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After the launch was finally over, it was time to party, so we headed to a private club for drinks. To describe it, it was old school luxury with a modern twist- very Nick. As we got out of the cars, the brothers stopped to pose for photos before they entered the club, then Dani and Sophie joined them, and then Denise and Paul. 


'Come on Abbi, you too' Nick walked over and pulled me into the family huddle. His arm around me, it would be obvious to anyone who saw these pictures that we were together. I was past caring about Sean and his stupid threats, I was on a high from the success of the night and my incredibly sexy boyfriend wanted the world to know he was with me. What more could I want? I felt like part of the team and I loved it. 


Evan, Aria, Zoe, Leah, Stella and a few others from the office weren't far behind us and equally as ready to party. The Jonas's had secured the whole of the  VIP section for us, so we all sat down and the drinks began to flow. It was amazing to see the brothers so energised. Joe was bouncing about all over the place, Kevin was super animated and Nick was glowing with success. He stood up and shouted to catch everyone's attention. 


'Hey everyone, I'd like to raise a toast so charge your glasses people'


I looked up at him, he made my heart beat faster.


'I just wanted to thank everyone here for making tonight even better than we could have imagined. 

First of all I'd like to thank my brothers for believing in us enough to try again. I love you guys beyond words. 

Mom and Dad, I'm so glad you could be here with us tonight to share this with us as we start over, we wouldn't be here if it weren't for your love and faith in us. 

Our band, you guys rock and we couldn't do it without you. 

To Evan and all you guys from our record company, thanks for all your support and hard work over these past months. 

To Sophie, Dani and Abbi, thank you for being by our side through all of this crazy stuff. We love you loads.



We all drank and cheered.


'Did he just say he loved you?' Whispered Stella


'I don't think he meant it in that way' I replied


'Sounded like it to me' nodded Aria.


'Me too' chorused Leah and Zoe simultaneously. 


Nick cama and sat next to me, putting his arm around me. 'Having fun?' He smiled. 


'Yes I am, and you were amazing tonight. I'm so proud to be your girlfriend, I hope you know that'  I kissed him on the cheek.


'And I hope you know I meant what I just said'


'What do you mean?'


'I mean that I love you, I know it sounds crazy and I know it's fast but...' 


'I love you too' I said, despite myself. 


'You do?'


'I really do' 


'Woohoo!' He shouted loudly as I blushed. 


'What's up bro?' Asked Kevin.


'She loves me too, I'm on top of the world!' He ran over and gave him a high five. 


'Nick I think you might be a little bit drunk!' I laughed.


'Not yet, soon will be though so you had better catch up!' He handed me another shot and took one for himself and we downed them together. 


'I'm going to spend a bit of time with the girls now, I'll be back though' I promised. 


'Not soon enough!' He pulled an over exaggerated pout. I kissed his pout and then headed to the busy dance floor to find the girls.


'You were right, he said he loves me and I said it back!' We all squealed and jumped up and down. Tonight was unbelievable. The girls and I danced and drank and danced and then drank some more! 


'I'm going to go and find Nick' I smiled, feeling rather tipsy. 


When I found him I realised that if I was drunk, then Nick was absolutely smashed. 


'I thought you'd gone and left me. Where did you go?' He asked stroking my face. 


'I was just dancing, where's your mum and dad?'


'they went home, they were tired' he kept pulling me towards him as if to get me to straddle him but I was resisting.


'I think maybe we should go too'


'You just want to get me away from everyone so you can get naked, I know your game' 


'This is true, however I also think you're a very drunk man who really needs his bed'


'Joe, Joe? Am I drunk man? Abbi thinks I'm drunk'


'Nick, you've not been this drunk in a long time' Joe laughed. 'But then neither have the rest of us. What a fucking night!'


Eventually I got Nick into a car and headed back to his place. He was almost sleeping before we got there, and when we pulled up outside, I had to help him in to that house with the help of the driver. We got him on to his bed where he collapsed down laughing his head off at goodness knows what. I thanked the driver and went back to Nick.


