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Work was going fantastically well and I'd seen Nick at work the past couple of days but I was still waiting for an invitation to go on a second date. The anticipation was killing me and I was starting to think he'd changed his mind about it. Aria thought I should just bite the bullet and ask him myself but I wouldn't. The official reason being that 'I don't care either way' but the real one was 'I'm scared he'll say no'.


I was daydreaming again when Aria, Zoe, Stella and Leah, the girls from my section, crowded my desk. 

'Sooo, Abbi. It's Friday night and it's girls night, so you are coming out for your first taste of LA nightlife!' I'd say Aria was asking me to go out but I knew it wasn't optional.


'Well, I hope you know us Scottish girls are hardcore when it comes to clubbing!'


'This is what we like to hear, because here in LA we like to work hard and play harder!' Stella was smiling. 


Since it was Friday and quiet, we all left work at 4pm which gave me time to go shopping for something nice to wear. If Nick wasn't going to ask me on that second date then I might need to look elsewhere for a romantic interest so I may as well make an effort. I chose a black leather pencil skirt that was so tight that it was like a second skin and a black lace plunge neck body suit with barely there modesty panels. I had brought my favourite black stilettos from home that had silver spikes on, so they'd complete the outfit with my small red leather clutch bag. At home, I teased my hair into long waves, fixed my make up and headed to the bar to meet the girls.


'Who the hell is this hot chick?' Asked Zoe doing a mock wolf whistle.


'Haha, very funny! I just thought I'd make an effort. Since I've not had a second date, I thought I might have a look and see what else LA has to offer'


'You don't hang around!' Laughed Stella.


'I think I'm in the friend zone with Nick and I didn't come here to be lonely! So, you know! But now can we please stop talking about my shitty love life and let's get drunk instead'


The bar was one of those cool places, all glass, lights and chrome. It was a lot fancier than where I went with my friends at home


Around midnight Zoe announced we were moving on to the club. I had to smile. My favourite Scottish comedian Kevin Bridges does a really funny sketch about 'In the Club' and my friends and I usually do an impression of him when we're arranging a night out. 


The girls and I walked straight into the club, leaving all the people queuing up outside very jealous, but this was a perk of our job. Leah led us all to the VIP section and the security guy on the rope let us in. Even the VIP was busy but our booth was reserved, and a large bottle of Grey Goose vodka appeared as soon as we sat down. I could get used to this! We were all pretty tipsy already and the vodka was going down well but I was holding my own in the drinks stakes. A tray of tequila shots was delivered to us, with lime and salt. 


'Excuse me, we didn't order these' Leah spoke to the waitress. 


'I know, they're complements of the group in booth one' she smiled and left. 


Leah and I looked at each other and shrugged, free alcohol? Let's do this! We downed the shots and then decided to dance. Aria and Zoe seemed to have found men from somewhere so it was just three of us hitting the dance floor. At first we were just enjoying ourselves dancing and then it became just absolute goofing around. We went from pretending to hand jive, waltz and then went full on lap dance stripper mode, which was quite hard for me in my tight skirt. Unbeknown to us, because we were quite drunk and having a ball, we'd attracted quite a bit of attention to ourselves and soon there was some body builder type guy trying to grind himself against my ass. I turned to him and said, 'get yersel tae fuck man' which is exactly what I'd have said at home. The girls were in stitches and the guy looked bewildered- not a clue at all what I'd just said. 


'She means leave her alone' translated Stella. 


'Honest to God, how do I need a translator in a country where I speak the same language?' I laughed. 


'Possibly because since you've been drinking your accent has become thicker and thicker, it's hilarious' explained Zoe.


I shrugged my shoulders and laughed. Girls nights were the best. We headed back up to the booth where Aria and Zoe were in deep conversation with the guys they'd met. 


'I know, let's go and thank whoever it is in booth number one for the tequila!' I suggested


'Yeah because they might have even more' laughed Zoe!


