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I met my group and their manager inside the tv studio, it was their first tv appearance and they were so excited. Don't get me wrong, these girls are super talented but I couldn't help but feel that that the sudden booking was a rouse to find out the truth behind the gossip about Nick and I since we'd been pictured together again. I'd made a point of wearing both my huge engagement ring and wedding ring for people to see, that would hopefully answer some questions alone. 


Nick arrived not long after us and greeted me with a kiss. 'I'm so sorry' he whispered in my ear. 


'Oh my god you guys are so cute' said one of the band members, making me smile, whilst inwardly still harbouring a desire to punch Nick in the face. It 


After hair and make up, we took our seat on the talk show sofa. Nick stood at the side, watching. He'd been interviewed by Lorraine before and she was excited he was there too. 


At first the questions were directed to the girls and their media training had really worked its magic. They were confident in how they spoke and gave good, well thought out answers. It couldn't have gone better for them. 


The host, Lorraine, then turned to me and asked questions about the band and then she cut to the chase- 

'So I see you're wearing your ring and Nick is here with you today, I take it things are going better between you two?'


'Absolutely fantastic. Things were a bit crazy for a while there but when you love each other as much as we do then you just need to find a way' 


'And I'm one hell of a husband' Nick came over and butted in, making us all laugh. 


The girls performance was on point, I was so proud and they were delighted. After we'd all calmed down, I said goodbye to them and was about to leave with Nick when my phone rang, it was a number that I hadn't expected to see. 


Nick saw the trepidation in my face 'who is it?'


'My dad' i said answering my phone with a frosty tone. 


'Hello Dad, it's been a while'


'I've just been watching you on the TV, you were brilliant, and nice to see your husband there to support you. Looks like you've upgraded this time' 


'Thanks. Now can we cut to the chase. What do you want?' I saw Nick's jaw drop, this was nothing like the way he spoke to his Dad.


'Meet me for dinner tonight? I think we should talk' 


'What time and where?'


'The club at 7pm, bring your husband if you like?'


'I don't know if he's free tonight'


'Well, I'll be at the usual table'


'Ok, bye Dad' I hung up. There was another can of worms opened. 


'So your dad then? I didn't realise, I mean obviously I knew you had parents but you only ever mentioned your mom so I just assumed he was dead or something, sorry' 


'I haven't seen or spoken to him since the morning of my wedding to Sean when he turned up and told me that if I married him then I'd be dead to him so....' 


'Wow, that's crazy'


'He was probably right about him though to be honest. But listen my dad isn't your ordinary father. He's something else actually, he thinks money is the answer to everything' 


'Well your millionaire husband can play at that game too' he laughed. 


'You have no idea! Anyway I'm meeting him for dinner tonight, he invited you too but I'd like to see him myself first if that's ok? Join us for drinks afterwards if you're brave enough though' 


'Sounds like a challenge to me' 


Poor boy had no idea what lay ahead of him.


We left the studio and there were a load of photographers outside waiting for us. Apparently a tv appearance destroys your ability to go off grid. At least there was a limit on the gossip they could print about a husband and wife being out together.


We pulled up outside my office where he was dropping me off on his way to his appointments. 


'Before I go. It's the Eden club we're going to with dad tonight so it's your Sunday best ok?'


'Eden club? That is fancy, it's so exclusive that Joe tried to get us a table there and he couldn't. So message received loud and clear. I'll make you proud, don't worry' he kissed me before I got out of the car. ‘I love you Abbi' 


'Love you too'  



It had played on my mind all day what my father wanted, I'd soon find out. Borrowing another sleek dress from Carmens collection I made sure I looked at my absolute best. I wanted to show Dad I was doing just fine without him. I was even on time to meet my dad, he always demanded punctuality so I knew it would make him happy. 


As I walked towards him, my dad stood to greet me with a hug, which I reciprocated. 


'So, you finally got rid of Sean then?' he asked with a smirk 'I've seen all about his rehab stay and how you "saved his life"'


'We're good friends now but nothing more, you know I'm married to Nick now' 


'Yes and he seems a far better match. I've been doing my due diligence and it's been all good things that have come back about him' 


'He'll be joining us for drinks after dinner, I thought we needed to talk first. Please don't go all OTT on him' 


Dad had ordered our meals before I'd arrived so our starters were brought out to us. The food at the Eden club was phenomenal. 


