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Nick and I talked for hours, only stopping to get some room service. The initial awkwardness that I’d felt earlier in the day was definitely fading and I was beginning to relax and let my guard down with him again. It felt different in London somehow, I was more confident and assertive because now we were on my ‘patch’. 


‘Oh my, have you seen the time?’ He asked checking his big bling watch. ‘It’s 2 am’


‘Seriously? Wow! I’d better go home, I’ve got work tomorrow’ I started to get my things together.


‘Why don’t you just stay here? I don’t like the thought of you going home so late by yourself’ 


‘Are you sure? I can jump in a cab?’


‘What if I want you to stay?’ 


‘Then I guess I’ll just have to stay then, but you’ll need to give me something to wear in bed’ 


‘Spoilsport. You used to sleep naked’


‘Ah so thats why you wanted me to stay, to see my assets’ I joked


‘And because I miss seeing your face first thing in the morning’ he smiled genuinely. 


‘How can I turn you down with a line like that?’ 


I changed in the bathroom and came out in Nicks shorts and tee.


‘You almost look as good as me in that’ 


‘It’s the guns that do it’ I said posing like Mr Universe, before climbing into bed with him. Since I’d been home I’d got used to having the bed to myself but the feeling of him in bed next to me was warm and familiar. 


‘Mind if I cuddle in?’ I asked. 


‘I’d be offended if you didn’t’ he replied. 


I moved over and buried my head into his naked chest and listened to his heartbeat. 


‘So, where do we go from here? I mean with our relationship’ He asked me, kissing me on the top of my head. 


‘I don’t know, I’m still in shock that we’re here at all, but surely, since you’re the one who came to find me, you should be the one with the plan, no?’ I passed the buck swiftly.


‘Well here’s the story of why I’m here. Joe showed me the interview that Sean did and I didn’t know what to do, then my dad asked me why I was still standing there and it was him that actually booked me the flight. It was my full intention to fly in, throw you over my shoulder and drag you back to LA but now I’m hoping you might just want to come back of your own free will’ 


‘Come back to LA? Nick, we’re literally spending our first night together in over two months. It’s a lot to ask for me just to drop everything to follow you back’ I said pulling away from him. 


‘I understand, I guess I’m just going to try and convince you’ he was looking me square in the eyes. 


‘And how are you going to do that?’ I asked. I’d barely finished my sentence when he lips found mine, and that was it. I’d gone from strong independent woman to putty in his hands, the same hands that were starting to take my pj’s off. Not one single part of me wanted to stop him. His kisses made me moan and his hands over my body squirm with pleasure. His body was equally reactive to my touch, I felt him hold his breath as I removed his boxers. We were both completely naked and I couldn’t take it any longer. I pushed him onto his back and climbed on top of him. The feeling of him inside me again was phenomenal. He just fitted me perfectly. It had been so long and felt so good, I couldn’t hold back with the noises I was making, and he was moaning too. I couldn’t hold back any longer and I crashed down on top of him, completely taken over by my orgasm and he called out as he reached his shortly after. If anyone had walked past the room at that moment they’d have thought we were filming an adult movie. 


I stayed there on top of him, my head buried into his neck, for a minute or so, until my body stopped twitching. Then I rolled off and lay eye to eye with him as we both caught our breath. Not only was I completely in lust with Nick, I was still head over heels in love with him. Was that enough to make me leave my life behind though? 


‘Persuaded yet?’ He asked with a cheeky grin on his face.


‘Not going to lie, that was incredible but we need to get this right. This has to be the last time we try and I can’t just give everything up and end up with nothing if it doesn’t work’ my head was so conflicted.


‘The next few weeks I’ll be in Europe, let’s just see how it goes, ok?’


‘I’ve also got ten days in LA that I booked to come over for the divorce’ I added. 


‘I love you Abbi and I can’t stand the thought of you not being in my life, sometimes I wish we’d never got married and could just have spent more time just getting to know each other first, do you know what I mean?’ 


‘I do and I love you too, but I really need to get to sleep now’ 


His lips found mine again for a good night kiss and with his arms wrapped around me, I dozed off. 



At 9am sharp I called into the office-

'Hi Lana, it's me. Look I can't make it in to the office today, I'm going to work from home. My only appointment is my 3pm so if you can reschedule that for tomorrow afternoon then that would be great but if not I'm sure you can handle it. Thanks' 


I walked back through to the bedroom and lay down opposite Nick. I had just spent the first night with my husband in a long time and for a change I hadn't run out first thing in the morning. 


'You sound sexy when you do that business thing on the phone' he said pulling me in for a hug. 


'And you look sexy lying in bed half naked like that' I replied, letting him wrap me up in his muscular arms.


'I was worried I'd wake up and you'd be gone again' he said pretending to cry.


'Stop milking it ok? Anyway, I hate to say this but I really should go home and get showered'


'Listen, I know last night didn't solve everything but it really feels like something has changed’ 


'Do you know what hasn't changed though?' I replied. 


