. Maya wasn’t going to have any of it though. She pushed her tiny legs harder than she ever rendered before. She was determined to plunder her best friend this time.

With Ms. Stanton’s bright pink mailbox in sight, she knew that she was so near their usual finish line. Feeling her heart stuck in her throat, she pressed her short stubby toes against the pavement, nearly leaving her mark. She wanted to win more than anything. She wanted that guarantee that she could beat Nick at something.

Holding out her hands, almost feeling the glory, she could see Nick nowhere in sight. Smiling, certainly satisfied, she slowed down to a stop, right beside the bright pink mailbox. Breathing heavily while holding her hands against her knees, Nick followed close behind. “I call rematch.” He said whilst huffing through. Maya rolled her eyes while throwing Nick a sarcastic hand gesture. “Let’s go home? I think Mom’s making cookies for us.”

Maya nodded anxiously, already feeling Denise’s perfectly baked chocolate chip cookies brush against the outer bridge of her nose. Nick was about to dash back to his house but Maya stopped him in the process. “Carry me?” She asked innocently through a pout. Nick couldn’t take it when she did this routine of guilting him out. He rolled his eyes before bending down to let Maya climb on his back. “Okay go!” She demanded, pointing the direction of the house.

On the ride there, Nick purposely made the piggy back ride bumpy on Maya’s part. She didn’t care though but just held onto Nick’s shoulders tighter.

Still on his back, Nick walked into the kitchen which illuminated the almost burnt smell of cookies. Denise turned around with the hot pan in her hand. “Hey, don’t be rough, Nicholas. Put Maya down before you drop her. Coach won’t appreciate it if her daughter is in pieces.” She scolded with a slight sense of humor. A small smile rose between Nick’s rosy red cheeks while pulling Maya off his back. “Why don’t you kids sit down at the table while I put these cookies on a clean plate?”

Almost immediately, Nick and Maya rushed to the table and sat down with hungry expressions rushing through their young eyes. At the exact time that Denise place down the plate, Joe, Kevin, Mandy, Ellie, and what seemed like a horde of their friends rushed through the kitchen while picking up the entire plate of cookies with them.

Before Nick and Maya could look down, the entire plate was gone with the wind. Pouting in unison, Nick and Maya became incredibly disappointed while their hunger only grew larger. Denise smiled down at the young ones. “Don’t worry, kids. I gave them the burnt ones. I’ll make another batch just for you two. Why don’t you go run and play upstairs while I make them?”

At the time, Frankie had not yet been born so Nick had the entire room to himself. While dashing into the toy covered room, Nick immediately turned on the television to the music television. Sitting down slowly, Maya followed behind and doing the same. The show currently playing was a chain of mantras dedicated to the famous bands of the past such as the Ramones, the Who, the Beatles, AC/DC, and Iron Maiden. Nick watched on in complete fascination. “One day, I’m going to be just like them.” He muttered, not tearing his eyes off the television.

Maya raised her eye brows, while turning to her best friend. “Really? Ew.” She commented on their old clothes, scary expressions, and loud voices.

Nick sent a childish grin back to Maya. “I’ll be just like them but nicer. I’ll be a good boy that everyone wants to be like. All the pretty girls will have crushes on me.” He winked as he added that last remark. Maya only rolled her eyes. “But you’ll still be my best friend, you know that.”

Maya shrugged, looking back at the TV. “I guess but what if you become this really big rockstar and you forget about me?”

Nick wrinkled his forehead while thinking intently. He tilted her head to the side to seem only more thoughtful. Then a small smirk turned into a wide grin as the idea struck him hard. “I know! We’ll get married!” He said in a rather loud excited tone.

Her once raised eye brows only furrowed as she looked at Nick, confused. “Married?”

He nodded his head, knowing exactly what to say next. “We’ll get married. I mean, come on. Everyone gets married and they never leave each other’s side. Daddy married Mommy. Your daddy married your mommy. Kevin said he’ll probably marry Ellie. Joe, well, we’ll never know about Joe.” Maya started to giggle at Nick’s remark about his own brother. “But think about it, if we get married, we’ll never have a reason to stop being each other’s best friend!”

Letting the thoughts flow within Maya, she realized it wasn’t a bad idea. Nick was right. Her mom and dad never left each other because they’re married. Mom said that Daddy was her best friend in the entire world and Maya felt the same way about Nick. Mommy loved Daddy but Maya didn’t feel the same way about Nick. She found that gross just like kissing. “Ew, but all those people kiss each other. We don’t have to do that right?”

Nick scrunched his nose as he shook his head with a definite ‘no’. “No, that’s icky.”

Maya smiled as she pulled out her palm. “Okay, so we’re going to get married.” Nick nodded while folding his hand in hers and shook it firmly.


“Yeah, I remember that. Wow, we were a disastrous pair.” Nick said with a wide smile.

I nodded in agreement. “Agreed.” The wind grew wilder and it blew past my hair. I still didn’t budge and neither did Nick. The moment was near to perfect and I didn’t want anyone to ruin it for me. If someone needed me, they could rip me off this ground but if they didn’t they would have to suit with me standing at this very spot.

“Nick! Maya! Come on!” Miley yelled in a distance behind us. On instinct, Nick and I turned our backs at the same time to look back at Miley flailing her arms over to us. Sighing subsequently, I picked up my shoes and slipped them back on my feet before walking up the shore and to the grassy area. Nick followed behind. “Okay, so Rebecca wants to show us the new flowers that got shipped in.”

She was really directing the conversation to Nick so I decided that would be my cue to leave. I walked over to where Carly was speaking with Garbo, well the speaking showed off as flirting. Furrowing my brow, I walked closer to them. I almost could hear their conversation. “Oh yeah, well maybe we could hang out later. I mean I’d rather be anywhere but here.”

Garbo nodded with a flirtatious smirk. “Good, me too.”

Wrapping my arms against my chest, I looked at the two intently. “Want to tell me something?”

Pouting their lower lips, they shook their head as if absolutely nothing had happened. I rolled my eyes and stood between the two secret lovers. I’ve gone through so much drama with relationships that I’ve come to the point where you can hardly fool me. So right now, I am mentally laughing at those two.

After an hour of helping with decorating, we all decided to come to an exit. We knew this because Miley and Mandy dashed for their next destination, wherever it would be. We all figured; if the bride left, we all could leave. Half of the people in the vicinity didn’t care to be there anyway.

After paying my goodbyes to everyone who would care for it, I walked back to my car with keys gripped close in my palm. I began to twirl them around my index finger while whistling an unknown melody. Before I was near to open the front door, I felt a hand take my shoulder and twirling me around. I only found Nick smiling down at me devilishly. “Follow my car, okay?”

I nodded, not quite understanding why. I climbed into the car as did Nick. He sped off the lot and towards the unfamiliar destination. Suddenly, the area seemed somehow even more familiar than I expected. The grass was sparse and the farther you drove, the more sand you could spot. Ocean was on your left side and it made you feel like you were driving on water. I knew this area too well.

I’m sure Corey’s secret spot wasn’t very far away.

Feeling a pit of guilt explode in the bottom of my stomach, I continued to keep my cool through it all. Nick finally came to a stop, leading me to do the same. I stepped out of my car and found Nick smiling back at me. “What is this?” Still smiling he began to point to the far distance.

“I’m racing you. The finish line is that palm tree over there.”

“Are you serious? Aren’t you a little busy to be racing me in the middle of nowhere, Nick?”

Only smiling wider, he began to bend his knees, ready to run. I shook my head, not even being able to grasp how weird this moment could have been. I slipped off my flip flops and bend down besides Nick. “Ready, set, GO!”

I dashed against the black pavement and towards the endless road ahead of me. I didn’t care this time around whether or not Nick was next to me or behind, I just wanted to feel the wind brush against my arms and legs.

The rushing wind allowed to free myself away from the harsh and cruel amenities, known as Mandy Jiroux. Closing my eyes and lifted my head to the raying sun, I still paced myself to the finish line.

“Cheater!” Nick yelled from behind, obviously putting my effort into the run than I was. I could hear the huffing and groans being audible from behind. I ignored them though. He had to stop trying so hard and let himself go free. Everything in life isn’t a race. It’s another way of experiencing something completely new.

Slowing down a stop and buckling my knees, I looked to see Nick following right behind and coming to a stop. “You need to suck it up that I’m the only possible person who can beat you at your own game.” I stuck out my tongue while giggling at him in the process. He rolled his eyes before resting his arm against my shoulder.

“Well let’s just keep that between the two of us.”

I smiled before running behind his back and jumping on him. He huffed but pulled me on his back. Wrapping my arms around his shoulders while we walked back to the cars, I smiled and realized how much the two of us would miss just being the two of us. We wouldn’t always have time for this and we both would miss it.

Looking down at Nick, I smiled wider to myself. He wouldn’t realize how much I was planning until after the wedding.

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t w e n t y s e v e n by The archive

What do people who perform on stage wear?

You have no idea how wrong that sentence sounds. All my life, I’ve been around performers and somehow I haven’t picked up what they wear? What is wrong with me? What have I been doing the entire time?

After completely kicking myself in the ass for about half an hour, I decided to call my number one help for any type of clothing matter. “Carly? I need a dress for tonight.” And in maybe three minutes tops, she made it to my apartment, holding a shiny black dress bag. Leaning against the wooden frame of my front door, she breathed against her fingers before rubbing against her shirt. She knew me too well. “You’re my life saver.”

I grabbed the dress bag out of her hands as I ran into my room; Carly followed behind. “So what is this thing anyway?” She felt the need to jump on my bed. I allowed her as I slipped on the low v-neck mustard yellow wrap dress with white, square buttons that run asymmetrically along the left side. It was beautiful and somehow fit me like a glove.

I stuck my head out of my closet and answered, “It’s another open-mic night but New York scouts are going to be there so it’s kind of a big deal. Corey basically pleaded me to come sing with him. I’m so nervous. I’m literally peeing right now.” I said as I walked out into the room. I twirled around in the dress. Carly seemed quite satisfied as she looked on.

“Okay, but don’t pee in the dress. It’s vintage, you know.” I rolled my eyes as I ran back into the closet to retrieve my heels. While I rummaged through the racks of shoes, I could hear Carly nervously clicking her tongue. She was up to something that she was trying to hide. She honestly can’t lie to me now. “Maya? Um, would you mind if I invited Garbo to come too?”

Slowly walking out of my closet, I furrowed my brow suspiciously at the innocent girl sitting on my bed. I folded my arms against my chest before cocking my head sideways. “Of course I don’t mind but do you mind telling me what’s going on between the two of you?”

She sighed with a hint of blush. “Okay, well I’ve been texting and talking on the phone with Garbo lately. I think he’s really sweet. Plus, it’s extremely helpful that he’s absolutely gorgeous. Those are two things that make him stand out from all the other guys I’ve hooked up with. In fact, I’m not even sure I want this to be a hook up thing. I kind of want to see where this goes.” The blushing only grew deeper as she smiled sheepishly to herself.

I smiled widely as I attacked her on my bed with a hug. “Awh, I’m so happy for you too!”

She grinned again, looking off in to the distance. Then her smile faded once she looked at my clock, across the room. “Maya, we should get going. We don’t want to be late!” She pulled my arm out of the room while I picked up my shoes in the process.

Here we go.

Once we drove up to the club, I could see Corey and Weezy G. standing outside, seemingly waiting for me. As Carly and I came to a stop, Corey came to my side to open the door for me. Happily, I accepted and took his hand to let me climb out of the car. “Hey,” He said while wrapping me into a hug. “You ready?”

I shrugged before pulling away. “I had no idea that peeing yourself was a part of showing that you’re ready.

If it is, then I’ll be ready than I’ll ever be.” Laughing at my sarcastic response, he pulled me inside the club, allowing me before the crowd lining by the door behind. Inside, very few people were allowed in. It was still sound check time and his entire band was practicing on their own on stage.

Once they realized I was in the room, they stopped their practice and ran off stage to greet me. They were still the same hilarious guys I met only weeks ago. While I was kissed ‘hello’, Corey came from behind me and smiled down at me. “Want to rehearse?” I nodded as he pulled me up on the stage with him.

I looked at the dead center of the stage where two standing microphone stands resided. I looked back at Corey who was smiling back at me. It was hard to believe one of them was actually for me. Choking on the heart beating straight in my throat, I walked slowly and took hold of the microphone waiting for me. It was a new feeling I wasn’t used to knowing in my life.

Usually, I was the one on the side lines but never the star. This was the moment I’ve always imagined. I didn’t care if it was in a filthy club with wasted college kids. This was my time and it made the insides of my stomach tickle. My eyes trailed along the empty room, waiting to be filled with people. People would come to hear me sing; not the boys of Jonas, but for me.

How scary is that?

I just wish I had my family with me to watch me debut. Joe and Kevin would be chanting my name, just to wear it out. Sel and Demi would be dancing like no one business. Denise and my mom would be crying her eyes out. Nick would take all the credit for my voice. And my dad, well, my dad will probably be smiling. He would say how proud of me he was.

A small chuckle arose from me. Corey grabbed his guitar and stood beside me. He handed me a paper, which I only assumed was the song we were singing together. “Okay, you ready?” I nodded; the most ready I’ll probably ever be. He turned behind him and started to count off to his band. “1,2,3…”


I candy-coat and cover everything but I'm still hiding underneath It's been a long time, It's been a long time A thousand faces looking up at me hands all pointing to the ceiling Oh what a feeling

The crowd had already started taken over the entire dance floor. Dancing and chanting along the song. I could see a few girls already screaming for Corey. It was an image I was slightly too used to. I smiled as I watched in awe as Corey started off the song. Mikey had set the beat perfectly with the melody, making it nearly impossible to not dance along to it.

Realizing my part was near to start, I breathed into the mic before beginning.

I've got friends in highly low places I'm standing on post, and I'm posted up can't afford to lose them I've got friends and highly low places I'll go inside when I wanna party Grab a girl and dance (don't touch me)

I realized that the nerves that once took over my entire body were merely momentarily. Once seeing that everyone loved you, for even that one moment, only made you feel so much more comfortable. Feeling my hips swing to the beat of the song, I brought my fingers to trail against the metal of the microphone stands.

Whoa oh Whoa oh Whoa oh, Why do I put myself in these situations Whoa oh Whoa oh Whoa oh, I keep pushing myself even though I can't take it at all, whoa

My eyes moved over to see Carly wrapping her arms around Garbo as they both danced to it. She could tell I was watching the two together. She started to yell and continue to move with the beat. I smiled as I winked back at them. I looked back at Corey who was still smiling back at me. I’ve never seen him this happy ever.

Girl, who taught you how to move like that? (you did) at this pace you're at you're at you're going way too fast (hah) I, I saw you from across the room It's me vs. every guy It's your choice, you choose

The pouncing of every person dancing against the floor only made my heart beat faster and faster. I felt hands extend for me to hold into them. People were yelling for me. How crazy is that? I can’t stop saying it. I extend my hand back at the cute guy. He started screaming louder to the song. Hands were beginning to grab for me, one after another. I felt like I was playing a game with them.

I've got friends in highly low places it's been a long time it's been a long time and maybe baby you can rise above the rest to meet me

Whoa oh Whoa oh Whoa oh, Why do I put myself in these situations Whoa Whoa oh Whoa oh, I keep pushing myself even though I can't take it at all Whoa oh Whoa oh Whoa oh, Why do I put myself in these situations Whoa oh Whoa oh Whoa oh, I keep pushing myself even though I can't take it at all, (i can't take it at all) (i can't take it at all)

My head turned to the side where I could see Gabe dancing with me. Our heads banged to the beat together. He laughed as I did the same. I turned back to feel the beat slow down to the bridge.

You're worth, losing my self esteem Your clever words mean nothing more to me than than a line i heard in a movie You're worth, losing my losing my losing my self esteem You're not worth, putting myself in these situations

The melody grew fast and wild again letting the head beating to resume. I lost myself in the song and let it take my entire body with it. I guess you could call it a music resurrection if you wanted to. Well whatever it could be, it was obvious that I was no longer Maya Kibble, best friend of the Jonas Brothers, but Maya Kibble, singer.

Whoa oh Whoa oh Whoa oh, Why do I put myself in these situations Whoa oh Whoa oh Whoa oh, I keep pushing myself even though I can't take it at all Whoa oh Whoa oh Whoa oh, Why do I put myself in these situations Whoa oh Whoa oh Whoa oh, I keep pushing myself even though I can't take it at all

As the song finished, the eruption of screams and shouts exploded throughout the room. I couldn’t help but smile. I mean how could you not? People were screaming for you and what you’ve just done. Nobody knew who you were but just the girl who sang a kick ass performance. I threw an air kiss to the crowd before giving actual cheek kisses to the band.

“Maya Kibble, ladies and gentlemen. Give her one hell of a hand!”


