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Nick was waiting at the corner, as planned, but this time he'd brought his own car. It was a black Mercedes with dark tinted windows- very superstar! He got out of the drivers side as he saw me approach. 


'Hey, I hope you're excited and hungry!'


'My excitement is currently fever pitch I laughed'


'I have to let you know I've brought a couple of special people with me, they're sat in the back seat' 


'Oh, okay' I smiled, so this definitely wasn't a date, I felt a slight sense of disappointment.


'Why don't you get in and say hi?'


He opened my door for me and in the back were two beautiful little girls.


'These are my nieces Alena and Valentina, Kevin's girls. They like to check out who their uncle Nick is hanging out with and more importantly, what do we love girls????'


'Ice cream!!!' They chorused


'And who's the best uncle? Remember who's buying the ice cream'


'Uncle Nick!!!'


'No bribery involved there at all then?' I laughed.


'Well I have to bring my A game when Uncle Joe is the most fun guy around and I'm there doing risk assessments so they don't hurt themselves. You don't mind me bringing them do you? I remember you said you were big into family and anyway, it's the law I'm not allowed into Dairy Queen without them'


'Yay Dairy Queen!' Alena shouted


Nick was such a good uncle, the way he spoke to the girls was so natural. We played ispy all the way there. When we got there, another car pulled up beside us and two large guys stepped out. 


'Don't worry about them, that's my security. I tend to take them with me when I'm out with the girls. Like I said, I'm diligent with my risk assessments' he explained.


'And I passed a risk assessment? I'm very honoured!' I said helping Alena out her car seat. Valentina was giving me a very suspicious look, as if to warn me he was HER uncle Nick! 


'Will you hold my hand Alena? Just so we can stay safe in the car park?'


She nodded and smiled, she wasn't as much of a tough cookie as her little sister. 


'You speak funny Abbi' she laughed


'I know but do you know, I come from a place called Scotland and over there everyone speaks like me'


'Really? that's cool' her eyes were huge


'Sorry to interrupt but if you three want to take a seat, I'll order for us' 


'where I live there's a really old castle and a palace where Kings and Queens used to live' sitting down with the girls, I took out my phone to show them the Castle and Crown Jewels. The two security guys took a seat at the table next to ours.




'So do you girls like princesses then?'


They both nodded. Now this was a specialist subject of mine. 


'Who's your favourite?'


'I like Elsa' said Alena


'And I like Anna' smiled Valentina


'I love Frozen, I'm always singing Let it Go when I'm in the shower and pretending to be Elsa'


They laughed. I think I was winning them over. Slowly.


'Sorry to interrupt your chat ladies but look what uncle Nick has- Blizzards!'


'Yay!' The three of us said in chorus.


We ate our ice creams and they were yum.  


'I'm afraid girls, it's time to take you home to mommy and daddy' 


'Aww uncle Nick, we like Abbi can we not stay just a little bit longer?' Alena begged. 


'Not this time sweetie, but I'm sure you'll see Abbi again soon and if she's not too busy, why doesn't she bring you home with me?' 


'Would that be ok girls? I'm having so much fun with you too'


They both agreed and we went back to the car.


'Abbi' started Valentina




'Can we sing let it go now?' She smiled, her eyes twinkling at me. 


'If uncle Nick promises not to laugh at my singing' I replied 


'But uncle Nick has to sing too' said Alena. 


So we drove the girls home singing along to the soundtrack to frozen at full volume. It might not have been the date I'd hoped for but hanging out with Nick and the girls was so much fun. 


Nick pulled up at some gates that instantly opened and drove into the grounds of their beautiful home. It was absolutely stunning. 


'Come on girls time to go in' he said


I stayed put, not sure if I should get out the car too.


'That includes you too Abbi!' He smiled


So here I was at Kevin Jonas's house, having just been for ice cream with Nick Jonas and his nieces. I was clearly in an alternate universe. I was also mighty nervous, although I'd met Kevin and Dani the night before and obviously they must have thought I was ok for them to let Nick take the girls out with me but being in their home felt different, more personal. 


Nick walked straight in the front door, the girls and I walking behind him holding hands. He walked straight into the kitchen where Dani and Kevin were. 


'My goodness, you are honoured, Valentina is normally attached to Nick so for her to be holding your hand, you've definitely got her seal of approval' Dani looked surprised, but pleased.


'Abbi likes Frozen too like me Daddy' she said


'That explains it then' laughed Kevin 'Have you said thank you to Uncle Nick?'


'Thank you Uncle Nick and Abbi. Can you come another day and play with us?'asked Alena


'Of course I can girls, uncle Nick loves spending time with you'


'Not you uncle Nick, Abbi, she's fun. Is she your girlfriend' Alena persisted.


