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When I got back to the hotel and had to ask for a key as I hadn't been back there yet. I was embarrassed by being so drunk in such a fancy place but the receptionist looked amused by me. I made it upstairs to our floor and managed to find our room then I did that drunk thing where by trying to be quiet you end up making more noise and burst into the room, the door slamming off the wall loudly. The room was in complete darkness but Nick jumped up and switched the bedside lamp next to him on. 


'You just gave me one hell of a fright. Where have you been? I waited up for you but gave up, why didn't you answer your phone?' He asked clearly angry. 


'I ended up going for a couple of drinks with Evan, I just lost track of time and my phone died' I said almost falling over a chair. 


'Just a couple? You're absolutely smashed. Look at the state of you' he sighed and then got out of bed to help me. 'Whose is the jacket?' He asked, knowing fine well. 


'Sean gave me it because I was cold' 


'I should have known he would have been involved somehow' His face was red with anger but he still helped me undress and get into bed. 


'I love you so so much' I said cuddling into him and falling asleep. Again. 


I woke up to an empty bed and a hangover from hell. Despite my bad behaviour, Nick had left me a note telling me he loved me and would see me later. There would be no "couple of drinks" tonight I resolved. Work then back to the hotel and time with Nick. I checked my phone for the time and there was a text message from Carmen. It was simply 'OMG' and a link that I immediately clicked on and there it was, the picture of Sean and I from the night before. The headline was-


'The luckiest girl in the world?


Abbi, Nick Jonas's new wife, was pictured last night in New York getting rather cosy with UK musician Shane O'Leary. Despite Nick also being in New York there was no sign of him.

Abbi, who works for Shane's record label, is also rumoured to be the heartthrobs ex-girlfriend and by the looks of it, the chemistry is still there. 

The two are in town for Shane's US album launch. The album has had a phenomenal success in the UK, reaching the top of the charts and a number of the songs are rumoured to be about his break up with Abbi. She's one lucky girl having two of the hottest men in the world right now in her life, but Nick Jonas better watch his back by the look of this picture'


Fuck, Fuck, Fuckity, Fuck. 


Nick Jonas didn't need to watch anything, he had nothing to worry about. I called Evan who was at the Jonas video shoot.


'Have you seen the articles online about me and Sean?'


'Yeah, it's fantastic publicity isn't it. All the "rumoured" stuff really adds an interesting spin to it, don't you think?'


'Evan, who is the source? Do not tell me it was you' 




'Evan was it you?'


'Oh come on it was going to come out eventually anyway and it gives your client some free publicity' 


'He's not just my bloody client though, is he? Has Nick seen it yet?' I demanded. 


'Don't know, but don't think so, he's been busy filming since first thing. He wasn't happy with me dragging you out last night, that's for sure. Anyway, I'll see you at the venue tonight, they're about to go for a take. Bye' 


And he hung up. I punched my pillow. Evan wasn't to know he was opening a whole can of worms but he should just have kept his big bloody mouth shut. This was turning into a circus.


I got ready and decided to go for a quick walk to clear my head before I met Sean. I left the hotel and headed towards the shops. I needed some retail therapy, but I soon became aware that I was being followed by photographers who began shouting about where Sean and Nick were, and kept trying to get my attention. It was scary and now I realised why Nick had told me to take security with me these days. I weaved in and out of people but everywhere I went they seemed to be. I ended up going into the first clothes store I saw, grabbing an item and hiding in the changing room. I burst into tears as soon as I shut the door. Soon thereafter a knock came on the door.


'Are you ok m'am? Asked a lovely woman 


I opened the door. 'No, not really'


'I know who you are, are the photographers here following you?' She asked 


I nodded


'Come with me, I'm the manager. I'll call you a cab and we'll get you out of the back door' 


I followed her and sure enough she helped me to escape. 


'I can't thank you enough' I said squeezing her hand.


I got back to the hotel and went to my room and I wanted to call Carmen and tell her everything that had happened but she was of course at the video shoot and would tell Nick and I didn't want that. So I sat and brooded over it myself, I was more worried about else was going to come out. I'd have to tell him eventually but tomorrow was our 9 week anniversary. 9 weeks, it's too new to throw even more Drama into the mix.


My chain of thought was interrupted by someone at the door, I knew exactly who it would be.


Sure enough, it was Sean. The cause of my increasing headache. 


'Can I come in?' He asked


'I don't think that's a good idea, do you?' I asked blocking his way into my room 'Have you seen what's been written about us?'


'Yeah, I thought it was a nice picture and it wasn't untrue, all of it, was it?' 


'No but I can only imagine how that's going to feel for Nick when he sees it'


'Oh he hasn't seen it yet, ouch!' He laughed 


'It's not funny. Let me grab my bag and we'll go. Your first interview is in 30 minutes' 


Ignoring me, Sean followed me into the room, I leant over the back of sofa to grab my bag and quick as you like Sean was over pressing himself up against me. I wanted to hate it but felt myself get slightly turned on. 


