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When I pulled up at Nicks, he came running out to meet me. 


'Oh my god, you're home early' I screamed throwing myself into his arms.


'I wanted to surprise you so I took an early flight' he said, holding me tightly.


'Best surprise ever! Is that what you were talking about yesterday?' I asked, as he lead me in to the house, his brown eyes twinkling with excitement. 


'No, but I want to hear yours first, tell me!' 


'Guess who's been offered a permanent job in LA??' I squealed.


'You're staying? That's absolutely amazing, I’m so happy' 


'I know things are going fast Nick but I want you to know, I'm staying because of you. It's not going to be easy moving here full time and leaving London behind but I really think we're worth it'


'I agree and if your new job doesn't come with an apartment, I might be able to find somewhere for you to live, if you wanted to' he said gesturing to his house. 


'Sounds interesting, Now what's my surprise?' I'm not good with either surprises or waiting, so this was torture. 


'Slightly less exciting but....(dramatic pause).....next weekend you're coming to Vegas with us and I weaved my magic and Evan's letting you finish early on Friday and start late on Monday so we can make the most of it'


'Vegas?? Argh!!!! I've never been to Vegas, I'm so excited. And that means I can come to your show too?'


'Front row VIP baby, only the best for my girl!' 


I grabbed him and kissed him on the cheek. 


'You are the best for me Nick' I said in a cheesy fake American accent.


'I hear last night went well?' He asked as I was almost suffocating him with my hugs.


'Yeah, the showcase was good but I wasn't really feeling it at the club so I was home early. They were all off their faces on coke though so it wasn't exactly fun when I'd only had 2 drinks'


'I don't honestly know why people do that stuff, it wrecks lives and makes people act like complete idiots' he replied, clearly disgusted.


'Yeah, I know' 


'I'm going to take a shower and then I'm all yours ok?' Nick asked and I grudgingly let go of him. 


I lay on the bed while he showered my mind went back to when Sean and I were together. I'd always been the sensible one. We'd been close from the day we met on our first day at high school aged 11. Everyone at school used to make fun of us for being boyfriend and girlfriend because we were with each other the whole time but at 11 that idea had seemed disgusting to us. 


Then as we grew up and hormones hit things began to change. I kept finding Sean eyeing my new curves and when I went on my first date, Sean had punched the guy because he wasn't good enough for me. I watched as he grew more and more handsome and the girls threw themselves at his feet but never told him how I felt.


I left school with top grades and got a place studying business studies at a prestigious university and decided to leave home. Of course Sean had to come too, somehow blagging his way into a music course at a nearby college despite only having one qualification. It went without saying that we were going to live together and we found a modest flat where we'd spend night upon night singing and writing songs and that's how it had happened for the first time. We were drinking cheap wine and writing a song about falling in love when we both looked each other in the eyes and realised we were no longer just friends. That was the night he took my virginity. 


He, of course, had slept with other girls before, but I had planned to wait, for what I didn't know but apparently I found it in Sean that night. He was so gentle with me and because it was with him, my first time was special. Afterwards, we fell asleep wrapped in each other's arms but when I woke up then next day I freaked out and tried to pretend it hadn't happened. I wanted to carry on as it was before because I didn't want to lose my best friend, but the next night he came and climbed into bed with me again and I couldn't resist him. 


About a month later he tied me up and blindfolded me for the first time and I discovered that I liked things rough. Over the next few months he introduced me to new positions and sex toys, some which I almost needed a diagram to figure out. He was always careful to check I was enjoying it and I was. His main fetish however was taking photographs and videos of us together and at the time it seemed harmless fun. 


In every aspect of life, Sean enjoyed pushing the boundaries. Alway looking for something more exciting and that's when he discovered certain drugs made sex even better for him. I wasn't keen, I didn't agree with it but one night we got drunk and he offered me a line of coke and told me it would make sex even better, so I did it. 


I don't remember much of that night apart from the phenomenal sex, but I never did it again. I'd soon realised Sean was on a path to self destruct, so I called it off with him and knuckled down with my degree, somehow scraping a first class honours. 


After graduation I got a job at a small independent record label in Edinburgh and moved into a flat back home, Sean in tow. I can still remember the day that he told me he loved me for the first time, it was the words I'd wanted him to say for so long. Then he got himself clean to prove how much I meant to him and of course I'd taken him back like a mug. 


'Are you ok? You look like you're dreaming?' Asked Nick, drying himself off from his shower. 


'Yeah, just thinking about what an amazing time we're going to have in Vegas, I am the most excited person ever!' technically a white lie, but still true.


I watched with a smile as he pulled on some clean clothes, and we headed to the kitchen. 