After the entire set, the band and I walked out into the club where we were nearly immediately surrounded by fans asking for a pictures and autographs. Never thought I’d put myself in that sentence. I didn’t mind though, of course. Mostly guys, who were extremely cute I must add, wanted to take pictures with me.

After that epidemic, Corey dragged me to meet profound looking women in a suits. They smiled as they saw Corey and me. The first women, wearing a large pearl ring on her right finger held out her hand for a shake. I gladly accepted as did Corey. “Hello, I’m Mischa Coleman. I work Sunshine Records. Our company resides here Los Angeles and New York City but mostly in New York. This is my friend, Karen Smith. She works with Broadway companies that cast shows like Wicked, West Side Story, Hairspray, and Rent.”

Hearing illustrious Broadway shows like the ones she just said sounded like music to my ears.

Karen smiled at me. “You have a beautiful voice, Maya. It’s very powerful and you get caught into it almost immediately. I also love how you get lost in a song. You become almost one with it. It’s hard to feel music that seems almost natural to you.”

I nodded. “Well, I’ve been surrounded by music nearly all of my life.”

“That’s absolutely lovely to hear. I think you’d be great for auditioning for one of our lead roles. You should come up to New York. I think they’d basically fall in love with you. The auditions are this Sunday. I’m sure you’ll be able to get a flight in by then.” She said with a wide toothy smile.

My heart stopped. Saturday was the wedding. I don’t think I could possible ‘get a flight in by then’ without getting my head cut off. I sighed but didn’t respond with a ‘yes’ or ‘no’, I just smiled back at Karen with a small smile. As they continued to talk about plans, I looked at the exit to see a peculiar person with a khaki jacket, collar high enough to hide his face, with sunglasses covering his wandering eyes and a fedora to hide his curly spirals poking through.

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t w e n t y e i g h t by The archive

I didn’t wake up to my alarm clock this morning. I woke up to the incessant banging on my front door. I never seem to wake up to the right things anymore. I groaned before pulling myself out of the bed and towards the front of my apartment. I can’t believe I’m doing this again. Nobody seems to respect the idea of sleep anymore.

Groggily, I opened the door, ready to mutter nasty words to whoever didn’t care to keep me sleeping. Realizing that it wasn’t just anyone, my eyes shot open to see perfectly that Miley was standing before my door.

Pulling my unstraightened hair from my face, I waved nervously, not bearing to look down at my bunny pajama shorts that I was wearing. “Hey,” She said, flipping her perfectly styled hair over her shoulder. “May I come in?”

I nodded, letting her come through. She let herself in and sat on my couch besides the messy coffee table before her. Quickly, I picked up the empty three cups of formally Chunky Monkey ice cream. She didn’t seem to notice but looking straight off into the distance. It wasn’t something I was to seeing Miley as. As I threw the cups of ice cream into the sink, I then sat besides Miley. “Is there something wrong?”

Sighing slowly before turning to face me, a flash of remorse washed over her fragile face. “Maya, can you be completely honest with me?” I nodded but before I could fully respond she continued anyway. “I have this weird feeling that maybe something or even crazier, someone, is pulling him back. When we’re married, I want him to always be happy. The sad part is that I feel like I can’t be the one to make him happy. He did tell me one thing that if I befriend Demi and Selena. He’ll somehow become happy. I don’t know I think that’s about the stupidest thing in the world. Don’t you agree?”

Raising my eye brows, I scratched my head before locking eyes with Miley. “If I could be frank, Miley, I kind of see where he’s going with this. I sort of agree that it’s time to bury the hatchet between the three of you. This should have ended years ago but you’re making this the only reason to hold back your wedding. I think it’s, um, the best idea for you to work this problem out. I know that Nick would appreciate it dearly.”

She sighed and began to nod slowly. “I guess you both are right.” Then holding a small warm close smile on her lips, she looked up at me brightly. “I’ll only go unless if you come with me.”

Letting my shoulders shrug forward, I nodded reluctantly. “Okay, I’ll go.”


Walking to the restaurant table where Demi and Selena sat at, I made sure Miley wasn’t in near sight. We’d rather keep that a surprise for later before Selena would leave and Demi would follow behind. Smiling widely, Demi waved me over first while Selena followed in suit. I smiled and greeted them as the usual. “So I brought someone, I hope you don’t mind.”

Selena shook her head, allowing me to wave Miley over to the table. She held close to her necklace before nervously walking by. At the corner of my eye, I could see Selena’s smile fade to a more forceful look. She wasn’t very happy at the very start. “Hey,” Miley said, her voice clearly shaking.

Selena got up, ready to pick up her bags. Demi was beginning to put together her things. I stopped them before another action. “Come on guys. This is about the stupidest grudge in the world. Don’t you think it’s time to bury the hatchet and get on to better things?” Selena looked at me with a stern expression before looking back at Miley. Sighing through her nostrils, she sat back down.

Pushing to the next seat across from Demi, I allowed Miley to sit across from Selena. Their glares were not ripping away from each other. Realizing the intense silence bridging between all of us, I found it only appropriately to start off the conversation myself. I looked over at Miley, “Miley, don’t you have something to say to Selena and Demi?”

Miley pierced her lips before lacing her fingers nervously within each other. “I’d like to just apologize for all the horrible things I’ve done and said in the past about you two. It was childish and immature and it was beyond my years to do. I don’t want this to create a strain in a new relationship, friendship, or even merely acquaintanceship I hope to form with y’all. I hope we can put this all behind.”

My eyes trailed over at the two opposite the table. Demi seemed okay with accepting Miley’s heartfelt apology but Selena seemed slightly different. She guarded her chest by wrapping her arms against herself. “So that’s it? You play back some rehearsed speech to us and everything’s supposed to be alright? I obviously can’t speak for anyone but myself but you’ve said some pretty awful things that are pretty much unforgiveable.

“Let’s not forget when I started dating Nick, you completely switched on bitch mode. You’ve manipulated and twisted words to hurtful sayings that I couldn’t even fathom. I’ve wasted so much time hating the person you are. I’ve never disliked a human so much in my life.” A quiet sobbing was sounded from Miley. I took the time to look over at her. A small tear began to shed from her deep blue colored eyes. She hastily wiped them away with her eyes.

Selena seemed untouched, still sitting back in her chair. She leaned forward, pushing her index finger against the wood of the table. “But I’ve realized, I’m truly better than the antics you’ve pulled. And I’m now realizing furthermore, that if you really believe that Nick loves you and you are what makes him eternally happy. Then I’ll respect that because Nick is one of my best friends. He deserves the best and only the best.” Selena’s dark brown eyes slowly trailed over to mine. She was making this impeccably difficult to smile through.

Miley’s lips began to quiver as she tried her hardest to keep composure. She nodded while biting her lips shut. “I understand. Even if I still have a record of being this awful monster, I want to be someone different now. I need to be someone different now. I’m near to be a married woman to a man I may not even deserve. I can’t live on, knowing someone hates my guts.”

Selena nodded as she released her tense hold. “I hope we can start anew.” Her stern and hard face began to smooth out to a genuinely soft smile.

Finally, I knew I was able to breathe for a moment.

After an hour of ‘starting anew’ through laughs and smiles, we realized it was time to leave. Miley had accomplished a lot in a short while. She proved herself a better person to Selena and Demi. They were already close friends even in sixty minutes. That’s hard to get.

As we got up, Miley hugged Selena and Demi, thanking for their forgiveness and a nice dinner. If you watched them, you could have sworn they were friends forever. Genuinely, it wasn’t even fake. Miley actually wanted to be worthy of their friendships. It seemed to work well for her. I don’t even understand why she wasn’t friends with them before.

After promising to call Selena tomorrow before I left for Las Vegas, I found it to only be Miley and me left. “Would you like to go for a walk?” I asked as I gave off a small smile. Miley smiled back, nodding. While I walked in the silent pace, I clutched onto my black blazer, feeling the rare Los Angeles summer breeze. “So are you excited about tomorrow?”

She grew even quieter than before. It seemed that jetting off to Vegas for her bachelorette party wasn’t keeping her warm. She pursed her lips before letting out a shrug. “It’s weird. I know it’s a rite of passage to have a bachelorette party but I feel weird about it. After a night of sin, there’s only going to be one man left for me at the other end of this journey. It’s hard to think about it thoroughly.” She let out a laugh, neither happy nor ignorant; just nervous.

She continued. “I don’t know which is scarier. Marrying Nick or knowing once I’m married, I can’t ever go back.”

I looked down at the warm pavement beneath us. The stars looked on, waiting for me to respond. Truth be told, I didn’t know what to say. Was Miley already getting cold feet? I chuckled consciously. “Why would it be scary to marry Nick? I know a lot of girls who would be in your pink heels right now.”

Yeah, me to start off with.

She nodded while softly giggling. “I’m scared that once I’m married to Nick. I won’t be in love with him anymore. I don’t want that to happen but I feel like I have no control over our future. What if through all the glitz and glamour, we really don’t have a future? What if we just lived in the past?”

Biting my lip near to bleeding, I attempted to understand. “Marriage is a big step.” I said slowly. “It marks the beginning of a love shared between two. Sure, it’s going to be difficult. Life is always that way, whether or not you’re married. Nick, he’s not the greatest boyfriend in the world. He’s not perfect and he probably won’t ever be. I can’t promise he’ll be the best husband. But I can assure you that no matter what, when Nick vows to a promise, he’ll stick to it.”

She smiled as she pulled me into a close hug. Biting my lip again, I patted her back and secretly wished that I was in her pink heels.

~.~ NO POV

As Nick paced back a fourth from his dresser and closet back to his suit case, his brothers watched on intently. Feeling rather uncomfortable by their deep gazes, he turned on his heel to raise his eye brows at his brothers. “Do you have a sight problem? Or are you two just naturally creepy and have absolutely no life?” Rolling his eyes, he threw in two extra pairs of skinny jeans into the suit case.

Joe, squinting his eyes, pressed his lips into a purse. “Am I the only one freaked out that Maya’s planning us a bachelor party? Doesn’t it kind of bother you that she’s going to do this?” Nick stopped after throwing in his green converse in the luggage. “We’re going to Vegas. We all know that Mandy’s planning to get your fiancé laid before the wedding. No doubt about it but when it comes to Maya, it’s hard to guess anything.”

He shrugged before moving again to his dresser. “Maya said she’s not going to do the standard stripper party. Clearly, it’s not her thing and neither is mine. She said we’re going to do something fun and unexpected. We’ll have fun but maybe not as much fun as Miley and Mandy plan on having.” Raising their eye brows, all three boys shook off the dirty image in their head.

“So, are you excited to be a married man? Can you believe it’s only three days away?” Kevin asked, not exactly as excited as he put it out. He kept Maya close in mind and never letting it go. He knew very well that his brother was making a mistake. He didn’t want his first marriage to be the wrong one. He, nor Joseph, knew how to break the cold hard truth.

Nick shrugged again; he wasn’t making much of a change in expressions. “It’s weird to think that everything’s boiling down to this. Miley’s been really weird lately. I think a good night off between the two of us will really help us calm down a bit. I need to get away and so does she. Hopefully by Friday, everything will be better between us.”

Joe and Kevin turned to each other before rolling their eyes in unison. Their brother was in such denial, it was growing thick. Kevin scratched his head nervously. “So how was that concert you went to at the bar?” Nick turned again, smiling to himself before crashing on his bed.

“Well, she was there with Corey like I suspected but Maya,” He sighed through a wide grin. “I never knew in my entire life how beautiful Maya’s voice is. I don’t even know how I could have ignored it my entire life but she’s talented. She’s more talented than a lot of celebrities we’ve worked with. I think we should sign her to the label…”

As Kevin and Joe let Nick ramble on, they realized how oblivious their younger brother was to the clear obvious. He was more in love with Maya than he could even realize. The moment she comes into conversation, you can’t get him to shut up. He was never like that with Miley. He was never like that with anyone.

He blushed when he found it embarrassing to say, “She was beautiful. Well, she is beautiful.” He said this with a small smile he barely shows around. Nick was always the smartest and yet to the most important fact, he’s acting like a complete idiot. Kevin and Joe were exchanging identical thoughts and new mutually that they had to tell their brother the truth.

“Nick?” Kevin asked with a concerned voice. “What do you love most about Maya?”

Furrowing his distinct brow at his brother, Nick seemed slightly shocked at his brother’s question. He shrugged his shoulders casually. “I don’t really know.” He mumbled which only resorted his brothers to instinctively roll their eyes. “I love it when she smiles even at the little things. I love how she laughs at a joke even when it’s not funny. I love how she loses herself in a song and she doesn’t even realize it. I love how she can’t be mad at someone for more than a day. I love how forgiving she is. I love how she just loves life. I love how she doesn’t try too hard to be beautiful.”

Joe raised his brow. “So?”

Burrying his hands in his back pockets nervously, he shook his head. “I don’t really know.”

End Notes:
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t w e n t y n i n e by The archive

“Come on, kids. Vegas is waiting for us!” Carly yelled out to the entire wedding party as we carried our bags from the SUVs. It was way too early in the morning to be getting to an airport, none of the less, jetting off to Las Vegas. Unheard mumbles went without notice as most of the bridesmaids climbed in anxiously. The groomsmen, however, weren’t as excited as you would have expected.

“I don’t even understand why we have to wake up before sunrise to get on a jet for sixty minutes to get to Vegas. Why are up at the butt crack of dawn?” John Taylor groaned as he carried his suit case out of the car. Mutual nods went around with all of us. Then almost on instinct, angry glares were directed to Nick.

“This isn’t my fault. Miley wanted to get a head start on shopping there, as did all the other bridesmaids. While she’s out shopping and doing her own thing, we can all sleep in until we feel like eating. Okay?” Everyone began to shrug casually while continuing to walk towards the jet. Nick then stopped us, “Wait, ladies first, guys. Let Maya and Joe go first.”

Smiles and chuckles were voiced as everyone began to laugh at Joe. I looked back at Nick as we exchanged a small high five. “Pone.” I muttered humorously. Joe responded with his middle finger which we weren’t all too surprised by. Finally, we all got into the jet and began to get ready for lift off. Typically, I sat besides Joe and Kevin and across from Carly and Garbo.

Joe immediately fell asleep in the chair. He was out like a light bulb. Kevin started working on new producing tracks. Carly and Garbo talked, continuing their conversation in the car, about childhoods. Smiling at the love birds, my eyes trailed over to Nick and Miley.

Miley talked nonstop, without breathes in between, over to Mandy as they giggled to each other. She held her arm around his, as if to chain him to her. He didn’t care; he was looking away, paying no attention to his fiancé or her psycho best friend. He didn’t seem happy, that was evident. Why was it hard for him to realize that the one thing that was supposed to make a man happy wasn’t for him?

As I gazed at his soulful hazel eyes, they were empty. They had no feeling in them whatsoever. His eyes slowly gazed back in mine, locking our eyes together. A swift difference blew straight into his eyes. An intense burning passed through my own eyes. It felt harder and harder to look away but realizing that I had to break away before noticed, I did.

Quickly, I pulled my iPod out and scrolled through my list of music that seemed to never end. Then settling to the sweet sound of Eponine by The Sequence, I rested my head against Joe’s shoulder. I found myself falling into a deep sleep as well. I knew by the time I woke up, we would be in another town, likely another world.

Oh, Life's too short to waste it all

In the foolish pursuit of gold

The truth is all we really need is love

Look to you and know that you

Are watching over me

'Cuz I believe the end will justify the means.

Love is all we need.

To my dismay, Mandy suggested before that we should get two different hotels. Since we would be attending two different nights, it would be better if we spent time, including hotels, apart. Nobody argued, I didn’t want to see Mandy so I was completely okay. Knowing Mandy, she chose the Palms Hotel, notorious for their Playboy bunnies.

I chose a slightly classier hotel, The Wynn. The boys appreciated the hotel, well known for the most comfortable beds in the entire Strip. Once we walked in, everyone was in complete awe. Ryan and Lawless practically attacked me with a hug with how much they immediately loved the hotel. I went to the counter and told the worker behind the counter for reservations under ‘Jonas’.

She smiled as she looked through the computer. Then she pulled out eight room keys, before she could give it out, she looked at me. “We got a call from a Miss Jiroux informing us that you requested rooming assignments. She said you might not remember so she wanted us to remind you. Miss Jiroux said Mr. Leistman with Mr. Lawless, Mr. Taylor with Mr. Kevin Jonas, Mr. Frankie Jonas with Mr. Joseph Jonas, and lastly, Mr. Nick Jonas with Miss Kibble.”

Burying my face into the palms of my hands, I just wanted to die right there. Through the creases of my fingers, I could see Nick and the rest of the boys laughing together. How could this possibly be happening to me? Why didn’t I think that Mandy would concoct something like this? Sighing, I stood straight again and took the keys politely. “Enjoy your stay, ma’am.” The worker said courteously.