'What are we waiting for then?' Leah was off.


Booth number one was slightly different to ours, it was definitely the most expensive in the VIP, it was designed to offer extra privacy and was about three times the size of the one we were sat at. Leah got there first and waved back to us to join her. 


'Hi, we just came to thank you for the tequila' she said and we stood there giggling behind her. 


'It's my pleasure' I recognised that voice, it was Nick and I realised he was looking at me and smiling.


'Oh Hi Mr Jones' I laughed.


'Why don't you three come and join us?' He offered, patting the seat next to him for me to sit down. 


'Oh I don't know, it's girls night so....' I was trying to play it cool but Zoe had already sat down next to some of Nicks friends and were chatting animatedly. 


'I think you've been overruled on that' he laughed.


'It would appear so!' I sat down next to him.


'Guys, this is Abbi that I was telling you about. Abbi, these are my friends....(he reeled off a list of names of the 8 friends) and obviously you know my brother Joe' so he'd told his friends about me hmm.


I waved and said hi and tried to play it cool but my heart was beating faster. I could see by the flush on Nicks cheeks he'd had a bit to drink too, and as he spoke he rested his hand on my thigh. 


'So did you enjoy the tequila then? Believe it or not that's my own brand' 


'Honestly, usually I'm not one for tequila but that was actually quite nice. The first time I did a tequila shot I was 17 and it was in a bowling alley. I took the shot and was nearly sick across the lanes because it was so disgusting' I laughed.


'17?!? Jeez, you guys do things differently over there don't you' 


'I was a wild child, what can I say. Except potentially sorry to my mother for all the stress I caused her' 


'I think I'd like to hear more about this wild child thing sometime. We got the pleasure of growing up Disney so you know, we had to keep everything PG'


'Don't worry, I handled it for us both' I winked, 'Anyway, were you just sending tequila to everyone or did you realise it was me?'


'I saw you walk in, who didn't. You look amazing'


'How's my lipstick?' I laughed


He didn't even reply, he just leant in, pulled my head towards his and kissed me. I could feel my nipples start to stiffen with the sexual tension and in this bodysuit I was sure everyone would be able to see. 


I pulled back and smiled, he was looking at me as if to question why I'd stopped. 


'So Nick, how come I get a kiss like that but no second date?' Alcohol makes me quite blunt, can you tell?


He smiled 


'Because, as you probably know,  I've had a lot on this week and because I want to make sure our second date is even better than our first. But how about we go out on Sunday?'


'I'll have work early on Monday so it can't be a late one, but yes Sunday sounds good' my stomach was doing backflips with excitement. 


'I was thinking daytime anyway so that sounds good to me'


He pulled me in for another kiss. These were one pair of lips that I would never get bored of. 


We spent the rest of the time at the club either talking or kissing. Zoe and Leah had also paired off with some of Nicks friends too. So when the music stopped and the lights came up, no one wanted the night to end.


'So who's coming back to Nicks for a party?' Shouted Joe!


'Why is it always my place?' Nick laughed.


'Because bro, just because!' He replied. 


'Will you and your friends come Abbi?' Nick asked me personally.


'Yes she and her friends are coming' shouted Zoe.


'Looks like I've been given my orders' I laughed 


We took a convoy of cabs back to Nicks house. It was the ultimate minimalistic bachelor pad; streamlined, sleek and gadgets for everything. I could see why Nick wouldn't want parties in his house, like his work he looked like he was a perfectionist around the house. He definitely ironed his pyjamas I thought. 


'Abbi, can you come and help me get some drinks?' Shouted Joe.


'Yeah sure!'  I followed him into a room full of liquor, Nick was definitely stocked up. 


'What will I grab?' I asked


'I just want a quick word first, if that's ok'

'Yeah sure Joe, what's up?'


'Do you like Nick? Like really like him?'


'Yes, obviously, why?'


