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Author's Chapter Notes:

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday, Mr. President

Happy Birthday to you

-Marilyn Monroe

I flew back out to the tour for Nick’s Birthday just two weeks after I’d gone off to college. I arrived Friday afternoon and was escorted to the guys’ soundcheck. I walked into the arena as the guys were finishing up and slowly walked my way up to the front. I was halfway through the arena before I heard a loud, “no way!”

I giggled as I saw Nick jump off the stage and rush toward me at record speed. He scooped me up in his arms in a tight embrace, “what are you doing here?”

“I thought I’d surprise you and spend a little extra time with you before you get old,” I teased him.

“You’re amazing!”

We heard Joe tapping on his microphone, “attention, attention, will the missing band member please make his way back on the stage so we can finish soundcheck? I repeat, will the missing band member make his way back to the stage so we can finish soundcheck?”

Nick looked over at me with an apologetic smile.

“I know, just go, I’ll see you when you’re done.”

Nick rushed on stage and rushed through the last of it while I sat in the front row with my weekend bag and a giant smile.

As soon as they were done Nick hopped back off and ran toward me. I barely had enough time to stand up before he was tugging on my hand. “Wait, Nick, my bag!”

He turned and grabbed my bag quickly before rushing me out of the arena. He rushed down the hall into his private changing room with me trailing behind him. I resisted the urge to giggle feeling giddy about the fact that Nick was excited to see me.

He closed the door behind me before quickly attaching his lips to mine. This was new territory, Nick had never been one to kiss me without asking. Still, something about it was very exciting to me. I wrapped my hands around his neck and followed his lead because that’s all I’d learned to do so far.

I felt the ground disappear beneath me as Nick’s arms wrapped around my waist to lift me. I giggled in surprise and I felt a smile form on Nick’s lips as well, “God, I missed you!”

“I was only gone a month,” I tried to reason, even though I felt the empty slot in my chest refilling itself in his presence.

“A month is too long,” he muttered onto my skin while spreading kisses along my jaw.

I squirmed in his grasp feeling ticklish and he knew it. His kisses became more vigorous as I finally squealed in laughter, “Nick, stop! STOP!”

He chuckled as he released me and I set my feet back on the ground. “What, I can’t show affection for my girlfriend?”

I blushed still feeling a bit shy about the title, “I- no… you can, I just- I’m ticklish.”

Nick smirked and pressed a kiss to the top of my nose before we heard a knock at the door, “Hey, what are you guys doing?”

Joe popped his head in with an excited smirk which quickly vanished when he realized this wasn’t the compromising situation he’d hoped for. He smacked his lips, “you guys are no fun.”

“What do you want, Joe?” Nick spoke to his brother bluntly while I hid my face in Nick’s chest feeling completely embarrassed to even be seen showing any kind of physical intimacy with Nick.

“Well, a few of the band members heard Vanessa was back, they were wondering if she’d be hitting the town with us after the show?”

Both Joe and Nick shot questioning glances in my direction, “um, I have an assignment for my Political Science class due at midnight but if I can get it done on time…”

Joe squinted his eyes at me, “I thought Nick said you were like a brainiac bookworm or something?”

“I never said that,” Nick corrected adamantly.

Joe shrugged it off, “come on, Brain. I’m sure you can handle one teensy weensy assignment.”

I saw Nick scowl at his brother and I was slightly relieved that for once I wasn’t Joe’s target of entertainment and teasing. “Well, Pinky, I’ll see what I can do, we just might have time for world domination, after all.”

Joe’s brows pressed together while his eyes squinted in thought momentarily before shooting wide open again, “I loved that fucking show!”

I smiled grateful that for once my reference wasn’t completely lost while Nick spoke up with amusement, “Pinky, that makes you the idiot.”

Joe thought it through for a moment, “possibly, but we all know that show would have been nothing without Pinky.” He stretched and walked into the room to sit on the couch. “Let me take a load off, I’m a little tired of carrying this whole show on my back.”

Nick rolled his eyes, “whatever you say, Joe.”

The room sank into an awkward silence for a moment. I focused my eyes on the minifridge feeling completely uncomfortable. Nick clenched his jaw and stood in the center of the room without moving as Joe surveyed the room before he rose to his feet, stole a soda from the fridge, and made his way toward the exit, “I’ll see you two at the show.”

The door shut behind him and Nick closed his eyes and exhaled a deep breath.

I bit my lip nervously, “do you want to talk about it?”