I nodded reluctantly. “Yeah, thanks.”

In about half an hour, everyone split up into their ‘designated rooming assignment’. Unintentionally, it was rather awkward. You really don’t have much planned to say when you are forced to share a Las Vegas hotel suite with your best friend and the one you secretly love. Sooner or later, we finally made it to our room. Ironically, it was at the end of the hall; the biggest doors on the entire floor.

While Nick opened the door with his key, I scratched my head nervously; why did everything seem a lot slower? Once he opened the door, we were exposed to not even a room, I call it another hotel. Dropping my bags at the door, I stood there in the most awe I could have possibly imagined. Nick didn’t seem much different either. “Wow.” He spilled out.

The curtains were draped in silk, allowing the sun to glow through. The antique furniture nearly felt like a cloud beneath your fingertips. The orchid arrangements matched perfectly to the neutral settings on the wallpaper. The central view was of the Strip perfectly, waiting for the sun to set down and illuminate the sky with lights. “This is beautiful.”

Hearing footsteps trailing behind me, I turned on my heel and faced Nick smiling at me. He pointed to his bedroom. “I’m going to get ready for tonight. You can take a nap if you wanted.” I nodded while I watched him walk away. Poking my head further enough to make sure that he wasn’t in clear sight, I pulled out my cell phone and angrily dialed Carly’s phone number.

“Hello?” She said, sounding as if she was chewing on food in the process.

“Mayday! Mayday! We have a malfunction!” I hissed into the phone.

“What’s the problem?”

Walking further away from Nick’s side of the suite and into my own, I closed the door shut behind me, securing my privacy. “Mandy has struck again by assigning roommates. When do you have time to think of all these things? Honestly, she’s going to be the death of me! Carly, I want to die happily.” I whined into the receiver.

“Maya, calm down. Knowing you, you’re not going to make any mistakes that you’ll later regret. This trip will all be over in a snap. I promise. Now, stop worrying and have fun. You’re only in Las Vegas once. There’s a reason why they have the saying, what’s happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” Smiling, I hung up the phone and ran to my closet to start getting ready.


“Why do chicks take so long, man?” Lawless groaned while everyone waited in our living room part of the suite. Rolling my eyes, I fumbled with the zipper of my flapper-inspired black dress. Thanks to the lovely Lawless, I’ll even take more time than that. So, they can all just suck on that.

While I threw a few necessities in my bright pink clutch, such as cell phone, lipstick, and the most important, a tampon, I could hear footsteps trailing to my room. A soft knock was sounded at my door. “Maya, we really do need to get going. Our reservations for the Hibachi restaurant are in half an hour.” Nick said, hearing a soft grumble from his stomach. “Please?”

“Okay,” I said while opening the door to see Nick leaning against the door frame. As I looked up towards him, I could see his eyes trail downwards. A small shake in the bones descended as I realized he was actually checking me out. I could feel his warm breath press against my forehead. He was so close. “Uhm, do you like my outfit?”

Bringing his eyes towards mine, a small smile brushed through his lips. He nodded in approval. “It suits you.” He said simply. I rolled my eyes.

Through the corner of my eyes, I could see Joe poke his head behind. “If you two are done being so adorable, I’d like to go eat.” Smiling at each other still, we all walked out to the limo waiting outside of us. ‘You’re only in Las Vegas once,’ continued to roll throughout my mind.


“Welcome to Mr. Cho’s Hibachi House. I’ll show you to your table.” The hostess said pleasantly. We followed close behind to the back of the restaurant in a disclosed room. Everyone sat around the Hibachi grill while Nick saved a seat for me besides him. After we ordered our drinks and meals, I raised my glass of Shirley Temple for a toast.

“I would like to propose a toast.” The other boys started lifting their bottles of beer in the air. My eyes trailed to Nick besides me, bashfully smiling back at me. “To Nick, that he may have a great one last night of freedom. Then for Saturday night, that he doesn’t screw the pooch at the altar.” I gritted a smile as I could see everyone else’s smiles falter. We toasted our glasses against each other in the toast.

Nick smiled, raising his beer bottle. “I’d like to make another toast. This is for Maya; to the most beautiful and amazing best girl the world will ever come to know.” He faced me, gracefully dazzling himself around me. “You have always been and always will be my best friend. I love you more than anything.” He tipped his bottle against mine as everyone else did in pursuit. He still hung that crooked smile towards me, never ripping his eyes off. I was falling.

Once the Hibachi chef entered, we began to get settled. Slithering the oil against the grill had only set the entire metal grill on fire. I tilted my head back; unconsciously taking Nick’s hand in the process (I swear I didn’t plan that). On the odd side, he didn’t flinch away. He held it close, easing me into protection from the fiery grill. His hand was just as warm as the many other times he held it in his. It was a comforting type of warm. I liked it a lot.

After soothing down the heat, we continued our dinner. We talked about meaningless things and old memories. Little did we realize, the dinner was already over. “Okay Maya, let go of all the suspense. What is this amazing Bachelor party do you have planned?” Nick smirked at me. I took him by the hand, motioning the other guys to follow behind.

Since we ate dinner in the Wynn hotel, I’m sure they expected to go somewhere outside of the same hotel. Surprisingly to them, I merely brought them to the private party room across the hallway. I turned around, guarding the door shut. I narrowed my eyes at the innocently looking boys staring back at me. “Let me introduce you boys to… heaven.”

I opened the doors to expose a custom made library of video games. There was about every video game the boys ever loved. They all looked around them in awe, not being able to rip their eyes off of it. “How did you do all of this?” Nick said with a shocked smile.

I shrugged. “I made a few phone calls. Some video game stores let me rent their games for tonight. You have your connections and I have mine.”

Then as if on cue, I paid some of the hotel waitresses to serve drinks. Not surprisingly, they wore their slinky uniforms donned by fishnet stockings. By the looks of it, I think Ryan was more than excited or impressed about the girls. He mouthed an, ‘I love you’ to me as I winked back at him. It’s not a Bachelor party with at least some girls.

The boys went through the video games like a girl would go through a sale rack. They hardly wasted a moment. I wanted on in the games, even playing myself. I, though, kept an eye on Nick who seemed slightly reserved. Yes, he played a few video games but he wasn’t as excited as I would have hoped. Sighing, I walked over, hoping to cheer him up.

Unfortunately, I was rebounded by one of the waitresses trying to cheer him up herself. She slinked her leg against his seductively. I felt a pang of guilt in my heart as I quickly turned on me heel and out of the room. Seeing someone else with Nick left my heart in a blender. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to go back in there, with the same heart. Sighing sadly, I retreated back to my hotel room.

On the way up, I felt this incredible amount of regret lying on my shoulders. The feeling of knowing Nick wasn’t ever going to be with me hammered right within me. It didn’t appear to me until now that I knew that they moment he said, “I do,” that I no longer could have a reason to be with him. He was going to eternally be Miley’s. It was a scary thought.

It was my fault really. I just never got the timing right. Of course, the moment I realized I loved him was when he was proposing to Miley. It was my luck. All my life I’ve realized, I’ve never had luck. I was ever lucky and I just let that happen for nineteen years. Why was it such a surprise that no matter how hard I tried, I could never have the one guy I loved, love me back?

I hope Miley loves him as much as I do every day. I hope she holds him like I wish I would. I hope she doesn’t let him down or dishonor him. I hope she’ll keep him happy even when he’s not. I hope that everything I couldn’t possibly do, she’ll do easily with him. He deserves the best in his life. I’m sure Miley is the best suited for him, rather than me.

Sulking into my hotel room, I immediately pulled off my heels and felt the soft carpet against my feet. I walked over towards the glass window, showing off the beautiful lights of The Strip. I just wish I could be a part of the sparkling lights. I don’t want to be a part of a life that clearly didn’t want me back. I needed something different; something I could actually appreciate.

I looked down at the chain I was clutching onto. It was the key locket that Nick gave me on my birthday. Trailing my fingers against the fine metal, I opened it carefully, seeing the picture Nick placed in. It was a picture of the two of us merely last year in one clasp and another picture of the two of us when we were little. It seemed at first that we hadn’t changed but when you looked at us longer, we’ve changed in ways we couldn’t fathom.

Nick doesn’t deserve someone who isn’t as fast paced as him. If everything and everyone seems against my love for him, what’s the point of working so hard? He’s getting married to one of the most beautiful girls in the world. It’s hard to compete with something like that. I don’t even know why I was still standing here; I didn’t have any chance at all. I was fooling myself.

As I fumbled with the necklace, I heard a click coming from the front door of the hotel suite. I turned to see Nick gazing back at me. This time he wasn’t smiling dazzling, he seemed distraught or even confused. He walked in a quick pace over. Before I could say anything to ask, he was standing before me. I was almost scared to look up at his intense brown eyes. For some reason, he wasn’t the same person I was used to.

His hands limped onto my hips, tightly tugging onto my dresser harder. He pulled me closer to him, making me leave my hands against his arms holding me to him. I could feel his heavy breathing against my forehead, as if he ran the way here. I looked at him, tears daring to bridge down my cheeks. Seeing him the way he saw me, the tears started to rush down. “You have no idea how much I’ve waited for this moment.” I said in near a whisper.

He brought his thumb gently against my cheek, wiping away the tears and the pain. His fingers began grace against my cheek bone before tangling in my hair. He nodded. “I know.” He bent down to me as he gently set his lips against mine. I was hesitant at first, suddenly caught off guard by the kiss but slowly eased in. As I brought my hand to tangle within his mess of curls, I could feel his hands slither down my waist and to my back.

As he held me by the waist, I could feel the kissing only growing fiercer. Parting from my lips, he started the kiss my jaw line, leaving me to unconsciously moan aloud. His lips found his way back to mine, securing against mine. Gradually opening my mouth wider, I could feel Nick’s tongue fighting its way into my mouth.

As his Nick’s tongue found its way, I felt him lift me higher into his arms, making me wrap my legs against his torso, holding onto his shoulders securely. Suddenly, not ever leaving the continuous kissing, I felt him carry me towards the bedroom. I didn’t budge but allowing the fiery urge inside of me to never let go. Once inside, I could feel him lower his back and me against the bed.

Then realizing exactly where we were heading, I began to pull away from Nick. His intense eyes began to soften as he looked down at me. His arms were placed on either side of me as he hovered over me. I brought my fingers to his cheek, slowly brushing against it. He kissed my palm silently in response. “Are you sure you want to do this?” I asked, my heart pounding through my chest.

He never broke away from me but looked away sullenly. A sparkle of near regret was clearly flowing through him. It was hard to tell whether or not he wanted to. He looked back within a second and locked his eyes with me. His brown dazzling eyes nearly glistened straight into mine. He was beautiful. “I couldn’t think of anyone else I’d rather be with right now.”

He bent down once more, intertwining our lips once again. I felt Nick’s hand climb to my back, slowly bringing the zipper down.

We were dancing in the night together, forgetting every mistake on the way.

End Notes:
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t h i r t y by The archive

The ray of sunshine beat against my bare shoulder. Fluttering my eyes open, it seemed the only sunshine that shone bright was right in front of me, slowly breathing as he slept. He seemed so peaceful as he slept with a small smile. I couldn’t help but smile back at him. Feeling his strong arms wrapped tight around me, I kissed the bare muscle before twisting my way out of the bed. I pulled the blanket to wrap against my naked body before quietly retreating out of the room.

The moment I walked out of the bedroom, the sun nearly blinded me eyes as I shielded them with my arm against my forehead. I looked behind me to see the couch facing the perfect view from the window. I sat down slowly and pondered for a moment; as if it would to be my only time to. Wrapping the blanket closer around me, I looked down at my fumbled fingers.

I’ve never thought much of the phrase, “One person can change your entire life.” I found it cliché and ridiculous. Nick didn’t change my entire life. He never has. The fact was that Nick was my entire life. He never entered one day or left another. He had been there from the complete beginning. The weird thing I realized was last night seemed to be near an end. In the back of mind, I imagined a bright light in the end of a long tunnel.

I wasn’t sure where the end would head to; with or without Nick. It seemed like a lot of things wouldn’t be easy to be sure about anymore. I had never imagined my first kiss to be my “first”, if you understood what I truly meant. I never imagined it to be with Nick, neither of them. I don’t think Nick imagined his “first” to be with me or before he was married either. What had I gotten myself into?

“What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” It rang through my head numerous times. What if I didn’t want this to just stay in Vegas? It wouldn’t happen though. It would always stay within the secrets in Las Vegas, Nevada, alongside many other secrets. What was going to happen once I got out of this city? What was going to happen when we all got back to Los Angeles? Would it all just be the same? Everything I hoped for and wished for would be whisked away alongside sand grains?

The thought of rejection never seemed so scary in my entire life. I realized that if I didn’t have Nick with me, I couldn’t continue being the person who I was. I refused to pretend everything was okay when it certainly was the opposite.

Biting my lip, I could hear shuffling footsteps from behind me. Knowing the rough smell of Old Spice cologne, I knew instantly it was none other than Nick walking over to me. I looked up to see his usually perfect styled set of curls in a mess of twists and turns. My eyes trailed over to see his bare chest, illuminating off the sunlight, I felt as if I was staring at Edward Cullen with curly hair. He was just as beautiful.

He sat beside me quietly. Keeping a good distance between the both of us, his fingers tugged onto his boxers. They seemed to tremble slowly. We sat in silence for a few moments, as if to recoil our last thoughts. I quickly glanced to see if he had changed much of an expression. He didn’t budge at all in the couch. I turned away again, looking back at the window before me. I felt him quick glance back at me.

I looked at the blanket that I wrapped tightly around myself. I began to fumble with the uneven hem nervously. I found it hard to find my voice to speak. Pulling enough of my hard through, I slowly turned to see him lifeless and sullen. “Do you regret it?”

He looked down into his intertwined fingers before letting his eyes trail towards mine. My heart began to beat as fast as his eyes came towards mine. Once locked, I felt everything stop. He was no longer at someone who was once called, “The Jonas Sister.” He was gazing at a much stronger force that held us together. He shook his head steadily. “Never.” Every syllable trickled down his lips slowly, he didn’t lose sight of me. “Do you?”

I bit my lip self consciously, bringing back a strand of frizzy curly hair behind my ear. I didn’t dare look back into deep pools of brown eyes. I shook my head quietly, not speaking another word. It was a moment where you couldn’t speak. I couldn’t find any other word to say to him. What else could possibly be said? My eyes looked down at my empty cracked hands. “What are we going to do?”

Suddenly feeling the emptiness that overtook my fingers filled with warmth and care, I looked down to see Nick caressing his palm against mine. “I don’t know.” That was the most he could tell me. I respected that in a weird way. At least it seemed he thought closely about it as well. He leant down to kiss my forehead sullenly. “All I know is that I love you and to me, that’s all that matters.”

I nodded, quietly before tilting my head high enough to where our lips matched perfectly. I brought my free hand into his mess of curls. He sent a sweet kiss which sent soft shivers down my spine. Smiling against his lips, I pulled away gently. I saw in his eyes that he begged for more but I couldn’t allow it. “I have to take a shower.” I got up, slowly letting go of the interlace between our fingers.

He smiled devilishly. “Can I go in with you?”

Rolling my eyes, I shook my head. “You’re ridiculous, Nick.” Without another word, we separated our ways towards our own bedrooms.


After finishing my shower and getting ready, I walked out the bedroom to see Nick waiting for me on the counter. As he realized I was outside, his eyes trailed up and down at my green cotton dress. “Checking me out, much?” I rolled my eyes before walking over to him. He smiled bashfully before kissing my temple.

“Couldn’t help it, I guess. Who knew it took me this long to realize my best friend was so sexy?” His warm breath sent tingles against my skin as he mumbled against my forehead still kissing it softly. I could feel his fingers sliding down my waist. As he brushed his nose into my hair, I could feel him slowly raising my dress high against my upper thigh. I brought my lips to softly press against his, slightly tugging him closer to me.

Smiling devilishly against my lips, he began to kiss more fiercely, slowly mumbling sweet lullabies or quoting a song that reminded him of me. “You are my sunshine on a cloudy day,” was one of the many. I guess this is what it was like to make out with a rockstar. I didn’t mind though, it only made me kiss more. His hands were already deep underneath my dress, holding my upper thighs closer to him.

Jumping on my toes, I wrapped my legs around him and interlaced my arms behind his head. He only chuckled at my quick maneuver. He pulled away, now kissing sweetly against my temple downwards on my neck. I closed my eyes as I rolled my head back to allow him an easier target. “Nick…oh, Nick...” I began to mumble breathlessly.