Nick opened the refrigerator to get a drink and laughed. 


'I don't think I've ever seen so much food in my house before'


'I've been here a lot while you've been away, and I'm going to cook for us tonight as well so I went shopping'


'I like it, it makes the house feel like a home. It feels a bit lonely when you're not here now' he admitted.


'I do have a bit of bad news for you though' I realised I hadn't told him about New York yet.


He nodded as I explained to him that I could still make it to New York but I'd be working with Sean while we were away. He looked disappointed but said understood. 


'That reminds me, I need to call the venue back. What day is your shoot again? I'll try and get a different night' 


'Saturday, I really would like you to be there if you can, all the family are going and the concept means you can all have cameos, it's going to be fun' 


I called the venue on speakerphone while I started making dinner for us- proper spaghetti carbonara. Nick sat at the counter watching me cook and listening, so we were both equally as deflated when the manager at the venue explained it was Saturday or nothing for the launch. I had no choice but to book it. I'd just need to find a way to make it work. 


'I tried my best, I'm so sorry' I said dishing us up two plates of pasta and salad. 


'It's fine, just Sean getting in the way again' he sighed, taking his first bite. 


'I know, I hate it too' I replied as my phone started ringing. 


'Who is it?' I asked Nick as he picked it up. 


'Guess who!' He said looking completely fed up. 


'Turn it off' I said 'this is our time' 


'Are you sure? It might be important?'


'Right now you're the most important thing in my life so turn it off, and I'll turn it back on when I'm on my way to work on Monday' 


Nick switched it off and smiled the most genuinely happy smile I'd seen him do for a long time. 


'Do you want to come to Kevins for a family dinner tomorrow?' He asked


'Of course I do, will the girls be there?'


'Yes they will! It might be a bit of a late one though, it's an early birthday thing for Joe seeing as we'll be away for his 30th' he explained.


'This is our weekend and if we're having a late night at Joes then so be it! I've got work clothes here and if I'm too hungover or still too drunk to drive, I can get a cab to work' 


'Excellent idea' 


After dinner we went out onto the terrace and lit the fire pit. We cuddled up on the circular sofa and everything felt right. Nick was telling me all about his week and about plans for the tour. I moved to lie with my head in his lap, and looked up at him, smiling. 


'What?' He asked wrinkling his nose up? 


'Nothing, I was just thinking if I could save this moment forever then I would' I felt completely at peace and it was wonderful.


'We should have a drink to our future' Nick said and went back into the house to fetch us some drinks. So this is what really being happy feels like. 


Nick reappeared through the glass patio doors with drinks but all of a sudden, I wasn't thirsty anymore. I was hungry, for him. 


'Come here' i beckoned him to me and took the glasses out of his hands and placed them down, then I pulled him towards me. He instantly read my mind. 


'I want you to make love to me Nick'


'I thought you liked it harder?'


'I want you to show me how you like it' 


He did answer, he simply started kissing me. It felt strange allowing him to lead the way, I normally took control but tonight I wanted him in control. Even though he was just kissing me it was sending shocks up and down my body. His hands began to trace their way around my body, over my t shirt. I felt my breath hitch as he stroked my nipples, still kissing me. He then released his lips from mine and began to kiss down my neck where he stopped and gently removed my t shirt. He looked at me with such absolute passion in his eyes before continuing down to my nipples with his tongue. Slowly and softly it flicked side to side. I grabbed the curls on the top of his head. 


'Gently remember' he said, only stopping momentarily. Then his kisses and licks and nibbles headed further south until he reached the top of my shorts. Again gently and maintaining eye contact he removed them and then looked me in the eyes before disappearing between my legs. I felt the tip of his tongue touch me and toes began to curl with the pleasure. My breathing and noises were all over the place. As his tongue moved back and forth slowly, he inserted his index finger inside of me.


'Oh my god', I could feel that it had made him smile but he kept on going.

'Nick, please can I feel you inside me now. 


His tongue stopped moving,  

'Are you sure?' He asked. 'Mmm' i replied. 


I helped him to remove his shorts and tee and gasped as I took in all of his body. He positioned himself on top of me and I let him enter me. I was already so close to orgasm but Nick started to move his hips back and forth slowly. My head went back as I gasped for air, my hands roaming his body and my eyes locked on his. There was literally no one else but us in the world for me right then. Our momentum built up slowly but even as we reached our peak together, we were still making love slowly. 


Nick had left me speechless. He lay next to me and pulled a blanket over us. 


'How was that?' He asked smiling


'That was seriously the best I've ever had, i actually feel slightly emotional' I said wiping a tear that had formed in the corner of my eye.