He shook his head before sitting on the couch where Joe had been, “I don’t want to load you up with negativity on the days that you’re here.”

I shrugged as I moved to sit beside him, “I don’t want you to feel like you can’t talk to me just because I’m not always here.”

He sighed as he leaned his head on my shoulder, “I know he’s trying, but it’s not getting better. I don’t feel better about the album. Kevin doesn’t want to try anymore. Joe is confused as to why we’re even bothering. At this point so am I. I’m trying, Ness, I am. But I don’t know what more I can do at this point. I feel like I’m fighting with both hands tied behind my back.”

I ran my fingers through his hair not knowing what kind of advice I was supposed to give him. I admitted defeat and settled on just letting him know that I was still listening. “I hear you and I’m here for you, in any way that you may need me.”

Nick kissed my shoulder, “how do you always know exactly what to say?”

What? I do not feel like I aced that. I should have done so much better. I should have had a solution yet all I came up with was ‘I hear you’?

He looked up to meet my eye, “I feel like you’re the only person who truly listens to what I’m feeling instead of trying to patch things up and pretend it’s all fine.”

Huh. I did not expect that.

I spent a chunk of the concert locked up in Nick’s green room trying to finish my assignment before I could join in on the fun. Which honestly, how sucky is that? I flew all the way out here to do homework instead of spending time with my… Nick? I mean, boyfriend sounds weird and I feel like he’d be upset if he knew I called him a friend. This is all, very strange to me.

When I finished my assignment, I made my way over to the side stage. Joe was the first to catch sight of me. He smiled and bumped Nick to redirect his attention toward me.

Nick’s face was consumed with a cocky grin as his eyes locked with mine.

As the guys rushed off the stage to change in between sets, a security guard approached me.

“Miss, I was asked to escort you to the pit by the front stage.”

“I- what?” Why?

“Please, follow me.”

I followed behind him feeling completely confused before the pit was in my visual range. I saw the Jonas family standing there alongside a few family friends. They opened the barriers to allow me access before Danielle and Mrs. Jonas both reached out to hug me.

“Welcome back, dear.”

I smiled at them as they motioned me toward the front of the space so that I’d have better access to the stage.

When the guys came back on stage, Nick made a point to serenade me directly as he sang out:

“You might think

That I'm a fool for falling over you

So tell me what can I do

To prove to you

That's it not so hard to do

Give love a try

One more time

'Cause you know that I'm on your side

Give love a try

One more time”

I blushed like a maniac and tried to pretend the stomach thing wasn’t happening. I felt a million eyes on me and I was suddenly stuck between the giddy feeling in my stomach and the extreme desire to shrink into nothing. Is it supposed to feel like this? Like I can only be with Nick when no one else is around? Am I supposed to feel like running and hiding every time we’re in public? I shook the thought and tried to focus on just enjoying the show.

After the show, I sat in Nick’s green room while he showered and got dressed. I felt my phone buzzing in my hands with a new text.

From: Joe

We’re not ready yet. Stall him a little longer.

To: Joe

How do I do that? He’s out of the shower!

From: Joe

Get creative ;)

I blushed at the implicit message behind his words. Nick opened the door as he slipped on his t-shirt. “Hey, there, partner!”

He ticked his head to the right slightly as he took in the bright flush on my face. “What’s up?”

I shook my head as I tried to force the color away. “Nothing.”

His lip pulled up from one corner as he flashed me that ‘yeah, right’ smirk. “What are you hiding?”

I shrugged my shoulders hoping he’d let it go. His eyes trained on me for longer than I was comfortable with. I felt I was being crushed under a microscope.

“Joe said to make out with you.” I felt like I must’ve been running a fever, my face was so hot.

Nick’s smirk quickly grew into a smile, “I mean, that would be a great gift.”

“But I already kissed you,” I muttered.

I heard a breathy chuckle, “actually, I think I kissed you. It’s not a gift if it doesn’t come from you, Ness.”

I grabbed a couch cushion and buried my face in it hoping to hide. I felt completely embarrassed and overwhelmed.

I felt the couch shift beside me as Nick wrapped an arm around me, “okay, okay. You don’t have to do any of that. I was just teasing you.”

I buried my face in his shoulder and wrapped my hands around his bicep while he ran a hand through the curls in my hair. I knew he was only teasing me, but I couldn’t keep the red from consuming my face. I took a few deep breaths while Nick stroked my hair. I could feel the blood beginning to disperse as I breathed in Nick’s scent.

