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Waiting on Life – Chapter 6

          “Dad, what do I do,” Kevin was freaking out, he was so scared that he didn’t even realize he was crying.  Paul took one look at her and decided that the best thing to do was to call 911 to get her to the hospital quicker.

          He whipped out his phone and dialed the number he hoped he would never have to dial for one of his children or ever.  “Hello, this is 911, what is your emergency,” the dispatcher said into the phone.

          “My daughter is gasping for air and is turning blue,” Paul said very quickly.

          “Okay we have an ambulance on the way, I need you to lay her on the floor and start doing CPR on her,” the lady on the other end said.

          “What is her name?” one of the paramedics asked Denise who was standing next to Ellie when the ambulance got to the house.

          “Ellie,” Denise said.  They whisked her away in the ambulance shortly after that.  Denise was able to ride with her and on the way to the hospital Ellie was still gasping for air and having troubles breathing.  They got her head bandaged up though on the way to the hospital.

          “We will need you to go wait in the waiting room for the doctor to come out mam,” the paramedic said when they got to the hospital.

          Denise just numbly nodded her head and walked to the waiting room where she found her family waiting for her.  The doctor came out what felt like hours later when in reality it was probably only a half an hour.  “Hi, I am Dr. George, and I am taking care of Ellie,” the doctor said.

          “What’s wrong with my baby,” Denise asked panicked.

          “We got her head stitched up, she did have a pretty big gash on it,” the doctor said.

          “What about her having problems breathing and she was turning blue,” Paul asked the doctor.

          “When was her last bowel movement,” the doctor just randomly asked the family.

          “Uh she was really sick when we first got her from the orphanage but ever since she has been better, she hasn’t had one I don’t think,” Denise said.  She was trying to think back on when Ellie last went, and she couldn’t remember.

          “I think she could be constipated; a lot of kids get constipated and when they do some of them have troubles breathing.  She is no longer blue and seems to be breathing a lot better, but she is on oxygen so we will keep an eye on her for a couple of hours.”

“I want her to have a bowel movement before we let her go, so I am going to give her a suppository then to try to get things moving.

“Can I come back with you,” Denise asked the doctor.  She was sure that she would freak out when the doctors stuck the suppository up her bottom.

“Sure, I will come get the rest of you when we are done then,” the doctor said as he and Denise left the room.

A couple minutes later the family was back in the room with Ellie and she was still crying from having the suppository.

          “Mommy, it hurts,” she cried, her tummy and her bottom hurt from when the doctor came in and stuck something up her bottom.

“El, what hurts,” Paul asked as he went over by Denise who was sitting by Ellie’s bed holding her hand.

          “My bottom,” Ellie cried.  Paul knew that they gave her a suppository so she was still in pain from that, those things can be painful and scary especially for a kid.

          “My tummy,” Ellie screamed as her stomach started gurgling and a couple minutes later the whole family could smell something.  They knew right then that the suppository had worked.

          “Shhh Ellie,” Nick said as he came over and held Ellie’s other hand, the one without the IV in it.

          “Nicky,” Ellie cried and reached out for him.  She just wanted to be held and rocked back to sleep, she was tired, and she still didn’t feel good, her head hurt but her tummy was feeling a little better now.

          “Shhh,” Paul said as he combed through his daughter’s hair with his hand, she fell asleep shortly after that and was out like a light.

          “Yea my daughter had a bowel movement and we weren’t sure what you wanted us to do,” Paul said after he had pressed the call button.  Paul wasn’t sure if they wanted to change her.

          “Sure, we will be right in there to change her and get her cleaned up,” the nurse said.

The nurses came in a couple minutes later and woke Ellie up, “Ellie, you need to wake up,” the nice nurse said as she took down the sheets and took off her diaper, to which Ellie started crying.

The doctor came in a few minutes later with discharge papers to sign Ellie out of the hospital, her breathing was better, and she had the bowel movement, so they let her go.

Ellie was sitting on Joe’s lap this morning, but she wasn’t poking him like last night.  “My head hurts,” Ellie cried into Joe’s shirt.  This was the first time that she had complained about her head hurting, last night she slept all the way home and didn’t even wake up when they were getting her ready for bed.

“Oh El, how about we get you some medicine, how does that sound?” Joe asked the little girl who was crying on his lap.

“Yea,” Ellie cried as Joe smelled something coming from her bottom.  ”Did you do another poo-poo?” Joe said as he tried to smell her bottom.  On the way home from the hospital last night she had done another large poop and then when Nick had woke her up, she had another poop, when Nick was changing her, she went again, and she just had another poop.

“Let’s change you, and then we will find some medicine for you” Joe said as he laid her on the floor to roll around and move while he went and got another diaper and some wipes and also to make sure she was done pooping.

When Joe got back downstairs Ellie was still laying on her back in the same position still crying, she hadn’t moved at all which is weird since every time they changed her, she moved around constantly, she didn’t like to be changed.  Then again Joe could tell that her head hurt, she probably had a headache.

“Come here, El, let’s change you,” Joe said as Denise came into the room, and saw what Joe was doing, “she had another poop,” Denise said, she was shocked that she had that much poop in her bowels to begin with, she was so tiny.

“Mommy, my head,” Ellie cried.  This was when Denise realized that Ellie wasn’t moving around trying to get away from Joe while he was changing her.

