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Waiting on Life – Chapter 16

          It had been over a month since the Jonas Brothers were on Ellen.  The fans respected the family’s privacy with the newest member.  The paparazzi however did not want to respect the family.  Whenever one of the brothers stepped out of the house with little Ellie, the paparazzi was all over them.  To say the least, it was freaking out little Ellie more than ever.

          Joe’s parents were already gone for the day, both of them having meetings.  Frankie was at school and Nick was busy in meetings.  Kevin had gone back to the east coast last month after they were on Ellen.  Joe needed to run some errands and since little Ellie can’t be left alone, he had to take her with him.  He gathered up her diaper bag and her and left the house to run some errands with her.

          “Beary,” Ellie cried out when Joe was strapping her into the car seat.  Joe was trying to get little Ellie strapped into the car seat and having her hold onto her bear wasn’t going to help anything at the moment.

          “Joey will get you Beary in a minute, he just has to get you strapped in first,” Joe said to the crying little girl.  Joe finally got her strapped in a couple seconds later.  Joe whipped the bear out of her diaper bag and gave it to her.  As soon as Ellie got her bear, she stopped screaming, and was now silently sobbing.

          “Come on, let’s get going,” Joe said as he gave his little sister a kiss on the forehead and slammed the car door.  He got in the front seat immediately though.  By the time they had pulled out of the driveway, Ellie had fallen asleep with her bear in her arms and her thumb in her mouth.  It was getting close to her nap, so she would hopefully sleep for a couple of hours now.

          Joe pulled into the Walgreens a couple minutes later.  This was the first stop on their shopping errand that they had to do.  Joe had to go to Target, and he was planning on making dinner tonight for the family, so they had to stop by the Whole Foods to get the stuff to make dinner tonight.

          Joe got little Ellie out of her car seat and carried her into the store.  Joe only had to pick up a couple of things, so he grabbed a basket instead of a cart.  That way he could still hold onto a sleeping Ellie.  After they were back in the car and on their way to Target, little Ellie started waking up again.

          “Crap,” Joe muttered when he realized that his little sister was waking up.  He had hoped that she wouldn’t wake up until they were at Target and he had her in the cart.  Ellie started crying, now fully awake, when they were pulling into the Target parking lot.

          “Paparazzi, how did they find us,” Joe grumbled as they saw him getting out of his car and going around the car to get Ellie out.  She started crying even more when she saw them all coming towards the car.

          “Ellie, shhh,” Joe said as he tried to bounce her on his hip to help her calm down while navigating the crowd of paparazzi that had him crowded in pushed up against his car, shouting questions at him with cameras in his face.  Little Ellie was so scared; she was shaking in his arms with tears running down her face.

          “Shhh,” Joe whispered into her hair as she attempted to get through the paparazzi who were scaring his little sister to death.  Joe finally got past the paparazzi and into Target, where the paparazzi couldn’t come into.  Little Ellie still had a death grip on him though.

          “Joey,” Ellie said as she started balling.

          “Shhh,” Joe said as he bounced her up and down while he grabbed a shopping cart and pushed it into the store more.

          “Come here Ellie,” Joe said as he sat her in the cart after she had calmed down.

          “Joey,” Ellie called out for him as he started pushing her in the cart.

          “Joey is right here, he won’t leave you,” Joe said as he looked at his list that he had made before he left his place this morning.

          “Paper towels,” Joe said as he went in search for the paper towel.  Once he found the paper towels, he grabbed a huge package of it and put it in the cart.  “Okay, now we need toilet paper and Kleenex Ellie,” Joe said as he walked down towards where the toilet paper and Kleenex were at.

          “Joey,” Ellie said as she looked up at him.

          “Yea honey,” Joe said as he looked down at his little sister.

          “Who were those people out there and why did they have cameras like yours and Mommy’s,” Ellie wondered.

          “Uh,” was all Joe said, he really didn’t know how to answer that question without scaring her or making her freak out more over the paparazzi.  Joe didn’t really like them either.  He then came up with a way to tell her in terms that she would understand and hopefully not make her scared.  “Well honey, remember how Kevy, Joey and Nicky are famous?” Joe asked the little girl who was looking up at him.