'What?' He looked worried


'My clothes! now are you going to get up and come with me or are you staying here?'


'I'll get ready' he smiled, already half way towards the bathroom. 



Nick dressed down. I'd decided that we'd take the tube back to my place, we’d done LA his way, it was time for him to see London my way. No security, just us, and in typical London fashion no one even paid us the blindest bit of attention. I could tell Nick got a buzz from the freedom, I certainly did once I'd got back from LA and I wasn’t even the famous one!


As we approached the flat I shared with Carmen, I realised it was the first time Nick had been there. It felt strange, like I was letting him into my life now, not just me slotting into his world like I'd done in LA. Everything there fitted into his schedule and where he had to be. Here, this was my place. 


'Carmens home, that's her car' I pointed out her black Mini Cooper in the tiny car park. 


'Which one is yours?' He asked.


'The white Audi beside it, it reminded me of you'  I blushed. 


He came up in the elevator with me and followed me into the flat, his eyes were everywhere. As luxury as our place was, it was nowhere near as fancy as his house. 


'Carmen?' I shouted 


'Hey bitch, I'm in the kitchen. I take it Nick got lucky last night since that's you just home?'


'Yes I did, thanks for asking' Nick replied laughing. 


She came flying out of the Kitchen.


'Fucks sake, you could have told me he was here' she gave Nick a hug. 


'Nice to see you again' he said returning the hug.


'Nice to see you too Nick, it's the first time I've seen her smile in god knows how long. She's really missed you'


'She is also able to speak for herself!' I gave Carmen a look.


'I'm just going to get a quick shower' I shouted walking towards the bathroom.


'Don't worry I'll look after him' she replied. Poor Nick, his ears would be on fire when I came back. 




Nick POV


So this is her apartment, it's very her- disorganised chaos. No wonder she found my place like a museum. 


'So are you guys good now, like really good?' Carmen asked me.


'We're going to try and work things out so I'd say so' 


'About time. She's been a total fucking nightmare through all of this. Don't get me wrong, I know why she was worried about Sean, but I told her to tell you everything, obviously she didn't listen. She was too scared of what you'd think' 


'The two of them seem to be in a better place now though aren't they? Sean and Abbi I mean' their relationship still had a way of unnerving me.


'Far better, he just hadn't let go of the past but rehab has worked wonders. I don't even really want to kill him anymore which is a bonus.' 


'I'm not quite there yet' I shrugged, half joking, half not, as Abbi popped her head round the door. 'I'm just going to get dressed, won't be long' she said with her beautiful smile, and disappeared again. Every time I looked at her it reminded of how much I'd missed her. 


'You know Nick, she's changed since you've been apart, she's not afraid anymore. She's ready to let you love her' 


Carmens honesty was so refreshing, I had to ask 'Do you think she wants to make us work?'


'Let me think. She's never taken her wedding ring off and she has your wedding photo in her room. Not sure. Anyway, why are you sat here, go and get her. I'll turn the tv up and I won't hear a single sex noise' she cackled.


'You're killing me Carmen, but turn it up just in case' I winked at her, walking over towards Abbi's room. I knocked gently and walked in. So this was my wife's room, all her stuff was all over the place and it smelled of her favourite Kenzo Flower perfume, I remember she told me she wore it because it had been her grandmas favourite perfume. I saw our wedding photo straight away. It filled me with hope. 


'Not the same as your big fancy bedroom in LA is it?' She smiled rubbing her hair with her towel, whilst stood in her white lacy underwear. She looked unbelievably hot.


'This is better actually' I replied 


'How do you get that?' She looked unconvinced.


'Because you're in it, and you're only in your underwear so it's pretty near perfect'


'And that's enough of those comments for now' she smiled, pushing me playfully. It was literally killing me not to jump on her. I watched as she dressed, and we walked back out of her room to find Carmen gone.


'Do you want to stay here and just talk then? Since we're alone?' She asked me. 


'Yeah, I mean my brothers are flying in this afternoon though so I'll need to go and meet up with them at the hotel later. You could always come too. The girls will be there' 


'Have you told Alena that I'll be at her party yet?' She asked.


'I haven't really had a chance, you kept me busy most of the night didn't you?' 


'Maybe I could come and tell her myself later then? I've missed her and Valentina so much' 


'I'd like that very much' I replied. 


We spent the rest of the day in her 'flat' as she called it, just talking about anything and everything. She told me all about the artists she had been working with and wanted to know all about the tour and it was just good having someone to share it all with again. It just felt so natural being back with her. I was almost disappointed when Joe text me to say they'd landed, but I was glad Abbi was coming back to the hotel with me.


'Do you want to bring an overnight bag, just in case?' I asked hopefully.


'Remember I have work tomorrow though, I can't have sneaky days off all the time. Boss or not!' She raised her eyebrows.


'And I'm in Birmingham tomorrow night' I reminded her.


'Well let's make tonight count then' she replied.


One thing definitely hadn't changed though- her driving was still terrible.