We sat in silence for a moment while I began to feel comfortable in his presence again.

“One to ten?”

I took another deep inhale as I cuddled closer to him. “... two.”

I felt him kiss the top of my head and I wondered why I ever felt uncomfortable around him at all. How is he this odd mix of comforting and embarrassing all at once? Is this normal? Is it just me? It’s probably just me. But then again, maybe that’s what it is when you date a celebrity? I don’t know.

I reached up to press a kiss against Nick’s jaw since that was as far as I could get. He looked down at me with a warm smile.

Before he could say anything else I kissed him again, this time aiming for his lips. It was quick and barely there but he leaned in closer encouraging me to try again.

For once, I wasted no time. I pressed my lips to his with more permanence. Nick played a more reserved role and encouraged me to lead. I pressed my lips against his more firmly hoping he’d engage. He didn’t. I scooted closer to him and ran a hand through his curls trying to get a reaction from him. His arms looped around my waist as he pulled me toward him. I repositioned myself to sit on his lap as my hands roamed through his hair, past his neck, to his shoulders.

I pulled away to catch my breath and Nick wasted no time to run kisses and nibbles down my neck. My skin crawled with delight as I threw my head back to allow him better access. His hands slid from my waist down to my ass before hastily pulling me into him. My pelvis ground against his before I could process what was happening.

An audible “Oh!” escaped my lips. I froze momentarily knowing I’d never made that sound before. Then again, I’d never felt that before, either.

I felt Nick smile against the sensitive flesh on my neck before doing it again.

I bit my lip trying to keep myself from making that sound again. My eyes shut as my body was no longer under my control. Nick guided my hips a few more times before stopping. I contemplated for a moment if I should continue or if that would be inappropriate before throwing out the entire debate and slowly moving my hips against his again. His hand squeezed my ass firmly as our lips reattached. I continued to move against him as my excitement got the better of me.

I heard my phone buzz with a text, likely from Joe, but I couldn’t bring myself to stop. My movement became slightly faster as I felt a pressure building between my thighs. Nick’s hands roamed across my body, sliding under the hem of my shirt as he stroked my back. My phone buzzed a second time and I broke our kiss as my attention was momentarily drawn toward the screen that lit up.

“Keep going,” Nick whispered against my collarbone.

I disregarded the phone and my head rolled back as I began to move faster still.

His hands squeezed my bare skin around my waist as he helped me move more easily. “Come on, Ness,” he whispered as his lips trailed below my collarbone toward my cleavage. It wasn’t long before I was struggling to control the sounds escaping me.

“Uh, oh, Nick!”

While this was all new territory, the tight feeling that was growing below my navel led me to believe I was on the cusp of something amazing. Still before I could reach it, my phone buzzed, again; this time with a phone call.

The reality of Joe being on the other end of the phone while Nick and I hid in here doing this felt shameful. I stopped immediately and pulled away from Nick altogether, trying to avoid the inevitable color that had yet to consume my face.

Nick cleared his throat and shifted his position almost as if he was also trying to hide from me just like I was doing to him.

I finally reached for the phone once it stopped ringing. I saw Joe’s name scrawled across the screen and I immediately blushed. I pray he never finds out what we were doing. I opened the texts to see two quick, concise messages.

From: Joe


From: Joe

You coming?

I shut my eyes as my face turned red at the sight of the last message. I opened my eyes a few moments later to see Nick watching me from the corner of my eye.

“Uh, Joe’s looking for us.”

Nick sighed deeply, “okay, tell him we’ll be there in a minute.”

I looked over at him nervously. What if he wanted to talk about what just happened? Can I avoid this conversation if I just get us out of this room?

“Maybe we should go now. I mean, it’s Joe, he’ll likely come looking for us if we don’t go.”

Nick nodded as a slight pink hue consumed his cheeks. “Yeah, definitely, just um…”

I sent a quick reply to Joe saying we were on our way before I looked up to see Nick. 

He hadn’t moved yet; he closed his eyes, focused on an idea that was beyond my scope of knowledge. I wondered what he was thinking. Does he not want to go? Does he already know?

Nick looked down at his lap for a moment and hesitated before rising to his feet. “Um, yeah… let’s go.”

He reached a hand out to me which I took instinctively. I trailed behind him the whole way toward the rest of the group as I tried to take that time to properly pull myself together. I have no idea how the previous situation evolved so quickly nor do I know how to feel about it.