          “Yea, Joey sings with Kevy and Nicky,” Ellie said, remembering that was what her big brothers had told her a month or so ago.

          “Yea that’s right El,” Joe said, “well those people like to take pictures of celebrities, so that is what they are doing."  Joe was trying not to scare her, but he wanted to be somewhat honest with her.

          “Oh,” was all Ellie said.

          “Here Ellie, which Kleenex boxes should we get,” Joe said as he held up two different box choices. One of them had blues and had snowflakes on them with snowmen and the other one was red with Santa and had reindeer all over the boxes.

          “That one,” Ellie said pointing to the red one with the funny looking man and animals on it.  She wasn’t even sure what was on the other one.

          “Ellie, it is almost Christmas, and that means presents and spending it with family,” Joe said as little Ellie smiled.

          “Kevy too,” Ellie said as she looked around as if to find Kevin somewhere in the store with them.

          “Yea Kevy and Dani will be coming this year,” Joe said.  This was Ellie’s first Christmas, so it was going to be fun to be able to see her react to all of the cool stuff that she is going to be getting under the tree.

          “Joey,” Ellie said as she started crying.  She had pooped and needed to be cleaned up.

          “What’s wrong El,” Joe said as he picked her up out of the cart, as she was reaching out to him.  When Joe picked her up, he noticed that she had a blow out and it had gone all over the cart and her pants.  She was still crying as he sat her back down in the cart.

          “Okay Ellie, we have to change you,” Joe said as he looked in the diaper bag to find that they had a diaper and plenty of wipes along with some spare clothes.  Joe then started pushing the crying little girl towards the bathrooms.  The bathrooms were right by the front doors, so he took a peek outside and saw the paparazzi were still out there waiting for them to come on out.  He hoped he hadn’t seen him, and a crying Ellie walk by the doors to get to the bathroom.

          “Okay Ellie, what do you say we change you,” Joe said as he took Ellie into the baby nursing room that had a changing table in it and a couch.  He always went to this Target and he knew where it was.

          “I know Joey is taking care of you, just a minute,” Joe said as he found the pink and purple changing pad that his mom always kept in the diaper bag for this reason.  He laid it down on the changing table and then he picked little Ellie up out of the cart and laid her down on the changing table.  “Joey is going to get you all cleaned up,” Joe said as he took down her pants in one quick motion. 

Once Ellie was in her spare clothes, Joe picked her up and sat down on the couch with her to have some snuggle time and hopefully get her to fall back asleep.  Ellie only had about a thirty-minute nap and she needed a longer nap, so Joe was hopefully going to get her to sleep.  It took a while, but finally little Ellie passed out sucking her thumb.  Joe sat her back in the cart and then went and finished his shopping.

When he was leaving the store, he noticed that the paparazzi were still there waiting for his and Ellie’s exit.  This made him extremely mad that they were still here.  He had spent a good hour and a half in the store, and they were still waiting for him to come out.  Joe typically wouldn’t be mad, he would just go ahead with his day and shopping, but with Ellie, he didn’t want to make her to wake up and be scared.  Joe had somehow managed to keep her sleeping.

Joe found the one and only bench they had away from the view of the parking lot and sat down on it, but not before pulling little Ellie out of the cart.  She loved to be snuggled, especially when she was sleeping.

He then spotted Ali and Jazmine, two fans, which he recognized across the store.  They were always really nice to him and his brothers.  They would always be kind, appropriate, and wait until they were called over by one of them.  If the brothers were out with a group of friends or somebody else, they wouldn’t bother them and would leave them alone.

Joe waved to them, they saw him and Ellie and took that as their cue to come on over.  Joe was actually sort-of grateful because they would distract him from worrying about when was the right time to go out there.

“Hey girls,” Joe said as they were walking over to him with Starbucks in their hands.

“Hi,” Ali said as they were walking over to where he and Ellie were sitting.

“Hey, how are you girls doing?” Joe said keeping an eye on his little sister, who was snuggled into him sleeping.  He needed to keep her asleep or otherwise she would be cranky tonight and his mom would be mad at him for not having her take a nap today.

          “We are good,” Ali, said.  Joe nodded his head.

