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I pulled up outside the office.


'So what do we do now? One of us go in first or do we go in together?' I asked. 


Nick laughed, 'we should definitely comando crawl in with cam cream on our faces. Are you kidding me? Our pictures are everywhere and your boss is fine with us so why would we go in separately?'


'I don't know, it just feels a bit weird strolling in to work with you going hey guys this is my boyfriend' 


'Why not?? I'm offended by that. Am I not good enough for you?' He joked.


'Well I am slightly ashamed of you but you know, I'm sure I'll get over it!'


We got out of the car and walked into my office together. Although we were early Aria was already in work.


'Well if it isn't love's young dream! Good morning Nick & Abbi, I'm guessing you just car pooled to save the environment, no other reason?'  She raised her eyebrow playfully


'Yeah something like that' I laughed. 


'Would you like a coffee Abbi? I'll go grab us some while we wait for my brothers, how about you Aria?' Nick offered 


'Yes please!' We both replied. 


The minute he left Aria was on me, wanting to know everything! 


'So uncle Perez tells me you two are all loved up and it looks like he was right! And now you've got him getting our coffee? You must be epic in bed!'


'You had better believe it, and he's not bad either thankfully!' I shrugged playfully.


'Morning ladies' Evan shouted to us all as he walked in. 'Big meeting this morning Abbi, hopefully you're ready for it and didn't spend too much time out on a yacht over the weekend?'


I rolled my eyes dramatically 'well it was a rather stressful way to spend my Sunday!'


'Morning Evan' said Nick walking back into the office with our coffees. He handed Aria her coffee and gave me mine with a kiss on the cheek. By now the office was full so I blushed deeply, I could feel everyone's eyes on me. 


'Nick, do you want to come through with me just now and we can give Abbi a buzz if we need her' said Evan.


'Yeah no problem'


My eyes followed his tight ass across the room, it looked phenomenal in his fitted jeans.


'Earth to Abbi' laughed Zoe.


'Sorry guys! So did everyone have a good weekend?' 


'Not as good as yours clearly but yeah it wasn't too bad!' Said Leah. 


Kevin, Joe and Phil, the Jonas's manager arrived and I took them into the boardroom. Instantly Nicks eyes caught mine but I looked away trying to be professional.


'So the launch this Friday....' began Phil. 


The meeting was long and boring, if it hadn't been for Nick in the room, I don't know how I'd have made it through. We were going over and over the same stuff. Joe was literally sat playing with a Rubik's cube at one point and even Kevin's eyes were half glazed over. Nonetheless by the end of the meeting it was decided that we were completely ready for the launch on Friday. Thank goodness for that! Evan grabbed Phil for a quick chat as we left the boardroom so I took the chance to speak to Nick, Kevin and Joe before I headed back to my desk. 


'Great meeting there ay?' 


Joe rolled his eyes 'you know I like that they want out opinions and we do want to be involved but that's an hour and a half I'm never gonna get back!'


I laughed. 'It's my job and I know exactly what you mean!'


'I nearly forgot to mention because my brain shut down, our parents are flying in tomorrow for the week. Would you like to come and join us for a family dinner at our place on Wednesday? All the extended family are coming too so it would be good for them to meet you, seeing as you and my bro seemed to be joined at the hip' asked Joe


'Yes, I'd love to join you, thanks very much for asking me' I saw Nick was smiling.


'See Nick, that's how you ask her to have dinner with your parents, he was worried you'd say no!' Joe totally busted Nick.


'It would be my pleasure to meet the people who made you guys' I smiled. 


'I can't wait for them to meet you, call you later?'


'Absolutely. Have a good day guys!' I said waving them out the office. 


'Meeting the parents eh?' Laughed Aria. 


'You don't miss a thing do you?'


'Nope! So how are you going to make a good impression then?'


'Now that's the hard bit!'





On Wednesday after work, I stood in front of my wardrobe, what do you wear to meet parents and make a good impression. I literally had 20 minutes to get ready before Nick was going to pick me up. I had never cared so much about meeting anyone's parents as I did right now. From my hair to make up, from shoes to jewellery, I over thought everything. I still wasn't ready when Nick arrived. I buzzed him up and when he came in to my apartment his jaw dropped. 


'Either you cant choose an outfit or you've been robbed and the thieves ransacked the place' he shook his head.


'I just want your family to like me Nick. Let's face it, I'm not the kind of girl you usually bring home am I?'


'Definitely not, you're smart, caring, funny, you make me smile and most of all you keep me on my toes. You don't just follow me blindly. Plus not just any girl gets to meet my mom, so take it as a massive compliment. Now can you please just pick an outfit so we're not late to Joes!'


'Okay, okay. What about this blue skater dress and these sandals?' I held up the first outfit I'd tried on.


'Perfect, now please let's hurry. I hate being late'


Decision made, I was ready in minutes and we made good time getting to Joes, it was only a short journey so I had no idea why Nick was worrying. He opened the car door for me, as he always insisted on doing, took my hand and led me into the house. My nerves were all over the place. I knew how much family meant to Nick and I knew that If this didn't go well then it wouldn't be a good thing for us.


