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Author's Chapter Notes:

Second last chapter! 


Nick POV


I fell asleep quickly, I was exhausted. My dreams were all about Abbi and the baby but then I found myself dreaming of the calls I'd ignored from her though. You know those dreams where you're trying to answer a ringing phone but can't press the button? Then I woke up a bit more and realised my phone was actually ringing. At 3am? 


'Hello is that Mr Jonas?'




'It's Dr Crawford at the hospital here, I'm sorry to tell you this but Ms Millar has taken a turn for the worse and we think it's best if you come in'


I was already out of bed and throwing clothes on. I grabbed keys and drove totally recklessly to the hospital and ran up to the ward I'd left her in. 


'I'm sorry Mr Jonas, she's upstairs in ICU' explained the nurse.


I ran up a further set of stairs and asked the nurse on the desk for Abbi. She asked me to take a seat and the doctor would see me in a moment but I demanded to see her, I told her I needed to be with her immediately.The doctor must have heard the commotion and came out and led me into the family room.


'What's going on? Where is she?' I asked.


'She's currently in theatre. Unfortunately she has had a massive haemorrhage around an hour ago and we were unable to stop it so she was rushed into theatre. She's not in a good way Mr Jonas, right now her condition is critical. That's why we thought it would be best if you came in, as a precaution. Be reassured though, my colleagues in theatre will be giving her the best possible care'


He left me sat in the room waiting. 


I called my dad straight away.


'Jeez Nick, it's not even 4am yet' he answered. 'Is everything ok?'


'No it's Abbi' I couldn't even say it. 


'Nick, it's mom. Talk to me what's happened'


'She's in theatre, it's critical'


'What do you mean?' I heard the light switch on.


'She's lost a lot of blood and they're having to operate. She might not make it and I didn't tell her. What if...'


I heard my mom start to sob and it triggered me too.


'And is the baby, is she ok?' Asked my Dad trying to take my mind of it.


'I'm going to go and see her now’


We’ll pray for Abbi' he said hanging up.



I spoke to the nurse and told her I was going to go downstairs and see our baby and asked if they could call me the second there was any news, and she promised she would. All the way down I was trying to convince myself that they'd made a mistake, that it was someone else in theatre. Abbi had been laughing and joking and feeding the baby when I'd left where had it gone wrong? I'd held her hand, hugged her and thanked her for our daughter but I didn't tell her I loved her and now I might never be able to. I had to be positive and not think like that, our daughter needed me and when I saw her it made my heart hurt, she looked just like her mom. 


'Baby is able to go home as soon as you and her mommy are ready, she's doing fantastically well' the nurse reassured me as she placed her in my arms.


I sat and gave her a bottle of milk, Abbi would be furious, she'd told me that she only wanted her to have breast milk but I'm sure she'd understand under the circumstances. I looked at the little person we'd made, counted her ten tiny fingers, and prayed that she'd not have to grow up without her mommy or mummy as Abbi was insistent on being called. 


The nurse popped her head round the door 'Mr Jonas, there's an update, can you go back up to ICU, I'll take baby' 


I handed her back and ran back upstairs. 


'Mr Jonas, if you could just sit down' said the Dr.


'Is she dead?' I asked instinctively.


'No, the good news is she's alive and the bleed has stopped. She is still in recovery after the operation and it will take a while for her to get back to full health but unfortunately there were some complications and I'm afraid we had to carry out a hysterectomy. That means that she won't be able to have any more children in the future. I'm very sorry'


'I don't care as long as she's alive' the relief was immense.


'You can see her as soon as she's back on the ward but it might take a while?' 


'I'll wait' I said, I was going nowhere until I saw her for myself.


'I thought you would say that, we'll bring you some coffee' the doctor smiled patting me on the shoulder.


It took an eternity, and 4 cups of coffee, but finally she came back onto the ward. She was pale and having an iron infusion but she was alive and awake.


'I'm never leaving you alone again if this is what you do' I tried to make her laugh. 


She raised a slight smile but she was still a bit drowsy from the anaesthetic.


'Everything hurts' she said 'how's our baby?'


'She's perfect. I just gave her a bottle and a big cuddle from us both' I was working up to telling her how I felt but she got in there first. 


'Nick, I love you. When it all started to happen I was scared I'd never be able to tell you that again and then it just went blank. I'm sorry for everything' 


'I was the same. Why are we so stupid?' I sighed.


'I blame you' she said reaching out to hold my hand and squeezing it.


'I've been thinking a lot about it Abbi, when you get better and this is all over will you marry me again?'


'No' she said firmly.


'Oh okay, I just thought you might want to make a proper go of things' I couldn't believe she was turning me down. 


'Oh Nick, don't worry, you're stuck with me for the rest of your life, but I am not getting married ever again!' She smiled. 'I can't afford another divorce' 


'Hmm good point, you fleeced me last time' I joked, knowing fine well she didn't take a single penny from me.


