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Nick was meeting his stylist on Monday at his place and insisted I come so that she could find me something to wear to the gala. I was so used to shopping alone or with girlfriends so it felt a bit strange going just with Nick on my own but as soon as I met the stylist I discovered Nick had already spoken to her about me and she had a selection of dresses with her for me to try. 


Nick was wearing a black satin tux so I could have really had any colour I liked but he'd told her my favourite colours were blue and green so she'd picked some of those but the dress that caught my eye was a gold coloured dress, so completely different to anything I'd ever worn before. 


'Try it on' Nick urged


He put on his tux for a last fitting and I emerged from the bedroom in the golden gown. It was glamour but not in your face. It had a high neckline but was almost completely backless. It was cut in a fishtail style and absolutely stunning to be blunt. 


'That's the one!' Said Nick.


'You think? I feel a bit too bling, maybe I should try something a bit more subtle' 


'Absolutely not, you're wearing that' he pulled me over to the full length mirror and put his hand around my back. 'And this is how we'll look smashing that red carpet together' he smiled, then started showing off his best red carpet poses. 


'I think you had better teach me some of those, I'm clueless'


'You'll be fine. Just relax and enjoy it' 


'Easier said than done' I grimaced.


The stylist pinned the dress in a couple of places for slight alterations but apart from that, I was good to go. 


I wasn't going to see Nick for the next two days because he had a lot of tv and radio interviews to do, normally that wouldn't usually bother me if I was seeing someone but this time I was actually finding it hard. I watched him on one of the tv interviews he was doing and they asked him about me. The things he said about me just made me miss him more. 


Thursday finally came and I was going to spend the night with Nick so we could fly to New York first thing. I still couldn't get my head around the fact I was going on a private jet the next day. I finished work as early as I could and headed over to Nicks in my Audi. I couldn't wait to see him, but when I arrived the house was in darkness. I tried the door handle and it was unlocked. I felt really uneasy, had Sean come to LA and found me? 


I tiptoed in and heard a noise from the kitchen. I looked at one of the heavy ornaments Nick had. Should I pick one up just in case I had to hit someone? I decided not too, but kept on tiptoeing in. Then I heard another noise- Nick singing. I walked in to the kitchen and Nick had set up the small dinner table and there were candles everywhere. So romantic. 


'You gave me a fright!' I laughed


'I saw you sneaking in on the cameras so I thought I'd give you a nice surprise' he said standing to kiss my cheek. 


'Have you cooked?' I asked surprised


'Does putting stuff in the stove count?' He asked playfully 


'Definitely, but honestly l think it's how you take it out that counts! I'm absolutely starving'


Nick took a lasagne out of the stove for us and put it on two plates with a side salad. 


'I made the salad myself' he said. 


'It's actually the best part of the meal, I have to say' I said pouring us both a glass of red wine.


It turned out he'd ordered the lasagne from his favourite Italian restaurant and also had tiramisu for desert too. It was absolutely delicious.


'I've got something for you, come on' he said walking towards the living room. I followed him without question. He handed me a small gift box. Which I immediately opened excitedly. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. 


'Is this?'


'Yes, it's a key for here. I want you to use it whenever you like. I like the thought of you being able to be here waiting for me when I'm working late or I'm coming back from work. I had the key chain specially made. It's got your initial on it, and a heart to always remind you that I love you. 

'It's perfect! Thank you. I promise you're going to get sick of the sight of me from now on' I kissed him right on the lips, and what lips they are. I could never get bored of feeling them against mine. 


We flopped back on to the huge L shaped couch, our lips never separating once. Once he sat up, I straddled him, hitching my skirt up so that I could. His hands went straight to my ass as if they were magnetised. 

'Where are your panties?' He asked

'This skirt is too tight to wear them'  I shrugged

'So you've had no underwear on all day? 


'Look at what the thought of that does to me' 

I looked and saw his hard on desperately trying to push its way through the navy sweats he had on. 

'Feel what the sight of that does to me' I took his hand and placed it between my legs so he could feel how wet I was. 

'You really want it don't you? He asked. 

I was already unbuttoning my shirt so he could play with my breasts. Then I pulled his t shirt off and raised myself up on my heels whilst he pulled the sweats down. Within seconds we were both naked on the sofa. We kept kissing and I felt him so hard underneath me. I took matters into my own hands, literally and started to move my hand up and down his rock hard shaft. He gasped at my touch, nuzzling his face between my breasts. 

