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I finished recording the second week in September. There wasn't a big hullabaloo afterwards that would come later with the release of a single and the full album release which was due for release in late January. At the moment I was not the center of attention because Nick's second album with the Administration was due the following Tuesday, September 16, his birthday.

The single, "While the World Is Spinning" had hit the charts the last week in August it had steadily been climbing up Disney's radio charts for the past three weeks, now at number 15 respectively. Needless to say, as a fan and a girlfriend I was extremely happy.

The morning of the album release I was in an extremely good mood. I breezed into Nick's room even before he was out of bed; I would've been jumping up and down on his bed if it was within my capabilities.

"Nick..." I sang softly, "Rise and shine curly top!"

Nick groaned and rolled over pulling his pillow over his head, "don't call me that..." he grumbled.

"Would you prefer "Nicky?" I asked with a smirk.

"Absolutely not!" Came the vehement response from underneath the pillow. "Why are you in such a good mood this morning Justice?

"I'll give you three reasons," I said cheerfully, "one, your album comes out today and I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's reaction, your fans are awesome if I do say so myself, two, it's your birthday, and three, your mom just gave me the best pancakes I've ever tasted. Oh, and by the way, your dad says get up we leave in forty minutes."

Finally, with a groan of resignation Nick slowly slid out of bed, his curls were slightly disheveled and he still looked sleepy. I let my eyes wander appreciatively over his slender body, still wondering how someone so slender could be that muscular.

"See you in five." I said cheerfully as I left the room.


Forty minutes later (if you exclude the ten minutes it took Nick to eat breakfast, mouthfuls of pancakes punctuated by a series of yawns) we were whizzing through the streets of LA in a black SUV with tinted windows Mr. Jonas and the head of the Jonas Brothers security hovering over us like protective shadows.

Nick was on what the fans called a "Twitter Tour" in which he would tweet where he would be locally and show up at random places. I had followed this earlier in the year.. fun stuff.

Nick was currently ignoring me and tapping away at his IPhone, telling the fans the next location. Ten minutes later, we arrived at the first location and as soon as my wheelchair was out of the car I was out of there, conspicuously melting into the throng of fans, no need to give the paparazzi something to gossip about.

"See you later." I mouthed over my shoulder to Nick and immediately he knew what I was doing, I was back to being a fan no one but the Jonas family knew I was his girlfriend.

I enjoyed myself immensely enjoying the stunned looks on the girls faces when Nick looked at me, he even sang a verse of "Stay" to me looking me straight in the eyes. Someone was very lucky.

At one point he said, "I think we have time for one more." The fans began shouting out song titles but Nick seemed to hear me, or he was specifically listening for my response.

"While the World Is Spinning"!" I shouted, and saw Nick nodded ever so slightly and he and his guitarist Sonny began the recognizable notes of the song.

"Can't be more obvious she is in pain, won't even let me in from the rain, although windows are locked again she's afraid, of everything I have to say to her face..."

He launched into the chorus, the guitar chords carrying his strong voice.

"So try to my eyes and tell me no lies, surprised, nothing has changed everyone has to lie sometimes, do you know what it's like to make up your mind? Don't be alarmed when sinners stand while the world is spinning."

The entire morning was like that. Nick would play five songs at every stop, he was in his element and he liked being with the fans, I may be his girlfriend but I was still a fan, I liked listening to him.


Sometime, almost three hours later we broke for lunch. I stayed in the car to avoid prying eyes and Nick disappeared and he, Mr. Jonas and the bodyguard Mike were back five minutes later with corn dogs, chips, and soda; root beer for me and Diet Coke for Nick.

"Sorry to keep you confined.” Nick said quietly.

 “If the paparazzi see us together they're going to have a field day... I'm not ready for that yet."

Nick slid his free hand (the one that wasn't holding the corn dog) around my shoulders "don't worry about it we'll deal with it when it comes."

I was still paranoid about the paparazzi, I knew it would have to deal with them eventually.


Nick's nineteenth birthday was quite the party. The boys had invited all their friends, but I didn't get the chance to talk to anybody because there were so many people. At some point the friends left and it was just the family; Mrs. Jonas made an excellent dinner and we sat around the table talking. Afterwards we watched a movie and Kevin, Danielle, Madison, (who was asleep in Danielle's arms) and Joe went home for the night (although Joe and Kevin trapped Nick in a hug that had me sandwiched in the middle, they found this extremely amusing). Sometime before eleven Mr. and Mrs. Jonas and my dad went to bed leaving me and Nick alone.

"What do you want to do now birthday boy?" I asked with a sly smile.

"What do you want to do?" Nick questioned, raising his eyebrows slightly.

"Oh I don't know," I murmured trailing my fingers up his shoulder, "I have a few ideas."

Nick smiled, and that was all I needed I leaned over to kiss him and in a few minutes he had me pulled onto his lap. After a while he picked me up, hooked my legs around his waist and headed in the direction of his room.

Needless to say we were occupied for a bit, and I gave Nick the best birthday present I could and afterwards we fell asleep wrapped in each other's arms.


Two days later I was getting ready to leave LA. I would be back in a few months and Nick would call me every day so I wasn't worried.

"I'll call you every day." Nick whispered in my ear as he gave me a tight squeeze, "I'll see you after Christmas okay?"

I nod silently against his chest. I was going to miss being with him, I was going to miss being in his embrace and I was going to miss our make out sessions that sometimes bordered on the edge of control.

He kissed me softly, a kiss I immediately deepened winding my arms around his neck pressing my lips to his. I moaned against his mouth and he pressed me closer his tongue sliding along my bottom lip. My fingers wrapped into his curls one last time, tugging at them gently, which elicited a soft moan from Nick, I loved it when he did that.

As we pulled apart I could faintly smell cinnamon.

"Did you sing today?" I asked.

"A little." Nick replied with a small smile.

I smiled, "I'm going to miss that too, nobody else uses throat lubricant on a daily basis."

Nick chuckled kissing me softly.

"I love you." He whispered.

"I love you, Nicholas Jerry Jonas," I whispered, his full name flowing off my lips so automatically I didn't even notice it, I found it silly sometimes when the fans refer to the boys by their full names, but this time it felt right.

"I love you, love you Justice Isabella Rose." Nick murmured, his face lighting up in that adorable innocent smile I loved so much.

I prolonged the moment, I didn't want to let him go I toyed with his dog tag twirling his purity ring around my finger (which was currently on the chain around his neck) staring into his mesmerizing brown eyes until the lady over the loudspeaker announced the boarding of my flight and I held his hand until time and space pulled us apart. Even five minutes later I could still feel the softness of his skin.

Chapter End Notes:

"While the World is Spinning" NJATA- lyrics by Nick Jonas

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