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Nick was awake before me the next morning. I half opened my eye to see how long I had before my alarm went off and saw him lying on his back with his arm draped over his face. His usually gentle expression was replaced by a different, more frustrated one. 


'Morning handsome, you're awake early' I said, still half asleep.


'I couldn’t sleep last night' he muttered


'Really? You should have woken me up and I'd have kept you company' 


He raised his eyebrow, 'a bomb could have gone off last night and you'd have slept through it' 


'This is true, but it makes me sound like a better girlfriend if I offer, doesn't it' I smiled, happy to see his frown soften.


He curled in to me, burying his head into my chest and wrapping his arms around me. He felt more vulnerable than before. He was always assuming the role of my protector but here he was cuddling in to me, like a child who needed their mother. 


'You do know I love you Nick, don't you?'


'And I love you too but I just can't help but feel jealous that you were with him first. Worst of all, it makes me nervous that he obviously still loves you and now you're going to be working together so closely' 


'Don't be silly, we’re ancient history, and anyway even if he did still love me then it makes no difference to me or us. I’m with you and that’s not about to change' I kissed his head gently. 


'I know he still does, I saw it in his eyes the first time he looked at you and when I couldn't sleep last night I read the lyrics to the songs on his album and they're nearly all about you. I write songs for a living, trust me I can tell' 


'Can we just ignore him, you know starve the fire of oxygen and it'll go out?' I said frustratedly, getting out of bed. 


'Ok ok, I'm sorry' Nick apologised. 


We ate a quick breakfast together before I had to leave for work. I made sure to kiss Nick and tell him I loved him before I left, I didn't want him worrying.


I was in the office in good time and thankfully so was Aria, I had to explain to her. 


'Oh. My. God. So at what point were you going to explain to me that "Shane" is your ex? He is soooo hot' She exploded with excitement. 


I told her to keep it down and we stepped into the break room to talk in private. 


'That was literally one of THE most awkward moments in my life yesterday when he came in with Evan. I didn’t even know he was in LA and the last time we saw each other things didn’t exactly go well’ 


‘Did Nick know he was your ex? He seemed pretty shocked, like as much as I was’ 


‘Nick knew I had an ex called Sean but didn't know that he was actually "Shane" either. Obviously he does now, and he's not happy about it, at all. I'm going to try and talk to Evan, I really cant work with Sean. In the past when we worked together it's either ended up in a massive argument or the complete opposite and I can't deal with the drama that man brings’ I explained. 


'He seems so nice though and he's so hot' she laughed 


'He is hot, he's really hot, too hot to handle almost and if you multiply that by 100 then you get how good he is in bed, but he's trouble'


'He's asked me for a drink tonight after work, but I said I'd make sure it was cool with you first ' she said


'Go for it if you want but just be careful. He's not as nice as he seems, but maybe he's changed in the past year. I know I have' I guessed I had to give him the benefit of the doubt. 


As we walked out the room, Evan was strolling across the office, I caught up with him and asked for a minute in his office. 


'Evan, it's about Sean, I mean Shane. I’m really sorry but I can't work with him. I didn't say yesterday but he's my ex and it's really awkward. We've got a proper love/hate relationship and I'm worried that will impact my ability to do my job' 


'So Nick got jealous then?' He replied rolling his eyes.


'Wait? How did you know?'


'The guy literally wrote a song about it and I think most men would be jealous if their girlfriend had dated Shane but it was one of his terms that he set out before signing here that you deal with him so I'm afraid that's what has to happen’


‘He’s doing this on purpose to get to me, he just makes me feel so awkward’


‘He told me you used to be together when we met and said he can handle it, so you'll just need to do the same. I know how professional you are. Look, this should be an easy one for you, his first album is amazing and it's already had some success here without an official release so we want you to work on that straight away. I’ve scheduled him in as your 10am today so you can get the ball rolling. Just try and do what you did with the Jonas's again and I'll be very impressed' 


'Believe me, I'll not be doing anything with Shane that I do with Nick Jonas' I muttered trying to regain my sense of humour. 


'I don't know Abbi, Shane even turns me on' Evan joked back 'and why did you never let on that you could sing too? Sean told me that those female vocals on his track 'Someone you Loved' are yours, they're fantastic, and you had a UK number one without even trying' 


'Some of us are far better off behind the scenes' I replied, leaving his office. 


I went back to my desk and emailed Nick, the Jonas’s had interviews all morning and were having some studio time today so I wouldn't be able to talk to him on the phone today. 


Subject: I miss you already 

I just wanted to tell you how much I love you. See you soon Ax


Aria came over to fill me in- 

'So, I just called Sean and said I'd have a drink with him tonight after work. Oh my god I’m so excited! And thanks for being cool with it'


I smiled but inside I was far from cool with it, I was almost, dare I say it, jealous. 


