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I sat across the desk from him. His dark eyes boring a hole in my soul, our eye contact never once breaking. He was so damn hot, why did Nick Jonas have to be so good looking? And so effortlessly so, although he did know it. He was doing the nervous thing that he did when he bit his lip. The man next to me spoke and snapped me out of my chain of thought. 


'Mrs Jonas, if you'd just sign on the line here, your separation from Mr Jonas will become official and the divorce proceedings can begin' 


I looked at Nick, his eyes hadn't left me the whole time. 


I nodded and signed my name on the two copies - Abbi Jonas. 

Then I watched as he signed his. His eyes felt like they were begging me to change my mind, but I was resolved. 


'In our next meeting we will discuss potential divorce settlements' the lawyer continued.


'Oh I already know that, I don't want anything more from Nick, Mr Jonas. Just the divorce'


My lawyer looked at me like I'd gone crazy. I hadn't, I just didn't see that after a marriage as short as ours, that I was entitled to anything of Nicks. He'd been nothing but amazing but this divorce was a technicality and I didn't want any bad feeling between us. Truth be told, I didn't really want this all to be happening but it made sense. Our marriage was a mistake and this was the way to resolve it. 


My mind turned to our 'wedding day', not that you could really call it that. We'd been dating for 9 weeks when I went to Vegas for the first time ever, to see him and his brothers perform. Things were going pretty well between us but it was still early days. After the show the Villa One started flowing, with it being Nicks brand there was an abundance of the stuff and we both took full advantage. We were all rather tipsy when Nick had suggested we do something crazy-


'let's do something crazy, people do crazy stuff in Vegas!'


'Bro, your name is not entirely synonymous with crazy' laughed Joe


'Hey, I can be spontaneous!' 


'So Captain Spontaneity, What craziness do you want to do' I enquired.


'I don't know actually' he laughed


'Why don't you guys get married, what says Vegas more than a quickie wedding at the Little White Chapel' laughed Kevin in a veiled dig at Joe.


'Wanna say 'I do' then?' I joked 


'Fine then, let's do it!' Said Nick enthusiastically.


'I was joking!'


'I'm not! Let's do it'


So we all got into the cars that were waiting for us to take us wherever we wanted to go.


'Little White Chapel please' Nick instructed the driver.


We were all laughing because we knew he was just messing around. Nick was super cautious, there was no way he was going to marry me after 9 weeks.


We drove along the strip, still drinking and hanging out heads out the window and waving to people who were passing. You could see their faces 'is that.....' I was kind of used to that look by now. Nick and I had been papped kissing early in our relationship so we were in the public domain, but often people would look at me as if to say 'why her', and sometimes I wondered the same myself. What would Mr pop star want with me? Don't get me wrong, I wasn't a bad catch, I'm smart, not exactly poor and not bad looking, but this guy had his pick of women. 


I'd come to LA on a secondment with the Jonas Brothers' record label. Ordinarily I work for the London office but they were offering temporary secondments to LA for 6 months and I felt like I wanted new challenges so I went for it. I met the Jonas Brothers on my first week on the job when my boss Evan has asked me to join him in a meeting about their forthcoming tour and album. I was struck by how nice they actually were. Some of the artists I work with look so friendly on tv and then they walk through the doors of the label and the attitude comes out. I could see that these guys were different, far more genuine.


During the meeting, although Nick and Kevin wanted to focus and be serious, Joe lightened the mood with his goofing around. The expressions on Nicks face were hilarious and I watched him gradually getting more and more frustrated with his brother’s antics. It struck me that Nick was so business minded and organised and that was a pleasant surprise, so many other artists just come in and expect us to come up with all the ideas but Nick was in control, closely followed by Kevin. The one hour meeting turned into a three hour meeting, until finally we all had plans that we were happy with but during the three hours the ice was truly broken and despite finishing two hours past my contracted end time, the afternoon hadn't felt like work at all. As we'd left the conference room, Kevin asked if I'd like to join them and their wives for dinner. I had nothing else on and I was nosey to see their three wives so I said yes. 


I rode in a car with them to the restaurant, the conversation never stopped flowing and I felt amongst friends. They were all curious about me with my broad Scottish accent and how I'd come to be in LA. I love listening to people's take on fake Scottish accents and they were doing their best impressions of The Proclaimers '500 miles', they couldn't believe it when I explained I actually grew up 10 minutes from where the Proclaimers live in Edinburgh. Kevin in particular seemed to ask me a lot of questions about myself. It was as if he was trying to work out if I was trustworthy or not.


At the restaurant I was introduced to Dani and Sophie- Kevin and Joe's wives. 

'Can your wife not make it?' I asked Nick.


