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The next five months following William’s death were difficult for everyone. Faith’s stomach grew larger with every passing day, as did the worry as to whether or not it was Joe’s child she was carrying. Meg had permanently moved in with Faith and Joe, who had finally moved into their own home together. Lizzy was finished up her senior year and was spending her summer in Texas with Faith and her mother before going off to college.


Kevin and Danielle have still been trying to get pregnant without any luck. Frankie was getting ready to start his junior year of high school. And Nick... had kept his distance from the family.  He moved back into the house he had lived in with Faith and he and Charlotte officially started a relationship. Needless to say, Joe and Charlotte haven’t talked, let alone had any interaction, since William’s funeral.


With Nick out of the picture for now, things were close to perfect for Faith and Joe. The only thing that bothered them was the fifty percent chance that Nick was the baby’s father, and that would just create even more problems. With only about two months left to go in the pregnancy, Faith is just about ready for the baby and she knows that Joe will be right by her side. She’s just worried about what will happen if Nick is the father and whether or not he’ll actually be there. Her world will either fall apart or be completely stable. And that thought scares her to death.

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Series: The 'When' Series
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Published: 06/26/2020 Updated: 07/17/2020
Story Notes:

The third and FINAL story in the When series!! If you have not read When I Look at You or When You Read Between the Lines yet, you should go do that!


If you read this back on Mibba, you may have noticed the timeline I started to follow MADE NO SENSE, but maybe not, because I didn't notice it until LAST NIGHT WHEN PROOF READING IT. So I altered it a little bit so hopefully it works this time! Let me know what you think!!


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