We entered the green room where we saw everyone standing around a giant, five tier cake. John was the first to catch sight of us. If he had any idea what we’d been doing, he certainly didn’t show it.

“Hey, birthday boy is here!”

Everyone’s attention turned toward us before Jacob crept up behind Nick and placed his hands on his shoulders. He roughly massaged his shoulders as he began to guide him toward the cake. “Cake time, my guy!”

Nick’s grip on my hand loosened as he moved toward the cake and I hung back looking for Joe.

Rochelle wrapped her arms around my shoulders. “Hey, little one! I missed you!”

I smiled and shook off the fear that anyone might know why Nick and I were late. “I missed you, too!”

Rochelle smacked her lips, “girl, please, I know you didn’t come back for my birthday two weeks ago.”

I giggled because I knew she was joking but I couldn’t help the small twinge of guilt that I still felt from her words. Am I a bad friend?

“I could only afford one trip, college budgets are extremely unforgiving,” I tried to excuse myself.

“Mhm,” she laughed, “guess he’s more important than me right?”

I didn’t respond, I didn’t know what to say anymore. She squeezed my shoulders as she began to push me toward the cake.

“Kind of great that you did come today, though. Wouldn’t have wanted you to miss this.”

Just as everyone crowded around the cake, Jacob began to count, “One, two, three!”

Before we could even begin the cake exploded as the top half flew off. Joe popped out of the cake in a blonde wig and a white satin halter dress.

His voice was nasal as I stared at him in absolute shock.

“Happy Birthday to you!”

I looked around to see everyone red faced fighting every urge to laugh while Nick stared on, still trying to figure out what was going on.

“Happy birthday, Mr. President! Happy birthday to you!”

Nick began to cackle uncontrollably while I watched it all unfold, wide eyed, completely shocked by everything still happening.

Joe finally jumped out of the cake covered in frosting and ruining a portion of the remaining cake, “happy birthday, bro!”

He charged toward Nick covered in frosting. Nick tried to run off but didn’t get very far before Joe was tackling him and converting him into a blob of frosting. Everyone laughed while Joe smeared frosting across his face.

“It’s in my nose!” Nick laughed aloud.

There was an inexplicable joy that came from seeing Nick like this. He was usually so stressed and frustrated. Seeing this lighter side to him made me so glad I had managed to visit.

That night, Nick and I walked into his suite hand in hand. Although he had managed to wipe most of it off he still smelled like sugar and sweetness and some of his curls had clumped together from the frosting still stuck in his hair.

“Be honest, Nessa, did Joe tell you his plan?”

I shook my head, “he told me that they were setting up to surprise you and asked me to stall, but he definitely didn’t mention anything about… well the whole Marilyn Monroe thing.”

Nick plugged in his phone as he chuckled and shook his head, “my god, he’s insane.”

“I heard that kind of stuff is hereditary,” I teased, as I sat on the arm of the couch, still keeping my distance, afraid of what might come next. 

Nick looked over at me with a smirk before crossing the room to stand before me, “oh, really.”

His hands wrapped around my waist as he dipped his forehead to press against mine. “There’s only one thing that makes me crazy…”

His lips pressed against mine fervently and I had a quick moment of panic. I pulled away hastily leaning my body away from him. His eyes locked onto mine as he tried to understand what he’d missed.

“I-uh.. um- you- you smell like frosting…” I sputtered out not knowing what to say or how to explain myself.

Nick’s eyes studied me momentarily before he sighed, “I just…” He bit his lip for a second while he edited his thoughts. “Okay, I should jump in the shower anyway.”

His hands squeezed my waist momentarily before releasing me altogether and walking into the bathroom.

I sat on the armrest for a moment trying to piece together how to explain to myself the drastic shift in my behavior from a few hours prior to now. I heard the water begin to run when Nick got out of the shower and decided to shake the thought out of my head. I grabbed the in-room phone by the bed and called down to guest services to request extra bedding.

I slipped into my pjs before pulling out my laptop to check my emails and respond to some classroom discussions before shutting down for the night.

I yawned when I saw my message had posted at 3 am New York time. Shortly after, I heard the shower cut off, I put my device away and gathered my toiletries so that I could slip into the bathroom when Nick was done.

I waited by the door with my small tote in hand before the door flew open. Nick stood at the doorway with a white towel wrapped around his waist and small droplets of water running down his chest.

I tried my best not to stare… I failed. “I, uh, I- shower… no, not that… teeth- sink teeth…”

Nick’s brows pressed together in confusion before a smirk grew on his lips.