'Hey everyone, we're here' he announced, walking into a massive lounge area. 


Nicks mum and dad both stood up and rushed to him to give him a hug. He'd told me in the car it had been three months since he had last seen them and you could see how much they had missed each other. As they broke away from the hug his mum, Denise, turned to me.


'So you must be the famous Abbi that we've heard all about then?' She greeted me with a lovely hug. 


'I guess I must be. It's really nice to meet you both. Nicks told me a lot about you' 


'Well let's go and eat and we can get to know each other better' said Paul. 


My instant gut reaction was they were suspicious of me, and who wouldn't be, I mean here I was a record company employee and their son was a millionaire heart throb. I just hoped they'd see that Nick's money meant nothing to me. 


Nick pulled my chair out at the dinner table for me and sat down next to me. Opposite me was Sophie and Joe, next to me was Paul. I wasn't quite sure how I'd fit into the dynamic so I decided to sit back and observe at first. Thankfully because I knew the brothers and their wives plus Alena and Valentina, it wasn't so scary. 


'Abbi, can I sit beside you?' Asked Valentina, who appeared next to me from nowhere, grabbing my hand. 


'Honey, you sit over here with Mommy and Daddy just now and you can play with Abbi after dinner, I promise' said Kevin


'Aww daddy' she huffed. 


'So you've won over our Valentina hey?' Asked Paul.


'Yes, the girls came out for ice cream with Nick and I. Then we made uncle Nick sing frozen songs all the way home, didn't we Valentina?' 


'Yes and Abbi is going to come to our house and play princesses with us too' she said. 


'I'm too excited for it Valentina, now I'll take you back to daddy and we can play again after dinner, ok? I promise!'


'Yay!' She said 


As I took her over to Dani and Kevin, I noticed Nick and Paul in deep conversation. Nick didn't look entirely happy but as I made my way back over to them, Nick painted on a fake smile.


As I sat back down I detected a slight atmosphere between Nick and his dad. 


'Is everything ok?' I whispered to Nick.


'Yeah, it's fine' he replied, less than convincingly. 


'So Abbi, Nick tells us you've only been dating each other for a little over a week, and now you're here meeting us. Don't you think things are moving a bit quickly between you two?' Paul asked rather briskly, loudly enough for everyone to hear.


'Dad!' Nick exclaimed. 


'No, Nick. I totally understand where your dad is coming from, things are moving quickly between us and I can see why that makes you worry Paul. But I promise you, my feelings for Nick are genuine and I have no ulterior motive. I don't want anything from him, just to spend time with him. I know how hard he works and I admire and respect that, and he equally knows first hand how hard I work too. If you'd rather, I can go and leave you to it?'


I was really upset but was just managing to hold it in. 


Paul's expression changed.


'You can understand that people always want things from our boys and we only want the best for them'


'Dad, if you saw how these two are together then you'd know you had nothing to worry about' Kevin explained 


'Dad. Abbi is my girlfriend and means the world to me so I'd really like it if you could support our relationship and just trust me'


'I'm sorry, I think I came across wrong there. Abbi, please accept my apology'


'It's fine, honestly. We all only want the best for the people we love' I replied.


'Shall we eat now?' Asked Sophie, changing the subject quickly. 


'What have you made us this time honey?' Asked Denise


'I believe the caterers have made us a big turkey dinner since we're going to miss thanksgiving at home this year because of the tour' she smiled. 


That seemed to be the ice broken and it almost felt like the elephant that was in the room had left. Paul was actually a very funny, charismatic man and I could see a lot of Nick in him. I loved that they were sharing memories and family stories, the food was amazing and the wine was delicious, even if I did limit myself to two glasses to make sure I kept my halo on for a change. 


We moved into the living room after dinner and I sat with my best friends Alena and Valentina playing dolls and drawing, while Nick spent time with his parents. Talk soon turned to the album launch and how proud Denise and Paul were of the boys writing and performing together again. Nick was so passionate when he spoke about it, I loved watching his face light up and the enthusiasm boiling over as he spoke about future ideas too. 


'And of course most of the launch is thanks to Abbi's hard work. It pays to be nice to the people who work at your record company, you get the best treatment' he laughed. 


'All you had to do was buy me a coffee in that case' I smiled back at him.


'Now where would the fun in that have been?' 


'So Abbi, will you be at the launch?' Asked Denise.


'Yes, but I'll be in work mode unfortunately,  but Nick has made me promise to come out with you all afterwards. I'm so looking forward to it. It will be my first time seeing them play live so it will be really special in that way too'


'You've never seen them play live? Oh you're going to love it!' Said Dani.


'I know the words to Year 3000 If that helps' I joked. 


'It might do if it were on the set list' laughed Joe.


'Seriously though, I've listened to the new album a lot and I love it and I guess I'll just need to check the set list and get my YouTube on for the other tracks'


'Wait til you see their hair in some of the old videos Abbi, some of the styles are truly a work of art' giggled Sophie 


'I shall keep that in mind, although truth be told when I was younger I looked like Dora the explorer so I can't really say much either'


'I like Dora, she's cool' said Valentina, making everyone smile. 