'I'm tired' she said, her eyes already drooping. 


'I'll go' i said standing to leave


'No stay, I want you to hold my hand'


I sat and watched her sleep and realised how lucky I was that she was still here. The nurses brought baby up to stay in her room in ICU and I held her and Abbi's hand until she woke up again.



Abbi's POV


When I woke up Nick was still holding my hand and our daughter. It was the best sight I could have hoped to see. I felt absolutely terrible physically, but at the same time I felt mentally at peace with things for the first time in a very long time. We decided on a name for our daughter, she was Ava Denise, her middle name after his mum.


My recovery from the surgery was ok, all things considered. It was hard to take in that I could never have any more children at the start but I had to focus on the fact I was still here to see our baby grow up.


After a week I was well enough to be discharged and Nick drove us home. Every time Ava made a noise in the car he just about slammed on the breaks, I could see he was going to be one of those paranoid dads, I did have to laugh at him. We hadn't talked things over whilst I was in the hospital apart from that first night but we felt closer than ever, he'd been with us in hospital every waking moment. 


Back at the house he'd made a little bed up for me on the sofa with pillows and blankets. He'd even got lots of British snacks and drinks in to make me feel better, I could see what an effort he'd made and I just wanted him to know how much he meant to me too, we'd spent too long holding back. 


'Nick?' I called to him from where he'd set me up on the sofa. He was busy giving Ava a tour of her home and I could hear his voice going constantly telling her every last detail. 


'Yes, what do you need' he came back as quick as he could. 


'Just you two' I smiled, patting the sofa for him to sit down next to me.


'That, I can do for you!' He said sitting and leaning into me.


'I'd like to talk about what we said in the hospital, about us being together again' I could see in his eyes he was scared I had changed my mind.


'Anything in particular?' He asked. Time for the truth.


'I love you, I always have and I know I always will. No matter what's happened between us we've always found our way back to each other and as much as you annoy me more than anyone in the world, you're also the only one in the world for me. Can we officially just put the past behind us and move on together?' Wow it felt good to get that off my chest.


'I think that's the best idea you've ever had' he kissed me properly on the lips for the first time in months, almost squashing Ava in the process.


'I guess being a dad is going to take some practice' he laughed.


'How about Ava and I move into your room from tonight?' I ventured. 


'My Room, don't know it' he shrugged, 'I only know our room' he smiled, kissing me again.


I was tired so he let me get some rest and took Ava for the weekly family Skype session.



Nicks POV


'Hey Willa, look its Ava, your new partner in crime' Joe and I laughed as we held up the new cousins to the camera, both sound asleep and completely unaware. Alena's eyes were huge. She was desperate to get her hands on them both for a cuddle. I just couldn't wait to get all the family together to celebrate our new editions and to show Ava off, she was the most incredible thing I've ever seen.


'So how's Abbi?' asked Dad. 


'She's good, getting there and it's official, we're back together again- for good this time' 


'Here we go again, someone call Dr Phil' laughed Frankie, making everyone else giggle too.


'Not this time bro, it's different now' 


'THANK GOD!' Shouted Dani.


I was making sure Abbi was resting properly but I could see how frustrated it was making her being off her feet, so I had an idea of how to cheer her up. 


'Hey it's Nick'


'Eh hi, is everything ok?' 


'I was wondering if you could come round? I want to talk to you' I said


'Ok, I'll be there in 10'


'Don't ring the bell, message me and I'll come out ok, I don't want Abbi to know you're coming'.


As promised 10 minutes later my phone buzzed. Abbi and Ava were still asleep so I snuck out to meet Sean. 


'What's up?' asked Sean looking very confused


'I'm owe you a massive apology, if you hadn't been there when Abbi needed you, I don't know what would have happened. I know you love her and all this hasn't been easy but we're back together now, no more messing around'


'We laid the her and I thing to rest a long time ago so you really have nothing to worry about in that respect, you never really did. You're made for each other, anyone can see it so I'm delighted for you but why did you want me to come over?'


'Well I just thought you'd want to see Abbi and your future goddaughter?' I said tentatively


'Say what?' He looked confused.


'I'd like you to be Ava's godfather, I haven't spoken to Abbi yet but I'm sure she'll agree, there's no one better for the job. You were there for her when I wasn't and that's the whole godfather deal, so what do you say?' I asked him


'I say you'd better watch out for Uncle Sean, he's the guy that gives your kid too much sugar and then brings them home for you to deal with ' he laughed. I could tell he was delighted.


'I know that guy, uncle Nick was exactly the same, just ask Kevin' I laughed.


We walked back into the house and Abbi was just stirring, she looked confused as to why Sean and I were together and smiling. 


'This looks like an interesting situation' she said. 


'I'm just going to get Sean and I a beer, I've just asked him to be Ava's godfather, if that's ok with you?' I said casually walking into the kitchen, waiting for her reaction.