'You know, you should really tell Nick it would actually a massive turn on seeing you with another guy, I can help out with that if you like. I mean look at what you still do to me' he said turning me around and gesturing to his crotch, the tent in his trousers showing how turned on he was too. I was so glad he couldn't see how turned on I was too.


'It's never going to happen, tell Sean Junior to behave and let's go' I snapped, pushing I’m away.


Sean's day started with interviews and they went well, despite questions about our relationship which we managed to skirt round nicely and then we had time for a quick dinner before heading to the venue for the sound check. 


Evan joined us as the venue filled up. Audience in place, all that was left for me to do was to introduce Sean and then it was down to him. 


'Hello everyone and thank you for coming tonight to Shane's US album launch. As you will all know, he's an artist who is going places and you'll soon see why for yourself. There will be a Q&A at the end and there are promo packs available for the press. So take it away Sean. Enjoy'


I stepped to the side of the stage and stood watching with Evan. Sean had 8 songs to perform and as much as I hated him, he was really talented and I found myself singing along quietly with him. Memories of us writing some of the songs together flooded back and made me feel really emotional but I reminded myself that I was there to be professional. The crowd were enjoying the music and most were dancing, this was a great sign. As he finished the last song on the set list, I joined him back on stage to thank everyone for coming, but instead he spoke into his microphone. 


'And since she's here tonight, I was wondering if the extremely talented Abbi here wouldn't mind performing the song that we wrote and recorded together for you all' 


'No, no, no. I'm sure no one wants to hear that' I said through gritted teeth, but it was too late, he was already sat at the piano playing the opening chords. 


I had two options, I could either leave him there alone and make him and I both look stupid or I could just sing the damned song. Neither were appealing and as he was already singing the first verse I didn't have much choice. The first chorus was also his and then it was time for my verse. I was so nervous, I couldn't look at the people watching, instead Sean and I maintained eye contact whilst I sang with him, our voices meeting into one at points, his raspy tones taking over and then my longer notes. It felt like there was no one else in the room watching. 


This was our swan song, we wrote it after we split and tried to build a friendship out of the ruins of our love and we'd poured our hearts into it, just like we'd done again tonight l. Apparently the audience loved it because their applause at the end awoke me out of the trance I was in. I broke Seans eye contact, breathless, and I turned to face the audience. That's when I saw Carmen, Nick and Joe stood at the back of the room watching. I couldn't even read the emotion on Nicks face but I just needed to get out of there.


'Well thanks for throwing me in at the deep end there Shane' I said my voice shaking.

Everyone laughed, 'Now I'm going to hand you over to Sean and Evan here for the Q&A session. I'm away for a stiff drink and a lie down after that' I fake laughed and I walked off stage. 


Evan looked at me puzzled as I walked past him. He'd thrown me in at the deep end with the press, now it was his turn to flounder. I made my way to Nick who was stood sipping a bottle of beer. People in the crowd all wanted to talk to me but I needed to get to Nick.


'Hi, how much of that did you just see?' I asked as I finally made it to him.


'All of it, you were amazing Abbi' said Joe hugging me.


'Why didn't you tell me you sang, not to mention that it was you on THAT track?' Asked Nick, clearly somewhat in shock.


'We recorded that song a long time ago and I never thought anyone would hear it. My singing voice is strictly for let it go with the girls now' I tried to make light of the situation


'You're good Abbi, you shouldn't hide it' he kissed me on the cheek but I could tell he was holding back.


'I've been telling her that for years, she used to sing with Sean around the pubs years ago but after they split she just stopped and then she still ended up as the UK number one for 3 months' Carmen filled him in, like some proud parent with bragging rights.


He looked shell shocked, I knew number 2 was the Jonas brothers biggest chart position in the UK with Sucker, technically his wife was more successful than him in the UK. I wrapped my arms around him and kissed him on the lips, the only way I could distract him from it all.


'Keep it PG-13 guys. I've seen it all once before remember. This is not the time or the place' said Joe 


‘Oh you didnt!’ Laughed Carmen


‘The image of the two of them is burned into my mind for all eternity’ he laughed.


'So how was the shoot then? I thought you'd be at it til a lot later than this' I asked. 


'Mr Dedicated Husband here made us all work through breaks so we could be done in time to make it here to support you' explained Joe


'But I think you surprised me more' laughed Nick, although not entirely convincingly. I felt a coldness from him and it was making me nervous.


'I'm just going to say goodbye to Evan and Sean and let them know I'm going to go and then can we please get the hell out of here?'


'We'll come with you' said Nick, taking my hand to lead me through the crowd.


'Hey, that was great, you guys nailed that' Nick said to Sean, his arm wrapped firmly around me, when we finally made it over.


'Can we get a picture of the three of you together? Asked a press photographer.


'Joe, Nick and Shane?' I asked


'No, you, Nick and Shane' he replied 'you in the middle Abbi'  


Oh the irony. I definitely was in the middle I thought, as Nick and Sean instantly put their arms around me for the picture. 