'I can't take this anymore' I said hungrily, guiding him inside of me. I let out a loud moan, it felt so good. I started to rock back and forth on him, he lay further back into the couch but I stayed upright. Nick was very visually turned on, in terms of him being able to see my pleasure made him enjoy what we were doing even more. His eyes and hands roamed my body, both of us making completely involuntary noises of pleasure. He could tell I was getting closer and closer to my explosion and skilfully took his thumb and rubbed it against my clit. Within minutes my legs were turning to jelly. He grabbed my hair and pulled it right back. It just tipped me over the edge. I felt my muscles tighten against him as I tried to maintain the rhythm we'd built up. I didn't have to try for long as he also joined me in his orgasm. His legs twitched under me as he gave his last, hard thrusts. Then pulled me down towards where he was lying. 


'I could do that with you every day of my life and never get bored' I said, resting my head on his chest, looking up to his flushed face. 


Once he got his breath back he said;


'I wish you could just come on tour with us and then we could do it every day' 


'Me too, it just seems like it's coming in so fast. I'm going to miss you but then I keep thinking about going back to London and it makes it even worse'


'Is there no way you could transfer here permanently or at least for a little longer? Or there are a lot of record companies out here that would be crazy not to hire you' 


'Ah but they don't have you as a client so how could I perv on you in meetings then? I don't know Nick, it's a big step moving here permanently when most of my life is in London'


'But your love is in LA. Just think about it, please' he asked, pulling a fake fur throw down from the back of the sofa, wrapping our naked bodies up in it. Staying in LA was getting more and more tempting all the time. 


'Do you want to watch a movie in bed? Since we've got an early morning and I'm exhausted?' 


'Yes but before that you need to shower and get your clothes for tomorrow set out. Trust the professional traveller' 


'Well this unprofessional traveller likes to leave everything to the last minute' 


'Don't make me make you do it' he laughed


'Oh yeah! And what are you going to do?'


He stood up, lifted me and put me over his shoulder. He cheekily slapped my ass and carried me over to the huge shower, turning it on easily 


'Do as you're told for a change' he said with a grin


'Only if you come with me' I said pulling him in with me. 


Under the warm water we started to kiss again. 'I just can't get enough of you' I said. 

'Same' he said, hitching me up against the wall and fucking me hard and fast, both of us quickly finding our climaxes. 


'See if you told me that was going to happen  I'd have come in the shower without a fight' I laughed, going to wash my hair. I saw Nick had bought me a selection of toiletries and smiled. He was so thoughtful. 

'Can i use your shower gel?' I asked

'I got some for you?' He looked puzzled 

'I know, and they're perfect but I just want to smell like you tonight' 

He shook his head and handed it over. 


We finished in the shower, I borrowed Nicks hairdryer and then we went to bed. Never mind watch a movie, I was out cold as soon as my head hit the pillow. All to soon though Nicks alarm was sounding to tell us it was 5:30am. Torture! 


I changed my mind when we arrived at the airfield to take the private jet however. We sailed through security and on to the plane. For the first time in my life I was the first one there, bar Nick of course. Their manager Phil, Dani's brother Mike, Kevin and Dani weren't far behind us but Joe and Sophie arrived just before we were due to take off. 


'Sophie, I think you might actually be my late soul mate' I joked 


'You're going to drive Nick crazy!'


'She already is' he said grabbing my hand and squeezing it. 


'I try my best' I ruffled his hair, knowing fine well it would annoy him. 


This private jet was unbelievable, I was taking it all in. I'd been on board them before but this one was super fancy, white leather seats and an oak veneer interior. Besides the two pilots we had a stewardess to serve us once we were airborne, and as soon as we were the champagne was brought out for a toast to tonight. 


'What do you think?' Asked Nick?

'Well when you're used to travelling economy everywhere it's nothing out of the ordinary is it?' I joked. To be honest, I hadn't flown economy in quite a long time but I knew it would be funny. 


The 5 and a half hour flight was a breeze in such comfort and we landed around 4pm New York time. We were ushered straight into cars and taken to the plush hotel where we were staying. Dani, Sophie, and I were taken straight  to a suite where hair and make up artists were waiting for us. I had a soft glam look, with golden eyes and a red lip to compliment my dress and my long dark hair was tonged into sleek waves. 


Dani had her hair pinned up in a messy chignon and make up was a dark smoky grey eye to compliment her pink lips and light rose pink gown. 


Sophie had 1960's twiggy inspired eye make up with her hair straight and sleeked back. She was wearing a patterned white short dress. 


We stood together in front of the huge mirrors the stylists had brought. I hadn't seen myself dressed up like this for a very long time and excuse the modesty but I looked hot! If I didn't blow Nick away tonight then I never would. The three of us stood checking ourselves out. 


'Damn girls we look hot!' Said Dani


'I hope the boys look half as good as us' I joked. Just then there was a knock at the door. The stylist answered. 


