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I was just coming down from my weeklong high when Kevin and Danielle made an announcement (no, not that type of an announcement, not yet, anyway)

"We need a break," Kevin announced, Saturday morning after my video had premiered, "Danielle and I are going out and we need someone to watch Mady."

All eyes shifted to me. "Why is everybody looking at me!" I exclaimed, "do I look like I can run after a six month old? I love you Kevin, but I don't know, I would need another set of hands and legs and essentially another body."

Kevin's eyes shifted to his brothers.

Joe raised his eyebrows and Nick made a face, which I considered comical under the circumstances.

"What you don't want spend some quality time with your niece?" Kevin asked.

"But we have to change diapers!" Joe whined, and I bit back a laugh as his expression transformed into a characteristic pout that didn't quite fit his 21-year-old face. "Can I at least invite Demi, Mady is going to require all hands on deck."

I looked over at Danielle who was wearing a very amused smile.


That afternoon, granted as Nick and I have nothing on our schedule at the moment we were going shopping. The boys had an awards show in a few weeks and Nick needed a new shirt.

I was rather impressed the Jonas boys enjoyed going shopping. Any other guy my age would be sulking and complaining their face screwed up in a sour expression. It was quite enjoyable, shopping with Nick, despite the detour we took to the music store while he poured over various guitars and other equipment (at heart he was still a geek, music, music, music).


I had never been shopping in LA before, so I didn't know any of the stores, but I got a kick out of walking into department stores filled with designer clothes, something that didn't happen to me very often. After walking around to about three different stores I found what I wanted.

"What about this?" I asked, I pulled a blue and green striped shirt off a rack, "this will go nicely with the navy blue blazer you have."

Nick held up another shirt. "I like this," he was holding up a dark blue and purple striped shirt, "it'll go better with what Kevin and Joe are wearing, they're dressing darker and it helps to be a sort of color-coordinated."

I shoved the shirts into his arms. "Try these on; I want to see how they look."

After much deliberation Nick and I compromised and agreed on a blue, yellow, and lavender striped shirt. Afterwards Nick looked at me,

""Is there anything you want?" He asked.

"Me? No, you don't have to," I laughed, "I have enough shirts already."

Nick smiled, "I want to buy you something, besides if we're going to be going to parties you need something nice to wear."

An hour later we walked out with a shirt for Nick and a very fancy midnight purple Vera Wang cocktail dress.

"My dad is going to flip when he sees that dress!" I fumed as Nick and I drove back to the house later that afternoon.

"I can't wait to see you in it. Nick said smoothly.

"I shouldn't have let you buy it." I said softly, "when will I ever wear it? Not while I'm in Illinois that are sure."

"There will be time." Nick said softly pushing a lock of hair back from my face.


We returned back to the house at around five o'clock. Kevin and Danielle were leaving for their date sometime before six o'clock, as the reservation for the restaurant they were going to was at 6:30 and Mr. and Mrs. Jonas were also going out, that meant me, Nick, Joe, and Demi would be alone with little baby Madison, oh joy!

The scene before everyone left was complete chaos. My dad had left to go to a movie while the Jonases were trying to get out the door in one piece. Danielle was holding a fussing Madison looking stressed, Kevin looked overwhelmed, Mrs. Jonas was trying to find her purse and Mr. Jonas was trying to find his hat. Danielle handed Madison to Demi (who had arrived some 15 minutes before) who handed her to me, but the six-month-old only tried to climb off my lap which was a good for feet from the ground, not a good idea.

That's when it happened.

Nick was standing next to me and I was bouncing Madison on my lap trying to get her to stop crying and then, bam! There was baby spit up all over Nick's new shirt.

I think I screamed, which only caused Madison to cry more, Danielle had taken Madison back looking apologetic, and Nick, well he just looked disgusted.

"Dani," he said sounded like he was speaking through gritted teeth, "this was a brand-new shirt!"

"Nick, I'm sorry..." Danielle mumbled.

"No," Nick said quietly, his frustration quickly simmering, "it's just a shirt I'll take care of it."

I ran a hand through my hair. Danielle was holding Madison trying to clean her up without getting spit up all over her blouse. Five minutes later she had handed her back to Demi and Madison was still screaming. Finally I lost it.

