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I was ready on time for Nick picking me up, this guy was doing things to me without even trying, I was never early for anything. I was still confused about what we were going to do so to cover all bases I wore a long turquoise maxi dress over my navy blue bikini, lots of bangles, beaded sandals and a straw fedora.  The weather was so beautiful that I decided to wait outside for Nick to pick me up, which he did in his convertible camaro with the top down. He insisted on getting out to open the door for me, with a kiss. 


'You look amazing' he smiled.


'Thank you, you look pretty darn fine yourself. sooooo......where are we going?' I was dying to know.


'You'll see!' He smirked.


I wasn't lying, he did look hot. He had a white v neck -shirt with Navy shorts that were tight enough to hug his body just perfectly. His body that I couldn't get out of my mind.


We drove in the direction of the beach, chatting all the way, conversation was flowing well. Every time his hand even so much brushed me, it was electric. I hoped wherever we were going that we'd get some time alone to make the most of these fireworks. After about 45 minutes we pulled into a private marina. Nick parked the car, and opened the door for me. 


'So we're going out on a boat then? I've never really been on a boat before!' I was so excited.


Nick took my hand and led me over to a stunning 60' yacht, and helped me board. It was mind blowing, but a definite reminder that Nick and I lived very different lives. The only boat I'd been on before was a booze cruise in Spain, and I didn't remember much about that. Whereas here was Nick, at home on a boat that cost who knows how much! 


He led me into the main part of the boat which was a large seating area, and introduced me to the captain that would be sailing us for the day. There was also a chef on board who was going to cook for us and another member of staff who was going to serve us. He showed me the bathroom and I noticed that there were also two bedrooms on the boat, knowledge which I might need later on, I thought to myself. 


'I feel like I'm in a parallel universe, this is crazy!' I was almost spinning around trying to take it all in. 


'Never let it be said that Nick Jonas doesn't know how to treat a lady' he replied.


'Haha, it's been a while since I was called a lady' I laughed.


'Well, you're my lady now' he pulled me into him and kissed me. 


The waitress brought us some drinks- a beer for Nick and a glass of Prosecco for me. I went to take a sip- 


'Wait a second, I want to make a toast first;

To many more happy days together and a fantastic album launch party' he smiled. 


We clinked glasses.


'Oh can I just add something' I quickly butted in, 'to the success of our exclusivity deal'


'I can definitely drink to that' he smiled, finally taking a sip, now let's go up on deck!'


I followed him up and on the deck we're two loungers with towels already laid out for us, alongside a cooler full of beer and more Prosecco. We took our seats on the loungers and the boat set sail out of the marina. I looked across at Nick, who was laid right back, beer in hand, looking unbelievably hot in his ray ban aviator shades, and smiled, he squeezed my hand and smiled back. 


'I could get used to this' I said


'I want you to get used to this, because I want to be able to get used to doing this' he replied, leaning over to kiss me.


We sipped our drinks as the boat headed along the coastline. Nick pointing out some of the sights along the way; Santa Monica Bay, Venice Beach (where his show Kingdom was based) and the Malibu Mountains to name but a few. It was so warm that he changed into white swim shorts, showing his tanned muscular legs off perfectly. I followed his lead and took off my dress, leaving me in my navy blue halter neck bikini. I knew his eyes were all over me, and I loved it. 


Our relaxation was broken by my phone ringing, it was my best friend Carmen again. 


'Hey bitch' I answered. Nicks eyes almost popped out his head, he excused himself to go inside, I think he was trying to give me privacy


'Hey slag, how are you? Just wondered what you were up to? Still bumping uglies with your client inappropriately?'


'Funnily enough, I'm currently on a yacht drinking Prosecco and enjoying the hot sun with the aforementioned client and having a great time!'


'Photo or you're lying!'


'I'll go one better, I'll FaceTime but only for a minute, ok?'


I changed the call to FaceTime to show her my view of the Pacific Ocean, and then turned the camera so she could see me.


'Ok you weren't lying about the yacht, but where's this hot man that's grabbed your attention?'


Nicks voice butted in before I got the chance-

'He's not here just now, it's just me and Abbi' he said jokingly.


'Holy shit, Abbi, you were right. I see what you mean! Those abs though!'


'Carmen, do you actually have a mute button? You know he can hear you right?' I giggled.


'Eh yeah, listen to me Mr Jonas, you look after my best friend for me, I can see she really really likes you in her eyes and that's not like her at all!'


'Yes thanks Carmen, time to stop talking now!'


'Oh yeah and talking of not talking, Sean was in my work asking for you yesterday. I told him you were in LA and he said you hadn't told him'


'Yeah, there's a reason for that as well you know. Anyway I'll speak to you soon! Byeeeee'


'Bye Abbi and bye Nick. Those shorts are hot by the way, they cling in all the right places' 


I hung up on her, she was an outrage. Hence why we were friends. 


