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As soon as Sean knew I was going to Vegas and I wouldn't be available, he became very high maintenance. I couldn't wait to get a break from his emails and calls about nothing in particular. 


Nick had left for Las Vegas on Wednesday and I impatiently waited for Friday. Nick was acting strangely though and I had a strange feeling he was up to something.


Friday came eventually and when I finished work at 12pm, a car was waiting to take me to the airport. This was my first time going to Vegas and as the plane was coming in to land at McCarran my mind was blown by some of the sights, first of all the dessert, the mountains and then the Las Vegas strip itself, it was so exciting, but most of all I couldn't wait to see Nick. I text him the minute I could turn my phone back on.


Sender: me

That's me landed safely, just in the car on my way to you now. Next time send a helicopter, it would be faster to get to you xx


Sender: Nick

Oh no, that's my fun over if you're nearly here. It's been all strippers and pimps and ho's without you- joking of course.

Love you xx


Sender: me

I can always turn around and go home if you want to get back to your fun times. Love you too xx


Sender: Nick

It's ok, I'm running out of money anyway and I'm sure we can make our own fun times xx


Sender: Sean

Have fun in Vegas. Sorry I couldn't make it. 


I certainly wasn't sorry! I was glad!


Once I finally got through security, I immediately I saw a driver with my name on a sign, I'd be back with Nick soon.


'Hello, Ms Millar?'

'Yes that's me' I smiled

'Follow me, the cars right outside' he said taking my bags from me.

'But I do have to apologise, we've had a mix up with bookings so unfortunately there are two others sharing the car with you'

'Oh, okay. No problem at all' I smiled.

I really couldn't be bothered with small talk but as long as it didn't take forever to get there I didn't care.

Unlike the normal cars Nick usually arranged for us, the driver led me to a black stretch limo. Very Las Vegas. He opened the door and I climbed in.


'Surprise!' Carmen and Nick were hiding in the back of the limo. 


I couldn't speak, I just burst into tears, Carmen was just as bad, she threw herself onto me and we hugged each other as if our lives depended on it. 


'I'm so happy to see you both' I eventually managed to say, tears of happiness streaming down my face.


'Thank Nick here, he flew me in to surprise you and I'm here for the next ten days!' Carmen explained. 


'Does that mean you're coming to New York next week too?' I squealed. 


'Yes I am and Nick said we can be in the the video too. It's going to be so much fun' she said rummaging through the mini bar.


I turned to Nick and gave him the biggest kiss on the lips. 


'You're amazing, thank you so much for getting Carmen here. You're the best boyfriend ever'


'I agree, she's lucky to have you. Thanks Nick. Now let's make a toast' She handed Nick a beer and opened a bottle of champagne, handed it to me and then took another out the bar and opened it for herself. 


'Carmen, people usually make a toast with a glass of champagne, not a bottle' Nick laughed.


'Don't judge me' she winked. 


'Let's raise a toast to having the best ten days together and all the mayhem that comes with it' 


'Here's to the mayhem' I shouted then drank a big gulp of the champagne. 


Nick also raised his bottle, looking slightly less excited about potential mayhem but joined in with our craziness nonetheless.


It wasn't long before we were pulling up in front of the MGM Grand hotel, where we were staying, and where they had a show the following night. Their manager Phil was negotiating a residency at the Park MGM for 2020 and it was a good way to warm up for the full tour starting the next week. 


'What do you think?' He asked.


'I think this place is bloody mental!' I replied. Carmen nodded in agreement. 


'Yeah, but you know what they say, what happens in Vegas! Shall we go and meet everyone else?' He asked, taking my hand and leading me past the photographers who had assembled.


'Sounds good to me but can I see our room first?' I asked Nick, pulling my best puppy dog eyes that I knew he wouldn't be able to resist.


'That's my cue to head to the bar and wait for you there' laughed Carmen 'remember now kids, use contraception' she shouted after us. She was a riot. 


I always forget that Nick and I have a very different idea on what constitutes a hotel room. To me a hotel room is a bed, in a room with a bathroom. To Nick a hotel room is actually a  suite, usually bigger than my apartment, and this was no exception, this was a sky loft, over two floors.


'Holy shit Nick, this is amazing!' I said immediately as he opened the door.


'Wait til you see the infinity spa bath!'


'In a hotel room?!?'


'Yeah, I thought you'd like it, I booked it especially.


'I think we both might need an early night tonight then. You know those one hour flights are exhausting!' I winked sitting down on the end of the bed.


'You, my love, are a genius!' He replied, sitting down next to me and taking my hand. 


'No, you are. I can't believe Carmen's here and you did all of this for me. Thank you so much. These past few weeks have been hard and this is just what I need.'