I opened up my Jonas schedule to see how I could fit Seans album launch in. It would be tight but the ideal date seemed to be the week after I was going to go to New York with Nick and we'd earmarked that weekend to spend time together here in LA before the tour kicked off the following week. That was supposed to be our time, but work had to come first. 


The office door opened and without even looking up I could tell by the reactions that Sean had walked in. He had that air about him that made people melt around him, he'd had that ability ever since we met and he used to have that influence over me, but not anymore. 



'Good Morning Abs, where do you want me?' he greeted me breezily. 


'Back in London? Does that work for you?' I grinned sarcastically.


'Always with the sarcasm Abs, you know it’s the lowest form of wit, don’t you?' he smiled. 


I showed him into the meeting room and sat opposite him so he couldn't touch me. 


'Sean, I need you to just be normal with me for once. We're here for business reasons, and nothing else. I'm happy with Nick and I hear you're going out with Aria tonight , so can we just respect that?' 


'You can't tell me you don't want me tie you up and whip you right now, just like the good old days' he said, as if it was the most normal thing in the world to say. 


'As awesome as that would have been at one point, it's not going to happen ever again so can we please focus on the album launch. I'm cancelling plans with Nick to do this for you, so it better be worth it' 


'Already putting me before your boyfriend? Ay? And what does Nicky Boy say to that?' 


'He doesn't know yet, but that's a me issue and I'm not going to discuss it with you. Anyway, business talk. What kind of launch are you thinking about? Do you have any preferences?'


'Definitely reverse cowgirl' he laughed


I started to pick up my stuff to leave, it was a pointless meeting. 


'Hey Abs, I'm sorry, I've pushed you too much' He somtood up and walked around the oval desk towards me. Soon we were face to face and so close I could feel his breath on my face. We stood in silence for a moment, I could feel the old spark starting to reignite and it scared me. An email notification came through on my phone, snapping me out of it. 


I sat down again and read it, of course it was Nick.


Subject: I'm sorry 


I'm so sorry for how I was last night, I do trust you, I know we're meant to be together. See you tonight. 

Love you to the moon and back. Nx


The guilt enveloped me. I had to stay away from Sean as much as possible. 


'Right sit down and shut up and let's get this done' I instructed 


'You know I love it when you tell me what to do' 


I sighed and threw my head back in frustration, he was turning everything into innuendo. 


'That gave me a flashback there, but seriously I'm ready now to get this done' he smirked


Our meeting ended up running way over but by the end we had made some great plans for the launch and a showcase and I was excited for it. 


'Want to grab lunch?' he asked


'Okay' I nodded 'but none of your funny business. Ok?'


'Abs, I'll respect your relationship for as long as I see that you're happy'


'Well no more revelations ok? When I'm ready to tell Nick about my past properly, then I will'


'Ok, ok, now let's go eat, I'm starving' 



We headed to a local burger place and talked normally for a change. I asked about his family, who I missed dearly, his writing, our mutual friends and in turn caught him up with my life. 


'How's Carmen?' he asked.


'Fucking nuts as normal. You know what she's like. She's meant to be coming out here at some point so I'm sure you'll see her' 


My phone rang, it was Nick. 


'I'm just going to take this' I said, stepping away from the table. 


'Hey, I thought you couldn't talk today?'


'Aren't you happy to hear from me?'


'I'm always happy to hear from you Nick, you know that. So how's it all going?' 


'Great, we've done a load of interviews this morning. There were a few questions about you, apparently you've attracted a lot of attention with that dress at the gala. Anyway, we're just heading to the studio now to work on the new tracks so I thought I'd call you while I had 5 minutes. What are you doing? Sounds busy?'


'I'm having lunch with Sean, we had a meeting about his album launch this morning that ran over so we're just having some food before I head back to the office'


'Oh, ok'


'Don't worry, it's literally just a catch up between old friends and nothing more. He's actually going out with Aria tonight on a date'


'I trust you Abbi, it doesn't mean that it's not hard to hear that you're with him when I can't be with you, anyway that's us at the studio now so I need to go, I love you' 


'I love you too' 


I walked back over to the table. 


'I need to go back to work now Sean. I'll be in touch about the launch ok?'


'No problem. Don't miss me too much.' He winked.


Back in the office it took me a while to re-focus. Time to plan Sean the best launch possible. For all he was an idiot, I did still want the best for him. I started thinking of possible venues that would reflect his personality. I wondered if a swingers club was a step too far then kicked myself, I had to stop thinking about him in relation to sex, it was a dangerous combination. 


I decided to do his press release first and then look again at the album launch. I sent the completed press release to Evan to proofread and he was happy. By then, I'd strategically managed to book a relatively small up and coming venue for the launch in Downtown LA, at least that way I'd still get some time with Nick that weekend. Sean was incredible at acoustic sets so I’d gone for that angle. I added the venue details to the press release and emailed it to Sean and his manager for their approval. I also asked Sean for an up to date picture to add on. 


