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Author's Chapter Notes:

The fall out from the wedding! 

I wrote this and the wedding as one long chapter but decided to split it into two. That's why I'm posting the two together. 


As we got in the lift to go for brunch Nick asked me a huge question- 


'when we get back, do you want to come and live with me, officially? I mean technically half of everything I own is now yours' 


'Haha, Very funny!' 


'And do you think you'll take my name?' He really was over excited.


'Yeah, Abbi Jonas. I like the sound of that actually!' I laughed, Nick was taking this way too seriously. 


'Where's your ring by the way? We can go and look at better ones later today but until then, that one means you're my wife and I'd like you to wear it'


'Okay, I'll put in on if it makes you happy' I slipped it on my finger from my bag where I'd put it the night before for safe keeping.


'Doesn't It make you happy, seeing as you're my wife now and all?' He looked slightly annoyed.


'I don't know why you're so serious about all this' I shook my head. 'Now give me a kiss and cheer the heck up! We're in Vegas baby!'


As we walked in the restaurant, Carmen, Kevin, Joe, Dani and Sophie jumped up shouting 'congratulations!' There was a banner and balloons that they'd conjured you from somewhere. They were all taking the joke too far. It was so OTT.


'So that was some night last night wasn't it Abbi?' Laughed Sophie.


'I feel like I've been run over by a bin lorry'


Sophie laughed, 'she means garbage truck' she explain to Kevin who looked none the wiser.


'So welcome to the club Mrs Jonas. It's very exclusive, only room for 4 members at a time, well 5 when Frankie gets a bit older' said Dani raising her glass of mimosa to me. 


'Thanks, I'm looking forward to my privilege card coming in the mail!' I humoured her.


'I can't believe my bestie is a Jonas now!' Smiled Carmen. Even she was at it, the joke was rapidly wearing thin. 


'So, does this mean you're going to stay in LA permanently?' Asked Joe 


Just then my phone rang, it was Evan. 


'Sorry guys, two minutes, I need to take this call' I excused myself and headed out of the restaurant.


'Hey Evan, how are you?' I answered a brightly as I could. 


'I hear congratulations are in order, your wedding photos are top of every gossip collumn, looks like you had a great time last night'


'Yeah it was a blast, we're just about to eat something and try to recover at the moment, this hangover needs food’ 


'I've been asked by upstairs to call and let you know that because of your marriage to Nick, we're going to have to take you off his account now. It's to protect us all, should anything go wrong'


'Evan, it was only a Las Vegas wedding, it's not even a real one, surely that's a bit excessive' I was getting annoyed, if I didn’t work with Nick I’d see him far less and I didn’t want that to happen because of a stupid Vegas wedding.


'Abbi, you're married to a client now and we have to maintain our levels of professionalism, regardless of whether you marry in Las Vegas or St Paul's Cathedral. We need to ensure impartiality for our clients and to make sure all of the acts you work with feel equally as important'


'No but that's what I'm saying, it was just a Las Vegas wedding, it wasn't real, like not in the legal sense, it was just a laugh' I didn't know how to explain it.


'Are you serious? I’ve the livestream and it's most definitely real' 


'Wait, what??' All of a sudden the penny dropped why everyone was taking the whole thing so seriously- I was actually married. To Nick Jonas. I was Abbi Jonas. 


'I...I....didn't realise it was legal' I felt sick, I couldn't tell if it were the tequila from last night or the shock. 'I thought it was just pretend and we were doing it as a laugh’


'For gods sake Abbi, you seriously didn't know?' He was laughing his head off. 


'It's not fucking funny Evan. I really need to go and speak to Nick, I'll see you tomorrow when I'm back' 


'No honeymoon?' Evan laughed.


'That is also not funny!' I replied and hung up on him. 


Shit shit shit. Only I could get married and not even know. My mind turned to Sean. If the pictures were everywhere then he was bound to know, and he’d be on the top of the list of people waiting to go mad. Then I thought of Nicks mum and dad and how they were already wary of me.


On my phone there were so many texts from almost everyone I knew congratulating me but one specifically caught my eye. The one that I dreaded even more than any other. 


From: Sean

Congratulations on the wedding. Can't believe you didn't invite me. After all I was at your last one. But I'm guessing Nick doesn't know about that yet? 

See you when you're back x


From: me

Sean, you and I work together these days, that’s it, you don't have a say on my life anymore. Please just be cool.


From: Sean

It just reminded me of all the things I know about you, that your 'new' husband doesn't. 


From: me

You have no idea about what he does and doesn't know.


