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Sender: me

Carmen, I've landed. Open the vodka, we're going out tonight, I need to get shit faced and pretend half of 2019 hasn't happened. 


Sender: Carmen 

Are you sure this is a good idea? 


Sender: me

No but when has that ever stopped us before? 


I grabbed my luggage and headed to find a taxi. I immediately saw some press photographers at the exit. Oh fantastic I thought, buy they didn't even look at me, they were waiting for Harry Styles who'd been on the same flight as me. It was a relief not to have to care about people watching me anymore. 


The air outside was cold and damp- typical London and with it being the end of October it was dark early too. One of the things I liked the most about London were the lights and as the taxi weaved it's way through the traffic to get me home, I realised how much I'd missed it here. The taxi dropped me at my front door and I took out my key to open it, I realised I'd put the keychain on it that Nick had given me. I held it tight I'm my hand for a second and then opened the door.


'I thought I'd said we were going out?' I looked at Carmen, sat in her chair wearing fleecy pjs and bunny slippers, sipping a hot chocolate topped with a ridiculous amount of cream and marshmallows.


'I'm staging an intervention, alcohol is not going to make this better. It's what got you here in the first place. You need to face up to what's just happened otherwise it'll eat you up' 


'I just want to forget everything' I said, sinking into my chair, and reaching out for the hot chocolate she'd made for me too.


'No you don't, yes it might make life easier but you had too much fun to forget it all, and anyway how can you forget it when you still love him?' 


'I told you, thats not up for conversation. We are now legally separated and there's no going back' 


'Abbi, you're one of the most amazing people that I know but sometimes you are one of the most fucking stupid, stubborn arseholes that I've ever met. Why are you doing this to yourself and to him?’


'To protect him from me' 


'Bollocks to that, you got scared and left the one person in the world who loves you as much as I do. Where's your logic? You hurt him because you didn't tell him the truth, you should have been honest from the start but it’s not too late' 


'Fuck you and fuck your lecture' I raged.


'Want a spoon for your cream?' She asked in reply, walking to the kitchen.


'Yeah and two chocolate biscuits' I huffed back at her.  




I was right back to work on Monday morning, and to be honest my new job was ace. Basically I was now the Evan of our office and because industry people had seen my work, with Shane and the Jonas Brothers I was often requested by name: Abbi Millar. I changed it back as soon as i started back at work. The name Jonas had been a blessing and a curse for me.


Sean was still leaving me alone and I’d heard he was back in LA but I'd also heard through contacts that he wasn't doing as well as they'd hoped because of his poor attitude and unpredictable behaviour. Clearly no one could handle him like I could. He was so frustrating, he had so much potential but my days of dealing with him were long gone, so why did I still care so much?


A week down the line, I had just finished leading my weekly team meeting when my phone rang and I saw Evans number pop up, it was strange, I hadn't heard from him since I left LA.


'Hey stranger!' I answered, excited to hear about what I'd been missing. 


'Hey you! How's London? Let me guess- cold, dull and wet?' 


'Wow, scarily accurate! You must be psychic!' I laughed 'so to what do I owe the pleasure?' 


'I'm about to ask you something, and I want you to keep an open mind and just let me finish what I'm saying ok?' 


'Okay.....' I replied, intrigued. 


'So MTV Europe awards are coming up, yes?


'Yes, We've got a couple of acts nominated'


'So have we actually, and you know both of them really well'


'I don't like where this is going'


'Keep an open mind remember. So anyway The Jonas Brothers have been nominated for best group and Shane or Sean whatever you want to call him, has been nominated as best newcomer and best male' 


'That's great, so what's the next part of the story, come on spit it out' 


'Well we've had MTV request that they both perform but they don't just want Shane' he explained


'If this is going where I think it's going then you can just stop now Evan' 


'It would be a one off and never happen again, you can put that chapter to bed' he pleaded. 


