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Monday came too soon, I was only grateful that Nick never did, especially seeing as second of alone time we’d had over the weekend we’d been naked. I loved sex with Nick, it had such an intimacy that sex with Sean had lacked. With Sean and I, it was animal, pure animal, the more outrageous the better buy with Nick we made love, it was the only way to describe it. Even if he was a little vanilla compared to my tastes, if you get


When I’d walked into the office there were white balloons and congratulations banners all over my desk. It was a really nice touch from my co-workers but, even though I was only doing a half day at work, I hated knowing Nick was back at his house, I mean our house, with Carmen and not me. And to top it all off. The only client I had to see that day was Sean, who’d insisted on the meeting. I headed into see Evan before Sean arrived.


'Congratulations Mrs Jonas! Have you got over the shock yet?' he smiled, coming out from behind his desk to hug me. 'I spoke to IT and had your work email changed for you, so you're even work official now, although I don’t think I really had to tell them, Brittany in IT is Perez Hilton’s number one fan and he’s had your wedding all over his blog!’ 


'Seriously? That's just crazy! It's only just sinking in that it's reality, I have to keep looking at the ring to remember it’s real' 


'No wonder! Did you tell Nick you hadn't realised it was legal?' He was smirking at my stupidity.


'No, and I'm not going to, that’s our little secret. We're married now and we're happy so that's all that counts, plus have you seen my husband he's HOT!'


'Absolutely! But not really my type, I prefer Kevin’ he winked. ‘Anyway, you've got Sean coming in soon, I know things have been tense there, hows he been with the news?'


'He's only messaged me once and unsurprisingly he wasn't too pleased, but it's not up for discussion with him. So I was wondering, do you think you could sit in with our meeting today, just in case it's awkward?' 


'Unfortunately I can't, I've got a meeting with upstairs so I can't change it. I'm sure he'll be fine though' 


'I wish I was as convinced! I meant to ask, my "husband" and his brothers are in tomorrow, who's taking over their account?'


'It will be Aria, we thought she'd be the best bet after her working so closely with you' 


'I'm glad, I've got faith in her and I'm sure they'll be happy with that'


Aria knocked on the door, 'Abbi, that's Sean here. He's in the meeting room waiting for you. Congratulations by the way, I watched it on livestream!’


'Thank you!' I said dreading what was about to happen. 


'Good luck with Sean' said Evan holding up his crossed fingers to me. 


I took a deep breath and went to the meeting room. 


'Hey, how are you?' I said brightly 


'Not as married as you are. Nice ring by the way. I just wished you had sent me the registry details, I'd have bought you a toaster' his face was like thunder. 


'So, moving on, the album launch on Saturday. We're almost good to go, how are you feeling about it?' I said ignoring the frostiness.


'You can ignore what's happened but we still need to talk about it' he growled. 


'Why? Why do we need to talk about it. You and I are over, I've moved on. I love Nick, I'm married to him and we're living together and that's not going to change. I want to be friends with you and I care about you a lot but we only work together now and I don't want it to be awkward'


'Well it is going to be awkward. You know that I love you, I always have and I always will and one way or another I'll get you back. You just watch this space. I'll do whatever it takes. No matter what that is' 


'That's the thing though, there's nothing that you can do. I loved you for a long time and I'll never forget that but that's done now. Please just be happy for me'


His demeanour changed and he meant over the desk towards me, making me feel intimidated and all but hissed his words at me, 'Happy? Fucking happy? I told you before, I know things your new husband doesn't. It would be a shame if he were to find out that you're not all that you make yourself out to be' 


I stood up to meet him, face to face and bit back. ‘People change Sean, most people grow up and that's what I did, and that's what you need to fucking do too. You're with Aria now, so why are you so bothered by me' 


'You know me, always a woman on the sidelines but it's always only ever been you for me and deep down I know you feel the same about me. Nick will never make you as happy as I can. Tell me, do you sit on his face like you used to do mine? Does he tie you up and make you beg for him to fuck you even harder? Has he seen you with a woman yet? Because if not then you’re with the wrong man and you know it’


It was all getting too much, he was scaring me. 'Look I honestly can't do this with you anymore but because I do care about you as a friend, despite everything, I'll do your album launch this weekend but after that we're done. Someone else from the office will take over. We can't work together, we never could and we still can't' 


'I signed a contract based upon me only working with you, so sorry but you can't get rid of me that easily' 


'If it comes to it then I'll resign'


'Haha, as if you'd do that' he looked so smug, I wanted to rip his face off. He really felt like he had the upper hand, and right now it felt like that to me too. 


'Watch me. I mean it Sean, back off and let me be happy' I stood up and went to leave the room but he blocked my escape route and came so close to me, grabbing my arms to keep me still. 


'You'll only ever really be happy back with me, we both know it. All you need to do is get an annulment and we can start over' he whispered with a smirk that I desperately wanted to slap off his face.


