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Author's Chapter Notes:

Had to delete the Chapter 2 and repost. It posted wrong.

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Waiting on Life - Chapter 2

Kevin had to take Ellie out of the bathroom and lay her on his bed to get her calmed down.  She did end up throwing up for the fourth time that day.  “There is no reason to be scared, you will always be safe,” he told her after she complained that the floor reminded her of the orphanage.

“I was just coming to check on you guys.  Where is Ellie,” Dani said as she looked at Kevin who was not holding a little girl.

“She is in my room; she is almost asleep though.  She did get sick again though,” I told my very concerned wife.

Denise had no clue why Ellie was crying.  She was in deep thought about this when Kevin came into the bathroom.  “Mom,” he said.

“Yea honey,” Denise responded as she looked up at him.

“You know that El was just crying and screaming because you laid her on the floor, and it reminded her of the orphanage again, and she thought that you were going to leave her alone.”

“I sort-of figured that, but I wasn’t going to leave her, I was just going to get her undressed,” Denise said.

“I know that,” Kevin said.  “She was just scared.  Ellie is sleeping right now, so I don’t know what you want to do about the bath.”

Joe thinks he is going to stay here for a couple of days.  I don’t want Ellie to think that we are all going to leave her, and if Kevin, Dani, and I all leave, that will be too much for her.   I am afraid that she will get way too freaked, I brought this up to Nick and he agreed that it was a good idea. He told me to go talk to Dad though about it.

 “Hey Dad, I was just coming to talk to you, I think I am going to be staying here for a couple of days, if I leave and Kevin and Dani, I am afraid that will freak Ellie out way too much.  Look at what she did when Mom just laid her on the floor,” Joe said.

“I was just coming to talk to you about that, I am going to talk to Kevin and Dani about it in a while.  They are helping your mom get Ellie into the bath.”

“When are we going to introduce Ellie to Elvis?” Joe asked.

“We will introduce her after her bath if she isn’t asleep.  We might introduce her tomorrow also.”

Joe walks up to the game room and as soon as I knock on the door, Elvis turns and sees me at the door.  He goes crazy and starts attacking me, I am his favorite, when I get into the game room.  Elvis goes crazier for Nick, but he still goes crazy for me too.  I say hi to Frankie and then Nick comes in and Elvis gets really excited again and starts attacking him again.  Nick finally has to say, “Elvis sit,” to which Elvis sits nicely waiting for Nick to pet him.

Paul called Kevin and Danielle into the kitchen to talk to them about staying here with them for a couple of days instead of going home.  “Joe is staying for a couple of days so Ellie can get used to him.  I was wondering if you guys would like to stay here with us also, so then it doesn’t confuse Ellie as much.”  They both agreed to stay here and help with Ellie for a couple of days.  They agreed that they should probably head home to get some stuff and their two beautiful puppies, Riley, and Macy. 

Denise is undressing Ellie on Kevin’s bed.  She is still sleeping; Dani told her that I would wake her up when I start the bath.  Paul called Dani and Kevin downstairs.  I think he was going to talk to them and see if they want to stay here for a couple of days, so Ellie isn’t so confused.

“Daddy,” Ellie crocked out and started crying.  Paul came up after Denise called for him to come up and help out with the bath.

Ellie is in this big thing that I don’t know what it is but there is clear stuff in the big thing.  The clear stuff is warm.  Ellie was so tired that she had a hard time keeping her eyes open while in the big thing with warm clear stuff.

Ellie seems to really be excited about meeting the dogs.  Paul and Denise are giving her a bath right now.  She will be really clean; her hair needs to be cut.  They have both been working on washing her hair for over fifteen minutes.  Denise is going to have Dani cut her hair tomorrow, this has already been a huge day for her, and doesn’t need anything more to happen.  My thoughts were interrupted by a little girl gagging and getting sick once again, only though when I looked in the tub her vomit was green and lumpy.

“Honey, what is that” Paul asked, as he felt her forehead, obviously worried about little Ellie.  Paul already had his phone out and was already making the call to the Jonas family house doctor.  He was worried about his little sunshine girl. 

Ellie sat there sputtering, crying, coughing, and gagging.  She was having troubles getting anything up.  She was scared and didn’t know what was wrong with her.  All she knew was that her tummy was hurting.

After Paul hung up from the doctor, he called for his two middle sons to come up and help him out while he went downstairs and greeted the doctor in the house.

Ellie is scared and does not know what is going on.  She doesn’t know what Mommy is suctioning her out with and she heard Daddy talking on something that he was holding by his head.  She is really scared.  Joey and Nicky just came in and look worried about her.  They are talking about stuff that she doesn’t understand.  She is just really scared.

Paul was downstairs pacing when Kevin and Danielle came through the door.  “Dad, what is wrong,” Kevin asked.  He was worried about his Dad’s expression.  When his Dad didn’t answer and just kept on pacing, Kevin started getting really worried. 

Finally, after what seemed like forever, where in reality it was probably only thirty seconds.  “Your sister is really sick Kevin; I’m just really worried about her,” Paul answered.

Kevin started getting really worried because his father started crying.  He had only seen his father cry once and he was really young.  He knew that Ellie must be really sick if his father was crying and had lost his composure in front of him.

“Where is she,” he was almost too scared to ask that.  Thoughts were going around that she was dying or even worse she was already dead.  He had only known little Ellie for less than twelve hours, but he felt like she fit into this family perfectly.  The only thing that brought me out of my trance was a whimpering Riley.  When I turned around to let Riley and Maci out of their carrier, I found Dani to be nowhere in sight.

Paul sat down at the table and motioned for Kevin to sit down also.  Kevin sat down and Paul started talking, “I don’t get it why does Ellie have to be sick already, like doctor sick, what if something is wrong, like really wrong with her.”

“What do you mean Dad,” Kevin asked confused.  He was so confused and almost shocked about the whole ordeal of Ellie.  He didn’t get why his Dad was crying and he was worried about what his Dad had said to him.

“What happened?” Kevin questioned, confused to what had happened in the past thirty minutes.

Paul was thinking back on the past twenty minutes thinking about what went wrong.  “I don’t know she just all of a sudden started throwing up all of this green lumpy stuff in the bath it wasn’t regular looking, it almost looked like it was something she ate but she didn’t eat anything for dinner,” Paul sighed.  He just wanted her to feel better and not be sick anymore.  He was worried about what the doctor would say, maybe they didn’t do the right thing and should have loaded her up and taken her to the Emergency Room or called 911.  It wasn’t like she was vomiting blood or anything.  Paul had all of these crazy thoughts going through his brain when the doorbell rang indicating that the doctor was here.

Kevin was really worried about his father’s composure and the way he had been acting since he got there.  It was really freaking him out.  He wasn’t sure if he should go and get his Mom, Kevin was thinking about this as he opened the door.

By this time Paul had gotten up off the dining room chair and had come to the door.  He had regained his composure.  He had decided that he wouldn’t let it bother him now.  Instead he would talk to Denise later on.  “I am Paul, and this is my oldest son, Kevin,” Paul said as he shook his hand and led him upstairs to Ellie’s room.  When we got to Ellie’s room, we found that she was sleeping.  “We just adopted Ellie today, we don’t know how old she is, we are guessing seven or eight, she doesn’t even know, and we found her in a closet on the floor at Ellie’s Orphanage.  She didn’t have a name, and she can move her arms but not her hands really well.  She didn’t talk at first, and her papers said that she couldn’t talk, but she can talk, she doesn’t know anything, other than lying on a cold hard floor,” Paul finished his explanation as Ellie woke up from her little nap and looked around.

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