'Oh that chapters been in bed so long it's unconscious'


'Just think about it, please. Sean really wants you to do it' 


'Oh I'm sure he does. You know my feelings on singing in public and the EMA's are not just in public they're like in front of everyone I've ever met times a million. I'm not a singer!'


'Please just take some time and think about it'


'Ok. Ok. But the answer will still be no'


'Abbi, I'm going to level with you. If things don't get better with him we're going to have to drop him from the label. He's got too much potential for that but he's losing us money. I'm asking as a favour for him, please will you consider it?'


'I'll think about it, but I don't know how I feel about seeing Nick again. It's not just about Sean'


'I need to know by 10am your time tomorrow' 


We said our goodbyes and hung up, my first reaction was to bang my head on my desk. The second of course was to call Carmen. 


'Hello, CJ's boutique, Carmen speaking, how can I help you?' 


'Shoot my ex?' 


'I'm sorry, I'm afraid you'll need to be more specific, we've got details for more than one on our system' she was enjoying this.


'The narcissistic, self destructive one who's currently messing up his career and apparently needs me to sing with him at the EMA's to avoid being dropped by his record company'


'In that case I can definitely offer a hitman, would you rather an arsonist or a sniper'


'Both please, I'd like to ensure it's final' 


'Ok, no problem. I've booked you in for a personalised consultation with myself in half an hour' 


As promised, Carmen burst into my office armed with coffee and cakes, and I relayed the full story to her. 


'Right you have two options, do one last thing for him and reopen old wounds or let him suffer for his own idiocy but blame yourself forever. However we will get seats for the EMA's and a free trip to Spain if you do it so I say fuck it. Just do it. YOLO and all that' she said, not the reaction I was expecting at all.


'YOLO? Who even are you? But ok, I'll do it'


'Get Evan on the phone now and tell him' she had a way of talking me round. She then picked up my phone and dialled Evan before I changed my mind.


'Hey Abbi' he answered, 'have you made a decision already? Please say it’s a yes!'


'Ok, I'll do it'


'Yes, fantastic, I knew you wouldn't let us down' I could hear pure relief in his voice. 


'But I will be emailing you a list of T&C's'


'Anything you want! This is going to be great' 


Carmen squealed as I put the phone down. 


'I can't believe you've talked me in to this' I said to Carmen, banging my head off the desk again.


'I better get back to work, but see you at home. Your turn to cook, bye!' She said almost skipping out of my office.


I took the opportunity to work out some T&C's for me agreeing to this.


Subject: Bigger rider than Beyoncé 

Dear Evan,

Here's my T&C's-

-Carmen will be attending as my plus one. 

-We expect all expenses to be paid and to be in a half decent hotel, and don't forget breakfast. 

-I am not Sean's date to the awards and will spend as little time as possible in his company.

-I think it goes without saying that Nick and I should be kept apart

-I need a fabulous dress and stylist

-I will never ever do this again


That ok?

Abbi x




Carmens POV


Since Vegas I've been keeping in touch with Sophie and Dani and the three of us know that Abbi and Nick are as equally stubborn as each other but are so totally made for each other. He misses her but her running out on him and leaving a note broke him and she doesn't want the divorce- regardless of what she says. She cries at night but doesn't think that I notice.


We've been looking for an opportunity for them to 'bump' into each other for ages and I can't believe the EMA's in November will finally do that. It will be two months since they last saw each other and hopefully they'll both be a bit clearer as to what they want, and if not we will give them a gentle push.


I don't actually think she should do the EMA's, she hates singing in public and especially not to help Sean but if it gets her and Nick back together then it will all be worth it. That, and the all expenses paid trip to Seville won’t be too abismal. I just hope she sees why I made her do it in the end. I started a group chat as soon as I left Abbi.



Ladies we have an opportunity- guess who's going to be at the EMA's at the same time? That's right Abbi and Nick (not to mention I'm obviously going too) So what are we going to do? (Aside from get them drunk and recreate Vegas?) 