'Good night then' I asked


'Best night ever, you said you love me' 


'You said it first though' I stuck my tongue out 


'And I meant it' 


I went to the bathroom to change and by the time I came back, he was snoring his head off. I undressed him and he didn't even flinch. I had to laugh, he was completely comatose. I tucked him into bed and cuddled up beside him. His bed was really comfortable but I still couldn't sleep. I lay for a while just replaying the night in my head and then I decided to go online and see if there were any reviews of the launch up yet. There were a lot of fan pictures and videos but best of all the fans had absolutely loved it. There wasn't a bad review, yet, but it was a relief, I'd worked hard on that. 


As I scrolled through the photos I saw a picture of Denise and I deep in conversation but smiling. The caption was 'Nicks mom and his new girlfriend'. Then I found another one of Nick and I outside the club, thankfully on our way in when he was still able to stand by himself. We were looking into each other's eyes and folding hands, we looked like any couple in love. But he was Nick Jonas so obviously it was causing a stir. There were so many comments on it, asking who I was, guessing who I was, denying I was his girlfriend, how old I was and all sorts. I felt like replying and telling them but I knew there was no point. I guess for as long as I was going to be with Nick, this was how it was going to be. I put my phone down closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep with my head on his shoulder. 


I woke before Nick so I dressed in a pair of his shorts and t shirts and went downstairs to see what food he had in to make him breakfast, he was going to need to line his stomach. His fridge was massive but the contents disappointing. This clearly wasn't a man who cooked. Thankfully I was able to find bacon and eggs, so I made him a bacon omelette. I took it up to him with some fresh orange juice and 2 headache tablets. As I opened the bedroom door, he woke up. 


'Morning' he croaked 


'Feeling ok?' I asked


'I think I drank too much last night!' He groaned lying back down. 


'Safe to say you definitely did, but I've made you some food and I've got some tablets for your sore head' 


'You're the best, it's no wonder I love you' he said sitting up slowly.


'I do try you know' I curtseyed to him as I put the tray on his lap, then kissed the top of his head. 'I'm going to go and shower while you eat. You should check out the fab reviews of last night, they're absolutely amazing. Some nice pictures of us too'


I left him to his breakfast, showered and then came back to bed to join him.


'Your phone was going crazy while you were in there, I didn't want to answer and overstep the mark but there were calls, texts and emails' 


I sat and began to read through my emails, a lot related to last night and were reviews coming in from the press that Evan had forwarded to me, which I read out to Nick. Then I moved on to my texts. Just about everyone I knew was messaging me to say they'd seen me with Nick and asking if I were dating him. 


'All my friends want to know about us, it's so funny all the messages from people trying to ask without asking' I explained.


' Well lets make it Insta-official then' he suggested taking out his phone. 




'Why not, you're my girlfriend and I want to take a picture with you' 


He pulled me in towards him, I wrapped my arms around his body and laid my head against his chest. He took the photo. I looked at the image on his phone, I was obviously fresh out the shower, he was bleary eyed and we were clearly in bed. You didn't need to be a genius to work out we were together. 


'Are you ready for the crazy?' He asked


'As I'll ever be' I shrugged.


He pressed the share button, added a few hashtags, tagged me and then posted it. 


'I'm sure no one will even really care' I said. 


'I wouldn't bet on that' he laughed, watching the likes and comments on the post that were already flooding in. 


Another text arrived on my phone 


Sender: Sean

You can't ignore me forever. Just because you're all over the town with Jonas and posting pictures of the two of you. Remember I've got some photos of my own of you that I could post. You won't be in LA forever. See you soon x


Sender: Me

What is wrong with you? What do you actually want?


Sender: Sean

You know what I want. And you know that I'll get it too. 


Sender: Me

Drop dead 


'Are you ok?' Nick asked


'Yeah, yeah, I'm fine, just read something the wrong way but it's fine'


'As long as you're sure? You look really serious there’


'Honestly, everything is fine. Now what are we doing today seeing as it's our monumental two week anniversary?'