'Nick here is still on the shelf, no wives on the horizon there' Joe laughed.


'I'm just very picky, I can't help it if I haven't found the one yet' he defended himself.


'If it makes you feel any better, I'm still on the shelf too. I tend to put my work first and that's made relationships hard in the past. Besides it's fun being young and able to drop everything and move to LA for 6 months without having to take anyone else's thoughts into consideration' I explained.


'See guys, it's not just me!' Said Nick


'Aww look at you two little soul mates' smiled Sophie. 


The subject was quickly changed and we spent the rest of the night having a few drinks and lots of delicious Italian food- my favourite. I soon realised it was almost 11pm. 


'Thanks so much for asking me to join you but i really have to head home now, some dodgy group, the Jones Triplets or something are launching an album and I have to help with that first thing so I best get some sleep'


I went to put down some money towards the bill but Joe stopped me. 


'The Jones Triplets have got this, don't worry!'


'Well will you thank them from me when you next see them please?'


I put my jacket on and said goodnight. I walked to the door and went to order an Uber when I felt Nicks hand on my arm. 


'Hey, I'm heading home too, why don't I drop you off rather than you get a taxi?'


'That would be fab, I still don't know my way around so the driver could take me anywhere and I wouldn't know' I laughed.


Nick's driver was already waiting outside for him. I told the driver my address and off we went. It was only a ten minute drive to the tiny apartment that had come with the job. 


'Thanks again for tonight, I've not really met many people yet so it was nice to spend some time with cool people out of work'


'I don't think Kevin's ever been described as cool before so I'll be sure to tell him you said that!' Nick smiled, he had a beautiful smile, why were Americans teeth always so much better than their British counterparts? 


'Poor Kevin!' I feigned sympathy.


'Don't be silly, it's just all joking, I love my brothers very much. Do you have siblings?'


'No I'm an only child. I used to wish I did but I'm glad now. It meant I had my mum all to myself. Family time is so precious, can you tell I'm a big family person?'


'Yeah but that meant you couldn't form a band and travel the world with the people who you love and annoy you in equal measures'


'I'm doing ok with the travel on my own actually and I'm usually pretty good at finding people to annoy me. It's the love part that tends to allude me'


I don't know why, but talking to Nick felt really natural.


'I find that hard to believe!' He looked at me with his head tilted to the side. 


'Says you Mr Picky, I don't know why but I just was under the impression you'd be someone who'd be in a relationship'


'I've tried a few times, don't get me wrong. I just never found 'The One', you know, even with this face its hard' he pulled his finest front cover of Vogue magazine face.


We pulled up outside my apartment.


'Well it's been really nice getting to know you. I guess I'll see you in the office with all the planning for the launch and promo tour. Don't worry, I'll try and get you a good venues, like a McDonalds or a high school in the middle of nowhere' I laughed. 


'That would be excellent, I can't wait! It was good to meet you too. See you soon' 


I got out the car and waved as he drove off. I could tell I was going to enjoy working with these guys. It just made me more convinced that coming here was the best thing for me, not that I was running away from anything, I was just looking for something more for my life.


The next morning I sat down at my desk and logged in to my computer. 36 new emails since I'd logged off at 7pm the night before, and it was only 9:15am. Thank god for strong coffee. The pace in the LA office was a lot faster than I was used to in London but I liked it. Opening my inbox most of the emails related to the Jonases. I smiled, they'd been so nice the night before, especially Nick. I scrolled down and there was an email there from Nick himself. 


Subject: world domination 


Hey Abbi,


Thanks for your hard work on our project. I had a brainwave last night, I was wondering if you could find us a Dairy Queen to play at as well as McDonald's? 


See you soon

Nick Jones 

(The Jones Triplets)


I had to smile. I quickly googled Dairy Queen, it was new one on me, and typed out a reply 


Subject: re: world domination


Dear Mr Jones,


It is my pleasure to search out the best possible venues for you to pursue your world domination, I will endeavour to find you a Dairy Queen to play in. I've just had to google what it was though- I had no idea! 


Take care 



(New Wikipedia Dairy Queen Expert)


I received a reply within 10 minutes. 


Subject: Dairy Queen Outrage


Dear Abbi,


Who on earth doesn't know what Dairy Queen is? I am shocked, saddened and disappointed that you've never sampled their ice cream delights. This is something which must be rectified ASAP or I'm afraid I don't know if we can have you on our team.


Best wishes


Nick 'Outraged' Jones


It was like living in an alternate universe, I was having email banter with Nick Jonas, he'd been my cousins absolute hero when she was younger and she would lose her mind when I told her. I was just about to reply to him when I was called into the daily morning meeting, so he'd have to wait. 