Yes yes yes! Let's get this done! I think even just them seeing each other face to face will help!



But if they won't see each other, how do we get them face to face?



We need to get Kevin and Joe in on this. Between the five of us they won't know what's hit them. 


*Sophie added Joe to the chat*

*Dani added Kevin to the chat*



Hello ladies, dunno if Soph was meant to add me to this but hope you're having an awesome day. 



Hey, I'm here too Joe. Dani's just explaining it to me. Apparently we have a secret mission



It's called Operation Seville (Get Abbi and Nick back together) 



Espionage? I like it, you've got my attention. 



Ok everyone, First rule of group chat, is that no one talks about group chat. We all know Abbi and Nick would freak if they knew we were doing this.



So what's the plan or is that the million dollar question?


The chat went on for the best part of the day, it was a good job I was the manager and could delegate the work for the day so I could stay focused on the matter in hand. Abbi was either going to love or hate me for this. 



Abbi POV


Evan messaged back agreeing to it all. I still can't believe I'd said I'd do it. Especially now he's telling me I need to do a couple of rehearsals with Sean before the awards. I'm hoping the fact that he's been quiet means he'll not be a problem. I text him to set it up. 


Sender: me

When are you back in the UK we need to plan a rehearsal?


Sender: Sean

Back next week. I'll arrange a location and let you know. Hope you're ok x


Sender: Me

Great. Let me know ASAP. 


He sounded civil which was a good thing but when I turned up to the rehearsal space a week later, I realised why. The second I laid eyes on him I could tell was clearly using drugs heavily again, he was high as a kite, white powder around his nostrils and barely coherent. Part of me wanted to turn around and wash my hands of him but I couldn’t.


'What are you doing to yourself Sean? You should be on top of the world right now and look at you. Fucking things up for yourself again. Well zero sympathy here. I agreed to do this for you and you're going to agree to do something for me' I was in no mood to mess around.


'What?' He said sniffing heavily as if to clear his nostrils. 


'After the EMA's you're going to rehab, and so help me if I have to drag you there myself then I will'


'Do you really think I need it?' He asked as if he was totally fine. 


'No, I know you need it. God it kills me to see you like this, this isn't you. What the hell happened?'


'I've been using for years, you know that, but sometimes it just gets out of hand. After you left my flat that day and I realised what I'd done, well this is the only way to keep the guilt away or it's just too much. I'm sorry, I'm so sorry for hurting you all of these times.' 


I hugged him and felt his body shake uncontrollably as his tears fell. We had a complicated relationship but I couldn't let him kill himself slowly like this.


'I'm going to get you into the best facility and you're going to go and get strong again, ok? But you need to promise you'll give it your all, I’m not ready to bury you, you understand?’ I asked crying too


'I promise I'll go to rehab, but on one condition- that you try and work things out with Nick. You two are made for each other and I know I messed it up for you' 


'I don't know if I can, I think I've done too much damage' 


'You'll never know unless you try' he was right for a change.


'Right let's get some coffee and sort ourselves out, then we can go and sing this song' I said, drying my eyes.


'Just please Abbi, please keep this just between you and I. You know what this would do to my mum, it would kill her. Please don’t tell anyone’


'I swear Sean, only you and I will know' and I meant it. It was best all round if no one knew what we were up to. 


After the rehearsal I dropped Sean off at his house. Before he got out of my car I told him that we'd drawn a line in the sand today and I would support him but as his friend and nothing more. He nodded and thanked me. 


Once I got home I was straight on the phone to some contacts. In the record industry drug problems are prevalent, he wasn't the first client I'd had to arrange rehab for, but he was the one I cared about the most. I managed to get him a place in a fantastic place not far from Seville, he'd go the day after the EMA's. 


Now I just had to work out how I'd keep the promise I'd made him and fix things with Nick. If that was even possible. 

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