'We could go anywhere you like, as long as there's no loud noises, bright lights or strong smells. I think I must have eaten something bad, I feel terrible' 


'Yes of course, you ate something, nothing to do with the alcohol then?' I asked sarcastically 


'Shhhh don't mention that' he said rubbing his forehead.


‘Want to stay here then? Watch movies and get take out later? Or alternatively, I could actually use the appliances in your kitchen and cook for you properly? Saying that I’ve not got my car with me so I unless you want to lend me one of yours then I can’t go shopping’ 


‘Funny you should say that, there’s something I wanted to show you, give me ten minutes for the room to stop spinning. 


‘You can’t do that, show me show me’ 


He groaned and got out of bed, sliding on his slippers and robe. He took my hand and led me to his garage, where a brand new white Audi A1 was parked. 


‘You can take this to the store’ he said


‘You trust me driving your car?’ I laughed 


‘No, but since this is your new car, you can do whatever you like with it’


‘Are you for real?’ I screamed taking the keys from him. 


‘Yes I’m for real, as much as your pink fiat is a dream come true, I don’t really think it goes with my cool guy image, do you? And seeing as we’ll be spending a lot more time together, I thought I’d set you up with some new wheels’


‘I don’t think the fiat goes with anyone’s image really, except maybe for Barbie’ I laughed. ‘But a car? You actually want to give me a car?’ 


He nodded.


The car was amazing, leather interior, the works. Personally I was most excited about the reversing camera- it had never been a strong point! 


‘I took the liberty of putting a CD in it for you too’ he explained. 


I pressed play and it was the new Jonas Brothers album. 


‘Will you guys sign it for me?’ I asked in a pretend fan voice.


‘Already done, and I remembered your cousin is a big fan so we’ve got a parcel of stuff for her too’


‘You are just so thoughtful, thank you so so much!’ I wrapped my arms around him and squeezes him tight’ 


‘You’re worth it, I hope you always know your worth. You deserve to be happy’


It was a world away from what Sean used to say to me.


‘Thank you so so much, I’m going to head home in this awesome outfit, get changed into something less so, go shopping and I’ll be back soon. Okay?’ 


‘You just want to go cruising in your new car’ he laughed.


‘Yeah, watch me baby, I’m going cruising for bitches down at Walmart, hell yeah!’ I laughed as he shook his head. 


‘Well I’m going back in to wake up a bit more, see you when you’re back’ he kissed me on the cheek. ‘Have fun, but be safe’ 


The garage door opened and off I went. I connected my cell phone to the car and had my playlist absolutely pumping. ‘Sorry Nick, my Jonas Brothers album can wait for just now’ I said to myself. 


I was rocking out to No Doubt when my phone rang, I didnt really know how it all worked but somehow I managed to answer.


‘Hello?’ I answered happily. 


‘Hello, is that you Abbi? 




‘It’s me, David, Seans brother’ I gulped. 


‘What is it?’ I snapped.


‘Are you ok Abbi’


‘Yes I am, I’m sorry for speaking to you like that David, Seans been awful the past weeks so hearing from you is just a bit of a shock after all this time’


‘That’s why I’m phoning you Abbi, he’s going crazy. He won’t stop obsessing about what you’re doing. He’s stalking you and Nick on social media. I’m trying to calm him down but he’s even been talking about flying to LA to see you. He’s also been in mums loft getting out all the photos of you and everything’


‘He’s freaking me out, I don’t know what his problem is’


‘It’s because he always hoped you’d go back and he sees how happy you look now. He keeps saying that you took it all away from him and he’s going to get you back whatever it takes. I just thought you should know’


‘Thanks for telling me David, Sorry he’s put you in this position’ 


‘It’s ok. Just look after yourself. Stay safe Abbi’ and he hung up.


Stay safe was a strange way to end a conversation. 


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