'I'm glad, because he really likes you and I've seen him hurt before and I don't want to see it again. I guess I'm just a bit protective of him'


'Joe, there's nothing to worry about with me. No secret husbands or boyfriends or anything scandalous in my past. Trust me, my interest in Nick is genuine'


He smiled. 'Grab as much as you can and let's get fucked up then!'


We walked back into the lounge where everyone was, placing the alcohol on the table. 

'Bottoms up guys!' Joe shouted.

I poured myself a vodka and orange and sat next to Nick who was drinking a beer. 

'You can't half drink' he smiled

'Perks of being a wild child- a hardened liver and increased alcohol tolerance level'

He put his arm around me and pulled me closer to him. 'Want a grand tour of the house?

'Yes please, I'm nosey!' 


He showed me all round the house including his infinity pool, hot tub and studio. 

'And last but not least, this is my bedroom'


'Holy crap, that bed is literally bigger than my whole apartment' I was astonished, I'd never seen anything that big before. 


'Sit on it, it's the most comfortable bed ever'

I skipped the sitting and lay right down. 


'You're so right, it's so comfy'


'Know what makes it even more comfortable?


'What?' Our eyes met. 




He climbed on top of me and kissed me. I could feel myself getting so turned on. Soon our clothed bodies were grinding against each other, slight moans coming from us both. He stopped momentarily.


'Do you want to, you know?' He asked bashfully.


'Get naked?' I enquired


'More than get naked, I'd say' he raised an eyebrow playfully.


'Is this a good idea? I really want to but would you not rather take it slowly' I asked 


'Fuck slowly!' He replied. 


'Then yes, I'd love to fuck you slowly' 


I have never taken my clothes off so fast. I knew that sober I'd never have done this but I was so horny I couldn't hold back. 


We didn't even make it under the covers. Nick pulled out a condom from his drawer and I put it on for him. We pretty much skipped foreplay and went straight to the main event. I climbed on top of him and poised myself to feel him inside me for the first time. I lowered myself down and groaned as he filled me up. 

'You feel so good' he whispered. Slowly we built up momentum. Nick was good but I took control. I know exactly what I need from sex to get me off, and I was going to have it. I got him to move up the bed into a sitting position and I felt him even deeper inside me, and as for the extra friction on my clit, it was working for me to say the least. I was getting closer and closer, I felt my legs getting weaker. 


'Cum for me Abbi' he whispered


'Your wish is my command' I said as I felt the waves of my orgasm come over me. I could feel me tighten around him. His breathing changed and I could tell with the increased speed of his thrusts he was close too. 


'Bend over' he commanded.


I obliged and felt him slide into me again, I was so wet for him. Again he started to get close but I felt my orgasm starting again


'Pull my hair, pull it hard'


Soon we were both in the midst of a simultaneous orgasm when Joe and his friend came in. 


They laughed as we scrambled for the covers.


'Now that's one sight I will never forget, my brother actually getting laid' he laughed. 


'Joe, fuck off' Nick replied breathlessly. 


I couldn't help it but laugh. 


Joe shut the door and Nick started tickling me,

'Find that funny do you?'


'The whole of the club could have walked in right then and I wouldn't have cared, that was fantastic. Joe is so cheeky though'


'Yeah, not all of us jump into bed with every girl we like. I mean now him and Sophie are together he's a one woman guy but before.... wow'


'So you like me then?' I asked


'I really like you. Seriously, sex isn't something I like to share with just anyone. Like I told you before I'm very picky' 


'We should really go back through to the party, check what damage Joe has done this time' 

I laughed again but he was serious


'You've no idea the breakages he has caused, and then he tells me he’ll bring superglue next time'


We dressed and went back through. I'm pretty convinced my pupils were in a love heart shape. As we walked in they all clapped, Joe had obviously told them all what we'd been up to. I didn't care though, he really likes me.


'Sorry to break up the party, but Zoe and I are just going to head home. The tequila is starting to hit hard. Are you coming Abbi?'