I blushed, Nick blushed and both Dani and Kevin stifled laughter at how awkward we looked. 


'Abbi is Uncle Nicks friend who just happens to be a girl' Dani explained


'And on that note, I better get going. See you tomorrow Kevin' Nick gave his brother a hug.


'And I'll see you tomorrow too, we have a meeting at one. Thanks for having me, your home is beautiful' 


'Well next time Nick brings you round, we should have dinner and the girls can show you all their many many toys' Dani smiled


'I'd love that, thank you'


Her words made my brain tick 'next time Nick brings you round' 


Back in the car Nick started the engine and let it go automatically started to play. 


'Woaaah no, I've had enough of that for one day' he laughed turning it off. 


'But it's my favourite song' I teased 


I felt his eyes looking at me 'are you for real?'


'No, but you believed me hahaha' 


'The girls really liked you, I'm glad I brought them with us'


'Well I wouldn't want you to have made an illegal Dairy Queen trip without them!'


'And I'm glad you came too' he reached over and squeezed my hand. 


'So am I, now I've popped my Dairy Queen cherry, that's one of my life goals achieved that I didn't even know that I had!'


'Would you like me to take you home now or do you want to go for a drink or something?' He asked.


'As much as I really want to say yes to that drink, I've got a lot of work to do at home. These Jones Triplets are apparently hard to please so I need to be ready for them tomorrow'


'We're only hard to please if you don't know how to do it properly' he smiled


I did a double take, what a double entendre. 


'Hmm, well I don't think I can go to work tomorrow and say sorry I didn't do the prep Nick, but I was out on a date with you. I mean, out for a drink with you. Sorry I didn't mean to say date'


I turned bright red. 


'Well I thought this was a date, but if I'm wrong then sorry for presuming' he looked a little disappointed. 


'Well I kind of hoped it was but didn't want to presume. What are we like?' I laughed 


'Like people on a date?' He raises his eyebrows.


'Well this has been some first date' I smiled.


We pulled up outside my apartment.


'So you're going to spend the evening thinking about me then?' He looked at me.


'If you mean planning your launch, then yeah'


'If it doesn't seem too much, why don't I come up and you can talk me through some of the ideas you've had?'


I wasn't sure what to say, so I hesitated.'em'


'Oh no pressure, it was just an idea, I'm really excited to see your ideas' 


'I'll be honest, you just took me surprise there. My apartment is literally tiny and my stuff is everywhere so I'm a little embarrassed. I didn't really think this morning I'd be having anyone round later'


'Look it's fine, honestly' he smiled. He genuinely seemed ok about it thankfully.


'I'll tidy up and you can come round another time, if you like? I've not even finished unpacking properly yet' 


'You don't need to explain to me, but I will take you up on the offer another time and of course, I'll see you at 1pm tomorrow'


'Yes you will! I'm off to see the venue for the launch first thing so hopefully we'll have a lot to talk about. Anyway, I best go' 


I leant in to kiss his cheek but he turned just as I did and I ended up kissing him on the lips.


'Oh I'm sorry that was meant to be on the cheek' I was mortified.


'Don't be sorry. I liked it. Normally when I go on dates the women are either trying to stick their tongue down my throat within the first hour or are trying to get me up into their apartments. But not you! That makes me like you more, anyway I'll say good night Abbi, don't stay up too late' 


'You too, see you tomorrow' 


I shut the car door and waved as he drove off then made my way to my apartment.  It was pretty nice but so small, it was an open plan studio flat, so everything was in one room, ideal for me on my own but not somewhere I'd want to entertain Nick Jonas. I mean the couch is so small, I sit on my bed most of the time. No matter how good looking he was, I was not inviting him in to sit on my bed on our first date. First date. What did that even mean? 


I fired up my MacBook to start work and there were already more emails to deal with but one from Aria caught my eye 


Subject: busted


Hey haggis,

You know in LA we have a heck of a lot of famous people which means photographers everywhere, so when you go for ice cream with hot property like Nick Jonas, you know it's going to end up online! 

You are so telling me everything tomorrow 



I clicked the link she'd attached and there was pictures of Nick and I in Dairy Queen, on Twitter with #WhoIsShe. it was no big deal, we were just friends having ice cream together. I saw the post had a lot of comments, so I made the fatal error of reading them 

'I liked him better with Milay'

'Jonas could do better'

'It should be me waaaaah'


They went on and on. For the first time I had an idea of how exhausting life in the public eye must be, living under constant scrutiny. I shut down twitter and opened up my project files. I had to make this the best ever album launch. Not only to make an impression with the office but also with Nick. I hated to admit it but I liked him, I also didn't know how well that would go down with my boss but I suppose I'd find out the next day. 