We saw you come in, and you were getting mobbed by the paparazzi, I wanted to come and help you, but Ali said that I shouldn’t go over there and get mobbed also.  I saw that you had Ellie,” she said as she looked down at Ellie,” Jazmine said a couple minutes later.

          “Yea, the paparazzi can be awfully scary sometimes,” Joe said as he sighed.  He didn’t like them as much as any other celebrity liked them.

          “Yea it looked like Ellie was freaking out, you did a good job at keeping her calm from what we could see,” Jazmine said.

          “What are you girls buying today?” Joe asked.  He knew these fans and he had run into them before.  He felt comfortable talking to them.

          “We are here to get some dorm stuff, Ali will be leaving us next semester,” Jazmine said.

“Oh, that is cool, where are you going?” Joe asked Ali.

          “I am going to Berkley,” Ali said.

          “Oh, that is cool,” Joe said.

          “Yea and I have to nanny tonight, so I am here to pick up some stuff for my kid that I nanny,” Jazmine said.

          “You nanny a little boy with Autism, right?” Joe asked.  He had seen them before while he was out.

          “Yea, Justin,” Jazmine said.  “He is really sweet; I have been his nanny for three years.”

          “So, you have some experience then?” Joe said.  His parents were looking for a babysitter for date nights for the two youngest kids.

          “Yea, I guess you could say that I nanny for them all summer long and then during the school year, I nanny for them five nights a week and on the weekends.  I am Justin’s favorite nanny, so I guess it is good that they have kept me around for this long then.”

          “Yea that is probably good,” Joe said as he took a deep breath.  “My parents need someone to babysit Ellie when they go out on date nights and when none of us are available.”

          “Yea,” Jazmine said as she nodded her head.

          “Well if you want to call my dad sometime, we can figure out a time for you to come hang out with Ellie and see if you are a good fit,” Joe said as he asked for Jazmine’s phone number.

          “I look forward to hearing from you guys,” Jazmine said after she had given her phone number to Joe.

          “Well we have to get going,” Ali said.  “I have to be home in an hour and a half.”

          “Have a good day,” Joe said as they left and the little girl in his lap started waking up.

          “Shhh,” Joe said as he cuddled with her, when he saw her crying face go on before she let out a wail.

          “Ellie, shhh,” Joe said as he got up with her and walked around the small area that they were in, being careful to not go to close to where the doors were located.

          Little Ellie finally calmed down about five minutes later and stuck her thumb in her mouth.  Joe sat down on the bench again, by their cart and again peered out to the parking lot.  They had either gotten bored or got another celebrity calling, because they were all leaving one by one now.

          “We will go get a snack and then we will leave, okay,” Joe said as he stood up with her in his arms and put her back in the cart to which she cried when Joe tried to put her in the cart.

          “If you are good, Joey will get you something special,” Joe said as he finally got her to sit in the cart.

          “Shhh, I know, we are going, just give me a minute,” Joe said as he turned around and made sure that there was nothing that he left on the bench.  They then made their way to the Starbucks that was in Target.

          “Ellie since you were so good today, do you want a milkshake?” Joe asked his little sister who nodded her head very vigorously.

          “Okay, can I get a Tall Vanilla Bean Frap and a Grande Java Chip Frap please,” Joe said as he reached for his wallet to pay for the two drinks.

          Once the barista told them how much the two drinks cost, Joe pushed the cart to the pick-up drink spot.  Once the drinks were done, Joe carried them both over to a table where he grabbed Ellie out of the cart and sat her on his lap.

          “Milkshake El,” Joe said as he put the straw up to her lips and she took a drink.

          “Mm,” Ellie said.  Ever since they got back from New York, every time Ellie found something that she liked, she would always say Mm.  It was super adorable, and everyone loved it when she did it.

          “Joey, where is Kevy?” Ellie asked randomly as Joe was taking a sip of his chocolate Frap.

          “Kevy is in New Jersey with Dani honey,” Joe said as he gave her another sip of her milkshake.

          “Joey, where Nicky and Fankie,” Ellie asked.

          “Nicky is at his house, and Frankie is at school, we have to go pick him up after we finish running errands,” Joe said.

          “Okay,” Ellie said.

          “We have to get going,” Joe said as he gave her the last sip of her milkshake.  He then picked her up in his arms and they left the store with no paparazzi following them, thankfully.

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