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Author's Chapter Notes:

This chapter is set 5 years from now- no covid in sight! Woohoo!


*5 years later*


'Ava Denise Jonas, will you please put your shoes on, you'll be late for school' I said, getting increasingly frustrated with her.


'I don't want to, I don't like these shoes Daddy. I want my blue ones' she stood in front of me with her arms folded.


'You are so like your Mommy sometimes' I raised my eyebrow at her.


'Why do you always say that when I won't do as I'm told?' She huffed


'Because she never does either, and that stubborn face you're doing, it's all down to her too' I tickled her chin, she was too cute and she knew it.


'I wish she was here, she wouldn't make me wear these shoes' she sighed.


'See that's the thing, she would, she's even way more stubborn than you are' I laughed. 'Now come on, you don’t Willa to go to school on your birthday without you do you?' 


'Ok daddy' she said with a dramatic sigh and she finally gave in and put her shoes on in time for uncle Joe to take her and Willa to school. 


'Happy Birthday Girls' I shouted as she got in Joe's car. What was the chances of them having been born on the same day? But they loved the fact they shared a birthday, and were often found telling people they were secretly twins.


Abbi has been in New York for a week on business but would be back in a few hours. I couldn’t wait to see her. She had worked hard with her writing and tv presenting and was now in talks about co-hosting an awards ceremony. Now that opportunities were flooding in for her, I’ve had to step up and support her, like she always has done for me. That's why me, THE Nick Jonas, was arguing over a pair of red patent shoes this morning with our now 5 year old. It’s like me versus two Abbi’s sometimes, I often thought to myself. Talking of whom, I checked my emails for messages from Abbi.


Subject: Ava's Birthday

Hey honey. 

I've sorted out a lovely surprise for Ava's birthday, we're going away for a family weekend! Somewhere HOT so pack your things, we leave tomorrow!

Love A xx


Subject: re:Ava's Birthday

Sounds fantastic, where are we going? 



She didn't reply and I realised her flight would have already taken off. That meant the countdown was on.


I tidied up the carnage that hurricane Ava had left behind her that morning, not only was she stubborn like her mom, she was messy like her too. She was however musical like me and loved nothing more than performing on her ukelele for us accompanied by Willa’s singing. Joe and I often joked that they were going to be able to take over from us so we could retire, and I know I'm totally bragging but those girls are very talented.


I walked in to Ava’s room and nearly walked back out for the mess. Abbi and I bought this new house once Ava turned a year old. We'd called it our proper fresh start, because although things between the two of us were instantly so much better from the moment Ava was born, there were still memories of not so great times in the old house. The new house was beautiful though, with a pool and a huge garden. I will admit that it does make Abbi and I sad that we couldn't fill it with more children but Ava and Willa were the best of cousins and constantly glued to each other so our home is always filled with laughter and love regardless. Joe and Sophie on the other hand are newly pregnant again and we can’t wait for another niece or nephew.


After I’d tidied up a million dolls and washed the breakfast dishes, I headed to the airport to collect Abbi. I watched from the car as she signed a few autographs and some people took her picture. It was funny seeing her like this, with the roles reversed, but she soon spotted the me and managed to get in the car without drawing too much attention to us. 


'Good trip?' I smiled, she looked amazing.


She grabbed and kissed me, 'absolutely fantastic, now can we get home, It's been a week and I want to make love to you' 


I drove home as fast as I could and we barely made it through the door, one thing that never changed was her ridiculously high sex drive. 


As we lay in each other’s arms afterwards I asked her about the surprise trip again. 


'It's a surprise, you'll just need to wait and see!' She had that look in her eye that meant mischief. 


'There's no point in me arguing, is there?' I relented.


'None whatsoever' she smiled kissing me again.


Abbi and I picked Willa and Ava up from school and brought them back home where Joe and Sophie joined us. The girls had talked nonstop all the way home about their day and how excited they were it was their birthday. 


We’d invited everyone round for pizza for the girls birthday- their choice and soon, the rest of the Jonas’s, the Turners, Sean, Carmen and Abbi’s dad joined us too. It was a good job we had the space for everyone. 


Alena led the rest of the cousins off to play after dinner so we were talking about our upcoming Jonas Brothers tour. We were all looking forward to it and almost all the venues had sold out. The main reason we were so excited about it however was that we'd made sure to synchronise our schedule with the school semesters so Alena, Valentina, Willa and Ava could come on the road for the majority of the tour with us. It was going to be the whole family on the road again, I loved nothing more. The girls reactions to us on stage made everything worthwhile. 


‘I think it’s time for cake’ Sophie shouted, as her and Abbi wheeled out a massive cake for each of the girls. That was my cue to fetch the ring box. Every year on Ava's birthday, there’s a tradition whereby I propose to Abbi and she turns me down and says 'maybe next year'. I asked her in the hospital after Ava was born for the first time and every year since, this year was no exception. 