When we got back to the hotel, Carmen and Joe went their separate ways, leaving me with Nick. He had initially been quiet and wanted to go right to bed but I wouldn't let him. 


'We need to talk about this' I begged.


'What's to talk about, you co-wrote and sang a song that was a number one hit in the UK and you did't tell me? I mean, where's the grey area in all that? How could it slip your mind to tell your husband that? 


'There's a reason why I didn't tell you'


'Oh go on then, this will be interesting' I could tell he was hurt and angry in equal measures.


'I didn't want to tell you because I didn't want to remember it. If I blocked it out, it didn't happen. No one was ever supposed to hear it, we recorded it years ago in a stupid little community studio and he promised me that it wouldn't see the light of day but as with all the promises he's ever made, he lied'


'I hate what he does to us Abbi, he always seems to throw problems our way. Look at us, just married, already arguing and it's because he couldn't help himself but stir things'


'It's just what he does, he enjoys playing people, you just need to stop letting him in'


I saw Nick's demeanour soften.


'I'm just sad you couldn't share that beautiful voice with me and how do you think it makes me feel that I couldn't even identify your voice on the radio? I should have known. I've even sung along to you without even knowing. It hurts Abbi' he threw himself down on the bed backwards. 


'It's literally one song, there's no secret album or anything. Just remember after this weekend I'm not working with him anymore'


'I suppose that's one good thing about all of this, I don't need to worry about you seeing him at work now'


'Why are you worrying about him?'


'Because unless you're blind, it's obvious he still loves you and I don't know Abbi, the way you are with him, it makes me question if you don't still love him too'


That cut deep. I grabbed my bag and without saying a word left him lying there. I knocked on Carmens door, 'can I sleep here tonight?'


'So It didn't go well then?' She asked. I gave her a death stare. 'Yeah it went fucking fantastically well, in fact so much so that Nick just signed me to his record label. What do you bloody think?' 


'Sorry, stupid question. Look Abbi, I hate to be the one to say I told you so, but...'


'You told me so' I finished her sentence for her. 


'You need to make sure that you tell Nick everything now, otherwise this is just going to keep happening. You've already told me Seans been threatening you. It's better Nick hears it all from you, rather than that asshole, or worse from a tabloid' 


'How can I tell him now though, do I just sit him down and say oh by the way, that's not the only thing you don't know about me, your new wife? I need to let this blow over first. And you're going home the day after tomorrow, what the hell am I going to do without you here?'


'What you're going to do is fix things with Nick, I've never seen you so happy. He's a good man and he brings out the best in you but you need to tell him the truth. When you really love someone you can forgive them, it was also so long ago, remember that'


'I hope so, I really do love him'


'I know you do! Now get some sleep!' 



There was nothing more inevitable in this city of 1000 cameras that my performance with Sean had been posted on YouTube and shared all over social media by the time I woke up hugging Carmen the next morning. A further google of my name brought the photo of me in the middle of Nick and Sean, it was everywhere. I checked my favourite gossip column.


'Abbi Jonas revealed as the secret voice!'


Pictured last night at Shane O'Leary's album launch, Nick and Abbi Jonas put on a united front after allegations that she and Shane were more than just friends. Last night, however, a video shared on YouTube has revealed Abbi to be the secret voice behind the hit 'Someone', and watching their performance, it's clear for anyone to see that the chemistry between the two is clearly still strong. I wonder how Nick felt watching that! 


Fantastic, as if Nick wouldn't be angry already, now that. I sat quietly contemplating my next move when my phone rang, of course it was Nick.


'Where did you stay last night?' he asked almost immediately. 


'With Carmen, where else did you think I'd be?' Asking already knowing the answer. 


'I didn't know, that's why I'm asking. When are you coming back?'


'I'm literally down one floor so I'll come up now if you want me to ' 


'Only if you want to'


'See you in a minute' I said and hung up.


'Carmen, I'm going back upstairs. I need to sort this out'


'Just tell him the truth'


'I'll try'


She rolled her eyes, the sooner the better. I didn't have you down as a chicken'


'I'm not a chicken, I just don't want to ruin things'


'As your best friend I'm obligated to tell you, you're being a fucking idiot right now Abbi'


'I'll take that, right I'm away, wish me luck' 


I took the stairs up to our suite, I was going to tell him the truth, it would all be fine. I opened the door and Nick was sat on the sofa waiting for me, his beautiful brown eyes gazing up at me as I walked in. 


'I'm sorry Abbi, I shouldn't have spoken to you like that. He's the idiot in all this. I've been awake all night thinking about things and we can't let him get in our way'


'I agree, and you don't have to apologise, it's me that should be sorry. I love you so so much' 


'So I've decided that we're going to go and upgrade our wedding rings today and I believe I owe you an engagement ring too' 


'Seriously?' I asked.


He nodded, 'so much so you need to go and get ready right now, I've got an appointment for us at Cartier to go and pick them out’


How could I tell him everything now? It would have to wait for a better time.

Chapter End Notes:

The song I always imagine Sean and Abbi singing is 'someone you loved' by Lewis Capaldi

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