And so it began. I threw my phone back in my bag and stood to catch my breath and my thoughts too. I was going to try to bluff Sean, but he wasn't an idiot and always saw through me. I needed to tell Nick about my last, but I needed to find the right time, and now wasn’t it. I looked at the ring on my finger that Nick had given me the night before, I loved him and he loved me. Those were the only certainties right now, but was I ready to be his wife? 


'Are you ok, My darling wife?' It was Nick, he'd come to find me. I nodded but the tears starting to run silently down my face told a different story.


‘Hey, don’t cry beautiful. Let's get you cleaned up and you can tell me all about it’, he put his arm around me and led me gently to the ladies bathroom. 


'I'll wait here for you, see you in a minute' he kissed me on the cheek and I threw my arms around him. 


'I love you Nick, I hope you will always know that'


'Of course I do, you'd have never have married me last night if you didn't and likewise the other way around too. I'm so happy we did though, you mean the world to me Abbi'


'Back in a minute' I pulled away and walked into the bathroom. I cleaned my face up and gave it a splash of water to try and make my eyes less puffy, then reapplied some more concealer and mascara to try and make me look more human.


As promised he was waiting by the door when I walked out. He took my hand and squeezed it, and we walked back to the restaurant. By now word must have got out that we were there because despite hotel security's best efforts there were photographers everywhere taking our pictures, and rather than walk past quickly, Nick slowed down so they could take our picture, I saw in his eyes he was so happy and It made me sick to know that there was the potential that Sean could bring that all crashing down. 


Back in the restaurant Joe was laughing 


'oh yeah, here's the newlyweds back, I wonder what they've been up to?' 


'Work called me, they had to let me know that they're taking me off your account since I'm now a Jonas myself so I got a bit upset and Nick helped me get myself together'


'Ah but how did he do that?' Laughed Sophie. 


'Hey. Don't talk to my wife like that' Nick laughed pulling me in closer.


'Have you spoken to Mom and Dad yet Nick? You really should tell them before they read about it online' Kevin was often the sensible one.


'Yeah, I called Mom this morning when Abbi was in the shower, they're flying out today to see us. We're going to have a family dinner tonight, you're welcome too Carmen, and then they're going to come to the show tomorrow night' smiled Nick.


'What about your Mom Abbi?' asked Kevin.


'No, not yet. She doesn't use the internet though so I'll wait a bit longer because of the time difference' 


My phone vibrated in my bag for the hundredth time. I took it out and there was a text from Carmen.


Sender: Carmen

Those tears weren't about work were they? It's Sean isn't it? 


Sender: me



I put my phone and away and looked at my husband talking animatedly beside me. I decided there and then, I was going to be his wife, and I was going to be the best one I could be. 


I whispered to Nick

'Can we have some alone time after this?' I needed to talk to him.


'You’ll need to hold that thought til later, Joe and Soph have arranged for us all to go on a flight over the Grand Canyon and then Dani's mom and dad are flying in with the girls, I'll warn you Alena will want to know when we're going to have a baby. She's asked Sophie everyday since their wedding'


'Sounds Great', blatant lie, 'I hope she's not disappointed in us not having a baby for quite some time yet. I'm way too young and immature for that! I mean I just got married in Vegas after all' I laughed. 


'I'm happy with that, we've got all the time in the world' he smiled, 


'And I said we'd spend some time alone with my Mom and Dad tonight, they were a bit bummed that we got married without them there so I think they want to talk to us about it, but don't worry, it'll be fine' 


'Sorry to drag your wife away from you Nick but can I borrow Abbi for a bit?' Carmen asked, clearly seeing me drowning. 


'As long as you're both ready to go in an hour for the flight' said Sophie.


'No problem Carmen, we've got a lifetime to spend together now' added Nick 


The minute we walked into Carmen's room I lost it. ‘Calm down mate, take it one thing at a time ok?' She reassured my, rubbing my arm and handing me a bottle of water. 


'So I didn't know that was a real wedding last night'


Her eyes were huge. ‘How the hell did you not know? Even I knew and you're the smart one' 


'I thought I'd seen it on tv that it wasn't but anyway I haven't even told Nick everything about me and now I feel like I can't but Seans already sticking his nose in reminding me of all the stuff he can tell him and it's pushing me to the edge. Working with him in general is pushing me to the fucking edge. There's always something that he's got to bring up or turn everything sexual. I'm scared of what he's going to do next. His brother David warned me to stay safe and I thought it was weird but I'm really starting to wonder what the hell this is all about'


'I'll speak to him, leave him to me' she almost had steam coming out of her ears. 


'I don't even know if it's a good idea to talk to him, I just don't know what to do about him. Why did he have to come to LA?'