'So why the sudden contact then dad ? Nick and I have been in the press for a while now so you must have known about us, and then I'm on tv this morning and you get in touch. Excuse the cynicism, but I'm curious' 


'Well, I've been following your shenanigans in the press this whole time and hearing all about how well you're doing in work all by yourself. Then I saw you on the tv this morning and how you conducted yourself and I realised, I've got the perfect job for you'


'I've told you, I'm not interested in working for you, I don't want any nepotism, I want to get where I'm going by myself. Anyway I'm possibly going to be moving to LA with Nick so unless it's over there then thanks but no thanks' 


'It's in London, but moving to LA? Have you arranged a new job there? You'd be crazy to give up everything right now when you're going places' 


'It's not up for discussion, ok Dad?'


'Abbi, love isn't always the answer ok? Look at your mother and I'


'Yes you and my mother indeed. You're here living your best life and she's got mental health issues galore because you left her' I couldn't help it.


After that we sat and ate in virtual silence.


'I really wish you weren't as stubborn as me sometimes Abbi' he eventually said. 


'You think I'm bad, you should see Nick. He takes things to whole other level' every time I spoke about Nick, my demeanour changed.


'Explain this to me though, firstly I heard you're getting a divorce and now you're here all in love again?


'We've decided to try again, that's why I'm thinking of going to LA, it makes most sense if I live there'


'Most sense for who? You're going to go over there and leave everything behind here on the sole basis of trying again with a husband that you've known less than a year and probably spent more time apart from that together with'


'Dad, I know. I just don't want to walk away without giving it a proper chance. I don't want to compete with your record of the most amount of divorces. Anyway, Nick just messaged me, he's nearly here. I'll go and meet him at the door. Play nicely, ok?'


I walked to the door to meet Nick, who was dressed in a classic black suit, my heart pounded, he really was handsome. 


'Everything going ok?' He asked


'Zero bloodshed... so far' I laughed taking his hand and leading him towards my dad. 


'Nick, this is my father' I introduced him.


'Hello Sir' he looked stunned, I was such a normal girl and here was my very obviously wealthy father, who regularly graced the pages of OK and Hello magazine with his latest wife.


'I take it she didn't mention me then?' My dad laughed. 


'Erm, not until today' Nick looked shellshocked.


'Well at least you now know she's not with you for the money' my dad laughed. To explain, my dad is the extremely well known multi millionaire media mogul, David Lord. He's also known for his wealth and collection of much younger wives. My mum was his first wife from before he was wealthy so nobody really knows we’re related which suits me. 


'So Nick, Abbi here tells me that she's coming to LA to try out living with you again. How do you intend to support her with her work?'


'Erm well as you probably know, money isn't an issue for us so she can do whatever she likes for work, I'm 100% behind her'


'Well I'm trying to offer her a job but she's not interested. It would mean her staying in London though' 


'Dad, I've already told you' I shot him a look but he continued.


'With her experience and now her being in the public eye, we think she'd be an excellent judge on the panel of our next talent show and the salary is fantastic'


'Number one its not about money and anyways, I've just told you about LA. Why aren't you listen to me?' I was growing extra frustrated.


'Abbi, you're so bloody frustrating. Why will you never let me give you the opportunities you deserve? Do you know Nick, my daughter has a bank account that I pay a monthly allowance into, and do you know the last time she used it? Never! She's too stubborn and wants to do it all herself'


We had a few more drinks and then left, me promising to consider my Dads job offer. My initial reaction was hell no, so why now did it sound so attractive a proposition. 


'So that's your dad then?' Nick raised his eyebrows at me once we got in the waiting car. 


'Yes, and he drives me insane!' I groaned.


'That's an amazing opportunity he offered you, it's just a shame you won't be able to do it' he said.


'How do you mean?' I was confused.


'Well it's a bit of a commute back to London from LA is it not?'


'If I did it, I'd probably just stay in London' I shrugged 


'So that's LA done then is it?' He said, immediately getting my back up, I didn't like his tone. 


'No, I'm not saying that. Will you just chill please? I've told him I'll think about it but tell me this, why is it ok for you to tour the world with the band and leave me in LA, but I can't stay in London and work here?'


'I didn't say that. I'm just meaning the band is going to be taking time out after the tour while Sophie has the baby and I've got some solo stuff planned but not much so that's a lot of time we could be spending together if you come back to LA with me'


'Ok, I get it. You want me in LA with you being the good little wife, waiting for you to come home?' I snapped.


'That's not what I meant but if we are going to work we need to decide where we're going to live and I want that to be together' 


'Ok, I'm sorry. I just have issues being told what to do' I backed down grudgingly.