I felt his warm legs slowly brush higher underneath my dress and closer to my bra. He brought his lips closer and closer as if he was nearly teasing me. I narrowed my eyes at his playful smirk. “Signed, sealed, delivered, I’m yours, baby,” Only rolling my eyes I kissed him once again. I brought my fingers to fumble against his button down plaid shirt. I began to consciously loosen the buttons at a slow pace. He didn’t seem to oblige. Innocently mumbling words that didn’t make sense at the time, Nick was already throwing off his shirt, showing off his bare chest.

Suddenly, a loud knock, more like a fist, roared against the door. This made Nick and I jumped out of each other’s arms. Gazing down at our distraught appearances, we significantly made the moment especially awkward. Nick, nearly have naked, was staring down my nearly torn dress and messy hair. “Nick, open this door or I swear to God I will knock it down myself!” Joe yelled from outside.

I heard a sarcastic cough, probably from Kevin. “Joe, trust me. You couldn’t do that even if you tried. No wonder you don’t have a girlfriend.”

“You don’t know that!” Joe retorted.

I mouthed to Nick as I began to scuffle to my room, “Get your shirt!” He nodded as he ran to the other side of the living room to retrieve his clothes. I ran inside my room to find another dress instead of the one Nick basically murdered. Hurriedly pulling a yellow vintage bubble dress over my head, I tried my hardest to pull a brush through my hair. Once suitable, I opened the door to see all the guys sitting in the living room.

I innocently waved, nearly looking shocked that they were present. “Hey guys! What are you doing here?”

They shared suspicious looks. Joe spoke first. “We’ve been waiting forever for you guys in the lobby. We’re starving and the girls are getting antsy. I think they’re experiencing a hangover or PMS; whichever it is, we want to hit the road.” I nodded as I picked up my bag. The boys got up as well and started one by one heading out of the room. I looked over at Nick who was the last. We stood at a silent gaze but walking ahead, he winked playfully at me.


The moment I saw the girls, I could see Mandy’s vicious and manipulative eyes pierce through. It was as if she already knew everything. You could see through that smug smile. It was identical to the moment I first met her she hadn’t changed at all.

As go for the other girls, well, it showed well that they didn’t have much sleep. Dressed in their pajamas, they groggily greeted us. I tore away from Nicholas, trying not to show affection to each other whatsoever. We were hoping to put on a convincing act that could fool everyone. The problem was, it felt harder each second apart to not be beside him; not being the one to hold his hand.

Pulling Joe besides her, Mandy didn’t seem to waste anymore time. “So how was your party?” Sipping down her drink, I noticed her eye brow instinctively rise higher than the other. She was expecting a story alright. As the bridesmaids and Miley seemed to be suffering through a severe hangover, Mandy seem composed and sober.

Turing across the long table, Nick realized his initiative to speak. He shrugged casually, “Um, definitely unexpected,” He slowly gazed back at me, leaving everyone else to seemingly disappear. I felt a deep red blush seep into my cheeks. The rest of the boys seemed to agree with him but with slightly different deceptions in mind from Nick.

Suddenly, Frankie seemed to dinner, “The only weird thing was that you and Nick kind of disappeared after a few minutes.” Then, remarkably different from the moment before, everything seemed to close to a standstill. Even the drunken messes for a bridal party stopped groaning in pain for once to Frankie’s comment.

For once in my life, I did not know what to say next. I couldn’t look at Nick for that would certainly I’ve away so much already but I would never forget the unhealthy satisfied look on Mandy’s face. Anything could be going through her mind at the point. It was barely ten minutes and our act was nothing to be fooled by. I should have known all along.

“Maya was getting really tired so she headed to bed. I kind of wanted a breather from the party so I took a walk along the strip. By the time I got back, you guys weren’t there anymore so I just went to sleep. You guys know me; I’m not the party type.”

The attention was immediately taken off of me and towards Nick. Some were actually shocked to hear Nick for once. Usually Miley’s taking over the entire show but since she’s in an unfortunate state, she was unable to do so. He looked back at me, raising his brow. I nodded unsteadily, through the aftershock, to agree with him. He smiled, looking back at his menu, permanently dropping the subject.


The moment we got back home, I literally wanted to kiss the ground. I’ve never been in a feet and felt so uncomfortable in my life. We sat in the same seats incidentally. Nick was beside Miley as she laced her arm around him in claim. I watched silently, resisting and trying to distinguish the jealous the raged within me. I just listened to Joe’s ongoing conversation with himself.

It had seemed that I wasn’t the only one taking notice. Carly seemed to watch sullenly at me as I watched Nick. She knew me well enough by now to know my facial reactions of exactly what I was thinking. By the time we got out of the jet, she took my arm and whispered roughly, “We need to talk.” I nodded slowly, not looking back at her. If I did, I would have diminished in a rage of tears. I could see it now; I would drop to my knees and wave towards the lowly cement ground. I would confess to every crime that I couldn’t control.

From them on people would finally see the traitor and sinner I truly became just because of one guy.

Then again, Nick was no longer a guy in my life. He was the guy. Growing up without a father really just left me helpless. Nick was there to pick up every piece that was left in the puzzle. But what if this time around, he was the last piece that I needed in order to finish? That particular piece was so genuine and importantly that without it, the entire puzzle would be lifeless and useless. That’s how I felt without Nick: lifeless and useless.

Less was the keyword in it all. The less Nick was there, the less I really felt about myself. He was what kept my together and yet he’s making me fall apart at the exact same time. It wasn’t fair at all on my part.

“So you did him?” Carly said, her eyes were ready to fall out of their sockets from the shock of the entire situation. She may have expected to finally tell him my true feeling but not much after that. Oh, was she in a surprise of her life. “You did your best friend, who’s getting married tomorrow night. You did Nick Jonas, the staple of purity.”

I pursed my lips nervously. “Technically speaking, if you wanted to be specific, he did me.” I slowly corrected. I watched her shut her eyes closed and shook her head recklessly. Still biting my lip, I looked down at my fumbled fingers. There wasn’t a way much of a way out of this. “And the worst part was that he was completely sober.”

She opened her eyes once again, now narrowing them straight towards me. “Are you sure?” I nodded, completely sure of my verdict. She rubbed small circles against her eyes while sighing slowly. “You are in some seriously trouble, girl.” Thanks Captain Obvious for pointing out what I’ve known for months now. I didn’t retort that though, leaving me to simply nod back.

But I’ll give her a break. I suppose she didn’t really understand the circumstance of what was once called “a silly little crush” until now. She probably didn’t believe me at first since she didn’t know me well at that point. Not her or anyone in the world could possibly understand the pain I render each and every day. This was the story that Nicholas Sparks should have thought of first.

In truth, there couldn’t possibly be a happy ending. Someone’s going to get hurt and more than likely that person would to be me. I sighed, letting my entire chest collapse before me. Nicholas Sparks would have enough creativity to make a happy ending and a cheesy epilogue. The problem proceeded that Nicholas Sparks could make no effect on my current situation in complete reality.

Across the room, Carly kept her chin resting against her palm. We watched each other quietly with no more intentions to speak. This moment didn’t need another word. Silence was comforting for once. It gave enough time to slowly breathe and recoil my last thoughts. Then at the end of the long silence, she spoke words I could never forget.

“Sometimes ‘goodbye’ is the greatest way of saying ‘I love you’.”


It was ticking towards seven and the sun was near to set. As Carly and I drove up to the wedding rehearsal, we sat in shock, slowly gazing at the beautiful site. The strung lights brightened the dark empty sky and kept it awake. They twinkled like genuine diamonds above. The orchids stood beside the main aisle, popping the bright blue color subtly just as I imagined. It was more than beautiful as I could have possible imagined. Rebecca was correctly credited and I hope she got her rightful pay in the end.

We stepped towards the ceremony site and fell in a fairytale, like a different dimension. The tulle wrapped around each chair playfully and not in a tacky way (in which I imagined they’d be). The important white satin had covered the ground for the main walkway which exceeded the entire venue. The archway where Nick and Miley would stand as husband and wife had nearly decimated me towards tears. The flowers and lights strung together as one above where they would be.

Seeing my weariness, Carly took my by the hand to greet everyone else and away from the wedding scene. I did as I was told and followed behind. Everyone could see the dread in my eyes and wounded me tight in their arms, especially the boys and Ellie. For they all knew, and they knew that if anyone didn’t want to be hear more than anyone else, it would certainly be me. For the remaining time of our wait, I played with Baby Kevin and Kimmy.

Soon commotion began to stir, all heads look up to see Nick and Miley making their grand entrance. Well, technically, Miley did as Nick stood behind, lacing his fingers in hers. My eyes began to wander down back at the kids. It felt wrong to watch them walk in together on the night before their wedding day. It felt like a sin alongside the others.

As everyone welcome them, accept me, I pretended to keep busy with the kids. Though, my eyes quickly glanced to Nick looking back at me. He didn’t seem as happy as an almost married man would be. Could it be possibly that he was in just as much pain as I was? Well, that would nearly be impossible really. I shook off the thought and continued to play patty-cake with Kimmy. “Auntie Maya, why so sad?” Kimmy pouted as she laced her small fingers into mine. “I don’t see you happy anymore.”

I looked down at her quiet childish eyes. She was right; there wasn’t anything that could make me happy anymore. I wasn’t a happy person at all. Happiness is a privilege and I guess that’s something I can’t receive anymore. I didn’t want to let her guard down though so I quietly smiled and kissed her curly brown tresses. As I pulled her into my lap, I could see slow footsteps coming towards us. I didn’t have to guess who it could possibly be. “Hey,” I said, not looking in his light brown eyes.

He sat beside us and took Baby Kevin into his arms. I took the time to look at the both of us. We looked like one big happy family with kids in our arms to love and hold. I trailed my eyes towards his and stared deeply towards mine. We didn’t smile nor any other facial expression but looked at each other. I wish I could’ve cried and brought myself downwards to my knees. That’s how I felt inside but I could never show my true feelings anymore. “I wish there was an easier way out of this.”

I shook my eyes before pulling my eyes away from his gaze. “You could get out of anything if you wanted to.” I said rather forcefully. “It’s all in your head. Sometimes I wish you’d listen more to your heart. That’s what counts.” I stood up from the chair and took Kimmy’s hand in mine as we trailed away. I could hear Nick running behind me.

“Maya!” I turned on my heel and stared at him, waiting. He sighed and took my free hand within his. “You know that you’re the only one I could ever need.” He pleaded with weary eyes. I didn’t believe it though and it made me furious. I pulled my hand out of his and kept it at my side, wiping it against my dress.

“Prove it.” I retorted in a spat and as I was to walk away, Miley was coming towards us. I sighed and stayed in my position. I gritted a smile as I kissed her ‘Hi’. She looked stunning compared to me and my frock. She kept her naturally wavy and wore a white silhouette I guess to mock her real white dress for the wedding.

“Sweetie,” She turned to Nick who guiltily turned back. The thick Southern accent pulled both of us in. “The rehearsal is starting and well we can’t start without either of you.” I forced a fake smile and followed behind the two of them. Was this how I would spend the rest of my life, following behind?

We all began to circle around Rebecca, looking rather professional in her pink suit and clip board in hand. “Hello everyone, I am Rebecca Duplechain, the wedding planner and I’d like to thank each one of you for making this day possible.” She began to clap for us which gradually became a mutual clap. It was awkward and forceful on our side of the hustle. “Alright so let’s get started, shall we?”

She began to line, position, and order people into their places. We held our bouquets which were beautifully arranged with the orchids we had ordered. Nick stood at the front side of the aisle, clasping his hands before him. As I stood behind the bridesmaids, I couldn’t help to scan Nick slowly. He wore gray skinny jeans, matching gray jacket, and a white shirt in which trailed against his stomach, showing his abdomen. I nearly lost my breath before learning how to take in small gasps.

The procession soon began. The following couples walk down the aisle: John and Marissa, Ryan and Ana, Jack and Molly, Garbo and Carly, Frankie and Noah, Kevin and Gracie, then finally Joe and AJ. I’ll admit, whoever picked who’s escorting who really didn’t know them well. Mandy walked ahead, pressing a rather unfriendly smile at me before so. I could picture that fake smile she plastered as she strutted down the aisle. I hope people could see straight through it as well as I could. It was a mask, an ugly mask if anything.

She took a few minutes as if she wanted for everyone there to take in that she had arrived. I wanted to puke from her cliché-ness but merely rolled my eyes. Then it became my turn to walk “slowly but at a nice pace” as Rebecca put it. I nodded while I clutched onto my bouquet and began to walk down the processional. Everyone was smiling at me and I gritted a smile back. Half of the people there knew I couldn’t stand to be there in the first place so I didn’t try too hard.

As I walked down, I could see Nick at the other end. I couldn’t help but pretend that I was the one he was waiting for at the end of the aisle. Beautiful and dressed up in white lace and a veil hiding over my swept back hair. He’d be in his black suit hands in one another just like he did. He would smile, not because people would see him but because he was genuinely happy that I’d be the one he’ll be with for the rest of his life.

I couldn’t help but imagine, in that long walk towards him, that if we did have a life together, that it would be the happiest we could ever imagine. Waking up to sunshine, and I hardly mean the nature type of sunshine, each and every morning would complete the rest of my day. Having a close family with him, children to love because we together had created miracles. We’d define the meaning of happily be wed, because you can be happy even after marriage.

I had stopped and realized I was at the dead front. The images completely wiped away from my mind as I stood behind Nick and watched as Miley came down the aisle. Even without her wedding dress, she looked just as beautiful. It was hard to compare and I knew that well. Nick smiled, probably imagining tomorrow night through his head. He’d be happy just like any other groom and I’d be expected to be the same as the best girl.

I sighed as I began to fumble with the ribbon on the flowers, trying not to look back at the happy couple as they stood together before everyone. Rebecca began to go on about the wedding but it didn’t seem appealing enough to catch my attention. I just sulked behind the happy little couple and watched on as they both smiled back at each other. It wasn’t fair.

The entire rehearsal seemed to drag on in what seemed like days. The worst part was that it apparently wasn’t really that long. We spend maybe forty-five minutes at the most and yet my brain was ticking off months by now. It was the same, “look in each other’s eyes deeply, keep her hands within yours tightly as if you’re never to let her go, and then walk slowly”. For crying out loud, this is a wedding not a tragic scene from Titanic.

“Okay, so we should head inside to start on the sound check for the reception rehearsal.” Miley said as she pointed to the inside ballroom. This was another sad point of being a part of musical sensations’ weddings: they find any excuse to have a concert just so they can amp up their ratings. Well, I wouldn’t doubt that Miley supported this idea more than Nick really did.

According to the set list, Mandy would go first then Joe, Kev, and the rest of the band, Miley would sing a duet with Nick, and then after their duet I would go ahead and sing my song for their first dance. This was so corny, I wanted to gag. At the same time, I wanted to cry.

Mandy zipped through her own horrifying I-can-never-see-again-after-that-strip-act kind of gig in a quick second, thankfully. Then the boys sang their very own Got Me Goin’ Crazy, except minus Nick. The “Got Me Goin’ Crazy” part definitely seemed to be pointing towards Miley direction but definitely in a way that she wouldn’t assume. It sure felt convincing to me.

My turn came by quickly, quicker than I was hoping for. Miley and Nick began to practice their dance together. Clearly, she was leading and Nick let her do so. He seemed to have cared less if they could be shoo-ins for Dancing with the Stars but she did. “Nick, stop slouching and take my hand. No, Nick, you take back that step. Ow, you stepped on my foot, Nicholas!” She screeched. As I threw over a microphone cord, I could see the rest of the band smiling and laughing. I couldn’t help but do the same.

Nick sighed as Miley left the dance floor to ice her foot. I could see those shoulders crouching even further before him as he walked over. I smirked as I knelt down to him. “Looking good, Fancy Feet. You bring Liberace to shame.” I could see him roll his eyes and try to pretend that I didn’t demean his ego at all.

He crossed his arms against his chest as he leaned against the stage. “Why don’t you try to dance with the Hitler for dancing and get back to me? It’s a complete nightmare.” He replied sarcastically. I continued to position my microphone and reminding myself of the lyrics in my head. I was hoping not to make a complete fool of myself tonight. Nick was watching me, studiously. His fingers trailed against my bare calf, nearly leading my knees to buckle. I pulled my leg away from his hold and dug my eyes into his.

“Stop it. People can see us.” I hissed through my teeth. He merely rolled his eyes. “You know you’re about the worst groom I could have ever seen in my life. Congrats.” I rolled my eyes as I started to hum the melody of the song. I closed my eyes, zoning away from Nick, and slowly swayed to the music playing through my head. When I opened my eyes again, it had seemed that Nick barely moved from his spot. His eyes still well fixated on mine. “Don’t you have to practice your dance, Casanova?” I asked sarcastically.

He shrugged nonchalantly before smirking closely. “Maybe you can assist me with that?” I furrowed my brows and leant all my weight on one leg. The worst part was that he was surely not joking. I laughed, rolled my eyes, and continued what I was previously doing. I could just pretend I didn’t hear that last little sentence.