'You what? I mean of course, I’m over the moon but wow that's surprising. So if you're celebrating by having a beer I think I'll go crazy and have a sprite please'


'You're so wild Abs' laughed Sean giving her a hug. I stood back and watched the two of them, it was only then that I realised as much as I knew they cared about each other, the way she looked at me was always different. I had always been the one for her, I'd just been the last to realise it.



Abbi POV


It was surreal sitting with Sean and Nick, watching them so animated and getting on so well together, but it made me so happy. As soon as Ava woke up Nick handed her to Sean and he was delighted. I watched him taking pictures of her and even a couple of sly selfies. 


'It's not every day you get a beautiful goddaughter. Don't worry these are just for me' he explained, he knew we didn't want to share pictures of her yet. 


'I think we need to get you a woman and then you can have a couple of kids of your own' I joked. Nick nodding in agreement. 


'You never know but this little lady is more than enough for me just now', Sean laughed, as she pooped on his knee. 'But I don't do nappy changes' he said handing her to Nick as if she were a hot potato. 


'Unfortunately I don't get a choice' groaned Nick, realising it had escaped the nappy and gone up her back.  He took her to the nursery to change her. 


'Sean, you know you'll always be special to me and I'm so happy you're a part of our lives forever' 


He came and hugged me, 'just remember, I'm always on your side' 




As soon as lockdown was over we had Ava and Willa's baptism, we'd all decided that as it was a special day for the whole family, it just felt right for them to share it. I'd chosen Carmen to be her godmother so we had to wait for international flights to start again but she was on the first flight out of London.


Nick had bought me a new Audi Q7, because apparently it had a fantastic safety rating- yes safety of everything that went near Ava was his new obsession, so I picked her up from LAX.


'Oh my god, I feel like I've had the worst separation anxiety ever waiting to see you!' She said wrapping her arms around me. 


'Same, these aren't tears though, it's allergies' I lied.


'Me too, damned pollution or whatever it is' she laughed in tears too.


Carmen and Sean had come to stay with us for two weeks whilst we had the baptism and just to spend time together. It felt like being at home in London again, except for Nick being there with us too. Now him and Sean were actually getting on, life was so much better. 


Nick had taken to the role of dad like a duck to water and watching him with Ava made me fall more in love with him than ever. Seriously, when he takes her in the bath and lays with her on his bare chest it's literally the most beautiful sight I've ever seen.


Ava was that little bit older now, so I'd expressed her some milk and Carmen was taking me, Dani and Sophie out before she went home again, leaving Sean, Joe and Nick to mind the babies. I could only imagine the three of them flapping at their every sound but I had faith in them. 


Nick had arranged a table for us in the VIP section of the club and drinks were already waiting for us.


'Quick, pour us a drink, we deserve it!' Shouted Sophie. It was her first time out too. We all clinked our glasses in a toast to freedom from lockdown and our new babies! 


'I've missed this Carmen, I wish you could be here all the time' I told her in the bathroom, where else do girls have in depth chats?


'I know!' She said.


We had a dance, a laugh and a carry on when we noticed some hot guys looking at Carmen. 

'Carmen, I think you've got some admirers and seriously they are HOT AF, if I didn't have Joe, I'd be over there' laughed Sophie. 


'Kevin who?' Joked Dani. 


'I just need to talk to Abbi for a minute' Carmen said with a serious look on her face. So we sat down, I was worried. Carmen never did serious. 


'Erm I've kinda fallen for someone but it's complicated' she explained


'You're talking to the queen of complicated here, did you miss Nick and I. So who is he, anyone I'd know?'


'Kinda, oh god it must be the alcohol talking, it's Sean. Please don't hate me'


'Oh. My. God. And does he like you?' 


'I think so, but I haven't told him I like him yet. I wanted to talk to you first' 


'Go for it, you need to tell him!' I said excitedly.


'So I have your blessing? Because otherwise I'll not even go there'


'Seriously, you need to go there, but prepare yourself for mind blowing sex!' I laughed


'God I hope so, it's been forever. Damned lockdown' she giggled. 


'I know, Nick and I haven't since we've been back together because Ava and my recovery but I think tonight he might get lucky. This alcohol is making me completely horny' I giggled.


A few hours later and a good few drinks later, we got home. I tiptoed into our room and Nick woke up- clearly I wasn't as quiet as I'd thought. I stripped off and jumped into bed beside him.


'Good night then?' He laughed


'It's about to get even better' I said, jumping on top of him, pulling his shorts down with my feet. We started kissing so passionately and I was enjoying it so much, his hands were all over my body and I wanted him bad.


'Wait a second Abbi, what's that noise?' he asked. We stopped and froze there in silence for a second and I started laughing. 


'It's Carmen and Sean, I think she's woken him up in the same way as I've woken you' 


His eyes were huge, 'and you're ok with that?'


'Why wouldn't I be when I've got you?' I said, my lips finding him again at the end of my last word.

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