We all sang happy birthday and watched the girls blow out their candles. Then, as I always do, I got down on one knee and asked her again 

‘Will you marry me?’ for a second I thought she was going to say yes, but once again 'maybe next year' she smiled and I had to kiss her. 


Truth be told, I make a joke of it but I do want us to get married again. She’s just going to rake a bit more convincing but regardless of our marital status, I know I just want to be with her forever. I realise now how close I was to having none of this. 


Abbi's POV


'So Ava, remember this is a big surprise for Daddy, ok? So we tell him nothing’ I reminded her.


'I'm so excited mommy and so is Willa, Alena and Valentina, we can't wait' she was bursting with excitement. 


We went into our bedroom and jumped on Nick together. 


'Wake up daddy it's my birthday surprise today!' She shouted.


'Ok, Ok, I'm awake, now family hug before we get up alright' he said trying to open his eyes. 


Eventually we made him get out of bed, mainly by tickling and physical force and we got ready and headed for the airport. 


'Ava, do you know where we're going? Mommy won't tell me' I heard him whisper to her.


'Mummy said it's a surprise daddy, so you just need to be patient' she scolded him, she was so bossy, just like him.


We got to the small airfield where our private jet was waiting for us and got on board, just the three of us.


'It's almost a 6 hour flight time so get comfy' I smiled. 


We watched Ava's favourite Disney movies and had some food but as comfy as the jet was, I was glad when we landed. 


'Maui huh?' Nick asked, looking quite happy with the destination.

'It's beautiful isn't it?' I asked him.

'Not as beautiful as my two girls' he said snapping a picture of us on the tarmac.


A car picked us up and took us to the Four Seasons resort where we were staying. It was absolutely stunning, even better than I’d imagined and I was so excited. It was quite late by the time we got there so it was dinner and an early night for the three of us. As soon as he was asleep Ava and I put our plan into action and snuck out into the next room, leaving a note next to Nick so he wouldn't freak out. 


Nicks POV


I woke up to an empty room, where were they? I rolled over and saw a note on her pillow- how Abbi I rolled my eyes.


'Dear Nick/Daddy,

Ava and I have a big surprise planned for you today. Call room 207 when you wake up.

All our love forever x' 


Strange, I called 207.


'Hello, Abbi?' I said tentatively.


'It's not Abbi, open the door we'll be right there' said the voice sounding suspiciously like Joe.


I opened the door and Joe, Kevin, Frankie and my Dad were walking along the corridor towards me, all holding suit carriers.


'Hey guys, what are you doing here?' I was so confused 


'Do you think I'd miss your wedding day again son?' Asked Paul


'What? My wedding day? But...'


'We've all been sneaking around behind your back organising this with Abbi' laughed Joe.


'Every time I've asked her she's said no, I mean you heard her on the girls birthday, and now this?' I shook my head laughing. It was totally contrary. So like Abbi herself. 


We all got ready and headed down to the harbour where a huge yacht was waiting. As we boarded I could see there was a small aisle, with the rest of our families already waiting. As we began to set sail,  I still hadn't set eyes on her. Out at sea, as the boat slowed down, Kevin and Joe appeared beside me 'it's time' said Joe patting me on my back. 'In case you didn't know, we're your best men' Kevin told me with a smile. 


I stood at the top of the aisle and took it all in. I saw Sean and Carmen were sat there in the second row, I still couldn't believe they were together now. They looked so loved up sat holding hands. I can’t believe that I thought that guy was going to take Abbi away from me.


I didn't have to wait long before Ava and Willa walked down the short aisle holding hands, followed by Alena and Valentina and then came Abbi with her Dad. She looked amazing and I realised we both had tears in our eyes. 


'You sneak' I whispered to her as she met me in front of my dad.


'I know' she replied sticking her tongue out playfully. 'Remember our second date on the yacht when we realised we loved each other? And then when I was pregnant you said about going on a yacht again? Well it's my turn to take you now' 


We stood and listened as my dad performed the ceremony and we placed the rings on each other's fingers. We were officially married again. 


'Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Nick and Abbi Jonas- again' laughed Dad.


Abbi's POV


I looked at my husband and kissed him with pride. We'd rushed things so much the first time around but this time it just felt so right. I'd had the idea to surprise him with the wedding for a while but it was actually Ava that made me do it now, she said her and Willa wanted to wear pretty dresses to a wedding, so how could I let her down? 


'Nick, this time it's forever' I said and kissed him again while everyone clapped.


We stayed on the boat partying until late when Sophie reminded me to toss my bouquet, I couldn't help but laugh when Carmen caught it but judging by the way she and Sean looked at each other, I think we might be having another taste of wedding cake soon! 


The End! 

Chapter End Notes:

Hope you've enjoyed Abbi and Nicks bumpy journey. 


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