“I need- toothbrush! Um, brushing my teeth…”

Nick let out a quiet chuckle before stepping aside for me.

I locked the door behind me and sat on the edge of the tub trying to piece together what just happened. How did my brain short-circuit so horribly? I thought back to the event but I could only seem to focus on the water running down his form. Sliding down his shoulders. I bit my lip wondering what would happen if I could bite him. Would he let me? Would he like it? Would he get on top of me and have his way with me? What if he-

My legs squeezed together as my excitement began to build. I looked up and came face to face with a mirror. My face was bright red and I felt like I might overheat. I shook the thoughts out of my head quickly before standing to start on my nightly routine.

I didn’t used to have thoughts like this before. Not about him or anyone. What is happening? How am I supposed to process this? When I finished washing my face and brushing my teeth I leaned against the bathroom counter trying to debate what would be a normal way to proceed. Should I tell him about it? Would it be okay to act upon these feelings? Would I be able to take it back if it all became too much? Does he think this way about me? Is there something I should be doing to make him see me that way?

I looked over my pajama set. A fitted grey henley and loose fitting bottoms. Is there any way I can fix this? I undid the first few buttons on my top hoping it might make a difference. It didn’t. I undid a few more. I mean, I could almost see something but also not really. I sighed. I tried to concentrate on what I’d seen girls wearing in movies.

I remembered seeing several actresses going without a bra in scenes where they were supposed to be sexy.

I blushed as I pondered the idea of actually ditching an undergarment. But also they say it's good for circulation to sleep without one, right? Also, I’ve heard that it can improve overall health and… maybe I should just take it off? I unclasped my bra and struggled to remove it without ditching my shirt. I wanted to avoid being naked in front of a mirror as much as possible before doubt starts to creep in.

After losing the bra I checked my reflection, did I look sexy yet? I played with my hair, loosened the last of the buttons and propped up my breasts until I was satisfied with the visual display.

I blushed realising I’d never seen myself in this light. I bounced around quietly, feeling excited with what felt like a new discovery. As I was about to head out, I heard a voice on the other side of the door.

“Oh, yeah, forgot I ordered these. Thank you.”

Okay, so I’m kind of excited to have Nick see me like this, but probably not guest services. I waited until I felt the coast was clear but just as I was working up the nerve to head out I heard Berry in the back of my head.

“Trust me, Vans, your ass will never again look as great as it does right this second. This is the time to enjoy that fruit. It’s a peach.”

I looked back at the mirror and realized that my bottoms were fairly loose and effectively hid what Berry described as my best asset. Also, Nick said he liked girls with nice butts. I thought back to when Nick saw me in my two-piece at the pool party and how Joe kept teasing me about it. I mean, if I want to make an impact?

I took a deep breath before stripping off my pants. I saw my white high-waisted Calvin Klien thong staring back at me. This seems excessive.

But it is what he likes. It’s almost guaranteed to work, right? It really doesn’t show off any more than my bathing suit did that one time.

Then again, that was different. There wasn’t the whole... dating premise involved. But also, if I can wear something this revealing in public in broad daylight, wearing it in private in a dark room is okay, right? I can turn off most of the lights so he won't see everything. Also, this is technically covering more than the swimsuit did. Stop being a wuss! Just go already! I bit my lip before running out head-first into new territory.

I turned off the lights as Nick made up the couch. He stood over it in flannel bottoms, still without a shirt.

Nick turned on the standing lamp beside the couch, “hey, I know you’re tired. I’m almost done here, just give me another minute.”

He tucked in the bedding between the cushions and the backrest to keep it from slipping. He hadn’t even turned to look at me.

I could feel all of my insides squeezing together with charged up excitement. What is he going to do when he sees me? I tiptoed over to him hoping to go unnoticed just a little while longer so I could get a little bit closer.

I reached the other end of the couch as he finished smoothing out the top sheets.

“Perfect,” he mentioned, more to himself than anything.

“How much?” I teased playfully.

I saw a smile forming as he finally turned to look at me, “for you, no cha-”

He stopped dead in his tracks at the sight of me. Is that good? That’s gotta be good, right? He’s not mad, right? No. Maybe?

I tugged at the cuffs of my sleeves that rested in my palms. I suddenly don’t feel as brave as I did a second ago. Did I do the wrong thing?

Worry started to disturb me and it cut through my tone as I spoke up, “Nick?”

Nick blinked a few times as he took a few steps toward me and stopped. His hands reached up toward me before dropping again.