Then clanks-for-footsteps came towards us, Miley bumped her head into the conversation. She smiled satisfied as she pulled me down from the stage. “I think that would be a great idea!” She said, a little too excitingly. I couldn’t help but quietly groan inwardly. Miley was always known for bad timing and making situations even more awkward. She pulled the two of us in the middle of the dance floor. I pouted and begged Miley to not let me go on. She sighed and begged back, more convincing than I tried to be. “Please, Maya, I am completely desperate.”

I sighed as Miley walked back to the table to look on. I felt like the puppet to Nick, my puppeteer. I hated attention and this type of attention was completely unnecessary. Nick pulled me closer towards him, securing his hand on the small of my back. I breathed in gradually and took hold of his shoulder as we laced our fingers together. “Why are we doing this?” I sighed as we began to flow together against the dance floor.

“What? The dancing?” Nick questioned, completely oblivious.

I shook my head, trying to keep my eyes not locking with his. “No, Nick, why are we trying to keep an act? I don’t want to act like everything’s okay anymore. I don’t want to be someone I’m clearly not. This whole process has put me through more sacrifice than anything I’ve ever experienced. Why do we have to resort to lies? Why do I have to be the one hurt?” I said, pushing back tears. I couldn’t cry at the reception in front of a group of people. It wouldn’t be fair for me.

Nick sighed, trying to tilt my chin higher but I resisted and swat his hand away from my face. He sighed slowly before answering. “Maya, I’ve sacrificed just as much. I’ve always loved you from the very start but it’s just taken me a while to realize it. If I could run away with you, I would completely take that chance but I can’t. You know I can’t do that. It wouldn’t be fair for everyone else.”

His words were deadly and it trickled against my blo

od. I dared to look in those deep brown eyes and tried to keep my composure. “It wouldn’t be fair for everyone else? It wouldn’t be fair to me, Nick. What about me? What about what I think? What about my feelings? I’ve given up my entire life for you for as long as I could remember because you were all that mattered to me. But for once, I want you to give up something of your time for me. I just want that. That’s all I could ever ask and you make it seem impossible. I’m not just going to wait for something that’s not there.” The tears were beginning to fall down my cheeks but I quickly brushed them away. Hopefully, if anyone saw it, they’d think they were tears of joy. Why of course, another lie.

“You think that I couldn’t give up my life for you? Maya, you’ve been apart of my life for years.” He defended, gripping onto my hand tighter. We swayed against the silent music but still kept a constant beat. There was still emptiness in his eyes and more likely, his heart. He was trying to spoon feed me recited words but I couldn’t take it much longer.

I shook my head, swallowing down a river of coming tears. Each tear that became a rivulet hurt within me. “That’s the thing. I’ve been a part of your life. Your life was everything alike of a dream. You dreamt and it came true. You were always three steps ahead of the game. Well, I think the game’s finally catching up to you. By getting married to someone you know you don’t love, you think you’re ahead but it’s finally taken away. You have the rest of your life to be happy; I don’t think you should waste it on me anymore.”

I finally let go of his hold and walked away slowly. A faint clap was sounded but I didn’t think much of the appraisal. This was it and I knew it well. I didn’t regret what I told him and I had to remind myself of that each second that ticked away between us. I could hear Miley following and stopped beside Nick. She was ready to start again but Nick was sure. The aftermath of my final monologue was a clear shock to him. Shock was really all I could tell.

I walked over to the grand piano awaiting me. Slowly brushing my fingers against the white keys, I sighed slowly only staring at the keys before me and nothing else. For my own sake, I began to count off. “1, 2, 3, and…” I played slowly the leading chords as I clicked the pedal beneath my foot alongside. I stopped thinking about the song and let it flow through me spontaneously. This was how it was meant to be.

There's nothing I could say to you

Nothing I could ever do to make you see

What you mean to me

All the pain, the tears I cried

Still you never said goodbye and now I know

How far you'd go

A thirteen year old Nick walked forward towards the casket of his best friend, Maya’s, father. She hadn’t flinched from the spot since the end of funeral. She stood, nearly admiring the body before her. He had to tell her that it was close to the time they had to leave. He wasn’t sure how difficult it would be for her or him. She crossed her arms against her small frame but didn’t move after that. “Maya?” He said softly.

She didn’t speak at first and seemed almost as if she didn’t hear him. He was about to speak again but she side tracked him and spoke, “Death looks so nice and comfortable. Life seems a lot harder than that.” She said slowly. Even as a ten year old, she was more intelligent than death itself.

I know I let you down

But it's not like that now

This time I'll never let you go

Nick shrugged, not knowing what to say. He wasn’t used to Maya’s sullenness. Then again, he wasn’t used to seeing a dead man in front of the both of them. It was a speechless moment all together for him. He stood closer by Maya, slowly putting his arm around her shoulder securing. “He didn’t deserve to go, you know that.” He seemed to have felt the need to remind her of the truth.

She didn’t think much of it though. Of course her father deserved to see her grow up and become a young lady. Her father deserved to see her in her prom gown, her graduation gown, and certainly her wedding gown. Her father wasn’t going to be there for any of that now. She had to gradually accept that but she didn’t know how long it would take her. “Yeah, I do but it’s weird to see him sleeping and know that he’ll never wake up.”

I will be, all that you want

And get myself together

Cause you keep me from falling apart

All my life, I'll be with you forever

To get you through the day

And make everything okay

"Not gonna lie, it’s weird for me too. But we’ll get through this together, I promise.” He reassured her as he squeezed her shoulder motivationally. She wasn’t the type for crying at that certain age. She usually didn’t show much emotion but time called for tears and she had enough to shed. She pulled Nick closer and buried her tear-filled eyes into Nick’s only nice black shirt. He didn’t mind though, he wanted to keep his best friend warm. “He’ll always be with you and you’ll always make him proud.”

I thought that I had everything

I didn't know what life could bring

But now I see, honestly

You're the one thing I got right

The only one I let inside

Now I can breathe, cause you're here with me

“I’m scared,” she muffled into his shirt. “I’m scared that I won’t make him proud anymore. I don’t feel motivated to anything as well as I did when he was here. He would be so ashamed of me right now. I can feel it, Nick.” He shook his head, refusing to let her take that shame. He held her face to see his straight face.

“Don’t ever fall for that. You can’t let anything bring you down. If your dad was still here, he wouldn’t want you to always cry for him. He would want you to cheer up and do the things you love because all he cares about is your happiness and love. That’s what all of us care about, especially me.”

And if I let you down

I'll turn it all around

Cause I would never let you go

“You really think so?”

Nick nodded, noticing that the crying was coming towards a decent. “I believe so. The world has too many opportunities to cry now. You’ll have another chance to be with him again. He wants you to take this chance now and spend the rest of your life just as he would want it to be. I promised him that I’d be with you through everything. I’d never leave your side and that’s my promise to you. No matter what.”

I will be, all that you want

And get myself together

Cause you keep me from falling apart

All my life, I'll be with you forever

To get you through the day

And make everything okay

A small smile grew through Maya’s once fading lips. She nodded and agreed with him. “All right, you better keep it or I’ll beat you up.” She challenged. He rolled his eyes, letting go of his hold of her. “Last one to the car is a loser!” She declared as they both dashed out of the church.

Cause without you I can’t sleep

I'm not gonna ever, ever let you leave

You're all I've got, you're all I want


And without you I don't know what I'd do

I can never, ever live a day without you

Here with me, do you see?

You're all I need

Now watching the one she knew she loved holding someone else she knew he didn’t love was something she couldn’t bare anymore. There wasn’t much easiness to fate and destiny. Was I fated to be hurt? Was Nick destined to make the biggest mistake of his life? Why didn’t clear pieces just fit together like they should? Why do we have to fight for what we knew was right all along?

And I will be, all that you want

And get myself together

Cause you keep me from falling apart

All my life (my life), I'll be with you forever

To get you through the day

And make everything okay.

Then suddenly, those familiar tears began to slowly bridge down once again. They were burning sour in the crest of my eyes. Then they became significantly different than the tears I cried before. I knew they would be the last of the many before. I could no longer take the pain I’d rendered and had to take a higher road than before.

If I learned anything through the entire experience it would certainly be that what you suffer through the most are the experiences that you learn the most from. They never end in happily ever after because in reality, happily ever after could never possible exist. It became a hoax growing up, thinking you could have everything. I thought Nick had something similar but he didn’t. He had a handful of lies and he dared me to be a part of them.

That could no longer happen for there could no longer be a Maya without a Nick.



Rehearsal was over and people started to retreat to the inside the reception hall for dinner. As everyone retreated, Joe had remembered that while Maya was on stage, he was texting Demi at the same time. The wedding had kept them apart and he didn’t appreciate that at all. They missed each other terribly and the separation was killing both of them. When he brought his hands to his side where his cell phone would more likely be, he felt a certain emptiness that took its place instead.

Furrowing his brow, he began to slide his fingers to the front of his pockets then to his back pockets. There was still not trace of the cell phone. “Figures,” he mumbled, “I lost my cell phone once again.” Now he would never know what Demi would be doing after the wedding. He sighed, knowing this would have happened and began to follow behind everyone else.

As everyone else filed in, Mandy stood behind, scrolling through the phone that was formally Joe’s. Most of the inbox was from Demi and it wasn’t keeping Mandy happy. Most of the messages were about how much they missed and loved each other. Fume arose through hour glass shaped body. The one who she loved and technically black mailed had lied to her.

Pursing her lips, her eyes rose upwards to see Maya and Nick, glancing at each other. She knew well of the secret they were keeping. Looking back at the phone in her hand, her empty colorless lips then pursed into a smirk. “Every mistake has a consequence.”

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t h i r t y ( p a r t t w o ) by The archive

The feeling of walking to the reception hall was similar to a death march. Nobody cared to be here and it came to the point where it obviously showed. I felt sorry for all of us, going to a wedding rehearsal that we hardly supported. Well, at least the groomsmen party felt that way. We dragged our feet against the rough pavement as f we had shackled locked onto our ankles. We had a grit and identical smile through. Soon enough, we would all see this to be over.

The world weighed at my shoulders as it rotated in my palms. I had over worked every emotion and physical ability in my small body and yet the weight of it hadn’t changed because I was too used to it by now. Still heavy, but I was beginning to wonder if it was all worth it. The answer to such a simple worded yet complicated question would more likely never be found.

I proceeded behind everyone but something inside of stopped. I turned on my heel to find Rebecca picking up debris left. “I’ll be there in a sec.” I told Joe as he nodded in response. Then, I began to walk towards Rebecca. The closer I came, I could hear her mumbling curse words about Miley and how she hated working for stuck up superstars who hardly have musical talents. Biting my lip as I silently on looked her frustration, I nervously tapped her on the shoulder. Jumping up by surprise, she clutched her hand to her heart. “Sorry, if I frightened you.” I said cautiously.

“No, it’s fine.” She hesitated. “Uhm, did you find the ceremony successful?” A small shake was noticeable in her voice. Her cheeks were gradually coloring a bright red. I’m sure she didn’t want me to hear her comments before.

I nodded with a broad smile. “Oh yes, it was about the most beautiful ceremony I’ve ever known. All the décor and flowers are just breathtaking. The silk and the lights are just strung perfectly. Honestly, I don’t think anyone else could have done a better job. I promise you that, Rebecca. This profession is definitely your calling and it shows beautiful in front of me. There is not enough recognition in the world to compare to what you truly deserve.” I smiled as I rubbed her arm comfortingly.

She didn’t immediately respond but merely smiled. Though it wasn’t a voiced response, her smile had told me enough. It wasn’t her usual business like smile that she grits each day to every client that she had nothing in common with. It was a sincere smile that reflected her accomplishments and talents. The type of smile that reminded her that everything would be okay. I took that smile within my hand and turned my heel away from her.

“Wait!” She restrained. I turned back, raising my eye brows. Her usual postured shoulders had slouched in front of her as if by relief. She sighed but smiled once again sincerely. “Thank you and I’m not just saying that to not be rude but you’d be surprised how much I don’t hear that. It’s not to hear it from someone for once.” A small chuckle escaped as I smiled back. Then letting her smile falter to a more serious tone and twisted her lips. She was holding a secret. I raised my brow to wonder what she would say next. “He doesn’t know he’s missing.”

My eyes descended into my knotted fingers that intertwined unconsciously. Biting my lip once again, I slowly nodded before rising my head. I nodded more melodically to agree with her. “Yeah, I know.” With nothing else left to say, I turned back and resumed to walk back inside to join the others.

The rehearsal dinner, in all honesty, was short lived. It was pretty basic and I’m sure Nick asked for it not to be a big scene. I wanted to define the space besides Nick so at different times I could feel Joe’s elbow collide with mine. If it was any other instance, I’d mind but I couldn’t stand to be beside Nick; I had to endure it. I could feel him lean over me and whisper closely to my ear. “You don’t have to literally be on Joe’s lap, you know.” His warm breathe left a minor shiver against my spine.

I didn’t respond but moved slightly towards him and left a good amount of space left. He chuckled, playing with his food like a child he didn’t care to eat his vegetable. I only rolled my eyes and continued to eat the Caesar salad before me. I kept in my mind that I had to conceive a speech for tonight but I was hoping no one would bring it up.

Of course who would be the one to bring it up? Mandy certainly would. She tilted her head enough for me to see that wicked smile plastered on her lips. “Maya? Why don’t you go ahead and start the speeches? I’m sure yours is a lot better than mine so you can go first.” She fluttered her fake lashes innocently, masking who she truly was. My eyes wandered over the rest of the table who were agreeing with Mandy.

I sighed and got up from my seat, my legs starting to shake from the nerves settling in. “Hi,” I waved one hand in the air playfully. I’m sure I looked like a wreck. “I’m Maya and I am the ‘Best Girl’. I have known Nick basically all of my life. He’s been there for me through thick and thin and all ways in between. We’ve been beside each other for as long as I could remember. As kids, we raced each other daily which I beat him a lot at.

“The moment Nick asked me to be his ‘Best Girl’, I looked down and up at myself, feeling slightly dumbfounded. Obviously, what I’ve known about weddings was that usually a boy is the best man, wing man, best bud for life, what have you.” Light chuckles bridged across the room. “Well, I guess you could say I was like that but in a different way. No matter what happened between the two of us, would stood by each other’s side.” A small smile had risen through my pale lips as a flow of recollections breezed through my mind. My hands no longer shook as frantically as before. Speaking about Nick made me comfortable. Speaking about Nick and Miley didn’t. My hands started to shake again.

I let out a small sigh, bringing my fumbled fingers to my abdomen. Words were hard to express while conjuring up a convincing yet truthful speech. “As teenagers, we toured together and experienced the world by each other’s sides. As young adults, we experienced hard times as grownups. And now as groom and best girl, somehow we’ll still be together. It’s weird that after tomorrow night, I will no longer be the person to be by his side for the rest of his life anymore. It’s taking a while to let that settle in but,” Slowly, I felt the tears start to set in my eyes. I briskly wiped the wet substances but they continued to fall.

“Sorry,” I mumbled as I continued to caress my fingers beneath my eyes. Silence riveted through the room as everyone watch me frantically tear up. I spoke through the tears, unconsciously stuttering every so often. “Every moment and every second was counted on me to keep Nick up and awake. When no one could possibly help him through those rough and endless moments, I was the one to bring him from the heavy weariness. He did the same for me though. He never left my side even during the hours of death and deceit. He, he, held me close and never let go. He brought me together.” I looked down at the cold ground, not looking up for a solemn moment. “He held me together like a stitch.”

Realizing there wasn’t much use to stop the tears, I sighed slowly, allowing myself to breathe instantaneously. “I guess what I’m trying to say is that, I know that Miley is the one who can make Nick happy more than I could. She will stand where I stood days on end. I wish her the best. I wish the both of them the best of luck.” I held out my wine glass and raised it above in the air. “To Miley and Nick.”

“To Miley and Nick.” Everyone responded mutually through mutters before sipping to their white wine. Miley smiled as she kissed me, thank you. I looked over at Nick and wiped away the remains of the tears. He didn’t thank me and I didn’t want him to. He knew exactly what I truly meant. As if on cue, he stood from his seat and kissed a chaste and solemn kiss against my cheek. I sat down again beside him, refusing to look back at those disclosed eyes. Although we stood beside each other, it hurt to feel the distance separating us.

This time, it was Mandy’s turn to speak her peace. I relaxed in my chair as if I everything was over on my end, or so I thought at the time.

She flashed a broad smile and waved happily to everyone. “Hi, I’m Mandy and Miley’s been my best friend since the early days of both of our careers. She was like the little sister I never had. The family I was blessed with. As we grew older together, I’ve had this over protection over her. I never wanted to see her hurt because I just want the best for her. So when I see someone potentially harming her,” She stopped to coyly skim her eyes towards mine. A shiver of panic rimmed straight through me. “whether it’s physical or emotionally, I make sure she’s safe.”