'Really! I hadn't guessed!' He said sarcastically 


'I was thinking, why don't you stay at mine tonight and i'll drop you back at the hotel on my way to work in the morning'


'I like the sound of that a lot, I've got an early flight to Dublin anyway' 


I took Nick back to my place and it felt so much more intimate than the hotel. Carmen was out so I ran us a bath and brought us some wine to enjoy. Being in my place just made us feel like any normal couple. He was being silly and messing around splashing me and got bubbles in my wine.


'You're going down Jonas!' I yelled in a mock battlecry 


'Sounds good to me!' He said getting out the bath and leading me to the bedroom.



The next morning I dropped him off at the hotel early and has decided to use my gym membership before work. It's second ever use. I got on the treadmill and put the music on. My dads job offer was still on my mind but how could I give the marriage my all from London. Nick's whole attitude to me taking the job had really got on my nerves too. I decided to email my dad and ask for more details. There was no point in turning down something without finding out all about it, was there? 


A few hours later I was sat at my desk looking at a job offer that added an extra zero onto my annual salary for just 6 months work. My dad also mentioned that he thought I could get other tv work alongside it. I needed to give this some serious thought. I decided to make a lunch date with Sophie and Dani who had both stayed in London whilst the Jonas Brothers has flown to Dublin, surely they'd have an insight. 


We met at a cute little French place that Sophie recommended. It was so authentic and the food was delicious. We chatted away, catching up and making up for lost time. Sophie was super excited about the baby and Dani was telling me about her new jewellery line. 


'So I've got a bit of a dilemma going on and I wanted a bit of 'sister' advice' I began 


'Ooh I love a dilemma!' Said Dani clapping her hands together. 


'Well, Nick wants me to move back to LA which means leaving my job but I know I'll find work quickly in LA. But I've now been offered an amazing tv job which means I have to stay in London for 6 months at least and basically Nick's said he doesn't want me to do it, but I'm on the fence. How do you cope working away from each other?' 


'It's not easy but you just have to find a way to meet in the middle. It would be so easy just for me to give up what I'm doing and follow Joe around, but that wouldn't be me and we'd end up resenting each other. You need to think of yourself as well as Nick you know. Plus planes do exist' said Sophie. 


'At the same time, you guys are looking to sort things out together and 6 months apart at this stage of your relationship when it's so make or break, you really need to think if you could stand it if it were to break' offered Dani.


I was still no further forward. 


The next day I met Nick at his hotel when he was back from Dublin, I was staying overnight as it was Alena's birthday party the next day. As I walked in to the restaurant and I saw him my heart skipped a beat. I'd really missed him and it had only been a day, how could I manage 6 months? 


He stood and pulled a chair out for me, kissing me on the cheek and sitting down next to me. We made small talk about how amazing Dublin was but we were avoiding the elephant in the room.


'I got the full job offer from my dad, do you want to look it over?' I finally asked him


'I thought you'd decided against it?'


'I've not decided anything yet, I just would like your support at the moment as I know it's not just a decision for me, it's a decision for us'


'Well I've been thinking it over and I can honestly say if you take it then it would be the end of us' he said coldly


'What?'- did I just hear him right?


'If you want to be selfish and stay here while we could be fixing our marriage in LA then that's up to you but I can't be sat waiting for you hoping that you're still going to love me in 6 months time. So it's your decision- me or the job' 


'You're being totally fucking unreasonable, issuing me with an ultimatum? I'm sorry but I won't be controlled like that. I'm leaving now but I'll be back for Alena's party tomorrow, I won't let her down' I stood up and walked out on him. Again. 


I called Carmen but she was out on a date with some guy she'd met on tinder so instead I called Sean, I needed to talk to someone who was on my side. He'd agreed to come to my place and was there 5 minutes after me. I recounted the story of what had happened to him and watched his facial expressions. The tight lips and furrowed brow as I finished meant he was as pissed of as me.


'Fuck him Abs, if you want the job then take it. This is your life too and you can't let him dictate to you like that. You know I've been pushing you to get back together with Nick, but not if that's how he's going to be. Maybe now he's seen you're not going to bow down to him then he'll see sense' 


'Do you know what the worst of it is, I don't even know if I want the job, I just wanted to talk it through with him'


'And the more he says no, the more you want it?' he laughed knowing me only too well. 


'Exactly!' I sighed


Sean stayed for a few hours and we watched movies on Netflix but he left just after Carmen got home. She was half pissed but had a great night with Tinderman, as I called him. When I explained what had happened with Nick, she was also outraged. I was so glad knowing it wasn't just me being unreasonable. I just hoped he would change his mind by the party.

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