'There's three handsome men at the door looking for their dates, shall I let them in? She asked.


'Go on then' I laughed.


Joe, Kevin and Nick walked in looking absolutely gorgeous. 


'Ladies, ladies, ladies. You're truly breathtaking' said Kevin twirling Dani around. 


'You look even better in that dress than I remembered' Nick said. 


'And you Mr Jonas look good enough to eat' I replied. 


Joe and Sophie were in the corner whispering to each other. The newly wed feelings were still clearly rife between them. Their chemistry was second to none. I wondered if people looked at Nick and I like that. 


'Ready to go?' Nick asked. 


'As I'll ever be!'


The six of us made our way to the cars downstairs waiting for us. There were already photographers waiting for us there, but our security pushed them out the way and helped us pass. 


'That is absolutely crazy, I can't believe how much they intrude on everything that you do'


'You've only seen parts of it so far. There's some countries where it's a lot worse than this believe me' he explained 'but we're nothing without our fans and this is just part of what our career entails but I do love the times I can slip out under the radar' 


'Wait til I get you back to Scotland, you'll have no issues there. As long as you wear a kilt and no underwear you'll blend right in' 


He laughed. 'I have been to Scotland before you know'


'Ah but never with me!'


The car pulled up and he could sense my anxiety over the red carpet. 


'You look amazing and we're going to smash this. Just remember I'm here holding your hand and I won't let go, ok?'


I nodded and he exited the car and walked around to my side, knocked once then opened the door. He extended his hand to me and helped me out of the car. The other 4 just behind us. Immediately I saw Nick our on his 'game face' and I tried to do the same. As we walked the carpet and he was asked questions, he never once let go of my hand as he had promised. I posed when required but it definitely didn't come naturally to me. 


'Abbi, can you come and speak to us for a minute?' A journalist from some celebrity tv channel asked. I looked at Nick and he nodded. 


'So Abbi, our viewers are desperate to know more about the girl who's walking the red carpet with Nick Jonas, tell us about yourself'


'I don't really know what to say' I laughed, 'I'm really not that exciting'


'How did you meet Nick?'


'I work for Nicks record company and we just met and hit it off, and that's been it ever since'


'That's some accent, where are you actually from?'


'I'm from Edinburgh, Scotland. But most recently I was living in London which is why it's so bizarre at the moment' 


'So are you going to be living in LA permanently now?'


'I haven't decided yet, but I do absolutely love it here' 


Nick squeezed my hand to let me know it was time to move on. We spent several more minutes talking to people and posing for pictures. Nick and I, the girls and I, the brothers alone and then the 6 of us. Then finally we went inside.


'Need a drink?' Asked Nick asked, raising his eyebrow playfully. 


'Amongst other things' I laughed. 


We were shown to a table near the stage and drinks magically appeared in front of us. Dani picked up her glass of champagne and downed it.

'I hate red carpets, I'll never get used to that part' Sophie and I did the same, in solidarity of course and the drinks were instantly replaced. Next was dinner, Sophie had warned me, if they offer beef or chicken always take the chicken, so I'd had chicken in a pesto dressing with vegetables. It was pretty good but not outstanding. Then once the dinner was cleared people started to take to the stage and made speeches. I recognised a comedian from the tv and he was really funny, the free flowing wine making him even funnier. Then Nick, Kevin and Joe stood up. 


'Where are you going?' I asked


'Did I forget to tell you, we're performing' he smiled, walking away and blowing a kiss to me. Within 5 minutes they were walking out on stage. Dani, Sophie and I were up on our feet whooping and cheering as they played a medley of Sucker and Only Human. 


'I can't believe they charge us $10k to watch our husbands perform' laughed Sophie. 


'Whaaaaat?' I asked


'Yup, the tickets for this are $10k a pop. For a subpar chicken dinner it's a bit too much!' She replied 


I mentally began estimating the cost of this date, it was crazy! The boys joined us after their performance and we laughed, drank and danced the night away. 


We spent the rest of the weekend chilling out in New York, I even had my first visit to the Statue of Liberty. I was such a tourist, taking pictures of everything, but most of all my gorgeous boyfriend. We shared a few on our public Instagram accounts but the rest were just for us. While we were on our way back we looked online at the pictures of us the night before. The few words I had said to the journalist were everywhere with added bells and whistles. 


'Look at this one, they're saying we're planning our wedding so I can stay in the USA' I laughed. 


'Wait til you're pregnant with my brothers secret love child' he laughed.


All in all though, I'd apparently come across well because all the articles, and there were many, were in our favour. Apparently my ability to fly below the radar had become a thing of the past.

Chapter End Notes:

This one was a bit of a filler chapter- get ready for fireworks in chapter 9. 

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