I could feel my throat drying to a crisp. Where exactly was she going with this? I gripped onto my glass of water, constantly rejuvenating my tongue. It seemed like I would need it. Mandy could see the worry shaking in me. She smiled greedily. “When I became a part of the wedding, I got to meet so many wonderful people.” She looked around to eye each and every “wonderful person” she had met. Then she stopped at me. “Especially Maya, she’s worked so hard for this wedding to make it everything Nick and Miley dreamt of. Let’s give her a round of applause.” Mutual claps began to sound, leaving me to blush deeply.

Mandy then stopped in the most silent yet violent way possible. “We all know Maya right? Nick’s best friend and confidant. Well,” She sighed with a growing vicious smile. “What you might not know is that she’s been in love with him ever since the entire engagement started.” My eyes widened alongside everyone else. My heart began to shrink and the room felt narrower by the second. Nick began to fidget besides me but I didn’t notice Miley for I didn’t want to. Those sparkling blue eyes would be filled with hurt left by me. “Yes, you heard it right. Maya has been in love with the groom for quite awhile. She’s been actually planning to ruin the wedding tomorrow.”

Tears had began to violently splutter down my cheeks. They burned in the crest of my lids and formed small rivulets. I couldn’t stop them for they had minds of their own. All the frustration and anger that built into me all this time began to finally break down into its resolution. But hearing Mandy accuse something so farfetched made me snap. I rose to my feet and nearly yelled back through the tears, “That’s not true! I would never do that!” My voice cracked and tears flew even faster at a high speed.

It didn’t seem that my unwavering emotions had allowed Mandy to merely flinch. She scoffed, still holding that smirk close to her lips. “Then why did you sleep with him?” She said slowly enough for everyone to take it at once. A few gasps were heard and I knew that everything that was kept a secret had just been thrown against the table. I was speechless as was everyone else. The tears stopped, maybe as if they were shocked as well. I stuttered, in the moment trying to respond. She knew I had no response. “That’s what I thought.

So you see, ladies and gentlemen. This ‘best girl’ as you call her isn’t what she seems. She’s not a true friend or a confidant but just another skank trying to steal away my best friend’s soon-to-be husband. Why don’t we just give her another round of applause?” She started to clap but no one clapped with her. The shock was still hard and cold.

The tears had formed again and my lips quivered as I broke down in front of everyone. I was a guilty murderer of a perfectly good relationship. No one came to comfort for me because they probably knew that no one could comfort me. A hug or a touch could not resolve every mistake I had made for a crush. Slowly, I turned to see Nick and Miley. They came I holding hands as they came in and now I could see a distinct distance between both of them; a rift between oil and water.

Miley, her bright smile now decreased to thin lips, shook her head, obviously disappointed in me. “I can’t believe you. I thought you were my best friend and I told you that I could confide in you about everything. How could I have not seen this?” She said in near a whisper. Her eyes began to glisten with tears near to spill over. It became silent as everyone watched on, feeling the hurt that pierced her heart. “What did I do to deserve this?” She said, raising her voice. Through her heavy breathing, tears were violently flooding her beautiful face. “How could I trust anybody now that I know that the person I thought cared for me the most lied about everything?” She sighed, her lip quivering fiercely. She shook her head again. “I can’t do this.”

She pushed herself away from the table and walked away. She walked to get away from everyone else and most especially me.

I had never thought of Miley to be a close friend or simply a friend at all. But watching her walk away from all of us made me feel this emptiness grow a deeper hole within me. It felt like a lost an entirety of friendship and love. I had lost a sister practically. Despite they still flooded like blood trickling down my face, tears couldn’t sum up the guilt that riveted through me.

“Mandy, come on.” Joe said softly. “This isn’t the place for all this.” He pleaded.

Mandy raised her brow before pulling out a familiar cell phone. Joe’s eyes widened. “You should really keep track of your belongings. You wouldn’t want people to see your text messages with other girls when you should have been with me. You’re a bad boy, Joseph.” She threw him the phone as he caught it through a devastated sigh.

I couldn’t take all of this. I took my bag, hanging on the arm of my chair and pushed my way out of the reception hall. As I tried to run away, Nick attempted to pull me back. “Please, don’t go.” He whispered. His once warm hands felt like ice cubes shackling around my wrist. He had gone through a lot that night as well but not as much as I had. He couldn’t possibly feel the pain that I had accused upon me like a penance. I had deserved this and Nick didn’t see why. It wasn’t worth it to be with him anymore. I couldn’t take the life that he’s been sucked into. He’s not the same person I used to know him as, neither was I.

I pulled my hand forcefully out of his touch and looked into his eyes that one last time. “Let go of me, Nick.” I walked away, the separation between Nick and I grew stronger and wider. It hurt me to let go but I knew it was time. It was time to move on from grudges and secrets I’ve held onto long enough. I just didn’t know how much I would keep an act. Carly came to my side, guiding me to the car.

A thunder shook the ground, indicating that a storm was coming our way. Carly brought me quickly enough to the car so I wouldn’t pay too much attention to the weather. Then someone was running behind us as if to catch up towards us. “Maya, please!” I turned on my heel to see Nick, dashing towards us.

Carly opened the car door, allowing me to get inside. “I’ll take care of him.” She said through a mutter. I pulled her back, and shook my head. This was something I had to end for myself. She stood back as I slowly walked to Nick.

“I need to talk to you.” He said through rough breaths. “Please, just hear me out.”

I shook my head as I crossed my arms against my chest. I felt as if I needed to guard myself and more importantly my heart. This wasn’t a moment for me to feel forgiving. “What is there possibly left to say, Nick? Are you here to tell me that I’m a home wrecker as well? Because I’m pretty sure Mandy sent the message pretty straight.” I said in a spat. He sighed, braiding his fingers in the mess of his curls.

“I… what I did… was very stupid.”

I waited.

And waited.

And waited even longer.

I had waited a solid five minutes, waiting for him to follow up on his revelation. He didn’t though. All he had to say was that he did something very stupid. Well, welcome to the club, Nicholas, because you’ve become acquainted with the person who’s prone to doing things very stupid. “That’s it? After everything that’s happened, all you have to say was that what you did was very stupid?”

He nodded slowly, agreeing to my antagonizing question.

“Well, if that’s what you think you did. Then, let it be. But I will not be the one to be accused of every stupid thing you did. I can make up for my own mistakes because that’s who I am. You, on the other hand…I don’t even know who you are. You’ve changed. You think that everything will be fine once you say it. Well, welcome to reality, Jonas. Reality is screaming in your face now. You know the mistakes you’ve made. You know you made a mistake proposing to Miley. You know you made a mistake wanting to get married so soon. You know you made a mistake asking me to be your best girl. And you know, very well, that you made a mistake loving me.”

My voice began to strain to a minimum. I had slapped the truth against his face and he knew it. But his eyes, burning with passion looked deep into mine. “You think that I find it to be a mistake when I fell in love with you?” I nodded with a strict tone. “Maya, out of this entire hell of an experience, that’s the only good thing I’ve realized. You make me want to be better than all of those mistakes. I’ve loved you from the very start and it’s just taken me since to realize so. I love you, Maya. Why can’t you just tell me you love me back?”

My lip began to quiver. Tears were filling my dirty brown eyes. Nick’s hard face began to fade into the sky. “How can I tell you that I love you when I know we can’t go on? How can I tell you that I love you when I know it’s not the right thing? How can I tell you that I love you when I know everything will go haywire? I can’t be the girl that ruined everything. I can’t be the girl that stole the groom away. I refuse to be everything Mandy called me.” The tears fell down and a speck of a rain drop poured down my face beside it. Then more rain drops proceeded. Nick’s face began to wash away with the sky even more.

I felt his fingers braid into mine. I wanted to pull away but his touch, his touch felt so even with mine. “You can’t let what she said get to you. You know you’re better than everyone else in that room. Please, just don’t give up on us. I can’t go on without you.” He pleaded. “Please, just don’t go. I can’t live without you by my side. I love you more than my own life, Maya. Just don’t say goodbye.”

I looked down and felt the water flood into my shoes and soak me closed in my dress. I had wished for this moment for the longest time. I had dreamt of it day and night. But that night when I woke up and felt a light at the end of the tunnel coming towards me, I could see that light now. It shined for me to exit this terror. I knew the moment I left the tunnel I wouldn’t be able to go back. It seemed to be a risk that I could only think of.

“Sometimes saying ‘goodbye’ is the greatest way of telling someone ‘I love you’.”

And with that I slowly let go of Nick’s fingers and detangled mine from his. It felt like letting go of a branch before falling into the river. He was the comfort that I had but could never have again. I shook my head before running away from him again. Carly pulled open the car door, granting me access back into the car. She came to the driver’s side, putting the car to life. “I want to get out of here and not just here but here here.” It would only make sense to Carly to know exactly what I meant. She nodded silently before taking a swift turn out of the parking lot.

I turned in my seat to see Nick fade all together with the rain and sky. The tears flooded my face, only to have Nick be completely invisible almost as if he wasn’t there to begin with. It would be the final time I would truly feel his presence with me. It was taking a while to slowly accept that.

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t h i r t y o n e by The archive


I had called her about twenty-six times and left fifteen messages then unfortunately, my phone became exhausted with me and almost instantaneously shut off by itself. I couldn’t think about a sleep for a solid three hours. It took me long enough to realize that I had completely lost my life when Maya drove away. I could possibly be the biggest dumbass in the entire world and yet it still wouldn’t repay how I truly felt.

I wanted to run after her and wipe off those cascading teardrops. It broke my heart to see her hurt because of a stupid mistake I could have prevented. The worst part was seeing how beautiful she was even when she cried. Her bright eyes had sparkled from the forming tears and her entire body had ached from the pain and emotion. Her blowing black hair had kissed her cheeks as the water drenched it, causing her locks to press against her securely.

Miley pulled me back into reality and made me listen to her entire rant of how I can’t see Maya ever again for as long as we’re married. I couldn’t compare what seemed to be more startling: being separated to my soul mate or Miley still desiring to marry me even though I had slept with my best friend and best girl. I was starting to sense that this whole marriage was even about love and more of personal status.

“Do you even understand how much you’ve embarrassed me, Nick? You embarrassed me in front all of our peers and friends! How could you? How could you do this to me? I’ve only been faithful to you and this is what I get in return?” She had reiterated this enough times for it to be nailed to my brain. I couldn’t respond but to just shove my face into my palms and shook my head into them. I didn’t have to see to just picture her pacing in front of me, nervously nibbling at her thumb nail.

The set of footsteps had descended to a stop. I slowly raised my face out of my hands and gradually locked my eyes with hers. She had clearly lacked the care, beauty, and sincerity that shone brightly in Maya’s eyes. They were dark and reminded me strongly of the deceit and betrayal I had engraved in her heart forever.

I rose to my feet and extended my hand to take her arm into mine. She reacted swiftly by pulling it sharply out of my reach. “Don’t touch me, Nick.” The bitterness in her voice was spat in a snap. It felt like a whip cracked across my face. I stepped away, separating distinctly between us. She folded her arms against her chest, guarding herself away from me. “To be quite honest with you, Nick, I don’t know who the hell is standing in front of me. I plan on marrying the Nicholas Jonas I’ve known since I was fourteen tomorrow afternoon. Whoever this is right here better get a reality check.” She spun on her heel and walked briskly out of the room and to her own hotel room.

I sighed and dropped my head in complete disputer. I dragged my feet across the cold carpeted floors, bringing myself to my own room on the complete opposite side of the hotel. Everything was silent, perfectly set for an evening of deception. The hallway narrowed to grow further and further away from an end. It seemed to all look like that now. There wasn’t an end but yet another bridge.

I stopped at my hotel door and made my way in only to find my family huddled close together in my room. All had distraught and concerned faces. They whipped their heads to see my entrance and almost just as swiftly, they’re faces washed over to contentment. I waved awkwardly to them but they gave no response back. My eyes trailed over to my dad who pointed to the edge of the bed. I nodded and walked over towards them and sat in the middle.

Silence shook us all for a few moments. Slightly, you could hear Joe nervously nibbling off his thumb nail. It was his usual habit for moments such as these were for once in his life, he had nothing to say. Kevin and Frankie stood behind my parents, shoving their hands in their pockets and stayed away from the subject as much as possible. My mom folded her hands before her and as I looked into her deep brown eyes that were so much like mine, you could see she obviously cried before I got there.

My father was the worst of the five of them. He folded his arms against his chest sternly almost as if to intimidate me. Well, if that was what he was aiming for, he certainly hit it well. His lips were pressed roughly against each other, seemingly holding back bad words. He was beyond furious with everything that had happened within the last four hours.

We stood in silence for a few moments before my dad broke the silence.

“What the hell were you thinking, son?”

Everyone’s head shot up to see my dad’s blood shot eyes. It wasn’t as if he was shaking with fury. It was more of the fact that the disappointment heard in his tone had never hurt so much within me. My mom just as surprised as the rest of my father’s sudden outburst, cocked her head. “Paul, please. Take it easy.” She pleaded to keep his tone down and to keep the cursing to a minimum.

My dad had a different perception in his mind and shook his head. “No Denise, I think we’ve had enough ‘taking it easy’ these days. There is enough of ‘taking it easy’ and to be completely honest, I’m completely done with it. The world doesn’t go easy and we can’t keep telling them it is. So Nicholas, tell me right now. Is it true or not?” He raised his thick eye brows into a harsh distinct slant.

I sighed, barely moving as I slowly lifted my head to see my mother’s weeping eyes. The disappointment had hit me hard as if by a harsh punch. The silence that I held was cold and unforgiving. The answer wasn’t coming to me as easily as I had anticipated. It’s not a very effortless ordeal when you tell your parents the truth of your broken promise. Even worse, the aftereffect would storm a thousand seas by the look of it. How would they take it?

My father’s patience was growing thinner and thinner to the point of no distinctness. He would nearly lose control. He tilted her head, raising his brow even higher. “Well?” He gritted through his teeth, unkindly. “Give me an answer today, Nicholas.”

I swallowed my pride and change stature. While slipping my hands deep into my back pockets, I nodded sullenly and mostly guiltily. “Yes, I did break my promise.” I let out in one breath. And in that single moment, I had expelled of every shackle that seemed to hook on me endlessly. It unlocked within a second and vanished in that same atmosphere. It didn’t make me any prouder but at least slightly relieved. “But I don’t regret what I did.” I added quickly.

Dad’s brow had risen once again but in a different tone. His voice softened unexpectedly. “Oh, well isn’t that nice. You don’t regret it. That’s so fantastic because we all know everything will be okay if you’re okay with what you did. Hey, now it’s handy-dandy, isn’t it? I guess it’s the same situation when Adolph Hitler killed millions of Jews but he was okay with it so that means everything else was the same, am I right?” He asked sarcastically in a bitter tone.

I shook my head, hiding my face from my father’s shameful eyes. He continued his heart pounding monologue. “How selfish are you not to think of your fiancé, your family, or what you’re supposed to stand for? You’ve embarrassed all of that. Your fiancé is somewhere around here, probably crying her eyes out because she found out about her cheating to-be husband alongside everyone else attending her wedding from her best friend. Your stupid little stunt reflected our family as complete ignorant mediocrities. Your reputation is basically flushed down the toilet. End of story.”

I didn’t answer or retaliate. It was too early for me to fight back. I didn’t want to hand my care to things that seemed to unimportant now. I just wanted one person and yet she was becoming merely a memory.

“What about Maya?” He muttered. My head shot up like a single firework. His face had softened and his jaw no longer clenched. It had seemed that in only a second, the entire atmosphere of the one cold and heartless big bedroom had turned around. I kept quiet to hear more. “Have you honestly thought about what she could possibly be going through right now? She was taunted in front of all of her friends and family. How could she forgive herself for something like that? We were all she seemed to have and now it’s all gone. I’m not the person to ask but loneliness is not the greatest feeling in the world.” He stopped slowly and sighed gradually. We stood at the halt of slow paced breaths and small movements.

He pursed his lips before resting his hand on my shoulder. “Think about it.” He lifted his palm away and began to walk out the room, the rest of my family proceeding close behind. Soon enough I was in my room by myself. I threw myself at my bed and gazed straight towards my ceiling. I buried my face into my cold palms.

My dad was right.

What the hell was I thinking?

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t h i r t y o n e ( p a r t t w o ) by The archive


The silence in my hotel room was suffocating. My groomsmen walked around aimlessly, voices were still as stones. This meant, yes, even Joe had nothing to say for once. My mother sat at the corner of the room, fumbling with her fingers. She had been acting that way all morning and throughout the day. If everything was normal, she would have been running all over the place, being the compulsive Italian she was raised as.

Normal. Where did that come from?

Had everything been normal even before this?

I doubt it.