'Aw don't cry' just come here and let me hold you. I curled into him and he wrapped us up in a blanket and we lay back and watched the stars for hours in comfortable silence. 


The next day was Joes birthday dinner and I was so excited. It was another chance to spend time with Nicks family and get to know them better, and hopefully they might feel a bit better about Nick and I being together. 


'What should I wear?' I asked Nick


'Nothing, you should just go naked'


'Thanks for your help there my love' I said pulling a face at him. 


'You could wear a sack and still look good'


'Any other cliches you've got stored up for me?' I laughed.


'Let's go shopping then' he said


I soon learned that shopping with Nick Jonas is neither quick or cheap. That man has expensive taste. Everything he picked out for me was designer, with a huge price tag, but he found a dress that was to die for. A knee length dark khaki/olive green dress. I tried it on and fell in love. It was $950 but I decided to treat myself. I handed it to Nick to look after while I tried on some shoes too, they were leopard print stilettos and I loved them. They were another $700. I chose a bag to match at $500 too. I took it all to the cash desk to pay and soon discovered Nick had paid already. 


'You don't need to buy me things' I chastised him.


'I know, but I want to' be smiled. 


He'd also bought a coordinating button down shirt to wear. Talk about couple goals. 


When we arrived at Kevin's the girls came running out to greet us. Alena running right past Nick to get to me. 


'It's been so long Abbi, why didn't you come?' She asked. I told her about how busy I'd been and how much I'd missed her and Valentina, who was currently cuddled up in Nicks arms and although I didn't want children for a long time to come, seeing him with Valentina was making my ovaries twitch. Alena and I went to sit next to them on the couch, Alena quickly installing herself on my knee as soon as I sat down. Denise and Paul arrived shortly after us and we're surprisingly nice to me. Even Joe whispered 'I think you've won them over' 


'What did Abbi win?' Asked Alena loudly. 


'Oh I won a prize in a competition' I bluffed 


'And tell her what the prize was' said Joe clearly on the wind up. 


'It was a bunch of flowers' I said taking inspiration from the huge vase in front of me. 


'That's a boring prize. It should have been ice cream she laughed'


Joe was so excited tonight for his pre-birthday party that he was hyper, his jokes were so awful they were funny and I watched as Sophie hung on his every word. Then I looked at Dani and Kevin who just worked in perfect sync with each other, tending to the girls  and looking after one another. I wondered if one day Nick and I would be like them.

We had a beautiful dinner and then the drinks came out. 

'I'm just going to put the girls to bed' said Dani, as they made their way around the room giving goodnight hugs. 


'Could I help or even do it for you?' I asked.


'Pleeeeeeeasee mommy, please can Abbi put us to bed?'


'Okay but you need to go to sleep after your stories and remember to brush your teeth'


I took both girls hands and led them upstairs, got them into Pj's, brushed teeth and I let Alena pick a book, she chose 'The Gruffalo' by Julia Donaldson. It was my cousins favourite book so I knew it off by heart. 

'A mouse took a stroll through the deep dark wood...' I began, getting completely over enthusiastic about the story and doing all the voices, including a very broad Scottish accent for the Gruffalo himself. The girls loved it and as promised settled down to sleep right after. I sat for a minute and watched them, and then went to tiptoe out, only to discover Uncle Nick was behind the door listening to the story too.


'Did you enjoy your story?' I whispered


'We all did, the baby monitor was on' he laughed 'I came up to tell you but I didn't want to interrupt your performance'


I went downstairs and everyone clapped and I took a pretend bow. 


'Thank you for that Abbi, you're hired as live in nanny now' laughed Dani. 


'No, thank you for letting me. Your girls are just so much fun'


We didn’t stay late so the next morning so I wasn't hung over but I was tired, so much so it took a double shot of espresso to get me to work.  As I logged into my computer Sean appeared leaning over my desk. Here we go again, but I did my best to be polite.


'Good morning' 


'Good morning? Where have you been all weekend? I tried to call you so many time's' he seemed really angry.


'Why what's the matter?'


'It's fine now but you can't just ignore my calls'


'It was the weekend so yes I can'


'I wonder what your boss would say?'


'He’d say I was entitled to time off. Now is there a point to this Sean? I have a private life and you need to get over it'


'Oh so you were with HIM then? He demanded through gritted teeth. 


Aria walked into the office, and it was like someone flicked a switch. 


'Sean! I didn't know you were in today' she walked over and kissed him. She was smitten.


'I'm not officially babe, I'm just here to see you and invite you out for dinner tonight' he smiled 


'Sounds fantastic' she said, grinning ear to ear. 


'Pick you up at 5. See you ladies soon' he said walking out. 


Had he seriously come to work because I hadn't answered his calls?

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