I clicked on to my Jonas project work and went over what I had already. Now I was getting to know Nick, I was getting to know who they were, what they stood for and how this reunion was such a big deal to them and their family. I worked until almost 1am and then fell into a deep sleep, so much so when my alarm went off at 6am, I snoozed it. I dozed for 5 minutes and checked the clock, 9am- shit! I was supposed to be at the venue by 9:30am.


I ran around like a headless chicken, throwing on the first thing I could find. Wide legged black trousers and a sleeveless and slightly too low cut blouse. Never mind, at least I was dressed. I pulled my hair back into a sleek bun, a quick slick of red lipstick and a sweep of my favourite black eyeliner and I was presentable. I made it to the venue by 9:45am. I apologised to the owner for being late. 


'Don't worry about it, Nick is here already and we've been talking things over' he replied.

Nick was here? The owner showed me into the room where the launch was to take place and there was Nick sat watching me walk in. He tapped his watch jokingly. 

'I know, I know! I worked late last night and my alarm didn't go off' 

'So come and let's talk ideas, now that you've eventually shown up' he rolled his eyes playfully


Nick, the owner and I sat for around an hour discussing our thoughts and ideas, and it seemed that Nick and I were on the same page. Often as he would talk, he would place his hand on my knee and I liked how it felt.


After an hour it was time for me to go back to the office, so I thanked the owner and shook his hand and looked at Nick. 

'Are you heading out too?' I asked. He looked a bit surprised.

'Yes, I can do. Would you like a lift back to the office?'

'That's not why I asked you but sure, if you're going that way, that would be fantastic'


Nick had his own car again, and he opened the door for me, then got in beside me.


'Thank you again for last night, I had a really good time' I smiled and watched as a smile spread across his face too.


'I'm glad, I wasn't sure what you were thinking when I asked to come up and you said no. I kind of thought I'd blown it'


'Don't be silly, I'm just waiting for you to take me to Taco Bell on our next date' I joked.


'I think I can do better than that. Leave it with me'


He pulled up around the corner from the office. 

'Thanks for the lift, see you at one?' I said.

'Looking forward to it' his smile was so naturally handsome. 

I opened the door to get out and he said my name. When I turned back round to look at him he said 'you forgot the kiss on my cheek this time'.

I pulled the door back in and leant over to kiss his cheek but he caught my chin in his hand and kissed me gently on the lips. It was heavenly. I pulled back for a second and then went back for more. This time he opened his mouth to me and our tongues met for the first time. I could have stayed in the car kissing him all day but I had to get in the office.


'I need to go to work now, I'm sorry, see you at 1?'


I blew him a kiss as I got out the car and rushed in to the office in a fluster. Aria was waiting for me and she giggled when she saw me.


'Have you seen Nick this morning? She raised her eyebrows.


'Erm yeah, I just left him, he was at the venue with me this morning and he just dropped me off'


'Thought so, you might want to fix your lipstick' 


Oh no! I hadn't thought. In the bathroom as I managed to reapply my lipstick in the right place, I realised Nick must now have red lips too and it made me smile. Back at my desk, I emailed him


Subject: hot lips 


Dear Nick,

I hope you enjoyed the free sample of my lipstick and realised you had it on before you saw anyone. See you at 1.



A x


I went to see Evan, I wanted to be up front about Nick and I. He seemed quite chirpy when I knocked on the door. 

'Come in' he smiled

'Hey, I just wanted to speak to you about something'

'You and Nick?'

'Oh you know?'

'The whole of the internet knows, that's how this town works' he laughed 

'And, is it a problem with work? because that's my priority'

'Look, if you like each other then go for it, so long as it doesn't affect your work, and with the plans you sent me last night, it certainly doesn't look like it's going to'


'I was at the venue this morning with Nick and we came up with some great ideas, I'll send them to you when I get back to my desk. Thanks so much Evan' 


When I logged back into my computer Nick had replied 


Subject: Red lips, red face



Thanks for the lipstick, the woman in Starbucks really liked it when I went in for a latte on the way home. You'll need to let me know the shade, I think it made my eyes pop.


N x


Waaaaaaah he'd sent a kiss back too. 


'Oooh kisses on an email' laughed Aria, I hadn't realised she was behind me.


'It could be worse, it could have been a naked selfie' I joked 


'Yeah because Nicks naked body would be absolutely torturous to the eyes! Anyway, you & I are having lunch. You've got a lot to tell me!'


'Glad I'm not the only one who would be truly offended by that sight!' I giggled.

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