Abbi POV


After last night, today felt really comfortable with Nick but I really didn't want to move too fast like last time, but I knew with his schedule it was going to be hard not to. We were on our way back to his hotel in my car to see his family, my overnight bag in the back seat. It was strange thinking I was going to be having a sleepover with my husband again. 


We pulled up outside the hotel and a valet came to park my car. 

'What's the name?' He asked

'Jonas' I replied without thinking, handing him my key while Nick grabbed my bag from the car.

I saw Nick smile. 'Well technically it is, isn't it' I shrugged.

It was then that we realised that there were two photographers watching us and snapping away. 

'come on, let's go inside' I said.

'Wait a sec' he said

I stopped to wait for him to do whatever it was and he grabbed me and kissed me. 

'Now they've got a picture to print' he smiled pulling away. 

'Maybe another kiss just in case they missed it?' I asked 

This time he gave me a long, slow kiss. 


'Eww uncle Nick, stop kissing Aunt Abbi, we want to say hi' It was Alena and Valentina. We had been too busy to notice the family had arrived. 


'Alena, Valentina! I've missed you two so so much' I bent down and threw my arms around them. 


'Are you coming to my party?' She asked, eyes massive with anticipation.


'As if I'd miss it!' 


'So you two look like you're getting on better' Dani gave us a knowing look.


I nodded and Nick smiled, pretty much confirming what Dani had guessed. 


'That flight was a killer and I'm starving, why don't we go and get something to eat?' Asked Sophie. 'We're pretty hungry too, count us in' said Nick speaking for us both.


We made our way inside to the restaurant and ordered our food. Alena and Valentina were sat with Nick and I telling me all about the tour and what they'd seen and done. 


'Uncle Nick missed you when you went away, do you not have too much work to do now?' Alena asked.


'Well I've decided that I've been working too hard so I'm going to take some time off soon to spend more time with you and Uncle Nick. I missed him and you loads!' 


Nick put his arm around me and smiled. 'I think Aunt Abbie has the best ideas sometimes' 


Even Nicks mum and dad were fine with me, they were the ones who had really worried me but when Nick took Alena to find some crayons, his Dad came over and hugged me. 

'Abbi, this is where you're meant to be. You complete him and he completes you. Put the past behind you and look to that future. We're both rooting for you' he smiled indicating to Denise who was also smiling. I was so taken aback, it was not the reception I'd expected at all.


'You don't know what that means to me to hear you say that' 


After dinner and some of the best ever colouring in, we all headed off to bed for the night.


Up in the room I watched as Nick started to undress to go to bed. It felt so surreal about being back here with him.


'Are you ok? You're just stood there perving on me!' He starting goofing around pulling modelling poses. 


'I'm fine, I'm better than fine actually. What I said downstairs about taking time off work, I'd booked time off for the divorce, which we might not need anymore'


'We definitely don't need it' he replied. 


'So I'm going to try and get at least another week, maybe two off and that will give us at least three weeks together in LA or wherever you need to be. Let's just give us the best shot we can'


'Seriously?' He looked surprised


'Seriously. And if it's all good then we can take it from there' 


'Now that's something to celebrate, come over here and kiss me'


'I'll do more than just kiss you.....' 



It was heavenly waking up naked in Nick's arms again the next morning, however it was torture leaving him to go to work. I looked at the clock, I had just enough time. He was stirring but not quite awake yet, so I ducked under the covers and took him in my mouth. After a second or two he was definitely awake, 'Jesus that's some way to be woken up'. He opened his legs so I could move in between them and threw back the covers so he could watch. Nick loves eye contact so I tilted my head so our eyes could meet. This made him groan and throw his head back. He placed his hand on the back of my head and guided my pace as my head moved up and down. It wasn't long before he exploded in my mouth and he lay back panting. I moved back up beside him and cuddled back in to him. 


'Now, just to clarify, I'm not running off, some of us have to work today' I joked. 


'I know! We've got to do something at the BBC live lounge and then we leave for Birmingham at 2 but I'll be back later tonight, before flying to Dublin on Friday morning but then I'm coming back to you for 4 days. Now go to work before you're late again!' 


'If I'm on time, my secretary will faint' I laughed. 


'Well five minutes late never killed anyone, come back here, there's a present under the covers for you' 


'What a bad influence you are' I whispered as I climbed on top of him and guided him between my legs. We were both horny as hell this morning so it didn't last long but we were both satisfied.


Before I left I remembered something. 'Nick, I know you're probably not going to like this but I'm having lunch with Sean today. We've been doing a bit of work together since he came out of rehab but nothing for you to worry about though. I'm all yours' I kissed him on the head. 


'Are you going somewhere nice?' He asked politely, even though I could see he wasn't happy.


'Nah, sandwiches at my desk' I laughed. ‘Now I better go’ 


'Wait, before you do, there's something I want to do' he said, reaching up and taking the chain from my neck. 'I want to put this ring back on your finger' 


He got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife again. Of course I said yes, I was delighted. I kissed him again and left for work, grudgingly.

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