"I can't take it anymore!" I said sharply, over the cacophony in the foyer, "I've got an album coming out in a few weeks plus I have appearances coming out the ears and now I have babysitting duty for my boyfriend's niece who I don't even see all the time!"

And without another word I headed in the direction of Kevin's bedroom before my tears could fall any farther and slammed the door.

Five minutes later there was a knock on the door. "Go away Nick!" I said sourly, "I don't want to talk right now."

"Justice, it's Demi, please let me in."

A few minutes passed before I opened the door. Demi walked in slowly and sound the edge of the bed.

"Why did you blow up at Kevin and Dani?" She asked softly, her voice barely above a whisper.

"I don't know!" I spat, still furiously wiping tears away from my eyes.

"Madison is a baby, these things happen, it's not Kevin and Dani fault they just need some time away."

I nodded, "Don't you think I know that!" My voice is still on the edge of hysterics, "Demi, it wasn't just Madison, it's other things too, I have ten million things to do before this stupid album comes out, I have God knows how many appearances and promotional pieces to do in the next two weeks, and the top of that as good as my relationship is with Nick is I feel like I'm pushing him."

Demi's brow furrowed, "How so?"

"When we kiss, when we make out (Demi made a face) I can tell how turned on he is and I can't just give it to him because, well you know, the ring."

"Do you respect him for that?" Demi asked.

"Of course I do!" I exclaimed, "I'm Christian too, it's just hard to pull against something when you feel like the other side is winning."

Demi looked sympathetic.

"I really thought we were going to go there, the night Madison was born Joe, Nick and I went back to the hotel and well Nick and I got a little bit... sidetracked. There he is sitting on the bed wearing nothing but a towel and then we start kissing and I can feel him well you know..."

Demi blushed, "Okay, too much information, you're talking about my best friend here."

I bit my lip, looking sheepish, "Sorry."

"Talk to Nick." Demi said softly, "he'll understand, he knows you want to wait for him, but I think you both want the same thing it's just going to be an issue of what you choose to do about it."


An opportunity to talk to Nick had yet to present itself, unfortunately now was not the time. Madison at last had stopped screaming bloody murder and was currently being rocked by Joe, he and Nick would pass her between them bouncing up and down and rocking her back and forth, Nick shifting from foot to foot humming softly.

While the boys entertained Madison, Demi and I cleaned up the kitchen, her washing  and me drying.

When we were finished making the kitchen look presentable, we returned to the action. Joe and Madison were watching Camp Rock and Joe was singing along with the movie.

"You're the voice I hear inside my head, the reason that I'm singing, I need to find you I gotta find you your the missing piece I need the song inside of me, I need to find you I gotta find you."

Madison babbled happily grabbing Joe's shirt.

Demi laughed. "You've got quite the audience Joe." She chuckled.

Joe looked up at her and grinned, "what can I say, kids love me." He looked up at her and winked.

They were so cute together Demi and Joe sometimes I wish they would put the fans out of their misery and just started dating already.

Suddenly Nick appeared fully dressed his hair still damp, I assume he had taken a shower.

"What's up stud muffin?" I asked softly, twirling a lock of his wet hair around my finger.

"Shower." Nick replied.

"Drying dishes." I answered.

Nick spoke over my head to Demi, "Thanks a lot Demi, this means a lot."

She smiled, "No problem."


Nick didn't say much most of the evening, we didn't have a lot of one-on-one time (tonight that belonged to Kevin and Danielle, and I was sure they were going to do more than just go out to dinner, something that was a little bit more private). We took turns entertaining Madison, but by 7:30 or so she was sound asleep curled protectively against Joe's chest.

After that we were quiet (so we didn't wake Madison) Nick and Joe played a couple rounds of checkers, and I read a book, while Demi checked her Twitter and listened to music.

I don't know what time everyone came home because I was half asleep when they did. Kevin and Danielle looked blissfully happy their faces slightly flushed whether from the cold or something else I didn't know. The older adults looked slightly amused at the four younger adults collapsed on the couch; Joe looked at his brother with a sleepy smile, barely moving so he didn't disturb his sleeping niece.

Kevin only smiled, "Thanks a million man." He whispered as he bent to pick up his sleeping daughter.

I smiled, the Jonas Brothers always made me smile I think it was moments like this when I could really see their true love for each other they made it all worthwhile.

Chapter End Notes:

Gotta Find You- lyrics c. Disney, Camp Rock

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