“I know, Mommy is going to go get you some medicine to make you feel better,” Denise said as she went into the kitchen and got some Tylenol in a syringe to give her while Joe was cleaning her up.

“This has been her fifth one since last night,” Denise said when she came in with the Tylenol.  “Here you are sweetie,” Denise said as she tried to get it in her mouth.

Ellie didn’t want anything to do with that nasty medicine, Mommy had given it to her the first night that she was here, and she didn’t like it, and refused to take it ever since.

“Ellie, it will help you feel better, I promise,” Denise said as she tried again but failed to get it in her mouth.  “Ellie, come here,” Denise said as she sat down on the floor and put Ellie’s head in her lap.

“No Mommy, gross,” Ellie said when Denise tried to give it to her again.

“I know it is gross honey, but will you just take it for me?” Denise questioned.

“No Mommy, gross,” Ellie repeated herself again.  Just then Nick came in and saw that his mom was trying to give Ellie medicine, but Ellie wasn’t liking it.

“Ellie, how about I go get you a special drink and when you are done you can drink that and it will take the taste away,” Nick said as he sat down on the floor next to a tearful Ellie who just nodded at him.

“Okay, I’ll be right back then, El,” Nick said as he got up off the floor and went to get some juice that she could drink after she took the medicine.

Meanwhile Joe was still working on getting her cleaned up from her bowel movement, “I think one more wipe is going to do it and then we will get you diapered up again, how does that sound El,” Joe said.

          Ellie just nodded at him, as Joe used one last wipe to wipe her bottom off to get it clean and then put a clean diaper on her.  When Joe was done, Nick was back with a small glass of juice to give her after she took the medicine.

          It actually worked Ellie took the medicine without refusing and Nick gave her the juice and she was done.

          “My head still hurts Nicky,” Ellie cried into his chest five minutes after she took the medicine, her head still hurt.

          “Oh El, it will get better in about fifteen to twenty minutes,” Nick told Ellie who was now sitting on his lap.

          “Shhh,” Nick said to Ellie as she cried into his shoulder.  Nick exchanged a glance with both Kevin and Joe letting them know that now was go time and telling Kevin to go get his guitar.

          Once Kevin left, Nick talked to Ellie, “El do you know what music is?”  He had decided that it was best for her to know what they were going to be talking about and not be confused like she was with so much already.

          “No,” Ellie said as she looked at Nick with tears still streaming down her face.  As Nick wiped her tears with his fingers, he talked to her about what music was and by that time Kevin was back guitar in hand.

          “Kevy, Joey, and I are in a band and sing together,” Nick told Ellie who just looked at him confused.

          “What a band?” Ellie asked curiously, she had never heard that word and was wondering what it was.

          “A band is a group of people that sing together, we are in a band called the Jonas Brothers,” Nick told the little girl whose tears had now dried and she was now interested in the button on Nick’s shirt, while she was listening.

          “Can we play music for you, sweetie,” Nick asked the little girl, they had planned on what they were going to do last night, they were going to sing a song to her and then watch a movie with her but that of course got pushed back because of Ellie heading to the hospital.

          Joe came picked her up and sat her on his lap while Nick went and got ready.  When Ellie saw that Kevy had a creepy thing in his hands that people hit her with at the orphanage she started freaking out and crying.

          “El, what is wrong?” Joe said, he was worried because all of a sudden, she got really stiff and started crying.  Ellie screamed at the top of her lungs and cowered into Joe, her only protector right now.  She was so scared.

          This surprised Kevin as he looked up from where he was tuning his guitar.  “El, what is wrong,” Kevin said as he came towards her with his guitar on.

          Of course, this made Ellie get even more scared.  A man named, Mr. Larson who worked at the orphanage would come in and hit her with one of those things.  It was scary and it hurt a lot, so she thought that Kevy was going to hit her with one of those.

          “STOP, DON’T HIT ME, PLEASE,” Ellie screamed but then she got really quiet and said, “I’ve been really good today, just don’t hit me, please.”

          This freaked Kevin out a little bit because he would never hit her.  “Shhh, what’s wrong sweetie,” Kevin soothed as he came closer to her still with the guitar on.

          “Try taking the guitar off,” Nick said when Ellie started to get out of Joe’s arms to try to get away from Kevin.  Kevin did that, he set it on the couch next to him and walked over to Ellie slowly, he had to show her that he wasn’t going to hurt her.

          “Ellie, I am not going to hurt you, shhh,” Kevin spoke softly as he got over to Ellie who was in sheer panic looking at the guitar on the couch opposite where she and Joe were sitting.

          Ellie looked up at Kevin when he was right in front of her and asked, “Kevy, no hurt right?”

          “No Kevy’s not going to hurt you,” Kevin said to the little girl who had tears dripping out of her eyes.  “Can Kevy give you a hug,” Kevin asked the little girl who just gulped and nodded at him.  When Kevin picked up the little girl she clasped to his shirt and started crying.

          “Shhh,” Kevin said as he walked around the room with her and sang softly to her.

          “Kevy, scary,” Ellie said as she pointed to the guitar, “no hit me, right?” she just wanted to make sure that no one was going to hit her with that.

          “Ellie, can we talk to you,” Joe said as Kevin sat down on the couch with Ellie.  “You know you can tell us anything you don’t have to get scared around us we would never hurt you,” Joe said as Ellie just nodded at him numbly.

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