'So that's my best friend from home Carmen, she's off her head but that's why I love her!' I explained.


'And she can see in your eyes that you really like me? I must be doing something right'


'You're doing almost everything right'


'What am I missing?'


'The fact that you're not kissing me right now'


We locked lips again but as much as I was enjoying the kiss I felt angry, Sean had a bloody cheek to be asking Carmen for me. I'd made it clear that I didn't want to hear from him again. He wasn't the reason I came here but he did help make the decision to come a lot easier, and as for Carmen mentioning him in front of Nick, I'd deal with her later


Nick pulled away and smiled. 


'So this Sean guy? Is he your ex?' Nick asked.

Oh shit, here we go. I had three options

A. Truth

B. Half truth

C. Complete Lie


I wasn't quite ready for the A option and as much as the C option was appealing, I settled on B half truth.


'We did have a relationship but it didn't work out. I did some work for him but it didn't end well so we don't talk anymore and I don't really know why he'd be looking for me' I shrugged. 


Nick nodded and smiled but I could tell he wasn't entirely sure of what I'd said.


'Anyway, chef has just finished making our dinner so let's go in and eat' he smiled.


Dinner was lush, and definitely not Taco Bell! 

The menu was:


Starter - scallops with bacon 


Main course - filet mignon with fondant potatoes and selection of seasonal vegetables 


Dessert - chocolate soufflé 



After dinner, we went back up on deck to watch the sunset. It was the most romantic thing I'd ever experienced. 


'Remember when you asked me where I'd been all your life and I laughed, I'm starting to wonder the same thing' I whispered to Nick




'Really, no one has ever done anything like this for me. It's just perfect. Thank you so much' 


'You're worth it, thank you so much for letting me do this for you'


'But for our second date, you've set the bar quite high' I laughed.


'I've already got plans for another actually, come to the album launch with me as my plus one'


'I can't Nick, I've got to be careful with work, I don't want to blur lines and make them think I'm putting you before my job. Obviously I'll be there to watch but I'm helping to run the show, I promise I'm all yours for the after party though, that goes without saying' 


'I just want to show you off, that's all'


'With how good that album is, believe me, you guys have more than enough to show off'


'Ok ok, I get it' he looked deflated


'Any other time I'd be more than happy to be your plus one as long as work isn't involved'


He looked deep in thought.


'Then come to a gala dinner with me the Friday after, it's for a charity I'm involved in and my brothers and their wives are coming with them'


'Ok, that sounds great, what the hell do I wear though?'


'Leave that to me, I'm being dressed by my stylist and I'm sure he'll be able to hook you up with something as stunning as you are. We need you to smash that red carpet!'


'Red carpet? Are you for real? Can't I just meet you in there? I'm not a big public attention kinda girl' I was starting to worry what I was getting myself into. 


'No, I'm serious. It comes with the territory of being my girlfriend unfortunately. I'm sure after a few times you'll get used to it and I promise to be there holding your hand the whole time'


'Well if you insist, I'll try and do you proud' I half smiled thinking shit shit shit. I hadn't taken this into account. 


'Great, I'll message my stylist now and get him to set you up with an appointment'


'Fantastic' he was totally not picking up on my fake enthusiasm. 


'And you can get hair and make up done with Sophie and Dani'


'Awesome' I was running out of positive vocabulary 


'Oh and by the way it's in New York, so can you try and get the day off work, it's about a 5 hour flight, I think we're scheduled for 9am so we have time to get ready and we can just spend the weekend at my apartment there. Don't worry I'll have you back in time for work on Monday' 


'What if I can't get on the same flight as you though?'


'That's unlikely, we're taking a private plane' he laughed. 


'Ooh wanna join the mile high club' I joked.


'Haha, nice idea but it won't just be us on board' 


'Shame!' I winked.


We eventually got back to the marina around 10pm and Nick had arranged a car to pick us up since we'd rather overindulged on the Prosecco and beer. I cuddled into Nick in the back of the car and laid my head on his shoulder. He kissed the top of my head. 


'Donyou want to stay at my place tonight? It's closer than yours?' He asked


'I'd love to but I have work in the morning and need my clothes' 


'Well what if I come to yours instead, we can go past mine and I can grab some clothes and then ride into work together in the morning?' He suggested.


Ordinarily I'd have said no but he must have caught me in a moment of weakness, I couldn't bare for him to leave me.


'I'd really like that, I do have a meeting first thing though so I can't be late' 


'I know you have an early meeting- it's with us!' 


'Oh yeah, Prosecco brain!' I laughed


As planned, Nick picked up an overnight bag from his place and came back to mine. 