Normal doesn’t seem to be in my future; in any of our futures, really.

I looked at Dad who was the only one who even tried to act as if nothing had happened. He was checking around, making sure all of us looked perfect and ready. He tried to slap a smile between our cheeks. He was trying to keep the act as long as he could. “For the sake of our family”, he stated it. Our family is wasting away before his eyes and he was too busy to even realize it.

Poor little Kimmy, the confused little girl is spinning in her tutu inspired dress. She repeatedly told me along with everyone else in the room that she couldn’t wait to show Maya her “pretty ballerina dress”. Just like her, I was awaiting for Maya to just spontaneously walk (stumble) in. We all waited. It was about thirty minutes before the waiting and she was still a no-show.

“Daddy, where is Auntie Maya? I really want to show her my dress!” She pouted. She grabbed Kevin’s hand and shook them rigorously. “Why is she so late?”

All Kevin could do was shrug.

“She’s not comin’ is she?” She raised her bright hazel eyes that she had inherited from Kevin. The disappointed was stapled into her complete expression. We all turned our heads to Kevin, awaiting his response. He dropped his head, resolutely and as he brought his head back up again and shook his head. Her eye brows had lifted even higher. “Well where is she?” Kevin shrugged. “Does she not love me anymore?” Her eyes very quickly began to water.

Just as quickly as she cried, I ran to her side and took her into my arms. “I’ll talk to her.” I carried her on my shoulder and took her out of the suffocating room as to help the both of us. I knelt down and brought her down to my level. Her breathing was heavy set and her tears were forming rivulets on her small face. I brought my thumb towards the corners of her eyes and wiped away the tears. “Alright, why the tears, Kimmy-bear? You’re supposed to be happy. Your Uncle Nick is getting married!”

Her eyes quickly searched downward. She shook her head alongside a less than happy frown. “But you’re not happy. You don’t love Mi-wey. You love Auntie Maya and she’s not here.” Her contagious eyes were beginning to grow on me. My heart was weighing down on me.

At the same time, I saw Mandy strutting down the hallway with a card in her hand. I looked up to see her smile that seemed to make up for everyone’s less than happy mood. She stopped and outgrew her wicked smile as she handed down the letter naming me off on the front in perfectly written script. “She can’t wait to see you.” She said slowly as the venom was just pouring in her words. She whipped her head around and strutted back to their territory.

Completely sitting on the ground now, I took Kimmy in my lap as we both read the card together. On the front was two bears dressed up a bride and groom dancing together. A small mild smile grew upon my lips as I opened the letter. “Dear Nick,” I read aloud. “I know everything seems at an odd right now but I know that after this is all over, normalcy will be restored. I’m sorry for what I said last night. I guess I was stressed from all the wedding plans. You’re going to be a wonderful husband and possibly in the future, father. I love you, Miles.”

Kimmy looked up towards me. “Who ya gonna choose?”

The burning question was forming a hole in my heart. I looked down at the little angel in my lap as I kissed her curly locks and pulled her up. After I led her back into the hotel room, I began to sprint, knowing exactly where I was going. Looking down at my watch, there had to be enough time to see her before the wedding. The small quantity of time had only motivated my legs harder and farther than I imagined. I had to push my way through a crowd, people who were coming to the wedding and just normal bystanders. I didn’t bother to greet them or even pretend to notice them.

Bending over as I tried to catch my breath, I made my way into Miley’s hotel room, leaving a rather shocked mood-change in the entire room. Miley, whose back was facing me, whipped her head around and was just as shocked as the other bridesmaids, most especially Carly. Miley furrowed her eye brows as she tried to hold an amused grin. She came towards me and held my arm, rather too tight. “Sweetie, what are you doing here? You know that it’s bad luck to see the bride before the wedding.” She said, dipping her voice in a thick sugar coat.

I raised my eye brows and whispered into her ear roughly. “Could we talk?”

Mandy shifted sides and guarded her arms against her chest. “You do know that we should be leaving for the beach in ten minutes? We’re on a schedule here.” She rolled her eyes.

“Then give me five minutes, okay?” I snapped back at her which she was taken aback. The other bridesmaids began to file out of the room. Lastly, Carly turned back to me sending a pleading look that burned in her eyes. I looked down, losing contact as we both turn away from each other. Miley, still stunned, placed her hand on her hip. Her usual body language showed that she wasn’t very happy.

“Nick, what is this about? Why are you doing this to me? Can’t you just except that we’re getting married?”

I combed my fingers through my curly locks as I shook my head, aggravated. “That’s my problem, Miles. I don’t think I can do that.” I said slowly. Letting the harsh words slither down to her. I shook my head and began to stammer. “I mean I just got my life in order than I had to screw it up with all these marriage plans! I don’t know what I want now. I’m scared that I’m making a mistake each and every day.” I buried my face into my palms. The anxiety was banging against my head.

“Are you saying that I’m a mistake?” She snapped.

I shook my head, rigorously.

“Then tell me that you love me.” She challenged.

My head snapped upwards. “What?”

She hadn’t changed expressions. Telling me, she was serious. “Tell me you love me, Nick.”


Since I had not remembered my way, I was imagining the road map in my mind. That couldn’t be safe. I kept my focus solely on getting there and hopefully nothing else was trying to interfere with that. I was scared that I would spontaneously start crying and go hysterical. This wasn’t the time for distractions.

I leaned on the pedal a little heavier, allowing the car to run a little faster. What if he wasn’t there? What if he had already left? If so, my complete chance was just blown. It was no point on even trying afterwards. What was he going to think? What would I say? Someone, who I always thought I could tell anything to, was leaving my wordless.

Do you think he would expect me or be completely caught off guard?

I clutched onto my chest, trying to keep my heart intact. I took a swift turn onto my desired destination as I put even more confidence into what I was doing. Demanding myself to take even breaths in and out, my heart was pounding, allowing my ears to be sounded out. My eyes narrowed to a squint. I was so close and I hoped that for once my disadvantage of incredibly bad timing would for once give me a chance, maybe even a second chance.

Then I saw him. He stood there, staring down the line of a never ending sea. I smiled to myself as I put the car into park and jumped out of my car. I suppose that my carelessness of keeping secrete made him turn around. I wasn’t sure whether he was more shocked than happy. I couldn’t tell the difference but all I could see was that small smile that grew so quickly made everything worth it all.

He extended his arms to which I gratefully jumped into. He pulled me closer to him, where I could hear his heart beating at the same pace as mine. His fingers were tangled into my messy tresses. I could feel his lips smile against them. I could feel my life’s broken pieces inch towards each other, coming as one. This was where I belonged. This is what I lived for.

We pulled away as I stared into his deep blue eyes. Corey, still subsiding from the shock, smiled. “What are you doing here? Isn’t the wedding,” He looked down at his watch then back up. “right now?”

I shook my head. “Yeah but I think I had to put my priorities in check. This is where I want to be, need to be. I’m ready for the time of my life.” He smiled, taking my hand and gripping onto it.

“Then, let’s go.” He took the back of my palm and planted a sweet kiss. I smiled as we got back into our cars and drove towards the airport.


“It was a simple request, Nicholas. Tell me that you love me.”

The more she told me to do so, the more it ended coming out as a demand. It was one of those life or death situations that either answer, it’s going to go down badly. All my life it was exactly like that. Now, I was down to only one request and it will be my choice to how everything will happen. It’s my life now and it’s in my hands. Who cares if I screw it up on the way? All that matters is that I end up where I want to be.

Where I want to be is with Maya, right now.

“I can’t do that.” I said slowly. “Because I think we both know that we aren’t meant to be together. It’s just not going to the happily ever after like we both expected and hoped for.”

I was preparing myself for the worse. I imagined her throwing some glass object at the wall or maybe slapping me with a hard hand. I shut my eyes, trying to warn myself from physical harm. I had waited and waited. I didn’t hear a clang and I didn’t feel any contact. Slowly, I opened my eyes and saw that she was more relaxed than I imagined. In fact, she was calmer than I was.

Her eyes soften as she took my hand and clutched onto it. “That’s all I needed to hear you say. All I ever asked for was the truth. I’m a big girl now, Nick. We both asked for way too much than either of us could give each other.” She shook her head, seeming disappointed in herself. “I’m sorry that I put you through my selfishness that I forget to think about you.” She said in nearly a whisper.

“We were both selfish but at least we know better now.” She nodded.

“What are we going to do now? People are probably wondering where we are.”

I shook my head. “I know what I’m going to do and I know what you’re going to do. You’re going to leave for our very expensive honeymoon and I’m going to go find Maya.” She nodded obediently with a smile. We still held hands finding our own secret way out of the hotel. The walk, more like run, was silent but once we found our, more like her, limo, we let go of each other’s hold. I took her palm and kissed it solemnly for the last time. “Have fun.”

She nodded and smiled back before she climbed into the limo. The driver, who seemed shocked that I was joining her, obediently started driving towards the airport. At the rear of the car, the “Just Married” sign was still trailing behind. Sighing dejectedly, I turned around and ran back to my hotel room to retrieve my things.

I tried to dodge the reporters, the guests, and most especially my family. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. They were everywhere. I had to run all around the hotel and find new pathways to find my way through to the other side of the hotel. Sprinting upwards the emergency fire staircase, I finally managed to my floor, the top floor.

Panting, I got back to my room only to my surprise find my dad, standing by the window as if he was waiting for me unlike everyone else. He seemed slightly less high strung than the night before but it still didn’t change anything. He probably just as upset as he was. I stopped in my steps and stared back at him. I wasn’t sure of how to explain that I just let the bride go.

“Kind of late, don’t you think, son?” He said in a stressed voice. I bit my lip as I shoved my hands into my pockets. I found that question to be those specific kinds to not answer. He pulled the curtain out of his way and looked down on the street below once again. “So I saw that you let the bride-to-be go AWOL.” His eyebrows rose, questioning.

I sighed in sharply, ready to allow myself to completely pour out everything within me. “Look, I’m through wi-“

He stopped me midsentence as he walked towards me. “Nicholas, there’s no need for an explanation.” He said, resolutely.

I furrowed my brow. “There isn’t?”

He nodded, mirroring me as he also shoved his hands into his pockets. “You see, Nicholas, your mother and I tried to teach you boys the importance of self decisions for yourself and others around you. We tried our hardest to keep our family in close ties and now that this entire wedding exploded into a media parade, it got out of hand. I know that once this gets out, it will be worse but I’d rather know that we are okay in the end.” I nodded and smiled. He pulled me into a hug, acknowledging his pride for me. “Go get her.” He whispered into my ear as he patted me one last time.

I nodded; obeying him as I quickly took my car keys into my hands and dashed out of the room.

To my forgetfulness, I made the mistake of the taking the elevator leading the lobby where you guessed it, everyone was residing until the start of the ceremony. Even more to my disadvantage, I remembered this by the middle of the third and fourth floor. I had to make a run for it by the third floor and find a way out then. Unluckily, a group of college students jumbled in then realized who I was and started to have a fit.

“Dude, you’re the skinny jeans Disney rockstar kid! Man, aren’t you getting married to that little whore, Miley Cyrus?” I rolled my eyes to the obviously stoned teenagers as I didn’t bother going to defense. They wouldn’t even remember this moment by the morning. I let them have the best of it. Redeeming my self esteem wasn’t any of my priority at the moment.

I sighed thankfully when the elevator came to the lobby. My plan was to hide behind this horde of wasted kids until I could find my escape. It shouldn’t be that hard. When they began to file out, I crept close behind. I could see the idle photographers, waiting for my appearance. It showed that my plan was working since no one had noticed until…

“Nick, what are you doing? You’re supposed to be going this way!” Mandy had yelled from the opposite side of the lobby. The name had almost caused sirens since the stir of media frenzy began its awry. I could shambles and screams which had alarmed my legs to dash my way out, no matter how dangerous it would be.

“Nick! Nick! Where are you going?” All of them seemed to ask at the same time. “Are you having cold feet? Did Billy Ray scare you off? For a diabetic, I didn’t know you ran so fast!” The comments had spread wide and far. The accusations were beginning to shoot for the sky. The assumptions were getting out of hand. I had to keep them out of my head though.

I hailed for the nearest taxi since there was absolutely no way that I was going to make it to my car alive. As I caught a taxi driver’s attention, someone caught mine. “Nick!” She yelled. I turned around to see Carly running after me. I wasn’t in the mood for one of Miley’s bridesmaids to hold me back to marry the MIA bride.

“Carly, the wedding is off.” I said a little too loudly as the shutters of cameras had gone wild after that sentence. “I have to go and find her and make things right.”

“I know and I have to go with you because I know where she is.” I raised my eye brows but didn’t ask any questions in lieu of time and allowed her to go ahead of me inside the car. Carly told him the address of Maya’s apartment, a good twenty minute drive from the hotel, and she demanded him to “step on it.” The car dashed away from the stand by photographers and the few who decided to run after our car.

The idea of not making it on time had scared me. I wasn’t going to let the greatest person in my life just leave. I rubbed my fingers roughly against my temples. I could feel an offered hand beside me. I looked up to see Carly as she held a genuine smile. She took my hand to reassure me.


“What are you saying that he just left?” Mandy said as she spat at the word.

Kimmy shrugged her shoulders as she wiggled her arms at her side. Mandy had stooped to her level, eyeing her as if to intimidate the young girl. It didn’t seem to work since Kimmy hardly flinched. Few people watched on being humored by Mandy’s serious scolding towards Kimmy. She pointed her finger to Kimmy’s little nose. “Now you listen to me, you little brat. You tell me where Nick and Miley are or I’ll have to tell your parents that you secretly ate a chunk of the cake.”

She raised her eye brows, amused herself. “Who cares?” She shrugged as she skipped away. Mandy sighed, frustratingly as she rested her arms at her hips. The wedding was shattering between her fingers, leaving marks for deep bleeding. Where was the damn wedding planner? She dashed out of the room and onto the aisle where she found Rebecca speaking quickly into a headset.

Mandy stood before Rebecca, trying to size the petite wedding planner up. Rebecca, furrowing her brow, looked up at the much taller Mandy. Just alike Kimmy, she showed no scare. “Is there a problem, Miss Jiroux?” She asked politely, holding onto her clipboard. Mandy grew up thriving on intimidation upon her insubordinates. It made her uncomfortable that Rebecca was also unclenched like little Kimmy.

“The problem is that fact both the groom and bride are gone. What are you going to do?” The image of tears spilling at a horrendous mistake would completely make Mandy’s day. Everyday must be perfect and by the guess of it, she knew perfect days would only happen if she was the one to control that. If the wedding was put in her hands, this would have never happened. She could have roped Nick to a chair as an option.

She looked down to Rebecca seeing a look of some kind of emotion. It seemed to be a mix of surprise, horror, or both. Then an enormous smile had spread against her rosy cheeks. She yanked off her headset and pushed it with the clipboard into Mandy’s abdomen. “Oh thanks the Lord, I am out of here.” She said, with an exasperated tone.

“What?!” Mandy yelled in horror. “No, get back here! Well, you can forget your paycheck!” She retaliated back to the ex-wedding planner who was ready to leave the room.

Before she opened the door, she didn’t turn back but held her hand up. “You can keep your petty cash!” She yelled back before walking out.

Mandy couldn’t believe it. How unprofessional and low class is that? Fury was boiling within her as she threw the clipboard against the floor and stomped back into the bridal room. As she plodded back in, she saw that both the groomsmen and bride maids had mixed in with complete confusion. No one knew where Miley and Nick where.

“Who let them go?” Mandy screeched to the innocent group. Her raging tone had thrown off everyone in the room. They circled at her, furrowing their brows in similar looks of even more complexity. “Oh, don’t act stupid with me. I know one of you set those two free.”

Then seeing a non-pink bridal dress, she found Demi holding Joe’s hand, seemingly frightened. She turned to Joe, pointing an accusing finger at him.

“It was you! You did this only because you and your little skank could be together. How selfish could you be? You might have ruined your own reputation, your white-trash girlfriend, and the wedding of the season! Are you proud of yourself? How could you possibly name yourself famous?” She screeched. A mutual rolling of eyes passed around the room.

Then no longer taking it, Selena, who was standing in the back corner, pushed her way through to stand up for her own best friend and testify. “That is it. I am through with you, your ugly-ass hair, and matching personality. Have you not seen what you’ve done? You’re the only reason why this wedding is ruined. If you didn’t make that stupid little announcement at the wedding reception, the wedding could have possibly been on right now. But what good is that? Because for once, you need to realize that you’re not God’s greatest gift, in fact, he’s probably regretting you. Nobody likes you and you know it so you intimidate them to make friends. Who does that?”

Mandy, now closing in, glared down at Selena. “Well what are you going to do about it?”

Now completely losing restraint, she pulled her fist back then whisked against her face. Her hand had stung in the after effect but not as much as Mandy’s eye seemed to be. Her right was quickly beginning to swell. Silence had riveted throughout the room as shock had flown through everyone’s mind.