'You're deluded. Now as everything's sorted for Saturday, there's no need for us to see each other until Friday. Nick has actually said you can travel on our private jet with us, and that offer is still open but fucking behave yourself. Now let me go before I scream and have you removed from the building'


'This is not over' he said letting me go.


'It is now' I said walking out of the meeting room. I walked straight into the bathroom, locked the door and burst into tears. Sean had the ability to ruin my marriage and my life and knowing him he'll happily do it. 


I stayed in the bathroom to give Sean time to leave the office, taking off my blouse in the cubicle I saw he'd left big red marks on my upper arms. Thankfully he wasn't there when I came out and went straight to Evan but he was still in his meeting. I went back to my desk and sent him an email. 



Dear Evan, 

It is not longer feasible for me to work with Shane. I am happy to complete the album launch but after that I can no longer work with him. Should that be an issue then I will be forced to resign. 




I loved my job but I was completely prepared to give it up. Sean was affecting my mental health and I just couldn't do it any longer. I was respected in the industry, I was sure I could find another job easily. Hell I'd wash cars for a living if I had to. 


I emailed Nick once I'd calmed down to show him my new email. I needed something to cheer me up and he was usually the cause of my happiness.


Subject:email address 

Hi husband, 

Just wanted to show you my new email address. I've told work that after this weekend I'll not be working with Sean anymore. 

Just wanted to let you know x


He replied almost instantly, he'd said he was going to work in the home studio today but my prediction was Carmen was still talking the ears off him.


Subject: re:email address

I love the name Abbi Jonas, almost as much as I love Abbi Jonas herself. I'm not going to lie, that's the best news about Sean. Carmen is great, I can see why she's your best friend but my god does she ever stop talking??? See you soon, Nx


Evan came to see me straight after his meeting.


'What's happened?' He actually looked really concerned. 


I felt my emotions building 'Can we go to your office?'


'Abbi, are you ok?'


'Your office' I said feeling the tears prickling in my eyes. 


In Evans office I poured my heart out, I told him everything and he was shocked. I even showed him the marks on my arms. I was worried Nick would see them and go off the deep end, but thankfully they were starting to fade.


'Shit Abbi, I didn't realise it was as bad as that. You should have told me. Look, you don't need to do this launch on Saturday, Aria and I can handle it, you can go with Nick this one last time before hand over'


'No, I'll do it, if I don't Nick will wonder why and I don't want him to hate Sean anymore than he already does. I've got everything in place for the weekend plus Aria will need to be at the shoot with you, but this is the last I'm doing for him'


'I have total respect for you for that, let's just hope he behaves. Do you you want me have a word to him?'


'No, just please try and keep him away from me as much as possible. I don't want to be alone with him'


'I will do my best Abbi, he's way out of line'



So that’s how it became that almost exactly one week to the day since I became Mrs Jonas that we boarded the private plane to New York for Seans album launch and The Jonas video shoot. The plane was full, with Joe, Nick, Carmen, Sean, Evan, Aria and I. Kevin was at home with Dani in New Jersey so was meeting us in the big apple. I'm pretty sure the only reason Nick had offered Sean a seat was just so he could keep an eye on him with me but I let it ride. Private planes were the way forward and I felt safer with Nick there.


When we boarded I sat next to Nick and cuddled into him. I knew he was disappointed I would miss the shoot but at least I was going to be in the same city and I'd be with him every night. I was going to enjoy our time together as much as possible with the Jonas tour looming. After take off, I released my seatbelt, sat on his lap and cuddled in. I felt Seans eyes on me, but I didn't care. I looked at Nick and his eyes seemed like windows to his soul, like he was searching for something in me, Sean put him on edge. I smiled and let my lips find his, I loved his kisses, they just melted me. Normally we tried to be more subtle when people were around but it just felt right this time, and hey, we were newly weds, until Sean shouted:

'Get a room you two, there will be no mile high club under my watch' making everyone laugh. 


Except Nick and I of course. It did however make me really self conscious so I sat back in my seat, rested my head on Nicks shoulder and went to sleep. That was the best bet to block him out. 


'Hey beautiful, you need to wake up, we're almost there' Nick woke me gently. 


'I was so tired, sorry if I've drooled on you' 


He smiled. 'No drool, don't worry. It just means you'll have plenty of energy later on. Are you coming with us to The Tonight Show? We're going straight after we land, we're performing and doing an interview and I'd like you there with me'


'Absolutely, I wouldn't miss it for the world,  but then I need to go and check out the venue for tomorrow with Sean and Evan'


'Do you have to go? Can't Evan handle it? Just this once' begged Carmen. 


'It won't take me long, I'll be back before you know it. You can get the bed warmed up for me coming back, ok? Because I want you really badly right now. So by the end of the night....well you can fill in the blanks' I whispered in his ear and winked at him.