'You can stay here with me if you like?' Nick asked


'I'm just going to go, hangovers are better in your own bed and I'm a bit passed the good old walk of shame'


'Another time then?'


'Definitely' i kissed his forehead.


'Ubers here!' Leah shouted.


'See you Sunday?' I asked.


'See you then' and he kissed me again.


'Come on Abbi time is money when it comes to Uber!' 


'Bye everyone' I waved 


As soon as the Uber pulled away, Leah and Zoe were on me like a pair of hyenas. 


'Details, we need details. Was he good, size, everything, we need everything'


I could see the driver raise his eyebrows in the rear view mirror.


'Everything was good, very good and very satisfying' I smiled. 


'Imagine sitting in a meeting with him on Monday knowing you've screwed him and still trying to be professional' Leah smirked 


'We're going on another date on Sunday too'


'You are one lucky bitch!' Zoe said shaking her head. 


They dropped me outside my apartment, and as I got through my door. I started jumping up and down with excitement. I had it bad. 


The next morning I had it bad too, a hangover that was. My usual cure at home was irn bru but I doubted I'd find that here. I was craving fatty food but my fridge was near empty. I really needed to go food shopping. By lunch time I felt a bit more human and decided to leave for a walk and to find some food. I pulled on some grey sweats and a white cropped vest top to try and get some tan on my upper body. I accessorised with dark glasses and a navy blue cap. Anything that could hide my eyes from the daylight would be a winner. 


The fresh air was helping but my stomach was rumbling loudly, I managed to a restaurant offering an all day breakfast, thanks the heavens and went in. The food and strong coffee saving my life- til my next hangover. I checked my phone as I finished my coffee and I had an email from Nick.


Subject: exclusivity 


Dear Abbi,

I hope you enjoyed last night as much as I did and I'm hoping we're still ok for tomorrow? I'll pick you up around 12pm from your apartment? 

FYI I had one of those Jones Triplets on the phone. They said they're pissed that they're not receiving the same level of service as I am. I just told them that was non-negotiable as it was a one on one personal service offered only to one person at a time. Was that ok, I didn't want to presume anything. 


PS I don't even have your personal number yet. 


N x



Subject: re:exclusivity


Dear Sir,

As you know I am a business women and I take all deals very seriously. The happiness of my clients are tantamount. However, I'd like to review the terms and conditions of the exclusivity deal before I commit myself to anything further. 


Kind regards 


(No kiss to emphasise the business tone of my email) 


Subject: terms and conditions


Dear Madam-

Please find below my proposal and T&C's thereof.


Will you please be my 'official' girlfriend.



A. You're mine exclusively in a dating sense 

B. That you will allow me to take you out on dates and treat you like a lady.

C. That you will let me pull your hair like last night regularly.

D. That you will never stop keeping me on my toes

E. That you wear that leather skirt again. Your ass looked fantastic in it. 


Yours hopefully 




Subject: due process 


Dear Sir,

I have passed your proposal onto our legal department who will scrutinise it and make any changes and will get back to you within 7-10 working days. 


Said leather skirt will promptly be cleaned and returned into service shortly.


Best wishes




Subject: availability 


Dear madam,

You're driving me crazy, are you free now to discuss the matter in person. 

I feel a certain urgency in the matter arising as I write this, which I would like you to attend to urgently. 7-10 days is unacceptable for your most favourite client.

Let me know where you are and I can come and collect you, should you be available of course.


Yours, in anticipation,





Subject: meeting arrangements 


Dear Sir,

Meet me at my apartment, number 6 on the intercom. I shall be there in approximately 20 minutes, awaiting your arrival. Please bring any materials you may require to ensure negotiations go smoothly, however please also be aware that I will be leading the proceedings.


Yours excitedly, and potentially exclusively, subject to confirmation.



I was ten minutes from my apartment so raced back, I had a plan for Nick that would blow his mind- literally

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