'Sorry it's not as fancy as your place' 


'As long as it has you in it, it's fine by me'

He grabbed me and kissed me passionately, our tongues finding each other desperately. Soon we were peeling each other's clothes off, but this time it was different, there was no sense of urgency or rush. We were taking our time and appreciating each other's bodies. Kisses and light touches showered down on my body, starting on my neck and working the way down to my breasts. Nick gently licked my nipples and continued to move downwards, he kissed over my stomach and I started to hold my breath in anticipation of him going down on me, except he didn't. He came back up next to me and started kissing me on the lips again. I decided it was his turn to feel kisses all over his body, but I wouldn't stop on his stomach. I trailed my fingers up and down his abs, whilst kissing my way down his chest, then following his hip bone into his groin. He was so hard for me, and when I slipped him deep into my mouth he groaned-

'Holy shit that feels good'


'Mmm' I mumbled back, my mouth was too full to talk. Now I'm not one to brag, but sex is something I know I'm good at, and by the way Nick was reacting he also agreed. He kept lifting his head up to watch what I was doing but then throwing his head back when it got too much for him. 


'You need to stop doing that... uh... if you want me...uhhh.... to be able to perform' he barely managed to speak- which was a good sign. 


I stopped what I was doing. 


'Do you really want me to stop? Or do you want me to keep going'


'Up to you, I just eh don't think I can last much longer' 


I took him back in my mouth and let him finish there. His whole body jerked and contorted. Job was a good un! 


I moved back up the bed and lay beside him, watching him catch his breath. Eventually he asked me 'what the hell did you do to me? I'm broken! I literally can't feel my legs!'


'That was my plan Mr Jonas, now I'm going to tie you up whilst you're weak and lock you in that cupboard and keep you here for my pleasure' I did an evil genius laugh. 


'Trust me, you don't have to lock me up, I'll willingly stay here for your pleasure' 


'Even better, I can't remember where I left my ropes and chains are so that's useful actually'


We cuddled into each other, and he fell fast asleep within minutes. Apparently sea air can have that effect on you but I was more focused on the effect Nick was having on me. I didn't like people sleeping over but here he was and I wanted him there. I felt like he was bringing out the best in me but at the same time it was scary to a commitmentphobe like me, but Sean was in that back of my mind. What is it about ex's rearing their ugly heads when you least wanted them to? And now he knew I was in LA. Why did Carmen open her mouth??? As pissed off as I was, I fell asleep minutes later too. 


**Beep beep beep**


Urgh, my alarm. My arm reached out to hit snooze automatically but ended up thumping down on Nicks cheek.


'Oops sorry!' I giggled. 


'No wonder you're always late, that snooze button is almost worn out!' He laughed. 


'I was late once! Don't judge me! Anyway, I heard a rumour that my first meeting will only be on time if I am, so he's at my mercy!' I lay back down and pretended to go back to sleep, fake snores and all. 


He climbed on top of me and started to tickle me awake.


'Okay okay!' I gave in. 


It killed me to ignore his morning glory but I had to shower. I kissed him and headed to my tiny bathroom, showered, brushed my teeth and came out. Nick went in behind me and did the same whilst I got dressed and did my make up. I checked my phone for the time and saw I had a couple of text messages-


From: Carmen

Omg your pictures are online with Nick. You make such a cute couple. Even Perez Hilton thinks so and that man knows! I just can't believe you've got it so bad for a man, you've never been like that for a long time. Since Sean really! Sorry I mentioned him btw, I was just shocked to have seen him after this time. Just enjoy yourself and forget about him. 


From: Mum

Hi sweetheart, not spoken to you in a while, hope you've not forgotten about us now you've got a famous boyfriend haha. Carmen was telling us all about him when we saw yesterday. 

Oh and Sean came looking for you so I gave him your new number. Hope that's okay. Love you xxx


From: (maybe Sean) 

So LA eh? I thought Carmen was lying when she told me but your mum told me the same thing and then I see you all over some boy band guy on the internet. I bet you've not told him all your little secrets have you? We need to talk soon x


Sean, Sean, Sean, Sean. I was sick of his name. I could feel my blood pressuring rising, and my anger building. I decided to google what Perez had said about Nick and I to take my mind off it.


'It would appear Nick Jonas is back off the market, he's been spotted around town with this new girl several time's in the past week and I think we can all agree they look pretty loved up. So far all I know is she works for his record company and she is one lucky lady!' 


The article had a picture of us holding hands and kissing at the LACMA, and another of us getting off the boat the night before. Honestly there must just be wall to wall photographers here in LA. 


Nick came out the bathroom in a cloud of cologne. 


'Ready to go?' He smiled, picking up his bag.


'Ready to take your life in your hands with my driving?' I laughed 


'I didn't realise you actually had a car, I just assumed you wouldn't'


'Yeah, it's a stunning,  bottom of the range, second hand pink fiat 500. What more could I want?' 


'Wow that's a fantastic car, I need to get me one of those' he joked.

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