It was my first time to the Rockefeller centre and watching the show being taped was so exciting. I stood at the side of the audience with Aria, Carmen and Sophie, who was filming in NY but had managed to join us. I watched proudly as Nick, who was dressed in a baby pink suit and white trainers combo that only he could pull off, spoke about me lovingly. He was really animated in the interview and both Joe and Kevin were in excellent spirits too so it was going pretty well, from both a record company and proud girlfriend standpoint.


'Well Nick, hows the first week of married life treating you, you certainly surprised us all. But tell us, what did you see in your record company exec girlfriend who holds the key to your budget?' He laughed.


'My wife is an amazing person, I didn't really believe in love at first sight until I met her and getting married in Vegas just seemed like the right thing to do. And the fact she holds the budget, well it helps. In fact she's actually over there watching us just now'


The camera panned over to where we were stood and the three of us gave a wave' 


'So Joe, Sophie's been in NY filming, tell me again why the video shoots here?' Jimmy laughed


'I obviously miss Sophie like mad when she's away so if we can combine schedules then it's win win. And obviously we wanted to see you too Jimmy' He shmoozed 


'Kevin, where's Dani tonight to complete the trio of beautiful women in your lives?'


He held up a photo of  the three of us girls on the Gala red carpet. 


'She's at home in Jersey with the girls tonight but they're coming to the shoot tomorrow so it will be a proper family affair'


Except I wouldn't be there. I sighed. 


'I wish I was coming Sophie. I thought it would be better being in NY at the same time as you all but it's torture knowing Im so close but can't be with you' I whispered


They started playing a game called 'know your bro' and it was so funny to watch but my phone was buzzing- Sean and Evan telling me to hurry up. 


'Tell Nick I'll be back at the hotel ASAP' I said to Carmen leaving quickly, gutted I'd missed their performance. 


I met Sean and Evan at the venue and it was perfect. It kind of resembled a cave, and had low ceilings which was perfect for acoustics. I'd taken a bit of a risk booking somewhere I'd never seen before but Evans recommendation had paid off. Sean got his guitar and went up on stage to have a play around. The stage was set up simply for him, he had his guitar and a piano, which he would play himself too. He was a one man show.


'Come and sing our song with me' he asked. 


'Absolutely not, I don't sing anymore, you know that' I said giving him a death stare. 


'Come on it'll be fun and there's only us three, sorry 4 here' he waved to the owner who was sat by the bar.


'Sean, take a telling. I'm not doing it' 


'Booooo' he hissed into the microphone. 


Sean has never understood why I hadn't tried to pursue a career as a performer but singing was something I enjoyed privately, not publicly. The song that everyone kept banging on about was recorded in a community studio as a demo in 2015 and was never meant to have seen the light of day. Until he released it in the UK, with me billed as an uncredited female vocalist and the whole 'who is she?' Scandal has helped with the songs publicity. Thankfully, and surprisingly, considering Seans big mouth he'd never told anyone.


I watched as he picked up his guitar and started to play,it felt like old time's, when I used to sit in half empty pubs around Scotland and then London, watching him play his music. I'd followed him around like a love sick puppy until he decided to pay the groupies, who formed as his success started to grow, more attention than me. By that point in our relationship I'd met Carmen and when I realised it was time to leave Sean, she took me in to her flat and I just never left again. I pulled myself back from the reminiscing as he finished his second song. 


'That's Great Sean, I think we should call it a night and save this for tomorrow, don't you Evan?' I said, desperate to get back to Nick who would be back in the hotel by now. 


'Yes, she's right Sean. I think we should go. Why don't the three of us go for a couple of drinks before heading back though?' 


'Sounds good to me' said Sean jumping down from the stage.


'I need to get back to Nick' I said, trying to worm my way out of it.


'Nonsense, this is work and your boss is telling you we're going for drinks!' Joked Evan


'Okay just a couple then' I insisted. Trying to stop myself from punching in the face since he knew I wanted to stay away from Sean.


Evan took us to a crazy bar near the hotel that he went to every time he came to New York. The atmosphere was fantastic and the music even better. We soon lost track of time and how many drinks we'd had. We played drinking games and got what I can only describe as shit faced.


The bar rang it's bell for last orders


'Shit what time is it?' I asked


'It's almost 2am' laughed Sean, who was as drunk as me. 


'I need to go' 


'Too late. I just got us a last drink for the road' said Evan, handing me yet another Vodka and orange juice. 


I downed it and slammed it on the bar.


'Now I'm leaving!' I said. Evan and Sean joined me but as we got outside Evan realised he'd left his jacket on his chair inside and had to go back for it. Whereas I hadn't taken a jacket in the first place and was shivering. Sean noticed and took his off and wrapped it around me. Right then a flash went off. I knew immediately this was going to look like something it really wasn't. Urgh. I'd need to deal with it when I was sober.

Chapter End Notes:

So Sean is starting to give away more of Abbi's secrets. 

She did tell Nick she was a wild child when she was younger but maybe that wasn't quite how he imagined her to have been! 

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