“Holy fuck!”

My eyes widened in surprise. Oh, god, I fucked up. What was I thinking? I’m so stupid.

“Do you have any idea how bad I want you right now?”

Wait, what? He wants me? Like… in a dirty way? I bit my lip trying to hold back a smile. I’d never heard him talk like that.

“Can I…” Nick seemed pained trying to find the best way to go about it.

I quickly moved to close the gap between us hoping to capitalize on my win before it vanished. I reached up and wrapped my arms around his neck to meet his lips but he had other plans. He quickly scooped the back of my legs to lift me off the ground. I squealed in surprise.

His lips attacked mine more forcefully than he’d ever done in the past as he sat on the couch with me straddling him. His hands zipped across my body almost like he couldn’t decide where he wanted to touch me. His hands zoomed from my waist to my thighs, my ass to my back. I froze momentarily feeling completely out of my element. My body became rigid and I scolded myself for creating this situation.

It took a few moments before Nick stopped altogether. He leaned back on the couch as his hands found my shoulders and pushed me away slightly, “are you okay?”

I swallowed, not knowing how to piece together an apology.

“We can stop, we don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do.”

His eyes were so caring and sincere and I was reminded of every time he respected my boundaries. I sighed a breath of relief knowing I was safe in his hands and I’d only have to do as much as I was comfortable with.

I smiled, and nodded softly, “yeah, I just… I really like you.”

Nick smiled, “I like you, too.”

I leaned in and kissed him gently before taking his hands in mine. I could feel him throbbing between my legs and felt my internal temperature rise considerably. I guided his hands toward my ass again and felt his hot palms meet my warm skin.

Why does everything feel like it’s on fire?

It wasn’t long before his hands began guiding my hips against his again. It was easier for me to fall into a good rhythm the second time around and it wasn’t long before I felt the pressure building again.
“Oh, god, Nick,” I panted in his ear.

“Fuck, Ness,” He groaned as he buried his face in my chest.

His hands kept guiding me and helped me move against him faster.

I wrapped one arm around his neck as the other reached for the wall behind him for leverage. 

His hands reached up to cup my breasts as he nuzzled his face into them.

My head fell back and I closed my eyes as I felt the pressure between my legs growing stronger and stronger.

“Nick, I- uh… oh, god, I think I’m gonna…”

I stopped myself mid sentence not knowing for sure if I was on the right track or how far away I was or even having an appropriate name for what was happening to me.

“God, Ness, don’t stop,” he groaned, again.

I bit my lip hoping to keep my voice down as I chased down the elusive end. A few audible gasps broke through as I kept my pace. It felt like I’d been at it for hours but I couldn’t seem to cross the finish line. It felt like I was just a jump away from the end but I hadn’t been able to figure out what that jump might be.

“Nick… I can’t…” I let out defeatedly, finally slowing down.

“Keep going,” he encouraged me as his hips started reaching up to meet mine. I did as he’d instructed as I felt more stimulated. One of his hands slipped under my ass to the thin fabric separating me from the world. His fingertips began to move along the length of my opening for a few moments before slipping under the cotton shield altogether. His fingertips moved against my bare skin toward my opening. I couldn’t tell if I was ready or not but before I could decide, a horrible memory crossed my mind.

“Stop!” I panted.

Nick stopped all movements and removed his hands from around me.

I took a minute to catch my breath before collapsing onto his shoulder trying to comprehend how we got so turned around so fast. After a few moments, his hands began to rub my back  in a soothing motion.

“I’m sorry,” we both spoke in unison.

I shook my head, “I don’t know what happened, it was good and then I was thinking and then I thought about what he did and I don’t know- I just…”

Nick kissed my forehead, “it’s not your fault, I should have known better.”

“No, I- it was good. I just… I panicked.”

He brushed my hair out of my face, “hey, we go at your pace, remember?”

I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and just collapsed onto him under the weight of my exhaustion.

Nick held me for a few minutes as I fell asleep before whispering, “hey, Ness?”

“Mm,” I responded in my half-dormant state.

“Can we share a bed? I don’t want to let go.”

I didn’t have the brain resources to properly consider the question, so I nodded permissively before he stood up with me in his arms and carried us off to bed.


Chapter End Notes:

So, uh... that took me a while. Sorry everyone, I suppose I just got a little busy with work and adulting and whatnot... it was awful. Any way, let me know how you feel about this story. Leave word. Any word. Even if the word is: bad.

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