Subject: my favourite photo 

Abs, this is amazing. Thanks so much. I wanted to attach my favourite photo of us together but I thought the filters at your work might block it so have this one instead. 

Sean x


He'd attached a photo of us at our high school leavers dance. 


Subject: not suitable

Sean, I need one on your own.

Thanks Abbi


He eventually sent back a shot of him with his guitar on the beach near where we grew up, where we'd spent so much time together. It was  a fantastic photo and I decided not to read too much into the location. I added it to the press release and sent it out. Now I just needed to let Nick know that he'd need to share me that weekend. 


Subject: terrible girlfriend

I'm so sorry Nick, I've had to schedule Seans album launch for the Saturday that we're meant to be spending time together in LA. I promise apart from that I'll be all yours- as always. You could always come with me? 

I'm sorry again 

Love you, Ax


Launch sorted, I set to work on the showcase and managed to get him an interviews on a couple of tv talk shows. For all Sean was a dick, he was a dick that I wanted to do well. Primarily so he'd leave me alone. 


Sender: me

Showcase is a week on Saturday. 

Tv interviews Your manager has the list of

Album launch is August 15th in LA, as I told you previously. 

Don't say I'm not working hard for you! 


Sender: Sean

Looking forward to spending all this time together.


Sender: me

This is just work


Sender: Sean

Keep telling yourself that.


All afternoon I worked between Sean and Nicks projects, it was like art reflecting life, a real juggling act and it was making my head hurt. I was glad when I was done for the day. Just as as I was leaving Sean came to collect Aria. I watched as they gave each other a big hug and it made me feel slightly uncomfortable, which only increased as we all got the elevator down together. He was making her giggle by tickling her neck as she spoke to me, but his eyes weren't really on her, he was watching me trying to gage my reaction. 


'Have fun guys' I said as they got out on their floor. I went down a further two floors, into the underground carpark and headed back to my apartment in my precious Audi. I was supposed to be staying at Nicks waiting for him to come home from the studio but I just needed to be alone. I took a shower and threw on Nicks t-shirt and boxers that he kept at mine now because they smelled of him and lay down on my bed for 5 minutes. 


Suddenly there was loud knocking at the door which completely took me off guard, I realised I'd been sleeping. I answered the door cautiously and there was Nick. I happily let him in, still adjusting to being awake again. 


'Are you ok? I kept calling you and you didn't answer and then you weren't home when I got back from the studio so I was worried'


'Sorry, I had a headache so I came back here instead and I must have fallen asleep'


'I think I recognise those pyjamas actually' he laughed, his twinkle back. 


'Do you want them back?' I asked playfully.


'You can wear them just now' he replied.


'Are you sure because I can take them off right now if you want?' I watched as he realised what I was actually saying. 


'Well actually, I think I need both items back with the utmost urgency, now you come to mention it' 


I grabbed him and pushed him onto my bed. 


'I want you so bad' I whispered into his ear, then nibbled his neck as I stepped out of his shorts. He then lifted the t shirt over my head. I stood in front of him completely naked. 


'I want you to fuck me hard, as hard as you can' I instructed him as he undressed.


He nodded, looking slightly confused and potentially a little intimidated, but all the same he grabbed me by the ankles and pulled me down and into a position where I was bending over the bed, him stood behind me. I felt him pause for a second.


'Do It hard, I need to feel you inside me right now' 


I felt him enter me and I started to move with him, gradually taking control of the pace. 




'I don't want to hurt you' he said


'You won't I promise, please just as hard as you can' he obliged, even if he wasn't sure. 


'Pull my hair' i instructed. 


He picked my pony tail up and pulled it. It felt so good. 


'Again, more' I told him, feeling my orgasm building quickly. It took over my body and it was immense but he hadn't had his yet.


'Are you ok?' I asked 


'Yeah, I'm just not into being that rough. I'd rather make love to you gently' he was blushing. 


I was horrified, I'd been so selfish and make him have sex like Sean and I used to. 


'I'm so sorry, I didn't think, why don't we get into bed and take things slowly?' I was mortified.


He smiled and moved up on the bed, I followed him and climbed on top of him. I looked him in the eyes whilst he ran his hands over my body and I moved back and forth gently. It still felt so good but so different. As he was about to climax, he pulled me into him and held me tight and I kissed his neck as his body jerked underneath me. 


'That was so good, I've missed you' he panted 


'I've missed you too' I replied. 


'When I didn't know where you were, I was worried'


'Nick, did you think something was wrong or that I was with someone else?' I asked. 


'Would you be angry if I said a bit of both? I'm just finding the whole thing so hard to get my head around'


'I'm not angry, just sad that it's making you feel this way'


and I was angry Sean was making me feel this way too.

Chapter End Notes:

So we're starting to see a bit more of how Sean and Abbi's relationship was. Is it any wonder Nicks feeling jealous? 

Question is, can Abbi stay away from Sean?

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