'Because he never could let you go, especially when he saw you doing well'


'And what if he still can't let me go? What do I do then? He’s literally followed me around the world’ 


'I honestly don't know and there's not much we can do right now. How about you just enjoy the first weekend of your marriage and we can work out how to deal with that prick on Monday?'


'Ok, I guess’ 


The Grand Canyon flight was great, it was really something to see but my head was all over the place. We care back to our suite to change for dinner but getting the chance to be alone for the first time, we did as all newlyweds do and took the chance to have sex. We'd just finished and lay down in bed breathless when there was a knock on the door. We looked at each other and rolled our eyes. Ever the gentleman, Nick threw on shorts and a robe and went to answer it while I dressed properly. 


I heard him open the door 

'Mom and Dad!' He exclaimed loudly so I'd hear and wouldn't come down naked. 


They obviously didn't realise I was upstairs because the minute the door shut they began.


'Nick, is Abbi pregnant?' His mum asked, she sounded worried. 


'What? No! Why?'


'Well fill me in, why the hell were you so stupid as to marry her? This is not going to last and just think of the damage it's going to do to your career and your image, you've spent too long working hard to throw it all away. You and your brothers are just starting over and I can’t believe you've been this selfish, thinking only of yourself' his dad was really ripping into him 


'Did you not even stop to think that it might just be because we love each other? And you know want to spend the rest of our lives together? Anyway Kevin and Joe have been nothing but supportive so it’s not causing any issues’


Way to go Nick, I thought.


'Yet, not causing issues yet. I saw you on that live stream, you were drunk. I've spoken to our lawyers and if we act quickly we can get it annulled and then it will be like it never even happened' 


'No Dad, it's not up for discussion. We're married now and that's final'


'You don't even have a pre-nup, do you know how much this is going to cost you in a divorce? You know women like Abbi look at men like you and see dollar signs. She could walk away with half of  everything you've worked for all these years' 


'She's not like that dad, she loves me and I love her and that's all there is to it' 


I had to save Nick from his dad, I took a deep breath and went down the stairs to the lounge area where they were. 


'Hi. I'm really sorry for all of this trouble, honestly I never expected to marry Nick this weekend but I do love him and I want to be with him for the rest of my life. I don't care about his money or any of that stuff, I love the person he really is underneath all of that. I know we've been stupid and it’s been so fast but I know we can make it work. I'll sign anything you want saying I want nothing from him but we are going to be together' Nick protectively put his arm around my waist as I spoke.


'We didn't realise you were here Abbi, I'm sorry you had to hear that' Denise apologised. 


'No its fine. I understand why you're wary of me, you hardly know me' I began.


'And you hardly know our son' interrupted his Dad. 


'But I know that what you're saying about me right now comes out of your love of Nick, but you need to know that I feel that love for him too and that will never change'


Nick pulled me closer into him.


'I'm sorry Mom and Dad, either you support us or you don't, but nothings going to change here' 


'Ok son, it's just such a big thing to get married and we were upset to find out afterwards that we'd missed it, you know how much we love you. If you two are serious about making your marriage work then we're behind you with our support. Welcome to the family Abbi' his Dad had obviously realised it was non-negotiable. 


'Thanks, I appreciate it. I promise I won't let you down' I said hugging Denise who had held her arms open to me. Paul still looked less than convinced.


'I'll just go and get ready, back in a minute' said Nick heading back upstairs, leaving us alone in an uneasy silence. 


‘Don’t break his heart’ was the only thing his Dad said to me. 


The family dinner was in a beautiful private dining room and the atmosphere was far better than it had been in our room. Dani's mum, Dad and brother Mikey had arrived with Alena and Valentina. Carmen had wasted no time in introducing herself to Mikey and the two of them were talking away like they'd known each other forever. Sophie's parents were also there too, as we walked in they'd all stood up and congratulated us. 


As predicted, Alena and Valentina were asking about babies and asking if I was their aunt now. I looked at Dani for her approval. 


'Yes girls, you can call her your aunt Abbi now' she smiled. 


'So are you going to be going on honeymoon?' Asked Dani's Mom. 


'Unfortunately I'm back to work on Monday, I've got a big album launch next weekend in New York to sort out but with the guys being there too, it means we'll have a weekend together and I'm working on a surprise for Nick too' I smiled at him.


'Don't you think you and Nick have given us enough surprises recently?' Laughed Denise. 


'Good point, but this one doesn't include a legal ceremony thankfully!' And everyone laughed.


'So could your mother not make it out here?' Asked Paul. 


'Not yet, she said she'll come soon though. She's never flown before so it will be a big deal for her, she was as surprised as you when I told her she had a new son in law' 


By the end of dinner Paul seemed to be coming around to the idea of me as his daughter in law, and even hugged me as we said good night. It was all going to be okay. 

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