'Well everyone we better get the girls home, they're getting really sleepy. But thanks for having us Joe and so good to see you Mom and Dad' said Kevin. 


'Oh but daddy, we're playing with Abbi' grumbled Alena.


'I know sweetie, but I need to go home to bed now too. I've got to go to my work in the morning but I will see you very soon, I promise' I said.


'Thank you' mouthed Dani.


'I really do have to go actually, I've got some work I need to do before tomorrow' I told Nick.


'Okay, I'll take you home then'


'Don't be silly, I'll get a cab, you stay and spend time with your parents' 


'I'll sort a car for you then, I'm not having you going in cabs alone at night' 


Nick had a car pick me up ten minutes later to take me home. 


'I'll speak to you tomorrow, bye!' I said shutting the door.


'Bye!' He waved. 


I went home feeling pretty good, apart from the start, the night had gone well. Meanwhile back at Joe's, Nick wasn't so happy.


'Dad, do you know how embarrassing that was for her? I asked her to meet you because she's important to me. She's different to the other girls I've dated. I need you to trust my judgement please'


'I'm sorry son, you know I just worry for you. How many girls want to get with you just for status or fame or money? You can't blame me for being cautious' 


'Trust me dad, I think she could be the one'


'Wait What?' Spluttered Joe half choking on his drink.


'I said, I think she could be the one' Nick repeated.



All week in the office the buzz was about the album launch on Friday. Part of me was excited for it but at the same time it would mean Nick wouldn't be in the office as much anymore. Their US promo tour was scheduled to start shortly after the launch and I was dreading it. I already had meetings with other artists scheduled in my diary for when they left. I hated it. 


When Friday eventually came, I arrived at the venue early to make sure everything was in order. The venue was an old retro cinema with a stage all set up with their and their band's instruments. Behind we were going to be showing a VT of them through the years for the older fans to reminisce and the new fans to catch up. 


The band had already done their sound check and were backstage doing all their pre-show stuff. I checked all the promo materials were in place and spoke to the owner with Phil, their manager, to check everything was good with him and that everyone was happy, and thankfully they were. Shortly thereafter the guests started to arrive. There were a mixture of people from the industry and fans amongst the audience and the atmosphere was fantastic. There was such a buzz about this album. I popped backstage to wish Nick luck. I walked into the room where the band were getting ready.


'Hi everyone, just wanted to wish you good luck for tonight. I know you won't need it though. This album is kickass!' I smiled. 'Five minutes to show time so if everyone else cares to follow me, I'll take you to your seats'


Nick came over and kissed me on my cheek but I could see by his face he was in the zone. 


'I'll be singing to you' he whispered. 


I led the family to their seats and stood next to Denise while the boys came on stage. 


'Hello! Thanks everyone for coming to the launch of our first album in ten years, it means so much to us to see you all here tonight' I saw Nick look out across the crowd looking for me, our eyes met and I saw his face light up. Denise noticed too.


'You've made our son a very happy man these last couple of weeks' she said.


'And he's made me very happy too'


'Look after him for me, he's got a heart of gold but when he gives it to someone, he gives his all and he's been really hurt before'


'I have no intention of hurting him at all, he's one in a million and I really really care about him'


'Then we'll get on just fine' she smiled.


Just then they started to play. Now I knew they were good from what I'd seen on tv and by listening to the album, but live they were something else. They also made it look so easy and effortless. They were born to be on the stage. All in their own individual ways. I'm not going to lie, I was blown away. They smashed every single song on the set list. 


'And finally, we're going to play one last song for someone special' Said Nick.


I immediately recognised the opening chords to Year 3000. He'd remembered.


I made sure to join in with the fans singing and dancing along at the front of the stage so he could see me. 


Once they were finished their set, they did a simultaneous online and in theatre Q&A. They then did an autograph signing for the fans while Phil, Evan and I spoke to all the professionals who were there, distributing their press pack, talking about the new album and what was next for them. It was while I was talking to a journalist from a Canadian music magazine about their tour that I realised how long they were actually going to be away for. 3 whole months. The journalist was actually flirting outrageously with me and I was doing my best to be polite but he was really creeping me out. 


'So, I was wondering if you'd like to come out for a drink after this wraps up here?' He asked.


'Thanks that's really kind, but I'm busy with these guys afterwards'


'I didn't have you down as a groupie type' he laughed.


'No, I'm not a groupie', I smiled, 'I'm Nicks girlfriend' I turned and waved to Nick and he waved back.


'Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't realise'


'Don't worry about it, no harm done'


'Can I get a picture of you and Nick for our magazine then?' 


'I don't think your readers would be interested in me' I laughed.


'Are you kidding, Nick Jonas, most eligible bachelor is off the market, of course the readers would be interested!'


I was about to decline again when Nick came over and put his arm around me protectively, instantly the journalist snapped our picture. Nick didn't care one bit, but I did. The more photos there were of me in circulation, the more I worried about Sean and what he'd do.

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