Every morning we'd have a meeting to discuss all the different acts we were working on and designate tasks. Today my mind was out the window for most of it until Evan mentioned the Jonas name. That brought my attention back to the room. 


'So we had the Jonas boys in yesterday and we've got a lot of work to do on the promo tour and album launch. I've spoken to their manager this morning and he was delighted with the progress made in last nights meeting. Abbi, they were particularly impressed by you so you'll be staying on that account. Apparently you'd spoken to them about some potential venues so we can catch up on that later'


I smiled. McDonald's, Dairy Queen and a random high school. Those were definite potentials. I couldn't help but feel proud that they'd mentioned me though. 


The morning meeting should have been over by 11am but it ended up running over until 12. There were two new groups signing to the label and they were going to need a lot of work so that had taken forever to go over. Evan said we could all take an early lunch and then we'd get right down to it afterwards. I took my salad up to the roof terrace to make the most of the sun and to try and get to know some of my new colleagues better. It was such a welcome change to the grey damp of London and I was loving being able to wear summer dresses to work instead of thick jackets and tights. I was remarkably pale compared to the other girls in the office so I was taking every opportunity to get some sun that I could. 


There were four people working in my section with me but I liked one girl in particular, Aria,

she shared my wicked sense of humour and love of sarcasm and we'd talked quite a bit. Aria knew EVERYONE. And I mean EVERYONE! So she was useful to know. She was always introducing me to people.


'So tell me, because I'm intrigued, what did you do to get the Jonas approval? Give head? Three way? Bribery?' She laughed. 


'I'm not exactly sure, I actually ended up going for dinner with them last night and had a good chat with Nick and that was about it'


'Dinner with the Jonas Brothers? Not bad at all! Just be warned, Nick is notoriously hard to please and their manager is much the same. The only time they've named members of staff before was to ask for them not to be involved in their account' explained Zoe, who was also sat with us. 


'Literally no clue whatsoever then. Maybe they liked my accent or something'


'Maybe one of them likes you in general?' Aria suggested


'Yeah sure!' I laughed. 


As always lunch was over as soon as it started. When I got back to my desk I realised I hadn't replied to Nicks last email, I had to keep my clients happy didn't I? 



Subject: Dairy Queen Virgin


Dear Nick


I am sorry to have caused such negative emotions in you relating to my ignorance of Dairy Queens existence. In order to regain your trust and respect I will visit one on my way home after work and rectify the matter. Please let me know if you have any gourmet recommendations from the menu. Now I better get back to those darned Jones Triplets tour plans. Apparently I've had some good ideas regarding venues and I'm now assigned permanently to their account. 


The Jones Triplets New Tour Bitch 


I smiled, was it me or were we flirting? Maybe Aria was right? Never mind, mixing business with pleasure was a big no. Don't get me wrong, people who work in record labels are always having flings with the artists they represent but it's not a path I'd like to take. I've seen first hand what can happen if it goes wrong. A friend in London was removed from a certain client's account because the company was made aware that the relationship she had with him and his wife simultaneously didn't quite reflect the saccharine sweet image they tried to to portray him with. My job was my priority and I wasn't going to let anything get in my way. 


Evan came to see me.


'So Abbi, I'm really glad you've already got a rapport with the clients. As I've mentioned they are now your main designated client. So first before we start the work on the tour we need to work on the album launch. We need the promo, art work finalised, and most importantly a huge launch party arranged. The venue for the launch is arranged but we need new ideas, something that will make it stand out and make people see the Jonases as new but also build on their existing fan base. Easy!'

He smiled.


'Leave It with me, I'm happy to get on it right away. If you let me know the venue I'll go and check it out and see if I come up with any ideas'


'Fantastic, you're doing a great job and it's not going unnoticed. I don't know if we're going to let London have you back!'


'At the moment I'm not sure I'd want to go back! I just checked my weather app, it's torrential rain and close to freezing- and that's our summer!'


'Great well the boys are back in tomorrow so if you could get some prototypes drawn up we can dazzle them with your work. I'll email you over the brief'


After Evan walked away I checked my calendar for the next day, I had the meeting with the Jonases at 1 so I would go to the venue first thing in the morning. I already had a lot of ideas in mind for them. My email notification went, I thought it would be Evan with the brief but it was another email from Nick.


Subject: Gentlemanly duty


Dear Abbi


I would not be doing my duty as a gentleman if I didn't accompany you to Dairy Queen after work in order to make my recommendations in person. Pick you up after work? Let me know what time and where.


See you tonight?


Ice Cream Lovin' Jonas 



I messaged him back and said I'd meet him around the corner at 5:15pm. Was this a date?

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