Mandy, then knowing there was nothing left to say, ran out of the room.


“What if she’s not there? Where do we go after that? I mean she’s probably gone now!”

The panting I was forcing against myself had completely thrown off my equilibrium. My head was thumping to an unsteady beat of what I recognized as “Baby, Come Back.” My heart was beating out of control and my hands couldn’t stop shaking. It seemed like I was having a steady convulsion.

“Nick,” Carly placed her hand against my shoulder, keeping my body in steadiness for once. “Calm down. She has to still be here. We’ll find her. I promise.” She leant a helpful smile that made my heart calm slightly. I smiled back as I took her hand and placed a lucky kiss against it.

I noticed that she had checked her phone a lot of times, checking her clock, and then sighing dejectedly afterwards. I wondered if Carly possibly knew something else but she swore that Maya was at her apartment which threw me off. I tried to ignore any extra unnecessary thoughts, including Carly’s suspiciousness. Maya was my only priority now.

While I let my heart lose the beat of the cheesy 80’s song, I found a strange silence between Carly and me. This was probably this first time we were together, by ourselves, with no one else around us. I didn’t know much about her. I knew she didn’t favor Miley or her family but was strangely close to Maya. In fact, a lot of the time, Carly was the only thing Maya would talk about.

Before, the only topic of conversation we were able to talk about was the wedding. Well, obviously, that topic was no use to either of us now. Instead, I looked at my window and she looked out hers. We tried to avoid the traffic and more importantly each other. I nibbled softly at my lower lip and nervously shook my legs, and tapped my feet furiously.

“Could I ask you a question?” I heard her ask which made me whip my head across. I nodded as she continued. “What made you change your mind?”

“About the wedding?” She nodded back. I shrugged and lost eye contact immediately. I began to stutter, maybe even mumble but somehow my mouth came out with this. “I mean there were a lot of reasons why. I was just too arrogant to notice any of them. I couldn’t do that to Miley or myself.” I rehearsed.

She rolled her eyes then wrapped her arms securely against her chest. “Nick, I don’t have People Magazine stamped on my forehead. I don’t want nor do I care to have the B.S.-ed version of this entire situation. I want to know what happened and why we are even in this taxi.” She said sternly which forced me to be taken aback. Maya wasn’t kidding when she said that Carly perfected an intimidation factor in a quick second.

I sat up in my seat then buried my forehead into my palms. I wasn’t ready to admit everything in a taxi, in the middle of traffic, and to a person who I hardly knew.

Carly didn’t seem to care whether or not I had known her for weeks or centuries. She wanted to know and I knew

I wouldn’t be able to get out of this taxi alive without her knowing everything. Guiltily enough, I spilled everything and censored nothing. I would rather be safe than sorry.

A confused look had wiped over her face. She scrunched her brows and shook her head. “What I don’t get and don’t take offense to this, is that how could you have possibly been stupid enough to just notice this the day you got married? I mean as far as I’m concerned, you’re a smart kid. How could a smart kid like you completely miss the target here?”

I rubbed the back of my neck. She was beginning to throw question after question. Each one was slap harder than the one before. “I guess I was so distracting, so blinded, to only see the truth. As a kid, I always believed that one thing would always make my life eternally happy and for once, everything would be okay.

No matter if it was a toy truck, another world tour, or just something materialistic. This time around I wanted to settle down and make a lifetime commitment. I thought it was a good idea at first.” I shook my head as I looked back at the idiocy that had taken over my body. “I pushed away my best friend because I was selfish.” Anxiety was aching in my bones.

“We all knew that if anyone would have jumped the gun on marrying you, it would’ve been Miley with a bullet.” A small smirk played across her lips and I, myself, couldn’t help but do the same. Miley was just like me. We didn’t specifically know what we wanted but if it sounded good in our ears, we would do it in a flash.

Another silence had postponed the conversation momentarily. Then I looked up at Carly who had shared the same glance. “Do you think she’ll take me back?”

She stopped, thinking of an answer. Minute after minute had ticked the time away. She wasn’t going to censor the truth but she was trying to be easy on me. She bit her lip and contorted her mouth. It was as if she was breaking the bad news slowly and painfully. I looked away, trying to distract myself with the slow pace we were being driven at. For the rest of the ride, she had not answered that question. I shouldn’t have asked it in the first place since the blatancy was so obvious.

Eventually, the taxi began to pick up the speed. I sighed, forcing myself to relax but I couldn’t this time. My bones were rattling under my skin which made it uncomfortable to slump in the seat. I leaned forward and brought my head close to my knees. I let clock pass, keeping my thoughts away from the time that was inching away so quickly. Carly kept quiet for the rest of the ride until I heard a soft sob.

I turned my head slightly to see her wiping away some black tears that were remnants of the heavy mascara. She brought her index knuckle and slowly made them evaporate. I didn’t say anything but reach for her hand and squeezed it enough to motivate each other. I didn’t let go and neither did she.

“THIS IS IT!” I nearly yelled into the taxi driver’s ear and pointed towards Maya’s apartment building. My heart was beating and thumping through my ears. I flung a hundred dollar bill to the front of the car and dashed straight out of the door. I could hear a gracious gasp swiftly before I slammed the door closed behind me.

I blistered my feet against the burning pavement and let the beat of my matching burning heart thump uncontrollably. I pulled apart my black bow tie, and let it hung untied around my neck, aimlessly. I shifted my arms upwards then downwards, to allow myself agility. She had to be here. I could feel her presence as I got closer to her apartment.

Carly sped very close behind. Unfortunately, Maya had chosen a rather further apartment. Luckily, I wouldn’t need to work out for another week. My legs were on fire and my heart was out of control but that didn’t stop me. I wasn’t going to let the only thing that separated me from Maya to be myself. This had only forced me to push myself harder. Within time, she would have been waiting for me. I knew it.

“We’re almost there, Nick. Just one more turn!” Carly motivated as she strongly huffed. I nodded, thus, sprinted farther, quicker. My temples were blazing from an intense headache that I was beginning to grow. My arms were weak from shaking them too rigorously as I ran. My eyes were losing focus. All of these things still didn’t stop me. She was here and all I longed for right now was to have her in my arms, apologizing away the pain.

“It’s that one!” I pointed to the familiar door with a smiley face welcome mat. I leaned over, trying to catch up my breathing as I scurried to find a spare key. It was under the mat and not above the door frame. Beginning to panic, I turned to my left and found a nearly dead plant that Maya never quite knew how to properly care for. I fished through the wilting leaves then found the sun reflected key buried into the soil. I pulled it out then jammed it into the key hole.

My heart was on fire and my equilibrium was suddenly completely caught off guard. I swung open the door, allowing my arms to open for her to close them into.

The apartment was completely empty.

“What?” I said, my voice already beginning to crack. I threw the key to the side and slowly walked into the quiet kitchen, then to the living room. The apartment will had looked like it was lived in, the fridge was still on and fully stocked. Yet, her closet and drawers and her entire bedroom were completely emptied out. I checked to see if she had taken her valuables which she had. She took a few picture frames accept two. I picked them both and studied them.

One was of her and her mother.

The other was of her and me as kids.

“No, no, no.” I said in a slow whisper as I felt my body crash against the ground in complete defeat. “She can’t be gone. She couldn’t have left me now. I was so close!” My voice was cracking uneven as my eyes were beginning to soak with unrecognizable tears. I felt Carly walk behind me and caress my back with a smooth palm. This had only brought the strain tougher, rougher. Tears were beginning to burn in the room and flow down anxiously.

“I am so sorry, Nick.” Carly said quietly, her voice was soon diminishing. I clutched onto the frame then felt two pieces of paper taped behind it. I pulled it off and wiped away some of the tears. I could feel Carly gasping besides me. “It’s from her.”

I quickly opened it as if it was my only chance to resolution. Initially scanning it, it only seemed to be an apology poem and a sealed tight letter, only meaning that she truly left. I wasn’t sure I was ready to be able to both of them but handed the poem over to Carly to read. She was if I was sure, but I shrugged. I wasn’t sure of anything anymore. Loneliness was already beginning to haunt me. Despair and suffering was inching into my skin and I shivered at the thought of it.

Through the corner of my eye, Carly, also weeping, held the poem in her ever shaking hands. Her tears were like diamonds tragically caressing her cheeks. This had only left me more emotional. I was losing myself the more I felt Maya walk farther away from me. I had let her go out the palm of my hand deliberately.

She started slowly, hoping to say the entire poem without losing her voice. “My dearest loved ones,”

When tomorrow starts without me,

and I'm not there to see,

If the sun should rise and find your eyes

All filled with tears for me:

I wish you wouldn't cry

The way you did today,

While thinking of the many things,

We didn't get to say.

I know how much you love me,

As much as I love you,

And each time that you think of me,

I know you'll miss me too:

I had so much to live for,

So much left yet to do,

It seemed almost impossible,

That I was leaving you.

I thought of all the yesterdays,

The good ones and the bad,

I thought of all the love we shared,

And all the fun we had.

If I could relive yesterday,

Just even for a while,

I'd say good-bye and kiss you

And maybe see you smile.

But then I fully realized,

That this could never be,

For emptiness and memories,

Would take the place of me.

And when I thought of worldly things,

I might miss come tomorrow,

I thought of you, and when I did,

My heart was filled with


I promise no tomorrow,

But today will always last,

And since each day's the same way

There's no longing for the past.

You have been so faithful,

So trusting and so true.

Though there were times

You did some things

You knew you shouldn't do.

But you have been forgiven

And now at last you're free.

So won't you come and take my hand

And share my life with me?"

So when tomorrow starts without me,

Don't think we're far apart,

For every time you think of me,

I'm right here, in your heart

“Love, Maya.” After barely finishing the poem, her shaking hands threw the poem aside and she began to lose it. She inched closer towards me, requesting that she wrapped her arms around me. I allowed her too and she rested her head under my chin. I could feel the tears soak silently against my tuxedo shirt as I buried my own dripping diamonds into her hair. If we were abandoned by the one person who understood us the best, the two of us had nowhere else to go. We were now strangers who were stuck in a familiar world.

The image of Maya was burned into my head. I was picturing her in ways I hardly imagined. She was a hero, a best friend, and the only stability I was able to hold onto. The stability I had once thought I knew was only now a memory that hardly seemed real. Maya almost seemed unreal. I had to cling onto the fact that I knew she loved me. Whether or not she still loved me was forever a mystery. I knew what I felt and for the first time I was wanting something, no, needing something that was out of reach for once.

Even though she was gone, she still had done remarkable things to the people she loved. She brought two opposites and made them all too alike.



I held onto my suitcases tight, my grip constantly tensed then I forced it to relax again. I was hoping that time would somehow slow down. I was beginning to get cold feet of my own. I was secretly wishing that Nick would somehow jump in spontaneously and beg me to come back to him. I’m sure there was still enough time since Corey was still checking in our luggages. I turned to watch the automatic doors, watching every person that walked in. I waited and no one familiar came to beg me back.

Even though I was furious with the night before, I was still unsure if New York was a good idea. This meant that I would completely and totally rid of what I grew up to know. I would make a life of my own and somehow make a career around it. I’ve never been anywhere without any of the Jonases with me. As much as I didn’t want to admit to Carly, I still loved Nick. No, I am still in love with Nick and by the looks of it, that wasn’t going to change.

I felt a firm hand slide towards my waist. I smiled, my heart fluttering. Maybe, I was right. What luck would it have been if he really did come back for me? He would stop me from hiding once again and becoming another me. He would keep me from the evitable and take me for himself alone. I spun, opening my arms to wrap them around Nick. Then I only saw Corey smiling, excitingly down on me.

I tried not to let my smile completely falter but clenched onto the forced grin. “You ready? Security is,” He turned from side to side before pointing leftwards. “This way.” I nodded slowly as I began to follow him towards the terminal. I inconspicuously turned behind Corey’s back to check one last time. He was nowhere in sight and I felt my heart breakeven.

I could feel my eyes soak with burning tears quickly. It was all hitting me now. I was just a constellation prize, maybe even a one night stand, to him. Either way didn’t change the fact that everything was about to change. I was scared, broken, and furious all at the same time. Emotions were flying throughout my brain and he wasn’t there to hold me together. I was to pick up every piece by myself now.

Corey was still walking ahead, allowing me to wipe away the tears quickly but they kept on flowing like rivulets against my cheeks. Corey turned his back and grew wide-eyed at my state. “Are you okay?” He wrapped his arms around me, hoping to stabilize me. At the moment, I tried to force the feeling of comfort in his hold but felt nothing. They weren’t warm and felt like dead weight against my body.

I looked up to see his worried eyes meet mine. I stood still, feet deadly weighted against the cold floor. I was silent for a matter of minutes, studying what I was truly getting myself into.

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I shook my head, quickly wiping away the tears before Corey felt obligated to wipe them for me. “I, uh, am just already home sick, I guess.” I shrugged lamely with a fake smile plastered against my face. I forced myself to also suppress a small chuckle that I hardly meant. Corey, whose eyes only slanted more with worry, wrapped me into his arms once again and held on tight, as if our last.


He did not need to yank me onto the plane but it still took a lot out of me to board. I was choking down on drizzling tears so I wouldn’t make Corey feel bad about the entire situation. It wouldn’t been pathetically embarrassing for him to know that the girl he really likes to be basically screaming and having a fit on not going on the plane with him. Thankfully enough, he was way too excited to turn around and check up on me again afterwards.


There were a lot of things that drove me to not immediately get off the plane.


One of them was reminding me that Nick was probably married by now.


One more was that I had hell to pay if I really subdued myself to resort towards a lifetime of ruined relationships I had to pick up. I knew very well that I wouldn’t and couldn’t do that. Running away was a lame way to hide from all my fear but it was also my only option. I was sick and safe all at the same time which still made me want to throw up either way.


I turned to my right to see Corey fast asleep. He was out before he even made it to his seat. He must have been up all night, rehearsing or practicing his new songs for the recording company. Suppressing a small snore, I bit my lip closed so I wouldn’t let my laughter wake him up.


Was I in love with Corey?


I’ve given it enough thought to know that I didn’t love him in that state of mind. He slowly progressing towards being like a brother to me just like all the guys in my life were. Whether or not he knew that, well, that’s out of my reach. Either way, that completely scratches out the idea that I left for Corey. It wasn’t even though I was happy to know that I did have a friend coming with me. It was time for a fresh start and a new beginning.


No, I have no idea where I’m going, who I’m meeting, or have no idea where I’m staying. Yes, I probably should have thought about this more clearly than I formally did. I probably we going to get my ass chewed out in the end by being enough of a moron of last minute moving decisions. Then, suddenly, the anxiety of just figuring my way around had scared me enough to start up the endless water fountain of tears.


Geez, I’m emotionally pathetic.


I looked away so even if he did wake up, he would at least give a second take on whether or not I was actually crying. I slumped back in my seat, allowing the uncomfortable seat to get acquainted with my back bones. I looked at my phone, automatically seeing a picture of Nick and me from a few years back in Disney World.


Just seeing the happiness between us two just seemed so foreign and unimaginable. Scrolling through more of my photos, mostly all of them were pictures of Nick, all titled, Nick and me, Nicky, Nicknack, Nick and me at beach, endless photos made me rediscover ancient memories that had almost slipped my mind.


I forgot to feel special that I was the only person he confided towards. He acted like a child around me, less mature as everyone perceives him to be. Together, we were immature and pathetically fun. Well, we were like that. Now, we stood nowhere, worlds apart. I didn’t know if I’d even seem again for as long as I shall live. Maybe, it would be the day when I stop loving him. Then looking back, it would be a very long time from now.


I sighed, deleting the “All” button on my phone, letting all the wasted memories dump themselves in the cyber world. One after one had left my mind and heart forever. If I was choosing to move on, I had to let everything I knew go too. I would be heading to nowhere if I didn’t.


Then, suddenly interrupting the deletion of my photos, my phone flashed NEW TXT MESSAGE right above Carly’s name. I knew she was going to tell me how much she hated the wedding or something that no matter how much she would dump on it, it would still hurt. No, I began to shout from within. If I suppressed myself to knowing the unnecessary things such as Nick and Miley then I’m letting myself getting chewed up.


I ignored and deleted the text and shut off the phone completely before throwing it in the trash nearby.


Note to self: get new phone and new number.


This was the new me and no one else.


Excuse me? Maya Kibble who?




Carly waited an hour only to realize that Maya was not going to answer her text message. After trying to calm down both Nick and herself, she felt the only normal way of communicating with her was through her phone. She called several times only to keep getting her voice mail as a response. She was getting frustrated that Maya was completely cutting off any type of communication with anyone.


Shaking her head, she looked back at the text message that still remained unanswered.


Nick called off the wedding because he’s still in love with you.

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