'Correction, it's just what we both need' he smiled. 


We got ready and headed down to the casino bar to find Carmen, Joe, Sophie, Kevin and Dani. Nick explained that Carmen had flown in the day before so knew the whole group already, so it didn't surprise me one bit to find her in amongst them all, being the centre of attention, despite being the only non celebrity. 


'Woohoo! Look who it is!' Yelled Dani, who was already rather tipsy. 


'About time!' Laughed Carmen. 


'Come and have a drink, we're on shots now' said Joe handing Nick and I one each, which we both knocked back


'It's been a really long day but I'm sure I can manage a few shots with my favourite clients' I explained with a small dramatic yawn.


'How was work?' Asked Sophie.


'Busy, it's "Shane's" album launch next weekend and he is one awkward person to work for. Still a million times easier than those Jo Bro's though, especially that Nick' I joked


'Hey, cheeky! Its worked out well in the end though, hasn't It' smiled Nick, rubbing the small of my back. 


'Not bad, I guess' I said kissing him on the cheek. 


'How's Shane getting on? I mean is he ready for the launch?' Asked Kevin. 


'He's doing well, his albums sales have rocketed even without an official launch but after next weekend they think it's going to get really crazy- which is good but with him already being so demanding, I'm not looking forward to it!'


'I'm half surprised he's not turned up here in Vegas with you' Nick said without thinking. 


'Heck no!' I laughed 'I'm off work, he's someone else's problem this weekend'


We had another drink then headed to the casino floor. I had never been in one before so Nick was explaining it all to me. He took me to the roulette table, gave me a chip and told me to pick a colour- red or black. I chose black and won $100! I was well chuffed with that. Joe on the other hand was playing Blackjack in a private room in the high limit area, spending god knows how much. I was more interested in Nick, Carmen and the Tiffany glass ceiling than gambling though. 


After a while I whispered to Nick 

'Do you want to go upstairs now?' 

He nodded and we made our excuses and left, hand in hand. 


'Have a good night fuckers' Carmen shouted after us, making us laugh even more.


Barely back in the room, Nick started to slowly take off my clothes. Although I'd only had skinny jeans and a shirt on, I had the most beautiful black lace lingerie underneath, that I'd bought especially for the occasion and slipped on earlier. 


'Someone's been shopping' smiled Nick, clearly approving what he saw


'Because someone else is worth it!'


'Well whoever that is, tell them that I appreciated it too' 


While the spa bath filled up, we got into bed in only our underwear, me in my black lingerie and him in his tight black boxers that hugged his ass perfectly. The sight of him like that was enough to turn me on but his magical fingers soon set to work on me. 


'I can feel you're very happy to see me' he said.


'Same' I said, putting my hand into his boxers, and slowly moving my hand up and down his shaft that was so ready for me. Gentle as ever he started to move his kisses down my body, finally stopping between my legs. Pulling my thong to one side he let his tongue do it's work. Gently at first, tormenting me with its tip, then he built up momentum and found the exact pressure I needed. I moaned and squirmed underneath him, he turned his body so that I could reach him too. I took him deep into my mouth and he groaned. 


We took each other to the edge then stopped to get into the spa bath which was ready. He got in first and after removing my lingerie I climbed in, on top of him. The water was the perfect temperature and the bubbles just made it perfect as we made love to each other, reaching our climaxes together. Afterwards I climbed off him and lay next to him, sipping the champagne that he'd strategically placed next to the bath. 


'I think I like Vegas' I said 

'I know I love you' he replied

'And I love you too but I know after that I'll remember Vegas forever' 


Little did I know, I really would remember Vegas forever, but for a another reason. 


Nick and I made love for hours that night, it was bliss. With Sean off the radar, it felt like a weight was lifted and my mind was clear to focus on Nick and our relationship and give him the attention he deserved.


The morning sun woke me early, we had clearly forgotten to close the blinds last night. Nick was still asleep so I went into the incredible shower, to wash the remains of the night before away. 


'Good morning' smiled Nick strolling into the bathroom butt naked as I washed my body. 


'It definitely is a good one now I've seen you and little Nicky' I said licking my lips.


'You weren't saying he was little last night were you?' He asked, getting into the shower beside me. 


'Care to remind me again?'


'The pleasure would be all mine' he picked me up and had me there in the shower up against the wall, with warm water running down all over our bodies contrasting with the cold of the tiles against my back and heightening my senses.


'I guess we better go and get breakfast' I said, grudgingly, once we were finished in the shower. 


'Yup, you've got a busy day ahead' replied Nick.


'I do? What else have you got planned for me?'


'We've booked you ladies in for a spa afternoon whilst we get set up for the show. Massages, facial, sauna, pool, then hair, make up and nails for tonight'


'Jeezo, I don't think I've ever spent so much time getting ready for something in my life. I just hope the night will live up to the hype, I've heard the band are a bit dodgy'


'Hey, you're coming to see the Jonas Brothers remember! Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back' He laughed 


'Meh. Seen better. I'm sure I saw Aaron Carter when he was like 10 once' 


Nick was chasing me around the room trying to flick me with his towel for my cheeky comment when there was a knock at the door. It was Joe and Sophie. 


'Are you guys coming for breakfast?' 


'Two minutes and we'll be down' promised Nick. 


I quickly blasted my hair with the dryer and got changed into a simple summer dress and sandals and a slight hint of make up and I was good to go.


We joined the rest of our party in the restaurant. I had Carmen on one side of me and Nick on the other, life was good. 


The manager of the hotel came to join us. 


'Mind if we have some pictures of you guys for our website' 


'No problem at all' Nick said pulling me closer, and I did the same to Carmen. 


We all smiled for the photographer who was waiting.


'Can we have a copy of the picture please?' I asked. 'I'd like to remember this weekend forever' I asked


'Sure, I'll have it brought up to your room' the manager said.


We spent the morning by the pool, all 7 of us together, but after lunch I went with the girls for our spa day and the boys went off to do their thing. The spa was incredible, from the moment we arrived we were treated like princesses. I am not ashamed to say that we made a good head start on the night and drank a fair few bottles of champagne between the four of us and it went right to our heads. We were acting like absolute idiots. On our way back to our rooms to get ready for the night we found a poster with the Jonas Brothers faces on, advertising that nights show, and took it in turns to take pictures of each other next to it, then posting the pics on our instagrams with the caption. 


'Oh my god I know them' #welovejonasbrothers 


We thought we were the funniest people in the world right then.


We ordered room service to Dani's room and had some food to line our stomachs before we started to drink again. After dinner, we had kind of sobered up a little. We got dressed together in Dani's room and stood posing for selfies in the mirror. My Instagram was literally on fire with comments and people liking my pictures.


I had a midnight blue V necked dress on, Carmen was in a lighter blue, Dani was in her favourite pink and Sophie in black, we looked HOT! 


'We better go and find our menfolk before the show and wish them luck' said Sophie.


The three of them started laughing when they realised how drunk we were. I made Nick take about 20 selfies with me.


'You must be drunk Abbi, you never usually let me take pictures of you'


'Hey when you look this hot, it should be illegal not to take pictures. I mean me not you' I joked pointing at myself.


Nick took some pictures of us on his phone and shared one to his Instagram too. Then we started making stupid tik toks and posting them too. It was like a social media blitz, I did worry for a second that it may be provoke Sean but I put it to the back of my mind.


The show was phenomenal, we were all dancing and singing along, but after the show was crazy, tequila everywhere and whatever else I could possibly imagine to drink. We were all hammered when Nicks idea of doing something crazy came up, but by the time we got to the place where I had to fill in a form and show my passport to book the wedding I was pretty sober. I think. 


Then we'd headed to The Little White Chapel. Apparently we were lucky and they could fit us in, I think the Jonas name probably helped us out a bit. Nick told them we wanted the top package and whilst he had his dark blue check suit on from the show earlier, I picked out one of their ready to wear white wedding dresses. It wasn't what I'd have at my real wedding but for this it was fine. They gave me  bouquet of satin flowers and we picked some gold rings to give each other. It was basically the biggest game of make believe I'd ever played. 


We were 'married' by Elvis with Joe and Kevin as the best men, and Carmen, Sophie and Dani were the bridesmaids. Apparently the whole thing was even live-streamed as part of the package. I didn't care though, I was just wondering what it would be like to do this one day for real. We said our vows, gave each other the rings and then kissed for the first time as 'husband and wife'. We had our photo taken with Elvis and put it online. What a laugh. Nick and I both set it as our screensaver. 


Afterwards we'd went out clubbing, me still in my dress and we had a ball, but also a ridiculous amount of alcohol. By the time we got back to our suite, we managed a quick drunk fumble and then fell asleep on the sofa. Romantic wedding night or what. 


I woke up the next day with the white dress still on. We hadn't even undressed properly the night before. I woke Nick up to have a laugh at it.


'Check me out in my wedding dress' I joked, striking dodgy catalogue model poses. 


'You looked amazing last night, and you still look amazing today Mrs Jonas' he said pulling me towards him. 


'I'm absolutely starving, can we go and eat after my shower?' I asked 


'Yeah, sure. I said we'd meet everyone at the restaurant'


I slipped off the dress's and got in the shower wondering on a scale of 1-10 how hungover Carmen was right now. That was some night!

Chapter End Notes:

So that's how it happened!!!!


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